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recurring sickness and diarrhea - please help

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dizzychixies Fri 21-Mar-08 08:30:47

am 21+4 wks pregnant with dc3

I keep having sickness and diarrhea. By this I mean every couple of days I wake up and spend all day being violently ill from both ends, can't keep anything down till the next day and spend about 2 days recovering.

This has happened on more times over the past few months, more times than I care to remember. I know kids bring all sorts home from nursery and there have been a couple of occassions where we have all had something but I seem to be taking it over and over again.

Have been violently ill this morning, last time was on Tuesday when I stopped being ill at 7.30pm

I don't think its morning sickness, I didn't suffer from morning sickness this time, did with dd1 so know the difference. This is as if my body has to purge everything - sorry if TMI.

My stomach hurts, my throat hurts and I am shattered. I'm not eating anything I shouldn't be i.e. nothing that is out of date/ not suitable for pg/ things known for causing vomitting

am at my wits end with this. can someone please tell me if this is a pg thing of do I need to boil wash my house and steep it in dettol - I should have bought shares sad

singyswife Fri 21-Mar-08 08:40:58

I would be inclined to go to the gp and have my stools tested incase you have some kind of bug that wont shift of its own accord. This doesnt sound like a pg thing to me. I would go and see gp. Hope you get better soon.

dizzychixies Fri 21-Mar-08 08:44:51

thanks singyswife but a stool sample is not going to be an easy thing to get - was only on sodding phone to GP yesterday too and didn't think to mention it - am idiot

they're closed for easter weekend now sad

singyswife Fri 21-Mar-08 08:47:37

Phone the out of hours service and at least get advice. Then you would know whether it was a recurring bug or a pg thing. Poor you, especially with other dcs to look after. I hope you get better soon.

dizzychixies Fri 21-Mar-08 08:50:41

at least dh is off today so he's done the breakfast battle and nursery run. am just waiting on next bout

thank you for sympathy smile have laptop on knee and bucket next to me - tried looking up NHS 24 self help guide but always end up needing urgent immediate medical attention when I fill in these things so never quite believe them

dizzychixies Fri 21-Mar-08 09:16:53

apparently I have to wash my hands/ clean the house and not prepare food for anyone else for next 3 days - got to love the NHS

singyswife Fri 21-Mar-08 16:33:28

Oh great advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know why we bother with them sometimes I really dont.

Buckets Fri 21-Mar-08 19:01:53

Hi Dizzy
Assuming you have Dioralyte in your cupboards most of the time these days? Got to keep up your salts as well as fluids.
I got prescribed Stemetil (prochloperazine) anti-nausea pills when I had vomiting over Xmas and just now for my migraines - they are ok in small quantities when pg.
On a totally shallow note you won't be putting on much excess weight with this one will yougrin.

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