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welcome to the new SPD sofa, have a [biscuit] and a [brew]!

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sillywmama Sat 19-Nov-11 18:26:27

Hello all... just thought I'd start a new SPD support thread for anyone dealing with the whole achy fanjo/painful back/ridiculous inner thigh pain. I'm 9weeks pregnant and am settling in for the long haul. <fluffs up pillows and pops a paracetamol>

I have to confess I'm feeling a tad emotional that the pain is ALREADY here again but at least I'm better prepared this time! Last preg was spent flipping between teeth-gritted stoicism and hysterical wailing tears. No fun for anyone!

Taking enormous doses of codeine and hobbling around on crutches is something I'd like to avoid this time round so I'm going in all guns blazing for a consultant led care plan, pain clinic appointments and physio ASAP.

Anyone is welcome to join me! <puts the kettle on and hands around the jammy dodgers>

PamBeesly Sat 19-Nov-11 18:46:54

Hi Sillywmama thanks for starting this sofa! I was having really awful pains in my pelvis, so difficult to walk, agonising turning in bed at night, inner thighs feel like they'll break away. I told my GP this and she said it was stretching....I told my MW who said SPD and has booked me into see a physio! It really hurts to walk but I'm a first timer so have no other kids to mind. I wonder how everone else does it, it must be torture.
I have only taken paracetamol so far, the symptoms really only started 3 weeks ago (I'm 26 weeks now)
silly do you find anything helps? I really don't, just resting (on the sofa) and not moving much until I have to go to the toilet helps! My job involves helping customers so I'm on my feet a good portion of the day. I'm still doing yoga, I really like it for the relaxation and breathing but I don't know if its doing me damage with the SPD. I have already gained 2 stone too so I'm sure the extra weight isn't helping but my exercise has really done down by 90%.
I hope your pain isn't too awful tonight. You are only 9 weeks gone....I really hope it settles down for you. How many children do you have?

sillywmama Sat 19-Nov-11 19:08:58

hi PamBeesly welcome! Well, I wish you weren't having such a rubbish time, but welcome nonetheless...

I actually did find some things helpful so let me have a think (please add anything to this list fellow SPD survivors!)

- Get an exercise ball, sit on it comfortably so you feel stable; then roll yourself gently forwards so that your feet are flat on the floor, shoulder width apart with your bum slightly forward on the ball (not in the centre). Once in this position you can gently practice pulling in your bump (engaging your pelvic floor) and trying to return your spine to a neutral position (straighten it by rolling on the ball back - as if you are sitting 'deeper' onto the ball, in the middle of it). Return to the start and repeat about 10x morning and night.
- Get up! Don't sit still all the time. It won't help you stay mobile. I had a digital timer and I set it for 45mins when I was seated, at work or at home. When it goes off, get up. Walk around, stretch and think about tucking your bum in as you walk. SPD makes you waddle early and this waddle is usually because your spine is a tad too curved and your bum sticks out. Think about pulling it in because this will engage your glutes, which are one of the main muscles that hold your pelvis together. The more you engage them the more stable your pelvic girdle will be.
- Don't over-do standing up jobs. Set your timer for 15 mins if you are going to wash up/hang out laundry/clean up stuff from the floor/change the sheets on the bed. When it goes off, STOP. Have a ten minute break before you carry on. It's much better to do little and often than push yourself and be in agony for a day.
- Get a sleep pillow (like dream-genie, but there are other cheaper versions if you google). Something that you can put between your knees, under your bump and around your back. Keep your knees a little apart when you sleep if at all possible.
- Keep said knees together when you get out of bed/get out of a car etc. I used to have 'do it like a lady' (with Robin Williams in drag) in my head. Yep, sounds mental but it made me think about it! lol
- Put a plastic bag on your car seat to help you swivel in with your knees closed.
- Get some satin sheets or satin pajamas so that you can slide around in bed more easily and avoid the grinding too much. You only need either/or sheets/pajamas. Both is a bit boudoir!!
- Don't push a shopping trolley or buggy if you can help it.

MOST important of all:
- Get a proper pain clinic referral. DO NOT accept your GPs advice re pain control in pregnancy, they are not experts and cannot give you the best advice. I couldn't walk at 20weeks last time and didn't get a proper pain management program until 35weeks, by which time I was mental with pain. The maternity hospital should have a pain specialist you can see - badger your midwife/GP for a referral asap.
- The Red Cross gives free mobility aids. I know it's rubbish and scary but actually if you have crutches/a wheelchair/a stick for a day out you will help yourself to avoid the spectacularly ignorant comments such as 'you're only pregnant love'.
- Physiotherapy is very helpful for some people. My NHS physios were well meaning but crap (no offence any NHS bods reading this, but they were!) and sent me packing with a list of useless exercises, a belt that didn't fit, and the untrue statement that it would 'resolve entirely with the birth'. I saw a private physio for 7 months after the birth and definitely did need to. But I found someone who specialised in SPD and did manipulate my joints, which was very useful for me.
- TALK to the people who support you. I adopted a bit of a 'grit your teeth and bear it' attitude which was very unhelpful. My poor DH didn't have the foggiest idea what I needed and was appalled to discover I was in so much pain, when he could have been helping.
- Get informed about your condition: www.pelvicpartnership.org.uk/
or www.pelvicinstability.org.uk/ have helplines and are staffed by lovely people.

I am sure there is more, but that's it off the top of my head!

I hope it helps smile

sillywmama Sat 19-Nov-11 19:13:53

oh and if you want a decent support belt that doesn't look ugly under clothes, I recommend the Serola belt www.sportsinjurystore.co.uk/Serola-SI-Sacroiliac-Belt-p/abssib.htm?Click=15

Go for large/extra large unless you are a twig, so you can fit it under your bump.

PS don't panic about 2st. I gained 5st last time due to the sudden end to all exercise (I used to run/cycle etc 3-4 times a week before I got pg). The massive weight gain was also partly due to depression, caused by pain, which I treated with MnM's. Again, see the point above about getting to a pain clinic!! Codeine is more effective and you won't get fat smile

PamBeesly Sat 19-Nov-11 19:19:24

silly thats excellent advice thanks so much, I really don't have it as bad as you have or as bad as it was for you last time. I don't want it to get that bad either, sounds awful. I'm getting a gym ball from Argos on Monday so I'll do those exercises, sounds a bit like yoga, when the teacher tells you to tuck your spine in. I find myself walking with a waddle so I'm going to try tucking my bum in.
I lay on the couch when I get in from work because I'm so sore from go go go all day but now I'll know better, thank you.
Excellent tip with the satin pyjamas, I have to wake my husband sometimes and ask him to come around to my side of the bed and help me up because its too painful, other times I use my elbows.
If anyone said 'you are only pregnant love' I'd have strong words with them! Some people are so ignorant.
I actually live in Ireland silly so instead of NHS I have the HSE which is really slow, however the midwife I saw at the hospital yesterday (I had to go in for steroid injections to mature babys lungs) told me she'd make an appointment on Monday for me. She also said try keeping your legs together when dressing, not to over stretch your groin (like I could!) she also said GP's have little awareness of it. Thanks for all the advice, I hope yours isn't too bad now

PamBeesly Sat 19-Nov-11 19:22:32

Pain is very depressive and really underrated as a cause of depression (at least here it is) I still have 14 weeks to go (hopefully he doesn't come early) so I hope I'm not going to get to 5stone! I used to walk everywhere, walk the dog three times a day but now thats gone. I had a 30 minute walk today and I can really feel it in my pelvis, its just searing. Thanks again for all the advice smile

sillywmama Sat 19-Nov-11 19:32:48

you are most welcome PamBeesly it's hard bloody graft having this problem no matter how mild/severe. I agree about pain being depressing.

I don't know how you feel at the moment in yourself, but I know that with the pain, I felt a little cheated. It probably sounds funny to anyone experiencing a 'normal' pregnancy, but really it was such hard work, and I was so fed up. As it was my first pg I didn't know what to expect and I too was told that it was normal to experience 'stretching' pain (it's not normal to be unable to lift your foot up to put on your trousers, or to not be able to walk! I know this now).

I had several colleagues and friends who were pg at the same time who seemed to breeze through. I'm sure they had their own ups and downs, but I don't think I allowed myself permission to feel sad until recently. It is sad when something so wanted, and anticipated, turns out to be so hard. I don't think that makes me ungrateful or a bad mum - but I sure did think that at the time.

This time round I'm going to be positive, and take charge. And I am glad that at least I do know this time round that it WILL end eventually, and the wee baby will be so worth it smile

GOOD LUCK! I really hope that you get some relief. Please do get a referral for pain relief support, it is so important. Your little angel needs you to be as resilient and rested as possible when they arrive, and if that means you have a little help to feel comfortable then you are absolutely looking after both your interests!

mediawhore Sat 19-Nov-11 19:38:30

Oh I'll join.

34 weeks, 3rd child, huge amounts of pain.

Lower back/hips and a bruised feeling down below. Can't stand or walk for very long. Have to get my eldest and husband to put my boots and socks on for me.

On codeine and crutches and signed off work until maternity leave kicks in.

So bored as been off for 2 weeks now and can't do anything. Just want baby here so pain can start to go and I can sleep/walk/move/function better.

And I know the feeling about colleagues breezing through. A woman at work is 6 weeks behind me and breezing through (her first) which makes me feel even more pathetic/a let down.

Just so so so so so fed up of the pain now.

PamBeesly Sat 19-Nov-11 19:40:26

silly completely agree with you with regard others experiencing 'normal pregnancy' I was almost embarrased to have yet another pregnancy complaint. I had awful itching from week 8-16 that caused me to pull the skin off my legs and arms, I was diagnosed with Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy, it was so difficult to do anything because I was getting maybe 2-3 hours sleep a night max, my body was ravaged by tiredness. I was prescribed piriton and that helped somewhat. Luckily I can sleep now.
Then I had a bad fall at 20 weeks and was bruised and battered for a while. Then just yesterday I had a really bad reaction to the flu vaccine. I became tachycardic and couldn't breathe. I had to go to the hopsital for monitoring and got the steroid injections there to help babys lungs along in case he arrived early. I'm back on piriton 3 x a day. Sometimes I feel, no one else has said anything, that I'm coming across as a hypocondriac in pregnancy, thats why I wasn't surprised when the doctor said the pain was stretching. It really isn't though. When I tell anyone I feel I get an eyeroll. My mother just says, her grandmother had 25 children, not one of them in a hospital...I feel like I'm being self indulgent but I know realistically I'm not.
Thats why mumsnet is great! A textbook easy pregnancy the next time? I wish!

sillywmama Sat 19-Nov-11 19:54:55

Hi mediawhore <waves and passes a nice hot brew> put your feet up my lovely. I remember it so well - I had crutches/codeine last time too, not exactly something to look forward to! Do you find the codeine helps? It took the edge off, but didn't 'fix' it. If it makes you feel any better, I did find I could manage without the crutches within 4 weeks of the birth. And with the arrival of diclofenic (post birth) the inflammation went down considerably. Although it's boring, it's good that you've been signed off for the time being, struggling on through is so miserable, is there anything you like doing to keep yourself busy? Or could you visit someone who would pamper you lots (your mum maybe?)

pam gosh what a hectic time you've had! You poor thing! Pregnancy is as mad as a bag of frogs. I was having the worst time of my life while my best friend barely even knew the baby was in there til she got a unbelievably tiny beautifully neat little bump around 7mo. Take heart - it really will be over before you know it. And in the meantime, moan away! It helps to talk x

mediawhore Sat 19-Nov-11 20:12:15

Teas for every one else too.

I am keeping busy by sleeping a lot (kids at school/childminder), hobbling round Tesco for junk food (which is painful but I'm a pig), Doing jigsaw whilst bouncing on my ball (which has been a godsend!) and watching crap TV whilst surfing the net.

Am glad of here as think everyone else in the world is sick of my moaning now - at least here we are all in the same moany boat!

sillywmama Sat 19-Nov-11 20:37:46

lol - I thank god for mumsnet. I'm only 9 weeks and rubbing my poorly sacro-illiac joints as we speak. YAY. Can you imagine how bored my RL friends would be if I chewed off their ears for the next 7months??

<sets sail in the good ship moany - destination, babyland!>

notcitrus Sat 19-Nov-11 20:43:02

Hello again! 27 weeks tomorrow with dc2. SPD-wise I'm a lot better than last time when I was in a wheelchair to go any further than local bus stop, as I can walk what used to be a 10-min walk to nursery, and back, twice a day - as long as I don't do anything else that day!

Physio was very complimentary about my pelvic floor and tummy muscles yesterday, but we're trying to relax thigh muscles and strengthen glutes without hurting anything - she's convinced it's my better muscles holding me together better this time.

On the minus side, I've become intolerant of codiene. sad
Taken a full 60mg dose four times in the last month and twice been really sick, and last night only 30mg made me sick this morning.
Given I have buggered shoulders which the NHS osteopath doesn't seem to be helping (need to see if my private guy can be used instead), I could really do with some painkillers!
And still light-headed and exhausted etc, with what has been diagnosed as 'unpleasant pregnancy' - a highly technical term! Supposed to be working from home after being signed off for most of 3 months but it's not going well - 1 day of 4 busy puking, one just fell asleep mostly. Can't wait for maternity leave.

MrNC is being fab, keeps pointing out that I'm growing a baby and he can't, but I still feel crap that I can't do anything at the same time as gestating. sad

sillywmama Sat 19-Nov-11 20:49:53

Hi notcitrus! please accept a brew with a side order of sympathy. And congrats on your improved muscles, I'm impressed! I am harbouring no secret hopes that mine are in better nick lol. The fact that I've pooched out immediately now suggests they are practically non-existant in my stomach smile hey ho! And may I say, YAY for no wheelchair! If I could happy dance I would!

on the codeine front though... that sucks enormously. Have you been given any further advice? I hope they find you an effective alternative asap.

notcitrus Sat 19-Nov-11 21:11:40

Will book a GP appt next week, but suspect I'll have to see a consultant for anything other than low-dose codiene. Might see if the pharmacist has any tips.

It may be a pain in the arse (literally!) but given I had really bad pain in early pregnancy I was hugely worried about how I'd cope if I was rationed to 300 yards or less of walking a day (mainly, how to get ds off to nursery 4x weekly - one day a week of mainly being in the house is fine for him!). Being allowed about 2 miles now makes life feasible.

Will see how I am after Christmas, but I'll be on mat leave then and another folding wheelchair (ie can get on the bus with it) will be OK if needed - I know where to order it from and also how to fend off patronising comments (wear maternity-size Iron Maiden t-shirt...) I live 100 yards from a bus stop with buses every couple minutes, so it could be much much worse!

Let's just say the exercises I'm diligent about doing are the ones that can be done lying down in bed. smile

sillywmama Sat 19-Nov-11 21:43:56

haha smile me too.

Did you know if your GP signs confirmation that your SPD is likely to be significant for 6+months you may be able to apply for a disabled blue badge for that time? As I had it from 16 weeks to 9mo post delivery last time I'm going to bring that up with my GP at my appt on Weds. Def recognise the hot pain in my pubic bone area and the back pain has never really resolved, so its worth a shot. If I can't drive to work I'll have to stop much earlier than I'd like, as it's a 20min walk with no direct bus sad

harassedandherbug Sat 19-Nov-11 21:57:19

I'm in a v similar situation to mediawhore. I'm 35wks with dc4. Been on crutches and cocodamol for months now. Signed off work 10days ago, its such a relief! Physio was pants, so have been seeing a chiro which is good but temporary and at £25 a go I can't afford it constantly.

Still hoping for a home birth but consultant said I could be induced on due date if I want. That's 22 Dec.....

notcitrus Sat 19-Nov-11 22:05:52

silly - I did (not in time to get one last time though, but as I couldn't drive it wouldn't help much - I got the bus everywhere anyway!). I have a disabled railcard anyway and if I can get round to it will be sending off a DLA application form soon, again for other reasons. Though given how many people are being rejected for DLA atm, I keep thinking I shouldn't bother but I've been told to apply so many times over the last 10 years...

Last time I was fine by 3 months after - they said to come for physio if not better in 2 weeks, and a bit after 2 weeks i went in saying the pubic bone is OK now but there's this other pain all over my pelvic area etc.
Chap gently explained I'd not used any of my bum or thigh muscles for 6 months and needed to build them up again - that was all! 30 min walking a day, 5x weekly, then postnatal exercise class from 6 to 11 weeks, and got the all-clear.

Hoping to get my nice MLU birth this time - it was lovely last time until I had to get out of the pool after 8 hours. But as long as we can avoid the postnatal ward I'll be happy.

sillywmama Sun 20-Nov-11 11:08:38

notcitrus I couldn't drive last time either, I passed my test when DS was 5mo and I am so glad I have it now. Not driving + toddler + poorly hips sounds not fun sad good on you for braving the bus! How do you get on with pushing a buggy? Does your DC need one still?

I had a traumatic forceps emergency delivery last time, in lithotomy position in theatre, which def didn't help my pelvis to recover. DS was early and though I had a very detailed birth plan, with how far I could abduct my legs etc written in, I don't think anyone had time to read it in the event! This time I'm weighing up the options with a birth trauma midwife to see whether I opt for an ELC or try again for a natural delivery. I have some other damage from the last time (sorry if TMI guys) which is a factor. I hear you on avoiding the postnatal ward. I was in 5 days last time, which seemed very long.

welcome harrassedandherbug nice to meet you smile hang in there! December will come round super fast. And you never know, baby may arrive bang on time and save you the trouble!

notcitrus Sun 20-Nov-11 11:59:21

Ds is 3.2 and can walk long distances fine - just if he stages a sit-down protest I can't get him up or carry him, so after a couple months hardly using the pushchair, I'm back using it again after a few nightmares getting him home from nursery - he's now exhausted in the evenings as Preschool is clearly running him ragged in a way Toddler Room didn't.

Buggy is not bad as long as I go slowly and hold myself upright - our 10min walk home is now over 20. Telling ds he could get home quicker and have a biscuit if he walked hasn't convinced him so far! Only problem is when people decide to be 'helpful' and pick up the other end when I get off a train and knock me off balance - strained the pelvis the other day and it's taken a week to recover.

I ended up in theatre expecting a cs but they agreed to try a ventouse just to convince me we'd tried everything. They had my bed 45 degrees sideways and three blokes holding me on it, said on the count of 3, you push, we pull, and then everyone went OH MY GOD THERE'S A HEAD! Two more pushes and there he was - not turned round or anything, just couldn't be arsed to move during the previous 29 hours... But he did then need anitbiotics and so we had to stay in for 3 days. First night horrible, but then I was off the catheter and drip and epidural and could pick up ds and hide in the breastfeeding room watching Bollywood movies all night, which wasn't so bad.
They were very good about keeping my knees together - also helped that I had MrNC and another birth partner or two to help haul me about. Plus probably the whole hospital's supply of pillows got involved!

So hopefully I can go to the MLU again and dc2 will condescend to descend a bit more rapidly. If it weren't for the needing resusitating and the enormous amount of mess, I'd go for homebirth, but the MLU is great - like a spa hotel only decorated on NHS budget! Also means my parents can be at my house with ds if I start labour in the night and don't have to go to theirs immediately or try to keep him out of the way.

mediawhore Sun 20-Nov-11 13:08:54

I am so glad that I can still drive, but it helps that my car is an automatic so little actual movements and quite a high car so getting in and out not too bad.

If I had my old car I would be stuck as need to take my youngest to the childminder still and wouldn't be able to walk it.

I am hoping to go into the MLU too - but I also want as many drugs as they can force into me, though not had epidural before so may be able to stay in the MLU (if it is open).

I just want b aby to come 2 weeks early - that way the pain will be over sooner AND I can enjoy Xmas without the worry about having to go off to hospital.

Coppernoddle Sun 20-Nov-11 16:06:10

Hello all, just thought I would donate my experience of spd! I hate it! And still hate it now my baby is 3 1/2 months old!!!!

All I can say is, if they give you TWO crutches, USE THEM!!!!!!!!

I was extremely bad and the use of a wheelchair quite often, this was my third, never had it before, extremely fit, and now my pelvis has rotated and struggling to get it to realine. When ever I walked, I only used the one crutch due to carrying bags ect, and think that was a contributing factor! Also couldn't exercise at all due to grade 4 pp, so excersise is definitely important!!!

Good luck everyone! It won't be long!!

notcitrus Sun 20-Nov-11 16:43:38

I only drive about once a month anyway (we debate selling the car every time the insurance/MOT/tax payment comes round), but the one movement I really can't do as soon as SPD kicks in is pushing down a pedal. So if you wonder who in the antenatal loos is leaving paper towels on the side rather than putting them in the pedal bin, that's me. Sorry.

I can't use crutches because of my crap wrists and shoulders, so apart from a walking stick (more useful as a magic talisman to get a seat on the bus/train than actually moving!) it was straight to a wheelchair for me when I needed to go a long distance.
If your hospital or Red Cross aren't obliging or don't have any self-propelling ones, I can recommend www.wheelfreedom.com - they will deliver to your door if needed but are incredibly helpful!

SlightlyScrambled Mon 21-Nov-11 13:19:35

Hello everybody. I'm pulling up the newly inflated birthing ball and having a seat here beside the sofa! 32 weeks with baby no.2.

I have to agree wholeheartedly with PamBeesley about SPD and depression. It took me a few weeks to come to terms with doing nothing for the rest of the pregnancy.

I've found the exercises to help enormously but still have the really bad days. I slipped on black ice last week and although I luckily didn't fall, it did take me 2 days to get walking somewhat normally again.

I just got my birthing ball today and am not sure what exercises, if any, to do on it. Some of the videos on youtube were saying to spread your feet apart but that's not much of an option for me. How do you use yours?

kiki22 Mon 21-Nov-11 13:37:11

Can i just say i feel like my fanjo is going to pop apart! so good to be able to say that!

I'm on my 9th week of sick leave with 10 weeks to go and i feel like i'm going mad in this house also feel really guilty for not doing enough even though i know i can't do things without being in pain i still feel bad i can't.

DP pointed out that people are tortured by inflicting pain on them and depriving them of sleep which is exactly what happens with SPD it hurts and stops you sleeping.

notcitrus Mon 21-Nov-11 15:40:00

I give up - I'm calling in sick again. I'm either sick from the codiene or in pain if I don't take it. Maybe I should take more and then not care if I throw up?!
It's the baby kicking me in the fanjo though, not the pelvic problems.

MrNC is being a total star - keeps reminding me it doesn't matter if I'm not doing anything other than gestating because he can do everything else but can't do that.

sillywmama Mon 21-Nov-11 21:03:42

hi everyone! Welcome newbies, don't worry Kiki I promise your fanjo won't pop apart entirely... but ooooh I feel your pain sad poor you. I recommend an ice pack alternated with a hot water bottle. Scrambled I put the best ball exercise I know up at the top of the thread... others may have favourites to add?

poor you notcitrus, are you ok? I hope this passes soon. Lucky you with such a supportive DP though, result! My DH has been putting in stirling effort this week as my nausea/exhaustion is still rampant.

Had to tell my boss I'm pg today already sad I've just been offered the increase in hours I've been asking for since May, exactly when I am unlikely to be able to do them. YAY. That's not frustrating at all. I had to tell the boss so that a) if I accept and announce I'm pg two weeks later I don't seem manipulative and b) he understands if I don't accept after all my harping on about it. I'm still in two minds. Even a couple of months with an extra 2 days work, plus the added mat leave pay would be a huge boon. Especially if I have to leave work early... but is it wrong to take it on knowing I can't see it through? I hate how helpless this makes me feel sometimes sad

ecstatica Mon 21-Nov-11 21:39:04

Hi Sillywmama and everyone else smile
I'm glad you started this thread. Your posts have been very informative.

