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Anyone else got gestational diabetes? Top tips welcome!

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Angelico Sun 02-Sep-12 18:09:44

Hello all <waves>

Currently 35+2, got diagnosed with GD a couple of weeks ago after repeat GTT ('passed' the one at 25 weeks for raised BMI, seems to have come on around the 30 week mark). Got finger pricker etc last week so 6 days in to blood testing and aiming to control with diet only as due for CS at 38+4.

Have't seen dietician yet and struggling to find conclusive info online. Certain foods (pure orange juice, sweet stuff - even a couple of bites! - mashed potato) seem to send blood sugar high (highest reading ever today 9.3 after mash and literally 2 bites of DH's banoffee! confused). I was wondering what other people have found useful foodwise? Any good suggestions for meals?

A typical 'good day' for me (ie super low blood sugars)...

Slice of brown toast with either cheese and beans or scrambled egg. No orange juice.

Snack (11am or 4pm depending on what I'm doing):
2-3 oatcakes with cheese / hummus

Bowl of leftover dinner from night before (see below) or homemade lentil and tomato soup with cheese and ryebread.

Steak stir fry with noodles, spag bol with wholewheat spaghetti, stuffed chicken with roasties and veg, oven cod in batter with oven chips and plenty of veg.

I would love to hear some other good suggestions for meals or any warnings about particular foods. Or if you just want somewhere to vent feel free to jump on board smile thanks

Angelico Mon 03-Sep-12 09:49:52

Bumping this as I'm sure I am not alone...

Would love some good breakfast ideas. This morning I had: 1 Quorn sausage, fried egg, 2 tblsps of beans and a slice of Burgen bread toasted. It was yum! Blood sugar 1 hour post brekkie: 6.9, well under the dreaded 8!

teaandchocolate Mon 03-Sep-12 09:58:12

Hello! I had GD and controlled with just diet. I found that nearly all carbs raised my sugar levels so had to be really careful. The main thing to watch out for, I found, was portion size, as even brown rice/pasta/lentils etc would send my levels souring so I had to eat really small portions.

For breakfast I usually had eggs, with veg or bacon/smoked salmon and one piece of soya & linseed bread. I definitely couldn't have any cereal. Sometimes could have low sugar fruit and natural yoghurt but it didn't really fill me up. I'd have a salad and protein and maybe ryvitta for lunch and for dinner mainly protein, veg and tiny portion carbs. I also swapped potatoes etc for celaeriac and you can try cauliflower mash etc (although I lost the will with that). Snacks were nuts, dark (min 70%)choc, ryvitta, cheese etc. Because obsessed with making chocolate sauce as a treat (dark choc, butter and cream). I am normal/low bmi so I upped the fat content of my meals as the dietician told me it slowed the absorption of carbs.

Its such a pain but only a short amount of time so defintely manageable. My DD was born at 39 wks and only weighed 6lbs 3oz so not affected. Although my levels never went back to normal (they were probably always wrong!) it was good to get used to the diet...although I've now massively fallen off the wagon!!

Best of luck.

Smicha Mon 03-Sep-12 10:23:54

You are certainly not alone Angelico! I was diagnosed with this about five weeks ago and after a few blips at first, I've managed to get it under control and although I was prescribed insulin in case I need it, I haven't yet used it.

Breakfast is toughest for me as I was a cereal eater before and now even one shredded wheat gives me a reading well over 9! So I generally have quite a high protein breakfast - cheese omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach is a good one for my readings. I have also been able to get away with a slice of soya and linseed bread with mackerel or with a hefty scraping of peanut butter if I'm in a real rush. A small portion of porridge sometimes works, sends reading up to the limit though, but the problem is it's so small it doesn't fill me!

Lunch, I generally have a huge salad with a chicken breast or piece of fish, maybe some avocado too, and a slice of rye bread. It's a PITA as I have to cook the chicken and fish the night before, but worth it as I feel full all afternoon. I find I can also get away with some full fat Greek yoghurt and tonnes of linseeds (for their laxative properties now I can't have lactulose or prune juice!!!) either immediately post lunch (if I'm not too full already) or as an afternoon snack.

Other snacks I find good are nuts, cottage cheese, no more than 2 oatcakes with philadelphia, banana, apple or just plain old cheese.

Dinner, pretty much anything with a small portion of wholegrain rice works well for me (although wholegrain rice is so expensive - £4.99 for a kilo in my local Tesco!). Couscous has also been a 'good' carb and wholewheat spaghetti, but in all cases a much smaller portion than that recommended on the packet. I combine one of these with perhaps a tomato-based curry, chilli, spag bol, stir fry, or piece of meat and I stick some veg alongside everything whether it goes or not (eg some mange tout or green beans with a curry). Gets quite repetitive, but I've only got another 4 weeks to get through!! I find mash is not good as you generally end up eating more than you should because it's been mashed up, but also as the carbs have already been broken down massively by boiling and then mashing, it doesn't take long for them to release their energy, hence the high readings they produce. Slow release carbs are the key, so the less cooking and boiling you do of them the better. My dietician also said not to eat anything made of white flour, but I know some don't recommend being that strict.

One thing I have done is cut sugar out completely, so not even any bites of DH's sweet treats, and aside from the benefits for the baby, this has made me feel really bright and awake! I do miss it, but figure that the one bite I might be able to manage really isn't going to satisfy my craving. Sometimes berries and cream fills the hole when I need it! Oh, and fruit juice had to go for me - orange juice almost sent me into a coma!!

Wow, that was an essay (you can tell I'm on wind down as it's my last week at work!). Hope it's useful.

TittyWhistles Mon 03-Sep-12 10:36:34

I had GD last pregnancy and I have my GTT next week so I'm a bit nervous.

My nutritionist last time emphasised the importance of eating a carb each meal which i think now is slightly skewed and through following that adivce I ended up not managing my levels ad being put on insulin.
Now I know more about it, I am really only eating complex carbs early in the day, no fruit at all and having a completely carb free evening meal as this was when my levels used to peak.
So far all tests have been clear so I'm hopeful I won't have it again.

There's a lot they don't tell you, that Metformin has horrible side effects like painful stomach aches, nausea, gas and bloating. And that the insulin injections can cause itchy, hivey allergic reactions at the site of injecting. Hopefully you won't have to go down that route!

Ps they say almonds help to lower blood sugar levels, and ground almonds can be used instead of flour in most things.

I also controlled with diet. Breakfast was either porridge or toast with either egg or peanut butter.
Lunch was a sandwich with salad and 1 piece of fruit. I had to drop my usual orange juice.
Dinner I just adjusted regular meals to make more veg and less carbs. For snacks I would have things like hummus and veg sticks, oatcakes, malt loaf, sugar free flapjacks etc.
I switched to Burgen soya and linseed bread as it was the one recommended by the dietician. As a general rule go low GI.

And don't worry, small changes make a huge difference. It doesn't have to be a big deal!

Also, anything mashed is worse than anything whole so swap mash for new potatoes. Where possible use sweet potatoes.

Smicha Mon 03-Sep-12 10:59:46

Englishgirl do you have a recipe for sugar free flapjacks? I love flapjacks!

I'm on my kindle so I can't link but it's on the delicious magazine website. It uses pureed dates instead of sugar. I have a really sweet tooth so when I knew I had gd I started searching the internet for pudding recipes. The diabetes uk website has a recipes section too.
They are really good, I haven't switched back to my old recipe even now I've had the all clear.

Look for low GI foods - low carb, high protein & fat content, basically. If you eat carbs, make sure they're complex not refined, so oats, wholewheat bread/pasta. Boiled potatoes are better than baked or mashed.

Angelico Mon 03-Sep-12 11:41:05

Some brilliant advice - thank you! Still amazed I haven't seen dietician yet when they've gone to the trouble of giving me testing kit etc but didn't give any dietary advice beyond "Don't eat Special K it's full of sugar!" confused Smicha it's funny reading about the shredded wheat as that was one thing someone recommended to me. Maybe it varies from person to person. I seem okay with fairly hefty amounts of non-sweet carbs (bar mashed potato) but even a bite of anything sweet is bad news.

Does / did anyone else find it is much easier to be in control of blood sugar when you are at home? I finished work last week thankfully but was away over weekend and silly things like there only being white bread at my parents' house sent BS up. Think I'm going to stick to home as much as possible for these last few weeks.

Just had an oatcake and peanut butter. Oatcakes are my friend smile

Anyone had GD and it didn't go away? While I think this is quite a healthy way to live I wouldn't want to have to go without sweet stuff forever more...

Smicha Mon 03-Sep-12 11:48:44

I'm amazed you haven't seen a dietician, how do they expect you to manage your levels without advice?! It was the dietician who gave me my blood testing kit.
As for shredded wheat, I think some people can handle it as the dietician was the one who told me to try that or one weetabix, but it would appear I'm one of the unlucky ones!

Shagmundfreud Mon 03-Sep-12 12:11:13

I controlled well with just diet but ended up eating a very narrow range of food, namely fish, eggs, green leafy veg, the odd red pepper and tomato, nuts, meat and a splash of milk in my tea. My 'treat' was the occasional half cup of brown rice! No bread. No oats. No pasta.

on the plus side I was very skinny once I'd given birth. (didn't last long once I got my hands on the hob nobs.....)

BarbaraWoodlouseGoesForGold Mon 03-Sep-12 12:29:26

Have a read of this thread, there's another one somewhere too that inspired this one. Some great tips on there.

Good luck. I do remember how overwhelming and stressful the experience was at the time. Now I mainly remember how slim I was after giving birth grin

I am tested annually under my PCT and am 2 years clear of diabetes. Though they do a fasting blood, which was never a problem with me, rather than a GTT which I find odd.

I definitely enjoy way too many carbs and sweet treats these days, but I did learn a lot about what my body likes and doesn't.

happynappies Mon 03-Sep-12 12:41:56

Really interesting thread. I was diagnosed last Thursday at 36 weeks, and have since seen the diabetes specialist mw and got the finger clicker tester thingy. I've cut out the obvious sugar and cakes chocolate etc, and have been eating muesli for breakfast (with a tiny bit of orange juice diluted with loads of water). My reading was 5.8 this morning 2 hours after breakfast, so am quite encouraged. So far I've been eating normal(ish) meals, just not snacking in between on the usual rubbish that I have been eating. I don't think carbs have had too much effect on my readings, but its early days, only been monitoring a couple of days so far. Am hopeful that when I see the consultant on Wednesday my readings will look ok, and they'll let me go to my due date. Its a horrible thing to have to contend with isn't it?

Angelico Mon 03-Sep-12 13:22:13

Fantastic thread Barbara thank you, will read it in full later on.

Shagmund I doubt I'll be skinny post-birth! smile I'm a size 16 pre-pregnancy which probably explains in part why I got GD (being an old codger of 35 prob doesn't help either and do have a few relatives with type 2 diabetes, all of them admittedly overweight --like myself--).

Happy really hope things stay on an even keel for you! My one piece of advice for you (with my vastly longer experience ie 7 days in grin) is not to get complacent - watch out for the random unexpected stuff. I always dilute orange juice with water but it still sent my BS mad and I find being away from home / facing temptation (e.g. birthday cake on Sat night) makes it harder. The first few days I was testing my BS was so perfect I was like, "These people are crazy hmm, I don't have GD!" It was when I got a bit cocky and thought I could have a couple of bites of DH's dessert / small piece of cake / slice of white toast that BS suddenly went high and I realised "Ah-ha! This is not normal!" confused lol

Also there is a girl on my AN thread who has it too and she is finding that it is getting worse with every week - so foods she could eat comfortably two weeks ago are now sending her BS v high. This is what's worrying me as I can eat comfortable amounts of sensible carbs at the minute but apparently you just keep getting more insulin resistant. Last week all my breakfast readings were in the 5's, last few days they are in the 6's... Still CS 3 weeks tomorrow so hopefully can keep a lid on stuff, fingers crossed! grin

Angelico Mon 03-Sep-12 13:22:52

Oh - and did anyone else feel like they were running out of finger to prick?! And it's only been a week!!!

Not read whole thread so apologies for repeating others smile. I had GD and have since developed diabetes.

My top tips:

Porridge for breakfast to set you up for the day (unsweetened or with artificial sweetener). Or wholemeal toast with peanut butter.

Try to cut out white carbs (white bread, pasta, rice, etc) as much as possible. Eat plenty of Low GI foods (wholemeal everything!).

Eat plenty of protein - chicken, lean red meat, nuts & pulses.

Cut out obvious sugars, and avoid fruit juices and some fruits. Bananas are full of sugar so I avoid completely, but some fruit is ok - cherries have a low GI so they are fine and are actually beneficial for diabetics to eat.

Don't let yourself go too long between meals - my favourite is peanut butter on an oatcake (or three smile).

When I had GD the dietician told me if I desperately wanted something sweet, I could have anything now and again as long as the % sugars made up no more than a quarter of the % total carbs. Ie 60% carbs is ok as long as only 15% of those are made up of sugars if that makes sense....

I followed that rule and found some things (1 chocolate chip brioche when I needed something naughty, comes to mind) followed the % carbs rule and didn't affect my blood sugars.

A diabetic diet is really just a healthy diet that's good for anybody to follow. But I would push to see the dietician ASAP smile

PS OP having just read your last post, I would avoid fruit juice completely - its basically diluted sugar in water so the sugar goes straight to your blood stream.

happynappies Mon 03-Sep-12 14:46:31

Thanks Angelico, I must admit I was starting to think maybe a bit of x wouldn't hurt, as readings seem ok, will stay on the straight and narrow just in case, really don't want early induction!!

Angelico Mon 03-Sep-12 14:58:04

Badtaste thanks for that. Sorry you went on to get diabetes sad Did you have a lot of risk factors? And when did you get full diabetes or did the GD just never go away. I know one girl who didn't shake it but they have told her she was probably diabetic for a few years pre-pregnancy and just didn't realise.

happy I shall travel the 'straight and narrow' road with you. Doesn't help that we have visitors tonight and have just left out a lush Baileys cheesecake for them to have after dinner - and I won't even be able to have a bite <weeps>

teaandchocolate Mon 03-Sep-12 15:08:44

My GD didn't reallly go away in that my sugars were still high when tested 3 and 6 months later - I've been diagnosed with 'pre-diabetes' although I think I probably always had it (as have pcos). I'm not yet diabetic though and so the NHS isn't particularly interested, I just have an HBA1C test every year or so and so far those levels have been within the normal range. I'd say I'm 'mindful' of my sugar levels but its hard maintaining such a strict diet. And like you say the NHS is obsessed with us eating carbs so the dietician I did see said I was being too strict.

I think generally the diet I followed when pregnant was good as I didn't realise that seemingly healthy food (eg. muesli with dried fruit) was awful for my sugar levels and that I'm better off eating high fat, low carb food. Its trial and error though as everyone's different in terms of what you can tolerate.

Exercise is also very good at bringing levels down. So if I eat something particularly bad (especially when I was pregnant) I'd go for a walk or do some exercise afterwards.

FWIW cheesecake isn't the worst thing you can eat as its high fat (well it wasn't for me anyway)!! But I feel your pain as I LOVE sweet things!!

Tansie Mon 03-Sep-12 15:23:21

Just skim reading as this is in 'Discussion of the Day' grin

Make sure you get checked for diabetes from now on. I gather you are at a considerably higher risk of getting it if you have GD. A good friend finally was diagnosed earlier this year after rather a few 'symptoms' having had GD 11 years ago. She is bitter that there was no screening program put in place, but, it could be said that, as she knew the risk, she would have been wise to seek her own yearly test, but there you go.

happynappies Mon 03-Sep-12 15:39:55

Its strange how variable the diet advice is (when you finally get it!). I was told muesli was good, and that a 'small' glass of orange juice was fine. It has been a real up and down few days, to begin with the 'shock' of the diagnosis, and feeling really fed up about no more chocolate, then feeling more positive about getting to grips with the diet, and feeling ok about blood glucose levels, but more worries ahead when I meet the consultant, wonder what he will say about the birth... on the one hand I don't want to take any risks, but on the other hand my mw said I had been 'unlucky' with the timing of the GTT so late in pg (36 weeks) when a lot of women apparently are not coping so well with sugar generally. Apparently if I'd seen someone today at 37 weeks the Trust's guidelines stated 'do nothing' but because I saw the specialist midwife yesterday at 36+6 I have to monitor blood glucose etc etc, and probably be induced. Ah well!!

tansie I don't know if things have changed but I've been told I'll have a test every year now?

I would agree with pushing to see the dietician. She gave me a really helpful leaflet that highlighted the best and worst things to have in each food type. For example, potatoes. Sweet Potato - best, boiled potatoes - ok, mash - avoid. I found it really useful as it meant I could largely still eat my normal meals but replaced bad options with good ones.

milkybarsrus Mon 03-Sep-12 15:57:21

I had GD in last pregnancy, and my sugar levels were sky high, so was immediately told to take insulin 4 times a day. It was awful! I had to have long periods in hospital due to having placenta praevia, and found that though the hospital knew I was diabetic, the food was utter crap! One day they gave me sardine salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner! All at that lovely warm temperature that they dish hospital food up in. Carbs definately had a bad effect on me, as did fruit juices, basically you should insist on seeing the diabetic nurse who will give you a list of foods to eat/avoid. And though it is limited, you will not put much weight on, in fact, after the birth, I was exactly the same weight I was pre pregnancy! Baby born, no GD and baby was big even though he was born 3 weeks early. I hope you get the info you need, but if not, follow a diabetic diet, watch portions, watch carbs and avoice sugary stuff.

milkybarsrus Mon 03-Sep-12 15:57:59

* sorry should read AVOID**

Angelico Mon 03-Sep-12 17:17:00

Just chased up the dietician appt... was offered appt in October. They seemed nonplussed when I pointed out I would have a 2 week old bean by then... hmm

They are doing their best to get me in before then or at least some phone advice - I said they could even post me out some leaflets! confused Can get an appt next week if I drive out into Deliverance country ie tiny clinic in the sticks grin

I had gestational diabetes with my second and really upped my protein intake and cut out as many carbs and as much sugar as I could. It was only when I started looking closely at what was in food that I became shocked at how much sugar was in anything and even more shocked at how much better controlled it was when I ignored the fat content of food and instead just checked sugar and carbohydrate. After a lifetime of low fat diets, it was a revelation.

Breakfast became an omlette with a slice of wholemeal toast. I really love turkey bacon, and sometimes had that with veggie sausages for breakfast instead.
Lunch was chicken pieces and veg sticks with houmous, for eg.
Dinner was plenty of meat and veggies, but only a small amount of potato or rice etc.

Giving up chocolate was hard as I really love chocolate, but after a while it stopped bothering me as much. I ended up being incredibly healthy by the end of my PG.

I get checked every year with fasting bloods, but so far its not happened again.

I'm a bit shock at the help you're (not) getting though. As soon as I was diagnosed, they had me into a diabetic pg clinic where I saw a dietician and a consultant. They then scanned me and checked my diary and blood sugar levels every two weeks until I gave birth.

Angelico It's not as bad as you might imagine smile. Ironically I'm probably healthier now than I've ever been! I was always wanting to lose a stone or so (BMI was always around 24 after having first DC so bordering on overweight) and 'meaning' to do some exercise but never got around it either.

Was diagnosed with GD with DC3, but it didn't cause any problems with baby, etc and my blood sugars went back to normal straight after the birth. Like others have said, I had to then have my blood sugars checked annually, and three years on from DC3 being born my tests results came back as abnormal. Since then I've really turned my health around; I eat healthily (and do a bit of exercise now and then grin, and within a few months of the diagnosis I lost two stones in weight and now have a BMI of 21.

I will now have to stick to the healthy diet, because my diabetes means I am likely to need insulin as I get older, rather than controlling it by diet as I manage to now. But the healthier lifestyle I live now, the longer I can put it off. I was told by the hospital that if I carry on the way I am it could be 20 years + before I develop diabetes seriously enough to need insulin, whereas if I'd carried on eating crap it would happen really quickly.

BTW I didn't have risk factors other than being a bit exercise-shy and wanting to fit into a smaller dress size! One grandparent had diabetes, but that was about it.

I agree Keema. Not wanting to over-dramatise, but it is important that you are helped to keep your levels as steady as possible. Maybe it would be worth the drive for the next week appt?

Angelico Mon 03-Sep-12 21:15:45

Thanks for putting it in perspective badtaste and keema. Funny thing is I did find myself thinking, "Hmmmm, this could be a good wake-up call Angelico to stop eating crap - do you really want to have to do this finger jabbing stuff for the rest of your life???"

It's the unexpected that keeps catching me out sad E.g. have family staying and tonight we were supposed to go out to restaurant to eat. Had planned my low GI meal then for various reasons we ended up getting a Chinese takeaway. Got the lowest carb thing I could (chicken satay skewers) but fried rice I can only get away with about a third of a portion. Ended up 8.0 on the button - thankfully no more.

I swear after family leaves I am going nowhere for the last 3 weeks of pregnancy - just staying home making lentil soup!!!

As for advice or lack of it - I agree. They are doing their best to fit me in but I am definitely going to take the appt next week even if I have to drive cross country for it. I told them today that I'd been told to keep my blood in a certain range but no one had actually told me how to do that so everything is a bit trial and error - eating things experimentally, then testing my blood sugar. They were very sympathetic and doing their best to squeeze me in or give me phone advice - just obviously swamped. I asked if they didn't prioritise things like GD, given that it comes on fast and unexpectedly - and they said I'm an 'urgent case'. If it takes a month to see the urgent cases God help you if you're non-urgent! grin

androbbob Mon 03-Sep-12 21:17:00

Been there twice (DD now 10 and DS 5) and it never went away after DS. I get monitored once a year now (although that is overdue..). I managed diet controlled first time as late diagnosed and went on to have a CS at around due date - she weighed in at 10lb 14. she was ok and had her sugar level checked several times but no problems. Apparently they can feed off the sugar in your body which makes them grow large.

