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Twins in 2013

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fastscooter Mon 03-Sep-12 14:49:49

Anyone else having twins in 2013? I am 14 weeks now - massive, lardy bump already.

OodHousekeeping Mon 03-Sep-12 21:40:50

There's someone on the 'due in march' thread I'll point her over!

mandasand Mon 03-Sep-12 21:47:57

Hello fastscooter! I've 14 weeks tomorrow with twins! (Thanks, Ood!) Am getting a bit of a pot belly now. Everything looked good on 12+4 scan, and had nuchal results today 3000:1 for both, which is v.g. since I'm 37.

These will be our first children. What about you? Are these your first? There's an expecting twins thread that I'll post the link to in a minute. Not very busy, but it's great for asking questions on. 'Graduates' always gets back to you in between breastfeeds etc!

KnackeredCow Mon 03-Sep-12 21:49:29

Yes - me! I'm 14 weeks too and feeling as sick as a dog. Just gone back to work on reduced hours after being signed off for two weeks. Thought it was supposed to start getting easier in the second trimester hmm.

mandasand Mon 03-Sep-12 21:49:45
mandasand Mon 03-Sep-12 21:55:45

Oh and I do a lot of chattering with a lovely bunch on the March 2013 thread at www.mumsnet.com/Talk/antenatal_clubs/1548407-March-2013-Mk-IV-Knicker-checking-knicker-wetting-knicker-knackered. Really nice, fast-paced chatter. So nice that I'm not moving to the Feb thread even though I'm told I'll probably give birth then!

Oh, and are you having tons of scans? I've got NHS scans 2 and 3 in October. One for the cervix. And another 4 planned after that - which is great as I love seeing how it's all going in there!

mandasand Mon 03-Sep-12 21:56:43

Hello knackered!

Sorry for all the messages but I'm so excited to find other people with twins at 14 weeks!!

OodHousekeeping Tue 04-Sep-12 08:45:31

What's with all the 14weekers with twins ? grin

KnackeredCow Tue 04-Sep-12 16:56:10

Must be something in the water wine, not that we can enjoy that any more!

Hello to manda <waves>

Bondnj Tue 11-Sep-12 22:09:45

Hi there, I'm 14 weeks with twins too, this is my 3rd pregnancy so a little shocked, nice to see others due similar time to me, felt a little on my own!!

mandasand Tue 11-Sep-12 23:21:52

Hello bond, that makes four of us on this thread - amazing!

Is everyone in the 'high risk' category? It's my first birth, I've a history of overactive thyroid (and it's verging on underactive at the mo) and I had some uterine surgery 15yrs ago which needs to be investigated, to see if I can give birth naturally or whether it's a definite c-section. So for these combination of reasons I am high risk, but I don't mind as I prefer too much medical attention than not enough!

How's everyone getting on? Past the sicky, spotty stage? I have to brag that I've not barfed once which everyone finds incredible with twins. Nausea yes, but it's not been bad at all.

Bondnj Fri 14-Sep-12 04:23:24


Yes, I think all twin pregnancies are classed as high risk!! Although I had surgery on my foot 6 months ago and ended up with a DVT so I was already in that category before finding out it was twins!!

Lucky you having no sickness. I wish I could say the same!! Still feeling nauseous now but it is going slowly!!

Is anyone else having problems sleeping at night?! I keep waking at ridiculous times of the morning & struggle to get back off to sleep!!

mandasand Fri 14-Sep-12 16:13:56

Hi Bond, sorry to hear about the DVT! Glad the nausea is passing. Sorry to boast but I feel pretty great at the moment! I'm enjoying it -- especially getting my appetite back -- before the heaviness and awkwardness of the 3rd trimester!

I am sleeping like the dead at the moment. Sometimes need to pee in the middle of the night but otherwise fine and sometimes I can sleep for worrying about the babies etc!

Anyone got scans coming up? I've got just less than 3 weeks till my 18-week cervix scan and then the 20-week anomaly scan very soon after that! Can't wait! The sense of relief I get after having a scan only lasts for a few days, though I did hear the heartbeats at the hospital recently so can't complain.

Trimpampusik Tue 08-Jan-13 21:07:55

How is everyoine doing? This looks like a quiet thread. I am expecting twin boys at the end of Feb 2013, so now 33 weeks. Anyone at similar stage???

KnackeredCow Tue 08-Jan-13 23:34:15

Nice to see this thread resurrected. I'm 32 weeks tomorrow with b/g twins so just a week behind you. Feeling excited but exhausted! Now on mat leave but not achieving anything I set out to do - even reading a book is a effort. All I seem to want to do is sleep!

How's everyone else doing?

Arseface Tue 08-Jan-13 23:43:42

31 weeks tomorrow with twin boys here. Not too bad but finding it hard to get to, or stay, asleep at night.

Planned to do nice things with the DCs on this bit of mat leave before babygeddon but having to rethink what I can reasonably get done in a day. Previous pregs v.straightforward so finding it frustrating being so useless this time around!

Rest up twin mummies to be. My twin girls are 14 weeks now. It is lovely but a hectic full time job.

Looking forward to hearing your twin birth news smile

KnackeredCow Wed 09-Jan-13 17:44:14

Arseface I'm in the same boat as you. V. tired but struggling to sleep at night.

Gardenpixies glad to hear we shouldn't feel guilty about resting up! Have a relaxing week planned next week - getting hair cut (figured it might be a while before I get the chance again grin) and have booked mum-2-be package at local spa - back massage, facial and pedicure. Bliss! Plan to spend the rest of my week lounging around on the sofa snoozing.

Knackered sounds amazing! I am very envy but glad you are spoiling yourself.

I booked a hair cut when I was 34+4. DTs came 34+5. Needless to say, I didn't and still haven't had my hair cut! My parents are visiting and I have booked a hair cut or Friday! Would love a massage though, My hips still ache a bit from the pregnancy.

mandasand Fri 11-Jan-13 16:36:49

Nice to see some activity on the thread!

I'm 32+3 and feeling really heavy in the bump this week!

Sleeping is a bit rough but DH has decamped to the futon in spare room and we're both doing better for it. At 32-week scan on Tues the sonographer asked him if he worked nights because he looked so knackered with my continual huffing and puffing when changing position!

Discussed birth options with obstetrician on Tues too. We had thought for a long time that it would be CS because I may have had a uterine perforation back in 1996 but the hospital in question couldn't find my notes. Because of the risk of uterus splitting along scar they said CS. However, Leeds found my notes over xmas and it wasn't a perforation that caused the haemorrhage so I can try for vaginal birth if I want. Though a CS has been approved if I want one. I am at a loss as to what to do now. Has anyone on the list been given the choice of vaginal or CS, and how do you decide with twins when chances are you may need some kind of intervention at some point during the labour?

