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any advice on what pram to buy?

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babyc Fri 26-Dec-08 18:30:49

First baby and I have no idea where to start! Ideally we would like something that is a pram and car seat, and where the baby faces the person pushing - but there are so many variations, some seem to do everything and can face front, back and go right up to age 4. It is unlikely we will have another baby so we would like to just get one pram to see us through until baby doesn't need it - is this possible?
We live in a first floor flat, so it needs to be lightweight enough to do stairs, and I'm really short whilst dh is well over 6foot, so do any prams come with adjustable handles?
Long list of requirements I know, but any advice would be welcome. Thanks

ilovelovemydog Fri 26-Dec-08 18:33:47


Both are adpatable with a Maxi Cosi car seat, although you really don't want your baby to be in the car seat for longer than necessarty...

MatNanPlusTINSEL Fri 26-Dec-08 18:37:39

bugaboo chameleon with the carry cot or the bee.

pushchair Fri 26-Dec-08 18:38:40

Oooh you will get so much advice. You really need to try different ones out. Do not go too light. Little babies will rattle around in a very lightweight pushchair. Do not get heavy because at 2 a toddler is a lump to push up hills. I do not approve of a baby in a car seat for long periods myself. IMO a baby should lay flat in a carrycot type thing.
I like prams with carrycots like an M&P. The trendy one is the Bugaboo Cameleon of course-expensive.
Or you could consider something like a Pramette from M&P or a Silver Cross equivalent.
Or a pushchair which rear faces for younger babies and then can face forward for toddlers.

tinkisabigpinksparklybauble Fri 26-Dec-08 18:47:29

i would say quinny buzz we have just bought a new one to use for dd2 looks great and handles well. we are planning on using maxi cosi car seat on the frame can have it facing towards you or away.
the frame work isnt 2 heavy and pushes really easily and well
the seats that you get for it look great 2

cece Fri 26-Dec-08 18:47:44

My advise would be to buy a second hand one cheaply for the first few months and then spalsh out on something like a Maclaren Quest when the baby is old enough. Spend your money on the one you will use for several years rather than the one you will use for just a few months...

I would say Bugaboo too. The best one is the Cameleon, but you can get a frog second hand for about £220 on ebay, which is the same but doesnt have the adjustable handle. If you keep an eye on ebay you can get bargain Cameleons sometimes, but if you are looking for new then its very expensive. The Bee is suitable from birth with the baby nest, and would cost about £400 for everything, again you can buy cheaper on ebay.

NiceShoes Fri 26-Dec-08 19:05:17

bugaboo cameleon but avoid quinny buzz heavy & hard to manoeuvre,loola heavy and clunky

cece Fri 26-Dec-08 19:26:39

Blimey they're expensive! Been a while since I went buggy shopping. I thought £150 was a lot to spend on one! I think I may be in for a shock when I finally get around to going to look at them in the shops this time around...

cece Fri 26-Dec-08 19:30:04

I would also think of what sort of ways will you use it?

in and out of car
lots of cross country walking
steps to go up and down into house
storage in house

that sort of thing, then decide.

IMO those bugaboo seem very big. I use my car a lot so I will be looking for something small, lightweight and also easy to put up and down with one hand. I think I will probably go for some sort of stroller this time. With my first I bought one of those travel systems... far to big and unweildy for putting in and out of car. Also filled my tiny living room when in the house!

horsemadgal Fri 26-Dec-08 20:46:26

Bugaboo Cameleon, or Bugaboo Bee if you need to fold often.

flockwallpaper Fri 26-Dec-08 21:31:12

I think these expensive travel systems are a bit of a con to be honest. I bought a second hand quinny buzz plus a new car seat and easy base to go with it. Although we thought we would be slotting the car seat in the quinny frame to transport our son when he was tiny, we didn't do this much in practice because once we had him we decided we wanted him to lie flat whenever possible.

Once my son was 5 months old, I sold the quinny and bought a new maclaren techno xt, which I love. My husband and I are tall and it works well, the handle height adjusts. The XT is suitable from birth as it reclines flat, and I think in hindsight it would have been fine from birth with a sheepskin buggy liner to make it more comfortable.

NiceShoes Fri 26-Dec-08 22:08:18

i think maclaren are bone rattling shopping trolleys no way id put newborn in one.they look slumped

WalkingInAWonderStuffingLand Fri 26-Dec-08 22:15:57

I loved my Silver Cross 3D when dd was tiny, is much cheaper than a quinny or a buzz, but after 4 months would have liked to have had her sat up rear facing, but by 6mo you will want a mclaren, much lighter and easier. That said now the weather has got cold we have gone back to the SC as it is more snuggly. DO check that your chosen buggy fits in the boot, we were going to go with the mothercare system, but it didn't fit in our car. Travel systems are bulky and heavy

WalkingInAWonderStuffingLand Fri 26-Dec-08 22:17:34

I think you will find that despite there being hundreds on the market the perfect pram doesn't exist grin

NiceShoes Fri 26-Dec-08 22:44:32

take a stroll to any pramaholic hun i just bought my 86th pram phlegm yellow fuckaboo.those huns just keep looking and swopping

babyc Sat 27-Dec-08 00:14:31

thanks for the advice, I will check out the ones you have suggested.
I will be in and out of the car, but also hope to be able to walk quite a bit (although not cross country!)and stairs are the major issue - as well as price!
I don't intend to leave baby in a car seat for long, but think it would be handy when we're out and about in the car if it can just clip on to a frame for short walks.

lisad123 Sat 27-Dec-08 00:23:16

bugaboo tbh. I know £££ but cheaper 2nds hand. They really last and i love the fact my LO faces me, is easy on rought ground, light.

I wouldnt recommend a quinny, as they have a habit of tipping when going off curb (could just be me though blush )

Frogs are cheaper and lighter, but dont have handle adjustment, which is a pita if you and dh are big difference in hight!

dan39 Sat 27-Dec-08 02:14:12

If you are prepared to spend lots (like bugaboo )take a look at Stokke Xplory too - good re height and direction adjustment but they also have a really clever stairs feature where wheels all go together...hard to describe, but strongly suggest looking/trying.

nappyaddict Sat 27-Dec-08 02:20:11

I like to have at least one big sturdy pram for walking and one lightweight pram for public transport and chucking in the back of the car for short trips out.

My favourites are

traxx ecuador, mutsy 4 rider or light rider as it is sometimes called, any of the teutonia pushchairs, mamas and papas skate, m&p joolz, gesslein f2, gesslein future, gesslein vision s, mothercare maiu, bebecar ip-op, bebecar vector, mia moda allegria, mia moda atmosferra, petite star whirl, petite star dot, luna, bugaboo bee, jane carrera, jane solo.

nappyaddict Sat 27-Dec-08 02:27:58

also the cosatto venture.

MatNanPlusTINSEL Sat 27-Dec-08 12:27:30

Xplory is good but the carry cot isn't very long, it is a good pram for walking and public transport

Like the Bugaboos it isn't small when folded and unlike the Bugaboos it has very little shopping space especially for heavy or bulky items.

horsemadgal Sat 27-Dec-08 12:36:38

Agree with WIAWSL, there's no perfect buggy.
Get to Mothercare or other big pram shop and try them all out.
Fold them, unfold them, try them in your car boot. Try lifting them yourself in and out of boot also and anything else you can think of.

Another bugaboo fan here, having had many many prams on the hunt for the perect one, bug cam is as close as I could get.

I really do think that most people also get a lightweight umbrella fold when the little one gets a bit bigger but there is no way I would EVER put a newborn in one, even though you will see tiny babies in those awful grey XT's everywhere.

