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Share your stories of ridiculous crying and make me feel better!

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musicposy Sat 06-Mar-10 11:45:00

I am 6 weeks pregnant with a very much wanted 3rd baby after 8 years of trying and much IVF expense. So I should be skipping over daisies singing happy songs! hmm

The reality is I keep crying about how I want my normal life back (I don't, I would be devastated if this pregnancy didn't come off), and bursting into tears over stupid, stupid things.

Yesterday, I took my two girls to the ice rink where they have a skating lesson. DD1's lesson is always at a quarter to 9. I was sat upstairs in the cafe watching her down on the rink, thinking I might get a hot drink, when she starts signalling frantically for me to come down. I'm thinking "this better be good!" (because I'm an irritable cow at the moment), go down there, and she says can she have the lesson ticket now as her skating teacher has said she'll take her at a quarter to 8. Rather irrationally I say "but I wanted to come and watch your lesson at a quarter to 9, I want a drink now." DD1 says, well I have to go now, takes the lesson tickets and has her lesson. At which point I sat at the side of the rink and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed because I had wanted to watch her lesson at a quater to 9, not a quarter to 8. The other mothers were looking at me like I was a total, utter, head case, and no wonder! What a totally stupid thing to cry over. Later on I sat upstairs at the cafe and I still couldn't stop crying because my plans had been turned around.

So, come on, pregnant people. Share your stupid crying stories and make me feel better! Please tell me this is part of pregnancy and I'm not completely losing it....

moominmarvellous Sat 06-Mar-10 11:49:38

I cried after watching the live episode of Eastenders the other week....blush

For some reason I was overcome by the wonderful job they had all done in pulling off a live show!! What a fool! grin

musicposy Sat 06-Mar-10 11:52:27

lol grin that does make me feel better!

moominmarvellous Sat 06-Mar-10 12:01:26

I thought it might! It's something I'm keeping quiet about in the real world! ha ha!

PixieOnaLeaf Sat 06-Mar-10 12:16:33

I cry at everything. I cried when I saw some leaf buds on some trees the other day because Michael Jackson wouldn't be able to see them.

muddler Sat 06-Mar-10 13:08:27

With my first, I was late for work when I couldn't compose myself after seeing on breakfast news that Martin Scorsese had won his first Oscar. I have no idea why I was so upset, he just looked so little and happy. I was in pieces!
I seem to have escaped it this time, although well up a lot at daft things on telly too.

Principle Sat 06-Mar-10 13:30:40

I cried the other day because my other half was at work and I was at home, alone and wanted him here with me, Plus the sun was shinning and i wanted him to be here to enjoy the day with me. Ahh well heres to the next cry.

BalloonSlayer Sat 06-Mar-10 13:51:41

I made the effort once to take DS1 to church. Got up there and found I had mis-read the service times and the service was just finishing. The sidesman was kind but I thought a bit patronising and I felt stupid.

I went home and cried and cried and cried. After a while I thought "Why are you getting in such a state? What's the matter with you?"

I remembered I had a spare pregnancy test lying around and used it - BFP!

hmmSleep Sat 06-Mar-10 14:01:44

When pregnant, I always cry at large gatherings, carnivals, marathons, concerts, especially if everyone starts clapping together hmm. Currently 6wks pregnant so avoiding such situations.

Joolyjoolyjoo Sat 06-Mar-10 14:06:07

When I was pregnant with dd1 I watched one of those wildlife documentaries about migrating caribou, and cried so much I thought I would never stop! First I cried for the caribou when the mean old wolves were trying to hunt them. then I cried for the wolves when they failed to catch any and their cubs went hungry- it was absolutely heartbreaking! My DH was away, but phoned home about 1hr after the thing was finished, and was hugely alarmed at my level of hysteria blush

hmmSleep Sat 06-Mar-10 14:14:44

musicposy Does that mean you're due end of October, or right at the beginning of November, if November, there is an anti-natel thread here if you fancy joining us smile.

hmmSleep Sat 06-Mar-10 14:16:14

antenatal blush thought it looked odd as I typed it!

EvilTwins Sat 06-Mar-10 14:19:49

I cried at nearly every episode of Neighbours whilst on maternity leave before DTs were born. Even worse, before I left work, I cried every time something positive happened - I'm a drama teacher, so every time a child got a good grade, did something kind for another child, said something nice to me (or someone else) It was awful.

AliGrylls Sat 06-Mar-10 15:03:59

When I was pregnant with DS I read A Thousand Splendid Suns. For 4 days I cried non-stop.

I think I also cried watching the x-factor. I can't remember why but I just remember thinking "her mother must be so proud".

LaTrucha Sat 06-Mar-10 15:13:02

Last time I was pregnant, I cried because I saw an old man on TV bending down to pick up the hat that had blown off his head. It just seemed so undignified. blush

tiredfeet Sat 06-Mar-10 15:35:13

I cried at the cream egg adverts, both the one where it tries to get in a blender and fails, and the one where it catapults itself and splats blush

when i was pregnant i sat and cried and cried one morning because i couldn't find a hairband!

dp couldn't figure out what was wrong. it is funny in hindsight grin

arolf Sat 06-Mar-10 16:15:46

it would probably take me less time to list things which didn't make me cry whilst I was pregnant with DS
the worst was when 2 friends who were due after me had their babies before me, and I got the announcements when I was 40+1 - I just howled for 2 days because I was so jealous blush! then I went into labour which took my mind off things dfor the next few days

berniew Sat 06-Mar-10 16:23:45

I was hysterical after watching 'one born every minute' the other night- probably understandable. Also cried at an episode of 'Ben and Holly's little Kingdom' my son was watching- possibly not quite so...?

muminthecity Sat 06-Mar-10 16:23:53

When pregnant with DD I couldn't laugh without it turning into tears. My sister was the worst culprit as she's so funny - she'd say something hilarious and I'd laugh my head off to the point where I was almost hysterical and I'd be laughing long after everyone else has stopped and they'd all be staring at me looking scared. Then my laughter would turn to crying, not just a few tears but big, heaving sobs which could last ages blush

Bondwife Sat 06-Mar-10 17:25:54

Ok where do I start

This week (wk 34) I cried because:

UP! (yes the Pixar kids film!!!) is just about the saddest film ever when it shows you the old man and his wife's life together and then she dies. Oh I cried buckets at this.

I had to walk the dog.

the baby is sitting on a nerve and I'm not allowed to go to work.

I woke at 3.30am and couldn't get back to sleep.

my husband took a trip to the pub and came home 3 pints later (instead of having a big evening out) with the biggest ice cream sunday with all my fave flavours.

I saw my child on a scan. Then cried again when the lady scanning me told me its estimated weight now is 5lb 5oz and it won't be a small baby. A, because its all now very real and B, because its going to hurt!

after I read a baby Q&A book and realized I know nothing about having babies or how to look after them.

but the best reason I cried this week was that it was Wednesday.

