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Pregnant with no. 3 / 4 / 5...?!

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LimeLeafLizard Thu 14-Jun-12 10:02:04

Just wondering if anyone else is pg with their 3rd, 4th, 5th, or more?!

I am newly pg with baby number 4 and finding it a bit different this time.

Yesterday I flicked through a couple of magazines but the content didn't seem that relevant to me. I am quietly happy but not nearly as excited or nervous as I was before, especially the first time.

I know what kind of birth I want (same as the last two times) and I don't need to buy any stuff, so there doesn't seem so much to think about, at least until the scan.

I am also a bit worried about how other people are going to react when we tell them. There seems to be a general view that wanting 4 children must make us mad.

Hope I am not alone?!

morecoffeemorecoffee Thu 14-Jun-12 10:31:48

Hi lime congratulations! I'm pregnant with number 3! I'm only 4/5 wks. How far are you? I'm not as nervous as previous pregnancies, but still worrying something will go wrong. I have sold/passed on lots of our baby stuff from my first 2dc, so will have some stuff to buy. What sort of birth are you hoping for?

4kidsnobump Thu 14-Jun-12 11:21:43

Hi Lime congratulations!

I'm currently 19 weeks with no.5. I completely get the worrying about other peoples reactions! We have only told close family and friends so far. Am waiting until after the 20 week scan, and then will tell the DC's and I guess everyone else will find out then (the kids always want to tell everyone they are having a new brother or sister!) How old are your other DC's?

I have also only been back at work a few months after having DC4 so am really not looking forward to telling them I will be on maternity leave again soon hmm. I think I will be giving up work this time though....am finding it nearly impossible to organise all the DC's and also try and concentrate on work stuff...

Morecoffee we got rid of all our baby boy stuff as DC4 was a girl, and we weren't planning any more....so if it ends up being a boy we will have to get some more stuff (mainly clothes!)

I also keep having the odd panic about coping with another one...especially if I'm having a bad day with the other DC's...but I guess we will just muddle along and get through it all somehow! I have to admit some days even I think I am nuts having 5!

OnlyWantsOneTwoAndThree Thu 14-Jun-12 11:26:02

I'm 31 weeks with dc3 smile

The only things that need to be bought are some new born nappies. We have everything else. I bought shit loads of mat pads yesterday so hopefully sorted. Which is a huge relief. Some of my friends are having their firsts around the same time as us and they are out shopping etc for baby xrap all the time!!

I haven't bought any clothes for this one. Dc 1 & 2 are girls and don't know gender of this one but I'm sure we can muddle through - I have lots of white sleep suits etc

The only thing I worry about is getting out with 3 on my own as dd2 is 18 months and FAST!

felixstow84 Thu 14-Jun-12 11:45:11

Congratulations everyone. I am 25 weeks with no3. Thought family was complete but accidents happen.
My youngest is 6 so the whole thing feels brand new.
However, I think I am more anxious this time. I realistically know this is my last and I do worry that things may go wrong.
I had started getting rid of stuff. Glad it took me so long.
Know this birth will be a csections as had two previously. One crash and 1 failed vbac.

javotte Thu 14-Jun-12 11:51:09

I'm 21 weeks with dc3. We already have a boy and a girl so I don't need to buy anything.
Many people have asked if the pregnancy was planned (it was) and can't understand who could want a third child when they already have "one of each".

LimeLeafLizard Thu 14-Jun-12 12:08:14

Hey everyone, thanks for your replies!

morecoffee I recognise your name from the ttc boards! (You were on the 'month-bfp' threads I think - I was on the 'sleigh' ones!) Congratulations! I am 5 +1 weeks so similar to you.

Last two times I had a straightforward home birth, would love the same again if all goes well.

Onlywants grin at first timers out shopping for baby crap all the time... BIL and SIL are like that! But I was the same with DC1! I have 3 boys but like you won't be buying more clothes until after the baby is born, my newborn clothes are fairly neutral anyway.

4kids, you'll have to name change soon, then! Glad you know what I mean about telling other people. I want to tell my DC but I know they'd instantly tell everyone else so I can't. They are 7, 4 and 23 months. Actually I did tell DC3 quietly the other day, knowing he wouldn't have a clue what I meant! How old are yours?

felix congrats! It will be lovely for your DC to help you with their new sibling! How have they reacted so far?

javotte -yes, that kind of reaction from others is what makes me hmm about telling people. Because I have 3 boys I anticipate lots of 'bet you'd like a girl' comments.

felixstow84 Thu 14-Jun-12 12:25:17

Thank you. Yes, they are thrilled. Especially older one who was desparate for a baby brother or sister.

morecoffeemorecoffee Thu 14-Jun-12 12:50:07

I thought I recognised your name too lime ! Have you been ttc long? I'm feeling really nauseous at the moment sad but in a twisted way I'm glad as its reassuring me smile home birth sounds lovely smile I will be having csection previous 2 were also csections. Still got cot, bedding and plenty of clothes, but need car seat, pushchair, plus depending how breast feeding goes, bottles, steriliser etc! Yikes!

Yes, I remember the days of endless shopping during my 1st pregnancy! So funny. My dsis was the same with her 1st.

notsoold Thu 14-Jun-12 16:27:21

Hi there....we are on pg number 3 but with a longer gap between these pregnancy and our 13 yo ds...
It means we haven't got a thing But we are not desesparate to buy as I know how much goes waste.
I might start to buy at 12 week (next week)

CountryKitty Thu 14-Jun-12 18:48:22

Hi I'm almost 8 weeks with DC3 and can't wait to have all the chaos and noise that comes with a bigger family! We mc in February and again in March so our families know we were ttc and will probably be expecting an announcement soon. Got an early scan next week and so hoping everything goes well.

Also don't need to buy a thing unless its a boy as got 2 girls aged 7 & 4. Agree with the magazine - not really relevant any more and was so disappointed as I used to love reading them when pg with dd1&2.

I'm so jealous of those of you expecting numbers 4 & 5 - how lovely!

GizzyBoo Thu 14-Jun-12 19:27:42

Hi there.

24 weeks with #4 here grin
There is a gap of almost 10 years between this baby and my youngest so I think that is adding to the excitement. None of us can wait! I am also trying to stop and savour every moment as I know from experience how quickly this time passes and I want to remember these days.

I am picking bits and bobs up for the baby as we have nothing saved from the others but to be honest we won't be needing much. A lot of the stuff out these is overpriced tat you are guilted in to buying. I know from experience how little its used. So this is a baby on a budget grin

LimeLeafLizard Thu 14-Jun-12 19:49:16

It is interesting to read the replies and hear different povs!

Kitty so sorry to hear about your miscarriages, I hope your scan goes well next week.

Gizzy yes I totally get wanting to remember and savour every moment -this will be our last baby and once you realise how quickly the whole thing goes, it seems more important to enjoy it.

MoreCoffee we have been trying since the start of this year -so conceived on the 6th cycle. Seemed to take ages at the time, but in hindsight I think we're lucky it wasn't longer -I am almost 37!

4kidsnobump Thu 14-Jun-12 20:28:49

Limeleaf mine are 6 (next week!), 5 , 2 next month and 1 in August. No 5 is due in Nov so this will be our first winter baby! My DC would also tell everyone! For some reason I am always paranoid that something will go wrong so that's why I'm holding off telling them until after the 20 week scan!

Are everyone else's planned baby's? This one was definately not...DH was already booked in for the snip when we found out...he has since had it, so this will definately be our last (unless we are the 1 in 2000 or whatever the statistic is for the snip failing!)

Defiantely can agree on the 'baby stuff' buying. When I look at all the stuff I bought for DC1 & 2 (a boy and girl), I can't believe how much there is - particularly clothes! Although on the positive side we have bought next to nothing for DC3 & 4 (also boy and girl!) as I had kept everything wink. I can't seem to move for all the dresses which belonged to DD1, and are now being worn by DD2...I don't know when I thought she would have time to wear all these things!

Oh and thanks for reminding me...have updated my name now grin

Dinosaurdrip Fri 15-Jun-12 01:59:13

Hi I'm 12 weeks with no3 have 2ds (4&2). I have a friend at work who is pregnant with no1 and the difference is amazing. She wants to talk about it all the time, and ask questions about this and that, which is understandable whereas I just want to quietly savour what will be my last pregnancy.

I am also getting so many people asking if it was planned and when I say yes they say ah I bet you just want a girl....er no!

Congratulations to you all.

bloomingmarvellous Fri 15-Jun-12 03:30:21

Im approx 4 weeks with number four. After three girls a boy would be nice but all the gender prediction sites are confident that its a girl, and they have proved to be right with my previous girls

carries Fri 15-Jun-12 08:58:45

Hi, I'm 5 wks with no3, total shock & unplanned. Just did test on Tuesday & have gone through a whirlwind of emotions. But both DH and I are so happy and excited now. DH has been grinning since I told him. Maybe hysteria smile. We have 2Dd, 8 & 5, youngest will be 6 when baby due. So excited about having a bigger family! Excited & embarrassed about telling people as I was so adamant there would be no more babies! I have no baby equipment, clothes, advice books or toys anymore as I gave it all away! So we are starting from scratch. I wondered round mothercare in a daze the other day. I forgot I would need to buy mat bras, mat clothes (none of them left either), new pram, car seat, cot etc... But so happy that we'll have a mad crazy bigger family!

LimeLeafLizard Fri 15-Jun-12 13:08:22

Yes, for us this was planned, we always wanted 4 children.

Blooming, those gender sites haven't been right for me. DS2 and DS3 are often predicted as being girls and I myself should be a man according to some of them! I expect a fourth boy though... I'd love a daughter but I think DH and I are just made to have boys. My sons are all totally different personalities though.

carries, wow, that must take some adjusting too! What a nice surprise! Are you happy about the opportunity to do all the shopping again?!

4kids maybe if DC5 is a girl she will be able to use up all the dresses that DD2 won't?

carries Fri 15-Jun-12 15:40:11

Limeleaf - adjusting to it really well! So happy! Looking forward to buying mat clothes & new buggy! But which I'd kept stuff now :-/

4boyzmum Fri 15-Jun-12 20:27:17

Hi there.....28 weeks with #5! not planned but after initial shock extremely happy. had the same feeling when telling folk that we were having another one....kind of nervous and embarrassed to tell people, but then i felt really cross with myself for allowing other peoples opinions to bother me and take the shine off our happy news if u get me? in the beginning we got the usual 'you must be mental' or 'dont you have a tv?' comments, also as we have all boys then EVERYONE assumes im in some mad, psychotic bid to get a daughter!! so not the case at all. baby #5 is a boy and tbh boy or girl was irrelevant, as cliched as it sounds i'll just thank my lucky stars that we get a healthy baby at the end of my pregnancy. some people even make ridiculous comments like 'aww, never mind' or 'OH NO!' when we tell them we're having another boy! morons!! as we didnt plan on #5 then alot of baby stuff was car-booted or given to friends etc. still have a few bits and bobs including pram, cot and carseat, but its lovely to have to buy teeny-tiny clothes again!! altho its done with a more 'sensible' approach now im an old hand at it all!! still fun tho, and can't wait to hold and cuddle my newborn son when he arrives...feel all excited now!! smile

LimeLeafLizard Fri 15-Jun-12 22:28:04

Hi 4boyz, thanks for your post - I even read it to DH to show him we weren't the only ones with these thoughts about telling other people. I am especially worried about them saying negative things like 'oh no' in front of my DC.

There are some lovely teeny tiny boy clothes in the shops at the moment not that I have been looking already, although I suppose they'll be the wrong season for your new baby.

Babieseverywhere Sat 16-Jun-12 12:30:37

I'm 33 weeks pregnant with DC4. I can't believe how fast things are going this time. Looking forward to our last little arrival. smile

4boyz good to see someone else is on no.5! I think some of my problem is that I don't really know anyone with than about 3 kids, and many of my good friends only have 1 or 2 kids, so I do feel very in the minority with my gang!

Limeleaf it would be very handy if this one was a girl, as have zero boys stuff now.....but I have a feeling it is a boy - my bump is pretty massive for a start, and I was bigger with both my boys. Scan a week on Monday, and we will hopefully find out, so I can get myself organised with who is sharing with who! Currently have the oldest 2 in together (girl and boy) and the younger 2 have a room each....so will have to see what the new baby is before sorting out the bedrooms (again!)

carries I also told everyone after no. 4 there would be no more....and just recently everyone keeps asking me if we are having any more! Am trying to not tell too may people until after the 20 week scan and we have told the kids!

4boyzmum Sun 17-Jun-12 22:31:59

Hi 4kids im def in minority too. im youngest out of my gang of friends so my bf has grown up kids...even a gran herself! my other bf is childless and determined to stay so!! other close friends like yours only have 1 or 2 kiddies so with my gaggle of lads we're a formidable invitation to any event! plus as my eldest is 13 and youngest is not quite 2 we're a real mixed bag!! but wouldnt have it any other way! its great!

Limeleaf sadly people did say insensitive comments about us not having a girl in front of my kids tho only oldest 2 could understand the meaning behind the 'oh no' reaction. thankfully they both totally know and understand that in no way am i disappointed with the fact that i have lads, in fact they know that im incredibly proud when i tell people how many children i have...and that they're all boys! and goes without saying that they think these people and their stupid comments are ridiculous too! still amazes me tho how tact and good manners fly out of the window when you're pregnant. you seem to be a free for all for any tom, dick or harry to comment on your lifestyle, weight, size...you name it!

LimeLeafLizard Mon 18-Jun-12 09:48:55

4boyz sorry to hear that, but you're right, people say all manner of rudethoughtless things to a pregnant woman, comments about gender is only one of them. That part I am not looking forward to!

4kids good luck with your scan today, hope all is OK. I'd love to know how it goes when you tell your kids.

Hi Lime, how are you doing? We have three girls so I expect the inevitable comments about trying for a boy. How many weeks are you now?

It's nice to read comment from others with bigger families, I don't know why people are so odd about it!

icequeenkate Wed 20-Jun-12 17:14:21

Hello. May I introduce myself?

I'm 8+5 (according the the early scan I had today) with DC*4. Had a miscarriage in April (a shock pregnancy but confirmed to me that I REALLY wanted another child, so DH obliged.) DSs currently 8,6 and 2. Love them all as they are so different. Hoping for another boy as not really sure what to do with girls!!

Like many of you, we'd pretty much given everything away, apart from the pram. Budget baby *4.

Now facing the challenge of telling the parents - have kept it quiet after their reaction to my mc earlier in the year. My mother in particular could not understand why I'd want another child when I fell with DS3. She is an only child and so am I. DH is the 2nd of 3, and hated being the middle child. So four is obviously the answer!

Creamtea1 Wed 20-Jun-12 19:49:19

Hi all, wanted to join in thread if I may
Currently have 2 ds and ttc number 3. DH wants another boy. I want to be able to curb my temper at a) you're mad wanting 3 kids comments and b) it's only cos you want a girl comments. I know they will come!
Youngest ds is 5 and have given away or sold all baby stuff, have nothing. My parents will be shocked and mum especially will have no interest unless I can confirm its a girl.
But I personally am SO excited!!

LimeLeafLizard Wed 20-Jun-12 23:44:26

Hello Spring! Lovely to see you! I am exactly 6 weeks today. What about you? Hope things have settled down for you now. smile

Hi icequeen, sorry to hear about your Mum's reaction to your MC. It is always hard to hear negative comments but when they come from your Mum it can feel worse because her view somehow matters more. IME anyway. I am enjoying keeping my pregnancy to myself at the moment.

Creamtea brace yourself because those comments will come. And there is big family pressure on me to have a girl too, as I only have nephews - no girls in my kids generation (yet!). Anyhow, good luck with the TTC!

morecoffeemorecoffee Sun 24-Jun-12 15:53:44

Hi everyone!

Lost this thread for a while.

I need to ask some fellow experienced mums to be some advice! I'm about 6wks preg, maybe 7 (long cycles so not sure of dates until scan) anyway, this is my 3rd pregnancy/ dc and I seem to be filling out very quickly! Is this normal? I remember getting my maternity trousers on at 12wks when I was pregnant with dc2, but already none of my jeans fit! I have 1 pair of trousers and some leggings that I can get on and that's it! I'm not eating Crap either, trying to be quite healthy as I didn't want to gain a lot of weight. Did you find this happened to you on your 3rd and subsequent pregnancies?

LimeLeafLizard Sun 24-Jun-12 21:17:04

Hi again Morecoffee, this thread is back on my 'I'm on' list so just saw your post.

I'm about as far along as you (6 +4) and funnily enough I have noticed the exact opposite this time. With DC1 I was in mat clothes from about 17 weeks, but with DC2 & 3 it was more like 12 - 13 weeks. I had noticed feeling big from almost the time of my BFP but just wore my 'big' normal clothes, iyswim?

This time I still feel like normal, all skinny - normal clothes still fitting etc. Actually it is quite worrying because I keep wondering if all is in fact going ok in there.

In your case, is it bloating that is making you bigger? Unlikely you've put on much weight this early and the pregnancy can't be very big yet, so maybe it is your body retaining water? I think that's what it was for me the last two times.

Not sure what you can do about it though, except go shopping of course! grin

morecoffeemorecoffee Sun 24-Jun-12 21:30:48

Yes, bloating and I'm pretty sure my hips have widened confused shock

I'm just wearing looser long tops and leggings at the moment. Really hoped weight gain would be less this time...

How's your pregnancy going lime?

LondonAnna35 Sun 24-Jun-12 21:43:01

Javotte, this is my experience exactly! 25 weeks pregnant with number 3 and when people realise I am pregnant they usually say either 'you're brave' (or some variation), or 'was it planned?' They seem to think because we have one daughter and one son already that a 3rd is an odd choice.

Bearhugs43 Sun 24-Jun-12 22:30:22

Hi all and congrats smile

I am24 weeks with dc4 - have dd7 ds5 and ds2. Another blue bump this time.

All ok so far currently enjoying calm before storm of school hold combined with 3rd trimester!

Can concur with - are you mad comments and having sold all baby equipment.

And we also have the angry at 'poor dd, another brother....'

Am excited and scared in equal measure at the prospect of a newborn again'

LimeLeafLizard Sun 24-Jun-12 22:59:52

Morecoffee, hopefully the bloating will ease and it doesn't necessarily mean more weight gain overall.

My pregnancy seems to be going quite well so far - only a little tired, slightly bigger boobs, no sickness, no bloating (Yet!). It is quite different to my previous pregnancies in which I felt terrible from the beginning. Although that is great I am a bit worried that something has gone wrong already and I don't know it. Not much I can do about that for now though.

Hello Anna and Bearhugs! How are your DC feeling about another new born in the family?

I am still keeping it all quiet for now... putting off telling people until after the first scan at least and I have some evidence that all is ok. Also saves a few weeks of the inevitable annoying comments!

Evening everyone.

We had our 20 week scan today, and confirmed as I thought, that it is definately a boy! Now have to try and collect all the boy stuff back up as we gave it all away when DC4 was a girl, as she was definately meant to be our last blush

Limeleaf we have kept it quiet up until now, and have only told close friends and family, but have now told the DC's so the secret will definately be out as they will not be able to keep quiet! Only people I haven't told is work....really dreading that one!

Icequeen we also had a miscarriage after DC3, but went on to conceive straight away, and had a successful pregnancy with DD2, and are now onto no.5 - so fingers crossed everything works out with your no.4

Morecoffee I have always been bigger during the pregnancies with boys, were your previous DC's girls? I kept DC4 quiet until 25 weeks, and most people I hadn't told still hadn't guessed at that time. THis time I feel massive...having to hold the stomach muscles in, especially when I'm at work grin

londonanna I also had that, as my first were a girl and boy people thought we didn't 'need' any more kids.....it was like the only reason you would have more than 2 was if they were the same sex, and you wanted the other sort....!

Nearhugs I am also slightly concerned about the summer holiday situation....we are also away camping for 2 weeks when I will be about 28 weeks - which was booked before I was pregnant! Hoping it's not too manic doing that (or probably just trying to kid myself!)

HollyWall4 Tue 26-Jun-12 01:21:08

I have four now. My eldest has four! Big families. Crazy. My sister Maisie is 33 and pregnant with number 6! Sienna is 14, jade is 12, mia is 9, isla is 5, scott is 3 and baby peanut is due on august 17th. Personallyy i think she is mad!

rogersmellyonthetelly Tue 26-Jun-12 06:43:42

I'm 7weeks with dc3, I have a 7yo and 6yo, boy and girl, people think we are nuts and that this is a whoopsie-baby but I had ivf so it's totally planned!
Have nothing at all baby wise as we were sure dd was our last, but had a big change of heart and now I have everything to get all over again. Totally agree about those pregnant with first baby, it' seems all consuming and all they want to talk about, I can't think any further ahead right now than my first scan on Friday, if that all goes ok I will start getting properly excited.
Currently feeling as as sick as a dog and so tired I could cry!

LimeLeafLizard Tue 26-Jun-12 09:40:35


4kids so your scan went well, then? Glad to hear you'll have a new little son. Hope you manage to get some of your boy clothes back, if not I guess its a shopping trip for you then! Good luck telling work.

Holly wow it must be fun in your family! Your sister is still young so hopefully will have plenty of energy to look after her gang... or will you be called on to help out?!

rogersmelly glad to hear your IVF worked and congrats on your pg. Hope your early scan goes well.

I've had my first doc appt, to register, and am waiting for a mw to call and arrange booking in. I was given the mat pack including Emma's diary (have you been given that?) and it is comfortingly familiar. There's Emma, still having her first baby now I'm on #4!

Hi Limeleaf
I've wanted six children since I was little and everyone rolled their eyes and said "wait till you have one, then see what you think!" I am currently pregnant, expecting my sixth child in November this year, and I encounter all sorts of interesting comments and responses, so when I saw your post I just had to comment. I wrote a whole article about it, in fact! (http://diamondsanddaisychains.com/?p=112) I'd love to hear what you or anyone else with lots of children has to say about their experiences with a big family and comments you attract from close friends and family as well as complete strangers, who I find by far the rudest and most judgmental despite having no idea about me and my life! x

morecoffeemorecoffee Tue 26-Jun-12 18:14:11

Hi all. Had my booking in appt with mw last week. No emmas diary this time sad I remember that from me previous pregnancies though!

I'm expecting plenty of "are you hoping for a girl this time?" and "was it planned?" type comments as I have 2 boys and my youngest is 4, so will be nearly a 5yr age gap when the baby arrives (took a yr and half to conceive this little bump). I don't really care though, as long as people are not nasty.

annelid Tue 26-Jun-12 19:11:40

Hi all, I'm expecting no.7 in December. We have 3 girls & 3 boys from 16 - 6, so bit of a gap for this one! Most people have been really pleased for us, but as its not widely known yet I'm sure there will be more comments to come!

Creamtea1 Tue 26-Jun-12 20:48:53

Morecoffee - same here but add another year to my gap. The worst comments I think will be from my family (parents especially) I think I can deal more with strangers/work as can be rude back but with family it gets to me.

mrsdaisaku Wed 27-Jun-12 12:28:09

My situation is a little different, i'm 13weeks, I have a DD8 and two step daughters who visit every other weekend. But my husband and I wanted a child that would unite the children together and give them all something in common, it happened a little earlier than intended, but we were over the moon when it happened. I never wanted more that two children, so it was perfect for me.

However, we've been given the blessing of twins... So now between us we will have 5 kids and mostly what we've found is people saying, you're mad, double trouble, you're going to have your hands full etc etc... Except I will only have three children myself and 5 every other weekend, which really, is no different to having neices and nephews to stay. I'm really not liking the mixture of negativity and positivity. Why can't people just be happy if you're happy??

Welcome to all the newcomers! Good to see I am no longer the one with the most DC's grin

Diamonds and Annelid you are making me feel alot more normal about only having 5 DC's! We have told the kids this week after our scan, so am expecting lots of comments now, as they will have been busy telling everyone at school (have been at work the last 2 days - so not seen any school people!) Will have all that to come tomorrow when I take them to school hmm If only I had £1 for everyone that is going to tell me I'm crazy....!

Mrsdaisaku eek twins! Excellent news! I also have a step son but unfortunately we don't ever see him due to problems between DH and his ex (he has visited once in the last 4 years!) - otherwise we would be up to 6 including him!

Limeleaf I'm not planning on telling my work until I have to - which is another couple of weeks away! Have a few weeks booked off in the summer hols anyway, after which I'll be 29 weeks, and definately starting my maternity leave as early as possible this time as I'm hating my job at the moment sad

cjbk1 Thu 28-Jun-12 10:50:30

Good morning can I jump in here? I'm expecting my 3rd and if I'm honest I think my ds and dd are playing up quite a lot now I'm pg, ds(age 6) esp seems to be really testing the boundaries and when I do
issue a punishment he laughs at me, of course he's lovely at some times but seems to be reacting to the pregnancy, dd(age 4) is a lot 'easier' but does get rages
and has hit my bump a few times.if they were younger I'd ask HV for advice but don't know what to do now? any help? thanks in advance x

Welcome CJ how many weeks are you?

I have been quite lucky and all my DC's have been really happy about having new babies in the family. They do play up about other stuff though hmm

Would including them in stuff about the baby help? I know in previous pregnancies I have let them pick a cuddly toy and help choosing any other bits the new baby might need? It is hard though isn't it. I do find mine go through stages....at the moment DS2 is being a pain, he is almost 2, so too young to know what is going on with another baby! This morning he screamed all the way to school and back again!

I think with the punishments you have to find something that works for each child. My oldest 2 (6 and 5) have a cross chart, and for every cross they have it's 10 mins off bedtime at the end of the day....works a treat for them as they hate going to bed early grin

cjbk1 Thu 28-Jun-12 21:48:53

thanks 4kids I'm 29 weeks tomorrow I'll try to include them more and yes ds hates going to bed early

LimeLeafLizard Fri 29-Jun-12 13:16:13

Hello all, nice to see some more faces here!

Well I spoke too soon about not feeling any bigger! grin I have been quite bloated the last few days, and am feeling self concious about it.

The midwife was supposed to call to arrange a booking appt once she received the GP referral... how long should I wait to phone and ask about it? (Its been 8 days so far).

CJ, hello! Are you sure your DC are playing up because of the pg, and not just because that is a stage they've reached? DS1 went through a really cheeky stage when he was 6 - always arguing back and trying to be clever. He also had a few probs at school when DS3 was due, and the teachers kept saying it it was because he was worried about me and the baby, but that was a red herring - he had actually fallen out with a couple of his friends and when that was sorted he was fine.

*Diamonds I read your blog smile. I don't have any mention-worthy comments from this time round yet but I'll let you know!

MrsD congrats on the twins - how lovely for you and your DH to join your family together that way. Hope the older sisters will be happy to help out a bit when the time comes!

cjbk1 Fri 29-Jun-12 14:00:05

limeleaf I'm not completely sure but I take dd hitting my bump as jealousy

Cravingtomatoes Fri 29-Jun-12 17:22:02

Hi I'm 14 wks pg with dc no 4. I have had neg reactions from my mum and others, and I've actually not bothered telling many people this time as I can't be arsed explaining it or myself. So am now getting funny looks from friends as they don't want to ask in case I'm just getting fat! Have had mainly comments along the lines of "you'll have your hands full" and I wouldn't have dcs so close together in age. I'm not feeling very diplomatic anymore either. Good to meet other ladies on here going through the same. It's very reassuring.

