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Anyone else here around 38 weeks?

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MayimBialik Mon 22-Oct-12 06:02:57

I know there is a last week or two of pregnancy thread but it's got to the super long stage making it hard to get into hence me starting this thread.

Currently 38+1 weeks pregnant with my first DC and DESPERATE to meet my baby now. Actually I'm probably not desperate - I think I will truly understand the meaning of that word if I go overdue. But I really don't want that to happen!

Trying to keep active and walking loads plus swimming when I get the opportunity. Bouncing on my ball occasionally and taking raspberry leaf capsules to limber up the old uterus. These seem to be giving me Braxton Hicks though as I've noticed them a lot in the last couple of days since I've been taking the capsules.

Struggling to sleep, feeling very achey in pelvis and getting period like pains (have been for a week or so now, but very mild!)

How's everyone else at this stage doing?

LittleBlackDress Mon 22-Oct-12 06:21:57

I'm 38 weeks today and beginning to get quite impatient! I've got some on and off period type pains, backache and the occasional set of mild, irregular contractions. So frustrating to think it could be any time in the next four weeks. A bit of a clue as to when it will all kick off would be nice....!

MayimBialik Mon 22-Oct-12 06:45:54

I know exactly what you mean LittleBlackDress! Your symptoms also sound very similar to mine. Would be sooooo nice not to make it to due date but I guess as this is my first that's not likely to happen sad

Is this your first?

flutterbynight Mon 22-Oct-12 07:10:47

I'm 38+4 today and know how you ladies feel! Since going on maternity leave my mind has gone into overdrive wondering when baby will put in his appearance - I'm doing my head in!

Even though he's not due yet I keep hoping he'll arrive soon, then feeling guilty for wishing him out before he might be ready! I've been having period cramps on and off for the past couple of weeks and back ache that comes and goes, but nothing that points to labour anytime soon. I'm paranoid that I'm going to have to be induced, I really hope not.

I feel like I should be making the most of these last days/weeks before baby comes, just wish there was a simple way to stop overthinking and switch off the symptom
spotting! smile

Nice to know I'm not on my own in this!

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 07:33:43

38+4 too.!!!!

Have decides hes not going to arrive for at least another two weeks so to carry on as normal......well as normal as I can!!

flutterbynight Mon 22-Oct-12 16:54:57

Sounds like a sensible approach horsey, is it working?

I've had a nice, relaxed day - managed to keep the symptom spotting to a minimum but then had a couple of [TMI warning] globby bits of discharge, so wondering if that's the plug starting to come away... Could still be weeks even if it is but at least it feels a bit more like things are gearing up! Hope I'm not still saying that in 3 weeks' time! blush

iloveholidays Mon 22-Oct-12 17:01:52

Can I join? 38 on Friday with DD3 but DD1 came at 36+2 and DD2 came at 37+4 so starting to go a little crazy now. Been having all pre labour signs for the last 10 days or so and still nothing!!!

Braxton hicks are so uncomfortable but they've definitely got worse with each pregnancy for me.

Boop33 Mon 22-Oct-12 17:06:22

Hi all ,

I'm 38 + 1 today and so so desperate to might my lil bundle . All the way through i have had the feeling DC will come early ....around 39 weeks so will be interesting to see :-) . However as that time gets closer I am becoming less sure of this !! ( plus DH has lots of work on at the minute which means later rather than sooner would be better ..............).

I have had lots of period type pains and backache for a few days now plus quite painful in the groin area, been emptying bowels a lot more and bump has noticeably dropped .

Do not think i could cope with going overdue though and now starting to panic that i should not venture too far 'just in case...........'


Hiya ladies
Can I join the tense wait? I'm 37+2 and have had enough with bad headaches and spd!!!

I'm taking raspberry leaf capsules and have upped them to 6 a day, I can start strong BH's with nipple stimulation but they stop after 20 mins of me stopping twiddling lol - need to get jiggy to see if that works but headache is putting me off lol

Hope we all meet our babies soon!!!

debbie1412 Mon 22-Oct-12 20:32:50

I'm 38.6, sooo impatient and uncomfortable and massive. Feel like a walking time bomb. I will say my 1st dc came at 39.4 I had no signs or twinges or anything like that. I actually felt I had ages left. Who knows what will be in the nxt 2 weeks or so but are time is coming ladies be sure of that :-)

LittleBlackDress Mon 22-Oct-12 21:08:37

Mayim - it's my second. First was 5 days early - would be happy with that again. I didn't notice any twinges or anything in the build up - labour just suddenly started out of the blue.

Yours might be a few days early, too??

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Mon 22-Oct-12 21:22:58

I'm 38+ 5 with ds3.

Ds1 was dead on due date.
Ds2 (last summer) was 12 days late sad
And back to back.

Ds3 is back to back again so bouncing on birthing ball and walking as much as possible.

Strong, regular bh which I never had with the other 2 boys.

For those having your first, enjoy the peace and quiet and rest!!

Just anxious about labour as I assume most mums are at this stage-but then I know what to expect!!

Good luck ladies!

flutterbynight Mon 22-Oct-12 22:16:58

I do feel like a bit of a fraud wondering each day whether baby will come when I'm not even at my due date yet - it's since being on maternity leave, too much time for me to overthink things! At the same time I'm trying to enjoy the peace and quiet while I can, I just find it hard when it feels a bit like I'm a ticking time bomb! Maybe I can use the next however many days to learn to be patient smile Never gonna happen!

Hope you ladies are doing okay and managing to stay distracted/relaxed etc!

MayimBialik Mon 22-Oct-12 23:20:30

Been having lots more Braxton Hicks today. They're definitely getting more periody painy. I've also been getting a lot more CM and some quite thick. I must stop symptom spotting though.

I'm on my phone so can't see names but, wow! to whoever it was that said they can bring on BH with nipple tweaking, impressive!

I actually tested out my breast pump the other day and I think that gave me BH. And shocked me when I managed to get colostrum! Bit much mind but having never seen the stuff before I was quite shocked blush

CardiCorgi Tue 23-Oct-12 09:44:05

This looks like the place for me. 37+6 and desperately racing the clock to clear my desk. I'm providing much amusement to my colleagues (good to know I can still do something).
I don't remember the Braxton Hicks being that bad last time round, but I'm getting them quite a bit now.

Gingerbreadlatte Tue 23-Oct-12 09:48:34

Hello everyone- can I join you?

I am 38+3 and waiting waiting waiting for DC2. Not in massive rush but would quite like to get on with it.

Corgi- I dont envy you still working. When do you stop? My BHs are worse this time and definitely worse when overdoing things.

Gingerbreadlatte Tue 23-Oct-12 09:50:47

sorry Cardi, I read your names as Corgi Cardi not CardiCorgi!

flutterbynight Tue 23-Oct-12 10:12:23

Hello everyone smile

Mayim - I've got a breast pump and am tempted to have a little go, haven't been leaking or anything so am curious to see what the colostrum looks like! Think I might just wait though...

Cardi - I can't imagine still working at this stage, though in some ways it might provide a useful distraction! How are you finding it?

Gingerbread - I love your name, could go for a ginger bread latte right now, mmmm grin

I've been losing more of what I think must be my mucus plug today, again taking this as a good sign but trying not to get carried away with myself. I don't feel like labour is about to start anytime soon. For those on DC2 or more - did you get a feeling/sense of things beginning to happen before things really kicked off or was it only once the contractions became regular?

horseylady Tue 23-Oct-12 10:17:41

I think it's working?!

Had really strong bh last night but that's after I tried my tens machine out!!

Seeing mw tomorrow so will see what she says!!

Gingerbreadlatte Tue 23-Oct-12 11:05:35


Flutter smile I will get a GBL sent over to you! Show sounds very encouraging... Once I had that with DC1 it was only a couple of days to labour. Fingers crossed.

Sounds good Horsey, I think I will make plans for every day this week and next now! smile

flutterbynight Tue 23-Oct-12 13:02:47

Thanks Ginger - might have to have some cake to go with it too smile Does it count as a show when it's bits of plug rather than the whole thing?

That's exciting horsey, let us know what the midwife says.

What's everyone doing with their days (those on mat leave that is, and probably more a question for the first time mums as I imagine those with other DCs are being kept quite busy!)? After a busy couple of weeks I've been enjoying a couple of days pottering about at home. Currently contemplating a walk into town to get a few bits and bobs but don't know if I can be bothered! Still, it's a good 30 minute walk, so if I walk both ways that might encourage things along?? Or perhaps that's more wishful thinking!

Gingerbreadlatte Tue 23-Oct-12 14:32:56

Cake on its way too flutterby.

I think bits definitely counts as a part of show at least. Is it bloody?

First time round i had pinky 'snot' stuff (sorry tmi) for a couple of days then got the real show during labour and that was like a massive bloody blob, not dissimilar to a slug! I was kind of freaked out by how grim it was!

LittleBlackDress Tue 23-Oct-12 20:04:18

I've been having strong cramps for the last three hours, but the timing is very irregular - between 4 and 12 mins apart. They are painful cramps, but couldn't really class them as contractions, I don't think. Also had backache for most of the day. Is this the build up or am I still weeks away?!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Tue 23-Oct-12 20:31:28

Ooh little- get some rest.

You never know you could have your baby tonight/tomorrow!

debbie1412 Tue 23-Oct-12 20:40:25

Very well could be the start, take some paracetamol eat some porridge and get some rest. Exciting.

LittleBlackDress Tue 23-Oct-12 22:20:01

All died down in the end. Off to bed son to try to get some sleep.

How's everyone else?

LittleBlackDress Tue 23-Oct-12 22:20:23


BoysBoysBoysAndMe Tue 23-Oct-12 22:22:10

Ah little, never mind.

Won't be long now hey?

Enjoy the rest! I'll be up with ds2 again tonight he has a fever sad and a blocked nose, sore throat etc. feel so sad for him as he's only 15 months sad

Anyway, maybe tomorrow then ladies?!?

debbie1412 Tue 23-Oct-12 22:26:15

39 frickin weeks tomorrow ahhhh its so good to say that. Just planned my night out with my other yummy mummies. 22 of dec and il have a G&T or 7 with my name written all over it. Then 23rd il be spending most of the day attached to my trusty expresser.

sooooo fed up now - had a shower last night and while washing, my right leg slipped and i ended up looking like i was staddling a horse - ouchy bloody ouchy like i couldnt be in any more discomfort down there as it is!!! hubby had to help me out of the shower and now im walking like john wayne!!!!

had all my fianl appts with scans and consultant to confirm what i already know - that baby isnt a whopper (7lbs), is head down (hence the ouch) and that i can deliver on mlbu in the pool!!!

and to top it all off im down to one pair of very uncomfy jeans that i can fit into - am refusing to buy anything at this late stage lol!!!

MacMac123 Wed 24-Oct-12 09:43:03

Hello! Am 38.2
My first baby was born at 39 exactly so am hoping this one is too!

coronalover Wed 24-Oct-12 09:56:20

Hi ladies!

I'm 38+1 and had painful bh at night for past couple of weeks. DH is often home and looks after DS so I'm lucky to be able to get some rest in the daytime smile

I've been getting period type pains and general aching in my groin bur mwife said not necessarily a sign the baby will come early. i've got a hot curry scheduled in for Friday in the hope it'll get her on the move!

coronalover Wed 24-Oct-12 10:01:25

I feel your excitement debbie I'm already so excited about my work Xmas party in december!

littlebubbalove Wed 24-Oct-12 10:33:25

Hello, i'm 38 weeks today! Can i join you?

CardiCorgi Wed 24-Oct-12 13:18:23

Hello again. No problem Gingerbread I like corgis of all types.
Well, work is taking my mind off the fact that I'm going to have to give birth, so I suppose that is a good thing. Apart from that I'm alternating between rushing to get things done and brain not working at all.

Any more signs little? My show was pretty unmistakable first time round (and really quite disgusting).
I'd like the baby to hang on for another week so that I get a day or two at home with my feet up, plus I've got opera tickets tomorrow night and it's ages since I've been out in the evening, so I'll be disappointed if I have to miss it.

debbie1412 Wed 24-Oct-12 13:57:55

Is anyone having that last spurt of energy?? Cooking lots and cleaning. I'm just sprawled on the couch. Think I'm in or a 42weeker.

flutterbynight Wed 24-Oct-12 17:33:00

Hi everyone.

debbie had a spurt of energy yesterday which I ended up using to walk into and around town for two hours (plus walking back home) - not exactly nesting but it was nice to get the fresh air and I felt really chirpy afterwards!

Today is a different story sad woke up feeling out of sorts and haven't been right all day - anyone else feeling like this? Am even off my food, which is unheard of for me! Obviously I want to think this means things are about to kick off but I think more likely its just late pregnancy taking its toll.

Hope everyone else is doing okay - wonder when we'll get our first baby news on this thread!

flutterbynight Wed 24-Oct-12 17:36:01

Sorry Ginger am posting on my phone so managed to miss your response! Not a bloody show, no, just snotty and clumpy (eww, sorry for the horrible image!) Does that still count or could it be something else?

debbie1412 Wed 24-Oct-12 17:58:09

CORONALOVER lol I always feel wary about using spicy food as a tattic. You never know when it may re appear or who in front off :-)

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Wed 24-Oct-12 18:02:19

Does sound positive flutter

coronalover Wed 24-Oct-12 19:39:24

Thanks for the warning debbie! It worked (or was just a co-incidence) with DC1 so I'm willing to give it a go again.

I'm distinctly lacking an energy spurt, although have spent most of this afternoon cooking food to put in the freezer for after the baby is born. I kind of had to though because I already had the ingredients!

flutter maybe you'll be the first smile

debbie1412 Wed 24-Oct-12 21:40:24


Gingerbreadlatte Thu 25-Oct-12 07:29:13


How is everyone today? Anyone hit 39 wks yet?