Yep I've been like this since week 4, I hate hormones and the fact that you know how unreasonable/daft your being doesn't help.

FatSeal Sat 06-Mar-10 17:31:10

Crumbs this lot makes me feel a lot better! I have had crying jags every day over usually silly things, and generally feeling very low, bored and cross. Getting very fed up with being a crazy pg woman, and the look on DHs face speaks volumes "there she goes again" which makes me even crosser arg!

siamesecatwoman Sat 06-Mar-10 17:44:49

i cried over the summer when about 10 wks pg because Johnathan Trott got a century in the Ashes - I was so proud of him, and his mum was watching too - I dont follow cricket.

with all 3 of my pregnancies it used to always be washing the pots that set me off... i'd do the lot, empty the water out, then turn round and there was a rogue plate/fork/knife sat there- i'd not seen it at all...

I used to sob for ages... 1st time round i sobbed all afternoon thinking if a can forget to wash a knife how will i care for a baby!!

DH found it super amusing!!

I also cried when i didn't think i was spelling a name right that i liked for DC1... I wrote it about 4 times, every different way i thought it possible, and none looked right.... only for DH to come home and tell me i'd got it right the first time!! Hence not calling him that name if i didn't even think i could spell it right!!

Pidgin Sat 06-Mar-10 18:01:16

I just cried snottily at the bit in The Railway Children where Bobby has a surprise birthday party and she says to her mother, 'Daddy would have liked this, wouldn't he?'. To be fair I well up at that film non-pregnant but this time I had been watching for about 30 seconds before I started crying. I had to turn off before the 'Daddy, my Daddy!' bit at the end.

colie Sat 06-Mar-10 18:10:14

One born every minute. Have only managed to watch 15 minutes of one episode.

Also at the fact that Elvis died. I am nearly 40 and found out he passed away when i was about 10 but found it extremely distressing to get the news again recently. blush.

MarineIguana Sat 06-Mar-10 18:40:01

I think I would cry at Up anyway, but went to see it in the cinema during this pg, and OMG, I thought I would be escorted out, I was sobbing and gasping so much (while poor DP had to reassure DS that I was OK)

Today we were in John Lewis for baby stuff, I'm now 38 weeks and desperately needed a sit-down, so headed for where I knew there was one of those nice gliding breastfeeding chairs. I got there and some dad was sat on it daring to feed his baby! The git! I had to quickly turn round and go away so he didn't see me burst into tears that he and his selfish baby had taken MY chair. blush

pandora69 Sat 06-Mar-10 18:41:40

This thread is fab! Particularly like the one about crying because Michael Jackson wouldn't be able to see the leaves. Snort!

Today I had to walk down the main street in town with tears in my eyes because 2 opera singers were singing the song from my wedding day in aid of dementia research. I couldn't get the loose change out of my purse fast enough.

MarineIguana Sat 06-Mar-10 18:43:43

(DP has said he doesn't want me to watch One Born Every Minute because he can't cope with the crying - so I sneakily watched it during the day while he was at work. Had to turn it off, I was bawling so much I could hardly breathe.)

MummyElk Sat 06-Mar-10 18:50:48

<sob> at "Daddy, My Daddy" pidgin, you had to go and say it didn't you grin<whilst manically brushing tears away>
grin at pixie
Also find the creme egg adverts disturbingly emotional, i'm torn between "it's what he would have wanted" to "but he's someone's creme egg son, how would his mother feel"

ohnelly Sat 06-Mar-10 18:56:07

I cried at that RSPCA advert where the old dog is out in the rain chained up & they come and put a blanket on him! Poor him! sad

chainedtothedesk Sat 06-Mar-10 19:23:21

Even post pregnancy it doesn't get any better - i cried every time i saw the SMA formula ads with the little baby shoes next to the Dad's shoes.

rollerbaby Sat 06-Mar-10 19:29:54

I just wailed like a baby after pulling a saucepan lid down on my head from the top shelf in the kitchen. The dog sat on my feet to comfort me luckily.

pregnantpeppa Sat 06-Mar-10 19:52:20

34 weeks here and crying like a baby at everything. Cried for about 2 hours the other night because I watched 5 mins of One Born Every Minute, where a lady was havign a painful sweep and got hysterical about medical staff in hospital "doing things to me". Messed up my babysitting arrangements last night, booked at the wrong time so was late to where I was going and cried like mad because I was going to be late. Today in Tescos cried round the aisles as I felt tired and DH is away for the weekend and I thought what would happen if I went into premature labour (he's 4.5 hours drive away, was quite happy to let him go as only 34 weeks). Cried at work on Thursday as I missed my train and was 10 mins late for my childminder - she was very good about it and and came and dropped my DD off on her way out, but I cried on the train all the way home as well for having put her out. God, I am a mess! Now I am crying as I have gt D&V (for second time this month) and DH still away. Think I am justified in that last though, really feel ill, looking after toddler on my own and vomiting!!

thislittlesisterlola Sat 06-Mar-10 20:22:39

I've sobbed a lot this evening as I've had such a lovely day and its made me exhausted. Also dp is out tonight and I havent seen him all day and want a rest tomorrow and wont get that as there is so much washing up to do. I want him here with me for a cuddle. Also my dinner tasted disgusting

Was congratulating myself at not being tearful and hormanal until i read Pidgin's post. Crying at the idea of The Railway Children now.

Nymphadora Sat 06-Mar-10 21:04:53

Dh smells funny has been my worst so far (7 weeks)

hmmSleep Sat 06-Mar-10 21:21:03

LOL at Dh smells funny!

Hermya321 Sat 06-Mar-10 21:21:13

I kept bursting into tears on my driving course, I cried in front of most of the instrutors. Two days after that finished, I found out about LO.

One born every minute gets me, I cried when Joy and Fabio had their baby. My DH took the remote off of me when that happened. What can I say I was invested.

2andcounting Sat 06-Mar-10 21:33:30

christ alive- mall the bleedin' time!
last week at the end of my dd2's 1st birthday party- it was lovely hmm

a wee girl in my class got full marks in her mental maths test this week- i went on and on about how proud i was of her blush

we r totally skint and so dh working v. bizarre night and wk/end shifts and i cry every time he leaves the house- also telling him how much i love him and his sacrifices- even though i too work full time and he certainly never says this to me...

am constantly mortified by my crying- esp as dd1 2.8yrs, keeps asking if im okay, then rubs my arm or strokes my face- and then of course this sets me off again blush

so glad its not just me

Ariesgirl Sat 06-Mar-10 21:49:06

Oh God, I'm not even pregnant ( was just reading this thread for amusement) but now have tears in my eyes at the thought of "Daddy it's my Daddy!". And if anyone's watching Braveheart, Murn's about to be executed. And whenever I see Barney the dog in the RSPCA advert I blub like a baby "Barney loved his owner. He thought his owner loved him." sadsadsad

Nymphadora Sat 06-Mar-10 22:00:59

hmmsleep - Being pg is the only time I can smell things and I REALLY don't like it!

