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Painful period like pains at 8 weeks pregnant - time to fret?

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hattyyellow Tue 13-May-08 20:19:00

A bit worried and would welcome any advice.

Am 8.3 weeks pregnant and woke up this morning with significant reduction in morning sickness (which panicked me as the last few weeks I've been retching even opening the fridge door).

In the last few hours I've started to get painful tummy ache and back ache, very similar to the pains I normally have when my period is due.

Have had no bleeding but do have the sensation of "heaviness" as if my period is about to start. Feel very hormonal and pre-menstrual as well, which I haven't done at all yet so far this pregnancy - today I've been crying at the drop of a hat.

I managed to speak to my GP just before they shut and they said that it could be a sign of something starting to go wrong...

Or it could be because I'm at the point when my period would have been due if I wasn't pregnant which could be causing the period like aches?

I had a warm bath which seemed to help.

Can anyone offer any advice on this? Feeling very anxious.

chutneymary Tue 13-May-08 20:24:05

Hi Hatty

I think the reduction in MS is probably coincidence. I am finding with this pg (and with my first) that it sort of comes and goes. I have had bad tummy and back aches in all my pgs and the results of 2 of them are now going to sleep.

It could be round ligament pain, it could be the start of something.... I don't think it's possible to be precise. Take some paracetamol, curl up on the sofa and take it easy. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well.

I'll check in later to see how you are. XXX

hattyyellow Tue 13-May-08 20:25:56

Cheers so much Chutney...my husband keeps telling me not to think about it, but it's so hard!

How is your morning sickness, a little less rotten I hope?

LenniEd Tue 13-May-08 20:26:07

Hatty I felt pre-menstrual about the same time with first pregnancy. Am feeling the same at the start of this one - although only 5 weeks.

I would rest and call your doctor in the morning if you need reassurance. Am sure someone will be along shortly to give you some more advice.

FAWKEOFF Tue 13-May-08 20:27:24

your body is making a lot of adjustments in preperation for a baby to grow...there will be obvious stretchings and pains.
try not to worry about it, if the pains persisit and you really feel that the sicness has gone then get in contact with the epau ward....they may scan you to make sure all is well

Egg Tue 13-May-08 20:31:09

I had a lot (I do mean a lot) of period type pains in the first few weeks after finding out. I then got worried when I wasn't having them as I had so many. I thought on so many occasions that "this was it" and I was about to have a miscarriage but thankfully it never happened. I did end up with twins though (do you have twins already or am I confusing you with someone else?).

milkgoddessmakesthefinestmilk Tue 13-May-08 20:33:33

hatty, i had just what your having, i now have a beautiful healthy 11 month old baby girl.

what it is, is your body adjusting and streching,your uterus is growing at an alarming rate, it eased off at about 12-15 weeks for me.
my dr kept telling me it doesnt hurt anywhere near as much with the 2ndwink

Egg Tue 13-May-08 20:46:45

Oooh I hurt a lot more second time round with the period pains than first time (but did have it both times).

hattyyellow Tue 13-May-08 21:18:55

Thanks so much girls, what a lifesaver Mumsnet is. Egg yes I do have twin girls from my first pregnancy.

Keeping everything crossed. Just spoke to my mum who apparently had a period at the time her period would have been due during her first trimester with one of older brothers (her second child).

I hate the first trimester .

chutneymary Tue 13-May-08 22:29:14

How are the pains now Hatty?

THanks for asking about the sickness. I feel a bit better today and haven't actually been sick! Result! Am very grumpy and tearful though, which is not good.

Roll on the next stage! Take care XXXX

Egg Wed 14-May-08 08:27:54

Hatty I had a bit of light spotting at 8 weeks (around time period would have been due) with second pregnancy.

Although I am not planning any more children, I would be terrified of getting twins again!!

Hope you are feeling ok today.

hattyyellow Wed 14-May-08 09:36:40

Thanks so much for thinking of me girls. Pains seem to have died down overnight and no bleeding so trying to be cautiously optimistic...

Chutney that's great you're feeling less sick - and reassuring for me as well as I feel queasy still but not half as bad as the last few weeks..good to see it can come and go..

Egg I am terrified about twins again. I'm sure you're as devoted to your twins as I am to mine and I wouldn't change them for the world, but twins twice would be tough. Feel like screaming at the hospital "Just give me a flipping scan and put me out of my misery!"

And breeeeattthhheeeee..

Egg Wed 14-May-08 09:42:01

I would be down to the EPU like a shot claiming pain just to be assured it was not twins (or TRIPLETS) grin. Saying that, I found out at 8 weeks I was having twins as I had been having the period type pains and the spotting so I was just relieved everything was ok and of course a bit shock that there were two. I would definitely not chance it again in case I got twins again, but there are loads of ladies on the multiples thread who have had singles since having their twins and only the infamous "tripletsandtwins" who had 3 first time and then two the next.

Anyway glad you are feeling better today smile.

hattyyellow Wed 14-May-08 09:49:52

Egg are your twins id or non-id? I think because mine are id, it lowers the chances a lot...doctor wasn't interested in me having an early scan when I first saw him as he thought the chances of twins again so low..

All my friends with twins only have one set and then singletons...although after the odds of having identical twins and also the type who were actually in two sacs (7% of all identical twins spilt later and have separate sacs) - I'm not assuming anything!

Thanks for your understanding...not quite sure how many weeks I can go on wondering!

hansnava Wed 14-May-08 10:03:57

hello hatty
im 17+1 weeks and i had constant pains at the beginning of pg in fact i still get them now. i even bleed for the first two months that my period would of been due. try not to worry to much about pains because after they have stopped u will find something else to worry about thats the beauty of being pg. smile

Egg Thu 15-May-08 11:50:40

Hatty how are you today?

My twins are non id (boy/girl), but i had no idea I was "at risk" from having any. The only twins in our family were four generations ago and it never crossed my mind.

Meeely2 Thu 15-May-08 12:00:16

Hatty, how are you? I have twin boys (non-ID) and currently trying for no. 3, I heard my risk of having another set has increased to 1 in 12! How scared am I!

Hope your pains have stopped and you are taking it easy.

hattyyellow Thu 15-May-08 18:37:48

Aw thanks so much for asking girls, cautiously optimistic as cramps seem to have gone and m sickness seems to be back (yay!).

I think perhaps it was related to my having been due a period around the 8 and a bit weeks time. I haven't been emotional at all so far but I couldn't stop crying yesterday, felt that real PMT weepiness.

Meely loads of luck for ttcing no 3. Egg gooooonnnnn have another one. All the twin mums I know who had non-id twins have all had singletons!

Egg Thu 15-May-08 19:05:35

NO WAY! I only wanted 2 children and already have THREEEEEE. Glad you are feeling better tho, will keep an eye out to find out how many are in there wink.

hattyyellow Fri 16-May-08 18:51:52

Ahhh, didn't realise you had a singleton as well! Will keep you posted, think I might pass out from nerves before my scan. Do you think midwife can do any kind of magic to tell how many in there before scan?

Almost too nervous to find out, hence my not chaining myself to the railings outside the EPU until they scan me!

Natalie1984 Sun 18-May-08 12:18:52

i had the exact same thing happen to me and i was on edge all the time i even started spoting at 10 weeks but im now 29wks gone and all is well so try not to frett to much, easier said than done, i know!

Egg Mon 19-May-08 13:33:38

Still ok hatty?

Yes I have a two year old as well. If I had twins first time round not sure I would have been brave enough to try again!

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