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Fantastic 40+ Mums To Be

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10000fireflies Fri 08-Jun-12 20:33:53

A lovely shiney new thread for us to keep chatting on. smile

Hpbp Fri 08-Jun-12 21:22:07

FF Count me in.
Back from Ikea, first buy for baby to come : a brand new mattress ! Of course, I spent 3 hours to buy just a mattress, a carpet with roads and tunnels for DS1, a bedside table lamp for DS1, a second doggy (his comforter!).... Drove DH mad, he hates Ikea.
Tomorrow, I will start saying goodbye to some of my friends, it is just an au revoir but I feel sad, 3 months away is a long time...

10000fireflies Fri 08-Jun-12 22:12:31

The Ikea kids ranges are fab, aren't they?

Have got to haul myself off sofa and sort stuff out I have strewn all over bed. Another day, another failed attempt to finalise hospital bag grin DH offering again to pack for me. Wish he'd get on and do some of the other, crappier jobs on the list.

Scan this avo showed amnio all ok, so last scan was prob wrong.

Night all. XX

FjordMor Fri 08-Jun-12 23:25:42

That's good news FF smile

knottyhair Sat 09-Jun-12 06:45:10

Thanks for the new thread FF smile. Good news from your scan, that's great!
Had a nice day yesterday, and managed to combat the nausea enough to have lunch with DP & DS in Carluccio's then saw Steve Backshall doing his show - he was great and is one of DS's heroes, although I think DP has a bit of a man crush as well. Off to see my new great-niece tomorrow to get some baby practice in after 8 years!

exexe Sat 09-Jun-12 15:44:17

1000FF great news! glad everything is ok.

hpbp I love Ikea! I always end up finding stuff that I can't resist.

knotty Have a lovely time with your great niece. You always forget how tiny newborns are until you come across one again. I'm sure you'll love giving her a cuddle smile

I'm having a lazy day today. I went out with a friend yesterday and got back in just before midnight. Ds1 had a bad dream and ended up in our bed last night. I can never sleep when one of the kids are in the bed so I'm a quite tired today. I need a day to catch up on laundry, housework and all the back to school stuff.

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

Midgetm Sat 09-Jun-12 17:19:48

Marking my place not by peeing in the corner but in a more civilised way

Great news about the liquor FF.

I am also having a lazy day. Watching finding Nemo with DD and eating Thai food = bliss.

10000fireflies Sat 09-Jun-12 21:34:19

Midget I guess my kitty wants to join the thread as he has just peed in the corner. blush Doesn't like new carpets so is doing a lot of sprinkling. grin I will never be able to have my posh new NCT friends round. <sad social climber>

I have been alternating between busy and resting today. Hosp bag 90% done and by front door. Eeek. Childbirth doesn't hurt, does it??!! hmm

Hpbp Sat 09-Jun-12 21:52:39

FF, childbirth is as diverse as pregnancy, it can be very different from one woman to another, from one pg to another. And you will go through it perfectly. Just remember to breathe in and out as you have been taught. I remember pushing and trying to get the air to come out along down the spine, I did not very succeed the first time but I have now understood so will try again this time. I am so excited to hear your good news.... So soon now !

Had a very busy day meeting with 6 other families, with kids under 4, had lunch altogether, 14 adults and 8 kids, and 2 babies, one 3 months old and one 1 month old, went to the playground afterwards, my back is now killing me !
Rest in bed is my next mission !

Good night everyone

bytheseaside Sun 10-Jun-12 14:53:17

Well I'm having a very lazy day - slept for 13 hours last night - they told me to expect bp tablets to make me sleepy, but I haven't slept like that for YEARS! I've been on a sofa slump with the newspapers since, but have plans to haul myself out with DP for a rainy woodland walk in our wellies in a bit.
I feel like nesting, but as I have so little get up and go, I'm just planning stuff in my head instead - does that count? I like ikea too - not the hours-of-lost-time and crying toddlers and husbands, but the cheap, sensible stuff that promises to help me sort my life out. Oh, the storage solutions!! I popped in yesterday and couldn't resist coming away with three (more) big plastic storage boxes for all the clothes I can't wear anymore...
fireflies oh dear, what a naughty cat! Hopefully your nct friends will just assume it's the all pervading smell of nappies or, more likely, be too tired to notice. Lovely scan news smile
midgetm mmm your post made me crave thai food, which I don't usually like. My cravings seem to be starting up again! I had to make macaroni cheese last night - thought I'd exhausted my desire for that particular dish weeks ago ... Well, a bit of kitchen activity keeps my from sleeping anyway.
Have a happy rainy Sunday everyone xxx

littleredmonkey Sun 10-Jun-12 15:25:35

Happy New Thread everyone!!!

Work sucks and is exhausting!!! lord knows how many miles I clocked up yesterday on the shop floor. Up and down the stairs as my collegue was on holiday. Partners brother and wife popped in last night to bring him his birthday pressy and card. Stayed till 10 and we watched a film thought I would never drag my legs up the stairs. Got up at 7 to make him breakfast as his 40th. Got him a telescope and it took forever to set up massive bit of kit, shame weather is so crap for the next few days. He's excited about it.
I am nesting at the moment, duvet around me and a treat large coffee. I feel like I could sleep for England today.
FF - oh dear poor kitty having a whizz, ours found a baby bird yesterday and lets just say he made a right mess, so mine is very naughty. ant wait to hear all the news when little one pops out. You made me laugh is child birth doesn't hurt. I dont know what to expect when it happens to me. They have offered me a tour around Lincoln Mat ward,???? Not so sure I want to look really. Glad about your good news
Bythesea- Hope you are feeling ok honey I love mac cheese, my friend makes it from scratch and it is to die for.
Hpbp- Dont feel sad three months will fly , I will see my little one by then ..

I have the midwife in a couple of weeks, I will ask her about NHS courses for breast feeding and others available. Has anyone done as of them and which ones are useful or rubbish.

10000fireflies Sun 10-Jun-12 16:38:42

Ah, yes hpbp, thanks for the reminder to breath!! Hope you have recovered from yesterday.

bytheseaside yes, virtual nesting totally counts!! smile really though, if you have high bp and are preggers best rest up until it's sorted. Goodness, I wish cat pee could be mistaken for nappies or something else, but there is no mistaking it. Still, I have found a reasonable looking carpet cleaner so I can keep on top of the 'issue'. In the meantime, I have covered my hosp bag with bin liners as that seems to be a favoured spot. Bad boy, but I do love him so much.

LRM SLOW DOWN!!! Stop tiring yourself out!! Not worth it! Although I am v impressed by what you manage to do. So, enjoy your resting today. Oh, childbirth won't hurt if you have an epidural. That's why the kids featured on OBEM are screaming at MW 'give me a f***ing Epidural' the minute they arrive on the labour ward!! grin

Did NCT and NHS ante-natal courses. Thoughts on them:

NCT - private, charity, cost arm and a leg - is a couple of days long - might be cheaper where you are. I would contact your local NCT and see how much they charge - maybe sit down before you ask them!! Included partners, was pretty detailed and very good at getting the blokes involved - eg they had to do washing/nappy changing practice on dolls, and were given lots of opportunities for coming up with ideas about how they could help us lovely preggo ladies. Was also good for meeting other new parents to be too. Covered breast feeding. Course is supposed to be same country-wide. Small group (6 couples) and the ladies are meeting weekly already which is great.

NHS - 3 x 2 hours. Free and covered all you'd need to know. Mainly ladies only. NHS should have breast-feeding counsellors/trainers in hosp. Worth asking your MW what NHS offer as it varies according to area and hosp. MW who ran it encouraged us to socialise and again, that has been happening on a weekly basis, so great from that poing of view. Bigger group - about 12.

Blimey, that was a long answer!! grin

I have been chipping away at stuff to do again today. Just taking a break from it all. DH disgrunted as he's had to do TWO, yes, two whole chores so far, one of which included heating some pasta and putting it on a plate. Tough life, isn't it?!

Have just had 3 large EPO pills, which will wash down with some Rasp Leaf tea and vic sponge. Will have another soak in Clary Sage bath later. Felt some twinges earlier, so might be working... Tempted to be naughty and not go and see stupid consultant on Tues... I don't have to. 'spose my contrary side is coming out a bit. grin Now, what exciting job can i do now?

Hugs to all. FF xx

notsoold Mon 11-Jun-12 14:57:29

Loving the new thread....I do hope that we all have a nice week..

Hi! Ladies. I'm not sure if you'll remember me, I introduced myself then I've just lurked since.

This will be DC no 4. I already have DD 11, DS1 9, DS2 13 months. I also have DSD1 21 and DSD2 12. Although I've had plenty of scans this pregnancy (due to previous losses at 15 weeks & 18 weeks) the good ole NHS couldn't tell us the flavour as the cord was between LOs legs, so we paid for private gender scan last Friday and have discovered that we expecting a boy. Name game has begun and we are really stumped this time round.

Has anyone heard from Valiumqueen as the last time she was on was well over a week ago and reported blood loss.

I shall be 41 when this LO is born and what with the babies we've l

Sorry silly iPhone posted and I hadn't finished...

What with the babies we've lost and the 13 month old I have been pregnant since December 2008, my body is knackered. This is def the last one as shall be sterilised during c-section.


tiredmumma Mon 11-Jun-12 16:01:55

When you say Mums 40+ how old are we talking....

Ok my situation - had DS1 at 38....7 years ago so if you do your math you get my real life age. To get to the point, I think I may be pregnant now and Im well so very confused....

Am I way to old for this?

knottyhair Mon 11-Jun-12 17:15:30

Tiredmumma, I feel for you. I had DS 8 years ago and I've just turned 44 - baby due December. I was gutted to be honest when the test was positive, as was DP, and when we told DS he burst into tears! So I had a couple of days of thinking "who exactly is this going to benefit" but a couple of weeks on, we all feel differently and DS is especially excited (so fingers crossed everything's OK at the scan whenever I get to have one!). So in my opinion, no, you're not too old for this, but talk to your OH honestly about how you feel, and whatever you decide, it will be the right thing for you & your family. It takes a lot of getting used to doesn't it? I still don't feel over the moon to be honest, but I think I'm getting there. I think a big part of me is holding back until at least the 1st scan.

ValiumQueen Mon 11-Jun-12 19:21:38

Thank you mummy I am ok. Very tired, but no more bleeding. 20 week scan next Tuesday, so getting there slowly.

I am 43 and feel very old, but that is because I do not feel well when pregnant.

When are you POAS tired?

valium so glad to hear that your ok.

tired when I had my booking in appointment with the midwife for this pregnancy, I did feel slightly embarrassed about my age. But she told me how she had just booked a lady who was 53. I say age is just a number at the end of the day. We were shocked especially as DS2 was only 10 months old when we found out, I thought we were done, but after the initial shock which lasted about 6 weeks, we are very, very happy and very much looking forward to the arrival of this LO.

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Jun-12 20:09:11

Evening all

Hope we are all well and dandy?
FF - Am trying very hard to slow down, not been to the gym for over a week as my back is giving me a bit of pain. I find work hard to slow down with but tried today and will try harder. I do miss my gym time but need to be resting after work. In bed now and have been for ages. Lovely partner has supplied me with a treat coffee and even warmed the milk up as well. He's going to be a fab dad bless him.

Tiedmamma - Welcome to the gang. It took me weeks to get my head around it. i am 43 and its my first, so very set in my ways, Do what we want when we want. travelling the world and seeing things. We then thought about it for 2 years should we or not. Time runs away with you and before you know it we said lets do it. I took my rod out my arm in the October by December Bingo. I did not find out till Feb. Lets just say I had a very mega melt down. I freaked out about coping being old, coping with everything, you name it I had a freak out about it. Had my first scan slowly felt better, Had the 2nd and its a boy. I am glad but still have doubts about small things. I know that if I did not have him I would have been sad later on in life and regreted it. Still shtting my pants about child birth

ff - Love u !!! Just the words I want to hear - Epidural makes it less painful. Will craft sign to hang around my neck all yes please all drugs and yes to epidural!!!

Mummy - Welcome back good to hear from you

bytheseaside Mon 11-Jun-12 20:29:35

tired we're not too old for this! we will be great at it, even if very, very tired sometimes ... Having doubts is a very rational response though - i mean it's hardly going to be a walk in the park especially for those that have already got children but think of all our extra wisdom and maturity smile I don't get the impression that having babies in your 40s even raises much of an eyebrow with mw and consultants or society at large these days there are so many of us. We did a lot of ivf to get here and it's my first at 40, so I guess I didn't go through the shock of being pregnant - just stunned disbelief that it had eventually worked. If I can't cope, I don't think it will be because I'm old, just because I'm a bit useless ...

ff and lrm I'm also going for max allowance of painkillers - it's the only way i can face going through with it and not staying pregnant for the rest of my life! I doubt hypnobirthing is going to do it for me ... although I will give it a go as I'm quite game. I thought I would defo have to have a caesarian, but now looks like I might be able to try v delivery. Pleased, but scared ...

mummy sounds like you have had a tricky journey - no wonder you feel tired

valium glad you are ok

Hi everyone else too

ValiumQueen Mon 11-Jun-12 21:42:53

53! <<faints>>

I could pop a few more out in ten years. <<ponders>>

<<faints again>>

Yes 53 indeed! She had her first, a couple of years ago and now pregnant with 2nd - both were natural conception, so I've been told. Good luck to them. I was knackered when I had my first child a month before I turned 30 even more knackered now 11 years on, so can only imagine how tired I would feel to have children in another 11 years - I hope that made sense, severe baby brain. They are all very worth it, I wouldn't have it any other way. 40 is the new 30 so 50 must be the new 40 - as they say.

eagleray Mon 11-Jun-12 22:16:35

Hello everyone

I had actually forgotten about my age (40) the last few days as have been so preoccupied with everything else, and then was reminded today when I had to go shopping for maternity trousers (not quite 9 weeks yet but have had to admit defeat when it comes to normal waistbands)

Ended up in New Look and to my horror the only assistant around was a young guy - approached him for help and gave him the opportunity to flee and get a female colleague but he said he could help me anyway! I ended up whispering to him "I'm pregnant and need some trousers" although the entire shop was empty, save for the male dummy sat at the top of the escalator. I think the embarrassment came from having to opt out of normal clothing so soon, plus the realisation that I was probably old enough to be his mother and he might be shocked that people of my age can get up the duff.

Anyway, he was an absolute star, showed me the whole range, and then ran off to rummage in the stock room for something my size, and I bought two pairs of trousers. Am a bit relieved to have them now, but feel like a bit of a fraud as don't have first scan til next week and wonder sometimes if it is just fat/my imagination (despite all the symptoms)

Glad to hear you are a bit better now Valium and hope everyone else is having a nice evening.

Midgetm Mon 11-Jun-12 22:33:58

53? <faints with Valium queen and doesn't get back up again>. That woman deserves a medal or a dame hood.

Welcome Tired I like to think our age and wisdom will go for us, then I pass out when I get home from work and can't do up my own shoes already so what do I know?

LRM FF is right. The drugs do work. They really do. Peeing in a bag for a few hours is a small price to pay for painless Contractions. I went to the gym yesterday. Felt really smug and energetic for all of about half an hour. Then fell asleep on the sofa for an hour because i was so shattered and now walking like John Wayne today.....

Made a big mistake of watching 'Sarah's keys' tonight. A very bad choice of film for a pregnant old bird. Hysterically sobbed through most of it. Must update my love film selection with more cheery subject matter.

good luck with the scan VQ - what day is it in? using an iPhone so can't scroll and my brain appears to have dropped out my fanjo so can't remember anything so apologies if you already said

notsoold Tue 12-Jun-12 09:29:53

53 is wow...
Our daughter (18) is coming to visit with her fiancee....she was freaked by the thought of her mum and dad doing it let alone getting pregnant.
So we went from parents freaking out when pregnant age 23 ( I was very immature)to DD freaking out because we are too old.
Ps my DH friends are so happy for him....like he had won a marathon ....men are a bit weird ...

tiredmumma Tue 12-Jun-12 09:35:50

Im not sure yet but will know next week

Midgetm Tue 12-Jun-12 14:17:17

Ive just been told 'how brave I am'. This is scary as I am not brave at all. Should I be? Is having a baby over 40 a feat of bravery?

littleredmonkey Tue 12-Jun-12 19:58:24

midgetm- well done for the gym and bless ya for being shattered. I was in a three hour meeting today and thought great can sit for a bit, crap it was more uncomfortable then walking about. Safe in my bed with my fluffy socks on and cup of tea in hand. Not managed the gym in nearly two weeks and at this point too knackered after work to care. Find putting on my socks and underwear a massive effort at the moment. I have 8 flights of stairs when I get to work they are a killer first thing in the morning and dont get any easier during the day. My giant ass will have to wait till November before it gets any attention.

Happy thought of the day : Yeh for drugs !!! ( the safe ones that save us all the pain )

Velo Tue 12-Jun-12 20:21:16

Hi ladies - just marking my place in the thread and saying 'Happy Birthday Me'- now officially at the ripe old age of 40! I agree with 'littleredmonkey on the strain of long meetings - I squirm then entire time and then keep on having to nip off to the loo....

FjordMor Tue 12-Jun-12 20:57:46

Suddenly, unwantedly, massively busy (with house selling & MIL birthday stuff) but wanted to say Happy Birthday thanks Velo! And Midget - "you're very brave" seems to be one of those trite things people say when they admire how well you're coping with stuff (you have been through loads with this pregnancy and before, let's face it) but don't know what to say. I remember my cousin who had just lost her husband in an accident saying her son's 16 year old girlfriend said the same (and it didn't go down very well - being in shock/desperate grief is very much not 'bravery'). We figured it was what someone says who has no idea what you're going through, nor has any experience of it, but is in awe of how you're coping 'cos they think it sounds awful and scary and they would publicly be in pieces...I'm sure that's not helpful so I'll shut up now as I have about another 2 minutes on the computer before my curfew... waves to everyone

Hpbp Tue 12-Jun-12 21:53:05

yes Ladies we are brave. Our life will change so much, it will never be the same again, we were free to go anywhere, master of our time, financially independent... we know all that and we still go for it. We now have someone who will depend on us, that we love already before the first meeting. But it has no link to our age, as far as I am concerned. It is just the responsibility we will bear for the rest of our life that makes us brave.

Happy birthday to you Velo. You had your place in this thread even before you turned 40 !

Met a consultant today to speak about induction. TBH it was a waste of time, 2hours late and she did not give me any more info than what I know already. the EDD in the UK is 27 July and in France 7 Aug, how can it be so different when the ovulation date is known for sure ? Will think about it a little bit more but at the end of the day, induction or not, as long as baby is in good health, I don't really mind.

Same thoughts about epidural, why would anyone choose to feel pain during delivery when one can avoid it ? I can understand that having the epidural early can slow down delivery but it is never too late to have it. So I think when I reach 5cm, I will ask for it. Hopefully I won't be told that there is no one to perform the epidural. I guess I will be angry enough to jump on the MW if so !

I am in a very bad mood tonight. DH is in NYC for the whole week, DS1 tired and not behaving as usual, long wait in hospital for nothing, and the cherry on the cake : while eating couscous, I broke the only crown I have... ceramic crown, quite visible, cracked from the gum ! I am really not in the mood of shopping around to find a reliable not too expensive dentist... would they treat me anyway with my massive bump ? on the other hand I really don't see myself with a missing tooth for 8 weeks... what would the pics with baby look like if I don't smile !!!!

very glad to see that every one is back on this thread, LRM, VQ, Fjord, Midget, Velo, Notsoold and welcome Tired...

FF, have you finished packing your hospital bag ? How are you feeling ? Excited, scared, tired, impatient ? I thought of you this morning as I packed for DS1 and baby to come.
I have not packed for me yet. It is very difficult, clothing for the end of pg and after pg but how do I know how long it will take to be able to get back in my pre pg cloth, if it ever happens... smile

Have another growth scan tomorrow evening. Hope I won't have any surprise. Fingers crossed that growth is still consistent. Little girl's kicking and moving are consistent, I must say. She still loves sugary treats and around this time of the evening she starts moving a lot, I can see the iPad losing its balance but never managed to capture that on video. Shame. I will keep trying.

Time to go to bed now. Will catch up tomorrow.

Hpbp Tue 12-Jun-12 22:01:05

sorry Exexe, Bytheseaside, Knotty, MummyWilliams, Eagle... did not mean not to welcome you back on this second thread... have deleted part of my post without noticing...
really time to go to bed sad

10000fireflies Wed 13-Jun-12 00:14:30

Evening/morning my lovelies
MummyWilliams congrats on finding out you’re having a boy. Have you tried looking on the baby name threads for inspiration? Or the annual gov stats lists? I found both of those quite good to find out what was trendy /for inspiration and for what to avoid.
TiredMumma welcome and congrats on your pregnancy. Of course you’re not too old for this!! Apparently us older Mums are more patient amongst many other virtues. And it’s amazing what Botox can do for those wrinkles too!! grin
knotty - I was the same as you – couldn’t get too elated until knew for sure pregnancy was viable.
Valium good to hear from you, and glad you are ok after the bleeding. I am sorry being prego makes you feel ill. Not fair.

I am loving the news that there is a 53 year old lady out there expecting a baby with her own eggs. Amazing. Might be able to manage more than one myself then. grin

lrm glad you have slowed down a bit now. You’ll have had the LO before you know it and can start doing The Shred while he’s asleep. grin I’ve heard lots of new Mums swear by it. Lovely to hear how caring your partner is too. I am loving picturing you with your handcrafted sign saying YES to all drugs!! I might pop out and get some glitter, stickers and sticky back plastic tomorrow and have that in my labour bag just in case!! grin BTW, you might like Pethidine too…
Awww, bless you, seaside… 40 sounds so young to me, now that I am pushing 43!! BTW, I have been doing (half-heartedly) a hypnobirthing CD. It sends me off to sleep within minutes!! So can only assume it has the desired relaxing effect!!

So, even if we’re all going to be really tired, because we are fabulous but a bit crumbly, we’ll be much more effective at what we do, right? That’s what I’m going to start telling myself!!

Eagle what a lovely shopping trip! Stories like that just make me smile.
Midget you were on top form with your post yesterday. I went to be smiling and giggling at the thought of your post-workout walk!! Brave? Fecking cheek! Agree with Fjord though that whoever said it really does admire you.
notso I am waiting to hear how your daughter will cope with the news. Perhaps lie a bit and tell her you used a turkey baster? grin
hpbp like your thoughts on bravery. Frustrated for you re consultant. What sort of monitoring do you get? I think you’re right, if you’re healthy and baby is healthy then that is the main thing. You could consider from week 37 taking a good amount of Evening Primrose Oil, rasp leaf tea (I started taking these in week 39), and acupuncture/acupressure. There are studies which show EPO and acu can help spur on labour. I’ve been able to wear a lot of my pre-prego clothes as I got a bit tubby doing IVF, so the roomy clothes I bought during that time have expanded ok with bump. I hope you are getting a good nights sleep and you wake up in a better mood. Come and rant some more tomorrow if not.

So, I am a bit tired now, but really rather elated. Successful appt with consultant. Am not being pushed into induction Saturday. Consultant said scan from last Friday looked good, baby growing well and I am healthy, so we have agreed to start induction mid-next week. Also, she has written clearly in my notes that I am permitted a water birth if all else looks good on day. So, am generally much happier. Will have heart-beat monitoring every other day from Friday. The big news is (apart from baby approaching 9lbs already…!!), is that am already 1cm dilated. Did refuse kind offer of sweep though. Woo hoo!! A centimetre. And she touched baby’s head!! Not sure that it really means that much, but hey, body is preparing for birth… Celebrated by getting a pair of lovely leopard print pumps and doing a mahoosive M&S food shop – will fill freezer tomorrow!

Well, is my bedtime now. Let the count-down to bday begin!!

Sweet dreams all. FF xx

Midgetm Wed 13-Jun-12 07:36:22

Dear FF's cervix please carrying on dilating at a satisfactory speed. Yours sincerely Midge

10000fireflies Wed 13-Jun-12 08:38:24


exexe Wed 13-Jun-12 10:32:28

FF How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!
Hpbp how did the scan go? Sorry about your tooth. Velo happy belated birthday.
Midget People just say things sometimes. I must say I've had all manners of remarks - some of them a bit bitchy. One friend upset me by saying 'I don't know how you can do it! Rather you than me!' . I just ignore it now. Most peopel are genuinely happy and supportive.

I agree with you about being pain free. If I have a headache, I don't put up with it. I take some painkillers. Why would I want to put up with pain a million times worse??
I'd happily be knocked out for the whole thing!

I finally have a midwife! Yay! well almost. I've got a booking in appointment tomorrow morning.

Hope you're all doing well.

exexe Wed 13-Jun-12 10:57:21

I can't seem to eat bread anymore. Its probably a good thing as I do grab it whenever I'm peckish. Its giving me a bit of reflux. Bleurgh.
Anyone else have this?
Do I need to start on the gaviscon?

ValiumQueen Wed 13-Jun-12 11:29:50

I get the brave remark, but more in relation to this being no.3 and DD2 being only just two, and a little rascal with it.

Epidurals are good for pain relief, but it can get to the point where you are too far on to have one, you need to be in established labour before you can have one, they mean interventions are more likely, and it needs to be allowed to wear off before you push. Elective sections are the only way to avoid pain, but of course you have the post op pain to deal with, and only paracetamol and brufen to help you

Hpbp Wed 13-Jun-12 15:14:13

Scan has been brought forward from 6.15 pm to 1pm... I am saving on the babysitter costs !!! but more important than anything else, baby's growth is consistent, another scan in 2 weeks, I will then be 36 weeks. OMG. This doctor does not see why I should be induced, atm, all seems good. weird.
it seems that at UCLH, the scan unit and FMU are very thorough and cautious. whereas consultants and MW are all over the place, not knowing why their predecessor has requested to see me again... has any one had similar experience at uclh ?

Exexe, no matter what I eat, I have reflux and it has been like that since the beginning... it has not prevented me to put on 14 kg. Sorry for not giving you positive experience smile But I shall try fluid diet only as my tooth is now on the verge of falling apart and my brother dentist won't be able able to see me until 6 July...

FF, I shall follow your advice on EPO and see if I can stand Rasberry leave tea, I usually hate teas that are not black tea (Lady Grey being my favourite, and then Christmas tea). My other brother is a doctor and has talked briefly about acupuncture and delivery the other day. So I will definitively sit down with him as soon as I get back to Paris.

BTW, I am number 9 of a family of 10 so don't be surprised if I mention what seems to be my 1111th brother or sister. smile

bytheseaside Wed 13-Jun-12 15:30:07

ff lovely news! How's it going today? Are things starting yet?

hpbp great scan news smile

exexe I've had some reflux too, but not often - I assumed it was just because everything was getting squeezed in there ...

valium oh no! can you really only have paracetamol and ibuprofen after caesarian?? I'm 50/50 between cs and vb at the moment, but need very good pain strategies either way ... not I have my head out of the sand and am actually thinking about the birth, I'm utterly terrified. Back to the sand for a while, I think.

midgetm and lrm gym? stairs? I think you might need to do more sitting down!

Who else is doing pregnancy yoga? I love it, so relaxing, although the positions are more-than-usually foolish compared to regular yoga I think x

nosleepwithworry Wed 13-Jun-12 16:41:57

Hi there ladies, can i join you?

Im 42 next month and just got a BFP. This will be child numebr 2, i have a nearly 9 year old too.

Feeling decidedly sick and tired at the mo. Cant remember what i did about the nausea with my ds. (rememebr it lasted till i was 16 weeks tho!)
Any tips?

knottyhair Wed 13-Jun-12 16:45:57

hpbp, lovely news about the scan. ff, any developments?? bytheseaside, I'm looking forward to pregnancy yoga, I'm going to get a DVD once I've had my first scan. nosleep, welcome! I'm also expecting no2, and DS is 8. Very sick & tired, and I can only say that eating whatever I fancy (within reason!), little & often, seems to help a little with the nausea. It changes week to week at the moment but staples so far are toast, jacket potatoes, lots of fruit, fruit sherbert sweets, minicheddars blush. Hope you start to feel better soon.

Whatnamethistime Wed 13-Jun-12 20:04:54

Hello everyone, HPBP doesnt love me, she forgot me grin.

I am exhausted after 4, which with 2 under 5 and a teen isnt much fun.

Cant reply to everyone individually, too may posts, VQ, glad you are still here, hope all is now OK.

Re NCT, despite this being my 3 close together, I am sort of thinking of going just to meet other mums, all the ones I know have DCs heading to school and nursery. But its pricey ...

Re breast feeding, find out who your local breast feeding counsellors are, get their number, they will be lovely.

Re epidural (Ive done it this way), it can be wonderful, but in some cases, it can lead to increased intervention, water is a very good pain reliever. Epidural does however instantly kill pain and is blissful in that sense.

I have my scan tomorrow, I am very nervous as other than tiredness, symptoms have disappeared and I am getting nervous, so long as everything is OK, I will be booking a feotal anomally scan the week after. I feel bad, because its only in the last week or 2 I have come to terms with being pregnant again and now I am worried something will go wrong. I am still dreading telling people..

I am so looking forward to the scan, life is very stressful and a bit of a train wreck at the moment, surreal to a degree, so I am looking forward to the tiny heartbeat and the start of something nice for the future ( DH and DCs are lovely though thanks.

Its great being an older mummy, you have done a lot already, and so its nice to just enjoy DCs, yes I dont have the energy I had at 25, but I have so much more patience now. I enjoy "just being".

Rasberry leaf tea is foul, I usually disguise the taste with honey, I will also be investing in EPO after reading the other thread.

Whatnamethistime Wed 13-Jun-12 20:07:21

For breastfeeding, sorry, the best thing that happened to me was the local breast feeding group, its where I met all the friends I see now.

It gave me the confidence to keep going and also other meet other mums who BF.

Its like every other baby group, except, the mums all BF, no-one watches or judges and there is help and support if you need it.

Ours welcomed pregnant ladies who wanted to pop along prior to birth.

Hpbp Wed 13-Jun-12 22:33:31

Welcome to you Nosleep. Sorry I cannot help with MS. First pg 4 years ago it was just a metallic taste. Second pg, well strangely enough I can't remember even though I am only 33+5 ! Maybe because I still feel like throwing up ATM because of baby's position on the right hand side... smile But you know it will disappear sooner or later sad Tiredness, for sure, this time more than last time, is it age ? is it because there is an older child to look after ? maybe both. But overall very happy.

Whatname, OMG, how can you forgive me ? blush Can you put that on the baby brain side effect grin... Don't worry for the scan, everything will be fine, be positive. Worries are our second nature now unfortunately.

Bytheseaside and Exexe, it seems that there is no way we can avoid pain completely... we need to come up with the less painful plan we can think of. FF will be next to give us her advice. Lets hope she will find a solution. Please FF.

I am very proud of myself today. Have finally managed to pack for DS1, baby to come and myself ! Next step is to sort out papers and decide what to take with me, EHIC, red book, private insurance.... Next week at this time I will be in Paris.

Bye for now. Thinking of you FF.

Whatnamethistime Wed 13-Jun-12 22:59:36

missed about FF - good luck.


Baby brain, I went to Asdas today, walked from one end of shop to the other,then forgot what I was there for!!!

Silly me.

Hpbp Wed 13-Jun-12 23:09:33

I know this feeling Whatname.
I am in the kitchen planning to go upstairs to take something, go upstairs and then don't know what to do with myself, wondering Why did I go upstairs for ?
And this morning I put a chewing gum in my big mouth and realized that it was not a good idea with my split crown... so glad I got rid of it straight away because the upper part of the crown has gone with the brushing tonight... I have a wonderful smile now ! should really post a pic and I am sure to make money with ads for toothpaste

Whatnamethistime Thu 14-Jun-12 09:43:09

Just waiting for blood tests.

As predicted - it's due Christmas Day smile.

Am 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

It's not the phantom pregnancy I dreamed last night.

exexe Thu 14-Jun-12 12:20:12

I saw a midwife!!!! Yay!!!!
I'm now booked in. She's going to fill in a form and get me an appointment for a consultant to chat to me about elective c-sec. Its all starting to feel a bit more real now.

Whatname aah a Christmas baby smile.
Hpbp hope you get your tooth checked out soon. I can't remember how far gone you are. Are you having your baby in France?

knottyhair Thu 14-Jun-12 13:08:29

Finally got my scan date! Weds 20th June at 2.40, also got a consultant appt for 2nd July.
Exexe, glad you're now booked in. Whatname, Christmas Day! I'm due Christmas Eve, although hoping for an ELCS before then.

exexe Thu 14-Jun-12 13:09:44

And I weigh 13 stones!! sad
I'm only half way through and have put on 2 stones. I'm going to have to up the walking and down the snacking.

exexe Thu 14-Jun-12 13:11:12

Knotty thats the same date as my next scan! Not long......smile

ValiumQueen Thu 14-Jun-12 14:08:46

Hpbp 9 out of 10 wow! Rotten your own brother dentist cannot see you until then. Shame on him.

Bytheseaside apparently I was written up for Morphine initially afterwards but only for 24 hours (given some in theatre) but as I was BFing they did not want to give it. I went bonkers as it should have been my decision. Will have that chat beforehand this time. The drugs were sufficient tbh, when given properly, but the midwives gave me all my ibuprofen and pcm 4 hourly then I could not have anything for hours! I then kept a chart and asked for it when due, and managed to keep on top of it. It is easier to keep on top of pain than get rid once it resurfaces. The shoulder pain was actually the worst.

Hpbp Thu 14-Jun-12 14:20:45

Whatname, Exexe, Knotty, very goods news ! everything starts to be more real, doesn,t it ? Winter babies. What a present for Christmas, very unique indeed.
VQ, I know but he is so fully booked and he needs his assistant to work on my tooth, she has family responsibilities too so I don't want her to do extra time. I know too well the nightmare of rushing home to release the babysitter, so I won't impose that on her. Lets just hope the second part of my crown will last until then ! I am not the smiley person I used to be anymore smile to hide that hole... 9 out of 10 and 21 nephews and nieces ! can you imagine Christmas at my Mum's ? it is a proper logistic operation every year, I can tell you
Exexe, yes I am having the baby in Paris, 33+6 today so another 6 weeks to go, quite far but also very close.

bytheseaside Thu 14-Jun-12 14:40:08

What a nice good news day! I'm ready for sleep again as it's way past my afternoon nap time smile Saw consultant again today and my bp is coming down nicely thank goodness, so I'll just have to put up with the drug-induced extreme sleepiness for now. Heard hb again, nice and strong, so baby's clearly not bothered.

