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What is the average fetal heart rate at 38 weeks - concerned

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mummytopebs Thu 14-Jan-10 17:34:21

I am turning into a right worry wart this last couple of weeks cos my dd was born by emer section at 36 weeks due to complications and heart rate dropping. Just after re-assurance really

I am 38 weeks pregnant just been for check up and heart rate was around 130 3 days ago it was around 140-150. Is 130 still ok? The midwife said it slows towards the end but also asked 3 peoples opinions before saying it was ok. Now i am worried sick

okYa Thu 14-Jan-10 17:42:42

I seem to remember dc3's hb being around 120 towards the end of my pg and nobody was concerned!

He was a v healthy 9lb 14oz

please go back and see your mw if you are v worried....given your history with your dd's section I would expect they are keeping a closer eye on you?

try not to worry (easier said than done I know) - you need medical reassurance so call your mw

AKMD Thu 14-Jan-10 17:44:49

No idea of the answer to the actual question but if 4 people with specialist knowledge of pregnancies and babies said that it was ok, it's ok. If you are worried though, why not call your midwife and check with her on the phone, for peace of mind's sake? Hope you're feeling better

FrozenNorth Thu 14-Jan-10 17:51:00

Normal range can be anything between 120 and 180. As you say, it can slow towards the end of pregnancy especially if the baby is resting or actually asleep at the time. I had loads of CTGs at the end of my last pregnancy and the HB was in the 130s a lot of the time. Definitely no reason to worry on the basis of his/her HB. I'm a bit flummoxed as to why the mw had to check it was okay, tbh ... although maybe she was trying to reassure you about the HB by showing you that everyone agreed with her. The kind of deccels that you experienced at the end of your pregnancy are likely to be of a far greater magnitude e.g. drops to 80 bpm and below, and importantly failure to come back into the 100s during the correct interval.

FrozenNorth Thu 14-Jan-10 17:52:46

I should make myself clearer - "the kind of deccels you experienced at the end of your previous pregnancy are likely to have been of a far greater magniture". Sorry for ambiguity.

whatsthetimemrwolf Thu 14-Jan-10 20:16:54

I am 35 weeks and had an appointment with my consultant today (due ELCS in 3.5 weeks time). My babies heartbeat was 120-130. My consultant was not at all concerned by this and said a normal range was 120-160. I think if you are at all concerned you should ring your midwife tomorrow. Good luck.

homeschooler29 Thu 14-Jan-10 21:54:18

I've been having weekly CTG's and my bubba's heartbeat has been between 120 - 140 when resting and can go up to 180 when she's having a good old move around.

Am sure everything is fine but if you are worried then can you phone delivery suite or maternity unit and ask for monitoring.

I've had reduced movements this week and have had it drummed into me that if I have any worries I must phone and go up for monitoring so am going up first thing in the morning.

Hope everything goes well for you.

Emma xx

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