I cried at the help for haiti video. while I was sobbing DP said if it upsets you why are you still watching it? I replied 'because I want to know who sings what bit' and then sobbed for about 20 minutes, I cry at EVERYTHING dog food adverts, got to dance on sky 1 when akai won........... I could go on but I would be here all night (and most of tomorrow) blush

ariesgirl I cry just thinking about poor old Barney

Amapoleon Sat 06-Mar-10 22:12:28

I cried because I was craving a Macdonalds burger[enough to make you cry in itself] and thought dh hadn't got the one with mustard on it.

nattiecake Sat 06-Mar-10 22:21:34

i just cried because the men on the national lottery won the money!!
i cried earlier today because i was watching the birds out my garden and they flew away!! lol

j0807bump Sat 06-Mar-10 22:28:33

i cried the other day when DH phoned my totally uninterested 2.7DS to tell him he would be late and wouldnt beable to play trains with him that night.

HellBent Sat 06-Mar-10 22:31:17

Pixie that is the funniest thing I have read in a long time, I hope you have got over it now?

HellBent Sat 06-Mar-10 22:39:29

I once cried inconsolably for about ten minutes a few days after DS was born, after I peeled the last banana and put it in the bin and was left holding the skin! DP made me a cup of tea after he realised there wasn't something wrong with the baby. Oh how we laugh about it now!

@ mummyelk yeah - just reading that 'Daddy! My Daddy!' made me well up, too! Darn it!

I cried in big shuddery sobs for about twenty minutes last night, my own fault, I shouldn't have watched "Wendy and Lucy." It's a sad film at any time, but now DH has (tactfully) suggested I don't watch anything with dogs in until I've had this baby (EDD 24th July!) because sad stories with dogs in make me cry for ages and mournfully hug my own dog, who then looks a bit embarrassed and tries to lick my snotty, wobbly face....

I was walking along the beach today when a mum and dad walked past with a 5/6 year old daughter, who was holding a kite, with a massive grin on her face. DH gave my hand a little squeeze and that set me off. He's so excited about being a parent! I'm crying just thinking about how sweet he is! blush

spiderlight Sat 06-Mar-10 22:48:36

I'm not pregnant either, but I cried for four hours the other day (had raging PMT, in my defence) because my best friend had absent-mindedly signed off an email with 'Regards' and not put any kisses.

lilmissmummy Sat 06-Mar-10 23:07:13

I cried because my husband had a haircut and it didnt look like him.

Animal Rescue 24:7 the other morning had to be turned off as I couldnt stop crying


musicposy Sat 06-Mar-10 23:22:32

Wow, the thread has made the titles! I could cry! grin

Keep them coming, I feel soooo much better now and am loving reading them!

mamadoc Sat 06-Mar-10 23:52:29

I had to pull over when driving whilst pregnant with DD as I couldn't see due to tears streaming down my face because someone had picked Concerto de Aranjuez on desert island discs. It has no special associations at all for me but it just sounded so sad!

aleene Sun 07-Mar-10 00:31:26

This thread is hilarious!
When I was pregnant with DC2 I heard one of the classes at the school where I worked practise their song they were going to sing at their leaving service. It was so beautiful and reflective, and all about hope for the future. I was in buckets. Then the children would sing it at random moments to deliberately make me cry...they would say "is Mrs A crying yet? Shall we sing a bit more!" grin

I had a bit of a cry in the cheese aisle at Sainsbury's a couple of weeks ago (thankfully was able to recover before it was noticed!) Just thought about how lovely everything looked, with the shelves all fully stocked, and I was struck by how much choice there was.... got overwhelmed at how fortunate we all were to be living in the UK where we have such good supermarkets.
It's funny now but at the time I wondered if I needed professional help!! grin I could have understood it a bit better if it was the chocolate section.

EggyAllenPoe Sun 07-Mar-10 10:24:48

i have been tearful about....
not winning the haiku competition.
being at playgroup (it does suck though).
only 5 more months to go...

cheese aisle...well i never. It is one of the more difficult ones to get right.

xmaximumx Sun 07-Mar-10 10:35:42

Before I knew I was pregnant I had a huge breakdown at the Science Museum after I'd dragged a few friends up there to see the Wallace and Gromit exhibition only to discover that actually it was just a kids hands on thing and a complete waste of time. I was so disappointed and felt bad I'd made my friends come with me so spent about an hour bawling on a bench in the middle of the exhibition. I'm now 38 weeks and still an emotional wreck. My DP has given up on me. I cried quite hysterically when I found out mothers day was on the 14th (I'm not due till the 22nd so chances are I'll miss it). I then got all tearful when buying my mum a mothers day card, reading the cards just did me in.

TheArmadillo Sun 07-Mar-10 10:50:02

I cried for ages in the bath the other day because if I died then noone would know that my teddy (that I presume is in the attic somewhere - so close to my heart hmm) used to have 2 bows. I swore neither ds or the unborn dc would have to suffer this fate hmm

boodleboot Sun 07-Mar-10 11:23:47

i crie[d the other week whilst chopping runner beans as they smelt so glorious and fresh and alive....big hot salty tears ADDED to the flavour i like to think.....blush

i have cried soooo much lately....bloody hormones....

boodleboot - bless you, that's hilarious. Are you ok in supermarkets? (see my post above!)

Just cried with laughter at auburnlizzy's post about the cheese aisle.

Not quite pregnancy, but a couple of days after ds3 was born at home, I sobbed my socks off because the midwife had called round but dh had told her I was asleep and she'd gone away.

It's not like I needed to see her about anything - I don't even know why I was so upset.

Nymphadora Sun 07-Mar-10 14:16:19

The cheese aisle has got to win this one grin

tiredfeet Sun 07-Mar-10 14:25:32

arrgh I have just started actually crying at auburnlizzy's post about thinking the cheese aisle in the supermarket looked lovely, no idea why, I just thought it was such a lovely thing to say blush blush

FairyCakeBump Sun 07-Mar-10 16:08:57

I cried when DP ate my sweets because he thought I didn't want them, even though he went out immediately to replace them. It didn't matter, those ones weren't MINE.

Last night I cried when I had a massive craving for a McDonald's cheeseburger. When I got one, the bun was all springy and soft and the burger looked like it should have been in an advert, it was that perfect, instead of being squashed and greasy like McDonald's cheeseburgers SHOULD be.

I cried when my cat meowed at me because I felt so sad that I couldn't talk back to him in 'his' language.

I cried when I paired up a load of socks and there was one left by itself at the end. I couldn't help thinking that I'd helped all the other socks to find their perfect match and this one was pining away and I'd failed it.