VQ thanks for the info - that's really good to know. I'm going to try to make a pain meds plan with consultant beforehand, and get it written in my notes if I can, and have DP on duty for setting the alarm for four hourly intervals! When I've had ops in the past, I've found paracetamol and ibuprofen have utterly no effect on the pain and I was hoping for at least morphine, so we'll see ... maybe if i have elcs then hypnobirthing techniques will help with the pain afterwards? I'll get my acupuncturist on standby to help too as he's magic. Baby comes first obv, don't want them spaced out on pain killers for their first few hours.


eagleray Thu 14-Jun-12 20:47:05

Evening all

Well I finally had my booking appointment today - feels like it has taken forever to get to this date (am 8+5 now). Aside from all the blood taking and form filling, there were a few interesting points to note:

Age - apologised for being 40 as soon as I sat down. Turns out I am 'normal' age for this area of the UK and the midwife is very used to seeing pregnant women in their 40s and 50s!! She said admittedly the 50-somethings have usually had some sort of intervention...

Having the baby - really expected to be told local hospital is only option, but was given several options. I loathe hospitals, especially local one as it holds some very bad memories for me, so was very interested in other options of midwife-led unit out of town, or home, but will really need to think things through and be realistic about what I would feel comfortable with (and DP would probably do his nut at the prospect of anything that sounded 'risky' to him)

Scan - silly GP had told me they will scan at 10 weeks as 'they like to do it early' - this turns out to be complete nonsense as they don't do it til 12 weeks. This is only another couple of weeks, but am disappointed as thought I was only days away from my next 'milestone'.

Weight - very shocked at my weight. Last time I weighed myself (day of BFP) I was 80kg - deliberately weighed myself in kg as couldn't automatically convert to stones and therefore see how bad my weight really was. So today I see it in stones and lbs (12st 8lb) on the hospital computer and get the shock of my life. Worse still, I probably weigh even more now. I have struggled with my weight the last few years as have to take horrible drugs for pituitary disease and as they've increased the dose, my weight has crept up a little. Have begged for help from consultants and gp as no diet or nutritional plan will shift it but always been told it's either my age, my hormones, my medical condition, my drugs or that I'm just greedy! And so now because my bmi is 30.1 (or probably even worse) I have been warned I may need extra tests and possibly be invited to receive some sort of healthy eating advice at a hospital appointment. I'm so bloody mad about the whole thing! Anyway, midwife said not to worry about it too much and I stupidly asked if the pregnancy could make use of the fat I've got as I don't need to lay down any more bloody fat stores! Oh, and can't take the drugs while pregnant so will be interesting to see if my metabolism/greediness turns over a new leaf.

Sorry for long rant - at least it all feels a bit more real now and I had soup and salad for dinner tonight (surprisingly edible despite the waves of nausea today)

Hpbp - am wincing regarding your poor tooth!

Nosleep - I feel your pain regarding the nausea. I seem to have kept mine at bay through regular eating (ie don't wait until you are starving) and also drinking liquids frequently (my fave seems to be expensive cordials mixed weakly with sparkling water). And ice pops are ace as well.

Whatname - great news re your scan! And Knotty - I'm a little jealous as imagined I would get a scan around the 20th, but I will just have to be patient. Good luck for next week

ValiumQueen Thu 14-Jun-12 21:49:29

bytheseaside NOT 4 HOURLY! That is what the MWs did, and I ran out and got. Big pain!! PCM every 6 hours, and Ibuprofen every 8 hours. I even set my alarm to have the meds on time. Even when asleep. Usually the little darling had me awake anyway. Peppermint is good for shoulder pain. Have plenty of dried apricots or similar. You want the post birth poop to just slip out grin

Had a blubber at work as feeling so old. It was quite sweet as one of my colleagues (age 21) said she did not think I was old. I said my age, and she gasped in surprise! Made my day. Later, I told another colleague I was pg with no3 and she looked positively disgusted and did not say anything for ages. Bitch!

Two more weeks at work. Yay! 20 weeks today. Feel almost naughty.

Whatnamethistime Thu 14-Jun-12 22:04:46

The downside to this morning, was they want me to be consultant led, due to my history of pregnancy bleeding, I said a resounding no, Im not intersted in a consultant unless I need one, strangely this time, no bleeding, so far, which of course is a good thing, so fingers crossed it lasts.

Have booked nuchal, £190 shock -they make you pay up front grin.

My babies are usually early, I dont really want a Christmas Day baby, poor little thing, DD never gets anything for her Jan bday as she is always drowing in stuff from Christmas.

Knotty, very exciting that we are due same time smile

Today has been the best day since the turn of the year, there is something magical about seeing that tiny being and it has really, really lifted my spirits smile, the DCs noticed, I played with them properly for first time in months.

HPBP - 10 SIBLINGS wow!!

Eagle I love the MLUs, I am thinking home birth in bath, have extra large bath, dilemna!! And they wont let me if consultant led. Sorry to read about the problems you had today.

Lactulose is the key to a post birth pain free pooh

Midgetm Fri 15-Jun-12 08:20:13

Morning all,

Been to busy at work so not had the chance to catch up but bugger it it's Friday so I must make time.

Whats Good for you going for what you want. As much as I would love a home birth I know it aint ever going to happen and I feel kind of reassured being consultant led, they were so good last time I had my daughter and they keep such a close eye on me. I am more of the school of thought now that I don't care how it comes out of me, as long as it does. After my last experience I have low expectations. I am also in the same situation as Eagleray my DP would not be happy if I did anything he considered risky. So if the Dr says I need to be consultant led I am being a good wifey and listening to them

VQ Sorry you had a wobble. You are not old you are slightly matured and fabulous.

Eagle Don't let the weight thing get you down. There are a few on this thread with high BMI's who will be able to offer you much better support but I think some of them are sticking with Slimming World throughout their pregnancy's. I salute them. I was a total control freak about my weight before I got pregnant - having only just got back to my ideal weight. Despite my good intentions it is already creeping on more than it should because of my desire to eat utter crap. I am making a really concerted effort to eat much more healthily but so far its only lasted a couple of days.... I think it is hard but not impossible when pregnant - it just depends on who wins, the craving or the common sense (so far my cravings are kicking my arse!)

Bytheseaside Most excellent that the BP is coming down. Good luck on getting morphine - let me know if you are successful as I can't imagine they will part with the good shit when BF but worth getting more than paracetamol - that is like sending in a lightweight against Mike Tyson.

HP Hope the tooth is hanging in there - your family make mine sound tiny and we are a force to be reckoned with when all together (5 of 5, all with children). I imagine your lunches are 'boisterous'

So on the subject of weight gain Ex is saying 2 stone at half way. Which has got me thinking about when you put the most on. 2nd trimester for me has been the big pile on - didn't put much on at all first trimester - just 2lbs I think. I am now 21 weeks. Is it likely to be about 1lb a week from here on in? I already feel huge and make involuntary oomp sounds when I stand up. Does the weight gain speed up in the last trimester? I can't remember with DD but I was bloody huge. could only wear Birkenstocks and had cankles the size of an elephant. I really do want to avoid that this time if I can as it was bloody unpleasant.

Right best go - so much work hassle right now. Looming redundancies and really I am struggling to give a shit. We have more important things going on right now don't we? I am counting down the days to the next scan. Strangely remaining positive about the damage that could have been done by that bastard band. The baby is wriggling, it seems well and I will still love it no matter what. I suppose that is the only way to look at things to stay sane.

Take care wrinklies x

Midgetm Fri 15-Jun-12 08:38:31

whats just read back my post, not suggesting home burry us risky for you. Worried that may have come across wrong .

bytheseaside Fri 15-Jun-12 11:14:58

vq ah I see - thanks. Just as well I've got 4months to get this sorted still ...

eagle sorry the weight thing is causing you stress - I can understand that. In the past I was on medication that made me pile it on, and it took a massive effort for me to lose it last year, motivated by helping our ivf to work - and at the time my only enemy was a deep desire for chocolate and icecream, rather than any medical prob like you have.

midgetm yes I think it's an average of a lb a week weight gain in 2nd tri, don't know what happens after that. By magic, I've been under that so far, but I won't gloat as my appetite is increasing by the day and I'm sure I will soon catch up and overtake on the cankles front. Already I can tell exactly what socks I have just been wearing before by the puffy knitting-marks on my feet - how interesting! Can't think of a practical use for that particular skill yet

The whole pain thing is really weighing on my mind - I've always had an atrocious pain threshold which doesn't bode well, coupled with a first-timer's fear of childbirth. And I have a history of endo and assoc pelvic pain, so I'm thinking things might not be straightforward although consultant seems relaxed about the whole thing. Today I'm leaning toward elcs with max drugs ... Will try not to go on about it too much. Seaside xxx

Whatnamethistime Fri 15-Jun-12 12:04:50

It's ok dh was dead set against home birth last time as he wanted o at least be somewhere with neo natal facilities - but mother nature decided to show him that it was fine - was emergency home birth!!!!

Out of the 3 - first in hospital, 2nd MLU (didn't want a doctor near me long story), 3rd at home in a rush - 2nd was the nicest - yes it was painful but nothing extreme and the MLU was a very calming place.

Am tempted by MLU because I found home birth led to "carry on ad normal" attitudes from older ones, whereas at least if you "go somewhere" you get a break for a few hours. Not that dH isn't wonderful.

Oh well have ages to make that decision hey.

Whatnamethistime Fri 15-Jun-12 12:07:02

Bytheseaside I know its trite - but try not to work too much.

You can always have an epidural and there will be no pain x

Midgetm Fri 15-Jun-12 12:17:15

I wanted MLU this time. As a compromise, but the swines said no. Maybe I need to get more assertive....

Whatnamethistime Fri 15-Jun-12 12:20:21

They said no to me - so I said I'd have a homebirth - that changed their minds!

Evening ladies. I am soooo tired. It was my 41st birthday yesterday, I went to bed at 9.30pm - how sad is that? Had an ok day but it was just 'business as usual' as you would expect from a busy mum of 3. I'm self employed too!!! Anyhow, nothing really to report here, getting lovely movements from the little bubba boy.

I have c-sections. 1st birth was induction (due to high blood pressure) which resulted in an emergency section, because after trying to push for a good hour and a half, without progression they realised that I have a man shape pelvis. So have now had 3 sections and this will be my 4th. You get to self medicate at our hospital. You are prescribed codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen and you manage your own. Think it's a bit silly not to get the codeine especially for the first few days. We also get a strong pain killer in as a pessary just before leaving theatre.

I too have a high bmi in this pregnancy. I am a size 12-14, 5ft 4in tall but with a bmi of 32. Never lost all the pregnancy weight gain from last one. So have to have the GTT in July sometime.

Have a great weekend everyone.

eagleray Fri 15-Jun-12 21:09:23

Whatname - you got me thinking regarding birth in a bathtub! Does anyone actually do that? I have a giant rolltop bath which would be lovely, although I think it is way too early for me to entertain such ideas. I am in awe of your unexpected home birth, although I guess it must have been quite stressful at the time!

Midgetm/Bythesea - thanks for the kind words re my weight - my nausea has got a lot worse these last couple of days, but I'm trying not to see that as a reason to stuff my face with rubbish. Had soup and cheese on toast tonight, but only really enjoyed the cola ice pop I had for dessert

MummyWilliams - many happy returns for yesterday! I am just 10 weeks behind you in terms of age and am with you on the 9.30 bedtime (was lying on my bed at 5pm today). Sounds like you are juggling an awful lot more than me though!

Another thing that was mentioned at my booking appt was the option of induction due to being 40+, which rung a bell as something I had seen discussed on MN before. Now that the sick feelings are really kicking in, I think I will put aside all birth plans for a few weeks until I get through the scan - it's all getting a bit too much to think about! DP is getting really freaked out by the scan now (he is just generally freaked out by all things baby) so looks like I will have to do some work there.

Here's hoping there's some nice weather for us all this weekend - I am certainly looking forward to getting out and stretching my legs and breathing fresh air after a week wedged into an office chair trying not to chuck up over my keyboard....

Whatnamethistime Fri 15-Jun-12 21:31:08

eagle this is some discussion of over 40 induction further down this thread (on the one before this??) it's towards the end of thread, so if you start backwards you should find it.


Whatnamethistime Fri 15-Jun-12 21:34:54

mummy happy birthday, I'm in bed, I'm having a tired thing between 4 and 6, dh is getting snappy because he comes in at that time and he is having to move straight into cooking tea.

He is lovely as a rule - most unlike him - think he is covering a bit of worry.

10000fireflies Fri 15-Jun-12 23:58:45

Hello, gorgeous, fellow, fantastically fabulous forty somethings

Busy day for me… More on that later. Sorry, in advance. Is a guffy post and can't edit it down more. Going to do a bit of a catch up here as have eaten so much this avo, I will have to wait a couple of hours before going to bed or acid reflux tonight will be horrendous!

A general point re pain – the body heals faster if pain relief is kept constant. Not sure how this relates to pain of childbirth though. I think a key to dealing with labour pain is being as calm as possible.

Exex Glad you had your booking appt and have things set up for possible Csec. I have/had acid reflux but can’t relate it to bread. Fruit juice and tomato ketchup for me though!! Try some Gaviscon and see. Personally, hate the stuff, but a burning throat in the middle of the night is not pleasant either.

HPBP so all good with your baby’s growth? Inconsistent care – have no exp of UCLH, but is very much like my experiences throughout whole pregnancy. This is the RLT I have: www.ocado.com/product/52648011?gclid=CKKP3pOP0bACFUxlfAodKmQbZw V nice – prob because of hibiscus in it. OOoh, how lovely being one of 10!

seaside I did preg pilates. Was good, but only 6 weeks long. Some of NCT group do weekly yoga class – includes tea and chat and general support afterwards. They all seem so chilled. I wish I had done it. Do you get anything with class apart from more foolish positions? Have you considered Hypnobirthing for that deep sense of calm? grin I always fall asleep when I put my CD on!!

Nosleep welcome!! No tips on sickness, sorry.

Knotty See above re RLT. This one tastes ok. And a Christmas baby. Lovely. Either Holly or Rudolph?

Whatname awww a lovely Christmas present for you!! grin

eagle excellent news that you are booked in now. Interesting what they say about your age. Nice to have options about where you have your baby. Sympathies re your weight issues. My BMI was just over 30 at booking in, but I did ok up to week 30 and only put on about a stone – I think they were expecting me to turn into a big fat blob! I have never been a big or unhealthy eater. Struggled to lose weight recently and IVF didn’t help. I had to have the GTT but was all ok. I tried to be healthy in eating – had lots of fresh, tropical fruit salads and yogs (good combo for avoiding constipation too!!). Have had phases of choc cravings, accompanied with extreme tiredness, but it passed. I think you will be ok too. We are allowed to eat 300-500 extra calories a day…. People said earlier on in my preg that they thought I’d lost weight, and it is possible I wasn’t eating more than normal – didn’t have room!! Re induction as you’re so incredibly old… see below, because that is what I am currently struggling with.

You ladies who are asserting your rights are making me laugh. I should be more like you!!

Happy Belated Birthday MummyW

OK, so after feeling elated with my appt with consultant Tues, and happy with a) induction pencilled in for mid to end next week, b) 1 cm dilation and c) that water birth may be possible, find myself being knocked back and left feeling pretty depressed by events thereafter.

Had discussed possible sweep with trusted MW, pencilled in for today. And cons said I should have monitoring every other day before induction, from today onwards. Speak to assessment unit, make an appt for today, and get lecture on going over term at age 40+. Felt depressed and worried last night. Not cheered up by stupid phone conversation with twat of DB either. But today’s another day, and I always try to be positive…

Report at 10:10 for 10:30 appt. ‘Appointment? We don’t do appointments here….’ But they can ‘squeeze’ me in. Phew. Get the ‘it’s dangerous to go over 40 weeks at your age’ chat. We move on to do CTG which is why I am there. After lots of fannying and second opinion, decide baby in ‘funny’ position. Second MW gives me a looooooong lecture on going overdue at my age…. So I remind her am not yet overdue, and nor have I refused induction… Still, monitoring shows baby ok. They comment on lack of movement I feel though. Hello? I have been saying that all along! Then they ask about sweep and I say, no thanks, but can you check and tell me what cervix is up to. ‘No, that is weird request and they are one and the same thing’, so I either have exam and sweep or nothing. So I take nothing. Pissed off.

They do a scan and decree baby oblique so start muttering about C-secs etc etc.(with disgusting, gel encrusted scanner. Bleugh). So off to consultant.
Wait an hour to see consultant. Feel naughty baby do massive wriggle, so of course, cons has no idea what MWs are on about, as baby cephalic and partially engaged. Looks at notes, says baby a good grower, CTG shows baby seems good today so induction in 4 days fine. She confirms sweep and cervix check not same things… Prescribes daily monitoring and packs me off to MW to book induction for Weds. Before leaving, third MW also confirms cervix check and sweep not same thing. Then takes me to Assessment Unit to book monitoring for tomorrow… which is possible. So what the freaking f**k are they are on there??!!

Jeeze, I have a headache!! I went into town after all that. Bought a balcony parasol so I can enjoy next weeks good weather with baby and picked up pram accessories and staggered home. And slept a lot!!

So, according to MW 2: post 40 weeks, 1/100 women over age of 40, who have had a healthy pregnancy, experience sudden placenta failure, with ensuing serious consequences. (She hinted at stillbirth). She didn’t give me a ref, but did say this was based on a 1958 study. Seriously, this hospital has to change the way they are dealing with us oldies. I will be writing to them once I’ve had this baby with some constructive criticism!! I am going to contact NCT and other organisations and see what they have to say about it too. If the number of women having babies in their 40s has doubled recently then we need some proper scientific data for these decisions to be based on.

If I had known the distress I would have felt over this I may well have gone for a CS.

I consoled myself by eating nearly all of the lovely, expensive chocs that I had bought for DH to charm MWs with. There. That’ll teach em!!

Midgetm Sat 16-Jun-12 09:07:49

FF so sorry you are getting such inconsistent and down right shoddy treatment.

I always understood it was fine to go over as long as closely monitored but not something I would do myself. My placenta wasn't in the best shape last time and that was 5 years ago so I am going to accept induction or CS this time pretty much whenever they offer it. However, I have a marvellous consultant who I totally trust. This makes a great difference. And she closely monitors placenta and growth. I had problems with both. Sound's like you have no such problems. Why do you not want a sweep (apart from the obvious gross aspect of someone scratching at your fanjo)? I found then the lesser of any pregnancy evils but as you know from my last post I do as I am told by HCP's. (then get home and question myself after).

Anyways I really feel for you that they are leaving you so messed around. It's not what you need at all. The inconsistent messages are so frustrating. When I had DD the consultant said pretty much we need to get her out of there like now, so booked induction at 37 weeks. Went to see my midwife who was 'oh you dont want to do that, it will be agony, you'll need forceps, they'll cut you from fanjo to bumhole etc etc. So irritating and I wanted to slap her, and left me thinking, I either risk myself or the baby. Thanks for your smashingly unhelpful advice! As it turned out I had no intervention after the induction and although I can't say it was painfree that was because of back to back labour, not induction.

Blimey, what a rambling load of twaddle that is, can't edit properly as on my phone. Trying to say, I feel your Frustration but it will all come good in the end x

Whatnamethistime Sat 16-Jun-12 09:22:47

Off for my nuchal scan - wish me luck - very nervous.

Midgetm Sat 16-Jun-12 09:31:13

Good luck whats

knottyhair Sat 16-Jun-12 09:52:25

Good luck whatnamethistime. Let us know what happens smile.

eagleray Sat 16-Jun-12 09:59:06

All the very best Whatname - keeping my fingers crossed for you

Whatnamethistime Sat 16-Jun-12 10:25:43

Eagle, I pmd you.

Thanks everyone, that was QUICK.

Its a lovely clear scan, with a HUGE screen to watch on.

They take loads of measurement, head, general size, and one of a fat pouch, if the one of the fat pouch is less than 3mm, then its usually low risk but the bloods can give a different results.

They then take bloods, which they analyse, combine with results from scan and come up with a risk factor. I get the full result on Thursday. This gives 89-90% accuracy for Downs and 2 other rare genetic disorders.

Dead posh compared to NHS!!

Have some beautiful scan photos.

Lifts the spirits right up smile

I was in mad "what the hell are we doing" mode this morning. But seeing the baby, with its little heartbeat (and watching it suck its thumb), then it all makes sense.

This is our future, something to look forward to as we wade through the coming months.

(sorry its all about me am off out with DCs, so will reply to everyone elses posts later).

10000fireflies Sat 16-Jun-12 14:38:22

Hello everyone

Feeling much better today. grin

Midget thank you for sharing your experiences. Interesting to hear. Is really not helpful that they can be so widely contradictory in their advice. I would like a consultant like yours. I was being cautious about having sweep partially because I am only due today, and partially, having heard they can really hurt, because I bet some MWs more adept than others…. I have been fiddled about enough by various incompetent gynaes and IVF peeps to think that it’s worth being selective about who does it.

Still, went back to day assessment unit today and had much more satisfactory time. All looked good on monitors. Had great discussion with head of unit about yesterday’s problems. She will take steps to deal with that as it was all very inappropriate. Today’s treatment was lovely and calm and considerate. As I felt I was in good hands, grin, so to speak, I was happy to take up offer of checking cervix and sweep. She was so incredibly gentle, I barely felt a thing. In fact, I think it was less painful than some smears I’ve had. So, now at 2cm. grin And she was able to touch baby’s head. grin Feeling some faint rumblings. <hopeful>

I will have to go out and buy more chocs now to replace all the ones I scoffed yesterday which were meant for MWs.

whatname your scan sounds great. Isn’t it lovely when you finally get to see them. ;-)

Hope everyone else is ok. Am going to try and apply myself to tidying up a bit as LO really is going to arrive soon.

Midgetm Sat 16-Jun-12 14:47:48

Go go FF's cervix. Glad they are looking after you better. heres for a few more cm over the next few days.

knottyhair Sat 16-Jun-12 16:33:17

Whatname, glad your scan went well. FF, how exciting! Hope your "faint rumblings" develop!

Whatnamethistime Sat 16-Jun-12 20:28:11

Over my dead body will I be having an induction just because someone says so based on some ancient study, I am sure mortality rates were higher for all sorts in 1958.

Yes midwives can be insensitive, with DC1, the midwife told me, as he was OP,that "this is going to be a particularily painful birth", did I need to hear that, did I hell.

My idea of pain management is self education, yes its painful, but better pain than not knowing what is happening to you and being in pain and terrified (AKA DC1).

So far, so good with nausea and heartburn, expecting to pay later.

FF you extert your rights more with each birth I think, Im very sure of myself now, whereas with DC1, I just did what I was told, to my cost, things were very different 16 years ago, although from what I can see from Maternity Ward (really need to start doing stuff, daytime TV is BAD), American births are the same now as ours were then. There was no active birthing back then, (well not where I was), for me it was lie down, be monitored, dont move, which led to terrible problems, Im sure if I had been alllowed to move about more, things would have been easier.

FF Yes to being dilated and poss water birth smile, I dont get the sudden over 40 thing, we arent all exactly the same. They will have fun trying to lecture me, but my plan is to start RLT, EPO (interally) at week 37 and Clary Sage oil in burner from week 38, I am NOT having this baby on Christmas Day, poor baby!!! Will also try to persaude DH to give the old fashioned way of induction a go, but he is a bit paranoid about late pregnancy after my waters broke, just as I was persauding him, with DC2, another 10 secs and DH would have been mildly wetgrin to say the least.

(Just watch my baby be one of the 4% that arrives on due date despite my best efforts).

Day 1 midwives sound like a right nightmare, sounded like a right palava for you. (while I think can you start a 40+ new mummies so we can keep up with you once baby arrives).

Ha to eating choccies, I would too!!!!!!

Hpbp Sun 17-Jun-12 11:07:32

FF cervix opening up slowly but surely, this is very good news, also very glad you managed to get things sorted and you are absolutely right about contradictory info, it s a shame, we do not really need that on top of everything else.
Whatname, it is so reassuring to hear HB and see LO, isn't it ? And the pics, how many times have you looked at them already ? Thrilled for you.
Midget, very interesting your experience of sweep... I need to think about it.
Off to a 3 yo birthday, will catch up later, hugs to everyone, enjoy your Sunday

exexe Sun 17-Jun-12 17:32:00

FF Glad its looking so calm for you and you're having a positive experience.

whatname you seem to be on top of things as well. Great attitude.

I am so scared of giving birth again. I don't get all those women who say it was the best experience of their life. Meeting the baby is the most amazing thing but giving birth to it..? its definitely far from the best thing for me!

I've also decided to sort out my diet so now I'm giving up bread and not eating anything thats high in fat or sugar except for one treat a day. Hopefully that will limit anymore weight gain.

I hope you're all well. I'm so tired. I just want to go and nap for a bit and am not looking forward to work tomorrow!

littleredmonkey Mon 18-Jun-12 21:05:48

Hey Ladies
Hope you are all dandy ?
FF - glad everything is running smoothly honey, bet you are excited.

Exexe - I had a small wobble yesterday after I braved watching one born every minute and burst into tears at the thought of giving birth . Terrified is putting it miildly. The unknown is overhwelming to be honest. I try not to worry about it but cant help the fear gripping me at times. I am a positive happy go lucky soul, but this has me quaking in my slippers. I know the hospital will look after me and so will my partner, its not like I have to have him in a ditch dabbing my muff with nettle leaves !!!!!

Went to the doctors on Friday as I keep getting dizzy though out the days last week. Told I have low blood pressure, I have been told to slow down and relax more, so under docs advise early nights and plenty of rest and partner being the star that he is helping everywhere doing loads of things. Got caught brining the hoover up the stairs , got the ear bashing of a life time , hahahahah he is so funny telling me off. Still powered through doing the house work. The nursery is finished painting and furniture wise, had a cry again when we put up the lampshade with a tiny bear on it . Not cried so much in years. Emotional this baby business isnt it ladies x.

exexe Mon 18-Jun-12 21:23:27

Aaah LRM your story about tears over the lampshade made me smile. Thats so lovely and so normal! I cry over everything at the moment too.
Happy things and sad things.
And stop watching one born every minute! I don't know how anyone can watch it let alone expectant women! Try not to worry. You're right to be prepared but you'll get through it. I've been through it twice and although not looking forward to it, I'm willing to go through it again.

littleredmonkey Mon 18-Jun-12 21:47:50

Exexe - Tell ya what wont be watching again, only caught 10 mintues and that was enough. !!!
Seeing my midwife on Friday to see about touring the hospital and also asking about nhs courses that can support me. Thanks for your positivity and honestly .
Off for some zzzzzzzz and wishing for a night of no loo trips ( ah the dream )

bytheseaside Tue 19-Jun-12 10:34:20

lrm I feel the same - although will also try to feel grateful about the ditch-and-nettle thing.
I've been on a tidying binge too - just found a little bit of energy and have been cleaning the bathroom in a new-found perfectionist way - the bath looked sooo shiny! Then DP came in from a country walk and got mud everywhere, so might as well not have bothered ...
FF hope everything's OK?
Hi to all smile

KMR281 Tue 19-Jun-12 16:03:24

hope you are all well, and hope that FF is continuing her rumblings! I had my first scan today, officially dated at 12+3, so due Dec 29th. Was so lovely to see the wee one on the screen, and feel so much more positive about having a baby, now i know that (a) there is only one (b) it is a baby, and not a huge bag of maltesers and (c) there is only one in there - hurrah! (did I say that already?!). The hospital seems lovely and clean (it's quite new) and the staff were all lovely. The sonographer said the baby was being well behaved - sure it won't be when it's 2yo...! nuchal measured at 1.3, and had blood taken to get my risk factors determined. Baby seems to have all its fingers and toes, and a heart beat, so feeling positive today!

ValiumQueen Tue 19-Jun-12 16:51:11

20week scan today, and all is looking good. Very relieved, especially as a fellow mum on Nov thread has just lost a daughter at 20+1.

Likely going to book a gender scan for this weekend as it is Trust policy to not disclose. Grr! I think I saw a willie, but would like it confirmed by an expert.

knottyhair Tue 19-Jun-12 16:51:49

KMR, glad it all went well today. Have my 1st scan tomorrow afternoon. FF, any news??

knottyhair Tue 19-Jun-12 17:40:08

Cross posted ValiumQueen, glad your scan went well smile.

littleredmonkey Tue 19-Jun-12 20:18:37

valiumqueen - glad your scan went well, grrr indead fancy not being able to tell you. never mind at least everything is a ok honey.

Knotty hair - thinking of you and your scan Wednesday, hope u dont have to wait long with a full bladder.

KMR281 - glad your scan went well. I too was nervous as hell I would show up two , as a twin myself and lots in the family I was crapping myself. Same as you just the one. I keep getting the jokes at work as I am 25 weeks Thursday that I am huge so there must be two in there !!! silly people

FF hope you are ok honey, getting excited to hear all about your news

Thought for the day : being pregnant, 10 hour shift at work, warm day and polyester trousers are a terrible combination !!!

Whatnamethistime Tue 19-Jun-12 22:05:24

exexe, is this your third?? my second birth was wonderful, one of those I thought people imagined, so it may be better smile and as I said birth 3 was a shock home delivery (she wasnt that fast I just though I was being a woos.

LRM, I dont get the watching people giving birth thing either!!! I dont watch it, although I do watch Maternity Ward, mostly so I can rant at silly Americans giving birth laid flat on their back!! Hope the dizziness eases soon.

FF hope you are well

Bytheseaside, LOL at the mud.

KMR hospital sounds lovely, I get my blood tests back on Thursday.

VQ, excellent, annoying re non disclosure.

KH good luck tomorrow.

10000fireflies Tue 19-Jun-12 22:46:54

Evening all Just a quick hi from me. Am v tired - was up till 2am last night cleaning/tidying/nesting. Or was it just the large 4pm coffee?? Monitoring today was all good. So, back home, another quick burst of tidying/cleaning/sorting, then met up with a friend. Really good sitting in the sunshine, gabbing and drinking iced coffees (oops - there I go again!!). She is also about to pop so great to have detailed conversations about minutiae of late pregnancy. Then we retired to my garden for an enormous bowl of strawberries and ice cream, and fake Pims (check out Schloer Fruit Punch) - perfect! Although am pretty tired, am feeling about as ok as I think is possible for induction tomorrow.

Sorry to be all me, me, me. If there is time and an internet connection will post from hosi. Hugs to all. FF xx

FjordMor Tue 19-Jun-12 23:26:36

Hello all! Had to make the time somehow to come in and post before I get bumped off the thread again! All's more or less well in the Fjord household. Busy with flat-selling from afar, DP doing job interviews, lots of articles with close together deadlines, numerous family members having birthdays and dulling fatigue in my Mumsnetting time on top of that.

Pregnancy wise, well, I'm 23+2 now. I'm mahoosive (have also gained many pounds I fear but hate to weigh myself). Had problems with swollen feet but this seems a bit better this week. Carpal tunnel rumbles on and now getting SPD it seems - not every day but just before the weekend was agony to sit! Was feeling LO having hiccups about 3 times a day - you could see my skin move up and down near my belly button but today she seems to have moved down and deeper inside me so all the sensations are there but much more dull sad. Only other news is that I'm planning a trip back to London to see mum (driving) and trying to see doc/mw before I go. Rumbling doubts/worries about GD/PE but not worried about the driving (alone going there, DP will join me for the trip back). Due to leave 28th June but not counting on it until I see the docs. Hope I'm not dissuaded as that might make life quite difficult (also banking on getting key maternity/2nd hand baby things in UK as am broke - STILL haven't found any non-wired/nursing/maternity bras in Norway in my size - currently about 34K. Also nipples going weirdly lumpy and pale over the lumps but this comes and goes so I'm choosing not to worry.).

Quick shout outs:

FF - saw your news as writing! Can't believe you are still intact with baby was sure you'd have news by now. Hanging out to hear your LO has made it's entrance! smile

Hpbp - I'll be on this thread no matter what but am struggling to get on to comment more than once a week at the mo. I do try to squeeze in a daily read from my phone though but it's hard to keep up.

ValiumQueen - Congrats on the scan. So glad to hear that your acute worries are subsiding. How are things in general these days? How are your DDs doing?

Also congrats on scans to KMR291 and Whatname. Whatname I'm sorry to read of your battles re consultant v. MW led care. Hope you manage to get it sorted out to your satisfaction.

Exexe - YAY! for finally seeing a midwife! I'm trying to get a 2nd appt with mine now. Everything's a bit harder for me hear as they keep questioning my 'rights' as a non-official resident but she's lovely and I do feel looked after.

LRM - oh dear. Stay away from the OBEM! I watched it once, early on and did cry but was also struck by how well the women coped and how not bad it seemed compared to what I had imagined.

For some reason I'm being very pragmatic and not frightened about childbirth. I should be really. I'm a risky case for surgery, probably 50% likely to end up induced or ELCS/EMCS. For some reason I'm not scared or daunted by the pain of labour. I think perhaps it's because I've been through so much hard times and 'pain' of one kind or another and several life-threatening illnesses in the last few years. I know it will be bloody hard work and quite possibly very not pleasant but I keep thinking...'it's just one day, and then it's done and something life-changingly amazing and positive will come out of it'. So perhaps in that way I am 'brave' about the idea of childbirth but only I guess because I have suffered so acutely in so many ways for periods of my life that I just can't see this one 24 hour odd period of suffering to get something I've wanted my whole life as that huge a deal in the scheme of things. But I'm grateful for this perspective. Perhaps I'm numbed to the idea of it by recent trauma? I don't know. I just focus on the stuff I've got to do before it gets here and hopefully what things will be like once it's here. What else can we do? Anxiety and fear are now thought to worsen and lengthen labour. So guess I'm just choosing not to focus on it. What will be will be. No going back now (etc. Etc.) I suppose I just expect it to be pretty horrific but am just choosing to believe 'I'll handle it'. I guess these are just mechanisms I've learned to get myself through trauma before and out the other side. I wish I could gift my ambivalence about it to all those so anxious about it thanks.

exexe Wed 20-Jun-12 09:36:00

ValiumQueen Glad the scan went well. How sad for the mum on your Nov thread.

