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Pregnancy 'intuition'/'premonitions/dreams: any been proved right?

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Tamz77 Sat 01-Feb-03 00:27:11

Hello ladies, I've just joined mumsnet as a first time mum-to-be (due in July). I'm quite interested in the paranormal and I was wondering whether any other mumsnetters had any experience of strange dreams, feelings or (dare I say it) 'psychic experiences' being proved correct with regards to the babies they were expecting? My friend's mom was convinced she was expecting a second girl until she says she heard a boy's voice say to her one day "look I'm a boy OK, get used to it." Funny but somewhat chilling, in a way...! For the first three months of my pregnancy I dreamt nearly every night that I had a baby boy, then a couple of nights ago I had a very vivid dream about attending another scan and the sonographer telling me without a doubt I was having a girl. Do you think these are just natural subconscious thoughts, or is there any intuition involved (bearig in mind that in other dreams I've also dreamt I gave birth to a rat and a pygmy)? My mum has a 'funny feeling' it's a girl and her 'funny feelings' are often proved right - she's pretty good at picking racehores for one thing (I'm not bothered either way as far as sex goes, as it happens). Have any of you 'just known' what you were having and proved right? Not necessarily by legends about the way you were carrying, how sick you were or the old ring-on-the-string trick, but more by feminine intuition or even premonitions? Any other strange stories gratefully accepted!

Tamara xx

EmmaTMG Sat 01-Feb-03 06:55:21

I'm not sure if had feeling about the sex of my children but I did know I was pregnant long before a test told me. I'm expecting againg now and knew I was pregnant the morning after we did 'you know what'. I remember making some tea thinking 'I'm pregnant already as I just feel so different'. Surprise surprise, 2 weeks later I has a positive test result. I also remember being very surprised when I got a negative result with our 2nd baby as I was sure I was pregnant....2 days later I did another and I was pregnant. During that pregnancy we had to have lots of test for various birth defects and I knew, again, that everything was okay. I thought it was 'mothers intuition' but all these problems seemed a very big deal to just 'know' things would turn out okay. But they did....
I don't know if this is what you're talking about, maybe I'm just 'in-tune' with my body?!

GeorginaA Sat 01-Feb-03 08:31:26

I had a very vivid dream about 2 days before conception of someone tying a blue ribbon around my thigh, so I knew I was having a boy before I even got pregnant!

aloha Sat 01-Feb-03 10:16:02

I thought I was having a boy, so did dh and my best friend. But then again, it is a 50/50 chance. There's lots of research to show that memory is extremely selective - we remember our correct 'premonitions' and forget our incorrect ones. That's how pyschics work, in the main.

PamT Sat 01-Feb-03 11:25:16

With number one I desperately wanted a girl but got a boy, though I never felt that I knew during the pregnancy. With number two I remember washing all the baby clothes before the arrival thinking "I'll be quite happy with another boy" - which he was. Throughout my third pregnancy I felt very different and just knew she was a girl. I don't know how much these feelings were physical and how much were psychological though.

MiriamW Sat 01-Feb-03 16:53:51

I was pretty sure that I was carrying a boy first time round, and so it felt really odd and not quite right to be toold at the 20 week scan that we were expecting a girl. However a subsequent scan showed that it was definitley a boy.

This time round I was also fairly sure that I was carrying a boy, which does seem to be confirmed by the scans (I'll have to wait until May to see if we're all wrong!).

However as aloha said, it is a 50/50 chance, and I've known friends who have been wrong.

megg Sat 01-Feb-03 19:03:52

I thought I was having a girl because my beloved nan died a few months before I gave birth. As it turns out I had a boy (which I really wanted anyway) so it just goes to show how much I knew. I psyching myself up to feel pleased if it was a girl.

elliott Sat 01-Feb-03 19:14:00

I thought I was having a boy, and was right. But as others have said, there's a pretty good chance of being right about your feeling whichever way it goes!
But it was odd, in the delivery room, opening up the sheet he was wrapped in (they let us discover for ourselves) - and thinking 'ah, yes, it IS a boy' - whereas I know if he'd been a girl I would have been really shocked and surprised!

oxocube Sat 01-Feb-03 19:27:01

Didn't have any premonitions either way regarding the sex of my babies. I did, however, have lots of dreams where I ended up doing ALL of the work which, unfortunately, proved to be oh so true!!!

lalaa Sat 01-Feb-03 19:33:06

I saw a tarot card reader at a company Xmas do at the end of 2001 who told me I was going to have a baby in 2002 and that it would be a girl - and she was right!

