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Why do midwives lie on your notes?

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banana87 Tue 08-Nov-11 20:02:18

Saturday night I went to hospital because I was having contractions, 7 min apart and had a huge wet patch in my underwear. Nothing came of it and I was sent home.

I've just read my notes and MW wrote:

Fundal height 42cm (she never measured me!!)
Mild contractions (my ass)
Fluid size of 50p in underwear (ummm...so most of my underwear is the size of a 50p??)

Then tonight I saw my consultant. He wrote:

Fundal height 39cm (never measured)
No contractions ( I specifically said I've been having contractions on and off)


blushingbaby Tue 08-Nov-11 21:15:57

Sorry to here about your bad experiences. It's bad enough not knowing what's happening without (IMO) lazy arsde mw and docs making things up!
i don't think they are all lazy but this has happened to me too and I'm sure its a 'can't be arsed so...' attitude. I'd ask to read your notes before leaving any app and question why they have written what they have. (easier said than done i think)
Hope your baby arrives safely soon.

PreggoEggo Tue 08-Nov-11 21:25:54

thats shocking!!! sad

edwinbear Tue 08-Nov-11 21:29:31

They lie on your actual delivery notes too eg my notes say they got my epidural in on first attempt, (it was on the third) they say my placenta was manually removed after 20 mins (it was 15 mins), they say my synto drip was started 3 hrs before it actually was....par for the course in my experience.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 08-Nov-11 21:32:06

I noticed lots of lies/mistakes/errors in my ante-natal and delivery notes too.

nailak Tue 08-Nov-11 21:32:55

my notes say seems agitated during contractions hmm

Get a red pen and correct the mistakes, with added exclamation marks and then write a mark out of 10.

JambalayaCodfishPie Tue 08-Nov-11 21:38:30

In my Antenatal notes she has signed to say that she/we have discussed an awful lot of stuff that's never even been mentioned.

banana87 Tue 08-Nov-11 21:42:24

Oh yes I forgot that last time I gave birth consultant said I had 6 stitches. Went to the GP for a check up and he said more like 16 shock.

Fayrazzled Tue 08-Nov-11 21:53:10

I felt my delivery notes weren't an accurate reflection of what went on either. I was also really upset when after a long labour the midwives suggested taking my baby for a few hours to let me rest. It it hadn't been my first baby and I'd any idea which way was up I'd have send no, so it was even more upsetting when I saw my notes and it stated that mother requested baby to be taken.

Flisspaps Tue 08-Nov-11 21:58:14

I'd annotate them myself with the points you raise.

When I got the notes from DD's birth, I noticed that the antenatal ward MW had not mentioned that she gave me a sweep when she assessed my cervix before starting induction. There was no way on earth that she did not perform a sweep - it was far rougher than the sweep I'd had a week before, and every other VE I had to check dilation once induction was underway was nowhere near as 'physical'.

They didnt lie on my postnatal notes. Just didnt really put any information on there at all!
Not had a problem at all with my community MW (and therefore antenatal notes for DS and DC2). I luffs her <3 xxxxx

louby86 Tue 08-Nov-11 23:15:44

For the checklist of information you are supposed to receive at the booking in appointment my MW wrote that I'd received all the information during my last pregnancy.....I'm currently expecting my first baby hmm

essexmumma Tue 08-Nov-11 23:25:40

Due to some issues in labour which ended up with me having a operation to mend an internal 4 degree tear, I complained and was able to access my notes. I can honestly say that most of what had been written was untrue or fabricated or random pages removed e.g. My birth plan mysteriously had been torn out and lost. I now seen from MN that this is seemingly the norm.

Best bit is was told that my complaining would never be indicated on my notes so future admissions wouldn't know etc when I booked in with this pregnancy I saw my notes with a piece of paper stapled on saying 'these notes are under investigation - do not remove' sad

Oh my goodness this seems somewhat worrying to say the least. I am pregnant with my first baby and so far evrything has been okay with the MW et al, fingers crossed is stays this way.

hubbahubster Wed 09-Nov-11 09:34:32

One doctor wrote that my abdomen was soft and non tender when he hadn't touched me or examined me. I queried it with the consultant at my next appointment and he took it v seriously, suspended the doc in question and struck through the incorrect info, saying that my notes were a legal document and needed to be correct. He also asked if I wanted to take any further action. Bottom line - please pull this up at your next appointment, they must not think that they can continue to get away with it.

flippingstupidnickname Wed 09-Nov-11 10:20:41

Gosh, didn't realise these kind of mistakes were so rife...

I nearly made a complaint against a MW during my last pg and I'm really scared she'll be on the labour ward for this birth - there's NO WAY she's going anywhere near me or my baby.

She wrote down a temp and BP that she never took.
She didn't ask for an account of what happened (I'd lost about a mug full of blood in a gush at home) and proceeded to tell me I hadn't had a significant loss.
She then further told me that there was a woman on the ward to had had a significant loss and might lose her baby as a result (so imagine my terror that I wasn't believed).
Didn't notice that the TOCA wasn't working: it never budged from 5 even though I had several strong BH.
Kept telling me over and over that they wouldn't keep me in as I'd had no significant loss, even though I was carrying twins, and had a serious bleed. Imagine her surprise when the consultant examined me, saw a clot coming out of my cervix and decided to keep me in on bedrest!
In my notes she wrote: Reports APH at home but no evidence of this on arrival. The next time it happened I took my blood soaked PJs in with me as "evidence" grin

Overall her attitude was absolutely shocking, she was absolutely horrible. Unfortunately you get incompetent and horrible people in every walk of life. It just feels so much more significant when you're dealing with these people at a time when you feel most vulnerable sad

Mmmmcheese Wed 09-Nov-11 10:41:39

i have also experienced this, for example i was on a ward that was really noisy ans complained that the mws would talk loudly at night, bang bin lids etc and i only got 2 hours sleep. Git my notes later that day to take to a scan and they had written "patient slept well and is well rested". I didnt say anything but wish i had now.

goatshavestrangeeyes Wed 09-Nov-11 12:07:31

My notes state that i had assisted conception with dd! seems as i was only 17 at the time i doubt very much that was the case. Have told several people and nothing has been changed hmm

Marrow Wed 09-Nov-11 12:13:48

I spent a lot of time in hospital with my second pregnancy and several times my notes said I was sleeping well when I was in fact lying there in considerable pain waiting for them to do the drugs round.

My discharge notes also say that I had gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia - neither of which I had!

coolascucumber Wed 09-Nov-11 12:25:43

My birth notes for first pregnancy sounded like a school report when the midwife wrote that there had been "poor maternal effort", this was after she'd had me pushing for 3 hours with no pain relief (not even gas and air). When the doctor eventually examined me (after I begged for a caesarian) he said my son's head was in a transverse position and he wouldn't need a ventouse for delivery. I'm still pissed off 15 years later!

LadySybil Wed 09-Nov-11 12:30:16

i find these posts incredibly scary. as the consultant says, the notes are a legal document. falsifying them is a very serious matter.

ShowOfHands Wed 09-Nov-11 12:30:28

There were all sorts of inconsistencies, lies and inaccuracies in my notes with dd. Not least of which was the fact that on the delivery notes she's referred to as 'male'. <sigh>

I moved areas between dc and ds's notes are absolutely spot on.

banana87 Wed 09-Nov-11 12:33:38

Right, I am both quering this and getting a red pen out today and going through my notes, from the start! They are legal documents, if anything (god forbid) happened, courts look at these notes and if they are inaccurate then it really doesn't help things, especially in cases where MW's put down significantly less information than is true at the time. And I will also be getting DH to look at my notes every time they write in them when I am in labour.

