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Nearly 50 and maybe pregnant

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swells Tue 03-Dec-02 18:00:05

I am 48, 2 children aged 15 & 19. My husband of 4 years had a Vasectomy reversal 3 years ago but all the tests showed no sperm! We have used no contraception since.

3 years on and yes I know I may be approaching the big 'M' but I am three weeks late with my period (never been this late before) and I have the most peculiar sensations in the lowest part of my abdomen (like someone drumming their fingers inside me). I did a clear blue test last Friday (at 2 1/2 weeks late) and it came out negative. I also have an increase in vaginal fluid. I have never had the typical morning sickness in my pregnancies before and do not have any nausea now. Just one point, I am very stressed out at work at the moment - like you wouldn't believe - could it be this that is causing these symptoms. Any thoughts?

Lollypop Tue 03-Dec-02 19:01:10

Hate to say this but it is probably menopausal and as you said stress can do things to your 'cycle' too. Having said that I did get a negative clear blue test a week before my positive one so I'd try again this week if not sure.

Mopsy Tue 03-Dec-02 20:33:38


Foetal movements aren't felt until around 14wks at the earliest, so can't offer an explanation for the sensations you're experiencing. It is possible that you have still had periods after having conceived, although at this stage a negative pregnancy test result would be virtually impossible.

The increase in vaginal fluid shows a raised level of oestrogens in your system, could indicate pregnancy, equally could indicate a high level in your system immediately prior to a period.

Have your last few periods been normal?

In your position I would repeat the pregnancy test and assuming it is negative, see the gp for a blood test to measure hormone levels. Perhaps also wise for dh to get semen examined too!

Hope you're okay, and let us know what happens.

sobernow Tue 03-Dec-02 20:45:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

swells Wed 04-Dec-02 09:54:35

Thanks for your thoughts on my problem. I think I will wait until next week and then do another test. I will be 4 weeks late then so if I am going to have a period it should come then. I am quite happy either way. I will keep you posted.

swells Thu 12-Dec-02 15:53:18

well, 1 week on and still nor period. Now 4 weeks, 2 days late. Did a test last week which was negative so I'm not really thinking I'm pregnant anymore although there is still a 'maybe'. I went to see my doctor yesterday and have now had a blood test to see if my hormone level is ok and also to test for something which could suggest if there may be a pregnancy or not. He thinks it a tad unusual that my periods have just stopped, as perimenopausal would not usually be a sudden stop. Anyway, I will keep you posted.

sobernow Thu 12-Dec-02 20:34:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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