If it was singleton I'd really want to try for active birth yoga, mindfulness meditation, water birth etc, but they say I will prob end up having epidural and a lot of monitoring. I don't really want to labour on my back. Any help/advice appreciated! Feel I'm coming to my birth choices very late!

Two women have given birth in NCT class (including one set of twins very early) over xmas so it's starting to feel real, though my babies can't come yet because I've got a lot of work to do (tho from home) and we're having v. old double-glazing replaced throughout &#8532; of the house at the end of the month!! Also, altho I have a list, my hospital bag remains resolutely unpacked!

Love the idea of a mum-to-be spa day, Knackered. I've had my hair done recently and am planning eyebrows and pedicure soon (v. annoyed that I can't get to scrub my feet! anymore).

Really excited as have finally bought the pram - Nipper double. It's ace.

KnackeredCow Fri 11-Jan-13 22:35:48

gardenpixies hope you're enjoying your new hair! Fingers crossed you got to the hairdresser this time...

Manda exactly like you DH and I are in separate bedrooms now. DH likened me turning over in bed to an oil tanker changing direction. blush grin. I huff and puff too. Very impressed you're still working. I'm on mat leave now and achieving very little at all. I had a flurry of activity last week but it left me exhausted.

As for birth options I have been given the choice between vaginal and ELCS if my presenting twin turns. On Wednesday (32 weeks) my scan showed presenting twin is breech and twin two transverse. I'm going to be booked for an ELCS if they don't turn by next scan.

If they do play ball I'd like to try for a vaginal delivery, but I am slightly worried about risks. Apparently my placentas (one anterior and one posterior) have fused at the top so if I delivered twin 1 vaginally there is a risk both placentas could begin to peel away as the uterus contracts, which could cause problems for twin 2. What I really want to avoid is a vaginal delivery for twin one and a crash section for twin two - that's my absolute nightmare.

I have refused induction too. So, if I get to 38 weeks (even if the both twins are cephalic) I've requested a C-section.

Although the evidence for twin deliveries is limited and it's not always appropriate to extrapolate, two-thirds of singleton inductions end in intervention. 22% of singleton inductions in EMCS. If I'm going to need a C-section I'd much rather it's elective to reduce risks and recovery time. As twin births are more likely to end in intervention and be monitored (and like you manda) I want to avoid a labour on my back, I can't see an induction going well. My obstetrician completely agreed and said inductions are also more likely to fail in prima gravidas. He was really supportive.

I do feel weird about it all though as I always wanted a natural delivery and active labour too. But after weighing up the risks and benefits I think if I make it to 38 weeks (taking into account foetal mortality in twins begins to climb at this point) an ELCS is what I personally feel most comfortable with even if the babies are head down.

But it's a very individual decision, and I think you have to choose what's right for you.

However, as leading twin currently breech, I think the decision for me is most likely out of my hands, which I've found quite a relief if I'm totally honest!

mandasand Sat 12-Jan-13 00:12:40

Knackered, your post has been seriously helpful in clarifying my thoughts - thank you so much. I just read bits out to my DH and we've had a good talk about it and seem to have come up with a bit of a plan. This is great, especially since Tuesday all he's really said is that it's my body and ultimately my choice. But after hearing bits of your rationale he had more of an idea of what would be medically sensible for us. Brilliant.

I think the main factor which contributes to our plan-in-progress is that we aren't at all keen on an induction. So, if I make it to the 36-week scan and consultant/obstetrician appointments then CS is the most sensible option and if the babies decide to come before then we will, I guess, try for a vaginal delivery (though, like you, my worst case scenario is vaginal birth followed by a CS).

No-one has mentioned that my placentas have fused, although they are both anterior high and over to the right. I can see the risk you're concerned about with placenta two detaching early, causing problems - potentially - for the second twin, but the medics will be watching out for that, I'm sure.

The oil tanker analogy is appropriate here too! My upper arms have even developed a bit of tone from hoisting myself up on my elbows (in order to turn over from one side to the other) so frequently through the night over the past months! I didn't expect this side effect of pregnancy!

Thanks again, Knackered. Nice we're just a day apart on the due-date front too (I think so anyway - my official due date is 5 March).

KnackeredCow Sat 12-Jan-13 05:18:02

manda yes, we are a day apart. My EDD is 6 March.

Agree with you that I'd be monitored closely for placenta detaching, but then that gives the kind of scenario when you end up on your back strapped to the bed and a possible EMCS, which I really want to avoid.

If you want to avoid induction, it's also possible to ask for regular monitoring once you get to 38 weeks. If everything is fine then you can hang on and wait for nature to take its course. If they pick up on anything that isn't so good then you could then be referred in for C-section.

Personally, I'm uncomfortable enough as it is, and I think I'd want them out if I got that far grin. But it's likely to be academic!

By the way, I haven't packed my hospital bag either! Think I saw you haven't on your last post on twins thread. I've written a list of stuff that needs to go in mine, and bought stuff such as maternity pads but the actual packing just hasn't happened....

KatieRogers12i4 Sat 12-Jan-13 06:49:47

OH WOW amazing!

mandasand Sat 19-Jan-13 08:22:40

Hello! How is everyone?

Knackered - still hanging on in there?!

NCT instructor took one look at me on Weds and said I should be thinking in terms of days not weeks which terrified me a bit! I had just walked from the restaurant at the end of the road, though, which for me at the moment is quite an epic achievement and I was huffing and puffing all over the place! Not too bad around the home, though I do rely on DH's help in the evenings.

Our group produced three babies over xmas, including a set of twins. The twin-Mum came to the last class (sans babies, who are in hospital as they were quite small at 2lbs something each) and she said she was looked after so well. Seemed so calm - v. reassuring!

Like you knackered I've still not packed the hospital bag(s)!!! Denial or what?! However, I have got the suitcases out, made the lists for each, and everything is either in the bedroom or in the nursery. Normally I love this sort of task but for some reason I just haven't brought myself to do it yet. But DH was noble and bought maternity pads yesterday and the Ocado man last night trudged through snow and ice to bring me some Lasinoh nipple cream and various other bits and bobs so there really is no excuse. This weekend it will happen!

I guess I've been hiding behind the confusion that I don't know what sort of birth situation it will be but that's really no excuse!

