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trying to get pregnant after taking cerazette

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gemcgem Mon 09-Jan-12 14:05:09

hi, i just wonder'd if any other ladies have try'd to concive after taking the mini pill cerazette ?

call me greedy but im a happy married mummy to 6 and i would love a 7th !
i breast feed all my children for 6 months and after my last DD when i stopped feeding her i went on the combined pill but for some reason ( age ??) it didnt agree with me any more , so i went on the mini pill cerazette for the last 6 months with NO MP at all !
iv read some awfull things about women trying to concive for years after taking this mini pill , and just wonder'd if any body has any positve stories to tell?

spannermary Mon 09-Jan-12 14:09:06

Came off Cerazette in June. Pregnant in July! Due on Easter Sunday... Yay!!!

tigana Mon 09-Jan-12 14:15:49

I was on cerazette for a year or so before got pg with current bump. Came off one month, didn't try for maybe 3-4 weeks to get at least 1 period in, then got pregnant before the next period came along... so no issues here.

Jezzabell Mon 09-Jan-12 14:16:00

i stopped taking cerazette in the september and got pregnant in the following June - the first time we tried! Don't know if there would have been any problems if we'd tried before, but my periods came back really regular about 6 weeks after stopping the pill.

gemcgem Mon 09-Jan-12 14:16:11

oh thanks for that spannermary , id made a big mistake in google'ing it and read some awfull stories of women going years with out even a MP . so this month could be my month smile
question did you have a MP before falling pregnant ?? and if so how long did it take for that cycle to start again ??

Sidge Mon 09-Jan-12 14:20:01

Having no periods on Cerazette is normal and related to the way it works.

Having no periods on it has no bearing on how quickly you'll get pregnant.

Theoretically you are fertile 2-3 days after your last pill.

pommedenoel Mon 09-Jan-12 14:29:39

Stopped Cezarette end of May 2009 and got a positive pg test 8 weeks later.

Had a period after 5 weeks, pg 3 weeks later!

Emsgale Mon 09-Jan-12 14:35:17

hi stopped cerezette 2nd week in may took 8 weeks to get my period felt very very hormonal during the wait then didnt get another found out I was pregnant due april 8th x

spannermary Mon 09-Jan-12 14:37:22

I thought I'd had a period - but it turned out to be implantation. In fact, I didn't realise for a while I was pregnant due to implantation bleed, a negative test at 4 weeks, and the fact that my early signs of pregnancy were similar to PMS (sore boobs, slightly tender stomach, slightly emotional!). That was the biggest issue I had with it - you may want to take other precautions for the first month. I don't regret a thing though! And in my defence, I wasn't entirely sure what PMS felt like as I hadn't had a period in 2 years...

Good luck!

spannermary Mon 09-Jan-12 14:38:46

Emsgale - we're due the same day!

AlexTasha Mon 09-Jan-12 14:39:43

Hey, I stopped taking cerazette in August 2010, didnt have a period until May 2011 (9 months) and I found out that the mini pill had really f***cked up my ovaries. Was terrified that I was going to have to have fertility treatment to have a baby, but then got pregnant in September 2011. Still wish my doctors had explained the risks more thoroughly though!

NigellaBot Mon 09-Jan-12 15:04:25

I was on Cerazette for years, stopped in March 2011, had a couple of horribly heavy periods then found out I was pregnant in May. Due in three weeks grin

My monthly cycle came back very short, only 19 days instead of 28 before I went on Cerazette. Remember saying to DP I'd better bloody well get pregnant soon because I couldn't stand the period pains and that I barely got two weeks break between them.

I did get periods on Cerazette but they were very light and virtually pain-free.

NigellaBot Mon 09-Jan-12 15:05:04

oh and good luck TTC smile

Oeisha Mon 09-Jan-12 15:05:26

Took me 11 months. Was told they wouldn't even blink until about 12months, and even then all they'd do was check I was ovulating properly and wouldn't think about treatment until 18mths as I am still young (30). I kinda knew my periods weren't proper before then as they didn't hurt like hell until the 11th, which was back to the usual (crying, puking, so much pain I wondered whether I wanted kids at all). Luckily fell pg straight after that, so only 1 hellish (usual) period, though DH was close to taking me to the medical centre at centre parcs as he was so worried.