It really does come down to what you need and the big 'proper pram' types will be bulky, hard upstairs and in and out of the car. I can't sing bugaboo praises enough, for me it has been the closest to what I want but I also have my maclaren (quest and volo) for slinging in the car and holidays.

Silver cross dazzle is fantastic but I would not use the carrycot as there is a LOT of plastic in it but the concept is excellent.

smallorange Sat 27-Dec-08 15:44:15

I live two floors up and would urge you to test any new pram you buy on stairs first - some of them put the brake on when you are bumping them up (and I know people say you shouldn't do that but sometimes it is necessary.)
If you are on a budget then a sling and a maclaren XT will get you everywhere (although not front facing.)
Otherwise bugaboo - have inherited one and am really impressed.

Shiraz Sat 27-Dec-08 15:58:56

We have opted for the Bebecar Ip Op after trailing around many stores!

I really wanted bright red and it had to have a lie flat carry cot and seat which faced both directions.

It's very lightweight and folds incredibly small, it looks both classic and stylish and the handle alteration is fab. Dp is 6'2 and i am just over 5'4. It's a dream to push and glides so smooth.

This was recommended to me by a mum on another site who had reviewed a number of prams / puschairs for pregnancy and birth.

I haven't however bought the matching car seat as it doesnt fit in our Warrior.

11 weeks left to bump arrives and i cannot wait to start using it. grin

dinkystinkyclaus Sat 27-Dec-08 16:02:10

If you have stairs to negotiate, weight is going to be the deciding factor - would suggest a sling for the first couple of months and then a lightweight folding buggy (that hopefully you can leave at the bottom of the stairs after that - and which will also be easy to sling into your buggy).

Have lost count of the number of friends who bought bugaboos/quinnys/etc when on first, second etc floor flats and spent the next couple of years cursing the buggy while they were having to lug them - and heavy child - up and down the stairs...

smallorange Sat 27-Dec-08 16:02:26

And I wouldn't buy a pram without a shopping basket, it would drive me bananas.

CoteDAzur Sat 27-Dec-08 16:07:13

You can go up and down stairs on the big hind wheels of a Bugaboo. I did it all the time.

I would have thought it easier to use the big wheels up stairs than an umbrella fold? My friend tried my quinny buzz as she lives in a first floor flat and wanted rear facing (and I hated the buzz, ugly, heavy, sold it and bought bugaboo) and she found it very easy to bump up the stairs. However she bought a Loola and finds it horrific as it is soooooo heavy.

smallorange Sat 27-Dec-08 16:15:23

Do not buy a big bebecar thing if you are planning to bump up and down (if babe is asleep or something) as it is too heavy and really quite dangerous. If you live in a flat you need to think about storage for the buggy too, unless you can leave it outside.

dinkystinkyclaus Sat 27-Dec-08 16:50:23

Depends on how wide your stairs are and how many corners you have to manoeuvre - try going down several flights in a tight staircase with several turns with larger buggy and its a nightmare...

Though sounds like the original poster has found the right pushchair for her needs

ballbaby Sat 27-Dec-08 17:06:54

I'd get the lightest buggy you can find and a sling - maclaren quest are great. Get a separate car seat and leave it in the car. Don't be smoozed by posh prams - I really don't know what they're useful for and I've had two ds's - ds2 went in buggy from birth with no problems.

babyc Sat 27-Dec-08 17:36:25

Original poster here Dinky - and am still checking back to read all the advice and then checking the buggies out on the internet!
Finding all your advice really helpful, especially regarding stairs, so please do continue to offer advice - I am listening to it all and using it to narrow down the search

Thanks x

wellbalanced Sat 27-Dec-08 18:22:53

I too live in an apartment on first floor. In early days im planning on leaving the frame down stairs until husband gets in and i can take baby up in car seat/carrycot. Wheather this will work or not im not sure!! Also if icve been out in car pram will stay in car.
Over 12yrs exp of being a nanny, so althou this is my 1st baby i have used lots of prams/travel systems.
I would never put a newborn in a maclaren, they dont look secure enough, offer no padding, shelter from wind and would rather baby face me for first few month. I vow not to buy a maclaren but thats just me, i do think you can find a pram that you can use until 3yrs (or beyond if needed)
Prams i have disliked are-
Maclaren buggy-For reasons mentioned.
Silvercross 3d-Lovely to look at and ok to push but v heavy for loading in and out of car, car seat heavy too.
Stokke-Really wasnt keen on this, past baby stage toddler looked too big to be in and was too high up.
Loola-I do like this but can be heavy
Bugaboo bee-Just my opinion but dont like look!!blush
Dont like plasticy, cheap travel systems with car seat on top of pram seat
I like-
Bugaboo cam-Used afew times with children of different ages and suits them all, always a dream to push.
Phil&Teds-Love this pram althou baby not directly facing you (coccon when newborn) and then can use as double if need (althou op mayb not require this option)
Quinny buzz-Sturdy, does everything you need it to, again used with diff ages.

heverhoney1 Sat 27-Dec-08 19:07:41

Has anyone on here used a mothercare own Trenton deluxe travel system. I like it and it doesnt cost loads but there must be a catch!!!

Haribolicious Sat 27-Dec-08 19:33:41

The mothercare Trenton deluxe travel system is very similar to the Graco Tour Deluxe travel system, which we have. IMHO, advantages are that it is VERY good value for money and it's quite comfy for baby right up to toddler - plenty of room in the seat. Plus I liked the tray too for toys and snacks. There's a very generous sized basket and the front folds down for easy access - access is a major prob for most pushchairs when the pushchair is laid flat for sleeping. Good maneouvouring and handy console and drink holder. Very sturdy and folds easily.
Disadvantages are that it is quite big and bulky and heavy. I managed ok on buses but I didn't have to use them very often so it wasn't a problem. If you have to lug it up and down stairs (ie like the op) then would not recommend! The seat itself isn't very padded so would really need a foot muff which I believe is included anyway.
A very good all rounder grin

You will see them everywhere as they are good value for money. My best mate has one and she has been very pleased with it as it includes the car seat, bag, footmuff etc. I have no clue though why you would want such a 'big' pushchair when you can not use it as a rear facing pram? There is a liner thing that you can use for a few weeks but most people use the car seat so it can rear face and that for me is a total no-no.

Personally I do not like them, very plasticky and heavy and colours are not great but as you see them everywhere I must be in the minority!!

wellbalanced Sat 27-Dec-08 20:19:40

Not used the Trenton but im not a fan of this type of pram, as carrielou says lots of ppl have them thou...

Haribolicious Sun 28-Dec-08 20:47:38

Best advice [unfortunately!] is to go and try some pushchairs and really roadtest them in the shop.
I liked the look of the Bugaboo but I didn't like it when I tried it out....when I needed an umbrella fold stroller, I had talked myself into a Mac Quest Sport [both of these, a lot of people rave about and there are a lot about] but after trying it out, I really didn't like it....it didn't handle very well (IMHO) and it didn't feel very sturdy for the price shock

Haribolicious Sun 28-Dec-08 20:50:35

You've got to just pick one that suits you and not be too swayed by popularity - just because something's expensive, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a quality item grin

chequersandroastedchestnuts Sun 28-Dec-08 20:57:17

Don't know if anyone has said this but if you have stairs maybe get something where you can detach the carrycot from the chassis and take the baby in in it if it's sleeping?

festivedollyx Sun 28-Dec-08 22:47:21

I agree there is no perfect pram!! i want a carry cot to start and buggy from around 6mths.I had graco travel system for dd1 and 2in1 emmaljunger for dd2, this time im going for the mutsy urban rider, we went and test drove loads at the pram centre and it was but far the best for what i need right now. love the way it turns on the spot and the big wheels for comfortable ride, and the handle adjusts hight as well and the car seat lies back flat so when you attatch it to chasais the baby can sleep comfortable. but i do like to have a buggy as well so prob go with mclaren or m&p p3 when bub is about 6mths as well.

sleepyeyes Sun 28-Dec-08 23:06:59

As an ex-nanny I've used many many different types of buggies I would say the best I used were the Bugaboo cameleon.
Its light and can gently bump it up stairs without much stain, I'm short so being able to position the handle bar was a positive, the basket was also fairly decent. The Maxi-cosi car seat also fits on it.