YaMaYaMa Wed 09-Nov-11 12:37:55

I read my birth notes and wish I'd photcopied them before I gave them back to the community midwife. They were a complete work of fiction.

paddypoopants Wed 09-Nov-11 12:40:44

The pyschic fundal height measurement - it's amazing how many hp can do this. I had 2 community midwives, one of whom measured the other just made it up. Seems innocuous except it meant that I appeared to have grown 4 cms in 2 weeks resulting in blood tests, extra appointments, etc- all because one woman made up the measurement and the other wouldn't believe it.

KellyKettle Wed 09-Nov-11 12:55:51

My last NHS MW appointment age wrote "FHH" when actually she couldn't find the heartbeat with her sonicaid. She was searching for ages and eventually said "there, can you hear that?". I said no. She replied "yes, it's there, very faintly". I said I couldn't hear it and she just put it away. No actual heart rate recorded.

I wasn't too worried because I could feel baby moving but my independent midwife came over and checked for me.

I cancelled all NHS appointments after that. Completely lost faith.

CGall Wed 09-Nov-11 14:23:42

This is really frightening that this happens, because of all the recent stories about poor midwife units, this sounds like the real truth isn't getting out at all, because if courts are then reading false notes then they will believe these and what actually happens is a completely different than the notes.

I will try and remember to keep an eye on my notes when it comes to it

hawthers Wed 09-Nov-11 14:35:57

i'm anal thorough so always read my notes after appts to check what they say. its definitely worth querying/checking anything that doesn't seem to be true.

having said that my DH is a solicitor which is mentioned on the first page of my notes. seems to help keep most of the HCPs on the straight and narrow - so perhaps it might be worth lying about improving ones occupation to ensure that everything is recorded accurately.

HappyCamel Wed 09-Nov-11 14:51:35

I had a 3 hour first labour. NW would occasionally check on me, svcribble in the notes and then leave. I was supposed to be there for monitoring and they didnt believe I was in labour, apparently I dont complain enough.

Not only were my notes a total work of fiction but MW was writing in them with her back to me as I delivered DD on to the bed. Oddly that didn't make it into my notes either!

mrsrvc Wed 09-Nov-11 14:55:08

I am amazed at this thread. I sadly have had to use my pregnancy notes as a legal document in the inquest into my sons death which resulted as part of a birth accident.
There were a few discrepancies, but generally they were correct, although sometimes lacking in detail. Infact as part of the recommendations that came from the internal report at the hospital it was noted that pregnancy notes should be more detailed. It is REALLY important that the notes are correct and complete as if they are required for evidence it really is crucial.

This happened to me too. I asked for advice on here, amended my notes ( the consultant said I had agreed to an induction when I specifically had said I did not want one unless for medical reasons). My DP was at the appointment with me, so I know that I said no.

Took this up with a senior consultant at my next appointment and he took it really seriously, amended my notes and wrote 4 pages apologizing for this and other errors in my ante natal care.

So write on your notes what really happened, sign and date it and take it further

Mind you, they still lost my delivery notes and I do wonder if that's because a midwife to ally messed up my monitoring and did notcsave it to the main system, so they verybnearly missed that my Dd was in distress, resulting in an EMCS

Next time I am taking copies of my notes. Really.

Sigh, too many iPad typos to correct.

Breadrollsbuns Wed 09-Nov-11 15:26:36

I noticed last week (at 24 weeks) that my MW had ticked "No" against "Is partner the baby's father?"!!!!!

Luckily, DH took it all in good spirits and we amended the box, but I thought that was quite slack. I shall keep a look out from now on after the comments above.

banana87 Wed 09-Nov-11 15:55:55

Just as a warning, I was a private patient at the Portland with dd and it happened there too sad. This time round I am also private but in an NHS hospital. My consultant doesn't usually fabricate, but does occasionally (as in my op). I will be bringing it up with him when I see him Friday.

FirstTimeMummyToBe Wed 09-Nov-11 18:01:06

my notes say i have just left care hmm.

My partner and i bought our home over a year ago and before that rented so don't know why this is in them. It was a student midwife who did this appointment so never really thought to bring it up think i will now though.

Broodzilla Wed 09-Nov-11 19:38:42

Oh dear... I could write an essay on this...

Went to see the MW after I'd first had some contractions and then woken up with my face, hands and feet swollen. She told me off for coming in, said it's only a worry if you have high bp or protein in urine. I pointed out that I had no way of knowing if I had either without coming in. She then told me that only 1% of babies are born early, and as it was my first baby, I should be worrying about xmas shopping. She wrote on the notes that the baby wasn't engaged (she never touched me). A few hours later I had PROM and at 35+6 ended up in hospital for "monitoring", loooong story short, they didn't think I was in labour, so put me on a ward. I told them I was having regular contractions, and asked for something for the pain (I couldn't walk or stand) but was offered paracetamol. At 9 PM they told DH he'd have to go home as visiting hours were over. I was sobbing by then, so they took pity and moved us to a private room, where they left us on our own, despite DH going out to the hall several times, asking for them to check me as I was really struggling.

A couple of times a MW came to the door and said I could only get painrelief / move to the labour suite once I was ACTUALLY in labour... But again, they didn't examine me - and more upsettingly, never checked DS's heartrate. Finally it got to a point where I (thought I) desperately needed to go to the bathroom, but couldn't move. DH pulled the emergency cord to get some help, and turns our DS's head was coming out.

Amazingly (and for this I'm forever grateful) we were both physically ok... But I ended up with PTSD.

I looked through my notes while I still had them, to confirm that I didn't just FEEL neglected... Notes of the "monitoring" were accurate (but showed no mention of me asking for help, pain relief or to be assessed) in that there wasn't any... But the "labour and delivery" notes were made up afterwards as they had no idea what had happened when.

Sadly I didn't take copies, as a few months later when I was in councelling for PTSD and went in for a debriefing, all my notes had disappeared.

I have been hoping that it was just me... Am so sorry to hear how common this is.

Ilanthe Wed 09-Nov-11 19:45:44

Jeez. I read my notes after giving birth (they left them at the end of the bed and I just picked them up and read them) and they were very detailed and accurate.

I am horrified that this isn't the case everywhere.

samwellsbutt Wed 09-Nov-11 20:15:34

blimey never have had a problem with notes, some times struggle to read them but they have always been spot on. but i have always felt very lucky to live were i live as others seem to have such horror stories.

Murtette Wed 09-Nov-11 20:22:31

I haven't seen my notes from my labour with DD but I'm only 13 weeks into my second pregnancy and there have already been several errors. Due to lots of low, stabbing pain, I had an early scan during which the sonographer couldn't find one of my ovaries and the one he did find was very polycystic, nonetheless my notes say "both ovaries examined and appear healthy". I also had a call from the antenatal team today who are doing the tests following my 12 week scan to discuss my previous down's syndrome pregnancies, of which there have been none. Apparently, the MW has marked "3" in the box! As this is unusual, they called me to discuss it. Who knows what they'll come up with next.

YaMaYaMa Wed 09-Nov-11 20:29:09

I really regret not making copies of my notes after dd was born last year. I'm due again in April and I will definitely be doing it this time. The total fiction that was the account of my labour was so ridiculous that I couldnt take it in at the time.

herethereandeverywhere Wed 09-Nov-11 21:48:55

I haven't seen the full copy of my notes (yet - I've just requested them and paid £25 for the privilege shock) but the summary that they discharged me with said I had ARM (my waters broken for me) when in fact they had gone naturally. Mistakes like that don't instill confidence.