Whatname Yes, this will be my 3rd dc smile I've always loved the idea of 3 (from a large family myself) but it took a while to convince dh (only child). He's just as excited as me now.

FF Good luck!! Hope it all goes well and I'll be checking here for news from you. That shloer sounds fab. I'm going to get some with my shop today.

Fjord hope all goes well for your trip back to London. I'm just a week or so behind you. I'm 22 weeks today. I'm also getting rather large! I think your attitude to childbirth is great. My sister has a good attitude too and got through on just gas and air and never feels the need to recount her birth story.
She said she imagined each contractionvlike a wave, when it came she knew it was going to get stronger and stronger til it reached a peak and then it was going to subside.
Unfortunately, I'm not like her and would rather be knocked out for the whole thing!

Knotty good luck for today!

I have another scan this afternoon so will report back after that.

Midgetm Wed 20-Jun-12 13:54:12

Any news from Mrs FF? Induction day perhaps?

exexe Wed 20-Jun-12 15:07:01

Scan was fine smile
I didnt get any good pics though as apparently my baby was refusing to pose.
I got one rubbish blurry one and didnt get charged for it.
She also said it looks like a girl smile

knottyhair Wed 20-Jun-12 16:39:01

Exexe, glad it was all OK at your scan, a girl! Mine went well, got some nice pictures and the baby was really moving a lot! She said the nuchal measurements were in the normal range, although obviously got to wait for bloods to come back in a couple of weeks for a more accurate percentage.

Midgetm Wed 20-Jun-12 17:09:22

Hurrah for team pink Exexe and good scan for knotty. I also got no good pic, just a freebie of a head. FF sending you all the best and hoping radio silence means action.

notsoold Wed 20-Jun-12 17:21:56

Hi all. I have been silent and just reading the posts...and quite stressed with the waiting for the 12 week scan.
I keep telling myself that everything will be fine but my heart is deaf to my mind's reasoning.
Did not help that we went through great upset few days ago with our teen son ( normally a good lad) and I got so distressed and than I thought that I could lose the baby....
I know it doesn't make sense and nor mally I am well normal
Sorry rant over

Midgetm Wed 20-Jun-12 18:48:52

notsoold miscarriages don't happen because you get upset. You know this anyway and easy for me to say but try and remain positive. Stressing will not change the outcome but it will make you feel like shite. How long do you have to wait till your scan?

bytheseaside Wed 20-Jun-12 20:38:32

notsoold midgetm is right - its impossible not to get upset with all the preg hormones anyway - I had some very 'hormonal' episodes in the early weeks and 12 week scan showed everything was fine. I really hope you get reassurance too

FF any news...?

exexe I liked your sister's wave analogy - sounds comforting

Great scan news this week. I hope the luck holds - my big 20 week scan's coming up. Don't mind if its a girl or boy, although I have more girl names on my list so far. I can really feel the baby moving now - it just had a little kick! Or was it more wind...?

Hpbp Wed 20-Jun-12 21:21:34

Sorry I have been silent for a couple of days, have been reading your posts and very glad for every one re good news scans, I will catch up soon.
Just wanted to let you know that I am now back at my Mum's, in Paris. Journey on Eurstar was smooth with DS1 behaving very nicely. Weather is warm and dry. Cherry tree has loads on fruits waiting for my DS1 to collect and eat. Mum looks happy to see us. DS1 has given her lots of cuddles... All is good except that we miss Daddy though !
Also work is over, officially on maternity leave at 34weeks +4. Meeting my obstetrician tomorrow and MW, registering at the clinic on Sat.

Notsoold, enjoy your pg, don't get upset.
Fjord, I wish I could be as serene as you are re childbirth
FF you seem to have some very nice relaxing time too, how is the cervix today ?
Seaside, could certainly be baby moving, this is exciting, isn't it ?
LRM, Exexe, midget, lovely to hear from you. I am sure I missed some other great mums, apologies, I cannot scroll back....

Greetings from Paris to all

notsoold Thu 21-Jun-12 00:31:25

Midgetm thanks for your reassurance.yes I do know that...my scan is on the 28th june...
By the seaside episodes is a good way to describe it.
Hpbp thanks....
Thank you for listening....
Tomorrow will be another day....
Night all

exexe Thu 21-Jun-12 09:29:16

Hi Notsoold Just to back up what everyone else says - try not to worry. Stay positive. Worrying is almost always counterproductive.

bytheseaside when is your acan coming up?

Hpbp Yay for being at your mums. envy at warm and dry weather and cherry tree.

exexe Thu 21-Jun-12 09:36:04

bythyeseaside ocviously I mean scan!

knotty sorry - you got left on the other page. Great news about your scan. It makes it feel so real after that.

Whatnamethistime Thu 21-Jun-12 11:39:31

FF that has set off a craving. Not long to go now, good luck.

HPBP hope the move was smooth and you get all the help you need for the next few months from your mum and the French HCP.

EXE, Knotty, Midget, congratulations on scans.

Notsoold, if stress meant miscarriage, my eggs would be shrivelled up by now and there would be no baby! Good luck at scan.

Bytheseaside, good luck with the 20 week scan.

I had my comined blood/NT results today and everything is low risk. Hurray.

littleredmonkey Thu 21-Jun-12 11:59:23

Paris in the summer, how jealous are we all ladies, good to hear you have started your Mat leave Hpbp enjoy the rest oh and that cherry tree. I have one but have a vision yours looks much better in the sunshine then mine all wet and windy swept. By hey ho ladies we could be sweating up a storm and dragging our baby bodies around in the heat which would be a bummer.

notsoold - Hard not to worry about things isnt it ? Try and relax and do things that you enjoy this next week to help you relax as much as possible and when the horrible night demons come into your head push them out as they suck worse then the day ones. Thinking of you .

Exexe- Yeh team pink, glad your scan went well, I got a blurry photo on one shot as well. I took it to work and showed a few people and watched their reactions to try and make it out . Hahaha . Blokes are so funny with scans, they are oh and ah and look at that ( which means I have no clue what the hell I am looking at and dont want to say ) .Did show go pictures after.

Knotty - glad your scan went well always honey

fjord - Thanks for the positive message about childbirth, I will go with the flow and keep your thoughts in my head oh and the drugs got to have the drugs !!

Midget - How are thing with you chuck

Whatname - Dizziness seems to only happen when I sit down at work, very random I know, but feel fine now. Taking some nuts to work and nibbling on them every now and then to keep the energy levels up

FF - Is today the day ?xxxxx

Day off for me and just cleaned the house from top to toes and ready for some lunch and a good hand full of biscuits. Midwife Friday for a chat, going to ask her about classes and stuff. I have been very lucky so far no really issues, just tired but thats ok as I love my bed
Little Dylan is standing up in womb and pushing all the sides out to make some more space this morning. Every day there is something new. Cant believe 25 weeks has already gone it is so fast.

bytheseaside Thu 21-Jun-12 12:54:14

hpbp ah Parisian life with cherry tree sounds idyllic! I'm picturing you with a very chic maternity wardrobe. You probably said this already, but are you french? Or is it just that your mum lives there? glad you dc are enjoying it already

exexe my scan is tomorrow - eek! Don't know what I'll do if we have bad news, but I seem to be taking things a day at a time for now which helps stop the panic. Today I'm just pleased baby is kicking and my bp is ok-ish

lrm you have a day off from your hard job and you spend it cleaning? Get yourself out to a cafe! That's what I'm doing later - i'm going to find somewhere with excellent cake then I'll watch the boats go by for a bit.

whatname great nt results! bet its a big relief

My dp still doesn't really want to find out the gender at tomorrow's scan although he agreed we can as he knows I really want to. I feel a bit guilty though - this pregnancy really is all about me so far .... all my decisions, my choices. I think he'll change his mind when he knows, though. Last night he felt the baby kick - I think it felt all a bit more real for him then too - quite a touching moment smile

exexe Thu 21-Jun-12 14:32:49

bytheseaside I've heard some people ask the sonographer to write the gender on a piece of paper and pass it on. That way only you need to look at it.

Whatnamethistime Thu 21-Jun-12 20:44:22

I'm bleeding, I've had bleeding in all my pregnancies, but not this much.

I have to be honest and say I have been ambivalent at times about this pregnancy, but now I realise how much I want this baby.

I'm panicking, big style.

sad. I have a really bad feeling.

Whatnamethistime Thu 21-Jun-12 20:44:57

Would be sods law after the clear NT results this morning.

ValiumQueen Thu 21-Jun-12 20:56:32

Oh poor whatname I do hope all is well. How much is it, and what colour, and any pains? I bled bright red but not much, with cramps at 18 weeks, so it does not always mean a loss. Have you called triage?

Whatnamethistime Thu 21-Jun-12 21:02:07

Its bright bright red,I haven't rung yet, I've just sent DH to buy pads so i can get an idea of how much.

You'd think Id be used to it and not feel so paniced. It happens every time.

No pain.

So I guess if this pregnancy lasts, its consultant led care for me hey!

Whatnamethistime Thu 21-Jun-12 21:11:03

hold my hand thread

Its difficult to update 2.

ValiumQueen Thu 21-Jun-12 21:11:17

You will panic each time, no matter how many times it happens. You are human, you have feelings, and you hope to have a baby. Good there is no pain, but I understand you being somewhat alarmed. I guess only time will tell. Triage will not be able to do anything at this stage. Make sure you rest as much as you can, stay off work tomorrow, and give them a call - perhaps they could do a reassurance scan, and identify the cause of the bleed.

Thinking of you and your precious little one.

How many weeks are you now?

Whatnamethistime Thu 21-Jun-12 21:43:09

13 weeks, exactly.

I feel bad because I have been really worried about what everyone will say, how DC will react, etc, money, work, so on, I havent taken much time to enjoy being pregnant.

Our lives are so stressful, and I cant face this one thing going wrong on top of everything else.

This is Baby Hope (despite DHs objections and unless its a boy!!), it is our ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Im not in work, so no issues there, and this is one of DHs rare weekends off, so I can keep feet up.

Midgetm Thu 21-Jun-12 21:49:47

Whatsname <sneaks in, holds hand and wipes brow>

So sorry you are having this awful time. I've also bled in both my successful pregnancies so fingers crossed it works out the same for you. I was convinced at 16 weeks it was all over but I was wrong and there was never any explanation for mine. Cling on to that bit of hope (also on our list of names for similar reasons) got everything crossed for you.

If positive thoughts could travel the interweb mine would be crawling out your modem about now.

Whatnamethistime Thu 21-Jun-12 21:56:22

Im going to do some reading now, try to think about something else, thanks Midget and VQ, will update in morning.

I never paniced before, being over 40 with all the horror stories, hmm.

littleredmonkey Thu 21-Jun-12 21:56:57

whatsname thinking of you honey xxx

knottyhair Thu 21-Jun-12 22:08:30

Whatname, take care my love, thinking of you xxx

notsoold Fri 22-Jun-12 00:33:19

Thinking of you whatname...

Whatnamethistime Fri 22-Jun-12 06:13:02

Lol to Christmas Knickers.

It appears to have turned into browner stuff rather than bright red - and the pad is clean.

Will ring the midwives when they open this morning. See what they think.

I cant be losing her now - it just wouldn't be fair.

Thanks again everyone x

knottyhair Fri 22-Jun-12 08:04:01

Hope it's all OK for you Whatname. Thinking of you this morning xx

Midgetm Fri 22-Jun-12 08:15:35

whatname brown is good. No pain is good. You are pregnant today. Repeat like mad lady x

ValiumQueen Fri 22-Jun-12 08:16:57

Another possible baby Hope here! Clearly a pattern emerging.

Whatnamethistime Fri 22-Jun-12 08:28:04

Thanks all, DH doesnt think I should ring them, because he knows they will make me go consultant led.

I think he has become a bit blase about pregnancy bleeding because I have had it with our other 2. He means well.

It is terrifying. I think they open at 9.00.

Ill let you know.

VQ/Midget, I think Hope is a beautiful name, DH thinks it will come to be a reminder of a bad time. It is due to be a boy if it follows family pattern of girl boy.

Whatnamethistime Fri 22-Jun-12 09:16:25

Spoke to midwife - who says it's nothing to be concerned about as there is no pain, it's stopped and I have a history of pregnancy bleeding.

It's complicated by fact I'm not using GP for Mat Care and usually he could refer me.

She says if it starts again to ring them but otherwise to just rest up today.

DH is currenty making sausage sandwiches mmmmmm.

Mum is having small DCs today and we can just have a nice afternoon chilling.

Well this has shown me one thing - I don't care about money or work etc, I really want this baby smile

knottyhair Fri 22-Jun-12 09:17:47

Glad you got some reassurance Whatname, it must be very scary. Take care and enjoy your sausage sandwich envy.

exexe Fri 22-Jun-12 09:20:46

Oh gosh Whatname. How worrying and stressful for you. Glad things are ok now. Take care and you deserve to have a restful day. xx

Hpbp Fri 22-Jun-12 09:44:27

Whatname, Relieved for you that MW was positive and reassuring. Chill out with sausage sandwich and DH.
Ff, how is it going ?
Glad to hear from every one.
Seaside, yes I am French, originally from South East Asia.

MW here in Paris also recommended raspberry leave tea from 39 weeks and obstetrician does not see any reason today for induction nor sweep even if I am 41, 5 months and 22 days... Cervix is long and closed, baby HB good, no swelling for me... All good
Was caught under a big storm yesterday, soaked in 2 sec, With hail as big as kids marbles. Cherry tree has suffered a bit...
DS1 loves it here, lots of space to run around, he has 2 bikes, a sling, a toy house...
I have not had proper rest yet as I wanted to catch up with my obstetrician and MW straight away but it will come, I am not concerned.
Will be back later

Whatnamethistime Fri 22-Jun-12 10:00:54

Thanks everyone, one positive thing, I feel like someone has taken a 10 tonne weight of my shoulders, no more worrying if this pregnancy is the right thing for us.

I love the little bean already, and as DH has said all along, it will be absolutely fine smile.


notsoold Fri 22-Jun-12 12:16:34

Whatname...really good news? Chill and enjoy said sandwich....smile

Whatnamethistime Fri 22-Jun-12 12:22:37

Thanks, been quite sick this morning, which is great!! (Never thought Id be thankful for morning sickness).


Hope everyone else is fine xx

ValiumQueen Fri 22-Jun-12 13:59:42

Accidentally bought a Phil and Teds. Oops.

knottyhair Fri 22-Jun-12 14:09:27


exexe Fri 22-Jun-12 14:30:27

Great ValiumQueen grin

I'm thinking of this one

Hpbp Fri 22-Jun-12 14:51:07

VQ, accidently bought ? How did you do that ? Funny !
Exexe, I love baby jogger, i love the easy one hand fold.
Very good choices, ladies !

Whatname, you are right, how funny and weird we love morning sickness and extra weight... We are definitively out of our mind but what would we not do for love ?

DS1 is playing outside, helping my Mum to grow some aromatic herbs, it is very windy but sunny and dry. I am trying to relieve my rib pain on my four...

bytheseaside Fri 22-Jun-12 15:44:01

blimy whatname what a day you had. glad things look ok now. i had big red bleeds and all was completely fine although i did go for reassurance scans.

afm all went well at my 20 wk scan - very big relief smile sonographer was very mean and grumpy though and managed to rather spoil the moment. never mind, as long as baby is fine.

ValiumQueen Fri 22-Jun-12 16:07:47

Baby jogger = utterly fabulous!

I placed a bid on a fairly local pick-up P&T as it was £100 starting bid, just as a gamble. Did not imagine I would win. They go for twice that usually. I got the ping on my phone to say I had won it whilst talking to a lovely assistant about the deal she could offer me on a Baby Jogger City Mini Double. I was actually disappointed to win, but probably is a good thing. Have not yet told DH.

I am now wondering what is wrong with it as nobody else bid on it. It may just be that the listing was poor, and no pics of the actual item. I had emailed the seller, and she answered the questions I had, but I am paying cash on pick-up, so if shite I can walk away.

It is the most sensible choice for me, as will do fine as a single, whereas if I got the (awesomely lovely, easy to fold, beautiful) BJ, I would need to get a single once DD2 decides to walk everywhere, which knowing my luck, would be two days after parting with the money.

ValiumQueen Fri 22-Jun-12 16:14:52

It comes with a rain cover, 2 years old, one owner, has doubles kit, is black with bits of red and grey, and has signs of slight wear and tear, but overall in great condition. I am guessing it has not got the elbow joints as she did not know what I meant, but they can be bought for £10. I already have a red cocoon. I think it is an explorer.

Warming to it a bit.

DD2 is poorly today - was over 40 degrees in night, which was a bit scary. She was very good, but I am shattered. 22weeks now, so getting there slowly.

exexe Fri 22-Jun-12 16:15:15

bythesea great news on scan. Did you ask to find out gender?
VQ Phil and Teds is great too. There are so many fab buggies around, its hard to know what to get. I used to have the Out 'n' about Nipper and I loved it. It was great for walks in the woods etc. I just fancied a change and something a bit smaller.

I need to sort out car seats too as I need 3 in the back now. I think the ds can both have booster seats now (7 and 4) so a baby seat should be ok I hope. I need to get to Halfords or somewhere to get them to give me the best combo.
I'm not buying a new car as mine is new and we've still got a year to pay for it plus I love my car.

ValiumQueen Fri 22-Jun-12 16:16:10

Bytheseaside was finding out the gender an option?

ValiumQueen Fri 22-Jun-12 16:20:15

I have three baby seats, in great condition, but now 6 years old so I need to chuck them, which I am loathe to do. I cannot sell them in case a child got hurt, and part of me thinks they look fine, and have been well looked after, and only get used for 9 months, but i would never forgive myself if we had an accident and the baby got hurt because I was too tight.

We have very little spare cash, and I like to save money when I can, but this is one area I must not stress over.

Sesquipedality Fri 22-Jun-12 20:49:34

Thrilled, but, um slightly dazed and confused. I'm 41 and disocvered today that I appear to be about 6 weeks pregnant. This will be DC 2. DC1 is 7. Can't get my head around it tbh. Did a test today thinking I was bonkers and menopause most likely answer.

Please may I lurk?

Not so good at joining in these days, but I am a fab lurker.

ValiumQueen Fri 22-Jun-12 21:15:26

Car seats at tip. Covers and straps removed so they cannot be pulled out and sold on.

Welcome ses Lurk away, but feel free to join. This is a wonderful thread. And congratulations!

littleredmonkey Fri 22-Jun-12 21:54:59

whatnamethis - So glad you are ok honey, hope you had a nice relaxing day after all the stress and that sausage sandwich tasted lovely.xxx

Hpbp - Bugger your cherry tree has had a beating, silly weather eh

Bythesea - Glad your scan went well, never mind the scanner was a miserable troll as long as you and little bean are happy thats all that matters. My first 12 weeks scanner was a tad miserable and I even said after 2 mins are you having a bad day and she clocked on that I had noticed her mood, which she changed very quickly.

Ses - welcome to the gang and join in often as you can. The ladies on this thread are fab and have helped me tons of times.

Well ladies your buggy chat has me looking on line for ideas. It is mind blowing how many options there are available. I may steal a shopping trolley from tesco and put in a box with a blanket far less stressful !!!
Just come back from a meal out with some colleagues. It was her baby shower we had a lovely italian and the only 2 people to have 3 courses was the preggy ladies. Hahahah . They were all jealous of our sticky toffee puds with ice cream. 10 women who have all had babies with 2 of us that hadnt was pretty scary. Stuff like I remember when I was in labour for 2 days etc and oh the pain . I said did you have any drugs oh no she said, well thats why it was painful. Out with the negative messages and in with the positive ones.
Back safe in my warm bed with a kitty on my lap hoping for a peaceful nights sleep. Is it me or do any of you have really vivid dreams, mine have been really random and so vivid.

Happy weekend and enjoy those that have it off work for those that dont, I am the same and not looking forward to a 9 hour shift plodding around the shop floor.

exexe Sat 23-Jun-12 10:18:16

Ses Congratulations!

VQ I agree with you about the car seats. I do lots of long distance driving as my family live far and I like to see them as often as possible. The car seats need to be good. I don't really want to buy the baby seat too early so I'm going to wait a bit.

LRM sounds like a lovely meal. Good for you for not getting put off by scare stories and remaining positive. I will give you one bit advice - NHS are very, very reluctant to administer epidurals these days. If you really want pain relief other than gas and air discuss it with your midwife. Not meaning to scare you but its best to be prepared!

Whatnamethistime Sat 23-Jun-12 11:15:06

HBOB France sounds lovely.

Ses congratualtions, pop in whenever you feel like.

I had a really chilled day yesterday, we had a sitter for small DCs (first time in forever) so we went out, was lovely.

LRM very sorry about people filling you with horror stories,Im sure Ive said it before, but I think educating yourself helps a lot, so you know what is happening to you.

I really, really want a nice pram, this is def last DC.

I want one of these.


But we dont NEED one, we havent got space for one, etc, etc, but I have seen the whole systems going for circ £150.

Bad news is I am down to half pay sad

knottyhair Sat 23-Jun-12 12:27:39

Ses, welcome - I'm in a similar position although a bit older! I'm 44 and my DS is 8. This pregnancy was a real shock and not at all what we planned but we're gradually coming round to the idea smile.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, we're just off to DS's school fete then to a birthday party and tomorrow to a Supercar event where DP is having a ride in a supercar whilst wishing he could drive it himself.

bytheseaside Sat 23-Jun-12 12:57:56

hello all and welcome sesquipedality!

lrm thanks for scanner troll support, she really wrecked my day, but i know im really oversensitive when it comes to mean people and bullies, its like their meanness lingers with me like a black cloud for a bit sad just can't let it go like dpi does. my mum would say toughen up, but at my age and hormone levels seems unlikely!

exexe why are nhs reluctant re epidurals? makes me much more likely to go the elcs route...

whatname are you ok? would a scan really mean you had to have hospital care?

ah pram talk. I've started thinking about it at last but am still bewildered so keep on with the descriptions of what you are all getting, i need the education! for the experts: my requirements in order if priority are:

1. light to lift in and out of car in view of caesarian
2. capable of outdoor walks. don't kmean hill walking, but maybe bumpy paths!
3. car seat compatible- is this even important? maybe this is 5
4. lasting till dc is very old
5. no more expensive than absolutely necessary... but i think i want a new one

so... what do you think, pram-agony aunts? i guess only 1and 2 are crucial to me.

ps its a little girl!!

ValiumQueen Sat 23-Jun-12 13:17:17

seaside congratulations on a girl. Girls are fab.

Car seat compatible is not necessary imo as the recommended time a little one is in them is about 45 mins, so unless it is a very short trip, I think it does them good to get out and lay flat.

Most folk get rid of a travel system or bulky pram 2 in 1, and buy a fancy umbrella fold by the time baby is about a year old. If mine were not so near in age I would get a Maclaren XT or similar. Will get one once DD2 is walking all the time.

Do not choose a pram because of lifting after a CS as you should not be lifting or driving for some time!

With DC1 I had an epidural and had to wait ages, then it did not take, and it was hard to administer whilst contracting. It was a hideous birth so I am going down ELCS route like last time. I actually disagree that horror stories should not be told. Everyone I spoke to kept the truth from me until after I had delivered, as they did not want to frighten me. I was very angry. I was not a kid and had asked for honest stories (had not found MN then) and felt patronised. I had a wonderful water birth planned, and had I known the truth, I would not have felt so disappointed, and that I was a failure as a woman etc.

ValiumQueen Sat 23-Jun-12 13:20:46

About umbrella folds, they often have carry cot adaptations, or you could use a soft cot like Phil and Teds if a winter baby.

For off road type stuff there is the top of the range Baby Jogger City Mini. They are about 300 quid though. On phone so cannot do a linkey.

exexe Sat 23-Jun-12 13:28:52

Bytheseaside Yay a girl! How did they tell you? They were very non-committal with me. I think they do have to be careful as they can be wrong but I was getting comments like 'this looks more like a girl than a boy, of course its not guaranteed' although she did also say 95% certain.

I don't know why but everyone I spoke to were asking for epidurals but just didn't end up getting it.
I ended up getting one with ds1 because firstly they ignored me for hours and hours (got my notes mixed up with someone who'd come in with false contractions so thought I was making a big deal out of nothing!)
I ended up very distressed and the baby had to be delivered by ventouse so they finally let me have one. Its amazing when you get it but I do think they're reluctant unless they think theres a need other than just pain relief.

I had a travel system with ds1 but didn't bother with ds2. I'm not getting one this time either. Will just lift the baby out of the car seat and into the buggy for shopping and stuff and just carry the car seat in if visiting.

ValiumQueen Sat 23-Jun-12 15:24:34

My car seat was so heavy with the baby in it, I left it in the car and just put baby in and out. Both summer babies thankfully.

ValiumQueen Sat 23-Jun-12 18:48:25

Plucked up the courage to tell DH I have bought the P&T and he is happy as I said we could sell the Silver Cross XT which is a monster of a pushchair. Hoping to put it on eBay. It is a bit chewed on the foam handlebar, but it is so comfy for DD2 and I will be sad to see it go. Been looking at the accessories for P&Ts. I feel happier now I have chosen a pram. Just hope it is as good as it sounds.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. DD2 is on the mend thankfully, but I am now full of cold, and they usually go to my chest. Only 5 more days at work! Yay!

10000fireflies Sat 23-Jun-12 23:38:22

Evening all. On bb so can barely read this so keeping it short! Baby Boy Fireflies arrived 10pm 21 June, significantly on the longest day. Traumatic emcs, but all's
well that ends well. He is gorgeous! Hugs to all and more of an update when back home in day or so.

Fireflies xx

10000fireflies Sat 23-Jun-12 23:38:23

Evening all. On bb so can barely read this so keeping it short! Baby Boy Fireflies arrived 10pm 21 June, significantly on the longest day. Traumatic emcs, but all's
well that ends well. He is gorgeous! Hugs to all and more of an update when back home in day or so.

Fireflies xx

knottyhair Sun 24-Jun-12 07:03:42

FF, congratulations! Wonderful news, although sorry you had a traumatic time. Looking forward to hearing all about your beautiful boy.
Bytheseaside, lovely for you to find out it's a little girl!
Valium, sorry you're feeling rough, bet those last 5 days can't go quickly enough.

ValiumQueen Sun 24-Jun-12 08:02:12

Congratulations FF and welcome boy FF. Sorry you had a hard time. Glad you are both safe and well. Make sure you are waited on like a queen for at least 8 weeks x just baby cuddles and food x

Hpbp Sun 24-Jun-12 08:27:15

FF welcome to your little boy and hope you will recover soon from emcs.
VQ not long now before mat leave, don't worry. Hope DD did not infect you as well.
Seaside, welcome to the little girls gang

Celebrating 6th anniversary today, we have booked a nice restaurant in a lovely park but the sky is cloudy....

ValiumQueen Sun 24-Jun-12 08:34:01

Our 7 year anniversary is on Wednesday and I have not even got a card yet. DH has his birthday tomorrow, so we are taking the kids out for lunch today as a joint celebration kinda thing. Hardly romantic I know, but at least I remembered!

littleredmonkey Sun 24-Jun-12 09:07:43

FF - Yeh Baby boy FF - Look after yourself and little blue bean. Hope you recover really soon.

Valium - Have a lovely lunch and make sure you dont let the side down and have all courses available!!!
Yesterdays lunch time table talk was childbirth. Some of the stories were a tad scarey to say the least. It will be what it will be. Small problem is I have IBS so when I get stressed or really nervous the bowel gates open so look out who is ever down below . I am sure partner will think it most amusing after the event if I make a mess. Sorry ladies not a nice subject first thing Sunday morning, just trying to make light of something that has me pooing my pants ,
Hope you start to feel better very soon, roll on 5 days for you. I am on the count down only 8 weeks of work to do with 2 weeks holidays in the middle to break it up.

Exexe- Not sure on Lincoln hospital policy on epidurals will ask midwife next appointment in 3 weeks. I know its only a small think but the thought of some pain relief keeps me sane. Fear of the unknown

Bythesea- Loved your thread ending !! Its a girl !! So pleased for you

Well ladies, just taken delivery of my breakfastf,bacon butties, poached eggs and cup of tea. He's a good egg. He's popped to the gym for an hour while I have a slow breakfast get up and get ready for a mooch around town. Spot of lunch and home for an hour or two kip. Wishing everyone a lovely day

ps - How bloody hard is it now to put on socks and pants, exhausted !!

ValiumQueen Sun 24-Jun-12 09:17:37

Everybody pees and poos themselves in labour, but the midwives are very discrete. There is no way pushing something out of your vag and other bodily fluids staying put. Charming I know!

Midgetm Sun 24-Jun-12 10:07:52

FF so good to hear from you. Been worrying my little midget head. Sounds like you did indeed experience the longest day. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home. Welcome to little FF, can't wait to hear more about you and your entrance into the world.

LRM If you insist you should get your epidural. Just be forceful and explain your fears. I got one, I think it was because my eyes were rolling in my head and I threatened to kill them if they didn't. Not sure I would have one again - will try without but I am equally ready to threaten violence again if need be.

I think I may have done a little pooh in labour but as VQ says - I didn't really know about it but I seem to remember the midwife whipping something away - DH never noticed either when I quizzed him about it. I like to think it never happened but.... So much other stuff comes out a pooh is the last of our worries but still always the thing that haunts us!

HP Hope you had a lovely anniversary.

VQ I still haven't got anything for DH's birthday 6 weeks ago so you are a better woman than I.

I am still really struggling with tiredness. Eating makes me tired - always want a nap after lunch. I can easily sleep at least an hour in the afternoon. Are you all the same or am I just lazy? I wonder if it is my age or if I am anemic again. Not having any of my other normal symptoms of anemia though.

Off to see Mathilda today. Very much looking forward to it but hoping DD can deal with the scary bits. Also hoping I can cope with staying awake when the lights go down. Don't want to pay £60 for a nap - that is an expensive nap.

ValiumQueen Sun 24-Jun-12 20:14:04

The P&T was not worth a tender. Thankfully I had said I would pay cash on collection. It was filthy, scratched, a different model to described, and clearly older than stated. It also had cigarette burns on the fabric. Would not put a dog in it. Very disappointed. Needless to say, I walked away.

KMR281 Sun 24-Jun-12 20:27:57

congrats FF on your baby boy! fantastic news! woo!
I am starting to feel less sick now, which is good news, but still get tired quickly. Told our two boys yesterday, and they had eyes as big as saucers! they are very excited,and busy suggesting names (eg Banana Baby - !). MIL less delighted, and seems annoyed for some reason, and cross that baby will be born in december and not summer. No pleasing some folk.
everyone else however, has been lovely and very pleased for us, which is nice.
We are hoping to reuse pram and car seat etc, so long as not gone mouldy, and we can actually find it in the garage! Will however need a whole new car, which might be slightly more expensive...
hope everyone doing ok!

bytheseaside Mon 25-Jun-12 09:59:29

fireflies congratulations!! What lovely news smile

Thanks everyone for advice on prams etc - keep it coming! Especially valium - I'm following your complicated tribulations with interest smile Good to know I can maybe ditch the expensive combos and go for something cheaper. Don't worry I know I won't be lifting straight after a caesarian, its just that I imagine there will be a few weeks when I'm officially 'cleared' for normal duty, and dp has gone back to work, but when I still might feel a bit sore, and I don't want to be stuck in the house all that time ...

Ah KMR sounds like telling DSs was lovely - silly old MIL, bet she'll come round when baby arrives. It's great when the sickness subsides, isn't it?

Midget I nap all the time too! Especially after lunch. I fell asleep in a public place last week ... My iron's just a little bit low and tiredness was my only symptom too - so I'm taking spatone. I think MWs can check pretty easily for you?

littlered your post makes me think it's time for me to teach dp to cook .... my fault really as I'm too bossy in the kitchen - hes great at doing all the cleaning, but a bit restricted to cheese on toast when it comes to dinner.

exexe yes our sonographer was even more vague about committing to the sex than yours, but I think she was just being difficult, as the signs / absence of signs seemed pretty clear! I didn't really mind either way, but feel really delighted. As is DP, who seemed to 'melt' with the news - so lovely.

Baby girl is having a good old kick today! xxx

blackcatsdancing Mon 25-Jun-12 13:32:17

Hi everyone . I'm a lurker on here and on the over 40s conception thread. Are any of you around 44 and conceived naturally? I'm beginning to despair as have just had my second MC in 5 months. Needing some hope that one day I will get a good egg.

knottyhair Mon 25-Jun-12 13:44:20

Hpbp, hope you had a nice anniversary lunch and the weather behaved for you. And to you Valium, sorry the pushchair was so awful! Thank goodness you hadn't had to pay upfront. LRM, your Sunday sounded lovely. Midget, I'm tired pretty much all the time as well. Hope you enjoyed Mathilda, would love to see it. KMR, your boys sound so sweet! DS picked Buttercup for a girl hmm, but also Rosie which we may go with but the Italian version of Rosa (DP is half Italian and DS has an Italian name). Bytheseaside, enjoy the kicks! Hi blackcats. I'm 44 and conceived naturally. We weren't trying but I'd been told at my last smear that TMI ALERT, it was "all drying up down there, you're probably perimenopausal". I'm so sorry for your losses, wishing you lots and lots of love & luck for the future.
My sickness is definitely easing apart from in the evenings when it's still pretty bad. Have just had a medicinal Crunchie blush. Can't wait to get a proper bump instead of just looking flabby and unhealthy.

Midgetm Mon 25-Jun-12 16:15:07

Thanks Knotty and Bytheseaside I feel much better about my laziness tiredness now. I may chuck a couple of extra iron tablets down me just in case as it is getting silly now. I am much like a baby myself. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep.

All this buggy talk makes me feel inferior. I intend to sling it as much as possible and then get it into a Maclaren stroller as soon as possible. I found all those bulky buggies and travel systems a PITA with DD1 - couldn't wait to get her into the smallest thing possible. I have an old M&P buggy that lays flat(ish) which I will use for the first couple of months if I really have to but they take up too much room and get on my nerves. Living in London having something small enough for buses and tubes without making enemies and quick to fold to throw in the boot of my car is my priority. Poor child will be in its stroller before you can say 'my neck muscles aren't ready yet'.