TruthSweet Fri 29-Jun-12 17:22:49

Hi all and congratulations on all your pgs!

I'm 28 weeks with DD4. I have DD1 6y3m, DD2 4y7m & DD3 2y8m. They are beyond excited at the thought of a new baby luckily but this was our first surprise baby so DH & I were shell shocked for a while wink

LimeLeafLizard Sun 01-Jul-12 21:48:33

Hello, well I've managed to survive a weekend with MIL without her guessing - she has a special talent for sniffing out pregnancy!

Craving sorry to hear you've had a couple of neg reactions, I know just what you mean about cba to explain my reasoning to people. I also relate to not feeling diplomatic anymore!

Congrats Truth, what a lovey surprise! Great that your DDs are so happy.

TruthSweet Sun 01-Jul-12 22:06:59

I've had quite a few people commiserating with me (or trying to!) when they find out it's DD4 not DS1 I'm carrying. As though I care one way or another what genitals my baby has just as long as it's one or the other! Having said that a 4th girl does make life easier from a room sharing point of view!

icequeenkate Mon 02-Jul-12 17:47:13

It's so reassuring to read that others are going through the same thing, iyswim? My mother has hardly uttered a word to me since I told her. Silence. Makes life tricky as Dad is really concerned for me, which is sweet and very typical of him. Apparently she told my mw (who is a mutual friend) that she thought I'd 'gone and done it because I was desperate for a girl'. Well actually, I'm not. As truth said above, I want a playmate for DS3 so a DD1 would completely put the cat among the pigeons!!

Sorry- had to get that off my expanding chest. Feel better now. Thanks. grin.

Hope everyone is keeping well?

Doraemon Mon 02-Jul-12 18:00:38

Can I join in? Just found out I'm pregnant with number 3, already had DS1 (7) and DS2 (5) - DC3 was planned but only fairly vaguely and now I'm panicking a bit and haven't told DH yet as he's away with work..... Please some one tell me a third after a big gap is wonderful!

LimeLeafLizard Tue 10-Jul-12 19:03:41

Hello, thought I'd revive this thread.

I'm 8+6 now and still managing to keep it quiet in front of the many people I see day to day.

Lack of symptoms is great in one respect (I don't miss the nausea) but also unnerving as I am worried I'll get to the 12 week scan and it will be bad news.

I am noticing a slight increase in girth now though. Nothing like last time, when I looked 5 months gone at 5 weeks, but am doing up the belt one notch looser.

Hope all is OK with you ladies?

Hi Lime, I have made it to 12+4 and my scan yesterday was good. I've had some awful bleeding but somehow the baby is just fine. I'm in a bit of a tizz waiting for the results of the combined test - at my great age I start out as high risk. I'm just hoping not to get a phone call. You're doing well not to tell anyone. I've been off work now for four weeks with the most hideous nausea. Hopefully going back Monday for the last week of term. Have you got your scan date yet?

HaitchJay Tue 10-Jul-12 19:11:11

Hi, I've just found out I'm pg with DC4. Somewhere between 4-8 weeks as we weren't ttc and I was on the pillhmm we were planning on ttc later this year so it's a change in plans rather than total disruption!

I've three dds (12,10,1) so a girl would make life more straightforward in a 3 bed house (& we have lots of girl stuff!) although it would be nice to have a boy as I've not had one!

LimeLeafLizard Tue 10-Jul-12 19:59:42

Hi Spring, lovely to hear from you, I'm so glad you and baby have made it this far despite all the scary bleeding. The nausea must be truly terrible for you to have so long off work, poor you. Suddenly I feel very grateful to be symptomless. I hope your sickness eases now you're coming into the second trimester.

My scan date is 2nd August and I will also have a much higher starting risk this time too. FX it is all good news.

Hello Haitch, Congratulations on your lovely surprise! It will be great for your little one to have a sibling close in age, just as your older two do. Have you any MW / scan dates in the diary yet? Will you be offered an early dating scan to find out how far along you are?

HaitchJay Tue 10-Jul-12 20:06:42

Hi Lime, no appointments yet, I was entirely hospital care last time so I need to wait for the referral. GP suggested waiting a couple of weeks for the scan as if I'm at the 4 week end one now won't show much, I'm ok with that as an empty scan would be more stressful! The consultant may do one as soon as I get to them anyway.

Hi spring I was on Oct 2010 with you. Name changed slightly!

Oh my god HJ? Is that you? I was going to post and say what a brilliant age gap you had but you know that already! How exciting, you were everso poorly last time, I bet your consultant will be delighted to see you! One day I'm hoping to stop feeling sick, I might even, if I'm really lucky enjoy food again <<clinging on to a distant memory of loving food>>

Evening everyone! I'm 23 weeks today!

Lime most of my friends know now - but still haven't told my work yet. Am planning to enlighten them next week - really can't imagine how they will take it...my bump is getting really massive now, so am struggling to hide it!

I am also high risk this time around as I have just turned the ripe old age of 35, which seems to be a magic number for the NHS! Have avoided any hospital appointments so far, other than 1 glucose test....but have had to give in and agree to go in a couple of weeks - I figured I would have told work by then, so it would be a bit easier logistically.

Dora I was one of 3, and our youngest brother was 7 years younger - he always got lots of attention from his older brother and sister!

HaitchJay Tue 10-Jul-12 20:34:52

Hi Spring! GPs reaction wasn't great, he'd just got me on BP meds I wasn't having weird side affects too and were working and sent me away for 3 months.

needsomesunshine Tue 10-Jul-12 20:47:16

I'm 34 weeks with Ds5! 4th pregnancy though due to previous twins. smile

DebParkson Tue 10-Jul-12 21:39:23

Hi I'm pregnant with number 3 after a big gap too. My boys are 9 and 11, really excited, due Feb. Would like 4 eventually.
I'm not planning on buying much this time, keeping it really simple! (And I'm starting from scratch really, have given away everything I had).
Have told a few peeps, but only 7 weeks so keeping it to myself. Its like my little secret (esp at work!)
Hope to get to know you all over next 9 months

HaitchJay Wed 11-Jul-12 07:31:52

Hi Deb you sound like me last time. Mine were 9&10 and I started from scratch, amazing how much I didn't bother with though that all the first timers seem to.

annelid Wed 11-Jul-12 08:34:18

Its good to see people with gaps! We are having no7 in Dec, but with a 6 yr gap to our youngest. I guess people thought we had finished! if the amount of surprised faces and comments we have had is anything to go by!

Cravingtomatoes Wed 11-Jul-12 08:45:28

Hi everyone hope your pregnancies are all progressing well. Congratulations to everyone too, needsomesunshine that's excellent news you're expecting twins!
lime my friend had no symptoms throughout 1st trimester, was so jealous as I get so sick. But I can see too how that would also be unnerving. Am sure all is well with bump and roll on your scan date so you can get reassurance. How come you will have a bigger risk this time round?
Am 16 weeks now, and luckily the weight gain has slowed after putting on 9 kgs in 1st trimester - f**k! Still not bothering to tell people and have them piss on my parade.

LimeLeafLizard Wed 11-Jul-12 12:45:11

For me, having no symptoms is mostly unnerving because it is so different to previous pregnancies, where I had constant nausea and sometimes vomiting, and put on lots of weight in the first trimester. A quick read on here and it makes me grateful not to be ill, though.

I will only have a bigger risk due to being older - over 35 this time, like 4kids says, it seems to be a magic number for risk.

Craving, grin @ not bothering to tell people so they don't piss on your parade! That sums it up for me!

Deb when in Feb are you due? I'm due around 12th / 13th I think, though I have a history of going overdue.

Cravingtomatoes Wed 11-Jul-12 13:19:58

lime hope the scan comes quickly for you, I think those 1st 12 weeks until the scan are always worrying. And yes it does get riskier as you get older, though I had DD3 at 37 and will be 39 when I have DC4 at the end of the year!

xkatyx Wed 11-Jul-12 17:13:59

Hi everyone, I'm not pregnant but have 5dc
9,6, 18 months and 6 months twins!!

Please don't worry about what anyone sais, people can be very rude!!!

And as for coping, it all falls into place and your pregnancy will fly past because u won't have much time to dwell on it as such smile

The only negative I found was with each pregnancy the more aches and pains there were. But it's all worth it.

Good luck all of you it's a very special time smile

HaitchJay Thu 12-Jul-12 12:41:50

How pregnant are everybody? Anyone else around pre 12 weeks?
I get v frustrated on the wait for appts/scan until it feels real. I've sort of got my head round it but I need more proof now!

annelid Thu 12-Jul-12 12:50:02

I'm 17 weeks today

LimeLeafLizard Thu 12-Jul-12 16:47:18

I'm 9 +1.

Thanks for the encouraging words, xkatyx! Much respect to you having an 18 month old and 6 month old twins, let me make you a brew. Hope the older ones are helpful?!

Thanks Craving, 3 weeks to go...

HaitchJay Thu 12-Jul-12 16:50:33

I'm aching today, remember this as everything settles down, just wish I could remember how many weeks I was as it might help date this one!

HaitchJay Thu 12-Jul-12 16:52:45

Just been invited on a hen do. I don't drink so no one will query that but it's now a spa & I can't hot tub etc so going to have to use my blood pressure as an excuse! I'm looking forward to a pedicure though!

Lime I'm 39 so start out as a high risk. My combined test came back yesterday as 1:1500 which is a great result. I was delighted and have no excuse for not telling people now.

HJ Can you push for an early scan which will at least date you? Alternately you could pay and book a private one.

I am finally starting to feel better at 12+6. I'm going back to work for one week and then it's the summer holidays! I don't suppose the school are particularly pleased with me.

Strangely I can feel my baby moving already and have been able to for nearly two weeks. It's really odd as I've always felt my babies quite late. Lovely too though.

Sha we start a list of who we are and when we're due? I love a good list

SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 12+6

HaitchJay Thu 12-Jul-12 20:34:10

SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 12+6
HaitchJay (33) dc#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4-8 weeks!

Im always up for a list blush

I'll get an early scan I think spring but no idea when. Got to wait to be handed over to the hospital. I'm on hospital care entirely afaik as I made a complaint about the CMW last time & theres only one. Lot of my appts would have been hospital anyway.
I just don't know how long they take to come through. I saw GP on Tuesday so if they made the referral then it may only have arrived at the Hosp today so I expect to hear next week if they go for a scan ASAP.
I might phone and ask procedure.

Cravingtomatoes Thu 12-Jul-12 23:05:17

SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 12+6
HaitchJay (33) dc#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4-8 weeks!
Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+4

On my 1st MN list - yay!

Thanks for the encouraging words xkatyx. People are rude, and I already get funny looks walking around with 3 DCs who are all quite young. It's funny how much it annoys some people. And yes, I keep forgetting I'm expecting as so busy with the others

HaitchJay what a pain you're not sure of your dates. Hope you get your early scan through soon.

Spring good to hear your combined test came back okay - mine was good too, which is a relief for us "oldies"! Are you a teacher? Thank goodness for the summer holidays so you can chill out!

Lime just got my anomaly scan for the 1st Aug so around 3 (rainy?) weeks for mine too.

Craving - I think you ought to be at the top! I've updated for today - 13.07.12

Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+5
SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 13+0
HaitchJay (33) dc#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks

Cravingtomatoes Fri 13-Jul-12 10:05:05

Ah, it's in date order...! blush

TruthSweet Fri 13-Jul-12 10:33:24

TruthSweet (32) DC#4 EDD 19.09.12 30 weeks
Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+5
SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 13+0
HaitchJay (33) dc#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks

Wow, 30 weeks seems like a million years away TruthSweet It's not a big list, but it's quite nice none the less. Lime really ought to be on it since it's her thread!

Hi everyone - been off line for afew days as our PC has died!

I'm 23 + 3 today so will update the list!

TruthSweet (32) DC#4 EDD 19.09.12 30 weeks
4kidsplusbump (35) DC#5 EDD 06.11.12 23+3
Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+5
SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 13+0
HaitchJay (33) dc#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks

I've been quite surprised this time around by the comments thing - only had a couple of people being negative - most people seem to tell me that I will manage fine with 5 hmm

annelid Fri 13-Jul-12 12:45:14

TruthSweet (32) DC#4 EDD 19.09.12 30 weeks
4kidsplusbump (35) DC#5 EDD 06.11.12 23+3
annelid (36) DC#7 EDD 20.12.12
Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+5
SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 13+0
HaitchJay (33) dc#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks

I've not really told anyone other than those who were expecting it so I expect the comments will start when I go back to work on Monday and my bump becomes the focus of all attention. I have been off for a month now so am quite a lot bigger than I was when last there.

Is anyone else starving? I hadn't put much weight on because of the nausea but am all set to gain a lot very quickly. I am always hungry!

LimeLeafLizard Fri 13-Jul-12 16:40:02

TruthSweet (32) DC#4 EDD 19.09.12 30 weeks
4kidsplusbump (35) DC#5 EDD 06.11.12 23+3
annelid (36) DC#7 EDD 20.12.12
Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+5
SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 13+0
LimeLeafLizard (37) DC#4 EDD 13.2.13 9+2
HaitchJay (33) dc#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks

LimeLeafLizard Fri 13-Jul-12 17:03:00

Good idea - I love lists too.

HaitchJay a pedicure sounds great, lucky you! There would be no chance of my friends not guessing if I don’t drink blush. I keep having to suggest meeting somewhere far from home so driving is my excuse!!

4kids great that you haven’t had any negative comments yet, hope it will be the same for me!

Craving that is good, we can be scan buddies.

Spring, that is great news about your test result, so reassuring. Glad you are feeling a bit better, too. Hope your manager is sympathetic. Do you teach primary or secondary? (sorry I have forgotten). Amazing that you can feel the baby move already – maybe you have a heightened awareness due to all the worrying? I bumped into another ex-sleigher on another thread. She has namechanged but had her BFP about the same time as you… it is lovely to hear how others are getting on. Hope you don’t mind but I mentioned that your 12 week scan had gone ok.

Oh, and yes I have noticed that I have started to get The Hunger, especially at lunchtime!

HaitchJay Fri 13-Jul-12 18:38:02

Just had the hunger. Made tea for dh & he's not here. So I ate his. I'm also eating meat again.

Spoke to Hosp this am , made myself sound v awkward by not having a MW and not wanting certain consultants and wanting to know how they work out appts! They have my referral & will look at it on Monday.

EmilieFloge Sat 14-Jul-12 07:53:55


just popping in...have started to catch up with this thread but I just want to say a huge congratulations to Lime, well done, how lovely thanks

and I am glad you are feeling better Spring, that's brilliant, and that things are going so well for you x (I am namechanger LLL was on about!)

<wanders off to read thread properly from start to finish!>

EmilieFloge Sat 14-Jul-12 08:11:15

Okay...I think I know everyone's names now! <that'd be a miracle> grin but lovely, lovely thread...may I join?

I just had my scan on thursday, (as Lime knows!) and they have dated me at 14+5 today instead of my LMP dates which would be 13+2. So I've skipped a week! Still feeling nauseous a lot, which is annoying but I have put on half a stone since before, so I am clearly eating enough...must watch that. blush

This is baby no.3 and a lot of people have said, 'Why?!!' when I told them I was pg again. Which I think is a bit sad. I just rather pathetically said, I like babies.

I won't be having another though as this sickness is horrible, I can't face doing it again, but I am 38 now and am lucky enough to have two older boys (9 and 5) so I am happy with my lot.

Also likely to have a high risk to start with due to age, waiting here for results of Quadruple test, as it was too late for them to do the Nuchal fold.

TruthSweet (32) DC#4 EDD 19.09.12 30 weeks
4kidsplusbump (35) DC#5 EDD 06.11.12 23+3
annelid (36) DC#7 EDD 20.12.12
Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+5
SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 13+0
LimeLeafLizard (37) DC#4 EDD 13.2.13 9+2
HaitchJay (33) dc#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks
EmilieFloge (38) dc no.3 EDD January 7th 14+5

EmilieFloge Sat 14-Jul-12 08:13:49

Oh gosh have forgotten to change the dates! Crikey how do you do that?

TruthSweet (32) DC#4 EDD 19.09.12 30 weeks +1
4kidsplusbump (35) DC#5 EDD 06.11.12 23+4
annelid (36) DC#7 EDD 20.12.12
Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+6
SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 13+1
LimeLeafLizard (37) DC#4 EDD 13.2.13 9+3
HaitchJay (33) dc#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks
EF still 14+5!!!

Sorry blush

blondiep14 Sat 14-Jul-12 08:57:32

I can't add to the list as on my phone but I'm 32, expecting DC3 edd 18/9/12. DS's are 4 and 2.

sevenfatbubbles Sat 14-Jul-12 09:10:27

Hello everyone smile. I have just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant with dc 3. It was unplanned but as we weren't really using any precaution I'm not sure what we thought was going to happen..... We are delighted though. I never felt that 2 was it for me. I'm 34 and wanted my children to be close in age.

I have a dd and a ds who will be 4.5 and just 2 when this one is born. I have kept all the baby stuff so no buying here (thank god). The only thing I can really think about is telling work as I will be going back pregnant.

Really anxious in case something goes wrong though. I can't help feeling I am lucky to have been blessed with 2 healthy children.

Am also a bit worried as am due to be a bridesmaid next month. Do you show quicker with 3 than 2????

ValiumQueen Sat 14-Jul-12 09:45:32

Greetings. I am 24 weeks with DC3 and I am 43 years old. I was a late starter, and have two girls, just turned 6, and just turned 2. This one is a boy. I cannot add to list unfortunately as have youngest on lap with chickenpox.

We had always hoped for a third, but had given up trying. I have sold the pram, but would have needed a double anyway. Most other stuff we still have, although mainly girlie.

I am due 1/11/12 but will be having a section at 39 weeks.

Have had a quick read of thread, in awe of those expecting no. 7! Pleased to meet you!

LimeLeafLizard Sat 14-Jul-12 10:27:16

blondiep14 (32) DC#3 EDD 18.9.12
TruthSweet (32) DC#4 EDD 19.09.12 30 weeks
ValiumQueen (43) DC#3 EDD 1.11.12 24 weeks
4kidsplusbump (35) DC#5 EDD 06.11.12 23+3
annelid (36) DC#7 EDD 20.12.12
Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+5
EmilieFloge (38) DC#3 EDD [new year ish?] 14+5
SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 13+0
LimeLeafLizard (37) DC#4 EDD 13.2.13 9+3
HaitchJay (33) DC#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks
sevenfatbubbles (34) DC#3 EDD ?? 5 weeks

LimeLeafLizard Sat 14-Jul-12 10:35:00

OK I've updated the list and tried to keep everyone in date order. Hope that I have it right!

Hello blondie, Valium and seven! Nice to meet you.
seven I think you'll still fit into the bridesmaid dress by next month. I am about a month ahead of you and although I feel a bit bloated by the evenings, I don't think anyone else would notice my pg iyswim?

Great to have your company EF! How many days did they move your dates by? Was it 6 or more? Can you just count back from Jan 7th? Or did they write the new EDD on their report?

morecoffeemorecoffee Sat 14-Jul-12 10:49:11

Hi everyone. Not been on in a while. Still enduring the boring relentless 1st trimester! I'm 9wks today (i think!) Got my 1st scan next week so should get a better idea then. Will update list smile

morecoffeemorecoffee Sat 14-Jul-12 10:50:28

blondiep14 (32) DC#3 EDD 18.9.12
TruthSweet (32) DC#4 EDD 19.09.12 30 weeks
ValiumQueen (43) DC#3 EDD 1.11.12 24 weeks
4kidsplusbump (35) DC#5 EDD 06.11.12 23+3
annelid (36) DC#7 EDD 20.12.12
Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+5
EmilieFloge (38) DC#3 EDD [new year ish?] 14+5
SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 13+0
LimeLeafLizard (37) DC#4 EDD 13.2.13 9+3
morecoffee (32) Dc#3 EDD 16.2.13
HaitchJay (33) DC#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks
sevenfatbubbles (34) DC#3 EDD ?? 5 weeks

EmilieFloge Sat 14-Jul-12 11:37:17

Hello Lime, my own dates were 13th January but from LMP she had written in my notes it's the 16th. So it's gone 9 days back, apparently! The sonographer initially went on HC and said it was the 5th but the machine processed it as the 7th, I think it kind of adds all the measurements together and averages them, or something...so the 7th it is. And I've decided to stick with it till the 20 week disagrees!

If you're not confused by now, you're smarter than me grin

EmilieFloge Sat 14-Jul-12 11:38:25

PS...so pleased to see you're having a Valentine's baby! That's just lovely x

ValiumQueen Sat 14-Jul-12 11:39:53

Mine was conceived on Valentines day!

EmilieFloge Sat 14-Jul-12 11:40:04

blondiep14 (32) DC#3 EDD 18.9.12
TruthSweet (32) DC#4 EDD 19.09.12 30 weeks
ValiumQueen (43) DC#3 EDD 1.11.12 24 weeks
4kidsplusbump (35) DC#5 EDD 06.11.12 23+3
annelid (36) DC#7 EDD 20.12.12
Cravingtomatoes (38) DC#4 EDD 23.12.12 16+5
EmilieFloge (38) DC#3 EDD 07.01.13 14+5
SpringFlowers (39) DC#4 EDD 18.01.13 13+0
LimeLeafLizard (37) DC#4 EDD 13.2.13 9+3
morecoffee (32) Dc#3 EDD 16.2.13
HaitchJay (33) DC#4 EDD Feb or March somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks
sevenfatbubbles (34) DC#3 EDD ?? 5 weeks

LimeLeafLizard Sat 14-Jul-12 14:38:17

Hello again morecoffee how exciting to have a scan next week... hope all goes well.

Valium that was a romantic night that worked out well then!

EF I confess you have lost me a bit there, but I take the outcome as your EDD being 7 Jan... for now!

ValiumQueen Sat 14-Jul-12 15:00:11

It was the only romantic night that month as the kids were both ill. Clearly less is more!

I am really encouraged to be on a board with people with more children than me. This is just number 3 , but the number of people who have said 'I must be mad', or 'hoping for a boy then'. We wanted a third. If I were younger we would have more probably.

Valium it only takes once - with 4 kids already it's not like DH and I get much time 'alone' together (if you get the picture!)

Well I have officially had enough now! Am 24 weeks tomorrow and my lady bits definately feel like they have done 5 pregnancies! Am currently having trouble sitting and definately standing...which is a little worrying as I still have at least 3 months to go....hmm Went to GP's this morning but apparently not really anything they can do, but have got signed off work for 2 weeks - so just got to try and not do too much around the house (which is difficult with 4 kids!) Fortunately he just wrote 'pregnancy related' on my sick note, as I really don't want to have to go into all the details with work blush Oh the joys of pregnancy...!

ValiumQueen Mon 16-Jul-12 13:59:26

I am hardly feeling any pregnancy niggles due to the pain in my ankle and caring for DD. I am pleased with how well I am doing so far really. Sorry you are suffering 4 kids and glad GP was supportive.

LimeLeafLizard Mon 16-Jul-12 14:16:37

4kids ouch poor you! Thank goodness the doc was sensitive about the sick note - not something you really want to have to explain to your boss!

and Valium ouch to you too! What is up with your ankle? (Sorry if you have posted this upthread and I missed it).

I'm meeting my Mum tomorrow - first time I'll have seen her since I got pg because she's been abroad. I was going to suggest taking DC2 & 3 swimming together and then realised she might guess if she saw me in my costume. I don't think most people would notice yet but my Mum has eagle eyes for how much weight I've put on / lost!

Thanks Valium and Lime. My body feels so battered at the moment I could just cry about it! I don't know how people have lots more kids - I definately feel like this pregnancy is my limit - I think i would literally fall to bits if I had any more!

I am also wondering how I am going to manage 2 weeks camping in the summer hols. Hoping things erm 'improve' a little! Am now considering in investing in a sun lounger to lay on and making DH run about after the kids for the 2 weeks! Obviously this holiday was booked before the pregnancy happened - definately wound't have been booking this now!

Are you holding out on telling your mum then Lime? I have to admit I was a little nervous at telling mine about this one as we were adament we weren't having any more!

ValiumQueen Mon 16-Jul-12 15:39:19

My mum was very angry to find out I am having another at 43. She thought she was going to lose me during my first birth, and she is a worrier at the best of times. It is all motivated by love, and it was the reaction I had expected. Dad just grinned from ear to ear, and patted DH on the back.

I sprained my ankle on Wednesday. We have three concrete steps leading up to the front door, and I forgot they were there and just walked off after locking the front door. I had just carried a screaming DD2 to the car, so thankfully she and her sister were safely strapped in, as it was a few minutes before I could stand.

I have not had it checked as DD2 has chickenpox (since Thursday) and I knew she was coming down with something. It is not broken, but I think I need to get it checked out as it still hurtsm with shooting pains up my leg. At this stage I would think it should be a bit better. Bruised up past ankle, under foot and on top, and all the way to first joint on toes. Like wearing a black sock, and very swollen still.

Very glad I was not carrying baby at the time, and bump is blissfully unaware.

ValiumQueen Mon 16-Jul-12 15:40:04

I am going camping in a few weeks. (must be mad)

HaitchJay Mon 16-Jul-12 17:50:49

I'm hitting a symptom phase. Am tired & ravenous.
Hoping to hear from hospital this week. Am also hoping for a scan but that's probably too optimistic!

LimeLeafLizard Mon 16-Jul-12 19:37:20

It sounds horrible 4kids. Until I had my own, I had no idea how much trauma women go through to have children. Just think about Michelle Duggar (from that US show) who has 19!

How funny you're both off camping! I've just been reading a weather thread that predicted a warmer spell starting in the next 10 days or so - hope it is true!

Valium hope you get your ankle checked soon, it sounds bad - wonder if the doc can prescribe you some pg friendly pain killers. How lucky the kids were already strapped in the car though - it would have been awful to have a 2 year old on the loose near a road and unable to chase her.

Yes, I'm not going to tell Mum just yet if I can help it. She is notoriously critical and I would rather put off hearing her opinions for a bit longer. I think she'll think I'm being ridiculous and over-doing it, even though she has 4 children herself.

Hello Haitch, hope you get your scan and some inkling of a due date!

Glad I am not the only crazy one doing the camping Valium - and you are around the same amount pregnant as me! I will be nearly 28 weeks by the time we go - think I may have to stop drinking for the whole entire 2 weeks, of I may spend all my time back and forwards to the toilet block.... grin Ouch - the ankle sounds painful, and these things are always worse when you know you still have all the other kids to look after.

My mum was also a bit cross initially valium about this pregnancy -mainly because I pay her to look after the DC while I'm at work, but it's now unlikely I'll go back to work with 5 - I'm already finding it really hard working with 4! So I think she was moaning as me not working will mean no extra money for her.

Well I have sent DH out to buy the reduced sun lounger I saw the other day. Hopefully they will have some left! I am going to take it camping and do my best to chill out over the 2 weeks we are away!