I had SPD with DS2 and then DS3. Horrible moment was when PG with DS3 and pushing DS1 and DS2 in double pram to cross the road and freezing, complete standstill in street at traffic lights because I could not move an inch blush and having to call someone to pick us up. Standing at those lights with all the traffic coming and going and me stood like a statue in pain was awful! I then had to go out in crutches which didn't happen often thanks to 2 small DC. NHS physio wasn't much help, sent me home with belt and exercise booklet, saw her twice if i was lucky. Did get admitted to hospital with the SPD though a few times before birth.

Now at 10 weeks i feel the pain again, less severe, but rearing ugly head.
I'm glad to have found a place for support. Do you suggest I take this up wit m/w or GP?

heliumballoon Mon 21-Nov-11 22:18:24

First check your birthing ball is the right size ie when you sit on it your knees are 90 degrees and your thighs are level with the floor.
Use it on a non slip surface or take your socks off because you really really don't want it slipping underneath you.
First few times just approach it gingerly and use it for very very small movements, check you're ok with it after.
Once you've got the measure of it:
small pelvic tilts forward and back, keep your head and shoulders level, don't sink into it if you can help it
small moving your bum in circles

heliumballoon Mon 21-Nov-11 22:26:16

Lift one foot at a time gently off the floor (not high), try to feel it in your pelvic floor rather than the movement coming from your foot
and a fourth exercise, again sitting on the ball:
Put a cushion between your knees/ thighs and press your legs gently together- very gently, this can really hurt
also do stuff with your shoulders while you sit on the ball- gentle stuff like stretches and arm circles.
Nothing fancy, mostly small controlled movements, try to feel your core all the time and sit up lovely and straight, think about breathing deeply and evenly. Don't go mad at first or you risk buggering things up more. And yes, no need to spread your thighs for any of these exercises.
HTH- ask if I haven't explained very well.

heliumballoon Mon 21-Nov-11 22:30:03

Those are 4 different exercises BTW- don't combine them! I do 10 reps of each every day (that I can be arsed). Am 29 weeks, keeping SPD broadly at bay- some pain and little walking but not ghastly ghastly like in my last pg.
Sorry for multiple posts- on phone.

SlightlyScrambled Tue 22-Nov-11 13:17:54

Thanks Sillywmama and heliumballoon for your exercises on the ball. I have been giving them a try but also trying not to lose the run of myself and end up limping away from it. At least DD1 is loving the 'big ball' and playing with it more than me at the moment.

ecstatica, I think your experience sums SPD up very well. I've had those moments of just standing up and being terrified to move.

sillywmama Tue 22-Nov-11 14:47:26

Hi ecstatica woooo welcome, I'm not the only one at this stage then!! lol - I'm about 9/10 weeks and waiting on my scan now. I am seeing my GP tomorrow and will most definitely be asking for a consultant led care plan, a pain management program with REG reviews (by a specialist, not my GP) and for early and regular physio appointments. I also have my notes with me from my last pregnancy (you can request these for a small fee to be copied and sent to you if you don't have them) which will clearly show the progression of my SPD and subsequent problems, which should help chivvy people into earlier action. I'm obviously not glad you have the pain this early as well, but on the other hand - I'll be keeping you company on the sofa all the way through <rummages down the back of the cushions for the telly remote, anyone for daytime tv?>

helium well done, I'd forgotten some of those! I'll be getting my ball out again asap. The tiny circles with the bum is a really good one smile good for you being diligent and doing them daily... I shall take a leaf out of your book and try to establish a better routine this time. Less moping around and more being proactive.

How's everyone doing today? Apart from nearly losing my lunch thanks to someone drinking black coffee next to me, I'm not doing too badly. Concentrating on my posture seems to be keeping the back ache at bay more or less, but I remember it well last time when I couldn't stand up from my desk without seizing up. I may reintroduce the timer system very soon (currently my frequent need to pee is doing the job for me!!)

PamBeesly Tue 22-Nov-11 17:00:07

I'm back at work today and the pain in my pelvis is just awful. Its searing, I'm off to yoga in 15 minutes, I hope it helps. I'm also getting a gym ball in Argos on the way home and see how I get on with that.
I hope everyone has been ok today smile

sillywmama Wed 23-Nov-11 18:28:31

How are you doing today PamBeesly? I hope that things have eased off a little?

I had my booking in with my GP today and I feel much happier tonight. The back pain has been awful for the past 48 hours, but my GP was just so nice about it. He has started me on daily paracetamol with a sliding scale plan to go up as and when I need it, agreed to support a blue badge application, offered to recommend an elcs date for 38weeks and generally just was so supportive and nice. After the last time being so rubbish, (I wasn't really diagnosed/treated until 28 weeks but was unable to walk properly from 20 weeks, and in major pain from 16) I feel really happy and am starting to relax that at least the people around me are informed, care and seem willing to look after me. I can take the pain as long as I know when it will end, and that everything possible is being done to help me in the meantime.

PamBeesly Wed 23-Nov-11 18:42:04

Glad your GP was supportive and understanding silly that support really helps. Can I ask is a CS inevitable with SPD? I'm a first timer and my GP doesn't seem to know about SPD, the midwives do though and my yoga teacher gave me lots of practical information (not keeping your knees wider than your hips was v.important)
Today the searing isn't as bad, some days or worse than others, I had a good night sleep last night and I think that helps.
YY to accepting the pain once you now an end is in sight

sillywmama Wed 23-Nov-11 18:57:34

no, a c-sec is not inevitable at all. My first delivery would have been absolutely a breeze if I'd been more confident in myself, and had DS not gone suddenly into distress and needed an emergency forceps intervention right at the end.

If possible, I would suggest a waterbirth. I had a waterbirth in my plan and the period that I was in the water was absolutely the most comfortable and free I had felt in my whole pregnancy to that point - contractions notwithstanding! Gas and air was more than enough when I was in the water.

I was utterly distraught when I had to get out of the pool at 9.5cm and head to the operating theatre. But please don't panic, it was purely bad luck for us. Any birth can have a problem but in reality most don't. The forceps delivery was a shame though, as for SPD sufferers they are probably the worst form of delivery. My birth plan indicated informed refusal of consent for forceps, unfortunately in the end there wasn't time. Sometimes life just happens. If you have any choice though, give birth on all fours, in water, or on a stool. Getting on your back with your legs apart in stirrups is worth avoiding at all costs.

www.pelvicpartnership.org.uk has some example birth plans, try downloading them and talking it through with your midwife? If your GP/midwife seem unsure about your options, call their helpline and discuss it with them instead. I found I felt much better once I really understood what would exacerbate SPD and what wouldn't. In the end you can't plan for a perfect birth, because it doesn't exist, but you can at least feel prepared! My elcs choice this time is for several reasons, not just SPD, if it were just the SPD I'd prob go for a natural labour again believe it or not!

shonnomanom Wed 23-Nov-11 20:57:59

Hi Ladies,
Il join you all on my crutches and pull up a birthing ball.

Im 34w with my DC2 and my pelvis and muscles are not coping well. Iv had to start my Mat Leave 3 weeks earlier than plan.
Currently sporting a tubagrip and belt as well as my sexy 'metal legs'. To complicate matters I found out today that baby is bigger than it should be and breech. Going for a growth scan on Friday and have been sent back to the Physio for an assesment and then will see the consultant to discuss the best options for the birth.

Has anyone got any PGP-friendly methods of turning the baby??

PamBeesly Wed 23-Nov-11 22:31:25

silly thanks for the advice and link. Unfortunately I live in rural Ireland and I'm giving birth in a small country hopsital so there is no birthing pool, but I plan to labour at home as long as possible before I go in. I have also read stirrups are no good for SPD sufferers (and disempowering on the whole)
My dream birth would be 1) natural 2) with midwive and husband 3) on all fours 4) without interventon. I am hopeful but have an open mind and will trust the people around me.

shonnomanom I have heard of an alternative therapy called
moxibustion, its like a 'candle' of herbs that a herbalist burns in between your toes, I'm not sure how effective it is but it might be worth looking into

notcitrus Thu 24-Nov-11 06:22:05

pam - cs certainly not inevitable, as said upthread even with a really long labour I only needed a ventouse. All fours, or rather being propped in that position on beanbags or shedloads of pillows, is a really good position.

MWs told us that MrNC's job was to get some string and measure how far I could comfortably move my knees apart when I went to hospital, make a loop of string that size, and ensure no-one tried to move my legs any further apart. As it happened the staff were all great at doing exams with me sitting on a chair or on all fours, and the string got lost somewhere, but it gave him something to do - besides massaging my neck for 10 hours straight. smile

Flubba Thu 24-Nov-11 06:49:27

Hello ladies, just spied your thread and wished I'd had the support you're giving each other when I had my 3. #3 is now 10m old but SPD is still here (pushing a heavy buggy on school run every day not helping). Have managed to convince DD2 to walk rather than ride the buggy board ~ hard on her sometimes but absolutely necessary for me. Also sitting on the floor (often crosslegged) to feed fat baby or do jigsaws etc is painful too sad

ZuleikaJambiere Fri 25-Nov-11 20:08:26

Hello ladies, is the sofa long enough for another one? I'm 28 weeks with DC2 and I've just been told I've got SPD following a physio appointment. Fortunately I don't seem to be in as much pain as many of you other lovely ladies, more of a constant ache with the odd twinge, but I'm walking like I'm 80.

The physio recommended a maternity belt, but my midwife told me they don't make much difference. And of my 2 friends who have had it in the past, one told it does work, one said it doesn't. What do you guys recommend?

Great tips on the exercises, will be doing all those (some are the same as what my physio gave me). In addition he also told me to engage my pelvic floor before any bending, stretching, lifting or generally moving, to make sure I'm supporting my pelvis as best I can. And to aim to be able to do pelvic floor lifts, each lasting 10 seconds, several times a day. Again to strengthen my core

Looking forward to more words if advice from you and wishing you all a pain free weekend

nannyn Sat 26-Nov-11 19:02:00

Hello I'd ask you to all budge up but I know you can't wink I'm 14wks with my 2nd & I'm already getting the tell tale aches.
I can't tell you how helpful it is to talk to other people who understand the pain of SPD, 1st time round I had a nightmare with very little help.

It took 2 years but I finally found a private practisioner who has helped me sooooo much, I'm going to see her through out this pregnancy.

Top tips, don't be fobbed off by uninformed NHS staff
You can have physio whilst pregnant
Get your pain free gap measured (mentioned earlier, with the string)
Make sure both your legs are moved slowly & at the same time when being examined.
Not got one yet but a monkey bar to help you roll over in bed (with your long pillow)
Take the crutches, I waited far too long last time.

Chin up & remember it's all worth it when you look at your lovely little baby for the first time. Plus it can't be that bad some of us nutters have come back for more.

sillywmama Sat 26-Nov-11 23:59:45

hello! Sorry I've had a busy weekend and not been on... welcome to the new ladies, of course we'll budge up smile I'm feeling decidedly emotional this evening. Lots of dull achy back pain and general exhaustion. I'd forgotten how wearing pain is. Doesn't help that I'm going through some stuff with DH at the moment and he's being less than supportive. It never rains but it pours! I'm glad to be able to natter about it to others who understand too nannyn people in RL get far too bored far too fast lol. Anyway I hope you're all tucked up in bed and snoozing pain free by now... I should be too really! night night

Hi ladies, SPd survivor here. Ds2 will be one a week on Monday, got me a referral to orthapedic clinic tomorrow! Had to fight like mad for it mind. I have hypermobility so I'm unusual in still struggling. Take crutches and anything else offered, I wad signed off at 32 weeks, treat yourself to sky movies because really their is only so much daytime telly you can take! grin

If any of you is hypermobile then I do big suggest sitting on your ball as of can make if worse. Get all the help and physio you can.

It's all worth it though when you get your baby!

nannyn Sun 27-Nov-11 15:56:38

sillywmama hope you managed to get some sleep last night, managing the pain is so much harder when you're shattered.
hermionestranger Good luck with your Orthapedic app, hopefully you'll see someone who knows what you're going through. If they don't come up wiith any useful suggestions ask for 'stork' xrays on your pelvis as well as static ones. Most importaintly an MRI scan which will show the ligament damage too. I had all this done but as the bones didn't need plating there was nothing orthapedics could do. It's interesting about the hypermobility, I have 3 out of the 5 'markers which mean I'm not classed as hyper but do have some hypermobility. How about the rest of you?
I have found PINS really helpful www.pelvicinstability.org.uk/

Got me an MRI and a referral to the pain management clinic! grin grin

nannyn Mon 28-Nov-11 13:11:20

hermionestranger fab news! Good for you.

sillywmama Tue 29-Nov-11 19:20:56

yay hermione!! Well done!!

I'm feeling a bit emotional and tired today. Had my scan which has adjusted my dates backwards - I'm only 9 weeks - and I feel a strange mix of happy that I've seen my little bean, and his/her heartbeat, but I'm kinda disappointed and afraid that it's not as far along. This pain is scary and I don't like the thought of where I might end up.

Sorry wow, that's negative!! I need to have a word with myself and be more positive.

Sending happy thoughts to everyone - I hope you have a lovely pain free (or minimal pain) evening!

madmomma Tue 29-Nov-11 21:11:35

Oh you poor girls.xx Mine's only mild, and I'm 36 weeks so hopefully it won't get much worse, but that's bad enough. Doesn't help that I'm heaving a toddler up the stairs and pushing his pushchair several times a day. The pain I'm getting is just in my pubic bone. Symphasis pubis I think. This is my 3rd baby and I had the pain with my first but not my second, for some reason. After my first child was born I had back pain so I saw an osteopath, who said I had a locked and tilted pelvis. The course of treatment I had was effective eventually, and also massively improved my PMT. I'd recommend a check up with a good osteopath to all of you, when you've given birth.

ZuleikaJambiere Thu 01-Dec-11 08:51:59

Good news on the referral Hermione

A quick question - what's the easiest way that you've found to dry your legs and feet after a shower? I automatically rest my foot on the side of the bath, but it's not that easy anymore. Thanks

nannyn Thu 01-Dec-11 15:03:27

ZuleikaJambiere I find air drying whilst running after a toddler quite affective grin 1st time round I ended up doing most things on the bed (other than that) or sitting on the edge of the bath with my foot on a toddler step.

I'm having lot's of aches today, not aided by someone crashing into my car this morning. Are there any choci bics left?

ZuleikaJambiere Fri 02-Dec-11 08:31:25

That crash doesn't sound good nannyn, you could have done without that right now. As my main aim everyday is to get showered and dressed before DD wakes (it doesn't happen otherwise) I'll give the sitting on the bed/bath technique a try. Thanks for the tip

BlueCrane Mon 05-Dec-11 15:34:11

Afternoon all, may I tentatively join you? I am hoping that the pain I've been in for the last few days turns out to be something utterly different but am not totally convinced that will be the case! Really struggling to sleep as in a lot of pain trying to get comfortable/roll over. The pain seems to be in my very lower back/buttock area, predominantly on the left hand side but extending right across at times too…no pain shooting down the back of my legs though so don’t think it’s sciatic! Today, sat at my desk, I have twinges of pain in my lower left back/buttock and also pain around the lower part of my mini-bump, especially when I walk. Does this all sound familiar in terms of symptoms? I was thinking of seeing how I get on tonight and then ringing the docs in the morning if no better! I’m 15 weeks pregnant with DC1 and have been enjoying starting to feel a bit more normal after feeling nauseous and being sick for weeks…and now this! DH bit fed up about it too as was also enjoying me being my normal self and hoping that I might be up for sex again at some point 9not top of the agenda when super nauseous!!), which is looking unlikely again at the moment!

yummicheddars Tue 06-Dec-11 09:22:44

So I may be joining you on the sofa..hhmm this has got to be the worlds biggest! Anyway..I've been having severe pains since the early weeks of pregnancy ( now 20 weeks) and still having it. It has been getting worse, the pain in my back and hips is unbelievable, I do keep getting pain lower abdomen but nt as constant as my back. I do have to live of paracetamol which takes the edge off. (Allergic to co-deine) anyway I keep getting told its just the hormones, but this is my 2nd and I never experienced anything like this with my first. I do struggle to get comfy in bed, and wake up from pain when turning.

CarterGirl Tue 06-Dec-11 10:43:53

Hello all! Like the previous two posters I'm wondering if I have SPD too or not.. Had a UTI last week which I got antibiotics for, which has now (I think) led to thrush but I also think there might be some SPD thrown in for good measure (yay!) - I have an 'uncomfortable' fanjo along with some tenderness/ achiness at top inner thigh and generally along what I'd say is the 'undercarriage' (pelvic floor?!). For a while now I've been getting achy hips when lying in bed and find I get 'twinges' when turning in bed/ getting out of bed and also when getting in/ out of car (I'd read about the plastic bag on car seat tip a while ago somewhere else and used it today- helped loads and will also do what some genius here suggested and get satin pajamas!)
As my cervix was measured at 25 mm at 18 wks (am now 23 wks) I'm super paranoid that any fanjo/ pelvic floor pains mean something sinister and have worked myself into a bit of a state on occasion (poor DP) and so am actually pretty relieved to think my pains might be SPD? But having said that I commiserate with the rottenness.
I'd pass a Digestive but am actually in New Zealand at the moment (helpfully fell for a Kiwi) and am obsessed with their Whittakers Almond Slab. God knows how many calories are in it but I have one in bed every night...

working9while5 Tue 06-Dec-11 11:42:59

Hello all

I am having trouble! Ended up in A and E at 9 weeks thinking I was miscarrying (staff there thought I was because I could only go on all fours and couldn't sit/stand), the pain was untrue. IV of paracetamol helped. Since then it is on and off. Am 13 weeks now, and have had some days where everything is totally normal and others where getting out of bed requires Herculean effort.

I commute 3-4 hours a day by public transport and this is my main difficulty at present, I am so exhausted and feeling quite down that I have these symptoms now. I didn't have SPD in last pg but I did have a LOT of back/hip pain after birth and for MONTHS.

I am going to physio today, what to expect?

notcitrus Tue 06-Dec-11 14:49:19

Hello - in awe of your commute working! I hope you are demanding a seat for all of it! (a basic folding walking stick from the chemist is about a tenner and is a wonderful magic talisman for getting people to move...)

Can you adjust your working hours a bit or work from home at all? Physio should poke you a lot and give you an idea of where in your pelvis is out of sorts and whether that should improve with exercises.

A sort-of success story here - after having the ooh GP visit home at 8 weeks, huge SPD agony nearly as bad as in labour, and then lots of pain in my first trimester, the SPD then got a lot better, and now at 29 weeks it's manageable. Today I went Christmas shopping in Croydon so walked to station and then around for a couple hours with quite a few rest stops, but 4 months ago I tried the same and had to stop 6 times on the way back from station - this time not at all. But did get the bus one stop on the way home. smile
Shame I've been unable to work for other pregnancy-related reasons for ages...

nannyn Tue 06-Dec-11 18:22:28

Hello to all the newbies, from what you've all said it sounds like we're all in the same boat.
I can't recommend a body pillow highly enough, it makes a huge differance to me.
I've been seeing a threapist who does lot's of different massarge tecniques, she's been really good at explaining how all the muscles & tendons connect & why my inner thighs, buttocks & bump get so sore. She is a life saver at the moment.
biscuit brew

sillywmama Sun 11-Dec-11 19:45:26

hello all... I'm back, sorry it's been a while! I went to stay with my mum and had no internet access for a while. It's been feckin hard work lately, but the break did me good.

We decorated the house today for crimbo - yay! Which was loads of fun but I've overdone it, and am now on the sofa paracetamol'd up. Remind me not to get up a ladder again eh?

Trying to think back to my first pg and the physio assessment... hmm, I think it was a 'group' session. They gave us a print out of advice, talked about sitting/standing and suchlike (be a lady now, knees together lol) but not much else. It was the 2nd or 3rd time I was actually assessed on a bed and given a proper examination. If you aren't asked to lie down and lift up your legs independently, or to demonstate walking in a straight line, things like that, then you should prob ask for a more in depth assessment.

I'm going for my first physio exam on the 22nd, which is going to be pretty thorough as I need a report for my blue badge application. I'm expecting to be examined with no trousers on, on a bed and standing/walking, with my spine and hips (alignment and rotation) to be given particular attention. I have an anterior tilt (my spine curves a bit dramatically, which gives a bit of a duck waddle look.... sexy hey?) and my left hip gets a bit 'stuck' which puts strain on the rest of my pelvis, preventing me from lifting my foot off the floor properly... it prob makes more sense looking at me actually. So I'll stop trying to explain!!

I have to say one thing has cheered me up enormously. My neighbours upstairs just moved in in June, and I LOVE them. The girl used to be a full time nanny and she adores my son (which makes me love her in return!). She's also a sports therapist and actually understands what PGP/SPD is, and has offered to do the nursery run - 20min walk with a buggy - for me when it all gets a bit much. HURRAH there is a god!! I have been secretly panicking about it since I got pg. She helped me put him to bed tonight as DH is out and I struggle to lift him into the cot. DS is 16mo and already 28lb. Ooof - that's a lot to lift.

<settles down for the x factor final, any takers on a mug of hot choc?>

BlueCrane Mon 12-Dec-11 13:13:48

Afternoon all...just back from the doctors after a pretty sleepless night with awful pains in left hip, buttock, lower back and left leg...which have just added to pain around my under bump area over the last week! Still rather constipated so wondering if that might be the cause of some of it (now have some lovely laxatives to try from the docs but think waiting until after work to try them might be a good idea blush as don't know how fast acting they are!!). But eitherway, the left side/hip thing can't be constipation as that feels as though someone's trying to pull my left hip out of position and is sooo painful! Doc was 'ok' but not great, felt around my lower back and concluded I have a 'pulled muscle' there and to rest/take paracetamol. I'll stick to that plan for the next few days and take my laxatives and see what happens but I have my 16w MW check on Thursday so if no better then I will push for further examination as currently in a lot of pain sat at my desk!!

silly glad you got to have a good beak at your Mum's and yeah to helpful neighbour too!! Hope your assessment goes well on Thursday.

nanny I've just ordered a body pillow so hoping that will help me get some sleep...DH will just have to get used to not havig much space in the bed though!!

notcitrus so glad you are feeling a bit better!

working how are you doing? How did the physio go?

Right...back to trying to focus on doing some work and hoping the paracetamol kick in soon to dull this pain!

sillywmama Wed 14-Dec-11 16:40:06

hi bluecrane I hope you're feeling better? Did the laxitives help at all? I hope that your doctor is more help soon! How's everyone else doing?

BlueCrane Thu 15-Dec-11 12:44:40

Hi sillywmama thanks for asking, sorry not to have updated. The lactulose is now my new best friend smile turns out the majority of the pain I was in was to do with a large amount of trapped wind that the lactulose helped to <ahem> expel!! I still have twinges down my left side hip, buttock and back which I'm keeping an eye on but thankfully isn't something that's bad enough to need painkillers so think I may be in the clear for the moment! How are you doing?

sillywmama Thu 15-Dec-11 13:28:46

he blue thats great news, it's fab to know that something so simple can help so much! I'm ok, absolutely dog tired, but I think that goes with the territory. I've been having a better couple of days lately, since my overkill at the weekend when I was laid up for 24 hours I've taken it really easy and I'm coping much better. I'm encouraging DS to walk as much as possible and only lifting when unavoidable (into the highchair and cot). He's learned how to climb into the buggy on his own now which is great, I think between us we might manage ok after all. My physio assessment is next week so I'm just keeping a pain diary/record of what aggravates the symptoms at the moment. I've started eating all bran in the morning every day to keep on top of the whole regular movements thing lol - don't want any extra discomfort whatsoever!