Perhaps even as pressing is the realisation that there is a ton of baby stuff that we simply haven't bought yet. We have been given so much brilliant secondhand stuff by family and friends that I just presumed that the baby-mountain in the dining room contained everything we may need. Alas, when going through it, it doesn't and so I think an online shop will be required! (DH won't let me out in the snow - boo!)

Main things are new mattresses (we have one cot and one crib at the mo, and will sleep them together as long as poss), a bath, and some kind of bottle/sterilizer system (because even if bfeeding works out I want to express so DH can do some feeds).

I am guessing that I shouldn't buy one of those industrial boob expressing machine until have had a chance to try out a couple at the hospital?

mandasand Sat 19-Jan-13 08:24:04

PS bump has had a real growth spurt and the movements are now massive! It's better than telly in the evenings! smile

KnackeredCow Sat 19-Jan-13 21:31:34

Lists are good manda. I'd made three lists of what I needed: labour; after labour and babies. It made packing and ticking off on the list super quick on Friday when midwife sent me straight into hospital following her home visit. Remember if you do forget anything your DH can always get anything else you need even if you are in hospital.

Unfortunately, I have developed pre-eclampsia sad and am being monitored very closely. Started steroid injections today and the plan is to deliver between 34 and 35 weeks depending on how my blood pressure, bloods and urine do.. Feeling a bit blue as apart from morning sickness, tiredness and some SPD (which pretty much resolved since I gave up work and didn't have to spend two hours driving every day) I'd had a pretty straightforward pregnancy.

mandasand Sun 20-Jan-13 00:43:52

Oh knackered I'm so sorry to hear about the pre-eclampsia sad but hope the understandable blues pass quickly: your babies are at a really, really good gestation and it sounds like you may have time for the steroids to take effect. Lady in NCT class has just had her twins in emergency labour at 28 weeks - they are 2lbs something each and expected to do just fine. So just think how much further on you and your babies are. You've done really well getting so far. Do please let us know how you get on? How often are they going to be testing your urine etc?

Liking your three-list plan. I've got two lists - first 24 hrs in hospital, and then afterwards. Got some way today but have not finished. Tomorrow - definitely!

Take care all xx

butterflyexperience Sun 20-Jan-13 01:25:46

Hi all
Found out a couple of days ago that I'm expecting twins!
They will be dc 3+4
Planning on elected csection as my previous two were emerg csection
I did want a vbac if it was singular but am told risks are high.
I'm 14 weeks smile
And very nervous!

KnackeredCow Sun 20-Jan-13 07:37:42

Congratulations butterfly and welcome to the thread! I can't yet comment on having twins as I'm still pregnant with DCs 1 & 2! How's your pregnancy progressing so far? I'm 33+4 today, would be 40 weeks on 6 March. When's your due date?

Manda it's good to hear your NCT friend's twins are doing so well!

Online shopping is definitely the way to go! I found John Lewis to be really good. Like you, we have a mountain of baby stuff that's growing in the spare room. We've not been given very much though. My youngest nephew is 4 so DSiL had already given most of her stuff away, and most of my friends are still hanging on to theirs as not completed their families yet. What we have been given we've found, like you, has not necessarily covered the basics of what we need.

KnackeredCow Sun 20-Jan-13 07:45:17

By the way Manda I agree with you about not buying or hiring a breast pump until seeing what your hospital does. If my twins are born at 34 weeks I'll be staying in here and encouraged to express for the time being so won't need one straight away anyway.

We also plan to sleep our twins in the same cot-bed to start with. We have bought two, which will both eventually end up in the nursery, but to start we plan to put one in our bedroom and use the carry-cots downstairs during the daytime.

Rowan1204 Sun 20-Jan-13 09:19:03

Hi All,
Do you mind if I join in?
I am 16 weeks with ID twins - Would be due early July but consultant has said 36 wks, so early June! I already have a ds who will be 4 in April.
Most of you seem to be at the end of the road now, you must be so excited.
I am hoping to find out the sex of my two at my scan on Tuesday at the fetal med unit - can't wait - but sure they are girls in there! Didnt find out with ds but had a feeling all the way through that he was a boy, so think I might be right this time too!
I also plan to BF for as long as I can and hoping to hire a pump - they are so expensive other wise! ans have been advised that with twins you definitely need a double electric! Perhaps when you have all had your lovely pair you could give us some advice on them! smile
May I ask what pram you have gone for? We would like the Icandy Peach 2, but have already been advised to put my name down for it as Icandy have supply issues!
I havent really started buying much yet - but think I will get things earlier than I did with DS as I guess you never know with twins - and also it spreads the cost! We literally didnt keep anything from when he was a baby as we never thought we would have any more! smile

KnackeredCow Sun 20-Jan-13 09:52:26

Welcome Rowan and congratulations!

We've gone for the iCandy Peach Blossom Twin 2 as well. We ordered from John Lewis on 15 September when I was 15+3 and it was delivered Friday when I was 33+2. grin. According to JL customer services they cleared 33 orders with the delivery my order came through on and have another 52 due in by the end of January that will completely clear the rest of JL's orders. So the lead time may well reduce now as sounds like stock is trickling through. JL only supplies Black Magic at the moment, however.

KnackeredCow Sun 20-Jan-13 09:58:01

By the way, JL doesn't ask for a penny until they despatch the pushchair to you so there is no risk of handing over cash to a retailer if you place your order early and then change your mind.They called me Wednesday prior to shipping to confirm I still wanted it and take payment. If I'd changed my mind they'd have simply supplied the next outstanding order.

butterflyexperience Sun 20-Jan-13 14:33:14

Thanks for the welcome knackered smile
Feeling very tired, still a bit nauses and very overwhelmed and excited!
Want the pregnancy over with and to be at your stage knackered.
Are you looking forward to your arrivals knackered?

Best of luck knackered, do let us know how you get on. My DTs were born at 34+5 and spent 13 days in the SCBU.

mandas I hope you get that bad packed soon!\

Congratulations butterfly

mandasand Sun 20-Jan-13 23:06:38

Knackered, hope you're doing well and the steroids and monitoring are going okay. Do you have any troublesome symptoms with the pre-eclampsia? I've heard you don't need to have developed the obvious ones to have it - worrying. Yay for the arrival of the pram!

We have gone for the side-by-side Out n About Nipper. I love the lightness and its manoeuvrability - it turns so well, which I think is going to come in handy when out shopping and the like and also every twin mum I've spoken to seems to have ended up with one at some point. We don't have a car at the moment, being keen cyclists and part of a local car club, so for the time being it will be our only form of transport. We live two miles from the centre of town, close to a bus route so we could bus it in but to be honest I doubt how often I'll brave the double pram on an already busy bus route so so I plan to get lots of walking in up and down the Thames! One day, when the babies are robust, I may even try jogging with it along the river. We shall see!

