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citalopram and early pregnancy

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iamamartian Thu 17-Jan-08 10:18:28

i am on 20mg of citalopram and 6 weeks pregnant, gp said it was fine to take it in pregnancy. in the last few days i have been feeling panicky and anxious again, hadn't felt like this for months and months, what a bummer. should i increase the dosage? have been on 20mg for about 10 months...

missvicki Thu 17-Jan-08 10:35:00

Hi, i'm not an expert but was on 40mg citalopram when i got pregnant (now 25 weeks pregnant) Gp said to me it was perfectly safe but because i was worried he reduced it to 20mg. However had such bad morning sickness that wasn't able to take my tablet and haven't done since. But have to be honest the come down off them was quite bad so if you can stick with it i would.

As for increasing i'm not sure and would seek advice from gp? but as i said earlier my Gp said they were perfectly safe to baby, but it's weighing up your needs to that of the baby. Or have you maybe considered other help like the community psychiatric team. I have just been refered to them because i'm not on my citalopram anymore and am stuggling with stress's of day to day life, midwife thought it might but useful to have that extra support to help me through and to be extra prepared in case of postnatal depression.

As i said above i'm not an expert but am in similar situation and didn't want to see your post go unanswered.

iamamartian Thu 17-Jan-08 10:55:28

thank you that sounds useful! i am actually having a good day today, so who knows!

horsygirl Thu 17-Jan-08 12:01:42

I was on citalopram 40mg until I realised I was pregnant and the doctor advised me to stop as there was not enough research and he would rather if anything I was on prozac as it's been around longer. So I weaned myself off citalopram. big mistake I felt like shite. Went to see CONSULTANT at hospital who rolled her eyes and said I should never have come off it but since I had did I want to try Prozac? She put me straight on 40mg of that and I've been fine since. In fact better than being on Citalopram funnily enough!

iamamartian Thu 17-Jan-08 12:14:19

Poor you, some gps are really ignorant about antidepressants, mine is great fortunately.

babylove21 Fri 18-Jan-08 02:53:39

iamamartian, i was on cipralex to begin with and like you panicked and stopped them after conflicting advice. My consultant suggested the benefit out weighs the risk and she would rather i take them then suffer in silence. The come down is bad. I have a pack in the drawer and i am trying hard to start taking them again but restling with my concience. doesnt help that dp is dead against me taking them, but then he has no idea just how ill depression can make you.

Celbeck01 Fri 18-Jan-08 19:19:00

Hi! I too am 6 weeks pregnant and taking 20mg Citlopram daily. I spoke to my GP about safety in pregnancy before husband and I started actively trying. He said should be OK but we could discuss as and when issue arises (eg now) I've got appt to see him on Friday but came on this site to ask advice.... To be honest I am reluctant to come off the med as have tried to before and it wasn't good experience. As it is I have enough general anxieties about pregnancy without being without medication - would be AWFUL. Let me know your thoughts and decision 'Iamamartian' as we are in almost identical situations.
Becki x

janeh39 Thu 06-Mar-08 11:39:42

Hi Becki/and all
Hope you are well,i was just wondering how you got on with doc? as im 6 weeks pregnant and my doc took me straight off citlopram and im having a real hard time,esp as ive given up smoking too!
Any advice?
much appreciated
Jane x

iamamartian Thu 06-Mar-08 20:56:17

well, saw my gp and she was very supportive and was happy to increase my dosage from 20g to 30g, may have to increase it again if pregnancy hormones carry on playing such havoc with my system; go back to your gp and say taht you cannot cope without it, i really think they shouldn't have let you stop! if the gp is not supportive, ask to be referred as an emergency to a psychiatrist, as you are pregnant you should be seen pretty quickly. go with your dp if you think you need extra support to fight your corner.
good luck, it is hard but the medecine is a godsend, absolutely not dangerous for the baby!

janeh39 Thu 06-Mar-08 23:28:16

Thank you for your response, i will def go back and see gp
Btw has anyone else had to stop/cut down smoking and is having a hard time?
Jane x

Celbeck01 Sat 08-Mar-08 07:26:06

Hi janeh39/and all
Well, I'm 13 weeks now and still taking Citalopram. My GP seemed to think the benefits of taking it far outweigh any minimal risks. I attempted to (on his guidance if I chose) to cut dosage from 20mg to 10mg daily but felt felt twitchy and had to revert to original dose. Midwife and all I've seen since have been supportive about me taking the medication. Have been booked in to see consultant at ante natal clinic at 14 weeks to discuss. To be honest I get the impression they are more concerened about post natal depression and keeping an eye.


gillmoouk Sat 08-Mar-08 10:12:36

32 wks pregnant with 2nd baby have been on citalopram 20mg with both pregnancys. my little boy is 2 and suffered no adverse effects from me taking the tablets while pregnant. there is not a lot of info on this subject and what there is is conflicting.

flump1 Tue 18-Mar-08 18:12:07

Hi everyone, im 11 weeks pregnant and Ive been suffering with palpations and anxiety symptoms, ie tight jaw, rushes of adrenaline and general twitchiness. Just come back from gp and he has put me on Citalopram 10mgs, still nervy to take it, scared it will hurt the baby. What do you think?

kas1305 Mon 21-Jul-08 20:18:47

Hi everyone, my husband and i have decided to have our second baby.... I had such bad depression after our first child , i didnt think we would ever be at this happy stage adding to our family !! BUT i am on 20mg of citalopram a day and have never felt better. I am so worried about stopping them (as i know how i was before this amazing tablet) But also dont want to cause any harm to what will be our new baby.... please help !!

Leilani1337 Thu 31-Jul-08 19:31:01

I am 9 wks pregnant and 2 wks ago was told by the dr to go cold turkey and stop taking citalopram as its not one of the safe anti-depressants. Within days ive been feeling anxious & having negative thoughts about having this much wanted baby. Ive been like Satan to my other half bless him! As a result ive just taken a tablet this morning & already i feel more human again. Im being told by a friend that her doc said citalopram is safe and certain websites say its safe & others not. As a result im so confused. I just want to be able to enjoy this pregnancy and be happy about the baby but i want the baby to be safe. Just a warning to anyone thinking of going cold turkey off them, DONT!! Until i find out exactly whats what im going to take half a tab to keep the withdrawals at bay. I just pray this is safe...{hmm}

Steph100 Fri 05-Sep-08 09:06:28


New to this site but wanted to add my comments on this matter. Had been on Fluoxetine before I was pregnant but stopped 3 months before conception. I am now 17 weeks pregnant. I have been suffering really bad with depression again from about 6 weeks after conception and it was getting worse. Spoke to my midwife who referred me straight back to my GP the same day. The long and short of it was that they were glad I had mentioned it rather than carrying on suffering as in there opinion it was just as dangerous for the baby if not more so that I was so depressed. I am now on Citalopram 20mg a day as this is apparantly safer than the fluoxetine. Although my partner is not happy about this as he feels I should be able to control things without the medication I am feeling better already with no more irrational thoughts and anxiety attacks so just going to see how it goes. Sites like this have been an invaluable source of help and its really good to hear others that are in the same situation!

boo71 Fri 05-Sep-08 09:16:48

hi-my names is becky. i am 37 and 11 weeks pregnant with 3rd baby. i was put on 20mg of citalipram 3 years ago for anxiety attacks and it has helped so much. you cannot just come off this powerful drug as it is bad for you and baby. better to plod along slowly and continue with them than give your body a big shock!! i dont think you can breast feed with citalipram though. hope this helps abit.x

st1986 Thu 18-Sep-08 08:45:48

hi i've just got married and me and my husband really want a baby, i'm on the contraceptive implant at the moment but it comes out in november, i'm also on 20mg of citalopram a day as i suffered bad panic attacks and anxiety since i was 17 these tablets are amazing and would niot want to come off them just yet, i would also like to breast feed as breast is besthmm. i'm only 22 and would just like some advice from some women who have been through full term pregnancy and have given birth and did they breast feed.
many thanx

Nikeeta Sat 13-Dec-08 00:42:09


I'm 23 now and my husband and I have decided we are ready for an addition to our family. We wish to start for our first child. I suffer very heavily from depression and I'm currently at 60mg daily; and even that isn't always enough to help me stay 'myself'. I've noticed a lot of you women are only on 20mg, or even 10mg. I wonder if 60 is too high to be safe to my child. I truly want a child, a reminder of how much love I can give another life. And gosh, I have so much love to give.

