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Hyperemesis Support

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LucindaE Tue 07-Aug-12 12:21:20

We need a new thread.

I hope everyone suffering from the Horrors of Hyperemesis will find this thread useful as a source of support and information.

There's no TMI on here - can't be by definition - and nobody should feel ashamed of moaning as much as they feel the need to.

I used to include extracts from MOH's wonderful website
but I think that makes this link less visible so am merely putting the link. The information on this site is invaluable.

I would like to thank MOH MOP Ovaltine Caramellokoalalover (I think she's changed her nickname) Fluffy, Horsey Kali and Everyone who has given such invaluable support and advice on previous threads.

Remember when you are at your worst, 'This Too Shall Pass'. It really will.

Littleplasticpeople Tue 07-Aug-12 19:05:53

Thanks Lucinda <marking place>

knicky I had issues with leaking when throwing up, mostly just a dribble though. I found panty liners were usually enough protection - Tena do really thin ones which I guess are for this very purpose. Miserable isn't it!

Feeling a bit better now I've been back a few days, although my consultant yesterday advised me to start taking anti sickness meds again when I told her I'm still regularly sick. I don't think I will, the side effects now out weigh the benefits. My iron levels are also pretty low, which must be making me feel worse as tiredness has always been my main trigger. She also told me that Spatone is not effective so I need to take the full on iron pills which are really rough on the tummy. Anyone know anything about this?

horseynewmum Tue 07-Aug-12 19:27:35

Hi all and thanks for the mention Lucinda and yes this will pass. Lily is nearly 11 weeks now and she is the most wonderful little thing. I cant believe at 10 weeks while in hospital a second time I wanted to rid and I'm so glad I didnt. I know I didn't have HG as bad as some people but to me it was a life changing condition.

Re puking and weeing, if I was being sick I always sat on toilet if at home as I would end up having a pee. I pee'd and puked in shower many of times and even pee'd on bathroom floor (thank God my floor is tiled). I do look back and laugh now, and one day you will

big hugz x x

BarmeeMarmee Tue 07-Aug-12 21:01:04

Don't worry Lucinda the link worked smile.

Knicky yup, been there! Oh how I wish I'd paid more attention to my pelvic floor exercises after having DS! Not sure that would have prevented it though.

How is everyone else? Horsey I can't believe it's 11 weeks already! Time flies...

I'm ok, thank you all for the good wishes. I'm feeling very, very tired and more nauseous ever since the weekend but no more tightenings and no bleeding so so far so good. My parents took DS for a few hours this afternoon and I just slept. Still feeling drained though. Ah well.

washngo Tue 07-Aug-12 23:02:55

Thanks for new thread! Am enjoying general looking after by my mum, it makes such a difference to know there's someone here to look after ds and dd any time I need help. Plus they adore my mum and dad so it's actually lovely for them to have all this attention from them. I feel horrendous and am struggling to keep food down but at least I've got help now. Hope everyone else is ok.

knickyknocks Wed 08-Aug-12 11:41:41

Thanks for the new thread Lucinda and thank you ladies for sharing the peeing and puking stories. As much as I wouldn't want anyone else to go through it, it's also comforting to know I'm not the only one. That said, if I have time to empty my bladder before I puke, it stops me from peeing.

Lying on the sofa, with DD in nursery. GP has signed me off for 2 weeks which is a relief. I was starting to feel better this morning, but a dash to the loo proved otherwise. DD hasn't been sleeping well of late and the exhaustion from that, makes my sickness so much worse. Ended up feeling terribly dizzy last night at 3AM. I felt like i had to hold onto the bed in case I fell out. 8 weeks 3 days today, such a long way to go, but I know this is only temporary - and I thank my lucky stars I'm not worse and in hospital.

horsey, Lily is a beautiful name. It must be such a relief that you got through this terrible business. I must admit, that hopefully if everything goes to plan, I will be glad to call it quits at this child, DC2. I absolutely can't put myself or my family through another pregnancy.

washngo lovely to hear you arrived safe and sound. It must make such a difference to know that you have someone constantly there to look after DD and DS. I've struggled with my DD when she's not in nursery (DH is a shiftworker and thanks to those olympics I'm not seeing much of him so it all falls back on me.....). Hope you get some relief from your symptoms soon.

barmee it's no wonder you're drained after the past couple of weeks. I hope that your parents can continue to help out just to give you that break that you need. Thank goodness there's no bleeding.

Hello to everyone else!

MOH100 Wed 08-Aug-12 15:56:29

BB13 i reread the article and the wording is funny, but I'm sure it means that the study group was comprised of infants (boys and girls) born to 'girls and women'. I suppose girls under 18 can have babies too and they have described them as girls rather than women. There is no way they would do a study like this and only examine one gender of baby unless they were only looking for a gender specific problem. The side effect leaflet would not have mentioned birth defects anyway, because there's no evidence for it, it would be more about side effect on you taking the drug, so I don't think it would have made any difference to your decision to take it. Life is easy in hindsight but you can only take a decision based on what you know at the time and how you feel at the time. Many women have untreatable HG that's so bad that they have terminations- could you maybe comfort yourself with the thought that if you hadn't have taken the meds, maybe your baby would not have survived at all? Before antiemetics began to be used in the late 1940s, about 8% of babies of HG mothers were either terminated to save the mother or the mother died and the baby with her - that's a high risk to run. Faced with an 8% chance of death, or a risk that's so tiny it can't be measured of having a birth defect, then I think you definitely made the best choice for your son. You possibly think you could have got through HG without taking meds, but you can't, it's not physically possible. If you hadn't taken antiemetics at home, you would have ended up being admitted to hospital and they would have given you antiemetics there whether you asked for them or not, they would have put meds down the drip, there is nothing else that they can do and no doctor will risk a patient dying. Plus if that had happened you would have ended up on even more meds because it's more difficult to control the worse it gets. You think you had a choice to not take the meds, but actually you didn't. HG took your choice away and it's not your fault. If you hadn't taken meto, you would have become very ill and ended up in hospital on a cocktail of IV meds, then your son would have been born probably exactly the same and you may have blamed yourself for letting yourself get so ill and not taking the meds in the first place. You can't win with HG, but I hate the idea that it can have such a hold over your mental health even after the baby is born.

LucindaE Wed 08-Aug-12 17:35:13

Thanks, everyone! waves to all, extremely proud. IT wizard or what? I can do a link. MOH so agree with all you have said to BB.
Barmee I didn't know you were bleeding too, my goodness, how alarming, hugs. So glad you can take it easy at the moment. You are being very brave.
Knicky Despite being my first birth, I peed on the floor anyway! 'Lucinda E, She can't take a puke without taking a pee...'
Wasngo Hurray for care by parents.
How is Everyone? Kali I assume back from summer school, Tay?

MotherofPearl Wed 08-Aug-12 19:46:05

Just dashing on to say I've found the new thread and sorry I've been scarce; busy time with the DCs. Going away for a week tomorrow but will catch up on the thread when back. Hope everyone is hanging in there. Hugs to Lucinda.

BarmeeMarmee Wed 08-Aug-12 21:30:15

Hi everyone! Lucinda no bleeding, thankfully. That's something at least. Situation is becoming quite comical though (if you don't laugh you'll cry!) - seems that DS may have scarlet fever! Need to wait for a drs appt tomorrow but hoping its not. Oh deary me!

kalidasa Wed 08-Aug-12 21:35:47

Found the new thread! Still at the summer school, still managing though quite tired now. Just two full days of teaching left, then back to London on Saturday morning.

EmilieFloge Thu 09-Aug-12 09:03:32

Hi guys,

I posted briefly on the last thread when I was at the very early part of this pregnancy. I hope you don't mind me coming back to ask a question?

I've reached 18 weeks now and since about 14-15, I was able to stop taking metoclopramide, and felt much less ill, well, on and off though it was still hanging around. Last week I had a bad cold and didn't feel sick apart from the gagging/coughing thing, but I can cope with that.

Since Sunday I've started getting that awful smell again - you know when you imagine something smells really bad, and you don't know what it is - I don't think it is anything real fwiw.

It's been getting worse this week and yesterday I ended up lying in bed trying to pretend I wasn't alive, all afternoon and evening, only getting up to make my children some rubbish dinner, and I felt the need to take my meds again for the first time in several weeks.

I don't know what to think. I really thought it was on its way out - I was pretty bad and in bed a lot during the first trimester, not vomiting (v strong stomach I suppose) but awful nausea and fighting it all the time, on meto. three times a day, plus phenergan, and wishing I was dead.

This feels like I'm back in week 10 sad

I'm sure with my two boys I was feeling better by now - and it did go around this point. I just can't work out why it is worse iyswim. It's horrible.

Any ideas welcome...wondering if it is a girl this time and if so what to expect.
Thankyou for reading x

MOH100 Thu 09-Aug-12 16:05:38

Emilie I suspect it's that now you have two boys to cope with so the HG is breaking though because you're tired. In my experience, once it's past the peak you can cope if you either take meds or get loads and loads of rest. What you absolutely can't do is not take meds AND rush around like a normal mother. Since you don't have a choice because you're a mother, if I were you I'd go back on the meds and just keep on taking them. To get over this crisis and get back on an even keel, you'll probably need some intensive rest plus meds - is there anyone who can have the kids for you while you recover?

washngo Thu 09-Aug-12 16:24:02

Emillie - that must be so frustrating for you, especially as things had seemed to improve. Hopefully it's just a blip because you're tired. Agree with MOH that if it's at all possible you should try to get a break and a good rest and take the meds until you feel back on track.

I've had a slightly crazy coule of days. My mum suggested that i stop taking the meds (because she thought that now i'm here and getting lots of rest maybe i don't need them). Surprise surprise i spent all day yesterday feeling unbelievably awful and vomited about 10 times during the day. Started taking the meds again yesterday last thing and feel dramatically better today, nausea but no vomiting. Not an experiment i'll be trying again any time soon. I'm exactly 7 weeks today so am desperately hoping the meds continue to fend off the vomiting (as long as i'm actually taking them properly!).

EmilieFloge Thu 09-Aug-12 17:38:35

Thankyou so much for responding. I don't have anyone to take the children, so we are muddling through as best we can - I am spending a lot of time resting ,watching television or lying in bed and they are generally entertaining themselves. I hate the fact I can't do things with them - last week we went on a trip one day, which was great, and I was planning to continue doing these things and going camping etc but now I dare not plan anything as this has kind of floored me a bit.

I'm hoping it is just a blip but it's been 5 days now, and though we managed a quick walk into town this afternoon I couldn't face any food shops and we are low on everything...it all just goes out the window doesn't it, I am trying to hang on. Being a rubbish mother sad

I have taken another meto. this afternoon, trying to manage on one per day so I can keep an eye on what happens iyswim, I want to know if it stops again. I really hope it does.

Washngo, sorry you are suffering so much at 7 weeks. I remember ticking off the days in my diary at that stage, it seemed interminable but it does eventually go by, I hope things are bearable x

goldie32 Thu 09-Aug-12 18:02:26

Thanks for new thread. Haven't managed to catch up on all the old posts but hope that you are all managing ok. Tried to go without cyclizine for a couple of days, although I only take one a day now it was not worth doing without! Back on it today, wonder is it psychological or if I just take enough to keep it in my system? 28 weeks now midwife thinks baby might be on the big side-going to monitor her. Shows that HG early on has had no effect on her! Love to all, enjoy the sunshine if you can. Xx

LucindaE Fri 10-Aug-12 12:29:47

Welcome back, Emilie do stay around. I think you should take as many of the meds as you need, people do seem sometimes to have relapses when they thought they were clear of it. It's awful. No wonder you are tired with two boys and of course, that makes you vulnerable to relapses.
Wasngo Poor you, don't try not to take meds, no disrespect to your mother but this isn't normal pregnancy sickness and you might become dehydrated quckly on that level of vomiting.
Goldie Waves. I think everyone's trying to be too stoic trying to get of medication asap...
Kali Well done for getting through that summer school!
Waves to all.

Tay1981 Fri 10-Aug-12 12:34:47

Hey everyone

Took me a while to find you guys in the new thread!!

washngo I tried something like that when I was still on my own at home as I thought maybe now that I was established on the meds I could reduce them and feel less drowsy - exactly the same thing happened to me lots of vomiting v quickly. Wont be trying that again ALTHOUGH have now reduced to 75mg from 100mg without too much difference. So maybe its just whilst the hormones are still increasing.

emilyfloge hope you feel better soon - probably just a blip - don't feel bad about going back on meds if you need to.

I am doing ok - had a little pathetic cry this morning because I am just fed up of being virtually housebound. I basically wanted to go shopping with my mum and sister but I know I cant manage it. Ugh. On the plus side I can feel baby move!!! I'm only 11 weeks so its ridiculously early I know but I'm certain. All in the same place at the same times of day for a few days now. Mum and sister could feel it too putting their hands on my belly. Is quite exciting esp as no bump yet and am swimming in my clothes but must be a strong baby - possibly more hyperactive even than its older sister eek.

kalidasa Fri 10-Aug-12 13:27:54

Exciting news, ladies. For the first time I DID NOT THROW UP this morning! (Was a very close thing but didn't actually quite happen.) Probably a one off but still very nice.

Tay1981 I felt the baby v. early too, around the same time as you, much "too" early especially for a first baby. Apparently if you are quite thin you are more likely to feel the baby early, and I had lost a lot of weight (and was slim to start with) so I think maybe that's why. Perhaps that applies to you too?

washngo Fri 10-Aug-12 15:41:46

Well done Kali! Really hope that's the end of the throwing up for you.

I'm feeling really down today, good friend's wedding down south tomorrow but obviously as i'm up here with my parents i'll be missing it. I feel guilty about it as well, as now i'm back on the meds i am functioning reasonably, apart from needing huge day time naps and feeling generally really miserable. I know everyone goes through this feeling that it will never end, and i remember it only too well from before. And of course it does end. But that just feels such a very long time away sad Plus I spoke to dh last night and he sounded so upset and says he misses us (i miss him too but feel to crap to thin about it much). He was so looking forward to taking ds to the olympics on sunday and now we're here so they can't go. I am such a terrible person! I knew we should wait to ttc until after our busy summer was over, but I didn't think i'd get pregnant so quickly, and also had that stupid and crazy idea that maybe this time it'd be different and i'd feel right as rain. Oh well, hindsightis a wonderful thing. Sorry, being very moany. Hope everyone else is feeling a bit chirpier than me!

FlirtyThirty Fri 10-Aug-12 16:00:45

Hello ladies...

I haven't been on here for several months, but wanted to return with hope for you sufferers! I am now 33 weeks and I'm feeling great! AT LAST! I thought this point would never come when the HG was at it's worst...but there really is a light.

I began feeling better (thanks to the cocktail of drugs!!) about 5months, but now I actually feel like my old self again. I have rarely been as ill in my life, as the 5 months of this pregnancy, and certainly never for so long. I would not have believed it possible to be this unwell from 'only' being pregnant.

I cannot thank those on this thread enough for their advice in my darkest days...and were it not for their wisdom I would have been in hospital longer and more frequently. I don't think I believed that anything would help by then. It's easy to be depressed when you're so unwell.

To anyone in the early stages, or not yet 'diagnosed'...please, please seek medical attention now. Fight for medication, or get others to do so on your behalf if you are too ill (as I was). The longer you leave it, the worse it gets. Proper medication can help you function better. I wish I had not left it for so long. Please remember dehydration is a very very serious condition. Do not allow ill-informed medical professionals to fob you off, if you are very ill head straight for A&E. My GPs were incompetent in the extreme; A&E were horrified when I self-referred there. So in short...get the treatment you need by any means necessary.

I wish everyone well in coping with this dreadful condition, and pray it is short-lived for you and well-treated. It does get better though - I promise.

Once again...thanks for getting me through it!

Flirty x

BarmeeMarmee Fri 10-Aug-12 22:28:39

washngo hugs. I know that feeling of misery and you have my sympathy. Thinking of you.

kali that's fantastic! grin Fingers crossed its a sign of things to come!

LucindaE Sat 11-Aug-12 13:07:35

Flirty What a lovely message, I am so glad you are at last feeliing as ou should, but you should have come on to moan more. It's what this thread is for, after all.
Tay Sorry you had difficulty finding us - I hope my link didn't let you down?
I felt baby early too, but not that early, say round thirteen weeks? But it was really delicate feathery stirrings.
Kal grin about no puking this morning, that's wonderful, long may it continue.
Wasngo Hugs, it is very hard and isolating, your life stops really. You wn't regret going for it in a few weeks, I am sure - I regret not having had two.
Barmee I hope you are OK? Clucking and fussing, mother hen leaves, muttering vaguely about kesosticks and Lucozade.
Sorry to Anyone I've rudely overlooked...

BarmeeMarmee Sat 11-Aug-12 16:18:08

Hello all, only me, back again!

wash how are you today? Thinking of you. And Tay and Kali? I'm ok, no.2 is staying put still and DS "just" had a viral rash as opposed to scarlet fever as we feared. I'm currently at the inlaws - DS and MIL have gone to the park with the dog, DH and FIL are chopping up logs and about to have a bonfire. Me? I firmly planted on the sofa with a cold, weak squash and the Olympics, lol!

washngo Sat 11-Aug-12 19:15:46

Barmee - good news on the scarlet fever front. Also really glad to hear that you and baby are ok too.

I'm ok today, only sick a couple of times. Still feeling a bit gloomy but there we are, must keep chin up! Thanks to all for sympathy it really is much appreciated! xx

LucindaE Sun 12-Aug-12 12:03:55

Hope everyone is ok today, that Kali has kept down breakfast, that Wasngo is feeling a little better, that Tay Is Ok too and that Barmee is resting as much as possible. Cyber hugs available for anyone who feels in need of one. Just looking at a blog where the once Caramelo has a picture of her baby turning into a toddler...Unbelievably sweet, it is strange that such innocents cause such suffering!

kalidasa Sun 12-Aug-12 12:05:22

Still not thrown up! This is very good news but actually I am feeling a bit low. Just wish I was a bit nearer the end of this interminable pregnancy! Just want it to be over.

Lovely day though and I am unpacking slowly while watching the marathon.

goldie32 Sun 12-Aug-12 13:07:18

Hi all. Kali I hope your sick free mornings have continued. Barmee glad to hear it wasn't scarlett fever. I'm ok but a bit weepy, 29 weeks tomorrow, and not in work as it's summer hols but just felt overwhelmingly tired and pathetic- maybe a hormonal surge. Also baby is on some kind of wiggle marathon, so not sleeping too well. But I really have had worse days so am not really complaining. Feel better just for telling someone how I feel! Thanks for listening. Love to all. x

AmyInWonderland Mon 13-Aug-12 12:18:31

Hello all. I'm still at home, haven't been at work for two weeks now and feeling rubbish. Only 8 weeks 3 days so feels like I've got ages to go until there's even any chance of feeling better. Sick twice today already. Spoken to doctor and she thinks a combination of meds is worth trying - is that quite normal to combine like that? Will be Metoclopramide and Phenargan. Any advice very gratefully received. Hope everyone is doing ok x

Tay1981 Mon 13-Aug-12 16:54:44

amy think its very common to combine meds - think they work in different ways so can complement each other.

kali Yay for not being sick. Maybe if the upward trend continues being pregnant won't seem so bad (probs wishful thinking!!) Do you have any friends with a newborn?? If you could hold one / coo over one maybe it would help visualise how worth it it will all be when you have your beautiful little one.

washngo hope youre getting over your setback you might be feeling better sooner than you think. It took me until at least 16 weeks with dd1 to feel anything like normal but today I had a great day at only 11 weeks and 3 days (she says with trepidation)

Just had a bit of a panic though because although I have lost a stone since I bought it (months ago)the dress I was planning on wearing to a friends' wedding next week seems a bit tight on the chest and waist. How can this be??? V frustrating. I know i'm not going to get away with being pregnant and not ever having a bump but this does seem a little unfair. Not as if I've been eating cakes!!! I was v excited to be even thinking about the possibility of going to a wedding now I am worried about bursting out of my dress. Anyway no time of energy to get another so i'll have to hide under my pashmina until everyone else is too smashed to notice wink

kalidasa Mon 13-Aug-12 17:26:37

Amy combinations of drugs are standard. I was on cyclizine, metoclopramide, ranitidine and ondansetron, all at max dose, all at once. Pretty much everyone seems to end up on some sort of combination.

Thanks for the support Tay. No, no newborns for me to cuddle, but you're right, it would probably be a good idea! I made it to the library for the first time since the end of March today and I think getting back into the swing of work and so on will help the time pass too. I'm actually quite looking forward to the new term, though we don't start till the beginning of October.

AmyInWonderland Mon 13-Aug-12 17:37:00

Thanks very much Tay and Kali, that is reassuring. Taken first dose of Meta but still vomiting, hopefully when I take Phenargan tonight things will improve. Yes agree cuddling a newborn would be a nice reminder of why we are doing this! I keep getting photos of my lovely baby niece popping up on screensaver and it does make me smile despite feeling so rough. Hope you keep improving Kali. Tay if the wedding's this weekend you should be ok if it's just a little tight, good idea about pashmina x

Littleplasticpeople Mon 13-Aug-12 17:53:14

Hello all
Great news on lack of morning vomiting Kali smile

I am still being sick every few days, almost always the day after a really busy day. My iron levels are really low, the MW tried to be reassuring by telling me that they should creep back up with a good iron rich diet. I just felt like sobbing and saying 'don't you realise I've pretty much lived off cheese & eggs for 7 months'. I need to get the levels up though or they won't be very happy with me home birthing. I have iron tablets but they make me sick sad

I wonder where cosmogirl is, she mut be due about now.

Love to all x

LucindaE Mon 13-Aug-12 21:19:58

Plastic Oh no, 'good iron rich diet' some hopes! I know what you mean about iron tablets, they made ots of other people on here puke horribly and they did that to me too. At least you are nearing the end of the marathon.
Tay Congratulations on the good day so early! One (comparitively) good day, as you know better than me, is the beginning of the turn around, it was even with people who have been really ill; I think it was with Kali.
Amy Good luck with the Phen. What a brilliant idea about the screen saving baby and cuddling a new born (if one can find one).
Goldie Hugs, sorry you feel low. At least you are on the home stretch now.
Kali Wonderful about no puking - dare I say 'at last' yet?


LucindaE Mon 13-Aug-12 21:21:50

And Barmee I hope you are doing OK? Everyone.

Tay1981 Mon 13-Aug-12 21:35:56

amy I'm on phenergan too - I know they tell you to take at night - I'm no medic but I think they do that because of the drowsy effect. Everyone's different but I have found it a waste of time taking them at night because by the time I've woken up the effects have worn off. I prefer to take mine during the day then I wake up and puke feel better enough to get some breakfast in then take my first tablet of 3. Just an idea. Of course I took at night too during the first few weeks when I was trying to get the vomming under control.

plastic there is this great stuff from Boots called Spatone that I took during my last pregnancy - its iron rich water from a natural source and is much gentler and more easily absorbed than tablets. It tastes pretty gross by itself but i found it tolerable mixed with a bit of orange juice and taken like a shot. I credit it with keeping off iron tablets til the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Might be worth a shot?

Littleplasticpeople Tue 14-Aug-12 09:26:38

tay I already have some Spatone, I used it in my last pg too and I think it worked. However, last week my consultant told me it is useless and doesn't increase iron levels anymore than water hmm I agree with you though and am still taking it everyday!

MOH100 Tue 14-Aug-12 21:00:30

meant to reply to lifeswhatyoubakeit from end of last thread about your GP complaint letter. I'd love to see it. I've thought of having a template complaint letter on the website, but I think it's a bit confrontational, I think it's better to have these things floating around on an informal network like this to be passed on when needed. If you want to post it, I'll cut and paste it and keep it on file for others.

kalidasa Wed 15-Aug-12 09:38:17

Well I haven't thrown up since Thursday morning, so I think perhaps it has stopped! I'm really surprised it has stopped so abruptly after being every day without exception for so long. I am still feeling pretty queasy but am eating OK and suddenly look very pregnant, I feel really big. For the record I am about 24 or 25 weeks now (have lost track slightly).

Obviously this is really good news. The odd thing is that in the last few days I have been really struggling with my mood, feeling v. v. low about the pregnancy and everything. Has anyone else experienced this mood crash after the vomiting finally ends? Is it some sort of reaction? DP finds it upsetting and hard to understand and is worried that I don't want the baby. I have made an appointment with the hospital counseling service (that saw me in hospital ages ago) but it's not until the beginning of September.

Any advice or relevant experience? I am very tearful and despondent.

MOH100 Wed 15-Aug-12 11:26:35

kali great news about the vomiting but commiserations on the low mood. I think it's understandable at the end of a physically difficult time where you haven't had time to deal with all the emotions you've had, that when the fighting the physical symptoms ends, the emotions are still sitting there not having been dealt with. Now your brain has time to register it because it's not engaged in the daily struggle with the vomiting and you have months worth of trauma to try to put in it's place - as well as being pregnant and hormonal. (I couldn't watch the news when I was pregnant or I'd end up blubbing). Is there anyone you can talk to in the meantime while you wait for your appointment, your sisters maybe? Is there someone else who can explain to your husband that it's not that you don't want the baby? I suppose he's been through a trauma too, but he's one step removed and is casting around for reasons to explain your reaction because you don't even understand it yourself. Are you both going to counselling, maybe he needs to talk too. There is a closed group for partners on the PSS facebook group that might help. I don't have any direct experience but I'm sure this is a period of adjustment rather than the shape of things to come and your counselling will help you through.

LucindaE Wed 15-Aug-12 14:13:45

Kali Just dashing on - pc playing up, wouldn't you know it - to say before it crashes, hugs about your mood, I think that one stakes so much on no more puking that when it happens - much later in your case than in most - it's somehow a let down! Plus, as MOH says, that being ill has taken its toll and you are bound to feel a bit low.
MOH Great advice, as ever, waves madly.
I hope everyone is coping.

Tay1981 Wed 15-Aug-12 18:51:53

kali sorry you feel so rubbish. Do you have an inkling whether it might be hormonal? Could be that some change in hormones has occurred that has led the vomiting to stop and you to feel so low. Hopefully that is the case and you'll be feeling lots better in a few days. In the meantime you should pamper yourself - nice long soak? retail therapy? lunch with a friend? (If you can go near a restaurant that is). Spot of baby shopping??

I'm feeling really crap myself today so come on for a moan. Had a great couple of days then woke up this morning with raging thrush and a sore throat. Also felt sicker than the previous days although still no where near as bad as in previous weeks. Stuck a bit for treating the thrush as I'm allergic to canesten and it says not to take the oral treatment in pregnancy. Never had this problem with DD1 and havent had a bout of thrush for years. Away from home as well as with my Mum so getting to the docs is gonna be difficult esp. with wedding this weekend :-( I feel like as soon as the sickness eases something else comes along to make things difficult. Am doomed to a miserable pregnancy I think. If anyone has any advice re. the thrush it would be much appreciated.

AmyInWonderland Wed 15-Aug-12 19:38:11

Tay I thought I was getting thrush early on and read a couple of things - one to use an antibac soap on the affected area - either Coltar or Cidal - I also switched to Simple body wash as it doesn't had additives etc. No idea if it was those two things that worked or not but it went away for me - might be worth trying. Kali really sorry you're feeling bad - agree it sounds like the hormones which have changed your vomiting might also be responsible, but the theory about having an emotional reaction to feeling so bad which you're only feeling now your body feels well enough to let you sounds very sensible as well. I know it's hard but try to remember that you won't always feel like this and it will get better x

AmyInWonderland Wed 15-Aug-12 19:40:08

Sorry - Coal Tar not coltar....x

MOH100 Wed 15-Aug-12 19:58:10

Tay I had three bouts of thrush early on and the doc didn't hesitate to give me the oral tablets for it. Everything says you can't use it in pregnancy, it doesn't mean it's actually dangerous. I found that using johnson's baby shampoo for washing down below helped with the general irritation - everything else stung, even simple soap - then I just kept using it even after the last bout of thrush cleared and i never got it again.

LucindaE Thu 16-Aug-12 13:11:54

Kali I hope you feel a bit better today? Remember you have really been through it, probably one of the severest cases on this thread, it will take time to get your strength back, and it must affect your mood.
Tay sorry about thrush - lots of good advice from MOH and Amy about possible treatments, I used simple soap too and left my knickers off in hot weather, which given my puking and peeing tendencies was just as well...I tried yoghurt (natural), that was believed in at the time, I think not since, it did stop the itch though. It's a miserable thing, poor you. don't believe you are fated to a bad pregnancy, things will gradually look up.
Hugs to all. sorry to anyone rudely ignored. Somone mentioned Cosmo? We must investigate if baby has arrived...

goldie32 Thu 16-Aug-12 14:25:18

Kali hope that you are a little less blue today. I know you are vomming less, but you mustn't over do it. Tiredness is a nightmare, makes me weepy and nauseous still. Take care. Tay Dr prescribed me meds for thrush in last pregnancy. Love to all. x

PineapplePol Thu 16-Aug-12 19:14:14

Hi everyone. It's a while since I've posted on here but I've just come across the new thread and really enjoyed reading through it (if that doesn't sound weird given everyones horrible experiences). I suppose what I mean is that I could identify with so many of your experiences and that is what has made this thread so helpful for me when so very few people I come across have any experience of this condition at all. I too have experienced the miserable combination of peeing and puking so I'm sorry to say I found this very funny, which of course it isn't, but I was so relieved not to be the only one!.

Thankfully the daily puking is now down to about once or twice a week for me, but like others have reported, despite being nearly 20weeks and so much better than I was, I still can't rid myself of the medication and have to reach for the cyclizine by about 5pm or face a very unpleasant evening. I have wondered if it is all in the mind but every now and then, I manage without any at all. I began to feel better about 16weeks, but do seem to have dipped again this week (19weeks). The nausea is present again for a lot of the day, but thankfully without puking. I've definitely noticed the hot weather makes me feel worse. That and the gradual build up of tiredness from summer holiday activities and looking after DD who still wants to go out no matter what.

Kali - I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling very low. I went through a period of this and was concerned about depression which I have had in the past following bereavements. I was waking in the early hours of the morning and not getting back to sleep (in part due to nausea and vomiting, but not the whole story), and feeling very low in mood. Looking back now, I realise how tough the last few months have been, being a virtual prisoner in the house and practically bed bound for much of the time. That combined with poor diet must wreak havoc with our general metabolisms. I went and discussed it with my GP, and found this really helpful as I was as much acknowledging to myself how I felt as I was to the GP. He didn't want to prescribe anything unless I started to feel worse and has asked to see me regularly just to keep an eye on things (A supportive GP is so essential). He also suggested I talk to our local medical herbalist about St. Johns Wort and this has worked very well for me. I'm sleeping again, have much more energy and am daring to enjoy the pregnancy for the first time. I hope you are beginning to feel your mood lift a little as a the puking subsides and you can get proper restorative rest and sleep and nutritious food again.

kalidasa Thu 16-Aug-12 19:35:11

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the supportive comments. Unfortunately I am still feeling really low, and sleeping poorly - I keep waking at 3am unable to get back to sleep. Not helped this week by the fact that my back, hips and pelvis just seem to have collapsed! The pain is really bad all the time and nothing seems to relieve it. I've got a lot bigger in the last week or so so I suppose that's why but I don't know how I'm going to endure this level of pain for another three months if it carries on. I'm worried in particular about my left hip because I have a history of arthritis in that joint and it's weak as a result. Anyway, I have a consultant appointment tomorrow morning so I'm going to tell them about the pain in my back and hips. My bump is painful too so really I don't know what's going on.

BarmeeMarmee Thu 16-Aug-12 22:24:02

kali hugs, I felt the same a couple of weeks ago. I think it sometimes just catches up on us-it's a big thing we're dealing with! And we are ALL doing a fab job! Glad you've got the appt with the consultant tomorrow-sounds like it may be spd or pgp or whatever they're calling it today! I've got the same and it's bloody painful so I sympathise. There is things they can do to help though-support bands, exercises etc and I now have crutches, so please don't despair. It will all be ok I promise.

Tay sorry I can't advise as I haven't been there whilst pregnant but I will echo that when I used to get it when I was a lot younger cutting out all scented soap etc did help. Maybe go and see your gp?

Pineapple good to hear From you. Sorry you're still suffering so much.

Goldie, everyone else, thinking of you all. Sorry to those I've missed.

I'm surviving. 28 weeks tomorrow. Currently only allowed water as going for a glucose tolerance test in the morning-oh the joys, and my back and hips etc are really playing up now so have asked if I can start my mat leave earlier than I'd intended - just waiting to see if my HR will approve it now. Hoping to finish on 9 October now when I'll be 35+5.

goldie32 Fri 17-Aug-12 13:53:50

Good to hear from you Barmee thanks for the mention. I had a GTT last week, nothing exciting happened, it's like they are willing me to be diabetic as punishmemt for being overweight! winkHope everyone else is ok, Kali hope appointment goes well. Love to all. x

LucindaE Fri 17-Aug-12 14:04:42

Pinapple Lovely to hear from you and I am really sorry that it hasn't gone, poor you. I do hope it goes yet, a lot of people would say being sick once or twice a week was awful even in the first tri. I'm glad you got a laugh about puking and peeing because we have to see the funny side, awful as it is! I;m glad the meds are helping at least.
Kali, Tay Plastic and Eveyone, How are you today?
Barmee I wrote a message for you and my handwriting is so abominable I can't read it...
Goldie So glad you passed test with no diabetes! I believe it's a horrible test where you have to drink glucouse quckly?

LucindaE Fri 17-Aug-12 14:08:13

Barmee That's right, how horrible that you have to go for that test, and I hope it isn't as foul as it sounds. I am really sorry that you and Kali are suffering from pain, it really is too bad as well as Hyperemesis, and I hope that something can be done about it, you need to be able to rest.

kalidasa Fri 17-Aug-12 15:29:41

Well hospital was tiring but OK. Also embarrassing moment when I was trying to book a scan and was convinced I was about to throw up and the appointment-booking lady had to hurry me down the corridor to a loo and throw the cleaner out of it! Actually I just retched badly but it was a really close call.

I saw a nice Irish doctor I remembered from being in hospital, who also remembered me. He wasn't very helpful about my back as I'm waiting for a rheumatology appt anyway, so he said to ask them about it. But I had 2+ protein in my urine which he said might mean a UTI of some kind. This might explain why I've been feeling so rough the last few days. I don't think I really have SPD or whatever it's called as I can open my legs OK and the worst of the pain is actually quite high in my back. But if my body is fighting an infection of some kind maybe that's why. They've sent off a sample to analyse anyway.

I also had to have yet more blood taken because my thyroid levels were still funny last time. He said this was almost certainly linked to the hyperemesis and nothing to worry about but they need to check.

Finally, he has booked me in to go back in three weeks for all the results, and also for yet another scan, a growth one this time. He said he was pretty confident the baby is fine as the bump is just the right size, but that he likes to do a growth scan when the vomiting has gone on so long.

I got back from the hospital and slept for several hours so I think I just need to take things really gently for a while and wait to see what they say about a possible infection. Thanks for support everyone and sorry to hear about your SPD barmee.