Welcome, Butterfly and Rowan! I remember the 14-20 weeks stage very well - all so exciting and just a bit terrifying! Though having had one or two babies already I guess you both have a much clearer idea than I have about how things are going to pan out afterwards. Nice to have you on the thread!

Lovely to see you gardenpixies! How are you and the twins?

Very pleased with myself for knuckling down and packing the hospital bags this weekend. There's still a bunch of stuff to go in, and I'm being a bit OCD about wanting to wash through my hospital clothes rather than just pack them from the wardrobe (the babies' stuff is v. recently washed), but the basics are there and I admit I feel better now.

Every day is getting just that little bit harder tho. DH looked at me staring into space yesterday and commented on how desperately miserable I looked, which is v. unlike me! It's been so incremental, but all of a sudden the bump feels too heavy all the time, no sitting or lying position is particularly comfortable, I'm bored of my gums bleeding mid-conversation (don't know if I've moaned about this on this thread, but dentist tells me teeth are fine and it's just a pregnancy hormones thing!), have not been out of the house for about a week due to lack of mobility (+snow/ice) and I'm feeling most unlike my usual sprightly self. DH is good, whispering 'Babies!' whenever I get a bit glum and that helps put it into perspective. 34 weeks on Tues and so nearly there now. (Sorry to moan!)

KnackeredCow Mon 21-Jan-13 00:01:36

Pixies you've made me feel much more positive about the twins arriving early! Thank you. Today I was given a tour of the NICU, NHDU and SCBU by the senior sister, who was lovely. They've also got parent suites which you stay in to build up your confidence before discharge from SCBU. And there's also a transitional care unit which is a post-natal ward where mum can stay with babies who need a bit of support but not to the same level as in SCBU. They have neonatal nurses and midwives on that ward. I am so very lucky that our local hospital is a tertiary care centre that takes babies from 23 weeks gestation. Feel relieved that I'm in good hands.

How did you find it when your DTs were in SCBU? I found the sheer amount of equipment quite frightening and overwhelming.

Butterfly I remember the nausea and exhaustion well. It did get a bit better for me between 16 and 26 weeks! Twin pregnancies are tough, but I'm sure worthwhile!

Manda those walks down the Thames sound lovely. Don't worry about feeling a bit down. This stage of pregnancy is really tough. Put your feet up and rest as much as you can. I'm sure it's your body's way of telling you that you need it. Glad to hear you've packed your hospital bag. I made my midwife laugh yesterday as she found me straightening my hair - yes I packed my GHDs! blush

In answer to you question, I do feel really well. Like you said pre-eclampsia can be asymptomatic. My blood pressure is being controlled with beta blockers but I do have significant protein in my urine. I think they are going to repeat the 24 hour collection test tomorrow to see if the level is increasing. I feel a bit of a fraud here in hospital, but I guess they're worried as they've currently got a bed shortage so I'm sure if I didn't need to be here I'd be managed as an outpatient. The PE was picked up through routine urine dip and blood pressure check by my community midwife and then confirmed in hospital.

Glad the bag is almost packed *mandas. Mine was 80% packed from 32 weeks but I went into hospital unexpectedly at 34 weeks and DP had to come home and finish packing it. He didn't do too bad a job he got his mother to help him

knackered it is good you had a tour of Special Care before hand. I had the 2 steroid injections in time which I think makes a big difference. My girls were in the NICU for 4 days, SCBU for 5 days and Transitional Care 4 days. I tried to establish breastfeeding with them and they still had a feeding tube in TC. My advice would be to remember that they are YOUR children, don't let the neo natal nurses do what they please. Be strong and make decisions. I didn't want them to have feeding tubes in Transitional care because I wanted them to get confident and good at BF, the nurses did what they wanted and I was basically ignored. I ended up really hating TC and was desperate to get home so I caved in a FF just to get out of there. The girls were obviously prem and it was so difficult to get them to both feed successfully at the same time. I also received very little support on how to BF twins, a single baby, no problem but the breastfeeding councillor decided to pay me a visit 11 days after they were born - far TOO late. I asked countless times to see her. I had a lot of gripes with my neo natal unit. I now, with hindsight, would do things very differently. Mostly, I would be more confident in my ability to be a mother and would not be walked all over. Be strong, it is an emotional time.

mandas, me and the girls are well. They are 16+2 weeks old today and are getting lovelier by the day (if I do say so myself). They noticed each other for the first time last week, which was so lovely to watch. They stared at each other for ages and then started smiling at each other! Have pic on profile mad camera happy first time mother

Oh and mandas I know the pain of which you speak. The last few weeks are just awful. I hated weeks 30-34. Everything ached! Nearly there now.

KnackeredCow Mon 21-Jan-13 09:05:57

pixies that's really helpful advice - thank you. I made it clear that I want to bf when I had my tour, and they were supportive. My hospital is very pro-active wrt bf and neonatal paediatrician discussed it with me. They really encourage expressing any excess and not ff unless absolutely necessary. We shall see if what they've said translates in reality! I shall be definitely taking your advice on board!

Fortunately my last steroid injection was at 2.30am this morning so I'm feeling relieved I've finished the course at least!

I had a lot of milk, supply wasn't an issue. However, they kept tube feeding them my breast milk. The nurses always seemed in a rush and it was quicker for them to force milk down their tubes than to wait for me to BF. They had their paperwork to fill out every 3/4 hours and it didn't suit them to wait for the girls to feed when and how they wanted.

KnackeredCow Mon 21-Jan-13 12:44:52

Oh that's awful. sad. I really hope they're a bit more patient here.

mandasand Tue 22-Jan-13 00:32:40

Fab that you've been able to get the steroids in and have a good tour of the hospital, Knackered, and it sounds like a great hospital to be in. Our hospital is a specialist centre for multiples, too, I believe, and it's so reassuring just to know that.

You've got me thinking about looking out for pre-eclampsia symptoms now, and both last night and tonight DH has commented on some slight swelling in my calves, ankles and feet. It's really slight and only noticeable to me in that my socks are leaving indentations, but I've read that swelling in itself is a pretty normal part of pregnancy. I've checked my BP on the little machine I have at home and it is about 20 points higher on both readings, on both arms, but I do often get bonkers results on it. I'll check it again in the morning. I'm supposed to see community MW in two weeks, but am also seeing hospital MW and my consultants at the hospital the same week, so I will phone the community one tomorrow and see if I can see her sooner and get a urine check. I'm prone to a touch of worry so I do like getting checked out!