DS was another matter as was diagnosed earlier with it. Insulin again which was ok and lots of blood testing which was a pain eventually - run out of places - went up all sides of fingers on both hands! He as a planned CS at 38+6 and was 8lb 8. He struggled with maintaining body temp and struggled to feed so spent a long 26 hours in SCBU while I was elsewhere. No lasting effects though, but a worrying time for me - esp as hormones all over the place.

Just something to consider may happen, though it was probably as I had been diagnosed earlier so he had longer to become dependant on the sugar.

It is surprising how much food is laden with sugar and I agree with the other poster that said about high fat foods not being too high in sugar. The low fat stuff I seem to recall has all the fat removed and replaced with sugar and carbs, which is just sugar in another form.

There are several diabetic forums that have advice for GD - from real diabetic people!

I found that commercial chinese food had a lot of sugar in it and moved to eat more curry! I became very healthy when I had to monitor everything I ate. When she was born I have to admit I slipped off the wagon as I could eat chocolate again, but have got back on it again now!

One thing to be aware of is that sizing scans are not an exact science. Babies of mums with GD that isn't controlled properly can be very large and I was told that DD was on the 98th centile for size at around 36 weeks and that she was going to be a big baby. When my little 6lb12-er arrived it was a bit of a shock as I'd stocked up on large babygro's and had to send DH on a mercy mission to buy newborn stuff. grin

Angelico Mon 03-Sep-12 21:52:09

androbob do you have any links to good forums? Funny thing was I got diagnosed after a night in hospital due to weight loss / ketones / severe dehydration - I was starving while bean merrily sucked the life out of me! confused

Keema I've been told the same about the bean - that she is really big, already about 6.5-7.5 lbs at 35 weeks. People keep saying, "Who cares? You're having a CS, it's not like you have to squeeze her out!" but I'm more worried about her having blood sugar problems as there is no SCBU in my hospital and we would ended up separated for at least 24 hours if she needed special care sad

androbbob Mon 03-Sep-12 22:00:25

This is the webiste of the forum I find of most use:


You don't want to know what I did.
I got so much conflicting advice and everything my dietician told me the consultant contradicted.
Hence being on shedloads of insulin by the end (started at 26 weeks) and just dialling up a few more units for some birthday cake [facepalm]

I'd handle it entirely differently now though.

rumtumtugger Mon 03-Sep-12 22:03:17

I had it with dd and had to cut out all carbs to keep my readings low enough. I got creative with the veg box and made alternatives, e.g. mashed cauliflower 'rice' with curry, meat & 3 veg instead of potatoes. Had 5-6 smallish meals a day, of about 400-600 calories each, with a decent helping of protein and limited carbs, as suggested by the Low GI diet. The best thing I did for my readings was to do 10 minutes of exercise after each of my larger meals - that for me involved clutching a couple of tins of beans and doing step-ups in time to MTV! This way I was able to have the odd carby treat e.g. half a mince pie or a couple of roast tatties (can you tell I had GD over Christmas?). Good luck - it's not fun, but you could look at it as a new diet paradigm for a fitter and healthier you (unlike me who binged on cake post-partum and am now heavier and more unfit than I was at 9mo pg)!

Angelico Mon 03-Sep-12 22:14:04

A good link pinched from a post on forum recommended by androbbob. Good explanation if a bit shock confused about future prospects of type 2 diabetes.

<Sighs> Probably better to know your enemy I guess confused.

blonderthanred Mon 03-Sep-12 22:35:42

Hi, I was diagnosed with GD a couple weeks ago and it has felt like my whole life has revolved around it since. My problem is mornings, my readings are 5-6 the rest of the day but are resolutely at 8 every morning despite diet, metformin and insulin. I am increasing my dose each day to try and get to a lower score but my body's just resisting. It's so frustrating. I've tried different breakfasts: porridge, toast+PB, toast+egg (all whole wheat/unsweetened) - no difference.

When I went to see my consultant last week I had some ketones so he told me to eat more carbs so I've included some at every meal although obvs no sweet stuff (miss juice so much).

Also quite concerned about the birth as now I'm on insulin they will want to induce at 38wks. But no-one will talk to me about that at the hospital. Thinking of going for a CS to avoid all the worry.

Sorry I have no tips but thanks for starting the thread, it's really interesting to read others' stories.

Ozziegirly Tue 04-Sep-12 06:23:01

I had GDM with my first pregnancy and was just diagnosed on Friday with my second (at 26 weeks). I'm in Australia and they are really "strict" - my readings have to be between 3.8 and 6.8, everyone is tested (I have no risk factors), but the support is great, I have already seen a diabetes educator and have a dietician referral in case I need it (probably won't as I had it last time).

You also really need a good dietician, one who specialises or at least has a good knowledge of pregnancy diabetes, not just normal diabetes. It's really important that when you're pregnant you DO eat carbs for the baby.

I made the mistake the first time of just cutting out carbs as that kept my readings low, but got warned by the dietician that this was totally the wrong thing to do, as the baby really needs those carbs, so if I couldn't eat a "normal" portion without high readings then I had to have insulin (which I did by 32 weeks).

Some tips I found were making sure you eat a decent amount of fat with carbs, as this helps to make them lower GI. So, for breakfast, cereal was ok if I added some brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and full fat milk. My dietician says the best breakfast is scrambled eggs on 2 slices of wholegrain toast, with a couple of rashers of bacon or some mushrooms.

Lunch I have a big salad with some protein, and a wholegrain roll spread with avocado, followed by a no sugar jelly with berries (this is LOVELY!)

Dinner is something normal and healthy (chilli, roast chicken, grilled fish, the normal), with a small portion of carbs followed by yogurt (full fat) and more berries.

So far my readings this pregnancy have been low, but they started low last time but got worse and by 32ish weeks I couldn't even have 1 slice of bread without sky high readings, hence going onto insulin.

blonderthanred Tue 04-Sep-12 08:34:51

Yes that sounds like what I've been told Ozzie. It was quite confusing at first because the consultant who told me I had GD said I'd have to 'cut out carbs completely' - once I'd seen the specialist team they set me straight, especially when the ketones showed.

Although the official guidelines in the UK are below 7.8 after eating, in practice if I have any readings of 7 or more they are flagged up. I don't know if others have found that.

Angelico Tue 04-Sep-12 08:38:54

Blonder that's a bit of a nightmare with the breakfast stuff. I know one thing they did tell me was some women need to eat a lot of protein at breakfast to kind of kick start everything. Hope it settles.

Ozziegirly funnily enough my breakfast this morning was a ham and mushroom omelette and a slice of Burgen toast smile It was lovely actually! Your diet actually sounds really nice, might experiment a bit with the yoghurt and berries as it would be nice to have something sweet. Just cautious because of the 'orange juice effect' but then as 'badtaste' said it's basically pure sugar conveniently wrapped in water for instant absorption! grin

I have noticed that with the protein upped you really can cut down the carbs and not be hungry. I was never a great meat eater but am making more effort with things like steak, chicken, Quorn etc. Before I would always have had 2 slices of toast, even if I was having beans or scrambled egg but am realising it was just a habit, rather than because I need it IYSWIM.

Off to diabetes clinic this morning. If they roast me over my occasional high reading I will be pointing out that I am stumbling round in the dark 'experimenting' with different foods. Highest of last week was 9.3, a few 8s but mostly in range. FX for no insulin!

Angelico Tue 04-Sep-12 08:39:58

Eeek blonder x-posted! I've had a few higher than 7 so looks like it will be a roasting after all... confused I was told at first appt to stay below 8.0.

Smicha Tue 04-Sep-12 09:07:10

Good luck at the clinic! And don't worry too much as my highs were mainly around the 7.9 or 8 mark and nurse said I was borderline for insulin use and up to me whether to use it if I felt I was hungry. Like you I'm filling up on protein, but still eating sufficient carbs, so haven't used it yet. I have 36 week scan today and then clinic and consultant appointment so should find out if and when they may induce. Eeek!

keema I was also told I would be having a big baby and was advised to have an induction. I went ahead with induction at 38+2, induction failed and ended in emcs at 38+6 and a very average 7lb 5oz baby. It was frustrating as it was a very difficult induction and labour and ds ended up being only a week early!

angelico try not to worry too much about baby's sugar levels after the birth. If you control them well now you are doing the best thing you can do.

Smicha Tue 04-Sep-12 10:28:46

Just re-reading some posts and realise that I had ketones when I saw the community midwife last week, but she just told me to drink more fluid! Naively I didn't realise it could be GD related. Another question to add to my list for the consultant this afternoon! Getting a little bit worked up about my appointment now.

I also just got an 8.0 post-breakfast reading so I'm really frustrated. Foolishly I had porridge (weighed the oats, made with water - usually get around the 7 mark). Wish I'd had an omelette now but am so bored of eggs!! sad

Tidypidy Tue 04-Sep-12 10:49:48

Blonder your morning reading could be high because you've had something around bedtime which has kept your blood sugar high overnight. My son is Type 1 and he is often a bit high in the mornings when he's had milk at bedtime even though he's had insulin for it. There's also something called the Dawn Phenomenon where sugars rise naturally in the morning to get you going but I'm not sure if this applies to GD or just to Type 1. If you've run out of finger space for testing you can always use your toes - as long as you can still reach them!

Tidypidy Tue 04-Sep-12 10:51:58

Smicha ketones can be a sign of dehydration not necessarily linked to diabetes so drinking water would help to 'flush' them out.

TheWalkingDead Tue 04-Sep-12 11:06:41

I had GD for DS2 and controlled through my diet.

Breakfast: I ate a lot of protein and used low GI bread. My favourite was two rashers of thick cut bacon, a scrambled egg and a grilled tomato with toast. If I was in a rush I had chunky peanut butter on toast.

Lunch: More protein heavy foods - cheese, more egg, tuna once of twice a week at most, bacon

Dinner: Protein and veg and a tbsp or 2 of a carb, but usually I wouldn't bother.

Snacks: Nuts and a square of minimum 70% cocoa content chocolate

Drinks: Water, tea (no milk), Coffee (no milk), once a week a sugar free soft drink

I requested information about what I should eat and got nothing much back from my GD specialised consultant - all I got told was that I shouldn't eat many carbs and porridge and fruit in the morning was no good. I just experimented using tips from the internet.

I will say, I was a miserable cow and the combination of a limited diet due to GD, debilitating SPD and a fibro flare up turned me into a demon for a couple of weeks - I didn't handle it with any grace at all! You seem to be handling it well, Angelico! Did lose a stone in 8 weeks though and the GD disappeared afterwards.

blonderthanred Tue 04-Sep-12 13:12:37

Good luck at the clinic Angel. I think everywhere seems to have slightly different thresholds but I hope they don't give you a roasting! My nurse & consultant were very strongly in favour of the insulin when I'd only had a 7.8 reading so I thought I was ok, it was a bit of a shock. However I'm getting used to it and this morning it was 7.2 so it seems to be working.

Thanks for the other responses re breakfast and also ketones. I don't think even plain porridge works for me as I've never had a good reading on it so I'm sticking to eggs or PB on granary toast. And drinking plenty of water.

31 weeks today so only 7 left till I meet my baby and hopefully all this will be over. Then on to the next set of worries!

zoobaby Tue 04-Sep-12 13:25:13

Nice thread, thanks Angelico.

I have GD (predisposed as older than 35 and have a mother with proper type 2 diabetes) so it wasn't a massive surprise when I failed the GTT. However, I was massively surprised that it isn't the end of the world when it comes to food and certainly not all carbs are evil.

The dietician carefully explained that it is all about the Glycaemic Index of food. In other words, how quickly or slowly the carbs are broken down, so you have good, average and bad carbs. Now, colour me surprised cos I thought that the GI Diet was a Hollywood fad diet thing. But it's not, it's a very good and helpful thing to understand.

Some useful info here... www.diabetes.org.uk/Guide-to-diabetes/Food_and_recipes/The-Glycaemic-Index/. A quick google search on Glycaemic Index is also be helpful.

Find a reference guide about GI indexes and figure out what works best for you. For example, pasta works extremely well for me (and my entire pregnancy weight gain will probably be due to eating that everyday) whereas Weetabix/Shreddies blows my readings sky-high. Also you'd be surprised to see that chocolate is on the "good" list but is not recommended due to its high fat content.

Not sure if you can prevent it occuring again but having some knowledge about GI might minimise the chances.

Not sure yet what impact this will have on my birthing options (will find out after the 36 week scan on Wednesday), but I'm pretty sure the midwife-only birthing centre will be off limits and I'll be based upstairs close to the doctors and machines.

zoobaby Tue 04-Sep-12 13:52:13

Also of interest to us all... the NICE Guidelines on Diabetes in Pregnancy, which is available in multiple versions (quite liking the Quick Reference Guide myself).

Angelico Tue 04-Sep-12 16:01:31

Smicha hope your appt went well! thanks

Thanks for more food ideas (esp dark choc WalkingDead!). Tidypidy didn't know about the dawn thing - v interesting! Zoobaby that link was good about the GI thing - thanks! I have a Patrick Holford Low GL recipe book which I must dig out as it's something similar, has low GL cereal mixes etc. Friend used it and found it v good when she was losing weight to ttc.

Clinic went well today, they were actually really pleased with my blood results! grin I have been keeping notes so they weren't worried about the odd high reading because there was always a reason (e.g. the two succulent bites of banoffee...). They did warn me that BS may go nuts in next few weeks, in which case I will probably have to have baby in a hospital with SCBU.

Forgot to ask for advice about steroids - duh! Have been given them as option for CS at 38+4 because hospital doesn't have SCBU but have read they can send BS mental and mean early hospitalisation. What to do?!

Lunch today: slice of Burgen toast with applewood cheese and ham and some lovely Tesco finest soup - puy lentil and vine tomato - was gorgeous. Gave a satisfactory 6.7 reading post lunch!

Smicha Tue 04-Sep-12 16:59:51

Glad to hear your clinic went well! That's great news that they are pleased with the results, I always get a bit stressed before hand that they're going to tell me off and they're always nicer than I expect them to be!

I had a scan and baby is fine and growing as normal, they expect him to be about 7.5lb which is apparently average, but they're worried about me as I had ketones in urine again and I've lost weight so I'm now on overnight insulin as my fasting levels were always around the limit. I have to try and get more carbs into my day and gain weight!!! Never thought I'd be being told to gain weight at 8 months pregnant!!!! confused If more carbs still means high readings I have to introduce fast acting insulin before meals. All a bit rubbish, but I know it's for the best.

The team at the hospital was great and I've got to go back in 2 weeks for another scan and then they will give me a date for induction which, because I'm now on insulin, will be before 39 weeks... which means I will definitely have a baby in around 3 weeks and that is scary! shock

As for where to give birth, I know that in my hospital the midwife led unit is out of bounds for anyone with GD so I'll be in the very clinical consultant led unit. Bit gutted about that as the new midwife led unit just opened yesterday and is apparently one of the best in Europe!

Thanks for starting this thread Angelico, it's really good to share this experience!

blonderthanred Tue 04-Sep-12 17:24:02

Oh I'm glad it went well Angel. Funny how different hospitals have different responses - it sounds like your readings were similar to mine but my consultant and nurse were very insistent on the insulin!

I've also been told that I will definitely be induced or have a CS at 38 weeks because I'm on insulin so different to you Smich. I know we can refuse to go along with inductions etc but I'm loath to go against medical advice, even if it's inconsistent.

It does suddenly feel amazingly soon - I feel like I've jumped from 12 to 7 weeks left in no time at all. 3 weeks though, wow. Hope people on this thread will come back and let us know how they got on.

Angelico Tue 04-Sep-12 19:30:24

Brilliant news Smicha that your bean is okay! It's a curse about the insulin stuff but you'll get a handle on it I'm sure. Might end up there myself confused And 3 weeks today... there should be new beans in the world grin

Blonder I've been thinking that myself about how different hospitals seem to have different protocols. It is all a bit strange - you would expect there to be one set of guidelines. It is tough if you wanted to avoid induction etc - I was having a CS anyway for a completely different reason so it hasn't changed my game plan any.

Last meal out tonight - our visitors are leaving tomorrow. Love them to bits but boy is it hard managing to eat well. We were supposed to be going to a restaurant where I knew I could get food, then ended up in a pub where menu was awful for GD. I ended up having a steak ciabatta and caesar salad. Only ate half the bread. Happily blood sugar was 6.9 - was expecting it to be about 20 with all that white bread confused

And the big hospital where I go for GD stuff is also hooking me up to that 'telehealth' thing where I can send my blood sugar by download rather than having to drive 40 miles to be seen smile Will save so much time, it's great! smile

happynappies Tue 04-Sep-12 19:44:51

Sounds like everyone is making progress, have got appt with consultant tomorrow so will have first discussion about my readings; so far they seem ok two hours after a meal (eg 5.something) but before meals are under 4. Do you think that means I should be eating more? Oh and I locked up my sharps box today (pg brain!!) so am hoping to get a new one tomorrow!! Am now 37+1 and it feels like baby is going to be here before I know it, don't know where the summer went!!

midori1999 Tue 04-Sep-12 22:12:55

I had GD with DD3, although I suspect I may have had it in all my pregnancies as DS2 was 10lb born at 38 weeks and DS1 was also 9lb, although I was tested with DS2 and they said I didn't have it, but levels at which GD is diagnosed have changed since then. I was only 'just' over the limits when tested at 24 weeks with DD, 6.1 fasting and 8.1 2 hours after the glucose drink. However, but the time I delivered I was on huge amounts of slow and fast acting insulin and never managed to get my fasting readings or breakfast readings within limits really, although the clinic were always pleased with things and DD was born at 37+6 weighing 6lbs 15oz, so only 25th centile.

I was told by the dietician that it is vital in pregnancy not to cut carbs too much and advised to carb count and have 40g carbs for breakfast, 50 each at
lunch and dinner and then 2-3 snacks of 10g of carbs each and 10-20g of carbs for milk in coffee, so 180-200g of carbs a day. In 'normal' diabetes terms that would be classed as high carb!

I would have things like:

- Breakfast:

2 slices of seeded bread with marg/peanut butter or 2 poached or boiled eggs, maybe sometimes a small bowl of porridge instead, sometimes bacon/eggs and toast.

- Lunch:

wholemeal pitta bread with greek salad and celery and cucumber sticks and radishes or filled with salami/ham and cheddar and then popped in the toaster. Then an apple or yoghurt.


Small jacket potato (sweet potatoes made my readings high) or a small portion of wholemeal pasta with roasted peppers and chicken in pesto, small portion of wholegrain basmati rice and curry etc...

I sometimes had a small amount of chocolate peanuts as a snack or a scoop of Ben and Jerry's after dinner, which didn't affect me negatively. I also admit to cheating once or twice and using my 50g of carbs to have 2 of Asda's choc choux buns for lunch and nothing else. blush

Sometimes readings are just high and you don't know why. Sometimes things affect you when they 'shouldn't'. I never once had a morning reading under 6 and post breakfast readings were usually 9 or 10, a few times 11.something, which scared the crap out of me, but the diabetes team didn't seem phased. My friend is a type 1 and she'd be thrilled with an 11.something reading, so I suppose it's all relative.

Good luck and try not to worry.

mayaswell Wed 05-Sep-12 08:31:44

I had GD in pregnancy, and was amazed at the terrible advice I was given, one dietician said not to worry about carbs, I should stick to a low fat diet for best results.

I was initially really upset that it had happened, and felt so guilty that I might have given my baby a bad start (luckily my lovely DH gave me good support and advice, and pointed out my hormones were making me irrational!!!).

I kept a food diary, ate little and often and steered clear of sugar in all its forms when I could. My babies were all under 6lb.

What stunned me was that when I went into hospital for delivery my meals were not at all appropriate, and when I asked why not they said it didnt matter!

Relax, do the best you can for you and your baby and try not to worry.

I'm not offering this as a recommendation but if I knew my reading was going to be a point or two over i just didn't record it.

mrsv2 Wed 05-Sep-12 09:33:25

Havent had chance to read the whole thread and will try to catch up later. I am currently 36+4 and was diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks. The first week was very stressful as i tried to be diet controlled and it just didnt work for me despite huge diet changes. I am now on fast acting insulin and a slow release at night. each week my needs increase but i have excellent care at the hospital. I have been told to follow a low GI diet and avoid sugar where possible. Mornings for me are always the worse and often have high readings unless i eat a pure protein (ie full english) that i obviously dont fancy or want every day. I am planned for induction at at 37+6 and all well on scans.
My tips
Best Bread - Hovis Wholemeal Granary
Best natural yoghurt - Total Greek yoghurt
Best fruits - grapes / kiwi/ cherrys/ strawberrys
Snacks- my fave is Nairns fine milled oatcakes with a smear of nutella

mrsv2 Wed 05-Sep-12 09:40:30

whoops hadnt finished.
Snacks - pepperami, cheese slices ie gouda / jarlsberg/babybel, 2-3 richtea fingers, tea loaf ( homemade), scone with a little jam and lots of cream
Carbs - new potatoes, gnocchi, noodles, brown basmati.....if i have pasta make sure you have lots of meat and cheese based sauce.

I have to say i found the diet very confusing initially but now its fine. We have continued to eat out and have take aways. With take outs i usually give myself 2 extra units but eating out as long as i am careful i have my usual doses. If i have been a bit naughty then exercise is the key, even a slow waddle around the block makes a huge difference to my sugars, or sometimes i just march in the living room much to my DHs amusement. I too initially lost weight....i lost 6lb in the first 6 weeks but have since put on 3lb. Ketones for me were usually dehydration and resolved on drinking water.

mrsv2 Wed 05-Sep-12 09:43:33

Just seen the question about steroids.....i had steroids but only because my DD was a premmie. I had to be admitted to hospital for 36hrs as had to go on a sliding scale insulin drip as the Dexamethasone sends your sugars haywire. This is the same drip i will have to have in active labour......

blonderthanred Wed 05-Sep-12 09:44:30

That's really helpful mrsv, thank you for posting that.