Broodzilla Mon 09-Jan-12 15:18:11

Came off Cerazette in Nov 08, got a BFP in Feb 09. Did Agnus Castus straight away after coming off the pill (years ago I was on Depo-Provera and didn't have a period for 2yrs, was all over the place even after coming off the DP until I read about Agnus Castus, took it and it kick-started my cycle again) and my periods were back to normal from the first cycle, we didn't really TTC until Dec 08 as we got married then and I wanted to wait a month or so after coming off the pill to make sure it was all out of my system.

Good luck!

Emsgale Mon 09-Jan-12 15:49:49

spannermary I had a slight typo or stupid moment due 7th april but still v close!lol c

gemcgem Mon 09-Jan-12 16:15:37

hi broodzilla , Agnus Castus ?? what is this ?? thanks ladies i feel a tad more positive now :D

BarfAndHeave Mon 09-Jan-12 16:16:55

No issues with me either - came off in Feb, conceived March.

GemmaReeto Mon 09-Jan-12 16:18:43

Took me 5 months

babycarmen Mon 09-Jan-12 17:37:53

I conceived on my 3rd month after coming off it, although it turned out i must of ovulated literally 1-3 days after my period ended!

Enfyshedd Mon 09-Jan-12 17:38:57

Was on Depo-Provera for 6 years with ex, then came off for 18 months while we were supposed to be TTC (however you need to be DTD for that hmm). When I got together with DP, doc gave me Cerazette in September 2010 which I took until February 2011. Didn't take any precautions, but decided not to actively try until August. Got my BFP Sept 21st.

I've had plenty of friends who've told me not to even try for 12 months after coming off the pill, but my mum told me it only took her 2 months to conceive me. Everyone's different.

purpleflower123 Mon 09-Jan-12 17:44:05

Came off cerazette last march. DD2 was born on christmas day, 41 weeks after stopping (DS and DD1 were both 41 weekers too) So I conceived 2 weeks after stopping taking it smile

Rindercella Mon 09-Jan-12 17:47:39

No issues for me. First time conceived within 3 months, second time after about 5 months. But I am old

Good luck (wow! going for a 7th - brave, not greedy!! grin)

Broodzilla Mon 09-Jan-12 17:49:11

Gem lots of positive stories here! Agnus Castus is a herb used to regulate hormones in women, mainly used for menopause but for some reason it also sorts out wonky cycles. smile

Also, when you come off the pill, for the first 3 months or so there can be a surge in fertility, so get cracking :D

CrispLeCrisp Mon 09-Jan-12 17:50:49

I was on cerazette for 8 years with no periods. Came off it in November, periods came back in dec, pregnant in March smile

Good luck.

gemcgem Mon 09-Jan-12 18:51:40

Rindercella thanks ! brave i am smile just love been pregnant and giving birth , if you can call it that , with each been less than a hour ! its defos hubby lucky night now . THANKYOU ! smile

spannermary Mon 09-Jan-12 19:45:23

Emsgale - definitely close enough! smile

I took it for about 6 years...came off it January 2011, used condoms til I had a period in March 2011 and then started ttc - expecting the result in February! 3 months of trying...good luck! smile

maybenow Mon 09-Jan-12 20:05:56

i stopped cerazette last year and had about 6 weeks of PMT before my first period came back, have had two now 26-28 days apart and another due this weekend. apart from really painful ovulation i have been ok. i guess the ov pain shows that i AM ovulating!

not tried sex without protection yet... waiting.. not sure what for...

maybenow Mon 09-Jan-12 20:06:50

ought to add, those first six weeks were really quite awful - really painful abdomen / ovaries.. sad

Gumby Mon 09-Jan-12 20:08:04

Can I ask how old they let you take cezarette up to and for how long? My gp said at 37 I'm too old now for microgynon etc

Sarahmarie2505 Mon 09-Jan-12 20:48:52

I was on cerezette for 4 years . i fell preg within weeks of stopping. I also googled it and freaked cause ppl were struggling but all good here!

Sidge Mon 09-Jan-12 20:51:46

Gumby are you a smoker or overweight? If not you could stay on Microgynon over the age of 35.

If you are, then Cerazette might be a safer option and can be used up until about 50.

gemcgem Tue 10-Jan-12 09:02:46

well my MP arrived this morning so not my month sad , but i was a tad glad to see every thing still seems to be working .

Bananna1 Thu 12-Jan-12 17:20:44

I'm 42, been on mini pill for 10 years , including Cerazette for last 2 years, came off cerazette (to decide whether to try for a baby, decided not to have a baby and go back on the pill) but too late - already pregnant! Got pregnant 10 days after coming off pill, without having a period, using the withdrawal method apart from once! So no problems here!
Due in April, still getting over the shock- I already have 3 teenage girls!
Good luck !

mumnosbest Fri 13-Jan-12 18:59:14

Was on cerazette for several months and fell pregnant whilst taking it, due in 3 wks, so definately no ill effects on fertility!