EggyAllenPoe Sun 07-Mar-10 16:34:01

some socks are loners
they don't live in pairs
they hide from their owners
they lurk in dark lairs
some socks are loners
they don't live in pairs..

wendy cope

MyLifeIsChaotic Sun 07-Mar-10 16:43:00

I welled up in Marks & Spencer the other day when I looked at a lovely card that said 'Happy Mother's Day from your little boy'. Probably more so in mourning for the fact I know my dh will never be quite THAT thoughtful.

Soon after I found out i was pregnant this time, my husband was put in intensive care with swine flu complications. He was the illest person in our hospital who didn't die from it, and was unconscious for a month. Most of the time I didn't cry (I was probably too exhausted with an ill 5 year old and loopy 3 year old).

Last night, I had total melt down about compost. in front of people and everything. Hormones. Wierd.

EVye Sun 07-Mar-10 17:21:50

I frequently cry at Neighbours hmm and I once cried on the phone to a very nice lady called Joan at a call centre, when I called up to chase a bed I'd ordered for DD1.

I wanted it delivered and made before I went into hospital for an operation which was a few days later, and she was telling me there was nothing she could do. After the explaining to her why I was so upset, she spoke to her supervisor and it was delivered 2 days later

And I cried the other day because my husband came home with the wrong sort of tortillas, even though he'd gone to the supermarket and everything.

I'm guessing crying at One Born Every Minute doesn't count? That brings on paroxysms of sobbing. I'm saving hankies up for lambing week on bbc next week.

snigger Sun 07-Mar-10 17:29:34

The cheese aisle misery will live forever in my memory. grin

teaandcakeplease Sun 07-Mar-10 18:31:49

I'm not pregnant right now but with both my pregnancies pretty much anything sad could set me off or something kind or sweet - so cute films etc. In fact I had to stop watching BBC News as something always seemed to make me cry on it. Floods of tears!

You sound perfectly normal to me smile

mayte Sun 07-Mar-10 18:35:13

This is my third baby,after 14 months of trying and God forgive me i want my old life back (just my physical power) I feel so low,and down and fat and ugly...

i actually don`t even want to socialize at all and it`s my birthday on wednesday and wish that it didn`t have to happen...
I used to be so happy...please someone tell me this is hormones...i`m now 4 months pregnant!!!

EggyAllenPoe Sun 07-Mar-10 18:40:22

it is just hormones.

Dh has just said 'you women are funny things aren't you' when i told him about the Cheese Aisle. he doesn't know the half of it...

tasmaniandevilchaser Sun 07-Mar-10 18:48:39

I am loving this thread, I am not the only one!! When I was pg with dd, literally anything could set me off, but I remember one particularly gripping episode of Heir Hunters that had me sobbing for hours -

an old man had a sweetheart, then went off to war, when he got back to England, she and her family had moved away with no forwarding address. 60 yrs later, he had never married and had a photo of her on his mantlepiece. I'm starting to cry typing this blush. Technically I knew that he should have moved on, but I just couldn't stop myself.

del1 Sun 07-Mar-10 19:58:05

Thankyou so much for this thread, I have just spent the last hour wondering if I am going mad, untill I read all these comments!
I have cried most of this weekend because :-

My DH didn't put a fork on the table for me, just one for himself!!

I heard aerosmith on the radio - theme from armagedon.

I shouted at my 16 mnth old 'cause he wouldn't eat his dinner. ( he is now in bed with a temperature - how guilty do I feel)

Oh yeah - craved an icecream, but by the time I had crossed the busy road to eat it, it had melted, so threw it in the bin!! then regretted it!

Craved a ginsters pasty, so walked to the shop, came home, put it in the microwave, took it out, dropped on the floor, and dog ate it!! well annoyed !

Who invented hormones? lol

whirleywoo72 Sun 07-Mar-10 19:59:31

im 11 wks with my 4th, and i cried at bardley in eastenders, twice one of them was a repeat, i have sat and cried at jeremy kyle last week, and cried my eyes out on asda last night, my husband was horrified and thought something was wrong. lol

tethersend Sun 07-Mar-10 21:09:43

I remember crying when one of my students told me to fuck off (I work in an EBD school), and another punched him full in the face whilst shouting 'She's fucking pregnant, you prick'.

I was just so touched blush

teaandcakeplease Sun 07-Mar-10 21:17:36

grin Tethersend!

tinywelsh Mon 08-Mar-10 08:41:37

Welling up now just reading through these threads.

I've been bawling my eyes out watching BBC news this morning about the women giving birth in Africa without proper help, and seeing a lady feeding her baby with a syringe almost made me miss my bus! sad

kaffers Mon 08-Mar-10 12:16:31

Musicposy you have my complete and utter sympathy/empathy - I am 36wks and a total hormonal crybaby - yesterday morning I cried about dessert island discs when the guest talked about her parents fighting for custody of her when she was a child. This morning I have been crying on and off about the fact that my poor overworked DH wants to play football on a day I want him to come and see my Mum. Thing is I'm not unhappy in a general sense - far from it. It's just everything reduces me to tears. I don't remember if it was like this in my last pregnancy or not. I wasn't like this in the middle trimester with this pregnancy but I was in the first trimester.....Good luck - have a good cry, let it all out...

OffTheCoffee Mon 08-Mar-10 12:38:07

You're not alone - I regularly sobbed my way through Gardeners World as the plants were so lovely. There was one where Carol Klein said that some flower or other reminded her of her late mother and that provoked that proper hiccuppy, snotty crying normally only exhibited by over-tired toddlers.

millingtonsmummy Mon 08-Mar-10 12:59:08

Loving this thread, I feel so normal ... I was 36 weeks with DD1 when I cried uncontrollably in a costa coffee with DH after I spilled my hot chocolate. My rationale was this was the last time we'd ever be able to sit in a coffee shop together and I'd ruined the experience by spilling my drink! blush

whirleywoo72 Mon 08-Mar-10 14:35:12

im 11 wks with my 4th, and i cried at bardley in eastenders, twice one of them was a repeat, i have sat and cried at jeremy kyle last week, and cried my eyes out on asda last night, my husband was horrified and thought something was wrong. lol

whirleywoo72 Mon 08-Mar-10 14:41:08

im 11 wks with my 4th, and i cried at bardley in eastenders, twice one of them was a repeat, i have sat and cried at jeremy kyle last week, and cried my eyes out on asda last night, my husband was horrified and thought something was wrong. lol

BigWoo Mon 08-Mar-10 15:02:45

Being over emotional is really normal - especially in early pregnancy when you're already tired and getting used to your new physical state - I should know, TWICE I didn't even get halfway down my garden path without bursting into tears over nothing which led to me phoning into work sick!! I used to burst into tears over absolutely stupid things, and a friend of mine drove her husband to near despair when she was first pregnant, because the much-wanted pregnancy suddenly caused her to become depressed and tearful and he couldn't figure out why. Thank goodness the effect of all those hormones eventually wears off!

