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How much prune juice for constipation?

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IckleJess Fri 15-Jan-10 16:58:33

Am just over 17 weeks and constipation is really becoming an issue for me blush

Am eating plenty fruit/veg and drinking lots of water but nothing shifting. Munched a whole packet of fig rolls this week which is my usual emergency treatment but to no avail so have bought some prune juice today.

I am new to the world of prune juice - it looks vile but actually doesn't taste too bad. How effective is it and how much should I gulp down? Don't want to over do it and spend all day indoors tomorrow lol but I want to have enough to get things moving so to speak! Does it even work? 'Tis my last chance before heading off to pharmacy for some Lactulose.

Oh the joys of pregnany

MarineIguana Fri 15-Jan-10 17:03:02

When I have prune juice I just drink it instead of other juice-type drinks - maybe two glasses a day?

Muesli good for constipation too.

One or two glasses will get you moving and then a glass a day will smooth things along.

IckleJess Fri 15-Jan-10 20:32:33

Thanks ladies.

Well I've had 2.5 wine glasses of the stuff - well, I can pretend lol - couldn't stomach finishing the last one hence the .5!

Hopefully things will be on their way in the morning - I hope so otherwise I could be heading for divorce as DH is sick of hearing about it! I think he can cope with most pregnancy ailments but this one really is TMI ofor him

I would try the muesli, in fact I usually eat bran flakes when not pregnant but cannot stomach milk at all during this pregnancy so cereal is out I'm afraid.

Maybe TMI but popcorn works really well washed down with water. Someone recommended it to me and by that time I would have tried anything but it worked OK.

Don't forget you can always eat the bran flakes dry as a snack.

MarineIguana Fri 15-Jan-10 21:42:26

Get some really nice muesli, eg that dover cereals stuff, and make into flapjack-type snack?

MarineIguana Fri 15-Jan-10 21:42:51

Erm actually I think I mean dorset cereals

bearcrumble Fri 15-Jan-10 21:47:54

I had Lactulose prescribed in the end. Yucky, sweet stuff but did work (and not too dramatically thank God).

Joygirl78 Sat 16-Jan-10 09:53:45

i drink one small glass every morning very cold from the fridge them it doesn't taste so bad. It has totally worked for me. Just the standard long life cheaper stuff from supermarket. Not trendy expensive brand in glass bottle. That one tastes vile!

joymaker Sat 16-Jan-10 11:47:28

I find either canned prunes in their natural juice or dried prunes are most effective i.e you don't need to eat that many

IckleJess Sat 16-Jan-10 13:01:15

Ok, well at the risk of yet more TMI -

Normal service has resumed - all hail the prune juice!

Will take your advice and have a glass a day from now on, I've got the long life stuff and put it in the fridge as I decided that it had to taste better freezing cold and it is better that way.

Thanks again!

thumbwitch Sat 16-Jan-10 13:10:07

Eating a daily dose of oaty things, such as flapjacks or oat biscuits, can help enormously; dried apricots are useful "movers" too. Even an apple a day can help - lots of soluble fibre there. Stewed apple also good.

I love prune juice - I had a glass a day but had the organic fresh juice in a carton- but I;ve just looked at their website and they've stopped doing it! (was the Grove Fresh stuff) Tasted lovely too...

IckleJess I have been there too! With DS1 the constipation was really bad. By the end I was drinking a whole bottle (about 4 glasses) of prune juice, and then resorted to eating tinned prunes as well. That seemed to help a lot. For me, I could never have too much! Also, my mum-in-law is a reflexologist and she did a treatment on my feet that got things moving right away, it was amazing!

peachygirl Sat 16-Jan-10 15:45:55

Dh mixes it with apple juice it makes it a bit nicer.

I had this too in my last pregnancy. The dorset museli is really nice.

emmac3616 Mon 15-Jul-13 19:30:14

I am 18 weeks and in a similar position - had a terrible weekend, hurt to stand up straight, so went to my GP who prescribed lactulose but strongly suggested I try prune juice first. I bought some this evening - IT'S BROWN!!!! :-) Am so desperate though and don't want to take lactulose if I can avoid it, so I just necked two glasses... fingers crossed! Thank you all for this great advice.

stressbucket1 Mon 15-Jul-13 20:23:34

I found a glass first thing to be enough to get things moving before I left for work! Don't know if its because your stomach is empty then seemed to work quicker for
Me hated the taste but at least it is natural

Chickpea1983 Mon 15-Jul-13 22:25:57

I love tinned prunes and prune juice!! Always have done, so I think my body is too used to it, and no longer has the 'desired effect'! A big fresh orange apparently helps too.

Only one thing worked for me, buts it is a bit controversial!! I stopped taking Pregnacare and all constipation cleared up instantly. I was told it makes you constipated because of the iron in the tablets (I had gone over 12 weeks by that point)

ReikiMummy Mon 15-Jul-13 22:32:30

pears and custard....... (or prunes and custard...).

My Grandma's recipe and it works for me anyway! smile

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