Jods1 Sat 14-Jan-12 08:12:36

I was on cerazette for at least 3 years.. came off October 2011, had period 5 weeks later then fell pregnant and found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day.. now 7 +3 and due in August. My periods stopped completely when I was on it. However my mum was a sexual health sister and she says your fertility immediately returns after you stop taking it

chickywicky75 Mon 09-Jul-12 22:07:49

Hi there, i am new here and have to say all the posts are positive and sound like conception is possible fairly quickly too.
Me and DP are looking to start for our second baby. I have only stopped the pill for two weeks. Wonder how long it will take to conceive.
Wishing you all good luck and congrats too. :-) look forward to speaking to you all over the times sharing our experiences.
thanks in advance

hi, i was on cerazette for about 5 years, and the combined pill for many years before that.

I came off it at xmas and used protection for a few months. I had 6 weeks of awful pms before my first period, then things settled down. We started ttc in may and I conceived around the 5th so no problems there smile

i'm 33 by the way. Good luck!

tizzy34 Fri 24-Aug-12 07:36:32

I stopped taking cerazette nearly 3 weeks ago and have not had a period yet so googled it and came up with a lot of horror stories! So felt loads better reading this thread! I also have had sore boobs, period pains, bloatedness, being emotional so took a test to rule pregnancy out and it was negative. My only worry is how am i going to know if I'm pregnant if I don't get a period first? I have 2 boys, 1st after depoprovera (took 18 mths to conceive!) and 2nd after microgynon (took 2 mths to conceive) so was hoping for another quick result, that's why I chose cerazette! Wish I'd known about the side effects of coming off it tho! Good luck to everyone who's trying to conceive smile

Jods1 Fri 24-Aug-12 14:44:35

Came off cerazette in Oct 2011 after being on it for 4-5 years. Had period in November and found out was pregnant in December. now 39 weeks pg smile

hopeful92 Mon 10-Sep-12 19:24:33

Came off cerazette 13th July, AF 5 weeks later, got my BFP today!! (10th Sept) I was so worried after all the horror stories but don't worry people don't tend to say the good stuff!

Sammi7169 Tue 11-Sep-12 06:20:52

Took me a year to get pg after taking it for years. Had mad cycles of 17, 22 41 data. Used ovulation sticks as could never be sure when to DTD

Aliglobetrek Tue 11-Sep-12 07:40:01

Was on depo injections for about 6 years then Cerazette for about a year. Came off it and waited for first period (came within a month) then started trying and got pregnant straight away.
Was surprised to get pregnant so quickly especially as i was told it might take 2 years after coming off the depo injection.

glossyflower Tue 11-Sep-12 08:07:42

Been taking it for years, at least 7 years. Came off it last year as felt I needed a break, unplanned pg this July. ,

victoria2011 Mon 19-Nov-12 16:54:28

Hello everyone

Just wanted to say hello as I am new to the forum. I came of Cerazette last week and have bleed ever since. I hope things will settle down as I have read some horror stories about this pill. Myself and my husband have been married for 14 months and as I am almost 31 I hope it won't take us too long to concieve. Thanks for reading. Vicky smile x

TinkyPeet Mon 19-Nov-12 17:07:27

I posted something very similar a couple months ago when I came off cerazette, I had only taken it for 1 month but put on over 2 stone and bled constantly, and also read some horror stories. But, bfp cycle 2 and due July, good luck smile x

BionicEmu Mon 19-Nov-12 19:00:00

Came off cerazette Sept 2007, finally conceived DS in March 2010! Just used condoms after DS was born, decided to try for DC2 earlier this year, fell pregnant first month of trying.

I can't see how cerazette would have affected me for all that time TBH though.

Zorra Mon 19-Nov-12 19:57:42

I went on a long weekend in August and forgot to take my cerazette with me, so 4 days off the pill... Expecting DC2 in May shock

Pritchyx Mon 19-Nov-12 20:03:40

I was on this pill! I came off it due to the ridiculous moodswings, nonstop heavy bleeding and the spots! But reading that cerazette could alter my periods, I had one 6 weeks after i stopped taking it,then nothing the next month! We're expecting our first in may! smile

forgetmenots Mon 19-Nov-12 21:42:08

I was on it for three years. My cycles never got back to normal, and I was TTC for over a year, not sure when I was ovulating. I knew that I was ovulating but not every month, used CBFM to try and help but ended up just DTD a lot...!

forgetmenots Mon 19-Nov-12 21:42:26

Should say I'm now 11weeks!