Littleplasticpeople Fri 17-Aug-12 18:37:55

kali sorry you have been feeling so rough, hopefully if you can gt the physical symptoms treated your mood will pick up a bit too.

pineapple don't try to wean yourself off the drugs if you aren't ready, anything so stop the vomming!

barmee very wise to finish work earlier, not sure I could have carried on for much longer and I actually stopped at 29 weeks as I'm a teacher and that's when we broke up for the summer hols.

I've had a bad day today, puked up breakfast as I dared to deviate from a boiled egg. Won't be attempting cereal again. And then puked up lunch too just for good measure. 33 weeks today, I guess I'm going o one of the unfortunates who throw up through the entire pregnancy.

AmyInWonderland Fri 17-Aug-12 19:05:56

Tay, or anyone else who took/takes Phenargan - can I ask a question? What was your dosage? I'm on 25mg once a day and still puking - just wondering, in slight desperation whether it's possible to take more. I know - I should be asking my doctor this (and won't take any more till I have) - but just wondering if it's possible and only really thought of it today once the docs were closed - stupid. Hope everyone is doing ok today x

WaitingFor12 Fri 17-Aug-12 19:38:14

Hi everyone

Looking for a bit of advice, went to the dr again today and been diagnosed with HG. I've been suffering so much past few weeks, I am 9 weeks now. Doesn't help when DH and DM tell me to "just toughen up"!angry

I got prescribed 2 weeks worth of ondansetron. Have any of you taken this and did it help? The pharmacy didn't have it so have ordered it in for tomorrow. I hope it's going to work.

Hope everyone is managing through this awful time.

Littleplasticpeople Fri 17-Aug-12 20:40:05

sorry you're in this boat Waiting. Yes I had Ondansetron from 8 weeks. It certainly helped, I was sick less and felt a bit better. But it didn't totally stop the vomiting, and I still felt awful I'm afraid. It also made me incredibly constipated. I'm sure others will come on and say similar, it's a helpful drug for most of us but by no means a cure.
If it's any consolation, you are almost certainly currently experiencing the worst bit of the pg in terms of HG, in a few weeks you will start to emerge from the horror that is the first trimester [hugs]

washngo Fri 17-Aug-12 21:26:38

Hi all. Hope everyone is coping and not had a bad day. Missed yet another good friend's wedding today so felt pretty down about that. Really struggling to keep morale up. My mum took ds and dd to their cousins' house today and apparently ds suddenly started crying his eyes out and when my mum asked what's wrong he said "mummy's gone home to see daddy without me". Of course I had done no such thing but was at my mum and dads having a sleep! But poor wee thing, he's obviously really confused by all this sad

LucindaE Sat 18-Aug-12 21:20:05

Waiting Welcome, eveyone's very nice here, you'll get lots of support from the women on here, sorry that you are suffering and that people are being dismissive, MOH has a wonderful website www.pregnancysicknesssos which might help change their minds about it not being serious. Lots of people have found Ondansetron really helpful, the only thing that worked for them.
Kali Oh dear, how horrible about the retching, well done for holding on for so long, I wouldn't have been able to wait until getting to the loo. I do hope it's a UTI not SPD, both are awful but one's easier to get rid of.
Barmee How did the test go?
Amy Sorry meds not working and you have to wait until Monday - how is the puking today? Don't hesitate to demand different ones if the meds aren't working. How are the ketones( clucks anxiously).
Washngo Aah, poor you, missing more fun. Hugs. It will be worth it!
Pinapple and Plastic how are you? Goldie?
Apologies to anyone overlooked.

LucindaE Sat 18-Aug-12 21:23:25

Waiting Sorry that link didn't come out. Trust me, I'll try again.

goldie32 Sun 19-Aug-12 12:16:00

Hi all. Hope today isn't too bad for you all. I'm having a tired, miserable weepy kind of day agin. Didn't sleep too well, some silly woman and her fella from down he street having a very loud arguement at 1.40 am, and once I wake up it takes hours for me to go back to sleep! Grrr! 30 weeks tomorrow and hoping not to go to 40 and definitely not 42! Think it would be easier to have a baby now instead of a bump, bak ache and a face like a smacked bum! All of which I 'd glady swap for a small person! Love to all. xx

BarmeeMarmee Mon 20-Aug-12 10:36:47

Hi everyone. Goldie, Wash, Kali - hope you are all feeling a bit less down today. Thinking of you all.

Waiting I have been on Ondansetron since week 7 (I think - they are all blurring into one a bit!) and am now 28 weeks. Taking it along with cyclizine but it has definitely helped.

Everyone else how are you all today?

Lucinda the GTT test was far worse than I remembered (had one at 38 weeks last time) - I could barely swallow the liquid they make you drink - every mouthful made me retch - but I did it in the end. Glad I made DH come with me though - I was sooo lightheaded and not really with it by the time they did the second blood test that I wouldn't have wanted to be there on my own. We took DS swimming yesterday (the Olympics have convinced him he can swim bless him!) and the relief for my hips in the water and generally getting away from the heat was amazing. Bliss! Hope you haven't had any more migraines?

Hope you all have a good day!

kalidasa Mon 20-Aug-12 10:43:35

Hi all. Barmee I think I've managed to dodge the GTT test, which I was dreading. I was meant to have it done weeks ago but when I called up and explained that I was vomiting whatever I ate/drank first thing every single day they said there was no point if I was just going to chuck up the Lucozade as then the test wouldn't work. So they said to call back when the vomiting stopped, which it finally has done, but I think I'm off the hook now because there's been no sugar in my pee at all since and the doctor on Friday didn't mention it at all. Fingers crossed!

I am still feeling really low and getting a bit worried about it now. I just feel so negative about everything, even the baby. I don't even enjoy him moving any more. I really hope I start to feel better again soon. You'd think I'd feel better not worse now I've stopped being sick every day, but instead I just feel filled with how much I loathe everything about being pregnant.

MotherofPearl Mon 20-Aug-12 11:13:31

Hi all,
Sorry I've not been around much. We've been away on hols and I'm only just catching up on the thread. Just wanted to say to Kali, I'm so glad that you've stopped being sick every morning, but sorry to hear you're feeling so low. Are you still nauseous? I think it's pretty normal to feel unhappy about being pregnant when you've had HG, even if the physical symptoms have dwindled. I think that's one of the hardest things about the condition - we all go into pregnancy thinking it should be a happy, exciting, positive time, but HG totally robs you of that, and just leaves you drained, anxious and depressed. I guess the only encouraging thing I can say - and I know you're all probably sick to death of hearing it - is that it WILL end, and you WILL feel normal again. You have to keep that end in mind all the time, or you will feel truly miserable. Not sure if that helps others or not, but it did help me.

Plastic, so sorry to hear you're still being sick at 33 weeks. I was sick until the day before I gave birth, at just over 41 weeks, so I do commisserate.

Waiting, how are you feeling now?

Hope everyone else doing OK today. Goldie, Barmee, Wash, how are you all?

I'm going back to work in 2 weeks and can't believe my maternity leave is nearly at an end. sad I keep thinking, if only my hideous pregnancy had gone as fast as these last lovely 9 months with DS.

goldie32 Mon 20-Aug-12 11:20:52

Thanks Barmee. GTT wasn't too bad I found that the drink was ok really. No sugar in my pee they just seem to like to do these tests had 2 with DD and no diabetes! Kali hoping you are taking it easy, sorry that you still feel down. I am not enjoying preg as much as I thought I would, not vomming but just uncomfortable and no energy, DD doesn't understand. At least with HG I was in bed and out of the equation, now am up and about she just thinks I can carry on as normal! Bless her! Take care Kali. Barmee just keep swimming! MOP good to hear from you, good luck with your return to work. Love to all. xx

kalidasa Mon 20-Aug-12 11:26:55

Yup still nauseous, sometimes very much, especially in the evenings. But it is getting better I think. I wonder whether there's actually been some kind of hormone shift because three things happened all at the same time about 10 days ago: my mood dropped right down, the vomiting stopped and my back/pelvis fell apart!

Anyway, it's really helpful to keep hearing that I will feel better, and also to hear you all being positive about your babies. I am so worried that I'm not going to like/love/bond with the baby, or that I'm going to really hate being on maternity leave after so long off work already. I'm hoping I'll start to feel a bit more positive about it all nearer the time.

I do usually find summers quite difficult mood-wise, so I am trying to remember that as well. Generally I am much more cheerful when term starts again and I have a proper routine (I'm a lecturer).

WaitingFor12 Mon 20-Aug-12 16:45:50

Hi. Thanks all for the thoughts. It was a long weekend especially in the heat, but I seem to be feeling a little better today. Haven't been sick yet and it's nearly 5 o clock. Don't want to raise my hopes yet though!
I don't know about you but this is making be depressed. I went to work today but apart from that have hardly been out the house for 2 weeks. Feel low and I'm not enjoying the pregnancy at all, and all the time worried that this isn't going to get better until I've given birth which is probably being melodramatic! Starting to wonder if I am ready for all this.... Can't explain it
Hi. Thanks all for the thoughts. It was a long weekend especially in the heat, but I seem to be feeling a little better today. Haven't been sick yet and it's nearly 5 o clock. Don't want to raise my hopes yet though!
I don't know about you but this is making be depressed. I went to work today but apart from that have hardly been out the house for 2 weeks. Feel low and I'm not enjoying the pregnancy at all, and all the time worried that this isn't going to get better until I've given birth which is probably being melodramatic! Starting to wonder if I am ready for all this.... Can't explain it

Lucinda - thanks for the site, makes for interesting reading

Hope everyone else is doing ok today

WaitingFor12 Mon 20-Aug-12 16:46:44

Managed to post twice no idea how that happened!

LucindaE Mon 20-Aug-12 17:57:05

Waiting Almost certainly you will feel a lot better and more positive long before you give birth, almost everyone does. Everyone thinks' why did I do this?' in the fist tri, MOH did most of the work for that site, I just was one of the contributers, it's great, isn't it? She knows a lot about the chemical side of medications.
Kali I think it takes a while for the mood to lift because you have had an eotional hammering, but you will love the baby for sure, if it doesn't come at once after birth it will within weeks. So glad you avoided diabetes test. How are the pains?
Goldieand Barmee So glad neither of you has diabetes - Barmee poor you if you fond the Lucozade puke making - hugs. Glad you had a nice swim.
MOP Goodness, is your ML finished already? Hugs in advance for that first day away from LO. I hope you had a lovely holiday.
Hope Everyone is okay. Tay?
I wonder how MrsD and the first twins on the thread are doing?

Littleplasticpeople Mon 20-Aug-12 19:48:10

Kali, in my first pg I hated being pregnant- everything about it. The sickness of course was horrendous, but it went deeper than that. I can only describe it as feeling like the foetus was some sort of leech. It was using my body, taking everything I needed and making me feel terrible. I couldn't stand the feeling of it moving inside me, it almost repulsed me blush
But, when ds was born I didn't equate him to the pregnancy iyswim. He was a beautiful, much wanted baby- and thankfully I bonded with him just fine. Hopefully your mood will lift, but it's unlikely you're going to enjoy this pg at all in my experience. But I just wanted to reassure you that it doesn't mean that you won't enjoy the outcome of the pregnancy smile

Magnumwhite Mon 20-Aug-12 19:51:04

sorry haven't been here for ages. life is busy with 2! Zoe is 19 weeks now and growing fast. Can't believe I felt so grim this time last year and it was just the start..
so glad I will never have to do pregnancy again and feel for you all suffering
just wondered if anyone had heard from Cosmo recently?

Tay1981 Mon 20-Aug-12 22:21:39

Hi everyone

Not checked in for a while was at a friend's wedding (sorry washngo don't mean to be insensitive) which i was very thankful to have made it to. Think I have overdone i though cos I just threw up my dinner for the first time in a while. Could be just the stress of being at MIL's house though!!

amy to answer your question I was on 100mg/day to start with. Have now managed to cut it down to 50/75 depending on the day.

Sorry I don't have time now to write individual replies - I missed a lot of posts in two days. Have just had a quick read through and just wanted to say to everyone feeling really low that I recognise everything you have written. You are not alone!!!

For those struggling to make family members understand I cam across a fantastic american woman who has written a book but also has a downloadble pamphlet on website for family members to help them understand - will try and remember her name (the book is at home) and post a link x

MOH100 Tue 21-Aug-12 20:57:55

magnum nice to hear from you, cosmo just had her baby very recently, a little girl. She had it pretty tough, nausea wise, all the way to birth but got her water birth and is mightily relieved not to be pregnant.

Waiting I had ondansetron too and I was one of the very lucky ones for whom it was like a miracle drug. It completely stopped the vomiting for me, and although I was still nauseous for a long time it suppressed it and eventually got to the stage that I was nausea free as long as I didn't overdo things - I had SPD anyway so didn't have much choice about that as it turned out. I agree with others who've said you're probably at the worst point, things do seem to get better gradually. Do you have enough support, it's really important especially for improving your mood, being stuck at home for any reason is depressing never mind all the physical stuff you have to endure.

kali and littleplastic it's really interesting hearing you talk about how you feel about the pregnancy, it's such a taboo subject that you just never hear anyone talk about it but I'd bet that it's not so uncommon. When you think about it, it's a flippin miracle that anyone could go through HG and not feel at least a bit negatively about being pregnant at times. I remember my sister saying that the best bit about childbirth was getting your body back to yourself and I didn't really understand the sentiment till I did it myself.

Amy on phenergan dosage, 25mg once a day sounds like such a uselessly low dose that it's barely worth having. The guidelines of the Canadian ObsGynae society recommend 12.5 to 25 mg every 4-6 hours. You can download these guidelines from https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/documents the document is called SOCGguidelines. Phenergan itself is not mentioned, but it's generic chemical name is promethazine. I was also told by one of the GPs who runs the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support that phenergan is less effective than Avomine - it also contains promethazine but in a slightly different chemical formula and is just more effective apparently. I'm pretty sure you can get Avomine over the counter as a travel sickness remedy.

Tay I would love to see that link and pamphlet if you can post the link.

Boop33 Wed 22-Aug-12 09:46:07

Hi all ,

Only just discovered this . I just wanted to let you know that things should get better ..the only way I knew i was pregnant ( only been off pill a few weeks so bit of a shock ) was by the horrendous sickness I got straight away . It was horrendous and i didn't really leave the house for about 15 weeks except to go to work but eventually that had to give ! I had to tell work at 4 weeks ( as i am a teacher ) and was signed off work for a few weeks . Can i say if this is the case with you please do not feel guilty ...i wish i had relaxed more about having time off .............! On a positive note I am now 30 weeks pg and feel fabulous so there is hope for us all .

washngo Wed 22-Aug-12 15:09:25

I've finally made the decision to come home as was coping ok on the medication and felt desperate to get on with normal life. Unfortunately now i have sinusitus and in total agony, plus throwing up, and thinking might have made a mistake coming home. Can't win!

Boop - glad to hear there is hope! I'll cling on to that, although feeling fairly hopeless just now sad

Hope others are getting on ok, wishing you all a good and vomit free day!

Boop33 Wed 22-Aug-12 15:29:55

Sorry to hear about your sinusitis ... guessing you have headaches as well now then :-( .I would just say try not to do too much too soon I think that deffo prolonged mine as i went back to work through desperation for a 'normal' life . listen to your body x

Sastra Wed 22-Aug-12 16:31:33

I've finally caved and joined this thread - I think I was kidding myself that I didnt have HG and it was going to improve. Am nearly 31 weeks and although sickness lessened in the second tri, it's been back with a vengeance the last couple of days.

Narrowly escaped admission today. Have been sent home with ondansetron and metoclopramide. Has anyone tries either? I've tried the anti-histhamine based ones and had no success at all...

LucindaE Wed 22-Aug-12 19:56:29

Sastara Welcome, sorry you feel so bad, and at least on here people will understand what you are talking about. Really sorry about renewed symptoms, how horrible for you. I'm sure you are an expert on Kesosticks and testing urine by now, don't need advice on watching it from me! It's too bad to suffer so much late on. The combination of Ondansetron and Metroclopramide has been helpful to quite a lot of women on here, and I hope it stops the puking at least.
Boop Thanks for nice encouraging message! Just what people want to hear.
Wonderful news about Cosmo!
Magnum Nineteen weeks already? Lovely to hear from you.
Tayh Sorry about lost dinner, oh dear, I hope it's just a nasty blip.
Washngo Sinisitus is horrible - poor you, is it connected with hay fever? brave of you to return home. Mother hen is concerned puking has returned.
Waves to MOH.
Amy Waiting and Kali goldie How are you all? I hope Plastics nice message was encouraging, Plastic Hugs. It must have been awful feeling invaded, and it does seem clear that the longer this horrible thing lasts, the more traumatised one feels which makes sense. So nice you bonded perfectly!
Hugs to any who feel in need of them.

MOH100 Wed 22-Aug-12 20:40:32

sastara you got to 31 weeks with nothing more than antihistamines? what have your doctors been thinking? I was on ondansetron from 8 weeks. I combined with buccastem, but I don't think there's a drug combo that hasn't been tried by someone on this thread. I hope it works for you, I thought it was great. There's some information about effectiveness of meds on https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/surveys/survey-results scroll down to the bottom for the table of what works. Ondansetron's the winner, followed by cyclizine.

Sastra Wed 22-Aug-12 21:50:53

Oh gosh, thank you so much! I'm a generally hormonal but I think I've underestimated just how close to depression this whole thing has brought me.

Emandlu Wed 22-Aug-12 21:54:50

Hello, Hope it's ok for me to post on here.

I am terrified I might be pregnant again. I was horrendously sick through both my previous pregnancies and the thought of another 9 months like that is making me want to cry.
Through both those pregnancies the doctor was spectacularly unhelpful and refused to give me any anti-sickness drugs.
It is very unlikely that I am pregnant, but I'm late and have started to feel nauseous in the evenings.

I feel so guilty writing this, so many people would kill to be pregnant, and I'm faced with the possibility and want to be wrong.

Sastra Wed 22-Aug-12 22:00:37

Have you taken a test Emandlu? There really is only one way to know for sure. No point worrying about something until you know it's the case.

Emandlu Wed 22-Aug-12 22:09:08

Not yet. I'm kind of putting it off as I don't really want to know the answer. blush
I think I will have to test tomorrow though. I'm just scared.

washngo Thu 23-Aug-12 07:51:43

Emandlu - I hope this works out the way you want it to. Either way there will be support for you on here should you need it.

I have had the most horrendous night. No sleep due to full on agony from the sinuses, resulting in much vomiting by about 4am. Feels like I've opened a floodgate sad Have had to ask dh to take a day off as can't face getting up. Just feel so so ill.

MOH100 Thu 23-Aug-12 10:50:36

Emandlu I know exactly how you feel. I don't really care how many people would kill to be pregnant, if I got pregnant now I would consider it a disaster and the last time I was in your position I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. If you are pregnant, be reassured that there are plenty of drugs out there that can help, and that we will give you advice on how to get them. Let us know how the test goes.

wahsngo the nights are just the worst aren't they. Have you seen the doctor about your sinuses? A friend of mine had sinusitis so bad they thought it was meningitis and now she has to have to have an operation to clear them - she's been looking grim for weeks now and she's not even pregnant so I can only imagine what you're suffering. I'm not trying to scare you with the op story, but just to say that you need this sorting sooner rather than later, can they do a scan and see what's going on up there?

kalidasa Thu 23-Aug-12 11:42:41

Hi everyone and welcome to sastra and emandlu. Thanks for best wishes and especially for littleplastic's very reassuring post. It is hard to talk about these negative feelings and I know my DP is struggling to accept them.

I am doing OK though in a lot of pain with my back/pelvis. I've seen an osteopath who thinks he can help a bit with my back, and I'm seeing the midwife yet again today because the result of my urine culture was inconclusive so they need to do another one to work out if I really do have a UTI. I'm going to discuss my joints with her too. I think the pelvis problem is definitely SPD as the symptoms are obvious now and it hurts in my pubic bone whenever I am standing up. The osteopath said the rest of my back was in a bit of a state probably from lots of different causes: bedrest, the pregnancy, heartburn and possibly a lurking infection too.

Emandlu I am still pregnant with no. 1 (about 26 weeks) and I am already having nightmares about getting accidentally pregnant again! I can really understand how anxious you must be feeling and you certainly shouldn't feel guilty. I can't remember who exactly, but there are definitely a couple of women who post sometimes on here who have had early terminations in your situation, and DP and I had to discuss termination in this pregnancy when I was at my worst. It's not wrong to be thinking in those terms if you are.

Emandlu Thu 23-Aug-12 12:31:30

Well I tested.

It was negative grin.

thanks to everyone who understood my terror! I wish you all nausea-free time (if only eh?) and sympathetic health professionals and family around you.

Washngo - how are you today? Hope the floodgates have closed, even if only a little bit.

MOH100 - I think you can only understand the terror if you have had a horrendous pregnancy. People hear that you have sickness and think that you feel a bit ill in the mornings. There were days I'd have killed just to feel a bit ill in the mornings!

washngo Thu 23-Aug-12 13:27:54

Emandlu- v pleased you had the result you wanted. What a relief. Once I've had this one I will be firmly in the never again camp!

Been to the docs and got antibiotics for the sinuses but not convinced they'll work as it might be viral. I still feel horrendous and have still continued to be sick. Must get back on top of things or am in trouble. Any tips?

goldie32 Thu 23-Aug-12 18:27:27

Phew, Emandlu, I think it's totally understandable to be that worried. I'd be terrified if I thought I might have to do HG again, and mine doesn't seem as severe as some, pretty much gone at 20 weeks or so. Washngo sorry to hear that you are suffering with sinus too, DH has awful trouble with his and is awaiting surgery. He does always perk up after antibiotics though, so fingers crossed you will too. Kali hope osteo is able to help with your pains in hips and back. Sastra hope you are better with improved meds. Lucinda you are so sweet worrying about everyone else, hugs back to you. Love to all. xx

kalidasa Thu 23-Aug-12 19:59:31

That's a relief emandlu!

Saw the midwife today who was really nice actually, said I looked pretty worn out and gave me a number to call to make a physio appointment for my pelvis which she confirmed was spd. I'm also going to call her on Monday morning to get the results of the repeat culture so will find out then if I do have a grumbling infection. I'm hoping that a combination of physio, osteo and massage therapist all in the next few weeks might ease things a bit as I'm struggling to walk much now.

How's it going with the ondansetron sastra? Do watch out for constipation on it, I was taking it for a long time (c. weeks 6-20) and had a lot of problems with my bowels. Forewarned is forearmed!

washngo Fri 24-Aug-12 13:50:12

So fed up. I'm only 9 weeks. I think my family are all pretty sick of me moaning already. I feel so miserable. Every day I just wake up and think 'oh no, another day'. I feel guilty because my children don't deserve such a grumpy mum.

Sastra Fri 24-Aug-12 16:32:47

The ondansetron seems to be working! That coupled with the cooler weather the last couple of days (am in London) means I've felt so much better. Fingers crossed its not a fluke.

Annoyingly I can only get the prescription from the hospital, apparently my GP can't prescribe it, which is annoying.

Emandlu Fri 24-Aug-12 18:26:57

(((washngo))) I know hugs are unmumsnetty but I don't care.

washngo Fri 24-Aug-12 19:06:20

Thank you Emandlu x

MOH100 Fri 24-Aug-12 20:11:14

sastra good news. Can't your hospital consultant instruct your GP to prescribe it, that's what mine did, she faxed a signed letter asking my GP to give me ondansetron for as long as I requested it, which they did no questions asked. I also agree with kali, watch your bowels (if that's not a physical impossibility), I'd suggest you take pre-emptive measures like taking fybogel if you can stomach it even if you don't feel the need to at the moment. Ondansetron's well known for causing horrible constipation - kali has horror stories to tell - for me it was manageable but only with two or three fybogels a day.

emandlu phew, close escape there. I know the feeling well. Now you can enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

wahsngo its dismal isn't it. try not to feel guilty, you don't deserve to feel so crap either. The children will understand that mummy's not feeling well, my niece was very forgiving of my sister. Are the antibiotics doing anything? Are you getting extra rest to cope with the sickness - is that even possible?

Mrsb999 Fri 24-Aug-12 20:30:35

taken from from my earlier post

Got admitted on Wednesday after approx 4 weeks of constant vomiting and losing almost a stone in weight.

After being fobbed off by my GP 3 times and basically being told I wasn't dehydrated and given a variety of drugs that didn't work I reached breaking point and called NHS direct sobbing my heart out, they told me to go to a and e and I was admitted straight away. By this point there was blood in my vomit, I was vomiting around 60 times a day (I'm honestly not extending the truth here). I had to get my mum to take me as i was so weak i could barely walk and I wasn't fit to drive.

End result was me being on a drip for 3 days straight with various anti sickness injections and being diagnosed as having Hyperemesis

My GP didn't even see me, first two times he prescribed me stuff over the phone and the 3rd time I was seen by a nurse at the GP surgery who td me I wasn't dehydrated and ok to work - this was the day before I got admitted to hospital.

On a more positive note I got to see my baby on a scan and the little rascal causing the problems is fine and dandy!

LucindaE Fri 24-Aug-12 20:38:17

WashngoHugs from me as well as Emandlou, always lots of hugs offered on this thread, unMumsnetty or not. It is hard for family to realise just how awful it is. Might the section on MOH's great website change their minds a bit? Emandlou if you have two, then it's not suprising you never want to go through it again, so congrats on negative. I didn't go for a second, and do regret it. Kali Spd and a grumbling urinary infection and other misery? Poor you, hugs on offer if required. You really are a strong woman to keep going like this. Goldie Thanks for nice words, I hope you are reasonably OK?
MOH I so agree, as usual with what you say!
I think I had a brainstorm not remembering, but I think Cosmo did come back on on the last thread and announce the water birth and baby's arrival, and I forgot, how could I forget, how rude of me!
Sorry to anyone overlooked.

Sastra Sat 25-Aug-12 07:59:46

MOH100 I'm not under a consultant for HGv- I only saw someone at the hospital because i went to the maternity assessment unit last week. Previously I'd just been seeing my GP. I guess I felt a bit of a fraud joining this thread as I'm not vomiting 60 times a day! Its settle to once a day vomiting and the the whole day with nausea. Not fun, but I guess in not going to die (well, not physically. Emotionally's another matter).

I do have a consultant due to a low lying placenta, but I've only seen him once (and it wasn't actually him, it was one of his minions).

Also, my GP and hospital are in different Trusts. My GP thought that the hospital Trust (SLaM) didn't know that my GP's Trust (Croydon) only lets hospitals prescribe ondansestron...

washngo Sat 25-Aug-12 14:06:37

Hello! Thanks for the hugs yesterday. Really needed it. Feeling a bit brighter today and managing to focus a bit on why I am doing this. Also it's nice to have dh and the dcs here and not just be thinking about how ill I feel all day!

PineapplePol Sat 25-Aug-12 21:17:59

Grumble mumble being sick again. Grumble mumble SPD raising its ugly head. Grumble mumble sodding heartburn. Grumble mumble itchy boobs. Why does pregnancy have to be so difficult? New school term starts in less than 2 weeks. DD's class has 5other pregnant mums all blooming while I'm feeling a right mess. Is it wrong to want to puke up in front of them so they know what hell it can be.

Yes - of course it is. Am just feeling rotten and sorry for myself. Good to vent some frustration though. Grumble mumble.

Tay1981 Sun 26-Aug-12 01:53:55

Hello everyone

washngo sastra pineapple don't feel bad about moaning that's what the thread is for!! I can't offer much consolation other than knowing exactly how you feel. Here is the link to the website I was talking about in my last post that has a downloadable pamphlet for relatives


Some of you may have seen it already. I just noticed she has written a children's book too. I have read her book and whilst it made me feel good to read about people who have gone through similar things to me (when I hadn't found this thread and thought I was the only one!) it also made me incredibly sad as so many of the women's stories have sad endings. However made DH read the chapter on helping someone with HG and was very helpful to both of us.

emandlou thank goodness your test was negative. I have felt exactly the same at various times over the last 4 years - every time I was nauseous for whatever reason the terror of possibly being pregnant descended. Even having plucked up courage and meaning to be pregnant I have to say I have had very ambivalent feelings all the way through this pregnancy so far.

I am feeling pretty crappy today. Just arrived home in the US yesterday and a combination of a wedding, 4 days at MIL's house and transatlantic flight have left me feeling exhausted and SICK obviously. Very worried about coping once DH goes back to work in a few days. Couldn't even contemplate cooking this eve - just opening the fridge still has me wretching. Guess DD will have to wait a little longer for any home cooked food - sent DH out to buy something. Ugh.

LucindaE Sun 26-Aug-12 12:34:41

"Sastra* There's no way you are a fraud because you're not being sick sixty times a day - my godness, my experiment three weeks ago or so showed you can get 3+ ketones in under twelve hours being sick eight times, despite sipping water, it wasn't serious for me, as I'm not pregnant, but if I had been it would have been a medical emergency.
Tay Congratluations on getting home, how brave of you to undergo a transatlantic flight. No wonder you feel awful today, hugs,don't force yourself to cook. Thanks for link.
Washngo Glad you are feeling a bit happier today. Of course, what everyone really needs is to feel blooming.
Pinapple Oh poor, poor you. puking back and SPD too, are Hyperemesis and SPD connected as a number of women seem to get them both? Who wouldn't moan?
The Puking Demonstration at the School Gates sounds like a good idea, oh dear...
smile to all. Hope everyone is coping. Waves to MOH. Apologies to anyone I've rudely overlooked.

washngo Sun 26-Aug-12 13:51:57

Hello again,
Well today on the hg roller coaster it's been a definite downward slide. I was sick all morning. Feel v sick still. I have been asleep since 12. Can't keep eyes open. Thank goodness it's the weekend but properly dreading the week when I'll have 2 dcs and no help. 9 weeks plus 3 today. Please let this get better at 12 weeks! Today I told my midwife that in my first preg it got better at 13 wks, second at 18 wks. She said "ok so obviously it'll be longer again this time". Is this true??? Please say no sad

LucindaE Mon 27-Aug-12 16:07:16

WashngoOh you poor thing. I think you should ask for something different from the GP, an addition perhaps, as you must be being weakened by this. Not sure whiich you are on, sorry to be so forgetful: I wish I could say for sure that it won't last longer this time, but it just seems to vary, I don't think the pattern the midwife describes as getting longer each time is inevitable at all, because it jsut seems to vary for people with each pregnancy. Some suffer dreadfully in one pregnancy and nothing like as badly in the next. For sure the first tri is almost always the worst. I know it's so hard in the early stages. Sending you hugs.
Kali and Everyone, how are you?

Littleplasticpeople Tue 28-Aug-12 08:27:33

Urghh, been really sick for the past few days sad
So fed up of it, even tempted to scrap the whole home birth plan & beg for a cs at 37 weeks. Tell me I can get through the last 5 weeks!

goldie32 Tue 28-Aug-12 10:12:05

Oh Plastic you poor thing! If you are really suffering you might be best to opt for a sooner option, but don't rush into a decision and don't be pressured by what anyone else says. I'm sure you can do it, but I don't have to so that's easy for me to say! Take care, do you have a supportive midwife you could talk to? Washngo I'm so impressed you are trying again for a third time, I think you are incredibly brave, I hope your rollercoaster becomes more of a gentle steam train journey through scenic countryside very soon! Love to all. xx

BarmeeMarmee Tue 28-Aug-12 10:13:40

Littleplastic you CAN do it! I know it seems like forever but 5 weeks now is nothing compared to how far you have already come. We're all here for you and will support you all the way!

Everyone else hugs - sorry I haven't been on here much over the last week or so - have been reading on my phone but not able to reply. I'm surviving. Desperately tired and really struggling with increasing nausea, although still being on the ondansetron and cyclizine combo seems to be stopping me from actually vomiting still, thankfully. Hips and back are bad but just pottering through life as much as possible and focussing on the fact that I'll be 30 weeks on Friday so nearly 3/4 of the way there...

LucindaE Tue 28-Aug-12 17:17:00

Plastic You poor poor thing and hugs from me, too. Of course you can do it, you've proved yourself a heroine already, but if you've really reached the end of your tether, let the medical people know. Have the meds just stopped working? I know the puking never really went away properly, it sounds like it has got a lot worse.
Barmee Oh no and poor you too, that nausea really gets you down. Hugs to you if required, too.
How are Kali and Everyone@

PineapplePol Tue 28-Aug-12 20:08:57

Did anyone else manage to stay up late enough to see Harry's Mountain Heroes on ITV1 last night? One of the young soldiers was talking about the difficulties of adjusting to life at altitude and what he said really struck a chord with me. What he said was "Altitude makes the simplest tasks unbearable. The unbearable soon becomes routine". Replace "altitude" with hyperemesis (or even just pregnancy for many of us) and it all seems strangely familiar. Thinking of all of you and hope today hasn't been too unbearable.

Tay1981 Tue 28-Aug-12 21:46:46


I was at the docs yesterday and have been given ondansetron on top of the phenergan. Seems to be working well so far ......I even feel (dare I say it? ) a little bit normal today??? I know it may not last forever. What are others' experiences of this drug?