More recently I discussed my previous birth trauma with a consultant (as I was asking for a cs). I specifically mentioned that her face was scarred as a result of the forceps - he discussed this with me and referred to her scar several times. He went on to refuse a cs. When I checked my notes he's written "her daughter had a bruised face". I just felt I wasn't listened to and was fobbed off. So I wrote all over the notes correcting them. As they're my antenatal notes I'm hoping it will encourage more accuracy going forwards grin

Incidentally, someone mentioned about job titles on notes being helpful. I'm a solicitor and don't think it's helped me!

ellmum Wed 09-Nov-11 22:10:27

Broodzilla your story is pretty much identical to mine, except my DH was sent home. About an hour or so later the MW found me on the floor of the bathroom. DD was born 10 mins later. I'd never thought about the fact that babies are normally monitored in labour. My notes just say 'precipitate labour'.

pregnantmimi Thu 10-Nov-11 02:50:40

So happy seen this thread I had two cases of notes that were not true or done in a way to make me look bad. I went into hospital as worried about movements and on machine the midwife left me for 20 mins and came back said thats perfect I will come back in 5 mins to take you off machine. 1 and half hours later she hadnt come back now I know they are busy but got urine infection and thought I would wet myself called out for midwife no one came so took straps off went to the station in there of the midwife told them sorry I disconnected myself but I called out no one came and really need the toilet and midfie said only be 5 mins and hour and half they were fine. Later when home looked on notes and it says... she disconnected herself off machine before she was asked too,,, thats fine but today when midwife talked ot me she seemed bit funny I had took myself off the machine like I didnt care about baby not moving and I should have stayed on etc I told her I was on the machine for 1 hour and 40 mins and needed a wee no one came. They are just covering them selfs all the time

Broodzilla Thu 10-Nov-11 08:04:09

Ellmum shock I'm so sorry you had to go through that alone.
Yes, during labour, they should (whether this actually happens, I wouldn't know) monitor the baby's heartbeat every 10-15 minutes so that they can pick up any problems.
Did you ever have an opportunity to discuss your experience with the hospital? I can't say I found my session that helpful really, as all notes were missing and the MW who did the session wasn't even one of the ones who'd "cared" for me... but I did at least tell them to make damn sure it never happens to anyone else. That, at least, made me feel a bit better...

I am now 29 weeks pregnant with DC2 and will go and have a chat at the hospital about my experience as I'm worried I'll panic when labour starts. (Luckily I've moved...)

TeWihara Thu 10-Nov-11 08:30:20

Mine are wrong too - not on the scale of any of this though!!

Just things like the weren't moitoring me enough as they thought I wasn't really in labour so the recorded labour time is total rubbish, they also didn't write down one of the drugs I had.

With 2nd baby I took my notes from 1st baby to the booking in appointment as I assumed it would have things I'd forgotten about in. MW believed me instead of the notes very easily so I doubt I was the first one to go "hang on, that's not right". hmm

Booboostoo Thu 10-Nov-11 08:48:04

I am not at all surprised by these stories. I requested all my medical notes when we were due to move to France so that I could have a record with me and I was in for a surprise. First of all they were all mixed in, different dates, different doctocs (GPs and referrals) all jumbled together - there was no way anyone could make head or tails of the whole thing and I don't even have a complicated health history. Then there were bits missing. In some cases entire years' worth, in others consultations with specialists didn't exist at all which explains the trouble I had been having getting repeat prescriptions!

I much prefer the French system, anything you do (exams, bloods, etc) you get a copy of to keep for yourself and a copy sent to your GP. You get to see everything as standard.

oyuoyu Thu 10-Nov-11 08:56:40

My grandfather had a social worker in the final few years of his life. She completely fabricated his life story; almost none of it bore any resemblance to his actual life.

TipOfTheSlung Thu 10-Nov-11 09:01:54

I never saw my notes with dd, too much else going on but I doubt the mw wrote the awgful truth o how she treated me on them

addictediam Thu 10-Nov-11 09:21:47

I never got to see my notes after dd was born, they had been pretty accurate up unfilled then tho. Although my community midwife did wriye in big red letter on the delivery page
I have 3 issues with this
1) I was 23 so not a teen
2) I didn't refuse classes, the only one they offered I physically couldnt get to
3) and most importantly she wrote it bigger and over the top of where the consultant had written I had GBS.
You tell me which is more important missed anti-natal classes or a virus that could kill my baby?
The hospital mw crossed it out and said it was a silly thing to put on that page

notcitrus Thu 10-Nov-11 09:34:24

One advantage of being deaf and therefore sitting next to medics to look at their computer screens is I always watch what they type in and can correct it. Might be a bit harder for other people to insist on doing that!
I have a LOT of appts (currently pregnant, so MWs too) and there's simply loads of times I say something and they go 'well that's roughly this box - tick' and I have to say no, if these are all the boxes you have then this other box is better! Or 'actually, you really do need to tick 'other' and type something - let me dictate...'

MWs were actually not bad, just desperate to fill in paperwork in the quickest and simplest way, which led to some inaccuracies because I didn't fit in their tick-boxes very well. I was amused to see docs/MWs when I was in labour telling new colleagues not to bother reading my notes and just read my birth plan which had all my vital medical history in plain English bullet points at the top!

missedith01 Thu 10-Nov-11 09:44:49

This really annoys me ... in my first pregnancy a midwife insisted on recording that I was exeriencing a white discharge when in fact I was leaking amniotic fluid. Nothing I could say would persuade her and I was sent home - too depressed and tired to continue arguing. A few days later I had a full PROM and lost the baby at 20 weeks. On my third pregnancy now and they don't get much past me that I'm not happy with!

ciwi Thu 10-Nov-11 10:19:06

As a healthcare professional (not mw thankfully) i find this totally shocking, I havent had this problem yet but i read everything they write straight away. If you find false information on your notes you should challenge it, it is illegal and dangerous to purposefully falsify records especially to record fake numbers that you havent even measured. Please don't let this go undetected, your health and the health of your baby is at risk from these people (I know it's a minority of mw's btw but it is still unacceptable)
missedith sorry for your loss, I lost my 1st baby at 24 weeks due to pre eclampsia and similarly, not letting them get away with anything this time. I am getting the care I need this time round but it's not without a fight.

banana87 Thu 10-Nov-11 11:52:56

I feel like contacting panorama after reading some of the stories here. Seems its not just one NHS trust, it's many. Also seems that notes get "mysteriously lost" quite conveniently is many cases too. Makes me quite a bit more skeptical of the NHS.

Half of my previous notes were lost when I went for my 12w scan. They did tell me unprompted though, and they had been found by my 16w consulatant appt.

Catsycat Thu 10-Nov-11 15:02:02

I went to different hospitals to have DD1 and DD2 - I had been traumatised by DD1's birth, and also found some of the hospital staff absolutely foul! I paid for a copy of my notes from DD1's birth, and they were completely out of order, so as to make them almost impossible to follow, and some of the stuff written seemed bizarre. When I showed the midwife at the second hospital, she was actually laughing at some of what had been written, and said she had hoped what I had told her on the phone about my notes hadn't been true! Particularly amusing was my condition on admission to hospital "upset", and the description written following a membrane sweep "vagina is warm and moist"!!!!

I also purchased a copy of my notes from DD2's birth, as I think they are useful to refer to in future pgs. However, the postnatal section was missing - turns out the community mws must have sent it to the wrong hospital. When I asked my mw about that, and asked if they could be returned to the correct hospital, she said something vaguely dismissive about the hospital somtimes losing notes...

No-one actively made things up though - am horrified at fundal heights, BP measurements, labour notes, etc. being made up. I also always read through my notes, and would definitely challenge anything that is untrue!

PlinkertyPlonk Thu 10-Nov-11 15:16:40

I'm shocked by the stories here; it's inexcusable for health professionals to record things incorrectly.

The MW gave me my own notes to look after and bring to check-ups - are these the notes you are all referring to? Or are there separate notes kept by MW/doctors etc? I'm going to be keeping a close eye on mine from now on!

icooksocks Thu 10-Nov-11 17:24:17

In my first pregnancy my labour notes noted I had SROM (spontaneous) whereas I had my waters broken at 6cm dilated, I remember it very clearly, I know it happened. But luckily thats about the only discrepancy I have noticed. This time I'm going to be under Birmingham Womens (last 3 pregs were all in Lincolnshire) so will see if my care is any different this time.