So yes, I'm extremely excited and happy that my husband fully supports me, even with the risk of citalopram....I just hope my doctor supports me too.

Anyone on 60mg and expecting?

christmasiana Sat 13-Dec-08 00:46:37

i am not sure, i am on 20 like the others

you should speak to doctor I think, I am sure they will be supportive.

Are you having therapy too?

I am being referred to a counsellor specifically during pregnancy, it can be quite an up and down time too, I found the last trimester with my last baby quite difficult. maybe your GP would consider doing that?

Nikeeta Sat 13-Dec-08 01:03:10

Hi christmasiana,

Thanks for your swift reply!

I've gone to therapy, however my therapist wasn't very on the ball and didn't understand the complex nature of my depression.

Right now I'm waiting to hear back from the NHS complaints leader, Trevor, to help me find another therapist. 3 months and counting to find one which is meant to deal with depression, agoraphobia and generalized anxiety disorder.

Wonder if the doctor will help me find a new therapist faster now that I'm planning

Are you aware of any other drugs which have a clear history on the effects of pregnancy and have resulted in being absolutely fine for a pregnant woman?

brettgirl2 Sat 13-Dec-08 09:37:15

I don't know anything about antidepressants but you really need to see a doctor for advice. If they are unsure or if you are not happy with the advice they give then ask to be referred to an obstetrician - they may offer this anyway but this is the best way of getting expert advice on the safest way to manage your condition. Good luck! smile

apf Sat 20-Dec-08 11:17:41

Hello all,

Just sat here on the internet searching the internet for antidepressents and pregnancy as my new husband and i want to try for a baby in the new year. I stumbled across this conversation and how reassured i feel now that there are so many people in the same boat. I've come off prozac to try for a baby but i have really bad anxiety and feel generally low. My GP has said that ideally shouldn't be on antidepressants whilst pregnant, however, we'd have to weigh it up as and when it happens. My mother got pschisophrenia after childbirth, so this worrys the hell out of me. She had to have electric shock treatment (this was 33 years ago now) and got better but ever since has refused medication so has got progressively worse. I am the other way as in i take medication and am a believer in it so i hope this works in my favour! Interested to hear from anyone else that has had a mother in similar circumstances and went on to have a baby and still sane themselves???

gettingstarted Sun 28-Dec-08 17:53:10

Having read this I'm going back on my tablets. Halved about 2 months ago and then came off a couple of weeks ago - and feel awful. Don't want to go back to work, tearful, exhausted and just.... sad back on them tonight me thinks.
As to other stuff, my friend has bi-polar and was sectioned a couple of times before birth, but has been fine since - she went back on her tablets as soon as she'd given birth so couldn't breast feed. She's had ups and downs since but only small ones. A lot of it is that she has a reason to look after herself and make sure she stays well and keeps medicated etc. She has a lovely son and is more sane than before. Fingers crossed eh!

apf Tue 30-Dec-08 13:15:11

oh dear, i'm sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish. What is your situation? Are you planning on having a baby/pregnant? Have you gone back on your tablets? I'm debating going back on mine as i just don't feel right. Another trip to the docs for me on saturday, a different doctor so no doubt a different view on the whole antidepressant issue. You say your friend was sectioned while she was pregnant, that's so sad. What exactly was wrong with her? Did they have to give her medication when they sectioned her? Hope your feeling better!

gettingstarted Wed 31-Dec-08 14:46:02

She was sectioned before pregnancy, but was fine through pregnancy and has been ok since. She has Bi-polar she is always on meds. I have basic depression, I'm fine when I'm on meds, just don't cope so well without. I'm ttc at the moment, and have gone back on tablets. I'm starting to feel better already - and my partner is pleased as I've been a 'mare to live with the last month or two. What about you? Are ttc or pregnant?

MsG Wed 31-Dec-08 16:07:57

Hi there, I'm not on any meds at the moment but have taken Fluoxetine and Citalopram before. Last year I talked to my doctor about my fears of how I might feel during pregnancy (I have OCD and intermittent depression) and he told me that a lot of research has been done into Fluoxetine (Prozac) in pregnancy over the years and how he would feel more comfortable with me taking that if I needed to than with, for example, St John's Wort or Bach's Rescue Remedy, as these things haven't been as tested.

Fortunately, I'm 18 weeks pregnant now and haven't needed to take tablets, but it just helps me to know it's an option if I did get bad. My nurse and midwife preferred me not to take anything when I first got pregnant if possible (I've moved and don't have the same fab doctor, unfortunately) but I think they were being cautious rather than from any evidence. x

apf Thu 01-Jan-09 17:35:41

Hello there and happy new year! thanks for both of your messages. It's so nice to talk to people that are going through similar experiences in life and share similar worries! Glad you are feeling better already gettingstarted. How long have you been trying for? It's literally early days for me, we're going to start properly this month, ttc (took me a minute to work that one out :O) I keep changing my mind as i'm just worried how i'll be, but i'm feeling more and more confident as i read your messages. Congratulations MsG on your pregnancy, how lovely! Glad you are feeling ok and not needed the tablets. I take it this is your first? How does your new doc feel about tabs during pregnancy? From my experience its very mixed opinions from different GPs!

gettingstarted Thu 01-Jan-09 19:55:58

I'm only on my second month of trying - due to ovulate again tomorrow. Difference is I'm gay so it's taken a lot of planning to find the right donor. I would say I do find it quite stressful, but I think that is mainly the unsexy way I am ttc! Sex would be much better! Good luck - no harm in trying, you never know how long its going to take, so I reckon get started earlier rather than when you are desperate. Good luck grin

Reevesie76 Fri 02-Jan-09 14:12:53

I am so glad i found this site. I have been on 20mg citalopram for about 3 months now and its been a godsend. Like you lovely ladies we want to start a family, we are off to Orlando in a couple of weeks and I thought it would be a perfect time to start trying. I am so glad i stumbled across this site, I was worrying myself about being on any kind of medication and the effects it would have to unborn baby, am so glad that it seems ok to take it, although if and when we do get pregnant I will still talk to my doctor about it. Its just good to know that we can start trying now. thanks

apf Fri 02-Jan-09 19:30:13

Thanks gettingstarted, good luck to you too! It's great you have found the right donor! Hello Reevesie76! It's reassuring to hear from others in the same boat isn't it :O)

st1986 Sat 10-Jan-09 18:02:44

hi i'm on 20mg of citalopram and me and my husband are trying for a baby, my doctor said it's fine to carry on taking this as it would be worse for me to come off my medication as there are no known risks to harm the baby, we've been trying for a couple of months so fingers crossed. (wink)

katster37 Sat 24-Jan-09 08:23:45

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone is about on this thread. I am TTC (have been for 4 months), but am feeling extremely depressed and anxious (not about TTC especially) and having bad anxiety symptoms GP prescribed me Citalopram (20mg) and Beta Blockers. I really don't want to take either as I have been on Citalopram before and the weaning off them wasn't pleasant. However, I feel pretty bad so I might be swayed. My GP knows we are TTC and actually told me I was too anxious to do this, and I would be a 'nightmare' when I was pregnant... Not sure what to make of it really. My anxiety/depression isn't to do with TTC and I felt really hurt by the GP's advice. I am currently going to pay for CBT as the NHS waiting list is 6 months long. Does anyone else think the GP's advice is a bit strange? And should I START taking the meds when I am actively TTC and could have to come off them in a few months? Thanks.

