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Quinny Buzz in a Mini Cooper?

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MissyK Tue 02-Dec-08 13:05:15

Sorry, I know it's the wrong place really but no-one is in products who seems to know.

Do you know if I can fit a quinny buzz (already have) in the boot of a mini cooper? (possible dream purchase)


I have a Mini one and expecting baby in March so have been looking at all buggies etc.

Sorry but really dont think you'd get the buzz into the boot of the cooper without putting seats down. Also might need to take off the wheels....

Internal dimensions of my boot are something like 80cm wide (there are wider bits but not all the way up the sides) by 50cm tall and 30cm deep (not entirely accurate)

flowerybeanbag Tue 02-Dec-08 13:16:13

Wouldn't have thought so. We couldn't fit ours into most small hatchbacks so def not a Mini. Unless you're happy to take off wheels and put down seats every time.

itsamiracle Tue 02-Dec-08 13:17:45

no way!!! I know from experience. Even with the seats down... The quinny zapp does though.... Mamas and Papas Luna is marketed so that it fits in the back of a mini (again you may need to remove wheels etc etc)

MissyK Tue 02-Dec-08 13:27:42

Aww, no way.. Thanks ladies!
I thought as much but thought I'd check (wishful thinking on my part really)..

Now.. to rethink the buggy or the car..

mosschops30 Tue 02-Dec-08 13:34:51

I dont think so, I have a mini cooper and bought a quinny zapp to go in my boot (i had to buy is specially much to dh's disgust grin)

daisy5 Tue 02-Dec-08 13:40:05

We bought the Quinney Zapp (discounted to £90) as an easy alternative to our pram, especially because it fitted in the boot of the Mini Cooper. It is handy, I find it easy on trains and buses cos it folds down so small. It isn't as sturdy obviously as a Buzz and no where to put shopping and stuff, except over the handles.

The bigger struggle was trying to find a car seat which fitted in the mini. The baby ones do, but the 1-4 year olds mostly are too big, and unless the person in the front seat has short legs, is quite uncomfortable. We have just bought a Britax which is working quite well. If you are interested I can let you know which one - it is one that is for 1-9years as you just make a few adjustments when they hit 4 years. It had the shortest base we could find.

There is a car seat that Mini promote, but it looked mental to us (very uncomfortable) and our dd would have just hated it.

One other point, we were really looking forward to summer driving with roof down and daughter happy in the back, but until now she has hated the draft and cried so we haven't been out in it nearly as much as we wanted to. She seems to be coming around a bit now (almost 3years).

MissyK Tue 02-Dec-08 13:47:22

Thanks Daisy5
I'll look into the car a bit further & get back to you if I need the car seat info.

Maybe a more practical sized car may be in order - not as the buzz won't fit but as I'll still have shopping etc to consider!

Decisions, decisions!!

BikeRunSki Tue 02-Dec-08 13:54:15

Got pregnant, bought a Buzz, sold Mini.


Buzz now lives in an Audi A4 or van. There is NO WAY it would have gone in Mini, even with taking the wheels off all the time which would have been a PITA. Every time I am able to put baby, pram, and shopping in car with ease, I am glad of big car.

I know a family with older children who have a Mini as a second car, with DCs on booster seats, so your dream is feasible, but a little further off. I don't think there's much room for shopping or luggage though, hence second car.

dinkystinky Tue 02-Dec-08 15:26:19

We have a mini cooper, a buzz and a two and a half year old. Fits fine. Take parcel shelf down and wheels off and you can get chassis and seat in boot bit (or lie one side down). Have done 2 big xmas trips, several trips abroad and lots of travelling with the 3 of us and the mini.

Use Britax Evolva 123 Ultra with DS in mini cooper - he loves it. Did get the BMW car seat which he hated (had a ledge across) but he will use now he's big enough to sit in it without the ledge.

llareggub Tue 02-Dec-08 15:30:10

I've got a Fiat 500 which is probably as small as or smaller than the Mini. There is no way it would fit! I can just about fit the Zapp in there, the Buzz would never go in.

We can however fit the maxi cosi car seat for age 1-4 however. I'm currently wondering what to do with the Fiat when baby no 2 comes along as the Zapp isn't suitable for a newborn!

VinegarTinselTits Tue 02-Dec-08 15:32:05

I have a mini and bought a quinny zapp, it fits nicely without having to fold down seat or remove the shelf, i dont think a buzz will fit

flowerybeanbag Tue 02-Dec-08 15:32:41

I sold my mini the week DS was born, amidst much blubbing. The only way his car seat would fit in was with passenger seat pulled right forward, and getting it in and out would have been horrendous.

Too many compromises for the sake of hanging on to my precious Mini, so we bought a lovely Nissan Qashqai instead, fits everything in like a dream and life much easier.

Barcelonababe Tue 02-Dec-08 16:03:59

Hi girls,

I have a mini and I have a buzz.

It fits.

They way we did it was placing the body of the pram (without taking the wheels) in the boot.

You can place both, the (o-6 months) seart next to the baby by foldin the seat. Then you can do the same with the upgrade chair.

Now we use a Maclaren as it is much lighter than the Buzz.smile And also give us the back seat next to our todler to place our luggage.

If you just use the car for short journeys it is doable. On longer journeys we would hire a bigger car for a few days.

Hope it helps!

EightiesChick Tue 02-Dec-08 23:28:43


I'd be interested in knowing the exact car seat you have, as we have a Mini - we also have another car which will be the main one used for travelling with baby, but would also like to be able to use the Mini. Thanks!

rascal1979 Wed 03-Dec-08 09:06:30

I think that the M&P pramette fits in a mini cooper smile

daisy5 Wed 03-Dec-08 14:39:03

eightieschick (great name by the way) - I think it's the one that dinkystinky mentions - the Britax Evolva 123 Ultra.

EightiesChick Thu 04-Dec-08 10:25:20

Thanks Daisy, and dinkystinky!

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