Flutter- your show is v encouraging smile

Re spicy food. I'm not sure my heartburn can take the level of heat required for it!!

I do think sex is a good option if you can bare it!! I'm being swept Monday so reckon sex after that might be a good idea blush

horseylady Thu 25-Oct-12 07:39:06

39 weeks today!!!

Sweep booked for 40+6. would have rather been next week but mw said she wanted to try to leave me naturally.

Been having waves of energy then crashing. Not long to go really though!

MayimBialik Thu 25-Oct-12 07:39:23

Hi all

38+4 today. Feeling very achey after walking around for hours yesterday. Slept pretty well though for a heavily pregnant woman.

BH seem less frequent (boo) and I'm not getting any other symptoms of impending labour. Seeing midwife today so I shall see if baby is any more engaged than last time (3/4). I blimmin' hope so after spending all day on my feet yesterday!

Gingerbreadlatte Thu 25-Oct-12 07:54:07

Hooray for 39 wks horsey!!

Mayim- aches is good. Keep up with being upright!

I am 39 according to my dates but MW say Saturday. I am pretty sure I a, right but it makes no differnrce now really!

I might do something on hands and knees today! Or maybe some ironing to make me stand. Though it buggers up my poor PGP pelvis though.

flutterbynight Thu 25-Oct-12 08:15:57

Morning all! I'm also 39 weeks today but have a feeling that I'm going to be pregnant for a couple of weeks yet...

Yesterday was a really horrible, hormonal day so I've decided to try and take things one day at a time at the moment and to focus on what I'm going to do each day rather than whether labour is just around the corner - let's see how long I manage to keep it up smile

Keeping upright and doing things on hands and knees sounds like a good idea - yesterday I mainly slobbed out on the sofa blush planning to be a bit more active today!

Hope everyone else is doing okay, even if we go overdue it can't be too much longer now! grin

debbie1412 Thu 25-Oct-12 12:50:41

Morning 39 weeks is nice to get to isn't it. I've been obsessed with twinge watching for the past 2 weeks I've woke up this morning with the same attuide I'm just going to carry on with life and try to ignore it. But I've def dropped I feel lower :-)

LittleBlackDress Thu 25-Oct-12 14:37:02

Hello everyone. Well, little LBD arrived yesterday! 38 + 2. Bit of a shock, but all ok. So it was all a build up after all. Quite tired now and ready for nap. Fat chance!

How's everyone else progressing? Can't wait to hear how you all get on.

flutterbynight Thu 25-Oct-12 15:09:22

Huge congratulations Little! Fantastic news grin Let's hope the rest of us aren't too far behind you!

debbie how's the "carry on as normal" approach going? Mine has worked quite well today, have got lots done and not really pondered when baby will arrive, which is progress! Having said that I'm now very achey from being more active today. Would love a nap but off to meet some friends shortly so that may have to wait for later, or perhaps another day!

How's everyone else doing? Any more arrivals?!

coronalover Thu 25-Oct-12 16:57:34

Congratulations little that's great news smile

nothing happening here just same old aches and pains - I'm really hoping I'll go into labour early though, I've got a feeling my baby is ready but I'll just have to wait. I've got a busy few days ahead so hoping to keep my mind off it!

debbie1412 Thu 25-Oct-12 17:27:29

Congratulations little, great news. What was the weight???

debbie1412 Thu 25-Oct-12 17:29:19

We've I've just chucked myself round a soft play with my 2 year old. Def have more energy then I've had in days, shame I didn't put it better use and clean :-)

congratulations LBD thats really reassuring that we could pop earlyish lol!!!

ive been in agony today and am giving up driving until she's here - its just too painful so i'm gonna sit on my ball all day everyday witht he odd waddle to the shop!!!

flutterbynight Thu 25-Oct-12 18:24:35

glenda I made the same resolution today - my bump is too close to the steering wheel for comfort! I don't want to stray far from home anyway and am sure walking/waddling in the fresh air will be better for me!

MayimBialik Thu 25-Oct-12 23:27:56

Congrats LBD! That's very exciting to hear. Hope you're feeling well smile lovely news!

Bananababy Fri 26-Oct-12 00:01:13

Hello, could i join you please? I'm two weeks today. Will be two weeks and one day in a couple of minutes. I'm only 16 so i dont have a clue what i am doing!! I'm having a boy, but STILL dont have a clue what i am going to call him!!

FreddieMercurysEnormusPumpkin Fri 26-Oct-12 00:17:34

Hi everyone, can I join too? Congratulations to LBDsmile I'm 37+5 with DC2 at the moment, bit annoyed as baby was engaged but GP said on Wednesday that it's breech. Don't have another appointment until next Wednesday so will have to wait and see what happens. The only advantage of it being breech is that it's a lot less uncomfortable than it being engaged, bar the odd kick where it feels like I'm being booted in the cervix!

Bananababy Fri 26-Oct-12 00:27:41

Must feel quite odd being kicked in the cervix?! smile xx

debbie1412 Fri 26-Oct-12 08:56:25

hey newbies all welcome. im 39+2, fooled myself yest thinking that a mad burst of energy was a sign but im still here, still pregnant, not even a twinge........so im going for a spot of retail therapy.
Good luck today guys, it may be your day. x

BarmeeMarmee Fri 26-Oct-12 10:25:19

Can I join you ladies please? 38 weeks today with hyperemisis and horrendous spd so REALLY impatient to have this little one out now. If only so I can move to chase DS (2.4) again!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Fri 26-Oct-12 10:57:43

Hello banana <waves>

How's everyone doing today?

I thought as I'm 39+1 I better pack my hospital bag blush just finished it.

Baby bag packed too.

So, just going to get the car valeted, pop the baby seat in and I'm pretty much ready I think hmm

Ready as I'll ever be anyway!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Fri 26-Oct-12 10:59:25

Also banana - everyone on their first baby will feel they don't know what they're doing, so you're not alone. (Some on their 2nd too)

And like you-we have no idea on names!!

terilou87 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:03:03

hi all, 38+2 today got myself real excited yesterday as had a huge burst of energy i got loads of cleaning ect done. then later on i was having really uncomfortable braxton hicks which at the time i thought it was going to start, then today nothing...sad i really want him to come now!! woman down the street was due same day as me and had her little girl last night its sooo unfair.

terilou87 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:05:15

@ banana + boysboysboysandme im on my 4th and still dont have a clue what im doing think its baby brain grin

Bananababy Fri 26-Oct-12 11:10:47

I'm good! Sleepy but good! smile x still havnt done my hospital bag blush Just too much to do!! x

terilou87 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:16:31

did my hospital bag a few days ago but im certain im forgetting something from it, last time it was a hair brush but iv deffo got that this time, confused

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Fri 26-Oct-12 11:18:56

Terilou A friend recommended taking paracetamol for the after pains in my bag, so I've done that this time.

Got quite a few with my second, but just put up with it in hospital rather than asking for anything for it confused

So that's packed!!

You must be a pro being on your 4 th!!

terilou87 Fri 26-Oct-12 12:03:02

thats a good idea, i didnt get after pains with my first two and didnt even know what they were till i got them with ds3 and i had to ask the m/w. im really not a pro. my first two were really close together(11 months between) i didnt really have to buy much coz i still had most things, then my dad sorted nearly everything with ds3 as i was in between houses. i should be an expert by now but im not.

FreddieMercurysEnormusPumpkin Fri 26-Oct-12 12:05:03

It's tough to decide, isn't it Banana? Maybe have two or three names ready and decide when you see your babysmile I wasn't sure of DS' name for a few weeks after I had him but it grew on me after a while, I can't imagine him being called anything else now!

coronalover Fri 26-Oct-12 14:05:46

hi ladies

still getting lots of braxton hicks and spent my last bit of energy shopping for last minute baby stuff! roll on curry nightwink

FreddieMercurysEnormusPumpkin Fri 26-Oct-12 14:35:15

Ooh good luck corona. I am taking paracetamol now BoysBoys, thanks for the reminder, also some lactulose for lovely post birth constipation.

Gingerbreadlatte Fri 26-Oct-12 16:56:23

Hello all newbies and welcome.

Congratulations LBD! grin

i never got as far as doing anything on my hands and knees in the last few days but I did rush about like a loony today and was very achey in the right places at the time but its died down now. Baby just has hiccups now. I am officially 39wks tomorrow!

Corona, enjoy curry night!

Hi all.. Can I join too? I'm 38+1... Was admitted into hospital last week with signs of early labour- 1.5cm dilated and baby 2/5 engaged.. Then all the contractions stopped- completely.
Have been having them on-and-off ever since, yet I went tto see the midwife today and the baby has moved back up and is now 3/5 engaged. So gutted.
I've been so active all week and I feel really let down that it doesn't seem to have done anything. sad

debbie1412 Fri 26-Oct-12 17:45:39

I think I might have a curry tonight. :-)

debbie1412 Fri 26-Oct-12 17:50:28

Has anyone got reduced movements??? This baby of mine has def moved about the last 2 days but it's def been alot less x

flutterbynight Fri 26-Oct-12 18:17:56

Hello all smile

debbie I would go and get checked out if I were you. It's probably nothing but always better to be safe than sorry - we ended up in triage a week or so ago with reduced movement and everything was fine but they were glad we'd called up and got things checked.

Ginger 39 weeks is nice to get to isn't it, makes it feel like the end's in sight (just not plain sight - more like camouflage!).

Still trying to take things a day at a time here and not overthink! Not managing that all the time but feeling a bit more relaxed than a few days ago. DH and I are going to treat this as our last weekend before baby (I'm 39+1) so I'm looking forward to some quality time together, starting with a Chinese takeaway tonight grin not quite a curry but I did have a spicy homemade soup for lunch wink

Surely can't be long til the next arrival graces this thread?! Hope all is going well for you and little one LBD

coronalover Fri 26-Oct-12 18:53:15

how wierd debbie i had reduced movements today. phoned the labour ward who advised me to have a bath and some hot and cold drinks and concentrate on the baby. this was enough to get her moving and was v reassuring.

if you haven't already rung up labour ward i'd suggest you do asap. i hope everything is okay x

coronalover Fri 26-Oct-12 19:39:35

Lamb jalfrezi ordered grin - always a good choice whether it brings on labour or not!

debbie1412 Fri 26-Oct-12 19:45:03

Well I've bottled the curry for reasons you already know :-). Are you still getting twinges??? Got a pizza coming instead. Oh and a kit kat chunky got this one going earlier. It is a sign in last few days that's it's engaging. I've also had slight very slight pressure.
Maybe nxt wk for me x

coronalover Fri 26-Oct-12 19:48:40

It's a tricky judgement call isn't it debbie! Still getting braxton hicks and what sometimes feel like "real" contractions during the night but then they die out. I'm 38+3 so it would be pretty early but LBD has given me hope it could really happen.

Have you had some baby movements now?

FreddieMercurysEnormusPumpkin Fri 26-Oct-12 20:08:40

Debbie - drink a cold drink and lie on your side for a while, might get it movingsmile Spent the day doin upsidey down excercises trying to get baby moving. Don't want anything to happen now in case it's not a frank breech and I can't do labour. Worried and annoyed and driving DH nuts looking stuff up and talking about it, but just so thrown by this. I had really wanted labour to go ok, DS's was a bit of a mess and I learned a lot about what NOT to do.agghsad

debbie1412 Fri 26-Oct-12 20:51:24

It's impossible to judge until it really gets moving. 38+2 is certainly possible especially it being your second. I've had no braxtons really just a few twinges. I've had loads of movement in the last 2 hours or so, so I'm happy it's def burrowing I feel like I've fallen on my coxsix bone at the min. It still could be weeks.

debbie1412 Fri 26-Oct-12 20:54:19

Freddie is this your 1st breech?? My 1st birth was also abit of a mess and very long I really want a more controlled experience this time x

Evening ladies!!!

Spent the day at chessingtons with hubbie and the kids - hoped a go on the bubble works would start things lol but other than a few twinges from walking around all day at 5pm which died off when we got in the car for home sad

Have made lots of plans for the next 2 weeks so that should mean she will come soon??? Lol

About time another one of us popped wouldn't you think? smile

coronalover Fri 26-Oct-12 22:28:47

glad you're okay debbie!

freddie have you had a look at the spinning babies website? extreme upside-downy stuff demoed on there. my baby was breech at 34w and a few days of these excercises did the job to turn her round x

FreddieMercurysEnormusPumpkin Fri 26-Oct-12 23:26:31

Debbie - yes, DS was engaged for about 4 weeks before he was born. I spent far too much time on my back during labour and had an epidural which slowed things down a lot but I could still feel everything. Had to have episotomy and ventouse as he wasn't coming after 40 mins pushing and I was exhausted. It turned out he was big anyway - 9lbs 6 and I'm 5ft nothing which didn't help! I just want a more active labour and no feckin epidural!

Corona- yes had a look and am trying it all out, just worried the baby is big (scan showed it was big and cons has said it's big) and it's too late. Oh well time will tell.

Sending positive labour vibes to everyone!smile

coronalover Sat 27-Oct-12 19:15:01

How's everyone doing today?

Nothing new here, same old aches and pains. Still getting BH especially at night and curry did nothing to move things along (but was delicious though grin

debbie1412 Sat 27-Oct-12 20:49:44

Same here 39+3 and NOTHING x

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Sat 27-Oct-12 20:58:04

As you debbie, 39+3 and nothing.