ValiumQueen Mon 16-Jul-12 19:54:18

Get a loo for in the tent. I have a Kampa Khazi, although will need to use the sheewee as if I got down I would not get up again. I put a plastic bag in it, with cat litter at the bottom, so there are no spills or embarrassing bucket trips in the morning. Best camping buy ever, apart from tent obviously. Bit drafty and damp without a tent.

I shudder when I think what could have happened tbh. I would have either squished her, or watched her get squished. Then again with a child in my arms I would have been more careful.

TruthSweet Mon 16-Jul-12 20:10:00

Definitely get a camping loo - I went camping when 6m pg with DD3 (DD1 was 3y & DD2 was 1y) and we were put right by the toilet block (about 50 yrds away) and I still used ours as it was flipping freezing at 3am.

thanks for the loo tips! May take your advice, as I currently average about 4 or 5 loo trips a night! Not so much of a problem at home, but not much fun treking out to the toilet block that many times in the night!

Well have rang work this morning to tell them that I am pregnant and also that I've been signed off for 2 weeks. Feeling a little better this morning - my mum has taken the kids anyway so I can hopefully get some rest. DH is going to speak to his boss today to see if he can not take a lunch break, but finish early for the next few months, so at least I have a bit more help around tea time/ bedtime (obviously one of the more manic parts of the day!)

Hennycluckington Tue 17-Jul-12 11:42:28

Hi all, Im currently 11 weeks with #3 (planned) have ds (11) & dd (8). We are all very excited and it hasnt even crosed my mind to feel or be embarrased about having #3. Its our decision.
Its biggish gap between my last pregnancy though and Im just over 35 now so its a little different, but trying to enjoy every min....despite the overwhelming need to crawl into bed being every other thought grin
Im 1 of 5 ( 5 in 8 years) and my mother used to get all kinds of insensitve remarks, but she never let it worry her, we had a fabulous childhood.
I think those people who felt the need to comment are probably now thinking how nice it must be for my mum to have her 5 grown up children around her and how close we all are.

Congratulation to you all.

HaitchJay Tue 17-Jul-12 12:19:08

Think the symptoms are kicking in now. V tired , nauseus(fruit gums solve that!),stretchy achy stomach etc.

Nothing in the post today , can't believe I'm so desperate to go to hospital confused

Hi Henny I've a similar gap between dd1/2 and dd3 it's quite nice.

Congratulations Henny. I don't know about everyone else but I think people think it's lots of kids because mine are close together (my oldest has just turned 6) and this is baby no. 5 for us! Good to hear from someone who grown up as one of 5! My oldest 3 seem to love always having someone to play with (no. 4 is only 11 months, so a bit too young to join in at the moment!) In fact DD1 seems gutted that this baby will definately be our last (DH has since had the snip!)

Hope you get your appointment through soon Haitch. At least lots of pregnancy symptoms are a good sign!

Hi all I'm 9+5 weeks pg with dc 5

Ds1 is 17, ds2 is 9, ds3 is 16months and I lost ds 4 last year at 20 weeks due to incompetant cervix.

Had a scan at 7 weeks due to a small bleed but everything looks fine so far

LimeLeafLizard Wed 18-Jul-12 17:05:54

Hello Moomins! So sorry to hear about the loss of your DS4 last year, it must be very hard.

Will they give you a cervical stitch this time?

I am 10 weeks today so similar stage to you.

HaitchJay Wed 18-Jul-12 17:57:44

Hi Moomins, sorry to hear about dc4. Will they keep a close eye this time?

morecoffeemorecoffee Wed 18-Jul-12 18:08:03

Hi moomins so sorry for the loss of your 4th child.

Hope everyone's ok. Got my scan tomorrow, so excited! Anyone else got a scan coming up?

HaitchJay Wed 18-Jul-12 19:03:17

Still waiting for someone to want me!

Do have an appt to check my blood pressure though as I'm off meds as they aren't compatible

LimeLeafLizard Wed 18-Jul-12 19:20:54

oooh morecoffee how exciting! Hope it goes well, let us know. I have another two weeks to go until mine.

Haitch Hope you get some news soon! Can you ask about it at the BP check?

ValiumQueen Wed 18-Jul-12 20:24:59

Hi all, went for X-ray yesterday, and was told no break. Had call from orthopaedic surgeon to say it is fractured, so have to go in tomorrow to get more X-rays taken, an exam, then they will decide on surgery or just cast. Not what I need, but at least DD2 is over the worst with her chickenpox. It really hurts tonight, and I have done very little. Grr!

HaitchJay Wed 18-Jul-12 20:30:00

Not really BP at GP and waiting on hospital to send out letter. Hoping it comes tomorrow

LimeLeafLizard Wed 18-Jul-12 21:13:53

Valium glad to hear that it isn't broken, but still sounds like it is going to be a while before you're back to normal. Poor you. Can your DH / other family & friends help you out for a bit with the girls? I also have a just 2 year old and can see it must be hard for you.

FX Haitch!

morecoffeemorecoffee Wed 18-Jul-12 21:14:48

* valium* poor you! Oh my goodness, how are you going to manage with your leg in a cast?

ValiumQueen Wed 18-Jul-12 21:43:47

It is broken lime

more it will be a cast I can walk on, so hopefully it will mean life is a bit easier. Just driving will be affected really. Better my ankle than my neck.

Thank you for your sympathies. In short supply at home unfortunately.

HaitchJay Thu 19-Jul-12 11:07:11

Had GP appt.BP on the low side now which is what happened in previous pregnancies & I had to come off meds.

Got hospital letter has to rearrange so will now be between 9 & 13 weeks when I go. They told me to see my MW earlier if there's a problem and didn't seem to understand that I don't have one. They kept saying everyone has one!

ValiumQueen Thu 19-Jul-12 14:53:59

Leg in plaster and I am finding it very hard to manage. So much for a walking cast! And it hurts way more as very swollen after hospital trip. Grr!

HaitchJay Thu 19-Jul-12 15:51:51

Ouch Valium. Are you able to get around much?

ValiumQueen Thu 19-Jul-12 18:15:27

Can get to loo and back but it hurts! Have had to arrange help and increased hours for 2yo at nursery. My parents will need to drop off and collect. Nursery have been so kind and said no extra charge. Burst into tears when they said that. Hopefully pain will ease and I will be mobile, but you know how demanding 2 year olds are. I cannot even change her nappy. Feeling sorry for myself and do not like being a burden. Thank you for asking.

LimeLeafLizard Thu 19-Jul-12 19:21:49

Oh Valium, I'm so sorry. Your nursery sound lovely, how kind of them to not charge you, and thank goodness your parents can help out.

And yes, I know exactly how demanding 2 year olds are, and can well imagine how hard it must be.

I'm sure you're not a burden though. People like to help others, and you'll be able to return the support to them another time when you are well. Is someone helping around the house, with meals etc, when DH isn't there?

I wish there was something we could do.

ValiumQueen Thu 19-Jul-12 20:06:47

I pretty much have cover now, thank you, and my 6yo can be helpful sometimes.

You guys help more than you know, just by being there and caring for a stranger. I don't have many RL friends as I have moved around a lot, and working full time you do not get to meet the other mums at the school gate. I am hoping to get to know people while on mat leave, but have found in the past that once people know you are going back to work, they lose interest. My work colleagues are fab, but I work some distance from home, and they live locally.

My parents moved over 500 miles to be near me, do I am very blessed, but they are in their 70s.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself. Need to count my blessings smile

HaitchJay Thu 19-Jul-12 20:20:15

Good on the nursery! Glad to hear you've help.

ValiumQueen Thu 19-Jul-12 21:27:57

Not often a business has a human side. The oddest thing happened tonight - an old friend from 20 years ago got in touch, and is visiting me tomorrow. Every cloud 'n' all.

LimeLeafLizard Thu 19-Jul-12 22:55:10

I know what you mean about moving around. My childhood was a bit like that, and I'm no longer in touch with any school friends as a result. DH and I considered moving areas last year, but one of the reasons we decided not to is that since settling down and having kids we (well, I) have finally built a network of friends and contacts in this area, which is a blessing to count. I don't have any family close by though.

Two of my closest Mum friends work full time, and I got to know them on their mat leave, so there is a good opportunity for you there, I'm sure.
Also you'll get the dubious pleasure of the school run!

Have fun with your friend!

Sighingagain Thu 19-Jul-12 22:58:50

Im 17 weeks with no 4, Im still trying to get my head around it, I havent told many people, but its getting hard to hide!

MrFranklyShankly Thu 19-Jul-12 23:23:41

Hi Ladies, Just wanted to say hello, looks like Im pregnant with #3, have 2 DD's already......am only 4 weeks (nearly) at the mo, so very early days, very nervous this time, dont know why, have never had a MC but feel like because this is my 3rd something is going to go wrong, cant quite enjoy my BFP with this anxiety....anyway hoping the next few weeks will pass and get to the 'safer' stages.....and will be waiting for all the comments....'suppose your hoping for a boy' I've been hearing that ever since DD2 was born.....or 'was it planned or an accident' why do people find these things interesting........really looking forward to telling our DD's, they've been wanting another sparing buddy for some time now!!! anyway hoping to getting to know some of yas over the next while......and congrats to all bumps 3rd/4th/5th time round!


Thanks everyone, I will be having a stitch between 12-14 weeks. I've had the same consultant since ds2, which is good as I know him quite well now! Ds2 and 3 were prem so I've seen a lot of him.

valiam hope you find it easier to get a round soon. I once broke both my ankles within a week of each other being in a cast is a pita. Luckily I didn't have children at the time, it must be really difficult when you do.

ValiumQueen Fri 20-Jul-12 07:31:17

moomin how on earth did you manage that??? Hopefully this little one will stay put to term.

Thank you for all your kind words. I slept, and am feeling a bit more positive about things today.

Welcome Newbies! It is very different expecting your DC3+ and the anxieties do not go either.

Thankyou Valium

The first one a boy from school tripped me up, a week later I was hopping down the front steps, missed one and broke the other.

Sighingagain Fri 20-Jul-12 08:35:21
HaitchJay Fri 20-Jul-12 09:16:45

shock at moomin. Did you have to have a wheelchair?

No they gave me blinking crutches! Luckily it was in the 6 week hholiday so by the time I started secondary school the plasters were off. I still had crutches though and struggled to keep up with everyone else.

ValiumQueen Fri 20-Jul-12 09:32:54

I am sorry moomin but a little giggle passed my lips at that one, as I can just imagine a healthy young thing hopping everywhere and missing a step. I bet you said a few choice words when that happened! I bet people ribbed you no end! How are your ankles now?

My 2yo decided to head-butt my cast last night. Cue tears++. The silly little sausage then decided to do it again, just to see if it hurt again. It did. I stopped her mid air before she tried it a third time. I guess that neural pathway is taking a while. This morning she has constructed a Crime scene with all her dolls lying on the floor, covered in flannels and tea towels, and is hoovering around them.

ValiumQueen Fri 20-Jul-12 09:33:36

Oh poo. Posted on the wrong thread [oops]

ValiumQueen Fri 20-Jul-12 09:35:06

No I didn't. Perhaps I hit my head when I fell.

I did swear when my dad and the next door neighbour had to carry me down the stairs. Painful! They've never been right since. I have lumps around the ankle bone and pain in cold weather.

Bless, my 16 month old does the same thing, ouch that hurt I'll do it again. He's just started walking and gave himself a nose bleed the other day head butting the floor. Ds 2 who is 9 was hysterical, far worse than ds3 who's nose was bleeding

ValiumQueen Fri 20-Jul-12 11:43:44

DS2 will not be going into healthcare as a career then.

He says he wants to be a doctor but he can't stand sick either. Runs a mile if it looks like someone might be sick

ValiumQueen Sat 21-Jul-12 11:10:29

So do real doctors in my experience. He needs to work on dealing with blood though, although it is very different when it is someone you love who is hurt. Exposure therapy perhaps? It would be handy having a doctor son, although expensive in the college years.

HaitchJay Mon 23-Jul-12 19:07:48

Ansome still bf? It's really hurting at the moment and dd3 keeps twiddling ( think due to the drop in supply).

Got a scan for Thursday am.

TruthSweet Mon 23-Jul-12 19:20:36

HaitchJay - yes still bfing, this is my 3rd pg I have bf through and 2nd one I have tandem nursed during, DD1 self weaned at 3y 6m at 8m into DD3's pg and DD2 has self weaned at 4y 8m at 7m into DD4's pg, DD3 is still bfing a couple of times a week or a couple of times a day depending on moodwink and she is 2y 9m.

Kellymom.com has a good section on bfing & pg/tandem nursing and there is also a few books about it too (from La Leche League of course!) Adventures in Tandem Nursing and Mothering Your Nursing Toddler.

It can be quite uncomfortable during the 1st trimester but it usually eases off. Unfortunately there are no guarantees or predictable happenings when bfing & pg combine so no one can say with any certainty when/if their milk supply stops/drops, when colostrum will come back in or even if baby/toddler/child will stop or continue nursing.

All I can say is colostrum nappies are special and not to be confused with diarrhoea (as I have done TWICE!!).

HaitchJay Mon 23-Jul-12 20:07:49

Phew at the pain dropping off. Dd1 self weaned as soon as I was pg with dd2 so didn't get that far. One of my suspicions about being pg this time was dd3 complaining about the milk!

Sighingagain Mon 23-Jul-12 20:37:48

I'm still bf - at 17 weeks - boobs are v tender - I'd like to do a little tandem feeding so I hope it lasts but DD is def weaning herself.

ValiumQueen Tue 24-Jul-12 07:50:26

I am very impressed by the extended breast feeding, especially whilst pregnant, and tandem feeding too. I fed both mine, but only for 18mths as they self weaned. I also found out I could not get pregnant whilst feeding.

I am guessing you ladies are experts at double pushchairs, slings, buggy boards etc. I have bought a side by side for trips from home, and a tandem for car trips. Probably a bit OTT as they will only be used for a year max, but the Tandem is a PnT so will be fine as a single. I wanted a heavy duty side by side for from home, got a Mountain Buggy, as I plan to be pounding the streets and countryside to regain my youthful figure. I never got on with a sling or wrap, and because I went back to work at 5mths with both of them, I did not want them to get used to being physically attached to me, as it would not last. I am off for 1 year this time, so a bit different.

HaitchJay Tue 24-Jul-12 08:17:05

I've a single mountain buggy and love it. I'm just going to get a buggy board this time as dd3 walks a lot anyway.
Dd3 didn't like slings and I needed the pram for support in the early days when my walking wasn't too good

LimeLeafLizard Tue 24-Jul-12 08:54:54

Hello all,

How are you feeling Valium? Are you managing to move around much now? I thought of you over the weekend but didn't get on here because Dad was visiting.

I'm also v impressed at the extended bf. I managed 4 years non-stop pg / bf / pg / bf with DS2 and 3, but none of it overlapped! After that I had a break of 9 months before my bfp this time.

I have a PnT which I have mixed feelings about. I love the neatness and that it is relatively transportable. I like it with the cocoon in particular. What annoys me is how difficult it is to steer, particularly round shops and in tight spaces and when weighed down with bags and other children pulling on it.

So when DC4 is out of the cocoon stage I might revert back to using my MacClaren extra tall with our buggy bike attached. DS3 will prob be around 3 by then anyway and so he can mostly walk and scooter anyway.

EmilieFloge Tue 24-Jul-12 08:55:57

Hello chaps! Lime, yes that's right - that's what it is for the time being at least grin

I'm also impressed by the BFing during pregnancy. I stopped bfing ds2 in January when he started school, or just after (don't tell!) which was totally unintentional to go on for so long, but I am SO thankful as he tried to have a bit a few times when I was first pregnant in April, and honestly the PAIN! shock I really, really don't know how people do it during pregnancy.
All credit to you!

Mind you my periods didn't come back till he was about 28 months, I was always envious of people who could get pregnant with babies who would be close together in age. I have a four then a five and a half year gap.

Midwife this morning, 16 week appt, not sure what they do but probably nothing much! hope people are managing with the heat, I can barely sleep...and Valium, how appalling and what a lot of things to contend with at once. I really hope you get a break soon - excuse the pun. xx

EmilieFloge Tue 24-Jul-12 09:03:28

Oh x posts! Sorry smile I meant about the dates iyswim.

Haitch I have a single MB and love it too...have got a carrycot for it in the sale, not too impressed with that I have to say - but I might give it a try. It was only £40 instead of the usual £140 or so.

HaitchJay Tue 24-Jul-12 09:10:38

We've the carrycot too. Our house has steps up to it and the carry cot meant I could split it to get the pram in. Most carry cots we found aren't stable if you remove them .

ValiumQueen Tue 24-Jul-12 10:18:23

Very impressed with the buggy bike. Never seen one of them before.

I also have mixed feelings about the PnT, but it will fit in the car, and is fairly neat. I can see myself selling it and getting a Maclaren when DS is 1yo. I got it for a bargain price, and it is only 3months old, so I may well sell it for more than I paid for it. I think they are a bit like marmite - people seem to love 'em or hate 'em. I am looking forward to using the cocoon as baby due Oct, so will be nice and cosy. I will also use it on the Mountain Buggy. I thought about getting a carrycot for the MB, but if I get a single, the toddler does not get a rain or sun cover. Bit of a design flaw there. It is suitable from birth with the seat reclined anyway.

My foot is still pretty painful, and I am quite immobile. Still swells when I put my foot down, but it has only been in plaster 5 days. I probably did quite a bit of damage in the 8 days I was walking on it. Thank you for thinking of me. That means a lot.

DD 2 back at nursery today (thank the Lord!) so just 6yo to entertain, and no hobbling after her or lifting or nappy changes until 6pm.

TruthSweet Tue 24-Jul-12 11:11:24

I absolutely hated my P&T (I had the E3 v2) but luckily it cost £30 with the cocoon, sleeping bag/cosy toes and rain cover so it wasn't a total loss especially considering I sold it for £75grin The first time I used it I ran it into a bush - DD1 still remembers it and she wasn't quite 2y old then!

I have a B-Dual with a Graco soft carry cot (though DD2 & DD3 ride in it now) and a vintage Silver Cross with pram seat, as well as a Graco Citisport single and a Quinny Zapp. I'm a not so secret pramoholic!

My EasyLife Sport twin is going to the BuggyPark in the sky very soon as it is absolutely knackered and it's not worth it to ship parts over from NZ to repair it (it needs 2 front forks, new fabrics and a new hood). It was so useful though as DD2 had arthritis at 3y which left her with Hypermobility Syndrome when she went into remission so even at 4y 8m she still needs to ride on occasion as she gets very tired (the EasyLife will take 45kg per seat shock) plus you can get a week's shopping in the basket, hanging off the handle and on the hood wink

ValiumQueen Tue 24-Jul-12 14:04:09

Wow truth. <<faints>>

You made me laugh with the tale of the bush! Very jealous of the Silver Cross. I wanted one of them, indeed still do.

EmilieFloge Tue 24-Jul-12 15:27:11

Truth, we have a few things in common! I've actually had (counts) about 58 buggies and prams since before ds1 was born, he 's 9 now...and the first new one I bought for him was a Graco Citisport! Or was it a Metrosport? It was stripy and came from La Redoute when they used to have one featured pram in the back of the vertbaudet catalogue!
I made a new seat cover for it and then sold it after a month or two as it was so light, and kept blowing away! That was the beginning of my pram addiction.

I've got an Easylife as well - only the single - it is huge (and heavy) isn't it? Our shopping basket keeps falling off and it squeaks dreadfully but I have pictures of ds1 and 2 sharing the seat when ds2 was a newborn and ds1 was four smile

I cannot consign it to the tip just yet.
currently have awaiting dc3: Emmaljunga pram (from ds2, was off ebay - like most of them!) new (but used for product testing, so very very cheap)Teutonia thing which I love, MB, also bought for ds2, old Quinny Freestyle, Gesslein pram which is so impractical but very beautiful, and a Bugaboo frog also off ebay which fits with the car seat.
Oh and a few more but I can't remember them blush
People think I am odd, they are probably right! Nice to meet a fellow enthusiast smile

ValiumQueen Tue 24-Jul-12 16:03:28

<<in need of resuscitation now!>>

I have a (soon to be sold) Silver Cross XT Travel System, which I bought nearly new off eBay. This served DDs 1&2 well, and would be used for this one too if there were a bigger age gap.

I had a red umbrella fold (£7) for DD1 which fell to bits, so I got a second hand Silver Cross pushchair to take her to and from childminder (prams had to be left outside so I did not mind if that one got pinched) I donated it to charity shop when DD1 started nursery.

When DD2 arrived I bought a pink umbrella fold (£10) which is still going strong, but will be donated once PnT arrives. My mother also wanted a lie flat pram for her to use, so I got a Silver Cross Sleepover, and sold that a couple of months before I fell pregnant again. Sold it for £20 less than I paid for it. Could have got more, but just wanted it sold and away.

Also bought a shite lightweight 3 wheeler (new) which DD1 refused to sit in. Really must sell that...

So, including my two new ones, that makes a grand total of 8, which I thought was bad, until now grin

EmilieFloge Tue 24-Jul-12 16:17:28

Oh the XT! <gets excited>
that was the new version o the cosatto T4 (think SC bought the design and adapted it a bit) - the cosatto t4 waswhat I bought for ds1 after the graco! how funny. smile

I had a sleepover for ds2 briefly before deciding it was an indulgence and selling it...I had a few others...it was a gorgeous pram though and I was tempted to buy another for dc3, it was so nice.

I hate selling them, Valium - I always worry selling on ebay - so I really shouldn't buy so many!

ValiumQueen Tue 24-Jul-12 16:56:27

You are a pram-geek then?

I have the pre-2011 mountain buggy double terrain with the fixed wheels. Much better quality build than the new ones that have been made since PnT took over the company. I managed to get it new from Winstanleys a couple of weeks back and am chuffed to f**k with it.

Does that make me a pram-geek too? [ grin]

There are not many of the Sliver Cross XTs on eBay so I doubt if I will get much for it.

EmilieFloge Tue 24-Jul-12 17:06:48

You never know Valium, it all depends who is looking, you might do better than you think.

I am envy at the MB, I have been watching that one on Winstanleys for weeks, wishing I was having twins!!! And before that the Urban they had too. I am so sad grin

I'm glad you bought it and love it, that's made me happy.

EmilieFloge Tue 24-Jul-12 17:07:49

That's where I got my carrycot as well!

LimeLeafLizard Tue 24-Jul-12 17:12:37

grin at the pram-huns! With that amount of expertise between you, you should collaborate on a guide! I'll proof-read if you like.

Valium Ow. Sounds a right pain - literally and metaphorically. Poor you. Glad your little one is at nursery though, hopefully you'll have had some rest today at least? How annoying that it has happened right at the start of the holidays. How is DD1 at entertaining herself? Is she happy to sit and colour or read (wish I had a child like that!) or is she nagging you to climb trees and play tennis with her?

Right I'd better go and make the tea. The boys are all chasing each other round the garden with water pistols - how lovely to have some sunshine.

TruthSweet Tue 24-Jul-12 17:37:23

I have had in order:-

Hauck Infinity
Maclaren Quest Mod in Scarlet Bubbles (hated it!)
First Wheels City Twin for DD1 & DD2
P&T E3 v2 angry
Safety First Surf
Bebe Confort Loola Up in Choco cream (loved the pram hated the colour as it got filthy in moments)
Emmaljunga Classic bouncy pram though I never got to use the carry cot so I wish I had kept it as DD4 could have had it sad
Baby Jogger City Double
Bumble Ride Flyer (the old version)
EaSyS Jazz SN pushchair for DD2
Combi something or another tiny fold up pushchair
EasyLife Sport Twin
Bebe Confort Trophy Air 6 (lasted all of 45 mins before I took it back to the Ebayer as it was knackered!)
Peg Perego Roma (1990s pushchair with flip over handle)
Silver Cross Wayfarer in All Black
Vigour 4+ with B-Smart seat unit
Silver Cross carriage built pram
Graco Citisport
Quinny Zapp

I tend to prefer the more obscure prams but it does make it more tricky to sell on afterwards grin DH has pretty much resigned himself to the pramaholic-ness in me.

I have only had 3 slings though I do drool over some of the prettier ones.

TruthSweet Tue 24-Jul-12 17:43:35

Emilie - I would love the EasyLife as a single (or as a double again if I am frank) as I suspect there will be times in the future when DD2 will need a pushchair to take her weight/height (she is 112cm & 18kg with long legs) and a bog standard pushchair just won't cut it.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT double may do well if she can keep under 25kg but it's new out and will be expensive 2nd hand for quite some time.

Valium - a very kind fellow MNer gave me the Silver Cross as it needed a bit of restoration, I just need to work out how to get the rust off the inside of the wheels! Handily my mother has kept the basket for her Silver Cross coach built even though she sold the pram in 1982 so I have a back up basket in case the one on the pram doesn't come up well. I just need to get round to ordering the mattress for it.....

hello everyone - I seem to have got a bit behind with the thread!

Saw the consultant yesterday - who made everything sound like doom and gloom (as they usually do!) Now on horrible clexane injections daily to prevent blood clots - and they sting like mad sad

On the pushchair situation in our house - I am currently trying to decide if DS2 (who has just turned 2) will be walking well enough by Nov to not need to go in a pushchair - so DD2 (coming up to 1) and the new baby can use the double. My other option is to put the baby in the baby carrier and the other 2 go in the double....I never really used my carrier much with the others so can't work out if this will be ok?! School is a 20 min walk away so will be doing a fair bit of walking to take the older 2 every day!

Back at the docs tomorrow to see if they will sign me off work for another couple of weeks until I start maternity leave....seem to spend all my time attending medical appointments at the moment - either for me or one of the DC's!

TruthSweet Thu 26-Jul-12 09:29:46

there are triples on the market that aren't bad - the T3 (a mum near me has one of those for a toddler and baby twins and it looks good tbh!), Valco Tri-mode (almost identical to the T3 but available in US so sometimes pops up on ebay/2nd hand market), ABC double with baby seat, or an EasyLife Sport Twin with a toddler seat on the front or even a M&P/Peg Perego triplette. There's a few options here.

TruthSweet Thu 26-Jul-12 09:31:14

Sorry posted instead of previewing!!

Sorry about the clexane - they do sting like billy-o I hated the bruising too! Hope you get signed off, how many weeks are you now?

LimeLeafLizard Thu 26-Jul-12 09:42:42

I've never heard of clexane but it sounds horrid. Consultants do always make things seem bad, don't they? They always seem to focus on the worst possible outcome. I suppose risk analysis is an important part of the job, but I wish they wouldn't project their gloom so much!

The back carrier option sounds like hard work, tbh. The baby which seems so light when you first put it on feels like it weighs a ton after 10 mins walking, and you'll have two 40 min round trips whilst pushing a double buggy too...

If DS2 is walking well by then, and you don't want to buy a triple, could you attach a buggy board / bike to the double?

ValiumQueen Thu 26-Jul-12 09:50:40

Mountain buggy did a triple side by side. There were a couple on eBay. They are the older style I think. I doubt it would fit through doors, but might be good for the school run? The smorph pod might be an idea, as it folds up when not in use, so could attach to a nice double.