Angelico Wed 05-Sep-12 10:08:59

Great advice midori / maya / mrsv2 - thanks, especially for 'food lists'. I find it really useful knowing what other people are eating grin

Happy hope your appt goes well with consultant. Mine was really lovely and really pleased with blood sugars which made me feel that I was doing something right. She said she'd let me off the odd high reading where they were family parties etc - it's really the morning and day to day readings they are interested in. Apparently any morning ones under the 5.5 are great, probably because of the dawn phenomenon mentioned up thread.

I'm desperate to stay off insulin but in some ways it seems you can eat more normally if you are on it. Last night was trying to be 'good' with the ciabatta - only ate half and had salad instead of sharing chips etc with DH. 4.9 at bedtime and 4.6 pre-brekkie this morning - but had lots of ketones this morning so not sure if I actually didn't have enough carbs. Might experiment with a bedtime oatcake and peanut butter. On the other hand might not have drunk enough. It's tough!

mrsv2 Wed 05-Sep-12 13:36:26

For me insulin was a relief......I felt I had more control and the diabetic team have been excellent. They have no issues with me upping doses on occasion to counteract a treat meal and they know I stick to a good diet overall. I hope I will continue some of the diet post birth to lose weight and stay healthy as I would hate it to be forever and I know it's a risk. I miss fruit juice the most..... But I was drinking gallons of it Pre GD. Also found I became constipated on the high protein diet so was given sugar free laxido which has been great.

Tidypidy Wed 05-Sep-12 13:39:08

If you're carb counting then Carbs and Cals is an excellent resource either as a book or app for smart phones. It shows pictures of food in varying portion sizes with the carbs and calories detailed.

Glad to hear it's all going well. I'm 16 wks with DC3 and convinced I'll be diagnosed with GD before long. I keep testing my blood sugars during the day and so far nothing over 8.2 so fingers crossed ...

mrsv2 Wed 05-Sep-12 14:05:31

Just had a read through..... Fo those they are worried about babies sugars post birth. I have been recommended by the hospital to start colostrum harvesting this week to put in the freezer, so I'd the baby has any problems they can be rectified with that rather than formula. After a bath tonight I will try to hand express s few drops into a syringe, label and freeze. This is recommended from 36weeks onwards. It doesn't work for everyone and is more successful if you have already had children but it's worth asking your hospital about if it's of interest to you.

zoobaby Wed 05-Sep-12 15:58:46

Just read mrsv's advice re colostrum expressing. There's some more info over here for anyone interested to know about it.

My consultant was totally hmm about colostrum expressing when I asked him this morning and told me to stop looking on the internet for my advice (that's a true quote) confused. Haha. Obviously I agreed with that particular gem of advice.

Dinosaurdrip Wed 05-Sep-12 16:20:58

Hi I have been diagnosed with GD today sad I have 2ds and was fine with them so am a bit shocked as I just assumed I'd be fine. I know I am overweight but am kind of dreading someone else chastising me because of this fact, is this what the dietician will do?

I realise it is not the end of the world but I am gutted, probably because I really thought I'd be ok. Please someone come and slap me round the face and tell me to get over myself.

mrsv2 Wed 05-Sep-12 17:00:55

I am not very over weight but at no point was duet for weightloss mentioned to me. Just healthy options and the low GI diet. I have had 2 weekly clinic appointments and I get weighed each time. Initially I lost weight like most people on here. Personally I can honestly say that I haven't been questioned about my Pre pregnancy weight although post pregnancy I know I need to lose and maintain to help reduce risks.....

Angelico Wed 05-Sep-12 19:50:08

Tidy fingers crossed you escape!

MrsV and Zoobaby thanks for the tip / link about expressing colostrum. Where do you get syringes to do that? I'm a first timer and really know nothing about this stuff! confused

Dino sorry to hear you are in the club sad I very much doubt anyone will chastise you - everyone I've seen has been lovely. I'm a bit overweight too but they actually told me I don't class as having any risk factors - think you need to be substantially overweight before they see it as a definite risk. In fact at the GD clinic I have been surprised both weeks by how slim most of the people there are (bumps aside grin). Consultant said that it's the pregnancy hormones blocking insulin and that it will go away 90% of the time - but that losing weight afterwards is important because we will now have a 50% chance of type 2 diabetes. She said that being a size 8 won't stop you from getting it but it gives you slightly better odds than if you're a size 16. Bit of a shock the high likelihood and tbh makes me think twice about another pregnancy too.

Got telehealth set up today so no more 80 mile round trip to hospital, hurrah! grin Also had my first low reading - 3.4 pre-lunch. Not way low but a bit of a surprise as I've had a few high readings but no low readings.

mrsv2 Wed 05-Sep-12 21:34:24

Out of interest what have you been asked to maintain your readings at..... Mine is pre-breakfast below 5.9 and 1hr post meals below 7.8. Anything above 8.0 is classed as a high reading and above 8.5 I have to give extra insulin

Angelico Wed 05-Sep-12 21:39:24

Pre-meals I've been told to be between 3.5-5.5 and 1 hour after meals no more than 8.0. Last week I had 5 readings over 8.0 but they weren't worried as I'd been able to find a reason (2 of them were small amounts of orange juice). Consultant said that a lot of things that will give high readings at the minute aren't 'bad foods' in themselves, just that hormones are blocking insulin. I was only drinking the orange to help me absorb iron tablet.

blonderthanred Wed 05-Sep-12 22:57:50

mrsv mine are officially meant to be below 7.8 but in reality anything over 7 is flagged up.

I finally got my breakfast reading under 7 this morning (6.4 in fact) with 6m of insulin but now I've had a dinner reading of 9.0. My lunch and dinner readings have all been fine till now. I feel like crying. Had same dinner as friend who eats low GI and she tested hers which was 6.4. It's my appt tomorrow with the nurse so doubtless they will want me to start taking insulin in the evenings too.

Just feel like my body is failing me.

mrsv2 Thu 06-Sep-12 07:38:37

Blonder please don't feel disappointed. I have been told that each week things change and what worked will suddenly stop. At present I have 13-15 units Pre breakfast, 4 at lunch, 6 at tea and 8 units of slow acting at night and I still get high readings. This has slowly increased over each appointment and it may again before IOL. If your body needs it then unfortunately we can't do anything about it ((((hugs))))

blonderthanred Thu 06-Sep-12 08:48:27

Thanks mrsv. Feel a bit more rational this morning but was really upset last night.

I suddenly feel like my baby's not safe inside me and wish it could be born so I could look after it properly. But I know it needs to cook a bit longer!

I am thinking of asking the consultant if I can have a CS instead of going through the induction process. All my friends who've had CS say it's a good idea but my friends who've had induction say it's not too bad and I should try to aim for that as the more natural/easier recovery option.

mrsv2 Thu 06-Sep-12 08:59:16

How many weeks are you now blonder?? i am 36+4 and being induced at 37+6 so next Friday.....Eeeeeek. I hope to avoid a CS if i can for post practical reasons really as i also have a 17month old. My DD was born at 29 weeks with a natural labour but obviously this time it will be very different. I have also had mixed feedback about inductions but i am going in with an open mind and if i end up with a CS then we will cope. My only hope is that i can stay mobile through out the labour despite the insulin drips etc. Speak to your consultant and discuss your fears and hopefully you can make a decision between you.

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 09:00:00

Blonder you know this isn't your 'fault' smile Blame the pesky hormones! I was warned that bloods may start to creep up as well as we get more insulin resistant the longer we go. It must be a nightmare having to think about insulin as well all the food changes so sending a hug and some thanks

Pork stir fry last night with fresh egg noodles - very nice and stayed well in range. Another ham and mushroom omelette with Burgen toast this morning - also had an Actimel so will be interested to see if the sugar in it sends me up.

Have any of you tried the Patrick Holford low GL recipes at all? He has a few for low GL cereals and stuff so if anyone is really missing their cereal I can put a couple on - they are actually really nice, my friend made them for me a while ago.

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 09:03:06

MrsV that is really close! smile You've reminded me of another worry - I am having CS but have to fast from 07:00 that morning. How does that work with the diabetes / keeping BS under control? Anyone know? All these questions I think of after I have seen the endocrinologist hmm

Also worried about the hospital food sad Might take in some oatcakes and peanut butter so I don't have to survive on white toast. Love the way they give you white toast after everything - I never eat it any other time because I prefer wholemeal bread. Why give crappy white bread to diabetic mothers?!

mrsv2 Thu 06-Sep-12 09:16:10

i have been told that if i dont feel like a meal or i miss one then dont worry but do your blood sugar at the normal time to make sure its ok. i have done this a couple of times especially if i have had a full english breakfast, i just dont want Hospital food is a nightmare. I was admitted last week with contractions and they bought be a maple/pecan slice, weetabix and a white bread roll with jam for breakfast. I have packed pepperamis, 2 bags of nuts and seeds to snack on, some oatcakes and some sugar free squash.

blonderthanred Thu 06-Sep-12 09:31:24

Wow that is soon! I am 31+2 so a few more weeks till they will want to make a decision about the birth but I want to have a chat now to get some things straight in my head.

Angel that is funny, I had a chicken stir fry with fresh noodles - but obviously my body reacted differently.

Thanks both for the supportive words.

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 14:50:59

Lunch today: Baxters Healthy Minestrone Soup (full tin) with Burgen toast and reduced fat cheese. I've been eating applewood cheese but started worrying about cholesterol confused Pre-lunch 3.9, post-lunch 7.3 so all good.

DH out for dinner tonight which means I can make spag bol with Quorn mince - quick and easy grin

BigFairy Thu 06-Sep-12 15:46:08

Can I ask if you ladies with GD had babies measuring large from early on? My baby is on 95th percentile for all measurements at 20 weeks and I'm wondering if this could be an indication I may have GD (there is diabetes in the family). So far I've been told not to worry as the growth will be checked again later on.

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 16:11:35

BigFairy my bean was always quite long in the leg but that has nothing to do with GD. They only started all that percentile stuff at 25 weeks and she was 50th percentile then. She only seemed to start measuring big around 30-31 week mark but they weren't worried. By 34+6 she was measuring 6.5-7.5lbs depending on scanner! Consultant still wasn't worried hmm It was only good luck that I ended up being hospitalised because of ketones, weight loss, baby weight etc and GTT was repeated. GD seems to have kicked in around 29-30 weeks.

I'm 36 weeks tomorrow, have a scan next week and hoping she has slowed down a bit now BS seems to be under control (for now!).

mrsv2 Thu 06-Sep-12 16:55:03

As far as I am aware my baby has been within 'normal' limits before and since diagnosis. My 36 week scan has shown the Abdo has just grown outside the median but the consultant not concerned and IOL now planned for 38 weeks

Smicha Thu 06-Sep-12 17:57:02

Blonder don't blame yourself for the high readings, as others have said I think they increase as time goes on. I started overnight insulin on Tuesday and for the last two days my morning readings have been some of the highest ever! confused I have to ring the nurse tomorrow and I have a feeling she's going to get me to up the dosage. FWIW egg noodles send my sugars sky high, even with a stir fry of lots of protein and veg.

Bigfairy my baby is measuring 'normal' and although he has a slightly above average abdomen, he always has had so they said they're fine with the trend. If it was sudden growth then they said they'd be worried, but if the growth is steady they seem happy with it. I don't know if a big baby automatically means GD, but my experience so far hasn't shown a big baby yet I do have GD (we'll see if they're right about size when I start pushing!!!!)

Angelico any links to recipes would be great as I am so bored of the same meals again and again!!! Just on a related note, thought I'd share that last night DH wasn't home and I'd been swimming and was STARVING so put all my energy into making a chicken and vegetable wholewheat pasta dish from scratch, when what I really wanted to do was collapse in front of the telly with a carb-heavy comfort meal... then walked into the living room in the dark, tripped and spilled my food on the floor!!! I had nothing else in the house that I was able to eat, so had to pick up the bits from the top of the pile that hadn't landed on the carpet and eat them... after I'd finished crying!!! I can laugh about it now grin and laughed with DH when he got home, but at the time I felt like it was the end of the world. This diet is driving me mad!!

On a happier note, I finished work today. Wish I could have some wine to celebrate!!!

mrsv2 Thu 06-Sep-12 18:31:02

Are you not having wine because you are pg or because of the GD. I have found a glass of wine with a meal hasn't really affected my sugars.....I have had red and white but haven't tried rose. Have also had a very weak shandy made with diet lemonade. Since diagnosis I have had 2 holidays and a family celebration, I'm not an alcy really :-)

Smicha Thu 06-Sep-12 18:47:29

Bit of both really, I had just a few glasses in total in the months before diagnosis but then thought the sugars in wine would be too much so decided just to abstain completely for the next few weeks! Tempted now though...

midori1999 Thu 06-Sep-12 20:31:38

Blonder, don't beat yourself up! It's not your fault and the important thing is that your sugars are kept under control and if you need insulin to do that, then you need insulin!

I started on 12 units of slow acting insulin at 26 weeks (was diagnosed at 24) and by delivery (spontaneous labour) at 37+6 I was on 58 units of slow acting unslin each night, 28 units of fast acting pre breakfast, 8 pre lunch and 10-12 pre dinner and I was still getting post breakfast readings of 9's and 10's, it was never under 7.9, I just couldn't up the insulin fast enough. My baby was fine and despite bot getting the drip I was supposed to have in labour, she was 6lb 15oz and although her blood sugar was borderline, she didn't have a hypo, so try not to worry if that's possible.

midori1999 Thu 06-Sep-12 20:32:22

Oh, a glass of red/alcohol can actually help lower your blood sugar.... smile

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 20:56:54

Oh, a glass of red/alcohol can actually help lower your blood sugar....

Angelico sits up so fast she dislocates neck... grin

Lovely Quorn spag bol tonight with plenty of wholewheat spaghetti - and had a cheeky bit of dark choc after with a cup of tea. Although my BS reading was fine (6.8) I feel very sleepy now. Starting to feel quite aware of how different foods make me feel.

Smicha - what recipes would you like? A breakfast cereal one? A dessert one? A main? smile Will maybe try and add one a day so will give you first dibs!

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 20:59:38

Oh - and just one happy thing about GD! Going to optician this weekend - and my eye test is free! shock They asked if I was entitled to free eye test, I said didn't think so but had GD. They phoned some health agency and I qualify! shock

Angelico Thu 06-Sep-12 21:01:02

I was going anyway as haven't been wearing contact lenses, my glasses are about 10 years old and bloody awful looking and my mum has said the bean will disown me when she's older and sees me leering out of her first photos with Harry Potter specs on grin

mrsv2 Thu 06-Sep-12 21:48:01

Homemade chickpea curry with a decent portion of whole grain basmati..... My usual 6 units and a reading of 6.8 :-)

blonderthanred Fri 07-Sep-12 00:07:06

Hello fellow GD-ers. Had much more positive appt today, saw 2 doctors and the new diabetic midwife at the hospital, much less drama this time and they were quite unalarmed by my high reading last night, just said, oh see how you go tonight and add insulin if you need it, but it's probably a blip.

Also had lots of questions answered about induction, drugs, CS options, breastfeeding, antenatal expressing and feel a lot better about the possibilities and just much better informed.

Then both my readings for lunch and dinner were under 6 with no insulin so maybe I had something on my hands last night! I know it's likely to get worse but at least it doesn't seem to be escalating quite as quickly as I feared.

Thank you all for your support, I know I need to get a grip a bit and put the hormones aside. You're all being super practical so I shall follow your lead. Wow, 53 units! That's like half a tube at a time. I know I am not that badly off and what needs to be done must be done.

mrsv2 Fri 07-Sep-12 07:46:37

Glad you had a good appointment Blonder.....

blonderthanred Fri 07-Sep-12 08:36:48

Thanks mrsv, your curry sounds lovely.

Angelico Fri 07-Sep-12 09:12:39

Morning ladies. Had a cheeky second slice of toast this morning for no better reason than it being there... hmm My will power is a true inspiration... hmm

4.8 this morning pre-brekkie, let's see what astronomical level it reaches thanks to the second slice, gah!

Smicha Fri 07-Sep-12 09:20:38

Morning! Being off work rocks smile

Any recipe you like would be good Angel, I like the idea of cereal or a main. I've actually gone off desserts since weaning myself off my sugar addiction!! (Although dark chocolate is on my shopping list for today!) Oh and thanks for making me giggle with the idea of Harry Potter specs in newborn photos grin.

Glad to hear you had a good appointment blonder.

Just wondering, what are your average morning readings? I've been put on this insulin because mine were high (lowest ever 4.7 but mainly 5.2-5.5) and since starting it they've been 4.9 or higher, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me...

Angelico Fri 07-Sep-12 09:26:40

Smicha that sounds very tough - - when I saw consultant she was just delighted my morning readings were all under the 5.5! My range is 4.2-5.1 pre-brekkie over the 10 days I've been finger pricking.

LimeLeafLizard Fri 07-Sep-12 09:32:45

Hope you don't mind if I mark my place - I have a GTT coming up at 28 weeks (only 17 now) and I'd like to be able to find this thread again if it is positive.

My main risk factor is that I previously had a 10lb baby.

Does anyone know about birth options if you are having a big baby? I.e. do you have to be induced early or have a CS? Or are you allowed to go to term and deliver normally?

Angelico Fri 07-Sep-12 09:35:26

Right a cereal for Smicha - from Patrick Holford Low GL Diet Cookbook. Friend swears by it.

Disclaimer: haven't tried these this side of GD so no idea what the effect will be on blood sugar - you might need to reduce the serving size as it is quite generous.

Low carb muesli (to serve 2)

100g whole oat flakes
50g ground almonds
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
2 tbsp macadamia nuts, roughly chopped
2 tbsp sunflower seeds
OPTIONAL: 2 tsp xylitol (his preferred sweetener)

Mix it together and serve with berries, fruit compote (recipe below), live natural yoghurt or milk / soya milk. It's actually naturally quite sweet so to my surprise didn't need sugar or xylitol when friend made me some.

Apple compote

1 Bramley (cooking) apple, cored and diced - leave peel on!
.25 teaspoon ginger or .5 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 tsp xylitol
2 tsp lemon juice

Heat in pan covered for about 10 mins, until apples stew - stir at intervals to stop it sticking.

Bon appetit!!! grin

Angelico Fri 07-Sep-12 09:39:21

Hi Limeleaf. Think it really depends on how well controlled your blood sugar is. I was already having a CS anyway at 39+2 but because my bean was growing madly in undiagnosed period I am now getting taken at 38+4. Even with blood sugars well controlled she still seems to be getting big so slightly worried they will take me even sooner...

Hope your GTT is clear smile But even if it is if you start experiencing a) big baby b) weight loss c)severe thirst d) ketones in urine then do go back and ask for re-test. Your time (28 weeks) sounds good - I had my GTT at 25 weeks which I think was just a few weeks early as mine seems to have kicked in around 30-31 weeks, diagnosed at 33 (by complete fluke), started finger pricking at 34+4.

Smicha Fri 07-Sep-12 09:49:11

Thanks for the recipe!! Sounds yum as I ate muesli almost every day prior to diagnosis, so I've added the ingredients to my shopping list! Will give that a go tomorrow with some yoghurt (milk doesn't like me!)

mrsv2 Fri 07-Sep-12 09:53:37

Hi limeleaf..... At initial diagnosis @ 28weeks I was told I would not be allowed to go over due date die to increased risks if placental failure, once insulin was introduced to maintain sugars induction at 38 weeks and I'm booked for 37+6.
My Pre breakfast readings ate always high.... Always between 5.2 -5.9 despite slow release insulin at bedtime. Without they were above 5.7.
I have risked cereal this morning....1.5 Weetabix ( I know 2 is too much) with half a grapefruit.

mrsv2 Fri 07-Sep-12 09:54:37

Simcha...... Best yoghurt for carb/sugar is total yoghurt or if you can face it goats milk yoghurt

Smicha Fri 07-Sep-12 09:58:42

Thanks MrsV - I actually quite like the total yoghurt so will get some more of that...not sure I can stomach goat's milk though as I always feel goat's cheese tastes like a goatshed smells! (Yes, I'm odd!)

Rang nurse this morning and she is more than happy with my readings, especially as I've introduced more carbs to every meal and I feel full each day, so I've just got to continue with the small doses before bed. Phew!

Angelico Fri 07-Sep-12 10:05:59

Got away with the second slice of toast! <wipes brow> 7.4 post-brekkie.

Interestingly a girl on my AN thread had GD and is in Scandinavia where they have really low guidelines - must check but I think all post meal readings were to be under 7 rather than 8. Must be a nightmare! confused

mrsv2 Fri 07-Sep-12 10:32:25

Yes I got away with my Weetabix too....7.8 :-)

blonderthanred Fri 07-Sep-12 10:50:15

Good work on the Weetabix and toast!

Angel that's what the diabetic nurse & cons seemed to want last week, any score over 7 was scrutinised. It was quite a relief yesterday to be told I was actually doing ok and not to worry about a few higher readings unless they became a pattern.

Had a nice lie in this morning as I don't start work till 12 so I am yet to have a breakfast reading but hopefully it will be a good morning for all of us.

Hiya, I'm new to the thread. Am 37 weeks today and was diagnosed with GD at 30 weeks. I've got 2 DD's already but didnt have the GD with them.

Managing to control it through diet pretty well. I'm only struggling in the mornings but they don't seem worried. My targets are under 6 pre meal and under 7.8 an hour after food.