Jeez - am 31 weeks and never thought to even check my notes. Am getting paranoid now and will be going through them this eveningg, though am somewhat comforted by the fact that community led care seems to be a bit better and that's what I'm having.

pregnantmimi Thu 10-Nov-11 18:55:56

addictiediam I know what you mean about the notes cause I had something like that its almost like they want to make out your a bad mother to be or something. I took mood stabilisers at 17 for depression Im 29 now and not been on mood stabilisers for 10 years. At the hospital had to see a mental health midwife who told me I should go on mood stabiliers after the birth told her dont need them been fine for years etc but if anything was to happen of course I would but I wanted to breastfeed and you cant on these tablets. Checked notes later and she had put, Wants to breastfeed dispite knowing the medication she is likely to be on could harm baby. Really upset me cause making me out to be a nutcase and its not even true so I complained to normal midwife and refused to be seen by her again!

lalabaloo Thu 10-Nov-11 20:00:23

My midwife ticked the box for "learning difficulties", I don't actually have learning difficulties, however she was fab otherwise and everything else correct so I am prepared to accept this was just a simple mistake and will just correct it

missedith01 Thu 10-Nov-11 21:28:47

ciwi I'm sorry to hear about your loss as well. Hope everything is fine this time around - I'm sure it will be. I found the one positive I could take from my first pregnancy was that I lost any sense of embarassment and my previous deference for the medical profession ... it made me a better patient, I think. I still respect them for the often difficult job they do, but not the extent of feeling unable to question and disagree whether necessary.

Listzilla Fri 11-Nov-11 07:46:57

My notes said that I didn't get up till 10:30 the day after DD was born because I was waiting for DH to arrive. In fact I was up at 4:30 to go to the SCBU to see DD, and was there til DH arrived. They gave out to me for walking so soon after my epidural so presumably were covering their backs by pretending that I didn't.

They also said DD was given formula 'at mother's request'. I had actually told them I wanted to breastfeed; they gave her formula in the SCBU as soon as she waw born because her blood sugar was low. They never consulted me. As it happened she was put on a glucose drip anyway, but it was too late for breastfeeding - she had decided that bottles were where food came from and refused to latch on to the breast at all.

Also, the evening after she was born, I was offered painkillers, which I refused. I was told to stop being such a martyr, that I must be in need of something given that I'd had a caesarian the previous day, and that it was silly and irresponsible to refuse pain relief. I had actually had a vaginal birth and wasn't in any pain.

These are disgusting! I had an independant midwife with dd and my antental notes atecso detailed its funny '+glucose in urine but it could be the packet of biscuits we've just shared'. I've never seen my birth notes as i transferred to hospital. Although i'm now pregnant with dc2. Discussing my emcs with dd i explained that initially they came to suggest emcs for failure to progress but within minutes dd's heart rate was 6beats per minute and alarms were going off and running with me on trolley leaving dh behind. But i remember them explaining i had no time for epidural and would have a full spinal block. My consultant said it didnt make sense as a block takes ten mins to take effect so why would they wait if dd was in such distress?! Now i'm desperate to see my notes.

With this pregnancy at my booking in appointment theres a form that goes to the health visitor, one box says 'history of post natal depression'. Ten years ago i had a termination but had a pph after, it was so traumatic i had counselling after. The midwife said i'll tick this box then. I said no, i never ever struggled after the birth of my dd. That was for a coerced abortion that nearly killed me!! She still insisted saying well maybe i should. I said no, i dont want a hv team looking at that thinking i need extra support for post natal depression that i never had thank you!

pregnantmimi Fri 11-Nov-11 10:30:06

listzilla that would have annoyed me "formula at mothers request" they are just trying to cover themself all the time to make out everything is your decision and prob think no one bothers reading notes. I got so annoyed about it yesterday I stuck post it notes on notes corrected the mistakes lol I might take them off but it made me feel better!

mrsmarzipan Fri 11-Nov-11 16:57:13

am pregnanct with dc3 at the moment and have never seen either of my previous birth records though out if interest would like to.

I did have to question them this time though as it 12 weeks they told me i had lost my immunity to rubella, I pointed out that it was amazing that they could know this as no one had taken any blood from me!
Turns out it was someone elses test results in my file, ok mistakes can happen but if I hadn't questioned it then someone else could have been exposed to it and put their baby at risk.

iggi999 Fri 11-Nov-11 17:57:15

Very minor compared to other posts, but my notes do say I'm having my 2nd child with a new partner (which might come as a shock to DH)

VivaLeBeaver Fri 11-Nov-11 18:31:47

I'm in hospital at the minute and the nurses are making stuff up. They've recorded my resp rate as 16 all afternoon when it's significantly more than that. I watched the last nurse carefully and there is no way that she made any attempt to watch what my resp rate is. I get it as 45 so a huge difference.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 11-Nov-11 18:35:38

Oh and my oxygen level was 93 according to the machine but she wrote 95.

DizzyKipper Fri 11-Nov-11 18:45:09

I need to stop looking back through this thread. Feels me with shock and disgust every time. As well as also looking over and correcting notes as necessary it's also making me think I should start to take photos of all my notes in case any go "missing" angry

This is shocking. Like thedoctorswife I also had an independent midwife and all my notes are incredibly detailed. She also s annex then in so she has a full copy in case I ever lose mine-could it be more different to the NHS???

forehead Sat 12-Nov-11 05:20:40

When i was pregnant with ds, i experienced this.
I had just given birth to ds . the midwife asked how i was. I told her that i was fine, if not a little tired.
I later checked my notes and noticed that the midwife had said that i had complained about fatigue and in her opinion i was showing signs of PND. She also noted the fact that i had PND after previous births.
The fact was that i did not complain to her and i have never had PND. To say that i was shocked is an understatement. I insisted that the midwife amend the notes and made sure that she signed the amendement.

APennyForYourThoughts Sat 12-Nov-11 05:59:55

That's nothing compared to what the Hospital Social Worker said about me:

- that I was a using drug addict (took a few drugs in my teens - 20 years ago)
- that I 'refused' to bf my DS (he was exclusively bf for 4 months)
- that My DD had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (she has a Chromosome 16 disorder, nothing to do with FAS)
- that I invented my DS choking on his food one day because I have Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy (in spite of said choking being witnessed by dietician).

It turns out that all of this was 'just [her] opinion'. Didn't stop the family courts using it against me, though.

whenwill Sat 12-Nov-11 19:25:36

I too have just made up antenatal notes in so many weird and unnecessary ways, which led to unnecessary blood tests, issues with when/how I got results of tests, saying various things were discussed when they weren't and were in fact ignored when I raised them, making up my weight without measuring, many other verbal issues with mws that have not been written down, not recording preexisting conditions that now significantly affect my daily life and when I query it saying it's normal pregnancy discomfort. Can't be bothered to put myself through writing the whole lot but just think it's a good forum for people to raise this as a real and worrying issue that affects so many lives. Things may be problems in all walks of life but tbh I know more people than not who have queries re. ante/post natal issues like this. Some stories on here are horrendous.

SausageSmuggler Sat 12-Nov-11 20:03:47

Blimey I can't believe how common this is!

Thinking back to when DS was born I think the ante natal notes were ok but post natal... I actually put in a complaint about how I was treated because I had little support establishing bfing and was made to wait hours for painkillers. I remember reading my notes which said that I had been given help feeding and DS latched on well (he didn't at all and the nursery nurses never got close enough to see). They also said that I requested painkillers a lot (well yeah because they didn't bring me them - I had to get DH to go ask for them, more than once).