Ds1 is 6 in Tuesday so I'm hoping to see his birthday through. Anytime after that is fine for me grin

But obviously, we'll see!!

flutterbynight Sat 27-Oct-12 22:43:50

Evening all, 39+2 here and nothing. Had a nice day with DH but a bit weepy this evening - have been worrying about my sugar intake this pregnancy after a particularly indulgent day! Silly really as nothing I can do about it now, just feel a bit guilty and hope baby is okay - bloody pregnancy hormones! sad

Can't be long before another birth announcement graces this thread, surely?! Is anyone at 40 weeks+ yet? Sending labour vibes to all, and relaxed, happy, zen-like mum-to-be vibes in case the former take a while to kick in! smile

debbie1412 Sun 28-Oct-12 06:49:43

Full moon Monday night....hmmmmm I wonder I wonder I wonder !

BarmeeMarmee Sun 28-Oct-12 09:52:33

Debbie I hope so! 38+2 today and soooo fed up now! Is anyone else taking raspberry tea capsules just out of interest?

coronalover Sun 28-Oct-12 11:42:33

I've been drinking rasberry leaf tea. no results yet but it is quite tasty smile BH have slowed down for me but hoping full moon might help!

barmee ive been taking 3 RLT capsules since 35 weeks and upped it to 6 a day when 37 weeks, having Bh when walking lots and sometimes laid in bed at night but nothing to get excited by sad

got a meal with friends at my favourite restaurant tonight so looking forward to that, i'm glasd the kids are off school for the week so we can have lie ins and no school runs, just lots of dvd's walks to the park and baking cookies, am holding out now til next weekend lol!!!!

must stop buying useless crap i dont really need for hospital bag nad stop reading things to start labour - just got EPO capsules but havent got the courage to have a go yet lol

wishing everyone convenient labour vibes xxx

debbie1412 Sun 28-Oct-12 12:59:34

I've been taking rasberry leaf from 35 weeks 2 cups aday. Hoping to have strong pushing muscles.

BarmeeMarmee Sun 28-Oct-12 13:39:36

Thanks everyone-didn't take them at all with DS so not really sure what I'm doing. Probably left it a bit late really but I'm ready to try anything!

debbie1412 Sun 28-Oct-12 18:58:46

Any progress today ladies??

coronalover Sun 28-Oct-12 22:17:56

Nothing to report other than increased weepiness! feeling better now though and having some BH this eve

banana any progress with baby names?

BarmeeMarmee Sun 28-Oct-12 22:31:22

Nothing to report here either sadly. Ah well, another day tomorrow!

flutterbynight Sun 28-Oct-12 23:21:34

No developments here either, but feeling okay about that for now smile Still doesn't quite seem real that at some point over the next few days/weeks I'll be meeting my baby!

debbie1412 Mon 29-Oct-12 06:24:25

I know that's what I keep thinking. Even tho it seems like its miles off its only really a couple of weeks at most. We've been waiting since February. I'm slightly concerned that all my up to 1 month clothes will be being packed away again as my bump seems to be expanding at a scary rate.

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Mon 29-Oct-12 09:29:21

God my hormones have sent me into a crazy lady!!

I have no tolerance or patience for anything!!

I'm so sick of being uncomfortable and not being able to do anything without it being difficult or just damn impossible. I'm naturally a do-er and its driving me mad!!

(Rant over)

flutterbynight Mon 29-Oct-12 11:54:07

BoysBoys suffering with the hormones here too - fine one minute, fed up the next!

debbie hope the clothes will fit! I haven't noticed my bump getting any bigger in the last week or so but I'm sure it must be...

How's everyone else doing?

FreddieMercurysFrightfulBolero Mon 29-Oct-12 13:24:39

In -Laws have just left after staying the weekend and I'm so tired. I've been cooking and cleaning up after them all weekend, aggh. Weather is crap so lighting a fire and snuggling on the couch with DS watching tv and trying to stay awake! No sign of baby moving yet, oh well.

debbie1412 Mon 29-Oct-12 14:52:51

Boys my hormones have been horrendous. I'm annoying myself with how Jekyll an Hyde im acting. Sooo relieved it's not just me x

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Mon 29-Oct-12 15:01:25

I can literally see myself being so unreasonable, difficult and moody, and nothing anyone does helps.

I feel so childish but really struggling to snap myself out of it! sad

debbie1412 Mon 29-Oct-12 16:57:33

Are you worrying it will have a knock effect after the birth. I keep thinking if I'm like this now god knows wht il be like when the baby blues kick in. ( if they do ). I don't remember feeling this way with my son.

debbie1412 Mon 29-Oct-12 21:03:02

Hey coronalover hasn't been on, I wonder if she's popped??

BarmeeMarmee Mon 29-Oct-12 21:05:07

Debbie I know what you mean-didn't feel like this with my DS either so a bit worried about how I'll be if and when this one ever decides to put in an appearance!

How is everyone today?

coronalover Mon 29-Oct-12 22:48:32

Sadly not, spent most of last night have contractions (BH or what I don't know) but they eased off by morning and left me with a sore bump sad

had another curry tonight and had 2 cups of RLT, hoping that combined with the full moon might bring on full blown contractions this time!

I can't believe Freddie managed to cope with visitors, I can only just manage with my own DH and DS! Love them both of course but hormones/lack of sleep also taking it's toll my mood!

flutterbynight Tue 30-Oct-12 07:16:07

Morning ladies! How is everyone today? Any arrivals or promising signs during the night?

I'm 2 days from my due date but have a feeling I'm in for the long haul - at least if I make peace with that, any earlier will be a nice surprise smile Just really hoping I do go into labour naturally and don't get to the point of being offered an induction. Time will tell!

Morning ladies

boys I was exactly like that all day yesterday, blitzed dd's room and was getting sooooo frustrated not being able to bend down and cracking my head on her cabin bed!!! Hubbie came home and I threw a big strop - how I can't cope, fed up with the pressure in my bits, no patience with the kids and general had a bloody enough lol, so he gave me a cuddle and sat me down!!!

debbie after having a 5lb er and a 6lb13oz er I got lots of small baby gros and vests thinking this one would be under 7lbs7oz but after my scan on mon where they said she was 7lbs already and they put on half a pound a week I'm panicking - 1 that she won't fit in any of the stuff I've packed and 2 that I've got to squeeze something bigger than 8lbs out of my fanjo - ouchy!!!!!!

Had curry last night, got jiggy, had a big sniff of clary sage (smells a bit musty??), bounced on my ball and other than a few BH's nada!!!!!!

Today I'm blitzing our bedroom and getting the crib up and made and getting everything in drawers and set up in the hope that lil miss will feel welcome lol!!!!

Fingers x'd we all pop soon xx

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Tue 30-Oct-12 11:00:53

Had a few twinges grin

Cannot get comfy and I was like this the day before I went into labour with ds1.

Fingers crossed!!

FreddieMercurysFrightfulBolero Tue 30-Oct-12 15:02:28

Ohh good luck boys!

Corona, annoying to have BH and a rubbish sleep with no baby to show for it! I'm being fanatical about getting some proper sleep lately, I was so tired when I went into labour with DS and it didn't help.

I had no choice with visitors, they announced they were coming and that was that. And DH was working all weekend, grr.

flutterbynight Tue 30-Oct-12 18:49:30

Sounds promising boys, could be a halloween baby!

Have been having quite strong cramps today but not with any regularity, more's the pity! Managed to find the pump for my birthing ball so have topped that up - might have a bit of a bounce later smile Oh, and bought a hot curry for dinner - impatient, moi?!

Not sure I could handle visitors right now Freddie, I feel like I'm nesting/hibernating. Must be nice to have your house back to normal smile

Hope everyone's bearing up - anyone have plans for halloween? I'm trying to make some nice plans for next weekend to soften the blow if little one hasn't turned up.

debbie1412 Tue 30-Oct-12 19:31:15

Evening ladies had mad busy day so I havnt been obsessed with twinges today. Can not believe we still have no more babies. I'm 40 weeks tomoz and feel no closer. It's nice to say I'm finally due tho well as of midnight tonight. Anyway I'm celebrating with a glass of wine.
Any developments????

debbie1412 Tue 30-Oct-12 19:32:09

Oh and boys that's how I started with my son.... Fingers crossed x

coronalover Tue 30-Oct-12 19:34:31

I've been hibernating/hiding for the past 2 days but will have to venture out tomorrow to get some sweets for the trick or treaters smile

No real change here, some BH today but nothing v strong.

Here's hoping for some spooky baby news tomorrow (c'mon boys!!)

I'm due on 6th Nov so 39wks today - Where is everyone at date wise?

ellesabe Tue 30-Oct-12 20:04:06

Hello all!

I'm 38 weeks today so feel like I can legitimately join this thread now grin

Dd1 is 23mo and having a nightmare week with teething/cough/sleep issues so I'm knackered!!!

Had a hissy-fit-meltdown at poor dh this evening and am currently in the bath drinking strawberry-flavoured milk. For the heartburn!

Elle x

lots33 Tue 30-Oct-12 20:13:32

Hi,can I join?

I'm 39 plus 2 today. Already have a 26 month old DS and like you Elle, knackered as he has a cough, is teething and has been waking before 5 every day for weeks. Plus he is really clingy and only mummy will do.

As for baby, I am having lots of cramping and BHs, sometimes regular and sometimes intermittent. But no show or anything else so guess could be in for the long haul! I am so fed up of being pregnant.

How is everyone else?


ellesabe Tue 30-Oct-12 20:22:38

Oh and I'm dreading tomorrow night. I really don't like Halloween (for various reasons!) and dh is out with work so I'm home-alone sad

Hey ladies welcome ellesabe & lots

Day 2 of spring cleaning and I've moved our bedroom around and set up the crib in hopeful expectation lol

I had a clary sage bath and rubbed some mixed with almond oil into bump which brought on BH'S but still nothing else sad

Can't sleep so watching weeds and spending my maternity pay lol - its my DS's 13th birthday party tomorrow and don't fancy a Halloween baby so keeping legs shut tomorrow lol I'm looking towards the weekend!!!

Gingerbreadlatte Wed 31-Oct-12 09:49:34

Hello everyone.

Sorry been AWOL for a couple of days.

39+4 here and have had lots of show after a sweep on Monday. MW said I was 1.5cm then and the cervix was thin and favourable.

Feeling really odd today, achey, more show and very emotional so doing as much shuffling walking as my PGP will allow.

Hope everyone else is doing ok x

coronalover Wed 31-Oct-12 11:32:45

Sounds promising Ginger!

Can I ask why you had a sweep at 39wks - my MW said I could have one if I get to 41 wks but not before sad

It can't be much longer before someone delivers!

My Mum is coming to stay on Sat and said to try not to go into labour before then so I'm laying off the curries etc until then grin

debbie1412 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:34:55

40 weeks today. I'm still sitting pretty !

Gingerbreadlatte Wed 31-Oct-12 12:05:31

Hello Corona,
My first DC was hooooge. Nearly 11lbs. I've been under the consultant and for lots of growth scans and this is looking like a big one too, estimated at almost 8lbs at 36wks so consultant recommended 39wk sweep.

As it turned out, i was ready for it anyway, otherwise I would have waited another week.

flutterbynight Wed 31-Oct-12 12:10:17

Welcome ellesabe and lots - let's hope you're not on here for long, in the nicest possible way wink

Sounds good Ginger - I've got my 40 week appointment with the midwife tomorrow and was wondering if she'd consider doing a sweep... Was yours due to your pgp? (Ignore me if that's too nosey).

Can't be more than a couple of weeks away for you now debbie - I'll be joining the 40 week club tomorrow, barring anything happening tonight of course! Wouldn't mind a little halloween baby smile

flutterbynight Wed 31-Oct-12 12:11:03

Sorry Ginger, cross post!

Gingerbreadlatte Wed 31-Oct-12 13:09:00

Hi Flutter, not nosey at all smile

Early sweep is due to large baby last time but pgp is now excruciating and I just can't wait for it to be over. I was pathetically weeping over the pain when I got out of bed this morning which is writes for me, hence the emotionalness!!

What happens at a 49 wk app? I can't remember !

debbie1412 Wed 31-Oct-12 14:10:11

I am beyond depressed 40wks today. Just been for check up baby not engaged in the slightest. Does anyone know if they can engage from nothing to fully at the start of labour. ???

ellesabe Wed 31-Oct-12 14:17:07

Yeah debbie - with first pregnancies the head often engages weeks in advance but with subsequent pregnancies it sometimes doesn't engage until labour actually starts.

Gingerbreadlatte Wed 31-Oct-12 14:22:15

Hi Debbie, I agree with Elle, I've heard the same that the engagement doesn't mean as much for a 2nd baby.

It feels weird wishing the time away at this stage doesn't it but ENOUGH ALREADY springs to mind!

BarmeeMarmee Wed 31-Oct-12 14:35:52

Ginger Amen to that-enough already indeed! I'm 38+5 and PGP also driving me to distraction!

Debbie as of yesterday I wasn't at all engaged either but as has already been said apparently that's quite normal with second babies.

Wondering how hot a curry I can manage...

Gingerbreadlatte Wed 31-Oct-12 14:37:51

Ooh yum for a curry Barmee.... doesnt it give you heartburn though?

I would love that but cant take the PGP and heartburn issues together at night!

BarmeeMarmee Wed 31-Oct-12 14:43:42

It does but thinking its a price worth paying I'm so desperate! Currently prescribed gaviscon and ranitidine along with 2 anti-nausea drugs for hyperemesis so that helps a bit with heartburn too. The PGP is almost worst now I'm finding-have sort of got used to the rest!

Gingerbreadlatte Wed 31-Oct-12 14:46:27

ha ha, I do know that feeling.

May I ask how much ranitidine you take? I have 150mg twice a day but I've been taking an extra half tab at bedtime to alleviate 1am heartburn hell.... slightly worried its too much but really can't face docs trip to ask just that question!