Garden I'm sorry to read that your girls' hospital stay didn't go perfectly smoothly but it's salutary to have your advice too on how, if in the same situation, we may have to stick to our guns. I've checked out your pics and they are beautiful babies! And how completely brilliant that they have started interacting! smile

I'm 34 weeks tomorrow, woop.

paolocee Tue 22-Jan-13 08:14:44

Newcomer alert! DH comes in peace. My OH is not really a forum kinda gal.

She's 39, and we've been TTC for 5 years. We had two unsuccessful IVF cycles and one horrendous chemical pregnancy last year (during which time the lovely people on this site were immensely supportive). Our last IVF cycle, however, was successful. Doubly so.

We've only just moved to Sweden and have been very impressed with the treatment here so far and Donna is 14w5d. Nuchal done - 1:1776. Both of the wee bairns were ahead of schedule when last we checked. Count us in, please.

And what is it with buggies? I'm a bit of a research guru when it comes to major purchases but the whole buggy thing is making my head hurt. It took me more than two months to identify the right car to take with us to Sweden but I reckon I'll be lucky to have settled upon the right buggy before the EDD. Any recommendations? We need something that can tackle tough terrain as we live at the end of an unmade road.

mandasand Wed 23-Jan-13 00:25:07

hi paolocce

glad you found the thread okay.

We have gone for the Out n About Nipper, what promises to be a robust three-wheeler which I hope to go jogging with along the towpath. Obviously I dno't yet know how it will actually cope offroad but in my research I asked for help on a couple of other threads here, and you may find reading others' responses useful:



Certainly, it's one of the lightest, narrowest and it has a great turning-circle.

mandasand Fri 25-Jan-13 22:56:59

Knackered, how are you doing? You'll never guess what, and sorry to be a copycat, but I'm in hospital with pre-eclampsia! I think I mentioned my slightly swollen feet and the high BP readings at home. Went to see community MW yesterday and she told me to get straight up to the maternity assessment unit at the hospital. Lots of tests later and they found me a bed. I had hoped to go home today but was told this morning they would need to monitor me over the weekend. To be honest, I don't think I am going to make it home before the babies come, unless things magically improve! If things don't improve she mentioned having CS at 36 weeks (so, from about 10 days from now). I've been so down about it today, but feel better now DH has brought in laptop and I have some work to do through the weekend.

Doc I saw this morning sad she's not too concerned about the swelling, which is quite minor, or the BP (highest is 150ish over 100ish but it got much lower overnight), but the protein is "significant", even though it's only 34 and the lower threshold is apparently 30? Humph indeed. This wasn't in the plan!

Lady opposite in similar position, but she's got one baby and is much younger (I'm 38). She's been offered a 24-hr urine test and I must admit I'm a bit jealous - why haven't I been offered this!

I have had a really down day. Got only two hours sleep amidst the snoring, sleep-talking, etc (DH got me some earplugs today tho!) and hanging out in hospital is interminably boring. Also, and sorry to be rude, but altho my roomies are nice enough I'm driven to distraction by their visitors, domestic rows and daytime TV!

mandasand Mon 28-Jan-13 01:26:46

I'm home! I made it to out-patient status and am so, so happy! My readings hadn't got worse, and my BP had come down, so they asked me whether I wanted to stay in or come home and of course I said home! (Even if it is a bit chaotic as we're in the middle of double-glazing being fitted in most rooms!) Back to the high risk clinic on Tues to have all the tests again and see what's what. They will take me back in straight away if anything is awry so thinking positive, happy thoughts!

KnackeredCow Mon 28-Jan-13 02:05:43

Hi manda

Sorry - been a while since I was last on. Glad to hear you're doing OK. PCR of 34 isn't bad at all, just over cut-off so that's really good. And promising that your bp is under control.

I was admitted the Friday before last and discharged Tuesday. My PCR on admission was 124. They did ask me to do a 24 hour collection - think that was to confirm results. Since that came back elevated and significant they've just been monitoring PCR levels.

My bp didn't really drop below 150/90 in the absence of meds, but it was stabilised at 140-150/80-90 on labetalol so I'm now being managed as an out-patient with thrice-weekly monitoring and meds for bp. Like you, delivery most likely to be timed within the next week or so - should find out on Wednesday when I'm seen in antenatal clinic depending on result of umbilical dopplers. My PCR had crept up to 143 by Friday. Increase is slow and small (good) but is going up (bad) hmm

I was fortunate and got moved to my own room in hospital. They were inducing women on the ward so I was getting no sleep and very stressed - not good for accurate bp readings. DH (who's a GP) asked the Consultant to discharge me. He didn't want to so miraculously they suddenly offered me a side-room!

Hope you're coping OK? I know what you mean about feeling a bit down about the possibility of early delivery. Did you have a course of steroids in hospital?

On the up-side - at least your hospital bag was packed grin

mandasand Mon 28-Jan-13 10:00:50

Kanckered great to hear from you and to compare readings! 124 sounds a lot more significant than 34. Glad you are being seen as an out-patient now. Brill you have a GP for a husband! That must be reassuring when things like this happen. Hopefully the increase in PCR will continue to be very gradual and will right itself after the delivery. FX for you. I envy you your own hospital room!

So, yes, I think comparatively my 'pre-eclampsia' wasn't bad after all. I have just been looking through my medical notes and I was discharged as 'asymptomatic' which is good news. There was no talk of steroids which doesn't surprise me as we were a way off bringing the births forward - and I still would like to get to 37 weeks and I think this will be possible if my readings continue to behave, but we will see.

Going back to high risk clinic tomorrow and continuing with regular BP checks here and drinking tons of water (which I hear helps with clearing protein?) BP this morning is 138/93 which isn't dreadful, but tons higher than what it was for most of the pregnancy.

Not surprising it didn't drop when I came home given the state of the place - the double-glazing work started whilst I was away and I had seriously underestimated the amount of upheaval and mess. We had, within the last few months, newly decorated all downstairs and a bit of upstairs (mainly the nursery) and, well, now there's a lot of unanticipated work to do in fixing scuffs, cleaning carpets,, reattaching picture rails, plastering in places … and the worst thing was that DH and the men doing the work thought it would be a v.g. idea to keep dusty tools, manky bits of wood, dust sheets etc in the nursery once they had finished the work in there. I had asked DH to cover everything in dust sheets, which he did while they were doing that window, but then took them off when they moved to another room. I'm not totally OCD, but I do have a massive urge for everything to be clean and fresh for the babies (even if they are not going to sleep in there for a while). At the least everything will need to have a wipe down and the blankets etc that were left out another wash. DH thinks I'm being nutty about it but it feels so important. Sorry, rant over!