I usually get about around 5.8 before breakfast but since Saturday I've had a 6.0, 6.1 and a 6.4. Yesterday was 4.7 though, today 5.2.
I can't tolerate any kind of cereal for breakfast and can only have toast if it's the Burgen Soya & Linseed stuff and only if my pre breakfast reading is low enough.
I've been living off cooked mushrooms and scrambled eggs in the mornings. Luckily I seem to be ok as the day goes on and havent had any high readings after my evening meal.

I've got another growth scan and consultant appointment on Wednesday when I'll be 37+5. I should get a date for induction then I think. Both my DD's were born 2 weeks late so this not going overdue business seems strange to me!!

mrsv2 Fri 07-Sep-12 13:20:54

Welcome...meltedmoments sounds like you are doing fabulously controlling on diet alone, well done you. I am in the opposite situation to you and am struggling with being this pregnant as my DD was born at 29weeks. Roll on next Friday for induction smile

LimeLeafLizard Fri 07-Sep-12 13:41:08

Thanks for the advice!

Angel I will watch out for those symptoms. Funnily enough I did loose about half a stone during the last month of my last pg, so perhaps I did have GD then, without knowing.

mrsv that is encouraging - hope I can get induced as I'd really like to avoid a CS. This is my 4th child and I need to drive to get the others around!

melted, like you, two of my others were very overdue, so an early delivery would be strange for me too.

The food tips on here are great.

Angelico Fri 07-Sep-12 14:50:14

Well, finally got speaking to dietician this morning - going to see her next week so was just confirming appt. She is out of my area but sounds lovely and very encouraging. She said as a rule of thumb avoid anything that is more than 10g of sugar per 100g and that kiwis are good for Vit C for taking iron tablet, in absence of evil BS raising orange juice! smile

Blonder the mystery of the different guideline figures... apparently they want under 7 if you are on insulin but as I'm not on insulin they are very happy with under 8 as it can be hard to stay below 7 without insulin. I'm now pleasantly surprised so many of my readings are in the 6's post meal with the odd 7 after hefty portions of 'good' carbs.

Welcome Melted - hope you find the thread useful, I'm finding it so helpful even just getting food tips plus it saves poor AN thread from hearing every boring detail of my lunches etc smile

And speaking of which... today it was lentil and veg soup (Baxters 'Healthy') plus a slice of Burgen toast with reduced fat cheese and ham. Followed up by raspberries and some cherry yoghurt - the yoghurt is the gamble of the day as when I looked it had 14g sugar per 100g... confused

Off to GP for prescription for more test sticks etc... trying not to think about each one of the buggers meaning a stab in the finger!

blonderthanred Fri 07-Sep-12 17:24:09

That's a really useful guideline about the sugar Angel. I seem to be spending ages reading packets in supermarkets at the mo but not sure what exactly I'm looking for!

I've had a couple of bought sandwiches at work this week so just picked the most wholegrainy and proteiny which seems to have been fine, but I'll use your tip in future.

Smicha Fri 07-Sep-12 20:03:15

Hi meltedmoments!

These targets really do seem to differ from hospital to hospital. I have to be under 5.5 in the morning, but then when I rang the nurse today she said they really like it to be under 5.3... and then I hear that some people can have 8 after meals, some just 7 and some 7.8... hmmm.

Good day for me today, after a mini panic at lunchtime. Was enjoying my first day of mat leave with a haircut and wander round the shops and had lunch in Pret, one of their superfood salads, and was happily munching through the half tortilla in the box when I remembered that white tortilla would send the blood really high so I worried for an hour, but then it was just 6.5! Phew. Must have been all the exercise I did walking around John Lewis baby dept trying to decide which cot sheets to buy smile

Made chicken with spinach curry tonight www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/chickenwithspinach_90047 and hope that will work well with wholegrain rice... ate it about half an hour ago, so we'll see!

Also bought my ingredients for the muesli recipe and got some soya milk to try, so I'm looking forward to that in the morning! Can you tell that food has taken over my life!?!

mrsv2 Fri 07-Sep-12 20:56:06

Good day for me..... All readings been fine and I've been really picky but nothing too bad. Bought some cinnamon and raisin malt loaf which we had as a snack this pm and it was lovely. Tea some made up sausage/ pancetta, tomato sauce and gnocchi with z post reading of 7.2 on my 6 units.
It is wierd all the different guidelines, I don't have to monitor Pre meal other than Pre breakfast

Angelico Fri 07-Sep-12 21:55:43

How was the curry Smicha? smile See how you get on with the soya milk, I think it is quite sweet sometimes unless it's the unsweetened version. If you get a high reading might be worth swapping for ordinary milk, not sure which one has less sugar and more protein.

Cinnamon and raisin malt loaf sounds yum mrsv

We got our Fri night chinese tonight (even though had it earlier in week because of visitors). Had my chicken skewers and a third of a portion of fried rice plus prawn crackers - got a 7.9! confused Think it's the prawn crackers which makes sense as I guess they are basically some kind of white flour. Still, just beneath the dreaded 8!

Is anyone else getting really fed up with the finger pricking? So far I've done all mine on last 3 fingers of left hand but might have to start doing a few on my right hand to give poor left hand a chance to recover... 7 stabs a day by 10 days = lots of pinholes!

mrsv2 Sat 08-Sep-12 08:24:51

I use 6 fingers.... Last 3 of each hand and always on the side not the finger tip. It's not too bad. I stab 5x a day and have been for 9 weeks. I find my Abdo is very bruised from injections so when I am at home I try to use my thigh.

mrsv2 Sat 08-Sep-12 08:25:21

Oh we are off out to the canal cafe for a full englander this morning :-)

midori1999 Sat 08-Sep-12 08:43:04

I'm going to stalk this thread if no one minds, even though I am not pregnant yet. I'm hoping to TTC around Christmas time and suspect I will be diagnosed with GD again as I do still check my blood sugars from time to time as I still have my monitor and even now not in pregnancy my fasting readings are between 6.1 and 7.3, post meals (2 hours after, I had to check 1 hour after in pregnancy) are anything from 6.something to 11.2. I had my first yearly GTT on Thursday, so I'll know a bit more about what's going on next week.

Angelico that's interesting about your clinic liking under 7's if ladies are on insulin. I very rarely got a reading under 7, despite quite large amounts of insulin, usually low 8's after lunch/dinner, but rarely under 9 post breakfast, often over 10 and it really bothered me a lot, but the clinic kept telling me my readings were good and not to worry. confused

I know a couple of women in RL who have had GD around the same time as me and one was told similar to me, the other had to test 2 hours post meals, but get similar results, which obviously would make it much easier!

Angelico Sat 08-Sep-12 12:52:30

Midori - stalk away! smile The guidelines do seem to vary a lot, don't they? I'm happy enough if they are happy with my readings.

Just went to a food market in town and bought lovely breads, houmous, pesto, sun dried tomato... nom nom! Family are coming for lunch so have defrosted some homemade lentil and tomato soup to help keep things under control ie save me from the bread. Also got a really dense heavy rye bread to see if that helps.

Also got very cool glasses in case anyone is interested - thank you GD for the free sight test grin (every cloud and all that...)

mrsv2 Sat 08-Sep-12 13:14:21

Full english at the canal cafe and 1 slice of cheap bread white toast.......obviously with my usual 3000 units ( oh ok my 15units) that i have at breakfast and a post reading of 6.0.
No lunch for me and then BBQ possibly tonight with some tasty sausages and potatoe salad and corn.
Just ordered a graze box as a snack treat for my hopefully last week of GD

Angelico Sat 08-Sep-12 15:33:11

Your last week MrsV - sounds awesome! as does your fry smile

Had a little feast there - some tomato bread with houmous, rye bread with cheese and ham, lentil and tomato soup and then some nice berries (raspberries / strawberries / blueberries) with cherry yoghurt. Post-lunch came in at 7.5 - not brilliant but probably the mix of yoghurt and bread and under the dreaded 8.0.

Smicha Sat 08-Sep-12 20:31:13

Last week, wow! How are you feeling mrsv? Excited?

Last night's curry gave a 6.2 so I'll be making that again!

I made the muesli this morning, just 25g of oats and then lots of nuts. Had it with unsweetened soya milk and got a 7.3 reading...not too bad especially as it kept me full all morning. Thanks for that recipe!

Went out for lunch with friends and had a chicken salad and got a 4.9 afterwards! Very low for me and I did feel hungry so maybe I should have had one of the more carby things on the menu.

Enjoying hearing how everyone is getting on...before we know it we'll be having our babies!

mrsv2 Sat 08-Sep-12 22:48:09

I am excited and nervous...... To me this has been a long pregnancy as DD was born at 29weeks but apart from the GD it's been a healthy and easy pregnancy. I feel huge and uncomfy. Can't sleep, keep getting sciatica down my right leg so would love this baby to arrive. On the other hand I am scared about labour as DD was tiny at 2lb 9oz and worried sick about having a baby whist coping with a 17month old. So I feel full of mixed emotions........ But I guess that's the same as anyone at this point in their pg.

Smicha Sun 09-Sep-12 10:23:12

Yep, I fluctuate from excited to s***ting myself about birth and a baby on a daily basis, so we're all full of mixed emotions. You'll be fine! Do let us know how it goes.

Looks like my insulin is starting to work - 4.6 this morning, lowest ever pre-breakfast reading and I was so pleased I did a little dance round the kitchen when it showed up blush

Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 10:34:50

Ooooh, must make that curry Smicha - glad the muesli worked well, 50g of oats is loads, I would pop! Also a torch for the 4.6! smile

MrsV sounds like you have loads to contend with but hang in there - the end is in sight! smile My sister just had her second baby a month ago and she has found that she's very busy but is loving having a little newborn again too. Just think, in a week... no more GD, sciatica, hugeness... grin

Heading out for lunch today to a really good carvery where I can have plenty of meat and veg and just a few roasties - yum yum! grin

happynappies Sun 09-Sep-12 14:40:56

MrsV I'm apparently on the homeward straight too, so I'll join you in feeling terrified!!

I saw my consultant at the end of last week and they booked my induction for 23rd September (2 weeks today!!), thats the day before my due date, so I know one way or the other it won't be too much longer. Having said that everyone keeps saying 'oh well, not long now' but it feels like a very long time when I can't eat cake/biscuit/chocolate etc!! Was really hoping to avoid induction as I really can't handle the syntocinon drip. They used it with my first to 'speed things up' and it was horrendous. I know the 'better safe than sorry' arguments inside out - I'm just hoping to either go into labour before the induction date comes, or that I'll be ok with just the gel and having my waters broken. Will see what happens!

My readings have been ok, so I'm hopeful that things are under control, although did get a bit freaked out by a couple of 7.somethings after eating carbs, and really need to keep that in check. My diet list of suggestions said Fruit and Fibre and Muesli were ok for breakfast, so I've been alternating those, although I realise a lot of people seem to be having higher protein stuff? Readings are around 5 after breakfast so I'll continue for now. Snacks are killing me though. I've got those oatcake biscuity things which I have with cottage cheese to keep me going, but can't really face anything else. Going to try to have some nuts later and see what that is like.

Read somewhere further up thread about keeping fats in your diet - does anyone know any more about this? I feel like I'm on the most extreme diet ever, and keep thinking is this going to be good for me or the baby - I know in terms of sugar levels it is, but I don't want to lose weight too dramatically if that makes sense. Perhaps I just need to eat some more meat!! Hope everyone else is having a good weekend, and managing to find the right things to eat, and getting the right scores!!

Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 14:48:13

Hey happy smile That is so cool, 2 weeks today you'll be on your way to a bean! grin

I was never a great protein eater but have to admit it makes me feel a lot better having protein every meal, even if it just a quorn sausage or some beans or houmous. On the fat thing - dietician said it slows down carb absorption so good for GD but they are quite strict with long-term diabetics as they don't want them eating lots of fat OR sugar. Which tbh sounds really harsh!!! It does make me think about type 2 diabetes and how I don't want to get it.

Do any of you think you will keep up your 'good eating habits' post pregnancy? I'd like to think that I will but just allow myself the odd bit of chocolate or cake. I do actually think I am eating really well at the minute, skin and hair look great and much less tired than I would expect to be given my disturbed sleep. See dietician tomorrow and when I phoned to confirm appointment I asked about seeing them post-bean to see about weight loss etc and avoiding type 2 diabetes. That 50% chance of type 2 diabetes figure really shocked me.

Smicha Sun 09-Sep-12 17:01:44

happy can I ask what was so bad about the drip? I'm getting nervous about induction and really hope that baby shows his face naturally beforehand! It sounds like induced labour is a lot more painful than natural...

I have learnt a lot about food from this diet angelico and will definitely keep elements of it in mind post birth. I am nowhere near as tired as I thought I would be at this stage - just did a 2 mile walk in the sun today! Admittedly that was the absolute most I could manage, but that's still pretty good for 36+3!

Mylittlepuds Sun 09-Sep-12 18:10:16

I've skim read this but just to say I'm a Type One diabetic and so my first pregnancy was a blur of testing blood sugars. I have to giggle at Angelico who refers to the 'dreaded over 8' as after eating my blood sugars go up to around 16 before coming down to around 9 two hours after eating! My first baby was perfect and I'm pregnant again. I suppose my message is that you guys seem very well controlled so although there are obviously risks try not to worry too much smile

My top tips for diabetics in general are:

1. Eat half a plate of greens, a quarter of protein and a quarter of carbs.

2. Try and stick to low GI foods

3. Try camomile tea to even out blood sugars - although research yourself first as to its safety in pregnancy. My GP reckons it's fine.

4. Exercise and more exercise!

Mylittlepuds Sun 09-Sep-12 18:11:46

Oh and I will be induced this time too - the drip is awful as it brings labour on harder and faster. I will do everything I can to avoid it this time around.

Angelico Sun 09-Sep-12 19:28:44

Thanks mylittlepuds smile I guess we're all kicking at different goalposts - friend in work is a type 1 and she said exactly the same - her readings are like yours. The tea thing is interesting!

Watched that Horizon episode today 'Eat, Fast and Live Longer'. Very interesting! Hopefully GD will go away fairly quickly post-CS and once life settles a bit I might look into that whole intermittent fasting thing. One thing it does say in the programme is that high protein is linked to cells being in 'go-go' mode instead of optimum 'cell repair' mode - just as I was starting to love the whole protein scoffing thing hmm

happynappies Sun 09-Sep-12 19:53:55

Simcha I just found the intensity of the pain unbearable and ended up with cascade of intervention and really hated it, had two natural labours since and anxiety from first birth has not disappeared, but am trying to tell myself it might not be so bad, might not need drip, or might not agree to it unless I have epidural in place, although don't want that either because worried about exacerbating SPD, am an awkward one!

Mylittlepuds Sun 09-Sep-12 20:19:21

I'm the same as you happynappies. I will be refusing the drip unless absolutely necessary. I ended up having pethadine and I think it's caused me so many problems. It just totally screwed me up.

Smicha Mon 10-Sep-12 07:27:00

Thanks ladies. That's what I heard. I have two friends who've had the drip, one is in France where they basically come in and give an epidural along with it as they're aware of how horrible it is, and the other was here and she ended up having one of the worst labours I've ever heard of which ended with failed ventouse and then c-section.

I'm on my birthing ball now trying to get little one into position and am hoping he comes before I have to be induced!

mrsv2 Mon 10-Sep-12 08:32:02

Morning everyone, hope you all had a good weekend. Angelico like you i have been loving the amount of protein and fats i have been eating but i understand thats not a long term plan. I hope that i will reduce my carbs down and change to healthier bread / snacks than i used to have. Maybe i wont eat as much refined sugar........i can but dream i guess.
5 days to IOL for me.....the Drs never discussed a drip with me at my OPA, they said......pessary, gel and then discuss options including a CS. Im hoping that my positive fFN test 11 days ago will mean my cervix is favourable, but as labour hasnt happened naturally since then, i doubt it.
Risked cereal again this morning and off out for lunch........

Smicha Mon 10-Sep-12 11:51:51

Fingers crossed that pessaries work for all of us who are being induced!

Just repacking my hospital bag and wondering what you're all putting in there in terms of food? Nuts and oatcakes are all I can think of that can stay in there for a long time...

FjordMor Mon 10-Sep-12 13:35:25

Hi everyone! I know Angelico <waves!> smile (the OP) from another thread but to introduce myself to the rest of you, I'm 35+1 with my first (at 41 years old), a Brit now living in Norway (with my Norwegian DP) and was diagnosed with GD on GTT at 31 weeks. I'm managing on diet currently and hopefully now that's not due to change as with dietician/endocrinologist help, I've adjusted my diet to keep my sugars fine. However, despite good levels, and until recently, a normal-sized baby, in my scan last week, baby is now measuring 26% too big - 3kg/6.6lb then (possibly - they admitted they find it very difficult to measure as she doesn't stop moving at all!) - and I've been told that at my 36 week scan I'll likely be given an induction date for week 37/38 if she doesn't decide to come on her own by then. I'm ok with this - she's very healthy & well developed - practicing breathing all the time and here in Norway they're very loathe to go to CS unless absolutely medically necessary and also allow induction to proceed as naturally as possible unless the baby is in distress.

I'm looking forward to reading through all your posts but diet wise right now, I find I have to keep carbs quite low. We have these thick, seedy crackers here (a bit like DR Karg in the UK) and I have 1.5 of these with each meal as my carbs, unless I'm having pasta (usually vermicelli - 2 'nests'), rice (long grain - 2 heaped dessertspoonsful) or bulgur wheat (again, 2 heaped dessertspoonsful). I try to eat some pulses as well - lentils or chick peas and find blood sugar responds really well to these. Other than that I eat lots of protein, lots of salad and veggies, quite a few thin slices of cheese with breakfast, for calcium (they've said no to milk/yoghurt etc.) and, if I really need something that tastes sweet - half a mango with lime juice on or lemon flavoured fizzy water. I find even dilute fruit juice sends my sugars up. After long consultation with a diabetes/renal dietician I was assured I'm eating enough carbs and doing all the right things (despite having ketones in my urine one morning - thought to be down to dehydration). I was also told to not go 'low fat' but keep up my fats as they help lower the GI of foods, especially the 'good fats'.

I found I could eat more carbs and a greater variety of foods in the first week or two but as my blood sugars got a little harder to control I had to tighten up the carb side of things. I think everyone's different with the pattern their GD will follow though (although the endocrinologist did warn me that control gets worse in most people as the weeks go on).

The blood sugar levels required here in Norway are quite strict: fasting or pre-meal I should be below 5.5 and 1.5 hours after food, below 7. Looking forward to reading all your posts and I'm sure I'll have lots of questions! Must rush off to eat now as, after a long ante-natal class, my pre-food blood sugar is just 3.9!

mrsv2 Mon 10-Sep-12 16:01:25

Smicha i have nuts and oatcakes in my bag but also some pepparami sticks as they are ok out of the fridge......only put them in this week though.
Welcome Fjordmor....

FjordMor Mon 10-Sep-12 18:37:27

Ugh – was having v uncomfortable frequent BH so plonked on sofa. Mental note to self…back to back episodes of ‘Cake Boss’ not the best thing to watch when suffering from GD!

Please excuse a sudden rash of posts from me blush. I tend to not get much time to get on MN properly these days so when I do, I tend to spend like a whole afternoon reading, catching up and finding loads I want to comment on! blush I’ve just trawled through this whole thread but I’ll try and put my thoughts in several posts!!

teaandchocolate - I started out thinking ‘low GI’ but soon realised my problem too was more portion size (although I find I can only tolerate low GI carbs at all). I have found out that what I thought was a normal to small portion of carbs is about double to triple what I should be having blush.

Smicha - I’ve also given up sugar completely. I find staying away from anything tasting sweet is safest for me as I had been craving lollies & ice cream as well as orange juice (the only thing I miss, daily) before diagnosis. I find I’m craving sweet stuff less (except orange juice – my preoccupation sad) for not having anything any sweeter than lemon water. I also seem to tolerate carbs less well in the morning – I couldn’t even dream of porridge or any cereal. It’s ironic as it was my big carb meal of the day before all this! Glad to hear your baby’s measuring normal size! I know what you mean about freaking out that it’s all going to be so soon. Had BH today and it all suddenly dawned on me! I don’t even have a hospital bag packed, a Moses basket or a car seat yet! Trying not to panic but the days are ticking by. Strangely, I’m more worried about baby arriving so soon than the going into labour/induction/process of it!

rumtumtugger - agree about the exercise. I find days I’ve endlessly trailed round shops or walked for 30 mins I have much better readings – can even have a couple of small slices of grainy bread (although I’m tending not to chance it these days). However, now baby is more or less engaged, I’m finding it less and less comfortable to do much walking so I’ll admit I’m a bit lapsed in that department at the moment blush.

Angelico smile glad to hear you’ve finally seen the dietician and that you’re managing so well! Looks like we’ll both be meeting baby similarly early as well!

Dinosaurdrip - I can relate to feeling shocked and gutted. In the first two weeks I had at least 2 meltdowns about having GD. I got some great support on MN though and have now stopped self-blaming so much as I realise (despite my risk factors) that it can happen to anyone. Getting to grips with the finger-pricking and diet helps. No good dietician should chastise you for being overweight. Their job in pregnancy is mainly to show you how to eat healthily. They may give advice on losing weight after the birth to prevent long term risk of type II but their prime concern should be just to get your blood sugars level while carrying baby, and nothing else.

zoobaby - I was told that the birthing unit would definitely be off limits sad, even if I was managing my levels well drug-free and if I went into labour naturally. I’ve been told they’ll want to monitor me and the baby (with a scalp monitor thing) but this doesn’t preclude a fairly active birth (even after induction) and lucky for me, here in Norway, even the medicalised birth rooms have baths at your disposal, at least for the earlier stages. I looked round the unit and felt better about giving birth there after the disappointment that the ‘natural birth unit’ would be out of bounds for me.

blonder - so glad you had a productive appointment. I also had moments where I felt I was letting the baby down but feel much more informed and in control now.

mrsv2 - It’s interesting to hear what foods worked for whom. I thought I was ok with strawberries but I had a few after a meal the other day and they sent me over. Also dietician said I shouldn’t have them as a snack as they are pure carbs so I guess with fruit it’s all about striking the carb balance in the meal to include them? I’m allergic to lots of fruits so kiwi etc is sadly out. I envy your slightly more flexible diet, no doubt at least part due to being on insulin. Sadly it’s not really a practical option for me so I soldier on.