Knotty Rosa is lovely - I love Italian names but as I have no roots it would just be pretentious for me. My girls list is still too long to share. Boys is getting more narrowed down. Decided I like solid normal names. So easy to sound like a ponce in my part of north London that I am fighting it! We are bad at decisions. Took a day or so to name DD1 as she just didn't fit the names we had selected... On the bump front - happy for you to share mine - it is huge all of a sudden - no mistaking me for the pregnant lady I am but it is hurting a bit so I am happy to share.

KRM Glad you are feeling less pukey. Imagine not scheduling your baby in with your MIL better. What kind of DIL are you? daft old bat

Best go need to climb back on the eat/sleep merry go round.

knottyhair Mon 25-Jun-12 16:25:29

Thanks Midget! I think we're all sorted on the name front - if it's a boy I think we're going for Nico. DP (and DS's) surname is Italian as well so it just sounds right with an Italian name. The other half of DP is Austrian so I think there'll be Austrian middle names, like DS! Hope your bump isn't too painful.

Midgetm Mon 25-Jun-12 20:52:20

Nice names knotty. Dragged myself to pilates. Must eat/sleep to compensate.

Whatnamethistime Mon 25-Jun-12 23:29:44

FF hooray, welcome to the world little firefly,

HPBP have a lovely anniversary.

VQ We never do cards sad, bugger about the PnT I had the same with a loola, sold mine, it was immaculate, bought another (great for umbrella folding, front and rear facing and suitable from birth), it was hanging, had bits of food etc, sent it back against sellers wishes and go tmoney back through evil bay,

LRM/Midget,Im absolutely exhausted, but I just cant sleep sad.

KRM, have you considered a Multipla?? Excellent for lots of DCs but not as big as a people carrier, glad your boys are pleased, my MIL is not going to be happy, and apparently my mum told my sister I am getting fat grin.

Bytheseaside, the loola really is lovely, can be picked up for circ £100 and all the covers are removeable and go in wash,I loved mine when I had just the 1 small DC. you dont need the carry cot, its suitable form birth, bargain I paid nearly £300 for mine, they do a lovely pink.black one, that isnt too in your face girly, here its a lovely colour

I was going to sling it, or live with our Jane Powertwin, but the new pram (well second hand) force is strong in this one.

bytheseaside Tue 26-Jun-12 12:17:45

Thanks whatname I braved it and actually spent some time checking out prams and pushchairs online!!! Just a first step, and I still feel in over my head with the whole responsibility-for-a-baby thing, but I'll get there. I guess as long as I have a carseat and a sling when baby arrives, I'll be OK.

I'm discovering the downside of feeling the baby kicking is that when she's quiet for a while I freak out! Wake up baby!

knottyhair ah - buttercup!

Whatnamethistime Tue 26-Jun-12 12:35:45

My advice is to get thee to a baby shop and push around the shop - the first one I bought, I hated!!!!!! If you ask they will carry out to car ( won't let you dirty wheels) and you can see how things fit in the boot.

My babies always sleep in pram for daytime nap (I leave it up in hall) so it's been important to have a comfy one - the Bertini was my absolute favourite - but it's hhhhuuuuuugggggeeeeee!

KMR281 Tue 26-Jun-12 13:08:37

hi everyone, seems we're all feeling quite cheery just now!

Whatname, multipla would be lovely, but it will depend what we can find for a reasonable price locally. and yes,clearly, I should have scheduled conception more appropriately...! she is a bit of a witch my MIL on occasion (perhaps I should throw a bucket of water over her, and see if she melts?!) and I think she may believe that I have coerced DH into this baby (it was in fact DH who took about 2years to persuade me). Anyhoo, sure will all be lovely when the baby arrives!

Anyone know about flying when preggers? I am flying when 16weeks, and then back again when 17 weeks - I presume I don't need any medical letters? Might not be too massive and could hide bump with strategic scarf?!

right, must get back to work. Mucho important meeting coming up, but have had big baked potato for lunch and want to sleeeeeeeep...

blackcatsdancing Tue 26-Jun-12 15:32:45

knottyhair thanks so much for replying. can't believe someone said such a rude thing to you! Hope your pregnancy proceeds safely and uneventfully.

knottyhair Tue 26-Jun-12 16:20:57

Thanks blackcats, hope to see you back here soon smile.

littleredmonkey Wed 27-Jun-12 08:57:40

Hey ladies
Taken the day off work exhausted. I was working yesterday and my heart starting racing like crazy and felt like hot all of a sudden. First aider sent me home and i put my feet up for an hour. Still felt like crap and heart still racing. So went up to A&E, and spent 3 hours strapped to a heart monitor and took bloods. Blood pressure a bit high but ok now. Bloods and heart ok and little one fine. Just soooooooo tired its un true. Only 8 weeks to go for mat leave roll on . So sofa day with tea and biscuits .
Baby Dylan knows I am skiving work and is on max kicking today bless him

knottyhair Wed 27-Jun-12 09:24:15

LRM, that sounds horrible - hope you get to rest today and Dylan doesn't kick too hard smile.
I actually bought some maternity jeans yesterday. I'm only 14 weeks but my normal jeans are getting more & more uncomfortable and I can't really afford to just buy the next size up for a few weeks. Got some in Mothercare in the end and they look nice actually, I was really surprised. I did a reccy of all the clothes shop in my town and apart from Mothercare and 2 rails in Peacocks, there are no maternity sections at all. I know I can buy online but I do like to try things on. Going to Bluewater in a couple of weeks with a friend to have a big splurge, just before I go on holiday. Hope everyone is feeling OK, and Fireflies, let us know how you're getting on when you get a chance.

Hpbp Wed 27-Jun-12 10:20:05

Good morning every one, I have been more than lazy these past days.... I am hiding the iPad from my son and he does not nap anymore so need to find excuse to read the thread and post ! smile

Pregnancy is indeed tiring, age does not help and plays a bit but pg itself is killing me this time. I don't seem to be able to do anything else than roll out of bed, walk DS1 to playground, cook lunch and tea, and sleep.
I salute all of you who can still go to the gym and/or work.

ATM, with the midwife I focus on relaxation and childbirth techniques, through breathing, stretching and yoga. I have started taking homeopathic granules for ligament pains and it works ! I am the first to be surprised !

I have also seen my obstetrician, he does not think induction would be necessary, another growth scan on 12 july, and 23 july he will check the cervix again.

BTW the anniversary was very sweet but it rained all day, we could not at all enjoy the beautiful park and scenery of the restaurant.... But DS1 has behaved and food was tasteful, so we had a nice day.

This is it from Paris for this morning. Hope every one is ok.

bytheseaside Wed 27-Jun-12 10:44:29

oh dear LRM - rest up! And you aren't skiving - it's completely reasonable to have a day with your feet up after what happened yesterday. How many weeks are you?

KMR I don't know about flying - I think you have to tell the airline sometimes and definitely your insurance co ?

knotty Most mat clothes I've seen have been awful! And so few places seem to do them. I like the basic leggings and tshirts at H&M - simple and cheap. Otherwise I'm just wearing big / stretchy clothes still - and I'm 5 months. I've not put on that much weight yet, but my bump is big!

Anyone else find they've become more of a worrier since pg? I wish I could just chill out and enjoy it all - some days I really do, especially now I can feel the baby kick, but other days all the things that could go wrong seem to loom large ... Aargh... More choc bics today I think, and I'm almost ready for 1st nap of the day. x

exexe Wed 27-Jun-12 18:16:47

Great news FF how amazing smile Welcome, little baby.
KMR I flew to Sharm El Sheikh when I was 5 months pregnant with ds1 with no issues. That was 7 years ago so I dont know if anythings changed in that time...
LRM Poor you. It looks like you need the rest. Glad everything is ok though. I love the name Dylan smile
Knotty I've had a nightmare with mat clothes. I did an online shop with Next for some mat jeans and work trousers. Got one shirt. The rest of my stuff is normal tops from Wallis. Their tops come up quite long and there are some really good loose ones with elastic at the bottom. They work really well.

I'm getting v. excited now about the baby. I went to Gap at lunch time on Monday and bought some pink booties and vests smile

exexe Wed 27-Jun-12 20:04:41

oh and a mum at ds1s school congratulated me today and said 'yes, its always good to have a baby in your 30's and well before you get to 40' . Obviously no logic there but thats not the point.
I was thrilled she didn't think I look my age and just smiled!¬ grin

littleredmonkey Wed 27-Jun-12 21:53:56

bythesea - I am 26 weeks tomorrow and little Dylan is kicking like crazy today and it is really scarey . I think the same as you. I worry alot about me and the baby. It terrifying becoming a mum. Wish I could switch off my brain every now and then. Some days I am very quiet about it and my partner worries about me. I dont shut him out just tell him I have shtting myself about lots of things but also excited about lots of things too. Us ladies are a complex breed eh and damn right biscuits solve all issues especially choccy ones. I am the same as you with leggings and big t's , I had a look at mat clothes and could not find anything I liked so sticking with leggings

exexe- Glad you like Dylan partner said it one day and I thought thats a good name I also call him Dill for short at the moment.

I have had a lazy day resting, done some house jobs but got knackered really quickly, Bloody 40 plus hours of work a week is tiring especially getting up at 630.

Midgetm Wed 27-Jun-12 22:15:23

Evening all. Been out, stuffed my face, drank a glass of malbec and eaten a medium 28 day aged steak. I am a bad pregnant person but it is my birthday. Wine went straight to my head and I had to have a nap when I got in to compensate. As much as I miss it pregnancy and wine do not mix well. And yes I love to worry. Spent the whole evening worrying about my medium steak and toxoplasmosis.

Hope you are feeling less knackered LRM. It's the early starts that kill me too - I only normally have to do 2 a week so must be tough doing so many.

Ex result on the back handed age compliment. Imagine the horror or having a baby in your 40's eh? But always lovely to be told you look younger. not fair, my birthday, someone must say that to me, bangs fists on the floor, throws tantrum

knottyhair Thu 28-Jun-12 13:18:34

Hpbp, hope Paris is treating you well smile. Bytheseaside, yup, I definitely have days where I worry more than others, I guess once I get further along and can feel movements it might get easier (or harder!). Exexe, definitely take that as a compliment! LRM, I really salute you and all the other women working whilst pregnant, it's hard enough work on its own. And I woke up at 3am the other night worrying about which friend I'd lent my stick blender to, so I could get it back for pureeing! I won't need it until May next year FFS! MidgetM, happy birthday for yesterday! Hope you enjoyed your steak, I'm sure it's fine, don't worry.
Just got my screening results back from the 12 week bloods etc. Risk of Down's comes out at 1 in 170, and they don't recommend any further tests. Someone reassure me that this is good really - I know rationally it is but it still seems a bit high to me and I stupidly googled it and it came up with loads of discussions on other sites about people going for CVS or amnio based on this result. I'm being stupid, right??

Midgetm Thu 28-Jun-12 14:16:09

knotty I would think a CVS with those kind of odds would be totally unnecessary. Turn that into a percentage and your odds are something like 0.25%. If you are concerned then ask about any other soft markers (nasal bone etc). Once you get over 40 your risk number automatically goes up even if all other signs are perfect. Please try not to worry, it sounds just fine.

knottyhair Thu 28-Jun-12 16:49:10

Thanks MidgetM. I feel a bit better about the result now - I saw that the average risk for my age (44) is 1 in 140, so I suppose it's quite good really smile.

ValiumQueen Thu 28-Jun-12 20:13:52

Belated happy birthday midget. You look very young!

Ordered a pram tonight! Not yet worked out how to do a linkey on iPad, but it is a Mountain Buggy Terrain Double. It is new, but the older pre-2011 version, which were much better build quality, as P&T took over the company and made them all trendy looking. Very excited. It is fab at bumping up and down steps, great off road, and chocolate brown! It was £250 from Winstanley Prams, free postage. The newer version gives little change from £600!

Feel a bit strange buying it at only 23 weeks, but I could not miss out!

Last day at work tomorrow thank f**k! Managers are being idiots, and I am so stressed. Looking forward to being a full time mummy to my beautiful girls and being able to think about bump occasionally.

Midgetm Thu 28-Jun-12 22:07:25

I think I Love you VQ

bytheseaside Thu 28-Jun-12 22:53:56

knottyhair good odds, I think! I got so used to the dreadful IVF odds (and I beat them - yeah!) that any stats I've faced since have seemed brilliant.

Midget Yes, very, very young - just like exexe

VQ congrats! I'm going to try and follow your lead some time in the next 4 months ...

Well, whilst I'm obviously not glad to hear you are all a bunch of worriers, it makes me feel less like a nutcase - thanks for making me feel better x

Sesquipedality Fri 29-Jun-12 14:19:39

Thanks for kind words and warm welcome.

Knotty - good to know someone else with particularly similar issues/situation. Interested in your test issues as midwife has already started on at me about it all. Not sure what I think about any of it this time around or what I'll do ... I feel like 1st time around was much less stressful/more straightforward, but it could be that I've forgotten.

Would love to know more about when/how you told your 8 year old and would welcome any advice/thoughts. DS doesn't really know properly where babies come from, he knows seeds eggs and that I have a special "passage/hole" for the baby. (Classy explanation i know) At least that's what I know I've told him but whether he'll remember or not I have no idea. Tink I might need the aid of book to help me tell him. As much as anything so I don't snigger all the way through!

knottyhair Fri 29-Jun-12 14:36:05

Hi Sesqui. I think certainly for me, first time round I was a bit more naive, a bit more excited maybe as it was very much planned for etc. but I'm more anxious this time, some of that is to do with my age, but also one of my best friend's had a stillbirth a few years ago and it really shook me up to be honest. But I do rationally know that there is every chance that everything will be fine. But I still have my moments...
As for telling DS, we decided to tell him quite early on as I was very sick and he was beginning to get worried that something was wrong with me. He was devastated (we'd always sold the idea of being an only to him as that was the plan! It backfired somewhat!). We just asked him what he was worried about and once he'd had some reassurance that certain things wouldn't change for him, he gradually began to adjust. Now he is very excited and happy, wants to know how big the baby is week by week and has suggested names etc. We let him tell certain people for us, which I think helped him feel involved and helped him feel more excited I think. As for the technical side of it all (!!), he knows how babies are made in terms of sperm coming from Daddy's willy and fertilising the egg in Mummy, and he's seen OBEM so he's under no illusions about how babies are born. However, we've managed to avoid the actual important bit so far which has led to some questions out of the blue, most notably in Carluccios', "but how does the sperm get into you Mummy, I don't understand". Thankfully his pasta arrived which distracted him, for now!! Sorry for the long post, HTH.

exexe Sat 30-Jun-12 09:23:09

Midget Happy belated birthday! You look so youthful and radiant. Not at all like you've just turned 35! wink

VQ Hooray for mat leave! Bet you're enjoying every minute of it. It must be a relief to get away from all that stressful rubbish. Well done on pram purchase.

Knotty I'm glad your ds now feels really happy about the new baby. I think you dealt with it perfectly. I think the best way to tell existing children is in terms of them ie it will be YOUR baby brother or sister and not in terms of mummy is having a baby. But, phew, lucky escape in Carluccios! grin

I totally understand the worries. I know of a couple of people who have had similar experiences to your friend, Knotty and it is devastating.

In my previous pregnancy, I went overdue and started leaking amniotic fluid which caused me to end up having an emergency cs. I didn't even know it was leaking as it was so slight. Now I'm so paranoid about leaking again and get stressed out over any ahem dampness.

Knotty are you doing any exercise dvd? I think you mentioned you were getting one? I might be wrong as have proper baby brain. Just wondered if you were and how you were finding it. I got Davinas and have vowed to start doing it regularly.

Don't forget to do your pelvic floor exercises ladies. You don't want to be having those bladder problems everytime you cough, sneeze or laugh later on....smile

Sesquipedality Sat 30-Jun-12 10:24:05

Knotty and exeexe - Good to know I'm not alone. Very very useful advice about telling the kids. And knotty not too long at all, it was kind of you - both of you - to spare the time. I've been using mumsnet now for nearly 8 years and I still wonder at what a wonderfully useful and supportive community it can be.

Re telling the kids I''d got to the stage of thinking that that it would be import to position it as we 3 are having a baby, not just that we were having a baby. But I love the emphasis on YOUR having a brother/sister. Think I will reearch and read a bit ore for equally useful tips and go for earlier rather than later. I don't really want the world to know but I care more about DS in the end and think that might be the way to approach timings.

In many ways telling him relates to your other points. I think because I'm so much more worried this time that this pregnancy won't progress or things will go wrong somehow that I'd like him to know and I hope come to enjoy the idea. I think if he found out because I had a problem that would be too much and overwhelming for him. Also a pity not to get a chance to think it's fun idea - clearly I'm hoping he'd react like knotty's DS in the end.

I can't imagine what stillbirth must be like and have never been close to anyone when it's happened. I have friends who have miscarried, ivf, terrible ttc and I find that very hard. Trying to stay calm - as much as I can and convincing myself this birth and pregnancy will be fine. Poor you exe with the amnio leaks, must have been very worrying time.

Pelvic floor - oh my god. Good reminder but I tnink it's destined to go through the floor!

tazmo Sat 30-Jun-12 17:38:16

Hi am 41 and expecting 3rd child in 3 weeks so lady in waiting. Not sure if anyone else is as far along. Still got a week of work to go. Totally shattered! Kids are 2 (girl) and 3 (boy) respectively. Had 2 emergency sections so have to have another (19 jul). Think I saw someone mention ivf. My first was ICSI and got tod need ICSI for more children but 2 others have been spontaneous conceptions!!! Not so old after all....

ValiumQueen Sat 30-Jun-12 19:00:24

Gosh tasmo you will have your work cut out! What a blessing! Welcome x

exexe Sat 30-Jun-12 19:32:13

Hi tazmo . Wow to spontaneous conceptions when you didn't think you could and having a 3 yr old, 2 yr old and being heavily pregnant. How lovely and busy!

tazmo Sun 01-Jul-12 12:18:36

Very much so but luckily dh is very hands on and does a lot with them including works 4 days and has a fri off with them. Though that will change soon with me off on mat leave. Unfortunately the kids really have started to fight over the same toys and so the noise level in the house is far too loud. Wouldn't mind normally but can be quite wearing when they are both in full swing! At least I have a date for knowing when we can expect the next one! Last times it was unpredictable and was in latent phase of labour for far too long!

Not that I am looking forward to after effects of c section as tend to be sore for a few days after. Still looking forward to meeting no 3!!!!

Brizzmus Sun 01-Jul-12 13:15:10

Hello everyone, how wonderful to find so many lovely 40+ mums-to-be in one place! I will have just turned 43 when DS (number 1) makes his way into the world in early September. All is going well, despite the MW being continually 'surprised' at that being the case! Otherwise I have to say most people don't turn a hair - it's been family who have not exactly been supportive, including the assumption that DS isn't planned, as we obviously didn't realise that I was still capable of reproducing! Argh! Oh, and the obstetrician is insisting on induction... any thoughts on that would be really welcome!

tazmo Sun 01-Jul-12 14:02:35

Hi I had to get induced during labour first time round due to developing high bp and meconium in amniotic fluid (also had art) but I insisted on epidural - didn't feel a thing despite dh saying my stomach was contracting all over the place. Blissfully slept through it with epidural but I ended up with emergency c anyway so not sure how it would have affected pushing baby out!

firstbubba Sun 01-Jul-12 16:07:53

Hello ladies, lovely reading other posts of the 40+. Feeling sorry for myself with fat cankles and piles. And where do people get off exclaming your huge, it must be twins/ quads etc including some very fat men! Still finding it hard to believe this is actually happening and is real after so long.

43, 27+4 due 2nd october

tazmo Sun 01-Jul-12 16:51:16

Oh dear, dh got sickness and diarrhoea! Hope he does not pass it on.

knottyhair Mon 02-Jul-12 06:02:05

Exexe, I must confess I haven't done either of my DVDs yet - keep saying to myself I'll have a go tomorrow but either I don't feel up to it, or something more "important" comes up! I do plan to start, perhaps when I get back from holiday at the beginning of August, as I've got a lot on between now and when we go. I've got the Davina one as well, and Suzanne Bowen's Pregnancy Workout Lean & Toned. Pelvic floor wise, I fear it may be a lost cause already!
Hi Tazmo, how exciting! I shall be thinking of you on 19th July when we're driving through Germany, let us know how everything goes! And I hope your DH doesn't pass his lurgy on, and feels better today. Welcome Brizzmus & firstbubba!
Got my first consultant appt today - hope she will listen to my concerns and let me have the delivery I would like, i.e. ELCS. Bit worried as I'm so hormonal (burst into tears yesterday when DP started talking about swapping the bedrooms around to accommodate new baby/DS's copious amounts of Lego!), and I fear I won't argue my case well and will just be a pouty snotty mess. Oh well...

ValiumQueen Mon 02-Jul-12 07:06:00

Lots of tears and snot is the way to go. Just nod to say you understand the risks. They will take one look at you and think if this is what she is like at a consultants appointment, how will she be in labour? Good luck x I was granted an ELCS and it was so very wonderful after my first traumatic birth x I will have the same this time please!

knottyhair Mon 02-Jul-12 08:03:20

Thanks for the advice Valium! Looks like my fragile emotional state may work in my favour then!

ValiumQueen Mon 02-Jul-12 09:28:01

It will, so stay anxious!!! Guidance has changed recently anyway - mums to be have much more of a say in things these days. Your age will work in your favour too as they will not be keen to let you go over dates, and will not induce if you have had a previous section. I cannot recall your birth story, sorry.

I need to try to find the floor of the room that will be the nursery over the next few weeks. We have done all the swapping around, but the room is full of tat and baby stuff. There will be a few trips to tip and charity shop in my near future.

Pram being delivered today. Woo hoo!

Whatnamethistime Mon 02-Jul-12 10:20:46

hello everyone, Im back.

Brizzmus Mon 02-Jul-12 11:47:48

Thank you tazmo, that sounds like a bit of a scary reason... though it seems everything went well in the end, which is great news. And firstbubba, I so sympathise on the cankles - I really want my legs back! Oh, and for the breakdancing leprachaun I seem to be carrying to calm down every so often... I hear a lot of live music in my job and he goes berserk. I can't decide if this means he loves it or hates it!

ValiumQueen Mon 02-Jul-12 14:20:35

Welcome back whatname. How are you?

My pram got delivered today, and I am very happy with it. Built like it will last forever, and currently have a very happy 2yo, and a slightly squished 6yo in it. Need to pump the tyres up, and the raincover did not come, so cannot take it out yet, but very pleased indeed. Such a relief to have it here. Need to find a lightweight one to sling in the car now...

bytheseaside Mon 02-Jul-12 14:24:14

hello and welcome to new oldies Brizzmus my baby kicks a lot too and I just love it smile Mine goes crazy when the mw listens to the heartbeat - obviously likes / hates the ultrasound.... oh, and when I'm trying to sleep of course. I had one weird left cankle last week and felt like a freak! Luckily it's vanished now.

Tasmo - Love the fact that you got pg naturally after icsi - hopefully it will happen for me too! I bet you were amazed

Odd thing to say, but I'm really loving the rain today, although it's become obvious that I need a new raincoat that will go over bump

Midgetm Mon 02-Jul-12 15:42:33

Hello lovely old folk and a big wave and welcome to the new old folk.

Knotty I am with VQ ask nicely and if that fails start blubbing. My DH asked if I could have a ELCS at my first consultants appointment as I have such a traumatic first birth (I hadn't even considered it). They didn't bat an eyelid and said of course I could. Not so much as a fight. I don't think I want one but I am keeping it as a special back up weapon if this pregnancy gets complicated. If I develop PE or need an early induction again then I would seriously consider it - I think it is a very good plan B. I want a water birth at home they laughed at me last time I asked for this the bastards, I know the reality will be somewhat different with my track record.

Firstbubba just the word cankles makes me shudder. Mine have not appeared yet but it is only a matter of time. With DC1 I had cankles like an elephant and could only wear Birkenstocks. I have reoccurring dreams that my feet turned into pigs trotters. This was not actually far from the truth. And they hurt. So far I have only had the tingle but they haven't actually got cankle like yet - all that is to come. But don't even get me started on the piles.

Bytheseaside My raincoat still does up...Just. I am far too tight to buy a new one I think - I can't remember what I did for a coat last time. I may fashion one out of a bin liner when this one starts popping butons.

Brizzmus I was induced with DD1. To be honest the induction itself wasn't that bad but next time if I needed the drip I think i would ask for an epidural straight away. I had back to back labour and a hard and fast early induction and the epidural at 8cm's made me think why the hell didn't I get that earlier. If I have to have interventions anyway then I will go the full hog I think....

The baby is having a quiet time at the moment - wish it would buck up - I prefer it when I get the living daylights kicked out of me - I fret less. I have the 24 week scan this week to check the movement or not of the Amniotic band and if I have any signs of the dreaded PE and restricted growth. Can't come soon enough - I have done very well trying to remain positive but it is wearing thin and I need some reassurance. I would like to also discuss the possibility of being transferred to the midwife led unit but fully expect them to tell me no to piss off. And you all seem very organised compared to me - this poor baby is going to be raised my wolves at this rate.

Welcome back Whats hows tricks? Lovely to see lots of new people joining. The usual suspects seem a big quiet the last few days LRM are you ok? Fjord I know has been busy celebrating her DH's birthday so otherwise engaged. HB, Ex????

Big wave to everyone and best go and do some bloody work....

knottyhair Mon 02-Jul-12 17:36:15

Midget, you have indeed done well so far, hope the scan this week will give you some peace of mind.
Thanks for all the advice - appt went OK. Heard the baby's heartbeat which was lovely, and she wants me to get retested this week at GPs for thyroid as she thinks the meds ought to be increased. Due to my age and thyroid problems, I'll get 2 extra scans at 28 wks and 34 wks. I asked about the ELCS and as expected I got the usual stuff about the risks etc. (which I do know are real risks!), but I started talking about my nightmares I've had, the stress I feel about this pregnancy, my previous traumatic labour with DS and my friend's baby who died and blubbed all over the place as I feared. She was very sweet and just said it's early at 15 wks to make these decisions, that the consultant would have to OK it (she was an SHO), but ultimately it was my choice and I wouldn't be pushed into anything I didn't want.
Hope everyone's feeling OK this evening x

Midgetm Mon 02-Jul-12 18:17:24

Knotty Good on you - that was pretty much the reaction I got too - they would rather I didn't have one but I can if I like. I am totally traumatised now as to what I should do. All these bloody decisions eh? I would rather go for a normal birth but can't face the thought of having to stay in as long as I did last time (2 fecking weeks) and a CS seems somehow neat, easy and less dangerous to the baby than another early induction which could end in a EMCS which I am terrified of. Blimey o'reily they dont answer these question on OBEM do they?

ValiumQueen Mon 02-Jul-12 19:07:36

I think 15 weeks is exactly the time to make such a decision. That way you can get peace of mind and enjoy your pregnancy! My ELCS went a long way to healing the scars of my first birth experience. I still felt a bit of a failure, but was home sooner, healed quicker, bonded better, and enjoyed my pregnancy once I knew what was happening. I am having DC3 so that must say something.

knottyhair Tue 03-Jul-12 16:35:36

Thanks everyone smile! I think I'll bring it up again at the next appt (follow up to 20 wk scan in August). Hope everyone's feeling OK today. I had a productive day - housework, made some little chicken patties and a sweet & sour sauce to have with noodles & veg for tea but I still needed my nana nap at lunchtime. Conked out completely for an hour and woke up feeling very groggy. Could be thyroid related I guess, I was expecting to feel a bit more with it by 15 weeks but maybe not!

eagleray Tue 03-Jul-12 19:05:27

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new joiners!

This week is big appointment week - got a 2hr joint consultant appt on Friday (no idea how we will fill 2 hours, but hope I get a comfy chair) then on Saturday I get 12 week scan (and I will be exactly 12 weeks on that day!). Bit anxious about it all as kind of used to not knowing if everything is ok and also haven't really computed that there is something in there.

On top of that DP, leaves for a work trip abroad the following day so will be on my own when I get the results (having said that he is only around at weekends anyway so am pretty much used to being on my own but abroad is a bit more than I'm used to)

Nausea doesn't seem quite so bad, but have had some really shocking displays of temper (at work and also at home when DP is around ) - I'm sure we can partially blame hormones, but let's also throw in tiredness, worry, nausea, feeling isolated and so on and it's no wonder I go a bit nuts sometimes. On the other hand, I do get peace and quiet when I come home, which I know the majority of you don't get (so am quite lucky in that respect!)

Now I just need to remember to be nice to the doctors on Friday, even if they tell me things I don't want to hear...

It's really interesting hearing all the opinions/experience re birth choices - I'm veering between homebirth and high tech/pain relief/intervention, depending on how happy/confident I'm feeling about everything.

Whatname - great to see you back - I hope all is well with you
Midgetm - made me think when you mentioned OBEM - used to watch that without flinching (pre pregnancy), and now I just turn over quickly if I see it on the telly - funny that, eh?

Hope everyone has a lovely restful evening

FjordMor Tue 03-Jul-12 20:08:01

Checking in to say Hi smile <waves> before catching up on all your posts...

FjordMor Tue 03-Jul-12 20:52:50

Welcome Sesqui, tazmo, Brizzmus and firstbubba smile

Hpbp - back in Paris - can I be jealous? Or are you there all the time and I've lost track? I know how you feel "I don't seem to be able to do anything else than roll out of bed, walk DS1 to playground, cook lunch and tea, and sleep. I salute all of you who can still go to the gym and/or work." - describes how I feel exactly (except replace the 'walk DS1 to playground' with a little shopping or housework!).

Still, I've been officially informed by midwife yesterday that, at 25 weeks, I have the bump of a 36-weeker. So concerned is she (although it's probably just my fibroids having got ginormous) that I'm getting another scan in the next week or 2 (hoorah!) smile.

Enjoying feeling and watching the baby have a writhe around every night. She's very cute; responds with a kick to her Dad's voice, kids voices/laughter and comes to kick our hands/fingers if we rub them near where her feet are smile. She's starting to feel very 'real' and 'present' - also heavy so I feel like I'm carrying her around with me already! She also kicks a lot in the supermarket for some reason so I'm often caught by trolley pushers standing there, rubbing my belly with a stupid grin on my face! smile

Midget! Can't believe I missed your birthday! A very happy belated birthday to you! Thoroughly approve of your choice of treats smile. What day's your scan? Will be thinking of you and hoping all is ok, especially with that stupid band thingie! (Btw, have been in the Birkenstocks only since about week 21 blush).

Would also like to weigh in against mat clothes! Am also still in stretchy/loose fit regular stuff, despite having the bump of a 36-weeker. Bought one mat top (empire line) that cuts through my boobs and has a baggy empty lump of fabric at the top of my bump. Not 'buying' the whole 'mat clothes are better' thing. Sticking with stretchy/ruched side tops and M&S wide fit stretch waist trousers, loose dresses and will add in some H&M maternity leggings and jeggings soon as I hear good things about those.

Re pelvic floor - am already having slight problems blush. Will it help to start them now or am I doomed?

Re OBEM: watched 2 programmes called 'Birth Story' (American) yesterday and bawled through the latter half of both. Not affected by the ELCS/birth (which usually tends to weirdly put me at my ease about the whole thing) but just so bloody moved by the connection/experience of the parents. I'm going to be a mess at mine! blush again.

Hope I've not missed anyone's ground-breaking news and will endeavour to be back on track with regular posting as I missed you all! smile

ValiumQueen Tue 03-Jul-12 21:02:39

Good to see you back fjord I was beginning to worry about you. A bump of a 36 weeker wow. Perhaps it is excess fluid, or really triplets, but two were hiding, or is it just cake?

FjordMor Tue 03-Jul-12 21:48:42

Hi Valium smile

I actually did suggest to my midwife that I had, in fact, eaten all the pies but to be fair, my 'fat' is at the sides and my bump sticks 'out' about a foot and is firm all over. She measured the 'height' when I was lying flat, over the middle so in theory, fat 'falls' to the sides. She said it wasn't fat but there was a possibility of lots of retained water/gas blush. However, she said she wanted a scan and wasn't happy to just assume it was that. She said she has lots of overweight mums through there and had rarely ever had a bump so off the chart for the dates shock. Actually I feel 'a little bit special' wink. Mostly just focusing on getting an extra scan and seeing my LO smile. Worse case scenario I'll have humungous fibroids and the gyno will say an ELCS is unavoidable/best way forward. What will be will be I guess. Can you imagine if they find another baby(ies) after 3 previous scans! I'm figuring the odds are low but would be a mahoosive shock!

Congrats on what sounds like a great pram buy btw! smile

tazmo Tue 03-Jul-12 22:13:48

Agh have hit the 14 stone barrier - nightmare! How can I shift it????? Never got that heavy with the other two. The baby is officially an elephant!!!!! Three days left of work. Counting down the minutes. Really feel like I have sore under ribs tonight there is so much strain! Baby is also stretching so much - it has no room to move so it's tryin to go round my back!

Hope everyone is well!

FjordMor Tue 03-Jul-12 22:52:37

LRM/anyone else apprehensive about labour - just found out about this site/resource today & think it's well worth investigating/supporting. Also any mums with positive birth stories get involved! http://tellmeagoodbirthstory.com/ http://www.facebook.com/Tellmeagoodbirthstory
Am in no way involved with this site, just think its a brilliant brilliant resource and a fab antidote to all the horror stories we get told.

bytheseaside Wed 04-Jul-12 08:46:39

Ah, thanks Fjord - just the kind of website I need to look at smile My bumps a bit big too, but UK mws don't seem so bothered... How nice to get an extra scan - sounds like you are well and truly 'in the system' over there now!

knotty I'm like you - alternating nesting and napping (and I also feel horribly groggy each time so try to stay awake, but just can't fight it) Today's plan: do 20 loads of washing, clean out chest of drawers and store all too-small clothes, make butternut squash soup. And sleep on the sofa and watch telly.

eagleray wow a 2 hour appointment - how come? Nice to be taken seriously, I guess! I'm utterly crazy for at least a couple of hours a day - although luckily working at home so can't easily shout at my colleagues. I seem to spend a lot of time apologising to poor DP once the hormone flood recedes. I think it's fair to blame the hormones, tiredness and too much worry tbh, although I wish I was a serene, blissfullly blooming pregnant lady

midgetm best of luck for your scan - it must have really been weighing on your mind. And I agree with you about liking the movements, even if they still feel weird! The little kicks and brushes are lovely, but its the times when her head (?) seems to push outwards against my tummy that freaks me out a bit! What's she doing in there? Fjord mine responds to touch too, especially at night - sooo lovely!