12 week scan tomorrow so I've got my fingers crossed for a healthy baby despite mother on her last legs smile

Hope everyone is ok today.

washngo Wed 29-Aug-12 10:16:11

Tay - hope the scan goes well today, well done you have got to the magical 12 week mark, maybe sickness will start to subside for you. I hope so! I've never had ondansetron but have heard lots of people say it was great for them and the only thing that really worked. Hopefully it will work well for you too!

goldie32 Wed 29-Aug-12 13:03:22

Hi all, hope you are all having a vom free day. Just been to midwife 31+2 today and am still measuring big and have +++of glucose in wee, so off to see consultant on Fri to see whether I need another GTT or a scan to measure baby. Either way I'm sort of hoping that this might mean baby comes early. Anyone have experience of having a bigish baby-what did they do? Induce or c section at 38 weeks? I know everyone is different but just wondering what might happen. Thanks. Love to all. xx

Littleplasticpeople Wed 29-Aug-12 16:09:06

Thanks all for the support, things are still pretty grim at the moment. I have basically relapsed to being sick several times a day, but have the added excitement of dizziness and light headedness. My iron is low as is my blood pressure. Anyway, the outcome of this is that I've ended up back on ondansetron! I will take it until 38 weeks but then stop for the last couple of weeks so that I'm not constipated for the birth.

tay my experience of ondansetron in the first trimester was that it was the only med that enabled me to function a bit more normally. The vomiting ws reduced but I was still nauseous. Watch out for the constipation though, it's pretty bad!

wdobbs Wed 29-Aug-12 16:27:06

Hi everyone
My first ever post, but this is the third time- third HG pregnancy, I have lay reading about everyone and their experiences of hyperemesis, you are all such troopers, I am only 7&5 so I'm going through the worst of it now, just out of hospital for the first time I know il be back in the next 2 weeks hopefully only once more before the bad vomiting passes (who am I kidding) I don't know how you look after your kids & suffer I can't even sit up, I have a 2yr old & 1yr old everyone but me is looking after them I feel so guilty. The only thing keeps me going is knowing that this is the last time! This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass.

goldie32 Wed 29-Aug-12 19:05:50

Wdobbs you are a super hero! Well, I think that you are very brave . Good luck and keep strong. x

Tay1981 Wed 29-Aug-12 21:33:13

wdobbs well done you braving it for a 3rd time!! If it makes you feel any better at all - today at 13+5 is the first day I will have independently looked after DD1 (3) since 4+0 and even then DH is only going to work at 4pm so I only have a few hours to brave on my own!! Don't feel bad - the kids are much more adaptable and resilient than we ever give them credit for and feeling guilty only makes you feel sicker. Look after yourself thats a hard enough job as it is smile

plastic thanks for the info.

goldie my DD1 was 9.5 pounds but I measured exactly right all along (v uncomfortable though!!) so I had no idea she was going to be that size. Me and midwives expecting a 7 pounder. Anyway I am not that big and she got well and truly stuck ending with c-section so will have a planned c-section this time. Personally as I dont have my heart set on a natural birth I would prefer not to risk damage down below esp. as I already have a section scar anyway.

washngo thanks for the good wishes. All fine apart from extremely wriggly baby resulting in v long scan!! I'm actually 13+5 and feel like I'm starting to turn a corner sickness wise. Hope you are doing ok and the end of the HG comes sooner than you expect x

feekerry Wed 29-Aug-12 21:55:48

Hello hyperemesis ladies. I used to be on this thread up until I had my dd in april. I had horrific hg and was hospitalised twice and spent the whole pregnancy on ondanestron and cyclizine max doses. Even then it was only kind of under control. I had hg the whole of the pregnancy and in labour. I ended up 16 days overdue just to drag it out that bit longer. Anyways, I do check the thread every now and again and just wanted to say you will not believe how much better you feel once you've had your babies. Honestly you will feel like a new person. I ended up with a 41 hour labour and a crash section but it wasn't half as bad as hg hell! Good luck and hold tight. It will be the best thing ever. X

LucindaE Thu 30-Aug-12 19:28:50

OH has hogged the PC for two days sorting out financial stuff...
Feekerry Thanks so much for coming back on to encourage others, I remember you well. You did suffer horribly, and now it's a past nightmare for you.
Wdobbs Welcome, you are some heroine as others say, third time, my goodness. You know better than me that you are at the worst stage now. I do hope you avoid being rehospitalised so soon. I'm glad you are finding that mantra helpful. Everyone on here is very supportive.
Tay I do hope you have turned the corner, how was the scan?
Plastic Poor you, so sensible to go back on it, you were suffering badly. It's not fair it causes such awful bowel problems.
Pinapple I didn't see that programme myself, but what you say makes so much sense.
Goldie I do hope all is OK? How did the tests go?
Wasngo Third HYperemessis pregnancy and never been on Ondansteron seems to equal a rather blase doctor - or am I doing him/her an injustice?
Kali has been very quiet of late, I am a bit worried, but don't want to harrass her.
I wonder if MrsD of the twins is around and how she is?
Hope Everyone is coping.

kalidasa Thu 30-Aug-12 21:48:41

Thanks Lucinda how kind of you to worry about me! I am OK, but my mood has been very low and I am struggling to walk because of the problems with my back and pelvis. I'm seeing an osteopath and a massage therapist as well as an NHS physio so I think I'm doing everything I can. Just a bit depressing that this pregnancy seems so determined to be miserable at every stage! And I still have three months to go. Sickness is finally better though, it's just nausea now, haven't thrown up for a couple of weeks.

Apparently prolonged bed rest does make you more likely to have the joint problems later on, and I was completely confined to bed for three months so I guess that's probably why.

Hope everyone else is doing OK.

LucindaE Fri 31-Aug-12 10:53:03

Kali Thanks for getting n touch, I am relieved to hear from you, but sorry that nature isn't letting you enjoy the pregnancy at all, it's not fair. I didn't know that about bed rest, I suppose it makes sense that's why there's a connection between severe Hyperemesis and SPD? I;m glad the puking hasn't returned, one good thing, but constant nausea is dismal. At least hopefully, no danger of hospitalisation these days...
How is Everyone?

mrstiggywinklethehappyhedgehog Fri 31-Aug-12 20:16:49

Hello everyone, I found this thread again by accident but thought I would leave a message of support, my DD is now 13 months and I had HG throughout the pregnancy, I don't think I ever posted on this thread but I used to read it to cheer me up/on. Well done LucindaE you are a fantastic for keeping everyone going! And well done all of you ladies, it is indescribably awful and no one understands, if one more person suggests a ginger biscuit you want to kill them... grin I was even throwing up throughout the labour but once DD was born the sickness went away instantly, it is amazing how much better you feel and how quickly. I fell on the strange brown hospital food they gave me afterwards like a ravenous beast, assuring my DH that it was delicious, the best thing ever, oh my god, I still remember how great it was to have (and enjoy) a cup of tea for the first time.... Almost as good as seeing my beautiful daughter smile. You are all heroines! Good luck and I hope you all feel better soon.

MOH100 Fri 31-Aug-12 20:20:31

Tay totally agree with plastic, ondansetron gave me my life back, but do something about the constipation as soon as you have an inkling that you have it, it can get really bad, I lived on fybogel to hold it at bay. For me it completely stopped the vomiting and I was still nauseous, but I could eat and drink and keep it all down. I had it from 8 weeks and by 18 I could have a semi normal life as long as I got lots of rest, then I kept taking it till birth because stopping (I tried 3 times) always caused a relapse. Hope it keeps on working for you.

CalamityJ Fri 31-Aug-12 21:40:28

Been lurking for a while but decided to drop in now I've been prescribed cyclizine I feel a little bit less of a fraud about feeling terrible. I've not been diagnosed with hyperemesis but so much of what you've been saying resonates. Horrific is the word I've found which most closely describes how I feel. And no ginger won't make me feel less horrific! Been nauseous all day every day since 5wks throwing up every other day on average but wanting to be sick a whole lot more. Biggest problem has been drinking enough/anything. While eating little and often has helped a bit, the thought of drinking anything makes me nauseous in itself. So asked for the cyclizine when I realised my second wee of the day (TMI?) was only coming at 6.30pm at night shock. Was reading all these stories of pregnant women needing the loo every 5 minutes and realised I could go for almost 12 hours without going. Doc asked for urine sample at 5pm and I couldn't fill a pot. Turns out I may have a UTI which is hardly surprising! Doc also was convinced I was having twins (because of my sickness) despite me assuring her there was only one baby on the scan. Then she suggested ginger... 16wks tomorrow and people say "it should go away at 16wks" but they're the same who said "it should have gone away after 12wks". They're also the same as those who suggest ginger, say "oh I felt a bit rubbish for a few days with dc so I know how you feel" and schedule 9am meetings when they know you feel rotten...

Advice from those who've been through this and got out the other end: people keep saying "you must be so excited!" and I think "er not really. Once I stop throwing up I might". So, when can I expect to feel excited?

LucindaE Sat 01-Sep-12 20:28:54

Calamity Welcome, poor you, most people find a big improvement some time between sixteen and twenty weeks, it's only the unlucky few who suffer throughout and even less suffer as badly throughout as they did in the first tri. Hopefully you might start glowing soon. UTI's are horrible. How are the liquids stayhing down with meds? The silly advice is maddening, I know, and you shouldnt be forcing yourself into work if you are really suffering, will the GP give a sick note for a while?
Miss Tiggy Thanks so much for the lovely encouraging message; you obviously suffered horribly throughout, and its always so nice to hear how happy woman are with their babies after all the misery.
MOH Fyogel is so sickeningly slimy that you were very brave, and desperate, of course.
Tay Plastic Wannabe Kali Goldie and Everyone I hope you are all coping?

Tay1981 Sun 02-Sep-12 00:53:35

Hello everyone

moh and plastic thanks for the info re the ondansetron - I am beginning to see what you mean :-( been on the prunes and prune juice all day so will hopefully ease things - can't face going back the docs (45 min drive across city ugh). Any other magic solutions you know of would be great. Have stopped taking my supplement temporarily as its got iron and I know that makes it worse. It is really working on the sickness though - really only been throwing up first thing which is almost inevitable I think and not too unpleasant with nothing in the tummy anyway.

Agree with others about the encouragement - means a lot. mrstiggywinkle I CANNOT wait to enjoy a cup of tea again. That would be lovely.

calamityj don't feel fraudulent i think that hyperemesis is pretty much a continuum anyway - I'm pretty sure one of the big markers for hyperemesis or HG is losing 5-10% of your bodyweight which I bet most on here will know is not hard at all. I struggle with the excitement too - people say oh congratulations and I feel like I have to explain why I don't look that chuffed. Just have to keep telling ourselves it will all be worth it in the end. Ironically I think I did start feeling better 16-20weeks with DD1. Quietly hoping for same again this time. Those who have to cope with it all the way through deserve medals along with their beautiful babies!

missJ30 Sun 02-Sep-12 11:41:56


haven't posted for ages as the last couple of months have been one long, dark blur! but have just been scanning through lots of messages and sobbing with the relief of a whole bunch of people who are saying all the things i'm feeling.....thanks for posting, even the really bad stuff. I have felt so unbelievably isolated and alone with all this....if only i could have been reading this stuff all the way along!
am staying at my mums now getting extremely well looked after and am definitely experiencing some little mini breaks in the nausea and a combination of lots of drugs are helping to reduce the sickness. am hopeful at staying out of hospital and aiming for 16/17 weeks which is when my sisters started to feel a bit better. but along the way have come across doctors who told me 'you're not ill, you're pregnant - your symptoms might feel bad to you, but they're not really bad', dozens of people who reply with 'oh yes, i had quite bad morning sickness too....it eases off at 12 weeks' (this one drives me mad the most!), and have constantly doubted myself - am I just being weak or is this really bad? reading your posts, makes me feel so much better!

the thing i am mostly struggling with at the mo is my lovely husband and the guilt at turning him into a carer. He is great but has found this extremely difficult. he has taken a long time (still not sure he's there) to really admit that I have an illness - he keeps asking if i've actually been diagnosed, or just think i have HG. He just cannot seem to understand why I don't just make myself eat/drink instead of getting dehydrated and is often quite angry when I end up back in hospital dehydrated. And most of all, he just misses having a wife i think, instead of the blob of nothingness i have become. am not criticising him at all - he is brilliant and I totally can understand how hard it must be to understand HG from the outside. But it has really only compounded the isolated feeling I have. And I so miss feeling connected to him. Does anyone else feel similarly?

Anyway, sorry for the enormous message. Really I just wanted to say thank you for posting all the things I am feeling....it is so comforting. Hope today is a good day all round.

- ooh, also something I have learnt in the last couple of weeks - I am significantly less nauseous if I seriously restrict the time i spent looking at screens - tv and computers. It has really helped. Don't know if that might help anyone else. Audio books are the way forward for me!

Littleplasticpeople Sun 02-Sep-12 19:07:42

Missj sorry you have been suffering, how many weeks are you? 16 weeks seems a sensible target for beginning to feel a bit better, I think most people on here have had some level of improvement at around that stage.

I've had a better few days since going back on the Ondansetron, although I've been militant about sticking to my 'safe' foods too so that's probably helped. I can't wait to be able to scoff chocolate again! And cereal for breakfast, my god it's starting to get tedious making a boiled egg every morning!

Littleplasticpeople Sun 02-Sep-12 19:12:02

Forgot tay, sorry nothing helpful to add on the ondansetron constipation. I'm back there myself after just 4 days back on the pills sad. I'm also meant to be taking the iron supplements but not even attempting it at th moment tbh. I'm going to stop taking the ondansetron in a couple of weeks in the hope that it gives my system chance to get moving again before the birth.

goldie32 Sun 02-Sep-12 19:32:11

MissJ I think you have summed up how it feels to have HG. I also have a very supportive DH and family and friends generally, but if you haven't ever had HG yourself you cannot begin to understand just how down right awful it makes you feel. I had some improvement at 16w and haven't been sick since 20. I still take cyclizine as I still feel the nausea and am very tired, but I'm on the home stretch now and have suffered much less than some I read about. But, while I was suffering it was the worst thing I have ever had to deal with. But, it does go, sooner for some than others. I hope yours is sooner. This thread is a huge comfort to so many of us. Take care. Love to all. xx

wdobbs Sun 02-Sep-12 20:53:52

Thank you, your all very kind unfortunately I ended back in hospital, twice in 1 week is never good sad just not managing to cope on cyclizine alone at all, I get zofran(IV) & cyclizine in hospital & manage fine, if I can convince the hospital to prescribe me zofran home once then my GP will have to give it to me as he won't at the minute - too expensive as you know - otherwise I've discovered if I drink coke once I get into that constant vomiting cycle it stops the vomiting, I feel like hell but it buys me a few hrs- I've only 1 good vein left so I need a few good days!

I hope you are all feeling well or managing to cope its a very mentally exhausting illness, I remember about 10 minutes after my second child was born thinking whoa I don't feel sick anymore, what a feeling that was, we will get there in the end.

One of the things I find hardest is listening to everyone who meets me tell me how sick they were, or their sister or friend was & having to just nod knowing that they have no idea

LucindaE Mon 03-Sep-12 12:33:05

"WDobbs" Poor, poor you, twice in one week, oh no! Are you in the states, as you mention Zofran, which I know from another thread is the UK's Ondansteron? Surely there won't be a question of their NOT prescribing it, if you have been readmitted so soon? Hugs. The ignorance can be awful.
MissJ Oh, no! About dark blur, poor you. It is awful that doctors are still taking that line after increased education on this. It is NOT your fault you get dehydrated, might it help your OH to read MOHs wonderful website? I'll come abck with the link. The puking makes it unavoidable. I did an experiment when I had a migraine recently. I was 3+ ketones within twelve hours from zero, though after each vomit I drank half a glass of water. As I wasn't pregant, there was no medical emerency, but it just shows how easy it is to get severely dehydrated when trying to fight it.
Tay I so know what you mean about tea, you're not allowed any comforts with this thing, I think. Kali used to home bowel rinsing out thing, not nice, but she was desperate, and it worked. There's those gel pessaries, which work for some, available from chemists.
Plastic Glad Ondansetron is helping.
Goldie You are very brave, I'm so glad it's the home stretch for you now, it's been a marathon. The Pink Castle awaits at the end, like on my old Snakes and Ladders set. Hugs.
Washngo Calamity and Kali and Everyone else I hope you are coping.
Apologies to anyone I've rudely ignored...

LucindaE Mon 03-Sep-12 12:36:46

MIssJ and others about uncomprehending relatives: - https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/

wdobbs Mon 03-Sep-12 13:27:31

LucindaE - I'm in northern Ireland zofran is just the brand name ondansetron is the generic name it just depends on who you talk to how they call it - can anyone recommend any other drugs worth trying? I had metroclopromide (Maxalon) in the last pregnancy but don't want to take it this time as the side effects can be bad, I've been offered phenergan by the hospital which is now apparently the no.1 drug choice in the uk for hyperemesis but I can't do drowsy ... I'm a lost case sad

BarmeeMarmee Mon 03-Sep-12 15:08:22

Hi Everyone! Wow it's been busy on here. Sorry there are so many suffering at the moment.

Wdobbs I'm on cyclizine along with ondansetron, don't know if that might be worth a try for you?

How is everyone doing today? Thinking of you all.

I'm still feeling hideously nauseous (seems to have got worse again) and getting occasions of fighting the bile that feels like it's rising in my throat, but so far haven't started actually vomiting again, despite also seemingly getting the coughing fits back that I had at the beginning. Have also now been put on calcium supplements (I have thin bones) but they taste like chalk and are huge things that have to be chewed which I'm really struggling with. Also have been summoned to the GP on Thursday morning as my Vitamin D levels are low so she's going to put me on a supplement for that too! I can't believe I'm having to take so much! On the plus side the GP has certified me "fit to travel" (lol, goodness knows how/why!) so we are off on holiday on Saturday for a week. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage a 3.30 am start followed by a flight and bus transfer (this was all booked before I was pregnant, I haven't gone totally insane!) but will have DH and inlaws with me to keep an eye on DS so I may have to just be very selfish and concentrate on getting myself there in one piece. We're off to Greece so I'm slightly concerned about how hot it will be, but we're staying in a hotel with it's own beach and several pools so if need be I shall wallow in the sea/pool for the week! By the time we come back I will be 32+1 and will have only about 4 weeks until I finish work. I can't wait now.

Hugs to all.

Littleplasticpeople Mon 03-Sep-12 18:16:39

barmee I went away at 29/30 weeks too, I found the heat difficult but was ok as long as I took it easy, have a lovely time smile

wdobbs I think you should request ondansetron on prescription, given you have already been on it in hospital it seems perfectly logical that you should have it at home too. It is expensive, but my GP explained that they are allowed to prescribe it once they have tried a 'cascade' of other drugs. So over the course of about ten days I was given cyclizine, metaclopomide, domperidone and then ondansetron. Hope you are managing ok at the moment.

So I had my last growth scan and consultant appointment today. The consultant basically offered to induce me anytime after 37 weeks if (in her words) 'you reach the end of your tether'. Sooooo tempting to do it, but it would mean no home birth. Also I would never forgive myself if I ended up needing interventions affecting the baby just because I couldn't hack it for a few more weeks. So, I'm back in tomorrow for fluid and iron through an IV drip. Apparently last week's relapse has taken my levels too low for me to get back up myself, and they need to be a certain level for the home birth.

take3 Mon 03-Sep-12 18:42:48

Hope it's ok if I pop my head in on this thread.... 7 weeks now and feeling dreadful dreadful. Had 2 previous pregnancies with severe hyperemesis, thankfully only up to 20 weeks though. The good news is that this pregnancy seems 'better', not sure why, perhaps a 4 year break has made a difference. Anyway, now on Cyclizine, not keen to go on Ondansetron after my last pregnancy when I was so sick from hyperemesis and the constipation - just can't go there again.
Anyway, cause for a little celebration as not been in hospital yet and that is a record. Struggling though with 3 children.
Finding coke helps... any other tips?

missJ30 Tue 04-Sep-12 11:41:44

thanks so much for the links. I can totally get on board with how quickly you can get dehydrated. I was tested in hospital at midday and had 0 keytones and was discharged. By half past 7 I had to be readmitted and was plus 3. It can happen so quickly! I think what has been hard for others to understand is when I'm not vomitting but still can't bring myself to drink because of the extreme nausea. Almost every bloke who tries to "advise" just says, 'just drink loads and see if you vomit'. I just can't explain that I can't make myself do that. Ah well! Will take a look at that link, thanks very much.
Might forward it to my aunt and uncle-in-law who emailed yesterday to sympathise that 'morning sickness can be horrible, but don't worry, it doesn't last long'. Grrr!!!! (sorry to grumble!!)

Take3 - i think 7/8 weeks was my worst point. Just keep ticking the days away - they will pass. Am 14 weeks today and whilst still definitely not right, things feel very different to how they did when I look back at where you are now. You'll get there. This is my first and I take my hat off to all of you looking after other children at the same time - you are heroes.

BarmeeMarmee Tue 04-Sep-12 11:48:03

Take3 welcome. Thinking of you and hoping things improve for you soon. I am taking comfort from you in knowing you've gone for it for a third time. This time has been far worse for me than first time round but I still would like more children and it helps to know other people have done the same.

MissJ30 - Grrr how annoying! Very frustrating isn't it?

How is everyone else? Kali? Goldie? I'm "doing a Lucinda and fussing!

LittlePlastic thank you - good to know you did the same and survived. I think I'll enjoy it when I'm there, just so worried about the flight and getting there in one piece!

Tay1981 Tue 04-Sep-12 17:47:03

Hi everyone

take3 I echo what others have said - 7/8/9 weeks was the worst point for me too. I'm 14 weeks now too and although not back to normal i feel a lot better than I did back then. Take one day at a time. Don't have any tips really - I kept finding that things worked for a few days then I couldnt stand the sight of them.

missJ totally get you about the sympathy. I'm sure even some of my good friends don't really believe how I feel. I was talking to one of them yesterday and she was like well I was very nauseous until 16 weeks but I decided not to take medication!!!! I was thinking but did not say that for me medication is not a choice its absolutely necessary if I want t be out of hospital.

barmee I live in Las Vegas which is HOT I find I can spend a short time outside without too much problem - is easier with a cold drink in hand and I have a big floppy hat which I swear helps. Just have to be careful not too much - I have fainted a couple of times which isnt pleasant and scared DD1 half to death. I also brought DD1 home to the UK at 9 weeks cos I couldnt cope at home anymore - I found the flight surprisingly ok even on my own. I had a plan for DD1's activities and such which helped. And packed my bag full of snacks I knew I could eat so didn't have to look at plane food and also mints and a hanky with lavender so I didnt have to smell it either. It'll it be worth it when you get there have a great time.

take3 Tue 04-Sep-12 20:34:08

Thanks all, actually had quite a good day until around 4pm - and the Cyclizine made me so drowsy I actually slept well for once. Feeling awful now so this will be short - the screen makes me feel worse.
Encouraging to know that 7,8,9 weeks have been the worst for some. This pregnancy is def better than previous ones but I still feel so dreadful. Feeling guilty too after being very impatient and unloving towards our 3 children today - they don't even know I am pregnant.
It does pass - one positive is that you can't pause time...so this does come to an end. I also keep thinking of all those poor women around the world with no hospital near, no medication and nobody to help out. That keeps me going. There are things to give thanks for, however awful this is.

wdobbs Wed 05-Sep-12 12:53:26

You are right I always think that with my last pregnancy if I had lived somewhere without basic needs I would not have made it, I often think of charlotte bronte who is said to have died from what we now know is hyperemesis. I had a midwife who told me that her sister suffer HG throughout the entire pregnany but she wanted 4 kids and refused to let it stop her i thought if she can do it, I can do it, it helps that I know this will be the last time I have to do it, it's a short time in your whole life to me it will be worth this. We are lucky to have such medical support & also emotional support via these feeds, I'm just trying to take
Each day & week at a time il be 9 weeks on Friday and that sounds amazing to me compared to 6 weeks! I just have to get I 12 & even though I don't see it until after I know il start to improve I'm hoping if history repeats itself I should be ok by week 18, my
Daughters 3rd birthday week. Keep treading

horseynewmum Wed 05-Sep-12 13:12:34

Hi all

I'm sorry not been on but life is so hetic with Lily. She now 15 weeks. I'll tell you ladies these 15 weeks have gone quicker then first 15 weeks of pregnancy.

I'm shocked how many new names are up here. I'm so sorry to hear so many you are suffering. I've not read all your posts but my thoughts are with you all.

One bit advice I can give is moisturise. Yes I know its the last thing your thinking off doing but please try to do it or get someone to do it for you. When your dehydrated your body saps moisture from your skin making it dry and itchy. I believe this is why I've ended up with really bad stretch marks on my belly, thighs, inner thighs and boobs, as my skin was so dry from dehydration that when my bump started to appear it didnt have the elasty(sp?) it needed to expand nice. I'd recommend Bio oil, expensive but worth it.

thoughts are with you all

x x x

washngo Wed 05-Sep-12 13:49:40

Hi all, sorry haven't posted in ages. Had been doing relatively well and seemed like meds working quite effectively. Had the most horrendous night last night though. Up for six solid hours diarreah and vomiting (sorry tmi!) and the most agonising stomach cramps. It was so painful. Phoned midwife and described pains and she has moved my 12 week scan to tomorrow (will be 11 weeks) just to check things. Feel so horrendous today after no sleep last night.

Hope others are feeling better than I am!

goldie32 Wed 05-Sep-12 14:10:15

Barmee thanks for the mention. Am ok thanks, been for another GTT today and awaiting a scan to measure bump as they think I am too big for dates. Feeling fine though thanks, just tired. Hope everyone else is well today. Love to all. x

LucindaE Wed 05-Sep-12 18:15:54

Hello Everyone Goodness, we are busy at the moment, you poor things all, but you will be the lucky ones soon enough.
Take Welcome, sorry things are so bad, poor you, I agree with others about being at the worst stage, do ice lollies or jelly help at all?
TaY I hope not too hot.
Horsey Lovely to hear from you, so nice of you to come on and encourage people.
Barmee How awful about those supplements when you are still nauseated, how disgusting to take. Good luck for holiday, role on ML.
Washngo Sorry abot awful blip and never worry about tmi here, there can't be any such thing on here. I hope you are feeling a bit better now?
Kali I hope coping?
MissJ Oh no, about such a horribly early re-admission, surely they could have prescirbed drugs that worked a little bit better than that?!
Plastic So agree about Wdobbs and Ondansetron (or Zofran).
Goldie Good luck with tests. How awful tests are when you feel awful anyway.
Hugs to any who want them. Sorry if I've rudely overlooked anyone.

Littleplasticpeople Wed 05-Sep-12 20:43:34

So I went in for fluids and iron IV today, at nearly 36 week damn it! Anyway, on the antenatal ward in the bed opposite was a poor girl chucking up to point of dehydration still at 17 weeks. The doctor came round and actually said to her 'are you sure you haven't eaten anything dodgy, morning sickness should have stopped by now' shock angry poor, poor girl just gave him a look that only a fellow HG sufferer would understand. Of course doc then came to me- that stumped him, still vomiting at 36 weeks!

Keep battling x

LucindaE Thu 06-Sep-12 19:07:44

Plastic Poor you, I'm sorry I didn't put in that bit of my message for you. Hugs at still suffering at this stage - I didn't know you were still being sick, that is truly awful! I am speechless about that doctor's ignorance. It's outrageous, what did he mean by hectoring the poor girl like that?! I hope he comes back in the next life as a snail for that (and is accidentally put into a mug of fresh mint tea by a Hyperemesis Sufferer as happened to me!).

wdobbs Fri 07-Sep-12 18:35:29

After a few very bad days & vomiting blood I have managed to get zofran from the GP so the mix of that and cyclizine have made a great improvement and I think will keep me out of hospital until the worst
Is over - they are 8mg melts I need to take 2 during the day but now I'm really worried about the constipation you have all been talking about but it can't be helped its that or throw every 45 mins and be in hospital for the next 3 weeks & I can't face that. Hope everyone is feeling ok & managing, it's sad but thinking about planning Christmas is the only thing keeping my mind off nausea and looking forward, whatever helps right

LucindaE Sat 08-Sep-12 11:53:50

Wdobbs Thanks goodness for that, but how barbaric you have had to suffer so long. What were the doctors thinking of? How many times were you in hospital? Sorry about the nausea, and hugs to you. 'This Too Will Pass'.
Plastic How are you after such a dismal experience?
I hope Everyone is surviving (goes of clucking).

CalamityJ Sat 08-Sep-12 16:25:15

It's fascinating to read everyone's interpretation of how they are feeling. It all resonates so strongly that you know you must all be experiencing the same thing. It's so interesting to hear comments from doctors like "it should have passed by now" (mid wife said that on Weds & doctor who prescribed the cyclizine the week before said the same thing). I KNOW WHAT THE BOOKS SAY! BUT TRY TELLING MY BODY THAT! And interesting about blokes saying "just try & drink something' like if it was that easy you'd have been doing it all along! horseynewmum thanks for the advise on moisturising. My lips & legs have been so dry but they were the least of my worries! Will pay more attention to them. I've discovered a sneaky way of getting liquid which is good(ish) for me & stays down. The tinned fruit cocktail goes down very easily & the light syrup it's in is delicious. DH is off to Sainsburys to stock up!

Tay1981 Sat 08-Sep-12 21:10:06

haha calamityJ people keep saying that to me too. 15 weeks now and although its better than it was I'm still having some really bad days. Eating seems a little easier but more of it seems to make a reappearance but maybe thats just cos I'm eating more than I was??

Ondansetron making me feel pretty dreadful (blown up like a balloon and so constipated and horrific indigestion). I did have horrific indigestion in my last pregnancy but I'm sure not til a little bit later. I only have a v v small bump but I feel as I'm full term!! Anyway tried to minimise the meds but then feel terrible today :-( DD1 wet the bed at 4am then felt so sick once I'd dealt with that I couldnt get back to sleep.

Think I'm gonna revert back to the full dose of phenergan for a few days and see if I can't get some relief. Any ideas anyone?

katolla Sun 09-Sep-12 18:34:45

Take3, maybe it's a boy this time? Or do you already have a mixture? My mum had it too and found my brother easier.

Horseynewmum thanks for the moisturising tip, on top of everything else I want to rip my skin off most days. Shame i can't fill the bath with moisturiser :/

I feel like ive been doing better the last couple of days but today I haven't managed anything except crisps sad

Pinkmumma Sun 09-Sep-12 18:46:45

Hi everyone, I'm not pregnant and hope you don't mind me posting. I suffered horrible HG with both my pregnancy, much much worse second time round, so much so we have decided not to have any more children. I am so thankful for my wonderful DC but am sad that I will never know what is like to enjoy pregnancy. As someone who has been there I can say it does get better. Your not alone and it's ok to be miserable cause HG sucks. Your baby is worth all this. Sending lots of support x

take3 Sun 09-Sep-12 20:01:52

Kaolla, we have twin girls and then a boy.... so hope not more twins, that would be crazy. Felt a bit better these last couple of days and longing to get to 12 weeks.

washngo Sun 09-Sep-12 20:59:16

Had scan and all fine despite the cramping pains from a few nights ago. Tried to stop taking meds today (11+4) but not good result so will be back on tomorrow. Cried all day today as feeling ridiculously sorry for myself. Can't remember last time I had a happy day. Hopefully should be beginning to feel better soon though.

CalamityJ Sun 09-Sep-12 22:02:36

Best eating day yet! 2 bowls of Bran Flakes which I've not been able to stand since week 5. Then 2 poached eggs on 2 bits of toast. Then a full roast dinner at 5pm! Now the cyclizine has moved my worst part of the day to the evening I figure I should front load my meals & stop before 6pm when the sickness really kicks in. Could puke right now but so tired from disturbed sleep last night (DH coming home drunk from birthday night out...) I think I'll just crash out instead. Really hoping I've turned the corner. Still felt sick all day but bearable rather than horrendous.

LucindaE Mon 10-Sep-12 10:30:22

Calamity Drunk DH, tut, tut, I hope he had a hangover...I'm good and angry about those Dir's not having an inkling about HYperemesis being different from normal MS. Bran flakes, ugh, well done! Hugs about that 'Puke Right Now' feeling, so foul. I remember drinking that syrup from tinned fruit, I should have remembered to recommend it!
Pink Thanks for lovely message of support. Two is a nice number, anyway.
Tay Poor you, I'm sure you've tried those pessaries you can insert, without success. Kali on here had to resort to that bowel rinsing out apparatus you can get, I think, form chemists (foul, but it worked).
Katolla Poor you, skin trouble too, I used butter cream based creams myself, incredibly escaped any stretch marks too, but when you're feeling really awful it doesn't seem to matter.
Wdobbs I hope feeling a bit better? Plastic I hope you are OK? It's awful you had to have some IV treatment.
TakeYou are only the second person on the thread with twins!(I am not sure when MrsD is due). That must have been awful, though...Glad you feel a bit better.
Thinking of everyone. I mentioned MOH on my blog as one of the people I particularly admire, for starting the pregnancysicknesssos website...
Hugs to anyone who wants them.

LucindaE Mon 10-Sep-12 10:33:39


Silly me andl links.


LucindaE Mon 10-Sep-12 10:36:55

This is a joke! blush Oh, well, it'll give people a laugh.

LucindaE Mon 10-Sep-12 18:02:38

Goodness, just relaised, I didn't mean that the website is a joke, I meant that my IT skils are...

LittleGoldPlasticPeople Tue 11-Sep-12 16:10:52

Hello all
wash sorry you are miserable, you will have better days soon I'm sure ((hugs))

calamity yay for the food, incidentally I had bran flakes too today and they have stayed put!

Thanks for the clucking lucinda it means a lot smile I'm ok, I had a pretty good few days until I got a cold on Sunday which zapped me a bit. Hopefully recovered now though, and just one puking day out of the past 6 days. I'm 37 weeks this week, so it is officially 'operation evict baby' time grin

CalamityJ Tue 11-Sep-12 22:26:59

Wow what a terrible day today. You think you're turning a corner & it comes & socks you one out of left field! Fingers crossed for you LittleGold you're on the home straight! I did giggle at Lucinda's IT skills. Don't worry we knew what you meant wink

milktraylady Wed 12-Sep-12 10:38:32

Hi everyone can I join? I've found reading your messages really supportive.
I am 9 weeks- 3rd week signed of work due to HG. Really bad day yesterday sad

Plus I just had to shove gently remove my lovely cat from my knee as she started to clean herself. Wet cat smell, nooooo!

I feel so upset that I feel so rubbish, me & DH were TTY for over 2 years. And now I can't even be pleased coz I am so sick.

Plus worried about twins (strong family history- not of it good).

Worry worry worry basically.
Plus I like my boss & he is covering all my work & I feel really guilty.

Emotional roller coaster sad

milktraylady Wed 12-Sep-12 10:39:05

Oops ttc

MOH100 Wed 12-Sep-12 10:56:36

Hi newbies, I've been away so haven't caught up with posts. i'm 'enjoying' life as a single mother while DH away at a conference, but DD packed off to nursery this morning thank goodness.

milktraylady welcome and commiserations. God it's crap isn't it, I know that's not very eloquent, but there arent really any redeeming features of this godawful illness. It's doubly hard for those who were TTC for such a long time, i do sympathise. For me it was predictable (family history) and I conceived right away so I didn't have the desperate dissapointment of a crap pregnancy - in fact I thought mine was extra good because I managed to stay out of hospital and I could get out of bed during the first trimester, in my family that's classed as glowing. My secret? Ondansetron. If you haven't already got some, try to. Do you have any meds at all? It depends how rubbish or otherwise your GP is but we can give you tips on getting some if they refuse. For a start, have a look at https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/treatments/obtaining-treatment-1

I'm afraid though the bad news is that there is no medication in existence that will let you go back to work as normal until much later in the pregnancy. 9 weeks is peak horror time and it does take a few weeks/months to abate. The other only 'treatment' that works is rest - complete, total, don't move a muscle rest. It's great that your boss is covering for you, not so great that you feel guilty about it, but you really have no choice. I'm sure you'd much rather be feeling ok and be at work. I rationalised it that by resting I was making it more likely that i'd be able to get back to work at some point and actually be useful. You can't help it, you didn't ask for this illness, it's not your fault, it's just life. If your boss was ill you'd cover for him. And there is nothing worse for HG than trying to soldier on, you will relapse badly. Most of us have made that mistake. repeatedly.

milktraylady Wed 12-Sep-12 11:11:35

Thanks moh
Gathering up the energy to have a shower.

Is anyone else affected by smells?
Pre preg I had a very good sense of smell/taste- chocolate raster for Cadbury & wine taster etc.
Now I can smell - according to DH- a nats fart!
I wonder how many parts per million I can actually smell- cannot open the fridge, kitchen bin is now in the garage, no kissing. Argh this is horrible.

I want to fast forward!

milktraylady Wed 12-Sep-12 11:14:22

GP is lovely, had just referred us for fertility assessment then got pg smile

She's prescribed cytrazine (can't spell it) but too scared to take it in case
1- does harm
2- makes me feel worse & I can't handle that.
Prob irrational but all my brains are now cotton wool!

LittleGoldPlasticPeople Wed 12-Sep-12 11:31:19

Hi milktraylady, sorry you are feeling terrible sad
Already lots of great words of wisdom from MOH, and I second what she said about 9 weeks being the peak of grimness so cling to the fact that you (hopefully) wont feel any worse than you do now.
I think all of us on here have taken a range of medications, try not to worry about safety- they have all been thoroughly tested and shown to be safe. MOH mentioned ondansetron, that was certainly the only one that helped me.
Yy to the sense of smell, it's horrific. For a few weeks I remember not being able to stand the smell of our (clean) kitchen sink- the smell of steel was so strong to me hmm!

katolla calamity and everyone, hope you are having better days?