For a decently made stroller that will do you from birth till toddler I would recommend Mama and Papas Ziko Frankie, a sturdy stroller that is easy to get on/off public transport, get in the car boot, get into shops.

nappyaddict Mon 29-Dec-08 01:52:18

festivedolly - m&p p3 pramette not very good as a buggy. still quite heavy for an umbrella fold and also heavy to push.

nappyaddict Mon 29-Dec-08 02:01:00

don't go for the loola (heavy in rear facing mode), silvercross 3d (heavy to push) or quinny (seat unit not suitable until 6 months and baby may grow out of carry cot before then), M&P Aria (wonky wheels), chicco liteway (front wheels lock and bend), graco quattro (veers to one side when pushing one handed), mothercare pick and mix (wheels buckle), graco mosaic (wheels lock), ziko herbie (heavy up kerbs and steps)

MatNanPlusTINSEL Mon 29-Dec-08 02:16:59

Prams/pushchairs with a solid 'bar' are by far the easiest to push with one hand.

Haribolicious Mon 29-Dec-08 15:04:48

Wow nappyaddict - you are the oracle on prams/pushchairs!! Have you personally owned all these or have you just managed to roadtest a few grin

nappyaddict Mon 29-Dec-08 15:55:05

Some i've owned myself, some friends of mine have owned.

pecanpie Mon 29-Dec-08 19:00:47

Bugaboo is deginitely a good option - having switched prams with friends in the park it is the easiest to push, plus the moses basket bit which sits on the top is probably on the bigger side for most of the travel systems so will last longer for baby. Mamas and Papas and I think it was Micralite had small baskets and babies grew out of them more quickly. The Silvercross travel system is tiny too.
The iCandy is difficult to push - I switched with a friend in the park and the Bugaboo in comparison is like having power steering vs manual car...
The Bugaboo fabrics are also all machine washable - great for baby stains and more...
As they get older, the pushchair element is nice and high up so they can see lots.
BUT...what I prefer won't necessarily work for you. Go to John Lewis/Mothercare and test some out - make sure you can collapse your chosen travel system for the car and get the car seat fitted easily. See if you can try it out in your car or go round to try out at RL friends if any have kids already - some people we know did that and found it really useful...

Good luck!

SnowballsintheSky Mon 29-Dec-08 19:06:22

I love my iCandy Apple but it's very heavy. DD is extremely snug and warm in it and, although I have a Techno, I wouldn't use it for a newborn, it's just not padded enough and babies deserve a bit of warmth and comfort!

Upwind Mon 29-Dec-08 19:09:13

Can't you just pad a Maclaren Techno or similar with a sheepskin lining? This is what I have done, though the baby is not yet born so I am not sure how well it will work...

babyc Mon 29-Dec-08 19:28:07

Snowball - do you mean heavy to steer or heavy in weight? I had a look at the website and it says it is only 5kgs, which seems light compared to some.

babyc that's not the apple, that's the cherry and does not include the weight of the seat unit. They are very sturdy but heavy, the apple more so as it is on a chrome/shiny chasis.

babyc Mon 29-Dec-08 20:47:02

thanks Carrie!

ScottishMummy Mon 29-Dec-08 20:59:55

apple icandy is a real doozey.really heavy whopping @13kg.they cheat by listing individual wts

chassis wheels off 8kg
chassis with wheel 10kg
seat unit 2.7kg


nappyaddict Mon 29-Dec-08 23:51:59

pecan - did you try the apple or cherry?

pecanpie Tue 30-Dec-08 14:58:58

my friend had the cherry. don't really know anything about the apple...

BabyBump2B Wed 31-Dec-08 05:33:39

I'm looking for the same things as you and really love the Peg Perego Skate (available at Mamas & Papas). Its a little bit heavy but it feels so solid and can do everything! I agree that you have to try them out though - things that I thought I would like bugged me!

Scaredycat3000 Wed 31-Dec-08 19:52:08

If anyone is planning to leave a buggy downstairs, like wellbalanced, please check that you are not blocking your groundfloor neighbour's walkways. At 6 months pregnant with arms full of shopping and unable to get to my own front door, they where lucky not to find their buggy in the bin!

delightedoldbag34 Fri 02-Jan-09 18:01:43

I have had a Graco travel system (heavy and it squeaked), a Mamas and Papas Pliko travel system (ok but a bit plasticky and wobbly and bits broke), a Mamas and Papas MPX travel system (good carry cot but otherwise rubbish), a McLaren (cheap one) which has been fab but only for an older child. IMO it is REALLY IMPORTANT to get a buggy that has the seat unit option of facing you while you push. My last (and by far top fave buggy) is my Bugaboo Cameleon. Wish I'd bought one years ago and saved all that wasted time and money on all the 'cheaper' options I've now binned or sold on.
I know the Cameleon is horribly expensive but its comfy, adaptable, light and easy to push. Not great I imagine if you are on and off buses as it doesn't fold in one piece but I can take it apart and in the back of my car in a matter of seconds. Love it and so does DD2. Looking forward to using it again with DC3 in May!
Best of luck anyway, I'd ask as many people as you can and try as many as you can to find your ideal solution.

nappyaddict Sat 07-Mar-09 11:51:38

Also don't go for the Silvercross Dazzle (wonky wheels and doesn't lie flat enough), Cosatto Swift (heavy up kerbs), Jane Energy (wheels lock and unlock randomly), Maclaren XT (doesn't lie flat enough), Maclaren XLR (heavy to push), Silvercross Pop (wheels wear down and it becomes heavy to push)

The Luna is good but don't get it if you ever need to run with it like me to catch the bus or cos you're late for an appointment grin The wheels get caught in all the little dips and make it tip forward. I use it for my car buggy now to be safe.

The Luna Mix and Cosatto Venture are very good and so are the Obaby buggies and the Cosatto Diablo.

HtheH Sat 07-Mar-09 15:47:28

What are people's opinions on the Britax Vigour 4?