Hi everyone else, hope everyone has a lovely day and gets a chance to put feet up at least once smile [LRM where are you?]

notsoold Wed 04-Jul-12 10:04:08

Hi ladies....I am writing this after a really upsetting time at the 12 scan six days ago.
Our baby died at 10 weeks and the following day I had an erpc. Absolutely distress. First time my own children (18 and13) had a experience of loss and besides everything I also felt guilt of putting them through this.
We had talked , DH and I of trying more than once if things went wrong and that gave strength.
so I am resting this week. Off work . Allowing myself to cry even as I write this. And having our dog being lovely( as always she picked up on the vibe) and not leaving my side at all times. )
Maybe I should leave the thread and go to the TTC....
Terrible times.

knottyhair Wed 04-Jul-12 10:14:22

notsoold, I'm so so sorry. Cry as much as you need my love. Lots and lots of love to you and your family, and good luck when you do decide to try again.

bytheseaside Wed 04-Jul-12 10:16:54

notsoold I'm so very sorry this has happened to you x

FjordMor Wed 04-Jul-12 11:18:52

Just realised I totally messed up the link posting last night! Doh! How about this? tellmeagoodbirthstory.com/

FjordMor Wed 04-Jul-12 11:22:22

Oh notsoold,

I posted before I saw your post. I'm so very very sorry this happened to you. I can't even imagine how you must feel. Cry as much as you need - I hope you are all able to feel this together as a family and gain strength from it. Dogs are so sensitive and often know just what you need. Don't give up if it's what you want but allow yourself the time you need to grieve now. Lots of love xx

exexe Wed 04-Jul-12 12:45:13

Notsoold I'm so sorry to hear your news. Good luck for ttc and hopefully we'll see you again soon.

Just a quick one today. I'm mega stressed due to being busy at work, having builders in and having problems with our borrowing for the extension due dhs self employed status. We've got some money but also need to borrow some. If we can't get it we won't be able to finish the work sad

I've got so much to do today too. Boo. Wish I could just go and have a nap instead sad

ValiumQueen Wed 04-Jul-12 13:11:15

So sorry to hear that notsoold thinking of you and your family at this difficult time.

notsoold Wed 04-Jul-12 14:38:29

Thanks everybody.... Iwish all the best in your pregnancies....

Brizzmus Wed 04-Jul-12 16:30:51

Just saw your news, notsoold, so sorry to hear. I hope you are getting all the support you need.

Midgetm Wed 04-Jul-12 19:17:22

Notsoold so sorry you've had to go through this. Having lost count of the times I have miscarried I really do know how you feel. Keep that hope alive, in the meantime be gentle on yourself. Huge hugs x

tazmo Wed 04-Jul-12 23:02:05

Sorry to hear such sad news

10000Fireflies Wed 04-Jul-12 23:03:54

So sorry to hear your news notso

OMG, I have zero time to keep up with you all. Baby firefly cluster feeds from 8am to 1pm and then 6pm to midnight or later.... in between I either sleep or go out for some fresh air... or have MW visits. Hope to get into a routine where I can keep up with you all better. Baby is utterly scrummy though and I am v v v happy. Hubby and I had one day at home together before he went back to work though which was really crap.

I might get round to posting my nightmare birth story sometime!! But only if you're really good.

Hugs to all.


knottyhair Thu 05-Jul-12 07:59:17

Hello Fireflies! Lovely to hear how you're getting on, glad you're so happy smile. The feeding should settle down a bit soon, but those first few weeks are very intense, but lovely (from what I can remember from 8 years ago!). Enjoy, and I'm "looking forward" to hearing your birth story!

10000Fireflies Thu 05-Jul-12 08:20:07

Hi knotty

I probably don't need to elaborate much on - bodged epidural which didn't work for 3 hours+, MWs disbelieving that I wasn't getting any pain relief, pushing syntocinon drip on me, until found epi wasn't sited correctly...Once hero consultant sorted spinal and then 4th epi worked, you could have done anything to me... VE anyone? Feel free, have a rummage? Want to put me in a weird position so you can find baby's HB again instead of mine...? Go ahead!! Shift me around as you like! My labour progressed incredibly fast in first few hours, but then slowed down to zero. Baby was stuck so EMCS. In the end, I'm rather glad I had CS. Recovery ok. Bit tricky being in first floor flat, but have a light buggy now suitable from birth so can get out, therefore avoiding new Mummy madness.

I guess I will have to sign off from this thread soon. I have already asked to be listed as TTC on the 40+ conception thread!! grin So guess birth hasn't affected me that badly!!

Awww. Little FF being v cute snuggled on my lap and actually allowing me to type with both hands!! Bless.

Hugs and love to all. FF xx

knottyhair Thu 05-Jul-12 08:41:33

Good god, FF, sounds pretty horrific, but as you say, you do "get over it" if that's the right phrase, once you're holding your little baby smile. Little FF sounds amazing. Lots of love to you & your family xx

ValiumQueen Thu 05-Jul-12 09:25:41

FF many things in your story reflect mine! I think the advice is to leave a year before ttc after a section? I remember cluster feeding. Fond memories not! Well done for feeding. It is not easy, but so rewarding in time x

exexe Thu 05-Jul-12 10:12:25

Oh dear FF. Poor you. Anyway, memories are short when it comes to giving birth trauma. A good job too as I don't think people would ever have another child and the NHS would have been sued to bunkruptcy years ago!
Anyway you both sound like you're well and happy and thats what counts smile

I'm having another stressful day dealing with banks and accountants grrr.

I have an appointment at 11.30 today at the ante natal. I don't know what its for as I just got texted it and couldn't get through when I tried to phone. I'm hoping its a consultant appointment for elcs.

Catch up later.

Brizzmus Thu 05-Jul-12 11:06:40

Thank you midgetm for your thoughts on the induction - sounds like it might not necessarily be the 0-100mph exerpience that I thought. I am still bemused, however, that the obstetrician decided so early that my advanced and doddery age was a good enough (sole) reason to assume that I wouldn't make it to term. I never thought of age as a medical symptom!

knotty, I think I slept through my second trimester, or would have if that pesky work hadn't got in the way. Funnily enough though, I slept better at night if I had had the nana nap after lunch... And I guess we need to stock up for the coming months anyway!

I have a day off today, yay! I am planning on doing a great deal of nothing.

Hpbp Thu 05-Jul-12 21:46:16

FF, oh dear, what a story, but I am very glad you and baby are doing well. I will miss you on this thread. Lets keep in touch by creating a new thread for graduate mums over 40. Have you decided on a name yet ?

Exexe, sorry about the credit thing, hope you will find soon a way to fund your building work.

VQ have you tried the pushchair yet ? It is so exciting to have a new one...

Notsoold, I am so sorry, my thoughts are with you and family. Take it easy and recover soon.

Midget, has the scan given you peace of mind re amniotic band ?

Fjord, I am French and moved to London 5 years ago, but my mum still lives near Paris and has a lot of space so I decided to go back to hers to have support for the end of this pg and DS1, as DH travels a lot and besides, I am now unemployed and officially a SAHM... We agreed I would stay for about 3/4 months and DH will commute between London and Paris on week ends.

Bytheseaside, have you made up your mind on the pram ?

Welcome to all new joiners, sorry I could not welcome each of you individually as these 2 past weeks have been hectic. I now have my 3.8 y.o all day at home with me and my mum, it is a lot of work to keep him busy ! With an aim to get rid of his addiction to iPad and TV (thank you, dear DH). And I have been going every other day to antenatal classes to prepare birth, relaxation, breathing and pushing technics... I also have to sort out private medical insurance with healthcare provider, clinic... 37 weeks and my hospital bag is still not ready! What am I doing ?

Bump is doing well. Moving a lot at day and night time. BH have kicked in too. Mainly at night. 3 times this week. 2 consecutive nights for 30 minutes. One night off. And again last night for an hour, going from front to back and down to one leg. I am very glad I had the breathing support learnt with MW last week and her reassuring words too: if the contraction does not cover the entire bump and not that strong, it is not labor. I have been telling my bump to wait for Daddy to be with us before doing the real and final push.... Hope she hears me.

Thats it for me tonight. Hugs to all of you.

ValiumQueen Thu 05-Jul-12 21:56:43

Not yet tried pushchair outside as no pump for tyres and DH said I could not. Not that I always do what he says you understand. It is now back in box awaiting the new arrival. DD2 loved climbing in and out, and put her many dolls to sleep in it.

Accidentally bought two matching foot muffs too. Never had a new pram, so it is very exciting. DH seems to like it too. Thankfully.

Midgetm Thu 05-Jul-12 22:50:58

Brizzmus Hope you had a lovely lazy day off.

FF lovely to hear back from you and huge hugs. I know it doesn't matter in the end how they come out but does sound like you had a bit of an ordeal. Congratulations though - and give little FF a huge hug and a kiss from me. Please don't leave us - we will miss you too much.

Thanks for posting your story - It made me really quite decisive about my care as up until you posted I had been dithering.

If I go into labour naturally I shall go to the midwife led unit and try a water birth. with whale music, candles and hypno shit If there is any hint of an induction I am going ELCS. My experience last time was so grim and I can't face the long stay in hospital after (2 weeks drove me actually crazy) and at least with an ELCS you are in and out relatively quickly.

I had a scan today with my lovely consultant (wish you all had one like her - she really is excellent). The band is right by the babies head and she really doesn't think it poses any risk at all. She measured all the blood flow and the baby's measurements and it is all average so no sign of PE and IUGR like last time. All most excellent news. As she was looking at the measurements I thought I saw a willy. I had decided not to find out but was so convinced at what I had seen, that we cracked and asked for confirmation and we are indeed having a boy. So one of each for me. DH delighted - DD devastated - I will need the next 15 weeks to bring her round. I just feel happy and blessed that the baby seems healthy. I really thought it was a boy as it kicks me so often - DD was so much gentler. Nothing like playing to stereotypes straight off eh? Poor DD was muttering 'throw the boy in the bin' - I think we may need to work on that one. Poor thing has her heart set on a sister.

Exexe Hope your appointment went smoothly - whatever it was for hope it wasn't the syphilis clinic - oh no that is just me

Waves at VQ and everyone else - best go get this old lady some sleep x

ValiumQueen Fri 06-Jul-12 07:46:01

midget such good news! Congratulations on a boy. Your daughters response was the same as my first, and I was quite relieved I went on to have a girl! As you say, you have time to work on this.

Midgetm Fri 06-Jul-12 07:56:28

So VQ were you told it was a boy and then it was a girl?

Brizzmus Fri 06-Jul-12 09:48:31

midgetm, tell your DD that younger brothers are much easier to boss around wink!

Is this a highlight for pregnancy brain? Went to walk out the door this morning to go to work, all nicely dressed, coat on, bag over shoulder, then realised I still had a towel wrapped around my wet hair...

ValiumQueen Fri 06-Jul-12 10:57:02

brizz that is funny!

midget our trust does not tell you the gender so DD1 was hoping for a girl and said if it was a boy to send it back. She wants a boy this time. It is pretty much impossible for them to get a boy diagnosis wrong, but they do sometimes say a girl, and then a boy arrives.

bytheseaside Fri 06-Jul-12 11:23:58

brizmuss i was so sleepy and late one morning this week i had to drive dp to station in my pjs...

midget lovely news! your dd is so funny though

fireflies blimy , glad you are ok and sounding so happy smile

househunting in a forsaken town in the rain today sad almost pleased there are no available houses, even if it means im going into labour as we move house...

Midgetm Fri 06-Jul-12 11:51:53

VQ I thought as much - I am rubbish as distinguishing body parts on a scan but err I am not rubbish at willy recognition.

Brizz that is classic baby brain.

exexe Fri 06-Jul-12 14:16:33

Midget Lovely news. One of each smile

I had my appointment yesterday and it was with a consultant. I told him I wanted an elcs and he said fine and that he would meet me again at 36 weeks to book a date. He said they would do it between 38.5 weeks and 39 weeks.

I'm still having issues with building society grr. They just can't understand dhs self employed stuff. You'd think there werent any self employed people with mortgages the way they go on. Its ridiculous. Apparently they only look at emails the day afetr they recieve them which is the most stupid working practice I've ever heard of.

I'm also worried I'm leaking amniotic fluid. If I am then its really slight but I had this with ds2 at the end of the pregnancy. I'm worried being only 24 weeks sad
The only comfort I have is that I had a scan 2 weeks ago and it says that amniotic fluid is normal. I just have a constant dampness, to put it politely so if it is leaking then its very slight.
Why is everything such a worry??

Sorry, Its been all me me me in this post!

Hope everyone else is having a beter day.

Midgetm Fri 06-Jul-12 14:45:52

EX have you sniffed it? Are you sure it is fluid as I am Mrs Damp from dampsville.

exexe Fri 06-Jul-12 15:06:04

No I haven't and no im not sure and hopefully am just being paranoid after ds2. What should I look out for? Isn't there just a general musky smell? Sorry tmi it just feels sweaty iykwim

ValiumQueen Fri 06-Jul-12 15:22:14

You are looking for a sweet smell for amniotic fluid. I am pretty damp too, but I seem to just be leaking wee (so glad this is an anonymous site) if you are worried, speak to your MW.

Hpbp Fri 06-Jul-12 20:19:53

Midget, Exexe, VQ, can I also join the Dampsville too ? I am as paranoid as you Exexe as my first labour started with leaks of amniotic fluid at 39 weeks or so. But I am only 37 weeks atm so I hope it is only wee... Thanks for the smell tip smile

Brizz, that was funny, what did you do with the wet towel ? Did you go home to dry your hair or keep on walking with it to dry on the way to work ?

Seaside, I was house hunting until 2 weeks before delivery of DS1. But could not find anything suitable. So left the project aside for 4 months and when I came back to it, found our present place within 3 weeks. We were so lucky, it was the bottom of the market in London then. Things have slightly changed since.... Good luck

Busy week end with friends coming for a visit and DH had to postpone his return to Paris last minute as Eurostar has technical issues tonight.

tazmo Fri 06-Jul-12 21:44:04

Me also mrs dampsville - not sure if sweat or what!!!!mfinished work today - yay!!! spa day on Monday. Hope I don't go into labour before then. Major cankles today and bp starting to increase.... Eek!

eagleray Sat 07-Jul-12 09:39:20

notsoold very, very sorry to hear your terrible news - I feel incredibly sad for you

I had my joint consultant appt yesterday - the nurse was taking my bp and I said I was having a scan tomorrow then for some reason just fell apart, as if a boil had been lanced and all the stress and fears came out at once. She disappeared, came back with the obstetrician and they did a scan there and then (there was a scanner in the room anyway). Baby popped up straight away, and was exactly where I had seemingly felt it the previous week.

Rest of appt was fine - I have a pituitary tumour which is normally controlled by drugs (but can't take them during pregnancy), so they will just monitor for now to check it doesn't grow out of control and then probably back on the drugs when the baby is here. It's a bit of a balancing act as cannot conceive without the drugs but they are sufficiently nasty that they don't give you more than you actually need. The endo doc said they will see me again in a month and then that may be it as am fairly low risk for anything going wrong in terms of my condition.

Proper scan is today, along with the tests - still a bit nervous about that, but the scan yesterday made such a massive difference.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and hope it's not too damp where you are wink

Midgetm Sat 07-Jul-12 13:06:39

hp sorry DH couldn't make it back, major bummer especially for him London is bloody wet this weekend.

eagle I had a dollar meltdown at my booking in appointment. You don't always realise how you hold it all in. Glad they took your feelings seriously.

Was out last night, Pilates today. Totally knackered!

Midgetm Sat 07-Jul-12 13:07:12

Total even. ? Dollar? Bloody autocorrect

knottyhair Sat 07-Jul-12 13:11:55

Eagle, I also had a big old blub at my consultant's appt as well - she had a strategically placed box of tissues so I'm assuming it wasn't an unusual occurrence!

eagleray Sun 08-Jul-12 09:18:09

Morning all - had proper scan yesterday. Baby is exactly the right size for dates and doing all the right things (poor sonographer had her work cut out though with scientist DP asking endless questions about how the scanning worked)

Nuchal measurement is 1.6mm, which is good news, although will have to see what the bloods show up as well.

Iron levels are fairly poor (normal for me despite being on iron tablets almost constantly) so think I'm going to spend some time today researching food seeing as I am over the worst with nausea and should really be eating what I need, rather than what I like the look of!

Midgetm - glad you have had good scan news, and yes what a difference it makes having a good (and pleasant) consultant

Fireflies - sorry a very belated congratulations to you. Birth sounded horrific, but glad you are recovering well and looking forward to the next one!

ValiumQueen Sun 08-Jul-12 10:08:23

Great news eagle

exexe Sun 08-Jul-12 12:47:30

Hopefully I just have the same damp issues as others here and I'm just paranoid.

Eagle hooray for a good scan.

Midgetm Sun 08-Jul-12 12:57:05

Exexe sorry to be gross but did you sniff it? If you are worried at all you should pop into triage, they can test it I think.

eagle congrats on the scan. You can start competing with me for the worlds most photographed baby.

exexe Sun 08-Jul-12 13:25:29

Midget I did but all I got was a general mustiness smile sorry tmi but hey, its natural isn't it?
I've realised its not constant either so I think I'm just paranoid. I've heard so many horrible stories recently and I just want everything to go well.
For everyone else too.

Midgetm Sun 08-Jul-12 14:43:18

Sounds normal to me. If you do get worried get checked out though. I always think I'd rather come across as a paranoid nutter than suffer in silence. very good at getting my money's worth from the NHS

tazmo Sun 08-Jul-12 15:03:23

I think Murray may cause some early labours today! Can he keep his cool against federer?

ValiumQueen Sun 08-Jul-12 15:35:26

Just found out this one is a boy. In shock. Thought we only made girls. DH is as white as a sheet.

Midgetm Sun 08-Jul-12 15:55:09

Congratulations VQ is DH good shocked or bad shocked?

ValiumQueen Sun 08-Jul-12 16:17:43

DH feels the pressure is on him to be a good role model for his son. He suffers with low self esteem. He will be ok. I told him the mother gets blamed for everything anyway. Baby was lying with his legs open. It was very clear indeed.

Midgetm Sun 08-Jul-12 19:59:32

It is always Mums fault. Sounds like your scan was a bit like mine. There is no mistaking it when you see it is there?

FjordMor Sun 08-Jul-12 20:30:30

FF - good to hear how it's going. Sorry your birth wasn't one of the better experiences and I hope it fades to the back of your memory as you continue getting to know your little boy smile

Also congrats to Midget - a boy! smile (poor DD! - be reassured it's not just her age; DSD2 (nearly 11) made it very clear a boy wouldn't have been welcome...) and Valium! Another boy! smile

Hpbp - so close! Sorry to be so slow about your locational situation. Also sorry that your DH couldn't join you this weekend. Also a wee bit envious; a) that you have Paris to retreat to and b) that you have a supportive mum to be with. That must be kind of lovely. Glad you're feeling relaxed enough not to have your bag ready yet. Hope it stays that way for you! smile

Bytheseaside / Hpbp - also in the house hunting situation. Waiting for my London flat to sell as you need money 'in hand' to buy here (none of this 'chain' business) and not sure if there will be enough time now before baby is born to buy and move. We're now trying to make our shoebox basement flat newborn-worthy and hoping we'll get to move before she's 10 weeks. There's precious all on the market here in the size we need at the moment anyway.

exexe - and others. Add me to the 'dampsivlle' crew. I also worried I was leaking amniotic fluid as mine seemed to smell like blush er...sperm and er blush let's just say there was no way it could be (DP's choice, not mine sad). I took a trip down the naughty google path and found masses of sites saying that amniotic fluid smells like sperm. However, I didn't panic as it was only occasionally. Midwife said she was quite sure it was urine or sweat as leaks that aren't full on 'waters breaking' are quite rare and then ended up having this scan the other day for other reasons and gynae reassured me there was 'plenty' of amniotic fluid so I've decided just to shrug and not know what it was/is but rest assured it's not amniotic fluid. Hopefully yours is exactly the same. I did 'run' to the MW/doctor and like Midget says, it's always better to be reassured than to ignore things. They didn't berate me for over-worrying smile.

eagleray - great news on the scan! smile

Not much news here. Had the DSDs this weekend after their mother had said we couldn't have them this summer other than our 2 week holiday and took them and bump to the cinema to see Men in Black III (in the neighbouring town so DSD1 (12) can manage the embarrassment) before realising LO's ears might find it a bit alarming so I wrapped a scarf over the bump! She kicked up a storm during the rocket launch and I felt like a very bad mother... Other than that, trying to decide what car seat to buy to go with our Stokke Xplory. Maxi Cosi can fit on the chassis of the buggy with an adaptor. The Stokke BeSafe seat is lovely though a bit more expensive. Torn and indecisive...

And today watched Murray...not a dry eye on Centre Court!

Hpbp Sun 08-Jul-12 21:53:07

VQ, tell DH he will have a great time with his son, pretending to fight with pillows, to be dinosaurs, racing one against the other... My DH and DS1 love the quality time they have together. And now than I am in Paris and DH comes over for the weekend, I can see my son's face lighting up when he sees his Dad coming out of the station...
Your DH will be absolutely fine.

Eagleray, glad your scan was good

Good night everyone

Hpbp Sun 08-Jul-12 22:14:53

Fjord, actually I kicked myself this afternoon and have sorted baby's clothing, 0-3 months white clothes and cotbed linen are now drying in the basement, tomorrow I will wash 0-3 months coloured clothes. Hopefully it will dry quickly as Paris is as wet as London atm. How is the weather where you are ?

I have a clinic visit only on 16 July and will then be given the list of things I need to bring in for baby and me for the 5 days I will stay with them after delivery. So I am taking it easy. Very near future will tell if I was right or not smile
My last appointment with the obstetrician was good and he does not expect me to go into labour early.

I feel confident and have been talking to baby to make sure she understands we/she need to wait for another 2 weeks when my DH can start his temporary work transfer in Paris... I will then be 39 weeks... So close !

Hope your London flat will sell quickly. Keep my fingers crossed for you.

FjordMor Sun 08-Jul-12 22:29:23

Aw thanks Hpbp. Glad to hear you've had a wave of activity but not getting too stressed about it. Stavanger actually has been glorious; 27 day before yesterday, 24 day before that and 22 with no cloud today but was raining & humid yesterday. We are I am melting in our basement and I am perched in front of the floor standing fan at all times! It's impossible if we use the cooker or dishwasher!

Fingers crossed about the flat but it's been slow starting as its near Wimbledon Tennis & agents have a problem persuading people in & out of the area who aren't tennis tourists. Hopefully things will pick up now.

knottyhair Mon 09-Jul-12 07:48:51

Will catch up properly later, but just wanted to say to Valium, firstly congratulations! And that my DP had a similar wobble when we found out with DS - DP has no relationship with his own dad due to a very violent upbringing (all the kids and my MIL were regularly hit/punched etc.) and he became convinced he was going to be like his dad. The reality couldn't be further from the truth and they are so close, and totally idolise each other. Please tell him not to worry, he'll be fantastic I'm sure!

ValiumQueen Mon 09-Jul-12 10:28:50

Thank you for your reassuring words. DH never knew his dad as he left when he got his mum pregnant at 19. He was also abused by a priest as a young boy, so has no good role models. He will be ok but was in tears last night as he said what he wants the most is what he fears the most.

bytheseaside Mon 09-Jul-12 13:24:36

lovely scan news eagle and vq smile

vq i really believe that the way to avoid repeating the bad childrearing patterns we have experienced is to be self-aware and to keep communicating with our partners about it, and your dh is clearly doing both, he will be great, especially with you to boost his confidence.

fjord wow great weather! our house prob is the opposite to yours we have too much space and is too expensive! (we're renting) also too far from dps work, and I'll want him home for bathtime...

hi everyone else too smile

littleredmonkey Mon 09-Jul-12 20:44:27

Hi ladies,
Been MIA lately, been so busy at work and by the time I get home I have not got the energy to grab the laptop of other half. He has gone to the gym so logged on to catch up.
VQ - Lovely u are joining me with team blue. Your hubby will love him to bits and have the best time of his life I am sure
Fjord - Glad u have had some good weather. I keep wanting it to rain as the store I work in has old ac and is hot as hell and dont fancy the turn I had two weeks ago again. But when it gets to September the sun can shine I can slump in a chair and read my kindle bathing in the sunshine. Happy Camper waiting for baby Dylan to make an appearance

I am 28 weeks this Thursday ladies, I dont know where the time has gone!!! It scary , not long till I meet my little man. I keep thinking what colour his hair will be mine is red and partner is brown . Will he have my height or brown eyes or partners green eyes. Ah well as long as he is a happy soul and he will have more cuddles then he can cope with !!!!.
Still terrified about giving birth. With the advances in medical research you would think they could put you to sleep , suck em out safely, washing em and put them on your belly as you gentle wake up all wrapped up in a blanket. Surrounded by classical music and your partner looking on in awe at the miracle that you have provided through 9 + months of blood sweat worry and tears. No pain, no stitching no possible chance you could crap all over the midwife.

eagleray Tue 10-Jul-12 19:01:54

Evening everyone

Been waiting this week for the test results after Saturday's scan - was told to expect either a call earlier in the week if high risk, or a text later in week if everything was ok.

Was sat at my desk this afternoon trying to reassure myself everything would be ok when I got the call. Things aren't too bad - the risk is 1:112 (nuchal measurement was 1.6 and my age is 40) but it's not the news I was hoping for, and the 'high risk' label is scary. Doesn't help that I work in an office building of 4,000 people and the only place to find anything resembling privacy is to stand on the stairwell (where you are still visible to 200-odd people).

Had to take some notes v quickly about potential next steps re further tests and have now managed to skype DP who is abroad at a conference. His pc didn't have any sound on it so I spoke and he typed messages on the screen in reply, basically saying he will support whatever I choose to do (actually turned out to be quite a good way of communicating!)

I am leaning towards cvs as I think I just want peace of mind that everything is ok (and also to know now rather than at next scan that something is wrong).

I had a quick look at the previous 40+ thread and found screening discussed quite a bit but it seems that the majority of people had very low risk (up until this point I had been trying to convince myself that my results were 'normal' but clearly not)

So off now to do some more reading/research and also thinking of those poor people who have to cope with much worse odds.

If anyone here has had a cvs before, I would be interested to know what to expect as have to possibly organise it for Friday (would probably be on my own so not sure how feasible driving is afterwards?)

Thanks and have a nice evening everyone

OooohShiny Tue 10-Jul-12 19:19:20

LRM...that is freaky, I am 28 weeks this thursday too!! Due exactly one week before my 41st birthday grin

I haven't posted on here for ages, not since my very early days.

I have my GTT tomorrow as I was measuring ++ glucose a fortnight ago...fingers crossed it was just a wee blip

My wee man is 'very active' according to my sonographer...yeah, I had noticed thanks...I'm being pumelled from every angle these days...all day and all flippin night...if I'm not up peeing i'm rubbing my tummy to try and calm him down lol

Eagle..I'll keep everything crossed for a good result for you.

Off for my nightly bath and an early night...exhaustion seems to have set in again this week

Hpbp Tue 10-Jul-12 19:58:15

Eagleray, You have all my sympathy as I have gone through this for this pg. but it was after my 22 week scan and not the first screening. I opted for amnio and had to wait for 4 weeks to get the final and complete results. By the time I had the results I was 26 weeks and feeling baby move so much, I am very grateful that all was clear and no bad news as I could not imagine a termination at the stage I was. as you said peace of mind is important to you and the baby and as far as I know cvs gives results very fast.
Regarding the procedure itself I have no experience. I was scared of miscarriage with the amnio, but the doctor I saw was very nice and seemed very skilled, she took time to answer my questions before the intervention itself. And it was not painful, I was told to avoid lifting anything heavy for 3 days and get some rest.
Can anyone go with you or pick you up after ? I am sure you will be fine re driving but how will you feel in your head ?
My thoughts are with you. I had lots of support in this thread when I went through it at the end of March.

Hpbp Tue 10-Jul-12 20:06:27

On my side, I have washed and ironed alll 0-3 month baby clothes and bed linen today. Also signed my private medical insurance today, I am now covered ! That is a relief. Tomorrow I have a blood test and Thursday a growth scan, my cervix will also be checked, DH will join on Friday. No sign of early labour so far. BH from time to time, mainly at night....
Wave to everyone from dry and not too warm Paris.

eagleray Tue 10-Jul-12 20:08:26

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I have had a call from my brother to say my dad is in hospital with cancer (not sure exactly what but sounds like stomach/liver and they are expecting a poor prognosis).

He is 400 miles away up in Scotland and so now really need to sort out practicalities for getting up there asap. Haven't seen him for years and relationship not partic close, but definitely need to visit.

Feeling a bit floored really - but I guess I have lots of practical things to sort out now. First thing is to break the news to my sister although can't stop crying now.

Sorry to bring nothing but bad news and my own misery this evening - have just realised how alone I'm feeling! Thanks for the info Hpbp - sounds like you have been through a very stressful time. I will see what appointments are available and then try and factor in some help (may even be able to get DP to get day off)

Midgetm Tue 10-Jul-12 22:04:13


So sorry you have so much to deal with right now. Awful news about your Dad, got everything crossed things aren't as bad as they seem for him.

Re the test result have you posted over on the tests and choices board? They have some really knowledgeable people on there. I personally would want to know more about the result as 1.6 is a really good measurement so I would want to understand what has made it high before going for any more testing. A friend of mine had a really high result given to her (think 1:4 or 1;2) seemed this was largely down to her age and little else and actually there were no other markers. (Baby perfectly healthy and happy) I know it is easier said than done but try and turn that result round to a % and the risk is not so high - just sounds so goddam awful when they put it that way.

Anyway not sure that is helping right now - probably far too much to think about. Here is a big virtual hug - and you have every right to be miserable - under any type of criteria you have had a very very shitty day

ValiumQueen Tue 10-Jul-12 22:16:03

Big hug here too eagle

eagleray Tue 10-Jul-12 23:46:37

That's good advice Midget - I was curious about the blood tests but didn't really get a chance to ask on the phone as was a bit thrown by the call.

I think what I will do is post on the test and choices board to find out what sort of information I should be getting, then will try and get a cvs appt tomorrow when I ring the midwife, then carry on researching (I am assuming it's not the end of the world if I cancel the appointment if I change my mind). Ideally I would get it done on the friday as DP may be around to help, plus I can recover over the weekend (I am self employed so it isn't ideal to take time off work, although obviously some things can't be helped)

I did ask when I had the blood tests if my screwy hormones could have any influence on the test, and they said no, but I probably need to find out more. My pituitary gland isn't functioning correctly, plus I found out at my scan they have me down as a potential thalassaemia carrier (news to me up until now).

I have noticed as well on the hyperemesis support thread that a lot of blood tests gave an increased risk (after background risk for age), possibly due to high HCG levels (in turn causing the hyperemesis). I guess I slightly have the reverse, my blood results have pulled the risk back from 1:85 (age alone) to 1:112 (combined factors)

God, it's all so confusing - I just wanted to try and get it out of the way before I have to go up to Scotland. Would like to be able to tell dad that I am having a baby, but hear he has already pulled his food tube out and been horrible to the hospital staff, so not sure how geared up he will be for conversation.

Dreading work tomorrow as my eyes are now puffy beyond repair. Will ask nicely if I can move to a quiet area to work so that I don't have to worry about crying in front of hundreds of people! Goodnight

knottyhair Wed 11-Jul-12 06:42:18

Valium, hope your DH is feeling better, and for what it's worth I agree with bytheseaside, I think my DP's experiences as a child made him more determined to be an amazing father to DS. Your DH will be fantastic smile. LRM, 28 weeks! So exciting! Eagle, I'm so sorry about your dad. Such a lot to cope with at the moment. Re: test results, I'd just echo Midget about converting it to a percentage, it might help. Hope work goes OK for you today. Oooohshiny, hope you got your bath and early night, and good luck for today. Hpbp, sounds like it won't be long now! Good luck for your scan tomorrow.

16+3 wks for me, and off out for lunch today with a couple of friends. Nausea is a lot better although still knackered and don't feel great in the evenings. Rapidly expanding though! A friend is taking me to Bluewater on Saturday to get some maternity stuff - I don't really need it yet but my normal stuff is definitely "snug" and we're off on holiday next week so I need to be comfortable! Got my 16 week MW appt (I'll be 17+2) next Tuesday, then we're away from Thursday and my 20 wk scan just after we get back on 8th August. Really hope they can tell us if it's a boy or girl! Hope everyone else is OK xx

exexe Wed 11-Jul-12 09:40:09

VQ I feel really sad for your dhs childhood. Its awful. He sounds so concerned and sensitive that I'm sure he'll be a fab dad to a son.

Eagle Poor you. It sounds very stressful for you. remeber to look after yourself as much as you can.

Knotty good luck woth maternity shopping. If you don't find decent mat stuff can I recommend Wallis. They have some very normal loose and longish tops that work very well.

Our remortgage was finally sorted out! Hooray! I was so stressed out because of crap staff. I got really angry yesterday and demanded to speak to the manager. Lo and behold, it was all sorted 2 hrs later.

I'm still residing in dampsville too. Fjord your message was reassuring. I'm paranoid because this is what happened with ds2 BUT I was overdue with him and it wouldve happened happened around 39/40 weeks anyway.

Baby is so active now and I can feel her getting stronger. Those kicks and punches can hurt sometimes! But its lovely smile

6 more weeks till I leave work for mat leave. I could do with leaving now as I'm getting ridiculously tired some days.

How's everyone else feeling?

exexe Wed 11-Jul-12 09:41:13

VQ I feel really sad for your dhs childhood. Its awful. He sounds so concerned and sensitive that I'm sure he'll be a fab dad to a son.