Getting used to the limitations though and I hope to keep up the lower carb portions as a way of getting the baby (and pre-baby blush) weight off.

Angelico Mon 10-Sep-12 22:16:59

Evening peeps <waves at all especially Fjord who is managing blood sugar brilliantly on super-strict Norwegian figures!>

Saw dietician today finally - and she basically gave me a gold star. Ironically I got my first high reading of the week at breakfast but she said it was probably the stress of driving into Deliverance country to find clinic - apparently rushing about can give an adrenalin surge which releases more blood sugar. Good excuse to take it easy and put your feet up grin

One useful thing she gave me was a list of good yoghurts - low fat ones which use sweetener rather than sugar. It includes: Muller Light, Tesco Healthy Living, M&S count on us, Activia Fat Free, Onken Bio pot Lite.

Best biscuits (if desperate, no more than 2 a day): Marie, Fig roll, gingernut, Garibaldi.

She also recommended this book which you can also get as an app for your Iphone etc. It shows visually different portions of foods and their carb content etc.

More tomorrow smile

Angelico Mon 10-Sep-12 22:17:32

Oh - and raspberries and blueberries are good fruit as not too sweet and yum with yoghurt grin

FjordMor Tue 11-Sep-12 00:41:23

Great tips Angelico - I wish I could have yoghurt and biscuits! Not sure why I had read it like you had already been to the dietician...glad you finally have though smile.

Thanks for the welcome mrsv2 smile

Re colostrum harvesting … are we supposed to be producing anything from our breasts already? I’m 35+1 here and not a sign of a drop of anything, no matter how much squeezing confused.

Also my endocrinologist emphasised that I should stay on this low GI/diabetic diet as much as possible, at least for the whole period I was breastfeeding. Apparently this will lessen the baby’s chances of tendencies towards obesity and having a greater risk of developing diabetes herself. Anyone else been told that?

Seems, like many, that I’m having a kind of ‘fry-up’ for breakfast that can consist of 2 or 3 of the following: good quality sausages (1 or 2), eggs (1 or 2), sliced cheese or salmon (pan-fried fillet or smoked – dietician warned me to get Omega 3 everyday for vitamin D as well). With that, I’ll have half an avocado (I find them great for filling me up) and one Dr Karg style crispbread. For lunch I’ll make a lentil type salad and serve with 1.5 Dr Karg style crispbreads with ham or something and supper can be anything as long as I keep to the carb portions I mentioned before. Last night I made a homemade lamb rogan josh. I am still a bit befuddled by the ratio of masses of protein to (what seem like) tiny portions of carbs as I’ve never eaten that way but I feel ok on it (apart from TMI alert slight constipation sad).

Re the labour ‘fuel’ – I have a dilemma as nuts are great but I am allergic. I’m thinking oatcakes as suggested by several of you (thank you!) but the dietician said I should never have anything as a snack that’s just carbs without eating protein with it. Should I take some pre-sliced cheese or something to put on them perhaps? My ante-natal teacher today stressed how important keeping your energy up during labour is…I did have another idea. You can get these Turkish ‘dry roast’ chickpeas here that I really like. My blood sugar is rarely bothered when I snack on a small amount of them. Any other ideas would be welcome!

Smicha, happynappies, mylittlepuds and anyone else I missed – I’m looking at induction too – I’ll find out the exact date at my 36 week appt in just over a week but I’m looking at a date in my 37th, perhaps 38th week so probably looking at Sept 24th – 4th Oct latest. Am also willing LO to come on her own – she’s very active and ‘sociable’ (goes nuts when I’m around lots of company smile) and I’ve seen on scan that her lungs are ‘mature’ (she ‘breathes’) so I’m hoping I can coax her out before any induction date (lots of sex perhaps??). I’m quite lucky here in Norway. They will use 2 pessaries and also a ‘balloon catheter’ method on the cervix. They’ll only proceed to the drip if nothing takes or she’s in distress. My ante-natal teacher thinks that as she’s so well developed and looks engaged, the pessaries may well work (I might be a little further ahead anyway than they make me – UK made me over a week ahead at 12 weeks, as do my own calculations based on known ‘conception’ date blush…). Try not to be too worried about the drip. I’ve heard as many ‘good’ stories of the relief of a hard and fast labour (a lot shorter) than a long, drawn out one. They can easily put an epidural in the drip in fact it’s often encouraged I think. There are lots of threads about good induction experiences - as many as there are good and bad straight birth stories. It doesn't have to be bad but I can understand dreading having anything 'the same' if it was like that for you before and you experienced it as really bad.

Insulin in labour - I feel very lucky to have avoided the insulin – my endocrinologist said that as my morning fasting sugars are always so good (4.0 – 4.7, if I sleep longer than 7 hours they’re usually 3.9) that it would probably be inappropriate for me and if I needed medication I’d be put on Metformin. I’m glad to have avoided both so far although I understand that it’s possible I’ll get fed some through a drip during labour if my blood sugar doesn’t stay stable? Although I imagine, with not eating much, it will be low-ish rather than high? Anyone who’s been there before know about that?

mrsv2 Tue 11-Sep-12 08:25:26

Morning everyone.
fjordmor i was told to start trying to colostrum harvest from 36 weeks but not everyone manages to harvest any. I find a hot bath and plenty of breast massage first works although i only get 0.3-0.5ml i feel thats better than nothing and i now have 5 syringes in the freezer.
For me it was a relief being put on the insulin i was so stressed by the diet alone and the high readings i was getting that the flexibility the insulin gives has made me relax and enjoy my pregnancy again. yes i stick to the diet 90% of the time but it means that i can relax at times. It also means the baby has stayed at a 'normal' size as my sugars have been controlled. My hospital dont use tablets ie metformin, its either diet or insulin........
The insulin drip is a sliding scale......its a 1unit /ml ratio of fast acting insulin that they titrate to your sugars, you also usually have a Dextrose drip going at the same time. Your sugars is taken every 1-2hrs and the dose adjusted. During labour the stresses and hormones will affect your sugars so it means they can be controlled safely.
Glad you got to see the dietician angelico and some good tips given

Angelico Tue 11-Sep-12 15:30:11

Hey all. MrsV where did you get the syringes for harvesting colostrum? I would really like to try that.

Had good chat with endocrinologist on phone (she's lovely) and she is v pleased with my bloods. Not really any clearer about the steroid thing as she said they will send my blood sugar loopy for a couple of days so I will either need to ride it out or be admitted to hospital for insulin (which I REALLY don't want). Don't really feel any clearer about what to do confused but leaning towards a no. She said where BS is well controlled there tends to be much lower risk of complications with baby.

Two weeks today!!! Giggling here as baby just booted me and my stomach growled in protest lol!

mrsv2 Tue 11-Sep-12 15:39:47

Angelico the hospital supplied me with them and caps and labels for the freezing process. Worth asking the midwives.....

happynappies Tue 11-Sep-12 16:01:54

Hi everyone - re the colostrum harvesting, my gd midwife mentioned this... so the hospital provide the syringes and instructions for freezing, do you just bring the syringes in when you come into hospital then? And they keep everything frozen then prepare them for you? Can't imagine how it all works but it must do!! I think she said there was a lactation specialist at my hospital who deals with this so I think I'll get in touch. Were you advised to do this as a precaution then? Thank you!

Smicha Tue 11-Sep-12 16:50:08

Hi all! Hope everyone is getting good readings today. I bought some Discovery wholemeal tortillas at the weekend and they have been a great lunch carb with chicken or bacon, avocado and salad. Usually around the 6.3 mark. I've eaten so much avocado this pregnancy as it has been one of my cravings (the other was 'plastic' cheese, like babybel) that I think I'll have an Avocado baby - my sister had this book when she was young and I keep thinking my little boy might be like the superhuman avocado baby grin

I hadn't heard about colostrum harvesting so will ask the MW on Friday. I had loads at around 27/28 weeks - spots on my pyjama top every night - but nothing at all recently. Hope it's just waiting below the surface to emerge!

Thank you Fjordmor for the positives of a hard and fast labour. I will look up some threads and focus on the good stories, rather than the bads!

As for exercise, I've seen some great results when I've done a walk post meal so try to fit that in when I can, while trying not to just walk to the local shops and spend money!

Just bought some more hospital bag food - dried soya beans. Woo! I can't wait until this diet is over... just over two weeks to go! Only the small matter of labour and delivering a baby to do first... piece of cake! smile

As for biscuits, my dietician said hobnobs and digestives are ok if no more than two a day, so although I have cut out sugar, I have sneaked a hobnob once or twice blush. I also have been having berries with cream as a pudding when DH tucks into the ice cream. Dietician recommended cream because of the high fat content!

Smicha Tue 11-Sep-12 17:03:25

Oh also fjordmor I suffered quite badly from constipation earlier in the PG (sorry everyone if it's TMI) and became quite reliant on lactulose, which is obviously out on a GD diet, so I've taken up eating a couple of tablespoons of flaxseeds/linseeds (I think they're the same thing!) on yoghurt each day and that seems to do the trick! You need to follow them with a large glass of water though for them to work, apparently.

FjordMor Tue 11-Sep-12 17:12:45

mrsv2 - thanks for insulin/labour info. I guess I'll also get more from my endocrinologist next week. It makes sense that the hormone releases are more crazy during labour, making it necessary. As long as I can stay mobile with my drip & monitor, and I've been assured I can, then it will be fine.

Smicha - wholemeal tortillas sound great. Did you have just one to get that reading? I found lots of good threads on here when I searched on 'induction positive'. I was pretty nervous when first told it was on the cards for me. I guess it's like any kind of birth - no guarantees it will be better or worse than you expect but what I've taken away as a positive is that it very much doesn't have to be bad - there are many women who had good births this way smile.

Vermicelli/angel hair is my carb friend at the moment! I find it can act as both 'noodle' or spaghetti substitute. 2 'nests' & I feel like I've had a big bowl of pasta yet it's never sent my sugars above 6.2! smile

FjordMor Tue 11-Sep-12 17:15:23

Smicha cross post - great idea! I actually have some linseeds as well from when I used to make my own muesli! Will defo try. Thanks! smile

mrsv2 Tue 11-Sep-12 17:17:52

I also suffered/ suffer with pg constipation and have been given Laxido by my consultant. It's sugar free and has been excellent.
I have stored my colostrum in the freezer and have been told that if it's needed DH will have to fetch it and bring it in a freezer bag packed with ice packs. We o my live 20min away so not too bad. Not sure how it would work if you live further away. If we don't use it then my plan is to use at home...... Defrost then syringe into baby's mouth Pre feed, don't want to waste it grin

Smicha Tue 11-Sep-12 19:13:12

Yes, just one tortilla wrap for that reading. They aren't as big as standard wraps either, but I found it a filling alternative to one slice of soya and linseed bread!!

mrsv I like that idea as we're just 20 mins from our hospital too so I may give that a go for my own peace of mind... if I can get the colostrum to reappear!

Angelico Tue 11-Sep-12 20:06:51

Guys, I was told lactulose is fine with GD! Apparently it isn't absorbed into the body at all - it just has the effect of drawing water into your stools and passes through. So if you need it go for it grin (I'm sure linseed is better for you though).

I am slightly concerned my bloods are starting to creep up even though food is the same. Pre-dinner I was 5.6 tonight but only 6.5 post lunch so not really high and it was about 4-5 hours between meals. Slightly concerned I am going to start rising after doing so well...

midori1999 Tue 11-Sep-12 23:29:54

Smicha, I found wholemeal pittas good, they are only about 30g of carbs. I also found I could have a small portion of Ben and Jerrys (I had either choc fudge brownie or New York Super Fudge Chunk) and it didn't affect my blood sugar. I got the Ben and Jerry's tip of a different GD thread on Mumsnet when I was pregnant.

midori1999 Tue 11-Sep-12 23:31:09

Angelico, it's normal for your bloods to go up rapidly at the end of pregnancy. It's when they go down you need to worry, as it can indicate a serious problem.

Angelico Wed 12-Sep-12 10:05:43

Oooooh, more info Midori? I was hoping to maintain them as consultant was really pleased with them sad She was saying it's especially important to keep them steady in the last week so I don't like seeing any anomalies... I thought with 6.5 post-lunch (ie good) they would be pretty low and good pre-dinner so the 5.6 was a bit confused

Friend is coming for coffee this morning - no biscuits for Angelico! Same tomorrow with different friend. <weeps> I also find it makes other people uncomfortable if I'm not having anything so they don't like to IYSWIM.

Also a bit pissed off that it's last chance to go out for a few nice meals etc and have to watch every frigging bite sad

mrsv2 Wed 12-Sep-12 12:23:59

It's my lady few days and my blood sugars are a bit bizzarre..... I have never had a Pre breakfast reading below 5.5 until this week and they are around 4.5-4.7 but then when I am normally controlled at lunch and tea they have been high. Even a 9.9 which was shocking...... Only 2 days to go til induction and then fingers crossed back to normal

Angelico Wed 12-Sep-12 12:33:41

MrsV so excited for you - only a couple of days to go!!! grin grin grin Will be cheering you on! thanks

Absolutely starving here confused One ham, cheese and mushroom omelette coming up! grin

FjordMor Wed 12-Sep-12 13:49:34

Gosh! So soon mrsv2! Indeed let's hope for an immediate swing back to normal. Do keep us posted of your arrival and sending you calm, coping vibes! smile

happynappies Wed 12-Sep-12 13:52:02

I know what you mean Angelico - would love to go out for a nice meal but feel so... disappointed... can't have the usual things. I really hope that everyone gets back to normal after this - all the snacks I'm filling my hospital bag with (despite my best intentions) are supposedly for dh, but have got my eye on them if I'm allowed to munch freely afterwards. I do honestly think I'll try to cut out refined sugar afterwards, as it has been very enlightening, but I'm going to eat some cake first!! (does that sound really bad??!!)

Smicha Wed 12-Sep-12 15:21:16

Yes, mrsv will be thinking of you on Friday - do let us know how it goes when you get a moment and what they do differently Mums with GD. thanks

Angelico there really is no consistency to dietician advice as mine said absolutely no to lactulose, no to prunes, prune juice etc so when I asked what I could use, she said that a high fibre diet should be enough hmm. It was my Mum who suggested the linseeds!

Midori thanks for the tip on Ben and Jerry's... but I'm not sure I could stop at a small portion!!!!

happynappies I really haven't thought about what I'll do if I don't go back to normal puts head in sand and continues not to think about it as I want cake straight away! I will change my eating habits though, I've learnt a lot from this diet.

I've got my parents here at the moment and they brought a homemade frangipan tart for my DH! Talk about cruel shock They said it had to be eaten so if they'd left it at home it would have gone bad. DH offered to freeze some for me, but it was baked by my lovely BIL who's a chef so I've just asked him for a fresh one post-birth grin

Bizarre bloods for me today - 5.2 this morning, so they're steadily creeping up again, but then just 5.6 after a wholemeal tortilla at lunchtime. And I sat on my bum for the full hour post-lunch so didn't work off any glucose! No idea why it was so low... Let's see what dinner brings.

happynappies Wed 12-Sep-12 16:13:21

Excited for you MrsV hope you're feeling nice and positive in the run up to Friday, still time for nature to take its course! I keep getting twinges and thinking 'is this it?' but nothing major. DD2's birthday on Sunday so I'll hang on until after then, then baby can make an appearance whenever s/he sees grin.

Had a higher score (7.4) this afternoon after my normal lunch... had just had raspberry leaf tea, does anyone think that could have affected readings? Or is everything going a bit un-predictable? Was 4.something after lunch and evening meal yesterday...

mrsv2 Wed 12-Sep-12 16:19:46

I have continued to go out for meals.... Just been careful what I have chosen and always had a meat / fish dish and asked for new potatoes as my carb. Have had gnocchi in an Italian and that was fine too. Have chosen starter over pudding and it's been fine although i have had a cheese board once.We even went to the harvester and I just had a few chips and dh finished off the rest.
I am also not thinking about it not disappearing, I just can't face it sad

Angelico Wed 12-Sep-12 16:57:54

Happy I totally hear you on the cake thing! I just want one sweet thing without guilt, then keep eating healthily grin

Smicha with respect to dietician I think she is talking arse grin Consultant told me it's fine and gave me complex explanation involving the word 'isomer' or something (?!) lol but essentially the body doesn't absorb it. It's the sweet taste that makes you think it must be bad but it's not. Anyway just found this explanation:

Most patients think that lactulose is like lactose and that it is a sugar that will raise glucose readings. However Lactulose is a synthetic sugar that is broken down in the colon into products that pull water out from the body and into the colon. It works by drawing ammonia from the blood into the colon where it is removed from the body. Because it is broken down in the colon it is not absorbed in the intestines and therefore has little if any effect on glucose levels. Jon Murray, MD / Ruskin, FL

MrsV like you I can't bear to think about it! The finger pricking and constant vigilance is getting old! I am hoping it will be a warning to me to live somewhere in between current existence and 'normal' life.

Chicken stir fry for tea tonight. Really hungry today, don't know what's wrong with me confused

Smicha Wed 12-Sep-12 17:28:08

I'm really hungry today too!!! My Mum joked that it's because my body is getting ready and baby might appear soon so it's telling me to stock up on energy grin

Thanks for the lactulose explanation!!! I'm going to tell her she's talking arse!!!

I've been for another growth scan and consultant/diabetes appointment today. Got congratulated on my sugar levels and am still diet controlled.

Baby is measuring spot on still but there is a bit extra fluid so had to have more blood tests.

I've had my induction booked for next Friday (21st) when I'll be 39 weeks exactly. Had a stretch and sweep and I'm 1cm dilated but cervix needs to turn a bit more. She had a good rummage though lol.

Can't believe I've only got 9 sleeps til induction! Both my dd's were 2 weeks late so this feels so strange!

mrsv2 Wed 12-Sep-12 18:22:15

I'm hungry too......
Yes I hope it's a wake up call for me too, I'm over 40, a bit overweight, do no exercise as such and have a family history of type 1 and type 2 all be it a few generations back. Will need to get off my lazy back side and lose weight post birth. May aim is not to worry til after Xmas then go for it as we have a holiday booked in July and would be nice to wear a cossie without feeling awful

Angelico Wed 12-Sep-12 20:56:11

Had a bowl of veggie soup before my stir fry... ended up 7.9 and that was after walking about a bit confused

Angelico Wed 12-Sep-12 20:57:09

Melted it is getting closer...! grin

MrsV how are you feeling? Excited? Nervous? July sounds like a good target to go for smile

mrsv2 Wed 12-Sep-12 21:25:07

angelico relatively calm today.......i have emptied the washing basket, changed all the beds, done an online food order ( to be delivered when my parents are here), the freezer is stocked with some meals, had my eyebrows threaded, made up the cot. Think i am ready.....
on another note i had some gnocchi, chorozo and veg with some fruit / natural yoghurt which would normal be fine and got an 8.9 so 2 extra units for me.

Angelico Wed 12-Sep-12 22:32:12

MrsV I will be hopping from foot to foot for you on Friday smile

Getting palpitations on and off - anyone else? Am reading online that they are common after 7 months due to increased blood volume but same heart, also more likely if you are anaemic (I am on iron but crap at remembering to take it). They feel unpleasant - just want heart to quietly do its work without making me aware of it thank you! smile

Night all x

happynappies Thu 13-Sep-12 13:45:36

Have just eaten two Matchmakers... sad. Feel like a failure!! Angelico palpitations sounds stressful, hope you had a good night's sleep. MrsV am impressed with your organisation. Although my bags are packed I've still got to make up the crib, sort out sheets and blankets and unpack the carseat (we were moving house, but now its had to be put on hold for a few weeks, so I'm unpacking all the baby stuff). What time are you booked for on Friday MrsV so I can think of you?

mrsv2 Thu 13-Sep-12 13:53:57

Going in for 9.30 on Friday but I expect the whole induction plan may take a few days! As long as I have my baby by Monday.....,,it can't go on longer than that surely. I just want it all over now...., and to be home and back to normal coping with the stress of my parents being here for the duration...and maybe even being able to sleep on my tummy which will be pure heaven, unless my boobs get too big and sore.....lol

Angelico Thu 13-Sep-12 17:21:22

Happy I wouldn't be too hard on yourself, it really is unnatural to go so long without ANYTHING sweet at all. Friend came round for lunch today and brought beautiful buns and <whispers> ^I might have half a one after dinner>. Pain about delayed house move but it will be worth it in the end.

MrsV what happens with the whole induction thing? Do they keep you in once it starts or do a 'sweep' type thing and let you go home? Very best of luck with it all, can't wait to hear about the arrival of your bean smile thanks

Just back from last consultant appt pre-bean. She only seems to have put on 1lb in last 2 weeks thank God so controlling bloods is working - she put on 1lb a week for a few weeks when blood was high. Her estimated birth weight is 9.5-10lbs so big but not HUGE!!! Didn't fancy lifting a 15lber with a section scar confused He seems quite happy with everything, said bloods are excellent and don't need to see him again until 25th - the big day grin

Angelico Thu 13-Sep-12 21:45:59

Okay I had the half a bun thing after dinner - and got a 9.2 for my trouble! sad Feel really tired and thirsty now, which seems to be my 'high blood sugar warning system'. Still, 2 high readings in 17 days = not bad. Hopefully the shock will keep me on the straight and narrow for the next 12 days.