HaitchJay Thu 26-Jul-12 10:00:08

Ouch at clexane, I had 4 weeks post c-section last time & had some wonderful bruises.

HaitchJay Thu 26-Jul-12 10:07:06

Got scan in an hour. Am really nervous.

Truth I'm 25 weeks now - so am gonna have a good few months of these dam injections sad .

Keep watching the various different triple buggys on ebay! - don't really want to fork out for a new one if we do decide to go the whole hog and opt for a triple!

valium I'm not too worried about a pushchair to fit through doors as it will be only for walking to school - don't think any triple will fit in our 7 seater car with all the seats in use! Lime unfortunately a buggy board won't fit on my current double - so would end up having to get a different double anyway - which defeats the object!

Haitchjay good luck with the scan - is it your first one?

HaitchJay Thu 26-Jul-12 13:30:02

Had scan. They couldn't find baby at first and offered rescan in 10 days or dildocam. There was no way I was waiting that long so had the internal. Found a tiny heart beat, smallest I've seen any of mine and they've said 6 weeks. Bit worried as I've known for 3 weeks I was pg so must have been a v early positive or something wrong. It was within my possible dates though but I feel like I've lost a couple of weeks as I was expecting them to say 8weeks!
Will get another scan in 3 weeks so got a while to worry yet !

LimeLeafLizard Thu 26-Jul-12 14:19:34

grin at 'dildocam'! I had one of them last time... eew.

Haitch it is great to know that all is OK, to see the heartbeat, but I can imagine your frustration at loosing two weeks. Pregnancy seems to take ages anyway. I bet you're looking forward to your next scan already.

4kids sounds like you have the perfect excuse to splash out... even if only on ebay.

I've been out all morning, little ones are at nursery and DS1 has been allowed to go on the Wii so I can have a little nap.... zzzzz

HaitchJay Thu 26-Jul-12 14:26:31

It's better than a 10 day wait grin
Glad you understand. Dh didn't get it at all but he's patient about everything (and an optimist) and I'm not (and a worrier!)

Fingers crossed haitchjay that everything is fine. I can never work out the way they date things. WHen I went for my first scan this pregnancy they told me I was 16 weeks - which was a physical impossibility as I knew exactly when things had happened blush, and it couldn't possibly have been the date they gave me!

HaitchJay Sat 28-Jul-12 19:41:04

I think I worry more with each pregnancy blush

ShellyBobbs Sat 28-Jul-12 20:57:23

Hi everyone, just come across this thread. I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant with my 4th little one.

I've already had much practice in out 'ruding' people with their stupid comments and questions so would welcome anyone commenting on me having 4 children, I really couldn't care less what anyone thinks, family, friends or strangers smile

My 3 are really excited (7,10 and 12) and especially so since I'm having a home birth this time.

I'll go and have a read through your posts now smile

HaitchJay Sat 28-Jul-12 21:04:03

Hi Shelley smile

ValiumQueen Sun 29-Jul-12 12:11:01

Hi shelly I keep forgetting you are on no.4. I find it encouraging that other mums are just as nervous with no.3,4 or more. I tend to think that anyone with more than 2 must clearly be supermums and never have a worry. I remember when pg with DC2 worrying that I would not be able to love another child, but now I know I can and do, this little belly dweller is even more special as he is already a part of the family.

Any tips on going from 2 to 3? We have the bigger car, enough bedrooms, and the double buggy thankfully DD1 is 6, so does not need her hand holding when out and about etc, and generally does what she is told. I am hoping this one will just slot in nicely. I remember going from 1-2 was a bigger shock than 0-1.

LimeLeafLizard Sun 29-Jul-12 12:53:40

Hello Shelley! I've had two home births, not sure if I'll get another this time.

Valium like you I found going from 1-2 a much bigger shock than 0-1! 2-3 was relatively easy - DC3 was an easy baby and he just slotted right in.
Are you managing to get around a bit more now, at least at home?

I am also more worried this pregnancy, probably partly due to the illogical feeling of 'pushing my luck', and partly because I am so much more aware of all the possible things that can go wrong. Looking back, first time round I had no experience at all, and few friends with babies. Now I know dozens of other peoples' stories, and realise I have been lucky.

ValiumQueen Sun 29-Jul-12 13:12:14

A bit better today lime I went to my mums yesterday and was glad to get home, so am trying to see the positive side to it. I can stand up to wash up and cook now. I hate not being able to drive, and take the kids out, but we are surviving. I am liking online shopping for food grin

Evening all!

Well am now signed off for 4 weeks until I start maternity leave at 29 weeks! I have never started it this early before but I am literally struggling through day to day at the moment, and it's not going to get any better until the baby arrives sad

Valium we have also signed up for online shopping. There is no way I could push a trolley full of shopping around at the moment, and it's a nightmare if I send DH - he always buys the wrong things! I also found 2 to 3 pretty easy. My other 2 were 4 and 3, so they were out of the baby stage by then!

Hi shelly - mine have always been excited about having a new brother or sister. In fact DD1 is positively gutted this will be our last - she seems to be under the impression that we can fit another couple of babies into our house (which we definately can't!) and also doesn't seem to have noticed that I my body is so knackered I can bearly move in this pregnancy hmm .

Dh has been looking after the kids all day so I could get some rest while he is off. He has literally been run off his feet and is complaining about how he can't get anything done! I did have a little chuckle to myself - now he may appreciate how hard it is being at home with the DC's all day grin

LimeLeafLizard Sun 29-Jul-12 22:33:08

4kids, your DH sounds like mine - buying the wrong things in the supermarket (though I'm sure that is deliberate - he sees tasty things that I don't normally buy and just fancies getting them) and tells me how hard it is to get anything done when the kids are around (I KNOW!)

Sorry to hear you are still feeling so bad, knowing you have another 11ish weeks to go must be hard too. At least you're signed off work.

Valium glad you're trying to stay positive and reaping the benefits of online shopping. I have never managed that despite lots of people telling me I should. Just getting the thing set up seems too faffy, but I'm sure it is a godsend when you are in pain and struggling to get around.

MIL is coming tomorrow, we've decided to tell her I'm pg... hope she reacts well!

ENormaSnob Mon 30-Jul-12 08:18:03

Hi everyone,

I have 3dc, 12, 7 and 2.5 and just had a bfp shock

Think I'm due early April.

hi just marking my spot so I can read and join properly later (am procrastinating at work)...
expecting DC4 and feeling pretty ill but actually quite excited about it....

ShellyBobbs Mon 30-Jul-12 17:03:18

I found going from 2-3 really easy, my other two were 2 and 4, the eldest had just started primary 3 weeks earlier. My youngest was and still is one of a kind, I was never able to take my eyes off her for a moment she is just a born climber and still has no fear!

The only thing I'm sad about this time is that it definitely is my last, we will be bursting out of this house when this little one arrives. Ideally I would have another when this one was 18months-2years as the age gap as it is is massive.

This pregnancy has gone so much faster than my others, maybe because I'm not running about after toddlers this time, I'm currently cramming as much overtime as I can at the moment to try to put some money aside for when I'm on maternity leave. 10 weeks to go until I'm on leave smile

CaptainHetty Mon 30-Jul-12 17:07:54

I'm 31 weeks with number 4 - my boyfriend also has 2 from a previous relationship so number 6 altogether grin

LimeLeafLizard Mon 30-Jul-12 18:49:59

Hello Norma, Stealth and Hetty! Great to have more people on the thread, knowing there are actually lots of us with bigger families now or on the way!

Shelly, I haven't had a climber yet (maybe DC4 will fill this gap in our family wink) so it is always a bit of a shock to me when I am with or looking after friends' children who are climbers. The first time this happened was when my friend's 2yo climbed above my head height on the OUTSIDE of a soft play frame. He was going higher but I just managed to grab his leg and reach up to lift him down! Phew.

TruthSweet Mon 30-Jul-12 19:18:02

Anyone else so tired they could cry (and do!)? I have had tests for folate anaemia, B12 anaemia, iron anaemia, thyroid levels and glucose tolerance test - all normal but I am so tired. Plus I keep having heart palpitations and have lost more weight - I am now 16lbs lighter than when I got pg but I am 32w!

This summer holidays may finish me off!

CaptainHetty Mon 30-Jul-12 20:12:29

Truth I'm constantly tired, but all my bloods are coming back normal as well. I'm beginning to think it really is just a case of the kids nackering me out! Unfortunately I'm not 16lbs lighter though grin

I'm also suffering from rather bad pelvic girdle pain - feels like I've been kicked in the arse with lead boots, multiple times.

TruthSweet Mon 30-Jul-12 21:35:19

I got lucky with this pg on the SPD/PGP front - first pg symptom was SPD flashes of pain (before I knew I was pg!) but it has really eased up and no pain unless I do something stupid like push something with my foot wink

I just wish I wasn't so tired, I sat on the sofa all afternoon except for sorting the washing out after telling the children I would take them to the adventure playground, I was just too tired to even catch the bus there!

Hope I feel a bit more perky soon - and you too Hetty!

ShellyBobbs Tue 31-Jul-12 16:47:23

LimeLeafLizard My daughter is 7 and still climbs up the door frame and hangs upside down off it! When she was about 16 months old, I was at a party at someones house, we were sat in the garden and I'd taken my eyes off her to wipe my son's nose. This lady came over to me and said 'is that your little girl?', when I looked she was half way over the fence! She was toddling about at 10 months old and trying to climb at 11.

She came in before with all grazes over her knees, when I asked her how she did it she told me it was sliding down the tree she had climbed in the woods (right at the very back of our house). Think I gave birth to a monkey grin.

HaitchJay Tue 31-Jul-12 19:26:40

Dd2 was my climber and wild child, she's starting to get easier now but I'm scared of getting another blush

Hi to all the newbies!

Hello to all the newbies! Good to know there are a few more crazy people around...!

Well this is my 3rd week off work and I am getting really bored now! Things are fine if I spend most of the day laying down, but am getting really bored of being stuck at home. And still another 12 weeks to go - assuming that things will happen around 38 weeks (I may kill someone if they don't hmm ) That seems like an awfully long time....

DH has suggested I get into a series of something like lost, which I never normally have time to watch...I'm just not very good at this whole 'taking things easy' lark - it must just be in my nature to be madly busy all the time, that's obviously why I chose to have so many kids grin Right moaning over with....!

Cravingtomatoes Wed 01-Aug-12 20:10:51

Sorry, have had a hectic few weeks and have not had a chance to get on here and post. Great that this thread is doing so well and there are now so many people on it! Hello to all the new ones I've missed - so good to see lots of people having big families, and aren't going to comment on how mad I am for having a 4th. Loving all the climber stories - it's my DD3 (18 mths) who is the climber and we're having to get rid of any chairs/stools/boxes which helps her get up onto stuff.
Lime is your scan still tomorrow? Mine was changed to tomorrow at 2:30pm so we are definitely scan buddies if yours is then too! Good luck and I hope yours goes well - I think the 12-week one is always such a relief, as sometimes it's hard to believe there's anything in there (sickness or no sickness).
Truth I'm also exhausted - bloods also came back fine (although iron stores are starting to get low). I think it's having other little ones to look after? Hope you're managing to get lots of rest. Glad you're avoiding the SPD this time round - Captain I'm with you with the SPD, and mine comes earlier with each pregnancy. In fact, I just get the crutches out as soon as I find out I'm pg now! (Not that I can use them with 3 crazy DCs running around).
Haitch Glad you got your scan, but sorry to hear you're worried - hoping all is okay and your next scan comes round quickly.
4kids I started maternity leave at 30 weeks on DD1 as was teaching at a school with super-long summer hols, and I remember getting cabin fever (and our tv had broken angry). I read loads of books and slept a lot! My friend is currently ploughing through Lost and loving it, I've never seen it, so yes, get into something like that to get you through. Hope the weeks go quickly for you.
Agree with the consensus that going from 1-2 was the hardest of all. Going to 3 was much easier (or maybe I was just more relaxed about it/experienced?) Hopefully going from 3-4 will be really easy hmm!
Okay going to read back through the thread properly now, and catch up with you all.

TruthSweet Wed 01-Aug-12 20:16:24

Craving - I measured my self today to see how big bump was getting - I have lost 2" from my waist and hips shock so I will be bringing this up with cons. on Monday (long standing appt for 34w) just to check everything is okay. Baby is a real wriggler though so she's obviously fine, just need to make sure she is growing well!

Sorry to hear your SPD gets earlier with each pg, it was horrible when it was my 1st I don't know how I'd cope if I had it with all 4 pgs! Hope you get some rest and some good pg compatible painkillers!

CaptainHetty Wed 01-Aug-12 20:35:45

I have crutches in the storage cupboard upstairs, I'm considering fishing them back out even if only to assist with night time toilet trips because seriously, once I've laid down now I have to be practically prised back up again and hobble across the landing going 'oooh, ouch, feck it' grin

Also just found the perfect house and should be moving in 5-6 weeks. As I'm 31+2 now, I'm not convinced this is a great idea, but figuring moving with baby inside belly will be easier than with newborn in car seat, then sling, and trying to feed and change nappies in between... Everyone else thinks I'm bloody mental grin

TruthSweet Wed 01-Aug-12 21:13:14

We moved when I was 6m pg with DD1 with me on crutches and in extreme pain. It was so much easier than when we moved when DD1 was 8m old so I think you are doing the right thing (and we moved ourselves when I was pg but had movers when DD1 was a baby)

Cravingtomatoes Wed 01-Aug-12 21:56:24

Gosh Truth sorry to hear about the possible weight loss, but definitely a good sign that your baby is moving well. Good to get it checked out though and fx for you on Monday. 34 weeks already?! So exciting! Have read through the thread properly now, and sorry that you are so exhausted all the time. I know that it gets very tiring in late pregnancy, but still. Hope the next few weeks go quickly for you. SPD is difficult, but it's for a good reason I guess! As for "rest" - I'm trying to remember what that word actually means!
Definitely agree that moving house whilst pregnant is much better than moving with a newborn - we've also done both, and even though my role was restricted pg, it was even worse trying to keep an eye on a newborn and also feeling really exhausted and hormonal with big, leaky boobs! Think it will be lovely to have a new house just before your baby is born, Captain (good excuse to get out of doing any lifting etc, too smile). I don't think you're mental, especially if you've found your perfect house - isn't it all part of the nesting thing anyway?!
Great info on the pushchairs above, wish I'd had that when we were looking for a double buggy. We also have a P&T which I've used since DC2. DH hates it - detests it in fact. I think it's okay sometimes but not a huge fan either. It's practical having them in line, I guess. Anyway, I think that discussion has long finished, so will stop there and make sure I stay up-to-date with this thread now.

LimeLeafLizard Wed 01-Aug-12 22:24:32

Evening all!

Truth, hope your appointment on Monday is reassuring. Funny how weight loss is often seen as a good thing, but when you're pg it is another thing to monitor / feel anxious about. It must be so comforting to feel your baby moving loads.

Hetty great news about your house! It will be a good distraction from waiting for baby to show up, and also being pg a good excuse to get DH and the removal blokes to do all the lifting! What is the new place like?

Craving, yes my scan is tomorrow at 11am so I am nervous and excited. I'll check back here tomorrow afternoon to see how yours went too!

We are going to tell the children about the pregnancy tomorrow too, if it is all ok. PIL heard the news this week, they were a little surprised but quite supportive. MIL did say the inevitable 'oh just imagine if it is a little girl'! but to be fair, she has three sons and four grandsons so she deserves a moment of fantasy about a baby girl, I think. And I know she'll be as warm and loving to another DS as she is to the first 3.

TruthSweet Wed 01-Aug-12 22:28:55

Good luck with everyone's scans! And with the move Hetty.

Baby's a really wriggler - does weird pulsing movements, the other 3 never did that! But if she's moving she's not, well you know.

cherrypiew3 Wed 01-Aug-12 23:43:36

Hi can I join you all please.

I am 21 weeks pregnant with dc4 we found out on Monday that we are having a little girl.
Looking forward to chatting to you all and good luck to you ladies with scans tomorrow.

Good luck with the scan Craving and Limeleaf

Welcome Cherrypie - the more the merrier!

Think I must have been having a particularly bad day yesterday - not feeling quite so bad today! DC3 & 4 are back from my mums, but they are both currently asleep so having an hour chill time before cooking lunch!

Have been trying to speak to the midwife this morning as they didn't give me a MATB1 form last week, but so far have not been able to get hold of them....good thing it's not something really urgent hmm

Good luck with the house moving Hetty

HaitchJay Thu 02-Aug-12 12:12:02

I know MW/HV/GP (delete as appropriate ) are v busy but it's v frustrating when you can't contact anyone

I know Haitchjay. In the end I got fedup with not being able to get through to anyone, and just went down to the place where they have the midwife clinics - got my form within about 5 mins! Doesn't fill you with confidence that you will be able to get hold of them if you really do need them though...

LimeLeafLizard Thu 02-Aug-12 23:03:59

Hello, just checking in before bed. I'm really tired these days but had a little nap on the sofa earlier so have made it to 11pm!

The scan went well today - it was the 12 week nuchal scan with combined bloods. My odds of having chromosomal problems were 'as low as they can be considering your age' according to the sonographer!
I am apparently 5 days further on than I thought (but am always late anyway).
tbh it was just a massive relief to see a live baby and know all is OK. Phew.

We told DS1 and he was really happy and excited - he has been very caring all day, telling me to rest etc. unlike DH who is oblivious.

Hello cherry I recognise your name, maybe from the ttc threads? Good to see you here.

4kids, there is a moral to that tale, about having to make a little bit of a fuss to get some action. I have to take my son to the hospital regularly, and ime there is nothing like standing there in person making friends with the receptionist to get results quickly.

LimeLeafLizard Thu 02-Aug-12 23:04:58

PS Craving hope all went well for you, too. I was thinking of you this afternoon.

Cravingtomatoes Fri 03-Aug-12 00:09:26

I thought of you too Lime! So glad all went well with your scan and that you got to see your baby all healthy and well. How sweet of your DS to be looking out for you - your DH sounds very like mine! My scan went well too, and all good so far and growth is smack on with dates (they also took away 5 days from my original EDD on 12-week). Big relief all round, definitely. Apart from DD3 being born 6 weeks prem, all pregnancies have gone well, so sometimes I worry we're pushing our luck going for another one.

4kids good for you for going directly to the mw to get your form. There's no excuse that they were unreachable via telephone.

Hi Cherry and congratulations on expecting a baby girl! Couldn't find out what we're having this time as baby's legs were crossed. Hope your pg is going well.

Truth hope you're resting up and not feeling too exhausted. Speaking of which, I need to go to bed! Good night all.

ShellyBobbs Thu 09-Aug-12 11:14:09

Have had a few wide eyes this week when the usual 'is this your first?', 'no it's my fourth', conversation starts. Feel like saying 'oh feck off!'

HaitchJay Thu 09-Aug-12 14:26:59

I got lots of aw is she your first about dd3. Think it's partly my age though as there's a lot of 30ish first timers.

This always makes me laugh Shelly and Haitch - particularly when you go for medical appointments with no kids in tow and they haven't looked at your notes....is this your first...erm no this will be number 5 grin . This week one of the midwifes asked me how old my youngest was - and she was a bit shock when I said she will be one at the end of the week!

Well just about ready for our 2 week camping trip. Am just hoping that it is not too stressful.....going with lots of family though, so hoping that they will help out a bit with the DC's! Oh and also praying for good weather (obviously!)

CODwidow Fri 10-Aug-12 16:11:16

Can I join?? I'm 22+2 with no 5. I already have 4 ds's 9,8,6 and almost 4 and this is a little girl according to 20 week scan.
People's reactions are really funny and people's stares now it's school hols and my bump is showing are obvious smile

Hi CODwidow

Congratulations! I am also on no.5 - how are you finding this pregnancy? I have to admit I am really struggling (currently 27 weeks) - I feel like my body has been completely battered by so many pregnancies! I know things will be much better once I've had the baby though - I always find being pregnant harder than the 'looking after the baby' bit afterwards!

HaitchJay Fri 10-Aug-12 18:13:49


You lot are a bad influence on me , I'm thinking 4 isn't that big for a family blush but I'm getting sterilised this time to stop any wavering in the future!

CaptainHetty Fri 10-Aug-12 18:43:07

Oh I love the 'is it your first?' comments. I had my 28 week appointment at the hospital and when I told the midwife it was actually number 4, her chin almost hit the floor hmm apparently I don't look old enough. I'm 26, not 16! lol. It gets even better when I say little lady has 2 more half sisters as well because although it's our first together, DP also has 2 girls with his ex grin

CODwidow Fri 10-Aug-12 18:59:07

I am finding this one a little harder physically than the others, I feel this time that my body has had enough tbh. Hoping once school hols are over it'll get a little easier though. smile

Glad I am not the only one struggling COD! I honestly don't know how people manage to go through more than 5 pregnancies! And yes - at least 2 of mine will be out of the way at school in a few more weeks - although there is the joy of getting organised to do the school run, instead of everyone staying in their PJ's until gone 9!

Haitchjay are you planning to get sterilised straight after the birth? That was our plan after no4, but unfortunately the GP said we had to wait for 6 months after DC4 was born for DH to get the snip (in case we changed our mind!), and I discovered I was pregnant a few weeks before DH went for his op! He has had it now, so this one should DEFINATELY be our last....

CODwidow Fri 10-Aug-12 20:47:00

I know what you mean 4 kids but I always struggle in the 3rd week of the hols then I'll be fine again. But once their back i'll be wishing for the next holiday so we don't have to be so organised. Can't win!

I think that's the only thing I'm slighty worried about is making sure I keep up with everyone's school work with a newborn as it is quite challenging already do any tips from anyone welcome grin

HaitchJay Fri 10-Aug-12 20:58:25

4kids- I'm having a section so can have it done at the same time. That's what they offered last time anyway

HaitchJay Tue 14-Aug-12 21:15:37

Had booking appt and another scan yesterday. All ok they decided on 9 weeks starting yesterday so I have a due date now. Spent ages filling in the forms. Am not getting a 12 week scan now either sad not sure how to do the 'I'm pregnant ' announcement without a pic blush
Dr told me I didn't have to come back until 34 weeks and MW had to argue him down to 16.

LimeLeafLizard Tue 14-Aug-12 22:10:11

Hello everyone, good to catch up with your news, and hello COD!

I had a funny 'is it your first?' moment last week. I was on my own in mothercare, buying a couple of maternity tops as I've started to show now. The Assistant at the till started telling me about their 'Baby and Me Club' - I quickly said it was my 4th child and she said, 'oh, right' and said no more!

Haitch I can't believe the Dr didn't want to see you from 9 weeks to 34! Madness. Thank goodness your MW put him straight.

COD I don't have any good homework tips but my friend gets her eldest to listen to the reception age child read most nights (she or DH do listen once a week). Depends on the children as to whether that would work I suppose.

CODwidow Wed 15-Aug-12 19:53:56

I do know a few families where the older one listens to the younger but it doesn't work here. The older one gets bored or the younger one won't read properly. I think I'll just have to come up with a system so that everyone gets their homework/reading/spelling done on certain days.

OodHousekeeping Sun 09-Sep-12 18:26:37

How's everyone doing? I'm now 13 weeks and italready feels like its going on for ages!

Cravingtomatoes Sun 09-Sep-12 18:52:04

Hi Ood I felt like that for the first few months especially with young children to chase after, but I'm now 25 weeks and don't feel ready! DC3 was born at 34 weeks, so hopefully this one will last longer. Have you had your first scan now? Hope all is well with you.

Hope everyone's doing well and pgs going ok. COD I have also been getting funny looks from people now my bump is so obvious. I don't understand how people feel they have the right to stare when DCs are walking along quietly. Oh and I finally got the "Don't you have a telly" comment too. The woman was sweet though so couldn't hit back with anything shocking.

OodHousekeeping Sun 09-Sep-12 19:19:41

I had a scan at 9 weeks and they wouldn't give me a 12 week one. Have a consultant appointment next month but nothing for ages

MoonHare Sun 09-Sep-12 20:00:45

Hi everyone

Can I join you? Am expecting DC3 next month. Had a quick scan back through the thread and so many of you are on no. 4 or 5 I feel like a bit of a wimp!

My DDs are 4 (only just) and 18 mth. DD1 starts school on Wed.

Having a good pregnancy all in all but definitely more tired, especially having just had the summer holidays to manage. I've got spd/pgp and have been seeing a chiropractor, which has definitely made a difference but now at 34 weeks I'm finding it much more difficult to cope with. 6 weeks will shoot by I know but still feel fed up from time to time.

I really identify with some of the things others have said. I have that 'are we pushing our luck?' feeling and keep just trying to push it down whenever it pops up. Not just to do with health of baby but worrying that this one might be much harder to manage than the other 2 who are very good girls really. That said DD2 is really starting to assert her personality and independence now, as they do, and I can see she's going to be more of a handful when the new baby comes than I imagined back in March when we found out I was pg. The other 2 have always been such good sleepers and generally contented babies - what if this one is a terror?!

I also feel bad for DD2 that she still needs me more than DD1 did when DD2 was born (2.5yr age gap between them but only 20 mth between DD2 and DC3). At least DD1 understood a new baby was coming and would be living with us always. DD2 has no idea what's about to hit her! She's so loving and cuddly and I worry she will feel pushed aside. DH took over a lot of the care of DD1 when DD2 was born and tbh she still prefers him to me as a result. Feel guilty that this may happen with DD2 and I will mind more than I can let on.

I don't really know anyone with more than 2 children although a good friend is also expecting her 3rd. I'm not really worried about coping with the demands of 3 more worried about the emotional side of things and spreading myself between them.

Sorry for the long ramble - it felt good to get some of that of my chest!

OodHousekeeping Sun 09-Sep-12 20:10:40

Hi moon are you on any of the other antenatal threads? I'm finding I feel a bit out of place on mine (hence trying to get this one back!) as loads are on their first.

Cravingtomatoes Sun 09-Sep-12 21:01:39

That's a shame they won't scan you again Ood - hopefully the time will go quickly for your 20-week one.

Hi Moon sorry to hear you also have SPD/PGP. I've suffered from it quite badly in all pgs & it's hard going. It's good your nearing the end now - when's your due date? I know what you mean about wondering if you're pushing your luck. I did find going to 3 easier than when I went from 1 dc to 2, both physically and emotionally, so you may find that too.

Nice to see this thread again as thought it had been lost in the ether.

MoonHare Mon 10-Sep-12 16:58:27

Hi Ood I'm not a regular on any other threads, like to comment on baby names and generally chip in on anything related to home birth but like you most threads around my due date, which is 20th Oct - thanks for asking Cravingtoms - seem to be full of those expecting their first. Just can't get into that heady mindset this time around!

Really sympathise/empathise with you craving re the spd, it's such a bummer. Had it last time around too, admittedly this time isn't as bad, for which I credit my chiropractor but when the pain is bad - it's bad. What number pregnancy are you on?

Be good to get this thread rolling again. Wish I'd joined in sooner.

OodHousekeeping Mon 10-Sep-12 17:02:33

I'm getting the start of SPD too, wavering over asking for Physio referral as they weren't much use last time but might need them for crutches.