BlueCrane Thu 15-Dec-11 13:52:05

sillywmama definitely worth keeping those bowels moving, I couldn't believe how much pain some trapped wind and constipation could cause shock Good to hear your DS is walking a bit more so you're not having to pick him up so much, I'm sure that will be helping! Hope your physio assessment is positive and helpful next week. Take care!

OTTMummA Fri 16-Dec-11 14:55:18

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help?
I had DC1 4yrs ago, had bad spd and pgp from 20 weeks and ended up on crutches, not moving much at all, and hysterical with the pain, ended up having section moved forward a week because i was in so much pain.
Anywhoo, the spd and pgp hasn't fully been dealt with yet, i have been seeing physio on and off for 3 yrs, that has never helped tbh, i have been on co-codomal, tramadol, Amitriptyline etc.
Had MRI, X Rays etc, i have continuing SIJ pain, my pelvis isn't aligned properly, and my lower disks have started to deteriorate.
I was warned by my consultant to not get pregnant too soon after my first because it would exasperate my pelvic pain etc,
But i am now 8 weeks pregnant, and have not been taking my pain meds since i was 5 weeks when i found out.
I am now in a significant amount of pain by midday and am stuggling to work and remain positive.
paracetomal isn't touching the pain, so have stopped, there is no point.
How long do i have to go without codeine?
Im not sure what to do, i work FT and can not really afford to stop working.
Was thinking of seeing an osteopath, do the NHS refer them at all?

Emsgale Fri 16-Dec-11 16:25:59

im 24 weeks pregnant and after a quite a few weeks of unberable pains in the hips groin back and my fango throbing and feeling like its dragging on the floor oh and not forgetting the sharp shooting pains!
today was the last straw as i arrived at work and burst into tears due to pain and lack of sleep phoned my gp no appointmnets so he called me and said im sure its SPD he has prescribed paracetmol and codine and asked me to go in on monday to be examined and look and what can help me?
iv heard of physio support belt i was just wondering what other aids there are the gp can provide and if there is any help avaliable in labour????
thanks ems xxxxxx

sillywmama Fri 16-Dec-11 20:42:50

hi OTTMummA and Emsgale, welcome. Sorry you had to join us, but welcome nonetheless! OTTMummA I would definitely suggest you try and arrange a specialist assessment, privately if necessary, because if you are examined privately and given a diagnosis/treatment plan you can take this to the NHS to be actioned. It would probably help to manage this pregnancy if you are given consultant led care, with an early referral to a pain clinic. There are LOTS of pain control options open to you but you need to be seen regularly and by a specialist pain doctor who knows about pregnancy care. I'm 11 weeks and taking codeine based pain killers now, but you need to speak to your own doc about the best plan for you. I also needed crutches etc and was begging for a c-sec before DS arrived 2 weeks early anyway, which I was rather relieved about!

Emsgale check out the www.pelvicpartnership.org.uk for advice about all the mobility aids and good advice about ways to limit pain caused by normal movements. The first few posts on this thread are packed with good suggestions too, if you want to check there first? OTTMummA the Pelvic Partnership runs a helpline I used last time, especially on the days when I was hysterical and sobbing in pain. It's run by women who have had SPD/PGP for the most part I think and just speaking to someone who understands sometimes makes all the difference. Its so hard when 'normal' friends/spouse etc don't grasp the level of pain it can cause, and when you feel like everyone is sick of hearing about it.

I'm having an awful day overall. The pain is the worst it's been yet, and to round it off nicely my DH has asked to separate for a while, the week before Christmas. If I seem calm about that, it's only because 24 hours of crying has left me a little numb. I'm moving to my mums for the short term, with DS, because I can't cope with everything on my own. It means my physio appointment will be missed though because it's a 3.5 hour drive away. We'll be sleeping at the top of 2 flights of stairs too when I get there, not exactly the thing most people would be worried about, but its stressing me out a lot on top of everything else.

Not really sure what to do from this point forward.

Emy84 Sat 17-Dec-11 09:22:09

Hi lovely ladies is there room for another on the sofa?

I have not 'officially' been told the pains I have are SPD but from reading this thread and some of the excellent links there is no doubt in my mind!

I have been having a few problems with GP and MW both have told me the other person should refer me etc angry am getting a bit fed up and pain and lack of sleep combined with pregnancy hormones doesn't really help. GP has said I need obstetric physio referral but he can't do it waiting for MW to ring me back from yesterday!

Anyway hi to everyone else [waves] so sorry sillywmama to hear bout your DH asking to separate for a while. It's rubbish timing not much anyone can say but lots of [tea] and sympathy - you know you will always find lots of support on mumsnet!

Emsgale Sat 17-Dec-11 13:38:07

im so sorry to hear your sad news! what awfull timing in his part! i wish there was somthing I could say to make it better but I know I cant!

SwanseaMum Sat 17-Dec-11 21:10:03

Hiya can I join this thread?

Well its started again at 8weeks and i am in bits, my back and hip it totally sucks I am 11 weeks and the mw has referred me to physio. I suffered really badly with ds2 and I was really hoping this pregnancy would be different. sad

Just hope physio will help.

madmomma Sat 17-Dec-11 21:50:30

Hmm lovely - well ignore my last post about the pain being mild. Am now virtually immobile and having a planned section on the 23rd Dec as I just can't take any more. I have depression anyway, but the pain and disability made it flare up badly, and the psychiatrist has implored me to get delivered asap, as I was developing unpleasant self-harm type symptoms. I can't walk or do anything for my 1yr old, and now to top it off I'll be in hospital all over Christmas as I've got to stay 5 days to see how the birth affects the depression sad Sorry to rant. Bloody pregnancy eh? I'm really sorry to hear of all your pain and struggles - especially those of you for whom the pain has kicked off in the bloody 1st trimester! That's just not fair!

SwanseaMum Sat 17-Dec-11 22:26:37

Oh madmomma I totally feel for you i have depression am on AD's the pain really isn't helping sad

sillywmama Sun 18-Dec-11 10:37:28

hello all - welcome newbies, SwanseaMum I'm 11 weeks too and in a lot of pain. As of a few days ago, I can't stand on one foot again - that didn't kick off properly last time until after 20 weeks. <sigh> What's your due date? It might be worth applying for a blue badge if you have small DCs and a history of unresolved PGP. How bad did it get last time?

madmomma I'm sorry it's been such a rough ride, depression on top of the pain isn't nice. I found the pain alone made me depressed last time, and I was watched like a hawk last time for PND because I was in a bad way before the birth. I did feel much better when the pregnancy was over though, although I wasn't pain free I knew it was an upward track from then on - it wasn't going to get any worse at the very least. Things can only get better!! I'll look forward to wishing you all our congratulations from the sofa when you deliver on the 23rd! in the meantime, biscuit

I'm leaving for my mums in an hour. Trying to think positively, hoping the break will do us all good. Thanks for the kind messages Emy and Ems x

SwanseaMum Sun 18-Dec-11 11:18:31

Sillywmama, I couldn't walk towards the end with ds2. It has started on the right side of my back then my hip too. it came on all of a sudden and now i can barely sleep and have some trouble bending down.
My youngest is only 22 months so he still wants me to pick him up, i can see it becoming a problem the further on i get sad

I really hope the break does you the world of good xx

madmomma Sun 18-Dec-11 14:41:18

Thanks swansea and silly xx

nothingsoextraordinary Sun 18-Dec-11 20:17:24

sillywmama, i'm new to the thread (severe spd and a 16 week old baby, but positive). Just wanted to say I'm so very very sorry about what you're going through. That is really dreadful and I can think of a lot of things to say about a man who would flap about like a dying duck while you're in this position. I can only imagine. Sending much sympathy and hope your way.x

BlueCrane Sun 18-Dec-11 21:08:39

sillywmama hope you're doing ok at your Mum's, so sorry to hear about things with your DP and really hope it (he) sorts itself (himself!) out v v quickly!!

SwanseaMum Mon 19-Dec-11 09:11:59

Sillywmama, i would just like to say your partner is a prat and doesn't deserve you. I was on my own when i was pregnant with ds1 it was hard but worth it in the end i didn't meet my dh until ds1 was 13months
take care sug if you need support here to help xx

notcitrus Tue 20-Dec-11 21:34:16

Best wishes for your birth madmomma!
I have to see a consultant tomorrow and argue for a nice MW-led birth despite depression meds, which should be fun.

31 weeks now and the pelvis is starting to fall apart at the front again, though physio helped the rest of it today. She advised putting ice on my pubis 4-5 times a day and hot water bottles on the back/sides, as well as all my exercises, and hopes it won't get much worse seeing as I don't have long to go. Should get it down to max 2 months of wheelchair hire cost if I do need one, anyway.
And thankfully I'm on maternity leave now so can stop feeling guilty about not working (managed under 10 days since start of July...)

OTT - my GP prescribed 8mg codiene x2, 4x daily once I was 12 weeks and the good stuff (30mg x2 4x daily) at 20 weeks. Annoyingly I became intolerant of it so was only taking about 30-45mg at night until this last week - now I'm taking a full 60mg dose before bed and at 4am! And thankfully not throwing up.
I hope you can get physio or osteopathy ASAP! I've got both on the NHS (osteo not for pelvis issues and had a long waiting list). Keep phoning the MW team and asking for an 'urgent referral'.

madmomma Tue 20-Dec-11 21:38:46

Thanks citrus x

nannyn Wed 21-Dec-11 09:47:57

Hi everyone,
My internet had died so I've been off for a while, it seems everyone is having a sucky time at the mosad crap just before Christmas. I was coming on for a bit of a moan but reading the latest posts I'll just say I'm in a moderate amount of pain & leave it at that.
Hugs to everyone & some homemade fudge xx

Emy84 Wed 21-Dec-11 15:55:57

Citrus can you take codine up until delivery? I wasn't sure GP perscribed it but that was a bit earlier on am now 34 weeks. Finally got referral or physio today but not unitl 10th Jan and I think it is a group session so not sure how much help it will be.

has anyone found an Osteopath to be of help? Can they do all the manipulations etc whilst you are pregnant? Thinking of tryin to see someone privately as not that helpful that I have to wait another 3weeks for group physio session!

nannyn Wed 21-Dec-11 21:17:13

Emmy84 you can take codine up to delivery but there is a school of thought that you should wean yourself off so the baby doesn't have any ill affects. I took it on & off right up until delivery but was only on a low dose.
As for treatment you need to find someone who has experiance with treating pregnant clients as it's a whole different approach.
Good luck, the end's in sight!

bushymcbush Wed 21-Dec-11 22:26:06

Marking my place on the sofa. 23 weeks with DC2 and been in pain since around week 12. I've only just worked out what it is! [stupid emoticon] Made an appt to see GP next week.

sillywmama I'm so sorry your partner has flakes out on you at such a difficult time. What a fuckwit he sounds. Hope your mum is looking after you and you're getting the rest you need.

Hope everyone else is ok too. And best of luck to the poster having a CS tomorrow.

SwanseaMum Thu 22-Dec-11 14:14:35

Well I am having such a shit day, between the fact my back an right hip are so bad at the mo, I started bleeding last night the mw has brought my scan forward so i am going tomorrow. This is going to be the longest night ever sad

annekins Thu 22-Dec-11 14:42:00

Can I join the sofa (well am currently leaning over my birthing ball with laptop on the footstool)? Am 38+6 and managed to get to this week with only mild (that's what they called it) 'hip and pelvic pain', before WHAM, I got a grating feeling down below and knew it had developed further.

Have been given codeine by my lovely GP after we spent 15 mins researching the contraindications and agreeing in a very grown up manner that it would be ok in the short term. Then I got a lecture from the pharmacist about how I really shouldn't have it, but as the GP prescribed it, he overruled her! I was a little concerned about taking it, but phoned the antenatal ward about something else and asked them about taking codeine and they said that if I went in to them in early labour, they would give me codeine anyway, so don't worry about it..a relaxed (ish) and happy (ish) mummy=a happy baby to them!

So now I'm feeling sorry for myself, and baby has gone from 4/5 engaged to being free in my pelvis which makes me worried that she's going to turn breech again. Soo annoyed.

I have sought solace in a box of Ferrero Rocher...can I pass the box to anyone?

SausageWrappedInBaconSmuggler Thu 22-Dec-11 15:36:34

Can I join? I'm 26+3 and have had pain in my left bum cheek since the beginning of this pregnancy. I have a history of back trouble and thought it might be sciatica so went to the doctor who's attitude was one of 'it's just one of those things'. Anyway I have a toddler to chase after and as a result have been getting days where I can barely walk so went to my MW who referred me to physio. Seems the problem is with my sacroiliac joint and she gave me a support belt and some stretches to do but i'm just resigned to being in pain. sad Hopefully it'll go once baby is born.

SwanseaMum Fri 23-Dec-11 12:03:23

Well i won't be joining you guys anymore because i lost the baby. I just want to say good luck and i truly hope the pgp doesn't hurt you too much xxx

bushymcbush Sat 24-Dec-11 08:55:16

SwanseaMum I'm so sorry to hear that. sad

Do you have good support in RL?

Take care and I hope we see you on the pregnancy boards again before long.

nannyn Sat 24-Dec-11 14:55:13

SwanseaMum So sorry for your loss, big hugs. xx

sillywmama Sun 25-Dec-11 19:24:29

Swanseamum I am so sorry for your loss sad I really hope you're being looked after well and friends and family can give you lots of love at this time x

I'm still at mums. DH is still undecided about our future, and today the dragging 'kicked in the fanny' feeling has been the cherry on my Christmas cake. I'm being supported, but craving privacy at the same time. It is fucking awful to be honest, but I am hopeful that one way or another I'll come out of this stronger.

Happy Christmas to everyone, I hope that some of us have managed to have a good day, but for anyone who is struggling (for any reason) you have my heartfelt wishes for a wonderful new year xx

nannyn Thu 29-Dec-11 09:28:37

sillywmama what a crap Christmas for you! I'm having the kicked in feeling, like I'm being booted from the inside! It's the hardest thing to discribe to someone & there is no relief, you have my sympathy for that one.
Has your DH pulled his head out of his arse yet? He needs a reality check as to what you're going through, prehaphs repeatedly kicking him in the nuts wink might give him a window into the pain?

Hope you get things sorted out, stay strong.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas x

bushymcbush Fri 30-Dec-11 23:40:21

sillywmama I'm glad you have plenty of support. However it doesn't stop it hurting you that your DP is being such a twunt. Will you welcome him back with open arms if that's what he decides he wants? Or are you having second thoughts and doubts about the relationship yourself?

I saw my GP today about my SPD and he was surprisingly understanding - I had braced myself for a fob off, but he has promised to refer me to physic and ask for an early appointment. Result!

bushymcbush Fri 30-Dec-11 23:41:45

physic = physio, of course.

SausageWrappedInBaconSmuggler Sat 31-Dec-11 11:43:37

swanseamum so sorry to hear about your loss, take care of yourself.

sillywmama hope your H gets his head sorted soon and stops mucking you around.

For me, DH has been off over christmas and amazingly the SPD hasn't been anywhere near as bad as usual. Just goes to show what an extra pair of hands around the place can do. I might lock him in the flat so he can't go back tuesday.

nannyn Tue 03-Jan-12 18:04:44

Which body pillows are you all using? I've tried all sorts but can't find one that quite works. Been online looking a e pillow, dreamgenii & summer infant sleep pillow but they all have mixed reviews. Don't want to spend a fortune on something that doesn't work.
Any top tips?

notcitrus Wed 04-Jan-12 19:43:11

nannyn - Best I've found is a smallish square cushion between the knees. Been given a Dreamgenie this time which is sort of nice to cuddle but doesn't work for my legs, and last time tried a John Lewis pregnancy pillow which was so thin and flimsy I ordered them to take it away again in disgust! And the huge fat bent sausage ones were too fat.

The square pillow means I can turn over with marginally less palaver...

My bump has erupted in the last week (33+4) and max prescribed codiene is starting to not be sufficient so may need wheelchair again for a month or so - and have recorded lots of films to watch with ds! On the other hand if I can stop throwing up then it might work better. So much for not really having preg sickness - I'm making up for it now!

feekerry Wed 04-Jan-12 19:50:15

hello everyone!

thought i'd pop on as i have a few questions and wondered if you knowledgeable folk could help?
i'm currently 30 weeks witgh my first and have mild to moderate spd since about 26 weeks. nothing too awful but some things can be quite sore sometimes. mainly- i have a horse that i tend to twice daily and the yard is wet and muddy so have to change into my wellies from work shoes. this activity casues the most pain! it seems to be the lifting of a leg into the welly? does that make sense? my pubic bone feels like its on fire when i change into my wellies- why? what can i do? is there a special technique i should be using? LOL.
secondly, i'd really like to give birth at our new local MLU unit, its really fab, but, i've heard if you have SPD they wont take you in as it can affect your labour/birth so i'd have to go to hospital. does anyone know if spd can lead you to have a hospital rather than a MLU/pool birth?

thank you in advance


nannyn Thu 05-Jan-12 11:30:56

Notcitrus poor you, the last few weeks are the worst. Are they inducing you at 38 wks?

feekerry sit down!!! When you lift your leg it causes strain on the pubic bone (the gap in the middle of your pelvis) this is where most of the ligament pain in SPD originates from. (some people it's the sacro iliac) Keeping active is great, just be really careful.

Off to see the NHS physio today, be interesting to see what I'm offered this time. Who's money is on a support belt, crutches & come back after you've delivered?? Or am I being very cynical wink

Fig roll anyone? (new year health kick)

notcitrus Thu 05-Jan-12 13:38:23

nannyn - bloody well hope not - I'm aiming to go to the lovely MLU at the hospital, get into the pool and stay there until the baby pops out - it was getting out which was when the problems started last time (though admittedly sod all had happened for 8 hours at that point).
If I have to I'm staying in bed for the last two weeks and bribing people to take ds to nursery 3 days a week and curling up with him on the sofa the rest of the time - his idea of heaven, luckily!

feekerry - sit down or even lie back and lift both feet at once into wellies! And hold in your pelvic floor, lower abdomen, and buttock muscles when you do it. It's how I get my leggings/ trousers on in the morning - hideously inelegant but the alternative is waking MrNC up to do it. It does feel quite regal getting him to undress me at night. smile

I was assured I would be better off in the MLU with all its supportive beanbags/chairs/rails as well as pools, than in the delviery suite, when I was in a wheelchair with SPD, especially once I assured them I would have a strong bloke with me to help heft me about - their main concern was that there was a hoist to help people out of the pool, but they'd never used it since trianing some years earlier! They were even trying to talk me into a homebirth at 38 weeks! However my MLU is only a lift-ride from the delivery suite.

I did end up going downstairs for an epidural, but having SPD that suddenly gets that much worse in labour is incredibly rare - none of the staff had seen it happen before, and it was only my insistence that the contractions were a doddle in comparison that convinced them. So I wouldn't expect that.

nannyn Fri 06-Jan-12 16:02:22

can you not be induced & have a water birth? That might be my grand plan scuppered then!

notcitrus Fri 06-Jan-12 21:08:20

no idea about induction other than I don't want one! Unless I get to 14 days overdue when I might change my mind!
Suspect it depends on whether the induction works and you start having a nice boring labour (so water fine) or if they want closer consultant involvement - no pools in the consultant unit at my hospital or others I know.

I'd have a chat with your MW about options where you are.

nannyn Sat 07-Jan-12 17:38:20

i was induced last time round, the pain & lack of sleep was too much. I found the worst bit was lying still after the gel was 'put in' after that the labour was fairly quick & simple so hopfully I'll be ok.
As predicted the physio has given me crutches & a belt but she was actually quite helpful. The best advice was a pillow 1/2 under your bum to tilt you forward & a rolled up towel in the small of your back. Really helps when sitting. She's also getting me a perching stool & monkey bar from OT. So things are looking up here.

LazyDaisyWorcs Sun 08-Jan-12 15:09:41

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Nursee007 Tue 10-Jan-12 10:46:51

Hello....thought I'd add my 2 penn'orth!
First baby, VERY planned (almost regimentally so!) and really not enjoying the whole experience so far. Had mega dizziness, breathlessness and fainting expisodes from week 5-12. Then got told I was anaemic and got put on ferrous sulphate tablets which made me feel horrific so came off them again. Then was ok apart from being tired until about 18 weeks when walking suddenly got more difficult and stairs became a nightmare. Rang a midwife and the GP who said it was 'stretching.' A week later I went to triage as was so sore and waddling like a duck, to be told I had SPD which I had never heard of. By week 21 I had been signed off work (by a very unsympathetic GP who had to have a letter from the consultant obstetrician to actually write the sick note!) as couldn't even do the walk to the station, never mind my nursing job. Referred to a specialist physio who was USELESS, and basically said that once I had to use crutches there was nothing she could do. Started using the crutches around 25 weeks for anything out of the house, and also seeing a private osteopath who has a specialist interest in SPD....who has been BRILLIANT. Pain by no means goes, but I do get some relief for a few days after seeing her. £44 once a week isn't cheap but desperate times and all that!

Am now 33 weeks and wishing the time away. Am allergic to codeine and paracetamol does nothing, so my pain relief options have pretty much been ice packs and a TENS machine...both of which take the edge off but thats really all. Due to a BMI of 36 and a previous gastric bypass, my hospital and consultant will not allow a water birth (doubt I'd manage to get in the pool anyway with the SPD!) but have said they will consider sweeps from 37 weeks and possible induction from 39.

SO miserable with this balsted pain, and SO bored from being stuck indoors. Feel like a lot of friends have deserted me as I can't get out of the house to meet them, and haven;t heard from so called 'closest friends' for months.

Husband is being incredible, so supportive and understanding despite the constant moaning and non stop 'pyjama days!'

Also have a hacking, honking cough at the mo which is not helping the mood or the sleep deprivation but husband will not hear of me sleeping in spare room.

Sorry...Rant over smile

CarterGirl Tue 10-Jan-12 11:27:56

Happy New Year all!
Does anyone else find that their SPD/ PGP can fluctuate? A week or so ago I was at my worst- my parents arrived to visit me in NZ and were greeted with sight of me hobbling around. Walking and getting up/ out of cars etc- the usual- were all really quite hard. Mainly the ol' kicked in undercarriage/ band of pressure along pubic bone area along with one sided groin pain that gave me the hobble/ waddle. But a couple of days ago this groin/ leg pain just, er, went.. The other stuff remains but with walking being easier again it doesn't feel so bad.
I guess I'm just asking if other people find things can come and go a bit? I read someone saying that SPD doesn't tend to do that but I don't think that's quite true is it?
Obv am not complaining.. But just a bit curious.
Back to Blighty soon! And gather it's a bit windy..

HurtLocker Tue 10-Jan-12 11:38:37

Hello SPD sufferers.

Thought you might want to hear from an SPD survivor. I was induced at 39 weeks because of severe SPD pain (I was more or less housebound). Labour wasn't great, but the SPD pain stopped as soon as the baby was out. It's been a long haul, but I'm more or less back to normal two years on, with only the odd twinge of pain and only when I've either done a lot of walking or have worn heels.

Good luck to you all. I've been there, it's bloody painful and nobody seems to know about it. So fight for your right to see a physio and have an early delivery if that's what you need.

Joapse Tue 10-Jan-12 13:04:09

Hello Ladies!

I'm new 2 Mumsnet and joined really because of SPD.

I am 21 weeks pregnant, and it constant pain, like contractions. This is my 4th pregnancy, I have had SPD in all after a a vaginal delivery of a 9lb 13 ounce baby in 2006. I am a size 6-8 and my pelvis has suffered incredibly.

I had a little girl who I carried to 29 week and then she passed away, I had SPD with her and I did carry more weight than my boys not sure if that contributed. Got pregnant again with a boy and carried to term, on crutches, gritting my teeth, legs, and poor privates that were killing all the way, had SPD from about 16 weeks with him and was immobile from 28 weeks.