Wenlo Mon 26-Jan-09 18:54:46

Has anyone had trouble getting pregnant while on Citalopram?

alandimi Mon 26-Jan-09 19:51:14

I had been on 40mg citalopram for clinical depression for about a year when I accidently got pregnant in Dec 07. When i decided I wanted to keep dd (about 6 wks pregnant) I called my doctor and he recommended me coming off them as there was very little research with regard to citalopram and pregnancy (he did say there were antidepressants that were considered OK during pregnancy but I didn't want to have them). I did it gradually and was off them in about 3-4 weeks. I would never recommend anyone going cold turkey. Had a difficult couple of weeks mid pregnancy and got referred to an anti-natal depression clinic but they took forever to make an appointment by which point I had worked through it (my mother is bloody marvellous!!!).

I found councilling very helpful and my local doctor was fantastic as he knew a lot about depression and he was easy to talk to.

I count myself very lucky - I think my dd is my saving grace and I never been so happy. It is always in the back of my mind that my depression might come back and my mother is constantly checking I'm ok but so far I'm doing pretty well.

Everyone is different but as my doctor (who sort of specialised in depression) didn't recommend staying on citalopram I would suggest gradually changing to a different antidepressant - one that is known to be safe during pregnancy.

Jackaroo Tue 27-Jan-09 05:22:42

I have been on cipralex for both my successful (so far!) pregnancies, and have been absolutely fine - admittedly I weaned off before the 3rd trimester the first time, and am going to try and do the same thing again this time. Having actually READ the papers/studies/reviews, as well as millions of anecdotal stories, I would always say don't try and come off them unless you're really confident that YOU geniunely feel better, not that you feel you must for the pregnancy, and that you have a lot of support.

It is found, over and over again, that the risk to the unborn/born child, and mother, is far greater when the mother is depressed than when she is on antidepressants.

Let me know if you need any specific links...



PS I am so sad to see unsupportive partners out there, it's not want you need in a situation like this!

Misssunshine343 Fri 29-May-09 09:12:27

Well, I've just been to my GP and had different advice again. I'm on 20mg citalopram and can't bear the thought of coming off them. but we are getting married in 2 weeks (woo hoo) and want to start a family then. So I consulted my GP and he told me that if I continue to take it the risks are that the baby will suffer neo natal withdrawal (jitters etc.) Like we all find withdrawal from the drug. That must be an awful thing to put a baby through but I see none of you have been told this, I'm really puzzled. He actually advised me not to start a family until I've come off it!


Wonderwitch Fri 29-May-09 12:23:09

Hi All,

Now this is weird, i was on citalopram way before I was pregnant then I was put on a stronger tab ( the one up from Citalopram) sorry cant remember the name, and was on these when i fell PG, which i was told to come off cold turkey, god did I suffer!! and another doc was annoyed an said I should have come off slowly hmm

I just went for my first MW appt and was told the only 'safe' anti depressant is prozac during pregnancy, and was told citalopram is one of the unsafe ones along with the one I was on. we were talking about this as they want me to now go back on something as I am suffering, mainly due to my current circumstances (very long story)

Does anyone know what is right, there seems to be such different opinions, TBH It's quite scary the different views from different docs/ MW's, how on earth do we trust what they are telling us??

It's actually worrying me about going back on any tabs now.

MsBrandybuck Sat 30-May-09 15:12:36

I came off Citalopram when I became pregnant on my GP's advice. He didn't think staying on them was a problem, more he thought I was due to come off them soon anyway. However the same GP also prescribed me Co-codamol for my SPD. The leaflet says not advisable in pregnancy and my midwife has recommended that I don't use them hmm.
I think (not an expert disclaimer) that Prozac is considered safe because it has been around far longer. ADs can't be ethically tested on pregnant women so it's a case of waiting long enough to see if there are problems at some point in the future.
However, I do think what Misssunshine says about withdrawal makes sense and would also be the reason for not taking the Co-codamol especially in late pregnancy too.

waiting4baby Thu 11-Jun-09 22:59:33

I am also TTC and have been on anti-depressants for 10 years. (not able to come off). I am on 30 mg of citalopram. In the peer reviewed research I have come across, citalopram is considered "safe" but there have been some instances of newborns going through some withdrawal (jittery, crying) for about 2 weeks. So far none of the research has revealed any serious or long term disability for the infants. There is some suggestion that this is most severe in patients who began taking the citalopram in the third trimester.

Citalopram is an SSRI which has withdrawal effects. Weaning your body is better! There is also some suggestion to come off the citalopram in the third trimester...if it is safe to do so. Some patients (like myself) can become suicidal or self-harming when off the medication, and that will do no-one, especially little baby , any good at all.

For those of you still wondering and are getting conflicting advice, or aren't being supported by their G.P.'s, please get yourself referred to an OBGYN, a Psychiatrist and a psychologist/social worker for counseling. The OBGYN is an expert in pregnancy, not so with your G.P. The Psychiatrist is an expert in dealing with the medical side of mental illness, not so with your GP The psychologist or social worker can help you deal with the day to day stress that is still in our lives!

Jackaroo Thu 11-Jun-09 23:19:55

If you search on here, there were a couple of recent threads where we included links showing evidence about Citalopram/Escitalopram etc - all positive btw, and I also wrote out my withdrawal programme which worked a treat.

Unfortunately I've come off the drugs, am now 38 weeks and realising that actually I still have the same situation/DH as before - so maybe I should've stayed on them.... <J doesn't know whether to use the grin or sad emoticon>

firsttimenome Thu 18-Jun-09 19:32:37

thank you so much for all of you who have posted. you have helped ease my worries.

I've been on citalopram for 18mths now and went up to 40mg 6mths ago. i tried a month ago to reduce my meds by 10mg without much success. I worked on the basis that keeping mum healthy and sane would be better for baby than the alternative so i went back up and have since been put on another drug to keep me from self harming. I've been so worried that i was going to cause problems to the development of my child or that i would end up in 7mths time with a baby hooked on AD's. Now i know that the risk really is low after reading the posts and some research I've found and that even if the baby does suffer from withdraw then it won't be anything more than what we go through each time we drop down. some research I came across said that it is in breast milk but that it's way less than the 10% concern level so i might be able to breast feed too.

thanks again for putting a very worried and scared mum to be at ease. wink

sofa76 Fri 03-Jul-09 17:34:15

hi all, iam about 4 weeks pregant , iam on 20mg of citalopram and 80mg propranolol a day, my doc said i should rejuice them but after reading all the good reports , iam not so sure iam just worried about the propranolol , i have been trying to get pregant for 3 years so iam happy but very unsure of the anxity coming back

difficultdecision Fri 03-Jul-09 18:14:02


Sorry just seen this message and it is probably too late but just in case...

Co-codamol is ok in pregnancy and our obstetricians locally use it a lot in SPD pain. Because it contains codeine (same type of painkiller as morphine, pethidine, tramadol) it can make baby a bit sleepy if it is used too much very close to labour so that is why people worry.

But, if the SPD is too bad for paracetanol and physo to help then the benefits outweigh the risks and it is sued under doctor's supervision as the other type of painkillers (ibuprofen, diclofenac etc) are much less safe in pregnancy.

Hope your SPD has gone now anyway

(a doctor)

difficultdecision Fri 03-Jul-09 18:14:36

used obviously - we don't tend to sue medicine!