KnackeredCow Tue 29-Jan-13 05:59:33

How did it go at clinic manda? I'm off to clinic today again for bp, bloods, PCR and a CTG. Hoping everything is staying nice and steady for now as still only 34+6. Hoping to get to 36 weeks, but we shall see.

I'm seeing Consultant tomorrow and have umbilical doppler scan booked to see how well the cords are functioning. Should get an idea of timing of delivery soon...

mandasand Tue 29-Jan-13 14:13:18

Hey Knackered! Hope tests for you and babies go well for you today and tomorrow - let us know. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you!

So, lots of mixed messages / differences of opinion from the midwife, the consultant and the obstetrician today. Midwife thought I'd just need a little medication for the BP (since being discharged I've been testing regularly and top figure is between 120-140 and bottom figure 75-100 ... but if I test after doing anything more than sitting or lying still then it goes up to 140-160 over 100ish). Consultant reluctant to prescribe meds, for fear of it getting low, preferring me to keep an eye on it at home. But obstetrician told me she has 'a very low threshold' for re-admitting me on the basis of pre-eclampsia (despite fact urine was clear for protein today!) and wants to see me personally for BP, urine and bloods twice a week.

Not that there are actually that many weeks left as she thinks I will have CS section a few days before I hit 37 weeks … and I'm 35 weeks today … yikes! Anyway, I've got at least 2.5 days at home before I see her again and face the possibility of readmission. She has told me to keep my bags at the ready - yikes.

Babies, however, are clearly oblivious to all this going on. Scans went v. well. Doppler on cords showed they are functioning normally and each baby has put on around 1lb in the last three weeks! Now each is around 5lb 5, which I'm very happy with. Must be my recent passion for copious amounts of cheddar cheese and potatoes!

Flippety jibbet. Better get on with some work! Let us know how you get on!

KnackeredCow Thu 31-Jan-13 17:52:10

Well I attended clinic on Tuesday at 10.30am. Resting bp was 160/102 on meds so they decided to readmit. First plan was to antenatal ward but whilst still at clinic PCR came back around noon. It had been 143 Friday before. Came back at 940. Was admitted straight to High Dependency Unit for severe pre-eclampsia where they stabilised my bp after insisting I was taken up in a wheelchair so not to increase it!

My DTS and DTD were delivered by emergency C-section that afternoon.

DTS weighed 5lb 7oz at 34+6 and has been with me ever since - we're now on transitional care. DTD weighed 4lb 13oz and should come to transitional care later today. She's currently in HDU but no longer on CPAP and off her glucose drip so doesn't require the step-down to SCBU.

It's been an emotional few days but my DTs have arrived safely at least and I'm a very proud mummy!

Double congratulations knackered such lovely news! I am so pleased for you.

Did you know you were having one of each or was it a surprise? What did you call them? I bet you feel very relieved now, what a scary time for you all.

Do come and join us on the post natal thread. I love twin birth news!

smile smile

mandasand Fri 01-Feb-13 00:04:09

Oh Knackered congratulations! Welcome to the world little girl and boy twins! But my goodness, I can well imagine that going quickly from clinic to surgery was a bit of a shock, and a bit scary? But I'm so pleased that you and your babies are well. How lovely that both should by now be in transitional care with you (not sure what that is but it sounds like pretty good progress). Wow! Congrats again!

You've given me much food for thought for my own clinic appt tomorrow! BP is still high and altho I just want meds and stay at home, obviously if protein has returned significantly I really can't argue with readmission. But I am trying to practise my arguments for not staying in - e.g. they haven't tried to medicate the BP.

KnackeredCow Fri 01-Feb-13 05:37:36

Awww - thanks for the congratulations! grin

I'll hunt out the post-natal thread pixies - thanks for pointing me over there.

Well both twins are with me now although DTD still in an incubator as she's having a bit of phototherapy for jaundice.

DTS is currently snuggled on top of me looking really content. smile

Manda hope all goes well at clinic today and that bp has behaved itself. Let us know how you get on! Hopefully you can avoid being as dramatic as me. Although the odd thing is I didn't feel particularly unwell.

Oh, and transitional care is a post-natal ward (although all the ladies have their own rooms), which is a step-down from SCBU / HDU. It's got neonatal nurses on it to monitor the babies.

llightfoot Fri 01-Feb-13 10:11:48

hi am being induced for my twins on tues there identical in diffrent sacks am having a blood transfudion tomoz gor being very anemic this has been a hard pregnancy but nearly there i jist carnt wait to ser them and cuddle them :-D

Aww, you lot are discussion of the day!
<sentimental old goat with twin toddlers remembering the days of innocence bump patting!>

DebbieSP Fri 01-Feb-13 15:28:40

congratulations everyone. twins are wonderful (mine are about to turn 1) but the first 6 months are v hard work. mine were born naturally at 38 weeks exactly, though I really had to push (ha ha) to avoid having a c-sect, which seems to be the default option. as for feeding, they had breast and bottle from early on until I stopped bf completely at about 3 months. the hardest thing I found wss having a toddler as well to look after...

mandasand Fri 01-Feb-13 15:30:34

Thanks for letting us know how you all are Knackered! Hope DTD's jaundice sorts itself out very quickly and you can all be reunited and on the way home soon!

Well, my clinic appointment took six hours out of my day! BP remains an issue (150/100 at its very worst but more like 130ish/90ish these past couple of weeks; and it has been about 115/70 during the rest of the pregnancy) so doc prescribed beta-blockers and asked me to stay in for observation overnight. I said I'd rather not thankyouverymuch and there ensued a 20-minute discussion about why they would like me to stay in and it seemed to boil down to NICE guidelines which read something like don't give a 35-week pregnant woman beta-blockers without 24hr obs. But the last time they said stay in for 24hrs (last Thursday) it took four days to get discharged and essentially very little happened during that time apart from my BP looking a bit better and all other possible pre-eclampsia symptoms disappearing. I'm really not ready to go back into hospital. Anytime from Tuesday next week, when I'll be 36 weeks, fine. And obviously if anything was wrong with the babies or me I would have stayed in; I also said I'd think about staying in if I could have a single room (forgive my snootiness but other people's daytime television was driving me mad) but I was told that wouldn't be possible. So I came home after we reached a compromise: I'll attend Mat. Assessment Unit in the morning to get the results of today's blood tests and to get BP checked again (by which time I should have had three beta-blockers and hopefully things will look better). Feel a bit like a naughty schoolgirl but it feels like the right decision overall.

