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Anybody else with pregnancy insomnia?

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naturalbornmum Sat 27-Dec-08 00:47:55

I'm 28 weeks and have been suffering on and off throughout this pregnancy. Is anybody else experiencing this and have you got any suggestion that might help (please! smile

I have tried baths before bed, redbush tea, relaxing, not napping in the day etc.....

titmouse Sat 27-Dec-08 06:40:27

Yes, I sympathise - I had it a lot early on and then it started returning this week (hence my 6.30 am reply lol) I am nearly 28 weeks and wondering if it is biological if you are also experiencing it.

I think the change in routine for Christmas hasn't helped at all, my eating pattern has got messed up, and my relaxation pattern too, and as a result the baby's awake/sleeping pattern has got all confused too.

I don't have any advice I'm afraid, but I am going to try very hard to get back to my pre-Christmas routine for the rest of the holidays as I am sure it will help!

hope you get more sleep soon xx

duchesse Sat 27-Dec-08 06:41:57

Apparently so, even though I'm barely pregnant enough for it to count. Was wondering where everyone was...

titmouse Sat 27-Dec-08 07:00:09

how pregnant are you duchesse? I started having sleep problems when I was about 3 weeks pg!

duchesse Sat 27-Dec-08 07:02:03

Not exactly sure, but probably about 8 weeks.

titmouse Sat 27-Dec-08 07:27:35

I didn't aleep hardly at all til about 14 weeks, then I did nothing BUT sleep for about 3 weeks - then it evened out til this week. I do hear though that some people sleep loads through the first trimester.

good luck with your pregnancy xx

naturalbornmum Sat 27-Dec-08 11:32:35

I got to sleep at 4am!!!! It does'nt help that I have a head cold. Luckily DH is great and I have'nt been up long.smile

WelliesAndPyjamas Sat 27-Dec-08 12:52:59

More sympathies. I'm 30 weeks and the main feature of this pregnancy (No. 2) is the insomnia. Apparently, it isn't uncommon... whih is scant reassurance in the early hours as I lie awake...

chockywocky Sat 27-Dec-08 13:03:52

i had it with both pregnancies, with the first i also suffered terrible itchiness (not liver related) and took piriton (from gp very safe in pregnancy) to ease itching and also helped me sleep...

2nd pregnancy no itching but insomnia so i took piriton a few times just to get a good nights sleep

both dc are fine as am i so if you get desperate maybe worth a go...

AlexandraPeppernose Sat 27-Dec-08 18:51:18

I'm 27 weeks and haven't slept properly for weeks. feel absolutely exhausted.

I didn't suffer with it at all in my first 2 pregnancies.

I find if I go to bed ages before dh I can fall asleep easily but wake at about 4.

If I go to bed at the same time or after him I don't get to sleep till 3 so its a no win situation really

naturalbornmum Sun 28-Dec-08 00:30:21


I will look into that. Thanks.smile

I'm sorry to hear that it is not just me - I have heard that is not uncommon. Thank goodness for MN - here we go again.wink

lamda Sun 28-Dec-08 08:07:48

hm. I'm only 5 weeks, and can get to sleep okay (although a little later than usual - around 1am) but then keep waking up at around 4.45 and not being able to get back to sleep. Not great, considering my ability to sleep through anything has always been one of my strong points. That said, so has been my great digestion system, and that seems to be up the pole too, if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

meep Sun 28-Dec-08 08:12:34

someone told me that a wake up at around 4am co-incides with when your baby might need to feed so your body wakes itself up copmpletely and you can't get back to sleep. hmm! Not sure if it's true but I do remember dd always waking at around 4am for a feed!

I've had it through both pregnancies (am currently 28 weeks) and tend to fall asleep fine then wake at 4am and toss and turn until around 6am when it is either time to get up for work or dd wants to get up - exhausting.

Any tiny bit of stress doesn't help either - I have been better since i am off work for 2 weeks and seem to be catching up now with all the sleep I've lost!

naturalbornmum Sun 28-Dec-08 09:46:08

I'm sending DH out to get pirition today. I got to sleep at 5am and was up at 8.30!!! hmm I don't want to carry on like this.

fgpl Sun 28-Dec-08 09:49:25

I have total sympathy for you all. I am 33 weeks and also having awful nights.
waking several times then cant get comfy, have indigestion, too hot etc. Poor dh is doing his best to be understanding but I get so cross with myself am waking him with all ythe huffing and puffing, gulping gaviscon, getting up for a wee etc.
Unfortunately the piriton isnt doing the trick anymore either.
Just want this baby here.
Had son at 37 weeks so holding the thought that this will be the same. The thouhgt of another 7 + weeks is unbearable.
Feel like an ungrateful moaning minnie but the exhaustion is really getting me down.
There. Moaning again.

jasperc163 Sun 28-Dec-08 10:47:05

Just posted on this too before i saw this thread. Got to find a solution or I am going to end up in hospital as its just killing my immune system :-(

Whats the deal with piriton?