(a doctor who cannot spell)

xkatyx Tue 19-Jan-10 12:10:42

Hi everyone :-)

I'm new on here, and was really hoping for some advice. I am currently on 20mg of citalopram and have been on for about 3 month's and i am doing very well on them. I have 2 children but me and my husband were hoping to have another baby and woundered if it was safe, also in my last pregnancy i developed gestational diabetes and have been told it is very likely to come back if i get pregnant again, has anyone had the same exsperience or can help?

kind regards

tinylion Tue 19-Jan-10 12:17:16

I took 40mg of citalopram right through my last healthy pregnancy, and now I'm on it again through this one. No problems atall - got a beautiful healthy dd. Dr is more than happy to let me stay on it - otherwise I can't function! Don't worry....

xkatyx Tue 19-Jan-10 12:20:27

That is very helpfull thank you, did you find that being pregant even though on tablets you felt deppressed or did it all go smoothly, i am a little worried as i was very deppressed with my last 2 just didnt realise it at the time, now im on the tablets i wounder how i coped with out them.

xkatyx Wed 20-Jan-10 16:37:01

I'm trying to stay positive about this but get really annoyed when people who don't understand what deppresion is like telling me i will just have to come of the tablets because they know so and so who miscarried etc!!


tinylion Wed 20-Jan-10 19:56:10

I noticed I was more anxious throughout my pregnancy even with the 40mg, so yes, the anxiety was still there, and I had a few "black" days but NOTHING as bad as the depression I had after my last child (I was taken off Citalopram due to risks of passing it over in breastfeeding). this time I plan to stay on them through bf, as really the amount passed over is tiny, esp as baby has been exposed to 40mg every day for 40 weeks!

You will probably find that the tablets will be a proper help through your pregnancy even if the hormones kick in to make you a little more anxious than normal.

I love these boards as there are plenty of preggers women out there who suffer from anxiety and it makes me feel not so alone.

Ignore people and their second hand stories. Not helpful. Antenatal depression and PND can be a real problem - much better to cope and take the tablets rather than fall apart and struggle with baby bonding etcetera. My opinion anyway!! Good luck xxxxxxxxxx

xkatyx Wed 20-Jan-10 20:22:20

Oh no that is what i was worried about being very anxious .. i hate that!!
Mind you i am on 20mg maybe if it gets to a point where i cant cope i may have to just go up, i do notice round my period time a get a little anxious as well , all the hormones i guess.

I love these boards as well as everyone i talk to has never had any problems all so happy with there babies no sign of struggeling it does make you feel that maybe im doing something wrong, but being on here just is great, so thank you very much for replying to me and helping ease my mind.


kirsty24 Mon 22-Feb-10 18:48:11

I think i might be pregnant but its still early stages.
When i spoke to my gp about citlopram and becoming preganant i was adviced to be off it before i tried (i really want a child though)

I am surrently on 40mg and had made a choice to go down to 20mg in April as that is when my perscription ends.

I am not sure wither to reduce the way i planned or come of gradually from all.

What do you think??

katiecubs Mon 22-Feb-10 19:14:32

My doctor recommended i stop taking it while pregnant - largely because there is a lack of research into the effects of the drug on the baby. Its not been proven to be safe so i didn't risk it. That said i was was wanting to come off it anyway so it was easy to stop. xx

puredeedbrilliant Mon 22-Feb-10 22:29:12

I have been on citalipram for many years. I have a little boy just turned 2, very healthly no side affects and I am now expecting again-23 weeks. My consultant is quite happy that I stay on them (although its only 10mg). I read something on here about not being safe to breast feed whilst on them. Well, I did it sucessfully for 7 months. Its such an individual choice, but I know that the side effects of anxiety can be SO debilitating. Hope this helps in some way.

xkatyx Wed 24-Feb-10 18:09:02

Its such a hard thing to choose, i know i wont be able to cope without some help for anxiety whilst pregnant i struggle with my period which makes me extra anxious to think how i will be if i get pregnant.

Im on 20 mg which is a low dose and i know plenty of woman have stayed on it and even higher dose and been fine.

My last pregnancy i had TERRIBLE anxiety and panic attacks and didnt know i could actually get help for it, i couldnt do that again it was awful.

Helen030 Mon 01-Mar-10 22:12:42


I am not pregnant but been on citalopram almost 10 yrs and last year as always wanted to stop but did not know how and started psychotherapy. ((I had been pregnant but lost it).

It was the most awful experience to get off of them but it worth to do it.

I have an amazing therapist who supported me with my GP and now I am off of them and after almost 6 months of physical (shaking hands, temporary blackouts) and emotional (suicidal thoughts, panic attacks) withdrawal symptoms I can say now that I feel happy and balanced.

The most amazing thing is that once you able to get to the real core of your emotional suffering it liberates you truly to find the solution in you to help yourself.

On UKPC you can find many experienced psychotherapists who can take you on board and support you as well as you can ask for psychiatrist to talk to if your depression clinical. It is not cheap as weekly it is more expensive than the pills but worth a try as it has I think long term a better understanding of yourself.

so anyways the pills are great but to learn how to be without them even better.


uklizzie Tue 16-Mar-10 10:29:35

Hiya, I am on Citalopram 20mg and 5wks pregnant, my Dr said its fine to stay on it up until 28wks when I should try wean myself off it otherwise the baby may be born dependant on it. She also said the baby may be wingey and twitchy if I didn't do this by about 28wks. I am a little concerned about being on any meds in the first 12wks but if I'm not on Citalopram my stress levels go through the roof and I can't cope with every day stresses!
I may just wean myself to 10mg or nothing for the next 6wks then if by 12wks I feel I need it I will go back on it.
I have been on this drug before and weaning myself off. Last time wasn't as bad as some people said it would be. I felt dizzy and a bit tired but thats about it. If you feel you would like to wean yourself off, I was told take a tablet every other day for a week and do it slowly, not suddenly stop taking them.
Good luck ladies grin any questions please ask me!! x

F1Julie Wed 30-Jun-10 19:38:24

just decided to google the effects of citalopram on pregnancy and found this site and forum. was a relief to read that you dont HAVE to come off it during pregnancy, im on 20mg at the moment and discussed having a 2nd child with partner, this was my main worry. Thanks for sharing your comments and experiences on this forum x

Alicemonster Thu 05-Aug-10 21:10:16

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and went to see my doctor this morning to get my usual prescription on 40mg of citalopram, I told him I was pregnant and he basically ripped the prescription out of my hand! I'm supposed to take 20mg for 2 weeks, then 10mg for a further 2 weeks and then stop!! I've been on anti-depressants for 10 years and every time I've tried to reduce them its been unsuccessful. I'm so angry and upset, I'd looked into taking anti-depressants in pregnancy and think for myself its worth the risk and actually the risk of me becoming ill again and affecting the baby is far greater. I think I'll be getting a second opinion!

Ladyopheliastar Fri 06-Aug-10 23:13:46

I had been on 30mg of Citalopram for many years. I have come down to 20mg and the doctor and midwife are happy with that. My midwife checked with the hospital and I have been told I can breast feed too.

xkatyx Sat 07-Aug-10 11:02:36


i am 13 week's pregnant and on 20mg, both doctor and midwife are happy for em to be on them.

I tried reducing them as i would perfer not taking anything but no luck, i felt awful so i am back on 20mg and staying put.

ilovesprouts Sat 07-Aug-10 21:12:44

i take 30mg of citalapram ,i also took it when pg with my ds whos now 3.8 i was ok ,but i dont think you can bf

PussinJimmyChoos Sat 07-Aug-10 21:20:46

Glad to find this thread...was on 40mg of Citalopram and doing pretty well..been trying two years for a baby and thought well, no point coming off of them as getting pg is just not happening and will deal with it when it does happen

Am now coming up for 7 weeks pg and as soon as I found out I was pg, I stopped taking the Citalopram..was ok for the first week or so but I am really feeling it now. Obviously, all the pg hormones are kicking in big time so that plays a big part, but am feeling very anxious and extremely tearful

However, I am so reluctant to start taking them again....I'm profoundly deaf myself (causes unknown and mum didn't take anything when pg with me) but still, I worry more about things going wrong, purely because I am deaf myself - iyswim

xkatyx Sun 08-Aug-10 19:21:51

Oh pussin sorry to hear you are having a hard tie, i struggled in my last pregnancy as i wasnt on anything and found it terrible so much i said i didnt want anymore.