Had a very unsympathetic MD was induced and that was agony, they left me for 2 days in labour when I could not even walk, or sit straight because of SPD pain, so all round a bad experience (again) but a healthy 8lb 13once boy at 39 weeks by c-section, I was pleased the SPD vanished and after 6 weeks I was up abut and healthy!

SO, I am 2 and half years on and decided to try for one more baby, I always had that brooding feeling and I didn't want to regret.

WELL! I am pregnant with another gorgeous boy I am SO happy, but my body has failed, I was at the gym, fit, active, eating right, I don't smoke so I never imagined it would come on at 5 weeks and cripple me...I am depressed, I have 2 kids to care for, codine is not touching the pain, and I feel lost. I don't want to regret this baby but I do feel silly now my body has packed up I am struggling to keep a lid on things.

I didn't want to write SO much lol, but I feel like this time, after so many SPD episodes that the pubic bone has separated, I have a whole host of new symptoms, my knees feeling they are falling off, my wrists, ankles and back are cracking and popping, and the pelvis itself and every little joint, muscle, and tendon is hurting, 100% of the time. I am also hyper-flexable, so I think this and larger babies adds to the mix. I have NO help, I have applied for DLA but am dubious although it will last for longer than 6 months so I pray for a miracle as I need to put my youngest in full time nursery.

I wonder if this time, I have damaged myself, and I feel selfish for having another child, because I cannot cope with my own kids, shopping, nothing normal x I really, appreciate the other stories shared and send some positive vibes 2 you all, I wish you all the best and for most of us, the pain has a timescale and end in sight. For those that the SPD had continued get an X-ray, your pelvis may have come completely apart and it ca only been seen my X-ray, this is certainly possible in long term issues with childbearing Women xx

bushymcbush Tue 10-Jan-12 22:40:36

Welcome newbies!

I had my appointment with the physio yesterday. She seemed very knowledgable about the problem. Mentioned the possibility of a support belt but as a last resort.

She told me to sit on a birthing ball a lot as this is better for your pelvis than sitting on the sofa (new thread title anyone?!) and gave me some exercises - pelvic tilts and lumbar rolls - to do to help relieve the symptoms and realign the pelvic ligaments. Also to do as little weight bearing exercise as possible for a couple of weeks to allow the inflammation to go down. She recommended swimming but preferably not on front and certainly not breast stroke. She also advised me not to cross my legs but to keep my knees together.

So today, my back has been fine (most of my pain has been in SIJ's so far) but suddenly my pubic / crotch area is much more painful! Maybe I'm taking her advice to keep my knees together a bit too literally and I'm squeezing too hard. I'll try keeping my knees at shoulder width distance I think - it feels more natural.

Pillow at night - I've found a normal head pillow the most comfortable for between my legs.

I'm hoping for a home birth and want to hire a birthing pool.

Hope you're all having a good week with as little pain as possible.

wendyl12 Wed 11-Jan-12 16:09:24

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum and am currently pregnant with my second child. Had SPD with 1st pregnancy, ended up on crutches and the hospital and doctors still let me go 2 weeks overdue! Gave birth naturally to my daughter. I'm experiencing all the usual SPD pains aswell as new ones that I never had last time. This time I'm having issues with sitting on hard surfaces (the toilet being the worst) and dead legs. I have my group physio session on friday and I'm hoping for some answers in relation to this new pain. Does anyone else have it? I'm 18 weeks along.

Hope you are all well and not having to much pain

InsomniaQueen Wed 11-Jan-12 20:04:21

Is there room for one more on the sofa???

I'm 30 weeks along and at my recent MW appointment explained the pain I was having - she says she thinks it's SPD. I've had back and hip pain from the start, once that settled down I was diagnosed with a hernia behind my belly button which has meant I've been housebound on and off since around 10 weeks in. Foolishly I thought my health was turning a corner and could I actually enjoy the last 10 weeks.......apparently not!!!!

I'm currently still mobile most of the time and I finish work soon (thank god) the pain is like someone sticking a hot poker into my groin/pubic bone.......which I'm sure you ladies know can make you feel sick at times. I have every sympathy for all of you who can barely leave the home and can't get around. I will have to ring in and sort out a referral as I will not be able to cope with this for another 10 weeks.

nannyn Thu 12-Jan-12 08:44:13

Hi to all the newbies, sorry you're having a rough time.

bushymcbush it's interesting she said a support belt was a last resort, it's the first thing they do in my neck of the woods. Mine makes a huge differance.

Nursee007 you sound like a woman after my own heart, I love a bit of planning wink

For all of you getting siatic, leg & bum pain it's all realated! There are so many muscles & ligaments in the groin area you can end up with the weirdest pains. Most common are groin, inside of thighs, bum right down leg & hip pain. Not to mention backs. It's really worth finding a private practisioner who can treat you during pregnancy ( I didn't 1st time, it's making a world of differance) Good luck.

I had OT round yesterday, they're going to get me some equipment to help me around the house. She was so helpful I could of cried, why I wasn't refered last time is a mystery. I was refered by my physio, it's worth doing for those of you struggling.

Any babies yet???

notcitrus Thu 12-Jan-12 10:31:57

Saw physio again yesterday - she concluded that as I'm 35 weeks most of my problems are now down to bump+SPD rather than just SPD, so all she could suggest was keep up with the exercises, sit on a exercise ball as much as possible rather than any hard chair, and hold onto something if I need to bend to the floor (training ds to pick things up for me isn't working well!)

Will try support belt for the walk to nursery tonight. At least it's OK weather so the fact that a under-10-min-walk now takes half an hour isn't such a problem.

bushy - keeping your knees together means act like a celeb getting into a car etc, don't separate them more than 6 in max, but don't hold them together. Walking from the knees downwards helps hugely, but it's avoiding turning on the spot and separating your legs that really helps.

Gigondas Thu 12-Jan-12 11:26:56

Is it too late to join? Am 38 weeks (having planned c section next week due to breach) with really bad pgp . Am basically bed/house bound as have such bad hip/bum pain on one side . Cant sit or walk/Stand for long.

This is second pregnancy and didn't have it in first pregnancy except for some niggles after birth which exercise/osteopath sorted. Pain in hip/thigh slowly got worse over this pregnancy -support belt and physio managed it til got to 34 weeks then pain and swelling (of hip/bum muscle - so bad hospital even checked there was no blood clot) kicked in.
Am feeling lonely sore and isolated (all Xmas plans curtailed as house bound) and really worried about how I will cope with newborn if this Doesnt ease up.

wendyl12 Thu 12-Jan-12 11:50:33

Hi Gigondas,

Sorry to hear you're suffering, when I had it first time it did clear up to the point that I didn't really notice it anymore. It still came and went but no where near as bad. I did have problems with my back and my hip disaligned a few times - make sure you are referred to a physio as soon as you get out of hospital, they told me I had to see one but I never got referred!

I hope that you are not in too much pain.

Gigondas Thu 12-Jan-12 11:55:19

Thanks Wendy- have already spoken to hospital about referral (I am under consultant care and he is quite sympathetic). I am just worried about magic mix of c section recovery , pgp and newborn.
Although last time was milder Pilates /osteopath did seem to sort it out as has no issues for 3 years basically before I fell pregnant .

OTTMummA Thu 12-Jan-12 19:27:51

Hi everyone, i am really in need of some advice, had DC1 4 yrs ago, had really awful spd with that pregnancy from 20 wks, had depression because of the pain, and it never went away completely, have had physio on and off, been on tramadol, codeine, amitriptylne (sp) because of the pain.

Im now 12 weeks, and am currently signed off for 2 weeks for back pain, and am currently taking codeine 3x a day, doctor doesn't want me to take too much as she is worried about the limit not being enough when i really need it later on.
But i have just walked 15 mins to the shops and back and am in complete agony, i was semi waddling, limping, my gait is all wrong and am really stiff if i lay or sit down for more than 30 mins a time.

Sleeping is awful, i basically sleep downstairs propped up but still am really uncomfortable, i have a body pillow that helps in bed sometimes, but not a lot.
I've got pubis pain, hip pain, back and nerve pain in my bum cheek, and now inner thigh pain, sometimes when i move i can feel crunching/popping etc and im so sore, im getting down again especially after this trip to the shops.

I just wanted to ask how many of you ladies have been signed off until maternity kicks in etc, and when you started it.
I am considering asking for my hours to be cut quite a lot so i can cope physicaly, as i really think i need crutches already tbh. sad

notcitrus Thu 12-Jan-12 22:59:21

Hi OTT, just a quick one - I've been off work almost all the time since start of July, but not all SPD. I'm 35wks now. Are you seeing an obstetric physio?

ardenbird Sat 14-Jan-12 09:32:02

Hi, can I join? I saw this thread a while ago, but it's taken me ages to read it all.

One thing I'm wondering is I've seen advice about walking & exercise, and I wonder, um, how? I'm now 29+6 (first pregnancy), and I've had SPD since around 16 weeks. Until about 24 weeks it was mild, but even then I found I was in a great deal more pain if I walked a lot, and especially if I did things like take long strides (which I've seen recommended). I'm convinced it was over-walking that lead to my current state, as the day after trying to keep up with two tall, male colleagues in a walk across a wind-blown town, I woke up with severe pubic pain. And since then it's only gotten worse, and the more I walk, the worse it seems to be. Also, I can't even walk unaided--I'm using a walking stick now, and barely move faster than a crawl (actually, having seen some friends' crawling babies, I'd say I'm moving way slower than a crawl...). I did a test-walk to the bus stop last weekend, and a trip that used to take me 5 mins took 30. I turned around to come back, but after another 10 mins just couldn't walk any further and had to send DH home to get the car and drive me the remaining blocks!

I'm really terrified of making things worse--I'm kicking myself now for not mentioning that windy day that I'm pregnant and could they please slow down. I'm currently planning to work through 37+2, and I don't really have the option of signing off early. I'm the wage-earner in our household, so I'm only taking the 16 weeks full pay leave they offer--and I'm now within the 11 week window where any pregnancy-related health issues needing time off will trigger the start of maternity leave, which would be a disaster (and lose me the 2.5 weeks holiday I'm planning to take at the start--I'm actually starting ML on the due date and preceding it with accumulated annual leave, which I'd lose otherwise, as ML 'resets' that). The good thing is my colleagues have all been really helpful, doing things like carrying my bag to my office for me, and someone is even coming in today to be my 'legs', and on a Saturday, too! DH has also been wonderful, but he's now going to have to ask for an extension or leave of absence from his studies as he has to spend so much time taking care of me, which means it will be even longer before he has hope of bringing in an income and making sure I can keep working is that much more important.

Wow, I didn't mean to go on for so long, but the one other thing I was wondering is does anyone else feel so helpless? I just hate not being able to do things. I'm so used to being physically capable, and when I need help with little things like closing the car door (just can't do it, the twisting motion hurts way too much), I feel so dependent on others and scared about what happens if I get stuck somewhere on my own. Then the maternity belt, which helps a lot, but it makes me feel like I'm 'tied up' and that combined with difficulty moving, especially getting off a sofa or a bed, makes me feel constrained and trapped, and sometimes I feel like panicking like I'm being held down by someone, but it's just my own body. Does anyone else feel like this?

Cubtrouble Sat 14-Jan-12 13:40:02

Ladies, help, firstly this is my first post!! Secondly, i think i may have SPD, at least a touch of it, i cant decide if I have or not, from the posts above it sounds like its screaming obviously when you do, i have the following...difficultly turning in the night, stabbing pain in one butt cheek and i feel like ive been doing the splits, its not death defying pain i just ache alot in my pelvic bones.

We have been walking a fair amount so i get some excersise, but I sit down at my job all day and its aching alot!

Have i just got regular aches or could it be the beginnings of SPD? i am currently 26 weeks- first baby!



Gigondas Sat 14-Jan-12 13:58:27

Sounds like could be beginning. My started as a bit of an ache in hips , then was uncomfy to sit on hard chairs as Hurt my bum and build up to full on swollen/spasm muscle on my buttock/hip and round into my groin so trouble moving, walking etc and in a lot of pain.
I would get physio referral as exercise/support belt did keep things manageable til about 34 weeks.

Happy47 Mon 16-Jan-12 10:18:11

This is my first time on mumsnet and I am so happy to find so much information on SPD! I am 30 weeks pregnant and have had it since approximately 20 weeks. At first, it was diagnosed as sciatica but after speaking to a midwife friend and persisting when I went to my appointments, was told that it was SPD. This is my first child and have never had any problems with pelvis / back before so has been a real shock. Was signed off for a week of total bed rest last week as now can't even stand or sit by myself and pain is so bad. I have a job that is very demanding and find out tomorrow if I can go back or will need to start maternity early. Have found some of the above advice really helpful so thank you all. Sending you all lots of love x

Mikocat Tue 17-Jan-12 14:21:40

Hello all, I would like to join your sofa please (the one I have is bloody uncomfortable in present situation)?

I am 25 weeks today and my suspected (by me) SPD has been getting slowly worse to the extent that last night I was almost in tears in bed. It pretty much manifests itself as a pain 'down there' right in the middle, I've been waddling when I walk for a few weeks now too. I notice it is worse on days when I have walked a lot, a 10 minute walk each way to the bus stop and a wander round the shops is enough to make me very uncomfortable come evening.

I asked the GP about it pre-Christmas and she referred me to an obstetric physio. I got my appointment yesterday, it is for the 24th January and it's a group appt - WTF?

The letter says it will be "A small informal group of 6-8 ladies who have similar problems to yourself and led by a female physiotherapist experienced in Women's Health.
In the group we will discuss the causes of pelvic pain and back pain in pregnancy including activities which may be worsening your symptoms.
You will also be taught some simple exercises to help the pain and advice to help yourself."

Is it me or does this sounds more like a sodding focus group than a proper medical appointment? (Sorry, pain making me angry today)

I've phoned a local osteopath that I saw a year ago for some neck pain and he is going to see me on Thursday, I'm hoping that something literally more 'hands on' might help! I don't know how often I'll be able to afford to go though...

DH has ordered me a birthing ball, so I'll be joining the gang there too!

Any more helpful advice would be much appreciated. I'm dreading the day when I seize up entirely...

mamauk Tue 17-Jan-12 14:38:21

I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 4th. Already I have some pubic bone and groin pain.

So frickin unbelievable!

First two babies no SPD at all. My third it started at about 20 weeks. Didn't know what it was and didn't want to seem like some moaning woman so just kept it to myself. Had to give birth standing up with my legs together. Unreal. Could not sit on a birth ball for anything, so painful to open my hips even that tiny bit to do so. Could not drive (using foot pedals, agony). Getting up the stairs made me cry.

After birth, literally it vanished within a couple of days.

Now, nearly four years on, I have to admit I forgot about the SPD when considering whether or not to have another baby.

Feel sort of sick thinking about it, and anxious. My dh is out of the house about 12 hours a day, I have a bouncy lab pup to walk and three other children to care for. Really worried.

Will be trying to have treatment, massage, cranial and anything else I can, even if I have to spend a fortune every week. Anything not to have this again!!! Shit. So annoying.

Yorky Tue 17-Jan-12 14:44:27

Hi everyone, room for a little (ha, who am I trying to kid?!) one on the sofa?
PG #4, 25 wks and SORE sad haven't had SPD before, although I found it hard when DS2 was 11 days late 18months ago
Miko - I have to say I'd come to your group support thing with you, sounds more use than my physio last week - gave me an elastic belt and told me it would clear up when baby arrives - glad my friend has had severe SPD cos she's been far more help than the NHS! Seeing a chirporactor in Feb (after payday sad)

vezzie Tue 17-Jan-12 15:05:04

Hello everyone
My baby is 9 months old and my SPD is still not right. Finally got around to going to the dr today and she said ibuprofen and hot compresses.
Does anyone but me think that is a load of bobbins and I should be pushing for physio?
Anyone know how to find a good post natal chiropractor or osteo or something? Feel like it's a bit risky just to walk into one of those crystal-healing-looking practices and trust them, considering a lot of even medically trained people don't seem to "get" SPD.

Mikocat Wed 18-Jan-12 09:27:29

Morning all!

I went to an ante-natal session last night about general fitness in pregnancy, but at one point the physio who was taking the session said that if you're suffering from pelvic pain you can wrap a couple of ice cubes up (she suggested in a condom!) and put them down the front!

Has anyone tried this? I don't much fancy the idea of an ice-pop in my knickers!

nannyn Wed 18-Jan-12 09:41:08

Hi to all the newbies,

It does seem quite mad how many of us are suffering yet there is so little help out there.
I'm clearly quite lucky as I'm getting individual physio, I guess the thing is a cost cutting exercise & as they can't touch you past 14 wks they can only give handouts.
The best advice I can give is to keep asking for help, demand physio, support belts ask to be refered to OT & also pain management if it get's really bad. I had none of this 1st time round but I'm sure as hell getting it now.
I found after my first no one would do anything until 12 months had gone by, at which stage permenant damage had been done. I eventually went private, we've had to make some sacrifices but it's been well worth it.
For those of you house bound my heart goes out to you, it's a nightmare. The end is in sight & when you hold your lovely baby (high on pain drugs) you'll know it was worth it x

Yorky Wed 18-Jan-12 14:18:29

Thanks for the welcome nannyn, as you sound quite experienced about things SPD - do you mind my asking, what impact it had on your birth - positions, pain relief etc? I have had 3 lovely home water births and am hoping for a repeat performance but not sure how best to work around SPD
Vezzie, that's quite scary that you're still in pain 9months after your daughter's birth - I was quite looking forward to being able to move again once baby pops
Miko - you're not the only one who doesn't fancy an icepop in your knickers, and I don't know about you but I don't find cold helps, certainly the school run hasn't been improved by the recent cold spell

nannyn Wed 18-Jan-12 18:31:24

Yorky my birth story isn't very insperational so I'll not go into it too much. I was told I couldn't have a water birth as I wouldn't be able to get out by myself. I was induced at 38wks & had quite a short labour but they insisted I lay on my back!! Not good, they also pulled my legs too far apart. Needless to say I'm having this one at a different hospital & hope to have a water birth. It took me 2 years to recover but I think alot of that was due to the useless treatment. Most people do recover straight away but don't take it as given, the mistake I made was throwing the crutches away too soon. The relief of having a head removed from your pelvis lulled me into a false sense of security wink
To the poster who was striding STOP! Small steps, small movements at all times. The less stress on your pelvis = less pain (not by much but every little helps).

vezzie Wed 18-Jan-12 21:05:09

Hi Yorky - are you pregnant with your first? I was fine very soon after my first. I had a water birth at home and it was great. I was sort of fine this time too until 2 months ago I did too much, connected with moving house - I could feel it happening - and am still trying to get back on track. Anyway the Pelvic Partnership do have a list of practitioners who have helped people with this problem, and they have emailed it to me, and one is very local! I am still going to try and get NHS help first but at least there is something I can do if I have to.
Don't worry - I am sure you will bounce back much sooner than me if you don't behave like an idiot, like I did.

Harecare Wed 18-Jan-12 21:20:42

Just stumbled onto this thread and thought I'd join you all.
Hello Yorky and Miko, not good to see you here, SPD is rubbish! Today at 25 weeks I felt proper SPD pain and I'm not happy! Fortunately/unfortunately I've had it before - from 30 weeks with DD1 and 7 weeks with DD2, so I'm prepared and have already been seeing a chiropractor.
My births were both back to back (nothing to do with SPD, but added labour length and pain) and I was able to be active throughout, just being careful of spreading my legs - I warned the midwives about it. I delivered DD1 stood up leaning on a hospital bed raised up high and DD2 at home on my knees leaning forward. The pain did go not too long after their births.
All I got from the NHS here was a class with a physio telling me how to get in and out of bed, cars, up from chairs, things to avoid etc. I've still got my support belt and slip sheet for help getting out of bed. Ice packs do help. Seeing a good chiropractor helps. I'm sure that's why I've lasted until now.

Has it already been said to stop hoovering, ironing and pushing shopping trolleys? All these things aggravate SPD.

notcitrus Thu 19-Jan-12 10:12:28

miko ice on the pubis really does help, as opposed to warmth around the rest of the pelvis where muscles get involved. I've used frozen veg held in a second pair of pants!

To give a better birth story, I was in a wheelchair for 3 months before ds was born (my arms are buggered so can't use crutches). Hospital MWs had no problem with a water birth though were glad MrNC would be there to help move me around - in fact were suggesting a homebirth! The physio couldn't do much as my SPD was purely hormonal but slapped a huge purple sticker on my notes warning I had SPD and my knees were not to be moved further than x cm apart, to be remeasured on admission. She said to get MrNC to get some string when I went into labour and put it round my knees to ensure no-one could move them further!

I also saw an osteopath who again couldn't fix the hormonal parts of the problem but could ensure no joints were imbalanced. I'd go for an osteo over a chiro.

Spent ages in water pool in labour, then got out and had epidural, then was assisted to get on all fours and push... sod all happened so ended up in theatre to try a ventouse or failing that, cs. No stirrups involved - I was lying on my side on a sloping bed with a couple guys holding me to stop me sliding off, and no-one tried parting my knees even though the string had got lost about 24 hours earlier!

Took about 2 weeks for the pain to mainly go but then returned to physio as there was all this other pain in the same region. They explained I hadn't used any bum or thigh muscles for 6 months so I had to walk 30 min 5x min a week, starting slow and building up speed, then attend their postnatal exercise classes. This time as joints are also involved it may be different (due in 1 month, still slowly walking), not least they don't have nearly as many exercise classes!

Oddly, I had way more pain at 8 weeks this pregnancy than I've had since, except when I got another stomach bug at Christmas. I guess it's all related.

Mikocat Thu 19-Jan-12 10:23:20

I did try an ice-pack on the pubis last night but LO started protesting me and kicking me really hard. I don't think she liked it.

So I gave up and went to bed in tears, feeling v sorry for myself.

Osteopath this evening. Fingers crossed.

Not hoovering I understand (looking forward to telling DH that one) - but ironing? Am I going to have to get poor DH to do my ironing too?

notcitrus Thu 19-Jan-12 16:50:38

What is this ironing concept of which you speak?? MrNC and I recently realised neither of us had ironed once in the last three years and only a couple times in this house (moved in 6 years ago).

Though slightly embarrassed at my parents recently when they dug out a toy iron from my childhood with 5 stacking bits and ds clearly had no idea what it was...

Harecare Thu 19-Jan-12 20:05:51

Anything that is one sided makes it worse. Ironing is usually done standing with just one hand doing all the action, like golf (!) and hoovering so it means you are imbalanced and puts a strain on.
I never ironed before children, and then not at all with DD1, but now she has a school uniform I'm finding I'm ironing that and then spotted how crinkly everything else is. I also started ironing DPs t shirts as he was looking a bit scruffy.
Thankfully DP is away and we've been getting as much wear out of clothes as possible before washing so my weekly ironing pile is small. Will get to it now sitting down and if it hurts I'll just have to not do it anymore.

Yorky Thu 19-Jan-12 21:23:13

Now even gladder that DH is forces and does all the ironing here (won't let me touch his uniform so he might as well do the rest of the pile while he's got the iron out grin)

No Vezzie, this is baby number 4, eldest will be 5 next week so I'm blaming the cumulative effect of the relaxin for this one being so much more painful than the others have been.

Thanks for the birth stories, nice to know that I don't have to write off my home birth yet. Sorry you had such a bad time nannyn

MzPixielated Thu 19-Jan-12 21:40:16

hello, room for one more? im willing to share my jaffa cakes! smile im 25 weeks today, got diagnosed with SPD on Monday by the gp n then the midwife confirmed it on Tuesday. im kinda relieved to be honest to put a name to it, i think everyone was thinking i was being a whingy pregnant lady up until now. it took MONTHS of me going to and from the doctors as the pain got worse (they kept telling me it was stretching pains and would get better) and finally i saw a doctor that wasn't a grumpy old man and she said she'd had it herself and recognised the symptoms straight away. im being referred for physio but i doubt it will do much good :/ also how the ruddy hell are you lot sat at computers? because im seriously uncomfortable! has anybody felt popping/clicking/grinding in their hips n lower back or is that just me?

