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Morning sickness getting worse as second trimester starts?

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hattyyellow Mon 16-Jun-08 15:52:06

Surely this isn't right?

Up until now, I've felt pretty queasy and bilious most of the time but have rarely been sick. Now at gone 13 weeks I seem to be getting steadily worse and actually throwing up most meals.

Scans have all showed a healthy baby measuring well for dates - so I'm more concerned about me than something being wrong with the baby. I don't think it's a tummy bug as the nasty taste in my mouth seems to have got stronger and it comes and goes in waves especially when I'm tired or hungry.

Last time around I hardly had any morning sickness so this is all new to me.

Is this a peak before it gets better? Or will I be one of those unfortunate people who is still throwing up at 39 weeks?

Any experiences welcome.

LadyOfWaffle Mon 16-Jun-08 15:54:08

Mine was still going strong at 13 weeks, horrible I know. Infact, I am pretty sure it did get worse for a while before it eased off - about 16 + weeks this time around. If it's really terrible, like you cannot keep anything down at all get it check out to make sure your getting enough esp. fluids. {{hugs}}

hattyyellow Mon 16-Jun-08 16:41:46

Thank you! Fingers crossed it won't last too much longer! I'm managing to keep water down and I ate so much to stop the sickness in the first trimester that I've probably got enough fat stores for me and the babe to live off for a while!

Glad yours got better eventually!

poorbuthappy Mon 16-Jun-08 16:51:13

This is not what I wanted to hear!
I'm 10 weeks and fully expecting my sickness to go away in the next 2 weeks!

There will be trouble if it doesn't... angry

Fufulina Mon 16-Jun-08 17:47:03

Poorbuthappy - prepare yourself! I believed the 12 week thing as well, and was sorely disappointed. Just turned 16 weeks, and the fog is slowly, slowly lifting.

A good friend of mine is married to a GP and they are told to 16 weeks is normal, so why this 12 week thing persists is beyond me!

Good luck

sketti Mon 16-Jun-08 22:37:35

my morning sickness or all day sickness lasted 18 wks, though i did find it got worse before it got better and then i made a miraculous recovery now being 25wks and eating like a horse and feeling great!i feel alot stronger for going through such trauma too and have never appreciated being able to eat so much!!!grin

beeny Mon 16-Jun-08 22:42:38

Only one baby, sick the whole pregnancy lived on strange diet of hula hoops, cheese sandwiches and lamb chops baby was fine.

HarrietTheSpy Mon 16-Jun-08 22:44:28

I was sicker with DD1 in second trim than first. I remember taking a call when I was about 16 wks from a friend: Are you still being sick? Opened the door to our fridge, smelled Toulouse sausages. Hung up fast. (TMI, I know).

PInkyminkyohnooo Mon 16-Jun-08 22:51:02

Still being sick at 20 weeks here. I usually have respite around 25-30 weeks then it starts again. If you are suddenly feeling really sick you may have a bit of an infection - they can make you suddenly sick.

NorthernLurker Tue 17-Jun-08 07:45:03

I was as sick in the second trimester as in the first in all my pregnancies. With dd2 I do remember a bit of a lull around 20 weeks but then by 22-24 weeks it was so terrible I went to the GP - he was no use whatsoever! If you can keep fluids down that's good and otherwise just eat very small amounts of things you can fancy constantly!

Flllight Tue 17-Jun-08 07:50:44

I expect you will be Ok by probably 20 weeks if not well before that.

What's happening is that the baby is causing your body to produce a lot of hormones, progesterone I think being the culpable one - it is circulating in a manner much like chemo, and making you feel rotten.
However around 14 weeks (I think) the placenta takes over the manufacture of the hormone, and thence it is contained within the womb and surrounding area - trying to remember if this is correct! - and so it isn't circulating like it is at the start. Therefore you feel less sick as it gradually wears off.
The reason it gets worse first is that it's reaching it's peak production before the change happens - it increases bit by bit and then starts being produced in situ, which stops it affecting you so much.

HTH...very confusingly put, forgive me!

Flllight Tue 17-Jun-08 07:51:59

Btw i was starting to feel better at about 14wks, but it didn't go entirely till about 20 wks. There is medication available if it is really trying your stamina. smile

belgo Tue 17-Jun-08 07:55:41

hattyyellow - I'm 24 weeks pregnant and have had a farily good pregnancy. Nuasea but not vomiting in the first trimester, and eating helped with the nuasea.