My tablets to me are a god send , my midwife was so good she told me not to even think about reducing them there is no need, she said most woman are on them just no one talks about it.

PussinJimmyChoos Wed 18-Aug-10 20:31:09

Hiya all

Saw Dr today re the anxiety etc...was a locum and pretty shit tbh....she did some googling for NICE guidlines on AD meds in preg (FFS, can do that myself!) and then just parroted what was in the med book that they all seem to refer to and came up with 'the benefits must out weigh the risks' which I already knew

She said I could take Citalopram or Flucoextine (sp) in pg and it would be ok but not for breastfeeding, which I'm keen to do...

I just said well maybe I'm feeling so bad due to the constant sickness so perhaps I should see how I feel when that's passed and take it from there...have to see Dr again next week and have decided will make sure I see one of the regular doctors...

Am no wiser or better off really am I!!

Lydma2be Thu 19-Aug-10 14:59:53

My doctor told me to stop taking my citalopram (am 6 weeks gone) and its driving me mad - cant believe that all this anxiety I have been going through (plus trying to give up smoking) and other people have been able to keep taking theirs! Am going to talk to my DR!

xkatyx Thu 19-Aug-10 19:45:00

Yes i would ask another doctor, all the doctors i have seen and midwifes have been great.

kieraj Thu 02-Sep-10 04:47:29

I am 8 weeks pregnant and i was advised to come off citalopram when i found out i was pregnant 4 weeks ago. I was on 40 mg and i weaned myself off them and i wasn't able to cope so i talked to my GP and i'm now on a 10mg dose and i still feel a little depressed but nowhere near as bad as i did when i wasn't on them at all. I couldn't even function properly off the citalopram so i made the choice that i needed to be on a low dose as there was more risk to me and the baby if i wasnt on them at all.

most studies have only shown a 3percent increase in miscarriage and no real evidence has been shown to prove that citalopram cause malformations.

do what you feel is right for you

hope this helps

round3 Tue 07-Sep-10 07:03:51

hi - im 11 weeks pregnant not planned, i have a son who is 13 months, since his birth ive had post natal depression & anxiety - we emigrated from the uk to the middle east, being away from family and in such a different culture is a major factor for my dp & anx.

i didnt find out about the preg until 6 weeks, for that time i was on 20mg of citalopram when i found out i cut the dose to 10mg for 2 weeks then came off for 10 days with horrendous results, have been back on 10mg again since.

saw midwife 2 days ago who put the fear of god into me about mental disability and the risks with anti d's, so much so that i almost booked a flight home for a termination, ive read the blogs here and see a totally different point of view and feel a bit better.

has anyone else been told to discontinue but carried on anyway?


Zebb Sun 12-Sep-10 09:57:07

Hi everyone,

Im currently 9 weeks pregnant, after having a 5 week miscarriage shortly before, ive been on citalopram 20mg for about 3 years now and find i functioned perfectly with it, when i found out i was pregnant i toddled off to the docs to talk about meds etc, unfortuanelty the first doctor told me to go cold turkey and after doing as i was told i was thrown back into the darkest time with severe anxiety and panic attacks, not eating or sleeping etc, well 3 trips later and i managed to find a much better doctor who has listened to me and put me on fluoxetine 20mg im seeing him once a week atm as i have only been on it for 2 weeks although if im not better with my anxiety by the time i go back to him this week he says im being put back on citalopram, he did have the decency to sit down and dicuss the very minimal side effects to the baby with me which helped to put my mind at rest. Heres hoping i can get rid of my anxiety attacks soon!!!

MrsMogwai Sun 12-Sep-10 17:45:16

Hi, I'm a psychiatric nurse and have worked with mums who are suffering PND. If you want to breastfeed, then Sertraline is a safe AD during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It's the one we prescribe most to pregnant or breastfeeding Mum's seen by our team. It's very similar to Citalopram (a great AD)- both SSRI's.

The reason Sertraline is considered safer seems to be mostly to do with the fact that it's been around longer so there has been more research on it. I fully expect there'll be similar results with Citalopram!

As others have said in this thread, the benefits of having a healthy, happy Mum outweight the risks. Dealing with a relapse of a depressive illness with a small baby is hard. Be good to yourselves! Remember, if it ever gets too much to cope with, there is plenty of professional psychiatric help out there. Ask your GP or get along to A&E if in crisis.

xkatyx Sun 12-Sep-10 19:17:17

AHHHHH mrsmogwai, i think that is a brilliant post.

im on citalopram (18 weeks pregnant) and really want to breastfeed, i have been so lucky my midwife and gp are great, but alot of woman dont get that support,so thank you for a positive post.

MrsMogwai Mon 13-Sep-10 00:00:18

xkatyx, if you have any worries still, you can switch from Citalopram to Sertraline later in the pregnancy. If your GP or midwife ever seem unsure, do ask for them to seek specialist advice for you. Perinatal psych teams (wouldn't mind working in one eventually) are very used to getting queries from other professionals.

Alleycat13 Wed 15-Sep-10 22:22:40

I'd been on citalopram for 3years and when
i found out i was pregnant my doctor told
me to stop cold turkey. I felt ill, depressed and anxious for a week and then i had a misscarriage. Doctor told
me to stay off the tablets if i'm trying again but
i'm struggling so much and giving my husband
a really hard time that i think i should go back
on them and stay on them. Does anyone know
if they can cause miscarriage?

MrsMogwai Thu 16-Sep-10 00:38:23

So very sorry to hear about your miscarriage! sad

I've not heard anything about AD's causing miscarriage. A lot of women don't realise the're pregnant for quite a few weeks and are on AD's. Some women choose to stop them quite quickly when they do find out as they worry about taking anything. AFAIK, they wouldn't be able to prescribe AD's in pregnancy if there was any evidence linking them to an increased rate of MC.

If you're still struggling with low mood, please go back and speak to your GP. It is definitely worth weighing up the benefits of staying on medication while trying to concieve again and during pregnancy. If your GP is unsure, ask to be referred to out to a psychiatrist or community mental health team for more specialist advice and support.

Sertraline is often prescribed in both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Please be aware that if you do go back on Citalopram or on Sertraline, stopping suddenly can make you feel physically and mentally unwell for a week or two. I wish GP's would stop advising people to go cold turkey. It's not a nice experience!

Best of luck with TTC. Hope you feel better soon.

AlexxJ Thu 16-Sep-10 07:36:45

Heya all,
what a good website

i just found out im preggy (AGAIN!!) I was on citalopram with my last pregnency but was advised to stop straight away when the doc found out i was preg.

it ended when i misscarried at 12.5wks, And i went baCK ON Citalopram a while after, im just not sure.

Is it safe for bubby!!!???

id like to stop taking citalopram. do you think its best to cut down slowly 2 pills , one pill to half etc

i reckon the doc will tell me to go turkey again if i go see him, and like he said last time the preggy hormones should just kick in and take over, a replacement for the Anti.Ds meds??

whats that all about???

the cold turkey thing was really hard on me, the doc told me to just stop and it was horrid!!
i had head spins , head aches and couldnt see properly for about 4 weeks.


this Sertraline one soundz quite good??

do u know about it?

Zebb Thu 16-Sep-10 08:09:34

Hi again

AlexxJ after discussing with my doc the tablets in pregnancy he said he was a very minimal risk to the baby to be on fluoxetine or citalopram, if you feel bad off them i personally would go back on them and stay on them, i know how debilitating it can be sad

In my opinion and searching on many websites the preg hormones can affect the anxiety not replace the AD's!!!