I've just prepared a little bag of teeny baby clothes for the home birth box, so excited to be nearing the end. I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore (and have the baby of course)!

MOH100 Wed 12-Sep-12 12:12:55

*milktray) how awful, you already had a strong sense of smell, now it's off the scale. I once had to phone my next door neighbour to come round and take some soup out of the fridge to dispose of it, I couldnt' leave the living room because I could smell it in the hall, through the fridge door, and the kitchen door. Good question about ppm, my research is in detection of aroma molecules using a very sensitive mass spec. I'd love to do a comparison study with pregnant women.

As for meds safety, as littlegold says, there's loads of data see https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/research/medications. And if something makes you feel worse, just stop taking it. It does happen, some things just don't agree with you. I would really recommend the meds, if you end up dehydrated and on a drip, they give you them in hospital anyway, you may as well take them beforehand and maybe prevent needing to be admitted. The experts don't bat an eyelid when they prescribe you meds, the benefits so outweigh the risks - if there even are any risks.

wdobbs Wed 12-Sep-12 13:58:00

lucinda thanks was managing ok for a few days but seem to be going back downhill. Is it possible to become immune to ondansetron??? Luckily it's managing to contain the vomiting to a few times a day unfortunately not the nausea

I am having severe cramps presumably from the ondansetron constipating me and I have massive excess saliva problems - anyone any tips on helping this?!

milktraylady im also 9 weeks, 10 on Friday if it's any consolation I'm right there with you, my worst smell is my kids - how shameful is that! And i cant even tolerate going into a room in my house, i can't shower - 2 times a week max and I can't stand in it I have to sit on the base the hot water & standing makes me sick, lucky this is my third time and I know what I can & can't tolerate in advance, if it's cyclizine you have it never works for me until I'm out of the worst of it around 18 wks I can only manage on cyclizine alone then - if it's not working to back to your gp.

I have a 2hr booking in & scan on Friday, which means I have to sit on a chair upright for 2hrs. Dreading this! Also plagued with guilt for all the meds & worried about effects at the min ... I know

Have to stop watching one born every minute has me in floods!

Hope everyone is ok

MOH100 Wed 12-Sep-12 14:05:13

wdobbs I think you're probably reaching the peak and ondansetron's struggling to cope with hormone surge. Once you ride out the peak it'll probably improve. In the meantime throw everything in the medicine cabinet at the constipation and keep on top of it - if that's not too disgusting an image to conjure up. I was taking fybogel prophylactically for most of the pregnancy, even when I wasn't actually constipated, a psychiatrist friend recommended taking it even if you don't think you need it. A lot of antipsychotic drugs casue constipation so her patients have problems with it and that's what she prescribes. Good luck for your scan, is someone going with you to help hold you up?

take3 Wed 12-Sep-12 15:53:55

Hi Milktraylady. So sorry to hear you have joined us. I am just over 8 weeks, third pregnancy (got twin girls and then a boy) and I too am worried about twins. Twins first time is not bad though (once they are out). I really would try the Cyclizine - did not work well for me in the first 2 pregnancies but amazingly working this time - it really has improved my quality of life and if safe to take - our 3 turned out fine and I have taken so much medication in pregnancy.
Just so sorry you have to suffer. I keep trying to look to very little positives, like the fact we have medical care, and I know if we had no children then I would be longing to feel sick and have a baby. Not much help, but keep on keeping on, it really does pass.

Anyone have low iron? I am breathing very rapidly and feeling extremely tired and dizzy (could that just be the Cyclizine though?). Not got midwife app until week 10.5.

wdobbs Wed 12-Sep-12 18:00:34

MOH your right cant see the woods for trees, I feel much better armed with this theory thank you hopefully things will start to improve for me soon, husband will be with me watching me squirm around trying to sit properly!

take3 I would get episodes of feeling very weak and lightheaded & given how unwell you have been too its possible like me that your blood pressure falls it makes you feel awful for a while when I'm feeling sick like that I tend to hyperventilate a little which would make you breathe a little more rapidly - lie down & put your feet up & see if that helps - if it's happening often go see your doctor - maybe you should bring forward your midwife appointment and get checked out you don't have to wait if you feel you want to see her sooner. Feel better

milktraylady Wed 12-Sep-12 18:57:39

Thanks for your support everyone it means alot to me.
I am having a private scan on sat, as I can't wait until the nhs week 13 scan.
Will find out then ifs bogof, so to speak.

Gonna try the meds with dinner tonight, fingers crossed.

Tay1981 Wed 12-Sep-12 19:51:27

wdobbs and milktray really empathising with what you are both saying. Smells were awful for me - I was sick without fail every time I had to go near the fridge. Our house is open plan and I actually developed a bit of a fear of coming downstairs at all. At one point DH was making meals in the garage with the slow cooker plugged in out there. The thing I felt most sad about though was not being able to stand the smell of DH and DD - just their ordinary smell which normally I would really like and find a real comfort. Even worse if I could smell food on them. However it does get better ladies - I still have to hold my breath when I open the fridge and have not attempted any cooking yet (15 weeks) BUT DH is now allowed to sleep in our room again and I am back to enjoying my hugs with DD1.

Would totally agree with everyone about meds too - it can be scary to take them esp. in your 1st pregnancy. My DD1 was big bouncing and healthy despite HG and meds 1st time around. This time I am taking phenergan (similar to cyclizine) and ondansetron which have given me some of my life back and enabled me (with help) to look after DD1. Something I felt incredibly guilty about not doing when I was very poorly.

take3 Wed 12-Sep-12 22:02:53

I also couldn't stand the smell of my DH... a bit better this time around, though I still can't get too close! Awful, but it does pass. I know someone who found the smell of her dh so repulsive that he had to live and sleep downstairs, and they could only talk on the phone. The whole smell thing is just so odd.

kalidasa Thu 13-Sep-12 10:52:01

Sorry to hear so many of you going through this horror. I was on all the drugs together by eight weeks and for me even the ondansetron at max dose wasn't a magic bullet though it did help a bit. What kept me out of hospital after my third admission was 'Ensure 2 cal' food replacement drinks. Without them I was just lapsing immediately back into ketosis from starvation because I had been unable to eat for so long. I threw the ensure up too but I guess at least a bit of it got in and brought some calories/protein etc with it. They are a bit revolting but I really recommend them for anyone who keeps being readmitted. I was about 12 hours away from a fourth admission and they did help.

I had an absolute nightmare with the constipation for weeks, both in and out of hospital, I am actually quite traumatised by remembering it! Things that are worth trying if/when you are desperate: glycerol suppositories (didn't work for me but do for almost everyone and are v. cheap), Movicol (I had some success with the max "impaction" dose but keeping that much Movicol down is tough when you are vomiting and it is pretty revolting on the return) and finally Fleet enemas (you can buy them online). The enemas were the only thing that actually worked for me. Giving yourself an enema when you are already that ill is v. unpleasant but to be honest less unpleasant than having it done to you behind a flimsy curtain on a busy ward which is what happened in hospital in the end. All these things - suppositories, movicol and enemas - will say not recommended in pregnancy, but this is what they will give you if you are in hospital so in the end I just did them to myself at home.

I am 29 weeks now and after a few weeks taking nothing I have had to go back on the cyclizine and ranitidine because the nausea is getting worse again, especially in the evening. I am also about to be given crutches because the SPD is so bad that I am losing the ability to walk. Totally fed up of this nightmare pregnancy! Consultant said last week that they'd discuss induction at 37 weeks, basically just out of pity I think!

LittleGoldPlasticPeople Thu 13-Sep-12 11:09:48

Kali that's what my consultant offered, I'm 37 weeks now and very tempted! But, in the past my births have been lovely- a total contrast to the pregnancies. Therefore I'm going to keep going in the hope I get a lovely positive home birth, only a few more weeks!

kalidasa Thu 13-Sep-12 11:19:15

Thanks littlegold. Yes, I'm not sure how I feel about induction because I know, especially with a first birth, it does increase the chances of interventions/c-section etc. And once I've made it to 37 weeks maybe I might as well stick it out for a bit longer. But I was grateful for the suggestion as I felt he was taking my misery seriously at least!

milktraylady Thu 13-Sep-12 14:10:27

Took an anti sickness tablet last night, slept well and only now the sickness is building up, instead of from 8am. Off to take another tablet, fingers crossed it works!

But will it mean my brains are any less full of cotton wool?? <ponders, doubtful look>

ovaltine Thu 13-Sep-12 14:21:12

hello all! I have been very quiet I know, its all work work work, how boring! Done a quick catch up on kali brilliant that there is such a lack of puking! I am sure I have missed all the birth announcements.

just a comment on the back/hips/issues, my back and hips were SO painful when pregnant, it got to a point when I could barely get up and down out a chair but then about 7 weeks from the end it stopped, I think baby position changed and released something! DO DO your pelvic floors when baby is here and keep doing them after. I felt so weak from 3 months after birth until recently (I think the strength now is due to moving house and now having 2 flights of stairs in the new place to run up and down!) Funnily enough, after I gave birth and they do all those uterus-contracting checking things, they commented that I must of been really sporty as my stomach muscles were really strong and had pinged back quick - I can tell you I am the UNFITTEST person ever, slim, but totally unfit. All that puking paid off but if I had done some pelvic floors instead of being smug it was all OK then I wouldn't have been such a weakling for so long after birth.

right, best check on child, she is asleep in the garden, 13 months now! cheeky little monkey, love her so much

whyismymindblank Thu 13-Sep-12 17:22:15

Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice?

I'm currently 6+5 with dc4. I was quite sick in previous pregnancies - never diagnosed with hg but in hindsight I'm wondering if I should have been, or whether it was 'just' bad but normal pregnancy sickness iyswim. I varied from only being sick a few times a day, but not managing to eat very much at all as I felt so sick literally all the time (lost quite a bit of weight) in my best pg, to being sick all the time and not keeping anything down for a couple of days at a time in my worst. I did talkto a gp but was fairly dismissive, and as i certainly wasn't as bad as a friend of mine who did have hg i felt i just had to carry on.
It did seem to get really bad for a few days and then improve slightly (repeatedly), so i never thought it was hg. But there were periods where I really struggled to cope, even just spending whole weekends in bed &throwing up, never mind actually carry on with all the normal things I need to do!
Was it hg? And if so, at what point should I try to get help in this pg? (at the moment I've been getting steadily more nauseous, only had dry retching so far tho. But getting a bit nervous of what lies ahead as I think it was wk 7 or 8 where things got bad before).
Thanks for reading this far! And my sympathies to everyone feeling really dreadful at the moment!

take3 Thu 13-Sep-12 19:07:12

Sorry to hear you feel so grim. I don't really know what the exact definition is but certainly feel that Hg can vary in severity. At my worst I was sick 20 each day and could not even lift my head up. This pregnancy (8 weeks with dc4) I went to doc and she put me straight on medication - definitely made a difference and things are so much better than before. Looking after 3 children with sickness is torture so I would definitely go the gp and ask for medication. Poor you, so horrible.

nemo08 Thu 13-Sep-12 20:49:56

hi everyone,
I've hesitated about posting on here for ages as it just brings back so many bad memories and anxiety for me.

A bit of history first: have DS who's 3 and I had HG during 1st pregnancy but managed not to get hospitalised. Took me 2 years to agree to try for another knowing that HG was a real risk.I got my bfp in May this year and wen to gp to discuss HG and drugs. She was dismissive and told me to coe back when vomitting. At 6weeks i started being sick (just like for DS) and within 24 hours I was so dehydrated that I ended up in A&E on a drip and stayed in hospital for 3 days. Once back at home though the drugs weren't working so over the next 2 weeks i was admitted another 2 times each time they changed drugs but to no success. Whilst on a drip the sickness stopped but the minute i was back home i'd start throwing up again.
Eventually when even the combination of ondansetron and metoclopramide weren't helping and I was a lifeless pesron just sitting up in bed unable to listen to music/have a conversation, turn head or lie down without throwing up I made the horribly painful decision to terminate the pregnancy sad I was 8+5 when the termination happened.

I don't really know the purpose of this post, just maybe to see if there are stories of aggressive pre emptive medical treatment with ondansetron for example and success at preventing hospitalisation sad
I'm thinking of trying to see this consultant in London who supposedly knows HG really well.....but on the other hand i don't know if i can put myself/my family through all this hell againsad

Sorry for waffling and hugs to everyone currently going through this

Tay1981 Thu 13-Sep-12 21:46:38

mindblank sorry you feel so rubbish. You are very brave to do it all again!! I don't think you need to diagnosed with HG in order to have medication. I found it impossible to look after 1 DD nevermind 3 kids this pregnancy and I had a lot of time off work the first time. From what I have read - diagnosis of HG is usually

-severe nausea and or vomiting leading to ...
- weightloss (5-10% of bodyweight depending on source)
- severe interference with daily life

Think you should be entitled to help regardless of diagnosis though. Don't let them give you no for an answer. If you could find some meds that worked for you it may make your pregnancy that bit more bearable.

nemo08 I am so sorry that you had such a terrible experience with your last pregnancy. You are not alone by any means and I doubt there is a woman on this thread who won't be able to empathise and understand your decision and how hard that must have been to make. I just wonder if you have seen this website


your story is resonant of her own story and many contained in her book. However it does also have lots of other stories by women for whom medications have not been successful and they have been able to survive pregnancies using other extreme but necessary measures such as tube feeding and home nursing. Its important to say though that I think most of the stories take place in the US. I'm not an expert by any means - although others on here are - but I think there is some evidence that pre-emptive treatment makes a difference. Good luck!!

washngo Fri 14-Sep-12 13:28:13

nemo08 - I'm so sorry to hear about your past experience. What a difficult and miserable time that must have been for you.

Regarding pre-emptive medication - I did not have hg in my previous pregnancies to the extent that you did, but i was fairly ill both times. This time round i took a combination of meds from the minute i got a bfp and it has made a vast difference. I have still felt pretty ill and miserable, and have had a good old moan to anyone who'll listen, but the key thing is i am functioning. And for that i should be far more grateful than i have been. The pre-emptive meds have definitely helped me. To the extent where i haven't really lost any weight (lost over a stone in both previous pregs).

That's just been my personal experience, and i know anecdotes aren't always that helpful, but i do think it's worth looking into pre emptive meds. Also, I have heard of people who've prepped their bodies beforehand using alternative therapies, and also taking certain vitamins and only eating certain types of food before ttc. That might be something else to look into. I'd def recommend seeing a doctor who is sympathetic and is an expert. Then you'll feel well equipped to make a decision that is best for you - whatever that may be. You poor thing, you've been through so much, I hope people around you have been supportive.

nemo08 Fri 14-Sep-12 19:33:19

thanks all, washngo what medications did you take? I'm keen on hearing all anecdotes!
And thanks for the link to beyondmorningsickness Tay1981, very interesting and will have a proper look at it

milktraylady Fri 14-Sep-12 20:27:43

I tried cyclizine yesterday afternoon.
It worked in that I didn't feel sick BUT it knocked me out for hours. Like totally stoned. V odd - has anyone else had this happen?

I am now underweight so maybe I should try a half dose? Any ideas? Tx

take3 Fri 14-Sep-12 20:38:36

I have been taking Cyclizine and have been explaining to people that I feel like I am on some illegal substance - I feel so so spaced out/sick and extremely tired. But would definitely prefer that to feeling so dreadful though. Think that side effect is normal. You could try half a dose, worth it.

Nemo8, I am so sorry to hear of your struggles. I am normally and bouncy, chatty person who rarely feels down and I have had dreadfully low moments in pregnancy. The sickness is just so awful and I don't think anyone here would be shocked by your experience. Having one child is such a blessing and I think it is totally normal that you feel you can't face it again.

MOH100 Fri 14-Sep-12 20:40:41

mindblank as take3 says, there's no really good definition of HG and it's on a spectrum. My opinion is that the drugs are so safe that there's no reason not to take them if the sickness/nausea is really interfering with your ability to function. CAlling it HG or not is a bit of a red herring, what counts is what you can bear and that you need to be able to carry on with your life while you're pregnant. As you've gathered GPs can be really useless. The advice we usually give is to try different GPs till you find a good one, or ask for referral to a consultant. Make it clear to the GP that it's not just morning sickness and that you're not prepared to put up with it. You have to be really assertive with them, it's best to take someone with you to the consultation. Tell them that if they're not prepared to prescribe you anything, then you want to be referred to a hospital consultant. For details of drugs and treatment protocols, see SOGC guidlelines and Motherisk guidelines on https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/documents

nemo08 sympathies and yes there is evidence that pre-emptive treatment works. Have a look at https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/trying-again there's a link to a paper showing that women with HG did better second time around when they had pre-emptive treatment and there's an action plan that you can download which is a guide to what to ask for before you get pregnant. I know of women who have had much better subsequent pregnancies with pre-emptive meds. They have also taken high doses of vitamin B6 prior to becoming pregnant. I've been told that B6 3 x 10 mg per day (though you can safely go up to 75 mg per day if you want) combined with either cyclizine (3 x 50 mg) or promethazine (3 x 25mg) per day is an effective pre-emptive prescription, or take it from the moment you know you're pregnant, which is either a BFP or gagging when you open the fridge, whichever comes first. Cyclizine brand name is valoid and promethazine comes as either phenergan or avomine. If need be, Valoid and avomine (and I think phenergan) are available over the counter, though you have to have a cover story that doesn't involve being pregnant to get them. Travel sickness or migraine usually work. I'd start on that, then progress rapidly up to all the other available antiemetics including ondansetron as need be. When I say rapidly, I mean within a week. If a drug is going to work, it's going to work in a couple of days. The paper that's linked to in the link mentions ondansetron as well. If you email me on moharahg@gmail.com I can send you the full text article, I can only put the abstract on the website for copyright reasons.

washngo Fri 14-Sep-12 20:47:31

I've been taking a combination of cyclizine and metoclopramide. The doc advised me to take only one then try another but I found they worked much better in combination. I was taking both 3 times a day, but am trying to cut it down to twice a day now am nearly 13 weeks.

goldie32 Fri 14-Sep-12 20:50:46

Hi, not been on for a while, lots of new people. Sorry to hear you are all suffering. It's official I am now diabetic, feeling fine though. Have to test blood sugar 4x a day and modify diet and see how that goes. Had scan today baby is on the big side of normal, but apparently not enormous- hope they are right! Think I may not get to 40 weeks, they may do someting at 38 or 39.
Goes to show that all the sickness from week 4-20 have had absolutely no effect on baby! She's just fine. Hope you are all managing to get by, I am very tired, enormous, uncomfortable, short of breath have heartburn and swelling but still it is absolutely nothing compared to HG. Chins up and keep going, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Do whatever it takes to get you there. Love to all .xx

washngo Fri 14-Sep-12 21:53:25

By the way milktray and take3, cyclizine did that to me too for a good while, but doesn't seem to knock me out as much any more. Maybe you get used to the side effects after a while?

goldie32 Sat 15-Sep-12 01:56:35

Cyclizine used to do me in too, I think that you definitely get used to the side effects. X

LucindaE Sat 15-Sep-12 12:42:02

Hello, Everyone, back from Liverpool, I've got tons of catching up to do! MOH has been doing a brilliant job, wonderful advice.
A belated welcome to new people from me.
Milktraylady and Take3 Everyone who's been on Cyclazine seems to say that those fuzzy headed side effects do seem to decrease a lot.
Goldie Sorry to hear about diabetes, but I am so glad you feel OK. Do keep in touch, you are doing brilliantly to encourage people after what you have been through and the same for Kali.
Nemo So sorry you had to make that dreadful decision. So many say that pre-emtpive medication makes all the difference in the world, and I think there's some neurogical thing about vomiting and the brain which makes it easier to treat by never letting it properly get a hold. I do hope you get pre-emptive treatment if you want to try again, but I understand your terror, I stopped at one but regret it.
Why Welcome, I've got some note for you scribbled in my awful handwriting and I can't decipher it blush.
Ovltine Lovely to hear from you.
Wdobbs How are you? The saliva problem is awful, and some people have to carry spit bowls about even.
Littlegold I had a dreadful induction experience which led to one thing after another and for that reason, I'm prejudiced against it, but of course, it depends on how badly you are suffering and lots of people aren't unlucky. Difficult decision.
Calamity You are very quiet - I hope OK? Lol about those IT skills, it at least made you smile.
Tay I hope OK.
My apologies to anyone I've rudely overlooked. What a long post.

LucindaE Sat 15-Sep-12 12:44:14

Oh, and Washngo Several people have said that that combination of cyclazine and metroclopramide is much more effective than either individually.

wdobbs Sat 15-Sep-12 13:03:31

Having a bad time living in this limbo want my life back, want to be able to eat, want control of my house back, want to be able to walk safely from room to room without vomiting. Desperate to feel better I think I'm going to have to start overdosing on b6 see if that helps!

nemo in agreement with the b6 it is scientifically proven to ease nausea in pregnancy. Also accupuncture is scientifically proven to be effective for nausea & vomiting in pregnancy. If you can afford / stand the needles. I had a qualified friend who gave it to me 1st preg and I noticed improvements each session, I had it less the second time but I attribute it to my improvements my sickness went @ 15 & 18 wks.
I also have a friend who went and had it weekly and also believes it made her sickness go early. I think you would need it really have it weekly but if you have a look there is research there for it. Maybe if you throw everything at it, it will make it a more bearable time.

LucindaE Sat 15-Sep-12 13:56:48

WDobbs Hugs, poor poor you, it will get better. It's dreadful and seems never ending while it is at its worst.
I so agree about Acupunture, I staggered to an Acupuncturist a day or so after GP refused meds and he treated me as an emergency and the improvement began within the day. I had several treatments, but it was very expensive, and while I have recommended it before now it doesn't seem to help everyone so much, though it does seem to help everyone a bit at least.

nemo08 Sun 16-Sep-12 20:26:51

thank you so much for all the info and i hope you all feel ok very soon. I think i read that paper about the pre-emptive medicines and I actually had a print out with me when i initially went to see my gp when i found out i was pregnant, but she dismissed it , said she'd get back to me and that she'd only give me somehitng once i was sick sad IN hindsight i should have refused to leave her office without any prescription.
Cyclizine completely zonked me out when i took it in hospital and it made me a nervous wreck wheni came out of the sleepiness it cuased.
I think the only combo that half worked for me (but it was too late by then) was ondansetron 8mg and metoclopramide.
And I agree that it must be some sort of hyper activitity in the brain that is involved as it is just like travel sickness so my personal theory is that it's more brain-related than stomach. And I also totally agree that i's key not to let it get hold and get really bad in the first place.

CalamityJ Sun 16-Sep-12 23:36:48

I'm back after a lovely relaxing weekend away with friends & the sea air really did me some good. Feeling very positive the sickness will pass before I give birth in 22 ish weeks! Dr did make me laugh (when getting my fitness to fly note for travelling to Oz on Friday). I asked when the sickness was likely to pass. He said "about 20 weeks". I said "Oh good so only another couple of weeks". And he smiled & said "No. In about 20 weeks!" So hoping he was joking as I'm feeling better every day. Could still be sick in the evenings but not all consuming nausea. Finally able to forget about it for a few hours of the day (around lunchtime) rather than every minute of everyday.

Question to those on/been on Cyclizine. Does it give you heartburn? I've always struggled with heartburn but hadn't noticed it getting worse till I started taking the Cyclizine. Now I get it in my throat & pipe every afternoon through till bed. Have to have Gaviscon every couple of hours. Just wondered if anyone else had it after taking the tablet? I know heartburn is one of the joys of pregnancy in general but not until I take a tablet.

washngo Mon 17-Sep-12 07:48:39

Haven't noticed that about the heartburn calamity, but am only 12+6 so it might be a joy I've yet to experience! I don't imagine heartburn is v pleasant combined with feeling sick - hope it goes soon. I did have heartburn in previous pregs but not til about 34 weeks.

I've had a pretty crappy weekend because dh has been away all day Sunday and last night on a stag do. I didn't and wouldn't want him to miss out on it but can't help feeling a little annoyance inside that he gets to have fun and I have to struggle on whilst feeling grim. I haven't stayed up later than 8.30 in about 10 weeks, and cant remember the last time something was fun, rather than a struggle. All feels terribly unfair but i must stop self pitying and look on bright side! smile

FloweryBoots Mon 17-Sep-12 09:07:13

Sorry to butt-in, I'm just looking for some advice adn reassurance and hope you kind ladies might be able to help.

I'm 15+5 and still struggeling with morning sickness. I've read the very helpful piece at the start of the thread about HG and in all honesty, I really don't think my sickness is nearly bad enough to be HG, but it is now really getting me down. It stated at about 5 weeks and was especially bad around 7 - 10 weeks. It improve a little after that but the improvement stopped and if anythign it is getting slightly worse again. I am usually only sick once a day in the morning, ocassionaly twice. But I feel sick all morning until early afternoon usually and nothing seems to make any difference or relieve it. I am now usually getting a few hours feeling fairly OK in the afternoon, start feeling icky again around 4.30pm ish but perk up as long as I eat something fairly substantial and then get tea in by early evening. Then I feel sick again within about 20 - 30 minutes of eating tea and back to nothing making any difference.

Since I'm keeping most food down I'm not loosing weight now. I do find drinking much harder, it tends to make me feel worse but again I can keep it down if I stick to plain cold water. And ice lollies help a little.

So basically, I feel a bit of a whimp going to the GP when I know it's not HG, but I'm feeling very down now as it's getting so wearing feeling rubbish so much of the time. Do you think a GP or MW would consider prescribing anything when I'm not loosing weight and I doubt I'm dehydrated? Would you even have considered taking anti sickness drugs for morning sickness only at this level? And is there anything I might not have thought of to try that could help?

Sorry for the long waffle, thanks for reading.

MotherofPearl Mon 17-Sep-12 10:24:07

Hi all,
Sorry I've not been on here for ages. Back at work now and about to face the new semester (I'm a lecturer), so it's all go. DS - now nearly 10 months - has settled very well at nursery, and it's hard to believe that this time last year I was about 7 months pregnant, still throwing up on a daily basis, and pretty miserable.
Just a quick post about cyclizine as I see some new joiners have commented on the side effects. I took it from week 7 to 41 and I have to say that the drowsiness does wear off, you just have to give it time. One of the top tips someone on this thread gave me was to take the exact same dose at the exact same time every day pretty religiously, and then give it a week or two. This did the trick for me, hope it helps you.
FloweryBoots, as MOH says further back in the thread, HG is on a spectrum and if the sickness and nausea are really preventing you from normal functioning then perhaps you should lobby for meds?
Kali, you've have had one wretched pregnancy! Can't believe you've been cursed with SPD and HG; it's simply not fair. Can imagine being pretty tempted to go for an early induction, but on the other hand, as you say, if you've got through 38 weeks, a couple more isn't too bad. The end is in sight now - soon you'll be in the 30s, weeks-wise, so 3/4 of the way there.
Cheery waves to lovely Lucinda, Ovaltine and MOH. smile

BarmeeMarmee Mon 17-Sep-12 10:54:00

Hi everyone - welcome to the new people, sorry to hear so many people are suffering at the moment.

Well, I survived our holiday, just about! IT was lovely to be away and DS was angelic (most of the time!) which helped a lot. However sadly my vomiting has come back despite the ondansetron and cyclizine and if I lie flat I get the feeling of bile rising in my throat, so now having to sleep propped up which is doing nothing for the SPD! Joy. Feeling very very tired now and glad I'm heading for 33 weeks now - can't wait for the end to come now. Interestingly noone has even mentioned inducing me early. I do have an appointment with a consultant next week though so maybe it will come up then.

Kali I sympathise - I've had crutches since 20 weeks and I promise it does help. Just another thing to feel miserable about though isn't it?

Sorry to not be remembering everyone by name - there have been a LOT of posts while I was away!!

Hope everyone is having a bearable day.

LucindaE Mon 17-Sep-12 17:41:40

Flowrey Welcome, I so agree with MOP if it's ruining your life, as it clearly is, then you should ask for meds. The sickness has persisted a long time, if you'r over 15 weeks - some people do get relief at around 16 weeks if they've missed out on the 12 and 14 week stages, so there's hope yet! Also, there does seem to be a continium of sickness and it's hard to say where ' bad normal' ends and Hyperemesis begins. Do you find sweet or salty foods, or ice lollies, or flat coke helpful? I swore by fresh mint tea myself, but many would disagree. There's Acupunture, which so helped me, but it's expensive.
WDobbs How are you? and MilkTray Tay Kali and Everyone ?
Calamity Sea air helping is very interesting. A lot of people here seem to suffer from dreadful heartburn when the sickness passes,or at the same time. It's too bad to have it at the same time! I found Gaviscon only took it away for maybe an hour, then it would return and I would swallow yet more Gaviscon. I was on a boring bland diet for the duration. I think there are some good drugs for it on prescription, but I can imagine people's reluctance to take yet more drugs even though they'll be safe or they wouldn't be prescribed these days.
MOP Waves and hugs. Thanks for coming on and encouraging people. sad about parting from baby, but exciting to go back to work. That's a good tip about Cyclizine. Were you the sufferer who used to make sure she took it before getting up to try and avoid the bile run?
Nemo It's infuriating that that dr was so dismissive of that evidence. It is hard to stand your ground when you are starting to feel very bad. On MOH's website they recommend taking an 'advocate' to help you fight your corner.
Barmee Being on crutches must be so depressing (would anyone dare to say, 'You're pregnant, not ill' to anyone on crutches?!) but if it helps, it's the main thing.
Wasngo How are things now? Everyone?

take3 Mon 17-Sep-12 20:14:39

Amazingly I had a good morning and actually managed to so some games with the children. I do find that distraction is a good thing - if I lie on the sofa all day I definitely feel more sick than if I try to do something. Having said that, I know my HG is not as bad as my previous pregnancies.... lying on the sofa would have been a dream then!
I also have spd - been trying to be ultra sensible this time round as I know I have made it worse in the past by not resting. This time I have a serola belt... not sure how good it will be with a bump but has certainly been a huge help and support. I got it from Amazon. Crutches must be so hard Barmee.

whyismymindblank Mon 17-Sep-12 20:39:13

Thank you to all who replied - and for being nice about it and not writing it off as not being bad enough - I hadn't realised but I guess I was expecting the same sort of reaction I'd had from gps! Which I should've realised wasn't likely from you...
Still, I've got to 7 weeks now & still okish, so still crossing my fingers I'll not be as bad this time.

MotherofPearl how did you cope being a lecturer & being sick?! That's one of the things I'm worrying about, tbh - I'm not usually a lecturer but I'm giving a few lectures over the next few weeks (helpfully weeks 8-10, just wheni've previously been my most sick) & the combination of nausea, needing to eat but having nerves & so not being able to, and not being able to run to the loo easily if it all goes wrong is the stuff of nightmares!

CalamityJ Mon 17-Sep-12 20:56:14

FloweryBoots your sickness sounds exactly like mine including when it's best & worst. We might not be as bad as some of the poor ladies on here but it's very debilitating all the same. My friend said getting anti sickness tablets was the best decision she ever made & wished she'd got them earlier. We both waited till 15/16 weeks & I can honestly say I wished I had cyclizine earlier. I've been on it 2 nearly 3 weeks & have only been sick once! Still feel sick most evenings but had my first proper evening meal at home tonight in 4 months. I wasn't losing weight but I wasn't gaining it either. I was struggling to drink & now I'm drinking much more. More drinks & food seem bearable. I asked a doctor for something after describing these symptoms and (apart from asking if I'd tried ginger) she was happy to give me cyclizine. First couple of days I was drowsy but now I just get a fantastic night's sleep! I feel my brain speeding up to normal having been overwhelmingly preoccupied with feeling horrendous. I was so gutted with myself having to take medication during pregnancy but I was feeling like I could verge on depression with how little joy being pregnant was bringing me.

Positive infant mental health depends on positive mother's mental health so get yourself well & it'll be to your baby's benefit.

washngo Mon 17-Sep-12 20:57:59

Was sick today for first time in a while. Have been reducing my meds down to twice a day instead of three times. Should I perservere or up the dosage again?

MOH100 Mon 17-Sep-12 22:01:13

floweryboots totally agree with calamityJ, if you find some meds that work it'll transform the rest of your pregnancy. There's been a bit of discussion about what constitutes HG and what's just (ha!) bad 'morning' sickness, but it's so utterly bloody miserable feeling sick all the time, and the meds are so safe and in any case even if they weren't you're past 12 weeks now anyway so there's absolutely no reason whatsoever not to take them. To be honest, some women with HG don't actually vomit all that much, it's the lack of ability to eat and drink that causes them more problems. I would ask your GP for cyclizine and see how you get on with it. If it doesn't do anything there are others you can try - phenergan, metoclompramide, stemetil (buccastem). If your GP is rubbish and won't prescribe, you can get cyclizine (Valoid), buccastem or phenergan over the counter at a pharmacist. Send a non-pregnant person with a story about needing them for migraine or travel sickness to get them though, they won't sell them to you if you're pregnant. There's a good chance it'll ease off in the second trimester, but to be honest, you've probably had enough by now and the thought of another few weeks of it won't really help so I'd get the meds anyway. You'll know if it's gone and you can stop taking them.

washngo up the dosage!!!! don't screw with HG, that should be our motto. It's a sneaky B*!*!*d of an illness, lulls you into a false sense of security so you drop your meds then comes back and bites you on the bum. We've all been there. you can try and dose reduce again later if you feel better.

nemo how dismal of your GP. I have no respect for professionals who refuse to update their practice in the light of new information, or who sit and wait for recommendations from NICE instead of pulling their finger out and doing a bit of damn googling. And when a patient saves them the trouble and gives them an actual paper...words fail me.

wdobbs Tue 18-Sep-12 13:00:04

Much the same here feeling still just horrendously awful there are no words to describe that nausea that literally paralyses you. Prayin for some let up soon, taking my own advice and startin acupuncture hopefully it will make a difference in a few wks. My husband goes to London on business next wkend, my mother & father in law have offered to mind our kids, but they live 2hrs away and they don't see them that often & aren't very 'scheduled' people ie they forget it's lunchtime I would worry desperately as they are so little, but they are great with them they live on a farm & I'm sure the kids would love it. I can't look after them myself, I can't even look after myself I feel awful questioning it but they are taking my 2 babies on a 2 hr drive and they aren't spring chickens.... Am I being ridiculous? Should I just be grateful? Our kids have never stayed away anywhere before.

washngo Tue 18-Sep-12 13:30:19

wdobbs I know exactly how you feel and I'd be exactly the same about my 2 going on a drive and staying with grandparents. Much as I'd appreciate it I'd worry a bit too. Could you ask them to just come and stay with you and do the childcare at yours? Or if the children went maybe you could send a little timetable of their usual routine? Hope you find a solution that works for you.

pugsmum Tue 18-Sep-12 18:30:19

hello alll.....hope you dont mind me jumping on board as i am not yet pregnant but we are planning to start trying for our second in december ! very exited but also mind numbingly terrified about being pregnant again as i had HG the first time

I have been trying really hard to do all the research i can to help altough i know it is what it is but would be really greatful of things that may have worked for others ...