LimeLeafLizard Mon 10-Sep-12 18:14:38

Hello all, it is good to see this thread going again. I lost track of it when I went on holiday and since then it hasn't been on my 'I'm on' list anymore.

Hi Moon, nice to have you here. Like your DD, my DS2 starts school this term too, next Monday. I am quite nervous but I'm sure he'll be fine. He just seems so little compared to DS1 when he started.

I am now almost 18 weeks and it is getting hard to hide the pregnancy from nosy busybodies well meaning acquaintances, so I am starting to tell people if it comes up in conversation. Mostly the reaction has been positive but some people are clearly very surprised.

One of the school mums let it slip accidentally in front of some of the others, and one of them gasped in disbelief and shock to the extent that she started choking on her cappuccino! (she was fine though I was a bit hmm)

Hello again everyone.

This thread had gone a bit quiet! Guess people are a little busy grin

Well I am 32 weeks tomorrow and feel like I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore. I feel like I am just draging myself round from day to day trying to get through looking after the other DC's. I can't wait to feel a little more energetic and enthusiastic about things once this baby has made an appearance!

Gosh that was a right moan! Just hoping this baby does not go past it's due date (none of my others have, so hopefully this one will also follow the same pattern!)

Thirstysomething Mon 10-Sep-12 19:15:23

three already, thinking about no 4 (no 3 is 8 mo) - trying to decide! Was accidentally (excitedly) pregnant a few weeks ago and saw this thread then, but yet another mc sad
Four -- good number?!!!
Even with three, I had lots of comments mentioned here: 'no telly then?', and 'is it your first?' (i'm in my mid/late thirties, so this one surprised me a bit). But the only one that really annoyed me, was the LOAD of comments I got saying 'oh you must have been thrilled to have a boy at last' after DS3. What do they mean, 'at last'?! I even got a couple of cards congratulating me on 'finally achieving' a boy. Weird?!

Cravingtomatoes Mon 10-Sep-12 19:17:08

Moon I'm on no 4 (eldest has just turned 5) and have had the pelvic problems through each pg (crutches etc). Good that your chiropractor is helping you, but sorry to hear that you too have had lots of pain. Did you find it got better quickly after the birth? Not long till your due date at all - Oct is a great month for a birthday too smile. Know what you mean about not relating to those on their 1st pgs now - it's a totally different experience.

Ood you should definitely get ref for physio espec if you might need crutches/ tubigrips etc. this time round they've given me a belt thing to wear around my hips which really helps. Hope they're more helpful for you this time.

Hi everyone else - glad to see the tread going again too. lime can't believe you're 18 weeks already! When's your next scan? Good luck with that. Can't believe how rude that mum was choking on her coffee at the news of your pg. Jealous I reckon. I still find it ridiculous that people think they have the right to judge pg women, espec those with large families. My mum doesn't mention my pg at all (she even rolled her eyes at DD1 who said she was excited about having a new sibling) and few of my friends do either! Ah well.

Sorry to hear you're really starting to feel the pg now 4kids. At least there's not too long to go. How early have your others been? Hoping you're getting lots of rest.

OodHousekeeping Mon 10-Sep-12 19:18:17

I got lots of 'is it your first?' with dd3. I was 31 but it was good when they realised dd1 was mine (almost 11 then!)

Cravingtomatoes Mon 10-Sep-12 19:25:02

X-post Thirsty. So sorry to hear about your mcs - I hope you're ok. It's weird how people get so hung up on the gender, and assume you can only want more to get a different gender. And the comments and surprised looks or rudeness is really getting to me this time. I'm on 4th and I think it will be a good no! I'm 38, so like you a bit surprised.

OodHousekeeping Mon 10-Sep-12 20:03:37

craving I had a belt last time but it did nothing for me.

LimeLeafLizard Mon 10-Sep-12 21:08:36

Hello Thirsty, good to have your company smile. So sorry for your mc. Are you thinking about TTC again soon then?

Craving I don't think Cappuccino Mum meant to be rude (she is normally a very friendly person) but she must have realised that she was a bit OTT as she actually came up to me and apologised the next day, which I appreciated.

People do seem to assume that I am only having another to 'get a girl'. We always wanted 4 children (if all went well, and we were lucky, which we have been). I have a couple of friends who have chosen to stick with one child and they get fed up with similarly insensitive comments about why they should have more.

My next scan is on 27 Sept... I'm really looking forward to it - just hope all is still ok.

Yes, 4kids how early were the others? (I have been way overdue twice so any dreams of going into labour naturally at 39 weeks are far-fetched!)

Cravingtomatoes Mon 10-Sep-12 22:16:04

Lime Ah that's good that Cap Mum apologised - I have had such negativity this time round that I immediately see red when I hear any kind of comments. I guess that having 2 children (not 1 or any more than 2) is so ingrained in our culture that it does surprise people. Good luck with your scan on 27th, and hope all is well.

Ood sorry to hear the belt didn't help - I'm finding it holds me together. Crutches are the biggest help, but difficult to use them when out and about with 3 young ones.

LimeLeafLizard Mon 10-Sep-12 22:45:33

Well you're 8 weeks ahead of me, aren't you? After another 8 weeks of comments I may also be seeing red! wink

cherrypiew3 Mon 10-Sep-12 23:39:47

Hello everyone

Hi Moon and Thirsty

Glad to see this thread is back. I am 27 weeks now and finding this by far the most difficult pregnancy I have had.

Not really had any bad comments just the normal "are you mad" followed by a strange look.

Lime It's been a while since I posted but yes I also recognise your name from the ttc boards. I have also gone way overdue (2 weeks) with all 3dc and think I would go into shock at been on time.

Thirstysomething Tue 11-Sep-12 02:17:47

TTC? yeee--eeesss.
I mean I think so.
Oh hell! Basically still haven't decided if 4 is a good idea, so doing an ostrich and burying head in the sand while we carry on 'not trying, but not not trying...'

SeymoreInOz Tue 11-Sep-12 03:50:24

Hi, can I join please?

I'm 27 weeks with DC3 and I've been finding it a lot different this time. I've been feeling a bit guilty about not being full of excitement all the time. I'm also really worried about the birth, much more so than before. My DCs (6.5 and 4) are very excited though.

I've had lots of "you're brave" comments but I think I'm just sticking my head in the sand a bit. I feel like I don't get a second to myself with 2, not sure how things will go with 3!

I haven't found many people have made comments at all this time around (no.5!)
I think they obviously all think I'm crazy and have given up telling me...

With my other DC's the latest was 39 weeks, then have had 2 inductions at 38 weeks, and 1 who came naturally at 37 weeks. So all technically past the magic '37 weeks' but none that have made their due date! I'm not sure at the moment if this will be another 38 weeks induction. Not seeing the consultant again until 36 weeks, so I guess I will find out more then. At the moment I would probably kiss him if he told me I will definately have the baby by 38 weeks!

Welcome Seymore

Thirsty 4 is a great number! We were meant to be stopping at 4 - but had a little surprise just before DH went for his snip!

LimeLeafLizard Tue 11-Sep-12 09:18:47

Thirsty grin I haven't decided if 4 is a good idea either... I'm not even sure if I'm ready to be a grown up yet!

4kids that is all good then - real hope you might not have to wait to term but hopefully not too much worry about baby being before 37 weeks. grin that they have all given up telling you you're crazy!

Seymore welcome! Your age gaps are good then, the kids will be able to get involved and get excited. I'm not surprised you're worried about the birth though - I think being aware of what you have to go through is a good reason to be a bit worried! How did your previous births go?

Hello again cherry - 27 weeks already! Sorry to hear you're finding this time hard - is it anything in particular? I am doing well so far this time - but I am only 18 weeks so plenty of time for it to get harder.

ShellyBobbs Tue 11-Sep-12 12:21:55

4Kids I know exactly how you are feeling. I'm bloody knackered, have got a water infection, the antibiotics are giving me the runs and I'm signed off work with migranes! I'm 31 weeks and wish I could fast forward to 37 weeks where I know I'm more into days than weeks (3rd baby arrived at 39 weeks). Oh and the breathlessness has just upped it's game to the point where walking on any incline is almost impossible and with it being the 4th, the head might not go down until I'm actually in labour so that isn't going to get better.

How's that for a moan grin

Apart from that, I'm really looking forward to it now and so are the kids. Hubby is like a little school boy waiting for Christmas, I can't believe how excited he is smile

pinkpeony4 Tue 11-Sep-12 14:05:04

Hi there

Can I join? I am 15 weeks with dc4. I have 3 ds's aged 6, 3 + 21 months. Finally feeling better after terrible sickness for the first 14 weeks which was a shock.

I am really excited about a 4th baby but have really delayed telling people this time. I already get loads of comments from people when I am out with my 3 about how close in age they are etc.. so actually dreading what comments I will get this time! People can be so rude can't they? I also always get comments about wanting a girl & so imagine people will just think I am having another for a girl. This isn't true at all and in fact we had a private scan and they said this looks like another boy. We couldn't be happier!

Hope everyone is well?

AGiraffeOnTheDivingBoard Tue 11-Sep-12 14:26:25

I'm 29 weeks with DC3 - measuring four weeks ahead (did anyone else get this?) and constantly dealing with looks of shock when I tell them I'm due on 1st December as apparently a very big bump. I'm being sent back for another scan to find out why.

My labour 2nd time round was much "better" than first time - can I expect it to be faster 3rd time? [hopeful]

pinkpeony4 Tue 11-Sep-12 14:33:13

Agiraffeonthedivingboard My third labour was mega quick. In fact we only made it to the labour room 5 minutes before he was born! 1st labour was 16 hours, 2nd labour was 5 hours and 3rd - 40 mins from 1st twinge! Planning a home birth this time. I hope all goes well at your growth scan. Were your previous babies big?

AGiraffeOnTheDivingBoard Tue 11-Sep-12 14:36:14

Oh thank you pink ! I went overdue with both of mine - first labour about 3 days - second labour 3cms to baby was about 2 hours. First one was 7.13 and second was 8.13. but scans not showing up a big baby maybe I should haven toned up a bit before DC3

Worried about not getting to hospital on time but DH too nervy for a homebirth...

MoonHare Tue 11-Sep-12 15:18:34

With two girls already I really identify with those semi-rude comments from people along the lines of 'ooh wouldn't it be great if you had a boy!' I'm really tired of the assumptions of both strangers and friends that we must be longing for a boy, especially those who say inane things like 'oh poor dh if he ends up in a house full of women' or 'oh if it's another girl think of the hormones when they get to be teenagers'.

We don't know the baby's sex and didn't find out the last two times either. I'd be lying if I said I had no preference - tbh I just can't imagine my body producing a boy after the girls, I'll be in shock for a week if it's a boy and I really like the idea of a gang of girls - but I won't feel disappointed by a boy. In some ways I think the assumptions of others have made me feel I'd like this baby to be a girl, I feel kind of defensive for my two girls that others think they're not good enough and that everyone should prefer a mix of genders.

Pink I'm planning a home birth too. DD2 was a planned home birth and the whole thing was a really lovely relaxed, calm experience. Hoping for the same again. She wasn't super quick - about 5.5 hours from proper contractions starting. But my labour felt so different from the first time that I never reached that point where I would have thought 'time to go to hospital now' so it was just as well we'd planned a home birth otherwise DH would have had to catch the baby. Having had such a positive home birth experience last time we never gave hospital a thought. Here's hoping all goes to plan for a lovely straightforward home birth for you too pink and another one for me!

ShellyBobbs Tue 11-Sep-12 15:56:37

Agiraffeonthedivingboard My first labour was 6 hours, 2nd was 4 hours and the last one was 55 mins from start to finish. My midwife actually suggested that a home-birth would be the best option for me because if it's the same father, then labour is almost guaranteed to be even quicker and with 3 others to think of there would be no chance of me getting to the hospital on time.

My hubby was the same about the home-birth, but I told him that if not then he ran the risk of having to deliver it in a lay-by. We went to a home-birth meeting organised by the hospital which made him feel much better after speaking to a few parents who had already been through it.

ShellyBobbs Tue 11-Sep-12 15:57:54

Ah bless. I was reading some of the threads before where first time mums were asking for suggestions on how to start labour off. I didn't have the heart to say that there is nothing at all that they can do and the baby will come when it's ready smile

annelid Tue 11-Sep-12 16:09:02

Good to see this thread going again. I don't post much but read everything! I'm now 25 weeks, not had many comments, but those I have had have been really positive which is great.

I had a home birth with my last one. I had had little niggles on and off all day, my waters went and Ds 3 appeared 20 mins later! I have had a bit of a gap with this one, so not really sure what to expect. I would love another HB.

LimeLeafLizard Tue 11-Sep-12 16:47:07

Great to see so many homebirths planned - my last two were at home and it was lovely. Not sure I'll get another this time though - my last baby was big (10.02) and so they are monitoring me and might induce before term. Then again, not going overdue would be a nice change too.

I'm very jealous too of all those of you with shortish labours (20 mins must be a bit alarming though!). My labours have been 44 hours, 18 hours and 11 hours (from 3cm).

Moon I know what you mean about the gender thing - after 3 boys I'd quite like a girl (I always imagined I'd have a girl somewhere in my 4!) but when people assume I am only having another for that reason it gets me all defensive and I start saying I really want another boy! Mostly because I love my boys so much and I'd hate them to hear negative comments.

Pink I was initially told 'girl' at the last two 12 week scans - both were clearly boys by 20 weeks so you never know it may change for you too!

Cravingtomatoes Tue 11-Sep-12 19:22:30

There's a real push in our area for home births & they keep trying to talk me into one. I like the thought of it, and reading your positive HB stories inspires me, but I would hate having to be transferred to hospital if something went wrong. Also we live in a terrace and I make A LOT of noise in labour blush. My labours are also really quick though, and DH commutes to work so am worried I wouldn't get to hospital in time, or will end up giving birth on my own surrounded by traumatised children shock!

Thirsty good luck with ttc. We were the same - didn't think we should have a 4th, weren't trying but weren't not trying either. Of course our BFP happened easily, and now feels like it was meant to be.

Annelid I'm also 25 weeks due 23rd Dec, but I'm usually early. When are you due?

Giraffe hope all is well with you - not sure how accurate the measuring always is, but good you're getting a scan to check.
Shelley sorry to hear things are hard for you too, and hope the remaining weeks go quickly for you.

People make such silly assumptions about everyone somehow wanting kids of each sex, even though most people just want a healthy baby. We have 2DDs and 1DS and we still get comments that we'll want another DS to even things out. Though it must be really annoying for those of you who are supposedly just having another one to try for a boy or girl.

AGiraffeOnTheDivingBoard Tue 11-Sep-12 20:22:13

Thank you everyone.

I'm so glad I found this thread smile I'm on my third pregnancy and people seem to think I'm just fine and have no questions but I do and panicking a bit and need your superior knowledge & experience!

OodHousekeeping Tue 11-Sep-12 20:46:17

I've not had the stupid comments on 'are you trying for a boy?' yet so doing well I think!

<waves to pink >

Non MNetty ((( shelly )))

annelid Tue 11-Sep-12 21:06:32

Cravingtomatoes I'm due the 20th, and am usually about 8 days late - but you never know! (Hence I am already getting ready for Christmas)

cherrypiew3 Tue 11-Sep-12 21:31:20

I have also had the "oh would you like another girl to even things out"

Shelley sorry to hear you are not feeling great hope the weeks go a bit faster for you.

Annelid I have been trying to get some things ready for christmas. Due 10th but have always gone 2 weeks over.

Lime I seem to be struggling with everything this time round my back hurts so much that I find I keep needing to sit down which does not help, can not remember it hurting this much before. Heartburn, sickness, blah blah moan moan. I know it will be worth it all in the end when they give me my little girl.

Cravingtomatoes Tue 11-Sep-12 22:16:41

Annelid/Cherry Good idea to start getting reading for Christmas now! Need to get started on that too.

SeymoreInOz Tue 11-Sep-12 22:22:44

Lots of December births! I'm due on the 6th this time. DD was due on Christmas day but arrived on the 15th, that was a relief! I haven't done any christmas prep yet, I'd better start.

It always amazes me how you become public property when you're pregnant, people say things to you they would never dream of normally. Even DH has had it this time when someone at work asked him if it was planned when he told them about my pregnancy!

I've got a DS and DD so I don't get the comments about gender. But I am getting the "any day now is it?" and when I say December it's followed by "Oh my GOD!" Although one lovely lady has said I've got a small bump the other day. I've also been told I look tired and have a double chin!!

My other births were ok in terms of not needing any intervention, but the 2nd one was very painful and I didn't cope well. DS was 8lb and I am really small so it was agony, I got a 2nd degree tear. I swore afterwards when I couldn't stand up for days that I would never do it again! Also, because I've now got 2 slightly older DCs who depend on me I feel like the stakes are higher, I'm quite worried about something bad happening to me. Which I know is ridiculous but I still fret about it in the middle of the night.

ShellyBobbs Wed 12-Sep-12 09:32:33

Seymore The middle of the night thoughts are quite common, although rather than something happening to me or baba, mine tend to be, 'oh shit, I've not bought the breast pump yet', and then stay up all night worrying that I'll forget to buy one shock.

And everyone, don't feel sorry for me, I'm moaning on here so my family don't get it, they get all the huffing and puffing and are treading on egg shells round me as it is grin. I'm OK and I'll be absolutely fantastic when baba is born, but I always moan once I get into the 30+ weeks, I really don't like this last bit. Thanks everyone smile

pinkpeony4 Wed 12-Sep-12 13:25:57

My third pregnancy was definitely my hardest. It felt like ds3 was literally falling out about 8-10 weeks before my due date. I had pgp and could hardly walk anywhere. I saw a Chiropractor who helped enormously. V scared of the same thing happening this time but hope that I will at least be prepared and get help earlier.

Did everyone else find that their babies got bigger each time? Mine were 7lbs 1oz (8 days late), 7lbs 11oz (3 days early) & 8lbs 2oz (8 days late). Hope this one isn't too much bigger!

Glad to see that there are lots of positive homebirth stories. To all who have already had one, what did your other Children do whilst you were in labour? I am hoping that it all happens in the middle of the night so they are asleep!

annelid Wed 12-Sep-12 13:49:31


These are the birth weights of mine, did get bigger, them dipped. But they were not huge babies, still wore newborn size for a while, they just seem to weigh a lot!!

8lb 3 (8 days late)
9lb (on time)
9lb 12 (8 days late)
11lb (12 days over, was induced)
9lb 2 (8 days late)
9lb 10 (11 days late)

When I had my HB, my children were just downstairs playing it was about 4pm so not long home from the school run, I think they had the wooden train track out!! Not sure what we would have done if the labour had been longer, we didn't have any family close by. (Probably would have let them watch any amount of DVD's and then would have sent DH to the chip shop at the end of the road for food!!)

This time round DH works from home so thats okay, my eldest is nearly 17, so she would be able to cope if necessary, she can cook etc. My sister lives about 15 mins drive away, so if I would get her over if necessary as well.

A question I have...have any of you found a pattern to the time of day that yoru children have been born? Mine have either been first thing in the morning or early afternoon.

pinkpeony4 Wed 12-Sep-12 13:52:57

Annelid Thanks! I see you are often 8 days late too, I wonder whether this next one will be the same!!

Wow to your 11lb baby!!!! shock

My ds 1 was born at 12.50pm, ds2 at 12.30pm & then ds3 at 2am so I thought I had a pattern but ds3 changed it! I hope this one follows ds3, especially with a hb. I love that fact that yours were just playing downstairs whilst you gave birth though!!

ShellyBobbs Wed 12-Sep-12 19:32:11

DD1 - 9.30am (they broke waters) 12 days late - 6lb 8oz
DS1 - 5.30am (they broke waters) 2 days early - 8lb
DD2 - 1.25pm (waters broke at 10pm the night before but no contractions until 55 mins before delivery the next day) 6 days early - 6lb 8 oz

In my mind this next one will start in the evening / night and if the others are up then they have had strict orders to get upstairs and put a DVD on. My eldest who is 12 will be the gofer for the other 2 and MIL will be on stand-by at home in case of a hospital transfer.

LimeLeafLizard Wed 12-Sep-12 20:46:26

I'm going to be jealous come December of those of you having your babies when I still have another 6 weeks to go! Good idea to start preparing for Christmas early.

My babies also got bigger each time, but I know a few people whose third / fourth were smaller than their previous babies (including my own Mum – I am hoping I follow in her footsteps!)

Mine were all born late morning, around 11am - noon.

If I get another HB, I will ask my PIL to take the boys for a few days. They did this the last two times and it was lovely for DH and I to have a day or two alone with the new baby before chaos returned! I am not sure they’ll cope with all three though, so I might have to ask Dbro to look after DS1 (he is closer too so DS wouldn’t have to miss school).

OodHousekeeping Wed 12-Sep-12 20:54:45

Dd3 was smallest but also earliest.

cherrypiew3 Wed 12-Sep-12 20:59:06

DD1 14 days late 7lb 5oz 8.25am
DS1 14 days late 6lb 8oz 6.20pm
DS2 7 days late 7lb 7oz 8.35pm

I have no pattern to times and the babies have not got bigger each time. I am however praying that this time I am a little closer to my due date.

Annelid did you find labour harder when the babies were bigger or was it just the same?

I am really struggling with heartburn nothing seems to work and I don't know what else to try any ideas.

Cravingtomatoes Wed 12-Sep-12 21:49:24

Wow at all the big babies - I am seriously impressed with you all, when I was a complete wus and screamed my head off struggled with smaller babies. Mine were DD1 6lbs 6oz (2.5 weeks early), DS1 7lbs 1oz (4 days early) DD2 5lbs 12oz (6 weeks early). Mine usually start very early morning, although DD1 was born in the afternoon as was a longer labour.

Shelly I'm also imaging this one dropping out late evening while everyone is asleep! I know that the reality will be in the daytime with no adults to help for miles.

Cherry sad to heartburn. I always get it really bad, and I practically drink Gaviscon and gallons of milk. Both really help me, but not sure of any other remedies I'm afraid.

SeymoreInOz Wed 12-Sep-12 22:11:07

Mine were:

DD 10 days early 6lb 3oz (water broke Monday 1am, contractions Wednesday PM, born Thursday 4am)

DS 5 days late 8lb 3oz (contractions 11pm, born 9am)

cherry I've been miserable with heartburn since 16 weeks. I've been drinking gaviscon and milk but the MW told me to see the GP for zantac if it doesn't get better. I did get a prescription for zantac and it has made a huge difference!

Morning everyone!

Just to add to the list: My previous babies were:

DD1 - 8lb 1oz (38 weeks)
DS1 - 8lb 15oz (37 weeks)
DS2 - 8lb 6oz (39 weeks)
DD2 - 7lb 1oz (38 weeks)

No 5 is a boy, and he feels huge! Hoping he isn't too big or doesn't go too near my due date! 3 of mine were born in the middle of the night, apart from DD2 who was born at a more respectable time of 6pm (although that was mostly because she had been induced I think!)

Annelid seriously impressed with an 11lb baby! I am amazed yours managed to get into newborn clothes! None of mine have worn any newborn stuff, with the exception of DD2 who was the smallest!

ShellyBobbs Thu 13-Sep-12 09:53:17

Craving I know! What will probably happen is I'll be on the school run with my waters dripping down my legs and end up having it in the playground! Hubby works about 25 mins away so that is going to be an issue too that I don't really want to think about. I'm not stressing about it though, if I do end up having it all on my own I won't really mind, but the ambulance station is literally 5 mins away so there is help if I need it urgently smile

The best laid plans and all that grin

LimeLeafLizard Thu 13-Sep-12 10:22:25

Oh the thought of waters breaking or going into labour in the playground is awful! I suppose at least there would be plenty of people around to help with the other kids / call an ambulance / DH.

Still, I'll join the rest of you hoping for a night time labour!

ShellyBobbs Thu 13-Sep-12 12:52:23

Hehehe, it'll be just my luck, especially as I live 3 and a half miles away from school grin.

annelid Thu 13-Sep-12 14:51:52

cherrypie3 I didn't find my labours any different as they got bigger, just quicker! Maybe the extra weight helped?

I'm not one for staying on a bed ijn labour though. I find I cope with the pain better by walking round our kitchen table and counting through the contractions if that makes sense! Don't know if it helps speed things up? gravity?

Cravingtomatoes Thu 13-Sep-12 18:59:58

Shelly smile to your waters breaking in the playground! You would be a local celebrity if that happened. I'm the same with DH working 40 mins away and no other family that near. Thinking of googling "how to deliver a baby" just in case... Good the ambulance service is so close to you.
Yes here's to definitely wishing for a night labour.

Annelid Gravity definitely seems to help, doesn't it, especially with already weakened pelvic floor muscles. Does anyone find the pelvic floor exercises actually work??

ShellyBobbs Fri 14-Sep-12 00:15:55

I can't do anything but walk when I'm in labour, last time I must have got a new midwife who delivered my daughter and she just wanted me on the table, not a chance love smile

Haha, a good way to get in the local rag smile

LimeLeafLizard Fri 14-Sep-12 09:18:36

Craving whether it was the pelvic floor exercises or just luck, it has worked for me. Took a while after DS2 though - he was back to back.

Funny how each of us develops our own style of being in labour. For me I like a bit of walking at the beginning and just before pushing, but mostly kneeling, leaning on the side of the birth pool. I count my breaths through contractions imagining I am climbing a mountain and drifting down the other side.

I tried to explain this to DH and he didn't get it at all!

OodHousekeeping Fri 14-Sep-12 09:27:32

I'm sections all the way! None of mine will make any effort to come outhmm

SeymoreInOz Fri 14-Sep-12 11:08:03

I started carrying maternity pads in my bag from 36 weeks in case my waters broke in public. Not sure what I planned to do really, maybe use them to clean the floor! grin

CaptainHetty Fri 14-Sep-12 12:32:46

Thread had dropped of my 'I'm On' list, for some reason! Nice to see you all back again grin

37+4 today. Can sympathise with those of you who have DPs working further away - mine works an hour away and my last labour lasted 1 hour 50 minutes. I've had a word with baby and told her to stay put until he's back here, but she doesn't appear to be listening grin Last night (when he was stuck because the lights went on the car...) I ended up having contractions every 6 minutes for over an hour and feeling really sick. Luckily it all faded away after a while.

Had a growth scan and CTG on Tuesday and now need one once a week til baby's arrival due to low fluid and poor growth - so not easy to arrange school pickups and everything else for the three older ones, it's a logistical nightmare and I'm so lucky my mum is amazingly helpful and my ex is willing to change his hours to do school runs if I need him to.

Hope you're all doing well x

LimeLeafLizard Fri 14-Sep-12 16:31:35

Hetty great to hear from you, sounds like you might be the first birth of the thread?!

Sorry to hear that you have the worry of the scans but at least you have some support to enable you to attend them.

My DH has just been offered a new job 1 1/2 hours away - but my labours have all been so long I am not too worried (yet!).

ShellyBobbs Sat 15-Sep-12 06:47:00

Seymore That's so funny! Maybe stick them over your eyes so you can just pretend it's not happening grin

OodHousekeeping Sat 15-Sep-12 07:21:37

hetty not long for you then!