MrsV good luck smile

blonderthanred Thu 13-Sep-12 22:09:04

Best of luck mrsv, look forward to hearing about how everything has gone and about your lovely baby.

I've been away this week but glad to hear everyone's doing well. I ate NO French bread or croissants or anything white bread based all week! Had one square of dark nutty choc which seemed to have no adverse effect. Couple of 7+ scores but nothing too bad considering I was away from home & had less control over what went into meals etc.

Scan tomorrow!

happynappies Thu 13-Sep-12 22:13:16

Hope it goes nice and smoothly tomorrow mrs v can't wait to hear about it all, am just over a week behind you looking forward to joining you on the other side smile. Best of luck!

Angelico Fri 14-Sep-12 08:50:41

MrsV is being induced!!! <dances about madly!!!>

mrsv2 Fri 14-Sep-12 12:19:59

Had the pessary inserted..... Now a long wait to see if anything happens. As usual the diabetic food wasn't suitable, mash, ice cream, oj, Dh has eateny lunch :-(

Angelico Fri 14-Sep-12 12:52:03

Great about pessary MrsV but that really is shit about the food. Seriously, it's a fucking hospital, they should be looking after you not trying to send your bloods mental angry Hope you got something else to eat! Do you have to stay in now?

Blonder you did really well when you were on holiday. Hope scan goes well! smile

morethanpotatoprints Fri 14-Sep-12 13:01:53

Hi, I had GD with dc3 now have diabetes 8 years later. It did go though as soon as dc born.
Not too much detail here but remember dietician telling me not to eat anything out of a packet, jar or tin. Definitely nothing pre packed or ready made meals as content of salt too high.
If possible cook everything from fresh ingredients and certainly avoid the fish in batter/breadcrumbs and frozen oven chips. A good alternative is wedges but made yourself not packet.
Hope this helps a bit
Good luck.

Angelico Fri 14-Sep-12 14:53:13

Morethan sorry to hear you got diabetes afterwards sad Are you able to control it with diet? How strict do you have to be? Must be a complete pain!

morethanpotatoprints Fri 14-Sep-12 16:09:06

I'm sorry, didn't want to worry you or anybody else. My dd is 8 now and I was diagnosed with diabetes last year. I would like to tell you all that it can come back in later years and do watch what you eat. Don't do what I did and think oh great its gone now, carry on as normal. I am not really ill and control it with diet but other probs can arise from it like high blood pressure and high cholestoral. I implore you all to be careful, not worry unneccessarily but don't be "yes its gone now, where are the sweets, choc, cakes etc". They told me that with gd you stand a higher chance of developing type 2 in later life. Not sure if they are still saying this.

Angelico Fri 14-Sep-12 16:17:35

They do say that Morethan and thanks for being so honest smile I was quite shocked when I heard the stats - they said something like 50% of women get diabetes within 10-11 years of having GD so I would like to keep my diet fairly similar to now but just be able to enjoy a treat without guilt smile Glad yours is under control with diet!

Smicha Fri 14-Sep-12 16:56:18

Sorry to hear that morethan, but it's good to know what our chances are. I am worried I will get type 2 as I didn't fall into the high BMI or family history groups, so I am concerned that I may therefore be more likely to get it. I have seen no evidence to tell me that, but that's my gut feeling that there must be something additionally wrong with me.

MrsV should be well on the way now (I hope!). Can't wait to hear her news! I have a friend who was induced and even as a non-GD person she said the hospital food was not what she wanted and advised that as we are able to plan for the IOL then take a cool bag with some nice food in - I'm thinking my trusty wholewheat wraps and possibly a brown rice salad! - as this will at least give energy through the first 24 hours.

I had community midwife appointment this morning and baby is 2/5 engaged smile so he's getting himself into position! I talk to him every night and will him to come naturally!! I had ketones in urine again though, which annoyed me as I've tried so hard to eat carbs with every meal since last time. I called the diabetes midwife and she said that although it wasn't ideal she wasn't too worried and I should continue to eat and snack on carbs often and we'd reassess the situation when I see her on Tuesday with the potential of increased insulin for the last week so I can eat more in the run up to IOL.

Have a great weekend everyone! This is potentially the last weekend for DH and I on our own so we're planning a lovely meal and some quality time together grin

blonderthanred Fri 14-Sep-12 19:30:53

Can't wait to hear from mrsv either!

That is really interesting morethan about the return of the diabetes. I know I will need to lose weight after the pregnancy. A couple of years ago I was very slim but while ttc I put on a load of weight which was really stupid of me - it was a stressful time (and funnily enough I only started ovulating when I did so). But definitely a healthier lifestyle going forward. Did they say salt was bad too? I have quite low BP so tend to include a bit of salt in my diet just for this purpose.

My scan was... weird, the sonographer didn't seem to know what the drs wanted him to look for, then said he assumed it was a growth scan. He said the baby's head measured 2 weeks ahead but the tummy nearly 3. He was very grave about it all but then suddenly perked up and said it was very common, nothing to worry about and actually still in the normal range, just at the higher end. He also said everything else was completely normal, fluid levels fine and baby head down. So I didn't know whether to be worried or not - it was an odd one. I'm hoping that during the weeks my GD was undiagnosed, the baby may have grown more but now my BS is under control it should grow more normally. I'll have another scan at 36 weeks. Consultants next Thurs.

Angelico Fri 14-Sep-12 22:24:48

Wonders how MrsV is getting on smile

Smicha did you definitely drink enough before you got the ketones? Because I got some a couple of nights ago but I knew I hadn't drunk enough. I have started making a big pint glass of sugar free squash twice a day and just sipping at it as well as drinks with meals. If I don't my bedtime pee is the colour of Irn Bru! confused Also you might be in a better position if you don't have a family history of it - might just be a blip smile Enjoy your weekend with DH! thanks

Blonder I will be in the same boat as you - need to lose weight post-pregnancy. I'm not huge but I've been carrying the same 3 stone for years and really need to shift at least half of it to be healthy. As for your scan our bean is the same - big head but really big tummy. Saw consultant yesterday and he said he isn't worried about her at all even if she's in top 10% weight wise - he said he worries a lot more about babies in bottom 10% because he wonders why they aren't gaining weight. In the 3- 4 weeks pre-diagnosis our baby put on 1lb a week, she was having a bit of a party in there!!! Now she is putting on the normal 0.5lb a week. It's just a side-effect of the GD. By the sounds of things sonographer hadn't bothered reading your notes about GD, thought "Hmmm, big baby, wonder why?" then probably read and realised, "Oh, that's why!" smile

Had our Friday night Chinese tonight - got my usual chicken satay skewers but this week instead of having any fried rice just made egg noodles for myself at home. They were lovely and kept bloods down to 6.2 so that seems to be the way to have my cake Chinese and eat it grin Also tried a different breakfast this morning - Burgen toast with peanut butter and a bowl of raspberries, blueberries and Onken cherry yoghurt (full fat). Bloods stayed low and made a change from all the savoury stuff smile

morethanpotatoprints Fri 14-Sep-12 22:37:43


The salt or sodium is bad because salt turning to sugar. I used to have very low blood pressure until the diabetes came back. Now I have to have tablets for that and high cholestoral. I am no spring chicken but went through the change shortly after dd. I was all finished by 40. This was when the weight went on, only a bit at a time then wo, was 2 stone over weight. There is no family history of diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol in my family. Although the early change apparentely is all females in my family, lol. Please all of you be careful, don't end up like me. I'm not a greedy person and was very fit prior to this. I'm not saying don't have a treat but know it may come back if you don't look after yourself.

blonderthanred Sat 15-Sep-12 00:09:32

That's worth bearing in mind morethan.

Angel the sonographer did also say the same thing about being more worried if babies were small, once he was in his jollier phase. Also lots of people say that the scans aren't quite the exact science he made them out to be. He said the baby is currently 5lbs4.

I agree about the water for ketones, Smicha, I've also been advised to have carbs with every meal and also to drink more, 3-4 litres a day <cringes thinking of poor bladder> so I've been trying to work towards that.

morethanpotatoprints Sat 15-Sep-12 00:37:37

Originally I stumbled on this by accident and so glad I did now. Good luck to you all. I have been where you are now and it is such a relief to be able to say no more flamin thumb pricks. You also get toast for supper with your tea in the hospital. There were many jelous mums, lol.

mrsv2 Sat 15-Sep-12 04:42:27

George Henry was born at 00.31 weighing 7lb 3oz, all wonderful will update more later gringringringrin

blonderthanred Sat 15-Sep-12 05:19:23

Congratulations! Wonderful news! Very happy to hear it.

Smicha Sat 15-Sep-12 08:15:48

Congratulations mrsv!! thanks That's lovely news and great that he came so quickly after IOL! Have a lovely day with your little boy grin

FjordMor Sat 15-Sep-12 10:05:09

Congratulations mrsv2!! smilesmile so glad to hear it's been a positive experience. Can't wait to hear more when you can drag yourself away from your little boy. Enjoy!

Angelico Sat 15-Sep-12 12:05:15

Brilliant news MrsV - millions of congratulations!!! grin thanks Can't wait to hear the details!!!

happynappies Sat 15-Sep-12 14:57:54

Brilliant news MrsV - how exciting!!! Many congratulations on the birth of your little boy, enjoy every precious moment (but fill us all in when you can!!!)

Angelico Sun 16-Sep-12 16:22:13

How are you MrsV and baby George? smile

<Waves at everyone else> Had a nice carvery for lunch there, followed by a latte on the beach - which will prob send bloods a bit high but was so nice! grin

happynappies Sun 16-Sep-12 21:22:55

Had my highest reading this afternoon after lunch out for dd's birthday (7.8). Nice though! Am into my last week now, so got to get crib set up, and fridge stocked up, and get everything ready. Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Hope MrsV and George are doing well, really encouraged to hear that he arrived seemingly quite quickly? Hope all are well anyway, and looking forward to hearing the details soon!

Smicha Sun 16-Sep-12 21:42:33

Hi all, hope everyone had a good food weekend! I discovered a new good carb...pearl barley...ate it with a duck breast and loads of green veg and got a 5.1! That is the lowest post dinner reading I think I've had.

Hope mrsv is doing well! We built baby's furniture today and I sorted all the clothes he's been bought so far...it's fair to say that I think he has enough 0-3 months vests!!! Must mention that to family or I may get more when he's born! smile

Angelico Sun 16-Sep-12 21:50:11

Good tip on the barley! smicha know what you mean about 0-3 vests lol somehow we went from none to thousands in about a week confused

Any of you watching Downton? I am a bit bored so far...

mrsv2 Mon 17-Sep-12 07:58:36

Morning everyone..... Glad to hear you are all well......had a quick labour which resulted in non of the diabetic intervention I was supposed to have and fingers crossed the GD seems to have gone. Have to do random 2hr puts meal readings with a result of 10.5 or below. The only naughty thing I have had is Orange juice and a fruit crumble and custard. George controlled his own sugars straight away with 2 readings above 2.5 Pre feed. He's a bit of a sleepy monster/ lazy boy in the day but a boob monster all night. I am Knackered but happy......

Smicha Mon 17-Sep-12 09:30:27

Mmmmm fruit crumble and custard! Making my mouth water!

So happy for you mrsv and really pleased that the GD has gone and George is controlling his own sugars! Are you still in hospital or back at home now? Sounds like you had the great birth that we all wanted to hear of! Well done you thanks

Angelico Mon 17-Sep-12 09:34:22

Great news all went so well MrsV and that the GD has vanished <falls on knees and thinks "please, please, please let the GD go away next week because I could murder another human being for a bit of crumble> grin

Have realised I am still losing weight confused Thing is I am eating 3 good meals a day, have also started having a snack most days but the last few days I have been hungry within 2 hours of meals but eating the same as before IYSWIM. Don't know if the bean is trying to have a final growth spurt or something but I've lost about 4-5lbs in the last week. Feel very well, no or low ketones in urine. Don't know whether to try eating more carbs with breakfast (ie 2 slices of toast) but then don't want to send readings high. Luckily am seeing endocrinologist again tomorrow so will ask her but might give diabetic nurse a ring too.

Angelico Mon 17-Sep-12 09:34:46

X-posted with Smicha <waves>

happynappies Mon 17-Sep-12 13:01:59

That is good news MrsV - hope we all follow suit, I'm most worried about the baby's levels I suppose, but if I've been managing to control blood sugars these last few weeks I keep hoping all will be well. Angelico hope you find some info from your specialists, seems likely that in the last week(s) baby is laying down extra fat. I haven't weighed myself but I feel I must be losing weight too! Hope you have an informative appointment tomorrow.

mrsv2 Mon 17-Sep-12 14:52:59

Angelico the last week I also became extra hungry..... Even 3 meals plus 2 snacks weren't enough to keep me sated. So I just ate lots of high protein snacks which helped. My first very naughty treat today a Krispy Kreme doughnut. It wasn't as good ad I remember..... So sweet, maybe my sweet tooth had gone a bit, that has to be a good thing :-)

Angelico Mon 17-Sep-12 15:08:44

Thanks MrsV that's actually quite reassuring. Strange reading today - got a 7.5 post-brekkie (which is okay) and had eaten an extra quorn sausage but my pre-lunch reading (about 3 hours after breakfast) was 6.0 so high. Not really sure why sad Going to do post-lunch reading now...

Smicha Mon 17-Sep-12 16:47:22

How was the post lunch reading Angelico? Hope it was ok!
I am so hungry all the time at the moment! When I've eaten my meal I get hungry again within the hour that I'm waiting to take my blood test and desperately will the hour to be over so I can eat something else blush

Mrsv stop making us jealous with these tales of sweet stuff!! wink

Had my first painful braxton hicks today, that was odd, but I'm hoping a sign of imminent labour hmm wishful thinking!

Also had a really boring day today, one week into maternity leave and nothing to do. House is immaculate, baby's room is ready and DH told me to watch TV or read - but I felt guilty! I feel I should be doing something!! Off out for a pedicure in a mo though as people tell me that's what women on maternity leave should do when they can no longer reach their toes grin

I have my appointment with diabetes team to get date of induction tomorrow!! It could be as soon as Thursday! Eek.

blonderthanred Mon 17-Sep-12 19:07:49

That is brilliant news about you and the baby mrsv! Mmm crumble... I was at a bbq in Sat with lots of lovely cakes and puddings but I just stuck to the protein, luckily there was a lot of that about too! Hopefully we will all return to normal after giving birth as well while retaining some of the good habits.

Last 2 weeks at work for me, my replacement started today so I am busy training her. Had a Costa sandwich for lunch, wholewheat chicken salad but got a 7.9 sad so not sure what went wrong. Breakfast v good though. Ah well. The battle continues.

Angelico Mon 17-Sep-12 21:17:32

Readings have been mad today! confused Am turning into some kind of medical freak!

Post-brekkie 7.5, pre-lunch 6.0 (why so high after a 7.5???)
Post-lunch 5.8, pre-dinner 6.1!!! How is that even possible?! The fecker went up higher even though I hadn't eaten anything for hours confused

Smicha hope the pedicure was lovely. I would love to get nails done but they'll just make me take it all off for SC anyway so sadly no point.

Blonder battle is the right word...! smile Well done on sticking to the meat and staying strong.

FjordMor Mon 17-Sep-12 22:50:17

Hi everyone smile

mrsv2 - thanks for posting about your birth experience. I hope some of the others nervous about induction feel better for hearing how it was for you! smile Great to hear that George is unscathed blood sugar wise and that your GD seems to have disappeared. Do keep us posted, it's very encouraging to hear about your experience and how you're getting on! smile

morethan - thanks for sharing your experiences also. Despite no family history of diabetes, I am 'old' (41) and was overweight. My endocrinologist has cautioned me of a 50% chance of developing type II and suggested that I a) try to slim down to a 'normal' bmi after the birth (something I had hoped to do anyway) b) continue to monitor my blood sugars for at least a few months after the birth and randomly thereafter and c) stick to a low GI diet either for life or at least while I'm breastfeeding as she says that this will considerably lessen the baby's chances of being obese or more susceptible to any type of diabetes herself. I plan to do all these.

I must say that, surprisingly, I'm not missing that much in my diet apart from bread (I plan to re-introduce sour dough/wholegrain), orange juice and the occasional sweet treat (I was never much of a sweet tooth. Oh, also pizza wink...can't imagine life without some of that at least once a month! I'd also like to be able to be less careful with various sauces, seasonings and condiments.

Angelico - I too am losing weight! Went to get fitted for nursing bras today and seems I'm smaller in chest size around than I was at the beginning of the pregnancy, and the same cup size as I was pre-pregnancy!!?! it's making guessing my 'milked up' size a few weeks down the road pretty hard... My sugars also went a bit strange a few weeks back. Right now, they seem to have dropped - average post meal reading 5.3 - and nearly all readings in the 4's and 5's - so I'm adding in snacks and a little more carbs each meal, to no ill effect. I'm 36/37 weeks now (depending on who you believe) so I hope this is an onward trend as I'd love to have a minimal intervention induction like mrsv2.

Hospital appt this Wednesday to find out my induction date (earliest possible 6 day's time I think shock) and how big my dancing baby is. My sugars have been optimal with no blips for weeks and weeks so I'll be annoyed (and a bit sceptical) if they say she's measuring proportionally even bigger. I'm hoping everyone (baby and the ObGyn team) will hang on for another 2 weeks so I can finish getting everything in and everything ready...although discomfort-wise I'd be happy to go into labour any day now...

Smicha - good luck tomorrow - will be thinking of you!

Smicha Tue 18-Sep-12 09:33:52

Angelico I am discovering that there is so much more than food that affects these readings. Yesterday in my boring day I ate pretty much the same thing for lunch and dinner - chicken and couscous but with a salad at lunch and cooked veg at dinner - and I got 5.6 post lunch and 6.8 post dinner! I can only put it down to the activity I did after lunch...which was the strenuous task of ironing DH's work shirts!!!

Blonder I got a 7.9 a few nights ago from 4 small new potatoes, salmon and veg. That baffled me as they were only pebble sized potatoes! So I wouldn't be too hard on yourself.

Thanks for the luck Fjordmor, I'll be back later to let you know when baby is coming!!

Pedicure was lovely and relaxing, would highly recommend something pamper-y in the last week if you get time.

happynappies Tue 18-Sep-12 11:27:38

Smicha have just booked a haircut for Saturday, day before induction. Hope that will cheer me up!! Hope that appointment goes well today Angelico. This seems to be the longest week... woke up at 3.30am with dd shouting that she felt sick, all a bit stressful as we've packed all the spare bedding etc ready for house move... managed to get through the morning though. She's off school for 48 hours now, so my best laid plans to get loads of bits and pieces done have had to be shelved. Car MOT, new shoes for little dd etc will all have to wait!!

Smicha Tue 18-Sep-12 18:02:03

Well, I'm booked in for IOL on Monday when I'll be 38+4. All of a sudden Monday seems very soon!!!! I also got given lots of syringes to express colostrum so that's what I'll be doing to keep myself occupied between now and then smile

FjordMor Tue 18-Sep-12 18:49:36

Gosh Smicha that is soon (says she who may possibly be given the same day tomorrow shock)!

How are you feeling about it and in general?

(Hope they don't expect me to express colostrum as there's none there to express sad...squeezed until my nipple went nearly black the other day. Nothing.)

Smicha Tue 18-Sep-12 21:48:18

Hi Fjordmor I'm feeling very apprehensive actually! It now all seems really 'real' and I actually have to give birth early next week shock. I've been in a strange mood ever since we got back from the hospital, but I think that's just the reality of it all sinking in!

As for expressing colostrum, the midwife told me not to focus on the nipple but on the 'reservoir' behind the areola! confused. Haven't given it a go yet, but that's tomorrow morning's task.

Let us know what date you're given - we could have an induction race if it's the same day wink

blonderthanred Tue 18-Sep-12 21:58:33

Wow Smicha good luck! I really hope it goes well for you - and Fjord if you also receive that date. I can understand you feeling apprehensive but hopefully you will have a positive experience like mrsv.

I am seeing the consultant on Thursday, currently 33+0 so I don't suppose they will have any more idea about dates yet.

Sugars a bit up and down although I'm doing the right things. No higher than 7.9 but don't know whether they will increase the insulin as I also get 5.1s sometimes.

FjordMor Tue 18-Sep-12 22:32:27

Smicha - despite my current hormonally induced zen-like state, I can quite imagine feeling the same. Tbh, on a level this doesn't feel real at all. I keep trying to imagine myself in labour in hospital or lying with a baby...that is my own! smile afterwards and it just doesn't seem feasible! I think actually getting myself to hospital on an induction date may be the start of a long day in some kind of shock! I think it will be even worse if I get Monday as a date as the flat isn't even ready for an arrival yet! Still, on the upside, my bloods are fab and I've even been upping my carbs a bit and still getting fab results so I'm hoping the endocrinologist will be happy and all being well I'll need minimal diabetic interventions, like Mrsv2! smile

Smicha Wed 19-Sep-12 09:19:43

Feeling a lot better this morning, think a good night's sleep put everything into perspective. I think I was worrying that we were forcing labour too early (especially as by my calculations the due date should be 12 Oct and not 4th) but I've weighed that up against the negatives of possible placental deterioration now I'm on insulin and other complications if we leave it too long, and I'm happy with Monday. Even on my calculations that will still be over 37 weeks so it is technically still full term. And he is definitely big enough to be born, was 2/5 engaged last week and has dropped really low. So, in a nutshell, I'm happier about it all today! smile

blonderthanred Wed 19-Sep-12 09:41:19

Wow, 2/5 engaged, maybe you won't need much induction at all!