I'm going to go through my new notes (20 weeks preg) with a fine tooth comb now.

tunbridge92 Thu 15-Nov-12 17:04:33

My midwife wrote that I had no symptoms yet I had sever cramps that were keeping me up in tears at night, dizziness and severe sickness. I told her I was muslim. But she decided I didn't look it so said I had no religion. She also put I am single then put my husbands details below. They also sent me to a scan at 9 weeks by mistake so the hospital thought I had a problem and I didn't. They also lost my notes and kept pestering me for them after 3 appointments. 4th appointment they found them after 20 minutes. That was yesterday. I am 16 weeks pregnant

VolumeOfACone Thu 15-Nov-12 17:34:26

Oh! Same thing happened to me Broodzilla and Ellmum!
My notes were full of mistakes and nonsense but I never thought to ask for them to be changed, I wish I had now.

stinkinseamonkey Thu 15-Nov-12 17:36:52

mine signed my drug chart for drugs they HADN'T GIVEN ME! (I know this for sure, I begged for them over 2 shifts!!! I got none of my drugs at all over that period. all signed for and present and correct on drug chart though and now I look mental when I claim I didn't have them!

DigestivesWithCheese Thu 15-Nov-12 21:58:15

I'm also in hospital at the moment & was just told by a midwife that I am being kept in because of "the bleeding". She also said "it's not the first time it's happened". I said "Do you mean the tiny bit of spotting I had this morning?" and she said "yes, the bleeding - it's the third time you've been in with it and you've been bleeding again" in a scolding kind of voice. confused I haven't a clue what she's talking about as I had some spotting at 4 weeks & nothing until now (almost 30 weeks).

The Dr told me I was staying in case the mild contractions I've been having got worse. I told the midwife that & she said "No, no" and started taking about the "pelvic loss" again! I gave up but will be interested to see what my notes say in the morning grin

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 17-Nov-12 22:52:37

Jesus! shock This thread is terrible!

Panzee Sat 17-Nov-12 23:01:17

This is disgraceful. I am a teacher and when I have meetings with parents I take notes and we both sign them at the end of the meeting. I think this should happen in medical appointments too.

Wolfiefan Sat 17-Nov-12 23:06:52

Due to my blood type I need anti d at various points. I left our county hospital and went to local birth centre after birth. Before leaving this centre I asked about anti d. They looked into it and said I'd had it. Ummm think I'd remember the needle. It transpired the anti d was signed out under my name and it said on my chart I'd had it but it was still in the fridge.
AIBU to think the person responsible should be disciplined? FWIW I believe worst case scenario is without it I would miscarry in a future pg.
<hugely pissed off with nhs emoticon>

RubyrooUK Sat 17-Nov-12 23:29:47

My birth notes with DS were largely accurate but without going into too much detail, there were some fairly major errors.

It said I was 10cm dilated but I heard someone say (as did DH) that I was still only 4cm but the baby would die if they didn't get him out as quick as possible.

Or that the midwife did not examine me internally (she did, often) against my wishes and the doctor saying "don't do that anymore".

Oh and it didn't mention the major drugs error that almost killed DS. When I followed up where the planned investigation into my care had got to, the consultant looked at my notes and was confused as all looked fine in them. When other doctors confirmed some of the issues I raised, she started another inquiry which got...oh hang on....nowhere.

My DH is still raging about it and we won't use the same hospital for DS2. I just wanted to move on from the whole experience and forget it. I don't think it was a planned decision to make cover-ups - just people editing out their errors everywhere and together it built up into a description of events that doesn't hold true.

Coolasacucumber I had 'poor maternal effort' written on my notes after I'd been pushing for 2 and a half hours with only gas and air. Ds was stuck! I'm wondering now if it means that I needed intervention rather than didn't put any welly into it? I was pissed off with that too.

NAR4 Sun 18-Nov-12 13:19:19

My midwife hasn't even put on my notes that I have PGP or Placenta Previa, even though I asked her to put them in there, last time I saw her.

I also have a few tick sheets to show risk of various things, clipped into my notes, which I have never been asked about, so she has basically ticked what she thought, including family history and whether I have varicous veins.

My husband swears it doesn't make much difference though, as he said he has never seen a midwife so much as glance through my notes when I have been in hospital giving birth. He just says as long as someone is with you to make sure they tell the midwife about any possible problems e.g. PGP, so don't open my wife's legs too wide. I'm lucky though because he is great when I am in labour.

My delivery notes from my last birth said mother requested skin to skin contact to stop. More like midwife passed my baby to my husband whilst she gave me various medications to try and control my sudden violent vomiting. In fairness to the midwife though, what else was she meant to do in that situation and chances are she could of been in trouble for taking my baby from me without my 'permission', which I clearly wasn't in a position to be giving.

stinkinseamonkey Sun 18-Nov-12 13:28:13

It does make a huge difference, I can't take my complaint about the multiple drug errors because the drug chart is all nicely signed so noone believes me... and I've heard of it happeneing to other people in the same unit since sad and I can't do anything to stop it happening

Primrose123 Sun 18-Nov-12 13:30:10

Some of these are awful.

How do you get to see your notes? My children are in their teens now. Is it too late for me to read mine?

EggsMichelle Sun 18-Nov-12 13:30:59

I'm a Nurse and know very well how to write notes, and even I didn't notice that vital information had been missed from my community MW records. It took my MW mother to question why they had done a blood test, and not documented the reason for it. MW also failed to document I had complained of swollen feet and ankles and didn't even look at them! This was a one off MW, never met her before, and hopefully she will not be doing any more of my appointments (stupid middle aged woman with pigtails does not give me confidence!)

mosschops30 Sun 18-Nov-12 13:34:59

Lots of issues with my notes which i have seen many times, i was even shown them before i left hospital (not sure if it was because i was staff or they knew theyd fucked up).

The fact that they didnt record which sutures they used is now a major point in my medical negligence claim.

I document everything as it happens, thats how i was taught to write notes

mosschops30 Sun 18-Nov-12 13:37:33

shock @ 'poor maternal effort'

What a terrible thing to write! How can that be a medical fact!

AFAIK theyre no longer allowed to write 'failure to progress' as it is a real trigger for depression in some women

stinkinseamonkey Sun 18-Nov-12 13:40:54

They're still writing that my previous CS was due to "failure to progress" in my current notes

This is shocking. Are any midwives reading this? If so, what are your thoughts?

I was treated like scum by my midwife because I was 17, scared and hadn't been with my partner for very long.

At my '12 week' scan (i was actually 20 weeks, I knew the exact day I conceived) I was told I'd got my dates wrong as the fetus was small.

At 28 weeks dd stopped moving completely. I rang my midwife, told her this and that I'd had extremely itchy legs, she dismissed me and told me to go to my GP. GP told me to go to my midwife. By the time I'd convinced her to see my I had Pre-eclampsia, she couldn't find a heartbeat and I was rushed into hospital for a c-section at 28+4.

At hospital I was scanned again, the woman found the heartbeat instantly then asked me if I wanted some more scan pictures etc, as if everything was fine.

I then got taken to a room, where a Dr told me there was serious problems and I needed a c-section right away.

Once in theatre the the people in there laughed, joked and roundly slagged me off saying 'how old is this one? About 15?' Etc. I was mortified, in shock and scared that my baby was dying.

Through my pregnancy I saw a midwife twice. One initial appointment followed by a scan weeks later, then again on the day I gave birth.

She was born weighing 1lb 11oz and was on SCBU for 12 weeks, thankfully the staff there were incredible.

I don't know mosschops, I was quite hacked off when I read that. I was exhausted before I even got to hospital and hadn't slept for a day and a half when ds was born. Contractions were constant and fecking painful and after all that pushing he wasn't moving down so they gave me a spinal block in case they had to do a cs so I couldn't feel to push while they were trying ventusr and forceps so I wouldn't be bloody surprised if I didn't put much more effort in. I was done in!

Southerncomfortd that's shit! I hope your dd is ok?

stinkinseamonkey Sun 18-Nov-12 13:57:51

sad @ SouthernComforts!

PickledFanjoCat Sun 18-Nov-12 14:00:17

Mine lied on my notes several of them said they'd checked my stitches and no one did.

They put on there that I was offered ice too for it and declined! I would have loved some ice.

In reality no one had time to give me any help apart from one charmer who complained my cubicle was untidy when I dropped my bag and was unable to pick it up.