Am knackered. Trying to night wean dd3 so I'm not getting broken sleep but it's currently getting worse as she has a strop before going back rather than me sleeping through the feed.

Cravingtomatoes Sat 15-Sep-12 19:08:39

smile to the maternity pads Seymore- but they could be useful!

Lime my pelvic floor exercises don't seem to help much - do you do them a lot during the day? My bump seems to be getting lower - don't want to go to the toilet in case the baby falls out! Good yours are working though.

Good luck with the weaning Ood, how old's dd3?

Hetty it sounds like things could be happening soon for you - good luck to you! Will be watching the thread for any news.

Here's some (non-alcoholic) wine for everyone, as it really feels as if autumn has arrived.

OodHousekeeping Sat 15-Sep-12 19:20:28

She's almost 2 so plenty old enough!

TruthSweet Sat 15-Sep-12 19:22:22

I wondered where this thread had gone!

I'm 39w 3 days and SICK of people asking me why haven't I had the baby yet. My mum/MIL have done a few school pick ups so I then get pestered as to me having the baby. No, not had the baby I am just having a nap at home because I am tired!

LimeLeafLizard Sun 16-Sep-12 09:55:38

Morning! It is feeling autumnal, there is a real chill in the air especially first thing in the morning and I am not liking the days getting shorter so fast. (Although it is only when they are getting longer again that I can really look forward to having baby).

Craving, yes, just as and when I remember (standing by the coffee machine, at the laptop, etc)

Hello again Truth, 39 +3 is exciting... I know how annoying it is when everyone keeps asking, especially when you haven't even reached your due date. It is great that you have some help with the school run though.

good luck with the weaning Ood!

CaptainHetty Sun 16-Sep-12 11:06:46

Morning smile

I'm bloody freezing! More on/off contractions but no other sign of baby putting in an appearance any time soon.

Truth, I know people mean well but when they see me (roughly the size of a whale and waddling) and say 'still haven't had that baby then' I'm like... Well, yes, I just shove a cushion up my jumper for comedic effect, the baby's really at home hmm Or, I want to. Of course really I smile politely and say 'nope, nothing yet!'

TruthSweet Sun 16-Sep-12 11:14:58

I've been fully effaced since Monday before last (couldn't sit down in my cons. appt and kept pacing/rocking with contractions and really bad back ache so she had a check and predicted a baby in 24 hours - I was 37w 5d then) and 1-2cm dilated but it turns out all the contractions inc. the 3 hours of full on ones every 2-3m then the 1 hour of every min were a bladder infection shock.

I even had the MWs out for my HB but it all fizzled out that Monday night, by Thursday I had white wee it was so full of bacteria/white blood cells and by Friday morning I had a seizure so the HB is off sad. Still I get to go to the MLU at the local hospital rather than the CLU down the corridor so that's a bit of an improvement!

I keep telling people I think she will go to 42w (I do think she might!) in the hope they will stop going on about it - still get the FB stalking though!

Morning everyone.

Sounds like there could be some babies on this thread soon then. How exciting!

Ouch Truth that bladder infection sounds nasty. I've only had them when I haven't been pregnant - I can't imagine what it must be like being really pregnant and having one confused. Have your other babies been late?

ShellyBobbs Sun 16-Sep-12 12:10:23

Truth I've currently got a UTI, they really are horrendous! On Friday I spent all day in A&E due to palpitations, irregular pulse and high blood pressure all due to this infection, then Saturday on the labour ward being monitored. I had extremely strong braxton hicks that worried even the midwife. Luckily baby is more than happy (I'm only 32 weeks) so all's good!

TruthSweet Sun 16-Sep-12 12:38:24

4kids - Never got passed 39w 5 days (DD2 and DD3 were both due on the Tuesday and born the Sunday morning before), DD1 was induced at 38w.

Shelly - hope the infection is under control now - A&E and labour ward shock - but at least it wasn't pre-term labour. Apparently the infections can trigger an irritable uterus response and mimic labour quite closely.

Mine was complicated by me not being able to take penicillin based anti-biotics so I can only have cephalexin and erythromycin. Luckily the bladder infection seems to have gone but I am having to do another sample for the lab on Tuesday to make sure it's gone completely. If the infection could trick a cons. Ob. into thinking I was in labour it must have been nasty (and at that point my sample was clear with no signs of infection!), the cons. thinks all the back pain was my kidneys complaining rather than my thought that baby was back to back (she's not).

ShellyBobbs Sun 16-Sep-12 13:12:19

My sample was tested at the doctors at 11.30 from a morning sample and was as cloudy as can be, it tested positive for white blood cells. A further sample the same day at 1.30 was clear, I was told this is not unusual due to dilution.

They were worried I had gone into premature labour as a UTI can cause this which is why they buzzed the doctor down, I had to have an internal to confirm that it wasn't labour (I knew it wasn't so wasn't really worried) so just watch yourself and take it really easy.

And yes to the back pain. I had really bad back ache on Friday night, now it feels all bruised and sore to the touch as well as achey. I was told the infection could have spread to the kidneys! Great..........

Take it easy, I know it's easy to say and all that but you must (shakes finger). Hope it all goes OK for you smile

OodHousekeeping Sun 16-Sep-12 13:33:49

Ouch at the UTIs, interesting about the dilution affecting test results too.
truth I can't take penicillin either and lots of the others upset my stomach. Drs hate medicating me blush

TruthSweet Sun 16-Sep-12 14:05:28

Shelly - that is interesting, I was drinking about 3-4l a day which is about triple what I normally do, so very dilute wee. Which may well explain why the sample at the ANC was clear (they tested it and then sent the same sample to the lab for culturing) but I was brewing a really nasty one! Really hope your back feels better soon - try a heat pad/hot water bottle on your back for a bit or a nice warm bath - that helped me a lot.

Ood - I am really mean to the Drs as I take epilepsy meds and anti-ocd meds as well as reacting to a fair few others (can't take tramadol, clobazam, keppra, penicillin based anti-bs, most anti-histamines.....) plus I am bfing and am pg. They get the BNF out and start going 'How about...., no, hmm let's try....., no, what about....., no, erm have you tried paracetamol?' (usually for something that paracetamol isn't going to help with like sinusitis!).

The number of times I have been prescribed incompatible meds is getting ridiculous (last time was some laxatives that inhibit the absorption of my epilepsy meds!) and I have been prescribed anti-histamines which interact with both my epilepsy meds and my ocd meds to cause central nervous system depression (i.e. lower heart rate and respiratory rate and can cause unconsciousness) to take 3 times a day - I can take one at night but it knocks me out for the whole night, no way could I take them during the day!

ShellyBobbs Sun 16-Sep-12 14:15:41

Wow, it really is amazing isn't it, my eyes have been opened this year with regards to ignorance from GP's. They really are just general practitioners. I usually check with or ask the pharmacist to check my prescriptions now after being prescribed iron tablets at 7 weeks pregnant that clearly stated in the leaflet that they were not to be taken before 13 weeks as could contribute to spina bifida!

I'm quite lucky with my GP as I printed off proven evidence about my meds and how he needed to up the strength immediately due to me being pregnant and despite what the test results said on paper. I told him that the goal-posts are moved during pregnancy and the ranges are completely different, he scanned through it, asked to keep it and gave me a new prescription there and then, he's been fantastic about it since. It really is pot luck with the doctor you get, you have to research everything before you go!

LimeLeafLizard Sun 16-Sep-12 14:33:04

Shelly which iron tablets were you prescribed that could contribute to spina bifida? I have been taking some since 12 weeks.

So sorry for those of you with water infections... ouch. Hope they clear up soon, esp Truth before you give birth.

A good friend of mine had a UTI going into labour and her bladder was so swollen that the baby couldn't get past it, and she ended with an EMCS. It was her first baby too so she didn't know how labour should be. It might be worth asking for a scan to check if your bladder is swollen if the UTI is still present as you go into labour. Don't want to worry you but it would be silly of me to know this and not say anything.

TruthSweet Sun 16-Sep-12 16:54:46

I've got a sample to do on Tuesday so I think I will do a first of the morning wee and not drink overnight so it's really concentrated (nice!) so there's the best chance of getting any bacteria that's still floating about! Thanks for the heads up though smile

I had great fun with my neurologist - new meds prescribed at 10w appt to be started after 12w scan (less chance of an anomaly developing) and my next appt came through for the 18th Sept, the day before my due date!! Talk about close supervision during pg confused hmm.

New meds did nothing apart from get me a SS referral as I was so sedated/confused/out of it that I was becoming a liability but GP was reluctant to take me off them shock.

I had just got to the lowest therapeutic level too so he suggested dropping down by half a tablet but still taking it (if it's not at a therapeutic level but I am having 7 or 8 serious side effects at that dose what's the point in taking it confused it doing me harm but no good). It took 4 weeks to get me on the drug but about 8 weeks to get me off it!

Of course the local pharmacy originally dispensed the drug with out a PIL so I couldn't take them until they provided me with one (DH wouldn't let me as he doesn't trust the Drs any more not to give me something completely incompatible <cynic>). It was like playing bingo with the side effect list - every few days I seemed to have a new one off the list!

ShellyBobbs Sun 16-Sep-12 18:07:27

Blimey Truth, you should write a book!

Lime Pregaday, if you've been taking them since 12 weeks I wouldn't worry, it can only affect a DEVELOPING fetus.

TruthSweet Sun 16-Sep-12 18:52:53

My medical notes resemble a hand written copy of War and Peace they are so thick now!

SeymoreInOz Mon 17-Sep-12 03:57:07

Gosh truth that sounds extremely stressful. I hope your bladder infection clears up soon too.

shelly sorry to hear you've been unwell too. I didn't know that about pregaday. I wonder if the same applies to spatone, I took it in my first trimester. <rushes off to google>

28+4 and absolutely shattered after a busy weekend with the DCs. DS had a nightmare last night and was awake from 3am to 5am. He's going through a phase of being really scared or having bad dreams at night so I'm not getting much sleep. I find it's best to try to settle him in his bed, but last night DH got up first and couldn't be bothered so plonked DS in our bed! As a result DS and I were wide awake for hours while DH went straight back to sleep. angry

ShellyBobbs Mon 17-Sep-12 09:30:59

I'm on different iron tablets now and there is no mention of it at all, so looks like it's just the different brands. Can't remember how strong the pregaday ones were, it could be that? Don't think it's just the iron per se.

CaptainHetty Mon 17-Sep-12 09:48:17

Hope those of you who are unwell get better soon, being pregnant whilst ill seems to make everything ten times worse.

Fecked off with not being able to sleep, and contractions that are doing what appears to be nothing. Hoping that despite my despair they actually are doing something and we're nearly prepared for labour... Baby is sitting nice and low today though so fingers crossed we're heading in the right direction!

Hope you're all well today x

OodHousekeeping Mon 17-Sep-12 17:07:45

Am lying down now after spending all day upright. My body doesn't like upright. Unfortunately I can't drive/use a computer/have meetings laying down sad

shirley123 Tue 18-Sep-12 09:08:26

Hiya, 9 weeks with no3 and very worried about how others will react when I tell them, I have notoriously difficult pregnancies and although I really want 3 I feel that others are judging me when I say I'm pregnant again, not too bothered if boy or girl, I have 2 girls already and they are both hyper and lots of fun so either boy or girl would be fine for me smile

LimeLeafLizard Tue 18-Sep-12 09:15:50

Hi Shirley, welcome and congratulations! Have you told a few people already then? How were your earlier pregnancies difficult? Hope this one is easier...

Shelly, thanks it is just plain ferrous sulphate that I'm taking, not pregaday, so I don't think I need to worry!

Hetty and Truth, hope you are both doing OK?

ShellyBobbs Tue 18-Sep-12 09:15:51

Bollocks to them Shirley! That's between you and your partner and nobody else. My friend nearly died with her second, she was in a coma for 2 weeks, everybody gasped in horror when she fell pregnant again, she was fine and just ignored everybody!

shirley123 Tue 18-Sep-12 09:28:11

Hi lime, thank you smile , in first pregnancy I had gest. Diabetes, SPD, high blood pressure, anemia, colatasis and finally pre- eclampsia, with no 2 I had ME all through and lasted for about a year afterwards, finally was recovered for about 6ish months and bang, pg again, unplanned but wanted...also with both pregnancies I had really bad sickness, vomiting and nausea all through...this time have started off with pains everywhere, nausea, vertigo and only at 9 weeks...I did however check with all my consultants and gps after no 2 to make sure it would be safe for me to be pg again and they said yes ... Just I suppose I don't react well to the hormones...babies both were ok though so I hope this time too...

Brockle Tue 18-Sep-12 09:42:16

Hello, I can't believe this thread has passed me by. Is it ok if I lurk for a bit as I think it will help with the occasional random panics I have at dealing with 3 DC's! My two DS's are 6 and 4 and I am expecting DS3.

This pregnancy has been the hardest due to PGP which I haven't had before. Off work and with 9 weeks to go I am starting to feel a little stir crazy although going back to work after my sick note ends next week is scaring me too!Has anyone had jealousy issues with older children? At the mo they are both excited but I don't know what to expect this time around.

TruthSweet Tue 18-Sep-12 10:03:09

Hi Shirley - congratulations thanks.

Brockle - DD1 is 6y 6m and DD2 is 4y 10m (and DD3 is 2y 11m wink) and I'm due tomorrow with DD4. I have found mine are all very excited about the new baby, I have involved them in things like helping fold the baby clothes, choosing baby toys (and testing them out too), getting the pram and cot ready and it does seem to have helped.

They know the baby will be very dependant on me for milk, that she won't eat food for a long while, that she will need me to hold her a lot - just like I did for them - that I will need them to behave and do more for themselves (e.g. not rely on me to get school kit ready or find them clothes etc), but that I will still be looking after them and be there for them.

DD1 is very keen in particular, for me to rest up and she tells me off for 'doing too much' and asks me to sit down while saying things like 'Baby's getting heavy now mummy, have something to eat to keep you going'! shock She's like a nagging, fussing mum herself grin

SeymoreInOz Tue 18-Sep-12 10:28:32

Congrats Shirley I had really bad nausea and vertigo at the start of this pregnancy. The sickness wore off at 16 weeks. I had shocked reactions from family too, I was shaking when I broke the news.... Despite being a happily married grown up!

Welcome brockle I've also got 2 DCs aged 6 and 4. DS won't be at school until Feb 2014 (we're in Australia) and I'm pretty worried about how I'm going to manage!

truth how are you feeling? Will you get a sweep if you go over due?

CaptainHetty Tue 18-Sep-12 11:00:34

Hi Shirley and congratulations. I was worried about people's reactions to number 4 as well - I'm 26 and have been asked before if I feel I've wasted my younger years (I had my first at 18). Honestly, I've learnt over the past 9 months that people's opinions do not matter. I cried when I told my mum and she just turned around and said to me that she brought me up to live my own life, as I want to, not to anyone else's standards. I have had a couple of bad reactions, and I simply learned that those people... They don't matter. The people who do matter and care, are just happy that I'm happy.

Hi Brockle smile my youngest (3) hated the thought of me having a baby at first, so I've tried to involve her as much as possible. I've shown her pictures every week of how baby is looking, and let her choose an outfit for her as well. She's now really excited, tells everyone who'll listen she's having a baby sister and she'll get to help mummy give her a bath and change her nappies. My boys (7 and 5) are not remotely interested, but find my bump moving absolutely hilarious lol.

I have three appointments today, first one was with my own MW this morning. Sample's now clear of protein but she's not measuring any growth at all over 2 weeks, have another scan and CTG this afternoon but it's being suggested now if there's no growth or I've lost more fluid (I think I may have leaked more over Sunday night) I'll have to be induced. I'm 38+1 now so more than happy for them to do that if needs be, just have to see how scans go this afternoon!

Hope everyone is ok x

TruthSweet Tue 18-Sep-12 11:10:17

If I get to 42w I might consider a sweep. I'm not confident of my dates so not treating them as cast in stone (19/09 is my 3rd due date as they kept bringing it forward).

OodHousekeeping Tue 18-Sep-12 12:04:38

Nearly babies on the thread, yay!!!!!

ShellyBobbs Tue 18-Sep-12 12:35:58

A sweep did it for me last time. It'll only work if you're ready to give birth anyway so you've nothing to lose Truth, I'll be mithering for them from 38 weeks smile

MoonHare Tue 18-Sep-12 14:33:27

Seems things have been quite eventful over the last week especially with people not feeling well.

Hope everyone is feeling much better.

Sympathy to you Brockle I've had PGP this time (and last time) too - not fun. If you can afford it I'd reccommend seeing a chiropractor, I've had about 6 sessions with mine and am sure I'm loads better than if I hadn't seen her.

Had MW home visit today to plan for home birth. DD2 was a lovely planned home birth so I'm really hoping for a repeat performance. The MW said that 3rd labours are unpredictable and suggested it might take a lot longer to really get into active labour. Last time around was straightforward and fairly quick 6 hours from first proper contraction to baby arriving.

What's everyone else's experiences of baby no.3?

LimeLeafLizard Tue 18-Sep-12 14:39:01

hello Brockle! nice to have your company...

Ood grin - I feel excited about having babies on the thread, too! I have a long time to go so it is a great distraction cheering everyone else on!

A sweep (followed by sex blush) did it for me when I was last overdue, too.

Truth your DD1 sounds lovely - hope she continues to be so attentive when baby arrives, you have certainly prepared them all well.

Good luck with the scans this avo, Hetty.

Shirley that is a long list of things to put up with! I really hope this pg is easier for you. At least MN can help you get in touch with others suffering the same things, so you can get advice etc. I love it for that.

OodHousekeeping Tue 18-Sep-12 15:54:29

Forgot to welcome brockle blush

CaptainHetty Tue 18-Sep-12 17:49:34

Fluid levels have stabilised so baby is being left to her own devices for now. Operation evict baby is well and truly on though, MW reckons it won't be long and that I contract daily is a good sign. Still got to go back weekly but hoping she'll be here by next appointment anyway.

My third followed the same pattern as the others - contractions start 6 minutes apart and speed up very quickly. Very short second stage as well - nothing different from the other two!

ShellyBobbs Tue 18-Sep-12 18:41:37

Moon My experience of baby number 3 was, twinges straight to full on labour and giving birth. All within 55 minutes. My midwife said that this labour is more than likely to either be the same or quicker and this is a pattern with women who have babies with the same fathers.

TruthSweet Tue 18-Sep-12 19:06:21

Moon - my experience was the complete opposite to Shelly's. I went into labour (proper contractions not BH) 21st Sept, DD3 was born 11th October! I had contractions every afternoon for 3 or so hours but they were just effacing not dilating contractions.

When it really kicked off and the contractions didn't stop after a few hours it took about 25 hours but my 2nd stage was only 17 mins smile.

She would have been born at home but the week before she did turn up I had 3 hours of contractions every min and she must have got into distress (very, very active that evening which I took to be a good sign sad) so when my waters went they were very green and we transferred in. Still a 'normal' delivery though, just on a hospital bed rather than in my front room.....

cherrypiew3 Tue 18-Sep-12 22:56:58

Hello everyone.

Welcome Shirley and Brocklesmile

Looking forward to baby news on the thread soon.

Moon I was also told that 3rd labours are unpredictable the mw told me this while I was in labour begging for gas and air. DH was angry with her she scared me I am a wimp. My contractions started at around 5am and I spent the whole day with them starting and stopping, took 2 trips to the hospital none of the mw believed I was in labour even though I was 40+7. In the end they sent me home telling me I had flu. DS2 was born at 11.35pm that night. Compared to my other labours it was very different.

Today I am 28+1 had a growth scan yesterday and dd is growing well and it was lovely to see her again.

Hope everyone else is feeling well.

enjay0811 Wed 19-Sep-12 00:27:56

Hi all, can I join in pls? 9+3 with dc3, already have 2 dd's 5 and 3. Not told many ppl yet but fully expect 'trying for a boy?' comments! It wasn't planned but is very much wanted now the shock has sunk in grin

Had such straight forward pregnancies with dd's, dd1 born term +1 7lb and dd2 born bang on edd 6lb 13oz. Dd1 was bk to bk and even in birth pool was very painful, labour was about 13hrs start to finish but only 8ish hrs from established labour. Dd2 was so much easier, 8 hrs start to finish, bout 2 and half hrs from established labour.

I'm secretly hoping tht this is goin to be a boy as would be lovely with 2dd's already but wldnt know what to do with a boy all the same!

I wld love a HB but Dh not keen on the mess. Plenty of time to work on him tho! Can anyone give me any pointers to pursuade him?

So glad I found this thread as the due date group are mostly on dc1 or 2 so feel a bit out of place iyswim?

shirley123 Wed 19-Sep-12 08:08:53

Hi enjay, I'm also around 9+ weeks, not sure exactly and also have 2 girls already 18months and 4, so yes have already had the "want a boy then?" comments, truth be told I don't mind and like you wouldn't know what to do with a boy ;)

Welcome, when is your 12 week scan booked?

shirley123 Wed 19-Sep-12 08:29:01

Ps also thank you so much shellybobs, I suppose I'm so used to worrying what others might think, that as well as having the usual miscarriage worries etc that I'm also thinking what people think of me especially since I tend to need extra support from family during pregnancy. I really want to enjoy this pregnancy as I had a very rough ride with no2 and don't feel I enjoyed the newborn bit at all as I was bedridden with ME... I've bought a lovely second hand double buggy and don't feel guilty at all, I can always sell it on.....

I'm already getting excited to expand my lovely family, feel I shouldn't until things are past 12weeks.....

Also it doesn't help that I was a highly driven career women before and now want to enjoy family life rather than think about what my next project will be, I'm sick of old friends emailing and face booking me and the only thing they can say to me is, "so what are you working on these days?" , I can almost see the pity in their faces when I say I'm a full time mum and housewife ( even though I still do a very small amount of work from home, but I don't concentrate on it or anything and only do it when I can fit it between the girls)

Brockle Wed 19-Sep-12 09:59:12

After two straightforward labours I am really hoping for a third straightforward one. Anyone had a DC3 come earlier and than their other DC's? I am doing a lot of wishful thinking!

With two boys I know I am going to get a lot of fascination when I am breastfeeding. They are both definitely boob men! That is a really good idea about getting them involved truth. They are good helpers so in a few weeks I will see if they want to help DH but the crib up and sort the toys out.

Thanks moon but unfortunately I can't afford a chiropractor. I am doing the exercises the physio suggested but I don't think they are helpong that much. 9 weeks to go and lots of daytime tv until then!

Hello enjay. I couldn't convince DH about a HB but hoping for a waterbirth if the consultant signs me off on one.

LimeLeafLizard Wed 19-Sep-12 11:50:29

grin Brockle about your boys being curious about breastfeeding. Yesterday DS1 (who is nearly 8) said, 'oh Mum, do you remember when DS3 was little and your boob squirted milk all across the room!'... er, yes, I do remember, and would rather you didn't announce it in front of all your friends and their parents!

Hello enjay! Tell your DH HB is not messy - my last two births were at home and there was very little mess. A dust sheet on the floor / sofa, one towel to wash, the MWs cleared up everything and took it all away in a yellow incinerator sack, the MW even cleaned the downstairs loo before she left!

Shirley I still get career related questions, too, e.g. 'when are you going back to work then?'... well with 3 DC aged 7, 4 and 2, and baby due in Feb, not anytime soon I can tell you!

Cherry how lovely to see your DD on the scan. I look forward to each appt... 20wk scan next week.

ShellyBobbs Wed 19-Sep-12 13:49:02

Ouch with the long drawn out labours, I've not heard anything like that before said about 3rd labours! Blimey, wonder what they say about the 4th grin!

Brockle Wed 19-Sep-12 14:14:46

I don't know why but a long labour doesn't bother me that much provided I it starts around 40 weeks! There seem to be threads about on MN with third babies going over by quite a bit. Really hoping that doesn't happen!

waves Hi All - can I join in?

Found out last week I'm pregnant with number 4 - DS1 5 in Nov DS2 3 in 3 weeks and DS3 15mths. Haven't told anyone other than my DH - feel like I've done something wrong... very surprise pregnancy - had planned on 4 but not to be pregnant this year! Not entirely sure how many weeks - maybe 6/7 as started to feel queasy last week which lead to test digital which said 3+ weeks. But can't remember when my LMP was - maybe even more...

I'm expecting to have a very quick labour - was only in labour with DS3 for just over an hour - was one of the women who has to be collected from the car - I wasn't going to have him in the front seat considering the amount of rubbish there was in there! My water never broke. Joked after he was born that next time I would have to be at the hospital on my due date - all my boys have been born the day after EDD - so not to have to make a mad rush.

Having 4 means some new baby kit - and a new car! Been looking at double and tandem buggies and there is nothing that fits what I want for a reasonable amount of money.

DS1 started school last week and will be onto full days next week - I'm looking forward to having a bit of down time rather than clock watching.

CaptainHetty Wed 19-Sep-12 14:26:57

My third was born at 38+4 in just under 2 hours, so I'm either an exception to the rule or it just varies a hell of a lot!

38+2 here and majorly fed up, I have contractions that don't appear to be doing anything and for some reason my boobs ache like buggery. I'm such a moaner lately grin

Hope everyone is well x

Brockle Wed 19-Sep-12 16:11:50

Fingers crossed that this is it for your captain and your contractions start to get a move on smile

LimeLeafLizard Wed 19-Sep-12 16:35:50

Hetty, pregnancy makes moaners of us all, so go right ahead! Hopefully you don't have long to go...

I have a lovely friend who had several painful, stressful expensive rounds of IVF, and I always tried not to moan in front of her, knowing the trauma she was going through. Eventually she did conceive (now has a DD and a DS) and she was as good a moaner as anyone!

JDM, welcome! LOL at your reason for not wanting to give birth in the car being because of the rubbish! Your car sounds like mine! At least now you have an excuse to buy a nice new one - hope it stays clean until the birth!

MoonHare Wed 19-Sep-12 21:09:22

Hi enjay welcome.

There was no mess at DD2's home birth, the mw brings loads of those pads they use in hospital that just absorb everything that plus some decorators sheets/pound shop shower curtains/tarpaulin type stuff spread about the room and it's very contained.

I wonder if his issue is really mess or more concern about how he would feel if anything 'went wrong' - that was my DH's worry when I said I wanted a hb. He's a real convert now, he felt more involved and much less useless and stressed than at DD1's hospital birth. Talking to the mw at our 36wk home-birth home-visit clinched it for him and he was fine after that.

Thanks to those who've shared their stories of DC3 births - some of them are a bit 'yikes!' I'm encouraged by the thing about labours getting quicker if the father is the same, since my DH is dad to all 3.

Have been trying to come up with pithy ways to stop 'friends' making the 'oh I bet you want a boy', 'poor dh if it's a girl he'll be so outnumbered' or 'poor dh if it's a girl he'll never get to do boy stuff' WTF?? I hate how people feel they can make these sorts of comments. We always wanted 3 and will be delighted with a girl or a boy but as I've said on another thread it makes me feel so defensive that I can never seem to come up with the perfect comeback during the conversation.

Baby jiggling about all over the place tonight, not comfy!Bump feeling big and taut. Don't want to wish this time away but hope baby isn't late like the other 2 were.

enjay0811 Wed 19-Sep-12 21:16:46

Thanks for all the welcomes ((waves)) sorry if I don't post names, I'm on my phone and can't scroll bk wen I'm replyin!