Smicha Wed 19-Sep-12 10:14:40

That's what I'm hoping blonder!!

happynappies Wed 19-Sep-12 12:08:52

Morning all - glad your feeling more positive about induction Smicha, still not quite sure how I feel!! I had my last mw appointment today and she told me that when I go in on Sunday for IOL they'll give me steroids... first I've heard of this, and not mentioned in the leaflet they gave me. Anyone else heard of that? I asked why, and she helpfully told me 'for the baby' so I've no idea. I thought steroids were used if the baby was premature to mature their lungs? But this will be the day before my due date. Yet more things to Google later!! Am apparently 3/5 engaged, but no signs of anything happening, so am readying myself for Sunday. Angelico how did your appointment go yesterday?

FjordMor Wed 19-Sep-12 14:50:53

Afternoon all! So Smicha - I'll be a week after you, when I will be 38+1! Just had my appointment and I've been given 1st October date for induction. They did say it was possible they would call me and ask me to come in the end of the week before, but I hope not. Baby measuring at an estimated 8lb 6oz today! Despite the fact that my blood sugars have been perfectly controlled for weeks. The endocrinologist was really happy, so I'm happy! smile She said they won't be recommending any diabetic intervention during my induction but that I would need to take my blood sugars every hour during labour and have regular carby snacks, and, she said orange juice (hurrah!! grin) - to keep my energy levels up. She said it didn't matter if my sugars during labour went up to nearly 10 - the biggest risk was that they went low. She cited that many women with blood sugars during labour up to 10 went on to have babies with perfectly normal blood sugars.

I still feel fine about induction. I've been assured the syntocin drip etc. will not be resorted to unless labour really isn't establishing at all or unless the baby is in danger or distress. She's in a good position etc. so I'm thinking positive and we'll do all we can to encourage her out between now and then! wink. I've been warned that she could be born with low blood sugar and taken straight away from me and into special care until they've sorted it. No pre-empting if that will happen though. Will just have to hope not or deal with it if it happens.

happynappies - it'll be lovely to have a haircut the day before! smile Re the steroids - I'd just ask someone if I were you - I mean at the birthing unit at the hospital. She may be wrong. MWs don't always get everything right. I'm assuming they won't be used on me as for 2 weeks now my LO has been 'using her lungs' in practice all the time and both scans they've commented that this is a great sign that her lungs are mature and ready. I don't think they would use them without a reason but you never know if it's the hospital's protocol. I'd definitely advise checking if you're concerned.

Btw, no-one has mentioned expressing colostrum here - so I assume that's not in the protocol in Norway...and ironically, after bemoaning that I'm producing nothing, there was a lump of crusted white stuff just at the side of one of my nipples this morning - thick enough that it couldn't be dry skin so I'm hopeful there's something going on there...

Angelico Wed 19-Sep-12 22:45:45

Hey ladies! Been AWOL - working hard but finished now and going to try and enjoy last few days of freedom. Hope you are all well and a special wave to Smicha - you are going the day before me smile Hope all goes well.

Proper catch up tomorrow, so tired tonight! x

blonderthanred Wed 19-Sep-12 22:51:25

Wow you are all going at the same time! Hope you'll come back and tell me it was all fine how you got on before it's my turn in a few weeks.

Consultant tomorrow, think it's a bit early for a decision yet though. Hope they're happy with the BS readings.

Smicha Thu 20-Sep-12 08:23:03

Good to hear from you Angelico... I confess, I'd started to wonder if baby had come early when you hadn't posted for a few days!

Fjordmor your advice for diet during labour sounds more fun than mine! I've been told that I must stick strictly to the diet and keep readings below 7 (rather than the usual 7.8) and if they rise above that then to expect the insulin drip. It's crazy how things differ from country to country! The MW did say that it is quite rare for women to go above 7 as the stress and activity of labour keeps levels low.

Happy I've heard nothing about steroids, so I would also advise double checking on that one.

My readings have been really good this week, even with chips out in the pub yesterday lunchtime, and I am tempted to further up the carbs in the next few days as I prepare for the big day. It's almost like preparing for a big race! I ran a half marathon last year and I feel like I'm readying myself in the same way...eating, sleeping and keeping as fit as possible! I think the half marathon might have been easier than what's in store next week though confused

happynappies Thu 20-Sep-12 11:02:32

Smicha my preparation is terrible - I'd planned to rest as much as I could but children keep coming down with sickness bug and now tumble dryer has given up the ghost. Cannot get on top of things, perfect timing!! I'll be glad to go into hospital for a rest (!). Not long to go now for any of us...

Angelico Thu 20-Sep-12 21:30:04

Hey ladies, hope everyone is well today. Getting close now for some of us! smile

Out for dinner tonight, would have loved a nice latte after dinner but they seem to send bloods high so just had a lovely main course and got a 6.8 - happy enough. Am finding some of my pre-meal readings have been inexplicably high the last few days but on the whole still good.

I am getting my hair washed / blown dry on Monday (day before CS) - is that terribly vain? grin Was told it can be a bit sore raising arms above head to wash hair for a day or two so that's my excuse... grin

blonder how did you get on with consultant?

Smicha very excited about your date!!! grin

Happy when are you due again? Did I see Sunday?

Fjord your guidelines are so different to here! I've been told to only test for 24 hours post delivery and then forget about it till repeat GTT 6 weeks later! Your advice sounds much more sensible, especially about low GI diet and BFing. I don't want the bean to suffer longer term because of me sad

I've been meaning to post on this thread for a while,sorry for the delay!

I'm not pregnant at the moment, but am T1 (nearly 30 years since dx), pumping for the last 8 years, and have a DD who is 5 and a DS who is 2. Both born by CS due to retinopathy complicating things.

Happy re steroids - I had these with DS who was born at 31 weeks (not related to diabetes, he's a surviving triplet). They send your sugars insane for about 2 days - really high. I ran my basal at about 400% of normal to cope with it and did bucket loads of tests.

Also, for anyone planning to BF, be prepared to drop your insulin levels to about 75%ish of pre-pregnancy levels - often nobody warns you that BFing causes your sugars to drop through the floor. NEVER sit down to feed without jelly babies to hand, to go with your glass of water grin Certainly nobody told me, hence DH getting a call at about 3am on the 2nd night in hospital, saying "no need to worry, but we've moved your wife back upstairs...she had a hypo..." <inspects sugar readings of less than 1mmol/l with raised eyebrows>

Speaking of which, take lots of snacks into hospital with you - hospital food is dire, I carb counted one days menu after I had DS, there was a magnificent 75g carbs for the whole day.

If anyone's got any specific questions about T1 and babies, I'm happy to try and answer them smile we're TTC #3 currently, I'm getting very impatient with things!

Erm, wrong thread, sorry! <nothing to see here, move along please...> grin

Angelico Thu 20-Sep-12 22:33:43

Hey Rue smile Thanks for posting - was just about to write, "ooooh someone was asking about type 1 diabetes on another thread the other day!" smile You sound like you have great expertise! Think most of us are hoping GD will disappear fairly quickly after delivery - fingers crossed grin

And on the steroid thing I had to make a decision about it and decided not to take them. My GD has been well-controlled with diet since diagnosis and didn't fancy a couple of days in hospital on insulin at such a late stage delivery (38+4).

Haha, have just reposted where it was meant to be in the first place! grin

I only had steroids with DS because he was at such high risk of early delivery (around 24 weeks), then had another lot when my waters actually went at 31 weeks.

Angelico Thu 20-Sep-12 23:29:07

Quick question peeps: bedtime blood readings. What is a good number? IS the bedtime reading supposed to be under 5.5 like a pre-meal reading? Because mine are coming in higher...

blonderthanred Fri 21-Sep-12 01:02:00

Mine are meant to be 5.9 or lower before meals & bed. It can depend when you ate your meal though for the bed one.

Consultant good, they were pleased with my bloods and have booked me in for IOL on 23 October! So surprised to have a date and slightly discombobulated but also quite pleased.

Now just need to start getting organised - last couple of weeks at work, exhausting as training my cover person & have to explain everything I do. Just want to think about cots and prams and babygros now.

happynappies Fri 21-Sep-12 13:46:44

I think the mw just hadn't read my notes, if I'm being induced at 39+6 there should be no need for steroids? I'll obviously ask when I get there but can't see a need for them! Not sure about pre-bedtime bloods Angelico, sorry!

Angelico Fri 21-Sep-12 16:58:38

Thanks Blonder that's helpful! Mine seem to have been set a bit lower but my bedtime reading can be quite high at times confused

Happy think you might be right about the MW!!! I've decided against them at 38+4 so you should be safe enough at 39+6!

mrsv2 Sat 22-Sep-12 21:44:26

just popping in to say hello and see how everyone is doing.......George is 1 week today and i think we are surviving. Despite best intentions bad habits creeping back in already. Must stop myself from picking at bad things. Good luck to everyone with IOL dates, hopefully they will go as smoothly as mine.

blonderthanred Sun 23-Sep-12 02:13:24

Oh how lovely to hear that mrsv. Glad George is doing well. I think you're entitled to a bit of enjoyment in the form of sweet things, I'm sure some good habits will stick fast too.

Completely forgot about the GD this morning and didn't test my blood or take insulin before breakfast. Don't know what happened! Anyway luckily the post-bf blood was only 7.2, not bad considering.

Hope you're all having lovely weekends, thinking of those due for IOL in the next week.

Smicha Sun 23-Sep-12 11:12:53

Hi mrsv, good to hear things are going well! We have a big tin of roses in the house now and I'm looking forward to tucking in later in the week when cuddling my little boy! My last day before induction today and we're trying to just have a 'normal' day but then one of us will go 'oh my god we're having a baby tomorrow!'

DH is on a food mission today to make sure I'm fully fuelled for tomorrow - yummy omelette (his are way better than mine as he takes time to whisk the eggs!) and toast for brekkie, then he's making me something with trout for lunch and roast beef for dinner! I was starving through the night last night, had to get up and eat at 1am! Very odd. Then I had back pain and BH and was convinced baby would come early, but perhaps I was just willing that to be the case smile

Blonder, there are some mornings I completely forget too and start making breakfast before I've done my fasting test. Only a few more days of finger pricking to go though! Yey! Then the pain will be replaced by another slightly more sore one.... hmm

I've been on a colostrum expressing mission the last few days and I must have done it for about 6 hours in total and have a grand total of 5mls! But I guess that's better than nothing in an emergency!

Angelico Sun 23-Sep-12 13:11:15

MrsV really happy you are getting on so well- can completely understand you going for a few sweet treats, believe me I will be too! Think it's the old thing about the more you can't have something the more you want it... For me all I really want is a glass of cold orange juice and a croissant, followed up by some chocolate. Will be dropping crumbs on the baby's head... blush grin

Smicha really good luck for tomorrow - let us know how you get on! Your DH sounds like an impressive chef smile

Blonder how long have you got left now?

I'm in on Tuesday! Had 'the fear' last night but am calm-ish again this morning and bloods have been good the last couple of days after a few odd readings during the week. Going for a carvery lunch today, then a coffee on the beach and planning to watch DVDs and Downton for the rest of the day. Getting hair done tomorrow and have to go to hospital for clotting jab etc. Can't believe how fast the last couple of weeks have flown in!!!

blonderthanred Sun 23-Sep-12 14:40:30

I've got ONE MONTH TODAY! Hope you will all come back and tell me how you got on as I have felt really supported by you all for the last few weeks. Will be thinking of you all this week and wishing you well.

The thing I miss is also orange juice and it's extra harsh that at my work there are often leftover Croissants and pain au ch*c*l*ats, torture! Although to be honest since cutting out most sugar I must admit I crave sweet things a lot less, just fruit & juice mainly. <must try to remember this for future healthy behaviour>

Smicha Sun 23-Sep-12 18:12:44

I'll definitely update you Blonder as I've found this thread really helpful to as people completely understand what I'm going through!

Angelico my DH is a great chef, he spoils me! I can't wait for my roast beef... although need to go easy on the roast potatoes - don't want to fall at the final hurdle after a week of great glucose readings! If I'm not back on here before then, good luck for Tuesday! Our babies may well be here on the same day!

Smicha Sun 23-Sep-12 18:13:23

*I have found this thread really helpful too, not to. Duh.

happynappies Mon 24-Sep-12 07:24:02

Good luck smicha and Angelico! I came in to be induced yesterday and had one lot of gel, slow painful night but am hoping to be examined shortly and either be making good progress or be given next lot of gel. The 'list' to have your waters broken here sounds a bit hit and miss with 24 hr waits and being bumped down etc so am hoping to miss that out, hope it goes well for everyone else, look forward to catching up soon!

Angelico Mon 24-Sep-12 08:55:20

Good luck Happy and Smicha! thanks smile It'll be my turn tomorrow, got pre-op stuff today!

blonderthanred Mon 24-Sep-12 08:57:18

Hope you progress well Happy. Fingers xed (but not legs).

Smicha Mon 24-Sep-12 13:22:29

Well... I'm back at home! Initial stages of IOL not necessary as I'm 2cm dilated and having regular pain-free contractions!!! They were going to break my waters this morning but there's no free bed on the delivery unit, so they will call me back in later this afternoon when there is. In the meantime I'm to relax, eat and hope that I continue to progress naturally. This is not at all what I expected, but I'm delighted I don't have to have the 24 hour pessary. I'm in a bit of shock!

Angelico Mon 24-Sep-12 13:31:53

Oh that's great Smicha - hope all goes well smile

blonderthanred Mon 24-Sep-12 14:00:41

Blimey that is a shock! I didn't even know that was a possibility, of being sent home. Hope your dilation and contractions continue painlessly and effectively! So exciting to think your baby is on its way.

Smicha Mon 24-Sep-12 14:22:48

Yes, I wasn't expecting to come home! If there had been a bed I would still be there but she said that as they'd done no intervention they could let me go as I'd be more comfortable at home instead of hanging round the hospital waiting. Just waiting at home instead! Don't quite know what to do with myself!

FjordMor Mon 24-Sep-12 20:20:09

happynappies & Smicha - gosh how exciting! Wishing you both gentle starts & thinking of you both! Please send news as soon as you can!

Angelico Mon 24-Sep-12 23:23:14

Heading in tomorrow morning. NOT looking forward to fasting from 7am till 10pm confused in spite of the 'glucose drip' they will give me. Nom nom hmm

Hope Smicha and Happy are holding beans by now - or well on the way smile

<waves at Fjord, Blonder and all other heroic, cake-deprived GDers!>

blonderthanred Mon 24-Sep-12 23:27:21

Good luck Angel! Hope you get some sleep.

happynappies Tue 25-Sep-12 05:35:03

Good luck angelico. My baby girl arrived safely at 4.40 yesterday pm weighing in at 9 lb 14 oz. Only had one lot of gel, no drip, and waters went themselves. Was looking forward to cosy night with her but have had to feed her by deadlines and she had to 'pass' two blood sugar tests which she has just done so finally feel we're getting there! What a journey!! Will catch up properly soon, hope those waiting will be snuggling lo's soon, won't be long!

blonderthanred Tue 25-Sep-12 08:43:31

Wow fantastic news Happy! Congratulations! Sounds like everything went really smoothly and your little girl is doing well. Hope you get to take her home shortly and you both are unaffected by the GD. Lots of happy nappies for you!

Angelico Tue 25-Sep-12 09:07:16

Congrats Happy and thanks to you and Blonder for good wishes. Just getting ready here, have to go in for about 11.30...

Smicha Tue 25-Sep-12 10:13:25

Congrats happy! Good luck angelico! My little boy was born at 1am, 7lb2! He's amazing. No pessaries or gel, waters were broken at 9, no drip needed and he was here in 4 hours! Perineal tear though (ow!) which is going to hurt like hell, but all worth it. No insulin needed and no time to do readings in the end. Baby is feeding well with great blood glucose readings.

happynappies Tue 25-Sep-12 12:57:35

Congratulations smicha, well done you, so exciting, hope everything is going well; sending lots of good labour. Vibes to Angelico, thinking of you, hope it goes well!

blonderthanred Tue 25-Sep-12 14:07:04

Wow congrats Smicha too! You guys have all done so well!

mrsv2 Tue 25-Sep-12 15:41:20

congratulations happy and good luck smicha.......with regards the tear and stitches, yes its painful so take your painkillers and weeing is a killer. A big jug of warm water sluiced over you as you wee will help, drink plenty to keep it dilute and in 7 days my pain was gone. Dont be afraid to poo, that actually didnt hurt as much as having a wee.

FjordMor Tue 25-Sep-12 22:21:43

Many congratulations to Smicha & Happy! smilesmile So glad to hear what sound like more positive than expected birth experiences! So exciting meeting your LO's! Hanging out for news from Angelico...

BettyandDon Wed 26-Sep-12 08:42:22

Just joining the thread as I think I may have GD - waiting a week or so with tests...

Had ok BMI at start of this pregnancy, but ended up obese after DD1 and it was a horrid process to lose the weight (18 mos). Nutritionist wouldn't see me as I was not overweight at book in!

Think I may be insulin resistant anyway as low carb diets are the ONLY way I can control my weight. Of course I had to can that when pregnant.

Just going to read the messages on the thread for some virtual advice. Feel free to ignore smile

blonderthanred Wed 26-Sep-12 11:36:54

Good luck B&D, it's horrid when you're first diagnosed but definitely the best thing to get treated. You sound like you have a very sensible attitude.

FjordMor Wed 26-Sep-12 16:42:10

Hi all smile,

Just popping in to share a new twist in my GD with you, with just days to go until my induction! I wonder if anyone else has had a similar situation happen?

Basically at my MW appointment yesterday, my urine had +++blood, protein and leukocytes in it - indicative of a UTI. After seeing the GP (in the same building) I was prescribed a course of Trimethorprim (antibiotic) which I started yesterday and will be taking through and beyond my labour.

After lunch today (in which I had enough carbs that normally give me at least a 6.7) I was very dozy and soporific and slept for a while. On taking my post-lunch bloods I found them to be only 4.2. I googled and found out that Trimethoprim has a side effect of lowering blood sugar and has been known to give (proper) diabetics dangerous hypos shock. Stupid GP for not checking!! (although I'm allergic to 2 of the top choices for pregnancy UTIs so I'm guessing he was a bit stuck - however, he didn't warn me, which was bad).

Anyhow, I can't talk to the endocrinology team until tomorrow so I'm just taking some extra carbs to keep my blood sugar up as I was told the biggest risk during labour and the run up is low blood sugar.

Anyone run into this before? I need to keep taking the antibiotics as the UTI is quite bad.

Btw - I won't steal her thunder, but Angelico's DH posted on our other thread saying everything went well and mother and baby are doing fine! smile Hope she won't mind me saying but I knew some of you would be waiting for news from her! smile.

blonderthanred Wed 26-Sep-12 16:50:32

Wow that's pretty dramatic FM! Do you carry glucose gel or tablets? I was given a pack when diagnosed with GD.

Great to hear that everything with Angel went well, hope we hear from her soon. Which is the other thread, is it an antenatal one?

blonderthanred Wed 26-Sep-12 16:54:54

Oh I just found it, that's the sweetest message from her DH. I have just teared up. How lovely!

FjordMor Wed 26-Sep-12 17:52:18

Hey blonder smile,

No, no glucose gel or tabs here. I'm managing it by having lots of small carby snacks and checking the bloods regularly. I'm not under 4.0 after all but that was far more of a fasting than a post-food reading. Logic tells me I could up the carbs if the drug is doing some of my body's work for me and I'll get advice ASAP tomorrow from the team. There's some chocolate & ice cream in the fridge if things get dire confused but so far the added carbs/snacks are compensating and keeping me fairly balanced if in the 4's/5's rather than 6's.

Bloody complications eh? Still finishing off the hospital bag - guess I better get to it... smile

blonderthanred Wed 26-Sep-12 18:45:09

I was given the gel when they prescribed the insulin just in case of any hypos, hasn't been any danger of that so far. Hope you are enjoying your extra carbs!

How exciting to be getting your final bits together. I think I am in total denial that it will be happening in less than a month. Hope you are feeling positive about it all thanks to our GD companions' success stories.

Angelico Fri 28-Sep-12 18:45:49

Hey ladies! <Waves> quick message as tired but just wanted to say we are home and well! Bean's bloods were grand after birth and nobody seems that interested in mine! She was only 7lb 10oz in spite of enormous baby predictions hmm so just perfect smile Great feeder - alas, just like her mother lol! Congrats to Smicha thanks.

Hmmm, Angelico needs a nap!

blonderthanred Sat 29-Sep-12 09:00:08

Hi Angelico, many congratulations! So glad all went well. Hope you are snatching a bit of sleep here and there. Well done on your lovely, perfectly-sized baby!

Smicha Sat 29-Sep-12 19:21:43

Congrats Angelico! Hope the rest of you are doing well. I'm just feeding DS while DH makes steak and chips (mmmm chips!). I've also polished off some Victoria sponge today and a few quality street... Must get back to a sensible diet soon!

happynappies Sat 29-Sep-12 20:29:03

Hi everyone, hope you're all well, not sure how my sticking to sensible diet plans are going, still such a novelty to be able to eat normally ! Dd is doing well, feeding well, just won't lie in her cot at night and feeds constantly, feel like I haven't slept in weeks, can't remember how long this lasts! Thinking we'll be moving house in two weeks so busy times... Hope you get some rest Angelico!