HoleyGhost Sun 18-Nov-12 14:00:19

Lots of lies on my notes too.


PickledFanjoCat Sun 18-Nov-12 14:02:20

Ultimately I was readmitted with very serious complications which would have been avoided had I been checked!

NAR4 Sun 18-Nov-12 14:06:19

ellmum my 3rd baby was born in the hospital waiting area, after no monitoring at all, even though I had been induced.

The midwifes had called security to remove my husband from the ward when he refused to go home because visiting time was over. The midwifes had been insistant that I was not in labour and just thought I was. I gave birth on the floor with just my husband there. Even when my husband had screamed down the corridor that the head was coming out, he said a midwife looked out of the staffroom door and just went back in. A midwife coming into the hospital ready to start her shift, took me in a wheelchair up to the labour ward, where they insisted I signed a disclaimer which said I had an unexpected quick labour (it had actually been 9.5 hours since I first said I was definately in labour) before they would cut the cord and deliver the placenta.

My HV at the time was horrified when I told her and advised me to put in a formal complaint, but I am ashamed to admit I didn't. I just wanted to put the whole thing behind me and enjoy my baby.

Mosman Sun 18-Nov-12 14:09:36

You do wonder why some people stay in a profession they are surrounded by people they clearly despise.
The implications for mistakes I guess are so serious that covering them up seems the only option, it puts me right off attending a hospital unless my head was hanging off.

cyanarasamba Sun 18-Nov-12 14:16:52

My MW insisted on writing up a previous miscarriage as a "spontaneous abortion". This may have been technically correct terminology but I'd rather not have had it on my notes.

EauRouge Sun 18-Nov-12 14:18:45

These stories are shocking sad

I didn't see my notes the second time around. I dread to think what the MWs had put since one gave me a sweep without my permission and another shrugged off my tears and worries that I couldn't bond with my DD2 with a brisk 'well, you look fine to me'.

Sorry, that wasn't really about notes, I've never written all that down before blush

My dd is almost 3 now, and has some health problems, but on the whole she is very, very lucky. Thanks for asking! smile

lisad123 Sun 18-Nov-12 14:43:36

My mw guessed my baby belly size and so failed to notice that I had placental failure and loss of waters (she told me the wet knickers was normal)! Dd1 nearly died and I ended up with ECS.

MousyMouse Sun 18-Nov-12 14:45:01

with my first I had:

- hospital notes in a different name, same birthdate similar name (handheld notes were correct)
- mw invented an asthma attack (didn't have one in hosp) as reason to refuse gas&air
- only one pph was recorded, the one I had on the ward was not mentioned
- midwife dissapeared for an hour (was induced on a drip so someone should be there at all times) and during that time apparently I asked for an epidural (I didn't)
- not all meds I received were recorded

second time I corrected/added with a red pen (date+signed) and after a couple of apts everything was recorded correctly.

lisad123 Sun 18-Nov-12 14:48:41

Oh my fav was the consultant that wrote "I'm not feeling well so have asked lisad123 consultant to return to carry out ECS", which is why dd1 nearly died. What it was was that the consultant didn't agree with my medical choices sad

notnagging Sun 18-Nov-12 14:51:00

My notes say normal delivery 2 hrs no problems. I was in for 2 days!hmm

stifnstav Sun 18-Nov-12 14:58:27

When I was tested to see if I was rhesus negative, they printed off someone else's notes at my 12 week appointment and stuck them in my green notes for the Anti D injection later on in the pregnancy.

From her name, she was a different race to me and her name looks and sounds nothing like mine. Completely different NHS numbers. She was eleven years older than me. So not a mix up that you would think would slip through.

The crux of it is that she was a completely different blood group and if I hadn't read my notes, if I had had an accident needing a blood transfusion, urgh, it doesn't bear thinking about.

It took them SIXTEEN weeks to give me the correct paperwork.

At my eight week booking in appointment they gave me some paperwork relating to a four year old boy called Samuel.

When I had DS, the midwife wrote in my notes that I was lying about "supposedly" feeding the baby in the middle of the night.

The same midwife refused to tell me the name of my medication, telling me to call it "the little orange tablet" as the name was probably too difficult for me to remember. I had to insist she tell me - it was diclofenac, how difficult is that?! I have an A Level in Chemistry ffs, so its not the toughest name to remember.

Oh, I have such confidence in the NHS.

VolumeOfACone Sun 18-Nov-12 16:42:55

I don't really want to do it again. sad

If I knew I would have someone available to me, monitoring me and the baby, helping if help was needed, if I knew someone would listen to me, if I knew I could have some painkillers if I wanted some, if I knew I would feel safe... That would be different.
As it is, I don't trust that I can rely on any of those things.

VolumeOfACone Sun 18-Nov-12 16:44:53

That's not really to do with notes in general, but the errors in my notes are part of why I feel like that. It just adds to the shambolic care I feel I received in labour.

JustFabulous Sun 18-Nov-12 16:59:07

This thread is so depressing to read.

My trace went missing within hours. Midwife was a bitch. Must have realised she was really incompetent and it was a pure miracle that my DC survived and that was quite possibly because I got to see a sonographer who knew what they were doing and actually cared.

Volume - I've had three dcs and I don't remember any errors in my notes. I had good care in all my labours with caring staff who listened to me. The only error I endured in three pregnancies came from the community midwife. Trying to do a vaginal swab (and show off to the student about how quickly and casually she could do it) she missed my vagina (How??? - it was my third child and she was a MIDWIFE!!!) and tried to swab my urethra. Which hurt. A LOT.

After that she cheerily said she would be doing her couple of weeks practicing within the hospital at the time I was due to deliver. 'Won't it be nice if I get to deliver your baby' she said. Coward that I am I agreed whilst thinking 'No way are you coming anywhere near me!'

RubyrooUK Sun 18-Nov-12 18:28:11

Oh I forgot that like NAR I was told I wasn't in proper labour so my DH was set home as I lay in the ward crying from the contractions. DH was terribly upset and 10 mins after he left, the midwife monitoring me said "wow, these contractions are measuring off the scale!"

hiviolet Sun 18-Nov-12 21:04:00

I am so sad reading these stories. I am also not remotely surprised.

My postnatal care was dire. Each morning the midwife would come in and fill out a tick box chart and stick it into my notes. Things like is patient in pain, feeling depressed, feeling exhausted, etc. she ticked "NO" against all of them. Now, if she'd actually ASKED me how I was feeling, the answer would not have been no. I was a physical and emotional wreck, feeling helpless and neglected, and I went on to develop PND. I totally blame the "care" I received for that. I'm still angry about it 14 months later.

Emsyboo Sun 18-Nov-12 21:20:03

Minor errors and subjective notes are one thing but some of these seem to be terrible. I never had a problem with midwives they were great in my experience but after being admitted after delivering baby with uterine infection a doctor wrote I was having my period and no infection despite fever shakes pain and ultrasound also blood work came back with raised white blood cells = infection
I took this up with PALS patient and liaison service in hospital the senior midwives and head consultant and that doctor is only to seer in an emergency situation after a formal complaint - there were other things than just that and bad care has caused complications in this pregnancy.

I would advise you speak to the senior midwife about your concerns!

magentastardust Sun 18-Nov-12 21:22:08

My community midwife wrote that I was well on my notes as I sat down and hadn't even opened my mouth! (and I wasn't feeling that great either!)

On my first night in hospital with DC3 I had been up all night as you are , as she wouldn't settle just want cuddled and would cry every time she was put in her little glass cot next to me. I was shattered , at 4.30 am finally got her to sleep in the cot for 2 secs for the midwife to loudly open the curtain and wake her up (fair enough she was just doing her rounds it is her job) she asked me how I was doing and had the baby settled, I answered No -I hadnt managed to get any sleep yet but hey ho sort of thing! She finished , wrote up her notes and left.
Next morning I had a nosey at my notes I can't remember the exact wording but she had basically written " mum and baby both well rested and getting sleep through the night" ????