Mikocat Fri 20-Jan-12 09:53:59

Hello MzPixielated, I too am 25 weeks and the woe is really kicking in for me now.

I don't know how I manage to sit at a desk either to be honest, the last few days have been a lot of huffing and puffing and experimenting with a cushion brought from home, but no, I'm not actually comfortable at all. I've just told my boss that the two-hour meeting that they want me to minute today could be slightly disturbed by me getting up to stretch and move around every 20 minutes or so.

I went to the osteopath for the first time last night, I guess it's too early to say if it's done any good. I was in worse pain in the middle of the night and less pain when I woke up this morning, however now that I've got to work it's just as bad and I'm sitting here on the verge of tears again.

I've made a doctor's appointment for Monday - I've decided that I want codeine if at all possible. I'm so utterly miserable right now. I was properly howling/sobbing last night I was so fed up. sad

ardenbird Fri 20-Jan-12 10:14:10

Sorry it took so long for you to get diagnosed, MzPixielated. I was lucky enough to talk to a GP who knew exactly what it was when mild pains started, so by the time it got worse I was forewarned. It boggles my mind how little general knowledge there is about SPD, when it seems that everyone with kids I've mentioned it to either had it or knows someone who did.

I had clicking/popping for the first time last night, when I tried to sleep on my side. Based on this thread I tried on a double-folded down duvet, figuring maybe it is better on a soft surface. But I woke several hours later in extreme pain and barely able to move, finally popping when I did so. Back to my back -- I know they say not to sleep that way, but it seems to be the only way I can. I think it is because on my back I can shift about, move my legs and tilt from one side to another, which helps with the pain. On my side I'm basically immobile.

MzPixielated Sat 21-Jan-12 20:59:12

oh bless you mikocat that sounds awful, you would have thought, considering your situation, work would have given you lighter duties!
i tried using a soft cushion in the car (its agony, my partner drives a car with bucket seats and stiffened suspension hmm men!) but i found a soft cushion just made me rest onto my hips more and didn't really help however a firm cushion like foam or something is much more supportive, so maybe it could help at the desk?
Thank you arden smile im just glad to have a diagnoses now so i can actually get something done about it. sorry to hear you're in so much pain, i didnt like the thought of the folded duvet tbh because i figured it would restrict movement further (?) a turtle on its back sprung to mind! ive given up on paracetamol, i may as well be popping smarties because they're useless.. although heat patches help, those ones you stick on and they warm up (the lady on the tv has them for period cramps but i put them on my back)
i still dont know a lot about SPD but from what i can gather its very saddening.. sometimes i feel a bit hopeless i think its because A. this is supposed to be a happy time and im surrounded by women enjoying their pregnancy and B ive always been active and suddenly finding it harder and harder to do things irritates me hugely. [waddles off for a sulk and a cup of tea]

nannyn Sun 22-Jan-12 16:22:41

I think we're going to need to start meeting in a sofa shop!

Found a new site for SPD sufferers today via twitter so I thought I'd share.


It's quite new but seems to have some good links.

For those of you struggling on office/carseats try the cushion under the back half of your bum & a small towel rolled in the small of your back.

ardenbird getting comfy at night is the holy grail of this bloody thing, it's different for everyone (I can't bare being on my back) keep trying pilllow combo's hopefully you'll find one that works.

Hope you're all having a good weekend, I for some insane reason thought toilet training a toddler would be a good idea! In lot's of pain with an extra ton of washing. Doh!

ardenbird Mon 23-Jan-12 11:20:56

Ugh! Completely sympathise with the saddening/hopeless bit. I kept bursting into tears this weekend over the silliest things -- I think part of it is being overtired from lack of sleep, but all I was trying to do was reorganise our computers so I wouldn't be in danger of tripping over cords anymore and I found myself stuck on the floor wrapped in electronics and DH had to basically lift me out. (task finally accomplished, though... Makes getting to and from the sofa much easier now)

Also starting to get jealous at MW appointments, where I see these women with big bumps walking around like it's easy or something. My SPD started right at the beginning of the second trimester when they say things are supposed to be wonderful sad. It got a lot worse 3wks before Xmas, and all the plans DH and I had about a nice babymoon over the holidays went out the window.

notcitrus Mon 23-Jan-12 22:41:27

36 weeks here and suddenly a lot less averse to concepts like 'sweep', 'induction', 'cs' etc...
Mostly knackered rather than the SPD which isn't that much worse, just suddenly a bit worse, but it's the too-clever-for-his-own-good 3.4yo that is the problem - he's realised if he sits on my foot with arms down, I can't reach him to pick up and put back in bed!
Thankfully MrNC is around a lot of the time but I've been organising a rota of friends and family to visit when ds isn't at nursery!

Currently arranging for a mattress to get delivered which may help. Nearly at max levels of codiene, though. On the plus side, have managed to avoid throwing up for 3 weeks now...

Mikocat Tue 31-Jan-12 13:10:39

Hello ladies, I hope you are all managing OK?

I've been for my first individual physio appointment today (the group one was useless) and have come away with a tubigrip bandage to wear everyday (I thought they were going to give me a roll of it, but no they just cut me a strip to put on) and a support belt to wear when walking. They offered me crutches but I just CAN'T get my head round that yet. I may well change my mind if things get worse!

I've been on co-codamol from the doctor since last Thursday, does it make anyone else feel weird and nauseous a while after taking it?

notcitrus Wed 01-Feb-12 10:30:32

Hi Miko - yes, codiene can do that. Try a slightly lower dose (you can get codiene 15mg pills so could try 45mg codiene rather than the 60 you'd get from 2 30/500 cocodamols), and take after a bit of food.

Last pregnancy I spent much of it in a blissful dopey codiene haze, but this time with ds I haven't been taking nearly as much and have had the nausea side effect instead. After a few weeks that wore off.

Have you had physio yet?

I'm 37+2 and taking it as easy as possible as the last week has been not happy for the pelvis - partly thanks to lots of stressful appts when they thought about inducing me on Monday but now say I can chill out until due date, just get bp monitored regularly. I was discharged by the hosp physio as 'nothing else we can do' but may ring and see if that's true. It's about the level where I got a wheelchair last time (arms too buggered for crutches), but with ds I'd need an electric one to get anywhere and they're heavy and hard to get on a bus...

Mikocat Wed 01-Feb-12 12:12:25

Hi notcitrus, the physio (student) only seemed to test me by pulling things about and asking where/how much it hurt. Then they gave me the support things, checked I was doing my pelvic floor and abdominal exercises and told me to keep doing them.

They said to come back if that didn't work, maybe in 3 weeks. I tentatively mentioned that my yoga teacher had suggested acupunture and they said that could be on option if I come back.

But there was nothing more 'hands-on' than that - is there normally? I had phyiso once for a neck problem and there was a fair bit of 'manipulation' involved. Do they not do that with pregnant women?

LaTristesse Wed 01-Feb-12 16:28:03

Is there room for a little one large waddling whale-sized one?

I'm 31 weeks with DC2 and have had an aching fanjo for about a month now - it started earlier with DS so I think I've done well to keep it at bay until now, and I'm lucky as it's not debilitating (yet *crosses fingers*), but I'm not having much joy with any support from mw. She recommended I go and buy a support belt from John Lewis, but that's as good as I've got from her. Great to hear some of the tips here - I lent my birthing ball out but shall go and reclaim it this weekend, and try some of the tilting stuff I've read about here. Really dreading another 10 weeks of this though, and I'm managing a demanding toddler largely on my own (DH works away a lot) - ugh, need some tea and sympathy, and then I'll shut up! Thanks for listening... Looking forward to spending the last few weeks in your company ladies...

ardenbird Wed 01-Feb-12 18:32:26

Hi all! My physio appt is finally on the horizon, this Friday. I've been using crutches for 3 weeks now, and it has made things ever so much easier. Now I can't believe I waited so long to get them -- I had thought I should wait to see the physio and have them say if I needed them, but I had to buy a shower stool as I could not get into to my bathtub anymore (I sit on it and rotate my legs around, instead of stepping over the edge of the tub which was just impossible), and the same site sold crutches for £18 -- I figured, not much more than a meal out, perhaps worth it instead of waiting. Glad I did. In a lot less pain, and I can move about faster too.

rednellie Wed 01-Feb-12 19:04:21

Hello all, I haven't posted before, but I have been suffering from SPD - 32 weeks pregnant with twins, have a toddler who's turning 2 this week.

Just felt compelled to post as I am now living in Canada and saw a physio who has literally transformed my life and outlook on SPD. She uses the Rost Therapy to deal with pelvic pain during and after pregnancy. It recommends lots of things which are the opposite from what I'd previously been told about SPD. Anyway, have a look at the website, I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it has made for me: Rost Therapy

nannyn Fri 03-Feb-12 15:34:36

Hi everyone!

Having a rubbish day, really sore & fed up! Still waiting on my new support belt ( you're intitled to 1 om the nhs, you can demand they provide it!) any one got any tips for getting around on crutches with a toddler? Have tried using a rucksack to carry stuff but I keep getting tangled up trying to get things in & out. It would be funny if it wasn't so damn painful!
Think it might be time for pain killers, although codine makes me itch like mad sad grumble grumble!

Hope the rest of you are hanging on in there (14 more weeks to go) will be asking my physio about the Rost thing, mind you you could recommend sleeping with fish heads & I'd give it a go. Desperate moi???

notcitrus Fri 03-Feb-12 17:01:47

Just looked at the Rost webpage. I think this is crucial: ". It also doesn't give much advice or attention to Symphysis Pubis joint (the front of the pelvis) complaints, focusing on the Sacroilic joints (where the pelvis meets the spine). As I have both, some of the suggestions and advice are the complete opposite of things that helped me with the Symphysis Pubis pain. "

SPD means problems with only the symphysis pubis, ie your pubic bone and the joint up the middle of it. This tends to be a hormonal problem that physios can't do much about. On the plus side it tends to go away after birth.
Most women have 'pelvic girdle pain' which usually means problems with the rest of the pelvis and not much SPD, which generally is treatable to some extent - but the exercises and postures needed are different to SPD. And it's more likely to persist after birth.

If you've got both, you're a bit screwed (guess what I've got now...)
My current coping mech is to invite friends to stay over and get ds dressed in the morning as I can't chase him or hold him between my thighs and he manages to strip trousers and socks off faster than I can get them on him, but if MrNC or someone else do that bit, I can then slowly toddle him off to nursery. And I've mastered lots of ways to entertain him that involve me staying in bed - reading stories, drawing on him as ordered, letting him type in MS Word on my desktop...

ardenbird Fri 03-Feb-12 18:56:29

Thanks notcitrus, that makes sense about the Rost site. I looked at some of their videos and thought there was absolutely no way I could possibly do some of those things! And all their tests were about one side hurting worse than the other, and that's not the case for me (plus, move something on the floor with my foot? Definitely impossible!). I think I have mostly SPD, which is encouraging if that is more likely to go away smile

I went to the nhs physio today. She was nice and gave me some excercises to do -- I guess time will tell if they do any good. I go back next week. I also got braces for my recently developed carpal tunnel -- like I needed something else to deal with...

LaTristesse Fri 03-Feb-12 20:23:39

That's a really good summary notcitrus; definitely SPD here, and agree it did pretty much vanish after I gave birth last time.

Does anyone know whether hot or cold compresses might help? DH suggested I 'stuff a hot water bottle down my knickers'! Not sure he really gets it, but I wondered whether there might be some good in it...?

rednellie Fri 03-Feb-12 22:03:10

The argument with the Rost Therapy is that SPd and sacroiliac pain are related and should be treated holistically. I definitely have both and it's helped me enormously. I balked when I saw some of the suggestions as they were so opposite of what I'd heard before, but they have worked for me. Anyway, just more info I guess.

notcitrus Fri 03-Feb-12 22:17:20

LaTristesse - my physios have told me that ice is best on the pubis, and hot water bottles/warmth on all the other joints.
Warmth seems to help; ice feels good while I'm not moving but not sure if it helps after that - but then if I sit still for more than 10 min I seize up anyway. Hot baths are certainly nice!

rednellie - all the text on the site focuses on 'alignment' of the pelvis and doesn't seem to have regard for SPD - certainly the first suggested position for giving birth, on back with knees turned outward, is the worst possible position I could think of for my SPD! Correcting imbalances in the pelvis is crucial, and will reduce strain on the symphysis pubis, but won't cure over-lax ligaments.

Still, worth considering their exercises if others haven't worked.
(FWIW I'm not a physio or medic, but do have qualifications in medical science and anatomy/physiology and spent my last pregnancy mostly housebound and reading obsessively on SPD, which included a lot on Roest and other techniques...)

nannyn Wed 08-Feb-12 18:08:46

How is everyone this week?

Been having Braxton Hicks, came as a bit of a shock as I'd not had them last time!
Back on the codine, held out as long as I could but as MrN is away I've been doing more lifting. At least the codine doesn't seem to be making me itch which it did last time.

Off for more physio tomorrow which always cheers me up. Hope you're all well.

ardenbird Wed 08-Feb-12 18:56:34

Hi ladies! More of me is failing -- it'd be funny if it wasn't so painful confused

I developed carpal tunnel in both arms last week, unable to move my hands in AM and aching throughout the the day. Then this weekend I pulled a muscle horribly in my arm (as far as I can tell, it was when waking up with a coughing fit in the middle of the night and struggling to sit up). It got progressively worse over the week, and I finally went to GP today just in case it was something else. But no, she agreed it was muscular and probably made worse because of the pregnancy loose ligaments and such. I had no idea a muscle could hurt that much -- I've pulled a lot of muscles in 9 years of gymnastics and more recently in taking up capoeira, and this is well beyond anything I'd experienced, more like when I cracked my sternum!

But she said using the crutches is keeping it from healing, and is also making the carpal tunnel worse. But not using the crutches aggravates the SPD, and using one crutch with just my "good" arm (the one with only carpal tunnel) would be even worse as it would put asymmetric stress on the SPD (and, um, what I've been doing a lot at work...). She had no good solution, however. I'm trying to use both crutches and hope the arm eventually heals.

On the positive side, DH has been an absolute dear -- helping me dress and shower, cooking meals, carrying things to and do from work, in addition to all the help and rides he's already been giving me.

I hope others have had better weeks smile

ecstatica Thu 09-Feb-12 09:47:34

Good morning ladies,
I haven't posted since the earlier posts but now need some support (quite literally). My referral has not yet come through for physio at hospital so I've called to speak to the m/w who is on holiday but promised at GP would call me at some point about the referral -- not sure what that will solve though.
At 22 weeks I'm in pain again, did not start till later in other pregnancies, but I cannot sit comfortably, sleep or walk too well and even the co-codamol doesn't seem to be having much effect.
I've spoken to private physio, pricey but willing to fork out as the pain is so bad, she is only at the clinic once a week though.
Any ideas on pain relief ladies?
Or a shoulder to cry on even smile

Mikocat Thu 09-Feb-12 10:40:44

ecstatica you poor thing! I know what you mean about the referral taking ages, mine certainly did.

I don't know what to suggest apart from the obvious, do as little as you can get away with! The big tubigrip bandage that they gave me at physio to wear over the bump seems to be helping a bit, presumably they can't be expensive to buy yourself?

ardenbird Thu 09-Feb-12 11:09:31

Sorry to hear things are taking long for you, ecstatica. My referral took ages, too -- 2 weeks to get the call, and the appointment wasn't for another 8 weeks! But I now know they were having staffing problems -- antenatal physio quit and they've only recently hired a temp replacement part time, still looking to get a full timer.

I bought a "maternity band" at Mothercare, which helped a lot. Every physio who has seen it has said it was really good support. Most recently after finally seeing the antenatal physio she only recommend that I wear it a bit lower -- to make sure the front went over my hip bones.

Also, if you feel the need for a walking stick or crutches, go ahead and get them. I resisted each time, but was grateful DH pressured me into them (and wished I'd gotten the crutches way sooner) -- as it was, it was still 3 weeks from crutches to physio and I couldn't have it made it without them. A walking stick can be got at Boots for around £10, and there are online places for mobility aids that sell crutches for around £20, plus I hear you can get loaners from Red Cross.

Something else about the referral -- it might be worth checking with the hospital? I actually got to talk to one of the hospital's antenatal physios for 10 minutes or so when I crept my way into my consultant appointment and the midwives were horrified I didn't have a physio appt for 6 more weeks still. Not as thorough as the 1 hour assessment I eventually got, but she provided a little bit of advice, exercises, and a few flyers.

ecstatica Thu 09-Feb-12 12:59:35

Thank you for the replies smile

Surprisingly enough GP called back a little later and was apologetic as to why referral was taking so long. She called again to say that someone from the hospital would call before tomorrow and she was confident of that and to call her if they didn't. Very professional and caring med prof smile We shall see!

Thank you for the information, I wasn't sure where to get a good band from so I think I'll call Mothercare now and see if they have any in stock -- could really do with one.

Sat here now trying my best to entertain DC and waiting for back up. I feel so helpless it's pathetic.

ZuleikaJambiere Thu 09-Feb-12 22:48:45

Hello everyone, I've not been on here for ages, but I've enjoyed a good catch up, although sorry to have yet more sufferers and hear of the SPD getting worse for lots of you.

As the end is in sight fir me (Im 39 weeks today), I really enjoyed the birth stories, so thanks all for sharing.  I've posted this question in childbirth, but thought some of you wise ladies would also be able to offer some advice

I'm 39 weeks with DC2 and have had PGP/SPD for most of the second and third trimesters. Fortunately it's not been too painful, more uncomfortable, but it has affected my mobility.  As the midwives didn't seem to have many ideas on what it might be I took myself to a private physio, who diagnosed it and gave me exercises to do and a list of dos and don'ts. I think overall I'm doing quite well, it's not got worse and, with care, I'm managing my daily routine.  My midwives continued to pretty much dismiss it so I pinned one down at my last appointment and was told they didn't want to put it in my notes as a formality, as then I'd have to be referred to a consultant, which wouldn't achieve much as I was managing on my own anyway and would mean I wouldn't be able to give birth in the MLU, and would end up with lots of monitoring, intervention etc. She basically has trusted me to know my own body and its limits, which is flattering but also worrying me at the same time.

That was a bit of a ramble, sorry, just wanted to set the scene. Thanks for bearing with me

So my question is: should I put that I have SPD in my birth plan, so when I arrive at hospital it is clear and the midwife is considerate of positions I should use? Or will this flag up an issue and maybe not allow me to use the pool or have drs/consultants invited in, or whatever? Should I go with the alternative and not mention it in my plan and just hope I and DH stay with it enough to say no if something isn't good for me? What would you do, if you were me?

Thanks, and all the best to all of you

nannyn Fri 10-Feb-12 09:12:38

ZuleikaJambiere I would put it on your notes if I were you. Hopefully the midwives at the hospital will be better informed & understand the condition.
There have been a number of posters on this thread who've had water births (the issue I had was the consultant, he felt I wouldn't be able to get out in an emergancy) so that should be fine. It just means that they know not to go pulling your legs to far apart etc. It's best to make things really clear before you're well into labour, when things are calm & you can make them listen.

As for your MW its scary that they have no understanding of SPD, given 1 in 4 women suffer with it during pregnancy. Can anyone think of an affective way to raise awareness? It makes me so angry that women are suffering due to ignorance about SPD. Have any 'celebrity mums' suffered with it?? Would be a good way to get it out there.
Sorry about the rant but it does make me cross grin

ardenbird Fri 10-Feb-12 20:08:44

ZuleikaJambiere: I'm no expert, but I'm not sure your MWs know what they're talking about. I'm in "shared care" with a consultant, and have been told specifically I can give birth in the MLU -- they'll just whisk me away if my heart goes bonkers during labour. No one ever mentioned anything about SPD requiring consultant care, or limiting use of MLU. In fact, it seems that MLU is preferred because the ability to use water/birthing balls/etc.

Because SPD can make a difference for your positions and how they approach interventions, it really ought to be in your notes. You don't want to end up with a separated pelvis and/or dislocated hips (like a friend of my friend from the States, where SPD is barely known) because no one knew to take care.

And nannyn, yes, I'm finding it stunning the low level of SPD-awareness! I now know that I'm incredibly lucky that my very first twinges of it were correctly identified by my GP. I have a friend who was told it was sciatica and given stretches to do that stressed her pelvis is bad ways, but luckily she recovered and in her second pregnancy the SPD was correctly diagnosed and she had a much better time (and a realisation of what had gone on the first time, and why the stretches made things worse, not better). I have another friend who was dismissed as it being "typical pregnancy pains" until she actually dislocated her hip and they had to acknowledge that was not normal. And then there is the horror story from my friend in the States... The thing I find most worrying is the advice given that can actually make things worse, although being told it's just "normal" is pretty bad, too. I'd probably be a complete nutcase by now if someone was telling me the pain I'm experiencing is typical for pregnancy, and assuming that all the pregnant women I see walking around are experiencing the same pain that would have me screaming if I tried to stride normally, and so I must be an absolute wimp.

notcitrus Fri 10-Feb-12 21:15:00

zuleika - everything that's vital, eg SPD and that your knees can only move x cm apart, even if you have an epidural - put on a big post-it and stick to the front of your notes! And in any birth plan you do. Basically the more obvious the better - and the MWs etc will love you for making their lives easier!

Update from me: baby dd born Wednesday night, after I spent Tuesday fretting that SPD had got worse (week 38) and arranging for ds to be taken to nursery by other people, then it finally dawned on me about 3am Weds that the really nasty pubis pains were coming every 20 min, then every 15...
Went to hospital around 10am, and like previous time the SPD suddenly got worse (again, this seems very rare even for people with SPD) so we skipped most of my birth plan and got an epidural immediately.
OK after that, despite one MW not realising that it wasn't just pain from SPD that could be a problem until we told her. We didn't manage to get me onto all-fours at all this time, so ended up with another ventouse delivery in theatre (just in case we needed a cs, but as they put it, I didn't want a cs and they didn't want to do one at 10pm if they didn't have to either!). Dd totally fine; I stayed overnight until the drugs etc wore off, but was pleasantly surprised by the pn care this time.

The night staff were excellent at picking dd up for me and giving her to me and putting her back, even with all the times she sounded like she wanted feeding then didn't. Was a bit worried pelvis was getting worse, but after spending lots of today in bed, it's certainly better than it was.

Fingers crossed my hormones all sort themselves out soon and all the rest of you get the help you need - keep nagging every phone line you need to!

nannyn Sat 11-Feb-12 10:26:01

notcitrus congratulations so pleased you're both well. 38 wks is a good time to go, & no induction!
Hope everything goes back in place quickly & you can get on with enjoying your new baby.
Is it slightly mental that even though I'm pregnant & in a stupid amount of pain the mere mention of a new baby makes me feel broody?? smile

ecstatica Sat 11-Feb-12 11:02:42

Congratulations NotCitrus smile Hope you and DD are doing just fine.

nannyn - Snap!

How is everyone else?
Got a call from the hospital to attend ante-natal physio class week after next and to get fitted for crutches. Have private physio on Monday, he insisted that I return asap -- was quite painful but felt better next day. He said it'd shrunk due to pressure from hobbling around...

Hope everyone is doing ok on the spd front.

Mikocat Tue 14-Feb-12 14:27:33

A quite cry for help on a slightly TMI subject!

Co-codamol - I'm taking them on and off but I've found they make my poo really hard and rock-like! sad It's making life a bit uncomfortable as I don't really feel like I can spread my legs much while sat on the loo either.