When i was pregant with Ds1 i didnt know anything about HG i was just told i had bad morning sickness HOWEVER I- and those who saw me everyday KNOW other wise . the docs were crap and i got no help and didnt really find out about HG until after my son was born ! knowing what it is will make a massive difference but it doesnt ease the fear !

feeling all of your pain right now and massive sympathy and empathy to you all !!

FloweryBoots Tue 18-Sep-12 20:32:38

Thanks for the replies. Really appreciate it. I think a trip to the GP is in order. I took a day off work yesterday as ended up in tears in the morning about being fed up of feeling sick so DH insisted I stay off. Spent the ENTIRE day flaked out of the sofa. Felt guilty as I idn't feel as bad as I had and was saying so to DH when he pointed out that was probably because I'd been able to just lie and rest all day! Think I'll give it to the end of the week as was about 16 weeks when it cleared up with DS1 (but was nothing like this bad) but then accept I need some help with it as it's just so wearing now after 11 weeks and counting.

Thanks again, feeling much better about going to GP and asking for medication after reading here, and more informed too!

MotherofPearl Tue 18-Sep-12 20:59:02

whyismymindblank, I only got through it because I was on research leave for most of the pregnancy, so that got me out of teaching classes and meant I could fit work into the times when I felt a little better. I gave the odd lecture, one very wobbly almost-sick one, but managed to keep it at bay until afterwards. Ate my salty snacks all through the lecture though! Good luck! People are pretty understanding if you warn them.

whyismymindblank Tue 18-Sep-12 23:30:34

Whyohwhyohwhy did I say I was 'okish'?! I've felt at the point of being sick pretty much constantly since about an hour after I posted that. Not been able to sleep, keep waking up when almost dozing off for another wave of 'will-I won't-I be sick'.
MOP research leave sounds nice smile and yes, I think salty snacks (and fizzy cola bottles) might be the best hope I have. Unfortunately, for various work reasons I was wanting to keep it quiet for a few more weeks, and i'm not sure how understanding some people would be... It's soon enough that I'll have to announce I'm having 'yet' another baby & undo the hard work I've put into my career in the last couple of years sad.
Anyway, sorry for having a whinge, totally aware of how much worse it could all be.

goldie32 Wed 19-Sep-12 09:41:35

Hi all. Not sure if cyclizine gives you heartburn any more than just being pregnant! Another yucky symptom especially when you feel sick. Just a quick non HG question, I have now been prescribed metformin for my gestational diabetes, nurse had to inform me that it's not licensed for use in preg-just wanted to check with you, there aren't really many meds that are licensed for preg are there? She said lots of women take it and consultant is happy to prescribe it. Also I tried so many different meds when I had HG that I'm not too worried about it, but suddenly DH is concerned- I think when he could see how ill HG made me he understood the need for meds, but as diabetes is invisible he's not to sure. He's only concerned I know. Thanks for your help. Hope you have a sick free day. Love to all. x

LucindaE Wed 19-Sep-12 11:40:23

Hello, Everyone. Was it Barmee who said the sea air was miraculous? It shouldbe on prescription. Hugs to Everyone suffering miserably either through the full blown puking, or nausea.
Pugs Welcome, I'm dismayed your GP was so unsympathetic, there still seems to be a lot of ignorance about. Have you had a look as MOHs website https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/ may there be no misadventures with that link! It's a goldmine of information about pre emptive meds, etc.
Why How are you this morning? For sure, this is the last place people will be dismissive.
Wasngo So agree with MOH and you shouldn't try and come of those meds until it's really gone, too much risk of getting quite ill again.
Flowery Any luck with GP? Flowery and MOP I'm amazed anyone can manage to lecture with this awful thing - Kali did manage at a later stage, but it was puking 'only' once a day by then for her.
Wdobbs I so agree with Washngo about timetable. A great idea!
Goldie I'm sure it wouldn't be prescribed if they thought there was any risk - but I know how one has to worry. Really sorry about that heartburn - nothing shifted it for me for long.
Calamity Great about actually eating something...
Tay Milktraylady How are you?
Sorry to anyone I've rudely overlooked.

kalidasa Wed 19-Sep-12 15:17:18

whyismymindblank I am also a lecturer. At your stage I was stuck in hospital all the time so no question of teaching, but I did teach a summer school for a fortnight at about 22-24 weeks pregnant. At that stage I was still throwing up badly every morning (had to eat breakfast twice every single day, and get up extra early to allow for it) and struggling with very severe nausea a lot of the time, but it was a lot better than it had been. I coped by: a) going to bed between all the classes (marking etc in bed when necessary); b) not trying to do anything else at all (was a residential summer school, so all food etc provided and no traveling necessary); c) explaining the situation to the students and (discreetly) leaving a bowl in the room just in case so if the worst happened I could grab it and nip outside; d) eating and drinking throughout the sessions, especially the late morning one which I found most difficult (I found milkshake and a doughnut particularly effective for some reason); e) teaching sitting down behind the desk and only getting up occasionally e.g. to write something on the board.

In the end I often felt unwell but the adrenalin of the performance kept me going and I never actually threw up in front of them! I think it also helped that I was just beginning to show properly at that stage so it was easier for everyone to remember the situation.

Anyway, the hospital gave me crutches this morning and although they are awkward to use they do ease the pain in my pelvis a bit so I'm pleased to have them as an option. Determined to get through the next six weeks at work if I possibly can as I feel so much better psychologically when I make it to work. I love my job and found all the months stuck in bed incredibly depressing.

Still struggling with nausea, especially after eating - in fact my appetite has really dropped off recently - but I think it's partly lack of room now.

For all those struggling with heartburn, ask for ranitidine on prescription - very effective and totally safe in pregnancy, they gave it to me right at the beginning in case reflux was a factor in all the vomiting (I don't think it was at the start), but I find it very useful now and take it every day.

kalidasa Wed 19-Sep-12 15:23:27

P.S. I look v. pregnant now and with term just beginning none of the students know what to say! A few of the girls are quite mature about it and say 'congratulations' but most of the boys are just transfixed, quite funny. Not so funny is that my head of department is the same - every time I see him he looks flustered and can't keep his eyes off my bump!

milktraylady Wed 19-Sep-12 16:48:22

Thanks Lucinda, but I am miserable miserable miserable.
Stil voming every day, sometimes twice, no pattern to it.
Learning to know the stomach pulsing when it's really going to happen, and not just keep at a high level of nausea.

On week 10 this week, 4th week off work sick. And I am 5 months into a new job, new company. I have a feeling my career is over. Part of me is ok with that, part is annoyed.

And when I do get better enough to go back- my brains are full of cotton wool! A bit scared I won't be up to it. (American very full-on company)

Tried a half tablet of cyclzine today- again totally stoned. Horrible, nearly worse than feeling sick all day.

Feeling a bit woe is me sad

CalamityJ Wed 19-Sep-12 20:03:58

milktraylady I know what you mean about the stoned feeling! I don't get it on cyclizine but when I had labyrinthitis about 10 years ago I was prescribed Stemetil and it almost made me suicidal. It totally blanked out all my emotions and I just didn't care about anything. Spent 2 weeks trying to do my end of year exams before going to the doctor to ask for different tablets. Ended up with Betahistine and was so much better for it! So the moral of this is ask your GP for something else if what you've been given doesn't suit you. There's loads in the BNF (http://www.bnf.org) that they can offer you so just let them know cyclizine is not helping.

washngo Wed 19-Sep-12 20:43:45

milktray Totally sympathise with the woe is me feeling. I spend all day struggling along trying not to be too grumpy with ds and dd then collapse into a self pitying heap for the hour of evening I manage before bed at 8:30. I think it's totally understandable for you to feel that way though, and hopefully as time goes on things will look up. Cyclizine made me feel like that too at first, even felt like I couldn't really speak properly! It doesn't any more though. However I agree with calamity don't suffer with it, try something else if not working.

milktraylady Thu 20-Sep-12 08:39:05

Thanks for the advice, i will look tru the thread for the other drug names & ask doc for a different one at my appt on mon.

wdobbs Thu 20-Sep-12 11:35:58

Milktraylady, I def agree, I am grateful to be one of those people that cyclizine has never had any effect on me but the last thing you need is to be feeling worse or having fear of the medicine that should help. Be assertive with your GP and ask to try something else goodluck.

Washngo : problem solved mil is coming to stay at my house & for an entire week which should take some pressure of hub who is
Now a full time house husband when he isn't at work.

My acupuncture went well really like the lady who has suffered HG when she had twins so she knows I'm going back on Saturday I'm not sure how
Much it helped as I've 4+ ketones but I haven't been as ill as the last time I was 4+ - 8mg zofran probably can take some credit. My lovely GP has me on home IV which is great as I can't face hospital again. Had some low points recently desperate to start turning corners at 11 weeks hopefully soon

Hope everyone is ok

LucindaE Thu 20-Sep-12 12:09:48

MIlktraylady Poor you, it's so dreadful, do go for it with meds, take an 'advocate' if necessary to support you. Ondansetron is the one most women find most helpful - on https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/ - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that link comes out - MOH has lots of advice about the best meds, no need to cross through the thread when you feel bad enough anyway.
Kali This shows how weird and prudish some men are about the logical consequences of the sexual activity they pride themselves on - isn't it strange?
I was so pleased you got through that lecturing schedule without misadventure - but how horrible that morning puke must have been.
Sorry so many people are suffering horribly. It truly doesn't stay as bad as it is in the first tri...

LucindaE Thu 20-Sep-12 12:12:36

Wdobbs* My goodness, I didn't realise - 5+ ketones, you must have been feeling dreadful, thank goodness for home IV. How maddening that the Acupunture did so little!

MOH100 Thu 20-Sep-12 14:16:25

milktray there's a list of meds on https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/treatments/obtaining-treatment and www.pregnancysicknesssupport.org.uk/help/treatments/ Trawling through the thread is time consuming and potentially sick making, easier just to see it on one page. As lucinda says, ondansetron is the most effective one for most women but they're often reluctant to give it out before you've tried lots of the other ones. Remember too that you can combine them, you don't have to come off one before you start another - unfortunately this is also something that a lot of GPs don't really know much about.

Tay1981 Thu 20-Sep-12 15:59:24

Hello everyone - so sorry to those feeling rubbish - milktray absolutely know what you mean about being dying to 'turn corners'. It will happen!! Mine has been more like a very gentle bend haha. Still being very sick in the mornings - then seem to feel ok for most of the day - then feel rubbish again in the evening although really just nausea - haven't thrown up my dinner in quite a while now. Mentally I'm feeling pretty rubbish though - I don't know why I just feel like I haven't bonded with this baby and I'm just going through the motions of being pregnant. Maybe I'm just worn down by all the sickness. Still crushingly tired too - I was hoping that might also wear off a bit but I have been doing 'normal' activities so it might just be my body re-adjusting to being upright the majority of the time.

For those finding the meds made them sleepy - I am on Phenergan which i think is the same family as cyclizine and found exactly the same at the beginning - it was fine for me as I had my cousin here to look after DD1 and was quite pleased to sleep 24/7. It definitely wears off if you persevere.

For those working - I also totally the 'adrenaline' thing - I don't work now but I did when pregnant with DD1 and I was a social worker - so did lots of visits / meetings / interviews etc in people's houses. I was terrified of vomiting in someone's house but it never happened - always managed to save it until I got in the car! I did have 6 weeks off work though when its was worst.

Littleplasticpeople Thu 20-Sep-12 16:39:56

wdobbs and milktray so sorry you are feeling so awful sad hopefully you will turn a corner soon. I couldn't deal with Cyclazine either, the woozy feeling actually increased the nausea for me.

Good news from me, the intravenous iron did the trick and my levels are back up above the 10.5 needed for a home birth. Hopefully I will give birth before they creep down again! I'm so pleased that my consultant suggested the infusion when all my MW kept saying was 'eat iron rich foods'. Obviously when suffering with HG you eat what you can damn well keep down angry!

38 weeks tomorrow, so close now....

LucindaE Fri 21-Sep-12 12:11:08

Plastic Just dashing on to say I'm so glad IV worked - and thatyou've reached 38 weeks, hurray! the Pink Castle awaits you(as on my old Snakes and Ladders board). I'll get ready to greet you and baby!
Tay really sorry still sick in the mornings, that is too bad on meds.
How great that people are saved from Public Puking Experiences by adrenaline - I can't clam to have been as tidy blush.
Waves toMOH Tay and Everyone.


LucindaE Fri 21-Sep-12 12:13:08

Oh, and Cluck Cluck, Wdobbs My goodness, I hiope those ketonse shock are down? I'm so disappointed the Acupunture did nothing at all to stop the puking.

pugsmum Fri 21-Sep-12 13:59:16

yes thanx very much
I have checked out the link definatly the best one i have looked at so far. I have taken some notes from from it to take to the GP with me on monday to see what they suggest before trying again and try and find one that understands the whole thing before i am too ill to search for a doctor! i asked at the surgery to for an appointment with a gp that is familiar and sympathetic to the condition, luckily one of the names is a gp i already see and has always been very good (she doesnt do that rolling her eyes and sigh when i ask stupid questions usually )and i am at a different surgey to the one i was with when i was last pragnant !

I have also been checking out some alternative therapys such as acupuncture ect and they suggest i start with it as soon as i come off my contraception before we actually begin trying

has any body else tried any of these thing that have had sucess. it is fairly pricey but i figure its worth a shot !!

sympathys to you all I'm sure i will be back on the toilet hugging train very soon

pugsmum Fri 21-Sep-12 14:07:51

OH ... P.S for anybody that may find it useful i found that a class of milk with icecubes in it really helped when i was at my worse i think it helped me not to become too dehydrated .. i also would wait until i was liturally falling asleep to drink a small glass and then go straight to sleep and it would stay down long enough to do some good !!

hope thats useful :-)

LucindaE Fri 21-Sep-12 18:59:32

Pugsmum Hello again, glad you are going ahead ttc. I was massively helped by Acupunture, I staggered there in a terrible state and was told it was hospital for me if I still couldn't retain water within hours after the Acupunture, but I did! Yet you can see from Wdobbs recent experience where it doesn't seem to have done a thing how much it varies. Maybe as a pre-emptive measure it has a higher success rate? I honestly don't know. I don't want to put you off, but don't want to give false hopes as the results vary so much.
The milk and ice cubes thing rings a bell I'd forgotten all about until now! Thanks so much for tip for everyone. Hope Everyone is more or less OK. Hmm...

pugsmum Fri 21-Sep-12 20:13:22

thanx Lucinda..... i figure its worth a try as it keeps coming up on my research paths ... will let u know how it goes but obviously it will be a while before i know .

I have also been Reading a good book called morning sickness 24/7 by tabby L Silcott.
It has some really good tips in it , and is written in a way that is easy to read . a chapter at a time so you dont get that motion sickness thiing when reading like i did !
it also has a brilliant section at the end for your loved ones to read and testamonies for them to see .... I thought this was great my mum and partner have both read it and they can see that we r not just winging moaning drama queens but that we reallly need there help and support ! i am now starting on a book called beyond morning sickness

I will let u know how it pans out !!


LucindaE Sun 23-Sep-12 17:12:03

PugsMum I'm happy your adopting such a positive attitude, and I hope the Acpunture does the trick! That book sounds good, there need to be more like it, I have often thought that a series of anecdotes from ex sufferers (nobody could expect anyone to write an account when suffering) might begin to make people realise.
WDobbs I hope that home IV is working>
Any news about meds, (comparatively) new people?
Very quiet on here. I hope that is a good rather than a sinister sign (everyone in hospital, or so ill even looking at a screen is unberably dizzy making).
(Glances about anxiously, and goes off muttering 'This Too Shall Pass'...

milktraylady Mon 24-Sep-12 11:36:36

Hi got stamitil to try.
Had 2 good days at weekend- ate porrige & pizza & only sick once. Result!
But back today to feeling grim- trying sea bands again in case they work.

Doc signed me off for another month- thank goodness my bosses mobile went tru to vm, he is not going to be happy. Oh well.
Getting referred for counselling, as am so down.

One good point of all of this- my husband is doing jobs on the house like he has a rocket up his arse! I think he genuinely had NO idea all the stuff I do to keep the house in shipshape. Now he does and my perfectionism is taking a jolly good bashing, which is probably a good thing!

And I'm reading the mumsnet book- why did nobody tell me... (very funny)
This had made me alot less anxious about when the B word arrives.

Hope everyone is making progress to feeling better, I do want to have turned a corner <hopeful>

LucindaE Mon 24-Sep-12 18:31:05

Milktraylady I'm glad you got some meds - I can't remember if it was stemetil MOH said on her wonderful website was made so much better with the addition of doses of B6 or cyclazine- muddle head that I am. Sorry that you feel so down, I'm sure a counsellor will be invaluable. Let perfectionisim about the house slide when baby is young - they are babies for so short a time, so enjoy all you can.
Congratulations on the porridge and the pizza before you felt foul again. Do you find sweet and salty the best things, like crisps and coke (perhaps left to go flat)? If you start puking again, don't hestitate to press for different meds.
Complete downpour here, a stream running along the road.
Hope Wdobbs Calamity Tay Kali and Everyone are coping OK.

take3 Mon 24-Sep-12 18:44:46

Feeling a bit out of touch with this thread.... have been feeling much better .... and worrying so much we have lost the baby. This pregnancy has been so very different to our previous ones. I have been so very very sick in the previous, but this time I have felt intensely sick but managed to keep food down most of the time (normally I eat nothing for weeks and in hospital etc). I felt very sick up until the end of last week (week 9) when the sickness started to improve a bit and now it isn't really there. I wish it would come back to put my mind at ease. I am still taking the cyclizine 3 x daily. I am only 10 weeks but massive with it (measuring nearer 20, odd I know).... and I keep feeling a fluttering at the front. There is no way my dates are wrong. I am just huge - in maternity clothes and I can feel my uterus up to my tummy button. Not seen midwife yet, booking app this week. I still have bad spd but worried the sickness going means the baby has died. Does the sickness ever go at week 10?

washngo Mon 24-Sep-12 21:20:58

Take3 - in my two previous pregnancies I was v v sick and lost a lot of weight. This time I'm 14 weeks and I too am huge, not been sick anywhere near so often. I'm also on cyclizine and believe the medication is what has made the difference. Could this be the case for you?

take3 Mon 24-Sep-12 21:40:54

It could be.... though I did take it in my last pregnancy from 5 weeks... and it made no difference at all. I took it from 6 weeks this time and it seems to have made a difference. I guess sometimes our bodies just react differently and I just won't know for sure until the scan. I know I should be grateful the sickness has eased... but can only think it may be bad news. Trying to be rational and sensible...

whyismymindblank Tue 25-Sep-12 22:02:57

Thanks to those who encouraged me to see my gp - after I last posted I was more & more ill, worse at night, even if I tried to eat. So I saw my gp who was thankfully lovely & prescribed me buccastem. She advised me only to take them when I have to though, so I'm still struggling at times, but at least I've had some relief & been able to sleep!
Managed my first lecture today too, which I don't think I could'vd done otherwise.
Am 8+3, & feel like it's ramped up so much in the last week, when does it usually peak? ( you'd think I'd remember but tbh it's all a bit of a blur).
Commiserations to everyone who needs them & thanks for reminding there's other people feeling like this!

fluffywhitekittens Tue 25-Sep-12 22:08:37

Helllooooo, waves madly at Lucinda smile
Spotted this in active conversations so haven't read previous posts.
For those of you suffering at the moment I hope you're all getting good treatment from medical professionals, friends and family, ie no ginger suggestions..
I am trying to plan two birthday parties, hard to believe that ds is going to be two and dd is nearly six!

BarmeeMarmee Tue 25-Sep-12 23:32:32

why glad the buccastem is providing some relief, if not total.

How is everyone else doing? Been very quiet on here...

Saw the consultant yesterday-all a bit pointless really as she didn't know why I'd been referred to her and neither did I! Anyway, she was happy despite everything. Said I'm measuring about a week ahead (was 2 last time I saw the midwife) but that she thinks there's lots of fluid around baby, which is a relief! Nausea is definitely ramping up again now although still managing to not actually be sick (famous last words), but definitely far worse than I was at this stage with DS. Ah we'll, 34 weeks on Friday and 2 weeks today till I go on maternity leave (not that I'm counting). Hope everyone is doing ok?

kalidasa Wed 26-Sep-12 09:46:27

Hello everyone. Barmee we are very close - I am 31 weeks on Friday and I've got five weeks to get through before mat leave (unless my pelvis collapses even more and I'm forced to go early).

I am really struggling with bad nausea now, I haven't thrown up for a few weeks but every day I get closer again, it really feels like the very beginning all over again, waiting for the inevitable first vomit! I don't think I'm going to get through this pregnancy without going back to chucking up.

My main concern at the moment is that I am really struggling to eat, I just feel so sick immediately after I eat anything. We've still got a big stash of "Ensure" food replacement drinks so I think if I can face it I might try having one of those a day for the extra calories and vitamins and so on. I threw them up so many times earlier in the pregnancy that I'm not sure I'll be able to face them but worth a try I reckon. DP is worried that I'm not eating enough.

Only light in the tunnel is that I just read that apparently bad SPD usually = a quick labour. Here's hoping!

MOH100 Wed 26-Sep-12 12:47:51

why good news on the buccastem, but I'd take them as a regular dosage rather than on a 'need to' basis. It shows a lack of understanding of HG when doctors advise this, it's not like you have migraine where it's intermittent, HG is constant so you need a constant dose of antiemetics in your system. I'm really sorry to say that I think you're still a bit early for the peak, it's usually a few weeks later. Another problem with buccastem/stemetil is that it has a reputation for working for a while then just suddenly losing it's effectiveness. If you feel it's not working any more, it's not just your imagination, get yourself back to the doctor for something else. Now here comes my stock advice - get ondansetron as soon as you can and take it at maximum dosage. It's the best thing there is for riding out the peak.

kalidasa Wed 26-Sep-12 13:54:29

why good advice from MOH on the meds. For me the peak was around weeks 9-11 I think though after three longish admissions in weeks 5-8 I managed to stay out of hospital from week 9 onwards by taking the maximum of ALL the drugs (cyclizine, ranitidine, metoclopramide and ondansetron) and relying on Ensure food replacement drinks (as I couldn't eat). I was still vomiting and I couldn't get out of bed at all but I was able to keep below maximum ketones, which I'd been stuck at pretty much permanently for the weeks prior to that. Do you have ketosticks at home? They are really useful for keeping an eye on things, you can buy them from the chemist.

LucindaE Wed 26-Sep-12 18:50:00

Take 3 Hugs, a lot of women are terrified it means a missed miscarriage when the nasuea gets a lot better, can you get an appointment earlier for reassurance becasue I know how it is to worry. As pregnancies are all different, it could well be that the cyclezine is doing a brilliant job this time. I have known two women who were really lucky and the Hyperemesis passed at ten weeks.
Thinking of you.
WHy Congratulations on buccameston working so well! Sound advice from MOH and Kali as usual.
Wasngo It's really nice to hear of cyclazine really helping.
Barmee Poor poor you, how awful still to be feeling so ill, and Kali too.
Kali I hope you both have wonderul labours, you deserve them after such dismal pregnancies. I'm puzzled as to why the sickness should have come back, I know some people get ordinary MS late in pregnancy due to lack of room for the stomach, is that it, I wonder? Are you back on meds for it?
Fluffy Lovely to hear from you, as always. grin
Calamity MilkTray and Everyone I hope, coping?

kalidasa Thu 27-Sep-12 09:19:45

Hi Lucinda. Yes, I'm taking cyclizine (or sometimes stemetil) and ranitidine every day now, whereas for a while it was more occasional than that. The sickness never actually went away for me, it just seems to be getting worse again. I think it probably is partly or mostly lack of space, yes.

I'm still not convinced the cyclizine actually does anything for me (I've never been sure about this!) but the ranitidine definitely does help with the heartburn/acid reflux. I can recommend it for anyone for whom that's a factor in the nausea/vomiting.

I suppose if I really start vomiting again I might have to go back on some ondansetron but I'll have to be throwing up several times a day and seeing ketones before I consider that as I really found the constipation so terrible, and the thought of that at this stage of pregnancy is v. offputting!! So really hoping I can avoid that.

LucindaE Thu 27-Sep-12 14:58:55

Kali HUgs, poor you, I hope it doesn't come to having to go back on Ondansetron and having to use that home evacuation of bowels kit again. I didn't realise the sickness never really went, that is truly horrible sad besides spd.

Littleplasticpeople Thu 27-Sep-12 15:16:29

kali just to say, if you need to take ondansetron again you don't necessarily need to take it to the same extent as early on. I got a prescription for it a few weeks ago but have only taken 4mg every other day. I too do not want the constipation issue at this late stage!

39 weeks, still puking, come on baby out you come!

kalidasa Thu 27-Sep-12 17:33:31

Thanks little. The thing is that when I started to come off the ondansetron I came off it gradually and even at very tiny doses every couple of days it was still totally bunging me up. But perhaps if I was able to eat a more varied diet than I was then it wouldn't have such a drastic effect. Sorry to hear you are still throwing up. By 39 weeks I will definitely be resorting to every possible trick in the book to eject him!!

Tay1981 Fri 28-Sep-12 20:42:14

Hi everyone. Hope you are all coping.

kali interesting about the ranitidine - think I may speak to the doc about that next time I'm there having horrible reflux. I was like this last time as well but I don't remember it happening until a lot later. I'm considering starting the zofran again as well - feeling v sick today again but think the reflux is definitely a factor as seem to feel worse when I've eaten. kali how many weeks were you when the morning vomit stopped?

Also question for everyone ....have any of you suffered anemia and if so what symptoms did you have? I had it last preg but only set in around 30 weeks. I'm suspecting I might be as feeling weak, permanently exhausted and occasionally short of breath plus whooshing in my ears at night. Only occurred to me these things might be related after my ante-natal appointment of course. Husband works shifts 6 on 3 off too usually nights so not getting any help at all so that might be a factor. Interested in others' experiences if you have any. Would you expect to be anemic after not eating for 3/4months?

kalidasa Sat 29-Sep-12 08:18:04

31 weeks yesterday and have started throwing up again. It's felt inevitable for a week or so, and yesterday the whole of my supper returned at high speed - such a waste of a really nice take away celebrating the end of induction week at work! So frustrating as was the only substantial thing I'd eaten all day. Going to do nothing all weekend in the hope that I feel a bit better - I was very tired yesterday evening.

Tay the morning vomiting stopped for me at 24 weeks I think. Between then and now I have still had a lot of nausea. I think the best bit for me was about three weeks between around 24 and 27 weeks when I managed with almost no medication. But I've been taking ranitidine twice a day and cyclizine or stemetil fairly regularly in the evening for several weeks now. I'm guessing that it is not going to get better again now, and may well continue to get worse, but at least the end is in sight. They are doing a growth scan on the baby every month so I feel confident that they'll know if the vomiting starts to be a problem for him.

Tay I am also quite anaemic at the moment. Back when I was in hospital near the beginning I was borderline but they didn't treat it because iron pills are known to make vomiting and constipation worse and no-one wanted that when I was so ill anyway. So they just left it. Then it was alright for a while in the middle but I was told I was anaemic - more definitely this time - about a month or six weeks ago. It made sense actually as I'd been feeling tired, very breathless and with bad restless legs in the evening. I've also had the 'whooshing' thing you describe though hadn't connected that.

They prescribed me ferrous sulphate tablets but I couldn't tolerate them at all (acute cramps and diarrhoea); then I tried ferrous fumurate but they made me sick! At the moment I am just using 'Spatone' which you add to orange juice and waiting to talk to the consultant about it next week. To be honest the Spatone does make the sickness worse too but I haven't actually thrown it up yet so I'm persisting for now. I am also making an effort with diet (especially red meat) and I'm trying to drink one 'Ensure' drink a day, which has a full complement of vitamins and minerals, including quite a bit of iron. Hoping that might be enough to top things up a bit but will see what the doctor says next Friday.

LucindaE Sat 29-Sep-12 12:24:59

Kali Oh, poor you, the puking back is too bad and an instantly reappering dinner is horrible, it puts you off whatever it was for the duration as it only seems to be sweet things that are not totally disgusting on their way up again. I always thought Hyperemesis was like a horrible reversal of a conjuring trick - now you don't see it, now you do sad.Iron pills made me puke, too, it's so difficult. Sorry that the Spatone is only a bit better. You really deserve an easy labour after all this.
Tay Acidity is such a pain, I had it througout, and the blandest of diets, it's miserable and does add so much to nausea.
Plastic Oh no, you are still puking. This is awful, you and Barmee and Kali and others obviously belong to the group of women who do suffer throughout (though nothing like as badly as in the first tri) and it's dreadful to have to endure such a marathon.
Take3 I've been concerned about your worries, is everything OK?
Why Washngo and Everyone how are things?
I'm stoll in touch with the once Caramellokoalalover Bluebirdsunshine over on wordpress, who has a blog that features her adorable crawler. I will see if I can find the link, it might be a boost to all you poor women who've been suffering for so long aout how it is so worth it...

Littleplasticpeople Sat 29-Sep-12 15:07:20

tay I have been taking omeprazole for the acid reflux, it did improve things dramatically up to about 32 weeks but I have steadily had to increase the Rennies over recent weeks.

As for the anaemia, I ended up having an iron infusion at 36 weeks after my consultant realised the horrid iron pills weren't an option when they just made me puke. I could tolerate Spatone but it never raised my levels.

Tay1981 Sat 29-Sep-12 17:03:16

Thanks for the info about the iron everyone. I used Spatone in last preg too and tolerated it well - agree with littleplastic probably not strong enough to raise levels but perhaps to stop them dropping. I got away with ferrous sulphate until the last minute anyway. I am convinced that's what it is - although do feel marginally better energy-wise today (thats after 12 hours+ sleep!) but yesterday was horrible haven't felt that close to puking during the day for a few weeks. Still puking in the morning but tbh doesnt bother me too much. Feel like I have a better day with a good old puke in the morning!!

kali I hope puking doesn't get too horrible. Get as much rest as you possibly can, I know tiredness is such a massive factor for me and it must get more so as you get further along.

plastic hope baby makes an appearance v soon and you have a quick and straightforward labour.

kalidasa Sat 29-Sep-12 17:42:58

Thanks all. Spending all day today in bed for total rest to recuperate a bit, especially as next week is going to be busy again (start of teaching, after induction week this week). Realistically I reckon the vomiting is back but hoping that if I rest enough it might not be every day, at least for now.

Littleplastic the doctor told me too that they would do an infusion if nothing else worked for the iron. I suspect the spatone isn't going to be enough but at least it should stop the anaemia getting worse.

whyismymindblank Sun 30-Sep-12 21:15:54

Thanks for the advice MOH. I followed it and took the buccastem twice a day for a few days - and although still knackered & nauseous, I was loads better (other than when brushing my teeth, is that just me?!). Even felt up to trying a day without today, which I'm now thoroughly regretting & trying not to vom while the tablet absorbs. Think i'll stick with a regular dose from now on & head back to the gp before stocks run too low. Interesting what you said about it stopping working -I'll definitely be aware of that.

washngo Mon 01-Oct-12 10:31:35

Hi all, having a hideous morning as have been non stop throwing up. First time of being sick for weeks. Am now wondering what the trigger is - I've reduced my meds down to one dose a day since sat, so it could be that? Or it could be that I've picked a bug up from school (am a teacher). Or could be that I've got a suspected uti and doc has prescribed keflex for that? Or just a bout of hg, despite me thinking I'd turned a bit of a c

washngo Mon 01-Oct-12 10:31:58

Corner! Sorry hit post too early!

LucindaE Mon 01-Oct-12 12:31:31

Hello, Everyone, sorry about horrible suffering. Just staggered up from a migraine, that two days of Head Down the Loo is as nothing to Hyperemesis, but it's a sort of reminder. I'll try and catch up. Kali It will be such a relief when you can go on maternity leave, you're a heroine struggling on.
Washnbgo Poor you, that's nasty, I do hope it's a stomach bug, as is possible as there are some going about and of course, your immune system has had a hammering. Keep an eye on those ketones, you poor thing. I do hope it's just a glitch, can easily happen.
Iron pills made me puke, too. Increased the acidity still further, leading to puking. They are foul!

washngo Mon 01-Oct-12 15:17:25

Thanks lucinda! Am desperately hoping its a bug as haven't kept any food or fluids down since 5am and feel so grim. Worst i've felt all pregnancy.

washngo Mon 01-Oct-12 19:15:37

Am now sitting here sobbing because I'm too I'll to look after the children, dh had to miss important meetings at work today, I've managed to cobble together child care for tomorrow but he's all miffed that the plans will make him a bit late for work. I just feel so useless sad

kalidasa Mon 01-Oct-12 19:56:17

Have you checked your ketones washngo? In my (unfortunately considerable!) experience, that feeling of total despair is often a sign of ketosis in itself. If they are high you should go to a&e.

washngo Mon 01-Oct-12 21:13:12

I don't have any ketosticks sad am going to try to get an hour or two of sleep but just cannot stop being sick.

LucindaE Mon 01-Oct-12 21:51:10

Washngo Poor poor you, how are you now? Don't hesitate to make an emergency phone call if your urine starts looking too dark and if it doesn't let up very soon.

Tay1981 Tue 02-Oct-12 03:08:27

Hope things have improved washngo. Thinking of you! x

kalidasa Tue 02-Oct-12 09:27:35

How are you this morning washngo? If you're still being sick repeatedly you really need to see a doctor urgently (GP at the least) and get your ketones tested. I am concerned for you. I know the thought of getting out of bed to do anything seems impossible right now but if you are getting very dehydrated you will feel better on a drip.

Also, if you take a pill and then throw up within a few minutes, take another one, as you won't have absorbed it. The nurses in hospital are v. pragmatic about this - if you can see the pill in the vomit, take another one immediately. But if you're being very sick repeatedly you may not be absorbing any of them, in which case you need to go to hospital so that they can break the loop with a drip and by putting the drugs either in the IV or giving you an injection (undignifiedly in your bottom, but a lifesaver as you can't throw up a jab).

Are you on your own today or is someone with you?

BarmeeMarmee Tue 02-Oct-12 10:22:19

Washngo as Kali said - worried about you. Whether it is hyperemisis or a bug to my mind isn't important right now - you need to stop being sick and feel better. That is what your GP/the hospital/your midwife are there for so please do get yourself looked after. Sorry to hear your DH wasn't hugely happy yesterday too but please don't feel bad - if it is a bug he might have it next and then he'll be expecting sympathy wink and if it is hyperemisis, well it takes 2 to make a baby. Sending you gentle hugs. Please let us know how you're doing, if you can face the computer!

Kali how are you doing? We really are only a few weeks apart. In the nicest possible way I am taking comfort from you as it somehow helps to know that I'm not the only one still feeling/being sick. Sorry you're going through it though sad. How is the spd?

Tay, Why, Little - how are you all?

Lucinda sorry to hear you've had another migraine - how are you feeling now?

Sorry to anyone else that I've forgotten/missed.

washngo Tue 02-Oct-12 12:11:02

Thanks so very much to everyone for the messages I can't tell you how nice it is to know people who understand are out there! Things a bit better today and have kept down some toast and squash. Havent been sick since early morning and have also kept down some cyclizine and metoclopramide.