LaCiccolina Sun 18-Nov-12 21:23:02

Yep I've had this too. Apparently I'm happy for vbac.


I'd spent 30mins explaining the shite treatment as well.

I've telephoned consultat but not heard anything yet. Have anointed notes too.

mignonette Sun 18-Nov-12 21:25:29

She didn't mean your pants were the size of a 50p but rather that was the size of the wet patch. As for the rest, you need to firmly ask how they arrived at these measurements without measuring you unless they used fundal heights from your last ante natal visit based on your dates? And they shouldn't have done this....

mignonette Sun 18-Nov-12 21:28:26

CyanaraSamba No medical/nursing professional reading your notes would mistake 'spontaneous abortion' for anything other than a miscarriage. It is solely a medical term and has no moral/emotional value or judgement attached to it.

allisgood1 Fri 28-Mar-14 23:26:26

Glad I found this thread. I saw the consultant today who wrote (from previous notes obviously) that I was induced with DD2 because "maternal anxiety, reduced fetal movement". Uh, no. I was induced because the baby was on the 99th percentile for size and it was advised. Why do they lie??

wispaxmas Fri 28-Mar-14 23:39:52

I do find my MW appointments so rushed that I'm not surprised they sometimes just make stuff up. Horrible though.

When I booked in the midwife asked about my preference for place of birth and I said hospital because I wanted the option of an epidural without having to transfer. She told me I was low risk and I should consider the MLU instead, but it old her I was quite firm in my desire for a hospital birth and she wrote in my notes that I was hoping for a MLU birth!

How did you dig up this read from years ago, though? blush

allisgood1 Fri 28-Mar-14 23:44:22

It's disgusting. I searched "lie notes" to see if anyone had a similar experience! I am writing EPIDURAL in bug red letters in the front of my notes so there's no mistaking and they send me straight to consultant led. I'm also making a massive deal of it at every appointment. I will NOT let midwife agendas stop me from getting the birth i want.

LavenderFox Sat 29-Mar-14 06:41:16

This is really depressing read.... When I was a new midwife I wondered how my colleagues found the time to do it all - paperwork, proformas, incident forms etc as well as check all their patients every 15 minutes. As it turns out some don't, they just write down an impeccable record of doing so....

Being an NHS midwife is highly pressurised, and it tends to cause the good ones to leave, and the tough survivalist types just keep on going. Many of these 'supermidwives' are in quite senior positions so whistleblowing is not so simply done because you would have these people investigating themselves or their friends, essentially. Only the ones who don't keep records tend to get struck off or put on supervised practise because 'if it isn't documented, it wasn't done' and vice versa it seems, regardless of what the poor patient said....

AlwaysDancing1234 Sat 29-Mar-14 06:56:53

I don't want to bash all midwives/doctors as I have encountered several brilliant ones, it's just the odd one or two who give everyone a bad name. Following some terrible bleeds due to subchorionic haemorrhage and a hospital stay I had a routine midwife appointment. Even though I told her I was still bleeding (bled almost constantly 12-20 weeks) she actually wrote in my notes "no further bleeding". I couldn't believe this as I actually sat in the appointment and told her I was still bleeding and worried about it! When I got home I corrected it with a bright red pen and brought it up at next appointment with someone else. I was furious.

Crocodileclip Sat 29-Mar-14 07:19:32

After my booking in appointment I was referred to consultant led care. At my first appointment the consultant said she had received a letter saying that I had requested that i be put on anti depressants immediately after the birth as a preventative measure against recurring PND. In fact what I had said to the midwife was that. I wasn't against taking anti depressants againif it turned out I had PND. The consultant was surprised by the mistake she said another women had it in her notes that she had attempted to commit suicide as a teenager. When the consultant had raised it with the woman in question it turned out not to be the case.

TheGreatHunt Sat 29-Mar-14 07:23:54

My notes were all fine.

I would challenge them as they're writing them down (difficult for labour obviously)

ithoughtofitfirst Sat 29-Mar-14 07:59:49

shock at these stories!!

I, unbelievably went into labour exactly a year to the day my ds had been still born the year before. mw quickly glanced at notes and kept saying how lovely for my children to share a birthday. Was Ds excited? etc. Dh corrected her several times but she kept saying it which I obviously found distressing.
They tried to discharge me straight from labour ward despite dd being 5 weeks early and very jaundiced. I also felt horrendous - later that day it was discover I had a post-dural puncture headache. They tried to argue I couldn't have as there was no mention in my notes of an epidural. confused
I ended up back in surgery twice that week to try and fix the headache whilst dd was in special care under lights.
I was made to feel we were a huge inconvenience for not just going home. sad
I also had several errors on my postnatal notes. They had the charts mixed up for everyone on the ward. This almost led to dd getting treatment she didn't need and the poor baby beside us missing out on vital medication.
It has ended up with information attached to dd's red progress book with another child's details on them, wrong name, wrong address.
There was several other issues with my care and the cleanliness of the ward and my hv really wanted me to make a complaint but with everything going on with a new baby and my terminally ill mother dying I never got round to it. sad
I think that is why there are so many problems. Once people are home, they are too busy adjusting to life with their baby that the complaints don't get made.

alita7 Sat 29-Mar-14 12:00:59

wow this is shocking. on my booking in appointment I sat next to my midwife and could read everything and the only mistakes were silly ones in the bit about family conditions and illnesses as the box was too small and she hadn't heard of one of them so she some of what she wrote was inaccurate but it wasn't her fault.

ImBrian Sat 29-Mar-14 13:22:29

With my last dd I was bleeding during labour and my contractions had no gap in between. My midwife refused to do anything but luckily I had my friend who is also a mw there with me. She kicked off and I ended up in theatre due to an aph and possible placenta abruption. My complaints about bleeding and pain were not in my notes. Same midwife also refused to believe that my waters had broken which led there to be over 50 hours between them going and birth. Again not recorded on my notes. This time I'm getting my red pen out and my friend will be my birth partner again.

elQuintoConyo Sat 29-Mar-14 14:45:36

My notes state I had a blood transfusion immediately after ds' birth. Er.... no, I didn't. I've no idea where the fuck they got that idea from!

FoodieMum3 Sat 29-Mar-14 15:09:34

This doesn't sound like a big deal but in early labour on my dd1 I was uncomfortable all night and did not sleep at all.
I read my notes later and the midwife (who had been speaking to me alot of the night) had written that I w pas comfortable and slept all night. hmm

Nothing in comparison to the stories here though.

alita7 Sat 29-Mar-14 15:22:08

some of these errors might come from seeing lots of different women and confusing them (not an excuse)

but some of the lies are unecessary - why Say someone slept well if they didn't, it's not the midwives fault if they tried to help the situation so why not just be honest it's important, if you have slept well and then sleep all day it might indicate a problem but if you didn't sleep then they'd know why you then slept all day...

ToriaPumpkin Sat 29-Mar-14 15:59:37

There was only one stupid comment on my last lot of notes. When DS was taken away to SCBU due to low blood sugar, not feeding and not having passed meconiun the midwife wrote "Mother seems distressed at baby's absence" no shit! I'd just had a paediatric consultant grilling me about his 'normal' behaviour (he was 10 hours old) refusing to answer my questions and flouncing off with my baby!

This time a student midwife wrote in my notes that my PGP is resolved. The next two entries are from the physiotherapist and GP and relate to me being given codeine and crutches for said PGP.

Still nothing compared to some of these stories though!

wispaxmas Sat 29-Mar-14 18:10:43

I get that mistakes happen and midwives are under loads of pressure, but the thing that got me with my booking in was that it seemed the midwife was touting her own opinion about natural birth and ignoring my clearly stated wishes. Completely unacceptable. It was at booking in, there's no way she was just confusing me we another patient on a busy labour ward.

