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varicose veins & blood pooling in ankles - help??!!

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kipsonline Tue 19-Jan-10 22:15:30

Hi - does anyone else have experience of varicose veins in pregnancy leading to really bad lower leg swelling and blood pooling in ankles (severe discolouration as the blood seeps out of capillaries)???

My varicose veins have significantly worsened in this 2nd pregnancy but the new big concern is that my ankles now have a dark ring all around them where my capillaries have leaked blood. This also appears down the side of each foot and has caused me to lose sensation where the skin is most swollen and 'bruised'.

If anyone has any advice on how to contain this and whether there are any treatment options I'd be grateful! Am starting to panic as it is getting worse every day and my legs now look a real mess - and I'm not sure whether this puts me more at risk of other nasties like DVT???.... shock

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Tue 19-Jan-10 22:18:52

You really need to get this seen to. Have you seen your GP?

kipsonline Tue 19-Jan-10 22:25:31

yes - went today and they didn't really know what to do/ suggest (?!) so have referred me to the hospital - should get an appointment next week but just a bit panicked in the meantime.....

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Tue 19-Jan-10 22:46:18

A hospital referral's a good idea, you really need the vascular team to have a look at your legs. I would be inclined to pop to A&E if I were to be honest with you, pregnancy puts alot of pressure on the veins and arteries, the last thing you want is a DVT. The loss of sensation is also a concern, they may be able to do something to help ease things in A&E or they can give you some advice that will help, it should be checked though, A&E is your best bet as they can call the vascular people if they need to rather then leaving you to wait for an appointment. GP's are good but they only deal in general conditions which is why they are referring you.

Let me know how you get on. I hope all is OK.

BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny Thu 21-Jan-10 15:14:48

Hoping you are OK.

linnyhick Mon 01-Feb-10 11:03:01

hi kipsonline, just wondering how you got on with vascular app? I have what youve described but only on right leg along with vulval varicosities- v. painful,only able to stand for approx 20 mins without experiencing ++ pain. Midwife and GP advised TEDS & leg elevation,said will improve after birth. 31wks at mo- third pregnancy-leg wasn't this bad with second-symptoms then only starting at approx 34 weeks-this time 27 wks-already started mat leave as job involves being on feet all day- found too much along with running round after 5 & 8yr olds! Despite medics reassurance,still can't help being paranoid re. DVT & other vascular complications! Hoping you well otherwise & would love to hear that you have been given some positive reassurance from your apoointment-keep chin up-all worth it in the end ain't it!

kipsonline Mon 01-Feb-10 19:13:00

Hi - thanks for your messages: well, I was admitted to hospital with DVT so now on daily Heparin injections and regular checks.... Thankfully I'm now home but a bit scared about it all happening again - my legs still look a real mess and are v painful and my job involves long stretches of standing (plus running around after a 2 year old at home!) so not much chance to get my feet up as much as I'm sure I need.... but it could have been much worse so am v thankful! Hope you're doing OK too linnyhick? The joys of pregnancy hey?! x

linnyhick Tue 02-Feb-10 06:58:37

Am so sorry kipsonline! Really awful for you having to have been admitted but so glad you've been sorted! Know you can't stop fear of reoccurance, but from my experience of anti-coag team is that they monitor you really closely and with heparin doing its job I am sure you really will be fine from now on! Am off to ante-natal check on Thurs so will see what MW thinks of my leg as now wearing TEDS 24hrs- only taking off to shower-in which time blood pools into ankles as you described- can bearly put foot to floor when finished...still mulling over trying to get to see GP before then though. Hate going to see them, always feel as though wasting their time- but know should. Anyway try & enjoy rest of you're pregnancy- on a positive note I found 1st baby quite a handful- wasting precious moments worrying about trivia- but absolutely adored having DS2- Wishing you all the joy too thats on its way- take care!

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