Anyone here any words of advice? I'm eating dried apricots at work and taking Fybogel before bed but neither of those seem to be doing much. Doing my best to keep the liquid levels up too.

notcitrus Tue 14-Feb-12 14:50:09

miko - lactulose. Couple quid over the counter. it's a 'stool softener' not a laxative or anything.
And lots of veg, prunes, and drinking more water.
Also take the lowest dose you need of cocodamol, maybe get the codeine prescribed separate to paracetamol so can take para and 15 or 30 codeine and then another 15 or 30 codeine if necessary.

ardenbird Tue 14-Feb-12 19:59:06

Congratulations notcitrus! Glad DD is well, and hope your recovery is fast.

My week is better than last -- my arm is healing, slowly, and I got dressed all by myself this morning! Still need DH's help to bathe, though. I also had a visit from the Health and Safety people at work, but it went fine. They decided I could get out of the building in 3 minutes if needed, so don't need to do anything drastic.

LO is still turning somersaults -- she was sideways at checkup today and I'm sure spent yesterday sitting up from where he kicks were. I'm glad she seems to be doing well. DH said today how we weren't really celebrating Valentines day, but hearing her heartbeat was the best valentines hear ever smile

nannyn Fri 17-Feb-12 09:15:52

Q for those of you seeing pysio/chiro etc. Has anyone been told the bit of cartilige(I think) between the pubic bones has dislodged/come away?
I am at that stage where no position is comfy & laying on my right is agony, not much better on left. The lady I see said there is a possibility that it has so my bones are now over lapping & grinding. One side of my pelvis is much higher, she keeps aligning them but nothing is staying in place.
It makes sense of the pain I'm in but wasn't something I'd heard of.

Also what dose of codine were you on at 26wks?

Thanks xx

cordiality Fri 17-Feb-12 11:29:21

Hi ladies, thought I'd come and join you, will read back up your thread in a mo I promise!

Have just found out that I'm pregnant with number 2, thrilled of course, but totally dreading the return of the nightmare SPD. If I had it with the first, will I definitely have it with the second? And will it start sooner? I think it only really kicked in at about 20 weeks with DD, but I was totally miserable with it after that.

Sympathy to you all going through it at the moment, am keeping my knees together in solidarity grin

Mikocat Mon 20-Feb-12 11:56:08

More NHS physio today! For about a week after the last session I thought perhaps the bandage was doing the trick, but as I get bigger it seems to be less helpful.

I am fed up with how constipated the Co-codamol are making me, but I don't think I'd survive long without them.

Starting to get nervous about birth now, having discovered this week that I can't/don't dare get my legs wide enough open to have sex (first attempt in months) I'm worried about how I'm going to get a baby through that gap!

nannyn Mon 05-Mar-12 18:50:33

Hello?? Where's everyone gone? Either you've all had your lovely babies or found a cure & you're out having a life.
I'm on more codine and counting down the weeks, on the up side I can still manage the stairs & get dressed myself (it's the little things)

Anyway pop in & update soon.

cmm Mon 05-Mar-12 19:35:50

Just seen your post now and really feel for you. When are you due? My little boy is 8 months now. Had spd with both my little girl now five and my boy. Ended up on crutches really early this time and could hardly walk also placenta previa this time too so completely understand how hard it is. Still having Physio now but better than when pregnant. Had the Bowen technique when preg and it helped pain be a bit more bearable. Will follow your thread! Is it your first baby?

nannyn Mon 05-Mar-12 19:55:10

cmm Thank you!! This is my 2nd, had SPD with 1st too so I knew it was coming. Just having one of those days were it's all a bit rubbish. Due May 25th but hoping for induction at 38wks. Been on crutches for ages, getting more help this time round but it's just wearing being in pain 24/7.
Helps to chat to people who understand the level of pain & how it effects everything. I was bad for nearly 2 years after my DD but found a really good physio.
Whats the Bowen method? Not heard of that.

ardenbird Mon 05-Mar-12 20:00:51

Hi! I'm still here smile no baby yet -- 37 weeks now, so it's getting closer. Tomorrow is my last day at work, and I am really ready for it! A bit panicked that I'm not going to finish everything -- it's maddening that some things involve waiting on other people and I've sent out increasingly desperate emails over the last weeks and left phone messages today.

SPD is getting worse as the baby descends. I'm now using crutches to get around the house, which is really annoying. I used to be able to make quick 10-15 ft walks without them, but now can't. Sleeping on the sofa, too, as our bathroom is downstairs and the bed upstairs -- I'm hoping I can head back up soon, as I really don't want to spend what could be as long as a month or more sleeping on the sofa!

cmm Tue 06-Mar-12 09:35:15

Hi nannyn
The Bowen is similar to accupuncture but really gentle in pregnancy. A guy who is a male midwife did mine privately. Id probably use it now but he's off poorly at the moment himself and think now postnatally it is the weekness that's a problem. Having Physio at the moment on nhs with core stability exercises each day, it is better some days that others but they think they may refer me for more advanced Physio, what did you Physio do post preg that helped? Sounds interesting!
To all you others preg with spd I totally understand how upsetting it is, so painful and hard and can't enjoy preg in same ways as others, just keep thinking of holding that little one in your arms!!!! X

nannyn Tue 06-Mar-12 17:05:42

arden that sounds pretty rubbish! Hopefully finishing work will help you relax & put your feet up. Not long to go, those last few weeks will fly by.

cmm the woman I see uses lots of deep massage & gentle manipulation (not strictly a physio) the best thing she did, still does but it's not so affective now, is aligning my pelvis. We then work on core stability & making sure my back is right too. Unfourtunatly at the moment the ligaments are so loose that nothing stays in place long but I'm sure after birth this will change. Although I'm in lots of pain I can still manage stairs & my back is really good, if I wasn't been treated I think both would have gone by now.

ardenbird Wed 07-Mar-12 11:04:46

Yeah! I can shuffle about the house again. Apparently LO's moved down a bit more, but that makes it easier for me somehow. Just hope that continues to be true! smile

I didn't quite finish up work, but I put on my email autoreply and all I have to do is type out a couple of reports from the bed in between naps and whatever else I want to do.

cmm and nannyn: do you have tips for what to do for the best recovery after birth? I shudder to think of this going on much longer. DH and I used to do a lot of active things together like hiking, and when I was first pregnant I imagined us going hiking wearing baby. I hope that something that is still possible. We've bought a pram so that I won't have to be carrying the baby at firsst -- originally we were planning on just using slings. I've been doing my physio exercises (which I can tell are worthwhile, as if I skip a day things are noticeably worse the next). I'd like to stack the deck in favour of best recovery if I can smile

cmm Wed 07-Mar-12 19:45:23

Thanks nannyn am doing core stability exercises which are helping a bit but still not on as far as I'd like to be but I can walk around with the pram most of the time, good and not so good days as sometimes symphisis and sacro joints are really weak and painful. Haven't had manipulation though! Or massage by the Physio! They are wondering whether to refer me onto another one !

Garden bird - core stability exercises are apparently crucial and I didn't do these after first preg which is prob why recovery worse after no 2! Although think nannyn sounds like she's had good post natal treatment. I an still in the process of trying to sort out. Know what you mean though. I used to cycle quite a lot and miss it. When are you due?

nannyn Wed 07-Mar-12 20:46:03

The road to recovery for me was a long one, I waited too long before getting private treatment. The NHS were usless, my consultant insisted it was a mental issue & wanted me to take prozac! I had to fight for referals to orthopedics & to get x-rays/scans. All of that to be told they couldn't do anything & I should keep taking pain killers, oh & some prozac too if you like!

Finally I saved up to see a private therapist, she gave me my life back & I was pain free for the 1st time in years. She uses lots of different methods, massage & manipulation. This has meant I had the confidence to get pregnant again, knowing she can fix me after.

For most people recovery happens naturally when your hormones die down & everything snaps back. After the birth don't give your crutches up too soon, be careful pushing the buggy/supermarket trolley. Try to change the baby on a change table or sofa rather than the floor. Do exercise but make sure it's not going to strain your pelvis, listen to your body.
Don't give yourself a hard time if you can't do all the things other new mums seem to do with their little one, you will get there.
Look at the lists of practisioners on the pelvic instability sites to find someone in your area. It's so worth the money to get some relief.

ardenbird Wed 07-Mar-12 20:55:44

cmm: thanks for the advice. I can be bad about keeping up physio, so I will make sure to be extra good about continuing to do them after birth! I'm due at the end of the month -- just 2.5 weeks now!

Just had an interesting afternoon: went to hospital with severe upper abdominal pain, which was worrying after a recent high BP measurement and urine protein. Turns out it's not preeclampsia or liver problem, but instead the same processes that cause SPD at work in my ribcage and sternum! Now that it's been pointed out to me, I realise the pain is very similar. How odd. I didn't know you could get it your ribs too! I just hope no other major bone structures go wonky next...

I took the opportunity of being at the hospital to get a look at the birthing pool and do a dry-run (literally) getting in and out, which was no problem. Easier than the bath at home, despite one midwife's dire prediction as she watched me hobble down the corridor. So I can look forward to the pool when the time comes!

ardenbird Wed 07-Mar-12 21:03:47

nannyn: thanks! Lots of good tips. I saw a good private physio for two visits when the NHS appointment took 8 weeks to arrange. I think I'll plan on a visit to him after the birth just to get checked out and new exercises if he thinks necessary.

And how horrible they thought it was a mental problem! I'm glad you finally got help. I think it's terrible when they try to tell women that it's all in our heads... I went through 6 months chasing down my weird chronic condition with only 1 test showing anything abnormal, and was lucky enough to have good cardiologist on my side who I could go back to for help when lots of doctors told me I must be imagining it.

ardenbird Mon 12-Mar-12 18:44:39

Hi all! How is everyone doing? I'm at 38 weeks now -- within what my friend calls the "due month". I finally finished working on Saturday, after having been officially off since Wed (things take a little longer to write when one spends half the day sleeping). Very nice today to completely ignore the existence of my email.

Having a lot of trouble -- with my rib issues, now it appears I can't sit upright for more than about 30 minutes without it hurting lots. This is going to make all the shopping for baby clothes and such I planned difficult. But perhaps I can lie down in the back seat of the car as we go places. I'm a bit down that it looks like I won't quite be able to do all the things I'd imagined doing once I was off -- I knew the SPD was going to make things difficult, but now adding the rib thing has really cut my capability way down.

On the bright side, it is completely wonderful to get some sleep, and especially to be able to stay still in bed (um, on the sofa...) in those precious minutes right after I wake up and nothing hurts yet! smile I was actually rested enough today that I didn't even nap. I think I'll try to sleep in the bed upstairs tonight -- I came down to the sofa because I was so unstable on the stairs in middle-of-the-night toilet runs, but I think that was more from being exhausted than from the SPD necessarily. So I may be okay now.

nannyn Fri 16-Mar-12 09:22:07

arden glad you're finally getting some rest, it makes a huge differance. Have they looked at inducing you if you're in that much pain? I'm already booked to go in at 38 weeks (8 weeks & counting) to see if I have a 'favourable cervix'???? If I have they're going to start me off.
I've been having a rough week, I think the baby has moved down & is now sitting in my pelvis. Certainly feels like it anyway. Hoping it eases as we're moving house in 4 weeks ( I know mental!)

Hope you manage to get your shopping done, keep us posted with any updates xx

OTTMummA Fri 16-Mar-12 09:44:48

Ugh, just having a moan, ignore if you want, i had my anomoly scan 6th march and due to fotel lie and high bmi they couldn't measure everything, so they said they would book me in within the next 4 weeks to complete it.
Well they said they would get back to me by the next monday, but no such luck, had a consultant appt the week after and popped in to ask about new appt, and was told they are having a new system put in so won't get an appt until after 26th march.
Fine with that, but would of saved worry and hassle to be told that at my last scan.
Got a phone call yesterday and was told only 1 appt left but in a hospital 1hr bus ride away! now im on crutches and have been since 13 weeks, i can barely manage a 20 min bus ride into town/work.
It is also at 5pm in the after noon, meaning either ds and dh would have to come with me and get home around 7ish, too late for ds really, and it wouldn't be fair to have him on the bus for 1hr each way at that time of day, or i would have to go by myself, dh really wants to be there.

So after stewing over it last night, i phoned my hospital and said i just can't meet that appt, i would be working all day that day, and then the next day early morning, i honestly have been in tears imagining the amount of pain i will be in that night and over the next few days.

They have told me that there is no other appts within the right time frame for the scan either here, or at the other hospital, and that they will pass this on to the manager, even though i spoke to someone superior.

I don't know what to do, physically i know i will pay big time if i go to the scan, and then if there was something wrong i would be by myself and have a 1hr bus ride home until i could be with dh.
But at the same time, i desperatley want a scan asap, i just want them to phone me up and say, sure come by on so, n so date it's only a quick scan.

and breath.

hiviolet Fri 16-Mar-12 15:16:12

Hello poor unfortunate SPD ladies. Apologies for not reading all eight pages of this thread but I have a question: is it normal to still be experiencing SPD pain at six months postpartum?

First started getting pain at 14 weeks - ridiculously early for a first pregnancy I thought! With hindsight, I really should have pushed my midwife to refer me for physio, but she didn't seem particularly interested when I complained of pain at every appointment. It was only when I started NHS antenatal classes at around 33 weeks did I realise, during a session with a physio, that I couldn't DO any of the things she was describing as normal daily tasks (i.e. "when you're bending down filling the washing machine, for example..."). I had a quick chat with her and she gave me a support belt there and then, but it was too late for any actual physiotherapy. I was really very debilitated throughout the entire pregnancy, and virtually housebound for the last five weeks or so.

Anyway, I find that if I've done a certain amount of walking during the day (a couple of miles, say) by the end of the walk I can feel a familar pain behind my public bone and underneath. I can't hold a door open with one foot in order to get the pram through, and it sometimes hurts to stand on one leg to put a shoe on or turn over in bed, just like when I was pregnant but much less, obviously.

Should I go to my GP? Can I be given physio or some other treatment? My concern is 1) Things will never be "normal" again, and 2) in a future pregnancy it will return with a vengeance and I'll be reliant on crutches or worse.

Any advice?

ardenbird Fri 16-Mar-12 20:20:04

Oh,my nannyn, you're moving house?! I hope no one expects you to carry anything!

I must say I'm still happy to wait as I don't feel ready yet! We managed to go shopping, with me leaning the seat back as far as it could go and slouching for the drive. Completely exhausted myself on Wed and we did a quick trip to Boots today for a few last things. Now I just need to actually pack stuff in a bag.

I think things are moving along -- I think the baby has dropped some. It is oddly both harder to move but less painful. I've heard that the baby's head can stabilise the pelvis some. Had a bit of show yesterday and woke up to what might have been a contraction at 4am (really weird, I was dreaming and I'm pretty sure the part where I felt the baby's head rising like a lump below my belly button was a dream, but then I woke up and everything was really tight and painful and I couldn't speak speak and just thought "ow"). But nothing since then -- I wonder if the effort on Wed triggered things, but I don't think I'm up to that again!

OTTMummA, I hope something works out. That sounds like a horrible bind! I can't imagine taking an hour bus ride. I've in fact been too scared to try just climbing the stairs onto the bus since Dec (and even more so, getting back off...we have really high steps).

hiviolet, I hope someone can answer your question -- this is my first pregnancy, so I don't know. I am hoping that there is a way to make it vanish, though!

Bimbledorf Fri 16-Mar-12 22:04:52

Hi ladies - can I join in for a brew? I don't want to (in the nicest possible way) as it means admitting that my SPD IS on its way back with this pregnancy. The best thing? It has arrived at 5 weeks!! I have been denying it to myself for the last couple of days because it is clearly too early...but no, here we go a flipping gain. It's so awful isn't it sad

This is child no3 for me and it got really bad from 17 weeks last time and was then exacerbated by breaking my coccyx - I was SO relieved to see the back of it with the help of baby coming out and some bowen to click me back together. Ive given my pelvis 5 years off so you would think it could behave - or be a little but lenient at least!

I feel for you all and hello, I will be around for the next 35 weeks!!! If I make it that far.

hiviolet you might find some success with the Bowen therapy - it's actually quite gentle, but I was definitely "realigned" - pelvis put back where it should be so that helped. Either that or some osteo - which will use similar priniciples but is perhaps a bit tougher. I mostly felt recovered a couple days after labour this just helped on its way - I hope you can find something to help - that is so horrible to still be suffering.

nannyn Mon 19-Mar-12 09:23:28

I'm not doing any lifting, just sitting & directing with my crutches grin

violet it is perfectly normal to still be in pain, unfortunatly the NHS isn't very good at helping with SPD. If you flip back through this thread you'll find links to support websites with lists of private practisioners. I was in pain for 2 years before I went private & got realigned. You can't begin to strengthen your core until everything is back in the right place.
In the mean time, not walking so far, internet food shopping, pillow between legs at night & changing nappies on the sofa or changing table. If you keep pushing yourself you could damage your ligaments.

Bimble 5 weeks is rubbish! I knew straight away I was pg I felt it straight away in my pelvis. It's so hard when you're running round after little ones too. At least yours are at school for a bit. On a positive note although it started much earlier I've been able to manage the SPD much better this time as I know more & have demanded aids & assistance where ever I can. I have a house full of mobility aids & more painkillers than the chemist. I've also changed hospital, this one is a teaching hospital & they're much more knowlagable.
Hope the weeks are flying by for you all, OTT have you thought about a private scan? That way you can pick a time to suit, you can get a dating scan for £50-£60. Might be worth it to not be in pain & worrying.

izzybizzybuzzybees Tue 07-Aug-12 23:23:24

Bumping as has some useful links etc and after much mumsnet searching looks useful for other suffering too

emmaandtristan Wed 05-Sep-12 13:27:51

I suspect I have spd from having agony turning in bed and getting out the car for 2 weeks, just walking upstairs hurts so much. I thought it was just cos getting heavier at 1st but it's been getting worse and the pain seems more than other people have been in when pregnant. This is my 1st. Anyway described it to a midwife and she said book in and they'll get a physio but also to get some sloggi bridget jones knickers. So I'm 26weeks pregnant and what sloggi knickers shall I get? Should it be the better size that I am normally or what to go over my bump? Also hate this pain so much and getting upset with it all but then feeling guilty for not enjoying being pregnant cos want this baby boy so much and lost our baby last year so feel like i should enjoy everything but I,m so depressed with the pain and sleepless nights now

HastaLanugo Wed 24-Oct-12 17:58:11

Hi, there seem to be loads of SPD/PGP threads at the moment, so I am on a mission to drive people back to this central support group. Bring a pillow!

emeraldgirl1 Wed 24-Oct-12 18:05:33

Dear God, reading some of these older posts I am just thankful that I am not in such pain as some of the poor peeps on here sad Will remember that if I have another night of no sleep and hauling myself out of bed like an ancient crone!!!

As Hasta has v v helpfully revived this thread, I wonder if I can find anyone who knows what 'kind' of rest is the best? Physio told me not to walk (not literally never to walk, but to reduce it and certainly not to Go For A Walk) but I forgot to ask her optimum way to rest - sitting on sofa? Sitting in my super-comfy desk chair? Sitting on bed with legs out in front? And as for standing... should I reduce that too ie do the ironing while sitting down, peel carrots sitting down not at the counter standing etc...?

I am just terrified of going to bed tonight as the last 3 nights have been awful and getting a bit phobic! Am hopeful after having seen the physio though and getting many tips for comfort along the way.

HastaLanugo Wed 24-Oct-12 18:32:42

Sure some others will come along soon. On the rest front, obv you need to keep your legs aligned. Official advice advocates sitting properly (like you would in a dining chair) however, I think it depends on where you are affected. In my first pregnancy, I hurt under my bum, so sitting on a soft sofa was hell, but this time is am spending s lot of time on the chaise end of our sofa, reclined, legs up, but body straight. Twisting is not good! And unless you are rendered immobile, do only what is necessary. For a first pregnancy, I suggest as little as truly possible, because what is possible becomes a lot harder in subsequent pregnancies due to having an existing child to care for! If you find yourself affected by the type of work you do, your employers do have a duty to make 'reasonable adjustments' to keep you are work. I have been given support for the parts of my work that usually involved walking around large areas of a site and I also get to work from home where possible. Basic rule: if it hurts, don't do it!

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Wed 24-Oct-12 19:06:44
MoonHare Wed 24-Oct-12 21:53:34

Hi all

Just popping in to share my experiences of having SPD/PGP treated by a chiropractor this pregnancy (3rd). Had SPD both previous times and received little or no treatment from NHS, just the 10 min appt with a physio to be given a belt that never really made much difference to me. All very dismissive, with that 'you'll be fine once baby comes' attitude, actually it took about 6 months to feel any real improvement.

My chiropractor is a woman with 2 small children and a real interest in pregnancy related conditions. I have managed so much better this time around, still some pain and discomfort, still lurching along when I walk but the grinding bones and shooting pubic pain has only just started in the last 2-3 weeks and at night only. She said she couldn't cure me but could keep me stable and promised me I wouldn't end up on crutches - and she's been right. I have found it much easier to cope this time feeling more stable and without the awful pubic pain.

I've had to pay as NHS won't pay for chiropractic services but it has soooo been worth every penny. £35 a session and I've seen her roughly every 3 weeks since 16 weeks - am 40+4 now and it's been 2 weeks since last appt, won't bother going back now til after baby comes.

I know it's not an option for everyone due to affordability but just wanted to flag up to those of you who are struggling with pain and getting about just how beneficial I've found it. If you can afford it it may be worth considering.

Best wishes with everything.

HastaLanugo Wed 24-Oct-12 22:36:27

That's such a shame you had to go private. After self referral I went straight into weekly sessions with a physio who is just amazing. Mind you, with my first pregnancy in a different town I just got a chat and a tubigrip support. Knowledge is definitely power with SPD as you sometimes have to tell the HCPs what is wrong and what treatment you need.

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Thu 25-Oct-12 07:23:26

We have no maternity Physio here, just got a session of exercises and a belt/crutches this tlme ( and closed again). Last time I had a few sessions. I had osteopath post birth ( private) but none of them will do anything in pregnancy either.

Am 19 weeks with dc4 , only had SPD for first time with dd3 and it tool 20 months to feel almost normal. I've been on crutches for 3 weeks now.
Am having some big adjustments at work so I can keep going but it's generally accepted that I'll be off after Xmas if not sooner. sad

rosamarina Thu 25-Oct-12 09:18:49

Sitting down gently on the sofa - I like this thread already, thank you HastaLanugo for pointing me here. Have had PGP for the past six weeks or so, and I'm 29 wks now, so there's a way to go yet.

I basically define resting as 'sitting on the sofa' because our sofa seems to be the perfect mix of soft and supporting (the armchairs are useless, they're too low and they tilt me backwards too much). My physio advised against sitting with legs outstretched, but then, she also told me to sit crosslegged on the floor, and I tried that for 10 seconds of agony and decided she was really really wrong about that. I think that if it's comfy and doesn't hurt it's a good way to sit. Though I have found that some things seem comfy to sit on, but then when I have to stand up I'm in far more pain than I'd expect and I think it's that I was sitting at a slightly awkward angle somehow.

My tip that works for me is hot showers. I can't do baths any more because our bathtub is small and awkward, but pointing a really hot shower directly at my pelvic joints seems to make everything ease up a bit, at least for a while afterwards. It's particularly good in the morning after a bad night.

emeraldgirl1 Thu 25-Oct-12 10:03:27

Yes, rosamarina I am fairly comfy on the sofa too, long may that continue...

Just endured another sleepless night, so feeling a bit wretched this morning. Woke up with ache rather than pain, so an improvement smile but just couldn't get comfortable to go back to sleep. Dear God, there is some bad TV on in the early hours of the morning. I desperately need a decent night's sleep, have only managed between 4 and 5 hours each night the last 5 nights in a row - I know that is just preparation for new baby in some ways but at least with first few months of new baby I won't be having to also get on with work, deadlines, and all without more than half a cup of coffee a day!!!!!