WorzselMummage Sun 28-Dec-08 10:50:16

Piriton does work wonders

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Sun 28-Dec-08 10:51:05

ohh yes have had it bad this time and had it bad with ds..strangely with both the dds it wasnt too bad

iwantitnow Sun 28-Dec-08 11:15:40

warning piriton can have the opposite impact on some people - it keeps me awake.

tinkisabigpinksparklybauble Sun 28-Dec-08 12:15:01

i have had trouble sleeping for a while i am 38 weeks on thursday.
i started going to bed later than normal which has really helped i am much tired,

ElectraInExcelsis Sun 28-Dec-08 12:27:30

Yes, I have noticed this - I'm nearly 25 weeks and have had it for a week or two.

moosemama Sun 28-Dec-08 12:48:30

Hi tink! (waves)

Me too, have had intermittent periods of really bad insomnia all the way through with this pregnancy (am now 39+1) has been so bad over the past week or so I have been known to just sit on the side of the bed and sob with exhaustion.

Worst thing is how useless it makes me in the day, am literally too tired to do anything and I have so much to get done!

I have been told that if you stick to the same wind down routine every night eventually your body starts to recognise it and gets used to when to sleep. Unfortunately this doesn't help with the middle of the night waking which is probably the worst part.

DH remembered last night that I had this with DS1 as well and was so bad that the GP prescribed sleeping pills as I was literally going round the twist. Thing is, I refused to take the pills and continued to suffer until he was born!

Sorry, no suggestions here, just lots and lots of sympathy.

Guitargirl Sun 28-Dec-08 12:49:39

Yes, me too! I am 35 weeks and haven't slept well throughout the pregnancy. It was really bad about 6 weeks ago when I started dreading going to bed at night and now it seems to be getting bad again. Seems to be worse if I drink juice or something fizzy in the evening as I end up with heartburn then as well. Had strong Braxton Hicks last night and started getting excited that this baby could come early. Went to 42 weeks with DD and was barely sleeping at night by then.

naturalbornmum Sun 28-Dec-08 13:06:56

God it is awful isn't it. I'm am too knackered today to do much so far.sad I also feel sick and have a dodgy stomach - think I'm just really tired. DH has bought me pirition and I'm going to try and get in to a routine tonight.

Can I ask - what do you do when you can't sleep? Do you get up and do things or watch tv etc? I usually lie in bed for ages and then get up and go on MN/watch tv but last night I did some tidying - not sure if that is why I was up even longer.hmm

moosemama Sun 28-Dec-08 14:19:41

I try to avoid the tv or internet as it tends to stimulate the brain making it even harder to sleep afterwards.

I tend to go for a walk around the house, make myself a warm drink, try lying on the sofa for a bit then go back to bed when I find myself dropping off on the sofa.

Not much of a recommendation though as I haven't really found a solution that works. At least DH gets some sleep though.

mrsgboring Sun 28-Dec-08 14:32:29

I'm suffering too, though i think mine is more to do with the stress of this pg than just a pg symptom. I've also got a night waking 3yoDS.

If I am on my own, I do turn the light on and read in bed, which works for me (have always been a bit insomniac). If I'm pinned in with DH and DS one thing that helps a bit - oddly - is trying to keep your eyes open. It's very very boring trying to make yourself look at the vague outline of the lampshade on the ceiling. If you shut your eyes, your mind races more and it emphasises the fact you're not asleep.

naturalbornmum Mon 29-Dec-08 13:06:37

I hope that you all have had a better nights sleep. I fell asleep at 6/30ish and DH woke me up at 9.30 - another story. I took a pirition at 10 and it did make me feel sleepy but i did'nt get off until 2am (think it was because of sleep had earlier). Will try again tonight!!!!smile

iwanttowinamillionor2 Mon 29-Dec-08 19:56:33

naturalbornmm try taking the piriton a couple of hours before bedtime then start winding down, think nice thoughts.... sleep well!

becktay Mon 29-Dec-08 20:36:28

Hi, I've been having dreadful insomnia on and off for this pregnancy, something that has really helped is a cup of either linden blossom or lemon balm tea. Drunk v early at about 9pm or otherwise I just wake up for a wee - counterproductive!
If any one else tells me sleep deprivation is good practice for when the baby's here I'll sock them!

munteria Wed 31-Dec-08 20:19:43


So sorry to hear your woes. I too suffer from awful insomnia (now 34 weeks pregnant) which I've been told is hormone related due to the pregnancy. The doctor prescribed me antihistamines (cant remember which ones now) but said you shouldnt really take them in late pregnancy as makes the baby drowsey which is not ideal for birth (though i think that anything before 36 weeks should be fine).