UmSami Sat 07-Mar-09 21:46:23

There's a number of considerations as far as I'm concerned, weight, size, comfort...
For DS i bought a 2006 Quinny buzz along with Dreami Carry Cot and Maxi Cosi Cabrio Car seat.
The dreami was a good investment, it was the only thing ds happily slept in (and thats saying alot, he's 3 this month and i've just spent over 2 hours lying next to him trying to coax him to sleep, he used to be worse!)Saying that though you don't actually need it as the seat of the buzz goes flat so can be used from birth. I had the older style buzz so seat a bit big for a newbie but the new seat looks smaller and softer to me so perhaps better for this but not so good for an older child.
The buzz itself was good to push, but VERY wide, got stuck ALL the time in shops, air tyres made curbs a breeze. The frame was light, but big, and it was a real faff having to seat/carry cot on and off frame to fold (saying that I have folded it with seat on but you're not supposed to!) Getting it in and out of the back of my car was also a pain (Renault Cleo then Vauxhall Astra (new design)) The air tyres are huge so they had to come off too. The frame alone over took my hall...it really is BIG, and so much bigger at home than in the shop. Oh yeah, the add on shopping basket was tiny, and theres nowhere really to put shopping.
Over all, I got this pushchair with a bump, dh wanted 3 wheeler...this was the nicest looking one to me...seemed like a good idea, it did the job but now I have kids i'd never get one. My friend loved it, was going to buy one for her 2nd...I talked her out of it.
When DS was about 7 months got a Maclaren Quest...loved it, light, tiny, easy to use, ds seemed to find it more comfy than quinny buzz, never looked back, used it as primary chair till dd was born 4 months ago. The only thing I missed in the quinny was the air tyres. This chair won't work for you though as only from 3 months, you'd need a techno.
I now have a Phil and Teds sport, LOVE IT...but it's big, very heavy, and difficult to fold, cant comment on ease with small boots as now have a Ford Explorer...but i'd imagine it would be problematic. I wouldn't like to try to carry it up a flight of stairs but i'd bump it step by step. Only thing I can really fault it on is its a bit of a faff to change seat position with child in, both maclaren and buzz a dream for that.
Oh and with regardsto car seat...you can get an adapter to fit maxi cosi car seat onto chassi, or p&t have their own but i didnt consider either...wanted to avoid teptation of leaving baby in car seat...it's bad for back and not that useful in day to day life, though maybe for holidays and if flying.
The lifestyle you have will affect your choice...city living, flights of stairs, space restrictions I'd say maclaren techno, with sheepskin insert, and a baby carrier for newbie (Love my Moby D wrap)
Congrats on baby by the way grin

trixymalixy Sun 08-Mar-09 00:36:55

I love my micralite toro, it's only downside is that it doesn't rear face, although it does if you are using the carrycot or have clipped the maxi cosi car seat into it.

It's very light and stands on its own when folded so perfect for flats imo.

Don't et a bugaboo as you have to take it in two to fold it. PITA for carrying up stairs and storing in a flat.

Ditto quinny buzz which is also really heavy.

mamakoukla Sun 08-Mar-09 02:36:26

Dear BabyC, I'd like to say, in agreement with many of the posters on this thread, that you have to go to the shops and try them out for yourself.

After a good amount of deliberation we bought a Bugaboo Chameleon and consider it a good investment. Similar to yourselves, I am tiny and my husband is 6 ft 4in and we found the height adjustment to be quite handy. The bassinet (pram) is long, which was useful as our DD is 90th percentile for height. I highly recommend the car seat adaptor as newborns often sleep happily anywhere and we would manage to do the shopping without disturbing her. The Chameleon is also highly manouverable (sp?) and lightweight.

For travelling and planes, we have an umbrella stroller (Silvercross Pop). Didn't want to risk the Bugabbo getting broken! We first travelled abroad when DD was 3 months old and we carried her/used a sling then as many strollers are not recommended at an early age.

As Trixymalixy says, the downside is folding it in two parts and was the real reason I was against it. Although now we've had it for more than year and a half, it is easy to take up and down stairs as it is lightweight and you can go up and down on the large wheels.

Happy hunting and congrats on the little one. A new adventure is around the corner!


nappyaddict Fri 13-Mar-09 14:23:50

Oh and don't get the Bruin Zen cos my friend had this and after a few months it was a nightmare to steer and it buckled.

nappyaddict Fri 13-Mar-09 21:19:49

BTW when I said the Obaby buggies were good I forgot to say apart from the Atlas Circles model. It's quite heavy to push and difficult to steer.

rusmum Sat 14-Mar-09 22:10:01

bugaboo frog- get a 2nd hand on efrom £150 and maxi cosi

BottySpottom Sat 14-Mar-09 22:38:55

We used the Mamas and Papas Pliko for all three of ours and found it best.

nappyaddict Mon 23-Mar-09 15:48:41

After having the cosatto diablo a few months I am now finding it quite heavy to push and difficult to steer so I'd stay away from that one too.

Tried out the zia today and it seemed quite heavy to push with my 15kg 2 year old in it.

PurlyQueen Mon 23-Mar-09 16:38:39

I started off with a Mamas and Papas Aria, which was a real doozy. I graduated on to a Quinny Buzz and it's brilliant. Baby can either face towards you or away from you; you can put a car seat on the frame; and the adjustable handle suits tall and short parents. It is heavy - you may struggle to lift it on your own but it's a dream to steer.

The Petite Star Zia folds up really small, is lightweight and the back is adjustable so that baby can lie flat. But the handles are a bit too low for anyone over six feet tall.

SuzeMcG Mon 23-Mar-09 16:56:00

I vote for a Mountain Buggy. I have one and love it. It's light and easy to push, with adjustable handles. You can use it with a car seat or a carrycot for a newborn.

BikeRunSki Mon 23-Mar-09 17:03:59

Hi BabyC, I was in your position last year, and about this time last year we bought a Quinny Buzz (with Dreami Carry Cot bit) second hand from one of my DH's collegues. We bought a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat and an EazyBase new a few weeks before DS was born in September. I knwo most people love their Buzzes, but I hated mine!

I wouldn't recommend the Quinny Buzz, and certainly not a second hand one. It is very wide, and not very easy to manouevre. It is too bulky to be a nippy lightweight and too flimsy to be a proper off roader/jogger. It is neither one thing nor the other, is too wide for many doors, shop aisles etc and the front wheel just seems to be a direct descendant of the most twisty trolley wheels! But what really did it for me was that when ds was 5 months old, the big joint on the side which the car seat/Dreami/Buzz seat fits in just gave way and the seat swivelled back, dangling DS a few inches above the pavement. The third time this happened I decided that I wasn't using it again! It could just be that ours was quite old and that that joint was knackered, but I went right off any prams/pushchairs of this desigh like the Buzz/Chameleon/iCandy Apple.

A few other gripes about the Buzz - the shopping basket is tiny. I know 5 people with one, and the hydraulics have gone on all of them at some point. And the Dreami is quite small - DS was too tall for it by 4 months, and he is not that tall.

Although I did like the Dreami when he was tiny - he could lie flat and be protected from the winter weather around him. I know the Buzz seat lies flat too, but he was an autumn baby and I am not sure that the Buzz woudl have provided the weather protection that the Dreami did.

I now have a Phil and Ted's sport. It is light, sturdy, MaxiCosi compatible, and has a great shopping basket! It is also 2" narrower than the Buzz - so it gets round corners, shops etc easily and passed wheelie bins on pavements - and the front wheel in on proper bearings - so it doesn't get cocked up on itself. And it is so easy to manouevre. It is chunky when folded though - I wouldn't want to take it on public transport, but since we hardly have any round here, then that it is not an issue for me. It's big wheels take our local footpaths and bridleways in it's stride though, and that it what counts for me!

Littlepurpleprincess Mon 23-Mar-09 17:13:55

Don't spend lots of money! Travel systems are great for the first year (maybe less depending on your baby) but after that you will want a lightwieght buggy that folds up small, especially if you've limited space. So I would suggest a simple travel system with a big basket underneath (because you need everything but the kitchen sink when you've got a baby) and look after it well, that way you can sell it to replace it with a more practical buggy for your toddler.