I cant stomach gaviscon liquid and I dont have HG- so, you are pretty amazing grin

BarmeeMarmee Wed 31-Oct-12 14:48:35

I'm on 150 twice a day too. Must admit the gaviscon doesn't always get taken for that very reason-especially as for some reason they've given me the aniseed flavour which just reminds me of sambuca, haha!

coronalover Wed 31-Oct-12 15:06:37

oh dear debbie how disappointing, but it can't be long now fingers crossed

Wow ginger nearly 11lb, you're a trooper! here's hoping your sweep gets this one moving x

had quite strong BH while in the supermarket!. Took everything i've got not to let it show, didn't want to start a panic! grin

debbie1412 Wed 31-Oct-12 19:35:16

I don't understand, my notes book says I can be offered a s&s at 40wk check but my midwife says not until 41wks. I'm sure they make they're own rules up. X

lots33 Wed 31-Oct-12 19:55:57

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wow Ginger, 11 lbs that's very impressive!

Congrats on hitting due date Debbie. My midwife won't do a sweep til 41 weeks either.

How's everyone else?

I am alone,crampy but don't feel baby imminent hope not anyway cos DP is at work til 2am an hours drive away and I'm alone with DS who is happily asleep!

ellesabe Wed 31-Oct-12 20:03:05

Hi lots
I'm alone with dd who is definitely not asleep and keeps getting out of bed! Dh is also out at a work think and my back is killing from walking too far today and having to continually bend down to put dd into her bottom bunk. Argh!!!

I too don't feel like baby is imminent but my aches and pains are certainly differemt today. Not sure how to explain it really.

I have a load of marking to do tonight before maternity leave can officially begin. It must be done but I have zero motivation...chocolate required...

FreddieMercurysFrightfulBolero Wed 31-Oct-12 21:10:03

No babies yet! Come on everyone!smile

Had a hospital appointment today and baby has turned back down, so relieved! So now I can concentrate on just getting it out, come on baby! Does anyone know what they are having? We decided not to find out and now I'm impatient to know!

ellesabe Wed 31-Oct-12 21:14:09

That's the best way IMO Freddie...I understand why some people do find out but with dc1 I loved the moment at birth waiting for the "it's a girl/boy!" announcement smile

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Wed 31-Oct-12 21:16:00

Well I'm definitely in the latent phase.

40 weeks tomorrow.

Had regular, mild contractions all day. Every ten mins or so. So I've just had some paracetamol and I'm going to try and get some sleep.

Hopefully I'll be putting on the tens when I wake!!

Good luck everyone!! Xx

No Halloween babiessad

ellesabe Wed 31-Oct-12 21:18:00

Wooooooo!!!! boys!!!!!

FreddieMercurysFrightfulBolero Wed 31-Oct-12 21:24:41

I feel the same Elle, when DS was born I was waiting for the announcement and none came, the midwives were so used to people knowing! I had to ask and they were surprised we hadn't found out!

flutterbynight Wed 31-Oct-12 22:23:08

Good work Boys hope you get some rest and that things progress nicely tomorrow!

Looks like we're all having November babies in any case smile

Freddie we're having a boy. A surprise on the day must be lovely but I think like you I would be itching to find out by now!

Well, goodnight all, here's hoping we get some arrivals tomorrow!

debbie1412 Thu 01-Nov-12 06:35:15

Oh good luck boys, at last someone's on their way. Hope you got some sleep. Xx

Gingerbreadlatte Thu 01-Nov-12 07:40:31

Good luck Boys!

I'm quite relieved to have made it to Nov! Wasn't keen on a halloween baby grin

No more action here, just loads of show, have dtd twice this week, am taking raspb leaf caps and burning clary sage. Not much left I can do now !!

I'm going to focus on other things today..... Not sure what tho!

Gingerbreadlatte Thu 01-Nov-12 07:41:19

Btw, I don't the sex either, I love the anticipation :-)

BarmeeMarmee Thu 01-Nov-12 07:55:31

No sign of anything here either yet, although my back is killing me and so is my bump. Sadly I don't think it's a sign of anything imminent!

FreddieMercurysFrightfulBolero Thu 01-Nov-12 08:17:28

Thats nice flutter, I wish I had found out in a way because DS instists it's a boy. Didn't see your post earlier boys, good luck!

Show sounds promising Ginger! Thoughts of dtd right now, ugh!

debbie1412 Thu 01-Nov-12 08:28:57

GINGER I'm also glad it's not a Halloween baby, id quite like a bonfire night baby even more of an excuse for a party. :-)

BarmeeMarmee Thu 01-Nov-12 08:32:56

You're all far more patient than me, what's your secret? I'd happily have had this baby a couple of weeks ago!

StuntNun Thu 01-Nov-12 08:36:51

OMG why aren't you lot on the November birth club thread?

BarmeeMarmee Thu 01-Nov-12 08:48:50

StuntNun I saw one of the Nov birth club threads months ago and haven't really seen it since-thought I was probably a bit late now blush

StuntNun Thu 01-Nov-12 08:51:11

If you fancy joining a bunch of other ladies due in November then make your way over here: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/antenatal_clubs/1597357-November-2012-but-that-starts-on-Thursday

BarmeeMarmee Thu 01-Nov-12 08:58:51

Thanks StuntNun

ShellyBobbs Thu 01-Nov-12 09:01:36

I'm from over on that thread too ladies, we are all in the same boat, moaning, miserable, hormonal lol grin

morning ladies

can't believe we're all still holding onto our bumps - thought at least one of us would have popped by now lol

so glad i didnt have a little witch or child full of woe yesterday, and don't think there's going to be a child going far today either lol!!!

yesterday i did too much whizzing around town buying travel cots and getting dd kitted out with new autumn/winter clothes - wish she would stop growing lol she's like a sunflower and can almost see her growing lol. ended up having a rubbish halloween cos i was too tired to take dd out so we stayed in and watched a film with popcorn and munchies instead.

feel rotten as dd is desperate to go out and do half term stuff but i seriously dont have the energy or patience which i feel so guilty about!!!

anyway enough moaning today im blitzing the bathroom and hope this wonder stuff ive seen advertised on the telly (hg something) works on the tiles and silicon!!!

hope it all kicks off for you soon boys xx

coronalover Thu 01-Nov-12 09:53:37

Morning all!

Can't believe it's 1st Nov already! I'm hoping baby will wait a few days now as DS has got croup and was up half the nightsad

I'm having a girl btw - I'm just one of those nosey people who has to know what's going on!

coronalover Thu 01-Nov-12 09:54:30

Hope we get good news from boys soon smile

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Thu 01-Nov-12 10:10:25

Thanks for everyone's 'good lucks'-they haven't worked their magic though sad

Slept like a baby last night and this morning everything has stopped!!

Was having pains every ten minutes all yesterday-must be the latent phase.

So I'm going to have some boiled eggs, a big cup of tea and crack on with some housework and doing another pumpkin with ds1.

Baby will come when he's ready I suppose!!

Good luck to everyone else though. Hope you're all getting some rest.

MayimBialik Thu 01-Nov-12 10:16:08

38+4 now and apart from a few BHs each day, nothing to report. Off to see the midwife today - is she likely to examine me at this stage? Also a bit worried because she's going on annual leave fo 2 weeks from tomorrow so panicking I'll get lost in the system somehow and never get booked for induction/be pregnant for ever!

MayimBialik Thu 01-Nov-12 10:16:32

Oops that should say 39+4

flutterbynight Thu 01-Nov-12 10:36:54

Well, I've got the due date blues today!! sad I just feel like things are never going to kick off. I seem to have one good day where I manage to be nice and relaxed about the whole thing followed by a day like today where I feel fed up and impatient (and guilty for wanting to hurry him along).

Boys sorry to hear things haven't progressed but hopefully not long now - pumpkin carving sounds like a good diversion smile

Mayim I've got the midwife today too, hoping she might offer a sweep as I'm 40 weeks with my first... Have been getting quite damp/wet down below though so will mention that to her in case it's waters leaking - think it's unlikely as it doesn't smell sweet but nor does it smell of anything else! Sorry, far too much info there! blush

Can't be long now until the next baby graces this thread, surely...

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Thu 01-Nov-12 10:37:19

No I'm pretty sure there will be no internal examination of any type.

And she should make an appointment for you today for when you're 41 weeks (I think it depends on the area)-but he should make another appointment for you today and another mw will be covering her patch.

And you never know, you may go over and see her in two weeks anyway! How are you feeling? Ready for baby or quite happy to be pg a little while longer?

flutterbynight Thu 01-Nov-12 18:19:40

How's everyone getting on? I've just had a nice long nap and am looking forward to fish and chips for dinner grin No sign of baby, he's obviously not keen on 1st Nov for his birthday, maybe he'd like the 2nd!

Gingerbreadlatte Thu 01-Nov-12 18:24:32


F and C sounds good. grin
Got a curry on here which I will regret I know!

Lots of aches and show but nothing regular. I'm hoping im getting nice and dilated without any effort gringrin

FreddieMercurysFrightfulBolero Thu 01-Nov-12 18:41:40

Oh that would be nice Gingersmile

Flutter - it will happen! Possibly tomorrow... The 2nd sounds like a very good birthday to have indeed.

Stunt and Shelly - I did join you, but I'm rubbish at keeping up and posting, and those threads moved fast at the beginning! Perhaps we'll all be on a baby thread together soonsmile

I drove to Lidl today (without cutting out I might add - just learning to drive), did a massive hoovered the entire house, washed the floors, caught up on the laundry and am now cosied up in front of the fire with a lovely beef and Guinness stew in the oven while DH does Ds's bath. I'm ready now baby, you can come out!

(Once I've eaten my stew of course...)

lots33 Thu 01-Nov-12 18:48:54

Ooh Mayim think we have the same due date - the 4th?

Sorry it didn't progress Boys, it's so frustrating isn't it?

Hello to everyone else, hope you are Ok.

I had tightening and pain in my bump, pelvis and lower back last night which prevented me sleeping.....and then all went away again....Grrrr! So am fine today but really knackered and been very lazily 'armchair' parenting DS with a hefty dose of C Beebies! I am now collapsed on sofa and DP has gone to collect a takeaway curry. Oh and I saw midwife today, they won't do a week until I am 41 weeks. Back to the rasberry leaf then!

Have a good evening everyone.

MayimBialik Thu 01-Nov-12 20:02:48

Yes Lots - the 4th! What are the chances we'll be in the 5% that actually give birth on their due date? I reckon I'll go at least a week overdue.

Baby not fully engaged today. I presume that means that nothing it going to happen in the next few days?

lots33 Thu 01-Nov-12 20:05:02

Is it your first Mayim - apparently the baby engaged thing is not relevant after your first child?

debbie1412 Thu 01-Nov-12 20:49:55

I had braxtons for all of 20mins this evening. Feel like starting a new group. The never never group :-)

MayimBialik Fri 02-Nov-12 06:41:49

It's my first yes - so it needs to be fully engaged then? Boo to that sad

Though the midwife also told me it's back was on the side that I definitely know it's not on so maybe I was more engaged than the 3/5s she reckoned. Wishful thinking...

Gingerbreadlatte Fri 02-Nov-12 07:46:37

Morning all!

Any overnight developments?

Mayhim- do lots of staying upright or stuff on hands and knees. I reckon the engagement thing can happen really fast once it's ready anyway.

Got excited last night when I ws getting what felt like contractions every 5 mins. That stopped though then I had quite a good night of sleep which was good.

The joy of piles has hit today and it's bloody agony. Anyone had this? What treatment can I have in pregnancy? I'm dreading the post birth agony.

Gingerbreadlatte Fri 02-Nov-12 07:47:08

Sorry Mayim not Mayhim!

flutterbynight Fri 02-Nov-12 08:10:52

Morning everyone!

Absolutely zero developments here, feel like baby will be staying put at least past the weekend.

Mayim I'm also having my first and head wasn't fully engaged at my midwife appt yesterday, though she did say it was "nicely down". I was under the impression that provided the head is down and a bit engaged then it didn't mean too much? A bit like a show, could be hours, days or weeks after? Either way, you're not alone!

Ginger pleased to hear you got a good night's sleep, I've been sleeping better the last few nights as my hip pain seems to have improved smile ouch on the piles front, I've not suffered with them so I'm afraid I can't advise, just sympathise sad Hopefully someone else will have some useful tips for you!

It's a horrible day here, wish I didn't have to leave the house but will need to go and get dinner supplies at some point! What's everyone else up to?

BarmeeMarmee Fri 02-Nov-12 08:25:44

Nothing to report baby wise here I'm afraid. DH did offer to dtd this morning to try and get things moving (very selfless of him wink) but the pain in my hips is so bad I couldn't face it, lol. Plus hearing DS playing in bed over the monitor is a bit of a passion killer grin.

Morning ladies - no signs here sad

Lol @ Barmee what a wonderful hubbie you have lol!!!

Today I'm tackling the kitchen which is a huge job, definitely getting the nesting thing going on, will be on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor so fingers x'd it starts something - if not she can wait until sat eve when I've done the front room and completed the house lol!!!!

Someone's gotta burst v soon!!! It's been ages!!!!

ellesabe Fri 02-Nov-12 09:27:24

Hi all!

Had an amazing nights sleep last night and dh got up with dd this mourning which meant I got a lie-in until 8:30 - bliss! I feel like a new woman :D

Today is my first official day of maternity leave (I only worked Fridays) so dh has taken dd to their dads' group at the children's centre and I have the day to myself!

Midwife appointment this morning then I might take a book to read in a cafe for a bit. Then this afternoon I'm visiting two friends whose babies are poorly in hospital sad

I'm just revelling in the fact that I'm still in my dressing gown in an empty house!