LongStory Fri 01-Feb-13 19:46:17

Awww this thread is taking me back ... my twins are 4yo today, they are in bed singing happy birthday to each other. Congratulations all!

My pregnancy was really tough towards the end, and I relied hugely on an online community for advice and support. Here is something I found that I wrote for a bulletin board when I was 7 months pregnant - the ultimate twin pregnancy symptoms quiz. Simply add up your sh***y symptoms and tell us how you are feeling with one simple number:

Vomiting: 1 pt for average voms daily
Incontinence: 1pt if you wear light pads, 2pts for heavy pads
Swollen joints: 1pt
SPD: 1pt (occasional), 2pts for constant
anxiety: 1pt
Sore/itchy bump: 1pt
Desperate to eat/drink naughty things: 1pt No energy: 1pt
Breathless: 1pt
Other chidren: 1pt per child
Helpful partner: deduct 2pts
Gagging for sex: deduct 2pts (2nd trimester only)
Braxton Hicks: 1pt per average BH per hour
Cough/cold: 1pt
Cramped house pi**ing you off: 2pts
Too big to get dressed: 1pt
Too big for bathtup: 1pt
Can't take pm nap: 1pt
Diarrhoea: 1pt
Constipation: 1pt
Piles: 1pt
Weeing > once an hour: 1pt
Rude comments on size of bump: 1pt / 3 comments
Rude comments about IVF: 1pt/comment
Partner annoyed at time spent on mumsnet: 1pt
Gestational Diabetes diet restrictions: 2pts
Rude consultant / hospital letters: 1pt

WHAT's YOUR RATING??? Come on all you lurkers this is a less embarassing way to have a huge moan..

Longstory you post made me laugh! My twin pregnancy is still fresh in my mind, DTs are 4 months old.

My points....26!

Thanks for posting smile

LongStory Fri 01-Feb-13 20:10:20

I hope it was 26 points when you were pg and not any more, gardenpixie ... !

Blending Fri 01-Feb-13 21:39:05

16 points I think and I'm only 21+5 weeks!

I am having one of each flavour, and I'm already knackered all the time.

My biggest worry is how I am going to cope with DD1 who is 26 mo as I am struggling now as she is so lively, so goodness knows what will happen when I get bigger!

I had a lot of complications in my first pregnancy, so I also see a haemotology obstricican and a cardio obstrician in addtion to the twin clinic at my local hospital.

When did you or are you planning to start Mat Leave?

LongStory Fri 01-Feb-13 22:20:15

Well I tried to keep working but it was getting tougher and tougher, I'd never known a tiredness like it. My team staged a coup by arranging a leaving do, I was a bit offended at the time but it was probably sensible, at 31 weeks. I worked at home for another three weeks (while I could still reach the laptop) and signed off at 34 weeks, beyond which I was at the hospital most days which took me to 36+1. And that was with low risk twins!

mumwithovertime Fri 01-Feb-13 22:50:17

Congrats to all of u expecting twins! Brings back memories,my twins will be 12 on valentines day ( boy/ girl) they were nos 4 and 5 for us and at the time of birth we had a 5 yr old ,a 4 yr old and a 2 year old.I made it to 39 weeks and 4 days before being induced as I was huge , my consultant would have let me continue but I was very uncomfortable as am not very tall! Twin 1 was a boy,ventouse,7lb 1oz and 15 mins later twin two born breech ( vaginally) a girl ,6lb 9oz............really hard work once home ( 2 days after delivery ) but great fun too,miss those days,sigh..........

Bmatoes Fri 01-Feb-13 23:02:41

Yes congratulations everyone.. My twins just turned 5! I almost had them in the back of a taxi...

i was 10 cm when i got to the hospital and didnt really know if i was in labour or not. I was gearing myself up labour ( they were babies 2&3) and out popped my DD followed 18 mins later my Ds .

I only went to the hospital because a midwife i know told me not to hang around as they werent my first babies so they may come quick. So as soon as i had a few twinges i went in .. and i was 39+4.

noelstudios Fri 01-Feb-13 23:33:02

So pleased to see some twins action on 'discussions of the day' - ours are 15mnths now. It has been great (I say that now that I'm back at work full time and sahd is not on fulltime double duty!). Good luck for all of your pregnancies.

mandasand Sat 02-Feb-13 06:37:38

LongStory, v. cute about your twins singing to each other! Love it! And I only scored 7 points on your quiz which makes me feel haps better! (I won't go on about how I've not vomited at all during the pregnancy…!)

Well, just one beta-blocker has brought down BP to the 120s/80s and taking a second now. Soon of to the mat. assessment unit to get the results of yesterday's bloods. Hope they are pleased with BP and there is nothing indicating pre-eclampsia in the bloods...

(I did re-pack my hospital bag after last week's stay just in case!)

thereistheball Sat 02-Feb-13 13:02:42

Hello ladies and gentleman! Congratulations on your twin pregnancies.

Have you found this thread yet? It'll be very helpful when your babies arrive. We will see you there soon (maybe sooner than you think!)

honeyking Sat 02-Feb-13 14:22:43


Sounds like your pregnancies are progressing well.

just wanted to let you know I have a red out and about nipper for sale £150. really good condition as only used for 8 months for my toddler and new born.

Live in North London, please let me know if anyone is interested.

Good luck with your pregnancies.

Celestia Sat 02-Feb-13 21:50:10

Congratulations ladies, all ths talk takes me back grin.

My dts (b/g) are 17 weeks now. It's bloody hard work being a twin mum but utterly amazing. It really is double the fun!

KnackeredCow Sat 02-Feb-13 22:14:58

Wow - nice to see this thread on discussion of the day and to read everybody's stories.

Longstory - I laughed out loud at your post grin. I scored 12 so didn't do bad!

Manda - glad to hear the meds are keeping your bp down. How are you feeling?

Pixies - how are you getting on with your DTDs?

Well my DTD is now sharing a cot with her DTB smile. They look so peaceful at the moment. I am really lucky although have spent the day crying on and off confused. Got half an hour's sleep last night as the TC nurse couldn't be bothered helping with ng feeds. DH complained this morning and she's been swapped with another nurse from special care!