Eagle Poor you. It sounds very stressful for you. remeber to look after yourself as much as you can.

Knotty good luck woth maternity shopping. If you don't find decent mat stuff can I recommend Wallis. They have some very normal loose and longish tops that work very well.

Our remortgage was finally sorted out! Hooray! I was so stressed out because of crap staff. I got really angry yesterday and demanded to speak to the manager. Lo and behold, it was all sorted 2 hrs later.

I'm still residing in dampsville too. Fjord your message was reassuring. I'm paranoid because this is what happened with ds2 BUT I was overdue with him and it wouldve happened happened around 39/40 weeks anyway.

Baby is so active now and I can feel her getting stronger. Those kicks and punches can hurt sometimes! But its lovely smile

6 more weeks till I leave work for mat leave. I could do with leaving now as I'm getting ridiculously tired some days.

How's everyone else feeling?

exexe Wed 11-Jul-12 09:42:22

Sorry about duplicate posts. Caused by mn going offline again!

bytheseaside Wed 11-Jul-12 10:26:15

LRM glad to see you back! you sound very tired... I'm you with the birth plan - I want one of those too smile

Eagleray - I understand why you are worried - even though less than 1% would in other circumstances seem like good odds. I guess you are in the marginal position where risks of complication from doing a CVS pretty much balance the risk of the baby having something wrong. I haven't been in your position, so won't presume to give advice, but use us all as a sounding board it it helps. I'm so sorry about your Dad - it must all be very overwhelming at the moment - the feelings as well as managing the logistics. Never feel bad about offloading on here - it's what its for.

Shiny good to see you back smile

hpbp - you are getting very organised. It must be lovely to have all those teeny clothes ready - almost nothing melts me as much as a soft newborn vest!

knotty have fun shopping! I'm delighted now I have some things that make me look pregnant rather than a big biscuit eater, even if they mainly aren't 'official' pregnancy clothes. I've found normal stuff still fine, boosted by some comfy maternity leggings and bras, but the extra tummy room has been very welcome. I found there were loads of high-waisted tops and dresses with tummy room in 'normal' shops, as there isn't much in the way of maternity clothes in the shops where I live. I'm making the most of some minor indulgent shopping before I can no longer buying much for myself due to nappy bills etc etc.

exexe congrats on mortgage! Its great to cross one great big stress off the list

AFM, trying to chill today, but have ants-in-my-pants and may do some 'nesting' instead. Still largely failing to be relaxed most of the time - doesn't seem to be the same as 'sleepy' somehow, which I manage regularly. Ah well

eagleray Wed 11-Jul-12 13:46:57

hi - thanks all for the kind messages. Felt too tired to go to work today and also have temporarily destroyed my face through crying so am at home. It's been ok actually - had breakfast in the garden, and have also mowed the lawn and repotted my banana tree!

I rang MW today (different one today as they jobshare) and when I asked for the specifics re the blood results, she said she didn't have them and anyway they were too complicated to make sense of. Have been told now it's too late to book test for this week, so what I have done is ask for next available appt (which will be next week) and then this gives me time to think things over and even cancel if I change my mind.

Apparently the hospital (not my regular one) do the tests a lot, and for often complex cases and all of the practitioners are experienced with good risk rates.

Waiting to hear more news about dad, and mentally preparing myself for a sibling road trip in next couple of weeks - we are all a little bit angry as well as sad as were treated very badly as children (he had severe mental health problems) and although there was the potential to have a better (albeit still not 'normal') relationship with him as adults, he has remarried and stepmother does not permit us to visit. All very odd and dysfunctional - families are great, aren't they.

littleredmonkey Wed 11-Jul-12 20:27:02

Eagle - Sending big hugs honey. Look after yourself

Shiny - Good to see ya

Knotty - Happy shopping . M&S sale starts thursday so off to spend on baby stuff plus staff discount makes for even cheaper.

Exexe- I am also bloody knackered up each work day at 6 then home at near 6 , on my feet 95% of the day so I looooooove my bed at the moment. Only bummer is I wake up in the wee hours and cant get back to sleep brain starts ticking over. Woke up at 4 this morning and did not drop off this 530 ish then up 30 mins later. Be glad for a layin at the weekend.
On that note early night for me after my bowl of coca pops
Hope everyone got a bit of sun today

OooohShiny Wed 11-Jul-12 21:15:06

Sun??? What is that lol!!

GTT was straightforward enough although that sugary drink is heave inducing and me and the other lass having it down were a bit pukey afterwards....so glad our maternity unit has a nice wee room with recliners where you can have a wee snooze. Had a bit of a nightmare getting blood out of me though, worse than usual so my arms & hands are a bit of a bruised mess.

LRM I can sympathise - I have similar hours to you with a slightly earlier start and my sleep is a nightmare at the moment.

Eagle you seem to be having a time of it...try to remember (easier said than done I know) to take time for yourself and not to worry/stress to much.

Ex lucky you eh...only 6 weeks to go grin

bytheseaside Thu 12-Jul-12 19:23:54

Its a quiet day on here! I've been virtual house hunting all day - can't face doing it for real in this rain... Makes me feel a bit overwhelmed, but the idea of being properly settled before the baby arrives is motivating me to keep going ... Doesn't look like we can afford anything remotely nice or big enough in areas we'd like to live, so I'm biting the bullet and looking at grimmer places - which would at least be much nearer DP's work so he could be home early to spend time with us.

I'm on a mission to sort out our cupboards ready for moving - lucky Oxfam ... bet they don't really want our extra vases and old bras...

Shiny is GTT the diabetes test? Does everyone get tested for this?


ValiumQueen Thu 12-Jul-12 20:54:45

Old birds and fat birds and birds with family history get tested. Also birds who had heavy chicks previously.

I am laid up with a badly sprained ankle. Fell from the third step outside my house. Just locked house, turned around and carried on walking until I landed on my left foot. Still effing hurts like a very hurty thing. Thankfully bump is ok, and I was not carrying a wean.

Thank you for the words of encouragement about DH. He seems to be working through his feelings.

Midgetm Thu 12-Jul-12 21:30:56

Arh bollocks VQ that doesn't sound like any fun at all.

Eagle Hows things with you? Hope you being kind to yourself.

Bytheseaside obviously I am an old bird and I haven't been offered a GTT. Not that I want one - they sound vile. So not sure if they are for all old birds or just old birds who have sugar in their urine (or I am not that far along).

LRM I am knackered. All the time. In fact I am going to go to bed now. God knows how you work on your feet all day. I don't know how you do it.

Waves at everyone else and buggers off to bed.

tazmo Thu 12-Jul-12 21:48:57

Well day off with dh. Lunch out which was v nice and afternoon nap. Full on weekend now keeping the kids busy. Less than a week to go to c section.

Vq - sorry to hear about ankle.i did that last pregnancy and laid up for a week. Darn relaxin. Makes you pull everything so easily.

Eagle - sorry to hear about your dad. Stress of nuchal not great either but the odds are well in your favour. I was 1/20 and all was ok (41 years). I had amnio which did not hurt but obviously more waiting around as is done after 15 weeks.

Gtt test major yak this time - at least they gave me lucozade last time but this time just sugar and water. Felt well queasy after but that was a number of weeks ago now. Still had to b done to chk all healthy.

Now for nice warm bath. Hope all are enjoying their pgs. I was but well ready to meet nom3.

FjordMor Fri 13-Jul-12 00:06:58

Feeling a bit less than alert after another birthday round at the in-laws but had a few things I wanted to reply to.

ValiumQueen - I can empathise with your DH. I think I was shocked and initially a bit overwhelmed at the idea I was carrying a girl as I have a shocking relationship with my own mother and was super close to my dad so I think I somehow convinced myself that a girl would end up loving my DP and not getting along with me. I have since convinced myself that this was my mother's problem. She was an incredibly dyfunctional individual when she was parenting me and I can, and will do better and have a great, close relationship with my daughter because I know how. It is scary when you don't have any positive same sex role models from your childhood but I found it helpful to think of all the ones I have come across since I've been an adult. This may be exactly the healing experience he needs and I'm sure he will rise to the challenge perfectly smile. Also agree with bytheseaside - I think to know bad parenting and how it affected you is to know how to never be that to your own child and to know acutely what a child does need. I think he's going to be fine smile. Also sorry to hear about your ankle. I did one years ago and it's super-swelling now I'm pregnant but I know how painful they can be and it's the last thing you need!

LRM - good to see you - did you check out the site tellmeagoodbirthstory.com/ ?

eagleray - very sorry to hear at how much has suddenly piled on your plate. Agree with Midget about ways to look at the risk. I felt so lucky to have been given a combined risk of 1:1120 until someone pointed out that that still means there will be 1 unlucky person given that low risk who will still have a Downs baby. It's very easy to feel alone at very stressful times. I felt like that when losing my own dad, despite having the most loving and supportive partner ever. No-one can go through it for you. Do take care of yourself and make sure you talk to people about how you feel. I wished I had been able to tell my dad he would have been a grandpa (I'm an only child) but I whispered in his ear as he was dying that I was going to have a baby with my partner. Who knows if he took it in but it's always worth to try (my dad had had multiple strokes and was also not in a great mental state). Cry as much as you need. Glad you didn't go into work and gave yourself some time to process it all xx.

exexe - glad you're feeling a little more reassured. My LO's kicks and punches are also sometimes uncomfortable but I sure miss them when she moves and I can't feel her smile.

re GTT - I was expecting to have one, being 41 and over 30 BMI but was told that here in Norway I'll only get one if they 'see something' in my urine. Hmmm....I could beg? All I know is my LO goes bonkers with kicking every time I have something sweet to eat or drink. I just started talking about cake today and she started! smile LOL

Fjordmor, 41, living in Norway, first pregnancy, expecting a sweet-toothed female ninja... (due early-mid October depending on who you believe ;)).

knickyknocks Fri 13-Jul-12 07:25:24

Hello can I join?

I'm 40 and got a BFP a week last Tuesday, but having had 3 chem pgs and 1 m/c, I've been very tentative about it all. I have a nearly 3 year old DD. According to my dates I'm 4 weeks and 5 days so still incredibly early days. Apart from sore boobs and twinges ahem 'down there' I feel normal, which is adding to my anxiety. That said had terrible MS with DD so would be happy not to have it like tht again!

Anyway, hello all!

PS sorry this will post twice as I'm on a blackberry and apparently there's some glitch with blackberries and mn, I've reported it to the techie person at MNHQ.

knickyknocks Fri 13-Jul-12 07:25:24

Hello can I join?

I'm 40 and got a BFP a week last Tuesday, but having had 3 chem pgs and 1 m/c, I've been very tentative about it all. I have a nearly 3 year old DD. According to my dates I'm 4 weeks and 5 days so still incredibly early days. Apart from sore boobs and twinges ahem 'down there' I feel normal, which is adding to my anxiety. That said had terrible MS with DD so would be happy not to have it like tht again!

Anyway, hello all!

PS sorry this will post twice as I'm on a blackberry and apparently there's some glitch with blackberries and mn, I've reported it to the techie person at MNHQ.

ValiumQueen Fri 13-Jul-12 07:51:30

Welcomeknicky hope you get to stay with us for the duration x

Thank you fjord for sharing your personal story. That so makes sense, and I found it very reassuring x

Ankle improving slowly, but DD2 now has chickenpox! Hoping it will just be a mild case. So far she has a few spots, bit scratchy, slight temp, tad grumpy, but still playing mostly. Actually she is no more grumpy than always.

ValiumQueen Fri 13-Jul-12 07:53:34

My blackberry seems ok, but I do not use the mobile app, so perhaps that is something to do with it. Wish I had an iPhone.

exexe Fri 13-Jul-12 19:19:09

Hi Knicky. Congratulations. wishing you well for this pregnancy.

Fjord My baby goes crazy too after sugary stuff and I haven't really been having much sugar this pregnancy. Had tonnes with the boys.

VQ Ouch! Poor you but thank goodness bump ok. Lots of rest then for you. Will be hard with ill dcs though. Iphones are lovely.

I have got a busy weekend. Farnborough tomorrow and Sunday I have to choose kitchen and have family over.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

eagleray Fri 13-Jul-12 21:45:47

Hello everyone

Thank you for your kind messages of support - I am definitely in a better place than I was a few days ago!

The news on my dad has gone from diabolical to just bad - apparently, when he went into hospital, they did a CT scan and found 'something' on his stomach and a shadow on his liver. With that information, they did a grave talk with my stepmother about the likely outcome (ie cancers in that area).

They have since done an endoscopy, expecting to get a clearer diagnosis but didn't find much, apart from a deformed pylorus (Dr Google told me this is the bit of your stomach which connects with the bowel) so they are now uncertain what the diagnosis is, but the dire news has been temporarily retracted. They are doing a colonoscopy next week and think the cause of his problems may lie there (think they may be guessing that something is pressing on the pylorus from the bowel side).

My brother is up there at the moment (hence the clearer information) and says he is dressed and coherent but weak and in pain. Everything is still uncertain but obviously it is not quite as bad as originally reported! I will go up there at some point soon (once the cvs stuff is well out of the way)

I now have a hospital appointment first thing on Monday - the plan is to go in and speak to the consultant, discuss the results, probably scan again and then only go ahead with the cvs if I feel comfortable with it. They assured me I don't have to go through with it if I change my mind, which is very reassuring. I am still split 50/50 between having it or not - it would be nice to draw a line under the whole thing after being given the 'high risk' label, but I do appreciate the odds are not bad, esp when weighed up against the invasive testing risks. I told DP he has to stay with me on Monday but he still went ahead and booked a meeting at work that he now has to try and undo, because he hadn't really taken it in that he would have to look after me - I could scream at times at his muppety behaviour!

Tazmo - your 1/20 odds must have been so incredibly stressful to deal with. Am so glad everything was ok.

ValiumQueen - v sorry to hear about your ankle - hope it gets better soon :-( Also hope your DD is over her chickenpox soon

Fjord - that's very sad about your dad. It sounds like my dad will have the opportunity to hear my news now and it would have been awful if he didn't ever know

Knickyknocks - welcome and congratulations. I really sympathise with your anxiety after your sad losses. I found the first trimester torturous in the early days in terms of worry and wondering what was going to happen, but gradually the days turned into weeks

Hope you all have a nice, restful weekend

tazmo Fri 13-Jul-12 22:36:03

Hi eagle - glad news a bit better. Yes ask for rescan and see if any 'soft' markers. Will help u decide if you want cvs or not.

Not much from me - knackered and think I am getting a cough! Just my luck!!

ValiumQueen Sat 14-Jul-12 10:09:21

Hi eagle, glad things are a bit clearer, and a bit more hopeful with your dad. Glad you are beginning to get your head around the risks and testing. I opted for no tests, and am beginning to wonder if I should have, but at 24 weeks, I am hoping anything major would have already shown up.

Ankle improving slowly but still very painful, and black with bruising right down to the toes.

DD2 has more spots today, but is coping very well really. She slept last night thankfully. I am using ViralSoothe which costs over £8 but worth every penny IMO. Stops itch, promotes healing, eases soreness, and helps prevent scarring. And so easy to apply!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Midgetm Mon 16-Jul-12 16:40:41

eagle great news -- well bad is better than diabolical-- anymore news on your tests?

VQ doesn't sound like you will be managing to take it easy. Hope DD is on the mend now.

Not much to report apart from work
Sucks. Getting shafted for a promotion and trying not to let it stress me but the unfairness of it all is getting to me. Must not allow myself to be sucked in, it's not good for the baby. I would have fight in me normally and controlling it is hard work! Tiredness in the day is crippling but then cant sleep at night. Just want to Finish work and watch daytime TV!

How are the rest of you doing? Still total purchases zero... Must try harder.

ValiumQueen Mon 16-Jul-12 17:00:55

Day 4 here, and still more spots coming. The magic cream is not so magic now, but helps take the edge off I am sure.

No purchases yet? Come on now! How about a little gro? Just to start.

Sorry about the promotion. Your turn will come. I have been shafted many a time, and not in a good way, and it is not nice.

Midgetm Mon 16-Jul-12 18:04:04

Is DD2 poorly with it still? I escaped fairly easily with DD - she was spotty and moody but not really ill. I know some can be quite poorly though.

You are right - shafted and not in a good way is a good description but what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. or some such tripe like that

Midgetm Mon 16-Jul-12 18:04:38

Oh and I did buy a couple of bits but DH hated them all so going back - will buy something by the end of the week - it is a personal goal.

ValiumQueen Mon 16-Jul-12 19:03:44

How could he hate baby stuff? What on earth did you buy?
DD2 still ill, but hopefully will start improving soon. Bit worried about my ankle though - mobilised a bit today and now have shooting pains even with it up on the sofa. Perhaps I have broken it. That really would piss me off.

OooohShiny Mon 16-Jul-12 20:04:44

GTT was most foul...hot sugary water to drink, feeling very nauseous after drinking it and nightmare getting blood out of me but the results came back fine. For some reason apparent to only my consultant it would seem I've to go back in 3 weeks to get it done again...I guess being 'elderly prim' means I get stuff chucked at me right left and centreconfused. Actually now that I think about it my urine sample before last was ++glucose so maybe they were expecting to see something?

Eagle Glad the news about your dad is slightly less drastic and hope today went ok

Valium I was chuckling at your 'old birds and fat birds etc' comment - I am indeed old and fat

eagleray Mon 16-Jul-12 22:10:15

Survived the hospital appointment today - journey there was hellish as we got delayed in rush hour traffic (despite allowing loads of extra time) and DP and I ended up nearly having a bit of a barney in the car over Whose Fault It Was - not a very good start.

The consultant took a look at the baby and it has grown quite a bit in 12 days (12mm longer now) - clearly that is what they are supposed to do, but was quite surprised by how much bigger it was since last scan. She examined the major organs and everything has been reported as normal, with 'nothing obvious' being found.

The slight spanner in the works was the placenta - it is 'posterior low' which she said would make it harder to do a cvs (as the baby comes between the needle and the placenta I guess) and her recommendation (based on the odds and how we feel about it all) was to not test today but provisionally book an amnio for early Aug, which is what we have done (she said an amnio would be less risky than cvs).

I went straight to work afterwards and decided to practice being a little bit more confident and optimistic about things and tell a few colleagues about the pregnancy (a few people know, but only those I thought needed to know at the time). One man hugged me and told me about the terrible time he and his wife had conceiving (failed ivf and then spontaneous pregnancy), which was really sweet. Slightly oddly, I feel less inclined to share the news with close family - I think it comes down to pressure/questioning and also wanting to protect people like my mum from worry until things are a bit more certain.

So everything still up in the air a little bit, but feeling calmer and little more confident. Also hope to visit my dad in the next couple of weeks (he is v weak but stable and will hopefully get a clearer diagnosis this week).

Midget - sorry to hear about your rubbish work situation

Valium - your ankle sounds worrying - can you get it checked out?

Tazmo - how is your cough now?

Shiny - glad your results have come back ok. I guess I have all this to come as have committed the mortal sin of getting up the duff with a slightly high BMI and diabetes tests were mentioned...

The shopping talk reminded me of something I saw a while ago on Ebay -

It just made me laugh as it is like something out of Blackadder surely? I think it reminds me of a confession box or something, but maybe someone out there would consider putting a baby in it...

ValiumQueen Tue 17-Jul-12 08:00:35

I hope to have my foot checked today as DD2 is feeling better and my foot hurts more.

Hot sugar drink? Yuk! Mine was warm and full if sediment. With my first they gave you lucozade. I remember asking for more.

bytheseaside Tue 17-Jul-12 10:48:58

All this talk of yukky sugary drinks is really making me feel sick!

VQ poor you with your foot - can you walk / drive?

eagleray I'm glad things seem to be a bit calmer for you. I don't know whether this is useful, but when I was worrying about nuchal tests ladies on here suggested the fetal medicine centre in London, where the testing is particularly accurate - so its popular with women in their 40s who want to avoid cvs / amnio. I don't know if you are still in the time scale for nuchal testing, or if you'd want to pay (I think it was £180 for scan and blood tests, results while you are there), and I don't know exactly how much more accurate they are than a normal NHS scan.

Midgetm I've still bought absolutely nothing, but I'm beginning to think about it at least. Prams/pushchairs/cribs still make my head spin, but I think I can manage some babygros!

The baby is kicking all the time, I've honestly never felt anything quite so amazing smile She clearly really likes pudding.

ValiumQueen Tue 17-Jul-12 11:36:06

Have not even been able to walk to the car. No way I could drive. I have had to keep DD2 off Nursery ( not pre - school, private) as cannot get her there and back. She has chickenpox anyway. Pottering around the house with the aid of a stick and furniture or walls. It should be feeling better by now, but is actually hurting more, and in a different way. Off to GP soon. With stick.

ValiumQueen Tue 17-Jul-12 15:53:05

GP thought fracture in two places, so off to hospital. Radiographer agreed but puzzled when no fracture on films. Will be rechecked by dr and they will call me if anything found. Clearly I am a fraudster, but at least it stops my mum from nagging.

tazmo Tue 17-Jul-12 18:35:24

Hi cough muh the same but no temp. Guess they will give me a general fitness check to chk can go ahead with c section on thurs (have an appt to o over stuff tomorrow, order drugs, informed consent etc).

Eagle - amnio was fine - only bug is gabbing to wait till 15 weeks! Sorry, iPad keeps misspelling everything.

Bit of a pain not bring able to walk! Hope it gets better soon. Well it muchfrom me except can hear beeper going re kids dinner time!


ValiumQueen Tue 17-Jul-12 18:52:36

Ooh exciting tazmo all the best for Thursday!

eagleray Tue 17-Jul-12 20:18:37

OMG Valium, a fracture?!? Your injury reminded me of when DP had an undiagnosed leg/ankle fracture a few years ago after an accident abroad. Didn't see the point in scaring you with a potentially irrelevant story so didn't mention it :-( I hope you get everything clarified soon

Seaside - thanks for the info re the centre in London. I think this was mentioned by someone else too, and I did take a look at what they do and also discussed this with the consultant on Monday (without trying to sound like someone who spends their entire time googling medical stuff). I am still dithering a bit, but the amnio seems the best option now, especially as the doc said it looked like it would be very straightforward.

Tazmo - good luck with section (gosh is that day after tomorrow??)

Haagen Dazs half price at Morrisons tonight - guess what I had for dinner smile

knottyhair Wed 18-Jul-12 06:04:20

Morning! Have tried to catch up but haven't managed to get on here for a few days so apologies if I miss anyone.
Exexe - congrats on the re-mortgage! Did you choose a kitchen??
Eagleray - sending you lots of love and positive thoughts for the amnio (if you go ahead), I think I'll be away if/when you have it.
LRM - I don't know how you (and the others who work!) do it! I wake up at 4.30 and rarely get back off to sleep but I can have a nap during the day. I worked when pregnant with DS and I can remember getting in from work and going straight to bed for an hour or so.
OooohShiny - I can sympathise with the trouble they have getting blood from you, I'm the same, deep-set veins apparently! And the GTT sounds horrible!
Bytheseaside - good luck with the househunting, and how lovely to be feeling your baby kicking! I can't wait for that to start.
Valium - hope you get some definitive news about your ankle so they can start to make you feel better and hope your DD is over the chickenpox soon.
Tazmo - I'll be thinking of you on Thursday and can't wait to read all about your little one when I get back from holiday.
Knickyknocks - welcome! Hope you stay MS free!
Midget - sorry about what happened at work, sounds very stressful and horrible. I also haven't bought anything yet (I'm only 17 wks mind!). After my 20 wk scan on 8th I might get some baby clothes but we're very lucky that most of the big stuff is being lent to us by friends/family - just the pushchair to buy which we'll do later.
Managed to buy a few bits in Bluewater on Saturday (including the black flippy Topshop dress, can't remember if it was being mentioned on this board or my due date board, sorry!). Not exactly overwhelmed by the choice though, but have enough stuff to get me through the holiday and any summer we may get here. Off to Germany & Austria early tomorrow morning (DP is half Austrian), so manic packing day today. Back on 6th August - looking forward to catching up on everyone's news (especially Tazmo!!). Take care everyone xxx

exexe Wed 18-Jul-12 10:38:27

Tazmo Wow! Good luck! You'll have to tell me how it all goes as elcs is my plan too.

VQ sorry to hear about fractures. it must be v painful. ouch. Hope you get treatment sorted out asap.

Eagle good luck with the amnio. Its a difficult wait, I'm sure.

Midget your work situation sounds awful. You're right to try not to get too stressed about it though I'm sure its very frustrating for you. Hopefully it will work out, if not, its something to tackle after you have your beautiful baby and after mat leave.

I bought some pink baby gros but thats it. I have a crib and moses basket packed away from the boys but I will need to buy clothes, blankets, bedding, buggy, cot and car seats for all the kids. I'll need to go Halfords and get them to fit 3 car seats in the back. Hopefully I'll just need 2 booster seats and a baby one so should be ok fingers crossed!

Knotty Have a fab time in Germany and Austria!

Our extension is coming on great. We're building a kitchen/diner in the back and extending the box room over the kitchen and converting the existing gally kitchen into a downstairs loo and utility area. The build work is done and it looks great. The box room is now huge.
It'll be a comfortable house now for 3 kids smile

exexe Wed 18-Jul-12 10:41:48

We've chosen a kitchen and I'm so excited about it. I'll be able to have a small range cooker and a large fridge!
Our fridge was doing my head in. With 2 growing boys and a husband who eats a lot, my fridge is always messy and crammed. I'm always finding things I can't remember buying shoved in the back somewhere, usually past its use by date!

ValiumQueen Wed 18-Jul-12 12:58:46

Just heard from hospital. Defrost fracture. Need cast and further examination by surgeon but hopefully no surgery required. Bugger.

ValiumQueen Wed 18-Jul-12 12:59:24

Not defrost! Definite! Bloody IPad!

Midgetm Wed 18-Jul-12 13:24:58

VQ no wonder it was hurting you so much - hope you get sorted soon so it can start to mend - last thing you need right now.

Ex Hurray for the new kitchen (although the bigger the fridge the more crap you will put it in) or is that just me? Your extension sounds lovely - I have extension envy. Living in North London with the tiniest garden in the world means I have nowhere to extend to outwards - need to go up or down.

Knotty and bytheseaside you make me feel better for your lack of purchases. I did get a quote for painting DD's new room and sprucing up her old one for the new bambino so I am making progress. Hope you have a great holiday Knotty. So hard to know what to buy - I got a really summery maternity dress which I still haven't worn once yet as no bloody sun since I got it. May just put it on ebay as it was a pricey one too. Bloody British summertime

Tazmo Eeeeeek. Good luck for tomorrow. Report back when you can. Thinking of you for Thursday.

Eagle You sound much better now you have a plan. All such a worry for you - the sooner over the better. Life has a way of throwing one thing after another at us sometimes which can be a total bitch

Whats your thoughts on painting whilst pregnant? I can't really afford to get it done professionally but wonder if I am taking on too much to be painting 2 rooms at 26 weeks and worried about fumes etc. Am I being a wimp - I know I can do it, just is it safe?

Thanks for all your well wishes about work. I have spent most of the morning crying about it. I feel so stupid but the hormones have the better of me and unfairness really presses my buttons. Unfairness with grace I can deal with but this is not what is happening and it is making me feel like such a wimp. Not good at taking my own advice of rising above it for the sake of the baby and I have 3 more fecking months of work to get through. Vile. I must pull myself together. Baby not so active the last couple of days and can't help feeling I am stressing him out - poor little thing.

Best go - really behind with work due to meltdown taking up half the morning. I love being pregnant but I hate the loss of control on my emotions - I am a mentalist!

PS LRM Where are you?

Hpbp Wed 18-Jul-12 13:51:47

Hello everyone. So much to catch up on, not sure I will be able too ! Apologies in advance if I miss anyone
Welcome to knicky.
Tazmo, so Thursday is the big day, thinking of you, good luck and let us know how it goes.
VQ, so sorry about your broken ankle, what a pain! A cast in this wet weather... How is your DD's chickenpox going ?
Exexe, so exciting these building works are! A new kitchen, waouh ! I am jealous... smile
Fjord, hello from warm Paris today, I have put loads of washing outside so that they can smell the sun... Have also put the pram and mattress in the sun. Hope it will stay dry even if it is not hot
Knotty, enjoy your hols on the continent
Eagle, don't overstress re amnio if you go ahead, it is not painful but the wait is, so keep in mind, stress is not good for baby and try to relax, I found breathing technics and yoga do help when I felt overwhelmed and too anxious to stop worrying or crying
Midget, sorry about work, focus on the present and baby, sweet
Seaside, how is the house hunting going ?
Shiney, I have not been offered the GTT this time, but Lucozade in my first pg, and it was ok, I am not too keen on fizzy sweet drink, but survived. Your warm sweet drink sounds horible, poor you.

AFM, nothing to report.

My DH has joined us in Paris for a month, his employer has an office in Paris, lucky me ! And my DS1 is very happy to see his dad everyday, I feel now less guilty to have taken him away from his routine, nursery, friends, house....

I am also getting more sleep and feel less tired. The rib pain has gone as well as the back pain. But BH are coming and going, mainly at night. Baby is still very active, if I were not the pg one, I would freak out as the bump really moves and it does remind me of Aliens, the horror movie !

My Mum has been offered a cruise on Club Med 2 by my younger sister, so I had to persuade her to go, she felt bad because I am back to hers to give birth and she is not around.... But hey Club Med 2, at 79 years old, how often will she be given the opportunity again ? I wish I could have gone.... The cruise started in La Valette, Malta, through the Mediterranean sea to Bodrum, Turkey. Nice, hey ?

Went to the clinic on Monday, have now sorted 95% of my hospital bag and baby's. Feeling ready at 38+3. Met the anaesthetic consultant, asked for a less powerful epidural this time so that I can still move with some help and feel myself pushing. Thinking about taking Sage and Raspberry leaf but a bit put off by what I heard about the taste of it... On the other hand, induction is a much worse option so will convince myself to drink the mixture, yuk !

Time to take DS1 to the playground, hope this dry weather will stay...

tazmo Wed 18-Jul-12 18:06:47

Hi quicky from me. Thx for all good wishes. Getting excited now as had booking in appt. saw a little earnie weenie new born and thought awwwwwwww. Feeling well sick tho. Not sure why. Had a meeting with dr and anaesthetist, did my informed consent. Had me clexane and have Zantac to take. Have to be there at 7.30 am! Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Hope all r well and will give details when out! Don't think I'll take my iPad in!


ValiumQueen Wed 18-Jul-12 20:31:53

Foot really sore tonight, but thankfully DD2 is on the mend. Mostly crusted, so can go out again soon. Not the best of weeks.

When does your mum come back from her cruise? It sounds lovely.

We have had boats on local streets due to flooding. Thankfully we are quite high up.

ValiumQueen Fri 20-Jul-12 10:19:11

Where is everyone? Now have leg in plaster, which Is a real pain.

Midgetm Fri 20-Jul-12 10:39:54

Morning all,

VQ What a total drag. That must be so awkward (and challenging to balance with bump and cast I would imagine). How many weeks are you again?

Tazmo do you have baby taz in your arms? Hope you are recovering well.

Eagleyou are a bad influence. Not stopped eating ice cream since your last post. Pistachio is my current poison. I like it because it makes the baby wriggle.

I have had a bit of a meltdown at work. Nearly cried in front of my CEO telling how fed up I was ok so a little teary and twitchy. Feel a real tit now. Hormones be gone and give me back myself. Actually made me feel a bit better though. and a bit embarrassed He was lovely to me though and agreed I was being messed about. He is a kind and lovely man so I can forgive the rest of the Machiavellian idiots there (actually there is really only one - everyone else is pretty cool). Just counting down the days till mat leave. (ran out of fingers though as still got a long time to go). I so want to avoid any stress.

Shiny how many weeks are you again? I am wondering that despite being elderly I have had no mention of a GTT. I don't understand why it is being inflicted on everyone else. not that I am complaining as it sounds VILE

I am huge - weight gain only just over a stone but bump the size of a house. People think I am much closer to my due date. DD was so tiny - think this one could be a whopper. My sister had really big babies. As my name suggests I am little so I am terrified that I could be in for a big un!

And it is slow on these boards lately - come back old timers. And I still want your views on if I should paint myself or not. Would you do it?

Take care everyone - and rest up VQ

Hpbp Fri 20-Jul-12 12:42:04

Midget, it is ok to be emotional, it is good to let things go sometimes... smile
VQ hope the cast will help healing quickly, can you manage it together with the bump and DD's chickenpox ?
Tazmo, hope you have the little one in your arms now

I started today raspberry leaves and sage. The taste is not too bad, but honey is also at hand, just in case... Baby is stretching so I can feel her a lot, which is reassuring. Still wetting myself, it is even worse now that I cough too, this stupid weather is not helping !

Hope everyone will enjoy the week end.

Midgetm Fri 20-Jul-12 12:54:40

Arh thanks HP You are wise and lovely.

I don't mind raspberry tea - I am odd. Bugger to the wetting yourself stuff. The glamour of childbirth eh?

Hpbp Fri 20-Jul-12 13:02:10

Absolutely, Midget, we have to put aside decency when it comes to childbirth... I would be a sunburnt tomato throughout labour if I think about having the 2 legs up and wide open for MWs and who knows who else to check that all is progressing well... Plus the pain! Glamour and modesty... Oups

exexe Fri 20-Jul-12 13:20:28

Pelvic floor exercises Ladies!

I've heard raspberry leaf tea helps get your stomach back down! I'm all for trying it out. I'm 26 weeks so won't be starting it yet.

VQ Poor you though its the best thing for it. Must be a pain though.
Midget dont worry about your meltdown. I work in finance and 2 women have had melt downs at work recently. No one thinks badly of them and are very sympathetic. Glad your ceo was lovely.

Hope everyone is doing well....

ValiumQueen Fri 20-Jul-12 13:22:21

Painting - ok so long as no ladders or chairs are involved, and the paint is not gloss. It may be therapeutic. I am guessing ladders may be necessary though as you are only wee. Please do not stand on anything except your feet on the floor. Not worth the risk. Also ensure area well ventilated as even though fumes may be low and non toxic, they are still likely to affect us as we are extra sensitive.