My ex dp seems to just pass me on stairs to get me pregnant blush. Caught with dd whilst on convince pill (too much wine on holiday gave me sucky tummy blush) first time hd czn'f near me after two years of abstinence made ds and antibiotic drops (yes eye drops for hezvrn's sake) following eye op whilst on cerazette am 19 weeks with dc3! My poor parents tried for 16 years and had several miscarriages yet at nearly 40 I get caught out like a careless teenager grin

Apologies for the terrible autocorrects, not much success yet after three eye ops blush

Dylanlovesbaez Mon 19-Nov-12 22:00:57

Came off in may and pregnant in July after not being 'careful' just the once!

ClaireBrad Mon 19-Nov-12 23:14:06

I got preg whilst ON Cerazette (missed a whole weekend of taking a pill)!!

welovedaddy Tue 20-Nov-12 07:03:47

With my first baby it took around 15 months, second time stopped taking Cerazette in December, three irregular cycles between 28 and 34 days, and pregnant by April! Due in four weeks...

Panther1911 Wed 01-May-13 17:49:54

Hi all, I'm a mother of 4 and me and my husband are trying for a fith, I know am I mad! I love kids, and love having a big family! I have taken cerezette for just under 3 years and like all people trying to get pregnant am wondering on how long it may take to get pregnant as I have heard such horror stories! Just recently had my first mp after coming off cerezette, any experience or knowledge in this matter you would like to share would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks!

badguider Wed 01-May-13 17:51:43

I was on cerazette with no periods at all for years. I used condoms for a few months after coming off until my period was regular again - It took about 3-4 months to settle down to a 25day cycle (had been 28days before). Got pregnant the first month we did without the condoms.

afrikat Wed 01-May-13 18:00:20

Also on cerazette for years, took 4-5 months for periods to get regular again but we didn't start trying for 12 months. Got pg 3rd month.

Steffanoid Wed 01-May-13 18:06:17

I was on cerazette for about 3 years, came off it in September, hadn't had a period the whole time I was on the pill, im due in June so conceived pretty much straight away smile good luck op

rachywhite83 Wed 01-May-13 19:51:50

I took it for 3 years and conceived the first month off it !

maryann970 Wed 01-May-13 21:29:06

Came off cerazette, unprotected sex once (not a planned baby!) and was pregnant....dh thinks he is super virile!

tryingfor1st Thu 16-May-13 23:30:56

Hi all - really helpful thread. I've just joined and have come off cerezette about 3 weeks ago after being on it for about 4 or 5 years. We have been trying for last 2 weeks and as usual i'm so eager to know when it will happen!

I had no periods at all when on cerezette so have no idea where i am in my cycle - since coming off the pill no periods yet. Am hoping I'll be like some others who posted that they concieved in weeks after stopping smile

Will keep you posted!

SwanseaMum Fri 17-May-13 08:07:36

I have caught while on cerrazette haven't had a period while being on it smile only had bfp on Saturday this is my 4th shocked but happy.
Wouldn't worry too much xxx

jemb2212 Sun 28-Jul-13 17:09:42

i see this is a year old post. but from all the comments some really positive ones as like most of the ladies on here stopped cerazette and scared myself by googling it. but hopefully now after reading these positive results. i shouldnt worry too much just yet

laura2323 Sun 28-Jul-13 20:57:33

I'm currently 26 weeks, I got pregnant taking this pill! No missed days, no illness, just meant to be I suppose!

rowtunda Sun 28-Jul-13 22:04:21

Stopped in nov, pregnant in Jan. was a bit of a shock!

Wahbam304 Sun 22-Sep-13 23:31:33

Just started ttc and its great to see some positive stories about coming off this pill after reading so many disappointing ones, im hoping mines is sooner rather than later but fingers crossed.

natbagz Sat 05-Oct-13 09:14:00

Icame off this pill in june still no period. been to docs they tested for pcos but blood tests came back clear.did anybody else have such a long wait just to getregular? i've started on agnus castus which is supposed to help get things going.

laurajune Sat 30-Nov-13 23:34:02

This sounds like what is happening with me now smile

SarahChez Sun 01-Dec-13 10:21:02

I came off it in June and conceived in July

Good luck smile

Alicja1084 Wed 22-Jan-14 22:11:44

Well. Take it or not? I am on my 2 day of period following the monthly usual FPA (fake pregnancy alert). Want a second child in a year time. Is it effective. Googled it and the results are mixed. Confused.