And a different community midwife ignored me telling her that my asthma had been getting progressively worse in second trimester, and waved it off as being unrelated to pregnancy even though my asthma has been perfectly controlled for years and years on my steady dose of steroids. Two days later I ended up in hospital having a major attack, and have since had my steroid dosage doubled and the asthma nurse at my GP surgery tells me that 1/3 of asthmatic women will experience worsened symptoms during pregnancy and they're supposed to be placed under consultant care. I'm happy not being under consultant care, but I do feel like the fact that my hospital is really understaffed might have effected the way in which I was dealt with. So now if I end up with breathing difficulties in labour I fully expect the midwife to look at my notes and see nothing relating to my worsening asthma and be flat out surprised!

EnlightenedOwl Sat 29-Mar-14 20:12:53

Don't forget midwives now are direct entry. That is they do not have nursing training. So there will be medical conditions they haven't heard of, they will know next to nothing of chronic conditions such as epilepsy, asthma etc (the patient will be better informed)

BoffinMum Sun 30-Mar-14 13:18:22

I've generally had good notes apart from once with DC2 when they mixed my urine sample up with someone else's and tried to admit me as an emergency with pre-eclampsia, which I didn't have. Obviously the other woman did so I made a fuss on her behalf, but even then I was treated like a slightly awkward patient!

Sweetpea86 Sun 30-Mar-14 13:40:19

This is an old post but a good one! and never even had throught of any thing like this happening how scary!

MotherOfInsomniacToddlers Sun 30-Mar-14 13:55:11

Everything on mine was wrong too, my name was spelt 5 different ways even though it is a very common name with a completely normal spelling, think of a name like Emily Smith being spelt wrong repeatedly in different ways.... My baby's name was also spelt wrong on his wrist tag which is also a very ordinary name....

Wow. I thought I was the only one! On my notes they put the reason for my EMCS with twins was 'failure to labour'. Er, no. It was 16 hours of cock ups on their parts including sending me into hypocontractions, one of the twins' heart rates going all over the shop, refusing to believe I was ready to push (when they finally condescended to check I was 10cm), THREE different ultrasound monitors not working, me being unmonitored for hours, me actually being forgotten (there was no record of me being there) for hours etc etc.

I was asked to sign, didn't, complained twice in writing, including to the trustees, and never heard a dicky bird. This when we endured a whole hour when we thought one of the twins was dead.

BoffinMum Sun 30-Mar-14 14:12:33

Bloody hell, stinking bishop. Words fail me.

Trojanhouse Sun 30-Mar-14 14:28:14

I checked my notes and realised that the midwife had stated that I had pnd and that I had previously had pnd.
I did not have pnd and this was my first child.
When I queried the midwife, she admitted that she had made a mistake.
I insisted that the records were amended and that the consultant witnessed and signed the records

duvetfan Sun 30-Mar-14 15:31:21

Sorry to hear that. I asked to get mine corrected. I had a great experience except one horrid midwife who wrote that I decided to bottle feed as I attempted to give qhim a bottle as he hadn't fed. The bottle didn't work and I breastfed for 11 months. I recently had my booking for this pregnancy and they asked if I had stitches. I replied yes for a small graze.they looked up my notes and sure enough it said small graze..so it depends who is filling them in. I am a bit bolder this time so I would challenge it. Sorry for rambling.

Blueberry234 Sun 30-Mar-14 15:48:20

My notes last time were a piece of fiction and my care this time has been so different, the midwife shows me after each entry, in fact my care this time has been amazing.

AveryJessup Sun 30-Mar-14 16:14:11

It's ironic to me that midwives are supposed to be the 'female-friendly' side of the medical profession, on your side to advocate for you and more patient-focused than the obstetricians / doctors generally. Yet as these experiences show they can be the worst for ignoring women and not listening to their needs or minimizing them.

I had a previous MMC before having my DS and the midwife who took my notes wrote that it had ended at 8 weeks, no info that it was actually a missed miscarriage that happened at almost 12 weeks and involved me being admitted via A & E overnight to the gynae ward. Cue lovely comment from a bitch of a HV after my son was born 'oh you must have not even known you were pregnant at only 8 weeks!' That was the first I heard of what the midwife had written down. I was so shocked when the HV said it to me and told her what had actually happened. She didn't even apologise. What an awful comment to make a.) she had my info wrong and upset me about what had been a traumatic event and b.) even if the pregnancy had ended at 'only' 8 weeks it would still have been a hard thing to go through.

I don't know why HCPs whose primary role is patient-facing care, people who have no other function in the healthcare system except to care for patients (unlike doctors who also do research and did not always go into medicine for the caring aspect of the job) are so disinterested in caring for their patients.

Oblomov Sun 30-Mar-14 16:20:55

My notes were nonsense and I looked at the front of the file to make sure they were mine!!
It never occurred to me to make a complaint. Too late now.

zirca Sun 30-Mar-14 16:38:54

I have to say that you have all confirmed for me why I've opted for a hospital 40min away rather than the closer 20min one. My notes from my previous birth were accurate, the staff were insanely busy but always professional, caring and helpful.

PicandMinx Sun 30-Mar-14 18:59:30

I agree with you AveryJessup. IME, some of the midwives and HV that I had the misfortune to meet in a personal and professional capacity were so jaw-droppingly cruel, heartless, cold, dismissive and so lacking in sympathy and empathy, that I began to think that only sadistic individuals decided to become HCP "with women".

It was clear to me that so many of them were not cut out to work with women. Why so many of them remained in a profession where they appeared to hate every moment is beyond me. Perhaps some of them got a thrill out of making a women beg for an epidural, or promising pain relief but having no intention of providing it.

What really upset me was the fact that not one of them would apologise, even when presented with evidence of their appalling behaviour. I resigned as a student midwife as I couldn't face going home after every shift knowing that I failed to stop the cruelty. I couldn't face the bullying. When I mentioned that perhaps we could be kinder and more caring, I was laughed out of the staff room.

OwlCapone Sun 30-Mar-14 19:03:05

This is a zombie thread that's been resurrected twice since 2011.

InkleWinkle Sun 30-Mar-14 20:14:33

Still relevant obviously though.

When I was in labour with DD2 the midwife said 'oh your notes say last time you gave birth on all fours'


allisgood1 Sun 30-Mar-14 22:18:36

I'll take a dr any day over a midwife. They seem less fussed about what pain relief you want while midwives have their own agenda funny that the "anti epidural" ones I've come across don't have children
IME of course.

When my DS was born, MW told me he was 8lb4oz.

When we had his heel pricks done, they lady said "Oh wow, that's unusual your son must be feeding very well, he's put on weight rather than lost." I asked how much he weighed she said 7lb12 hmm so i sad he had lost then, no his notes said he was born weighing 7lb8oz.
So non of us knew his actual birth weight! We only guess what she wrote down was wrong and what she said was true as it would have been unusual to gain weight. I was very annoyed.

I've since had my DSs medical records requested and they are... AWFUL. unproffessional to say the least "Teen mother just about coping" hmm cheers then I think I did damn well breastfeeding a baby that woke every hour thanks!! Nothing to do with my age. angry

frankiebuns Tue 01-Apr-14 10:02:25

My first experience was like this! I knew I got to 9cm before my body gave up in my notes it says I got to 7cm, the night before I was induced I was on the ward started having little contractions midwife felt my stomach son was sideways head down looking across me, she asked if I had had a scan recemtly I said no she shrugged and said never mind then he subsequently got stuck sideways coming out, also didnt get drugs for pain relief for 72hrs after c section, although they said they did, my birth notes were left on the side and never looked at the drip was turned up on full for 14 hours although I was having strong contractions in my back for 14hours was told to stay still as my movements made it difficult to monitor contractions, roz love it hurts! Oh and never got antibiotics after c section although it was said I got tablets for 5 days afterwards! Only thing I got was volterol once. I told one midwife I wanted to go home as id get better care at home.

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