You are all fab and doing so well coping with hyperemesis pregnancies it is just so miserable isnt it!.

Lucinda I hope that migraine's eased off!

kalidasa Tue 02-Oct-12 13:55:51

Glad to hear it washngo. Whatever you do, don't try and cut back on the meds! Give it a few days at least on the max doses to break the vomiting cycle and give your body a chance to recover, even if you start feeling a lot better before then.

Nice to hear from you barmee. You're just a few weeks ahead of me I think? How much longer have you got till maternity leave starts? Are you coping OK at work? I'll be 32 weeks on Friday. I am doing OK. My mood is so much better because I am getting in to work - just taught one two-hour class this morning and have another later this afternoon - but my pelvis is really in a state, and I can barely walk even on the crutches. The physios tug it back into place each time I see them (literally - they pull hard on one leg!!) but it just slips straight out again. And the sickness is quite bad again now, especially in the evening. Trying to eat little and often during the day to minimise vomiting and also so that when I do throw up I'm not losing too much at once. Bit worried about the baby given the anaemia and vomiting so late on but am doing my best with the eating and hoping that the next growth scan on Friday will be reassuring. He's certainly very lively in there.

Did you have any patch without vomiting? The nausea never went away for me but I did have about 5 weeks from about week 26 when I didn't actually throw up (though several v. close calls). Up to week 26 it was every day without fail, and it started again last week (week 31).

Overall though my morale is good. I've actually felt quite positive about the baby the last couple of weeks (i.e. since I've been properly at work again!) which is a nice change. We haven't made a lot of progress on getting stuff ready though - we've ordered a buggy that hasn't yet arrived, and I got some clothes on ebay, but that's all. I'm compiling a list for a jumbo online order at the beginning of my maternity leave (starts at 36 weeks) and just hoping the baby waits long enough after that for the stuff to arrive!

The students are really funny. The boys are really embarrassed and don't know what to say or where to look; and the girls are mostly over-excited. One of my tutees told me that she had been in the room as a teenager when her mother gave birth to her youngest sibling and that this had "put her off for life"! Then she seemed to realise that maybe that wasn't the most tactful thing to say to someone about to give birth, and added rather lamely "but I'm sure you'll be fine!".

washngo Tue 02-Oct-12 17:53:03

Thanks Kali. Glad being back at work has helped you feel better. And how nice that you enjoy your job enough for that to be the case! One of the former pupils at my school saw me in a shop towards the end of my first pregnancy and said (in a stage whisper to his friend) "woah mrs x has put on loads of weight!". His friend replied in an equally subtle stage whisper "she's pregnant you idiot!". That made me laugh.

LucindaE Tue 02-Oct-12 20:19:25

Everyone Lovely of you all to ask after my migaines when you are all suffering. smileThis is from the blog of my old cyber friend once Caramelkoalalover who suffered throughout. She's
now Bluebirdsunshine. I'm sure she won't mind my publicising the link on here, and it's such a sweet photo, it might cheer you up. bluebirdsunshine366.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/237366-crawler/
Washngo I'm so glad it's eased off, we were all anxious. Congratulations on that, and hugs too.
Kali I'm so sorry about the spd, it sounds horrible, and the return of the puking, it's not fair. Roll on a nice easy birth (water birth?). You must be such a tidy puker (unlike me and my rush for a bin in the street) . Does the cyclezine do much and I think you said stemitil?
Tay You are bieng stoic - lol about that remark about the morning puke making your day, how awful! That morning sprint to the loo is SO nasty.
Barmee Hugs. Another who's suffered throughout.
How is Everyone. Cyber hugs to any who wish for them.

BarmeeMarmee Wed 03-Oct-12 09:51:17

Lucinda that's a beautiful picture - I love it! Thank you for the hugs - they do help!

Wash so glad things have been better again - another "good" day today I hope.

Kali not long between us at all - I'll be 35 weeks on Friday. I finish work next Tuesday - can't wait not to have a 2hr plus commute each way! I have been lucky with the vomiting stopping until a couple of weeks back. Would love to say the nausea went too but sadly not, although I'll take what I can get when it comes to hyperemisis! Haven't managed to ease off on the cyclizine and ondansetron either sadly - by this point last time around I could sometimes manage on one cyclizine a day. Ah those were the days! Lol at your tutee and her hasty backtracking! I can honestly say from my point of view that compared to HG giving birth was a breeze!

kalidasa Wed 03-Oct-12 13:34:35

Well that's encouraging about the birth barmee. Apparently also bad SPD makes a nice quick second (pushing) stage more likely, because it's all sort of eased apart already! People keep telling me that I "deserve" a straightforward birth after all this, but then life isn't necessarily fair is it! Lucinda I don't think I can have a water birth unfortunately, nice as that would be, because they only have that in the MLU and I think I have to be on the labour ward because of all the probs I've had, though I'll check that with them at the hospital.

I am still taking cyclizine (and ranitidine) too, also stemetil sometimes. I haven't gone back on either the metoclopramide or the ondansetron because the side effects were so unpleasant and the benefit relatively minimal for me so they don't seem worth it. I suppose I might have to if the vomiting really increases but I hope not. For now I am trying to cope by eating little and often and resting when I can.

How are you today washngo? I'm afraid I can't remember how far along you are. If it's still quite early, please don't be too disheartened by barmee and I still chucking up right at the end. We do seem to be the exception rather than the rule. And even so it's a lot better and more manageable than it was in the first five months.

goldie32 Wed 03-Oct-12 19:26:34

Sorry I've not been on for ages. Have finished work and seem to be either busy or asleep! Saw consultant today and I'll be induced on 22nd Oct. Very exciting. Just wondering, anyone else had 2 inductions? ( I was induced with DD) is the second one likely to be quicker process? Any thoughts or experience appreciated. Hope that you are all coping. Love to all . xx

take3 Wed 03-Oct-12 20:01:54

Thanks LucindaE for your concern.... I'm back and pleased to announce that all is well with baby.
After the bleeding and the sickness eased, I saw the midwife who sent me for a scan. I was right about me being huge - she said she would guess from size of uterus that I was 19-20 weeks (but I was 10 +3 then).... so, as predicted, she sent me for scan on Monday. I went alone as DH had our 3 children and was so nervous. I was pretty sure I had not miscarried as the sickness returned in full force after 3 days of it being much better. Strange that I was thrilled about it returning. Anway, pleased to report one happy looking baby. I just could not do twins again, my body would not cope and having 5 children....! No thanks.

New problem.... I have a constant swaying/bouncing/rocking on boat sensation and it is really getting me down. Had this in last pregnancy for 6 weeks, perhaps a viral ear thing? Or Mal de debarquement (though not travelled anywhere, the symptoms fit exactly with this).
My evenings are me and the sick bowl but day time a bit better.
Hope everyone is hanging in there.

BarmeeMarmee Wed 03-Oct-12 21:11:05

Well I've just been violently sick and pretty much filled the bowl (thankfully handily still kept next to the sofa as I'd never have made it to the bathroom on time!) Had a really stressful hectic day at work and a rubbish commute home-left work at 5.30, got in at 7.45- so hoping its just all of that catching up with me as I had hoped I was back to just being nauseous again. Ah well.

Take glad it was good news smile Funny how we can somehow take reassurance from being so horribly ill!!

Goldie hardly any time at all till you meet your new baby-how exciting!

LucindaE Thu 04-Oct-12 10:08:36

Barmee Oh dear, that is horrible, I'm sure the horrible commute didn't help, lucky it didn't happen on the train! More hugs on offer when required. I'm glad you're finishing work and liked the baby picture. These innnocents who cause such misery...
Take I didn't know you started bleeding too, how nerve racking. But it's lovely that baby is fine. Those cosy evenings spent in conversation with the sick bowl don't sound a whole lot of fun, I do hope they ease off soon. What meds did you say you were on?
Kali What a shame about water birth, but that sounds great about the pelvis bieng readied by spd, the fisrt good thing I've heard about it. I don't understand these youths being embarrassed by pregnancy, but not by sex.
Washngo How are you now?
Goldie Lovely to hear from you, rest as much as you can.
Hope Everyone is OK. Apologies to anyone rudely overlooked.

kalidasa Thu 04-Oct-12 10:15:56

barmee the sickest I've been recently was also after a really long day at work and at the end of the week. We ordered a takeaway last Friday to celebrate having got through induction week, and some good news DP had just had, and I threw it all straight up again. Was an incredibly lavish vomit and I was quite cross at the complete waste of all the food! Anyway, I reckon tiredness is a really big factor. I seem to have the best chance of retaining my supper if we eat quite early. Maybe it won't happen for you again now that you're nearly finished work and can get some more rest?

I am working from home today, quite a relief as am shattered and pelvis very bad. Also have caught a cold - almost inevitable at the beginning of the autumn term but still annoying! And teaching with a sore throat is always a bit grim. Still, I have no classes now till Monday morning so a few days to recover.

Baby seems to get stronger every day. He is going crazy in there at the moment, my stomach is constantly rippling and yesterday he kicked DP very hard!

take3 Thu 04-Oct-12 18:41:19

I'm just on Cyclizine... amazingly seems to have a made a difference this time - just takes the edge of it. I lived off Ondansetron in my last pregnancy and hated the side effects... so v keen to stay off it this time. 12 weeks on Monday so really excited about this improving... just hope it does.

Tay1981 Thu 04-Oct-12 22:38:23

I wonder if Hyperemesis is somehow linked with wriggly babies? DD1 was so active she had me in tears sometimes just wishing she would keep still. Mind you as I wrote that I realised even at 3.5 nothing has changed!! Did anyone else have big babies too? DD1 was 9.5lbs - nothing short of a miracle. Again she is still tall and big for her age ....my grandma says she is 'a good doer'.

I too am much more likely to be able to eat supper and keep it down if I eat early. I've started eating at 5.30pm with DD1 and poor husband eats alone wink although he's usually on some crazy shift anyway.

take3 I'm sure it is going to be better for you. At 19 weeks I feel way better than I did at 12. Just don't cut down the meds too early. I gave up on ondansetron too because the side effects were awful but have continued with the phenergan. For the 1st time I wasn't sick in the morning yesterday so decided to try cutting down tablets again - big mistake. This morning I was sick through my nose which then resulted in a nosebleed. What a pleasant day to start the day!!! Not complaining though - feel very lucky to be generally feeling a lot better!

Littleplasticpeople Fri 05-Oct-12 09:18:41

Agree that the sickness is worse with tiredness, that's always been my biggest trigger.
Glad you are feeling a bit better Tay, probably wise that you don't stop the meds yet though.
How's things Kali? Are you still having some sick-free days?

It's my due date today grin
However, this past five days has been horrific really, sick 3or 4 times a day and generally nauseous the whole time. And with the knowledge that I could've been induced last week! I'm so hoping I don't go too far over, in fact I don't think I will let myself- even having come this far I will probably ask to be induced at 41 weeks - I can only put up with so much!

LucindaE Fri 05-Oct-12 13:30:58

Plastic Just dashing on to say your due date, wow! Congratulatinos on coming so far. I do so hope baby comes out naturally, and soon, poor you, it is too bad the way the Hyperemesis wouldn't go, like an unwelcome guest! sadOf course, it's hung around getting every ounce of torture taht it possibly can out of you, Barmee Kali and others.
Mine was a wriggly baby, and eight pounds seven, not quite such a whopper as some of you have had!

glossyflower Fri 05-Oct-12 19:36:05

Hi guys. I hope you are all doing well.
How supportive has your workplace been?
I'm wondering because I had three weeks off in August/september as holiday as I got married. On my honeymoon the hyperemesis started. Needless to say I have had another three weeks off sick and my GP has signed me off for another month. He said if things improve I can go back sooner, but who knows right?
I'm almost 12 weeks so I'm hoping things are going to settle down.
My HG has been so severe and debilitating, I've been in hospital on fluids and IV vitamins, tried three anti emetics, currently taking cyclizine and ondansetron three times a day; had to move in with my parents so my mum could care for me (Im 32 years old ffs!)I couldn't move wash myself or do anything (my poor new husband was left on his own); I wet myself everytime I vomited; if I ate I vomited if I didn't eat I vomited, all I did was vomit vomit vomit; I wanted to either die or have a termination... I'm sure you know the feelings?
The meds have settled it slightly but having lost 13% of my body weight I'm very weak.
Anyway my manage phoned me. She was very cross with me for not informing her sooner if I thought I would be off longer ( this was three days before my next shift). I had only been doctors the day before and I didn't know he'd sign me off another month, when I told her she was not best pleased at all. She cut off the conversation and hung up! That's the short of it but I was very very upset!
I sent my new husband into work straight away with my drs letter, I cried to him "you tell her I've been so ill I wanted a termination!"
Luckily he didn't but she did apologise to him (not to me) and said she was under pressure with lots of staff being off sick (not my problem!)
Anyway I know I have vented a bit here but I know you all understand where I'm coming from, I would not wish HG on anybody (maybe my manager but that's it lol).

glossyflower Fri 05-Oct-12 19:44:03

This thread is very long but reading back a few posts, Washngo, I'm sending you huge sympathetic hugs. I do hope it eases off soon but don't be afraid to keep going back to the doctor, you may feel better for a hospital admission and iv fluids to get out the cycle. Xxx

take3 Fri 05-Oct-12 21:48:57

Glossy Flower, so sorry to hear how awful your manager has been. People just do not understand how awful it is.... the work problems add more stress to an already terrible situation. When I was working (first pregnancy), my Head of Dept was very understanding, though I still felt so guilty about it. When you say how sick you have been, people just DO NOT understand... I often got 'yes, I felt queasy the whole time too'.. Today I had 'have you tried travel bands?'... WHAT???!!! 'or ginger'?!!!!!
You have done so well to get this far, it is such an awful thing to deal with... it really does come to an end.

Thank you TAY for your encouraging words. I can't wait til I'm 19 weeks! Yes, I had big babies... twins were 6.6 lb and 6.7lb at 36 weeks and our ds was 10lb at 39 weeks.
The severe sickness also seems to be with spd, I can't put any weight on my left leg this eve so hobble to the loo like I'm 90.

washngo Sat 06-Oct-12 13:15:47

Glossy - thank you for the hugs sympathy always much appreciated! Poor you with work not being sympathetic, really does not help you feel better if you're worrying about that sort of thing too sad My school was understanding, but I know at least half the staff secretly thought I was being a drama queen. Trouble is they don't see you when you're feeling so ill and weak you can hardly move. Maybe try sending them an email link to one of the hyperemesis websites so they could read about it?

LucindaE Sun 07-Oct-12 13:11:21

GlossyflowerWelcome, poor you, Hyperemesis on your honeymoon, that is jsut too bad. It's awful at any time, but...I am so angry about the dreadful attitude of your self-centred manager, totally insensitive, she ought to try it - I'm trying not to wish it on her - and see if she could drag herself into work. Don't let it get you down, you mustn't try and stagger back into work before you are ready and the doctor wouldn'thave signed you off for nothing, as that manager should know. Thirteen per cent of body weight is a lot. Take heart, things do get better for most people sometime betwen fourteen weeks and twenty weeks - some women Barmee and Kali and Plastic have had this awful experience, suffer throughout but even they aren't nearly as ill as they were when they were in and out of hospital in the first tri. Has the puking stopped? I'm sure you have kesosticks to hand to check on levels of ketones if it comes back...Those wet knickers are a pest, I got to be an expert at whipping mine off, and not in the expectation of anything more enjoyable than my head down the loo...
Take Ten lbs? Ouch! Oh no, about spd.
Washngo I hope puking still holding off? Tay How are things? As others say, and as above, all is most likely to start improving soon.
Cyber hugs to all.
I hope Plastic joins the Pink Castle at the end of the Hyperemesis treck soon.

BarmeeMarmee Mon 08-Oct-12 11:59:48

Quiet on here the last couple of days. Hope everyone is ok. Plastic, you're so nearly there! Very jealous! How is everyone?

I'm not sleeping at all well now due to SPD and have a permanent feeling of bile rising in my throat, which is not pleasant, but haven't been sick again lately, just feeling very nauseous. Keep getting pains under my bump and in my back but sadly think it's just the spd and not the start of anything (although still only 35+3 so would be good if bump stayed put for just a little while longer). Last day at work tomorrow. Can't wait!

kalidasa Mon 08-Oct-12 12:37:38

barmee I was prescribed ranitidine right at the beginning of my pregnancy and have found it very helpful for the increasingly bad reflux/hearburn in the last couple of months. I take it twice a day every day now and it definitely helps. It doesn't help directly with the nausea/sickness but I do find that the heartburn makes the nausea worse so it helps indirectly. The effect lasts much longer than just taking an antacid. Worth asking the GP about?

I know what you mean about the SPD/sleeping problem. I hardly slept at all last night and am now blearily at work, about to teach a two-hour class. 32+3 and counting the days!

kalidasa Mon 08-Oct-12 12:40:18

Forgot to ask - any sign of the baby plastic?

BarmeeMarmee Mon 08-Oct-12 13:04:33

Kali thanks for the tip - I'll try and call my GP this afternoon and hope they might prescribe it...

BarmeeMarmee Mon 08-Oct-12 22:24:04

Well I've reached a new low -DH has just had to pull/push/heave/lift me up the stairs as every "step" caused shooting pains through my pelvis and I couldn't lift my left leg off the floor to get it onto the next step. I thought HG was humiliating but that was a whole new level sad. The pain has made me feel very sick now (well, sicker!) and I just want to cry. And I didn't manage to phone the dr as Kali suggested so going to have to try that tomorrow. Only one more day of work to get through...

glossyflower Tue 09-Oct-12 08:35:38

Big hugs to you barmee. Where would we be without our lovely families to help us?
Every day I say to my mum, "what would I do without you?" My mum is the most amazing woman I have ever ever known. I couldn't even begin to tell you. She just says "that's what your baby will say to you".
Try and get the ranitidine, it will really help.
plastic I'm looking forward to hearing about your new baby. Hope you have now found relief from the sickness.
How's things now with you washngo?
Can you tell I've only just learned how to use the bold?! Lol
As far as my HG goes, I am afraid to get my hopes up but I think it's improving. Before when I vomited, I would really vomit every last drop of whatever was in my stomach but the past few days I've been retching with food in my stomach and I manage to not bring it up at all or just a little.
I'm getting stronger, yesterday I even drove myself to my 12 week scan and popped to the shop. It did knacker me out but another first in a while.
Somebody had mentioned if they thought there may be a link between HG and wriggly babies. Now I'm only 12+1 on first pg but I think I might be able to feel little movements already. I don't know if its possible but it feels like little air bubbles. I am quite bloated from gas as it is but this feels very different. So I may have a naughty little wriggler.
Take care everyone.
Oh about my manager, a friend from work told me the manager had said she thought they ought to send me some flowers as I must be feeling neglected! Must be a guilty conscience!

Littleplasticpeople Tue 09-Oct-12 09:21:55

Oh Glossy poor you, you are right in the throws of it and with an unsupportive boss sad. Try not to think about work, the stress will make things worse.

Barmee, definate.y try to get ranitidine or omeprazole for the acid, as Kali said it indirectly helps relieve nausea.

No baby yet, this is now officially my latest baby hmm and have been puking everyday for the past week. Come on baby!

glossyflower Tue 09-Oct-12 09:28:01

I also wanted to say that my cousin is a week further along than me.
With my HG I know it's possible I have a multiple pg, however I do not its a single. My cousin who is same age as me has two children 8 and 10 had announced she's expecting TWINS!
I was very silly about it and felt very upset she was having twins and I wasn't. Having HG I've decided that I'm not going through with any more pgs and early on I hoped I was having twins so my baby wouldn't be an only child like me. At least if I had twins there was some sort of explanation for me going through this illness.
I cried all day! Silly me I know.
My cousin has suffered some pregnancy sickness but nothing severe. And bless her when she had the scan, she was so shocked at finding out it was twins they had up take her into another room to calm down. She only wanted one, only planned for one and refused to take home a scan picture.
She's so organised and meticulous in what she was planning she had even gone out and bought a buggy and car seat which now she's giving to me because she needs to buy for two.
Isn't it strange how things work out?

glossyflower Tue 09-Oct-12 09:31:14

No baby yet plastic?! You are very nearly there though, good luck I will be thinking of you x

kalidasa Tue 09-Oct-12 13:07:02

glossy I was admitted to hospital very early on (5 weeks) and the consultant was convinced it must be twins because I was so sick so early. They scanned me twice, once at (just) six weeks and again at eight to look "for the other one". But mine is definitely just one as well!

Like you I felt movement very early, around the 11/12 week mark even though it's a first pregnancy. At the time I thought it might just be because I'd lost a lot of weight, but the baby has certainly continued very wriggly. There is apparently a correlation between HG and a very effective placenta. A good placenta = a very well oxygenated baby, so that might explain the extra movement maybe?

Hope your improvement continues.

Can't believe that baby is still inside plastic! You must be beyond ready to get on with it.

LucindaE Tue 09-Oct-12 19:22:07

Barmee Oh no, you poor thing, it's too awful and dramatic. Will you be sleepng downstairs? OH had to carry me upstairs once when I managed to twist both ankles in a ludicrous accident, blush but I wasn't pregnant at the time. and a lack of sleep, and nauseating heartburn, you must feel life is picking on you. I expect you will curse if I say, 'This Too Shall Pass.' Hugs tentatively offered.
Plastic Hurry up, Baby Plastic!
Glossy I know just how you feel about twins, and no wonder with your cousin being the lucky one. Goodness, imagine somebody with a Hyperemesis tendency having triplets (shock). The hormone levels, the suffeirng. I'm glad you;ve got some energy and that manager is having twinges of conscience. So she should!
Kali You are a star for still being able to work at all. I'll never forget your awful experiences during those first few weeks, my goodness.
I hope Take2 and Tay are doing OK?
Mother hen goes off, clucking nervously, and leaving a supply of flying cyber hugs, pats and soft cushions... Apologies to anyone I haven't mentioned.

BarmeeMarmee Tue 09-Oct-12 20:18:16

Lucinda thank you, hugs gratefully accepted, and no cursing - a timely reminder of the HG mantra which I am now repeating to myself!

I won't be sleeping downstairs-the cat and I would definitely fall out then-unfortunately we don't have a downstairs toilet so I have no option but to get up them. Have discovered this evening I can crawl up on hands and knees. Have tried (and failed) to get hold of my midwife all day today and thinking I may ring the hospital this evening-baby seems to be having a very sleepy day today whereas I can usually set my watch by the movements. Maybe it's just over excited at me finally being on maternity leave - I know I am!

Plastic thinking of you. And everyone else come to that-hope you are all having a good day today xx

take3 Tue 09-Oct-12 20:31:52

12 weeks now.. and I think a slight improvement in last few days - all confused by the awful labrinthitis thing I seem to have.
12 week scan tomorrow...

kalidasa Wed 10-Oct-12 06:47:49

Enjoy maternity leave barmee! I've got another 3 and a half weeks to go.

BarmeeMarmee Wed 10-Oct-12 07:50:43

kali it will come round quickly if its been anything like the last few weeks for me ( although that is looking back I suppose rather than at the time!)

Take hope the scan goes well today.

How is everyone this morning?

Littleplasticpeople Thu 11-Oct-12 06:10:17

Very quick post, babyplastic arrived safe and sound yesterday evening. A beautiful baby girl, born at home after a short but intense labour. So relieved to not be pg anymore!
Oh and I wasn't sick all day yesterday, or in labour- go figure hmm

CheerfulYank Thu 11-Oct-12 06:27:44

<tiptoes in>

Is it hyperemesis if you don't actually vomit?

I'm 8 weeks pregnant today and just have nausea all the time. I'm still eating and drinking (mostly toast and peppermint tea) but it seems to be getting steadily worse.

I just can't do anything and it's so frustrating! The house is becoming trashed and walking the few blocks to get DS from school is a huge ordeal. I told his teachers I was preg the other day because they were starting to look very concernedly at me!

It just feels like the few minutes right before you vomit (overwhelming nausea and mouth filling with spit, etc) all the time, but I never actually throw up.

I know this is probably not even CLOSE to what a lot of you have gone through blush , I'm just so frustrated.

Oh and congratulations on your lovely DD Plastic smile

BarmeeMarmee Thu 11-Oct-12 07:15:42

Congratulations Plastic grin So pleased for you!

MOH100 Thu 11-Oct-12 10:05:42

cheerfulyank it sounds like the start of HG, or maybe a milder version. There's no agreed definition of it, and as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter if pregnancy sickness meets the diagnostic criteria for HG, if it impacts so badly on your health and wellbeing and ability to function, it should be taken seriously and it should be treated. When you say you're not vomiting, you're only 8 weeks, so there's nothing to say that you won't vomit at some point. My HG escalated quite rapidly at 8 weeks, (fortunately I had a great consultant who had prescribed the fabled ondsansetron so I was able to keep it under control). In any case, that nausea is torture. I think most women are agreed that they would prefer to vomit a few times a day but feel ok in between, rather than have the constant nausea, I know I would have. There are antiemetics you can try, although none of them really stop the nausea completely, some of them might help, and any relief is welcome - btw I'm assuming you've tried ginger, seabands, crackers yada yada all to no avail. You can ask your doctor for antiemetics, but be warned that a lot of doctors are completely hopeless, don't know how to treat and behave as if you're an unfit mother for even thinking of taking medication in pregnancy. Some are great though, it depends on your doctor. If your doctor is reluctant, I would tell him/her that you're vomiting even if you're not just to get the prescription. With some of them you have to be practically at death's door to get a simple first line drug. There are tips on getting treatment at https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/treatments/obtaining-treatment-1. The first and second line drugs used in pregnancy are all considered to be so safe as to barely merit a discussion, there's more information about that on https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/treatments/obtaining-treatment-1

If all else fails you can get avomine (promethazine), phenergan (promethazine), valoid (cyclizine) and buccastem (prochlorperazine) over the counter at a pharmacist, as long as you dont let on you're pregnant, or get a man to get it for you. They're used for travel sickness and migraine. For more information about medications and hg in general see https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/documents, the documents are downloadable and show treatment algorithms and safety data for medications in pregnancy.

Good luck and commiserations. Let us know how you get on and feel free to ask anything. If you want any copies of documents that aren't on the website in full text versions, contact me through the your comments page.

plastic congrats on your gorgeous daughter, enjoy the pink castle complimentary buns and champagne.

glossyflower Thu 11-Oct-12 13:55:12

Congrats plastic so pleased for you!
cheerful sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it. It may be the start of HG.
Hyper just means excessive and emesis means vomit so technically you haven't got it, but if I were you I would try and get that nausea under control before it develops into hyperemesis.
Mine started about 4 weeks I felt slight nausea, and went off food completely. I turned my nose up at everything. It was very gradual where after a couple of weeks of feeling nauseous I'd relieve it by purposely making myself sick and feel better. Then I didn't need to make myself sick I started being sick once or twice a day until boom I could no longer keep any food or water down at all. I even sucked slowly on a hard boiled sweet which made me vomit. Since then I am still vomiting several times a day, really struggle to eat much - I'm eating less than a child would be - and feel so weak still my family on bad days have to help me wash and dress. I am 12 weeks now.
So please try and control it early before it gets you as it's really not pleasant.
Let us know how you get on. Xxx

LucindaE Thu 11-Oct-12 15:06:14

Plastic thanks thanks wine Congratulations on your baby girl, and a home birth, too. How wonderful that your sufferings are at last over and that daily puke can be a fond [I don't thnk] memory. I am so happy for you. Welcome to the Pink Castle at the end of the Hyperemesis board. Wonderful view from here, isn't there?
CheerfulYank Welcome, sorry you are suffering, I can only add my agreement to the excellent advice given by others. I didn't vomit until around nine weeks, and then it al spiralled out of control within a week, and I so agree with MOH and Glossy that it's best to get it tackled asap. That constant nausea is so awful. sad Do tell us how you get on at the GP's. I do hope you won't need them, but remember to get kesosticks, sorry MOH if you already mentioned them, but buy some kestosticks from a chemists just in case the vomting does start, you can get dehydrated so quickly and need to go to A and E for redydration. I did a test on myself with a migraine recently, I'm not pregnant but despite drinking water every time I vomited, within twelve hours I was showing 3+ ketones, and that requires urgent treatment for a pregnant woman. I know what you mean about peppermnt tea. I drank the fresh stuff picked from the garden and brewed a snail by accident shock.
Glossy It's awful that you are still puking several times a day. What meds did you say you are on? It must be so exhausing, and I remember you said you'd lost a huge amount of weight already.
Barmee Would the cat sleep on your head? Mine does, given half the chance. How awful to have to crawl upstairs, as one did years ago...I think it's a great idea to contact midwife, there might be something they can suggest. Has baby woken up again?
Take Good luck with scan. You are out of the first tri, anyway, and for sure that is the worst. Excuse my ignorance, but what is labinthitis?
Hope Everyone is OK.

beaver33 Thu 11-Oct-12 17:35:08

Hello all (and hey cheerful - nice to see a familiar face from the May 2013 thread!)

Am 10+6 and just been to see my GP after the escalation of near-constant nausea from six weeks turned into vomit-after-drinking-water-or-eating-anything-at-all hopelessness....

I've been prescribed promethazine - anyone have any experience of using this?

Also been told I have a raging urine infection too - it doesn't rain...

Thanks so much for this thread, btw!

take3 Thu 11-Oct-12 18:59:12

Great news Plastic! So thrilled to hear that. Babies are so much better out than in!
Scan went fine thanks - still a happy baby in there, I felt so awful in the scan - was slumped on dh in waiting room and then the midwife offered me a bowl...
Labrinthitis is an inner ear infection (no pain), just imbalance thing - feel like I am constantly swaying on a boat, had it for 2 weeks now and makes the sickness worse. I had it for 6 weeks in previous pregnancy but hope it will go sooner as I am definitely in better health generally.
Had a good day today after an awful awful day yesterday, hoping I have turned a corner.
So sorry Cheerful to hear of your severe nausea - it is awful even if you are not sick, I would really try to go on some medication, like Cyclizine, may really help.
Such a struggle isn't it?
Poor you Beaver, not long til you are 12 weeks... keep going.
ps sorry to be dim but can't work out how to do bold type or those smiley faces etc?

Junebugjr Thu 11-Oct-12 19:18:05

Hello all sufferers! Yep, this too shall pass, honestly, although I can sympathise its really awful for a few of you atm. I can remember how terrible the nauseous feeling was, and the bloody smells even now.

I've had HG with both pregnancies. My second being the worst, I had it all the way through, with it only ending at the birth. I even considered terminating the second pregnancy as dealing with a toddler and HG was impossible, as I couldn't even bear to feed DD1, and had to have my neighbour do it.

Dd2 suffered no ill effects though, and was a whopper at birth. Both my placentas and umbilical cords have been described as 'excellent'??! They even had junior doctors and student midwives coming in for a look, god knows why. They also said that girl babies are more likely with HG.

The only thing that helped me ease HG and finally get out of hospital off the drip was full sugar coke and salt and vinegar crisps. Which was shoved on me by a very experienced obstetrician, and one of the midwifes.

Best of luck! X

washngo Thu 11-Oct-12 22:22:50

Plastic - congratulations that's brilliant news!

Take3- glad to hear scan went well and hope you are still feeling better.

Beaver33 - I too have a urine infection that I didn't get rid of as my last lot of antibiotics was interrupted by violent sickness and couldn't keep them down. Hoping to get prescribed more tomorrow. Apparently uti's make you nauseous so am hoping to feel dramatically better (optimistic?) once it is sorted!

Tay1981 Thu 11-Oct-12 22:54:18

plastic so many congratulations - for your wonderful new baby and for having made it through a really rough pregnancy - massive pat on the back (present??) required I think!!

Lots of new folks on here....sorry to hear you are all feeling rubbish.

cheerful You sound a lot like I was in my first pregnancy. I started out feeling nauseous/vomiting in the morning at around 6 weeks and this escalated into full time nausea. I did vomit quite a bit during the day too eventually but from what I remember mostly between 10 and 14 weeks. I agree with others pre-emptive meds sound like a good idea and don't worry about definitions -anyone miserable with constant nausea deserves help and support. If you find mint tolerable could you try polos etc? In 1st prey I found them v useful esp. with helping to tolerate smells. Mint sweeties like aero etc I also found tolerable.

beaver I have used promethazine in both pregnancies. This time started out at 100mg but now (at 20 weeks) down to 25mg/50mg. I find they really help with the vomiting for me (down to once a day rather than 6/8) BUT not so effective with the nausea (ondansetron did help with that). They also make you very tired to begin with but I found that wears off. Another useful thing ...as Lucinda says if you can't get to the docs to refill a prescription you can buy them over the counter.

glossy I have felt exactly the same as you re. the twins and having a miserable prey. when others find it a breeze. Don't beat yourself up!!

Am becoming CONVINCED there is link between HG and big placentas/wriggly/large babies. I had 20 week scan today and baby wriggled so much sonographer said it was 'wild'. Had similar experience to junebug with first placenta - midwife brought it in a bag to show me in recovery and said 'aren't you glad you didn't have to push this out as well?'.

take3 washngo and everyone I hope surviving x

BarmeeMarmee Fri 12-Oct-12 10:49:02

Tay wow, 20 weeks already! That's come round quickly, although it probably doesn't feel like it for you!.

How is Everyone else? Thinking of you all often.

I'm really struggling again-and not just because of the hyperemisis! Took me 3 days to get hold of the midwife (finally spoke to her yesterday) and she told me to see the GP today. I'm being referred back to consultant care and midwife has said she's not sure about letting me go over 40 weeks. My list of medication reads like a pharmacy stocktake now-cyclizine, ondansetron, calcium and vit d supplements as well as preventer and reliever inhalers anyway and then as of today adding in gaviscon and 2 paracetamol 4 times daily! I must rattle when I walk, lol! grin not to mention whooping cough and flu vaccinations booked for next week. Makes my head hurt! Still, 36 weeks today so not long now!

goldie32 Fri 12-Oct-12 13:49:32

Hooray Plastic so pleased to hear that baby plastic is safely here and that you are feeling so much better.
Barmee nearly there! You have done so well, just think you'll soon be able to survive without all those meds-it will be like being normal again! How exciting!

Tay my HG was nothing compared to some but I'm having a big baby and am carrying lots of water, they obviously thrive while we are vomming and shrinking! Love to all. x

Littleplasticpeople Fri 12-Oct-12 15:29:13

Hi all, thanks for all the good wishes, it seems strangely inappropriate to be on this thread now. I haven't slept more than two hours since Tuesday night, I have had stitches and I have sore nips from feeding- yet I can honestly say I feel the best I've felt in 9 months! Thankfully I seem to have lost the HG straight away, I can eat normally and my sense of smell has reverted to normal.

It was a shit journey to get here, but I've made it, I hope all of you get through it too. I will never do it again, that much is certain, but with my baby in my arms I can honestly say I don't regret having done it this time.

Good luck to you all still going through it, I will lurk I'm sure - barmee, Kali , goldie you are nearly there!

