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How to stop feeling Broody?

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MiMao Mon 18-Feb-08 22:07:37

Right two weeks ago I had no feelings for another baby - have two already.

Then last week start feeling like I was pregnant, had cramps for the last few days, felt really queasy, everything stunk. Wasted £13.99 on two bloody tests both BFN's and started period one day late.

Now my head and emotions are all over the place!!! All last night I thought about holding and smelling my new baby, breast feeding him/her, dressing etc... Yes - basically going mad until I got up and done 2nd test.

Afterwards I felt so sad, my dh actually said he felt SLIGHTLY disappointed. If I was pregnant we both would have been shocked because we planned the third in a few years time.

Today I spoke to him and told him I have this little feeling inside now that I want another baby. So we have decided to try end of this year. So now I should be satisfied right?

No, I am still feeling sad and empty. I was so convinced there was a little one in there. I saw a baby today and normally I would go "ahhh" but I felt gutted! Now I know if any of my friends suddenly say they are pregnant I will feel jealous - horrible I know and of course I would make sure they would not notice.

Its mad, two weeks ago I did not have these feelings and then the last few days my head has got so messed up. Maybe its a biological thing thats happened - very strange. I suddenly have this need! This happened with dd2 and I started to practically molest my dh grin

So now the question is how to stop these feelings until the end of the year.

ThePFJ Mon 18-Feb-08 22:17:31

Good question. And you totally have my sympathy Mimao!
All I can suggest is that you spoil your other two dc's rotten and focus on all the educational games/days out/things you can do with them perhaps? I bet they'd love it.
Or bake. Alot.

Good luck and big hugs. xxx

MiMao Mon 18-Feb-08 22:20:29


Very true - appreciate what I have now.

I have noticed that I have kissed and cuddled them more today. Makes me realise just what little miracles they are.

What is it though about cuddling a little floppy baby all clean in a white babygro who has just been fed and looks deliriously content wink

do you work outside the home? If so - then hold until July at least as I think maternity leave is going up to 12 months paid (SMP) from April 2009. There's an incentive for you to hang on! smile

MiMao Mon 18-Feb-08 22:39:09

That is a fantastic reason to hold off!!!

aaargh - was just googling to find a link for you - and unspeakable government were going to do this but have now put it off another year till April 2010!!! How rotten of them - so, so sorry to have raised your hopes sad

MiMao Tue 19-Feb-08 18:47:25


Hi MiMao - I still feel very guilty to have raised false hope last night - cannot believe the government have let me down on this one angry

MiMao Wed 20-Feb-08 09:55:42

no worries

i would be able to take that much time off anyway!

yesterday i spoke about it more and i feel a bit better and should just enjoy the summer and look forward to later in the year.

damewashalot Wed 20-Feb-08 10:09:03

Make a list of all the things you want to do before you are pg and tired. Not just jobs but fun things with your dds. The rest of the year will go quicly if you can manage not to focus on babiessmile

meemar Wed 20-Feb-08 10:12:15

MiMao - what's the reason you can't just go for it now?

MiMao, Know how you feel. Waiting ttc no 1 but can't till Sept for financial reasons. Basically I do not want to go back to work full time after maternity leave so to be able to afford that we have to wait for a loan to finish next year, so cant conceive till Sept this year. Have been broody for years actually but its been especially hard for the past year. Every month it get harder, I really struggle to hold other peoples babies now without getting emotional.

There is a thread for people waiting ttc in the conception section if you ever fancy venting it all with a whole group of us. This month its called to bake or not to bake, but we chat so much I am sure we will have to start a new one soon!

MiMao Wed 20-Feb-08 13:41:35

Thanks you lot!

Making a list is a great idea, we go camping every year so camping heavily pregnant would not be fun so thats a good reason right there!

Meemar - cant try yet for financial reasons and work. Obviously if I had found out I was pregnant the other day it would not have been a major problem but we would of had a bit of juggling to do. When you plan it there are always little reasons that pop up getting in the way. To be honest my first dd was a surprise and I think if we had planned her we probably never would of got around to finding the right time

If it happens before the end of the year then I will be delighted but my dh did talk sense into me and it does make sense to wait.

Going from two to three is a biggie too - isnt it? I cant imagine it. I don't fancy having to get one of those big people carriers. Think I will just sit in the back between two and oldest girl in front... actually thats a new thread!

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