FjordMor Sun 30-Sep-12 15:00:42

Just popping in and waving before tomorrow! smile Sugars have gone a bit weird the last few days, but last night I stupidly had Chinese with DP and the stepkids and got an unsurprising 8.2 for my trouble. Other than that they've been occasionally unexpectedly low (I think due to the blood sugar lowering antibiotics I'm still taking) and occasionally unexpectedly high (I never am over 6 after breakfast but this was since the 8.2 last night). Seems most on here who have had their babies have 'gone back to normal' so fingers crossed! Was feeling zen about tomorrow but am having a rather stressful day that lacks personal space and the ability to nest/potter in a way that would calm me so I guess I'll just have to roll with the stress and try and mentally force my way into a stoic frame of mind! Lots of love to all x

happynappies Sun 30-Sep-12 17:05:29

FjordMor - good luck for tomorrow! I had planned a wonderfully relaxing day the day before my IOL, but after a week of the children's sickness bug I succumbed on the Saturday morning, couldn't eat all day, and was throwing up etc until well into Saturday evening. I felt physically exhausted, and couldn't sleep that night because I felt so hot/thirsty/uncomfortable and developed a funny kind of indigestion that was not sorted with Gaviscon. By the time I went to hospital was all over the place, and they said I had ketones and protein in urine etc. Not the best preparation, but... a few hours later I had a baby and it all seems a distant memory now!! You will be absolutely fine, just try to stay calm and it will all be happily over soon. Thinking of you smile can't wait to hear more news!

blonderthanred Sun 30-Sep-12 17:29:57

Good luck Fjordmor, hope you get some sleep tonight and look forward to hearing how it went.

Emmiedarling Sun 30-Sep-12 17:53:40

I just wanted to pop in and say that my gorgeous boy Freddie arrived on Tuesday.

I had insulin for my gestational diabetes and was told to expect a 10lb-er. He came in at 5lbs!

So, just to say, that not all diabetic mothers have bigguns!

He had a few breathing difficulties at birth but was fine after 24 hours in intensive care.


blonderthanred Sun 30-Sep-12 18:17:41

Congratulations Emmie! Glad Freddie is doing so well now. Wow that is a massive difference from what you were told. I find that amazing how many babies are less than expected when the sonographers are so sure, it really must be an inexact science.

May I ask, were you induced and did it go to plan?

Secondsop Mon 01-Oct-12 11:24:08

Hello, new to this thread as I've just found out that I have gestational diabetes. Am 29+4. The midwife on the phone said that my numbers were "a little bit raised" so I'm hoping i'll be able to control it by diet. I was a bigger BMI to begin with but have put on zero weight during the pregnancy even taking into account the weight of the baby so am currently feeling a bit down as I thought I was doing well at managing my risk. But am about to read through the thread for all your tips and good ideas which I am sure will lift my spirits!

happynappies Mon 01-Oct-12 11:42:51

Welcome Secondsop - hope you find lots of support on here, I certainly found it really helpful as it can be a bit of a shock when you find out you have GD. I managed to control mine with diet, and although it was a tough few weeks, it doesn't last forever and all is well with baby now. Hope you're ok.

blonderthanred Mon 01-Oct-12 11:48:57

Hi Secondsop, I had pretty much the same experience as you - raised BMI, healthy pgy with minimal weight gain and then just slightly over the limit for the GTT.

Good luck with the diet control but remember if you do need insulin/metformin don't take it personally, it's just your placenta; it was something I really struggled to accept but now it's just one of those things. breakfast is my hardest meal, porridge didn't work for me (but should for most), now I stick to wholemeal/low GI toast with pb or an egg. My medical team seemed almost panicky at the beginning but now are much more relaxed and happy with my progress.

All the other GD-ers so far have had good successful inductions or ELCS so I am feeling more confident about my induction in 3wks.

Secondsop Mon 01-Oct-12 11:56:29

Hi happynappies and blonder, thank you for your posts - you've made me feel a lot better. I've been on a low carb diet before - the India knight book - and found it very manageable so I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to get through it. I think it's just the shock of finding out and of having to need yet another bit of medical attention (the pregnancy hasn't been very straightforward so far).

Emmiedarling Mon 01-Oct-12 18:37:00

blonderthanred - I had an ELCS! All went well and baby is happy bunny smile

happynappies Tue 02-Oct-12 13:27:27

Just checking in to see if there have been any more arrivals? Its all gone quiet wink

blonderthanred Tue 02-Oct-12 13:50:22

Yes I was wondering how Fjord was getting on.

Emmie I'm glad your ELCS went smoothly. Hope you're enjoying Freddie and he is thriving!

blonderthanred Tue 02-Oct-12 21:34:28

Shanelle in case you are looking for this thread I'm bumping it. Good luck with your GTT tomorrow but if you get a positive result you can read below for lots of lovely stories from those of us who have been diagnosed.

Secondsop Tue 02-Oct-12 22:03:02

Hello, found out today my appointment at the diabetic clinic is next Tues. It's not at the antenatal diabetic clinic because that's on Mondays and I don't have a way of getting to the (miles away) hospital before my husband gets back on Tues but on Tues I'll get the blood tester machine thing. I've been advised to follow a low GI diet in the meantime and to have one portion of carbs with each meal.

I've also been reading that regular snacks are important (alongside small meals). What kinds of things are you ladies having as a snack before bed?

blonderthanred Wed 03-Oct-12 08:01:51

Hi Second. Pre-bed, I tend to have a piece of wholemeal or Bergen (low GI) bread and butter, a small apple or some plain yoghurt (I've found Onken natural set is the lowest carb). Your body may react differently to different things so once you have the testing kit you can check.

They wanted me to check my BS 4x a day but at the beginning I did some extra checks after snacks etc just to understand better what worked for me.

Secondsop Wed 03-Oct-12 09:50:59

Thanks blonder - I had a small serving of porridge last night and I definitely feel better for it today. And, congratulations on your baby! Have read the whole of this thread now and it has been really reassuring about the things that I've been worrying about - the positive induction stories in particular.

blonderthanred Wed 03-Oct-12 11:40:48

Mine is still incarcerated at present but due for induction in 2 weeks and 6 days (not that I'm counting down...)

But there have been lots of babies on this thread and all the inductions and ELCSs have gone very smoothly it seems (compared to the horror stories you seem to read when you are trying to find out about GD at first). They've also all been given the all clear in terms of blood sugar I think so the GD has gone away, and more importantly their babies have been healthy too.

Secondsop Wed 03-Oct-12 12:01:06

Ah sorry blonderthanred I must have got confused when reading the thread. Not long now for you though!

Smicha Wed 03-Oct-12 13:06:44

Hi seconds and blonder and anyone else! Just checking in while feeding DS (again...he likes his milk!) Out of curiosity I thought I'd do a blood test this morning an hour after a breakfast that made me ill during PG before diagnosis, porridge with honey and banana, and I got a 5.2 reading so I hope that means the GD has gone!

I've also agreed to be part of a study of babies born to mothers with GD to see how the GD was managed and how they grow in the first two years and they took DS's reading just after a feed on Monday and he was 5.6, which they said was good.

So, there can be positive induction stories and outcomes - at least I feel quite positive about my experience - which I never thought possible when I first started googling GD!

Hope all are well and hope to hear from Fjordmor soon!

Secondsop Wed 03-Oct-12 15:47:49

Smicha congratulations on your baby!

What happens with birth plans for GD babies? Does it all go out of the window or is there still scope for me to put one together? Presumably it would be in conjunction with the diabetic antenatal clinic as that is where all my antenatal appointments will be from now on.

blonderthanred Wed 03-Oct-12 18:39:11

I think it's still worth writing a birth plan but be prepared for all eventualities.

I had an antenatal birth class this afternoon and the mw was so positive, said I can still push for use of water in labour, it's still worth getting a TENS and altogether the birth can still be as natural as possible - however I have to be relaxed about the possibilities of epidural and CS. The same goes for mobility - you can request to be as mobile as possible but of course the situation may arise that you can't be completely.

Also, things like music, lighting and so on can still be under your control, who is there, all that stuff.

blonderthanred Wed 03-Oct-12 18:41:11

ps that is great news Smicha, I want to be in the study too! This thread has been fantastic for positive information and stories, I had the same panic when first diagnosed and googling frantically.

happynappies Wed 03-Oct-12 19:16:08

Seconds I had quite a detailed birth plan because although I was being induced I wanted as natural labour as possible. Although I had continuous monitoring I was on my feet the whole time, checked my blood sugar levels throughout and didn't need any GD intervention. I think if you are a birth plan kind of person it is important to write one, and mine definitely helped me, I wanted to convey how anxious I get during labour even though it was my fourth time, needed a lot of patient support from my mw, who was brilliant!

Secondsop Wed 03-Oct-12 19:58:58

Thank you blonder and happynappies. This is my first baby so feel a bit clueless generally and even more so when there have been so many complications to be managed throughout.

Angelico Wed 03-Oct-12 22:13:14

Hi guys and welcome to new peeps too! Just sending a wave and wondering if any of you are still checking bloods post-bean? I did a check an hour after breakfast today and got a 7.4 - I have no idea if this is good or bad? I seem to have largely lost my taste for sweet stuff but have been eating more fruit again. Still sore after CS but had acupuncture on Mon and was advised to use heat along the sore 'retraction lines' (NOT on incision) - both have helped a lot.

Also BabyFjord has arrived safely by CS - my turn to hope not stealing Fjord's thunder! A DD smile

mrsv2 Thu 04-Oct-12 18:42:25

Angelico......I was told to test 2hrs post meal and aim for a reading below 10.5. So I'm sure your 7.4 is fine.

Angelico Thu 04-Oct-12 22:15:49

That's great MrsV thanks smile Were you on insulin? And what was your post-meal range before? Can't remember now.

mrsv2 Thu 04-Oct-12 23:21:58

Yes I was on insulin and had to have a 1hr post reading of 8.5 or below but everything over 7.9 was circled at clinic as high.

blonderthanred Thu 04-Oct-12 23:45:42

<waves> Hello Angelico! Glad you are doing well, the bloods sound good.

Had my hospital appointment today, they are pleased in general although suggested taking breakfast insulin up to 12. Scan next Tues 9th, sweep following Thurs 18th, induction the Tuesday after 23rd.

Started having some very odd feelings very deep down, hope it's the baby moving into the right position (but not too quickly please, I still have lots of stuff to get!)

Angelico Fri 05-Oct-12 19:13:58

Hey ladies got some info today from diabetic nurse - bear in mnd I wasn't on any medication, diet only. My range now should be 4-7 pre-meal and less than 8.5 2 hours after a meal. They have suggested I do a fasting blood and a random post-meal blood 2 or 3 times a week only.

Anyone else REALLY tired???!!! Our bean is 10 days old but has a 'maggot' phase once a day where she fights sleep, gets exhausted and wails for 2-3 hours. My tolerance for it waxes and wanes depending how much sleep I've had...

mrsv2 Sat 06-Oct-12 18:12:49

Hi Angelico.... Yes shattered here too, George suffers with wind and screams for 2-3hrs each evening. Won't settle in his cot will only sleep with us. dH and me bed swap in the spare room.... I go to first feed whilst dh reads etc and then I have George for the rest of the night. A jealous toddler in the day doesn't help much either

Angelico Sat 06-Oct-12 19:09:30

Hey MrsV - sympathy on the wind and screaming! We were at acupuncturist today for my C-Section recovery and asked him about wind and evening screaming. He showed us some massage stuff for wind so we will give it a try and report back if it's any good... Going to go and grab some sleep here for a few hours to prepare me for maggotry later this evening...

happynappies Sun 07-Oct-12 20:52:24

Another evening screamer here, perfectly fine if I hold her but will not lie in her cot for more than 20 minutes, bf all night long, what to do? Was going to try Infacol tomorrow, really miss having 'time' in the evening, strange we're all going through similar things!! Massage sounds v interesting let us know Angelico, hope it works!

Angelico Sun 07-Oct-12 22:08:29

Happy we have realised that it is when Bean needs a poo and can't get it out - she settles beautifully for other naps. Poor wee thing was writhing in pain earlier was really upsetting sad What helped in the end was swaddling her in a big muslin swaddle and letting her feed for 5 mins - just soothed her over to sleep. Just felt so sorry for her sad She seems to be doing all her poos overnight, just has wet nappies all day. They are the right consistency but not sure if this counts as constipation in a baby?

happynappies Mon 08-Oct-12 14:11:23

Definitely sounds similar, when I feed her in the day she falls asleep and is generally really calm, but all wriggly and distressed in the evening, which is when I'm most tired too, so stressful times! Bought some Infacol today as it helped with my others, but not started it yet, feel a bit reluctant for some reason... going to try 'cycling' her legs and doing some massage later on after bathtime, see if that helps. Good luck this evening!

Angelico Mon 08-Oct-12 19:01:50

Beanie passed a tiny little 'solid' of poo this evening confused About 1 cm long and 0.5cm wide. She's BF so this was a surprise! She got windy and strainy again so again did swaddle and 2 min feed - bam, out like a light. Please God let it keep working!!! Good luck tonight Happy - are you on a PN thread? Come join our Oct thread if not - lots of tip sharing! thanks

FjordMor Wed 10-Oct-12 23:02:17

Hi to all! Me and baby Fjord are home and doing ok (I won't lie and say 'fine' - it's been hard going). I had a c-section in the end after over 48 hours of induction so I've only been home a few days.

Baby Fjord's blood sugars were immediately ok and mine seem to have been good. Deliberately ate a meal in hospital with jam on toast and this kind of brown cheese we have here that is like caramel, and got a 5.9 for my troubles so I'm guessing I'm ok.

Despite saying that I would stick to the low GI diet after baby was born, for her sake, I'm currently lapsing - having big breastfeeding problems anyway, which in turn is making me feel shit about myself, which is turn is leading to me feeling the need for pizza, chocolate and various other foods that should not be top of my list. It's nice to be able to eat bread again though. I'm determined to back to low GI, at least loosely, to help lose baby weight both just for myself and to lower my future risk of diabetes. Preparing food ourselves seems to be a fantasy at the moment though and we are currently reliant on takeaways and stuff with toast blush.

Having big feeding problems with baby Fjord so I'm kind of transfixed with that but I'll try and catch up with you all more thoroughly in the coming days. x

happynappies Thu 11-Oct-12 22:20:25

Congratulations Fjord, glad you are home and on the right side of GD but sorry to hear you're having tough times on the feeding front, are you getting some good support from health visitor or midwife etc? Hope you've had a better day anyway, it's so tough in the early days!! My evening screamer has settled in a firm swaddle this evening, I listened to my Hv who said not to swaddle, and now feel stupid because she's had a really good sleep, should trust my instincts!! Still, it's early yet, better not count my chickens! Hope everyone else is well smile

Smicha Fri 12-Oct-12 22:50:39

Congratulations Fjord!

I just wanted to share that I got back into pre-pregnancy jeans today!!! Gestational diabetes truly was a blessing on disguise as there is no way that would have happened if I'd continued going as I was...although I've now fallen off the wagon and am eating so much rubbish while using breastfeeding as an excuse! All those good intentions out the window already!

Hope you're all doing well.

blonderthanred Fri 12-Oct-12 23:46:14

That's great news Fjord. Happy I have bought some large muslins for swaddling as a friend found it really soothed her baby. I think as long as care is taken it should be fine.

Smicha I know what you mean - although still pg, I have lost 6lbs since the GD diagnosis, the baby is gaining healthily so it's all come from me. I don't think that would have happened without me taking more care about sugar and I'm sure I would have continued to gain more (as would the baby). As it is I'm now 1st2 heavier than at the start of the pgy which is right for my BMI.

I'm getting my last few bits ready before the induction a week on Tuesday. Sweep next Thurs so will be interesting to see what happens following that.

Angelico Tue 16-Oct-12 12:59:35

Hey ladies! Just saying hello - hope all is going well with new beans and growing beans smile

And swaddling is your friend...! smile Bean is 3 weeks old today and we swaddle her at night so we can all get some decent sleep. White noise helps too - either Ewan the sheep or last night a radio detuned so the static blared - she LOVED it! grin

blonderthanred Tue 16-Oct-12 16:04:39

How lovely to hear from you. I've sneakily been snooping lurking in the October threads to keep up to date with you and get an insight of how life may be in a week or so. I am having a sweep on Thurs and then induction booked for next Tuesday so you can imagine I am getting a bit jittery!

Thanks for the advice re swaddling, it does seem to make sense. Bloods have been ok, scan was fine so hopefully all will be well. I've bought every labour-inducing item on the market so am bouncing on balls, massaging my bits and bathing in oils while eating curry in the hope that things kick off as naturally as possible. Really don't fancy the syntocin but given how things have gone, I'm trying to be sanguine about the possibilities.

Look forward to hearing more on Mini Angelico's progress.

FjordMor Wed 17-Oct-12 23:09:36

Just one-handedly popping in whilst feeding...Smicha congrats! I too seem to be slimmer already 2 weeks post section than I remember being pre-pregnancy. I suspect a little over-tucking during my c-section sew-up though as after all, being EMCS, they didn't know how fat I was before! wink

I continue to struggle with feeding but I feel I'm winning the war now with syntocin-enticed milk supply & a more laid back approach to keeping baby on or near the breast most of the day.

I too have fallen 'off the wagon' after encouraging post-birth bloods. I'm so damn hungry all the time with breastfeeding & after enjoying the 'breastfeeding flapjacks' my LC gave me, I'm craving biscuits and bowls of cereal (as well as chocolate and copious orange juice). Should really do another random blood sugar soon. Still intend to go low GI as want to keep up post baby weight loss and ensure baby fjord isn't at risk of obesity but right now takeaways & biscuits r us confused. Good to hear how everyone's getting on post-babies. smile

blonderthanred Thu 18-Oct-12 12:18:26

Fjord I am intrigued by the syntocin-enticed milk supply! Please explain as I am quite anxious about the bf issue so would love to know.

Having a sweep this afternoon, wish me luck!

FjordMor Thu 18-Oct-12 12:31:00

Oh good luck blonder! Actually it's a nasal spray of syntocin that I take before each feed that encourages milk flow. I was prescribed it by my doctor here in Norway. I've never heard it mentioned by any MNers so I don't know if it's available in the UK. It seems to work.

Hope your sweep brings things on gently & naturally! I'll be thinking of you! smile

blonderthanred Thu 18-Oct-12 12:50:51

Wow I have never heard of that. Something to ask about if needed.

Thanks for the good wishes x

happynappies Sat 20-Oct-12 00:02:47

Good luck blonder, won't be long now! Just checking in from my new home, has been a chaotic few days, still haven't got a name for baby because we've been so focused on packing, manic trying to pack and unpack when breast feeding but unbelievably we've done it!

blonderthanred Sat 20-Oct-12 00:14:33

Thanks Happy, wow well done on the house move, what a time to be doing it. Glad you are doing well with the BF.

I've had a show tonight and having some mild contractions. So maybe I won't need the induction on Tues, who knows. Am going to try and get some sleep but it all feels quite strange and exciting. I feel like I've done the wrong homework - I only know about inductions!

happynappies Sat 20-Oct-12 03:12:42

Oh wow, thats a really good sign, will keep my fingers crossed for you and wait to hear news, sending lots of good labour vibes your way!

Smicha Sat 20-Oct-12 04:18:23

Good luck blonder! Look forward tp hearing of another safe gd arrival. I'm sure you've done enough homework and will be fine smile

Angelico Sat 20-Oct-12 13:54:30

Hey everyone smile Just a quick wave here. Happy well done on move, we moved a few weeks pre-baby and it was hard enough, don't know how you are doing it with newbie smile Good luck Blonder! And a wave for Fjord and Smicha!

Angelico Sun 28-Oct-12 23:59:28

Bumping this in case it is useful to anyone, most of us have now 'graduated' to post-natal threads I think but I found this really helpful so thanks to all who gave info and advice thanks

Angelico Mon 05-Nov-12 21:49:35

6 weeks tomorrow since our bean was born - heading to GP's for repeat GTT. Hoping all will be clear in spite of shit post-baby diet (which involves grabbing whatever I can find in between feeding / rocking / changing / playing with baby...). Not helped by fact that my failsafe beans / lentils etc make her colic worse, gah!!!

Smicha Tue 06-Nov-12 02:22:08

Hi angelico and everyone else! Six weeks tomorrow for us too and I'm also eating pure rubbish - all those good intentions disappear when you're home alone with a newborn! Also, all those people who felt sorry for me during pg have been baking cakes and buying me chocolate! Cruel, cruel people smile

Let us know how GTT goes, I've got mine in a couple of weeks as it was scheduled for 6 weeks after my actual due date.

Smicha Tue 06-Nov-12 02:23:34

Ps blonder good to see you on the bf thread, I take it your lo is here safe and sound? Hope it went to plan.

happynappies Mon 31-Dec-12 22:07:00

Just wondering how everyone is doing? My sis week test was ok, and despite good intentions still eating rubbish but going to try harder in the New Year! Hope babies are all doing well and you're getting some sleep. Happy new year all smile

Angelico Sat 09-Feb-13 19:12:01

Hey guys! I linked to this thread for someone who had started a new GD thread. Have just read through it all and just want to send you all a big unmumsnetty hug for being so brilliant smile It makes me feel all warm inside how we all looked out for each other. And happy sorry I missed your happy new year! Can I say happy new year now?! smile

GTT was clear at 6 weeks so have to repeat annually. I am a bit disgusted at my diet which has gone very carb heavy again sad Just never seem to have time for the cooking in the morning thing which was so essential with GD - but now she has outgrown the colic I am definitely going to start eating more pulses again.

I hope you are all well. Our bean is nearly 20 weeks now - hard to believe! We had a couple of dodgy weeks of sleep regression but all returned to normal thankfully.

Anyway sending you all some love! x (And some wine and biscuit now we can have them again... grin)

Mkmamma Thu 14-Feb-13 21:49:57

Hi Angelico! Happy to hear your readings ok!

Hello everybody! I'm the one who started a new thread then Angelico linked me to this fabulous thread!

Hoping other pregnant ladies will chime in.

I made a home made beef gosht, daal and brown basmati rice today for valentines day. Got a 6.0 reading one hr later. And I was stuffed! Woop!