RosieT Sat 01-Feb-03 21:04:28

I read some research reported in one of the baby mags recently that something like 80% of women have a "hunch" about the sex of their baby, which turns out to be correct. But as aloha says, I'm sure memory is very selective after the event.
Like some others of you, I definitely "knew" when I conceived (even though I wasn't technically pregnant until everything implanted several days later. I can remember distinctly looking out of the bedroom window, seeing a full moon and thinking "I'm going to have a baby".
Very mystic meg.

zebra Sat 01-Feb-03 22:50:36

I got the sex and weight (within 1/2 ounce) right with first baby. Correctly predicted sex, weight *and date* with 2nd baby. How's that for psychic!!??

I feel like the name we choose for DS was right, but not for DD. Been telling DH we should have named DD Bodacia, and he totally agrees. So I've not quite predicted the personalities right...

prufrock Sun 02-Feb-03 10:32:45

I had one dream whilst pregnant where dd, at 3 days, would eat nothing but chocolate brownies, then sat up on a sun lounger and told me it was Ok, chocolate brownies were good for you.
Fortunately it didn't come true, but it did makene feel better about all the baking and eating I was doing!

Janeway Sun 02-Feb-03 15:33:14

can't say I knew for certain, but when pushed did guess ds would be a boy - I'd never had such smelly armpits, and they smelt just like dp's

Caroline5 Sun 02-Feb-03 15:47:38

I thought dd1 was a boy throughout my pregnancy, so was completely wrong on that one. I felt very optimistic through most of the pregnancy and although she was born weighing only 4lbs and was in SCBU, I was sure she was going to be OK.

Instead with dd2, I felt a sense of worry and unease throughout the pregnancy and while she was a healthier weight, she has turned out to have major learning difficulties. Perhaps in some way I knew things were not quite right??

RagDoll Sun 02-Feb-03 16:38:17

I knew I was carrying a girl and in the delivery room (I was in the delivery suite for 3.5 days!!) remember looking out of the window at the magpies on the windowsill and coutning them ...
one for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl .... I only ever saw 3 at one time.
And yes I had my much wanted little girl!

dm2 Sun 02-Feb-03 16:45:23

I was absolutely certain I was having a girl - but I was wrong.
At the birth the woman who delivered him said 'That's a big girl!' - everyone else in the room (it was a section so there were lots of medical staff around) exclaimed 'What?', and she corrected herself 'I mean boy!'
I was completely confused by the correction, as I was the only person in the room who couldn't see what sex he was.

CAM Sun 02-Feb-03 19:37:48

I was convinced both times that I was having a boy but both times got a girl. The thing is I really wanted girls both times so maybe I was doing that thing where you resign yourself just in case. Knew immediately when I was pregnant.

jennifersofia Sun 02-Feb-03 20:04:38

Early on in both of my pregnancies I felt really certain that it was a girl, a feeling that got less distinct in the last trimester. Don't know why I had these feelings, just felt quite sure that that is what it would be. My mother also 'had a feeling' it would be a girl both times, and my mother-in-law felt the second would be a girl. We were all right!

Lollypop Sun 02-Feb-03 20:36:36

I was convinced my first baby would be a boy. So much so that when the midwife said it was a girl I asked her if she was sure!

megg Sun 02-Feb-03 21:01:27

Maybe I am a bit psyhic because I said all along he would be born on the 28th (he was due on 21st) and I was right, only by 2hrs mind.

Hughsie Sun 02-Feb-03 21:20:21

I feel like I'm not in touch at all - due in three weeks and change my mind daily about the sex. At first I thought girl as more sick than I was with ds1 (20 weeks with him, all the wway through with this one!) and the heart beat seems rapid but I think I am carrying shape wise the same as I did with ds1. It's a complete mystery to me and to be honest I still haven't got over the shock of ds1 as everyone was convinced he was a girl! Dont mind at all but worried I'm not much of an earth mother!!

susanmt Mon 03-Feb-03 10:20:01

I was *convinced* dd would be a girl, to the extent we bought a girly snowsuit and didn't choose any boys names, I was right!

Pat Mon 03-Feb-03 10:28:41

Like EmmaTMG I *knew* that I was pregnant. I had just stopped taking the pill in a bid to become pregnant which conicided with a 2 week holiday. I just knew that I was pregnant on holiday to the extent that we spent a lot of time in our second week planning everything out with ref. to due date. I can't believe how sure I was in hindsight. Did a test as soon as we got home which proved I was correct!

Meid Mon 03-Feb-03 10:43:59

As others have said, I knew when I had conceived, which considering we weren't trying and dd was an accident I think is pretty amazing. I just woke up one day and had an overwhelming feeling of broodiness and thought "I'm ready for a baby". As far as the sex goes myself, dh and most people around us were convinced I was carrying a boy. Because everyone was so certain we wanted to know at the 20 week scan and was in shock for several days after being told I was expecting a girl.

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