MayimBialik Fri 02-Nov-12 09:33:59

TMI alert! Does the mucus plug always have blood in it? I was just doing a bit of crazy dancing to Missy Elliot Work It (as you do when 40 weeks pregnant!) and felt a but wet down there - upon inspection there was a huge blob of mucus (yuck) in my pants. Snotty sort of coloured, no pink/red. I'm just clutching at straws now aren't I

coronalover Fri 02-Nov-12 09:39:11

Nothing new here BH seem to have gone away so had a fairly good nights sleep smile

sounds like a lovely day Elle

Ginger I too am suffering fom piles with this pregnancy sad i find a bit of over the counter cream helps if i'm sore (anusol). pregnancy is so glamorous isn't it!!

today i will mostly be cleaning and getting washing done in preparation for my mum coming

debbie gone a bit quiet, how are you doing? x

ellesabe Fri 02-Nov-12 09:50:55

Wooooo mayim!!!

Mucus plug doesn't always have blood in it but equally it isn't unusual. Sounds like things are getting started properly for you now smile


ellesabe Fri 02-Nov-12 09:52:01

P.S. your description sounds just like my mucus plug last time - you're not clutching at straws!

flutterbynight Fri 02-Nov-12 10:00:47

Mayim I've had the same experience (minus the dancing - might have to give that a try wink) with the plug seeming to come away bit by bit, in progressively bigger globules - let's hope it's a sign!

Gingerbreadlatte Fri 02-Nov-12 10:28:04

Hooray Mayim! it sounds like things moving in the right direction. Mines been like that all week, with some days with pink streaks some without.

Dancing is very impressive!

thanks for piles advice, I went to the pharmacy yesterday and the guy didnt want to recommend me anything - wanted me to go to the doctors, wish I'd just got some cream now. Will pop out to shops later to get some anusol- LOVELY! ! Its the one thing I dont want to share with my DH, hope he doesnt find the tube!

2nd sweep for me today at 3.30pm so i hope that really gets things kick started.

Hi everyone else.

I am thinking of writing xmas cards today to pass some time!

debbie1412 Fri 02-Nov-12 11:34:35

Hey no I'm still here, had 2 nights of insomnia so losing the will to live. Baby can not come today because I'm sooo tired physically and emotionally I need to sleep.
What's everyone's plans for the weekend?

Gingerbreadlatte Fri 02-Nov-12 14:29:24

Hi Debbie
Sorry for insomnia... thats really rubbish at this point in time. Are you getting any rest during the day?

Weekend plans - I think it will be mostly ignoring any symptoms following my 2nd sweep this afternoon! smile

debbie1412 Fri 02-Nov-12 15:23:53

Normally but I've had plans today. I'm done for the day now so the tvs going on. I might even put my pjs on and veg with DS. My wk end plans are yet to be made. I didn't expect to still be here not sure wether to chillax or go crazy and try and get this baby shifting. But I think as hot a curry I can bear for Saturday night is on the cards. X

Gingerbreadlatte Fri 02-Nov-12 15:57:05

sounds good Debbie.

Just been 'swept' a second time. Things moved on since monday slightly which is good, now about 2cm... feeling the results of sweep already. V achey!

debbie1412 Fri 02-Nov-12 16:29:13

How far are you Ginger?? 2 sweeps has got to get things shifting. Good luck over wk end, il keep my eyes peeled x

FreddieMercurysFrightfulBolero Fri 02-Nov-12 16:51:18

Woo Mayim! Hope things are getting moving for yousmile I had my show at 5am on a Monday, DS was born 5pm on a Tuesday, so you never know..

Hope things get moving for you Ginger, they had better after a second sweep!

Insomnia sounds rubbish Debbie, hope you get some proper sleep tonight.

I had some funny cramps today, upper thighs and lower back which is strange. Don't feel like BH, but they don't feel like anything else could happen either!

coronalover Fri 02-Nov-12 17:14:28

i was going to get some cleaning done today but only got as far as getting DH to get the hoover out! so agenda for tomoz is to get my arse in gear!

Another hot curry scheduled for tomorrow night too smile

c'mon babies it's time to get moving x

debbie1412 Fri 02-Nov-12 19:30:33

So many fireworks on the go tonight. My DS is loving watching them from the porch he's only 2. It's made me smile actually I've been that obsessed twinge watch I've forgot I've got a gorgeous little boy already. I will not be moody tomorrow............much :-)

CardiCorgi Fri 02-Nov-12 20:52:30

Hello, oh dear, still rather a lot of us here. I had my last day of work on Wednesday at 39 weeks. I did have to go to one colleague and threaten to give birth in his office unless he finished something that I needed to sign. That did the trick and I'm hoping for a day or two to get my head in gear before the baby arrives.
I'm feeling a bit crampy and having ever more Braxton Hicks, but that sounds pretty much par for the course at this stage.
Is anyone else having to lug a toddler around? I'm trying not to lift dd, but sometimes it's just impossible to avoid.

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Fri 02-Nov-12 21:02:34

Yes to carrying a toddler cardi- a big nearly 16 month old ds2.

Hoping to get to watch some fireworks tomorrow night, we'll see.

Having lots of bh. Hoping it is a sign of a quick labour!

But I am absolutely exhausted. Think with ds1 (6) being off school and having ds2 to look after too I'm just knackered. I'm going to be in a few minutes.

Good luck for tomorrow ladies!!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Fri 02-Nov-12 21:03:10

I'm going to bed-not going to be confused

ellesabe Fri 02-Nov-12 21:14:23

I've had a really lovely day today, just pottering about while dh looked after dd and I still seem to be a physical wreck at the end of it! I can barely walk! I have a really stiff achy feeling in my hips - anyone else get this?

I've resorted to another bath this evening smile

coronalover Fri 02-Nov-12 22:59:57

Lol @ cardi threatening to give birth at colleague!

Yes, I've got v lively 2 yo DS but doesn't need picking up, as long as i can sit down and give him a cuddle he's happy smile

had lots of cramping and bh this eve so hoping for onset of labour soon

have a good night all x

MayimBialik Sat 03-Nov-12 02:56:20

I don't think it could have been my plug after all sad I still feel fine. Just the usual BH which I've been getting FOREVER now.

Feel a bit achey I suppose. Have slept like a baby from 11ish til now (with intermittent loo breaks!) and now I'm wide awake! Grrrrr!

debbie1412 Sat 03-Nov-12 09:36:11

Morning all. How are we all??

Mayim never mind it might start today.

I'm taking my little guy for a train ride this morning. I've had no braxtons, no show no anything. I'm fully expecting a November 12th baby after a ridiculously long induction. Hey ho hope for a show lol x

flutterbynight Sat 03-Nov-12 09:46:15

Good morning, all a bit doom and gloom here I'm afraid - like you debbie I think this baby will be coming by induction, just don't feel like I'll ever go into labour (desperately hoping to be proved wrong of course).

Today is operation distraction, going to head out for the day, have lunch somewhere and try and enjoy the freedom smile

How's everyone else getting on? It does seem rather a long time since there's been a new arrival to grace this thread, let's hope that changes soon - maybe it'll be like buses grin

BarmeeMarmee Sat 03-Nov-12 12:06:17

No sign of anything here either sad

Heading into town soon, DS needs new shoes and I figure it might persuade my waters to go in the middle of the shopping centre just for the humiliation factor!

ellesabe Sat 03-Nov-12 12:46:09

Barmee I heard a rumour that if your waters break in Mothercare or John Lewis, you get a load of free stuff! Or gift cards or something. Not sure if it's true...

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Sat 03-Nov-12 12:50:45

Ooh can anyone confirm about free John Lewis stuff?

I don't mind slobbing in their cafe on the off chance wink

Going out for lunch now with dh, boys and brother. Distraction is the only way forward I think. Hopefully go to a firework display tonight.

Make the most of it ladies!!

Gingerbreadlatte Sat 03-Nov-12 16:52:04

Quick one to say baby girl born today at 12.30 pm. Weighing 9 12. Had the natural homebirth that I wanted so I'm thrilled. grin

Labour really started at 8 am today so was quite quick. All good and I'm enjoying an extended feed and cuddle smile

coronalover Sat 03-Nov-12 17:16:09

That's fantastic news ginger Congratulations thanks xxx

BarmeeMarmee Sat 03-Nov-12 17:18:15

Congratulations Ginger that's great news!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Sat 03-Nov-12 17:21:34

Congratulations ginger on your babygingerlatte!!

Great news.

And a fab birth by the sounds of it. Brilliant news. Hope you enjoy your first night as a mum x

flutterbynight Sat 03-Nov-12 17:25:47

Congratulations Ginger, fantastic news! grin Pleased you got the birth experience you wanted too.

Yay fabulous news ginger congrats on the safe arrival of your DD - hope it sparks a flurry of babies arriving soon!!!!!

Finished scrubbing the kitchen while dh and dc did the front room so house is all sparkly ready for her arrival!!!!! hmm any time soon!!!!!

Took the dog for a walk up and down a few hills which sets off tightenings that stop as soon as I get in the car sad then had a yummy carvery and embarrassed myself by ordering a "topless" ice cream for dh instead of a bottomless one blush want my brain back!!!!!

debbie1412 Sat 03-Nov-12 18:09:05

Woo hoo their is hope for us all. Congratulations Ginger so pleased you had the birth you wanted. All the best x

lots33 Sat 03-Nov-12 18:27:50

Congratulations ginger, fab news! Does she have a name yet?

I think I feel similarly to everyone else, frustrated and not wanting to be induced. Have started to lose my mucus plug I think (snotty, bloody discharge - sorry if TMI!) and lots of cramps and BHs but dying away again each time. Driving me mad. Due date is tomorrow so potentially another 2 week of this........

StuntNun Sat 03-Nov-12 20:24:21

Great news Ginger congratulations! There's a postnatal thread here: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/postnatal_clubs/1579907-November-2012-babies-are-here-at-last

FreddieMercurysFrightfulBolero Sat 03-Nov-12 20:32:14

Congrats Ginger!smile Sounds like you had a lovely birth, I'm glad it went well for yousmile

BarmeeMarmee Sat 03-Nov-12 22:50:22

Well I walked to and from the fireworks (if you can call it that, it was probably more of a hobble). Have had a spicy pizza with extra jalapeños and... Nothing. Grrr!

Gingerbreadlatte Sun 04-Nov-12 07:00:58

Thanks everyone! It's very exciting. Had good first night but spent a lot of time just looking at her. blush

We need to agree a name ASAP!

Good luck for the rest of you, will keep an eye here to see who pops next but hope to see you all in the post natal nov thread. X

debbie1412 Sun 04-Nov-12 07:02:24

I need something fun to do today as I've just been told the last 3 Sunday's I have been really grumpy. That in itself has pissed me off has made me grumpy. Weathers abit shocking so anywhere indoor will be rammed. I might brave baking cakes with a 2 year old.
Anyway good luck today ladies, keep us posted x

FreddieMercurysFrightfulBolero Sun 04-Nov-12 07:18:11

Cakes sound good Debbie, I may do the same myself; albeit with a slightly more helpful 3 year old...

Woke up at least every two hours to go to the toilet last night. Two weeks now I've had diarrhoea, this cannot be good. Just need to get this baby out! I have my graduation on Thursday and I'm torn between wanting to go and see everyone, although they'll be glammed up and I'll look like a heffalump, or just getting the baby out! Whatever happens, happens.

ellesabe Sun 04-Nov-12 07:24:28

I had really strong bh yesterday evening and it freaked me out slightly. I don't remember them ever being that strong with dd1. They were every ten mins or so and accompanied by back ache and the need to poo (tmi- sorry!)
Anyway, baby was wriggling throughout, I went to bed and it's all stopped this morning.

Does anyone else have braxton hicks like this? We were even starting to wonder if it was the start of things...

ellesabe Sun 04-Nov-12 07:28:19

Oh and congrats ginger!!!!!!

FreddieMercurysFrightfulBolero Sun 04-Nov-12 08:06:22

Getting ones like those the last two days, Elle. Very crampy in my lower back and tops of thighs, but they last too long to be contractions. Bloody uncomfortable though. I've been having BH since about 28 weeks though but these feel different so I'm going to take it as a sign things are getting movingsmile When is your due date? I'm not till the eleventh so shouldn't be complaining at all, really!

ellesabe Sun 04-Nov-12 09:08:02

Yes I'm not due until the 13th either. The bh have spurred me into action a bit though. Made me realise it could actually be any day.

flutterbynight Sun 04-Nov-12 11:06:42

Morning, just checking in to say no news here at 40+3. Can't really blame baby not wanting to come out to all this wind and rain. Still getting period cramps on and off but nothing that makes me think I'm on my way! Soon I hope, going to see if a positive attitude and a bit of optimism helps, I've been lacking in these the last few days! smile

coronalover Sun 04-Nov-12 14:15:42

hi elle i've had bh on and off since 36wks sometimes v strong so that i've thought labour might be starting! tends to happen every 2-3 nights.

I'm thinking positive thoughts for you flutter i'm due on tues and still hoping for her to come early! a few bh today but nothing dramatic to report x

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Sun 04-Nov-12 22:37:58

Another day and still no newbies?!?

What's going on?

Maybe our babies like the thought of a Bonfire Night Birthday? hmm

We are CURSED and will be pregnant forever Boys. It's the only rational explanation grin

Flutter, I think you're right about the optimism thing. It was only when I gave up worrying about Ds coming that he decided to get the ball rolling, 3 hours before he was supposed to be induced! Good night all, hoping to hear some news from anyone in the morning?

debbie1412 Mon 05-Nov-12 03:33:50

3am I've prob been awake 2hrs, I've never had such shocking insomnia in my life before this pregnancy I know tonight's bout is pure agitation that I'm not going to wake in the night with contractions. ( always go to bed hopeful ).
We are cursed your right Freddie. I feel like shouting at the midwife how bad is that I actually want to blame someone for my misery.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

MayimBialik Mon 05-Nov-12 08:50:34

Congratulations Ginger!! Lovely to actually see a birth on this thread grin

40+1 today and NOTHING. Desperate to meet my baby now. I feel like it's all an elaborate joke and I'm not actually pregnant. Someone's been feeding me stuff to make my tummy swell and it was a fake baby on the scan sad

Hurry up baby!!!