Thanks for the Daddy, my Daddy thing. I'm Welling up in the middle of work and having to hide behind my computer. hmm

champagneanddaisys Mon 08-Mar-10 15:34:03

im 8 weeks with dc 2, and when my dd1 is dancing along to the birthday song on cebeebies i cry my eyes out!!

I realy cant explain it, its been like this since I 1st found out... I think its because its goung to be her 1st birthday soon, but shes to young to understand!

Completly ilogical I know!

(realy have to start to control myself before she thinks shes upsetting her ridiculus mum!)

gothgirl77 Mon 08-Mar-10 15:53:25

Heh heh - 34 weeks and just moved house. Cried at nothing being right, the paint in the new place being tatty, not being able to find anything and not feeling at home yet.

Then cried at leaving an area DH and I liked for one we didn't know, worrying that we couldn't bring DC up in the countryside and feeling very homesick for the old stomping ground.

All of which would be semi-normal if the old place wasn't all of five miles away from the new one. blush

Nymphadora Mon 08-Mar-10 18:43:09

Tethersend I love the 'morals' involved in those situations-- Its not good to make a teacher cry but it is good to punch someone. I have worked with so many kids like that!

BranflakeGirl Mon 08-Mar-10 19:32:43

I cried at the end of an episode of Friends when Phoebe agreed to be her brothers surrogate...mind you, I had just been cornered by some junkie scum in my hall minutes before as I was bringing my washing in and was stressed and upset!

But on a funnier note...I sobbed at The Parent Trap (Hayley Mills NOT Linsey Loser!) cos it had a happy ending. And I cried last week cos my iPod battery died! In fact, I will randomly blub at just about anything these days!

P.S. Sorry, moominmarvellous, but the Eastenders liver episode was nothing special. The Bill have done it twice to date and done it bigger and better...mind you, The Bill has gone waaaaaay down hill in the past few years so both shows are pants!!!

ooosabeauta Mon 08-Mar-10 21:55:57

I cried at Bradley in Eastenders, then this evening at poor little boy Simon's face in the last shot of Coronation Street this evening.

I quietly sobbed at playgroup last week because the leader sang a special happy birthday song to one of the girls who'd turned two. Other mothers thought I was a loopyloo. Then I cried because my boy did the correct actions to the songs in 'ringtime'. I think the others might suspect an early midlife crisis.

glastochick Tue 09-Mar-10 10:59:54

We moved house between embryo transfer and BFP, and during unpacking I came across a picture of my old dog as a puppy who died 14 years ago. As soon as I saw it I just sat on the floor and sobbed for hours.

Thankfully I have an understanding DH who just picked me up and hugged me.

I also sobbed like a baby when I found out one of the cats had peed on the box which contained my wedding dress and had stained it, but I feel totally justified in that episode of sobbing!

birdofthenorth Tue 09-Mar-10 11:07:28

I am 17 weeks and cried this morning when a colleague offered to help me with something, which I took to mean he thought I was useless.

glastochick I think I would have cried at cat pee on my wedding dress even if I wasn't pregnant!!

bluemonkey123 Tue 09-Mar-10 15:30:09

I have just been sitting at my desk, hiding behind my computer and pretending I am really tired and think I have something in my eye...whilst taking roughly 2 and a half hours to read this thread, because i have been crying throughout!!
Not just because you all sound so lovely and have such caring DP's and DC's but also because I am not alone and do not have depression.

Anyone got a tissue?

I am almost 30 weeks with DC2 and spent yesterday evening crying as I couldn't find the 'right' colour muslins for her and didn't want DD1 to feel the baby was going to steal hers hmm

Nymphadora Tue 09-Mar-10 15:50:44

I just cried cos the cinema wouldn't let me book tickets

parkj83 Tue 09-Mar-10 15:54:37

I cried when pg with DS, during the Dreamworks film, Spirit, about a wild horse. Esp the bit where he's swimming in a pond with his future gf pony! blush

So far, 12+3 weeks pg, and I've only cried at the odd moment in films, usually Disney type films.

I felt like crying when I had my scan today, and found out I'm having one baby when I hoped I was having twins... Does that count?!

NovemberAli Tue 09-Mar-10 16:51:38

I cried last night watching the Wonder of the Solar System - it was the solar eclipse and the northern lights, so beautiful I'm welling up now thinking about it

hoopyloopycow Tue 09-Mar-10 18:03:03

wow, love this thread it`s making me realise I am quite normal!
I`ve been doing manic laughing at mildly funny things which then turns unto floods of tears!

Nymphadora Tue 09-Mar-10 18:42:08

Dh told me to confess to crying over an egg custard. It didn't taste right & I felt sorry for the second one which I couldn't eat. Dh offered to eat it & I cried.

PaperPoet Tue 09-Mar-10 19:20:13

I'm 5 weeks, and while making a food shopping list with my OH yesterday I burst into tears. Still no idea why, plus I really managed to freak him out!!

crankytwanky Tue 09-Mar-10 20:13:22

I cried like a fool the other day watching my DH play on the bed with DS.
Ds was giggling like mad, and it was just so perfect. I couldn't believe how lucky I am to have a lovely DH and two happy, healthy children.

rosesoverthedoor Tue 09-Mar-10 21:14:28

"Lambing live" is killing me. 9 weeks pregnant, my husband has banned further viewing due to tears shed!

Bumpless Tue 09-Mar-10 21:59:27

Going bananas on 2WW and this thread has had me howling with laughter! Love the cheese aisle, Michael Jackson buds and egg custard grin

Ozziegirly Wed 10-Mar-10 00:48:14

I cried when I lost the key to our shed, and DH has just been totally fine about it, said "these things happen" and was completely reasonable.

Welled up at this thread "Daddy, my Daddy"(of course, only someone with a heart of stone wouldn't well up at that) and blackcurrant's Dh and squeezing her hand.

Then all the normal things; looking at baby clothes for the first time and realising that this is actually real, the many lovely things DH has said to me recently etc.

ShowOfHands Wed 10-Mar-10 01:44:06

When pg I had several episodes.

In Sainsbo's looking at bubble bath and was overwhelmed by the choice. Forest Glade, Rose Fusions etc. I couldn't work out how I was going to choose and then how would I have a bubble bath without bubbles and how would I even look after a baby if I couldn't choose bath products? I sobbed so loudly they led me away to the café and bought tea to calm me down.

Also Sainsbo's, cried when a very old doddery bloke stood in the queue in front of me with only value soup and dog food in his basket. DH had to hold me back from adopting him.

And the film The Notebook. DH came home to find the film had finished hours ago and I was sitting in the dark sobbing like it was the end of the world.

LittlePushka Wed 10-Mar-10 02:04:34

Sobbing (admittedly with good reason) in soft play centre, before Christmas when East 17 "Stay Now" EACH TIME it came on the looped track.