HastaLanugo Thu 25-Oct-12 10:07:37

sad angels. I have come close to being signed off. Crutches currently sitting in car in case I need them. I definitely think it gets worse with each child. This is my second and last. 24 weeks tomorrow - finishing for mat leave at Christmas. Roll on December!

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Thu 25-Oct-12 14:22:09

Have just over done it sad
Went shopping with dd3 and didn't do any more walking than yesterday but had stabby pains on the way back.

Anyone got a practical way to do shopping on crutches? I'm using a rucksack & dd3 on backpack reins so it's awkward getting the bag on and off which makes me really slow at the till.

HastaLanugo Thu 25-Oct-12 21:27:42

Shopping on crutches with child is quite a bold thing to attempt ! No hints really, as I just avoided at all costs. Sorry you overdid it sad

BTW pushing a heavy shopping trolley is really bad for the pelvis. Deliveries are your friend. smile

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Thu 25-Oct-12 21:47:13

Don't use the supermarket, all done at local shops/market so no trolleys, not using pram for dd3 either. The veg shop delivers but it's the cheese/meat/bread that we buy most days that I'm shopping for.

Where has this thread been all my pregnant life?!

I'm 37 weeks with DS3 and currently in hospital, I was admitted with severe headaches but my main issue is SPD, in completely bed bound now, I can do literally nothing and you know what the icing on the cake is? In allergic to Codine. sad

I was having tramadol but had to stop as baby could suffer withdrawals so I'm doing it no choice painkiller free.
I've spent the day weeing on a bed pan and crying when made to move for scans etc blush
I am certain the headache was stress induced because life is miserable I can't even take my 2 sons to school let alone play with them or look after their basic needs. I'm isolated, bored and depressed an in agony. I wish they'd just induce and get this little guy out! I had it with Ds2 although possibly not this bad but he came along by himself at 36 weeks. Physio has given me crutches and a support belt (which can only e worn stood up) and apart from that I left to cope (which I'm not) if I go overdue I could have 5 more weeks of this, the thought alone makes me cry. Pain and depression go hand in hand. sad

emeraldgirl1 Fri 26-Oct-12 07:24:20

Oh, titsalinabumsquash I am so sorry you're having such a bloody awful time sad

I wish I had something more helpful to offer than massive sympathy and keeping my fingers crossed for you that you don't go overdue.

Do you have a DVD player and/or books/magazines to help with the boredom? Not much help I know but might take the edge off. Or a radio - my radio has been my lifesaver over the past few nights when I have been awake for hours after hip pain woke me.

Here's hoping it's just a few more weeks (or days, if they agree to induce?) and then with any luck much of this nightmare will be over. xx

Angels hope you're feeling better today and managed not to overdo it yesterday.

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Fri 26-Oct-12 07:42:14

emerald just linked you here from March but you beat me to it!

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 29-Oct-12 11:52:36

I tried bumping this thread a while ago but there were no takers sad

I'm currently 37+5 with horrendous SPD. I have crutches, belts and even a wheelchair loaned from red cross. Taking codyrdramol at present but it doesn't make much difference. I have an almost 3 year old DD who's nursery have let me up her hours and my DH now has a day off during the week. MIL has been fab as well and collects and drops DD off at nursery and doesn't bring her back til tea time. Hoping for induction soon but consultant I'm under is against inductions whereas on call consultant last week would have induced if I'd been over 37 weeks. Have daycare tomorrow for assessments, CTG etc then antenatal clinic to discuss plan of action.

<Hugs> Izzy, treatment of ladies with SPD is barbaric. I really hope you get some good news tomorrow.

MincePieMomma Mon 29-Oct-12 15:34:14

Hi ladies, I'm new to Mumsnet, and have only joined as was feeling completely alone and feeling like I’m going to crack up soon coping with this horrible condition. Am 30wks with my 1st and have been suffering since about 20wks. The pain has amplified massively over the last 3 weeks, and is now particularly bad in one hip aswell as the pubic bone – I now have to rely on crutches and can only see it getting worse. Have seen Physio, who isn’t much help and the exercises she’s given me don’t appear to be doing much right now. I’m feeling particularly lonely with all of this, none of my antenatal yoga class are suffering (lucky them), but this makes me pretty isolated as I have to adopt special poses to stop me from spreading my legs, and after class a lot of the girls stay behind and talk and are starting to build a little network. But I feel as if they’re reluctant to speak to me and am putting this down to my special needs status! I just hope that my NCT group are a bit more welcoming – I need some kind of a network for my mat leave (am still at work until early December).

I just can’t help feeling gutted that my body has let me down so badly at what should be a really exciting time – I can’t even go to the shops to get anything ready for the baby, which is something that I’ve longed to do for years. And I’m terrified of it continuing after the birth, which would result in me being an awfully useless mother to the baby. Is it normal to feel like this? These thoughts come and go, but I am trying to keep a brave face for most people and find myself sneaking off to the loo to have a good sob about how low I’m feeling.

Sorry for using this as a platform to just moan and be down, but I needed to let this out, and hope you all understand.

For all of you that are suffering, one thing that might be worth trying to get hold of is a plastic sheet that goes under your sheet – I know – it sounds completely undignified, doesn’t it! Basically it’s made out of similar material to a tent and is 2 layers that glide easily over each other which makes it so much easier to turn over at night. It doesn’t really stop it hurting, but it does make life a bit better. A friend suffered from SPD with her 2nd and has lent me this, so I have no idea where to get one from. Hot water bottles are also lovely, but can’t really sit with one inbetween my legs while I’m at work!

philbee Mon 29-Oct-12 20:28:32

Hi all. Joining too. Am 16 weeks and have had PGP pains for last three or four. It was getting me down, but the last week or so I've just decided to accept it, and try to manage it better. I found something about managing chronic pain, here: www.paintoolkit.org/ which I found useful, although sounds like lots of you are already doing these things. I am finding it ok at the moment. I don't wear my belt, set a limit of 15 minutes walking, don't stand for more than 5 minutes, very careful about sitting down / standing up etc. And the pain is worse by evening, but really not bad. It's just so early, and it's only going to get worse, isn't it? I have a 4yo as well, and I hate not being able to run with her or carry her, but then I guess that's partly being pg as well.

Mincepie I totally sympathise. I had PGP when I was pg with DD over four years ago. I loved yoga, but I ended up spending most of every class on all fours doing 'gentle stretching' and stopped going in the end because it was so boring and the other women were always looking at me with kind of horrified curiosity. Given it's so common I'm surprised I only know one other person who gets it. My NCT class were much more useful in terms of making contacts anyway. And once your baby is born and you start to go to groups you'll meet loads of people there as well. It is really hard. I have found it helpful this time to think 'well, I have a chronic pain condition and it needs managing'. PGP is dismissed because it's seen as temporary, but it can be very disabling, and you are in pain all the time, so it's a serious thing, with big emotional consequences. I went to a physio class for women with PGP last week (gateway to NHS one to one physio - ugh) and the physio talked about it like it was a minor quirky inconvenience, nothing about how down you can feel, how helpless you feel. There are real mental effects of being in pain all the time, especially when you are also trying to prepare for your child. My PGP went completely with DD's birth - I hope you have that too. The Pelvic Partnership (www.pelvicpartnership.org.uk/) have a list of private therapists that people have found helpful. Could that be an option? I am trying to decide whether to cough up the money before it gets worse or wait and see if I can manage. DH a bit sceptical about the cash tbh sad

Izzy I can't believe they won't induce you, that is awful. Good luck tomorrow, I hope they are convinced. You can't carry on like that.

sam86 Mon 29-Oct-12 22:23:34

Hi everyone,
Sorry to jump on here but I am a bit concerned by the changes in my spd tonight and wanted some advice/find out if this is normal. I'm 39 wks with DC3,and have had terrible pain at the tops of my legs for months, as well as terrible left hip pain for the past five weeks, mostly at the back of my hip. It's grinded and made a horrible click sound a few times, mostly when getting up in the night, but today since about 6pm my left hip has been constantly grinding/knocking with every step. It's weird as the pain in my hip seems to have gone tonight too but instead the bones seem to knocking- my dh can actually feel it when he puts his hand on my hip and I walk. Has anyone else experienced this? It's like something must have moved as the pain in my hip seems to have gone but its been replaced with this horrible bone grinding constantly.

emeraldgirl1 Tue 30-Oct-12 07:21:57

sam - hi - you poor poor thing, that sounds awful sad I sympathise as I have the hip/top of leg pain myself though it sounds as if yours is worse sad

Have you walked too much lately? I ask as that was the thing that set off my hip pain in the first place and made it so bad one night that I had that clicking thing you talk about and could barely get my legs to move. Really hope you can get some relief Do you have a physio you could see?

Mincepie - so sorry you're having a miserable time - if you were in my yoga class I would talk to you!!! I hate the fact that little cliques seem to form at these things but I think sometimes it can just feel more that way if you are feeling low and in pain, you lose the energy needed to chat to people etc.

Also can I ask you and philbee about the yoga thing - my physio said yoga would be good for me and hasn't mentioned anything about certain positions not being ok - maybe that is because my pain is fairly mild compared to many people? Or was she wrong...?

OoooOoooOoood Tue 30-Oct-12 09:45:28

sam I would speak to someone about that especially so close to birth as you don't want to risk any more damage.

Does anyone else get fed up of explaining to people? Most people didn't know I was pregnant when I first started on crutches this time so its been a double conversation. I especially hate it with families I work with as I keep home very separate to that.

MincePieMomma Tue 30-Oct-12 10:01:41

Thanks philbee and Emerald. Amazing how much better hearing from people who understand makes you feel! smile

Philbee thanks for the links - the paintoolkit is really helpful, and I'll have a look at the private therapists too. I did try a chiropractor, who specialises in womens health. Unfortunately I didn't find it much help, although friends have said that with a couple/few sessions with a chiro tends to be more help than a one-off, so perhaps I'll go back (once she's back from holiday).

Emerald, I do find the yoga helpful and would recommend it, but make sure you find an antenatal class, as there are some poses us pregnant ladies shouldn't do unless extremely experienced in yoga. It does help to ease the "stiffness" (how it feels stiff seeing as the pain is caused by loosening, I don't know!!). And is also really good for other more minor ailments, like aching ribs. I love that I can go there and just relax and switch off my mind for an hour and a half too - it's definitely needed! Some yoga poses, like the Warrior, invlove having your legs positioned quite far apart, so she has a couple of alternatives for getting the same chest openening benefits - one of which is doing it with my hands against the wall. All of the alternatives are about making sure that I don't open my legs too wide (forwards and sideways), as that will only make the pain worse, so if you do go, make sure you tell your instructor.
And just be really careful not to overdo it even though the pain seems to be mild - for me earlier on the pain was less constant and intense, and I didn't always feel the pain until a while after I'd overdone it.

sam86 Tue 30-Oct-12 11:07:25

I'm wondering if maybe he has moved/finally engaged as I had a show this morning too. I actually prefer the pain to this constant bone chiselling though! The midwife is coming today to give me a sweep so I will ask her about it- though they haven't been any help at all with this, I've just had the "take paracetamol and wear the tuber grip" line for the past few months. I think I don't moan enough at them! I don't think I've done any more than usual, less if anything thanks to the rubbish weather!
Yoga sounds lovely! (Minus the clicking!) x

I've been admitted now until baby is born for morphine pain relief which is making me sick as a parrot and I feel grotty but at least slightly less in pain.

I have a handling team coming out to brief the staff do they don't do anymore damage during labour.

My thoughts are with everyone, this is an awful thing to have.

emeraldgirl1 Tue 30-Oct-12 11:15:28

So sorry titsalina, hope you're bearing up ok and good luck xx

MincePieMomma Tue 30-Oct-12 11:39:59

Titsalina really sorry to hear that you're in such a bad way with this. Glad to hear that you're finally getting some pain relief, shame about the side effects though. I really hope that labour comes soon for you and that everything settles back down to normal really soon after having baby. xx

sam86 Wed 31-Oct-12 09:42:26

Thinking of you Titsalina, really hope it settles down after LO is here xxx

NAR4 Wed 31-Oct-12 15:35:36

Great link sillywmama I found this really useful and it has encouraged me to make a 3rd doctors appointment to insist I am sent to a specialist physio. Previously drs have said it is just pregnancy pains and midwife says there is no point being referred to a physio as there is nothing they can do.

Had this is last pregnancy and it never fully went afterwards. Drs were completely uninterested that I was still in pain and told me it was just because my hormones still hadn't settled after the birth.

Determined not to be fobbed of to suffer in silence this time. Only 25 weeks and already in soooooo much pain. Housework is agony but with 4 children already I don't really have any choice but to struggle on. No fairy god mother to help unfortunately.

I have found some of the exercises on the spinning babies website help a bit and sometimes give temorary relief from the pain.

OoooOoooOoood Wed 31-Oct-12 15:44:03

moany post alert

Been out for a few hours with dh dd1/3. First place couldn't find the lift and had to walk for what felt like ages to get to it, second place was looking at cars and pushy salesman pissed me off , third place I couldn't get out of the car/back in cos the space was too narrow. Am v sore after climbing back in sad

Oh and went for my 20 week scan this am and dh had to drop me off as the car park is too far from the hospital doors. Not sure how I'll manage next week for my appointment sad

hiviolet Wed 31-Oct-12 17:59:08

Bookmarking to read later smile

Oodthunkit Sat 03-Nov-12 21:59:05

Bumping back up!

Starting to feel v trapped in the house. Walked to corner shop earlier & ended in tears at the till as I couldn't get the basket on to the counter & lean on my crutches and keep hold of dd3. Queue just stared at me.

Hiya, I've been suffering since week 12 (I'm currently 34 weeks) and this is my first and only.

I can't believe in the 21st century there is so little (nothing??) that can be done for us.

I'm so surprised that HCPs have so little interest and that other non medical people have never heard of pgp / SPD unless they have suffered themselves.

Where I work there are six of us pregnant and I'm the only one suffering. The boss liked to say to me that no one else was in pain almost implying I was making it up. I wanted to hit him when he said that. I've just attended an nct course and I was the only one suffering there too.

I'm sorry for the rant. I just wish there was something useful I could say or do to take all the pain away. I guess all I can say is I hope things get better for you after your impending arrivals

Char x

Oodthunkit Sun 04-Nov-12 18:58:05

titsalina just wondering how you are now? Any news on induction?

Oodthunkit Thu 08-Nov-12 09:54:37


Oodthunkit Tue 13-Nov-12 19:05:47


don't leave me here alone

SkinnyMarinkADink Tue 13-Nov-12 21:41:33

Hi can i join in??

Oodthunkit Tue 13-Nov-12 21:48:07

Hi skinny smile all welcome here!

SkinnyMarinkADink Tue 13-Nov-12 21:59:10

I am feeling very sorry for myself at the minute, 30 weeks pregnant this week and have today picked up my crutches for this spd/pgp I've been seeing the physio for.

I am in so much pain all of thru time, she said today to give it 2 weeks with crutches and if no better i will be referred for pain injections

also mentioned that if i really can't cope they will tAlk to my consultant about a 37 week delivery.

I feel so deflated, every night Im in tears i can't take dd anywhere other than pre school which she clearly is not happy with.

chocolateicecream Tue 13-Nov-12 22:02:25

Just been signed off on the sick today for PGP, am really sore. Feel like I have a migraine in my left leg at moment! My pelvis is so sore and my back and ribs ache. Despite this I feel guilty for going off on the sick. I have quite a physical job and often work without breaks so really it is too much for me. Please make me feel better about what I have just done.

Oodthunkit Tue 13-Nov-12 22:03:01

Your Physio sounds more help than mine.
17 weeks- 'here's your crutches/belt , see you after delivery'

Did you have SPD last time?

Oodthunkit Tue 13-Nov-12 22:04:18

chocolate repeat after me 'bollocks to work, I'll look after myself'

now I need to take my own advice

How many weeks are you?

ProcrastinatingPanda Tue 13-Nov-12 22:08:22

I think I've got SPD but am only 13 weeks, is this too early?

hiviolet Tue 13-Nov-12 22:18:50

Sadly not, I first started getting symptoms at 14 weeks, and it was my first.

SkinnyMarinkADink Tue 13-Nov-12 22:19:04

Nope not with dd, although i weighed 4 stone less, i didn't bother to lose the baby weight so that May be why it is as bad now.

I had to give up work at 24 weeks (childminer) really fed u now. willing for Christmas to be here so it is nearly all over.

dd pre school is on thru next street, i can't walk there so have to drive i don't even get out of second gear!

SkinnyMarinkADink Tue 13-Nov-12 22:20:03

Sorry for my phone auto correct bloody thing

Oodthunkit Tue 13-Nov-12 22:38:32

I started at 12 weeks this time and was on crutches at 17. This is dc4 and my second with SPD. Last time I was 30 weeks when I got crutches. I was much heavier with dd3/dc4 than dd1/2. Plus I have had a knee injury in between which doesn't help!

I'm dreading the driving everywhere bit. We got the bus from toddlers this am. Took 3 mins and cost 95p, but frustrating!

ProcrastinatingPanda Wed 14-Nov-12 00:13:06

This is dc #2 I'm pregnant with though but didn't have any problems with dc1, can that still happen randomly with pregnancy or would it affect every pregnancy?

I've got awful pain spread all over the back of my hips, it's really painful to walk, stand, bend down, etc. It's been like this for about a week and is just getting worse.

Oodthunkit Wed 14-Nov-12 06:59:42

I have only had it with dd3/dc4. Physio said it can worsen due to lack of core muscles and I had bad separation after dd2 and no one bothered to tell me how to fix it

philbee Wed 14-Nov-12 08:09:26

Hi all. Sorry to hear everyone is suffering. I've been reason this thread:


and found it really helpful. I went to see an osteopath yesterday and think it has helped with the joint pain. Just some alternatives to the usual 'belt and acceptance' advice of the NHS physios.

philbee Wed 14-Nov-12 08:09:51

reading not reason.

chocolateicecream Wed 14-Nov-12 08:30:52

Hi Odthunkit, I am 20 weeks, have been sore since approx. week 8. Thanks for the kind words smile.

EmW78 Wed 14-Nov-12 10:56:18

Hi, I think I have this SPD/PGPP thing, it is making it impossible to sleep (but equally painful to get out of bed) and I can hardly walk for the last two days. Am 26 weeks today, haven't got another MW appt for two weeks - should I call her now or just wait til then?
It doesn't seem fair really (I'm such a moaner, sorry) : it hurts to walk, but then if you sit down for too long (on the train, at my desk) you get the back pain instead! They're just going to tell me to put up and shut up aren't they?
Wish I could be one of those glamorous glowing pregnant ladies instead of just constantly hating being pregnant sad

hiviolet Wed 14-Nov-12 14:19:31

That's really interesting philbee. I am convinced that I had some pre existing problem before I got pregnant and that's why I had such awful SPD (oh I btw I was offered no treatment whatsoever, and being a bit naive I accepted it. Should have had crutches at the very least angry). I have always had very clicky hips and knees. My hips hurt when I've been lying on one side for too long in bed. And I'm pretty sure I have a slightly peculiar walk: I stride forward with my right leg and drag the left one.

Anyway, my daughter is 14 months old now and I still get occasional twinges (6 months ago I was still in pain when I walked longer distances) and I know I'll be in serious trouble if I decide to have another child. I need to get fixed but don't know where to start. Does anyone else have experience of osteopaths and what they do?

NAR4 Wed 14-Nov-12 14:42:07

After midwife and a couple of dr's turning me down, I finally got one of the dr's from my surgery to refer me for physio.

Had to wait two weeks for appointment, which I had today.

Stupidly went filled with hope. Physio was very nice and said the PGP (which is what she said it is now called) was severe. Unfortunately she can't do a thing until after I give birth (manual manipulation) because I have Placenta Previa.

Advised to rest as much as possible. Fat chance with a 20 month old. And not cause myself pain doing housework. Again not really practical to leave as there are 7 of us in my household, so washing etc needs to be done daily.

I'm normally quite a positive person, but have spend this afternoon feeling very weepy and sorry for myself. I still have 13 weeks of pregnancy left, which seems forever to have this pain.

Sorry to moan so much but knew people on here would understand. Not sure hubby or friends really understand just how much pain I am in.

philbee Wed 14-Nov-12 16:59:02

hiviolet - I think I probably had problems too, consistently sore SI joint on one side and problems with the outside of my left leg which would get v tight. I wanted to get it sorted after my mc last year but it proved too emotional explaining the situation and I have up. I went to see someone on the Pelvic Partnership list of therapists. They'll email it to you if you contact them. It's a list of people whom other women have found helpful with PGP. I've only had the one session, which did seem to help, but will go back again I think.

Oodthunkit Wed 14-Nov-12 18:50:08

em phone MW or GP for Physio referral

hiviolet had an Osteo post birth last time v good.

Sorry too knackered to post properly blush

philbee Wed 14-Nov-12 18:53:15

NAR4 - I feel a bit freaked out by the physio saying placenta previa was a problem for manipulation. I haven't got it but do worry a lot about whether the osteopathy is safe. It seemed very gentle - just moving the joints around but I am a bit paranoid I think. sad

Oodthunkit Wed 14-Nov-12 18:59:10

I haven't found anyone who will do manipulation while I'm pregnant.

I agree, chocolate, you are doing the right thing. I felt mega guilty going off sick, but getting to work then fighting pain all day is not good for you or the baby and will only make things worse for you. X

Hi procrastinating, I got my first symptoms at 12 weeks and this is my first and ONLY!

rosamarina Thu 15-Nov-12 13:04:06

Has anyone else had SPD come and go? Because mine is weird - it gets worse and worse for days, then eases off, then gets worse again. Today I walked to the polling station, slowly and feeling sore but not too bad, but last week walking to the end of the drive (about 10m) left me feeling like wild horses were ripping my legs off in different directions. I mean, I'm glad it's not always awful, but it's strange, and it doesn't seem to be related to how much activity I do, it's kind of random.

philbee Thu 15-Nov-12 13:17:04

rosamarina I have that. Mine seemed to be getting worse for weeks and then over the last fortnight has eased up a lot. I don't think I've been doing anything differently, although I have been walking (slowly) more and maybe have been a bit more active and less tired. I think tiredness and hunger make it a lot worse for me.

Oodthunkit Thu 15-Nov-12 17:32:47

Mine seems to depend on baby's position. Started the day almost pain free after being in agony last night. Didn't last long but have had a much better day. Baby was all over last night and my bump
Is smaller today so think its got in a better position.

rosamarina Fri 16-Nov-12 09:40:06

Baby position - oh, I hadn't thought of that, but yeah, that would make sense.

Of course, today has got off to a WONDERFUL start when DS1 left some plastic on the kitchen floor and I skidded on it and practically did the splits. Oh my God did that hurt. And since I was feeling okay yesterday I decided that I wouldn't do online supermarket shopping, and now it's too late to order stuff for today, so going to have to trudge round Sainsburys anyhow.

NAR4 Fri 16-Nov-12 20:58:40

roamarina my heart goes out to you. Just the thought of trudging around Sainsburys doing the food shopping, makes me want to cry. Can you do a really mini shop, to tide you over and then do the rest on-line?

How did our grandparents manage SPD, with no cars and having to walk to and from the shops (not even supermarkets) probably several times a week? Thank goodness for internet shopping I say.

katolla Sat 17-Nov-12 00:14:34

Definitely comes and goes but definitely related to how far I've walked (or tried to). At 25 weeks I thought I was going to have to start mat leave early, but over 2 days something must have moved cause I have been mostly fine since then apart from twinges. But I am walking way less in general sad

Oodthunkit Sat 17-Nov-12 07:19:56

Oh yes, too many stairs causes problems Four story house was a really bad decision am stuck on ground floor at work and can't really do any visits.
I got the bus instead of the 5 min walk the other day too sad its so frustrating.