Anyone else had any more movements?

coronalover Mon 05-Nov-12 09:06:23

Morning ladies

I had a hideous night of painful contractions on and off which have gone away leaving me pissed off, tired and with a sore bump sad

I'm 39+6 today and so ready for this to be over! DH is looking after DS so I'm going back to bed.

Good luck for today everyone, c'mon babies out you come!

CardiCorgi Mon 05-Nov-12 10:05:43

Congratulations ginger!

Nothing to report here apart from increased grumpiness, insomnia and a cold (thanks to DH for sharing that one). Still loads of BH, still going nowhere, I think I'm another one who is going to be pregnant for ever. Either that or it will arrive on dd's birthday and I will be the crap mother who didn't manage to get her daughter a birthday cake.

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Mon 05-Nov-12 11:08:35

Anyone else completely exhausted?

I mean-like-if you sat down and got comfy in a dentist chair you'd fall asleep!?!

I am knackered today and I've got another 8 hours before I'm child free!! (Kids bedtime)

lots33 Mon 05-Nov-12 11:28:25

Oh gosh me too!

40 plus one - loads of indicators - BHs, cramping, runs, mucus......but nothing materialising. And yes to insomnia too. Am knackered, happily DS is napping so am taking advantage to MN!

One of us is bound to have some news soon......I hope!

ellesabe Mon 05-Nov-12 12:04:49

Argh! Mucus plug came away last night at 38+5 and then loads of period pain cramps. Couldn't sleep due to excitement and trying to carry on as normal today. Went to a dancing group with dd this morning (cue lots of leaping around) and had more periody cramps but now just knackered and uncomfortable!
Good luck to everyone else hanging in there!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Mon 05-Nov-12 12:05:55

Ooh elles sounds promising!!

ellesabe Mon 05-Nov-12 14:52:32

Update - having regular contractions so looks like this is for real now!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Mon 05-Nov-12 14:54:04

Good luck elles- a bonfire baby grin

Hope labour goes as planned. Keep us updated!!

MayimBialik Mon 05-Nov-12 16:25:49

Ooh elles good luck! Looking forward to your next update gringringrin

And also envyenvyenvy

ellesabe Mon 05-Nov-12 16:31:53

Thanks! And sorry Mayim smile

Dh has just got to drop dd off with friends - was quite emotional saying goodbye... She has not got a clue what's going on!

Elle - Good luck, hope all goes well!smile

Corona and Lots - sounds like something could be happening!

Boys, I am wrecked too, sent DS to creche and had a two hour nap.... Could still sleep now!

Cardi - when is dds birthday? Hope you get over your coldsmile

coronalover Mon 05-Nov-12 19:00:58

Oh Elle sounds like good progress smile

Nothing more doing on here but I'll be going to bed hopeful and not to narky!

Got mw appt in the morning at least

debbie1412 Mon 05-Nov-12 21:28:27

Lily Rowe born 1.59pm 8.10lb. Doing great 9 hours in total. Tens is a must have x

MayimBialik Mon 05-Nov-12 21:38:43

Congrats Debbie - wow that's a turn up for the books after your last post! Gorgeous name gringrin

BarmeeMarmee Mon 05-Nov-12 22:18:35

Congratulations Debbie! Another firework baby.

Woo Hoo Debbie! So you're not cursed, it's just me grin.

Beautiful name, enjoy snuggling you new little onesmile

coronalover Mon 05-Nov-12 22:42:41

Wow congratulations debbie! fantastic news and a beautiful name for your LO smile

here's hoping the rest of us are right behind you!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Tue 06-Nov-12 00:22:32

Congratulations debbie!!

Fantastic news . And a beautiful name.

Enjoy your first night as a mum x

Gingerbreadlatte Tue 06-Nov-12 03:11:55

Congratulations Debbie!! Brilliant!! Lovely name x

Congrats Debbie I am so desperate to meet my lil one and have cuddles!!!

After spending all day in a strop yesterday I'm determined to forget thy I'm even pregnant and stop thinking of ways to trigger labour - have got MW tomorrow and organised a sweep for first thing Saturday when I'm term so until then this baby can bloody well stay put!!!!

Just have nothing to do - normally I'm an avid reader who can knock books out in hours but I just cannot concentrate or do my knitting am just too restless!!!

Wishing more babies out of their cosy uterus' to meet their lovely mummies xxxx

MayimBialik Tue 06-Nov-12 13:39:43

Hmmm... I'm feeling very deflated sad 40+2 and been for a sweep bit midwife said cervix was only slightly open and she couldn't get a finger all the way through. She said it had shortened but that she didn't see anything happening in the next couple of days. Booked for another sweep on Monday but I'm DESPERATE for something to happen before then sadsad

ah Mayimsad Don't be too down, at least maybe if you know it's not coming the next few days you can make plans to keep yourself busy? Are any 'helpful' friends and family texting or calling to ask if you had the baby yet?

lots33 Tue 06-Nov-12 14:21:58

Congratulations Debbie! Lovely name too x

coronalover Tue 06-Nov-12 15:01:47

40 wks today! we especially impatient or are all pregnant women like us?!

Mayim my mw won't give me a sweep until I'm 41wks sad so I'm hoping my body will get going on it's own before then. been out in the garden raking up leaves in an effort to get things moving. even if it doesn't work the garden looks a damn sight better smile

Raking leaves should definetley get it out coronasmile I mowed a giant lawn the night before I went into labour with DS, I'm sure it helped... Tempted to mow the lawn now but the neighbours might think I'm mad. And it's raining.

I just successfully dropped DH off at work in the car for the first time, and had to stop at every traffic light on the way and did NOT cut out once! Despite some arsey young lads in the car behind me leaning on the horn every time a light went green and I took a few seconds to get going. They then stopped at the off licence near my house, so they were clearly in a hurry to complete some urgent task. The arses. I was very tempted to stop and tell them what I thought of them. Aggh sorry, very off topic but I needed to rant!

Ok, off to hoover the house and mop floors before DS is back from creche, that might get me going!

coronalover Tue 06-Nov-12 20:48:44

Okay ladies, I'm having some regular contractions now 8-10 mins apart shock. If this is the real thing I'm impressed with my baby's timing 40wks to the day!

Gardening is clearly the way to go!

Off to have a bath, hopefully I'll have good news for you soon smile

Oooh good luck my dear! Keep us updated, hope all goes wellsmile Must go do some gardening...

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Tue 06-Nov-12 20:53:59

Ooh good luck corona -hope it all goes as planned.

Keep us updated!!

BarmeeMarmee Tue 06-Nov-12 21:32:15

Good luck Corona! Very jealous!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Wed 07-Nov-12 06:33:49

Just popped back on to see if corona has updated....

Good luck today everyone. Hopefully another one of us will go in to labour.

my midwife posted this on fb lol
light hearted birth plan video

CardiCorgi Wed 07-Nov-12 10:12:29

Congratulations Debbie and good luck Corona.

Freddie, my dd's birthday is Friday. No idea how we managed to time it this close, should have thought about that in February. Anyway, they do a little celebration at nursery and if necessary we can pospone the family bit by a day.

I'm feeling very crampy but only in the lower bit of the bump. Anyone else get this? 40 weeks today, so I suppose it could be the start of something. I'm off to the doctor later anyway, I think she wants to see me every other day from now on.

MayimBialik Wed 07-Nov-12 10:53:30

Good luck Corona!! Make sure to update us!

Well I'm 40+3 goddamit. Sweep yesterday which HURT LIKE HELL (god knows how ill cope with childbirth). Midwife said cervix was only the teeniest bit open and not to expect anything to happen imminently. She did a sort of sweep but couldn't get all the way through so tried to stretch a bit too. I imagine this is why it hurt so much - if you've started to dilate I guess it's not as painful?

It made me bleed quite a bit which she said was fine. Thought it had died off towards the evening but I've had a big brown sludgey bit this morning (sorry blush)

Going for a walk today to see if I can get anything moving. I really want to have the baby this week!!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Wed 07-Nov-12 11:12:46

Do you think you've had your show then mayik?

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Wed 07-Nov-12 11:13:00


MayimBialik Wed 07-Nov-12 11:34:15

Hmmm...hard to tell because the sweep obviously caused a lot if irritation so I don't know if it's still just working its way out from that. I probably haven't sad

Brown sludge sounds like a show to me Mayimsmile

Cardi, hopefully she won't mind too much if you have to do the family bit another day, hopefully you won't, but she'll be getting spoiled on two days rather than one if it comes to thatsmile

I'm sore and crampy in lower bump too but I think it's just the weight of the baby.

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Wed 07-Nov-12 13:47:13

Well, I've just been for a sweep.

Mw could open me to 3cm!!

Was really quite uncomfortable, just hope it gets things moving.

Still no corona.....

MayimBialik Wed 07-Nov-12 16:43:01

Wow boys 3cm - sounds very promising! Did she say she thought it would all kick off for you soon then. I'm still feeling rather normal unfortunately. Just been for a 2 hour walk and felt quite comfortable. Probably not a good sign sad COME ON PAIN!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Wed 07-Nov-12 18:14:19

She did say that I may have been a little dilated as I had ds2 last summer. And as a baby has passed through relatively recently she thinks it might make things easier this time.

(Had 36+ hour labour with ds2)

Had no show though, or spotting. But have had period type bh cramps since the sweep. Whereas before I was just getting a lot of bh.

She said she could feel babies head an he's in a good position-so we'll see. I'm very uncomfortable though. I couldn't walk for 2 hours that's for sure!!

Ds2 was 12 days late. I'll have an induction next tues if ds3 doesn't arrive before then.

Good luck to everyone else!!

coronalover Wed 07-Nov-12 20:25:58

Quick update - after a shockingly short labour my baby girl was born at 3am today 6lb 4 oz. she's fab and we're home doing well grin

FranTan Wed 07-Nov-12 20:27:04

Congratulations!! xx

lots33 Wed 07-Nov-12 20:37:50

Congratulations Corona, that's fab news.

Boys 3cm sounds encouraging!

Well after mild contractions for a lot of Monday everyone died down and went very quiet. So much so that I rung the midwife today concerned about reduced movements and went in for monitoring. Needless to say, LO started leaping about at that point and is fine. So 40 plus 3 and still waiting......

Yaay Corona, delighted for yousmile Enjoy your little girlsmile

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Wed 07-Nov-12 20:59:54

Ooh a little corona. Congratulations!

Lets hope your quick labour is catching wink

Well done!!

BarmeeMarmee Wed 07-Nov-12 21:15:09

Congratulations Corona great news!

debbie1412 Wed 07-Nov-12 21:39:13

Congrats corona, anyone else???

Gingerbreadlatte Wed 07-Nov-12 22:13:29

Congratulations Corona!!

congrats corona i'm not envy at all lol enjoy the cuddles xx

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Thu 08-Nov-12 19:53:00

No one had anything to report today?


BarmeeMarmee Thu 08-Nov-12 19:56:45

Boys I wish sad

lots33 Thu 08-Nov-12 20:17:08

No me either.....thought may have news from you Boys after your sweep.

Mayim - any news?

I had an unexpected sweep today and similar to Mayim cervix only very slightly opened, she couldn't get in properly and doesn't see anything happening soon so am also deflated. Second sweep Sunday, third on Tuesday and induction booked for next Thurs if I have not got into labour by then......I am a VBAC so can't go any longer and if induced, will go straight onto syntocin drip due to risk of scar rupture......really fed up!

Hope we get some more good news on this thread!

Nooone? That means everyone will go tomorrow, right? smile

Feeling very periody today - achy back and sore in my underneathsies ( can't give a technical term - it's just sore down there!) nothing will happen though, I'd say...

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Thu 08-Nov-12 20:45:08

Welllll....I am in early labour!!

Had a bath, paracetamol, tens on sitting on my ball grin

Contractions a bit all over the show. Between 4 and 2 mins but only lasting about 30-40 secs.

Copeable pain so I'm not going to the hospital yet. Soon though hopefully!!

Good luck to everyone else.

Hope the sweep works for you!! I had mine yesterday so u never know xx

MayimBialik Thu 08-Nov-12 21:02:00

Congrats corona (cant remember if I already said that!)

Oh wow boys brilliant! Did it just suddenly start happening? I just feel so normal and like nothing's going to happen soon. I really don't know what to expect becuse never done it before before and was just saying to DH will something just happen suddenly and I'll know? Or will I feel funny beforehand?

So nothing to report here. Thought brown blood had stopped yesterday but have had a bit of light brownish discharge today. Not done a fat lot today and feel like I need to move around a bit more but can't really be bothered! Might make DH sex me up later wink

Oh Boys, wow! You sound like you're a pro at this by now, hope it goes well for yousmile

Mayim- I was the same with DS - every twinge I had I was thinking 'ooh is this it?'. I had my show and contractions started shortly after. By the time the second contraction started, I knew that I was in labour. Mine felt like cramps from diahorrea, some people say they feel like period pain. You WILL know when it happens, so don't worry too muchsmile

coronalover Thu 08-Nov-12 23:15:35

hi ladies thanks for the congrats!

boys sounds like you're doing well!

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Fri 09-Nov-12 02:41:08

I fucking LOVE diamorphine!!