Sumone said bout feelin like they've done sumthin wrong - does feel like the norm is 2 and ppl think its an accident or ur mad if u have any more! I'm def excited bout dc3 and can't wait to have a newborn again but don't feel like I need to tell everyone this time round if tht makes sense confused

Thanks for the info on HB, will have to read up and get sum convincing evidence to pursuade Dh! Jst one query for those who have had a HB - what do u do with the kids? Pack em off with family? What if its the middle of the night?

Re baby stuff - my dd2 has only jst turned 3 so still have a pushchair, car seat and high chair in the attic so only clothes tht we need really as gave them all away. Maybe sterilizer depending how bf goes. U only realise after dc1 or 2 tht u really don't need all the crap u bought as new parents to be!

A few of u have mentioned work - I work full time atm, but not sure I'm going to be able to manage it with 3dc's. Can't afford to give it up all together but what are ur experiences?

Sorry for the epic post but lovely to talk to others in similar situation smile

Oh, shirley, had my booking in appt last Saturday so still waiting for a scan date. MW assured me it wld b done by 12wks tho! Have u got a date yet?

OodHousekeeping Wed 19-Sep-12 22:23:44

Welcome to the new people!

Who said about not feeling the need to tell people this tume?im like that.

ShellyBobbs Thu 20-Sep-12 11:45:01

MoonHare How about 'oh fuck off with that old chestnut, a healthy baby is all I want'! I've found extreme rudeness stops them in their tracks grin. I don't know if it was on here, but I was telling the story about how when your bump starts to grow everyone thinks it's OK to stare at it. One woman in the playground did this to me, came over and said something about 'oh aren't you big for x amount of weeks', I looked at her belly and asked if she was back at Slimming World lol. Needless to say she hasn't even looked at me since and actively avoids me grin. Jobs a gooden!

ShellyBobbs Thu 20-Sep-12 11:45:13

And it only needs saying once.

shirley123 Thu 20-Sep-12 11:51:53

Lol, love it shellybobs :D I'm already swollen at 10 weeks but of course don't look pregnant, no one has been rude enough to comment yet but I'll have to think up some come back I think smile

Enjay, my scan date is 4th oct smile waiting patiently smile))

MoonHare Thu 20-Sep-12 13:47:41

Thanks ShellyBobbs that gave me a laugh, just imagining my friend's face if I said that to her - it is mostly one person tbh, what's wearing is the fact that she says something along the lines of the above or 'I suppose at least you have all the clothes if it's a girl' EVERY time I see her.

Re children and home birth. This time if it's the middle of the night we plan to just leave them sleeping upstairs (I'm confident after last time that I wouldn't wake them with any loud noises!). Though this decision is helped by the fact that we will also have either mil or my parents with us to get up to the girls if they do wake. We live hundreds of miles from both sides of the family, which is why they'll be staying over in the house. If they were near by I would ask if we could ring them in the night to come over and wait upstairs.

To my mind the way to think of it is that with home birth you have more options about where the other DCs will be while you give birth. If you were having a hospital birth you would still have to make plans for them - ask yourself what those plans would be if it was the middle of the night? You could make exactly the same plans for home birth or decide to let them stay sleeping. Last time my parents were here and because I felt I would be inhibited by them being in the house we arranged that if baby arrived at night they would take DD1 over to a friends house and all stay over. Active labour started about 7.30 in the evening so my mum and dad took DD1 over to my friend's. She went quite happily with grandma and grandad for an adventure and returned the following morning to meet DD2.

Overall it's just lovely for the older ones to meet baby in their own home rather than having to visit you in hospital. DD1s words on meeting DD2 the morning after she was born were "I'm so proud of my baby sister".

You'll always have to have a contingency plan for the children anyway, just in case you end up transferring in to hospital anyway.

This is an interesting article on the risks associated with hospital and home birth. www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/myth-safer-hospital-birth-low-risk-pregnancies

CaptainHetty Thu 20-Sep-12 14:04:25

I desperately wanted a homebirth this time but for safety reasons (both mine and the babys) it just isn't practical at all because I'm likely to need almost constant monitoring sad

Definitely get your DH to read up on it if he's unsure - planned homebirths statistically result in less interventions and complications than hospital births, and you get MWs with you the whole time rather than popping in and out and seeing other women at the same time, so in the unlikely event of anything going wrong it's likely to be picked up quicker should you need transferring. It would definitely be our preferred option for birth if it were possible.

I still keep contracting and still have no other signs of baby's arrival being imminent. It's so frustrating. My daughter was born at 38+4, I'm 38+3 and really should stop getting my hopes up that this one will be the same! I just know I'm still going to be here in 2 weeks time.

OodHousekeeping Thu 20-Sep-12 14:49:03

Am exhausted this week. Feels too extreme to be just pregnancy but iron is ok. Any suffestions?

LimeLeafLizard Thu 20-Sep-12 21:58:41

Ood sorry to hear you're so exhausted. When was your iron last tested? How is the weaning going... maybe if your sleep is still disturbed that is making things worse? Could you raise it with your MW?

I am pretty knackered atm too, struggling not to fall asleep by 9pm each evening, which by the time the kids are in bed and chores finished leaves me no time to myself (I'm doing ok tonight because I managed to sneak in a cheeky nap this morning!).

Shelly I admire you being brave enough to be rude... one time last pg when someone laughingly made a point of telling me how huge I was, I burst into tears. To be fair she also avoided me afterwards, but I wish I hadn't been such a wimp about it.

Luckily I'm not too huge yet this pg (19 weeks) and the only comments I've had are that the bump isn't very big. Which is fine for now as lets face it I will be big soon enough.

I am really looking forward to my scan next week.

Truth haven't heard from you for a couple of days, hope you're ok...

cherrypiew3 Thu 20-Sep-12 22:42:15

Odd I feel for you with the tiredness I am also struggling this week.

I have had lots of people say to me "your not very big are you"
one lady said to me at the start of this week " oh I did not know you were even pregnant. This resulted in me going home to dh crying saying to him that I must always look this fat.

To be fair I know I am not that big which suits me fine but it seems like you can not win you are either to big or not big enough.

enjay0811 Thu 20-Sep-12 23:58:25

Thanks moon and hetty u've made some very good points bout a HB tht wld prob address a few of Dh's worries. Will have a read of the article smile

Hope ur feelin ok hetty and those contractions start moving things along soon!

Lol at shelley I wld never have the guts to be rude to anyone but can imagine the look on the persons face if I did say something like tht! Ha

I 'outted' myself to a few ppl in work today. We're all goin to a colleagues fancy dress wedding party on Saturday and I usually have hollow legs when it comes to drinking n jst cldnt think of a good enough excuse why I am driving. Wen someone said 'its not cos ur pregnant is it?' Jst said yes! They all seemed to have suspicions anyway! And already got the 'are you hoping for a boy' question!

SeymoreInOz Fri 21-Sep-12 10:09:21

Honestly I seem to attract the most insensitive comments, a school mum called me a "beached whale" this week, shock Then a random old woman, who was initially being nice, said I looked "about 15 years old" when I told her I was expecting DC number 3. I told her through gritted teeth that I am 31!

I'm so tired too, I've been being really ratty with the DCs in the evenings for the last few days. sad

truth hope you're doing ok?

OodHousekeeping Fri 21-Sep-12 18:16:38

lime was tested when I was 9 weeks and am 14+4 now. Have had a bit of a head full of work stuff this week. Dd3 is doing ok, she's been waking 4ish but persuading her not to feed mainly. Am going to bed 8:30-9ish and getting up 7:30-8 (leave for work at 8!).

OodHousekeeping Fri 21-Sep-12 18:17:16

seymor angry at beached whale

ShellyBobbs Sat 22-Sep-12 07:40:43

seymor NO WAY! Cheeky bitch!

Brockle Sat 22-Sep-12 09:16:04

beached whale!angry Its like you become public property when you are pregnant. Random bump touching and inappropriate comments and then we are supposed to just smile serenely. Bugger that!

I have been much less grumpy with the kids since then have been back at school but that has coincided with being off work too. Definitely more bad tempered this time round.

CaptainHetty Sat 22-Sep-12 09:38:10

38+5 and still no sign of baby yet. I'm a big emotional mess this morning for no reason whatsoever. I literally keep bursting into tears over nothing - had an argument with a 5 year old over the wrong pair of trousers and cried, had an argument with him over toast, I cried. I'm now sat on the sofa with perpetually leaking eyes for no reason at all. I'm not even upset about anything apart from the mountain of washing up in the kitchen I appear somewhat unhinged hmm

I think someone calling me a beached whale would have prompted a rather rude response. Can't believe how bloody rude some people are angry Some sales person from e-on kept pestering me in town the other day, I snapped at him and said I'd rather rub pairs of nylon knickers together than receive my energy from them blush I know he's only doing his job but really, I only wanted to buy some washing powder and go home!

OodHousekeeping Sat 22-Sep-12 11:44:15

Excellent response hetty grin

Hanikam Sat 22-Sep-12 13:40:48

Oh, I would so love another baby! Ttc number four right now and feeling preggo. Might be wishful thinking as I only came off the pill two weeks ago. Big families rock!

cherrypiew3 Sat 22-Sep-12 20:43:29

Hetty Sorry to hear you are feeling tearful on the upside you don't have long to go now until you meet your new baby. ( I know it feels like forever though)

Seymor beached whale angry some people are so rude.

Feeling very heavy today.

SeymoreInOz Sun 23-Sep-12 00:47:51

I know! She saw my mouth fall open and tried to backtrack with something along the lines of "I only said it because of the way you are walking"!! I must admit I am really lumbering around now, I seem to get Braxton Hicks all the time when I'm walking.

hetty I hope you're feeling a bit better today? I have days like that too.

Just wondering, how often do you all do pelvic floor exercises? The last 2 times I only did them after the birth, but I'm thinking this time I should start before hand? Maybe I've left it too late at 29 weeks?

BrittaPerry Sun 23-Sep-12 00:55:04

My mum's cousin will give birth to her latest baby any time now. It will be her 16th. She has been in documentaries.

Just to make you all feel better grin

OodHousekeeping Sun 23-Sep-12 08:46:56


LimeLeafLizard Sun 23-Sep-12 09:51:46

Britta - blimey, everyone on this thread has a small family by comparison! Good luck to her though!

Hetty grin at nylon knickers... that is worthy of a stand up comedy routine! In fact, being pregnant would be a good topic for stand up.

Beached whale is just bloody rude, even if meant jokingly. Really people should think before they speak. And it is def. not a comment you can backtrack out of!

I told someone this week that I was pregnant, she said, 'oh its going to be hard work with 3', I replied, 'this is my fourth, actually!', and she just gave a horrified gasp 'Oh NO!'
But she must have realised immediately how bad that sounded because she apologised, hugged and congratulated me, and then joked about herself being insensitve with such good humour that I forgave her straight away!

Good luck ttc Hani!

Evening everyone

Hope things are happening soon Hetty. All mine have been early - all by 38 weeks, apart from DC3 who was 39 weeks. I am only counting this pregnancy up to 38 weeks, so if it is any later than that I will probably be ready to kill someone...

Britta I have no idea how anyone can have that many kids....I am almost 34 weeks with DC5 - and I feel like I could give up anytime now, as it is such hard work looking after 4 kids and being very pregnant.....hats off to her! The only thing that is currently getting me through this is the thought that I never have to be pregnant again!

Feel like I am getting quite close now, but 4 weeks (only counting until 38 weeks!) still seems like an awful long time away! Have had a particularly bad week though - had 2 full on migraines in 2 days, which has took me about 4 days to get over properly sad. Just sent DH out to get me a mcflurry - that's bound to help!

TruthSweet Mon 24-Sep-12 11:00:54

Well I had DD4 on Friday night after a very traumatic 3 day induction due to baby being in distress and mec. in my waters.

She was born naturally just before a crash c-section (the anaesthetists were running into the room apparently) were as her heart beat went through the floor then disappeared. They were just about to scan me to find out what was happening when she appeared!

Luckily she was fine and had APGAR scores of 9 then 10 but it was horrific.

CaptainHetty Mon 24-Sep-12 14:47:27

Congratulations, Truth, but sorry you both had such a rough time of it sad poor thing! Hope you're both doing well now x

Still no baby here, just a lot frustration and of on/off contractions. Saturday evening had regular contractions over 5 hours which eventually were coming every 4-5 minutes, then they just tailed off. Very frustrating. Had a few since then but nothing regular. 39 weeks today and have consultant appointment tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully can find out if the contractions are doing anything and perhaps ask about getting things moving - I won't get my hopes up though!

IsSpringSprangedYet Mon 24-Sep-12 14:56:49

Congratulations lime. I am 25 weeks pg with no.4 and have felt a little different this time. But I think thats down to being tired and busy wit my other three. I have three boys aged 4, 3 and 20 months. This one is due a couple of weeks before DS3's second birthday. People keep asking how I'll cope, but I'm very lucky to have MIL living next door and my mum is only a 10 min drive away. You just get on with it, don't you? Muddle through.

Haven't read the whole thread yet as have to pick DS1 from school in a bit, but wanted to say, this pregnancy is whizzing past and I've had no time to think about it. And agreed to the pregnancy magazines. They seem to be geared up to telling you what to pack in your hospital bag, the different options you have for where you give birth etc. I haven't bothered buying them for my last two pregnancies.

MoonHare Mon 24-Sep-12 17:13:15

Sorry to hear you had a hard time truth hope all's well now that baby's here and you're able to enjoy these early days.

I'm still shock over britta's relly about to give birth to her 16th child!!! I'm only on no. 3 and really can't imagine being physically capable of continuing on to have another 13 pregnancies!!!

This will be our last baby (although never say never again.....) and I'm trying not to wish it away. I do enjoy being pregnant but this time has been different, so little time to think about it and the SPD has been pretty uncomfortable. I have moments of such excitement thinking about baby arriving and the years ahead - and then moments of terror thinking, how will I manage??? I'm a SAHM at the moment, not entirely out of choice but I do love it, it's not the thought of coping with all that needs doing with children but the worry about whether I've got the patience to deal with 3. My mil thinks I'm very patient, I think I have a short fuse!

I also have pangs of guilt (that old chestnut of motherhood!) about DD2 who is 18 months old and I feel we're really only just starting to get to know each other properly and soon I'll be almost fully occupied by another baby. I feel bad for DD2 - but also I feel selfishly sad that I know this will be the time she starts to become much closer to DH as he'll be doing so much more for and with her. I really missed DD1 (now 4yrs) for a while when DD2 came along and I guess it'll be that way again. DD1 is still probably closer to DH than me these days and while I'm very happy they have such a fab relationship I'm still sad that she doesn't call for me when she wakes in the night.

Phew, bit of soul bearing there! I keep trying to explain to DH and my Mum how I'm feeling but they don't really get it. Feels good to have got it off my chest a bit.

Those old pregnancy hormones really can just take over without warning can't they??? Speaking of which hope you're feeling back on an even keel hetty?

Re the pelvic floors - I find them such an effort to do! I try to do 30 a day but it usually works out about 30 twice a week. I remember when I could do hundreds without batting an eyelid when pg with DD1.......sigh those days have long gone. Getting fed up of peeing whenever I sneeze!

ShellyBobbs Mon 24-Sep-12 17:16:21

Congratulations Truth, so glad that eventually everything was well. Hugs to you both x

Brockle Mon 24-Sep-12 18:33:32

Congratulations truth sounds scary but really pleased you have a gorgeous baby girl at the end of it.

moonhare I feel very much the same as you. I have moments of blind panic about how I will cope with 3 but I am sure we will be fine after a period of readjustment smile

I had a chance to test my patience yesterday when DS1 decided to practise football volleys in the living room. As I heard the glass of a picture smash and fall to the floor I focused on breathing and counting to ten before walking into the living room to survey the damage. DH was there so I had time to compose myself and look at the situation rationally but the worrying thing is that DH let him do it..

Cos of the PGP I am home now for good with eight weeks to go. Nice to be home every day (if a bit boring cos I can't do a lot) and to be home when the boys come in from school. Just hope I can fit in the homework and the nightly reading/spelling/maths with a newborn. A lot will be done whilst BFing I think.

I hope you get good news tomorrow captain

OodHousekeeping Mon 24-Sep-12 18:38:14

Congratulations truth , first thread baby !

TruthSweet Mon 24-Sep-12 18:44:50

One of the benefits of the remifentanil pca (the pain relief I had) was that I wasn't really aware of how serious it was so just got on with and ignored the crowd of people!

I think if I had had an epidural I would have been terrified and that may well have slowed things down (I did have an epi for the first crack at a synto. induction but it didn't work as I have hypermobility syndrome)

cherrypiew3 Mon 24-Sep-12 21:14:51

Congratulations Truth hope you are both doing well.

Hetty I hope things get moving for you soon.

Moonhare I have moments worrying about how I will cope DH works nights and the thought of doing all the night feeds by myself really worries me. No matter how much I am up in the night I will still have to get up and get 3 dc ready for school.

enjay0811 Mon 24-Sep-12 23:39:08

Congrats truth hope u and baby are both doing well.

moon I remember breaking down in floods of tears not long after dd2 was born cos I just cldnt do everything I wanted to with dd1 like read bedtime story or bath her when I wanted to. I bf dd2 so cldnt even ask Dh to do the feed in the early days. Felt so guilty as dd1 had only just turned 2 and still wanted mum a lot of the time..but we got thru it and yes, dd1 did grow closer to Dh but in hindsight it did take a bit of the pressure off me. Dd2 will be 3.6 wen dc3 arrives but is very much a daddy's girl anyway. Also have mad panics thinking how am I going to cope but you do just get on with it don't you? Those hormones def don't help! Still in early stages so tearful at anything atm - Dh watched footie the other day and they were talkin but hillsborough, had to leave the room or wld have been sobbing like an idiot! blush

LimeLeafLizard Tue 25-Sep-12 14:06:01

Congratulations Truth thanks. How exciting to have the first baby on the thread! Hope you are both well and settled down a bit after your traumatic experience. Have the DDs met their new little sister yet and how have they been?

TruthSweet Tue 25-Sep-12 14:47:54

They met her on Sunday and you could hear the screams when they realised mummy and baby were home from the car! (as it was raining hard DH had gone on ahead to get the door open before taking baby out).

They are in love with her completely and are so pleased with her - DD1 even told me how proud she was of me - I'm going up the school soon so they can show her off to their friendsgrin

OodHousekeeping Tue 25-Sep-12 19:23:32

Aww , were you mobbed?

LimeLeafLizard Tue 25-Sep-12 22:32:58

Truth That's lovely that they are so pleased with her - great comment from DD1! Hope their friends were suitably impressed!

Reading your last post makes me long for my little baby... though there is still a long way to go. I have my 20 week scan this week!

Moon, Enjay, I am tearful at the slightest thing too. DS2 started school last week and I have had to choke back tears in the playground several times. He seems happy enough though!

SeymoreInOz Wed 26-Sep-12 06:32:49

Congratulations truth! Sorry that the induction was complicated, I hope you're recovering well?

I've started making the spare room look a bit more like a baby's room. I put the changing table together yesterday and unpacked some nappies. They were so tiny it dawned on me (for the first time this pregnancy, what is wrong with me?) that there will soon be a tiny baby and I felt pretty excited. DH has been excited from the start which helps. I think the more prepared we are the better I feel, although it is still strange having a baby on the other side of the world to friends and family.

I know what you mean about guilt. When we told the DCs about the baby, the first thing DS (4) said was "I thought I was the baby". But he came round pretty quickly. We were sat next to each other on the sofa yesterday and he rubbed my bump and whispered "it's ok baby" to it, I don't think he realised I could hear!

enjay0811 Wed 26-Sep-12 23:38:17

Aww, seymore that's so sweet. We've already told dd's to prepare them for sharing a bedroom. Dd1 who is 5 keeps looking through catalogues and magazines for things we can buy the baby grin

Brockle Thu 27-Sep-12 14:19:40

My DS1 is just over the moon that due to the baby he gets a room of his own and won't be sharing with DS2 any more. He is researching high sleepers and duvet covers in argos and has already told me what colours he wants his bedroom to be painted in grin I think he is looking forward to having a quiet corner to escape the DS2 and 3 pandemonium!

BlueSkySoftSand Thu 27-Sep-12 15:28:04

Hello, please can I join? Found out last week we're expecting DC3. Not quite sunk in yet and occasionally get a little worried if I'm not feeling sick/tired, etc (although DC1 & 2 were both good pregnancies) - probably too much reading of MN and (hopefully) unnecessary panicking.

I passed a car with 3 kids in on the way to collect DS1 from pre-school yesterday and thought "gosh that's a car full" and then immediately thought "shit, that will be me!!!"

Counting down to the scan so that I can be reassured that all is ok. We won't tell the boys till much nearer the time (3 1/2 years and 21 months), but have started to mention they will be sharing a room which they're happy about.

Apologies for being "all about me", just sat at work and desperate to talk to someone! Agree with earlier posters though that don't quite feel the excitement as I did first and second time. Slightly concerned about people's reaction and am expecting a "are you trying for a girl??" In the words of an earlier poster (on page 1 I think) "Errrr . . . . No"

CaptainHetty Thu 27-Sep-12 16:05:44

Welcome Blue and congratulations on the pregnancy smile

I am still here, and still very much pregnant. <grumpy face>

39+3 today and had anooother stupidly long hospital appointment on Tuesday ending in me being told that baby has grown (albeit very slowly) and my fluid levels aren't stabilising at all despite what they said last week - they're back down by the 15th centile 'at the very low end of normal'. Apparently. hmm

They want me back again tomorrow for another bout of monitoring and if they're happy with the results of that I'll be sent away til Tuesday. If not I might be in for induction over the weekend. Either way they expect me to have had a baby by the end of next week, whether it be spontaneous or induced, they seem unkeen to keep her in much past my due date, so at least I know I don't have to wait much longer.

Hope everyone is well, and sorry for moaning. Again grin

ShellyBobbs Fri 28-Sep-12 10:37:06

Welcome Blue, that age gaps you'll have are brilliant, mine are currently 22 months between the first and second and 2 and a half years between 2 and 3, then a massive 8 year age gap, now due in 7 weeks!

Oh Captain, what a pain in the arse. This is the worst bit of pregnancy, the waiting game. I do hope she puts in an appearance before / at weekend for you, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you x

ShellyBobbs Fri 28-Sep-12 10:37:46

*that age gaps, excellent grammar! Those age gaps.....

cjbk1 Fri 28-Sep-12 10:40:43

hello all I'm more of a lurker here but I had my dc3 on 10.09.12 Ava Bluebell, had ELCS so today will be the first school pick up I will do! bit nervous about logistics but sure it'll be fine x

ShellyBobbs Fri 28-Sep-12 12:14:53

Congratulations, I think Ava is our frontrunner name for a girl for us too, she will be Ava Poppy (due around remembrance day so very fitting) smile You will be fine!

TheAngelshavetheOod Fri 28-Sep-12 16:46:01

Congrats cj smile

NAR4 Sun 30-Sep-12 10:19:05

I'm pregnant with number 5 and am also sick of people making comments such as 'you must be mad' or 'haven't you got a TV'. We chose to have this many children and as we pay for them all ourself I really don't feel its anyone elses place to comment. We cope fine with the 4 we have and don't feel 5 will be a struggle. In fact if we won the lottery we would just keep on going. I have 3 boys and my 4th was a girl. People all assume I want another girl regardless of what I say. I know it is a boy but don't want to tell anyone as I can't face the comments at the moment.

alwayspregnant Sun 30-Sep-12 22:21:10

Hi, I'm 35+5, my 4th DC. Really finding this pregnancy uneventful so far which is a godsend considering my other 3DC are 4.5, 3 and 2!

Getting a bit concerned at this point, consultant has suggested that I opt for a natural birth since I've had no complications in this pregnancy even though I've had an emergency section with DC1 at 38 weeks, DC2 was prem at 26 weeks breech natural delivery and DC3 was a planned section at 38 weeks. So thats 2 sections.... Midwives don't seem happy at this suggestion and neither does my DH. Also I don't have another appt with consultant or midwife until 37+5wks....

Am I just being overly pregnant lady concerned or am I right in thinking this they are leaving me hanging just a bit!

LimeLeafLizard Sun 30-Sep-12 22:34:56

Welcome Blue and NAR and always (good name for this thread!).

Congrats CJ! What a pretty name! How did your school run go? Was little Ava star of the show for the other mums?!

I found out at the scan last week that DC4 is a girl. We were surprised to say the least, after 3 boys! We're not telling people in RL - too much pressure and half of me still thinks 'but what if the scan is wrong'? They sometimes are. Besides I am just grateful for what we have and that the baby is healthy.

NAR, was it different in any way, having a girl after 3 boys? I just had a tentative look at baby clothes on line and the girl clothes seem so impractical for a newborn. She'll be in her brothers' hand me downs to start with, it seems...

LimeLeafLizard Sun 30-Sep-12 22:38:03

oh, sorry Always, I meant to reply to you, too.

I think in your circs you have every right to request another CS if that is what you would prefer. 37 +5 doesn't seem an unreasonable point to make a final decision, but I can understand why you wouldn't want to have two stressful weeks waiting to discuss it again. Can you phone to talk to or book another appt with your MW? Is she supportive generally - could you get her on your side to help persuade the docs?

SeymoreInOz Sun 30-Sep-12 23:20:39

hetty how did the monitoring go? I hope things get going for you soon! Welcome blue and nar. Congrats cj! How did the school run go?

always if you wanted a planned section you would need to get it booked in ASAP. You can call the hospital switchboard and ask to be put through to your consultant's PA. leave a message and request he/she calls you back to discuss, if you're not keen for vbac after 2 sections you shouldn't be pushed into one.

alwayspregnant Sun 30-Sep-12 23:25:25

Hey LimeLeafLizard Congratulations on a girl, she'll be spoiled rotten unintentionally I'm sure! I have 2 boys and 1 girl it's great having a female company in the house.

MWs have been all over the place. Have only met MY MW twice, every appt I get seems to be a holiday for her or she's busy. My last consultant appt was 2 weeks ago and I didn't get to see consultant to discuss options again as they had booked too many people into clinic. Think I've just been so happy that it's been such good pregnancy that I'd forgotten about the end part! MW just kinda tut tut tutted about Docs suggestion. Mmm.... Maybe just in a bit of panic in case things happen before my appt and I have no vague birth plan in place that I'm happy with!

SeymoreInOz Mon 01-Oct-12 00:28:44

lime congratulations on your little girl! Sorry, not sure how I missed that in your post, baby brain I guess. Girl clothes do look a bit impractical, DD lived in sleepsuits for a bit and then it was leggings and tops all the way.

shirley123 Mon 01-Oct-12 03:12:25

Hiya, Seymour, pelvic floor, never too late to start, I am 12 weeks and am trying to do them whenever I remember, I suspect with no3 when I get heavier I may find its rather more necessary than last time ( if you know what I mean ;p)

I have a rather embarrassing question and need for some advice.... My eldest has just started primary school, literally last week, she has made just one friend, which is fine but its me who is having anxiety about making friends in the school mum playground... Is that really sad??? Most of the mums have siblings in the school so there children in her class are the youngest whereas I have smaller children so still busy with babies at home...I have always found it hard making friends so just need some advice...afraid my self esteem is rock bottom and feeling dreadful with no3 is not helping, have spent last 4 weeks fainting, laying in bed and throwing up.....HELP!

shirley123 Mon 01-Oct-12 04:29:03

Ps hoping this is just pregnancy hormones and paranoia ....

