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Reduced fetal movements at 37 weeks

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Gargula Wed 31-Mar-10 20:50:29

I am 37+4 with no. 2 and today have had massively reduced fetal movements. Up until today baby has been moving LOADS but today much much much quieter. Still feeling some movement but much less and much lighter.

I have a doppler (I know these are not always popular) and have found the baby's heartbeat no problems with a heart rate of around 140-150.

Am seeing midwife tomorrow anyway but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this?

Sazisi Wed 31-Mar-10 20:56:18

In my experience they stop moving as much for the last few weeks (due to restricted space I think?)
They also suddenly go quite still for a day just before labour starts. Was your dc1 a few weeks early?

happystarr Wed 31-Mar-10 20:56:58

Dont worry too much about it.I had similar experience with both my pregnancies.

At 37 weeks there is a lot less room inside you and therefore you will probably only feel squirming and stretching rather than proper kicks.

If you ever go long stretches with no movements at all (ie if you go a whole day without a single squirm) then I'd call your midwife straight away though.

Gargula Wed 31-Mar-10 21:01:50

Thanks Sazisi and happystarr.
Yes my DS was early - 6 weeks early in fact so I am already past when he came - so I have no experience whatsoever of this later stage.
I'm kinda hoping its not an early labour sign tho. as have a CS booked and its not for another week and a half!!

greatfiresoflondon Wed 31-Mar-10 21:02:19

If the movements have decreased, go to the hospital and get the baby monitored for a bit. There was an article in the BMJ about this the other day:


Don't want to panic you - both of my babies got much quieter towards the end of the pregnancy, and agree with other posters that in all probability theres not much to worry about - but reduced movement is sometimes the only early warning sign of a problem that you get. Midwives are more than used to reassuring worried parents. Dopplers give a snapshot of the heartbeat - you need a good half hour of CTG to reassure!

Wolfcub Wed 31-Mar-10 21:05:21

I agree with great fires and I speak from experience

I think around 37weeks baby's start to engage and do become a lot less wriggly. Also, there is a lot less space in there now so really not much room to move about. As you are seeing your Midwife tomorrow and have heard that heartbeat, try not to panic and ask her about it then.

Gargula Wed 31-Mar-10 21:09:03

greatfire and wolfcub - thanks. If the movements are still reduced tomorrow I will go to the hospital for monitoring. I know it sounds pathetic but the idea of taking my 2.5 yr old to hospital for an hour or so while i'm strapped up on a table was too much for me.
Have childcare tomorrow so will be able to go.

14hourstillbedtime Wed 31-Mar-10 21:11:03

I'm 37 weeks today with Number 2 and she is quieter than she has been (and much quieter always than her brother was - hoping, praying and generally asking the universe that that's a good thing!!!)

But, I have noticed a general decrease in strong kicks and an increase in squirminess for the last ?week or so. I'm in the States, so at this stage going every week to doc's and all looks fab re: weight gain/fundal height/heartbeat/my blood pressure/head first/amnio fluid plentiful/placenta not low-lying, etc. Maybe ask your midwife to reassure you tomorrow on the above points - I'm sure you'll feel better once thoroughly checked out?

Gargula Wed 31-Mar-10 21:11:29

x-post mycat - do you know if baby can engage in usual way if breech - my baby is heads up so thought she may not move down - unless her bum can engage??

weloveyoumisshannigan Wed 31-Mar-10 21:15:10

I agree with greatfires too. When it happened to me I was going to wait until the next day when I had a mw appointment but I decided to go in to get checked. My baby wouldn't have survived until the next day. Its not normal to have a sudden reduction in movements. Your baby will not be significantly bigger or lower in your pelvis than yesterday. Its good that the doppler is showing a good heartrate but it doesn't come close to showing the whole picture. Hopefully its nothing and he is just having a lazy day but you do need to check it out.

weloveyoumisshannigan Wed 31-Mar-10 21:18:54

Gargula, go now, seriously. My ds is 13 months and he is still suffering the effects of me sitting around waiting for my dh to come home and give me a lift because I hate the hospital car park. He would have died if I had left it overnight.

greatfiresoflondon Wed 31-Mar-10 21:19:13

Can anyone else look after the 2.5yr old? You'll probably only be in for an hour or two. If no DP then could you ask a neighbour to sit for you?

Gargula, sorry, don't know about a breech baby engaging in the same way. I'm sure a bum can engage though as babies can be born breech (I'm sure your baby will turn though, so don;t fret).

If it is a real reduction and you are really not getting any movements now then do go and get it checked out now. Really better safe than sorry.

MadScot Thu 01-Apr-10 19:13:44

Hope you went to hospital already. Reduced fetal movement is never normal and more worrying in a breech position as you are a high risk pregnancy if breech at term!!

MumNWLondon Fri 02-Apr-10 15:24:13

I am also being driven mad by this also 37 weeks - I have an anterior placenta right in the middle at the front so can only feel kicks either right at the bottom or sides - so the amount of movement I feel really depends on the baby's position - the movement right through this pregnancy had been less than my other 2 DC and some days felt nothing (I guess as baby kicking into placenta). Was on the verge of going to hospital for monitoring today but felt more movements in the last few hours so have decided its ok.

Mumsnut Fri 02-Apr-10 15:32:38

What Wolfcub said. Don't risk it. sad

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