<drifts back off to the fairies>

MayimBialik Fri 09-Nov-12 05:34:23

Brilliant update boys - sounds like you're having a good night out grin (or had...?)

yay fingers x'd boys for a lovely safe delivery!!!!

i'm about to burst, cant bend in the middle, cant walk, cant do very much, lots of aches and pains but nothing substantial sad madam due tomorrow so going to phone mlbu later and see what lovely staff are on (i work there) and then beg one of them to give me a sweep!!!

should go to asda and top up the shopping (and my supply of capri sun - must have drank 50 of the blighters in the past 2 weeks) and tidy front room but i just cannot be arsed!!!!

fingers x'd for more babies a popping v soon xxx

MayimBialik Fri 09-Nov-12 08:00:45

Oh I'm thoroughly fed up sad

When will it happen?? Am I delaying things by being fed up? Am I preventing my body from releasing oxytocin or something?

PLEASE happen soon!!! sadsad

Anyone else feel a little blue like me?

Gingerbreadlatte Fri 09-Nov-12 08:24:12

Wow boys - hope things are going well

Mayim. I fully sympathise, I felt like you did and it was worse with my first who was late. If its any help I went from having v unfavourable cervix to in labour v quickly first time around. Things can change fast. Best help for me was sex blush the first time grin - not pleasant though !!

mayim sat here crying for no real reason so yeah i share your blues!!! my midwife was up last night delivering her other caseload lady so shes text me strict orders to keep legs shut until tomorrow which has set me off!!!

so fed up being stuck here on my own and cant face having 2 teenage stepsons over for the weekend whilst dh works tonight and tomorrow night and ive got the mother of a headache which is being made worse by crying!!!

i'm waving the white flag - i give in sad

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Fri 09-Nov-12 11:58:54

Just a quick update...

Baby boys arrived at 8am this morning!!

Tens didn't work well for me in the end.

7lb 13oz of loveliness. Though he has no name yet.

Good luck to everyone still waiting x

Congrats boyssmile enjoy snuggling your little boy!

Gingerbreadlatte Fri 09-Nov-12 13:31:06

Congrats Boys!!

coronalover Fri 09-Nov-12 15:17:35

Congratulations boys well done grin

Oh glenda I really feel for you, can your DSSs look after/entertain themselves?

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Fri 09-Nov-12 15:57:15

Thanks everyone!

Still at hospital waiting to be discharged.

Baby came out in the bag!!!! Never knew that could happen!!! Mw had to burst it!!

No one had any progress today? X

CardiCorgi Fri 09-Nov-12 17:51:39

Baby Corgi arrived on Wednesday evening. Just made it on her due date. All of the BH and other warm up contractions must have been doing something because I was already 5cm dilated by the time I got to the hospital. Hoping to be let out tomorrow.
Good luck to those still waiting.

Oh lovely to have her arrive on her due date Corgi, congratulations! Nice to be 5cm at the hosp, hope the labour wasn't too long!

Boys, seen that before on OBEM, it's supposed to be good luck I thinksmile

Oh and it didn't come on DD's birthday Corgi, yaay!

coronalover Sat 10-Nov-12 01:38:38

Congratulations corgi that's fantastic news!

boys my baby also came out in her bag! mw said it's good luck as supposed to mean they can't drown!?

lots33 Sat 10-Nov-12 10:44:47

Congrats Boys and Corgi!

Ginger and Mayim - sound as though you are as fed up as me. COME ON BABY!!

Ugh. Due date tomorrow. No baby yet. NOT impressed.

Congrats boys & corgi [flowers]

Had a sweep at 9 this am and was 2cm, mid position, still a bit thick and -2 but midwife could feel membranes and the head so she gave me a good sweep.

Went home and jumped dh's bones bless him and after lying still for 20 mins I've started having tightenings - not painful but seem to be every 3 mins ish lasting 20-30 seconds so fingers x'd they continue and don't fade out. Don't know whether to sit still or move around?

Hope everyone else is well???

Move around if you can Glenda! Good lucksmile

Move around if you can Glenda! Good lucksmileAs much as I want this baby out, I could not face sex at the moment, fair play to you!

thanks freddie - contractions still regularly 3-4 minutes but still lasting 26 ish seconds and not uncomfortable yet - my midwife is on shift at the hospital and is more antsy than me as its quiet and she's bored lol

ive made everyone lunch and now just having a brew before having a shower and prepping last few things!!!!

Things are definitely happening sosmile Good luck!

ellesabe Sat 10-Nov-12 16:16:41

Baby girl Cleo was born on Tuesday - long labour and emergency section but worth every second smile

We're home and doing well. She sleeps a lot grin

Gingerbreadlatte Sat 10-Nov-12 17:02:25

Congratulations Elles!

Hurray for sleepy babies Elle, long may it last! Sorry you had a difficult labour, hope you are recovering ok. Cleo is a fantastic namesmile

coronalover Sat 10-Nov-12 22:51:31

Congratulations elle hope you're feeling well thanks

I ventured out with my baby for the first time today and went for a walk to feed the ducks. was v nice to get out smile

ellesabe Sun 11-Nov-12 09:46:02

Ooh that sounds good corona

I can't quite pluck up the courage to take Cleo out with a toddler in tow just yet but am starting to go a bit crazy stuck inside!

Also need to keep reminding myself that I had my tummy cut open 5 days ago so prob not a good idea to go razzing around town just yet grin

MB34 Sun 11-Nov-12 13:19:53

Hi all!

I was wondering if I could get your opinions on something?

I'm 39+5 but already people are starting to annoy me by texting me everyday asking if there's any signs - the worst culprit is my mother! I wouldn't mind so much if they were texting me for a reason, then asking but the texts are just "How are you feeling? Any signs?"

I know that they're only doing it because they care especially my mother who is very over-caring (read: controlling & guilt inducing!) but it's stressing me out already and I'm not even at my due date!

I have tried to subtly hint to them that I may have another 2-3 weeks to go (as I do not want a sweep or an induction) to put them off but it's not working.

Anyone had any experience of this? Is there a nice way to tell them to not text me as much?


Ah, I have this too MB and it turns me into a screaming loony. I just text back, nothing yet, don't worry, will let you know AS SOON as something happens!

(This of course is a big fat lie, unless it's my sister or mother who fortunatley have the wit not to text me...)

If they are stupid enough to text a second time, I just don't text them back.

Join our thread for a moan and grumble if you like! I'm 40 weeks today. Ugh.

MB34 Sun 11-Nov-12 14:20:09

That's a good answer Freddie - I'll try that next time. Even though I have told my mother that I won't be telling her when I do go into labour - I'll get DH to text when we're going to the hospital - she obviously hasn't listened and may buy this!

At the moment I am trying not to moan as I am enjoying the peace and rest (I am actually sleeping at night!). I am uncomfortable though - as DS is 3/5ths engaged but still seems to be pushing his bum constantly into my ribs! (don't know if this is normal or not as he is my first!)

How are you feeling Freddie? Anyone else due in the next 2 or 3 days?

lots33 Sun 11-Nov-12 15:30:10

Hi everyone

Elles congratulations and what a lovely name too. Congratulations to Corgi too.

Glenda - sounds promising - any more news?

Congratulations on reaching due date Freddie

MB34 - I have this too, massively now I am overdue...tis doing my head in. I posted an update on Facebook yesterday so things did go quiet for all of about 6 hours!

Sorry if I've missed anyone.

I'm 40 plus 7 today and still fed up. Second sweep this morning, now 1cm dilated and cervix further forward so some movement but midwife doesn't think labour is imminent.....if anyone can convince me otherwise I'll be very happy! Third sweep on Tuesday and then induction Thursday if no joy. They don't want to leave me longer than that (nor do I) because I'm trying for a VBAC......

Thank you lotssmile I do hope you go soon, it would be nice to have a shot at the VBAC, fingers crossed for you.

M - I have this too, it's pretty uncomfortable. Nothing happening today, hospital appointment tomorrow, doubtful they will do anything but check baby is well, they're not very keen on sweeps here unfortunatley...

debbie1412 Sun 11-Nov-12 20:21:20

Hey all, so many new babies. Congratulations everyone what a busy week we've all had. Lilly is a week old tomorrow I can't believe it. She's a good baby but takes a while to settle at night (3 hours) my boobs feel like their about to fall off so we combination feeding. I forgot how sore they get :-( but on the whole a good 1st week. Dp has another week off then it's me the baby and DS ( shitting myself)
Did someone mention a November babies thread????

MayimBialik Sun 11-Nov-12 20:31:53

Congrats to all the babies born thanks Lovely to hear you're all doing well and babies are healthy and gorgeous.

I'm still here 40+7. Feeling guilty about my sugary diet for the last couple of weeks (just written another thread on it). I've gone into a lazy, comfort eating, "it might be my last day pregnant" eating mode. Feel bad for my baby - can I have damaged it?? Or am I worrying unnecessarily?

Glad it's going well Debbie. I'm dreading being on my own too, but telling myself it's not too long until Christmas when Dh has another week off. Paternity leave doesn't exist here so he is taking a week off when baby arrives.

Went to see the consultant today, all is well with baby. He has booked me in for an induction on the 21st, so I will be doing anything I can to get baby out before then. Just hoovered the house and currently bouncing on my ballsmile

Mayim, hope you are feeling better today!

Afternoon ladies

Congrats elles xx

Dottie Sylvia Blossom was born at 02:16 this morning weighing in at a very respectable 7lbs 2oz, she has lots of blond hair and is very gorgeous!!!! Laboured in the pool but had her on land!!! Big brother (13) & sister (7) are in love and are already arguing over who holds her for how long!!!! Just waiting for Dottie to have a final good blood sugar then we can go home yay!!!!!!

Good luck for those who are still yet to pop xxx

Gingerbreadlatte Mon 12-Nov-12 16:27:31

Congrats Glenda!! Great name smile.

MB34 Mon 12-Nov-12 17:36:51

Congratulations Glenda! Hope you're home now and Dottie's settling in well.

Mayim - hope the other thread has made you feel less guilty. I also read somewhere that the baby will only take what it needs from your diet and leave you with the rest - so all that extra sugar is all yours lol!

lots good luck with your sweep tomorrow is nothings happened in the meantime!

Can anyone tell me if period type aches (not really a pain, just achey) low down, back and front are a sign of anything happening? I've had them on and off for a few days now and it's my due date tomorrow!

Clarella Mon 12-Nov-12 19:05:45

Hi ladies! Been lurking a little, 38 wks today smile reading and watching with interest and congratulations to those already had their little ones! - congrats glenda!

Moonlighting a little from dec antenatal thread and sometimes popped on nov thread, due 26th nov but been freaking self a little with cramps and fact that i was born at 38 wks - . MB34, ive been having exactly what you describe but also feels similar to what mw said were fixing pains at 36 wks when he was fully engaged so not sure.

I think i saw a good website somewhere here called www.haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com - worth directing people there .... smile

Oh that's lovely Glenda, congratulations! Lovely name and 7lb 2 is a nice size!

I've been having the same aches MB, and nothing so far, but fingers crossed. My boobs are rock hard and sore at the moment, hoping that's a sign!

Clarella - welcome! Don't be worrying too much about baby coming early - have you spoken to your midwife about it? 38 weeks should be fine though, if it were to happen. And that website is fab, I've just posted the link as my facebook status

FranTan Mon 12-Nov-12 20:35:16

Hi All,

I've also been reading and waiting to qualify; I'm 38 +1 and due on 25th November. I went for an internal today as baby is thought to be big and I might be induced. I'm not dilated but cervix is quite favourable so I'm guessing the effacing is what has been causing all the braxton hicks and general niggles.

This will be my second DC. I've been thinking it strange that I'm relatively lucky in that I can sleep when I want during the day (DC at nursery), am on maternity leave and can generally take it easy. As this isn't my first I'm aware of what I'm in for sleep deprivation wise and early days chaos, I'm scared of the birth and yet it can't come soon enough. What's that all about?!

Congrats to all who have given birth so far smile

Clarella Mon 12-Nov-12 21:30:16

Hi frantan! Can i ask - how would you/ they know the cervix is favourable? Is there anyway i could tell myself?

Clarella Mon 12-Nov-12 21:31:17

Thanks freddie, seeing mw tomorrow so will chat- shes generally very non plussed about everything though!

FranTan Mon 12-Nov-12 21:54:19

Hi Clarella

I actually had to ask someone on Mumsnet to interpret my notes earlier as I didn't have a clue. Basically, my cervix is only about 1cm long (as opposed to approx 4cms) and it is anterior rather than posterior in position. Your cervix needs to become thinner and shorter in order to give birth, in addition to dilating. I would defo ask your midwife to examine you you as I wouldn't have a clue what to look for myself.

Clarella Mon 12-Nov-12 22:14:32

Ok thanks fran - dont think she'll be too impressed but i'll ask!

I'm in the same boat Fran - want baby to come but not looking forward to labour. My first was too long and not nice at all, DS was big, back to back and needed ventouse to help him out. My midwife today was lovely though, she said I had a typical first labour and shouldn't need ventouse this time round...hopefullysmile

Sounds good for you though, hopefully you will go early and not be stuck waiting!

FranTan Tue 13-Nov-12 00:01:23

Yes, Freddie, I'm with you on the first birth - DS was back to back, big, poorly positioned, resulting in episiotomy, foreceps and a PPH. Not nice and I want to do everything I can to avoid a repeat. My consultant is quite dismissive, however, laughing it off as a first birth. Let's hope we're both luckier this time round!

Twotumsellie Tue 13-Nov-12 06:22:17

Can I join, but I'm now 40+3 and so ready to meet baby!
Had a sweep on Friday which hasn't worked however I lost my plug over the weekend. Midwife is coming this morning to try another sweep. fingers crossed for this one, had lost of pressure pains but nothing significant and what can only be described as a clear out this morning.... Really hoping things start today

Clarella Tue 13-Nov-12 07:55:54

Ooo hi twotums, hope it gets going today smile keep us posted!