I am 25 weeks, and it is tricky with bump and cast. Especially rolling over in bed, and sitting on the loo and getting up again. Having to change toddler on sofa. Usually do it on the floor, and I would need the fire brigade to get me up again. <<ponders>>

I was very upset yesterday. Had been walking on it 8days, and has been told on day 6 it was not broken, only to be called by surgeon the following day. In a lot of pain after the cast, but it is easing and PCM is now helping.

DD2 is fine now thankfully, but it was hard. I would have had it looked at sooner had she not been too ill to leave.

Missing my car, and my freedom.

Mum helped me out yesterday and has already made herself ill.

Also wetting self, but past caring. Been looking at raised toilet seats on Amazon. God I feel old grin

ValiumQueen Fri 20-Jul-12 13:54:59

Could someone pop over the pregnant at 45thread that has been resurrected and put a linkey in to this? Sorry I cannot link on this machine

Complicated24 Fri 20-Jul-12 14:03:20

Just found this thread. Can't believe I missed it. I am 44 and expecting first baby on 7 January. Had had a couple of miscarriages, so it was such a huge relief to have 12 week nuchal fold scan and find out baby was gorgeous and healthy and low risk. I am now actually beginning to enjoy being pregnant. I was worried that I would be oldest mother in hospital and at school gates etc, but I do think society is changing and a lot of women are having gorgeous healthy babies in their 40s. I am 15 weeks and not got a bump yet so just look fat. Friends did try and touch my squidgy tummy the other day which I found odd!!! Good luck everyone.

ValiumQueen Fri 20-Jul-12 14:05:43

Yay! Welcome complicated this is a great thread. Congratulations!

Midgetm Fri 20-Jul-12 15:25:41

HP I do Pilates at least twice a week, 4 times before pregnant and as told my strong pelvic floor may not be so useful labour (used to holding it all up - not letting it go or some such thing). We can't win eh? Although not wetting myself (ok maybe a little when I sneeze). But yes you are right we must do those damm kegel things more often or at all

VQ it really does sound tough, I have a good mental image of you rolling over in bed. My mum would do the same - want to help and then darn near knock herself out as she is too old to help for long. Thanks for the advice on painting - I think I will keep the money myself and get the husband to do the high bits.

Midgetm Fri 20-Jul-12 15:28:23

Sorry took so long to post that I missed we have a newcomer. Complicated welcome to the old folks home. My consultant told me off for saying I was old the other day. He said that was nonsense. He delivered a woman of 55 the other day shock. However, he is about 3 so what does he know about age?

ValiumQueen Fri 20-Jul-12 15:34:07

I thought the orthopaedic consultant looked young too!

MrsWooster Sat 21-Jul-12 12:51:09

Hello - I'm another newcomer after lurking on over 40s threads for a bit.
I got my BFP this morning! 4+1 and I haven't even told DP as he's out til teatime but I have to tell someone... I am 45, with one DS aged 2 and For Today I Am Pregnant.

ValiumQueen Sat 21-Jul-12 13:04:31

Welcome mrs and congratulations very happy for you! This is a lovely thread. I find it helps talking to fellow older mums as our needs, and experiences do differ.

FjordMor Sat 21-Jul-12 14:39:34

Hi all and firstly welcome to KnickyKnocks, Complicated24 and mrswooster. Sorry for being off the planet again this week. After being so confident I’d have more time to participate on the board, Monday brought a surprise urgent work commission that I then proceeded to spend day & night Tues-Thurs doing. Was great to have some unexpected work and has alerted me to a need here in Norway that should enable me to start a business using my skills (which is great) and one I (hopefully) can fit around the baby (although quite weird timing just before I enter my 3rd trimester, but life is like that I guess!). I spent yesterday zombified on the sofa resting and hopefully can spur myself into action today as I’ve masses to do and we’re going up to the cabin on holiday on Monday where we won’t have internet access or phone reception for at least 3 or 4 days.

eagleray, I’m glad the news about your dad isn’t quite as bad as you initially feared. Sorry you're going round in circles with the cvs/amnio stuff but glad you're feeling a little more settled about the whole business.

Valium - Glad to hear DD is a little better. I apparently had chicken pox twice (despite this being supposedly impossible) as a child and remember lashings of calamine lotion being about the only thing that helped, especially just before the crusting stage of the spots. Sorry to hear about your ankle. To be in a cast is the last thing you need under the circumstances! Hope you’re not in too much pain on top of everything else!

tazmo - news? smile

Hpbp - waving hello smile. Glad to hear the hospital bag’s all sorted now and you’re feeling ready. Glad you've got your hubby with you. Not envying you the hot weather though. So soon…exciting! smile

Midget - re painting…pretty much agree with VQ - make sure you use low/no toxic paint, only in a well ventilated space and not up ladders etc. But, if in doubt, and you don’t really have to, I’d say don’t. Am also in the ‘only just over a stone weight gain but huge bump’ crew. Although, at my last scan (25 weeks) baby was ‘normal’ to on the small side for my dates. MW told me that a lot of women retain a LOT of water, which would make sense considering my swelly symptoms such as carpal tunnel and mahoosive cankles. Wishing and praying for your little frame that there isn’t a big ‘un in there. Sorry about all your shit at work. Despite being flat broke, I sometimes don’t regret getting out of ‘corporate hierarchy’ - full of great people being ripped off with ring-fenced salaries, lack of promotion prospects and frequently having to re-interview for their own positions. It’s massively demoralising. I’m really hoping being self-employed works for me as getting back on any kind of ladder in a company now, after a big break and in a foreign country is only going to be a deflating large step back for me. I do feel your frustration.

Thank you for reminding me about ice cream btw smile I’m off to have the last of the vanilla/lime lollies and a bit of ‘sofa time’ with the little miss (that’s what we call it – as she starts being very active when she feels me reclined on the sofa). Oh and Hpbp - know what you mean about the alien thing! At just 27 weeks I get a butt trying to burst through my skin to the left of my belly button, followed by a ripple effect as knees/feet/calves/whatever wriggle around and sometimes she pushes my belly button (which is now a proud ‘outy’) in and out! DP finds it a bit bizarre to look at and some days it genuinely feels like she’s trying to make a break for freedom through my skin! shock. Anyway, like I said…last of the lollies but since I’m have a big lime craving at the moment (as well as milk…don’t get me started) I’m going to make some homemade coconut milk and lime sorbet that apparently works even without an ice cream machine! I’ll let you know how it goes later when we polish it off when we’ve tried some!

FjordMor Sat 21-Jul-12 16:08:34

exexe - forgot to say congrats on the new kitchen! smile

bytheseaside Sat 21-Jul-12 19:42:30

fjord that sorbet sounds amazing... did it work? i have a new craving this week for smoked ham and cream cheese sandwiches mmmmm. my babys kicks are much more active and dramatic than the little flutters i was expecting smile she goes pretty mental when i go to bed

midget you've had good advice on here about decorating! iwould only add avoid sanding down paint that might have old lead paint somewhere in the layers ( used until 70s) just soft soap or gently rub up. and ecos paints are very non toxic and don't smell after unlike lots of 'low voc' paints but then im a bit ocd about this stuff now im pregnant, pregnant women have always decorated haven't they?

think we have found somewhere to live, we find out Monday so keep your fingers crossed for us. juston way back from ikea where we have been buying storage solutions in the vain hope it will help us cram our loads of stuff into somewhere smaller...

big warm welcome new ladies and good luck tazmo! hi everyone else too x

tazmo Sat 21-Jul-12 23:28:19

Hi baby Abby rose born by c section on 19 July 2012' 8 lbs 13 oz. home today! Glad we didn't wait another week as they had trouble getting her out as it was. Soooooo looking forward to my own bed. Hope everyone is doing well! T

ValiumQueen Sun 22-Jul-12 06:37:10

Congratulations tazmo and welcome Abby sounds like you had a rough time, but great to hear you are both home. My first was exactly the same weight and I have a beautiful niece who is Abigail. Fathers joy I believe. Lovely names. We have all been thinking about you x

Midgetm Sun 22-Jul-12 07:59:11

Welcome abby and congratulations taz hope you at now home with your baby in your arms.

Welcome back Fjord we have missed you. Glad I am not alone with the huge bump. Baby at 24 weeks had average measurements that still sounds big to me so think mine is because I am so short, nowhere else for it to go but outwards. Poor you with water retention. I I'd awful swelling with DD, it really hurt and I could hardly wear shoes. So far so good in avoiding it but I feel it may be round the corner waiting for me! Please come back and tell us about that sorbet, sounds bloody delicious. May give it a go and must to healthier than the gallons of pistachio gellato I am necking. Enjoy your time at the cabin, sounds lovely. And great to have work, every little helps, just don't overdo it.

VQ hope you are starting to feel better now the cast has been on for a few days and the pain is settling down.

bythesea will cross everything for you for your house, hope it all works out.

Right I can't name check anymore as on my phone so memory now ran out of previous posts. Only so much my dulled baby brain can handle. I think there may have been some new people to welcome, climb aboard the old people's train, you are very welcome here.

Thanks for all the decorating advice, I can't wait to get cracking. The nesting feeling has hit me big time. Sadly it has not replaced the exhaustion but lets hope nesting kicks exhaustions arse.

Have a lovely day everyone, especially our new graduates taz and abby.

Midgetm Sun 22-Jul-12 08:01:36

Knew I'd missed someone. Hello mrsW, hope you have managed to share the news with DH now. Congratulations and welcome.

Hpbp Sun 22-Jul-12 09:41:18

Tazmo, happy you now have Abby Rose in your arms and at home. Have a wonderful bonding time together and with the rest of family.
Seaside, keeping my fingers crossed about the new place, this is very exciting
VQ, hope your balance is getting better wth cat and bump.
Fjord, that would be fantastic if you could have a self employed job to fit around baby, that would be ideal! Best of both worlds.
Welcome to Knicky, mrswooster and complicated!

Had a very busy day yesterday. Grocery shopping, DS1 annual medical checkup, big family gathering at lunch time, almost 30 people being only 6 of my siblings, their partners and kids and my Mum. We started eating at 1.30pm and finished around midnight.... With kids running here and there in the garden

Today will be quieter. Cotbed finally ready. Need now to make sure we can fit a toddler car seat with a lie flat cocoon for baby on the back seats of the car! And then, as soon as the summer sleeping bag arrives in a few days, baby will be the last piece of the puzzle we'd be waiting for !

I have also started raspberry leave and Sage infusion, it is ok. 3 mugs a day, I can manage. Although the lime/coconut sorbet sounds terrific, Fjord !

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday. Sunny and not too warm here in Paris.

ValiumQueen Sun 22-Jul-12 10:13:23

Rant alert so feel free to skip...

I wish the pain had eased sad. It hurts more now than before the cast was put on. I guess because I was able to hold it at an angle that was most comfortable, and swelling could happen unrestricted, plus I could rub it and put cold on it. And scratch it too! I am having to keep it up otherwise it swells and hurts more. I am taking regular PCM too, which I did not before cast. At least with the cast I know I am not damaging it any further, and it is having a chance to heal properly. Apparently the tendons re-sticking themselves hurts. It is like a burning pain.

My DH is really upsetting me, moaning about his own sore bits, all self-inflicted. He is needing to do most of the chores, but that means I have the kids all the time, and the poor little mites are getting very bored. I wish he would take them out to the park or something to give me and them a breather. He even wanted sex the other night and got upset when I told him to f**k off. It was the first night the cast was on, and I was in the most pain I have had with it.

Winge over. Thank you.

Hpbp Sun 22-Jul-12 10:43:43

VQ, men sometimes have no idea whatsoever, do they ? I have to explain things to DH step by step and one after another then he complains that I am bossy... Can you suggest your oldest to suggest your DH to take them out ?
Don't worry, come here to rant and winge.... You are not alone !
Midget, hope you will get lots of rest today.

OooohShiny Sun 22-Jul-12 12:57:06

Tazmo congratulations grin

midget I'm 29+3 - They did say GTT was normal at 28 weeks but then each NHS trust is different I think but I think it was a combination of my age, weight and the fact I had glucose in my last urine sample that made them do it - I'm still not sure why I have to get another done though since the results of the last one were fine confused

VQ I really don't know how you're coping sad

Welcome to all the new ladies grin

I've had no measuring done as yet but like midget and Fjord have put on less than a stone and have a huge bump...have a growth scan on wed so here's hoping he's measuring fine. Have been feeling exceptionally tired and emotional the last week or so and have been struggling to to burst into tears at the slightest thing, work is so busy as well and I'm trying to get everything in place for finishing and we've just heard that we might get an offer on our house next week...just when I'd decided it was getting too late to move...I feel like running away today

littleredmonkey Sun 22-Jul-12 13:20:31

Hi Guys

Sorry so slow posting lately. I spend all day work and then sooooooooo tired in the evenings that I flop on the bed and drop off to sleep. I have two weeks holiday so looking forward to doing feck all. Well I will do after Tuesday. Off to London this afternoon to visit the Harry Potter experience Monday morning then seeing a friend for some tea. Then comes the 3 hour drive home and back to my lovely bed.

VQ - Sorry to hear you are having a crap time with your foot. Bless ya sending hugs and rant all you like if it helps.

Tazmo - Congradulations honey how exciting

midgetm - My bump is huge as well, struggled to sleep last night it kept feeling like I was pushing his little legs up and also I was having some stretching pains so struggled to stay asleep. Spent the early hours watching my kiity washing his paws . Bless him.

Got my 3rd scan on August 6th , what sort of things do they look for then?

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunshine

welcome to the new ladies

ValiumQueen Sun 22-Jul-12 14:21:04

DH has taken DD1 out (he could only manage one, he said) so just me, DD2 and Peppa Pig. Heavenly. She is still scabby from the pox, so I figured it would be best for her to stay in. Also it is looking like rain, and the big pushchair is not good on the bus.

I am trying to sort out the child tax credit info. So confusing, and I have a degree.

knickyknocks Sun 22-Jul-12 18:58:36

Hello everyone. Sorry introduced myself a few days ago and rudely not reappeared since.

valiumqueen you're having a tough time at the moment. If it's any consolation my DH would never think of taking DD out. I always have to suggest it to him, whereas I automatically take her to wherever I'm going. I just think blokes don't think sometimes. Glad he did take DD to the park though. Just wish blokes were a bit more proactive sometimes.
taz congratulations. A beautiful name too. Just lovely.
MrsW hope you've told your hubby now! Recognise you from the conception thread. Lovely to see you here too.

AFM, am 6 weeks today and the nausea has begun. Burst into tears at lunchtime because if it's like my pregnancy with my DD, I know what's coming. At least 8 weeks of feeling utterly miserable. Went to the GP last time and got meds and will do the same this time. Feels like I have an inflatable beach ball in my tummy at the moment - and a wind situation which would be the envy of teenage boys grin. Hoping to go for an early scan at the end of the week because of my m/c history. Hope if your down South you're enjoying the sunshine!

Complicated24 Mon 23-Jul-12 08:05:16

Tazmo, wow, huge congratulations and welcome Abby. Perfect time just before Olympics. Hope you are all safely settled back home now and thoroughly enjoying motherhood.

bytheseaside Mon 23-Jul-12 11:46:36

well done Tazmo !

Knickyknocks - best of luck this week smile I had a 6 week scan, and it was amazing - just a little pulsating bean, just so magical though! And ah, the wind ... there was a lot of talk about that on here some weeks ago, although luckily it seems to have quietened down for most of us now

VQ oh dear, that really doesn't sound like fun. How long will it take to fix, do you think?

It's just lovely here today - went to the beach yesterday with a picnic and the papers, was brilliant to have some sun on my skin.

Off to hosp for more checks today for naughty bp - at least I've got to know the labour ward rather well lately as its next to the day assessment unit. The midwives I've met have all been lovely - I'm just hoping it will be the same ones when the time comes x

FjordMor Mon 23-Jul-12 13:12:18

VQ - poor you!! I really do feel for you. I can't imagine being even more rubbishly immobile than I am already, and that's just with a mahoosive bump, swollen feet/cankles and carpal tunnel! Throw a cast and a child into the mix - I'd be going stir-crazy. Please vent all you want on here - you need to stay sane! brew biscuit. Also it seems to be the 'season' for DH/DPs being a bit crap - my other thread is full of it and my very own suddenly did a massive impression of a tool last night which has resulted in my only having had 4 hours sleep last night with masses to do pre-hols and an article to write angry. The riot act was read, believe me...

bytheseaside - any news on the place to live then? Glad you guys in the UK have finally got some good weather back. Was feeling like a bit of a cheat enjoying loads of sunshine and lack of rain up here in the 'far north'. My LO also going mental at the moment with kicks and movement (perhaps it's a 'girl thing'? wink). Started a 'kick-monitoring' app instead of a movement diary, since I'm now 28 weeks, and it's impossible. I just sit there like all day clicking for a kick because I feel movement about 70% of the time. She clearly writhes in her sleep (swaddling is perhaps going to be fun??).

Many congrats to tazmo smile thanks. Abby Rose is a beautiful name. I hope you are enjoying her and feeling ok smile.

Hi Midget smile. Yeah, the work did knock me for six a bit. I'm not going to take on people's theses at just 3 days notice again. Once I get this business up and running I think a week will allow me to do a few hours each day while baby sleeps and not run myself into the ground!

The sorbet - I can report it is absolutely delicious. However, it was a little bit 'ice-crystally' and would still benefit from an ice-cream machine or something but I think I didn't whisk/stir it enough before freezing AND I froze it in a thick glass container, not plastic. If anyone wants to try it, I followed this recipe. Needs a bit of refinement perhaps but is currently completely satiating my lime/ice cream needs (despite being a little more like a granita in texture) smile.

LRM - I don't know how you do it and...I don't believe we again have a scan on the same day (although ashamed to say this will be my ?5th - losing track blush)!!

KnickyKnocks - good luck getting the early scan. Oh, and I remember the wind that early on! It does get better after the first trimester, although you can probably expect your general digestion 'not to function in it's usual way' for most of your pregnancy. Trust me, I'd swap the 1st trimester wind right now for the 3rd trimester (yes! finally there!) almost constant heartburn sad.

tazmo Mon 23-Jul-12 16:55:37

Hi hope all pregnancies are going well. Glad Abby is here safe and sound though there is something special about being pregnant and knowing that is the last time I will do it, does tinge me with a bit of sadness ( crazy I know!). So hard though it maybe for all you uncomfy ladies out there, try to enjoy it!

Abby proving to be a night owl. She was up from 10 pm till 5 am. Had to get dh to give her formula so I could get some sleep. Parents gone home. She is slightly jaundiced but most of my baby's were. She had lost 500 g in weight - not too bad! Milk come in but as Abby been sleeping all day!!!! So lumpy boobs already! Feeling relatively ok. Generally suffer baby blues - hoping I don't this time.

Do you think I could drink a glass of champers tonight? B feeding and still on painkiller?


ValiumQueen Mon 23-Jul-12 17:28:07

tazmo I would have the teeny tiniest amount. With the pain killers it would prove more potent anyway.

Can I ask what pain relief you have had and have now? I was only given PCM and Brufen as I was bfing.

Thank you for the kind words re: my leg.

It is very hard coping with both kids at home on my own and with the rain. usually I can let the older one out to play, and just concentrate on entertaining little one. I find the 6yo more demanding believe it or not.

Pain remains pretty bad, and have to have leg up to ease discomfort. Taking regular PCM. Am getting very adept at changing nappy on the sofa, but sometimes she will not come to me.

DH seems to have no sympathy whatsoever for me. Seems to be making no allowances for me, and seems to resent having to do things. He is very tired and sore apparently, and is not sleeping well. Hello!

MrsWooster Mon 23-Jul-12 19:59:07

Pestilence! Chicken Pox has struck at Wooster Towers so had a flappy phoen call to the doc but all's ok, since I was tested and found immune in last pregnancy. No symptoms yet (apart from wind, but DP says that's normal...), tho I am always so tired that they may just have vanished into the miasma!

ValiumQueen Tue 24-Jul-12 12:33:33

mrsWooster pop over to children's health and join the 'we have got the pox' thread. I found it very helpful last week. I feel for you!

Hpbp Tue 24-Jul-12 13:25:34

Good afternoon Ladies,
Just a very quick one from me today as I have to sort out final details for the birth now. Saw my consultant yesterday, baby is fine and cervix has dilated by 1cm, will see MW on Thursday and if cervix is behaving, should have baby on Saturday or Sunday. But of course anything can happen anytime now. So off to shopping and cooking because clinic here will keep me until baby has regained weight, so between 3 and 5 days.
Take care everyone

ValiumQueen Tue 24-Jul-12 13:50:22

Hpbp ooh exciting! 1cm! I needed a sodding drip to get to 1cm! Thinking of you, and wishing you a positively orgasmic delivery x

FjordMor Tue 24-Jul-12 16:21:19

Hpbp exciting news! I'm 'up-fjord' at the cabin this week, with patchy interweb access but I'll look out for news as often as I can! smile.

ValiumQueen Tue 24-Jul-12 16:50:38

Sounds lovely fjord

exexe Wed 25-Jul-12 09:04:08

Congratulations Tazmo! And welcome baby Abby
Hbpb very exciting. Fingers crossed for a quick and straightforward delivery for you.
VQ Poor you. My dh can be like that. I think he hates it when I'm not well and things aren't running smoothly. He gets overwhelmed. I think the best thing to do is just tell him what needs to be done and sod stressing him out. If the kids need to go out then they need to go out. Dont be guilt tripped.
I learnt that a long time ago. You must be a bit like me and have just got on with stuff on your own and let them get away with too much.
I hope your foot is better soon!
Knickyknocks the nausea is horrible. I just ate toast/bread and crisps for about 7 weeks. You'll get through it though.

I am living on a building site at the moment and have been busy trying to order bits and bobs for the extension.
I'm a misery guts and hate this heat. I have to commute to canary wharf via stratford. It was a total nightmare the other day. Very busy and very hot on the trains.

I hope everyone is doing well and sorry for all the people I've missed responding to. My brain can only cope with so much these days.

Midgetm Wed 25-Jul-12 11:08:55

Hb Oh my goodness. Feel very excited for you. Come on cervix - do your stuff.

VQ how you coping? This heat must be a bit much with a cast on.

I have a stinking cold - any advice on if I can take anything other than bloody parecetomol the combo of stinking cold and heat is pretty tiresome.

Fjord I may pack a bag and join you at the cabin - you will still be outnumbered but together we are stronger.

Hope the Wooster house is not too miserable with the pox.

Exexe you have just depressed me with your journey stories - off to the opening ceremony rehearsal tonight - dreading the journey - it will be at rush hour and I can hardly breathe already. Dreading it!

Best go do some work - naughty midget.

bytheseaside Wed 25-Jul-12 13:25:57

Fjord can I come too? sounds amazing!

VQ and Fjord boo for the DHs not behaving themselves when you need them to. Luckily mine is being a dream atm ( although isn't always!) as I don't think I could take it in this heat... Been at hospital a lot again with bp and he's been great. Sorry, not boasting, just feeling very relieved to have him on good form

exexe I really sympathise re the building site - I would find that really stressful and think you sound so calm about it all - obv the best attitude to take

midgetm not sure there's much else you can do re a cold, except drink lots of water which you are prob doing anyway (hurray for half hourly toilet trips!)

hpbp wow exciting! everything is coming together ... does everyone stay in hospital that long in France? sounds like you will at least have a break and chance to get back on your feet

.... well we got the house! and just had to let it go as it turned out there is a big problem with nighttime noise that we hadn't noticed on daytime visits, so back to the drawing board. Turns out what we thought was a church is a big, bad nightclub. I'm desperate to sign up for something in the next week, as it will mean we can move by 1st september when I'll be 7 months. I'm thinking it may be crazy to move 1st October at 8 months which is our other option with our renting contract (can't afford to cover two places) what do you think? Just house hunting managed to push up my BP higher than I want it, so I'm thinking actual moving will be oh so much worse. Just want to be settled before baby comes! Blimy she's doing acrobatics today - heat clearly isn't bothering her.

Off to sit in the garden under a shady tree with a big glass of juice x

Midgetm Wed 25-Jul-12 13:27:51

Bytheseaside Bugger!

Hpbp Wed 25-Jul-12 17:04:47

Fjord, I will come with you on your next trip to the cabin. The heat in Paris is unbearable, 32C tomorrow and not even the slightest breeze...
Exexe, hope your commute will be easier, I always have a spray for my face and water in my bag. Hope the building works go smoothly
Midget, my last cold was last week, runny nose and coughing, I can only think about lots of water and rest to get over it quickly, I left the marital bed for a week to have proper night sleep for a week and felt much better within days.... DH snores like a boat horn when he is tired....
Seaside, good thing you found out about the nightclub before commiting further and losing time. I guess you can always move when pg of 8 months, it will depend on how much work need to be done in the new place... Good luck

It seems that the mucus plug has started melting... So my body knows where I stand. Not a lot of contractions though. But less foetal movement yesterday so at 0.40 this morning I had the TV on with a cold Coke, finally went to bed at 1.20 when baby was back on kicking mode again....

Midgetm Wed 25-Jul-12 18:00:01

On my way to the Olympic park from Highbury to Stratford. I think I may be melting. There are people wearing cardigans, I may be pregnant but they are insane...

OooohShiny Wed 25-Jul-12 20:01:40

Just popping in quickly...had my growth scan today, everything fine and my bp has dropped to normal again but bubs is measuring 33 weeks with me only being 30 weeks tomorrow. Apparently my GTT results were below diabetes level but longer term results were showing me as possibly borderline hence the extra GTT - I've been given stuff totest my blood sugars 4 times a day for the next few weeks to give them a better idea...I have to admit to being a bit concerned about the unknown confused

hope everyone is doi g well and those in the extreme heat especially...thankfully Scotland is getting bugger all heat and just loads of rain!

littleredmonkey Thu 26-Jul-12 15:24:31

Hey Ladies

The sun is shining and I got as much sleep as a vampire last night. Good job I am holiday this week and can relax a bit. It was a vicious cycle last night. dry mouth, drink water, wake up hot, go for a wee, move bump to try and get comfortable and the cycle begins. Patner was a star checking every time if I was ok when I woke up. Bet he would love to slip me a sleeping tablet or two hahaha.

Oooh shiny - Hope the blood tests show positive results. When will they tell ya whats next. Oh jealous of your rain.

Midgetm - Cardigans in London bloody hell they must be from Dubai or somewhere in the middle east to think that it is cooler. Are you watching any of the games ?

Hpbp - Not long to go now. The heat must be unbearable. Hope the hospital has air con for you. If not your patner will have to fan you like an Egyptian princess.

exex - Bless ya London trains at the best of times are hot, never mind this week, I hope everyone sees you and makes you a seat. Hope the extension goes well. Nothing is worse when you are tired and hot then mess. I am terrible if the hall carpet has any fluff on I have to vac it. Patner thinks I am mental but it puts my little bit of ocd back in its box.

Bythesea - Big bugger about the house. Good job you found out now through would have been a pain in arse later. Doesnt help you have to go back to the drawing board though.

VQ - Hope the leg pain has eased for you. My friend broke her foot the other week while traning for a 400 mile bike ride and she is in lots of pain, when I told about you she felt for you being pregnant at the same time.

Fjord - We are scan twins!!! It will be my 5th as well. What sort of stuff do they do ?

Wooster- Hows the chicken pox out break going. I remember when I had it. i was 5 living in Hong Kong and it was hot and humid and lord it was horrible so speedy recovery for all

Dont go back to work till the 6th August which is lovely. have been to London to the Harry Potter experience which was brillant. Went to see a friend and partner drove the 3 hours home while we had a nice chat on the way home. Yesterday went to mother care and finally bought the pram and carry cot. Due to arrive today so I am waitng watching films and chilling out oh and eating biscuits. My baby will come out addicted to Borbon biscuits. Went to view our first nursery today. People seemed nice and friendly. Poor lady had to list to me firing off a thousand and one questions. will ring to view others. Was over whelmed with guilt at the thought of leaving him anywhere for 5 days a week. May rethink my full time position but I know I would lose my managers role and the pay that goes with it. The role does not bother me but the pay is halfed when you step down which is a shit. Still time to think about it.

MrsWooster Thu 26-Jul-12 20:47:00

Thanks to all for the sympathy for our Pox, but it turns out to be a false alarm. DS has Non-Specific-Viral-Rash, which basically means a cough, grumpy and spotty but could be a LOT worse. ValiumQueen, I think I may be your mini-me... DS has minor version of pox, I have fallen off the doorstep and ruined my knee to the tune of 7 stitches <proud emoticon> so am a bit incapacitated for a week or so. I am basically copying your life in a minor key so here's wishing you a MASSIVE lottery win!!

ValiumQueen Fri 27-Jul-12 08:48:39

Best buy a ticket then! Sorry to hear about your knee mrsW hope you and DS are soon better.

ValiumQueen Fri 27-Jul-12 09:14:41

littlered I am thinking seriously about what to do about work. In relation to putting your child in nursery, it does become easier, especially when they clearly love it, and are keen to go. I think there are a lot of positives to nursery, especially when there are no siblings. I happily put my two in (happily most of the time) it is hard when they are unwell though as getting time off can be tricky. I have quite liked the fact that once the kids are in nursery, I can be 'me' again, and have adult conversation, lunch in peace, work in a challenging environment, knowing they are cared for and having fun.

With a third on the way I just cannot see how I can work full time and afford full time childcare. Even though DD1 is at school, there are still considerable costs, plus the holidays to cover. I am hoping my employer will let me work from 9-2.30 mon-fri. I could then collect them all after school thus saving 45 hours childcare. I need to talk to the nursery to see if they can have my two youngest from 8.45 to 3.15. Usually they only let people have am, pm, or full days. I cannot afford that. I have been a good customer, so hopefully they will help, if not I will need to find a CM which I really do not want to do. I am trying to work out how to be self employed and work from home, but DH gets paid peanuts, and we have a mortgage.

Midgetm Fri 27-Jul-12 12:41:02

Shiny Sounds at least some reassurance from the GTT, good you haven't got it yet, hopefully the baby will slow the fuck down and not be too big (bearing in mind they have to come out and all)

Litttlered We've missed you - welcome back. So jealous of your holiday. I am saving all mine so I can take cash instead and it is killing me! I have 22 days left just sitting there winking at me but as DH not working the money comes first. I second what VQ says. If you find the right nursery leaving them is not so bad - I actually enjoyed going back in the end - I managed to string it out till DD was over a year though. After I got my feet under the table at work, I compressed my hours which was a real help - meant less childcare costs and 3 days of feeling like I could relax and spend time with her. Its a tough one though. As always, I am impressed with people buying stuff. My booty so far is one short baby grow. Best get a wiggle on. I have a few tickets for the Olympics, the dress rehearsal on Wednesday has got me excited - I think it is going to be brilliant - as long as it doesn't piss down the while time.

VQ no way I could afford childcare for 2, again - really tough and needs so much flexibility. Luckily DD will be at school so I will be making the most of flexible working, favors from friends and after school clubs.

Mossies kept me awake since the wee small hours so knackered today. London is nice and cool today which is typical as I have the day off. DH in the opening ceremony tonight so a big night in the Midget House, going to let DD stay up late to she her Dad she may not actually spot him but still. I may fall sleep before she does at this rate. Big wave to all.

ValiumQueen Fri 27-Jul-12 12:52:03

There is an after school club in my village, which is called the ******after school club, but it does not pick up from our school. In order for her to go, I would have to pay £100 a month in taxis on top of the cost of the club, even though it is 5 mins away, and put a 5yo in a taxi on her own. Not doing that! either that or change schools. I asked the school for help with finding after school care, and they said their responsibility ended at 3pm so they could not help. I am seriously considering setting up something myself.

Midgetm Fri 27-Jul-12 15:16:00

Also no way I would put DD in a taxi - no way at all. Arse.

ValiumQueen Fri 27-Jul-12 15:18:40

Thank you midget I have often wondered if I was being PFB about her. I know someone who puts her 2yo in a taxi to nursery, or at least SS do!

Midgetm Fri 27-Jul-12 20:22:10

Not precious at all. Taxi drivers may be CRB checked but that means nothing. I wouldn't want a stranger with no childcare be with my DD on their own. Not a chance in hell!

Hpbp Fri 27-Jul-12 20:57:40

VQ, Midget, I am totally with you, my kid is either with me or my DH, or my Mum or his grand parents, or nursery staff. I would certainly not put him in a cab on his own, not in a million years, not even for free.

Hpbp Sat 28-Jul-12 18:46:08

cervix was dilated by 2cm on Thursday, souple but still long, had a sweep this morning, contractions a bit stronger than usual... Expecting to go to clinic anytime tonight.... Wish me luck. I will be back soon.
Thinking of all of you.
VQ hope your pain will ease soon and the fracture is on the mend
LRM yes nursery gives guilt, but if you find the one than isright for your little angel, you will feel uh better. Take your time finding the one you feel 200% comfortable with.

ValiumQueen Sat 28-Jul-12 20:09:46

Hpbp good luck honey x looking forward to hearing all about it, and your new little one x x. (a tad jealous)

bytheseaside Sat 28-Jul-12 21:09:51

hpbp good luck! So exciting. How was the sweep?
I'm beginning to worry about childcare too - I know I just won't want us to leave her until she is 10! Or perhaps we will by then ... Can't imagine it though, although like everyone else it's unlikely that we will have that much choice. I'm going to take a year mat leave if we can make the money work - which I think we can - then we'll see I guess. May at that point try to move (again!) to cheaper area so we can maybe afford one of us not to work for a bit longer - don't mind missing hols, clothes etc etc as long as we can eat, but I expect I'm being unrealistic.

My BP is still a bit all over the place - shouldn't be really as I'm on tabs. Midwives are really good at monitoring me regularly (urine, swelling etc all fine), they say it's too high, but don't do anything re sorting medication out - I think I need to push for a chat with my consultant as I don't think it can be doing any good. I'm not due to see her until September otherwise, which seems too late in circs.

Still no home - trying not to panic as we've given our notice already here. Come on - someone move out of a lovely house in next few weeks so that we can have it!

Have bought 1st pack of newborn vests - so soft and lovely. I'm leaving them out so that I'm accustomed to the sight of baby stuff in the house and I don't lose my nerve again.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend. Was your DH actually in the opening ceremony midgetm? I thought it was great! Not usually my kind of thing at all, but we stayed up and really got into the olympic spirit Mrs W sorry youhave been in the wars

exexe Sun 29-Jul-12 09:22:56

Hbpb good luck!