Alicja1084 Wed 22-Jan-14 22:12:08


shinsm82 Thu 24-Apr-14 10:15:16

Hi I took my last cerazette on 30th March. no period yet. should I wait until I have one to try for baby or could i be already pregnant ie do you need to bleed before conceiving or could it have happened already. I haven't had a period in over 2 years, but boobs and left side very sore and tender but I'm putting this down to hormonal changes.

any advise and help would be greatly appreciated.

amy246 Thu 24-Apr-14 12:03:50

I waited until after my first period before trying to conceive: i hadn't had a period for about 10 years so wanted to make sure things were working properly. It then took a couple of months to get pregnant. Just try not to read any horror stories about coming off this pill: they're quite demoralising and it's unnecessary to worry yourself. I had no problems at all. Good luck smile

Monkeybrain10 Thu 24-Apr-14 20:37:08

I was on it 2 years. Had period about 6 weeks later ..straight back into normal cycle and was pregnant within 6 months. 6 kids already...wow!!

htbftm Fri 25-Apr-14 11:26:56

Hi, I was on cerazette with no mp for about 5 years. Came off the pill in December, first mp in January, caught in March, due in December!
Good luck!!!! xx

Stars66 Fri 25-Apr-14 11:39:19

Was on cerezette for a number of years, came off on NYE 2010, fell pregnant may 2011, miscarried (not related to pill), got pregnant again dec 2011, dd born august 2012smile

jaykay34 Fri 25-Apr-14 14:13:18

Here's some hope for you....

I got pregnant on Cerazette !! I had been taking it for over a year (previously was on Microgynon for 10 years prior to that).

I missed a few here and there over Xmas...didnt think anything of it...then found out I was 15 weeks pregnant in March.

When I told my midwife about how shocked I was by the pregnancy...she said "Are you on Cerazette", then told me its the one pill that seems to cause the most shock pregnancies.

Bomber1313 Tue 27-May-14 19:08:24

Hi. Glad I found this post, hope it's still active... Ok briefly I've been on cerazette for over ten years, got married in April and came off pill on 30/4/14 - so far no period, as I'm 40 and very overweight I'm really worried about my fertility. Before getting married I spoke to my gp about wanting to try (I've no kids yet), and he said he wouldn't be too happy because of the medical risks and post pg weight gain, so nervous about going to him... Four weeks no pg, did a pg test which came up neg... Any advice pls?

Bomber1313 Tue 27-May-14 19:08:57

Oh should add - no periods whilst on cerazette

Shakshuka Tue 27-May-14 22:20:55

I don't know what the research is but I can only give you my experience.

Came off Cerazette after years and years on it, no period either because I was pregnant 3 weeks later smile And I was 39, nearly 40 then so nearly the same age as you.

Have you done a pregnancy test?????

Bomber1313 Tue 27-May-14 22:45:53

I did one the morning of Eurovision which came up negative...

Rebeccaelizabethxo Tue 27-May-14 23:36:52

I got pregnant whilst taking cerazette !

Bellyrub1980 Wed 28-May-14 04:04:37

I stopped taking cerazette on the 1st Jan (half way through a packet) POAS on the 16th Feb with positive result. I'm now 18 weeks smile

gggeei Wed 28-May-14 08:09:36

Hello! I know this is an old post but wondering if anyone could help! I stopped taking cerazette end of feb, I had a couple day bleed. At the beginning of march I had sex unprotected, a lot. I then had what I thought was a period 3 weeks later. It's now around 6 weeks later and I haven't had another period and 2 BFN. I didn't have very bad symptoms from stopping the pill but now they've seem to got worse. Could I be pregnant? Has anyone else been through it? Thank you :D

Bomber1313 Wed 28-May-14 15:39:06

Going to their website doesn't really help much either

Bomber1313 Mon 02-Jun-14 14:26:59

Just got back from gp after a BFN and he said he's not worried by the lack of AF and to come back in three months if they've still not come back... Three months on top of the month already - when on earth will I have a chance of getting pg sad

Bomber1313 Fri 20-Jun-14 17:34:07

AF arrived this morning!!

7 weeks 2 days after taking my last cerazette (was on them for ten years). Finally we can calculate when the fertile window is rather than trying to remember to take my temp each morning!