Twotumsellie Tue 13-Nov-12 09:55:43

Grr midwife has called in sick so sat waiting for relief to come instead. My dh was supposed to be at work but he's had to have the day off now as when I had my sweep on Friday baby didn't likebitband heart rate dipped so we spent Friday at the hospital being monitored.

MayimBialik Tue 13-Nov-12 12:41:20

Congrats Glenda ! Lovely news.

Well Im 40+9 and thoroughly fed up :-( I had a sweep yesterday, pretty sure I lost my mucus plug a few hours later and then was experiencing uncomfortable contractions every 5-8 minutes for a few hours last night. Managed to fall asleep, woke up and they had stopped!!! And now no sign of anything sad sad

Hope everyone else is doing better than me

lots33 Tue 13-Nov-12 13:37:25

Aw Mayim....I read your thread on childbirth last night and was really hopeful for you.

Congratulations to Glenda, I love the name.

Welcome to the newbies.

Mayim, I'm 40 plus 9 too and totally fed up. I had my third sweep today, cervix mid position and soft, 1cm dilated. not really any change since Sunday. I have also lost my mucus plug. Midwife thinks it is unlikely I am about to go into labour and therefore fairly resigned to induction on Thursday pm which for me means syntoncin straight away as vac......... Keeping everything crossed for you.

coronalover Tue 13-Nov-12 15:57:44

Congrats Glenda hope you're home and happy x

freddie and fran i was v worried about labour too as DS was long labour, big baby and needed ventouse and episiotomy to get him out. when i was in labour this time the mw told me to forget about last time as each delivery is different and she was right!. labour this time was v short and i pushed her out in 10 mins with no intervention.

you never know how things will go but try to have hope and don't be scared. You can do it <hugs>

Clarella Tue 13-Nov-12 16:33:46

Sorry to hear of everyones frustrations and worries sad. <hands the brownies round> good advice corona; every second birth i know of has been super fast and completely different.

Im reeling a little from being booked today for a sweep at 40+1 (which is in 2 weeks, just diddnt expect it) and something about induction at 41wks cos im over 35?? confused might have wrong end of stick there :/

FranTan Tue 13-Nov-12 19:34:06

Thanks Corona, it's easy to get carried away with the worry and the "inevitability" of one birth being like another - must remind myself this is not the case.

However, at my MW appointment today I was informed that baby is back-to-back, like last time. Have subsequently spent all my time leaning forwards. That will explain all the kicks to the front and pain in the back. sad

Clarella - is there a reason you don't want a sweep in 2 weeks? You want things to take their natural course? Must say I've not heard of induction for being over 35??

MB34 Tue 13-Nov-12 22:09:26

Sorry to hear everyone's so blue about being overdue, if it's any consolation, apparently in France (any French people, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) but they see pregnancy as being 41 weeks!

It's my due day today, but no movement which I have to say I'm a little pleased about as I want to see the last Twilight film, which is out Friday and Hollyoaks is getting really good this week lol!! (You wouldn't think I'm 35 would you!)

Clarella - Sounds as if you don't want a sweep or to be induced? As I said, I'm 35 too - I've told my midwife that I don't want a sweep or to be induced and that I will only look at these options once I get to 42 weeks and she was ok with this. I've been doing hypnobirthing and my instructor (who used to be a midwife) said you shouldn't be pushed into anything you don't want as long as you and baby are doing well.
Loving that website you mentioned too :-D

Clarella Tue 13-Nov-12 23:04:05

Hi, no no, i think i do actually, was reeling as much as oh shit this is really happening as in im having a baby (doh!) I think i thought that sort of thing got organised nearer 40 weeks, and then met the nct gang and 2 docs said our health authority had a policy of sweeps at 41 but as the nice guidelines now state to offer after / at (?) 40 some mws are offering. Id heard different experiences locally so was confused! The actual sweep makes me shudder a little but i would love it to work!

Oh dear frantan - could you manage a swim? Might get lo round? Or scrub the floor!

Glad to know I'm not the only one Fran - and that your cons thinks that forceps are hilarous hmm. We will have lovely second births, I'm suresmile

Corona- Thanks for the reassurance, hopefully it will be better this time round!

Clarella - I'm booked in for induction on the 21st, I'll be 41+3 if that goes ahead, cons said it's policy here to not let people go more than 10 days over. Although DS was born at 42+1 3 years ago, so things must have changed since then. And nothing to do with my age either, I'm 28.

Was hoping that was you gone last night Mayim, here's hoping things pick up again soon! Maybe this will mean you'l have a shorter, easier laboursmile

MB, congrats on reaching due date!

Well hopefully things don't come to that, been having very slight contractions all day, they stopped when I had a bath but have been going since 9 this morning. Nothing unmanagable though, and a lot less sore than what I had with DS, although they were all in my back. Going to try and sleep now, hopefully things will get moving soon! (Although I'd like at least 3 hours sleep first...smile)

I am still fucking pregnant. That is all.

Clarella Wed 14-Nov-12 21:17:46

Oh Freddie - baby brain, is it due date today? I cant do maths anymore.

No, it was SUndaysad

I could never do maths in the first place grin

Clarella Wed 14-Nov-12 22:23:22

Oh pants - Still getting contractions or have they stopped? (I am a total novice mind!)

They've stopped now, haven't had any since yesterday morning. Wasn't like this at all with DS, gah! Oh well maybe it will be an easier laboursmile

lots33 Thu 15-Nov-12 21:15:12

Hi everyone.No baby news?

Freddie, Twomums, Mayim, Clarabella ....lost track of who else is waiting - any news? How are you.....

Mayim, I know you are as overdue as me and seen your posts on child care.

Well I'm 40 plus 11 now and was due to be induced today.......so I went to the hospital and due to 'staffing issues' was monitored for half an hour and told to return tomorrow.....which is OK but I am not sure there will be a change tomorrow. the midwife states that there are real staffing problems and 5 women waiting for inductions since Tuesday, no room on labour ward etc. I am due to bypass pessaries etc due to high risk VBAC am straight onto the drip.

So if anyone has any observations /advice/experiences to share I would be very grateful! Although induction doesn't appeal, I am anxious about going much further than I am now and my consultant did not want me to go on any longer so seems strange that it's now OK due to staffing issues!

The only good news is that I asked for another (fourth) sweep and am now 2cm dilated but nothing has happened since the sweep so am not holding my breath!

Take care everyone.

Oh gosh lots, sorry you had to be turned away, that's rubbish. 2cm sounds promising though! Hope things get moving tonight for you pet. Nothing from me, sadly, oh wells! It has been quiet here though, I suspect things are getting moving for other lucky people!

MayimBialik Thu 15-Nov-12 23:57:19

Oh no lots that's so frustrating that they turned you away. I wonder if I'll have the same issue tomorrow. Where abouts in the country are you (you don't need to be too specific)?

I hope you have more luck tomorrow

lots33 Fri 16-Nov-12 00:06:44

Thanks Freddie.

Mayim, sorry to see you're still waiting too. It's so frustrating isn't it? I'm in South Wales.

Good luck tomorrow.

FranTan Fri 16-Nov-12 16:37:30

Hi everyone,

How are we all doing today?

I'm now 38+6 and having a rubbish day. I'm so enormous - measured 44 weeks on Monday sad It's so near the end so I'm at a loss at my ingratitude. Been getting excited at the occasional twinge but they never materialise beyond braxton hicks. Doing everything - daily walks, bouncing ball, even sex last night and nothing. Slept most of today.

First sweep on Monday, hope it's not too painful as I never had one with DC1.

Lots sorry to hear of your delays.

Delay, delay, delay, wait, wait, nothing....

cakelover75 Fri 16-Nov-12 18:56:39

Marking my place in here. I'm 38+1 and feeling very tired and emotional! Hardly slept a wink last night and am worried I won't feel rested before the baby makes an appearance (although perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part).

I'm definitely feeling a lot of pressure right down today for the first time. It's making walking etc very uncomfortable.

This is my second baby, I have a toddler (she'll be 3 in Feb) and she was 3 days early. I had to be induced with her as my waters went but I didn't go in to labour myself so I feel I don't know what to expect from the early stage of labour if that makes sense?

Looking forward to hearing how everyone else is getting on.

MB34 Fri 16-Nov-12 20:19:20

Hi all!

Welcome cakelover (love the name!), I'm the same with regards to not knowing what to expect from early labour - this is my first and I can't even begin to imagine how ladies with toddlers feel being pregnant either. Hats off to you all!

I've had pressure on and off down below for the last couple of weeks. It's so low that each time it happens, I keep thinking that he's going to come out fairly quickly! But no, nothings happened yet!

Fran hope the sweep works for you, you must be so uncomfortable! Fingers crossed for you!

lots any news? I'm in south Wales too, where are you - city or valley/countryside, if you don't want to specify a certain town. I'm in the valleys. My DH works with a guy whose wife is due in a couple of weeks and they were at the hospital last night (where I will be giving birth too) and said that 5 women gave birth there last night. Just wondered if it may be the same hospital or you may be her!

I'm 3 days over now and don't want a sweep and really don't want to be induced as I want to give birth on the mw led unit and not the maternity unit. My mw said today that it's likely that I'll be given an induction date for 12 days over, I did ask if there was a chance that I could still decline and she said there was a slim chance but I would have to be monitored. Does anyone have any experience of refusing induction altogether!?

Welcome Cakesmile

Everybody's been very quiet, does that mean that you're all off having babies??

I am 7 days overdue today. Hospital app tomorrow so am going to hope I get a nice consultant and beg him for a sweep.

MB34 Sun 18-Nov-12 15:29:34

I've been wondering the same!

No sign of my DC yet.

Freddie hopefully they'll give you a sweep - I was offered one on Friday and was only 3 days overdue then!

Clarella Sun 18-Nov-12 17:32:00

Hi cake lover!

Nope im still well and truly still upduffed!

I dont know mb34 - i presume you can as its up to you? Definately get hiking those hills though supposed to really help!

Im sure they will freddie, i think nice guidelines chsnged to state you can at request 40+1 but i could be wrong. Mine is booked for 40+1 and i think induction at 40 due to being 35, apparently our local trust policy?

Ive been in a bit of s no-mans land of threads as eed dates swung between nov and dec- but then got into the dec thread though with 26th nov as edd. Recent tweaks ( this is my first) confused me a lot and sent me looking for info but weve had some sudden major action on the antenatal december thread if anyone wants to come and join us?! We wont bite! And [http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CC0QtwIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DnS_zkvTMdUM&ei=KxqpUL3uBPCA0AWQo4GABA&usg=AFQjCNFRX0Us4ryEPvENFC_fuKm1dEwbQA this] was posted yesterday and seems to have triggered some action!

Ive decided i get tweaks the day after i do a good swim! Getting nothing today not even bh - Though still have some builders in this week plys carpets next sat so maybe a good thing??!!

MB34 Sun 18-Nov-12 17:42:43

OMG I love that you tube vid! So funny - I may have to steal those moves esp as the second song is from one of my fave bands of all time!!

PS How did her 'belly doctor' know/think that the baby was going to be a week late!? I didn't think anyone could tell when the baby was likely to appear!!

I was like that with dS Clar - hated giving people my due date and then it changing two weeks later! Here's hoping you have a November baby.

I'm in Ireland, so it's at the consultant's discretion whether they want to give a sweep or not, unfortunatley. sad

MB - here's hoping you will go soon! I'm just feeling miserable and rubbish today. It's very stomy out at the moment, so snuggled on the couch with DS watching Tom and Jerrysmile

Clarella Sun 18-Nov-12 17:56:42

Oh thats pants freddie :-( hoping he agrees. Meanwhile soak up that oxytocin from ds, that will help!

I know MB, total nonsense but maybe theysay that to get you moving lots in desperation?! Im going to do that dance exactly one week from now (after carpets laid but not on new carpets grin

MayimBialik Mon 19-Nov-12 06:27:58

POPPED! Didn't need to be induced in the end as a third sweep that morning set me off. Have a beautiful baby and am completely spaced out by it all. Also feel like I've been run over - was a bit naive about what it would be like after childbirth. After moaning about being pregnant and uncomfortable I am now unpregnant and in agony haha grin worth it though.

I haven't had a chance to read any more if the thread sorry but I will do to catch up on the latest

Clarella Mon 19-Nov-12 07:00:55

Hoorah!!! Congratuations!!!

Love to mummy mayim and baby mayin smile

Gingerbreadlatte Mon 19-Nov-12 11:52:39

congratulations Mayim!!

Yaay Mayimsmile Boy or girl? Weight?

Keep popping some paracetamol or whatever you can to ease the soreness.

Had a sweep this morning and consultant said I was 2cm... So some of the hard work is done. Booked for induction Wednesday morning and am kind of resigned to it now. Oh well, at least I know I will go at some point!

aggh posted too soon!

So who else is waiting now? Lots, I hope you've gone in!

Clarella - 39 weeks today? Getting there anywaysmile

cake - how are you getting on?

Clarella Mon 19-Nov-12 15:56:37

Thats great freddie (how was it?! confused)

Yup 39 weeks - only just got basics from mum and sis that their waters always break first - so now i may have a basis for what to go on... makes my plan of walking-metro-walking-sweep-possible hike back over town moor/metro back look less favourable next tuesday; bin bag in car methinks!

MB34 Mon 19-Nov-12 16:41:11

Congrats Mayim! Have you decided on a name yet?

Fingers crossed Freddie if you're 2cm you may not need an induction! (Good date if you are to be induced though 21.11.12 :-D)

I'm still here - DH's last shift tonight until Saturday so tonight/tomorrow I will be bouncing on my ball/eating pineapple/doing the dance from the youtube vid lol!

Clare that's a good first sign to have! I feel like I'm constantly looking for signs now though (Don't think I've had any yet), so may start a new thread asking people what their first signs were!