Ds1 (3) said
" Mam, what's the matter with your face - its keep getting all crumpled? "

Nymphadora Wed 10-Mar-10 08:18:01

Lol at adopting the old man!

SkaterGrrrrl Wed 10-Mar-10 11:11:24

Just posted this on another thread actually but it applies here.

Watched The English Patient the other night and ended up sobbing snot into SkaterBoy's collar bawling "I - I - I - I don't want you to dieeeeee" while Kristen Scott Thomas died in the cave. hmm

Oh god, little old men break my heart. Once saw an old man drop his icecream on the pavement when I was a student, I was in bits.

bluemonkey123 Wed 10-Mar-10 13:39:49

Showofhands and SkaterGrrrrl, i have just cried at your two old men.
Can people please stop posting sad things, they are making me cry...

rotool Wed 10-Mar-10 13:54:50

when I was pregnant with DS I cried because my boiled egg wasn't runny blush

1stTimeMum2B Wed 10-Mar-10 14:08:02

I'm loving this thread!!

This morning I sobbed my heart out when 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon' came on the radio.

Last night I very nearly cried in Tescos because they didn't have the soup I wanted.

MPuppykin Wed 10-Mar-10 15:34:31

I cried today when at the buther's because the elderly lady in front of me bought one bacon rasher and one lamb chop.

mamjo Wed 10-Mar-10 16:44:29

The reasons for my melt downs today are....
There was a child on the telly that had had chicken pox.
I couldn't find my hairbrush.
I had my booking appointment. (several cries throughout the appointment)
I had to walk to work (less than a mile).
My husband just called to say that he had left work early and did I want him to clean the bathroom so I didn't have to.
The vending machine at work didn't have the cereal bar I wanted.
....and I'm sure there will be a few more by the end of the day - I am currently running at between 10 - 15 melt downs a day.

bluemonkey123 Wed 10-Mar-10 16:55:29

Corey Haim died....I loved Lost Boys sad

MPuppykin Wed 10-Mar-10 17:01:06

Cheese aisle is the definite winner. I have been crying on and off all day, and that made me giggle.

Bonners Wed 10-Mar-10 17:11:25

My DP was home from work this week and went to the trouble of making a special chili recipe in the slow cooker for me when I got home. I hadn't told him that spicy food doesn't agree with me anymore so I spent the meal holding back tears because I hated my food and was feeling sorry for myself that he hadn't anticipated it and made me something nicer. He handled it remarkably well when I finally burst into sobs but his expression told me I was being koo-koo.

Oh you guys are funny. When I was sat at home on Mat Leave feeling all hot and fat and bothered with no sign of DD putting in an appearance I did watch Waitress and bawl like a baby for hours off and on.

I can't really remember any other times. I cried when I bought a lamp for the nursery, got it home and then dropped it, breaking it, but thats justified, surely?

Ah well, DH'll be home in a minute, I'll ask him. He seems to have kept a tally of times I was emotional or hormonal hmm

Nymphadora Wed 10-Mar-10 18:53:56

I dropped my dairylea was today's strangest.
I also cried at Dr Who

wizbitwaffle Wed 17-Mar-10 20:51:33

My current melt down is due to watching Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Don't know why I put it on when I'm this hormonal but there's no other option.

Turned on just as Esmerelda started singing 'God Help the Outcasts' and that was it. What I'm going to be like when he scoops her up and saves her from the fire I don't know!!!

Show me show me on cbeebies, because it is so nice and innocent and reminds me of my childhood (?!)

The dog on the Blue Cross advert. What if he doesn't get a home? Why won't anyone take him home?

Any advert that features abuse of animals and asking for money to prevent it.

Bondwife Thu 18-Mar-10 13:31:38

Have had to stop reading the newspapers as I end up in tears everytime at the thought that people can be that evil to each other, animals and children.

Thought I would be brave and tried to read the Daily Mail website at 8am and am still crying about a burt rabbit and a starving tiger

Bondwife Thu 18-Mar-10 13:32:51

Sorry that should read burnt rabbit (not one called Burt!)

Nymphadora Thu 18-Mar-10 19:32:51

I'm havinga Dr Who cry fest blush

RaraAvis Thu 18-Mar-10 19:39:10

today i cried after setting the moses basket for the first time, then in the car we drove past a garage and there was a sign out and a little girl had written in big letters 'I LOVE MY DADDY', i'm trying not to start crying again now thinking of it! that session lasted about an hour!

gorgeousgirl Thu 18-Mar-10 19:48:45

Sahil Saeed's arrived home. So happy (tears streaming)

Pidgin Thu 18-Mar-10 19:49:00

Enjoying catching up on this thread.

I defy anyone not to cry at this, especially you dog-advert people: DH told me yesterday about a friend at work who adopted a dog from a rescue shelter. After a couple of weeks she realised she couldn't keep the dog as it was disturbed and very boisterous - a large German shepherd. But, before she took it back to the shelter, she gave it 'its dream weekend', with lovely walks and trips to the woods and nice food, so that it would have nice memories before it went back to the rescue place.

Oh, the weeping at that one. In the car, so I tried to keep it quiet and not too snotty...

kawaiiko Thu 18-Mar-10 20:18:44

Bondwife, oh that poor tiger! I was innocently browsing the guardian online and they had a picture on the bloody front page! I started welling up (in the office, naturally...) blush

I haven't been sleeping well recently (precious about how much sleep I get at the best of times) and this morning the dog woke us up at 5.30 for a wee. My dh decided to put his foot down and hope she'd go back to sleep but she is very persistent and has developed this whine that no one could sleep with. When I realised he really wasn't going - he works in the evenings so he didn't have to get up an hour later!! - I grumped and harrumphed my way outside. I knew I would be up for ages after and when I got back into bed I burst into tears.

Hopefully he will go next time...for fear of the consequences

RaraAvis Thu 18-Mar-10 20:21:50

i can't have another dog! i already have 4, most of them rescue but that story is making me want to gather up that german shepard and bring him home to my majorly overcrowded house!

I'll take the dog!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I cannot currently be held responsibe for acts of compassion/claims of being able to rehome dogs/old women or men/budgies/bearded dragons/kittens/puppies/stick insects/gas men/old soft toys that will otherwise go in the bin.

Lizwah Fri 19-Mar-10 14:59:17

My husband came home from a working week in London last night. He'd been to see Wicked at the west end and was telling me about the story.

When he got to the part about the tin man having a broken heart I burst into tears and started sobbing uncontrollably because the witch wasnt wicked and the poor tin man and everone's so mean because she was trying to be nice!