Im back off to the docs today as i have swapped from citalopram to fluoxetine as the doc says its very slightly safer (i think this is due to it being around longer and more studys being done on it) I may even ask if we can increase the dose as i started to feel better but have had my anxiety almost full on for the past 2 days sad

xkatyx Thu 16-Sep-10 09:10:37

Hi everyone,

That is strange,i fell pregnant in feb and was told to come off tablets straight away by some doctor i have never seen before!!! so i did and i miscarried ..

then went straight back on them fell pregnant again spoke to my doctor who said stay on them no probs and i am 19 weeks pregnant now, my midwife has no poroblems me being on them at all..she said alot of woman are on them and not to worry.

hope that helps


Bella12 Tue 28-Sep-10 15:17:07

Hi everyone

Does anyone have any experience of pregnancy and Xanax. I was taking Citalopram but switched to Xanax which I find better for me. I am hoping to get pregnant but am worried about taking Xanax.


xxJaslynxx Fri 22-Oct-10 14:04:23

hi everyone,
this is such a great website, reading all of these messages makes me feel like i'm not alone and there is so many people that can help.

I have just come back on citalopram 20mg and have been taking the meds for nearly 2 months now.
My partner and I are wanting to have another child and I am a bit nervous to be pregnant and on the meds.

I was just wondering if anyone could maybe tell me how it affects you whilst pregnant and if there is any chance of it getting worse after giving birth?

thanks everyone.

Louabihudd Sat 20-Nov-10 12:18:17

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and have been given cialopram again now, I came of at 7 weeks and just haven't been able to cope since. I feel like I'm never going to feel better again. Citalopram has always worked for me before so is there any chance it won't work because I'm pregnant.?

I'm desperate to feel better again.


yummysunshine Sat 04-Dec-10 20:19:32

Hi Gang, Now here's a dilema. I was on 40 mgs of citalopram and I feel terrible now because as the sunshine started to come out and the depression I was suffering eased off we tried to get pregnant and conceived. I went to the doctor as soon as we found out which was 2 weeks into the pregnancy and he said to reduce the medication slowly and then get me off it as people just shouldn't be on medication whilst pregnant, which I see the logic in as we don't know the long term effects. I was over the moon about our baby but we had a terrible missed miscarriage at 10 weeks.
I swapped doctors and he said Citalopram is far from ideal for pregnancy and now I feel like my trying for a baby on citalopram was very dangerous to our child. I also have aconundrum as I am suffering intense weepyness now and yet want to become pregnant again hopwfully next year so want to get out of the metaphorical storm and more balanced for trying for another baby. Any advice? Also I wonder if being depressed and this is about myself not you lovely ladies and I do not wish to offend any other sufferes or having a propensity to get depression means I shouldn't be trying for a baby full stop until I have far more balance in my life medication free.

pogsy123 Fri 07-Jan-11 20:43:15

I have suffered depression for years and always put baby on hold there seems no support for mums who suffer with depression. The HV was useless and I had a bad response from Homestart. I came off all my medication when I fell pregnant and gave up smoking. I had really bad postnatal depression but refussed medication once i had had the baby i said it was normal as i was hormonal. I am trying for baby number two i am still a suffer but on anti depressants.
I want to come off them and then make sure i go back on them as soon as baby is born. My GP said a small dose would be fine but I could not live with myself if anything happens.
I dont think you can hold back from having a baby if you are a suffer as I did and regret it as if i waited and waited I would never have a baby. I wish I had more support and less pressure from financial creditors etc.
If I had listened to my heart i would have the large family i so despratly wanted but i am too old now to have more than 1 more.
I dont want to go through the darkness again but my son is my sunshine and thats all worth it x

MrsBako Mon 17-Jan-11 20:13:44


Im sitting here in tears & i just dont know what to do. Me & dh have just started ttc as i dont want to leave it much longer as im nearly 34 but am currently on citalapram (20mg for nearly four yrs, just increased to 30mg). I suffer with panic disorder & anxiety and have just started to see a cbt therapist but im scared to get pregnant as i dont know what the pregnancy will do to my mind & i dont think i can come off my ad's & then i dont know what will happen to me after birth, and what about if i cant handle to day to day responsibilities of being a mum...? Or if i get pnd...? I feel so scared & sad cus i just want to be a normal girl with a normal life but i feel like ill never b better

jellyhead188 Tue 18-Jan-11 15:03:20

Wow this thread is such a comfort to me, I'm 25 weeks with my 3rd baby. After number 2 I was diagnosed with PND (but mainly presenting as having panic attacks), was given Sertraline which was on for 7 months, the switched to fluoxitine (prozac) both these had horrendous side effects for me, the anxiety and panic got so much worse (more so with the prozac) and then I just felt dead inside for a really long time, I eventually weaned myself off them and have been well for over a year.

However, last week I had a couple of panic attacks which were pretty scary and worried me in terms of how I'll be this time round once baby comes. I like some of you have been told I can't take citralipram in pregnancy but can in breastfeeding if I needed to! - There does seem to be hugely conflicting advice, but its good to know that many of you have been on C whilst pg - to be honest I feel like this is my next option if things get really bad as I know its used for anxiety and panic successfully!

Sorry no point to that really just musing!

Stilltrying1 Wed 19-Jan-11 19:27:57

Hi all, I'm not pregnant but am trying. I'm on 30mg of citalopram and suffer from anx/dep. Have had panic attacks in past and am v anxious about childbirth. However my GP says it is safe to be on citalopram during pregnancy. I also feel v anxious about the effects pregnancy will have on my moods/ anx/ dep as I have been keeping really well recently. I really feel for you Mrs Bako. I know what it feels like to just want to feel normal, but if you scroll up through all the other posts it helps you realise the number of other people out there who suffer from anx/dep. We are not alone. I really think that if you have a supportive partner and regular communication with your GP and cbt therapist and stay on the citalopram, you will cope well. I've had cbt and it's v helpful. Instead of worrying about all the things that might go wrong and 'what ifs' start focussing on the good things, deal with one problem at a time and be determined you are going to find a way to beat this. All the best xx

HelenD78 Thu 20-Jan-11 11:20:12

I am currently around 9 weeks pregnant and am suffering from antenatal depression.
I have previously suffered from PND after having my ds (now 2) which was treated successfully with Fluoxetine.
I was put back on Fluoxetine at 6 weeks pregnant due to feeling depressed and not sleeping. However, over the 3 weeks that I took them I seemed to get worse (started having suicidal thoughts which absolutely terrifed me).
Went back to docs 2 days ago and he told me to stop taking the Fluoxetine, wait for 3 days and then start to take Citralopram instead.
I haven't taken a Fluoxetine for 2 days now and already starting to feel slightly better (although certainly still not OK).
However I am worried that the Citralopram wil have the same effect as the Fluoxetine and make me worse!
Has anyone else successfully used Citralopram when Fluoxetine hasn't worked?
Incidentally I am not concerned about taking anti-d's while pregnant as my doc has assured me that my mental health is the most important thing.
Any input advice would be greatly appreciated x

loobylou121 Fri 21-Jan-11 21:11:01

hi i have just founf out im five weeks pregnant and i am on citalopram i went to my doctor who told me to reduce them from 40mg to 20mg and to take them for two days then have a days break i dont feel too bad at the moment reading comments on here has put my mind at ease a lot about taking them as i dont think i could cope without them all the time

Rosduk Sat 22-Jan-11 18:44:51

I was on 20mg citalopram for anxiety and panic attacks for years. I was advised there is not research to how safe it is so decided to stop at 8 weeks. I cut down to 1 pill every 2 days for a week then stopped completely. It wasn't easy I was very sick and psychologically it was a nightmare for 3 weeks but I persevered and the side effects stopped. I do occasionally get the odd anxious thought but I'm glad I did it. Once I've stopped breast feeding if I do find myself struggling I would go on it again. This was a personal decision and if I had thought I wasn't ready I would have stayed on it while pregnant as I know how awful the struggle is with panic and anxiety- the question is whether you feel you ready to come off like I did!

laurajane17 Sun 23-Jan-11 09:31:24

Hi, I'm new to this site and new to pregnancy. My doctor said it was best to ween myself off the 40mg citalopram because it has not been extensively tested enough on pregnant women although he did also say that if I really can't cope, he can put me back on it.