LRM Good shopping! I really feel for you with your work situation. You have a lot to think about. I stepped down from a supervisor role so I could work part time when I had ds1. It's a job in finance in the city so to be honest, I was more than happy to not deal with the stress and hrs but my pay was reduced by more than half. I'm much happier though.

I'm totally with you guys about taxis and children. I didn't even want my ds at the age of 6 being picked up by a minibus for an off site after school club on the days I worked. There is no way I'd have considered a taxi!

Midget the opening ceremony was fab (apart from that decrepit old crooner at the end hmm) What events are you seeing? I so wanted tickets but managed to get none even though we applied for loads a couple of times.

VQ I hope you get your reduced hrs. Its so hard trying to find and get the right balance of working hrs.

Bythesea Aah to your baby vests! Thats all I've bought too - a pack of baby vests and baby gros in pink smile
I hope you find somewhere to live soon! try not to stress and I'm sure something will work out.

Well the building work is going very well. I have to say that I think I'm lucky to have v good builders. I've not had to be stressed about much. They keep telling me not to worry and have emptied and moved cupboards/units for me! I had visions of having to box stuff up and move them into different rooms etc but I've not needed to deal with any of that.
They have 4 guys here most days and things have come along v quickly.

We've also had a few lovely days out with the kids during the holidys. A tip for all you new mums for the future - collect tesco clubcard vouchers for days out with kids in the summer holidays. Its been great for a fre day out to Legoland and I have more vouchers to use up at local zoos etc.

Hope you're all having a good weekend. Off to Wickes today!

eagleray Sun 29-Jul-12 16:52:42

Hi everyone

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

On Friday, my dad finally got some sort of diagnosis after weeks of endless tests, during which time he has got weaker and weaker and now has a chest infection. There was obviously something there, but nothing obvious was showing up with all the endoscopies/colonoscopies he was having. Turns out there is a massive tumour of the connective tissue, which is pressing on the digestive organs from the outside. It is not known whether it is cancerous or not as it is inoperable anyway and he now has limited time left to live. I think the plan is to stabilise him so that he can start eating again (he needs a stent fitted) and then they hope to discharge him and he will be cared for at home. I am sure he is desperate to get home as he lives out in the sticks on a beautiful stretch of coastline and there are apparently very good local healthcare services in the area, so staying at home should be feasible.

DP is driving me up to the hospital on friday to see him and hope to be able to tell him about the baby as well. However, it's a nearly-1,000 mile round trip in the car, and to top it all, I am having the amnio on Thursday. I have taken advice about travelling and apparently there shouldn't be any issues with that. Oh, and it's DP's birthday on Saturday so I think the best plan is to book into a nice hotel up there and try and have some sort of nice time when we aren't at the hospital.

Apologies for long depressing message - I feel quite accepting of everything, have shed quite a few tears but will just get on with things now and put on a brave face at the hospital. Meanwhile, I am finding that shopping and watching the olympics are quite good distractions.

HPBP - good luck!!

Valium - hope you are recovering well and that DP is helping you out a bit more now - men can be utter shits at times

ValiumQueen Sun 29-Jul-12 17:04:00

eagle at least you know the score now with your Dad, and hopefully they can keep him comfortable. Sorry it was not better news x your plan for staying overnight sounds good. Hopefully the amnio will bring good news x

exexe glad the builders are being good. I live in Scotland and find there is very little I can spend my Tesco points on without driving hundreds of miles.

DH is still a lazy twat, but I am feeling a bit better, thank you x

littleredmonkey Sun 29-Jul-12 17:31:14

Eagleray - Sorry to hear about your dad, hope he is comfortable honey. Thinking of you for your amnio.

Hpbp - Good luck and cant wait to hear your tale of excitment of your little un.

Exexe- Work wise it would be great to do only 3 or even 4 days but my manager is rubbish and would not let me job share for a million quid, However as she is deperate to progress be lucky if she will even be in store next year so will keep options open and review in the new year.

Got a letter yesterday from the hospital saying I have a urine infection !!! Lovely. They want me to provide another sample, but only work monday to friday . Got another 2 nurseries to view nexct week. Patner has also looked at child minders in our area. Any thoughts ladies plus and minus for both so I can get a balanced view.
Just done another run to Ikea and Mamas and Papas and pleased to say the list of items to buy is complete except for a nursing bra and nightie for hospital. So chuffed got it all sorted so soon so my mat leave will involve relaxing and packing hospital bag but more then likely to pack it next week.
I am 30 + 3 and was woken up last night with shocking stretching pains kept me up for ages. Has anyone else had these?

Midgetm Sun 29-Jul-12 19:50:42

Evening all,

VQ I was very much grin at DH being a lazy twat. Not the actual twatishness itself but the description.

Eagle Huge hug coming your way. Too much going on but you sound like you are coping pretty well under the circumstances. Got everything crossed for Thursday for you.

LRM Get back in as soon as you can. UTI can go from nothing to contractions and big pain so get ye back and pee in a bottle.

Exexe We've been very lucky with tickets, got mens gymnastics, 3 lots of athletics, handball, archery and the closing ceremony. Was meant to go to archery at Lords today but as I still have a cold I have given it a miss - didn;t fancy getting soaked. Also had swimming but this clashes with a scan so best be a decent mummy and blow out the swimming. We applied for a lot on the basis that we knew we wouldn't get them all. Know what you mean about Macca - is he really the best we have to offer? Sounds like you are indeed very lucky with your builders - a good tradesman is worth his weight in gold.

HP hows that cervix coming on? Hope it had done its stuff and you will be back here soon to tell us all about it.

Bytheseaside DH was indeed in the ceremony - in the Pandemonium section where they forged the rings. He loved it. I am jealous - such a chance to be involved in something so unforgettable. But the hours he put in were ridiculous - I have barely seen him all summer. Memories that will stay with him forever though. I would push to speak to a consultant if you are worried about your BP. but them I am a hypochondriac

I have been having really bad nosebleeds and cant help but get paranoid that it may be because of my BP and PE is coming back. Glad I have a consultants appointment this week. Once bitten, twice shy. Sure it is all ok and my consultant is great so she will sort me out. Right best go - DH just got back from Archery and is wet to his pants. Very glad I didn't go!

Have a lovely evening everyone.

ValiumQueen Sun 29-Jul-12 19:55:58

Perhaps I should not call him a twat. Twats after all are very useful. I used to call my ex a clit because he was too small to be a twat!

bytheseaside Tue 31-Jul-12 13:04:07

Bit quiet on here lately! I'm still househunting - lurch from feeling excited and positive to feeling convinced I'll be having this baby at my mums with our stuff in storage somewhere...

midgetm the pandemonium bit was excellent! Thanks or advice, am going to push to chat to consultant, or at least get my mw to when I see her on thursday. R U still getting nosebleeds? How annoying ...

exexe what perfect builders - could have been sooo much worse! I completely understand your view of the job / pay thing. I feel my priorities have completely changed. Irony is that because of juggling money, it may be DP that steps down at work and does the childcare as I earn a bit more and have opportunities for promotion that he doesn't (although I don't want them!!), and keeping my job means we can live in much cheaper place in the future and manage on 1 salary. Hopefully I'll be fed up of being at home after mat leave (although I bet I'm not)

eagleray I'm so sorry about the news about your dad. Sounds like you are going to have a difficult week. I hope it goes as well as it can - at least you can rest on the journey as much as possible after your amnio and listen to relaxing music etc. Hope seeing your dad helps - I bet he'll be glad you are there, although I guess there's a risk he may not show it if the shock of all this is overwhelming. One of those times when you just have to do what feels right. Best of luck for the amnio.

LRM you are so organised with your shopping! Remind me when's your due date? Well, after a slow start with my little pack of vests, I have been having dreams about baby arriving and me having nothing ready for her - no clothes, nappies or anything, so I pulled myself together and did some online shopping for the beginnings of a capsule baby wardrobe yesterday - more vests, a few babygros, a dress (ah!) a hat, mittens and a couple of baby blankets. I feel sooo proud of myself! The posh organic baby clothes companies that I really like but can't really afford all have good sales on right now so I thought what the hell - I know we'll be given lots of stuff, but I want some lovely non-pink things that I've chosen for her. Afterall I've been waiting for this baby for years! Now to get head out of sand and face the pram thing.

So hppb is baby here? Hope you are doing OK!

VQ how is pox/foot/DH situation doing?? Any further thoughts on childcare? I'm clueless about this stuff - how far in advance do you need to plan it?

My NCT starts this week - I'm convinced everyone else will be in their 20s... on a good day I tend to look a bit younger than my advanced age, so maybe they will think that my DP, who is '50+', is my dad coming along for moral support... how horrific! Feel a bit gutted that even if they seem like great future friends, I'll be moving soon anyway... I wonder what you do in the first class? Hope they don't make us do lots of 'icebreakers' I really hate that - just find it unbearably cringy and may have to go to the loo for a long time

ValiumQueen Tue 31-Jul-12 13:39:34

Capsule baby wardrobe grin I was dreading what you were going to say then! Well done for shopping. It is nice being given stuff, but it is never usually stuff you would have chosen yourself. I was given some hideously fussy cheap dresses that were only worn when the kind giver was visiting.

DH was a stay at home dad briefly, and I really resented him having that role. Even though it may be financially better for you, have a long think about whether it is really worth it. It probably sounds really selfish but I would rather we both worked and I left DCs with a nursery, than leave them with him. Plus he did not want to do it really, so did not take them out, or do other stuff in the house, except go on his computer.

As to when to look into it, I would say the sooner the better. Some nurseries need booking before you are even pregnant, but it depends on area I guess. It would be easier looking with a bump too, rather than a newborn.

ValiumQueen Tue 31-Jul-12 13:41:44

Do not worry about the NCT group. I am sure it will be fine.

DD2 is now well over the pox, thank you, and my foot is improving slowly. Managed without painkillers yesterday, and it does not need elevating all the time now. It was getting very uncomfy with my growing bump.

FjordMor Tue 31-Jul-12 19:27:24

Hello all smile

Back in civilisation and glad to have hot running water and a flushing loo, despite quite getting into ‘cabin life’ (although the kids had ‘cabin fever’ a bit). Midget, bytheseaside & Hpbp you would be most welcome to join us there. There are actually 5 bedrooms and room to sleep umpteen guests (despite it looking like an unassuming little log cabin in the woods). Must like the smell of wood though and be able to negotiate the nearly 1km long spongy woodland path from where the cars can park to the cabin (was precarious for me and my giant bump/crap centre of gravity), be philosophical about ticks, not mind ‘going’ in what is, essentially, a latrine, and bring insect repellent.

Hpbp - any news for us? Been thinking about you and looking forward to hearing of your arrival! smile

eagleray - I’m so sorry to hear your dad’s diagnosis but glad that you all have some answers at least. I’m thinking of you – I was, not so long ago, in a not dissimilar situation and there’s a lot of shock for everyone involved. Also hoping the amnio goes/went ok and that you’re holding together alright x

bytheseaside - Hope your blood pressure starts to settle down. I’m also worried that something like that will be lurking for me at my appointments this Friday and next Tuesday. Total bummer about the house. Also having big probs selling my flat – i.e. 14 viewings, no sniff of an offer. Looking at dropping the price although the crap agent is still sceptical because it’s on a ‘busy road’. Irony is, I spent my whole time there being told how in demand flats like mine are for letting (they’re very big for London 2 bedroomers) and how I’d have a practical bidding war by buy to let-ers if I ever sold it. Pffffffftttt!

VQ - glad to hear the foot is improving a bit, and DD’s much better. Actually LOL’d at your ex, the clit grin.

Midget - sorry to hear about the nosebleeds. Crossing everything that they’re not a sign of anything sinister. I had a couple of mammoth ones in my first trimester but went on to have low/normal BP so let’s hope the same’s true for you. Very envy of your DH in the opening ceremony. We gathered at a neighbours cabin (with a telly) to watch it and, despite my initial scepticism, I thought it was really great but left just when Sir Paul came on…felt we’d seen the best of it already (and DP was having trouble getting our gaggle of 8-12 year old charges to bed after leaving early with FIL to stop them killing each other over which DVD to watch…).

LRM - I don’t know what they’ll do at this scan. I’m just hoping we get a really nice view of our LO as the last scan we only saw the top of her head as the gynae was only concerned with doing his measurements, not letting us see her sad. We’ll have to compare notes after. Hope your UTI clears up soon. Am concerned about possibly having one myself now after some strange ‘undercarriage pain’.

Better go, just been summoned to pick up DSD2 from her 24 hour tween play date. Hope all ok with everyone else I haven't managed to mention, or lurking. Positively busting for news from Hpbp smile.

Swanlike Tue 31-Jul-12 20:05:34

Hello, sorry to jump into this thread abruptly. I'm 41 and this is my first pregnancy and I'm 13 +5. Been to see the consultant today and even though my health is good and I've had no problems at all so far and from my scan last week everything is also good with the baby, he's trying to make me have a ceserean or to be induced on my due date. This seems to go against what the midwife said ( that my age would make no difference). I'll be swapping hospitals before the birth as we will be moving house, so I just wanted to check with everyone here that the induction/cesarean is not standard NHS practice for over 40's who are in good health?

MrsWooster Tue 31-Jul-12 20:26:32

HI Swan, I was 43 with my first and my age or my vast BMI didn't seem to have an effect at all. All set for a normal delivery, altho DS didn't feel ready to face his public and they let me go to 2 weeks before inducing me. Good luck at your new hospital - at the end of the day it's your body and your baby...

ValiumQueen Tue 31-Jul-12 20:38:51

swan hello and welcome smile this is a lovely supportive thread. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I have been told that over 40 there is a risk of the placenta deteriorating beyond 40 weeks, which could result in the death of the baby, so many consultants prefer to either do an ELCS or induce at 40 weeks. It is however your choice. They cannot make you do anything.

I am due my third in October, am 43 years old, and will be having an ELCS.

Welcome back Fjord I missed you x

Midgetm Wed 01-Aug-12 13:12:41

Afternoon all,

I am feeling like pants today. Brace yourself for TMI but I had the worse pooh related incident yesterday. Couldn't get it out! strained so hard I thought I was going to have a prolapse (front and back - front was all swollen for hours and really sore) Pregnancy can be a vile vile thing on occasions and it terrified me! Ended up having to nap for 2 hours to get over the effort. I am disgusting! The indignities just keep on coming. Baby had a few really quiet days to drive me to distraction - having another growth scan tomorrow so at least can put my mind at rest about placenta and PE for another 4 weeks (this baby is so well photographed).

VQ Glad you are off the meds and starting to turn a corner - about time you had a turn of fortune - you've had more than your fair share of late.

Welcome Swan induction at 40 weeks pretty standard for over 40's because of the placenta deterioration but you can always ask to be monitored at the end instead. This can be a bit of a faff as you have to go in a lot but saves unnecessary induction and gives you the chance to go into labour under your own steam. Like MrsW says its your choice. I will go no later than 40 weeks but my placenta had started to deteriorate with DC1 already at 37 weeks and that was when I was a spring chicken at 36 ahem

Fjord Welcome back, bugger about the flat - I think things are very quiet in the summer anyway for sales so hopefully it may pick up after August is out.

Bytheseaside Hows the house hunting coming on? I also want to echo what VQ says about role switching. It can work really well but it can also be a bit problematic sometimes. DH is currently doing most of the childcare for DD and I kind of resent it sometimes and it is not always as straightforward as it can seem. He is also better at some bit which is just fecking annoying

LRM are you still on holiday? On the childminder v nurseries debate I think they both have pluses and minuses. A good childminder is worth their weight in gold. However, I often think there are more safeguards at nurseries - even though they are not always as cosy as a good childminder. Nurseries don't have many holidays (unless sure starts which can close of bloody ages sometimes) so more reliable for work commitments.

Best go and feed my face. Big waves to you all x

ValiumQueen Wed 01-Aug-12 13:31:20

Poor midget that poo sounds awful. Make sure you keep on top of it with fibre and water, and if it persists speak to GP. I must admit last week I had a challenging one, and I was scared I was gonna push the baby out by mistake. It really is horrid, and nobody understands unless they have experienced it.

Childminder vs Nursery. When my eldest was born I could not get my head around putting her into a baby prison ( nursery) as I wanted her to have the home from home feeling. I had two childminders before she went to nursery. The first was fab, just her daughter and mine, and they were the same age. She was just starting out, and when she took on two other children she decided she did not want to carry on, she just wanted another baby. I then went elsewhere, and the childminder was full, so DD spent most of the day in the pushchair or car doing the three school runs, or watching TV while she helped the older ones with their homework.

Holidays were an issue too. If she was off, I had to take leave, but still had to pay 50% fees. If her or her kids were ill, I did not have to pay, but still had to be off. If I was on holiday or my kid was ill, I had to pay, and take time off. It felt as if I was always off, so had no leave left for holidays. also extra charges for public holidays, or she would want to be off. Only 2 weeks notice needed for holidays, so could really cause problems at work. Contracts will vary, but I have had another childminder since for after school care, and that was also the same.

With nursery there is always someone who can cover if someone is ill, and if the other kids are I'll, they stay off. The nursery is only shut between christmas and new year, and we do not pay for that Plus it is when most people want to be off anyway. I pay full price if my child is ill or if we are on holiday, but that is perfectly reasonable. I quite often prefer to have long weekends, so miss less paid nursery time. At nursery there is more structured activities, and more staff and children to interact with, and no blooming school run or car journeys. One childminder used to do all her shopping and washing and ironing and cleaning with the kids in tow. I did not agree with that one bit.

bytheseaside Wed 01-Aug-12 18:33:14

Evening all

ah midget I've been there! lots of water, dried apricots, yukky prune juice and if you need it some lactulose for you! I had this all the time in 1st tri, felt like good practice for childbirth sad so I know how horrible it can be

welcome swan and congratulations. my consultant and mw haven't (yet) told me I have to do anything specific due to age - but I think I'll want them monitoring placenta

Fjord welcome back - actually I'm not great on hols without running water these days - too much basic camping as a child put me right off. Will need to get back into it once baby arrives and we can't do nice B&Bs anymore...

vq what a childcare minefield. even less idea what I'll do now. I have such a strong instinct not to want anyone other than DP, family and friends look after my child, but I know that is utterly unrealistic long term ... If DP gives up work for a bit, at least my hours are flexible and hols good so I won't be too absent. I guess we'll play it by ear.

We may have found new house, just on tenterhooks (again) to see if everything will fall into place... please let this be the right one! Feels like such a responsibility to find the right future home for this wriggly little one. wouldn't care nearly so much if it was just about me and DP. The teeny baby clothes I ordered arrived in the post today - they are so soft and lovely, and mainly not pink

FjordMor Wed 01-Aug-12 20:24:59

Aww VQ - missed ya too. Thought about poor you & your ankle every time I nearly went arse over tit on the spongy path to the cabin (there but by the grace of god go I...)

Welcome Swanlike smile like the others say, I think the induction after 40 weeks is fairly standard in the UK, due to known risks. However to suggest a caesarean straight off like that for no given medical reason seems a bit antiquated. That's what happened when mum had me; if they thought you were overdue they performed a caesarean. I live in Norway & have just been told that I should call my GP if I get to 41 weeks without labour starting. And that feels a bit worrisome to me compared with the UK standard (I'm 41 with complications). I'm worried their laid back attitude might leave me with a failing placenta so I'll be beating the hospital door down like a looney at 40 weeks exactly!!

Midget - I'm sorry about your poo situation. I too have been a little, uncharacteristically bunged up recently and remember recently 'pushing' & wondering if I could bring on premature labour that way. Your experience sounds grim though and I won't be so irresponsible as to recommend a wee tot of red wine which may or may not work but sure does make one feel better ;-). Know what you mean about the summer & the flat. Problem is, I really needed the money in my account before labour or I may have to pay through the nose for my whole birth episode (with no money) which is being a very stressful worry at the moment (to add to my others that I won't bore you with - except one below...).

bytheseaside, fingers crossed for the house.

Came on here to moan really but the last 24+ hours has been so horrid I've lost the will to do almost anything except lie down & worry about stuff. DSD2 (the 11 going on 6 year old) has been absolutely VILE and has been a stroppy, spoilt, rude brat for more than 24 hours solid. Have come to the conclusion that although DP knows what to do, he totally lacks confidence to act. I'm finding it so hard to live with - it makes me very down, drained & depressed as I can do or say nothing (except to him). Have just had to endure DSD2, on arriving at FIL's, announcing that she has been deprived of an evening meal for 3 days which actually went something like this: day 1, 'didn't feel like' expensive takeaway pizza we had bought and wanted a substitute hot meal of her choice bought and made while we were eating; day 2, had been at a friend's all day and agreed to come home at 9.30pm - they obviously hadn't fed her so she 'demanded' a hot meal, again of her choice, be prepared for her at 10pm or we go out and buy her an expensive pizza (as she 'missed out' last night) and threw a Veruca Salt diva strop when we suggested soup or sandwiches instead, assuming her hosts must have fed her (in Norway, 'dinner'/main meal of the day) is at 3.30pm-5.30pm as she hadn't informed us earlier; and day 3 (today) refused all food we had in the house or were willing to prepare from what we had (as we were going away to FIL's in a few hours) and repeatedly demanded we go to the shops and buy her something she could 'feel like'. DP made her her favourite, omelette, which she scoffingly rejected (claiming it was 'breakfast food', then promptly helped herself to a bowl of cereal) and now we're at FIL's & she got through the 'poor me, I'm being starved by Papa & stepmother' routine, he offered to make her omelette, which she then gratefully lapped up (claiming she couldnt eat her father's omelette as it was a bit 'thick and bumpy' compared to her grandfather's. Vile, vile, vile child. Thank you for listening. Fjordmor (wishing I could click my heels 3 times and 'go home').

ValiumQueen Wed 01-Aug-12 20:56:44

What a little b***h! Takes after her mother I am guessing? grin

FjordMor Wed 01-Aug-12 21:17:58

VQ wink clearly wink. I think some of it is attempts at control/attention seeking but I wish DP would address her issues another way & just step on this behaviour. He must usually have given in I'm thinking or else she wouldn't keep it up for so long - being that it's getting her nowhere. I'm so cross with him as we desperately need her to grow up, to at least her age, for when the baby comes, yet I fear this acting out (if it's attention seeking) will only get worse and then her mother will blame our having a child on her 'problems' (which have existed since long before they split up, the family inform me). She's just being driven to a shop on the nearest town now by her grandfather (at 10.15pm!) to get something she likes to shut her up . Arghhhhhhhhh!!!! (I insisted they got me chocolate too to make up for me losing the will to live completely). Meanwhile at least DSD1 doesn't seem to have anorexia. She's eating normally most days at the mo so I'm fairly sure she doesn't have a huge problem. At least she is behaving with relative maturity & family spirit!

Swanlike Wed 01-Aug-12 21:20:16

Thanks everyone. I think I'd rather go for the monitoring of the placenta to see if it's still performing ok (wasn't even memtioned as an option yesterday) and of course if anything is looking dodgy I'll agree to the induction. But I don't want to be pushed into agreeing anything yet. I'm just catching up with the rest of the thread, but lovely to meet you all and I'll be back soon.

bytheseaside Wed 01-Aug-12 21:38:03

fjord the behaviour sounds absolutely dreadful! And so frustrating there's so little you can do yourself. Choc will be well deserved tonight... When do kids get to the stage of being embarrassed to behave so childishly? Perhaps they don't - I know nothing! And sorry about your flat selling probs too, forgot to say - what a nightmare. Do you have to pay for all healthcare in Norway because of being british? Sorry, you prob already said.

littleredmonkey Wed 01-Aug-12 21:50:58

welcome swanlike this is a fab thread and the ladies on here are brillant.

Fjord - good to hear from you twinkle, yes we will have to compare appointments next week. UTI infection seems to have been a false alarm, the hospital may have read the results incorrectly my GP said. I hope your pain has gone.

Bythesea - Due date is 4th October, cant believe I am 31 weeks Thursday freaking me out not long to go. Glad all your shopping was a success, got to buy buggy bag yet.

Midget - hey missus, yep still on holidays and have eaten my body weight in biscuits and water. I know its gross but hope you have had a poo, I must admit I have not had that problem, the exact opposite from waking in the morning I get cramps that last 15 seconds or so then operation poo. Down side is once I wake the chance of a layin in slim as I am on the loo. This baby buisness is lovely isnt it!!!! Parter is betting me I will poo on the midwife!!! he knows how to make me laugh which is a good thing. I dont know about the rest of your 1st timers or those who have had remember when you wake in the night and think OMG I am giving birth soon, I have this little person to look after and I dont have a bloody clue AHHHHHHHHH!!!!. Partner wakes everytime I wake and checks on me he is a star and is keeping me sane on melt down days. He has helped me so much from decorating to shopping online to look for the best deals days on end. Rubbing my feet which he says he will suck up to do. You cant beat a good cuddle when you feel like shit and he is top banana. So glad he is here for me.

ValiumQueen Wed 01-Aug-12 21:58:13

LRM what a lovely DP. And everyone poo's on the midwife. There is no way to push a baby out but keep your starfish shut. It feels like you are pooing the baby out anyway.

fjord would you consider visiting the UK near your due date? Might save a few quid?

Swanlike Wed 01-Aug-12 22:14:23

Thanks everyone. I think I'd rather go for the monitoring of the placenta to see if it's still performing ok (wasn't even memtioned as an option yesterday) and of course if anything is looking dodgy I'll agree to the induction. But I don't want to be pushed into agreeing anything yet. I'm just catching up with the rest of the thread, but lovely to meet you all and I'll be back soon.

Hpbp Wed 01-Aug-12 22:35:06

Good evening Ladies, I am just back today from the clinic and there is so much to digest so apologies in advance if I miss any one. Welcome to Swan and very glad to be home with all of you again.
I had a sweep on Sat morning as cervix was 2cm dilated. By 8pm started to have regular contractions. Drve to clinic by 11pm. Epidural by 4am, cervix was then open by 5cm and contractions at 95% and had my little girl ON my tummy at 8.50 am on Sunday. Epidural was very good, could not feel the pain but felt the baby's head engaging so could push effecively when needed. Very proud of myself too to be able to get her out without any forceps (that was the case almost 4 years ago with DS).
Baby girl Anastasia arrived on Sunday 29 July weighing 3.020kg and 49cm long, with lots of black hair, and a lovely round head. Her brother and parents are all in love already.

ValiumQueen Wed 01-Aug-12 22:38:41

Well done mummy! And welcome Anastasia. Lovely name. So glad all went well. Sounds like a lovely birth experience! What is that in pounds?

firstbubba Wed 01-Aug-12 22:47:11

6lbs 10.5oz apparently

firstbubba Wed 01-Aug-12 22:52:26

Stalking around for a while on this thread again ladies 31 weeks today mahoosive ankles and now tingly hands counting down the weeks left to work which is four. Starting to struggle a bit with the work commute.Loving all the posts.

43 31wks #1

Midgetm Wed 01-Aug-12 22:59:17

Just about to pass out and dream of poohing on the midwife but had to say...

Congratulations HP sounds all rather civilised and gorgeous, big hugs to the whole household, especially Anastasia and you.

LRM your DH sounds lovely --and I am a bit envy.

Fjord DDD2 sounds like a little cow and no wonder you are angry. She spud alike she behaves more like a baby than my horse feeding DD who is 4. She needs a lot of time on the naughty step.

Must pass out so will catch up with the rest of the posts tomorrow, early growth scan first thing x

Midgetm Thu 02-Aug-12 11:14:00

Well just got back from my consultants appointment and had a full check on everything and all looking good. No sign yet of the dreaded PE, although my BP is creeping up (one of the readings is into treble figures which is unusual for me but creeping better than shooting up) so I am now having to have BP done every 2 weeks in addition to scan every 4 weeks. Scan was really cute. He was pressing his face against my belly which looked just like someone squishing their face against a window and had both feet right against the probe. Babies feet are so cute! Growth bang on average except for his chubby belly and no sign of the dreaded amniotic band so hopefully he has shoved it out the way with his big old head. My problems all started later than this with DC1 so not out of the woods but all very positive and consultant happy so I am happy. I have such good care I am very, very lucky. Seriously considering ELCS now I have seen the size of his head though! If I could be allowed to go into labour naturally I would not be so fearful but after my experience last time I am mindful of ensuring that I get out of hospital as quickly as I can and for me - that be a C Section. Decisions, decisions.

Fjord My post makes no sense. Bloody iphone, should say... She sounds like she behaves more like a baby than my....

Waves at you all and must do some work

Hpbp Thu 02-Aug-12 13:14:21

Midget, I am very glad your scan went well. You must berelieved than the amniotic band is not an issue anymore. Enjoy therest ofthe pg. Try not to think about PE and BP, you will deal with it if it shows up, and it might not smile Re the head circumference, remember that the skull bones are not attached together yet so the size of the head will somehow be moulded in the birth canal and during engaging process, unless it is a huge baby, you should be ok.

Fjord, OMG, I feel for you. These teenagers are so hard to deal with... Good luck, I am very impressed that you and OH remained so calm. Sometimes I wish we could still use physical punishment....

Firtbubba, welcome to this thread, good luck with the commute.

LRM, your DH is a pearl, keep him close, we all wish to have such a caring person by our side every single day. Constipation is awful, thethought of it made me drink lots of water and fruit and fibers throughout the hole pg. And tbh I asked the MW for a laxative when I arrived at the clinic, giving birth position is a bit weird imo, no need to add embarassment with a poo on top !!!

VQ thanks for your post. How are you feeling ? Does your cast help a bit re pain ? How long do you have to keep it ? Hope your DH s more helpful now and understanding.

Exexe, you are so lucky with your builders, hope it is going well and over soon so thatou can enjoy your new kitchen before baby comes.

Big hugs to every one from Paris. Can I remain a little bit more with you onthis thread ? I am goingto miss it.

Midgetm Thu 02-Aug-12 13:23:17

HP you must stay - we would miss you. How you feeling?

littleredmonkey Thu 02-Aug-12 17:46:59

HP - congradulations, baby Anastasia is a lovely name. So glad to hear all went well and you must stay on this thread so you can support us all.

Firstbubba - Welcome back good to hear from ya. I am 31 weeks, also 43 and its my first also. Hope you are well and dandy

Midget- I was defo going to have a ELCS but change my mind, but you never know whats going to happen on the day. I had a dream the other night that I put a massive tub of vaseline up my muff and the baby just slipped out !!! I will go in the hospital with a sign hanging on my neck saying drugs and will except any trials as well. Nervous about the pain but hello epidural thats all I can say, but whos to say how the day will pan out!!!! What ever you decide you will still end up with a lovely little baby honey.

Valium - Hahahaha you made me laugh Starfish so funny!! Partner says he will laugh at all rude bodily functions so he should be happy for the birth.

I had a very pregnant day today, went shopping and kept having to slow down walking every 10 mintues. It felt like baby was stood up and pushing down like crazy I have had it before but not as much, god help me on my feet next week at work. Any ideas ladies what it is ?

FjordMor Thu 02-Aug-12 20:25:39

Trying to post on my phone with super-carpal tunnelly hands but just wanted to to say Hpbp massive congrats & a big hug smile. Anastasia is a beautiful name. I hope you're feeling ok. More later all if I can manage xx

eagleray Thu 02-Aug-12 21:42:15

Hpbp congratulations!! So pleased for you that your beautiful little girl has safely arrived.

Fjord sorry you are going through hell with the DSDs. I don't have direct experience of such things myself, but my friend went through similar. Her partner's DDs were in their teens and there seemed to be a lot of guilt projected onto them by their parents (presumably for splitting up and unsettling their lives a little). The result was that they fed off this guilt/tiptoeing around them and were complete and utter monsters! They were vile to my friend and behaved in a generally juvenile way in order to get their dad's attention. To me, it didn't seem so much the domestic situation which was causing the issues, as the parents' response to it, somehow giving the girls the feeling that they were terribly hard done by and that the world owed them something. Not sure if that helps you at all, but hope you realise there are a lot of poor women out there suffering the awful behaviour of stepchildren!

I have spent most of the day lying on my bed after the amnio this morning. Don't think bedrest is entirely necessary as feel ok, but it's actually been nice to spend a day curled up doing nothing. Was still unsure what to do when we got to the hospital this morning, but the consultant (different one to last time) was someone we warmed to and trusted, and that made all the difference. He was direct but reassuring and somehow made us feel a bit more confident that we were doing the right thing than the previous doctor did. It didn't hurt much at all - the most uncomfortable bit was being doused with freezing cold cleaning fluid stuff before they stuck the needle in. They are going to do their best to get the first results back tomorrow, although nothing is guaranteed.

DP has been off work looking after me, although that has mostly involved him lying on the sofa watching the tv. He's quite a 'stressy' person and started shouting at me last night for not going up to visit my dad earlier. I felt terrible but it has been so difficult to know what to do. It turns out that in the last few days he has deteriorated a lot and may not even be conscious when we get to the hospital tomorrow night. Sadly, there are no longer plans even to get him home for the final weeks as he is just too ill now.

So tomorrow, I am off for my regular consultant's appt at the local hospital where they will hopefully check the baby is ok, then straight back into the car for the 7 hour journey north. Utterly dreading it, but the regret from not going would be so much worse.

By the way, got a few measurements from the scan today and whilst the head and abdominal circumferences are slightly above average, the femur length is small (I think around the 20th percentile). I was slightly puzzled by this, but DP laughed and said it described him perfectly - large head, large stomach and short femurs (he is tall, but has v long body and shortish legs). I will check with the doc tomorrow when I'm at the hospital, but is it possibly for a baby to start looking like one of its parents so early on? God, I hate the way the smallest deviations from average become a worry...

Oh, and hi and welcome Swan - we are similar gestation and age (I'm 40 and 16 weeks) and I have been 'warned' about the induction thing at 40 weeks, although no mention of caesarian (which does sound odd to have forced upon you). I think the induction policy does vary from one hospital to another, but I don't know much more than that. Am going to start researching though as can't imagine the baby being early...

Midgetm Thu 02-Aug-12 22:23:10

Glad you are taking it easy Eagle. Good luck for tomorrow, for the results, for the visit and for that bloody Long journey. Take care.