I could not stop crying and I've never even seen the musical!

shockers Fri 19-Mar-10 15:19:27

I cried in assembly this morning listening to the children sing... I was behind them but one boy looked round as I gulpedblush

Jacksmybaby Fri 19-Mar-10 17:54:55

I have just been crying over my 3 failed attempts to make a cup of tea.
First time - left teabag in cup for half an hour until completely stewed.
Second time - put new teabag in cup but then forgot to re-boil kettle so poured lukewarm water into cup over teabag.
Third time - forgot to re-fill kettle with water and put it on to boil empty.
Cue floods at my own incompetence! confused

LateForWork Fri 19-Mar-10 18:24:28

What a funny thread! In the last few days I've cried/welled up over: that poor burnt rabbit; the tigers who starved in a zoo; a letter to an agony aunt in a paper about an old woman missing her dead husband; hearing Michael Ball sing 'Love Changes Everything' on Duncan Banatyne's 'Desert Island Discs' interview on Radio Four (and I am not a fan of either Duncan Banatyne or Michael Ball!); every time I get a text from my husband; and every time I picture the moment when I've actually got a real live baby to hold (and there I go again just thinking about it...) I like to think of myself as quite a tough-minded person. I hope my normal character returns once I'm not pregnant anymore...

fififolle Fri 19-Mar-10 18:40:57

These all make me feel so much better! I was at the Trafford Centre earlier, unfortunately at the same time as hundreds of excited 6 year olds . They were there to experience the new Legoland attraction and we're chanting 'we want Lego' etc. My eyes filled up when I saw them all queued up clutching their packed lunches ready to go in. Common sense soon returned when this constant chanting was being played back through the PA system, I had to get through the sea of 6 year olds and avoid being caught on camera as they were filmng the whole thing!

daisystone Sat 20-Mar-10 08:59:31

I watched the film Knocked Up yesterday (brilliant if you haven't seen it) and cried madly at the end of that.

Then I was reading my emails and I had nice one from someone and I burst into tears and just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed for 20 minutes.

I am up one minute and down the next.

I spent the rest of the evening barking at my husband to wash up, make me a drink, get me a brownie etc etc.

Nymphadora Sat 20-Mar-10 09:10:11

I cried at sport relief bike ride last night.
Obviously at the sad bits but I sobbed for ages on one of the cycling bits. Conversation as follows

dh- why are you crying?
Me- I can't ride a bike
dh- I'll teach you
me-(sobbing more) but I don't want to...
Dh- hmm

LittleDonkin Sat 20-Mar-10 09:41:57

I was watching Marley and me yesterday and it makes me cry at the best of times but yesterday I was crying hysterically head in hands and everything! The dogs were looking at me like I was a loon one of them being a labrador which got me even more upset! My husband rang from afghanistan just as the film was finishing and by the way I was balling he thought I had just heard some really bad news. I told him I was just being stupid and had been watching a film and he guessed straight away it was Marley and me and he asked why I won t do that to myself when I am emotional as it is. I cried for the whole 10 minute phonecall!!!! and for about 20 minutes after that!!!!

beanlet Sat 20-Mar-10 10:09:20

I cried and cried with laughter reading this thread -- the unpaired sock and the cheese and the creme eggs really took the biscuit.

I, however, have to confess to crying about the fact that my own childhood toy, purple hippo, is currently living on his own in the house we can't sell, and must be terribly lonely!

Bondwife Tue 23-Mar-10 19:05:01

Today DH informed me that the woman who set fire to the bunny has been jailed for 3 months - was really happy about that and then remembered seeing the photo of it in the corner of its hutch and cried all over again.

Also cried over today:

My engagement ring no longer fitting (must be water retention) and the fact that both my wedding ring and my socks have left indents on my skin hmm

My husband being ever so manly and putting together bits for the nursery

The purple Hippo being all alone

MrsC2010 Tue 23-Mar-10 19:55:47

I cry at everything at the moment (21wks). I cried in front of my boss today, he didn't know where to look the poor chap.

Jacksmybaby Tue 23-Mar-10 19:56:36

Today I cried listening to the "different coloured houses" song from Balamory. It just struck me as really moving for some reason! hmm

ellesabe Tue 23-Mar-10 19:58:21

I cried watching the Truman show last night.

FaintlyMacabre Tue 23-Mar-10 20:01:54

Another one weeping over old men here- well in this case a picture of an old man on the side of a tin of spray polish from Tesco. The old man was lovingly polishing some wood.
The problem was, I didn't like the smell of the polish and didn't use it, but I felt so sorry for the man that I had rejected his polish that it made me cry.

This was in my first pregnancy (2.5 years ago), I am now pregnant again and if I think about the poor old man for much longer I will start crying again.

parkj83 Tue 23-Mar-10 21:22:00

Cried at backdraft yesterday, and at forest gump today...

Cried cos my dh asked me to vacuum the carpet whilst he bleached the kitchen.

Oh it goes on and on

Oh, and I cried cos DS made and brought me breakfast in bed complete with cup of tea! [warm and fuzzy emoticon]

Nymphadora Wed 24-Mar-10 11:56:09

This morning I cried cos I am so happy we are going to have baby frogs (following the week long frog orgy so it shouldn't have been a big surprise)

LittleSilver Wed 24-Mar-10 12:24:38

I cried at the Cbeebies Christmas special song when Mr Tumble is trying to get out of the television. All the others were dancing around singing and he couldn't join in!

mavies Wed 24-Mar-10 13:53:05

I cried yesterday at the gym.. there was some wildlife park /animal programme on, and they managed to keep this runt baby goat alive, and then showed pictures of it later on back with the herd, skipping and jumping around.. it was so cute....sob sob sob..

And last night I cried because I didn't even have the energy to ping a Covent Garden soup in the microwave, and DP said he would do it for me... "I am soooo pathethic..." I wailed...

i work at mcdonalds (how embarassing...) and was on window one on drive thru and i had been told about three times that the shake machine was no longer working and not to sell milkshakes. well, being pregnant and a bit dippy, you forget, but when my evil manager screamed at me in front of the whole restaurant i hastily appologised and tried to correct the order. oh god i was getting so flustered and everyone was yelling at me for taking so long and the customers looked really annoyed and the LOBBY HOSTESS had to come and sort out my mistake and so in front of everyone i started sobbing REALLY loudly and ran out. needless to say, going back for my next shift was mortifying...

RaraAvis Fri 26-Mar-10 17:56:43

aw 1preghead that sounds awful shock

i had another proper crying fit yesterday remembering farthing wood, did anyone else watch that as a kid?? i remembered the pheasants hiding becuase the beaters were coming and the other pheasant kept telling her just to stay down they'd be alright but she panicked and flew up sad sad
god that programme had me crying every week, childrens telly just isn't the same any more! wink

RaraAvis Fri 26-Mar-10 17:57:58

oh and then i called my dh a bastard cuz he used to do a bit of beating! he went to say something back but wisely just gave up!