Lucinda thanks thanks keep up the good work, this thread has been of great support. And MOH too, thank you for all your hard work.

glossyflower Fri 12-Oct-12 19:36:04

plastic thanks for sharing your support, I'm pleased for you that you feel better, gives us 13 weekers a little bit of hope!
lucinda I'm on cyclizine three times a day and ondansetron three times a day although I can sometimes get away with taking them just twice if I time it right. I've also been prescribed fortijuice supplement but really struggle with those.
The vomited is easing off, but I'm struggling to eat much so I'm feeling very weak. Unfortunately I have managed to catch a cold so have had to come home to my husband as my dad recently had a bone marrow transplant for leukaemia, he's still very much immunocompromised so I can't risk giving him my cold.
I have been looked after well by my mum and didn't want to come home, although my husband does try hard it's not like having your mum to look after you is it.
So with the cold aswell I feel like an elephant has stamped on my head.
tay when I had my 12 week scan the sonographer told me my placenta was very good. Whether that means large or what I don't know.
What I do know is while I'm suffering, vomiting, wasting away my naughty little baby is thriving and all snug in there!
I've felt so desperately ill I wanted a termination. But when I had that scan and saw baby moving because it didn't like being poked I could never go through with it.

WeirdButTrue Sat 13-Oct-12 10:40:35

Hi everyone, I've never posted on a page like this for anything before but from what I've read there's some lovely understanding and morale boosting being done here.

I'm 8+5 and have HG. It's my 2nd preg and 2nd bout of HG and bad as it was last time round, this time is worse. I've been taking cyclizine since 5+8 which do help. I'm still sick 1-3 times each day and pretty much nauseous all day but it's a big improvement on puking 20+ times each day. I'm lucky to have had very understanding doctors in both pregnancies who got me treated immediately, this time around with the GP testing my urine the minute I walked in her office and sending me straight to hospital for IV treatment.

Currently I'm stressing myself out about work. I'm due back on Monday and just don't know how I'll cope. I've had 1 week off sick and the last 2 were pre arranged holiday. I have to attend so many meetings, often with clients, and these can last a few hours. It seriously wouldn't be acceptable for me to graze on food, yet the main way I'm keeping my sickness down is by forcing myself to eat every hour; and even so I've lost another couple of pounds in the last week.

Does anyone have any tips? Advice? Stories where it all worked out fine? DH thinks I'm worrying for no good reason, but he works for a giant company that would let employees have 6 months off sick on full pay. Mine is more likely to try and get rid of me...at least in my mind, although clearly the HG makes me more negative than I usually would be! Last preg I was signed off week after week and eventually left work at 12 weeks but that's just not an option this time round.

Sorry for the looong essay, hope there are some nuggets of help out there you can share with me, thank you all x x

LucindaE Sat 13-Oct-12 11:50:39

Weird Welcome, really sorry you are suffering. I hate to say it, but for most people, working during the first tri just isn't an option when you have hyperemesis - I am not sure about employment law these days, I used to know it better, but as a pregnancy rated condition, wouldn't your employer be guilty of sexual discrimination and open to challange over unfair dismissal if they sacked you out of hand? I'll post again with the link for MOH's website Pregnancy Sickness SOS, they might well have the answer to that query.
It's worth asking the GP for different meds if your still being sick several times a day, a lot of people on here find Ondansetron much better than cyclezine, but I do have to warn you, it does give people awful constipation and you have to get those glycertine suppositories for that. As this is your second bout, I'm sure you don't need me to advise you about getting in those kesosticks, etc etc. Take heart, as I am sure you know too - if you can survive the first dreadful bit, it gets much better for almost everyone.
Glossy Poor you with a cold, too, that makes it all much worse. Take heart, ou are due to come out of the worst stage shortly.
Plastic Thanks so much for kind words and I am so happy that you are feeling halfway like yourself again.
Barmee Oh dear, it's too bad. It's been a real marathon for y ou and Kali.
if you'll forgive the expression, running being impossible for you at the moment.
Goldie Lovely to hear from you. I hope all goes well.
Have to go to dentists now sad but before that I hope Everyone is coping and I'll post MOH website link for Weird

LucindaE Sat 13-Oct-12 12:11:41

Weird[[ https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/]]. Our MOH is a mine of informaton, and will probably knows about Hyperemesis and unfair dismissal. Someone else on here is bound to know better than me as well. You'll find a lot of support on here for sure.
Before I go to that dentist, sympathies for all those with urinary infections, how foul, and it's such a vicious circle with those.
JuneBug Thanks so much for lovely message of support, I remember you well.


LucindaE Sat 13-Oct-12 12:12:54

Wouldn't you know it, did my usual trick iwth links lol, here we are again

glossyflower Sat 13-Oct-12 12:59:14

Weird sorry to hear you are worrying about work.
You have enough on your plate to be dealing with your job too.
In my experience, and I'm still very new to this pregnancy/HG lark I have been off work since end of August. The first three weeks were holiday as I got married and I became more sick with HG on my honeymoon. Currently I am signed off until the end of the month.
I am one of those who have a job that pays sick full pay for 6 months then half pay for 6 months ( I certainly don't plan on being off that long!) although I am still concerned because it is my basic pay I will get and usually I earn between £200 and £400 extra per month for doing unsociable hours.
When my GP signed me off another whole month I was horrified but I knew I was not fit to do my job. I'm still not now. I find everything a struggle. I'm a nurse in a busy hospital there's no way I can do a 12 hr shift, ferry around bed pans and offer my sympathy to people who feel ill! Not to mention not having time for proper breaks, being short staffed and doing the work of 3 other people and always leaving late.
When I explained to my manager I'd be off longer she was less than sympathetic. In fact she was an outright cow.
And when I'm well enough I'm going to do something about it.
All this has taught me, after all my life trying to please other people when I need it most I find out who does care about me and who doesn't.
From now on I am going to put myself first, my health first as I'm soon to be a mother and that'll be the most important job in the world.
Don't feel bullied into going back to work too soon. I know finances are important but they can't sack you for being sick. Xxx

glossyflower Sat 13-Oct-12 13:03:04

lucinda lol I thought it was just me having to get glycerin suppositories with ondansetron!

MOH100 Sat 13-Oct-12 16:45:03

Hi weird its great that you have a good GP and you're getting treatment, but not so great about work. The sad truth is that you will have to take time off work, as you no doubt realise, and no medications will make up for not having lots of rest. as for your rights, they are cast iron, you cannot be sacked or be forced into reduced hours for a pregnancy related illness. It sounds like your doctor is on your side so she'll be able to give you sick notes, which is what you need to cover your absences. Of course, that doesn't mean that they have to be nice about it, and some women just feel so bullied that they give up work, or feel that they never want to go back. Are you in a union? If so, I'd get them involved right away, you can ask for a union rep to be present with you at a meeting with your boss. Before you go back to work, the doctor has to sign you fit for work, and can recommend that you go back on reduced hours. Your work then have to do a risk assessment in which it is noted that you have HG, so you can only work part time. I've also heard of an organisation which advises on this kind of thing www.workingfamilies.org.uk/, its run by family law lawyers but they're volunteers who give free advice. I've never used this service so I can't vouch for it personally but it's probably worth a try.

WeirdButTrue Sat 13-Oct-12 18:29:10

Thanks for all your comments, you've no idea how helpful it is reading this, thanks ladies. I've had one of my better days today, even managed to take DD to the park and am about to attempt pizza for tea...yes, it'll prob come back later but if I retain some it'll shoot my calorie intake through the roof which would be a good thing.

I'm feeling much more confident about the work issue, thanks, it's just that I work on a project team which makes covering my work more problematic, and I've just got a new boss 3 weeks ago that I've not even met yet so I'm making the worst 1st impression ever. So far her emails have been v nice and sympathetic, but she doesn't know about me being pregnant yet, that's the part I've been worrying most about. Ridiculous, but I feel like because most women sail through preg and enjoy it even, the perception is that I'm a malingerer. Even though I know how debilitating and serious HG is, it's that annoying fact that most people have no experience of it whatsoever and really don't understand the impact of it.

Anyway, thanks again for the worse words and helpful info. And now that I've finished being so self absorbed, hope all the other sufferers reading haven't had too rubbish a day x x

kalidasa Sat 13-Oct-12 20:05:14

weird so sorry you are worrying about work; you really do need to be careful not to push yourself to go back when you're not ready as it can cause a serious relapse and put you in hospital. I was in hospital pretty much constantly anyway at your stage so to be honest work couldn't really begin to object; but in any case generally what I said was that I was suffering from "a rare and potentially serious complication of pregnancy called hyperemesis gravidarum". Most people have absolutely no idea what that is but the long Latin term sounds bad! I think it is really helpful to avoid any connection with 'morning sickness' which makes it sounds mild/manageable.

I had to tell my boss that I was pregnant incredibly early on because I first went into hospital at 5 weeks. He is a rather unworldly gay man who knows nothing at all about pregnancy and my department is very male dominated so I felt quite embarrassed about the whole thing. But I explained by email and asked him not to tell anyone else because the pregnancy was so early on and obviously there is a chance of losing it at that stage (and also to be honest we had not ruled out termination at that point because I was so ill). So all my department knew that there was "something serious" wrong but that I "would recover" and were all speculating madly!

Actually I think being admitted to hospital is quite useful as most people realise that the NHS do not admit otherwise healthy young women and insist on keeping them in unless you are really very seriously unwell.

I think it's also worth reminding yourself that there's a better chance of you getting back to work later in the pregnancy if you rest enough to really get on top of the HG now at the most acute phase.

Tay1981 Sat 13-Oct-12 21:26:43

weird so sorry you feel so horrible. I'm on second time around like you. 1st time I had a month off work weeks 8-12 and somehow managed to go back after that. I was on Phenergan and that suppressed the vomiting. I was a social worker so was pathologically afraid of vomiting in someone's house or in a child protection conference BUT it never happened. I think it was sheer adrenaline that got me through. I kept nappy bags in the car to be sick into as soon as I'd left someone's house. That did happen a few times, but like I said never in plain view. This time however, like you the HG has been worse. There was no possible way I could have contemplated work. I was in hospital at 5 weeks and after that basically didn't get out of bed until about 14 weeks. Wasn't working this time around as am full time Mum to DD1. Can't offer many pearls of wisdom about work and your rights etc but I would urge you not to try to do too much, definitely try to get some ondansetron (and prunes!!) and above all look after yourself as much as you can. HG is horrible enough to deal with on its own.

You are not alone! Good luck!

CheerfulYank Sun 14-Oct-12 21:52:17

Hi Beaver. smile

Thank you everyone for the information...I'm still not vomiting (fingers crossed) but am eating less and less so that may be why! Just now it seems that instant mashed potatoes are the only thing worth having a bite or two of. sad

Weird I hope everything works out with your job! I left mine last May (it was a school, so end of the year) and am so glad I did, there's no way I'd be up to it now! I'm managing a cinema part time now, but it's just a few hours at night and I basically sit there. (The teenage boys who work there are very worried about me and bring me water and look concerned, bless 'em! smile )

Junebug salt and vinegar crisps and Coke are some of my favorite things under normal circumstances, will have to give them a try.

I'm going to call tomorrow and make an appointment with the doctor (haven't gone in at all yet) so I'll let you know what he/she says.

Thanks again and <hugs> to all those feeling terrible. sad

LucindaE Mon 15-Oct-12 23:31:03

EVeryone, sorry for my absence, my pc has gone wrong yet again, am sending this from the library. I so agree that sips of flat coke, sucking ice cubes and ice lollies are helpful for taking in a bit of liquid. Thinking of you all and am hoping you all are managing.

BarmeeMarmee Tue 16-Oct-12 07:48:47

Morning everyone! How are you all today?

I'm off to the midwife this morning, vaccinations this afternoon. Was called in to the drs yesterday-apparently I may have a urine infection but they are retesting to make sure before giving me antibiotics. Oh the glamour of pregnancy, HG or otherwise! 36+4 today and oh how I'm longing for Lucinda's pink castle now!

washngo Tue 16-Oct-12 10:05:30

Grim today. Been sick three times already just need to rest but have nobody to look after the children so am racing around after two toddlers instead. Feeling excessively sorry for myself. 16+5 today and longing to feel better. Just taken a cyclizine and metoclopramide for first time in a week which feels a bit like a step backwards but was desperate. Whether they'll stay down is another matter!

BarmeeMarmee Tue 16-Oct-12 10:57:13

Wash sorry to hear today isn't a good day. Hopefully the medication will help. Have lots of sympathy with the toddler "issue"- had to point out that with a 2 year old running around I couldn't really get the rest the midwife was telling me I need, lol!

Back from midwife appt now. She thinks baby may be breech and is definitely back to back. Got a consultant appt next Monday morning so should have a scan then to hopefully find out more.

How is everyone else? Thinking of you all.

goldie32 Tue 16-Oct-12 11:33:41

Wash, sorry you feel so awful. The meds aren't a step back if they help. HG and toddlers is above and beyond. Take care. Barmee my bump was breech until 37 weeks when she got her act together and turned around. I have my last monitoring session at hospital today, would love to go into labour naturally but think Monday's induction is looking more likely. Either way don't have the energy to give birth today am knackered!! Love to all. xxx

washngo Tue 16-Oct-12 12:58:03

Thanks goldie and barmee you have both done so well and are so close now! Hope all goes well re scans and inductions. Any tips on how to keep cheerful over the (loooong!) months ahead? Im failing to a bit!

kalidasa Tue 16-Oct-12 14:42:12

Don't stint on the drugs washngo! In my experience they are much better at preventing vomiting than they are at stopping it so it is always a good idea to take them pre-emptively. Also they do have a cumulative effect I think as they build up over time so better to take one or two doses a day every day than try and have some days off and then end up taking several. I hope you feel better soon and have a chance for some rest. Do you have ketosticks to keep an eye and just make sure you are not dehydrated? This is really important if you're vomiting several times a day.

I am doing OK. Still throwing up at 33+4 and not eating brilliantly, but not too bad I think. The sickness has been getting gradually worse again for weeks but only gradually, so I'm hopeful that even if it does end up really terrible again it won't be until the very end. Have others experienced this gradual ramping up again over the final months?

I was worried that I haven't really been putting on weight the last month or so - seem to have been at 10 and a half stone for weeks according to our bathroom scales. But they are scanning the baby every few weeks and apparently he has put on a kilo in the last month. Not quite sure how that works - I guess he is gaining at my expense! - but I'm glad what I am managing to eat is obviously being directed to him pretty efficiently.

Really crippled with the SPD now, have been on crutches for a month. Had a depressing session with a physio last week when she said she thought it was bad enough now that it may interfere with delivery and that recovery post-birth may take a while. But trying to stay positive nevertheless. Surely it's got to get at least a bit better as soon as the baby is out? And I'll stop feeling sick immediately, at least.

Got another couple of weeks after this at work (though I don't have to go in every day). I think it's a bit crazy to be working in this state but every time I am at home for a couple of days my mood drops right through the floor, so I think it's worth it for the psychological benefits for now. Bit worried about how I'll cope with maternity leave, though, especially if there are several weeks before the baby arrives. I can't get out to do anything while DP is at work as can't walk/drive.

Hey ho. Am surviving anyway and it is just a matter of weeks now. Secretly hoping for nice early labour at the first safe point, but no doubt I am hoping in vain!

wdobbs Tue 16-Oct-12 18:11:37

Hey all it's been a few weeks I think, was too ill to move not been doing well at all ended up a bit of a mess and admitted to hospital last week and have been put on a course of steroids to try and stabilise me a bit and buy me a week or 2 where I can eat some food and drink il prob need to go back in as only 14 weeks, really thought I'd be over the worst of it by now but no sign of lettin up or improving. Hoping to manage to get to 16 weeks and hoping then il be at least a bit closer to that possibility! Haven't caught up on the last added pages yet but I hope thy everyone is doing well? Or at least much better than me!

WeirdButTrue Wed 17-Oct-12 11:11:32

Thanks to the support of you lot I managed to have "the chat" with my boss on Monday and she was very lovely about everything. I've now been signed off for a week although I felt that the Dr was a bit begrudging to do it, even though the sickness has started to get worse again and the average amount of food I retain each day is equal to about 1 piece of toast with everything else being brought back up. Weight still steadily dropping. She gave me a repeat of cyclizine but nothing else, tbh I felt so poorly I couldn't press for anything else, will just take 1 day at a time.

Also have now had my booking appt with a truly lovely mw who has had hg herself so that was a big bonus. Can't believe how long the appt took, I'm sure the size/quantity of the forms has doubled since DD was born 3 years ago. She tried but failed to get any blood out of my tricky veins so that'll have to wait.

Has anyone had flu jab? Mw wants me to have it but on account of the hg said it might need to wait a few weeks until I'm less sick. She also wants me to have an early glucose test because I have pcos but the chances of me keeping all that lucozade down are non existent, does anyone have any experience of this? She hasn't booked me in for it, again because of the hg, but wants me to have it ASAP. Strange thing is I never had it in last preg and thought you only need it if you were obese which I'm not but mw was surprised I hadn't had it before because of the pcos. Ah well.

Hope the rest of you are bearing up. Those in the last few weeks who have suffered throughout have my total respect and admiration. I'm praying for a 16 week reprieve which was what I had with DD.

LucindaE Wed 17-Oct-12 11:18:15

Back, that *** pc is up again.
Wdobbs You poor, poor thing, I am so sorry to hear that nothing has worked so far and about hospital admission. You should have moaned more on here,but I suppose it was too sickening to look at a screen. I hope the steroids work. How many admissions have you had? I think they were going to give Kali steroids if she has a third admission, if I remember. I suppose it would be silly to ask, 'How do you feel now?' Like something unmentionable, I am sure.
Washngo Are you a bit better today? I do so hope that you start getting some of those good days soon. You and Barmee and those with toddlers deserve medals for somehow keeping going. Toddlers are exhausting if you feel OK. Barmee How is getting upstairs going? So the cat has sole occupancy of downstairs lol? grin
Goldie I hope all went OK? Baby Goldie appeared yet?
Kali I am keeping fingers crossed that you make a startling recovery once baby is out. It must be awful on crutches. Very dramatic, of course.
Thinking of Tay Yank and Everyone.

wdobbs Wed 17-Oct-12 12:33:20

Thanks lucinda, I'm actually feeling much better the steroids have helped but they are only a temp masking of symptons & the dose is tapered from the first one so when I finish the course on sat I don't know how long until I go back down, it's been amazing to have eaten food and drank fluids! I have had 3 admissions but I've had a lot of home IV fluids so probably would have had 5/6 admissions if not for that. Still getting accupuncture as it really helped a lot - now that I'm feeling a little better I'm frustrated / gutted that I dont feel like this naturally and il probably end up back where I was within 2 wks. I have a consultant hospital appointment at end of October to monitor me see how i am & if I need to come back in. I need a miracle at this point.

kalidasa Wed 17-Oct-12 13:47:21

Actually I had three admissions - they were going to do the steroids if I went back in a fourth time but wanted to wait a bit longer as I was still really early (about 9 weeks). I think they prefer you to be after 12 weeks for steroids. Interesting wdobbs that you are finding they helped. I actually quite wanted them to try them because even after that third admission I was so ill and it was weeks and weeks before I was able to get out of bed.

wdobbs Wed 17-Oct-12 19:11:11

Kalidas yes I think your right they don't really use them here unless you are still very sick past what you should be - I was 14 weeks Friday past sonits a good time to use then on this very stubborn case of HG! I wasn't this sick @ this stage in my 2 previous pregnancies so I've not a clue when / if/ by how il improve but hoping I will be maybe like I am now on the steroid by myself @ 20wks! They have pretty much eradicated the vomiting & most of the nausea - as long as I don't move around or have my kids for 2 long around me! I wish I could take them longer rather than regress!

LucindaE Wed 17-Oct-12 22:16:10

Wdobbs So glad steroids have helped. Acupuncture - I remember you were investigating it, it really helped me, but it seems to vary so much. Is the affect only temporary with you? I hate to think how often you'd have been hospitalised without the home IV. I know they offer that on private insurance in the US, never heard of it offered in the UK, interesting.
Kali Three admissions in less than nine weeks, that's dismal. I hope they are wrong about the spd and this baby pips out easily and is perfectly behaved - you deserve a bit of luck.

LucindaE Wed 17-Oct-12 22:21:14

Weird You poor thing, just seen your post, it is so difficult to argue your corner when you feel like crawling into a hole. Do let them know over the phone that the meds aren't working properly if it doesn't get better very soon. I take it you've got Kesosticks to check on urine? Are ice lollies, flat coke etc no use at all? I'm glad you've got that sick note but don't suffer in silence if the meds let you down. If necessary, take someone with you as an advocate. Sorry to sound bossy!

whyismymindblank Wed 17-Oct-12 22:55:33

Hello all, sorry to hear so many people are having a hard time. Lots of sympathy! I was finding things very hard until last week (was checking on this thread and felt so rough I couldn't even make the effort to post!). But in the last week I've had periods of time where I've actually not felt too bad - previously even with the buccastem i never actually felt not sick, even for a moment. It has been very helpful as it seems to have coincided with the buccastem not having much effect any more as you predicted, MOH!). Have been coping ok though - tending to be sick in the evenings, back to not sleeping very well with the nausea, but the daytimes have had ups as well as downs which makes me hopeful! Certainly it's better than last time at this stage, soo glad I got some help this time - which I probwouldn't have done without this thread smile

Hi all am sorry you are all suffering so much. I have been following this thread since falling preg with dc4. I am convinced I had hg in my first preg but I was young (at uni) and I had no idea that being that Ill wasn't normal and I was lucky it passed after 16 weeks and was never so bad with dc2 and 3.

Basically I am looking for some advice here. I was hospitalised at 20 weeks when after the morning (ha ha) sickness got better I became really anxious which led to throwing up every 20 mins. Am certain it was anxiety based but hospital put hg on my notes and in letter to gp on discharge.

They sent me home with cyclizine which I have been taking since (am now 26 weeks). I only take 1 in the morning now and have been well ever since.

I have tried twice this week to go without any and both times I began to feel illl in the evening but still ate ok during the day. I didn't take any yesterday felt unwell at bedtime and still felt off when I woke up and took one this morning.

My worry is that when I run out in the next 2 weeks what if I get illl again? I don't know if it is actually me being sick or just my anxiety causing me to feel sick again when I know I haven't taken it? As I am pretty well at the moment I can't see the gp giving me a repeat prescription. I am nervous of the effect this will have I have 3 dcs to take care of and I don't want to end up sick again.

I'm sorry for the essay and hope you don't mind me dropping in but I thought you may have some advice.

Really hope everyone is feeling ok you ladies are amazing dealing with what you have x

LucindaE Thu 18-Oct-12 10:46:34

Apple Welcome, glad you have been following the thread, I often wonder if many people do without feeling like posting or up to it. Sorry about anxiety - of course, women's bodies are so complex that there is a strong connection between stress and hormonal balance and of course, that all ties in with Hyperemesis symptoms. As they actually wrote 'hg' on your notes, surely your gp isn't going to refuse a repeat prescription of meds, particularly as you have been hospitalised (bad luck about it happening so late on, horrible). I am sure if you emphasize how you cannot cope with looking after the kids and that level of sickness, they will write a repeat prescription. For sure cyclezine is one of the cheaper ones, which might make them more likely to be happy to prescribe it again!I think it is even available over the counter, but although it is 100% safe during pregnancy if they see you are pregnant then they probably won't sell it to you, ridiculous. Let us know how you get on, if there's a problem MOH's great website is full of information to use to persuade dr's about meds.
Why I am so happy you're feeling a bit better, that's great.
Back soon.

kalidasa Thu 18-Oct-12 11:36:27

apple I think it would be really reasonable to be straightforward with the GP - just say that you feel fine when you take the cyclizine once a day in the morning, but if you go without it you feel unwell by the evening and that this makes you feel anxious. I think anyone should be able to appreciate that after experiencing acute nausea and vomiting for a long time earlier in pregnancy, the return of even quite mild nausea makes you feel worried and anxious about the vomiting returning. Cyclizine is really cheap and pretty innocuous and if you're only taking it once a day you won't need a huge amount so I'd be surprised if the GP wasn't OK with a repeat prescription. If they do object then as Lucinda says you can actually buy it over the counter, though you might have to send someone else to get it for you.

I am feeling rough today, and everything smells revolting again. 34 weeks tomorrow, and only two more weeks left at work (I only have to go in Monday-Wednesday, I work at home the other days). Our crib is being delivered today!

Veterans on this thread, can I ask a question - if you were still vomiting or vomiting again at the end, did you end up readmitted in the very final weeks? and if you do end up back in hospital at 37 weeks or so will they take pity and induce? I really hope it doesn't happen but I do feel that I am gradually deteriorating and that it's not impossible that I start vomiting a lot again within the next few weeks.

wdobbs Thu 18-Oct-12 16:43:11

I don't think homeIV is very common here my husband is medical so my GP prescribed them for us to save me from being admitted as many times as expected i would but in actually fact when we ended up back in hospital they said that they would have preferred to have been able
to monitor me but i don't honestly think they would have gone down the steroid route before now anyway. So my treatment would have differed. We only went because after 8 weeks of no eating I really
needed more pabrinex, I am def struggling with feeling well but knowing its most likely temporary I've had a taste of what it's like to start being more like normal person again, don't know where i stand! Roll on 18-20 weeks.

Hi thank you so much for the advice. I am being silly really as I've just assumed that as long as I seem well the gp won't prescribe but I haven't even tried yet!

When I had a similar episode at 18 weeks he did prescribe anti sickness (can't remember their name) so if I am honest as kali suggested I suppose I stand a good chance! That's helpful to know I could buy them dp would be happy to go for me so at least I no longer feel so anxious that i will end up trying to cope without.

Kali am sorry to hear you feel so bad I really hope things get better for you at least you know it will be over soon x

MotherofPearl Fri 19-Oct-12 10:36:07

Just popping on very briefly to answer Kali's question. Although I was sick each and every day of my pregnancy - right up until the day of the birth at 41+ weeks - I never got back to being sick at the same levels I was pre-12 weeks (peak was around 7 weeks when literally nothing stayed down and was sick upteen times each day). I took cyclizine throughout, but while it kept me out of hospital it never managed to eradicate my daily 5pm vomit. So while I carried on being sick once a day until the bitter end, the vomiting did not increase and I never went back to hospital. BUT those last few weeks are exhaustaing and we all know how exhaustion makes the sickness worse, so do try to rest as much as possible. This time last year I was about 8 months gone and having an afternoon sleep every single day (I know not possible on the days you're teaching). Not to mention about 12 hours sleep a night... <looks back fondly on the days of sleep now that I feel I hardly get any sleep at all>

Sorry to see lots of new joiners and hope you're all hanging in there. Stick around on here - it was the only thing that kept me sane while I was suffering. I try to keep up with reading the thread from time to time, but seldom have time to post properly. Soon you too will all have your babies and the horrors of HG will fade somewhat - try to hang onto that thought.
Waves to lovely Lucinda smile

MotherofPearl Fri 19-Oct-12 11:25:07

umteen not upteen blush

WeirdButTrue Fri 19-Oct-12 13:43:03

Just to say Kali I was lucky in last pg that my sickness vanished after 16 weeks and I never had a repeat dose. This time round it's so much worse, but still early days so I'm praying for a reprieve around 16 weeks again...or earlier, don't want to be greedy mind!

Apple, you sound a bit like me earlier in the week, I think the sickness makes us worry more / think the worst. I agree with the others that any GP would surely give you a repeat on the cyclizine. I'm on them too and find some days they just don't work, 2 days ago I didn't manage to keep anything down at all, yesterday I retained toast and potato but had the same dose of cyclizine both days. Today is a reasonably good day again although I'm still in bed. Zero energy and obvs I just feel rubbish. Does anyone remember what hunger actually feels like? Eating is such a battle to force food down when you least want it.

kalidasa Fri 19-Oct-12 14:13:25

Thanks for replying MOP! Like you I was in a sort of "holding pattern" for ages which was pretty manageable but the last couple of weeks both DP and I definitely feel like it is deteriorating again. Although I'm not actually vomiting that often I am having days again when I feel totally wiped out by the nausea, everything smells disgusting, I can't think straight and struggle to eat at all then have to really concentrate to keep down anything I do get in - well, you all know what I mean! I am as you advise having an afternoon sleep every day that I'm not actually in work and I am sleeping a lot at night too. I am worried because although the progression is more gradual, the direction of change does feel quite like the very beginning (2-5 weeks) again and when I did start vomiting a lot at five weeks I lost control really fast. As some of you will remember from all the posts I made from hospital!!

Anyway I had an appointment with the thrombophilia clinic today and the really nice consultant took blood so that when I go to the antenatal clinic next week they'll have the results. She also said she'd look herself this afternoon and call the midwife if anything looked dodgy. Obviously she's not an obs/gynae person herself (she specialises in pregnancy-related clotting stuff I think) but clearly she takes acute nausea/struggling to eat at this stage of pregnancy quite seriously, even though I explained that I wasn't actually throwing up too often. She was very supportive and said I should eat anything I feel like, even if it's rubbish.

wdobbs that home IV arrangement sounds great! I come from a medical family but my DP isn't confident with medical stuff at all so I doubt we'd have persuaded them to do this. It seems to happen more with HG ladies in the States though where it's called "home care" or something.

Good luck with the doctor apple.

I have funny period-like pains in my lower back today. Hope baby is not getting impatient as I'm only 34 weeks today so a bit early! Going to lie down for a while now I'm back from the hospital.

Littleplasticpeople Fri 19-Oct-12 20:51:52

Told you I'd be lurking!

kali I never stopped being sick, but it certainly got progressively worse again from about 35 weeks. Yes, the consultant took pity and offered to induce me from 38 weeks. I opted not to because it would have meant no home birth (otherwise I would've defiantly gone for it!). I wasn't readmitted inthe later stages, but I felt awful again (not as bad as the early days). Baby ended up being a week late, but I had a lovely home birth in the end so was happy with my decision not to be induced. Good luck, I'm lurking to see you through this Kali!

wdobbs Sat 20-Oct-12 09:25:05

Just taken my last dose of steroid not feeling a s great as I did at beginning of week not sure if I'm just analysing everything too much as I'm just anticipating going back down hill as
only just 15 weeks, I won't get any more home IVs now if I start to go downhill il just go with it and not try to suffer it out at home as if I'm admitted again but at 16 weeks another week of steroid would probably see me to nearly 18 at which point I've a better chance of being much more well on my own. It's hard to not think about it all the time I've had a taste of normality this week and it will be hard mentally to go 6 steps backwards!

Thankfully in my first 2 pregnancies once i got over the worst it didnt return i certainly felt rough & took meds the whole 9 months butFor those of you who suffering returns again towards the end at least you are nearly there and deserve straight forward labours & deliveries!!

glossyflower Sat 20-Oct-12 10:03:05

apple hi there. I just wanted to say in my recent experience that whilst you are feeling great on the cyclizine it may be because the anti emetic effects build up in your system so taking a low dose regularly may be keeping the sickness at bay.
I am on cyclizine and ondansetron three times a day but I have only been taking it twice as in the evening I go to bed and no longer wake in the night to vomit.
There's no reason why your GP won't issue a repeat for you, although my GPs are very cautious and wouldn't increase my ondansetron from 4mg to 8mg when I felt bad a couple of weeks ago.
I did a bit of a naughty and my dad gave me his supply as he no longer needed them.
If your GP is reluctant to reissue I would be honest with them and say you feel you need to continue.

Since I've been discharged from hospital I have not heard from my MW at all. Had anyone else found this? At my booking my MW wrote in my notes "had hyperemesis early pregnancy" which I found annoying as I HAVE HG not had it!
Also I told her I had lost a lot of weight. I'm usually 9st 10llb but went down to 8st 5llb (in a month) but when MW did my BMI she said I'm still within healthy so that's ok.
It is frustrating when medical professionals don't take it seriously.

glossyflower Sat 20-Oct-12 11:30:07

Also want to say that acupuncture really has helped me to ease off the sickness. It can be expensive but I was lucky in that my GP is trained in acupuncture so when I see him he pokes two needles into me whilst we are having the consultation. The first time I had it there, apart from retching I wasn't sick for the rest of the day.
I have kept my sea bands on continuously however I'm not sure they work that well for me (too scared to remove them!) but GP told me the pressure points are located two and a half fingers from the largest line on your wrist, and it's right in the middle of the two tendons.
You can usually see your tendons on the inside of your wrist if you make a tight fist.
I don't think the sea bands hold enough pressure for severe HG but when I have felt like I'm going to be sick I just press those pressure points as much as is comfortable and has a similar effect to acupuncture.
I'm still unsure if it really works or if it works psychologically because you are concentrating on those pressure points.
Hope it makes sense. Any questions just ask.

LucindaE Sat 20-Oct-12 20:20:51

Plastic and MOP Lovely to hear from you, how are babies?
Glossy I so agree about Acupuncture, you lucky thing that GP could do it. Otherwise, it's so expensive and ate up my savings (well, it was the only thing about me that was doing a lot of eating up). It's a shame it varies so with individuals, I believe I am right in saying it didn't help Kali an awful lot? My goodness, that's some weight loss in a month. Surely the point isn't 'healthy limits' but how much of percentage body weight you lost, which shows how ill you have been? That 'earlier' sounds very very annoying. angry
Apple Try not to get too anxious, but it might help to taken an advocate too if you feel vulnerable, and doesn't one always, in pregnancy shock. Mind you, a few tears, say, have worked for some women on here with GP's, and thought it's available over the counter, after all, why pay for the stuff over the counter when you are entitled to it free?
Wdobbs Keeping fingers crossed for you and for Kali, whom I hope doesn't get worse. I just hope resting on your days off helps you through these two weeks and the puking doesn't come back. You're being too brave; you ought to go on sick leave again, if anyone needs it, you do!
Tay How are you, and Whyand Everyone?

Tay1981 Sun 21-Oct-12 04:16:41

Hello everyone!

I am doing well - just been on a little trip with DH and DD in a camper van! Was fun and I was only sick twice in four days so doing really well. Hopefully that is a little bit of encouragement to those at an earlier stage than me. I am 21 weeks now.

Just reading through the posts and realising how lucky I am to have had understanding docs in both pregnancies. Completely agree with those saying that a low dose regularly does keep the vomiting at bay - I am taking just one tablet now but every time I've tried to stop the vomiting has increased again. Would also advocate taking someone if you think you might have trouble. Sometimes even just having a second person will tip the balance in your favor. I have bought one of my medications (phenergan) over the counter when I was too sick to get to the G.P - it was 7 quid but a big box and I told them it was for travel sickness.

kali do you mind me asking about your pregnancy-related clotting appointment? I had a pulmonary embollism 10 days after DD was born. This pregnancy am on blood thinners and will have to inject blood thinners after having the baby. Never met anyone else with a similar problem - just wondered if yours' was? No need to answer if you'd rather not discuss!!

Keep going everyone x

VeremyJyle Sun 21-Oct-12 04:29:13

Hello, newbie to the thread - certainly not a newbie to HG, just thought I'd post as I was woken at 3 o'clock and despite lots of throat acrobatics can't get back to sleep sad nearly 19 weeks, half way point

BarmeeMarmee Sun 21-Oct-12 06:13:38

Hello everyone - glad to hear that a few are sensing some relief now and welcome VJ sorry you too are suffering. I'm afraid I don't have the energy to reply individually at the moment, sorry, very bad of me, but just soooo exhausted. Spent all evening having coughing fits and almost being sick but managing not to be only to finally be violently sick about 1.30 am, since when I haven't slept well and my throat is still raw (so VJ I really do sympathise!). 37+2 and consultant tomorrow so just trying to hang in there but...