Katyl22 Sat 21-Jun-14 22:50:00

I took cerazette for four years and stopped on 20th May and found out yesterday that I'm 1-2 weeks pregnant! I know a lot of women talk about a hormone surge immediately after stopping the mini pill but it's not medically proven... Seems to have been the case with me though! X

BauerTime Sat 21-Jun-14 22:58:58

Another instant pregnancy here too! Dated from the day after my last pill. DH thinks he has super sperm.

Another instant pregnancy here too - stopped cerzazette 3rd April and hadn't had period for about 1.5 years while on it for 2.5 years. Waited for period, nothing came, took test on 9th May and BFP! Didn't even have a withdrawal bleed.

Went for a private early scan just to date it, but it worked out pretty much as date from day after last pill.

There are a lot of horror stories online about time to conceive after coming off it which had worried me no end - but there are lots of super quick stories too! (I'm now 10+5).

Heyitsholly Fri 15-Aug-14 17:27:56

Hey everyone
I read all your posts before i came off cerazette and became worried as id been on it 6 years with no periods. Came off it and had a heavy period spot on time. Now just done a test and im pregnant! Gonna book in with docs to confirm
Ive been taking multi vits as they sat it helps!

My advice is dont stress, just have loadsa sex! Hehee

babyandsparkle Fri 15-Aug-14 17:30:29

Took over 12 months for my periods to come back after Cerazette. I was quite stressed too though so could of had something to do with it!

DinoSnores Fri 15-Aug-14 18:04:23

Was on Cerazette while BFing. Stopped it to TTC & pregnant 3 months later.

Ellie2elysia Fri 15-Aug-14 20:58:08

I was on cerazette for around a year I came off my pill and fell pregnant after first period smile I'm now 38+3 with my baby boy and I am super super excited and lucky :D good luck x

skyebrooke2012 Mon 22-Sep-14 15:29:51

hey I came off my pill 2 days ago and im having a bleed will it be a period or something else? need help im confused

Bethany1611 Sun 28-Sep-14 16:24:22

I came off ceraztte 3 weeks ago to ttc number 2.. No period yet but with t first pregnancy I suffered with thrush a lot! And that is the only time I've had it! I now have suddenly got a bout of thrush? It's that a side affect of coming off the pill or an early pregnancy symptom x

Babysbums Tue 30-Sep-14 09:55:40

Came off cerazette and got a period after 3 weeks, tested ovulation straight after period and tests were high, then peak within days after period, DTD all that week, due next period today, done HPT and got negative result! We basically stuck to the days tested positive for ovulation and didn't really think it any addition to try other time maybe twice randomly (for fun), is it possible I ovulated at a different time of the month and missed the window??

Sess01 Tue 30-Sep-14 11:33:43

Came of Pill monday. Conceived Wednesday. Don't panic. You'll be fine. X

Babysbums Wed 01-Oct-14 10:52:27

Due Period yesterday, had a few twinges and cramps, still nothing today, thanks for the reasurance x

Babysbums Fri 03-Oct-14 09:35:54

AF came yesterday, so I seem to be back on a regular cycle, only off cerazette 2 months and have 2nd AF, feeling lucky compared to other stories i've heard, I was on Cerazette for 3yrs and had the implant in for 6 years before that and the Deprovera Injections before that, looking forward to TTC this month, wish us lots of luck xx

Missmead21 Mon 06-Oct-14 18:40:32

Hi everyone I need help I'm only young and trying for my first child and need some advice ,I had the implant in 3 years come of that and then went on the pill for 1 year and a half I've been off the pill now for about 3 weeks and still no period when I was on the pill I had a period every three months now I've been have unprotected sex but nothing so far what can I do ?
Any help would be great thank you xx

emmalouise90 Mon 06-Oct-14 21:11:05

I was on cerazette for 3.5 years stopped In second week of August to ttc number 2 never had a period and found out I was pregnant last week!! Don't let horror stories put u down took me 5-6 weeks with no withdraw bleed or period so is possible to get bfp very quick good luck xx

teejayem Tue 07-Oct-14 09:54:06

I stopped Cerazette in February, didn't have a period until May, then had very long 35day + cycles, but then conceived on the 4th one in August and am now 5+4 smile
I honestly thought it wouldn't happen, I really did, those few months waiting for my period to turn up between Feb and May were absolute torture!!

Missmead21 Tue 07-Oct-14 19:01:28

Well I still haven't had a period but I'm don't wonna try a test yet just incase I ain't but my boobs are sore and got belly aches so i don't know what any of that means trying for my first and ideas would be very greatful xx

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