Also a sling is great for shorter journeys but you need to really shop around to get the right one for you.

neolara Mon 23-Mar-09 17:39:03

Honestly, I'd just get a Maclaren XT and find a cosy sheepskin to put inside it. It will last till your baby is 4, you will be able to take it anywhere and it can be folded up into the boot of your car using one hand. Everyone I know who got a travel system buggy left them lingering gathering dust after the first 6 months. They are VERY expensive for the amount of use most people seem to get from them.

wiggletastic Mon 23-Mar-09 17:39:44

Got my bugaboo bee (at great expense!) 'cos it was the only one that would fit in my tiny car boot. Not that impressed with it really. Has a lot of features i.e. newborn lie-flat in nest, forward and rearward facing, quite light and folds down small. I have found it very stiff and difficult to put up and down. Actually we are on our second one for this reason as we took the first one back. It looks great but is overpriced and a bit of a pita. I carry my DD in a sling a lot of the time and am getting a second hand mclaren now she is a bit bigger. If you are on a budget then sling/cheap pushchair is probably the best option

peachykeen09 Mon 23-Mar-09 17:45:18

Well personally, I have had about 12 prams blush and theres only one that I wont part with which is my icandy cherry. Its sooo light and my dd is really comfy in it! Its rear facing too. I also second what someone said earlier about buying second hand. You dont need to spend a lot if you keep your eye out for a bargain.

Babymakes4 Mon 23-Mar-09 17:47:21

DOn't have time to read the whole thread so apologies of someone else has suggested but I would really recommend the Hauck Infinity. We had it for our first then went onto the Maclaren Techno at a year (also brilliant). We are now using it for our second when we are both available to push buggies (we have 19 month gap) and I am reminded again how much I love it! The handlebar is so adjustable that my husband (6 ft) and toddler (!) can both have a go at pushing and it is quite light. ALso a lot cheaper than Bugaboo which was a major factor for us.

BrumOne Mon 23-Mar-09 17:50:30

I would go with the Quninny Buzz and Maxi-Cosi car seat - i have just bought one of these and its great, you can also get the pram attachment (Dreami). There are some good deals available if you look on the internet!!!

ScottishMummy Mon 23-Mar-09 18:17:33

quinny buzz a real doozey of a pram weighs hefty 13kg huge wheels base.bad quality.avoid

bugaboo gecko,cameleon both@9kg
bee @ 7kg
all rear/forward facing
adjustable handle
i would go bugaboo.they retain resale value too

had a buzz hated it -sold after 2wks
icandy apple - anothre heefer.tippy and heavy.dont go threre

ickletickle Mon 23-Mar-09 18:34:54

i have a stokke xplory. i just love it. expensive but really worth the extra expenditure.

easy to get up and down stairs. soo easy to push, feels very light weight to manaouvre. sits front back high low every combination plus you can add a carry cot and the maxicosi. has a detachable front bag which has masses of space, which might also be useful if you are on 1st floor.

the handle bar is adjustable, so even my 2 year old nephew and my 6"6 husband find it equally easy to push (with guidance from me of course in the case of my nephew... and sometimes my husband!).

but really the lovely thing is having dd high up with us now she is 5 months, she sits quite nicely at table level playing and pickling away without us having to lean down to her.

does admittedly look a bit odd/space agey/ but hey, its a very social buggy, lots of people ask you about it!

if you are only having one child well worth looking into.

like you i didnt know where to start. I went to harrods on a weekday, spent two hours trying out every buggy in the store putting them together, folding down, etc etc decided which one and went and found it £150 cheaper on the internet. John Lewis were so hurried i would avoid.

sachertorte Mon 23-Mar-09 18:44:02

For the first 4 months my dds were basically in a sling and occasinally in a handed down traditional pram. Could you park the pram on the ground floor of your appartment block?

You will need a car seat, which can be bought separately.

You could choose a buggy later when you know more how things have panned out and what you nneed it for. I have 2, one very comfortable one for planned walks, one cheap Mclaren for when we´re out in the car and doing more shopping style trips.

These huge expensive travel systems are a complete waste of money imo. Much more about status symbol than travel system.

naomi83 Mon 23-Mar-09 19:29:35

speaking as a buggy addict, bugaboos are lovely, but the frog is no good for you as the handlebar doesn't change height and the cameleon is so expensive to be used for one child, not to mention you have to carry it up stairs in two parts, and take it apart to put in the car. its perfect for people in houses but not flats. If you don't want to get a maclaren (which in my opinion is the best for a flat, (lightwieght, folds small, easy to fold etc) then look at a micralite. you can clip the carseat in and pram unit, but the actual buggy is light and folds easier than bugaboo, but can still be bumped down stairs. you can get good deals from kiddicare. with regards to carseats, i would get a maxi cosi or britax.

Essie3 Mon 23-Mar-09 20:02:28

Coming in from the left...I love my pram, it's a Chicco trio for me.
Hard to find, but it's a travel system which isn't huge and heavy, and I'm the only one of my gang of mums who hasn't given in and got a second, lightweight pram now that our babies are 9 months etc.

Carrycot is great, we even used it as a moses basket for ages. Also quite roomy and will last a long time. It can also be used strapped (with special attachments) to the back seat for long journeys.
Carseat - clips on to the chassis, isn't too big and heavy.
Pushchair: goes both ways.
Chassis - folds small, umbrella style, without the seat attached, and is still quite small with the seat attached. I store it in my extra cupboard car boot (VW Golf). blush It's also not too heavy.
Another pro is that although it's pricey, £500, you get absolutely everything included. Except a coffee cup holder.

Very few of these. Shopping basket isn't huge.
When folding with the rear facing pushchair still attached to the chassis, the back sticks up. (But it is dead easy to take it off.) This isn't a problem when it's forward facing.
Hard to find stockists - there was a local shop here, but John Lewis don't stock.

I found it works for me, and I won't be buying a smaller pram. From what a friend tells me, it's really quite similar to her Icandy Cherry.

Essie3 Mon 23-Mar-09 20:04:38

Having said that, I agree with sachertorte - travel systems not strictly necessary, and everyone I know (except me) has switched to a smaller pram once the baby is 6 months or so.

Mine isn't trendy though: not a big name and doesn't stand out from the crowd! smile

ScottishMummy Mon 23-Mar-09 20:20:55

but the bugaboo etc detractors always whine oh the price/whit a monster/ostentatious

if you want a bugaboo - buy a bugaboo

SarahandImogen Mon 23-Mar-09 20:43:56

Another Stokke Xplory fan here. As stated previously, the front wheels fold up so that it works on two wheels - ideal for stairs or escalators. Can also be used as a high chair when out & about as it is the same heght as the table. DD is now 18 months & we are still raving about it! It takes up a fair bit of boot space, & is amongst the more expensive buggies, but we would still buy it above any other should we have any more DCs.

spottedandstriped Mon 23-Mar-09 20:46:47

I have a bugaboo and now have a lightweight buggy as well. I wouldn't have put a newborn in the buggy even though it lies virtually flat - I think they need a bit more protection than the lightweight buggies provide. The bugaboo takes a bit of getting used to particularly the whole collapsing into two bits piece of it - but generally I think it is a great piece of engineering and a lovely pram to have (unless you think you will be going off road a lot in which case it isn't the right one as it doesn't do that well in muddy conditions)

On slings, I also had two different ones and past about 3 months found that I couldn't carry my baby very far in it without getting really serious backache. Also, I am assuming your baby is due around summer? If this is the case bear in mind that it becomes uncomfortably hot for you and the baby carrying round in the sling..... (as I found out!) Hope this helps.

mrsbabookaloo Mon 23-Mar-09 21:00:33

Have only skimmed thread, but wanted to put in a word for the Hauck...think only one person has mentioned. They look like a bugaboo and can be forward or rear-facing even when baby is a bit older and sitting up. Also much cheaper than bugaboo I think. I didn't have one but friend did, and I thought it was great.