TheAngelshavetheOod Mon 01-Oct-12 08:14:33

Consultant this afternoon. Bit nervous. Could do with something other than a big tummy to convince me I'm pregnant!

shirley123 Mon 01-Oct-12 08:48:06

Good luck angel

cjbk1 Mon 01-Oct-12 09:41:43

Dear all thanx for congratulations yes school run went ok we'v been to a party since then and playground trip (which ended in A&E for dd1 sad ) and yes all the school mums love Ava x

LimeLeafLizard Mon 01-Oct-12 10:07:08

Good luck Ood - what is the appt for? Sorry but I have lost track a bit...

Hetty - hope you're ok, thinking of you...

always, sounds like it is time to be a little bit pushy in getting some decisions made - seymore's advice sounds sensible. Good luck!

Seymore, sleepsuits sound about right! Not sure I can be bothered with wrestling a newborn into a frilly dress and tights before the school run!

shirley don't worry you are not alone! I felt like that first time round, too (it is my second who has just started in Reception this year).
I didn't quite understand why, after growing up, having lots of friends, and being confident in my career, I suddenly felt like a lost child again as a SAHM faced with the school mums.
My advice would be to treat the other parents / carers as you would your colleagues - i.e. with a cheerful smile, be polite, be respectful, but don't give away too many details of your personal life until you're sure you trust someone. Don't expect them all to become 'friends', but be positive and probably several of them will become great friends over time. Just make casual chit chat and when you come across someone you think you might 'click' with, ask their child for a play / tea. (Appreciate this isn't so easy if you're feeling crap!... might have to take it slowly).

TheAngelshavetheOod Mon 01-Oct-12 11:54:18

Just a check up. Don't have a midwife so all with the consultant

MoonHare Mon 01-Oct-12 12:29:11

Have missed a bit over the last few days.

Lime congrats on expecting a girl. I have 2 DDs and they are a joy. DD2 lived in sleep suits til she was about 3 months old - no time to dress her in tights etc! Just bung a clean pretty cardi over the top of a white suit and they instantly look 'dressed' anyway imo.

Shirley how many weeks are you? Are you showing? Being pregnant is such a great conversation starter, I'm sure soon parents will approach to you ask when baby's due, all those sorts of q's. Lime's advice is very good, I felt the same as you last year when DD1 started pre-school, thankfully that gave us a year for both to make friends with children and parents before she started reception in Sept. There are probably more Mums like you with children starting school for the first time who don't know anyone either than you think and it'll get clearer over the next few weeks who the nice ones are.

always I'd feel the same as you I think - leaving it to 37+ weeks before you know how/where you'll be giving birth is just too long. It's got to be about what you feel happiest with not what consultant wants. Do you want to try for a natural birth? Make an appt to see mw regardless of the scheduled appt dates to talk over your thoughts. Best wishes with everything.

I'm 37+2 now, baby stretching soooooo much at the moment I am seeing new stretch marks appearing every day - sigh. It's also doing that scratching at my bladder thing that makes me stop in the street and go oooh! However am still happy for baby to stay in as long as possible! Had a mild panic over the weekend that we are not at all prepared. Hoping for another home birth but still need to pack a bag just in case so finally made a start on that. Still need to pack a bag for the girls in case they need to go elsewhere, have a list of stuff I need for me e.g. more big knickers and maternity pads.

Oh dear I'm in that full-on 'nesting' stage where you believe EVERYTHING has to be done before baby comes as if no shops will ever be open and no-one will ever be able to leave the house again afterwards!

NAR4 Mon 01-Oct-12 13:14:21

Lime My little girl wears dresses because I am still enjoying the novelty but most of my firends dress their little girls in leggings and T-shirts, shich are just as practical as boys clothes. You can even buy leggings with frills on the bottom or around the ankle, to make them a bit prettier. My little girl wears leg warmers with her dresses instead of tights, which is much more practical for potty training as she can manage them herself. Congratulations.

pinkpeony4 Mon 01-Oct-12 13:29:57

Congrats to all the new babies & to your dd Limeleaflizard I can imagine that would be a massive shock after 3 boys! I think pretty little cardigans over sleepsuits are cute (although I have 3 boys and am expecting another so will never find out!).

Shirley School playgrounds can be very intimidating places. My ds1 is in year 1 now and I used to sometimes dread the school run! Why don't you have your dc's friend over for a playdate and then you can get chatting to the mother? My son's school arranges regular coffee mornings which are a good way of getting to meet people too. I hope it gets easier soon. Feeling dreadful can't help at all but hopefully that will pass soon. My sickness went at 14 weeks and I felt like a new woman! Have you tried Floridix? It's an iron tonic but it helped with my tiredness a lot.

Good luck to everyone due soon. I hope you have nice, quick births!

All is well with me. 18 weeks now and feel enormous! Feeling good though so going to make the most of this stage before PGP kicks in again. I am not having my next scan until 22 weeks which still feels like ages away!

shirley123 Mon 01-Oct-12 14:01:46

Thank you so much for all the advice, I'll definitely do that, I have managed to organise 1 play date and it really helped with both me and boo as she then has at least 1 friendly face, and as I speak to her it seems she is getting on well, and I have a couple of ladies who I speak to, have to definitely make sure that I not too open though as I can end up babbling when I'm nervous ...

I just started to show in the last couple of days, literally from 1 day to e next it's so weird as I didn't show with 1 or 2 until about 5 months and I'm not even 3 yet! And I sold all my maternity clothes last time so am in pj bottoms or loose trackies for the mo until I get out to get a pair of jeans. I'll try floridix I've been given pregaday which doesn't agree with me so much.

Lime, I had 2 girls and I do a bit of both dresses and tights for special days, but as newborns I'd get frilly and cute sleep suits just cos I found it easier, as they grew up they have been in trackies, jeans and leggings but always pretty ones smile and the oldest absolutely loves dresses smile

Pink , hoping for a boy this time round but he may end up in pink clothes lol...

Nar4 , great idea about leg warders I'll bear that in mind when my youngest starts potty training ( she's 1 1/2 so not that long)

Vickles Mon 01-Oct-12 15:57:38

Hi everyone. I'm so glad to find this thread! I've joined the due date thread on here, but there's just soooo many people on it, and I'm being overwhelmed by 1st time nerves!

I'm pregnant with our 4th! Due May 20th next year, so I'm 7 weeks today.

CaptainHetty Mon 01-Oct-12 16:38:14

Just dropping in quickly to let you know Penny arrived this morning, on her due date, at 4.28 after 3 hours and 20 minutes in labour. We're both at home now and doing very well. Will catch up with you all soon xx

TheAngelshavetheOod Mon 01-Oct-12 16:42:03

Congrats Hetty smile lovely name smile

Vickles Mon 01-Oct-12 16:42:21

Congrats Captain!

pinkpeony4 Mon 01-Oct-12 17:07:00

Congrats Captain grin enjoy those amazing newborn snuggles!

TheAngelshavetheOod Mon 01-Oct-12 17:46:55

Appt v quick when I eventually got in today's Doctor was nice and checked I had referrals for the SPD. Checked heart beat and I felt baby try to escape her! Am back in 5 weeks.

MoonHare Mon 01-Oct-12 20:13:21

Congratulations Hetty great news, hope your labour was as straight forward as it sounds!

TruthSweet Mon 01-Oct-12 20:20:22

Congratulations Hetty thanks

cherrypiew3 Mon 01-Oct-12 21:14:42

Hello hope everyone is well.

Welcome to the newbies.

Congratulations Hettysmile

Lime Congratulations on having a little girl she will be spoilt with 3 big brothers.

Shirley I hate the playground its like been back at school some people speak to you some don't. My oldest is 10 now and there is still times when I find myself standing alone.

Well almost 30 weeks now and baby cherry is having a party in my belly tonight and some of the movements are really hurting.

LimeLeafLizard Mon 01-Oct-12 22:26:21

Wow this thread is moving fast today! Just stopping by before bed, so a quick post:

Congratulations Hetty, great news! Well done.

Thanks for all the clothing advice - sounds like it will be sleepsuits and cardis all the way for the first few weeks at least! But I am looking forward to buying dresses etc when she is a bit bigger (and several friends have huge piles of second hand stuff to pass on to us).

SeymoreInOz Mon 01-Oct-12 23:59:06

Congratulations Hetty! 3 hour labour sounds fab! <wishful>

Brockle Tue 02-Oct-12 09:37:07

Congratulations Captain grin Do you know where I can order a labour like yours please?

shirley123 Tue 02-Oct-12 10:22:44

Congrats Hetty smile

ShellyBobbs Tue 02-Oct-12 10:30:30

Congratulations Hetty thanks

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 02-Oct-12 12:34:48

Have had an email from occupational health with an appt for a Tuesday which is usually my day off. It turns out its the one Tuesday I'm working but it clashes with a meeting I'm not prepared to move. Have emailed back and explained. Also concerned its not for 4 weeks but not sure if that's me being over anxious?

Hi can I join? Am 24 weeks with no4. We don'tknow what it is which is frustrating but hey ho! I have 2 ds and 1 dd. Dd just started school so am just getting used to having no kids during the day only to start all over again in jan!

Hope all r ok x

annelid Fri 05-Oct-12 22:25:18

Hi and welcome, I'm 29 weeks with no.7. We are having a boy.

ShellyBobbs Sat 06-Oct-12 04:14:41

Anne I bet you've heard every cliche in the book. How lovely, I bet your other children are excited smile

TheAngelshavetheOod Sat 06-Oct-12 08:12:15

Welcome apples

LimeLeafLizard Sat 06-Oct-12 13:08:09

Hello apples, you're just slightly ahead of me, then (22 weeks). With your DD in school, hopefully you'll have a bit of time to rest during the daytimes then?

Ood, did you get a response to your email about the meeting?

Thanks for welcomes!

I do have time in day for a rest which is wierd! Bit worried about getting lazy during the day and jan being a massive shock to the system! Been a bit lazy today as only have dd both ds have gone to a scout skills day. They were excited as Bear Gryls is meant to b there today. Hoping next 16 weeks will fly by x

TheAngelshavetheOod Sat 06-Oct-12 14:32:34

They are coming on the 23rd. That's the earliest they can do which my boss isn't happy about. Boss is working out how to rejigger my workload but needs their input ideally. Driving, stairs and sitting for long periods all an issue and all key parts of my job confused
Had a couple of ok days so an improvement on last week anyway.

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 09-Oct-12 15:22:12

Just back from Physio with a support belt & crutches. Also recommended a back support for the car/my desk chair but I have to buy those. Am v achy and actually used the crutches on the way home but dd3 insisted on helping so took a while!

LimeLeafLizard Tue 09-Oct-12 16:11:49

Poor you Ood, that sounds like a lot to manage... especially with DD3's 'help'! I can't remember how old she is? How annoying that you have to buy the support for the car / desk yourself. Shame the hospital ones don't have ones they can lend, seeing as it will only be for a short while.

I've been feeling really tired the last week or so, and a bit low. Pregnancy seems like such a marathon at times and it is starting to annoy me that I can't do the usual things, especially lifting and carrying. A couple of my good friends are around a bit less than they were (due to mat leave finishing / youngest DC starting school), and I miss them! DS3 and I are also missing DS2 now he is at school... it is strange doing our usual activities without him.
Sorry for the moan. Coming on here always reminds me to count my blessings.

How are your lovely babies doing, Hetty and Truth? You probably don't have much time to MN, but would be good to hear from you if you get a moment.

MoonHare Tue 09-Oct-12 18:18:33

Where did that week go??! Hello to everyone who has joined this last week.

Finally feeling prepared for the iminent new arrival. Am 38+3 today. DH has been very busy up and down from the loft, cleaning, hoovering, sorting while I've done as much as I can from a generally sitting position! I hardly sit down during the week so make the most of the chance at weekends.

Have got bags packed for me and the girls, box full of home birth stuff - towels, angle poise lamp etc ready and waiting on dining room table. Moses basket out in our bedroom.

Very much looking forward to MIL's arrival on 18th, she's such a star.

Saw chiropractor yesterday she said she doesn't think I'll get to EDD and predicted baby will arrive on 12th or 13th! It can't, I have a hairdressers appointment to get my highlights done and cut & blow on 13th, I absolutely cannot miss that appointment!!!

Best wishes to all.

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 09-Oct-12 19:40:48

Ooh moon nearly there!

lime dd3 was two last weekend. She's v good though.

cherrypiew3 Tue 09-Oct-12 21:01:47

Hi everyonesmile

Welcome to anybody new.

Moon not long now.

Lime I agree pregnancy does seem like a marathon I am 31+1 today and very fed up already normally I get to at least 39 weeks before I start to feel like this.

evening everyone. Haven't checked in for a while! Congratulations to the new arrivals!

Am now 36 weeks, and had appointment with the consultant today, which was very uneventful. They are not planning any early inductions this time, so it is just a waiting game now. Have to go back if I make it to 40 weeks - felt like saying to the receptionist that if I actually make the 40 week appointment I will be ready to kill someone by that time...!

Just a quick question, does anyone know about the whole staying in hospital afterwards? Had to stay in anyway with DC4 due to problems, but if everything is ok do they always kick you out straight away, or can you ask to stay for say 24 hours? Just that the chance of getting any rest once I get home will be non-existent with my youngest 2 being only 2 and 1 - at least if I could stay at in for a day afterwards it would give me a little bit of time with the new baby before we get home and back to the usual chaos grin .

Cherrypie I know exactly how you feel - I literally feel like I am dragging myself out of bed every day and doing the bare minimum to get through things with the kids - I'm not really being the best mum at the moment, but hopefully it will not be much longer now!

Conanchensee Wed 10-Oct-12 22:25:58

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks, this thread has really cheered me up. I found out I'm pregnant with no. 3 a few days ago (so 4 or 5 weeks) and although we always wanted more children this was unplanned. My oldest is 3 and 3 months and youngest 13 months and I'm scared about how I'll cope with the pregancy and new baby with such a short gap. I feel quite confused because I have the normal pregnancy feelings-sickness and terror of m/c but I now feel guilty for not being ecstatic at the prospect of a new baby quite soon. It's so reassuring to read happy stories of big families, thank you!
Has anyone else had 3 children under 4 and any tips?!

Having serious sleep problems tonight, hence being up on MN and eating cereal at this time in the morning!

Hi Conanchensee and congratulations smile I had 3 who were just 4 and under when DC3 arrived. It was fine, although my older 2 were 4 and 3 by then, so a smaller gap between them, and then 3 years between DC2 and the baby.

This time (with no.5) I will have about 2 years and 3 months between the youngest 3 - and I am having days when I am seriously bricking it about my ability to cope with all the kids, however I know in reality we will get through it somehow! I think I would be bored with a quiet life anyway grin

TheAngelshavetheOod Thu 11-Oct-12 07:56:57

Welcome Conanchensee smile

LimeLeafLizard Thu 11-Oct-12 16:16:14

Hello Conanchensee and congratulations! Glad the thread has cheered you up. We weren't trying for DC3 either, so it was a shock for us too (tho' we always wanted 4). I think it is quite normal not to be ecstatic, sometimes it just takes time to adjust.

Hey 4kids, nice to hear from you. 36 weeks already! Other peoples' pregnancies always seem to go quickly! Sorry I don't know about staying in hospital as I had home births the last two times. Would your MW know?

Moon you sound really organised! Not too long to go now, hopefully! Your post made me remember all the many things I need to do. Well in theory I have plenty of time, but with Christmas to come before my due date, I expect I should start sooner rather than later.

Lime I totally agree other peoples pregnancies seem to fly by whilst mine is dragging so slowly! One of the mums at school who is 10 weeks ahead of me asked how far I was and when I told her she said that mine was flying by! This one in particular seems to be going slow but I think that's because I hate being pregnant and am still in shock that I'm doing it again!

Tbh not that worried about having an extra child to take care of but being pregnant and caring for 3 seems reduculously hard!

MoonHare Thu 11-Oct-12 16:53:31

Hey Conanchensee I can totally empathise with you. This baby was a sort of planned surprise, we knew we wanted 3 but we hadn't decided to 'try' yet. Was a bit shock when got bfp back at the end of Feb. I had been won dering why I felt so ill.........! DD2 turned one year old a week after bfp and DD1 was 4 in Aug, so v similar age gaps to you.

What I found was that it took me 3/4 weeks to adjust to the idea but since then I've kind of forgotten that it was ever a bit of a shock. This pregnancy has flown by and now I'm feeling so excited to welcome the new baby into the family and blessed that we'll have the three children we dreamed of but without any of the heartache of 'shall we, shan't we' and potentially taking a while to conceive.

4kids I'm in awe of you. I'm worrying about whether I'll cope with just 3, not so much the getting things done and kids organised but dealing with the general frustrations, I'm worried I won't have the patience required! I totally agree with your ethos though - who wants a quiet life??!! We love a bit of chaos.

Glad I come across as organised Lime not completely feeling it - but there's only so much preparation that's possible, right?

Pleased to report no twinges over the last few days, still intending to get to that hair appointment!!!

Should be making the dinner right now but......soooo tired........might just lurk around MN just a little longer.

Best wishes everyone.

ShellyBobbs Thu 11-Oct-12 17:16:42

4 Kids I stayed in overnight with my 3rd for exactly the same reason, I just told them I was staying and they were fine with that, I shouldn't think you will have any problems at all.

DontSweatTheSmallStuff Thu 11-Oct-12 18:22:32

Can I join too. I'm 4w+6 with no.3. Been trying on and off since ds2 was 19 months (he's now 4.5 and just started school grin ) and was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen. Still in shock and 'Whoops what have we done' mode even though it was planned.

Also apprehensive about telling people, especially family as mum is a worrier and I don't do straightforward ends to pregnancies.

TheAngelshavetheOod Thu 11-Oct-12 18:47:49

Congrats dontsweat

Think I may try that approach Shelly. I just know it will be mental once I get home, and could really do with a break - sorting out one tiny baby has got to be easier than the 4 I have at home grin

Moonhare things will be fine - my friends all think that I have lots of patience! Sometimes I laugh to myself when they say that, and wonder what they would say if they turned up at tea time when all the kids and tired/ hungry and moaning...I think you definately need a good sense of humour with so many kids, otherwise there would definately be times when I could cry!

Congratulations dontsweat. We also took quite a while to conceive DC3. I was also starting to think we may only have 2 kids at that point. DC4 and soon to be DC5 followed along pretty soon afterwards though, tis surprising how these things work sometimes!

SeymoreInOz Fri 12-Oct-12 07:52:38

Congrats Conanchensee and dontsweat!

It seems there are a few of us with surprise DC3s!

moonhare good luck making that appointment. I've just made the slightly crazy decision to do my own colour because hairdressers are so expensive here. $170 for a half head of highlights?! No thanks! Anyway it will probably be a complete disaster, I seem to do something mad to my hair towards the end of every pregnancy I've had.

I had a horrible bout of gastroenteritis this week (caught from DS) and was up all Monday night vomiting. It got to the point where I couldn't even keep water down and was throwing up bile. Thankfully DH was able to "work" from home the day after because I was really wiped out.

I keep having dreams about being in labour and the baby popping out in one painless push. Hopefully I'm psychic! grin

annelid Fri 12-Oct-12 08:29:35

Welcome conanchensee and dontsweat and congratulations on your Dc 3's!

DontSweatTheSmallStuff Fri 12-Oct-12 12:48:53

Thanks for the welcome smile

grin 4 kids 3 is most definately the limit (age not on my side) unless it's twins shock

cherrypiew3 Fri 12-Oct-12 13:55:59

Congratulations and welcome Conanchensee and Dontsweat

Seymore hope you are feeling better, there is a bug doing the rounds at school at the moment and with 3dc there I am preparing myself for it.

Conanchensee When I had ds2 I had a 4yr ,2yr and new born and it was ok he seemed to just fit in. The only thing I struggled with was the school run in the morning.

I seem to be having lots of problems sleeping wake up at about 4am and can not get back to sleep would not mind but there is no reason I don't need the toilet no heartburn or anything just can not sleep anyone any tips.

MoonHare Fri 12-Oct-12 16:50:45

Hi dontsweat congrats!

Thanks for the confidence 4kids I know you're right really. As I recall our local hospital was happy to have women stay in, a friend of mine was in 5 nights after her first she hadn't had CS or anything. I'm sure they will see how beneficial it would be for you to get a couple of extra nights peace with the new baby.

Seymore how wretched, hope you're feeling better very soon. I was ill at the beginning of Sept my DH was out of the country with work but luckily MIL was here. I lay in bed and crunched ice cubes - could keep them down but not sips of water. Sounds like Oz is a very expensive place to get your hair done, fingers crossed you get the look you want and here's hoping you truly do have 'the gift'.

Must be awful cherry not to be able to sleep, have no tips I'm afraid but someone else surely will.

Only 17 hours to my hair appt!

Apparentlychilled Sat 13-Oct-12 08:11:53

Hi all,
I found out last night that I'm pg wDC3. DD is nearly 4 and DS was 1 this week. I feel bad that I'm not ecstatic. We weren't trying and had just had one slip.... I had PND with both DC and am just coming off ADs. I feel like I'm just back to being myself and it might all go pear shaped again. On top of that, I've just started to retrain (an open learning 12 month diploma) and was so excited by a career change after years of being unhappy at work. I am worried that DC3 will throw that all off and that I'll never manage to find my new career.

And that's all without even thinking about my marriage- It's been tough on us both w pnd but I felt like things were starting to be fun again for the first time in ages.

That said, I always said I wanted 3, so I feel really mean to be thinking like this....

TheAngelshavetheOod Sat 13-Oct-12 08:15:25

Congrats apparently , PND can be monitored, medication reintroduced if needed. It shouldn't get as bad this time if you are aware of what to look for. When are you due? Will you manage to finish the course?

Apparentlychilled Sat 13-Oct-12 08:22:08

Thanks The Angel

I thinks it's really early days-about 3 weeks pg I think, due early July (but going to buy fancy dan test later. Though I know you can't get a false positive, I'm not trusting the cheapie Boots own test I used!). Am seeing GP this week anyhow re ads, so will speak to her about DC3 and pnd and support etc.

I think I cd probably get a fair bit of my course done (if not all of it) if I get a move on. Maybe a deadline will be good for me....

DontSweatTheSmallStuff Sat 13-Oct-12 11:42:16

Hi chilled.

Don't feel bad. I wasn't ecstatic when i got my bfp even though dc3 is planned. I suddenly thought oh shit what have we done. We have a nice settled family life at the moment. DS2 just started school. 2.5 yr gap between ds1 and 2 so they play together and get on really well (most of the time), lovely family outings with no baby, nappy, buggy etc etc to cart around, you get the idea. I'm slowly coming round to the idea. Dh OTOH is over the moon and all excited. And, the ds's would love a sibling, ds1 especially loves babies and has been nagging for years for us to have another one!.

I had PND with my first two as well. With ds1 it took over a year for me to recognise/admit it was PND and not just being tired. With ds2as soon as I felt myself going the same way I was straight down to the gp and they were very supportive. So was the HV (but we are lucky enough to have a lovely hv around here). With dc3 I will be ready for it if it reappears.

Apparentlychilled Sat 13-Oct-12 13:54:09

Thanks, Dont.

My experience of pnd was v similar to yours - was diagnosed much faster 2nd time, as I knew i didn't feel like myself iykwim. And I've had a great GP both times, so I'm sure we can come up w a plan.

I have really bad implantation pain today- thought I was going to throw up in TK Maxx with it! Am trying to take it easy and gain solace in chocolate (as wine is now off the menu. Boo!).

TheAngelshavetheOod Sat 13-Oct-12 20:44:38

This is my first pregnancy in the winter, other three are autumn babies. Wondered if anyone had noticed differences in pregnancies/advantages/disadvantages

I have 1 summer baby it was too hot and I was so uncomfy, 1 autumn same prob as was hottest summer plus indian summer and 1 Xmas which was best as I didn't end up sweating to death and could still get comfy. Am v glad this 1 is due jan!

Apparentlychilled Sun 14-Oct-12 02:01:45

Both my DC were winter (well, Oct and Nov). Nov was good as never got hot when I was big. Oct baby meant I was the only person in the country who was praying for Indian summer to pass ASAP!

Cadmum Sun 14-Oct-12 02:12:39

Our four were late winter/early spring (Feb.-April) so I avoided being big in the summer but delt with morning sickness in the heat instead...

Db#5 is also due late March early April but will either be born here (Thailand) at the start of the hottest month or in Australia in the Autumn.

Being pregnant in the tropics ought to be uncomfortably hot interesting...

TheAngelshavetheOod Sun 14-Oct-12 07:00:33

cadmum v close birthdays there!

All ours are Sept-Dec so autumn ish mainly. Dd2 was Septenber after a hot summer but luckily I worked term time o ly then. Dc4 is due march and it's my first being pg over Xmas

Good morning all.

Well we have had a relatively quiet weekend here. My youngest 2 have gone to stay the night at their grandparents, leaving us with just a 6 and 5 year old. It seems so different having only those 2! Spent nearly the whole day out yesterday, and is so nice being able to leave the house without pushchairs, nappy bags and all the baby clutter!

Well I must look like things make happen soon as when we went swimming yesterday the receptionist told me there were no water births allowed in the pool grin

On the seasonality of the babies, mine have all been summer babies (May,June, July and Aug in fact!) so this will be our first autumn baby. I must admit it is nice for it not to be really hot when I am this pregnant for a change! I'm just not looking forward to it being more chilly for the night feeds though!

Welcome Chilled . Our DC5 was not planned at all either - in fact we found out a couple of weeks before DH was due to go for the snip hmm . Have had lots of time to get used to the idea now though. I was also studying for accounting exams when I had my first couple of DC's but that has had to go on hold, so don't feel bad if you can't do everything. Now I just think I can always go back and do other things once the kids are a bit older.

Cherrypie I am also having bad times waking at night - don't really have any tips though, I usually just get up and have cereal/ drinks ect, look on the net for a bit. I sometimes find it worse to stay in bed and think about the fact that I can't sleep....

Think I am going to repack my hospital bag in the hope that something may happen soon hmm

Cadmum Sun 14-Oct-12 08:29:19

Sorry... I don't think I have even think I introduced myself...

I am a Canadian mother of 4 who discovered MN while living in London for 4 1/2 years. Ds2 was born there and dd2 was born in New York city. We now live in Thailand but have been in Austria, Switzerland and Cambodia since NYC...

I have told only my closest friends about this pregnancy because I have a dire Ob history full of late miscarriages... I will have to tell my dcs this week as I now have a bump. I see the consultant on Tuesday and--assuming that all is still well--I will break the news after that.

LimeLeafLizard Sun 14-Oct-12 10:05:55

Hello Cadmum, your life sound