What's worrying me though is that he said I need to be referred for a mental health assessment because I have been on anti-depressants for quite a long time. Is this standard practice? Has anybody else had to go for this assessment?

Thanks in advance for responses... I'm a bit worried.

barneybee Mon 24-Jan-11 11:16:48

Hi,just need a bit of advice I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and have been trying to cope with feeling down,tearful and having an inability to sleep at night since prob week 6.This is my second pregnancy,after my son was born I suffered from PND and I feel as though all the symptoms are returning.I have been off work since Xmas time and feel unable to reurn which adds a financial stress as dont get full sick pay .I have been to two GPs one recommended Sertraline other disagreed and suggested Citalopram I have decided not to take anything but I am now at stage where I feel I cannot cope and feel so guilty as I am not enjoying this pregnancy.Wonder wether I should start taking something to help me instead of causing harm to baby by me being so depressed.

smiales01 Fri 28-Jan-11 22:52:28

I am also concerned about being on citalipram, I've been on it for nearly a year and currently at 40mg, not pregnant yet (well I might be...) but I am really worried about the effect it may have on my baby.

Interesting to see such different views from GP's, personally I don't like taking any meds normally let alone while pregnant but as others have said are you better off taking the med and being healthy or coming off for the baby and being a mess? I always intended to be off them before pregnancy but what if I then go backwards and feel awful again?

xkatyx Tue 01-Feb-11 16:13:00

Hi everyone, i havent reas the wholw thread, but i have just had my little girl and i took citalopram throught out conception and pregnancy, baby is fine, my midwifes, doctors never had a prob with me taking it.

sal1978 Sun 13-Feb-11 11:50:48

Hi all, i have been on 10mg of citalopram for 4 months for 'situation depression'(still not sorted)
found out i was pregnant on tuesday so went to see the gp to find out if i should still be takin the tabs but my doc is on holiday so had to see a different doc. he told me i had to stop taking them immediately. now im feeling pretty low and suffering constant palpitations and panic attacks, dizzy spells and feel sick. why have i been told t come off them straight away when so many of you have been advised they are safe when pregnant?
also how long do these withdrawal symptoms last?

snowwhite171 Tue 15-Feb-11 10:31:20

I have been taking 20-40mg of Citalopram for 3 years for depression and OCD. I am 14 weeks pregnant and the GP told me that there is a slight risk of cardiac defects during the first six weeks. However, he felt there was minimal risk after that. The hospital have me flagged as a vulnerable patient and I have had lots of extra mental health support, extra appointments, and an extra scan to check for any heart problems. They have also referred me to the psychiatrist to make sure doses are correct. I think they were also a bit surprised this hadn't been done before. I am glad I chose to stay on it as I think my mental health would have been more of a risk to me and the baby (washing the same plate for 2 hours just doesn't do anyone any good!).
A friend of mine, not a health professional, told me that one of the reasons for confusion is that they are unable to do double blind studies on pregnant women and hence they have plenty of hearsay evidence about its effects, but will advise against taking it as risks not proven in the clinical sense (hence avoiding lawsuits). No idea if this is true but may be food for thought.

snowwhite171 Tue 15-Feb-11 10:42:15

Actually, would also like to add that even before I was pregnant I found that some doctors seem to hate antidepressants and just want you to come off them whatever. I once went cold turkey and when I went to a new doctor and told him he just said 'Good'. Never asked me how I was feeling - terrible, tearful, angry, deeply depressed - or even referred to the commonly held belief that you should wean off antidepressents slowly. Back to my original doctor (even if I had to wait to see him) and a good telling off for going cold turkey!! He said 'If you want to come off them, fine, but don't do it without my help'. That is proper mental health care in my opinion!

Jodanne Wed 16-Feb-11 18:06:54

Hi all. How reassuring that it's not just me who suffers from anxiety and low mood. Have 2 lovely children but would dearly like a third. Been on 10mg Citalopram for almost a year for anxiety and panic attacks. Tried once to wean off but had terrible side effects and decided for my and my family's stability to go back on them. Can't decide whether to TTC whilst on the 10mg or again try and wean off. Terrified of the anxiety and black mood returning. Any advice appreciated. Only began to suffer this after my first very traumatic birth. Managed without AD's for years but last year I began once again to suffer. I am very stable now, working as a teacher and happy. Never thought this could happen to a previously outgoing person who had never felt depressed/anxious before.

Manxminx Mon 21-Feb-11 10:04:11

I am on 40 mg and my doc has said it is safe. I have been taking it for 7 years now since the birth of my son. I had bad post natal depression. I have tried once to wean off it but I end up back to square one so I have had to get used to the idea of being on it forever. I am currently trying for my third child and intend to stay on it. My doctor is very supportive and says it is safe. Good luck x

Manxminx Mon 21-Feb-11 10:13:53

Hi ladies. Whatever you decide to do please do not just stop taking citalopram as it does more harm than good. If you really need to stop or want to reduce your dose then do so with the help and guidance of a good gp. Make a plan and work through it. The come down symptoms are horrendous so it must be done gradually. However weigh up the pros and cons. To come off it will probably take at least 6-8 weeks if done properly. Hope his helps x

pinkyblueish Mon 21-Feb-11 16:58:23

My doctor shifted me from Sertraline to Citalopram because its safe in pregnancy but i just feel really anxious and shaky, crying at everything. Im between 10-11 weeks
Id say stick with them, and hopefully once your hormones balance out you'll feel better

Louabihudd Wed 23-Feb-11 22:46:27

xkatyx did u suffer pnd after your first 2?? i did after my first and now i am preg with my second and on 30mg of citalopram and terrified of getting it a second time. i stopped my meds wen i found out i was preg at 7 weeks but got so depressed i went back on at about 12 weeks. now im 26 weeks and feel fine but so scared i will get depressed again after delivery even tho im on citalopram. did u get depressed after this delivery or have any of u ladies been in the same situation as me and been on anti ds the whole pregnancy and it prevented u from getting pnd the second time around?? im petrified

thanks xx

sandy30 Tue 29-Mar-11 13:35:38

So relieved to find this board. Have today had a terrible mood crash after trying to taper off citalopram in preparation for ttc. Have clearly tried to taper too fast for what I can manage - I guess some people need to do it much slower than some doctors advise. However, I also don't feel ready emotionally to do it - only trying as I'm concerned about possible effects on the baby.

My GP has said that I am fine to take it during pregnancy if I need (I'm on 20mg/day), so I'm going to listen to him. A rare instance of me doing what I'm told .

KatyN Tue 29-Mar-11 15:28:09

I've read a bit too much of this thread that is ideal during work time!!
I take citraloplan.. 40mg daily. I was advised by the consultant to split my dose to 20mg in the morning and 20 in the afternoon.
They also said the baby might have some withdrawal but they will last about 2 days and he'll just be more grisly.
I wondered how people felt about not breastfeeding on the AD and whether there was 'trouble' from other people not understanding. It feels selfish to not breastfeed because I want to take AD but I know that if I stop the little mite will have a dreadful mother.

Jodanne Fri 01-Apr-11 12:25:12

Katy, if you can take the Citalopram in pregnancy why can't you breastfeed whilst on it? I'm confused!!