I had M&P pramette, which I also recommend for being a flat pram-like thing for first few months and then pushchair-style, and is still quite small and light. But I will confess we also bought a lightweighy buggy for hols etc as M&P does not fold down v neatly.

BonyM Mon 23-Mar-09 21:10:39

Xplory is fab. We initially had a M&P Pliko Pramette for dd2 which was lovely in pram mode but no good for us as a pushchair as only forward facing and dd used to get distressed because she couldn't see us.

We sold the pramette and bought the Stokke and used it until she was about 2.5 (had a Maclaren Ryder as well but preferred the Stokke for ease of use, comfort and huge shopping bag).

As we hadn't planned any more dcs we sold it but I now find myself pregnant again and will almost certainly be getting one again. One of the best features was being able to whizz round the narrow aisles in my local Tesco Express, pushing it one-handed with a basket in the other!

disneystar Mon 23-Mar-09 21:29:16

i have a quinny buzz and car seat and dreami carrycot to match
big wheels to bump up stairs detachable carrycot to carry if needed
chassis folds flat and self rises no buttons to press one touch literaly and it rises up.
ive just got mine ready to sell now as my ds is 9mths and i need something lighter
its got adjustable handles which is good anyway facing

BUT as another poster said i also thought it tended to tip at the curb

hanaflower Mon 23-Mar-09 21:34:09

I have the Bugaboo Bee without the baby nest - you really don't need it. Would recommend if you want a lightweight, manouvreable pram. Baby facing pusher was an essential for me.

MichaelaS Mon 23-Mar-09 21:42:54

has anyone tried the Mothercare MyChoice?

I had a go at the Baby Show and liked the design, it seemed to do everything. it is compatible with the maxi cosi car seat, and the flat carry cot then folds up to become the seat later on.

both the maxi cosi and carry cot/pushchair can face either way, and the handle is adjustible. you can get it in a 3 or 4 wheel version.

the only things that looked a little dodgy to me were the tiny basket (especially in the 3 wheeler) and the fact that the handle is one big joined up one, rather than two handles angled for comfort.

has anyone actually used one of these? what are they like?

I'm looking for something for our first baby in August - we'll mostly be in and out of the car, with some short walks on pavements, and money is no object because my lovely parents have offered to pay, so i'm looking for the best one regardless of price!

Sheeta Mon 23-Mar-09 21:44:37

NOT the Quinny Buzz. it's good for the first few months, but an absolute bitch to push once LO gets to about 6 months. It's 3' wide and barely fits through most doorways.

I hate ours, it's sitting in the conservatory. not been used for months. horrible thing!

Sheeta Mon 23-Mar-09 21:51:27

These are excellent, but don't fit the maxi-cosi (not as big a deal as you'd think). babies are better off not sitting in the same seat for hours on end.. .


also, these..from 6 months. awesome pushchair. We have one and I love it to death.


sorry, again will say DO NOT BUY A BUZZ!! I could barely get it up the stairs into my front door, would never manage it up a flight of stairs.

Sheeta Mon 23-Mar-09 21:51:28

These are excellent, but don't fit the maxi-cosi (not as big a deal as you'd think). babies are better off not sitting in the same seat for hours on end.. .


also, these..from 6 months. awesome pushchair. We have one and I love it to death.


sorry, again will say DO NOT BUY A BUZZ!! I could barely get it up the stairs into my front door, would never manage it up a flight of stairs.

Sheeta Mon 23-Mar-09 21:52:17

oops wink

nappyaddict Mon 23-Mar-09 23:12:26

Essie your lo is still very young so I wouldn't bank on not getting an umbrella fold. I tried my 2 year old in a chicco for me the other day and it was much too heavy to push with him in it. The bugaboo was much lighter to push but he was too tall for it.

nappyaddict Tue 24-Mar-09 00:17:59

BTW don't get the 3 wheeled petite star zia. It veers really badly to the side making it incredibly hard to control and push.

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Tue 24-Mar-09 08:10:13

You might like babystyle 3 in 1 system . It is a fab carrycot which doubles as a Moses basket , pushchair attachment which faces both ways. And britax rock a tot carseat has an adapted to got onto chassis. The kit includes cosytoes, matching bag, parasol , raincover, huge wire basket, detachable hood with side pockets. The best things was wheels came off to to onto boot. I walked this pram to death with 2 ds and still sold it on for good price as it looked good. My dh could also walk comfortably behind and a buggy board was a good fit when in use. All in all a great buy.

jellybeans Tue 24-Mar-09 09:58:35

Mothercare urban detour 2 in 1 is nice and so is the Britax 2 in 1, both face rearward with older babies too.

Crumpets Tue 24-Mar-09 10:26:24

I agree with everyone who didn't like the quinny buzz.
I live in the country and it is really no good at all for off road, neither is it practical for shopping. It's heavy, hard to steer and mine is really hard to fold down.

My son is 2 and I'm expecting another one in June, I'm planning to get an out 'n about 360 single buggy instead. It's really light and has 3 big wheels (the quinny's two small front ones are what lets it down off road).

The travel system thing seems like it'll be brilliant but it's something you use for such a short time compared with the life of your pushchair. Much better to get a really good standard one.

I have a cheap supermarket buggy which is not great either but it's much more practical than the quinny and I don't use it.

However, if someone out there wants to buy my quinny then let me know!!!!

macaco Tue 24-Mar-09 10:35:04

Has nobody mentioned Jané ?

I've got a Jané carrera pro and I've been very happy with it..

Lightweight and easy to fold and folds up small.

You can buy the travel system, so pram to lie flat in, car seat and buggy.

Works well sort of off road ish, steers easily.

nappyaddict Tue 24-Mar-09 15:42:10

Crumpets I might be selling a red Nipper 360 if you would be interested? Looking for £70 delivered.

Essie3 Wed 25-Mar-09 13:26:37

nappyaddict you're right - my DS is young. And also undersized (!), so maybe I shouldn't rave too much until I've actually used it until he walks... smile

Essie3 Wed 25-Mar-09 13:27:16

I'll easily get a year out of it, though.
Sorry about the split post - eating and typing = hitting buttons at the wrong time.

Shiraz - the Ip Op looks lovely - can you tell me where you got it?

NewbieMTB Wed 25-Mar-09 14:38:22

Sorry if this question has already been asked on this link but i keep being told that newborns have to lie flat when in a pram etc but the pram i like is the bugaboo Bee which is not 100% flat - the other pram options seem huge and I am living in a city will be managing stairs/ public transort etc.. SO do they need to be 100% flat on their back or am i just working myself up into a frenzy for no reason?

nappyaddict Wed 25-Mar-09 16:27:22

They don't have to be 100% flat - 170 degrees is preferable.

ickletickle Wed 25-Mar-09 18:42:16

re flatness, it depends on what you want to use the pram for - i took dd out with us in the evenings, asleep, for say 4 hours, and I wouldnt have liked to have anything there than something completely flat, so they can sleep properly rather than nap. thats just me though.

current health advice is no longer that 2 hours in one stretch in anything that isnt flat up to 6 months. BUT hundreds of children do this and are fine.

hanaflower Thu 26-Mar-09 08:48:31

Bee is fine from birth.

Isthisoneforreal Thu 26-Mar-09 15:22:51

I would recommend:

Bugaboo gecko/cameleon - if it's wihin your budget (or Ebay is awash with them) and you're not folding it too often - although the new bee looks FAB and is more affordable.
Maclaren Techno classic - as better for folding, and size.

However, haven't checked out all the funky new ones.

Good luck.

EvieBear Thu 02-Apr-09 23:35:31

nappyaddict Is the Mutsy 4 rider light ok for public transport i.e. buses?