My bp is still unstable and very high so I'm now on beta blockers four times a day and a second anti-hypertensive drug. Feeling a bit unwell and exhausted and have to be monitored very closely overnight although they're letting DH stay on an air mattress in my room so he can look after the little ones, I can get some rest and express as struggling to do it all and keep bp down!

mandasand Sun 03-Feb-13 09:45:12

Hey knackered! Hurray for your boy and girl now sharing a cot - how lovely! I'm not surprised it leaves you a little tearful, but the erratic BP and the lack of support with feeds overnight is not going to help. Do you think you've had a hormone dip too? I'm a bit worried about that. Glad your DH stepped in on the lack of support re feeding, though, and FX your BP stabilises soon. I'll be thinking of you. This twin pregnancy thing doesn't half take a toll on our bodies, eh? Soon be back to something like normal, don't worry. I'm really, really pleased that they are letting DH stop in and help look after you and the twins.

Can I ask a bit of an inconsequential question which you can ignore if you're too busy with the babes...how much smaller your belly got within a day or two of giving birth? I was a size 12/14 and still am ... everywhere but the bump which (because I like over-the-bump stylee) requires size 24 big momma knickers from M&S. Actually, I've outgrown them and refuse to buy any more at this stage so have snipped the elastic either side! So glam! For hospital I've packed a couple of pairs of each size I've gone through - 14, 16, 18, etc, as I've no idea how much of my belly will deflate once babas are out. As I say, it's a daft question...!

I'm feeling well, and just delighted that I was allowed home yesterday after 3hr mat. assessment unit appt! Babies doing fine and although there is again a little protein in my urine they aren't worried about it yet as apparently it's not a 'worrying' urine (?) BP is even lower this morning - 115/73 when I woke and was lying down and 122/77 now I'm up and about. So now I'm worried that it's going to get too low … argh! Anyway, will see what docs say on Tuesday at my 36-week appt. I'm prepared to go in now, if necessary, for further monitoring, even though I feel well in myself. It's extraordinary how quickly the beta-blockers made me feel a bit calmer and made my breathing slower and deeper.

I think the protein, though, may be related to a UTI. I have a touch of cystitis coming on - only noticed after cam home from hospital yesterday and have been mainlining cranberry juice ever since.

mandasand Fri 08-Feb-13 17:38:40

Just a quick note to say that my c-section is booked for next week, Weds 13 February, when I'll be 37+1. The pregnancy is getting quite difficult now so I'm looking forward to feeling a bit better in myself ... as well as meeting our babies of course!

Any hints and tips for c-section with twins?

thereistheball Mon 11-Feb-13 01:03:15

How exciting. My tip is not to eat a big meal beforehand but do take a few minutes to really enjoy a hot cup of tea, because once they're here you'll forever be making one then watching it go cold smile Good luck!

mandasand Mon 11-Feb-13 13:17:25

Good advice! Thinking of preparing something lovely to eat tomorrow night if we've time, but then it's nil by mouth (apart from some tablets for sickness, I think) till afterwards! :-)

mandasand Tue 26-Feb-13 10:54:23

Hello! May I announce myself as a new mummy of scrummy twins! Matilda (6lbs 10oz) and Dylan (5lbs 7oz) were born by c-section on 13 February and after a prolonged 11 days in hospital we are all now home and very happy! I will upload a pic of these adorable creatures to my profile shortly :-)

The c-section was fine, but by the end of the day I had developed a haematoma so had to go in for a further operation to sort that out. I think this must have slowed my healing a bit, and certainly it made small matters like constipation, trapped wind etc worse afterwards! Also, I developed a UTI and a minor (fingers crossed) wound/womb infection in the last few days in hospital for which I was on IV antibiotics and now tablets. Feeling better already, even though I think I'm overdoing things a bit round the house.

But the main reason we were in so long was that the twins fed poorly in the early days and were jaundiced, necessitating a four-day stay in the low dependency unit for fattening up. By day five M. had lost 12% of birth weight and D. 7%. After four days in the LDU we were pretty much back up to birth weights, thanks to every third feed being intubated (DH and I did the others by bottle). This time last week was a very dark time, feeling like an utter failure as a mum and distraught at having the babies living in a different ward to me and DH (we were blessed with a family room), but a week later and we're home, they are taking huge feeds, and already after just a couple of days we've got into a nice routine. the lack of sleep is punishing, as I'm sure many can relate to, but we're slowly moving form 3 to 4-hourly feeds which feels very exciting!

I am trying to express. The night before last I leaked for the first time overnight, which was so cool! The MW brought over a Medela double pump yesterday and I managed 50mls - a PB! Very little this morning, but I'm still trying to encourage my meagre supply rather than feed them entirely off it! Getting them fed is the priority though, and if I can add some breast milk into the formula mix I'll be a happy lady.

I'll post this across a couple of threads as my poor brain probably can't cope with re-writing!

Phillpot12 Sat 13-Apr-13 21:00:30

Hi...I have 5 mth old identical twin girls and a toddler of 2 yrs 4mths.
I had a spontaneous natural delivery at 34 weeks with the second twin delivering breech but everything was fine and we came home after 3 days. We are combination feeding and the girls have just grown and grown - huge growth spurts where they feed two hourly.
Anyway I just wanted to offer some encouragement for anyone who is pregnant with twins and is a feeling a bit apprehensive.
I am muddling through and finding what works for us and we are all very happy and enjoying our busy family life!
: )

mandasand Thu 18-Apr-13 21:13:37

Nice to meet you, Phillpot12!

Our two are nine weeks now and everything's becoming more manageable and they are starting to smile too!

We don't have a routine beyond three to four hourly feeds, and (just recently) making more of a distinction between night time (7pm-7am) and daytime. We would like them to sleep through the night at some point (!) and go for longer before feeds, but have been advised that this should happen from 3-4 months, not before.

When did others start trying to do this?

harrygracejessica Thu 18-Apr-13 23:35:31

Awwww its all bought back memories :-) my girls are 4 and my boys are 2 tomorrow - yup 2 sets :-)

KathrynK Mon 09-Dec-13 15:37:49

Hi everyone, I'm doing some work on parents of twins and multiples (POTAM), and finding that there's very little research on being parents of twins - sleep, feeding, mental health, relationships. Knowing that POTAM are likely to have been inundated with medical "advice" during pregnancy, did you find it all disappeared after the births? Have you found that what you needed was support from peers, or would you have liked some more evidence based information?
My interest is because I'm doing a uni module I'm doing on Understanding Research, and I'm doing twins because we have a lot locally and I've always been interested in the area (though there's 2.5yrs between my own kids).

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