Bondwife Fri 26-Mar-10 21:56:09

I cried yesterday when cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom I broke a wedding present. Hubby didn't make it any better by saying 'well that took 15 months longer than I thought it would' !

TheSugarPlumFairy Sat 27-Mar-10 00:10:42

i cried myself to sleep one night because i realised that my precious 4 year old Jack Russell would one day grow old and would eventually die.

I couldn't stop thinking about how much i would miss him and was visualising having a funeral for him in the garden. i had it all planned out. I decided i would put an apple tree next to his grave and even had a little speech about how he was the best dog in the world.

I was inconsolable for the whole evening. DH thought i was quite mad. In the cold light of day i think i agree with him.

MPuppykin Sat 27-Mar-10 12:09:33

I am crying because I have lost my passport and my marriage certificate and because my parents saw a picture of me taken yesterday and asked if I was really sure that i was not having twins.

Cosmosis Sat 27-Mar-10 12:26:17

I watched the episode of MASH where Radar goes home the other night, and was in pieces.

rubetube Sat 27-Mar-10 13:08:00

I stopped crying when I was about 9weeks (Last episode was because i thought we had run out of cheese)

So I was sitting here all smug about NOT being hormonal, then i started to cry - thinking, maybe there is something wrong with me!

carolondon Sat 27-Mar-10 15:09:58

I cried on oxford street when i realised i would not be able to wear all the beautiful summer clothes that are just out in the shops. Felt like a huge hideous creature. (21 weeks)

MPuppykin Sat 27-Mar-10 17:14:55

Carolondon.... I have nothing to do with the company (disclaimer) but I have just bought a beautiful white cotton dress from Bloomin Marvellous for summer. It is so pretty that I commented to DH when it arrived that I wanted to stay pregnant forever if it meant wearing such pretty dresses!

hoopyloopycow Sat 27-Mar-10 18:53:45

I cried in the book shop today when I saw the "goodbye mog" book. Noone told me mog was dead!

Nymphadora Sat 27-Mar-10 20:31:48

Dh & I were cuddling & his grin made me cry & laugh & cry & laugh & cry & laugh ....

Poor bloke had to leave the room so I could calm down

Bondwife Sun 28-Mar-10 09:13:02

Cried yesterday because I bought some books that mum used to read to us and DH read them to check that the child wouldn't be scared by them grin

yama Sun 28-Mar-10 09:44:20

The woman on Deal or No Deal on Friday had me crying when she showed a photo of her Dad who had died when she was five. Then her brother died when she was 11.

I then cried when after dealing at £37,000 her box only had £250. She was great.

ellesabe Wed 31-Mar-10 21:33:20

I cried today because a girl in my class bought me some flowers but when I put them in a vase at home the stems were too long and they went all droopy.
They just looked so miserable that I started crying and then when I tried to remedy the situation by shortening the stems, one of the flower heads snapped off completely sad

Happyeastender Thu 01-Apr-10 12:13:42

I'm crying at most of these entries! Over the last few weeks absolutely any story about a baby or something to do with a baby makes me teary... mom and baby mags are a bit of a no-no!

Happyeastender Thu 01-Apr-10 12:15:34

Oh - and don't get me started on x-factor!

BertieBotts Thu 01-Apr-10 13:07:59

I have cried at the Balamory song and I wasn't even pregnant confused I seem to be a bit over emotional at the moment. Been watching back episodes of Waterloo Road on youtube as I never watched it the first time and the episode where Jack leaves had me in floods.

nomorecake Thu 01-Apr-10 13:38:29

dh has banned me from watching the news, it was after i saw the report about the father who had taken his childrens lives to punish his ex partner/their mother. i sobbed for hours and hours. i still cant get their faces out of my mind.

i think it was the final straw as i have been crying for months, and it really upsets him to see me crying.

but i have cried practically everyday since BFP, news (haiti), films, Eastenders, documentaries (OBEM, secret millionaire in india, who needs fathers etc) This Morning (oh that poor boy who died from an asthma attack at school), telling ds off and looking at ds as he sleeps sets me off too.

last week i cried because dh is a good dad and he and ds have such a good relationship.

piesey Thu 01-Apr-10 13:57:37

I reahced the age of 22 without being particularly emotional and from then on cried at everything. Even adverts. Luckily my older sisters are all pretty much the same (they have the sxcuse of having children however). Now I'm pregnant I'm even worse (if this is possible)

I cried at Emmerdale the other day because the character who has realised he is gay beat up his guardian who had realised. His guardian then said 'do you think this is going to stop me caring about you and wanting to help you?' and that was it - floods of tears my to DH disgust (he hates Emmerdale)

Also I cry every week reading the Guardian's Family section on a Saturday. I love it! It's the 'Letter to...' bit that gets me every time..

piesey Thu 01-Apr-10 13:58:43

Apologies for the appalling typing - I was trying to eat a sandwich at the same time!

ellesabe Thu 01-Apr-10 20:25:22

The news is a killer isn't it?
When that little boy was rescued from his kidnappers there was a reporter outside their house and the front wondow was filled with 'welcome home' balloons... I couldn't help thinking how pleased his parents would be to have him back [bawl-your-eyes-out-face]

BertieBottsChocolateBeans Fri 02-Apr-10 23:00:35

Oh I just remembered another ridiculous crying incident - over Christmas, Cheryl Cole's single Fight For This Love or whatever it is called was being played a lot, and I just remember standing in the kitchen, listening to it and thinking it was really sad that she was getting divorced and obviously the love wasn't worth fighting for.

I suppose that is actually quite sad really but it was just odd as I usually don't pay the slightest bit of attention to celebrity "news" etc.

renegadesoundwave Tue 06-Apr-10 13:16:11

Songs are really setting me off at the moment.

Tim Buckley's Dream Letter slays me at the best of times but the fact it was about his regret at not seeing his (sniff) baby son (sniff) growing up (sniff) makes it worse...

porcamiseria Tue 06-Apr-10 17:00:14

that westlife song about Dads not seeing this kids, made me weep!!!!

ImaKara Wed 07-Apr-10 16:26:10

I saw Kick Ass and started blubbering. Thank goodness it was dark in the cinema. I ran to the loo promptly after the film before the lights went up to make sure the make-up wasn't all over my face (also was bursting by this time). DP laughed at me.

Also cried when I got the letter through confirming my scan date.

I best invest in waterproof make-up.

bloomingbex Thu 08-Apr-10 14:10:52

I cried this morning when "She's Like the Wind" came on my iPod. Dirty Dancing is my all time favourite film and it suddenly struck me that Patrick Swayze will never dance again sad Oh great, I've just set myself off again....

CJK1 Thu 08-Apr-10 14:23:07

Today I cried at the sea, well more specifically at some pebbles near the sea. Now I want to cry because Michael Jackson will never the sea, poor Bubbles.

missdt Thu 08-Apr-10 14:54:10

I cried yesterday because Subway was closed

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