PinkyMinxy Thu 02-Apr-09 23:51:16

Bugaboo Bee. Both my 2.5 year old and my baby love it- I swap them between it and my wrap sling,and 2 yr old walking. They both sleep well in it.
Forward and rear facing, very adjustable and comfy, easy to push, you can stuff a suprising amount of junk in the bottom of it. Handle folds in and out really easily- great for parking in tight spaces. Folds flat. Lightweight. Not for extreme off road, though. But if I could only have one of my prams, this is the one I'd keep.

Have not used car seat as a buggy at all with this baby (number 3) hardly did it with my other two very rarely. I think they are much more comfy in pram or sling, tbh.

I didn't get the baby nest, just the footmuff as I swap between the two DC, and the baby was fine in it- with a bit of extra swaddling.

BabyGiraffes Sun 10-Jan-10 21:12:40

Don't go for the Bugaboo Gecko to save money like we did. The handle does not adjust in height and won't be tall enough for your dh. Wish I had bought the Cameleon.... sad

bigpreggybelly Mon 11-Jan-10 09:40:02

What is your budget OP? If you try to consider every pram going, you will go bananas.

I treated it like buying a car. Compiled a list of must haves, then looked at budget (luckily I didn't care about that because my mum gave me the money, but they do vary a lot in price). Like a car, you won't find the perfect pram I'm afraid. Also what some people like, others will hate.

So the must haves I think are:

- ability to have baby lie completely flat for first 6 months, i.e. with proper carry cot. Maclaren does not lie completely flat, nor do many others that claim to fold flat.

- ability to connect your compatible car seat to it.

- ability to keep it long term, and have it last for say 3 years without feeling the need to replace it because it has become trashed, too small or whatever.

- as light as possible.

- can have it face different directions, forward and back.

- wheels that don't get punctures.

- ability to double it up if you have another child.

- nice colours (yes I know that is ridiculous).

- adjustable handles as I'm short.

- something rugged enough to hopefully take for walks in the country.

Once you've made a list like this, you may well find you're only looking at a few models anyway.

In the end I only really looked seriously at icandy and bugaboo and eventually chose the icandy peach, which is the lightest in their range (although it still feels quite heavy to me). Having said that my baby's not born yet, so although I think it looks great, can't comment on functionality yet.

You can make an appointment at John Lewis to have their nursery adviser go through and demo all the models they have in stock for you. Its worth doing. There is no obligation to buy from there, if they don't have what you want, or want to get a particular model second hand.

nappyaddict Thu 14-Jan-10 22:08:22

Don't get the Luna Mix - it veers to the right even when pushing with both hands.

nappyaddict Thu 14-Jan-10 22:48:17

Oh and the Pliko Switch is heavy and awkward to push so don't get that either.

CazEM Thu 14-Jan-10 22:48:36

Having our first baby and the Silvercross Linear Freeway keeps catching my eye. I love the traditional look of the pram for when the baby is tiny and it claims to last until around till baby is 2 1/2 or so as it converts into a pushchair. Would intend to use it for a 2nd baby in the future also so would hope it is long lasting and hardwearing!!

Has anyone any experience of this pram? Good/Bad etc...

TottWriter Thu 14-Jan-10 22:52:56

We were given a M&P travel system, which is heavy, but was perfectly manageable when DS was small. Now he's bigger, he's in a cheapo umbrella fold pram, because they're lightweight and they work fine.

So focus on what you need for a small baby. A little extra weight will be a nuisance to carry upstairs, but by the time your baby get big enough for it to really be a problem, you'll probably be switching prams anyway. Don't worry about having one from birth to four, because buggies are very affordable.

With that in mind, i would say to go for something secondhand, as you know that you won't get any reuse from a subsequent child, and that they'll only be in it six months to a year or so. (Though that time will drag if you get a pram you hate, so it's worth paying a little extra for the ease of lifestyle!)

Can't say I muck like the threewheelers, because there's not much room for storage, and having worked in retail, I can tell you from sitting on a till all day watching mums that they will tip at the checkout if you load up the handles a little. Depending on what your apartement is like, making multiple trips to carry a pram up will be something you probably get used to - you won't get a pram and all the weekly shopping up in one go anyway. So don't rule out the bulkier ones that come in two parts, because that last part of your jounrney is a lot shorter than pushing around a pram that is stiff, or too low or high, or doesn't have anywhere to put a changing bag. We have a very narrow door, and getting the pram out was a pig, but when we actually were out it was a dream, despite being a bit heavy.

It's all about compromise in the end, but you can at least cut down on cost by getting one secondhand (and see if family members have old prams lurking, because you'd be surprised...), or looking on sites like freecycle. Just because it's not brand new doesn't mean it's no good. (And it's simple enough trying out models in mothercare then wandering off looking thoughtful if you want to be sure before you bid on eBay or elsewhere!)

Caz it is a lovely lovely pram but weighs a ton, folds in two pieces and is huge for most car boots. Fine for a new born, but as soon as your little one starts sitting up it's a bit like weightlifting before you have even loaded it up with your shopping. I also found the plastic wheels not very hardwearing. If it had air tyres it would work. Dreadfull resale price too, you woudn't have enough to buy a maclaren for holidays/sling in the car etc and maclares really do last!!

Nappy - re-other thread question, bee came yesterday and is much much much easier than the switch (though I do love the switch and would keep it if I didn't aleady have the cam) to push, just like the cam, literally just glides smile

Oops left out with the silver cross, lovely to have with a newborn but impossible to push one handed whilst holding a toddler's hand and can't use a buggy board.

CazEM Thu 14-Jan-10 23:16:02

Thanks carrielou - really useful to know how people find these things in real life! Sounds like its pretty to look at but not the most practical. I will make sure I have a good play with a load of different prams!

nappyaddict Thu 14-Jan-10 23:36:50

carrie I know someone after a Linear too. Is it heavy to push when they get older or is it OK? What's it like to steer with two hands?

nappyaddict Fri 15-Jan-10 10:47:40

Oh another one I've just thought to avoid - the Britax Zeta - also heavy to push.

I got one cheapy for the baby insted of forking out for another bug cam and dd still fitted in it easily with room to spare when she was 2.9 and she is a tallie but impossible to push!! I gave in and sold it for a bug cam and could still push dd with one hand in it now just turned 3smile

nappyaddict Fri 15-Jan-10 14:46:35

I did think the Linear would be heavy to push to be honest as the 3d was and they are quite similar.

nappyaddict Fri 15-Jan-10 14:53:30

My friend found the Switch really hard too. I love the Bee and nearly bought one when DS was 2, but they come up so small don't they. If they made the seat slightly bigger it would be perfect! That's what's putting my friend off it too. She's been looking at:

Jane Solo
Bebecar Rversus
Inglesina Ottuto
Loola Up
Chicco for me

Don't suppose you've had any of those?

nappyaddict Fri 15-Jan-10 15:09:28

(The Solo may be for me too - had a Jane Carrera and the steering was shit, but the Solo is the new version and wondered if it had been improved)

CazEM Sat 23-Jan-10 20:36:17

Been pram shopping again today, visited Mamas and Papas and liked the Pliko Pramette. Does anyone have any experience?

nappyaddict Mon 25-Jan-10 05:04:33

Quite heavy to push. If you want a compact rear facer I would go for the Bugaboo Bee or Loola Up.

myfirstbump Mon 25-Jan-10 08:26:37

Hey babyc, hope you're still checking in.

Your situation describes me & DH to a T! I feel strongly about the baby lying flat, and as every penny counts, we don't want to have to change all the kit after a year.