But in the second trimester, I've had less nuasea, but I have had vomiting , and I think this is due to the physical pressure of the womb and baby pressing up onto my stomach. Sometimes I eat a meal and feel fine, but suddenly my stomach does a somersault and it all comes out again.

This happened with my previous pregnancies as well.

Alexa808 Tue 17-Jun-08 09:05:04

hatty, the same happened to me. Nausea in the first trimester and then being sick virtually every evening and sometimes mornings, too. Always between 5-7pm though and even brushing my teeth became a nightmare because of the gag reflex.

I was lagging behind in weight big time because I couldn't keep anything down. Baby measured fine for dates.

Doctor advised to rest, particularly late arvo and keep on snacking (muesli, porridge, banana, dried apricots, etc) and never to go without food for more than 2h. Putting my feet up in the early evening helped. The sickness disappeared, as if it was a sign I wasn't 'feeding' baby enough and it went hungry for too long, letting the hormones take over and the puking begin.

Try eating a small healthy snack every 2h, drink plenty of water (1.5l min and rest betw. 5-7pm if you can). I'm sure you'll feel better soon.

MrsJamin Tue 17-Jun-08 09:19:12

I had exactly this too, nausea in 1st trimester but went about 10 weeks and came back with ferocity (sick in the street!) until about 16-18 weeks - then pretty much went. I too was annoyed about everyone saying it was a 1st trimester thing!

hattyyellow Tue 17-Jun-08 09:39:00

Thanks so much all, I really appreciate your ideas and experiences. Will start eating more little and often and keep hoping it will fade soon!

MomRich Thu 30-Apr-09 02:35:14

This post sounds so familiar I almost wondered if I had written it before and forgot about it. My fairly mild "morning sickness" went away at 10 weeks, and I thought I was home free, then about 2 weeks ago I started vomiting every morning and every evening. Now it's increased to where I vomit after nearly every meal. I wondered if I'd had a relapse or something. This is my third child, but I've never experienced this before--usually I'm just sick all 1st trimester, but once it was over it was over.

YanknCock Thu 30-Apr-09 18:14:48

I got much much worse in the second trimester. But for my SPD, I could have kicked all those 'it will be better by 12/14 weeks' people in the face!

On the bright side, 21 weeks seemed to be a turning point. Am 23 weeks now, only slightly nauseous in mornings (and not every morning), and I only threw up once last week.

Still have cravings and aversions, just not quite as dramatic as before. Though I have just called DH up at work and demanded tacos for supper as a matter of urgency.

mcflumpy Thu 30-Apr-09 21:00:33

mine lasted til 17/18 weeks. after that felt great such a relief to feel hungry again. now 31 weeks and can't stop eating!!!

Hope yours goes away soon, it really is horrible.

Jules80 Tue 09-Feb-10 15:18:32

can someone please help!!!

i 13 weeks- - im not constanty sick but im constalty having an upset tummy and with sickness sometimes. Ive tried remadies but none work and now im hearing horror stories of women being sick all the way through! im so so scared and in fact ive gone of all foods and the only thing i can stomach is potatos and other dry stuff.

Im at my worst when im hungry but mornings and evenings are bad too. im feeling so quesy at work after lunch too

what can i do its so upsetting !! i spend the last 2 days crying as i just dont know what to do ! People are telling me it will get better and its not all bad and to enjoy it - - but i cant!!! arhhhhh
i need help! and works a pain!

MoChan Tue 09-Feb-10 15:24:30

If I recall, my sickness didn't really properly go until I was around the 28 week mark, when the problem turned from sickness to The Worst Heartburn Ever. The sickness wasn't full on from about 20 weeks, though, I think.

Jules80 Wed 10-Feb-10 14:02:27

Ummm now im worried and anxious!

Tinwe Sun 19-Sep-10 19:24:31


Have just read this thread with concern shock My wedding is on 21st December when I'll be about 21 weeks and right now I feel bad enough. Not actually vomiting but nausea and gagging and seems to be getting worse. I'm 8 weeks.

I thought that if you were bad at the start then it would ease to be mild for the remainder of the pregnancy but if you were just nauseous (although that's bad enough) then it might ease enough to be symptom free after the first trimester. Am I way off the mark?

Lavitabellissima Sun 19-Sep-10 19:30:19

28 weeks tomorrow and still puking here sad at least I'm not alone smile

Tinwe Sun 19-Sep-10 19:41:09

Oh dear Lavitabellissima is this your first? Are you sick all day? Strange question, but do you feel better after being sick? I keep wondering if my nausea would ease if I was actually sick

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