BlingLoving Sat 17-Nov-12 21:42:50

I think the intensity of pain varies because some pain is result of inflamed joints. As the swelling goes down, you feel a bit better.

philbee Sun 18-Nov-12 17:42:05

bling I find that. And also that my muscles get very tight all around there. If I can stop and stretch for a while often the pain improves, and the joint pain seems a bit relieved too. The other times I didn't stretch as I was so worried about doing 'the wrong thing' but this time I noticed it made a difference and so it seems more manageable.

Have finally been diagnosed with spd at 34 weeks. Have seen a chiropractor a couple of times, and there was an improvement, but this weekend is back to as bad as ever, and I'm so constantly sore. Sacrum is achey, my pelvis is killing me, and I have pain down the fronts and insides of my thighs sad I can barely walk, and getting up to do so from sitting is awful.

Luckily I have private healthcare through work so I can have up to 10 sessions with the chiropractor, which should take me to birth, but even though I'm in a desk job, I don't know how I'll manage another 4 weeks at work.

Oodthunkit Sun 18-Nov-12 19:43:02

I was told yesterday that there's a Physio specialising in women at my local hospital and they see you after you've given birth. She's been doing this for years. I had dd3 2 years ago. Had Physio before and after with a general Physio. So almost 2 years worth then one visit a month ago with this pregnancy. No one has mentioned a specialist before.

SkinnyMarinkADink Sun 18-Nov-12 21:39:55

Hi all am sufferer horrifically. finally managed to get some codiene off the Dr which has at least helped me sleep a bit sore

crutches don't seem to help me so i spoke to my physio and am now being referred to an anethetist for pain relief injections.

Feeling pretty sorry for myself, have officially been diagnosed with pgp and sciatica.

SkinnyMarinkADink Sun 18-Nov-12 21:41:29

Bloody phone adding words in, sorry if i make no sense!!

chocolateicecream Sun 18-Nov-12 21:53:03

Has anyone got painfully sore ribs, I'm actually in agony, my whole rib cage front and back, not able to sleep? It hurts everywhere (feel like a bit of a wimp but it does).

emeraldgirl1 Mon 19-Nov-12 07:25:47

Wish I had helpful advice but am just dropping in to say sympathies to everyone suffering and hope you've had relatively pain-free weekends.

Second the thing about it coming and going - I did nothing all day y'day and have woken up this morning in pain with soreness all down the hip I barely slept on.

philbee I like you have been v cautious of stretching and things but on balance do you find it really does help? I have an ante-natal yoga dvd that I have found helpful (and v gentle) prior to getting the PGP problem but do you think it is a good/bad idea to try it? I remember things in it like lunges that I am not sure would be a good idea. But maybe the gentle stretches...?

Oodthunkit Mon 19-Nov-12 19:11:03

REALLY bad day today. Barely shuffling with the crutches. Came home from work early. Trying to get cases sorted for handover/closure in case I go off now. Can't get GP appt until Thursday though. V rate for our GPs that so they must have something on or a mass outbreak of something!

Supposed to be going to Ikea on Friday while I still could manage enough with crutches, dh is now looking up wheelchairs sad

Hoping it's a bad day rather than sudden deterioration,

BlingLoving Mon 19-Nov-12 20:40:46

Have you tried icing your spine right at the very bottom? 15 minutes at a time, 3 times a day? It can't hurt and it might help with any swelling.

I dread being pregnant again. I saw a chiro weekly at least. Cost A fortune but I think it kept me out of a wheelchair.

philbee Mon 19-Nov-12 20:47:59

emeraldgirl - I haven't tried a yoga DVD. I've been to a few pregnancy yoga classes which were quite gentle but always found by the evening that it had been a bit much. So not sure about the DVD, and lunges would definitely be out for me. I do some v gentle yoga at home, really careful poses, and I also have just experimented with stretching my back, legs etc. very gently and found that those things help. I can still sit cross legged and do that on the floor which I find helps too, but I know that's not comfortable for everyone. Not v helpful, sorry. Could you experiment with very gentle stretches and see if it helps? I think because I'd been doing it before I got pg it was less nerve wracking than starting anew.

Oodthunkit Tue 20-Nov-12 08:01:32

Re yesterday-Woke up today with v little pain. Bit achy now I'm moving but I can stand without crutches. Must have been another blip. 
V relieved!

NAR4 Tue 20-Nov-12 13:49:15

Feel like throwing myself from the window, in an attempt to stop the pain. The pain has been so bad for the last week I can't sleep properly and moving around is unbearable. Its left me really tearful, which in turn has made my toddler super clingy. Just got back from the dr begging for something to help the pain. Just told to take paracetamol regularly and wait until I give birth. Arrrrrgh. I have 12 more weeks to go!

Sorry, I know you ladies are all going through this too. Just needed a moan.

Oodthunkit Tue 20-Nov-12 17:26:54

Thought codene was ok? Anyone know rather than me guessing?
If it is I'd try a different dr/MW

BlingLoving Tue 20-Nov-12 19:57:37

Please please try some ice at the base of your spine - 15 minutes then break for 15 then 15 again. It can't hurt and it might help.

It absolutely infuriates me that medical staff don't take it seriously.

I did find a chiro super helpful to manage it but not perfect.

SkinnyMarinkADink Tue 20-Nov-12 21:22:57

I have just started on codeine, had been asking for weeks and weeks.

The drs wouldn't give me it until i reached 30 weeks tho and had to have physio say i need it.

Now waiting on seeing an anithitist for injections in my back and pelvis to help me

Oodthunkit Wed 21-Nov-12 07:47:22

<fingers crossed> skinny

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 12:04:50

How's everyone doing?

I've just been reading an article on the pelvi partnership site about support belts. It says they shouldn't be used until alignment is checked as they can make it worse. I get pain with the belt & did last time. My hips aren't aligned as my right hip has problems of its own ( loose , no idea of specifics). Quite annoyed this has never been checked.

CityDweller Sun 13-Jan-13 18:39:57

Thought I'd resurrect this thread as I've been suffering from spd/pgp since 20 wks (29 wks now). Good days and bad days and have been having regular osteopathy since 22 wks which I felt was helping keep it under control. But, I've begun to notice a pattern re. the osteopathic treatment and was wondering if this struck a chord with any fellow sufferers? My pain has pretty much always been around the back of pelvic rim/ in buttock/ hip, but after my last couple of osteo treatments I've had bad flare-ups (about 24-36 hrs after the appointment) of pain round the front in my pelvic bone - achey/ throbbing and that feeling of being punched in the pelvic bone every time I walk. Usually this calms down after a day or two and I've see a general improvement overall. That was, until this week, when the pain seems to have shifted totally round to the front and I've been in pretty much constant pain since my osteo appointment 5 days ago. The real kicker is that prior to my last osteo apt I was feeling much, much better.

Anyway, I guess I mostly wanted to vent (I wish I hadn't bothered going to osteo for last treatment!). I'm doing everything I can to alleviate the problem, even have an NHS physio apt (finally) in 10 days and am planning to go to acupuncturist next week. I just have dark moments at the thought of enduring this for another 3 months (potentially, if baby is late) and it continuing postnatally (too much Googling today and reading horror stories). It's as hard emotionally as anything else (as well as financially...). I had envisioned myself having a lovely, active pregnancy (I'm a previously very active, athletic person) and I feel disappointed at how my pregnancy has turned out and now I feel my world closing in on me as I'm less and less able to get out and about and do stuff.

Sorry for the long moan sad I know there could be so many other things wrong and on the grand scale of things I'm lucky, but it's tough to stay positive sometimes.

Oodsigma Sun 13-Jan-13 19:10:35

I had given up hope of this thread reviving!
I'm 31 weeks tomorrow with dc4. Only had SPD in last pg .& this one. It. Starred this time at 12 weeks and was on crutches at 17 weeks. I now barely leave the house as I can't walk more than a few yards with the crutches and gave in to a wheelchair for going out last week.
Have seen NHS Physio twice (2 referrals) first gave me crutches, second did an assessment , pointed out why I had it ( no core strength due to separated muscles/stretch marks amongst other stuff) gave me a few exercises and sent me away until baby is born.

Luckily (?!?) I'm having a section anyway so don't have to worry too much about positions although recovery is always going to be a long one (took 18m to walk around town without pain last time)

YYY on the frustration & it's set off AND in me this time ( am prone though).

specialknickers Sun 13-Jan-13 22:12:39

Can I join you on the sofa? I'm 14 weeks and have had pgp since I found out I was pregnant. Sadly, I've actually had it off and on since April 2009 when I was 8 weeks pregnant with ds... It's a terrible terrible cross to bear and you all have my deepest sympathies.

I'm seeing an osteo at the moment but he's not a specialist and I think he may actually be making things worse. No idea hat to try next, in the past I've tried three different physios, a chiropractor, two different provate piates instructors, and a different osteopath and they all took my money but nothing really helped except daily ibroprofen (not recommended in pregnancy obviously). I don't know anyone else who's suffered with this and no one seems to understand what a struggle it is to get out of bed every morning (literally in our case).

I need a brew!

Oodsigma Sun 13-Jan-13 22:15:54


Think we will probably need a sofa each of you're anything like me as I am only comfy laying down!

specialknickers Sun 13-Jan-13 22:17:14

Yy citydweller, this seems to be happening to me. Last session seems to have irritated things and moved the pain around. It's way worse. soul destroying when you're paying 45quid for more pain...

specialknickers Sun 13-Jan-13 22:19:00

Oodsigma good point. Am lying down even as I (badly) type grin

CityDweller Sun 13-Jan-13 22:29:08

specialknickers sorry to hear that you've had same experience, although comforting to know it's not just me. I'm back at osteo on Tues, so will see what they say.

I've been icing my crotch lots this week and that helps (I've got sports ice-packs that go in the freezer that are easy to roll up and shove between my legs - nice...) and a bath tonight helped too.

kurlyvoice Sun 13-Jan-13 22:37:16

Please can I join - I come with a sofa attached! Am 33+3 and started suffering at about 8 weeks, though it went away for a bit after a brilliant NHS physio did some special manipulation at 16-ish weeks. Am totally buggered now though! Have also seen an osteo and have more front pain since then, which might be linked or might just be baby's position.

Have hardly been out in weeks, though luckily I can drive ok (no idea why that's unaffected given that I can't do anything else) so can at least have a change of scene in terms of whose house I am in. Going back to work on Tuesday for my last three days before maternity leave, though on v minimal requirements, but am dreading the pain in the evenings... I'm not taking any painkillers as paracetamol stopped working, I'm allergic to codeine, and don't want to put anything else into baby's bloodstream - but am I being ridiculous? I bloody hurt! Sorry you are all suffering - this is total rubbish! DC2 for me, didn't have it with DS, just pre-eclampsia with him, and this is much worse to cope with. At least that was sudden and over within a fortnight!

NAR4 Mon 14-Jan-13 09:34:27

Had practically convinced myself that it would all be sorted at the physio appointment, after my placenta finally moved up (originally refused any manipulation due to placenta previa). Had an appointment at 34wks and the same physio announced that there was nothing she could do now, including manipulation, due to me being too heavily pregnant. So just sent away again in agony, on crutches. Has anyone else been told this? Really annoyed as she originally told me she could help by doing some manipulation, as soon as/if my placenta moved up. By the way it was the specialist womens health physio, in my area, that I saw.

Best wishes to you all, at least the end is now in sight for me. Just can't even think about the possibility of it not completely going after the baby is born.

Oodsigma Mon 14-Jan-13 09:45:47

NAR they don't do manipulation here as it doesn't last very long and they don't want to give you an appointment twice a week
I only found out there was a specialist womens Physio after having it for 2 1/2 years! Apparently they are supposed to see you before discharge too but c-sections are Thursdays so only chance they get is Friday after youre up but they prioritise ICU ( obviously) so it depends if they get chance.

NAR4 Mon 14-Jan-13 12:28:34

Is it worth checking with my hospital if the physio will check my pelvis before I go home after the baby is born? Or best to just ask GP to refer me to the specialist womens physio, after I get home? Does anyone have any experience with this bit?

Oodsigma Mon 14-Jan-13 12:41:19

I was told I can request the Physio to come to me. The women's Physio is in the same hospital as me although my usual Physio isn't.

CityDweller Mon 14-Jan-13 13:36:35

NAR I think an osteo will treat you at your stage, if you have the ££ - may be more soft-tissue release than 'manipulation', but would prob help. Make sure you go to one qualified and experienced working on pregnant women. Otherwise I found acupuncture helped with pain management (I went to someone who specializes in pregnancy).

At my hospital the NHS women's physios do rounds of the postnatal wards every morning, so if same at yours presumably you can ask to see one before being discharged?

(Ps I'm with you on the dark thoughts re this continuing post-partum. Everything I've read indicates getting treated in pg helps avoid this, so try to get some treatment if you can)

therewearethen Mon 14-Jan-13 13:58:04

Haven't read the whole thread yet, I suspected SPD in the first few weeks but it settled so thought no more of it, that was until we moved house and it came back with avengence! I'm now 38 + 4days so it's too late for a physio referral, midwife gave me a sheet with the usual advice but unfortunately nothing seems to help!

The worst thing is trying to roll over in bed, it's absolute agony! It's also really painful when I try to step in the bath to shower or dress!

I'm struggling on as I've got so little time left before I pop but does anyone know what they'll do with regards to labour? I'm due to labour in a midwife led birthing unit and plan on having a water birth as I did with my first. I can kneel relatively pain free but it's such hard work getting on and off a bed and there's no way I can lift my legs or knees whilst lying down so just wondering what happens when they want to examine me!? Is there any other position I can be in to check how dilated etc I am?

Sorry for ranting on, not seeing my midwife until I'm 40wks now!

quidget7882 Mon 14-Jan-13 14:10:41

Hello everyone waves shyly this is actually my 1st post on here, but reading everyone's posts made me want to join in. I'm 37+3 and this is my 1st baby, developed SPD at 9 wks. Initially I was being treated for my hyper-mobility as my hip's were (& continue) to displace but as the SPD has taken over I have to rely (& hope) they pop back in themselves as lying on a bed with someone pulling on my leg's has become rather impossible!

I'm fed up of feeling useless (although DH is brilliant) and feel like I'm on house arrest - if I do venture out the crutches usually scupper me especially if the path is anything other than flat.

Anyway that's my moan, misery loves company grin!

Pics Mon 14-Jan-13 18:03:07

Hello. I am still keeping quiet about pregnancy - am now 8 weeks, but SPD kicked in at 5 (16 weeks with DD2, 36 with DD1) so i am really really worried.

Actually came on to start a separate thread wiht the hope of attracting 'ex' SPD sufferers about best forms of treatment - so will do that too. Will probably be quiet for a while though as such early days trying not to talk about it too much!

CityDweller Mon 14-Jan-13 18:13:29

therewere make sure SPD is written in big letters on your birth plan and that the attending mw, drs, etc know. Important not to spread legs too wide or be forced to labour/ birth on your back (and def not in stirrups). They can do internal exams with you lying on your side, rather than back. I have read that it's rarely an issue in labour and most women experience SPD recovery immediately or v soon after giving birth.

specialknickers Mon 14-Jan-13 21:12:38

I'll second that - I had a very long labour with DS and an induction (on a drip, no epidural -shudder-) and ended up on my back, legs akimbo, in stirrups. Not to scare you, but I couldn't walk for about 10 days (at all. DH had to carry me to the toilet) and I never really recovered.

philbee Tue 15-Jan-13 09:46:40

Joining again. I'm 27 wks now. Pain came on about 13 but eased again. This last week it's been a lot worse. citydweller I've had same experience, had two Osteo appts, first very helpful and second seemed to move pain into area above my coccyx, not nice. Haven't been before Christmas but have an appt with someone else next week.

Have to say it's really getting me down. We were late on school run this morning and I'm forced to walk at a snail's pace so DD missed the gate and had to go in through the office - she was really upset, she's only 4. And I dread the commute to work, only two days a week but busy train and tube. I am trying to think of other options for getting in, different hours etc. but nothing seems feasible. Rubbish.

rainand Wed 30-Jan-13 12:03:46

Hi all smile

Thought I must join this thread. I'm 23 weeks and just been given a tubigrip which I'm going to try. Also looking for a local osteopath that has experience of SPD (wish me luck!).

rainand Wed 30-Jan-13 12:04:40

philbee aw poor you, sounds awful. May I ask how you decided on which osteopath to see?

Countmyblessings Wed 30-Jan-13 12:41:04

Just been signed off from work as pain is awful!!! 34 weeks and can't wait for baby to come so this pain can go too!!!!

rainand Wed 30-Jan-13 20:47:01

Countmyblessings, very sorry to hear that but I hope you get a chance to get more rest.

Has anyone tried pilates after being diagnosed with SPD? I had a look at the exercises that the physio gave (a leaflet), and to be honest, I don't understand half of them! I think I need to attend a class or be shown how to do them ...

CityDweller Wed 30-Jan-13 21:40:39

Pilates is one of the few activities I can do that doesn't aggravate it, and I think it even helps (unlike yoga, which makes it worse). I'd say if you can find a preg pilates class near you it'd be worth trying.

rainand Thu 31-Jan-13 09:40:48

CityDeweller, thanks, I'm going to get started on Pilates!

I put tubigrip on for a couple of hours and gosh it is so uncomfy! Had to take it off for the night! DH tried it on and is much skinnier than I am, and said it was the most uncomfy thing ever and ran to the loo immediately . Is it just something I should give time to and will get used to?

3rdtimelucky73 Thu 31-Jan-13 16:17:43

Hi, just saying hello everyone.

25 weeks, suspected SPD as very sore and painful to stand, walk etc..

First physio appointment tomorrow through antenatal department.

Hoping it eases as have 111/12 weeks to get flat in some sort of state to bring a child into and really starting to panic....

dottypyjamas Fri 01-Feb-13 17:37:39

Hi everyone, I think I need to join you - terrible back and hip pain this last week, so bad I could (and have to admit I have) cry! Took a couple of days off but can't sit around for the next 4 months -am 23+2

Midwife has referred me for physio antenatal exercise class hopefully next week so am hopeful that'll help a bit, she said it may well be pgp and to take paracetamol... Meant to be going to London for a 30th birthday tomorrow which is a 3.5 hr drive but I don't think that's happening sad

How does everyone else cope?any tips? Feeling quite hopeless and that I probably need to man up!

OhGood Thu 16-May-13 11:52:43

Hello everyone, can I join you?

I am 33 weeks with no2 and over the last 3 weeks have gone from 'Hmmm, my hips have started to hurt a bit at night' to 'OK, I can't really walk'.

Scared myself a couple of nights ago as could not get out of bed, and so am not waiting for referral from midwife but going ahead and seeing a chiropracter today.

Going to read your advice links today.

Tea and sympathy all round, and patience to all those of you who have toddlers...

question about painkillers I am too scared to take paracetemol to help me sleep as the one time I did it was the time I couldn't get out of bed afterwards - had slept too deeply and clearly not felt the pain signals telling me to move around. Anyone else experience this?

Dolallytats Fri 17-May-13 16:30:47

I think I have SPD (can barely walk, feel like I've been kicked in the fanjo, sitting hurts, walking hurts, I get up the stairs like a 90 year old). I am seeing my midwife on Tues so will talk to her then, but my question is, how do you do the school run when you are finding it too difficult to walk? I am trying to persevere, but it's getting too much. I don't have family near, older daughter works, DH can do the morning, but can't do the afternoon and there really is no-one to ask.

I honestly have no idea what to do. I am 30+4 and if I thought we could sign on temporarily, I would ask DH to do it!! (desperate!!) Of course, this is not a real option because you get no money if you give up a job, but I have no idea how to deal with it.

Any suggestion??

OhGood Sun 19-May-13 09:30:56

dolally I am in the same boat. I had to crawl to the bathroom at 2am this morning.

How old are your DCs?

I don't know what to say - you must ask your midwife for a physio referral though apparently it takes ages. I am going to try and see a phsyio this week even if I have to pay for it because this is intolerable.

I am also going to get some crutches from somewhere so I am not crawling around my own house in the middle of the night.

I am just desperate for someone to talk to about this. It's so awful - I can't lift DD, and I miss her terribly, and I have so much to do to get the house in order, and I still have to bloody commute to bloody London twice more, and I am miserable. Don't want to keep banging on about it IRL either.

Dolallytats Sun 19-May-13 12:47:05

ohGood, it's horrible, isn't it? I've never had this before. My DC's are nearly 20 (she is so good at picking up my DS on her days off and comes with me to midwife appointments-not only can I barely walk, I am also agoraphobic!!) and my DS is 5. I'm not at the crawling stage, but am limping and walking very slowly at all times.

I am definitely talking to the midwife. Hopefully physio won't take too long, I just don't have the money= to pay. I hadn't thought of crutches, I wonder where to get some from? Maybe the midwife will have the answer.

Luckily I am a SAHM (mainly because of the agoraphobia, but hey ho!!), is there any way you can get signed off so you don't have to commute? You don't say how far along you are, so not sure what your option would be, work from home??

My flat looks like a pigsty, I try and tidy it as best I can, but I can't hoover, or wash floors very often because it hurts. DH is great and really doesn't care if I can't do it, but he works long hours so he can't do it either.

Like you, I don't want to bore people with it, but I'm moving and huffing and puffing like a 90 year old!! This is definitely my last baby!!

Hope you get some relief soon....I'm off to Google where I can get crutches!!

OhGood Tue 21-May-13 12:44:17

Hi dolally my physio referral has come through (relief as is vv expensive) for a couple of weeks time, so hope yours gets to you fast too.

I'm going to read the pelvic pain site someone recommended here - http://www.pelvicpartnership.org.uk/ - apparently good info. Any luck with crutches?

Dolallytats Tue 21-May-13 13:09:35

OhGood, I saw my midwife this morning so hopefully it won't be too long. Sounds like the appt comes through quickly if yours is anything to go by!! I'm putting off buying crutches until I get the appt, I want to see what they can do first-although, if they are needed, Argos do them!! Who'd have thought, Argos sell pretty much anything!!

Good luck with your appointment.

OhGood Tue 04-Jun-13 17:57:21

Dolally I just dropped off the thread, sorry! half term and v busy keeping DD busy.

My news is that the chiro was really helpful after 2 sessions I can walk again pretty normally. It's still v sore in bed and I can't sleep.

Went to physio who was worse than useless. Gave me all the same info you get on every single website - keep your legs together while you get out the car, do your pelvic floor exercises FFS - didn't even examine me or check my range of movement. Total waste of time and NHS funding.

geeandfeesmum Fri 14-Jun-13 10:50:30

Midwife thinks I have SPD. I am 25 weeks and I am really struggling to walk. I can't lift one leg up at a time I have to physically pick it up with my hand.

MW said she will refer me to physio but it usually takes 6 weeks until I get an appointment. I feel like crutches would probably help but can't imagine having to wait 6 weeks before I can ask for them. Do you think I could ring the physio dept and ask for some earlier on?

OhGood Fri 14-Jun-13 22:20:26

gee this thread is a bit of a washout TBH, as not many people here and I am about to disappear and have baby. I would try and find somewhere else or start afresh.

Re the SPD in my experience you should shout as loud as you can and if you can afford it, pay for treatment yourself and earlier. Have a look at the Pelvic Pain website: http://www.pelvicpartnership.org.uk/

especially http://www.pelvicpartnership.org.uk/what-to-expect-from-treatment/treatment-what-to-expect.html

Don't get fobbed off with substandard treatment. You don't have to put up with it! And good luck, it's horrible and I really hope you get it sorted and soon.

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