After MUCH deliberating, this weekend we finally decided on a Briax Vigour 3, with Baby Safe Sleeper for the first few months. The pushchair seat lies flat and can face both directions, and the Sleeper clips onto the frame to make a pram while the baby is still small enough to fit inside. It has a one hand release too - perfect for me when I'm on my own and need to do the stairs if baby's sleeping. I figure I can leave the frame under the stairs out of everyone's way.

Best bit for me is that the sleeper straps into the car as a car seat. We're going to be doing a few long journeys once the baby is born so we're keen to not have to stop every 2 hours to get the baby out of a seat.

We had been offered a second hand bugaboo chameleon, but with a car seat and the carry cot it just wouldn't fit in our car. At least this way, the carry cot will be the car seat saving a bit of boot space.

Hope it helps. It took us weeks to find the right one, but it's so worth it when you finally get it crossed of the list!

nappyaddict Mon 25-Jan-10 14:45:47

There are 2 things that would put me off the Britax baby sleeper. The first is that it can't sit up. I can't imagine an older baby being very happy lying down all the time. The second is that it isn't very long. My friend has one and her 3 month old doesn't like he has much more room left in it TBH.

marthamay Mon 25-Jan-10 18:37:31

I've just bought a second hand MUTSY 4 rider light. It's about two years old but still seems to be a real work horse. I bought it complete with carrycot so that the baby can lie flat, the traveller lie-flat car seat and the normal seat unit which can be front or rear facing. I got the whole lot for under £100 of EBAY. It's got a few scratches but I figure that I will only use it a lot in the first six months or so and then I will want something small and light, so it wasn't worth spending loads of money on something. Of course I haven't had it out and about yet cause baby isn't due until April but I love the way it looks and feels so sturdy and comfortable to push. I have heard really good reviews about it and decided I liked it when I tested the new ones in the shop.

katgod Thu 28-Jan-10 13:56:07

wow this thread has got so long since last time I checked! I don't have time to read through it all, so sorry if this is all old ground. I am expecting number 3 in April. I know probably 30 women with small children, plus all the school run mums etc. Everyone ends up with a Maclaren in the end! Whether they started with a Bugaboo, M&P, Bebe Car, Jane, Phil & Teds, everyone gets a Maclaren by the time the child is 8 months or so.
We have a big M&P chassis with carry cot. I found this perfect when tiny as put in cover with blankets and if asleep you don't have to distrurb them to go out. Lack of straps made it v easy to use. After carry cot there was a push chair attachment. We flew abroad when DS was 8 months and bought a Maclaren then (September 2004). DD went in the carry cot for the first 3 months or so, then into the same Maclaren. New baby will be in the M&P and then either baby carrier or Maclaren once about 3 months. That Maclaren has done a lot of miles, both, street and air, been up chairlifts and is still going strong.smile

nappyaddict Sat 03-Apr-10 01:29:31

Some new prams I have seen that look nice:

Hauck Malibu
Hauck Manhattan
M&P Urbo
Obaby Zoma
Mothercare Spin

porcamiseria Sat 03-Apr-10 10:03:05

agree, maclaran (or similar) are the best!!!

giagindi Thu 08-Apr-10 07:44:21

Has anyone looked at the M&P Mylo or Urbo? I quite like the look of the Urbo... right now the Bugaboo Chameleon is our first choice; I did like the Stokke but feedback from friends is that it's just a bit too heavy (and there are quite a few hills where I live!)

LittleDonkin Thu 08-Apr-10 10:39:36

Does anyone have any experience with the Mothercare Xcursion travel system?

tanmu82 Thu 08-Apr-10 14:35:12

I am having my 3rd and have been looking at the Graco Symbio - anyone know anything about it? It seems really well priced and looks good..... I'm amazed at how much pushchairs cost now - when DS was born (almost 7 years ago) we got our travel system for £250 and that was a lot of money for us then!

MumNWLondon Thu 08-Apr-10 16:53:58

I agree re: maclaren - everyone ends up getting one....but when DD was born in 2003 didn't have a maclaren option with car seat and carrycot - like there is now, seems like a no brainer to me, can't see why anyone would think of buying anything else?

What about the Britax BSMart 3...

It's under £500

Includes carrycot so baby can lie flat
A car seat that gets a good review from Which
and a pushchair that should last until baby is a toddler....

Has anyone else had experience of this model? Good/bad? x

fifitot Thu 08-Apr-10 18:14:05

babies can't lie flat in a car seat. It is not advisable to keep them in a car seat for more than a couple of hours. I am always amazed when I see them being wheeled round in them in shopping centres after also being in the car!

Ideally they need to be completely flat so a carry cot on a pram base is the best idea. Unfortunately IME most of the systems that offer this are expensive.

I had a Pliko Pramette which did lie flat but didn't look very comfy tbh. Plus I found the handles were too short.

I am still thinking of what to get myself!

Yet another maclaren fan here!

Had big cumbersome all singing and dancing three wheeler travel system for my first. Lasted a few months until I got a smaller maclaren which was suitable from 3 months.

With my second I bought a maclaren techno classic in the sales - this has also been used for my third, both from birth. I should have just got one right at the beginning, but you get carried away I think!

I have just never seen anything that can beat it for basic shopping trips/ other trips, small walks and quite a lot of abuse.

muffymiffy Fri 21-Oct-11 18:57:19

Hi there,

No idea if people still looking at this thread but i'm having my first boy in February and have no idea where to start pram wise!

In all likelihood it will be our only child though that's not 100% definite (he's an IVF baby).

Anyway I live in a country town but in a house with an estate car, so my primary concern is to find something that can cope with:

20 minute walk through town to the shops
Navigating shops
Country walks

Any advice gratefully received!

kiki22 Fri 21-Oct-11 20:23:07

I don't know about where you live but i'm in glasgow and we have a pram centre obviously it sells mostly prams n some nursery furniture they were great when i went pram shopping all the staff are trained to do a short demo of what each pram does like how you change seat how to fold/unfold and you can have a bit of a push about and lift. I asked a million questions about each one i liked before deciding you could have a look to see if you have a similar shop in your area i'm sure glasgow can't be the only one.

My list of things i needed it to do was
- be narrow enough to fit thro every door
- be light enough to carry
- fold while holding baby
- have a carry cot and buggy

I ended up with silvercross freeway. Take a check list with you of requirments and don't get carried away with one thats lovely but doesn't fit your needs.

Badgerwife Fri 21-Oct-11 20:41:32

Whatever you decide to get, I would recommend you check ebay for a second hand one if you're on a budget, you might very well find it much much cheaper. The car seat however you should buy new as you never know where it's been before and safety is paramount.

I've got the Britax B-Smart and I love it, it does parent-facing, adjustable everything and has a huge easy-access bag area underneath, I can fit two huge shopping bags in it! But I'm small and it's fairly bulky, there is no chance I could get it up stairs.

Once my DD is too big for it, I will invest in a lightweight pushchair, but I wanted a flat carrycot for the first month and a half.

Badgerwife Fri 21-Oct-11 20:42:27

Good grief, I've just realised this thread was started in 2008. Why on earth has it been resurrected?

muffymiffy Fri 21-Oct-11 23:13:45

I found the initial thread via Google and thought they were interesting but mostly spoke about urban pram needs. Thought easier to continue same discussion than start new one!

Thanks for advice...


Crosshair Sat 22-Oct-11 00:19:02

Next time start a new one. smile

cherrysodalover Sat 22-Oct-11 01:31:16

If you need it to go in the car and not take loads of room a second hand mclaren- we paid 25 quid for our quest and it is amazing- so light!
Just think how heavy the stroller is as this is a pain getting it in and out of the car.

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