My tips are:
- dont clock watch during the night (i.e. make sure there is nothing in your room with the time on it) as it only makes you more anxious about how much sleep you are not getting. what you dont know doesnt hurt so much
- no internet after 7pm (I am breaking the rule now only because I am going out in a minute and will have half a glass of champagne!)
- no drinking fluids after 7pm so you minimise having to get up in the night. if you do have to get up, then try not to turn any lights on
- make your other half sleep in the spare room (if they will!), as worrying about keeping them awake doesnt help
- catch up on sleep during the day / weekends but dont have too much during the day as it will affect your night time sleep and start a vicous circle
- leave a note pad by your bed so you can write down any thoughts that are keeping you awake, and get them out of your head
- try yoga which will make you relax. also if you wake up in the night focus your mind on your breathing. i find it helps you relax and drift off again.

i think thats it! hope it helps and good luck


JoIvor Wed 23-Mar-11 02:07:50

Hi, I'm 13 weeks at the moment, had insomnia really badly with the first baby (but then am pretty insomniac anyway) and, this time, it's even worse. It's 2am now and I have been thinking about it so much, I thought, 'right, it's time to get on Mumsnet'. And here you all are...

I may try the Piriton and have always done the hot chocolate in the middle of the night thing. I've currently got a cup of camomile tea in front of me and I did read yesterday that there's something at Neal's Yard called 'Perfect sleep' or something. I am going to hotfoot it down there.

DH had such a go at me yesterday about wandering about in the middle of the night that I'm sure that's why I woke up even earlier than usual at 1am. I went to bed at 11am - much later than usual - because I'm so tired, I often go to bed while he's cooking supper at 7/7.30, wake up to eat, have a bath and go back to bed by 9/10. Hopeless routine. I then sleep until maybe 3/4am and then sometimes am awake until P wakes up at 6.30/7. As you've said above, not good in the daytime and end up being a cranky, horrid person. Not good for anybody.

My sister (who doesn't suffer insomnia and writes for a national newspaper - ie does lots of health stories) says I should not stimulate myself and should just lie there and wait to go back to sleep. As she doesn't have insomnia, I don't think she knows how frustrating it is to just lie there. Believe me, I have tried this many times through life! I remember being awake a lot in the night as a child.

More hints and tips would be great as I really would like to get some sleep from 13 weeks...!

AlpinePony Wed 23-Mar-11 08:18:25

I was up at 3-4am most days - the worst ones I'd wake at 1am unable to get to sleep and then of course off to work in the morning. It's just practice though! wink

pootros Wed 23-Mar-11 08:35:37

Yes! I'm 32 weeks and have been up since 5am researching

reusable nappy incentive schemes: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.babykind.co.uk/incentiveschemes.htm

facebook , and how to stop the council building on our heath ( preserve talbot heath, poole)

Magnesium , and how to stop the spasms that have just begin happening at odd times.

and some of the royal college of obstetricians guidelines:

and youtube: absolutely brilliant hair tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/lilithedarkmoon

any jobs I actually NEED to do thus skillfully averted.
xxx work's gonna be interesting today...

pootros Wed 23-Mar-11 08:37:09

PS, if you REALLY want to sleep, try these wink xxx


Lulumush Sun 20-May-12 04:00:34

Just googled insomnia at 26 weeks and this popped up. I thought it was just me worrying about stuff but I've been awake from midnight til gone 4am for the last five nights and I am run down, got a cold and feel like death. I am not managing to sleep in the day either which is a killer sad
In the end I got up, made myself some toast with strawberry jam and a cup
of mint tea. Praying I get some sleep soon.

notthe9oclocknews Fri 07-Dec-12 01:25:15

Hello all - thanks for these messages! I'm 33 weeks pregnancy with no.2 and had preg insomnia for last few weeks. Was up all night last night then had really hectic day and still can't sleep so tonight had an awful panic attack. Has made me feel really rubbish about myself sad Anyway nice to know am not the only one!

DublinMammy Fri 07-Dec-12 03:50:54

Morning, notthe, you are not alone, am 37 wks with number 2 and have managed 2 hours so far tonight......

Notmyidea Fri 07-Dec-12 07:25:02

I'm finding I can't get back to sleep after getting up for a wee. A combination of nap and later bedtime is suiting me better at the moment. All good training for when beanie gets here.

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