Thinking of you all and hoping you're all feeling better.

kalidasa Sun 21-Oct-12 06:43:40

Hi all. Also been up since 5 because sick, finally threw up bile 10 mins ago and hoping I might get a bit more sleep now. Keen to hear what your consultant says barmee as am just behind you, 34+2. Had NCT classes this weekend, bit depressing as everyone else seems so healthy and can walk!

Will reply properly about clotting stuff when not on iPad.

washngo Sun 21-Oct-12 08:23:15

kali sorry to hear you're not feeling good. Are you on maternity leave yet?
tay trip in camper van sounds lovely. I am 17 weeks now and hoping 20 weeks will be the point at which all gets better!
I was asked yesterday why morning sickness only happens in the morning. If only that were true!

Hello. Can I join you please.
Am sat on my bathroom floor with an inability to move. The meds my dr gave me worked for the first 2 days. (Placebo effect perhaps) because they're certainly not doing their job today.
I'm only 8 weeks, and now throwing up water. Not good at all. sad

BarmeeMarmee Sun 21-Oct-12 12:27:59

Frustrated sorry to hear you are suffering too. Are you on any medication? You really need to make sure you aren't getting dehydrated. Ring your out of hours gp or a&e if need be.

Sounds like a few of us were suffering last night.

I had to laugh last week when I saw my midwife-she commented on lack of weight gain-8kilos since my booking in appt-which means I still weigh less than when I fell pregnant. She seemed confused-I pointed out lack of food combined with vomiting will do that to a person, lol.

Kali I'll keep you posted as to what they say tomorrow.

Yeah I'm on promethazine. Only been on it since Thursday when I decided enough was enough. But last night I took it a bit later than previously (only by an hour) should that make such a difference?

Am drinking again now, little and often, and have stomached some food for the time being.
How do I know if I'm dehydrated? I am still weeing, but not as much as I was, but still more than non pg. and I'm salvating quite a bit. is that a bad thing?

barmee your midwife sounds a bit dippy.

BarmeeMarmee Sun 21-Oct-12 12:59:28

You can get ketosticks from a chemist-wont show dehydration as such but will show if you've got ketones in your urine. Others on here can explain better than me, sorry, not very good at it. If you have raised ketones that's a sign you are lacking in nutrients. Oh dear I'm not putting this very well-can someone else help??

I get it barmee, ketones in wee = not enough food/drink. (Ketones being created when body uses fat reserves).
Darn it being Sunday and lack of local chemists.

BarmeeMarmee Sun 21-Oct-12 13:21:06

Phew, glad someone understands my mad ramblings! Does one of your local supermarkets have a duty chemist? I know they do round here. NHS direct should be able to tell you your nearest one otherwise.

Not that I can get to today. sad 2 DCs, and DH at work, plus though of moving/driving anywhere is making me feel nauseous

kalidasa Sun 21-Oct-12 13:33:08

Tay back again and will answer properly about the clotting stuff. My clotting is actually fine but I was referred to the thrombophilia unit at the Royal Free because I ticked a few too many boxes, basically - I'd had a couple of early miscarriages one after another, I have a history of rheumatoid arthritis (apparently relevant though I didn't know that!) and both my elder half sisters have had clots, one a big DVT in pregnancy and the other a PE (but related to treatment for leukaemia). In fact my sister who had the DVT does have quite a rare clotting disorder and like you had to inject herself throughout her pregnancies, but I've been checked and have the all-clear. But anyway, that combined with the HG is why I got referred to them. Also when I was in hospital the second time they thought I had a clot at one point because I had some leg pain. I had the heparin injections every day when I was in hospital - as is standard I think if you're dehydrated - and will need them again if I end up going back in (which is looking depressingly likely today!) but for now I've been discharged.

Anyway I don't know where you are but I was seen twice by Dr Drebes at the Royal Free in North London and I'm naming her here because I was so impressed. A really intelligent thoughtful doctor who explained everything clearly, was very thorough, and really seemed to care about how I was in general aside from the clotting issue.

Hope everyone else is doing OK today. I've just thrown up again on a practically empty stomach. So revolting. Going to try to eat now and see if I can keep at least one thing down today to avoid losing control of the situation.

kalidasa Sun 21-Oct-12 13:41:11

frustrated yes definitely a good idea to get some ketosticks to use at home. All chemists/supermarket pharmacies should have them because they're important for diabetics. If your ketones are raised, especially over 2 (i.e. 3 or 4, which is the maximum) you should go to A&E. As you say, ketones in your blood or wee is a sign of starvation (and indirectly of dehydration). They reach your wee later than your blood so there can be a bit of a 'lag' between when things get worse and when they start showing up in the pee test. Ketosis itself makes you feel very ill - and, ironically, makes you throw up - so once you have a medium or high level of them it is very hard to break the cycle yourself, you need a drip and some serious drugs. Personally I managed to get back from 2+ a couple of times on my own, but anything higher than that and I always ended up admitted to hospital for a bit to bring it down.

goldie32 Sun 21-Oct-12 17:33:17

Hi all. Haven't had time to read all the recent posts sorry. Busy trying to prepare for going in for induction tomorrow. I am faffing like my Mum and husband can't cope for 5 mins without me! Sure they'll be just fine! So this will be my last post as it were. Thanks to you all for the support during my pregnancy. There have been days when I really couldn't have coped without you! wink
I will pop back when I can so Lucinda, please make me a space at the pink castle! Lots of love to all. xxxxx

BarmeeMarmee Sun 21-Oct-12 17:42:58

Goldie will be thinking of you tomorrow. So pleased the end is well and truly in sight for you. Please do let us know when you've reached the pink castle. How exciting!

LucindaE Sun 21-Oct-12 20:28:03

Goldie The best of all possible luck with that induction.
Welcome, Veremy and Sycamore.
Oh, no ,it seems that lots of people were suffering horribly last night. It is so dismal to be puking in the night, when everyone else is asleep. I do hope everyone is a bit better today.
Sycamore(Sorry have to ask, is that intentional, the name?) can get some
kesosticks asap.
Kali Oh no, bile run, who needs it at that stage in pregnancy, I am anxious about you, and I am clucking and saying again how you shouldn't be trying to struggle on at work.
Barmee Poor you, too. Remarkably annoying comment that, from the midwife. How are you managing the stairs, too?
Washngo Who asked that? if only!
Tay Great news.
Sorry to anyone I've rudely ignored.

BarmeeMarmee Sun 21-Oct-12 20:44:02

Hi Lucinda, the paracetamol is helping a little but still a hands and knees job by the end of the day more often than not unfortunately. Ah well!

Hi lucinda no it wasn't intentional, but it is strangely fitting. grin

kalidasa Mon 22-Oct-12 08:21:07

Thanks for clucking Lucinda! I'm sure you're right that I shouldn't really be at work, but it cheers me up so much still. I would stop immediately if it felt like a burden and in any case I've only got just over a week to go - in theory Monday 12th November is the beginning of my leave, but in practice next Wednesday is my last teaching day (because then there's 'reading week', which is basically half term). This week I only have to go in twice - today and tomorrow.

Today is so far going better than yesterday. I have made it into work and I have not yet been sick. I do still think that I am probably going to end up back in hospital before the end of this pregnancy, that just seems to be the direction of travel, but for now I am counting every day that does not include A&E or a drip as a victory!

Does anyone know if there's a hormonal reason for the vomiting getting worse again at the end? Something really feels different for me - not just the sickness, but also the bump and the baby feel a bit different, perhaps the very beginnings of preparation for the end? Fingers crossed this might mean a nice prompt arrival.

Hope everyone else is OK and can't wait for an update from goldie!

BarmeeMarmee Mon 22-Oct-12 11:34:22

Hello everyone. Kali glad you're having a better day today and have been able to get to work.

Well I've been to the consultant and cried all the way home. I think this might be the lowest I've felt. She just wasn't interested and didn't want to know. She told me I needed a thyroid function test as it was probably that rather than hyperemisis I have, prescribed me ranitidine and when she measured my bump she had the tape measure upside down and backwards (DH was at the end of the bad watching). She didn't want to know about the SPD and said while I could still walk it wasn't even a consideration. Even when I told her I can't walk by the end of the day she said they wouldn't consider doing anything early and told me to come back on my due date. I can't believe it-I was so sure we were going to get answers today or at least have some idea of when the end might be in sight. Kali I hope your consultant is better!

glossyflower Mon 22-Oct-12 15:43:36

Quick question: anybody that has taken ondansetron suffered bad headaches.
I've been fine up until a couple of weeks ago, I've been getting bad headaches on the verge of migraines every day at around the same time. I'm now guessing its the ondansetron.

kalidasa Mon 22-Oct-12 17:27:43

Oh barmee I'm sorry, what an idiot, and how disappointing, you must feel right at the end of your tether. Do you have a good midwife you can talk to about how low you are feeling? You are dealing with a lot and your emotional/psychological state ought to be a consideration as well. I just don't think anyone who hasn't been there has any idea how demoralising it is to feel sick/be sick/constantly worry about being sick day after day after day for months. And re: the SPD, I do resent my crutches and feel ugly and self-conscious on them (and a bit of walking joke as am so pregnant too) but at least when you are on crutches and can still barely shuffle along it is really obvious that there is a major problem. I found even in a rheumatology clinic, where they must see a lot worse, they were really kind about it.

What was her rationale for suggesting that you have an underlying thyroid issue? My thyroid results went funny for quite a while but I was told (and my father who's a retired endocrinologist confirmed) that this is often a secondary effect of hyperemesis and doesn't usually indicate underlying thyroid disease. Did your doctor give a reason for thinking differently? In my case I also pointed out that I didn't feel remotely hyperthyroid (rather the opposite!), and it doesn't sound like you do either.

Anyway I'm sorry you had such a grim appointment. I think it is easy for professionals in these circs to forget how much a patient can have pinned on their appointment, how much they may have been holding out for it desperately and that even if you have good reasons for turning them down you need to be gentle and offer clear explanations. Or even some sympathy and encouragement! There's a difference between a doctor who makes you feel dismissed and one who says "I know this is really hard but I think it is better for the baby if you can keep going for a bit longer" (or whatever). I try to remember when I see students for supervisions or tutorial meetings that what is just one routine appointment for me among many might be a really big deal for them and that even (or especially) the ones who seem bolshy or difficult can be in a state underneath.

Do you have any signs of anything happening? Any chance things might kick off naturally for you quite soon?

LucindaE Mon 22-Oct-12 19:37:13

Kali So glad you've only got two days - I'm sure you don't look ugly on crutches, I'm sure you look lovely and tragic sad.
I'm speechless about Barmee's bad experience with the consultant - how insensitive angry and thanks goodness for Kali's father's expertise in this.
Hugs and gentle cyber pats, Barmee. It is too bad having Hyperemesis and spd together without being cheerfully 'Oh, it's all due to something else'. Let's hope the thryroid thing is as Kali suggests.
Veremy How are you today? I hope you've been able to leave the bathroom? Really sorry you are suffering so at nineteen weeks, let's hope it turns around at twenty.
Sycamore Any luck getting kesosticks? Without, I'm sure you know that if your urine becomes dark, that's a sure sign of dehydration, and I think sometimes there's a weird, fruity smell too shock.
We need MOH's expertise about the headaches and Ondansetron,and about whether the sickness recurring is hormonal. I wonder if there is a big surge of hormones at the end? I heard somewhere that you can have 100 times your normal level of female hormones by the end.
Hope everyone's coping today and everyone manages to have a non head-down-the-loo night tonight.

LucindaE Tue 23-Oct-12 19:40:33

Cluck, very quiet on here. I hope everyone didn't spend the night in the bathroom sad.

lucinda no, not yet, but have had slightly better few days. Trying not to eat or drink too much in one go is helping. Wee isn't dark. But will try and remember to get some tomorrow, so I have some in for the weekend, as that seems to be when I get worse.

Hello hope everyone on here is ok and not suffering too much. Thank you all for your advice, I feel a bit of a fraud on here as I am hardly suffering at all since coming out of hospital! I really feel for those of you who have suffered so much for so long, you deserve easy births and lovely well behaved babies smile

Afm I have finally got appointment with dr tomorrow for repeat meds and am just hoping I will come out with a new prescription!

glossyflower Tue 23-Oct-12 20:51:58

barmee you can make a complaint about your consultant for not listening to your concerns and be very assertive you want another consultant appointment with someone else as soon as possible.

I have my first consultant appointment on Thursday, hope he's good.

As for my ondansetron, I have stopped taking it for a couple of days and my migraines have disappeared however my nausea and vomiting has worsened again to the point of everything I eat I vomit.

I think I will have to put up with the daily afternoon migraines :-(

Hope everyone is having good days rather than bad xxx

Hello all

just to update dr gave me my repeat without too much hassle. It was a bit bizarre though I told him about hospital etc and asked for repeat cyclizine as still felt bad when I've not taken it. He asked if I got heartburn so I said yes. He said that might b making me sick so he'd prescribe gaviscon. I asked if I could still have cyclizine and then he asked if hospital had been able to tell me what was making me sick. He actually asked if I knew what was causing it!! shock

so I pointed to my 6 month bump and said I think it might be this!!

It was all a lot easier after that and at least I won't have to pay for my gaviscon! smile

hope everyone is ok it's very quiet on here x

Whyismymindblank Wed 24-Oct-12 23:26:01

Does anyone have any tips on how to stop it stinging when you've been sick through your nose? (there was me thinking I was getting better... Not been such a good day today sad ).

wdobbs Thu 25-Oct-12 09:02:44

Glossy flower - I also have been suffering headaches thy came on 2 weeks ago at Week 14 - I don't usually suffer from headaches I've been taking 8mg zofran since week 8/9 - I go to bed with them and wake up with them, hoping if I can drop down to 4mg maybe they will clear if it's the zofran.

Still vomit free after steroids but not feeling well enough to be re intergrated back into society just yet - hoping if I make it another week or so I will broken the back of it and try ad get my life back ... Taking b6 in the morning but only 30mg wasn't sure of how high i could go in an effort to prevent relapse into vomiting everything . Anyone have an idea or positive stories of b6? Acupuncture probably hast helped as much as it did 2 previous pregnancies but it has been up against a much bigger beast!

Washngo- you are only 3 weeks ahead of me? I'm 16 and your kind of my point of referernce how are you feeling!!

Hope everyone is doing ok x

LucindaE Thu 25-Oct-12 18:27:45

Wdobbsand Glossy How awful about the migraines - I remember *MOH saying you could take quite high doses of B6 safely and that it really seems to help with other drugs. I've heard B vitamins generally help with migraines too, sadly not for me. I've been looking on her website for info on B6 but can't seem to find the bit in question. I hope they aren't bad to the point of making you puke, that would make the Ondansetron pointless?
Apple The doctor hadn't heard of Hyperemesis, then? shock. I'm so glad that the meds are working well for you.
Why Oh, horrors, poor you, how dismal. I didn't find anything stopped the stinging that I can think of - rinsing out my nose with water didn't seem to help.
Sycamore I have got a scrawled message for you, can't read it! Anyway, I'm glad that urine so far isn't turning into that alarming builder's tea colour!
Hope Everyone's comparatively OK, and apologies to anyone I've rudely overlooked.

MOH100 Thu 25-Oct-12 19:10:00

just a quickie, madly busy, been on holiday and off for family wedding in Scotland tomorrow, just to say to wdobbs that I do know of women who've had good results with B6 and you can safely take up to 200mg of it according to the following paper, here's the relevent paragraph, the reference is EBRAHIMI, N., MALTEPE, C. & EINARSON, A. (2010) Optimal management of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. International Journal of Women's Health, 2.

Pyridoxine or vitamin B6 has been studied extensively for its antiemetic property. Two randomized controlled studies reported that vitamin B6 significantly reduced the severity of NVP symptoms in women with moderate or severe nausea and vomiting, when compared with placebo.32,33 Although no relationship has been found between B6 status and the incidence of morning sickness, using 10–40 mg/day appears to reduce the severity of NVP symptoms.32,33 Its effectiveness for reducing the severity of NVP has been used as a parameter in several studies to compare the effec- tiveness of ginger in reducing NVP symptoms with ginger appearing superior to B .30,34,35 The B dose can be adjusted according to maternal weight and severity of NVP, and maternal doses of up to 500 mg/day can be used without increasing maternal adverse effect or jeopardizing fetal safety.35 However, a dose of up to 200 mg/day, as suggested in the 2007 Motherisk NVP algorithm, is the current recom- mended high dose. Concerns about maternal toxicity have been reported with dosages much higher than 500 mg/day, and in the 2000–6000 mg/day range.35

you can download the full paper from sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/documents

lucinda sorry, I don't know much about hormones and migraines beyond what you probably already know yourself from bitter experience. I have heard of others having ondansetron headaches. It's just another low blow from HG.

sorry for swiftness will read all posts properly when back from scotland

whyis I find i have to firmly blow my nose, and snort a bit to clear it. Past that I'm not sure what can help.

apple it sounds like your doctor forgot to read your notes before your appointment. Although not sure how a 6mth bump can be missed by a doctor. Perhaps he was checking that another cause wasn't found and he'd not been informed.

I feel the nausea is being kept at bay just at the moment, but feels like it is just under the surface, and if I cough too hard I will be sick. not helpful when I still haven't got rid of a lingering cough after my cold and I have a stubborn headache right in my forehead that won't do one. And I can't take anything for it. paracetamol is not an option

I'm liking the Halloween sicky smiley envy

Whyismymindblank Thu 25-Oct-12 22:46:47

Thanks guys - tried plenty of rinsing +blowing, bit of a balance tho as it also made me feel sick again! Didn't realise being sick through your nose was so common, i've never found it an issue before, even when I was being sick a lot. But dh says he's always sick through his nose. It was the way even my eyes seemed to burn afterwards that was really unpleasant sad
One bright side I've found: dissolving my nasal passages yesterday seems to have calmed my over sensitive sense of smell today! smile

frustrated - nice of Mn to give us a smiley specially for the hg thread isn't it <looks like me in a hat> --> envy

LucindaE Fri 26-Oct-12 10:27:54

MOH Have a wonderful trip and thanks so much for that expert information. I remembered you'd written on B6 before.
Being sick through the nose, migraines as a side effect from meds, increased risk of spd if laid up too long - the illness seems to attack from all sides.
I wonder if Goldie's golden baby has arrived?
Barmee and Kali I hope OK? Kali Is that it with work for you now? How is the envy in our sense of the smiley?
Oh, dear, nothing more from Veremy after that sad night on the bathroom floor at twenty weeks post.

glossyflower Fri 26-Oct-12 10:49:42

Hmm. I've had a thought (dangerous)
Well hearing about vitamin b6 I remembered a few years ago I was prescribed it for depression. I took it for a while but can't remember if it worked. I've had several relapses of depression, been on several different medications, counsellors, CBT etc ... But I'm just wondering out aloud if vitamin b6 deficiency has anything to do with having hyperemesis.
I don't think I've ever had my b6 levels taken so I don't know if I am deficient, but just read up on deficiency symptoms and have most of those - depression, sore tongue (I have a weird embarrassing thing called geographic tongue) and used to have bad skin.

Does anybody else relate to the same? Maybe it's an unknown cause of HG.
I did hear women living in western countries are more likely to have HG than those in developing countries...could be under reporting or could be we eat lots of processed foods.

glossyflower Fri 26-Oct-12 10:58:17

Looks like I was on the right track!


kalidasa Fri 26-Oct-12 13:15:59

Thanks for asking after me lucinda. I'm OK, though had a really depressing morning at the hospital today. The scan was fine (baby is doing well) but I saw yet another registrar - why does one never see the same doctor twice?! - who was really useless. I tried to explain that the vomiting is getting worse and that I'm worried that I'll be totally exhausted and really ill by the time the baby actually arrives, but she just kept saying I should try different foods. Had I tried soft foods? etc. As if one hasn't tried absolutely everything after eight months of this! I tried to explain that I am having some days when I keep vomiting on an empty stomach but she just didn't seem to be registering what I was saying, and then when I got to the pharmacy to fill the prescription I discovered she had prescribed me a lower dose of both the cyclizine and the ranitidine than I've been on the entire pregnancy, despite the fact I said that the sickness was getting worse at the moment. I'm afraid to say that I started to cry pathetically about five minutes into the appointment and didn't stop. I think I'll just have to rely on getting someone better if I do end up back in hospital. (Although the pharmacists were great - they rang the clinic, spoke to a different doctor and corrected the prescription back to what I've been on all the way through.)

As for work, I'm meant to be going in for three more days next week, but that's all. I'm actually really worried about my mood after I finish - as it is, I get really depressed by the end of every week after a few days at home. Because I can't walk, I am basically housebound and I'm worried about how low I am going to get if I end up stuck on maternity leave for weeks before the baby arrives, throwing up and unable to leave the house! I wish I could work for longer to be honest. Even though it's tiring it makes me feel so much more positive about everything, including the baby.

As for the B6, they put me on it right at the beginning after my first admission and I took it for a while. It didn't really seem to do anything for me but I've heard other women say it helped.

Hope everyone else had a better morning!

Just popping in to say hi.

Kali that is shocking. I am constantly surprised at how crap some of the poeple supposedly looking after us can be! Am glad pharmasist was much better, what a relief. I was actually sent home from hospital by dr with anti sickness jab in bum and advice to just try to eat even though I had 3+ ketones! Not surprisingly I ended up back there in a terrible state less than 12 hours later! Really hope you get someone better next time (and even better get the final prize of a lovely babysmile )

lucinda that dr has actually seen me to prescribe anti sickness meds earlier in pregnancy. Also feel the least he could have done was read my notes!

Hope everyone else is ok x

LucindaE Sat 27-Oct-12 19:18:47

Dashing on to say Kali I am really dismayed. It seems outrageous - there must be a way round this. I'm glad at least the pharmacists were helpful. No wonder you cried; it's so frustrating. They don't seem to credit sufferers with an ounce of sense - soft foods? If only...Hugs. It's bad about the housebound thing being so depressing, I'm trying to think what to suggest but it's all banal on the lines of are there friends/relatives who will come round, could you set yourself a target of books to read before baby arrives and such things become impossible (not as if they're easy when you're feeling bad)? I got through 'Vanit Fair' and 'War and Peace' when suffering, those particular covers still make me feel sick, lol, or become a radio addict, anything to keep gloomy thoughts out of your head as much as possible. These are silly suggestions, really, no doubt you have a whole lot of academic stuff you do to keep occupied.
Crumbles I am horrified that they discharged you with an level of ketones in that made it a medical emergency shock. I heard of that happening to one other person FluffyWhiteKittens who used to be on here, it's awful it's still happening.
Glossy That is an intriguing idea, for sure.
Nothing from Goldie yet, then? I hope Barmee and Everyone is bearing up.

kalidasa Sun 28-Oct-12 07:37:59

Thanks lucinda and apple. I've mostly been lucky with doctors actually, I think this was just a weak link in what has been otherwise a pretty good team. It was demoralising at the time but oddly I cheered up quite a lot on Friday afternoon. My v. sensible DP pointed out that I have been very stoic lately and possibly having a good cry was actually quite therapeutic! He is French and much more sensible about emotional stuff than I am.

I do have plenty to do once I'm on maternity leave - I am editing a big book at the moment, each chapter by a different contributor, and lots of them are not writing in their first language or have not stuck to the word-count so need quite a lot of editing! It's more the isolation that's the problem I think, it's hard to get people to come round as of course they work during the day and evenings are not good for me in terms of feeling tired/sick very early on. Still, it's only a few weeks now. The baby is in a good position (head down, back at the front) and I think he is maybe beginning to engage as my bump feels 'emptier' at the top than it did; I'm also getting quite a lot of 'practice' contractions. So maybe it won't be too long before he arrives. Fingers crossed!

Hope everyone else is surviving.

BarmeeMarmee Sun 28-Oct-12 09:58:50

Hello everyone. Kali your DH sounds very sensible-I think he's right about sometimes needing a good cry to get things out of your system.

How is Everyone today?

I'm still feeling quite despondent, for want of a better word, however DH last night arranged a babysitter and took me to see Skyfall so it was lovely to feel "normal" for a few hours (and I discovered toffee popcorn didn't make me feel sick -who knew?! grin). Is anyone else taking raspberry leaf capsules? Sorry if its been covered before, I'm getting desperate! Still nothing from Goldie? I hope she just caught up in life in the pink castle.

glossyflower Sun 28-Oct-12 11:08:07

kali barmee big hugs to you both. And to everyone else who is struggling to keep your heads held high.

It must be a full moon or something as I have also been very upset.
I'm housebound 90% of the time. I go out to my appointments, and might pop to the shop but its wearing me down.

Yesterday I was upset firstly with dh who said to me "get the Hoover out then" when I complained the floor was dirty. Then he left for work in the morning, he usually leaves some sandwiches in the fridge for me for later, he hadn't so I asked him about it he said "you have to start doing it yourself". That upset me a lot because I find it difficult even going into the kitchen, just makes me feel sick.
Then I thought I fancied a lovely cup of tea with some biscuits, it was the best cup of tea I've ever made, not enjoyed one for weeks if not months. I threw it up complete with the disgusting curdled milk.
We were invited to a friends Halloween party that I decided I couldn't go and dh sulked about it all night. I told him I don't want to be like this, sick and isolated he just said I don't help myself.
I have two lovely dogs that have not been walked properly for ages, my dh could take them but he just doesnt; because of my heightened smell and the fact i can't stand the sight of hair, the dogs are not allowed in the living room or upstsirs anymore. The dogs are a bit miserable; one of them has taken to pissing on the floor at night and I can smell it from upstairs. My sense of smell is so intense at the moment, I tell my dh I can smell it, he doesn't believe me.
This morning there was dog piss again.
I broke down and cried hysterically for about an hour.
He's gone to work. I'm still in bed and I don't want to get out sad

LucindaE Sun 28-Oct-12 14:07:53

Glossy Poor you about tea, oh dear, for some reason that is as horrible to throw up as solids envy but what luck about popcorn! DH sounds brisk in the way that men are about this, but if they give themselves a violent hangover, apparently it's different wink. I know what you mean about that heightened sense of smell, I thought the fridge stank unbearably and DH smelt of roast pork and I used to take a lavender satchet to bed because of it. Too bad of the dog to get emotional problems! I'm glad you had an outing.
Kali What your DH says is so true; I'm glad you've got a lot of editing to do. Is the baby going to be called a French or English name, or a combination? Apple and Everyone I hope OK. Still horrified about Apple's story of being discharged like that angry.
I've got the Pink Castle drawbridge down for Goldie but she hasn't crossed it yet.

kalidasa Sun 28-Oct-12 16:06:32

Barmee we are planning to go and see Skyfall before the baby arrives as well! As a treat we have bought membership to the v. posh cinema near us which has waitress service at your seat (!). Looking forward to that. Yes, my DP is a star and I am so lucky. We hadn't been together very long when I got pregnant and you don't really know how someone will cope in a tough situation until it happens. But he has been an absolute rock from the very beginning. Given that I started feeling sick 48 hours after conception and he had to fly back from a work trip to the States when I was hospitalised at five weeks back in early April it has been a LONG pregnancy for us both!!

glossyflower I know exactly what you mean about chucking up curdled milk. For months I threw up my breakfast cereal every single morning so had all too much experience of this! Not sure I'll ever be able to eat breakfast cereal again to be honest. I stuck with it because I knew I would throw up the first thing regardless and I found that the consistency was at least easier on the throat than toast or whatever. The curdled milk is revolting though. I hope you are feeling a bit better now. I think it is really impossible to explain how awful the constant nausea/overactive nose thing is to anyone who hasn't experienced it.

Lucinda we have chosen names that work in both French and English. DP will speak to the baby in French and I'll use English and for speaking to each other we'll use a mixture. That's the plan anyway!

wdobbs Sun 28-Oct-12 19:26:07

Thanks MOH its very interesting I know hyperemesis is meant to have a correlation with B6 deficiency but I'm not convinced, i have it on good authority its the first line treatment in austrailia apparently they swear by it, I've been take 30mg every day I am taking to much already I don't want to overload the system trying to process all the medication too! for now

I'm still vomit free post steroids - which is when I started to take the b6 as a kind of preventative measure but boy am I feeling so rough, still can't really can't do anything or move top much without feeling awful hopefully that will pick up in a couple weeks just trying to get strength back after 10wks of no food & severe illness as you all know it's a go slow approach

Can't believe what an awful time Some of you guys are having hang on in there will be over soon and it will be worth it in the end

Tay1981 Mon 29-Oct-12 02:16:40

glossyflower I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. If it makes you feel any better I have had v similar conversations with DH at times. The smell thing is awful - I thought i could smell it when someone opened the fridge even when I was upstairs with my bedroom door shut. Like Lucinda I did find a hanky with lavender oil on it bearable and strong enough to 'cover' smells and prevent me from actually being sick because of them. I still find the fridge difficult - I think it smells terrible even though everyone else says its fine.

I was prescribed and took b6 for a while but not long enough to know if it was helpful - taking tablets was a horrible experience in those days so I avoided unless convinced it was going to help! They do sell vitamin b6 lollipops for morning sickness here in the states. Not tried one though.

kali don't feel bad at crying. It is amazing what some medical professionals will say though - I had an appointment with a nurse yesterday who could not believe that I still vomit in the morning at 22 weeks and suggested I have a further protein snack after dinner. I didn't bother to explain to her that I feel very lucky to be able to eat dinner and keep it down and that a further protein snack after dinner would almost certainly result in a vomit after dinner as well as before breakfast!!

Has anyone ever experienced blue lips / fingernails before?? I have noticed a few times that my lips have been a bit blue and mentioned it at my check up and they panicked me a bit by ordering an ECG on Monday. I am pretty certain there is nothing wrong with my heart and from what I've read blue extremities can be a symptom of anemia?? Anyone's experience / thoughts on the matter would be v helpful!!

kalidasa Mon 29-Oct-12 08:44:46

glossyflower I forgot to say yesterday that as well as the lavender tip you could try Vick's vaporub rubbed on your upper lip. I found that even lavender smelt a bit "off" to me but that the strong menthol-y smell of the Vick's was quite good. If you can find a strong smell that you can bear, also rub it on your pillow/pyjama top/a piece of cloth that you put by your face as you sleep or whatever to keep the smell with you. When I was really ill I slept childishly with a bear and I put the strong scents directly on him. It seems silly but having a really strong scent in the bed allowed me to bear being close to DP when he smelt so badly to me all the time! My sister liked the smell of bleach/lavatory cleaner when she was really sick - says it was the only thing that smelt "clean" to her at the time!

Even now at the very end I've noticed that that horrible feeling of everything smelling unpleasant returns whenever I feel more sick than usual. But the worst problems with smells faded for me around 12-14 weeks, definitely before the sickness really improved.

glossyflower Mon 29-Oct-12 22:17:51

Just a quickie...finally got myself some ketostix, didn't have to wait 15 secs, it came up plus 4 immediately. So back in hospital on the usual. I think it's for the best.
Good tip about lavender oil in a hanky. I will try that one.
Before I get into bed I do cover the sheets with Johnsons lavender baby talc, has a similar effect to calm my sense of smell.
Hope everyone is having good days xxx

s0fedup Mon 29-Oct-12 22:33:33

hi everyone
I have just read this through and I am so sorry you are all suffering
I am 8weeks with my 3rd dc and I am really struggling.
I was terribly sick with first 2 so no surprise i just feel so dreadful...
I am not actually throwing up but I am constantly nauseous, head swimming, hollow tummy, excess saliver and swallowing vomit with every swallow.
God I feel so sorry for myself (sorry)
I have my first GP appointment on wed, is there any chance with my history that they could prescribe anything do you think?
thanks so much x

Tay1981 Tue 30-Oct-12 02:41:36

sofedup they can totally prescribe you something. Unfortunately it seems depend on who the doctor is and their knowledge of hyperemesis / HG. You don't have to be throwing up to need help though - constant nausea is so horrible and wearing. I would just make sure you tell them how much the nausea is interfering with your life / ability to function. Also if you have lost any weight might not hurt to mention that either. I have always been lucky and had very understanding docs who have prescribed right away. Presumably since you're on your 3rd time (so brave!!) you've tried every trick in the book.

Just in case .....some folks find flat coke / flat coke ice cubes can help settle the stomach. Personally I found R Whites lemonade ice lollies v soothing when couldn't get anything else down. This pregnancy I found the saliva a real problem - I know some people spit it out - I sucked on boiled sweets / ice sometimes when it was really bad. Main thing is to try and stay hydrated even if you can't eat anything.

Good luck with the doc!! Take someone with you if you feel you might need moral support / help arguing your case. Did the sickness pass with your first 2 pregnancies? You are probably right at the peak of it now. Everyone on here knows exactly how miserable it can be. Let us know how you get on!

kalidasa Tue 30-Oct-12 08:40:04

Sorry you are back in hospital glossyflower. I hope your DH is being more supportive now he realises how ill you are (I think hospital can help a bit from this point of view). Are they going to do anything different re: drugs now you've been readmitted? I spent a long time on: cyclizine 3 x a day; metoclopramide 3 x a day; ondansetron 8 mg 3 x a day; ranitidine 150mg 2 x a day. So if you're on anything less than that little lot (!) there are still other things they can try adding in. If you find that even after a while on a drip you still have ketones because you haven't eaten for a long time, then ask them about food replacement drinks. They put me on the ones called 'Ensure' and even though they are a bit grim, and I did throw them up, they definitely made a difference as got some calories in.

BarmeeMarmee Tue 30-Oct-12 15:24:23

Well just back from my midwife appt, have been referred to the hospital at 4.30 due to reduced movements although she listened to the heartbeat which was fine so not overly concerned. She was very unimpressed with my consultant so has put in an extra appt with me next week and is going to come to my house, bless her. She's also told me not to leave without a plan in place when I see the consultant at 40+3 and to push for early induction so an interesting day! On the plus side baby is head down and not breach now which is something.

Glossy sorry to hear you're in hospital again. I hope your DH is being more understanding now. Let me know if you need me to come and beat him with my crutches grin.

How is everyone else today?

s0fedup Tue 30-Oct-12 16:40:12

thanks so much for replying.
Funnily enough I feel better today but I made a point of getting out the house to distract myself...
I am just going to be honest and say to GP that I am back to work next week andI will not be able to work unless it is sorted and I want to work!
I will keep posting here if thats ok as you all know what I am going through xx

LucindaE Tue 30-Oct-12 18:47:32

SO Poor you, welcome, and do stick around, everyone is very supportive on here. I can't really add to what others have said, don't be stoic when you see the GP, emphasize how it's making your life a misery and you won't be able to work without meds. Do ice lollies help or little nibbles of sweet or salty foods? It's so difficult to get anything down, so do watch out that you're getting enough liquids, as you can get dehydrated even when not puking if you can't face drinking much. As this is your third pregnancy with things so bad, I'm sure you don't need that advice from me anyway.
Glossy Oh no! You poor thing, back in hospital. As Kali says it will make your OH realise that you are very ill, you must have been feeling terrible with 4+ ketones. I hope they work out some effective meds for you.
Barmee I'm glad about the heartbeat - and baby engaging so nicely! How is the spd/nausea?
Tay I wish I could advise about blue fingernails - I'm sure I've seen them on people who appeared to be quite healthy, though. How annoying that 'helpful' advice from the nurse must have been! How restrained of you not to make a sarcastic repl