KatyN Sun 03-Apr-11 11:39:14

sorry jodanne.. no medical training and i've no idea.. it just said in my letter from the consultant that I shouldn't breast feed. I've also no idea where I've put the letter so I can't tell you anymore.. I'll have a proper look for it in a mo!

xkatyx Mon 04-Apr-11 10:55:31

hi, my daughter was premature and i got to speak to the top consultants and they said there is no problem at all taking it or breastfeeding on it, which i did.

my daughter is perfect, she was early as i had gestational diabetes so there was no link there.

7inpink Mon 04-Apr-11 16:40:16

Firstly I am glad to have found this page. Im 15 weeks pregnant, came off citalopram at 6 weeks on advice from gp, then was told by consultant psychiatrist that I neednt have......I have carried on without it so far - but over last 3 weeks havent been able to sleep and have had 2 UTIs, and 2 sets of antibiotics, and have felt VERY strung out - irritated, exhausted, low and a bit paranoid tbh. Prob is - now I have been signed off work by GP and given a script to resume citalopram....I am seeing psyciatrist again tomorrow who I think will re-iterate its safety in pregnancy, and explain in more detail the risks to the baby..... I am sooooooooo stressed out at the mo - I really need my sleep back!!! I have 2 children already, work part time, and hubby works away so do everything myself - I dont have time to feel so gross!! Any comments gratefully recieved. thanks for making me feel less of a wierdo! I do feel a bit of a failure though......

8sapphire8 Mon 04-Apr-11 23:48:57

Hey everyone!

Thank goodness I came across this discussion. I'm 22, on 20mg of citalopram, and my husband and I really want to start trying for a little one. I was dreading having to come off the tablets, but reading all of this has made me feel so much better.

Thanks everyone. Good luck to you all too!


pinkchick1 Thu 14-Apr-11 09:31:10

I was on Citalaopram for years, it kept me balance when my epilepsy drugs damaged my mood lob. I was on Epilim and had a perfectly healthy baby, this is the worst drug in pregnancy. I had to come off of Citalopram as doctor said the only way to test if drugs are safe in pregnancy is to give them to pregnant women in a study, and that is never going to happen. I am a test subject in a study into the effects of antiepileptic drugs in pregnancy, I would say to any women on a drug, what ever a gp says to you, no drug is safely tested unless a study has been done on a set of women. If you have written evidance of women who have signed up like I have to a group test when they became pregnant in the maternity unit then you have some evidance of its safe use.

Don't forget, its only 9 months of your life, whats that to 80 or 90 years of a damaged humans life as a doctor decides without enough proof that a drug is safe. Thats what happened to the thalidamide people.

anxiousfifi Mon 09-May-11 13:40:49

I'm so relieved after reading all your post's about citalopram. I have put off starting a family for my career, but have now had to give this up due to my anxiety and depression. I would love to start a family and have a great supportive husband but was so worried that I would be told to stop taking citalopram. I have reduced my does from 30 to 20mg and feel so so. I have also started yoga and Zumba classes and highly reccomend these to those trying to concieve as not only do you get fit ready for pregnancy but the have helped me with my anxiety management and their fun too. I have lso read two books, dealing with the black dog and feel the fear and do it anyway. These too have help me understand my illness and so make sense of how I feel, which helps.

anxiousfifi Mon 09-May-11 13:44:11

Hi Jodanna I have read it because your baby gets more of the drug through your breast milk than it does through your placenta and so that's why they don't reccomend breast feeding, but maybe discuss with your gp

veej29 Tue 10-May-11 14:47:52

Hi All,
The reason why we are all confused from conflicting advise from the medical professions is that they can't do tests on pregnant women with drugs.
Yet here we all giving feedback and updates of our mental state and baby development (interesting how a number of women mentioned in this thread going cold turkey off Citalapram on advice from GP and then miscarraiging)
Surely there is some kind of open/voluntary forums that the medical profession could gather data from?
I'm on Fluxetine with GP saying stay on it. Midwifes agreeing. Consultant telling me to go to Citalapram. Another GP advising to cut down/stop in first trimester. Not take during breast-feeding.
Basically it's in my hands to choose and it's very hard but I have decided to continue with Fluxetine and i feel some one needs to be able to use the data i will have over the coming years of my child's development and effects duing pregnancy. Please mumsnet what can be done?

Data collected from people like me could help more new mummies in the coming years to make their decisions.

My best to everyone
Second Baby due 24/09/11

curleywurley2 Tue 10-May-11 17:44:55

I was on citalopram after the birth of my 1st baby and when i went to ask my G.P if it was safe to be on it due to us trying for baby number 2 he said no. The reason why is that apparantly they baby can be born drowsy and have a low heart rate. So before i got pregnant i weened myself off them and had counsiling instead,which has helped a great deal. Im now 13 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and feel loads better having counsiling, as i felt that the citalopram was just masking my depression and i wasnt actually addressing the problem head on. Good luck but totally recomend coming off the anti depressants and having counsiling.

TallulahBetty Tue 10-May-11 17:58:23

I've just been weaned off 20mg of Citalopram as my GP said it wasn't safe in the last trimester, due to it raising the baby's blood pressure. So it seemed better to come off it sooner rather than later (currently 12 weeks).

I feel ok as I cut down pretty slowly. My GP said that if I don't cope well on nothing, Prozac is generally thought to be safer.

Squeekie Sat 14-May-11 12:09:23

I am hoping to get pregnant for the first time this year. I was on Arrowpax for 6 years had a year off. I became very sick, . Then went onto Citalopram and have been on it for 3 years.
I have looked into the risks of taking the medication against coming off. The health risks to the baby a very small. I plan to stay on the medication throughout.

rachyaimeelou Sun 15-May-11 10:12:45

im 31 weeks pregnant and have been advised that citlopram is perfectly safe, id only been on them for 2 weeks wen i found out i was pregnant n went to see my gp straight away, altho i have been goin back every other month for check ups to see how im gettin on and hes happy for me to carry on with them even after the baby is born xx

loopyloo26 Mon 16-May-11 20:01:48

hi all...im ttc atm and on citalapram...i went to see my gp before we started trying and he reduced my dose from 20mg to 10mg. he said the benefits of taking it outweighed the risks but he didnt actually mention what the risks were....can anyone help? im very confused as to why some gps say its safe and others say it isnt?? is anyone else out there taking 10mg and ttc or already pregnant? although the dr assured me its only a low dose im still concerned about taking something during pregnancy and would never forgive myself if anything happened to my baby....i tried to come off the tablets last year and experienced a relapse of postnatal anxiety so had to restart them so am unable to be drug free throughout pregnancy....i just dont know what to do....if anyone has any advice it will be gratefully received..xx

pregnantmimi Mon 16-May-11 23:54:41

Hi wanted to share my experiance I was on citralapram 20 for a year previous to this been on various anti depressents mood stabilisers for 14 years due to having depression. Whe I found out I was pregnant unders doctors advice I came off them felt crap for 3 weeks feel ok now just weepy and a bit moody like alot of people in the first trimesters. I have thought about going back on them but as the withdrawal was hell I dont want to go back on them and then have come off them and go thou it again. One thing I have noticed thats great about coming off citrapram is being able to cry and being able to have orgasms!!! Also I havent have mood swings just been moody. Im hoping that I will become one of them lucky woman whos imbalances are corrected during pregnancy. I am of course keeping a eye on myself and so is my family and friends.

Fizzy166 Sat 04-Jun-11 12:43:18

Hi, I recently became pregnant with my second child whilst on 20mg Paroxetine my gp has now lowered them to 10mg of citalopram which i tried to go cold turkey with due to fear for my child and the desire to do the right thing. I have now discovered that the desire to kill myself is not going to help my unborn child or my 2 year old and like yourself i feel some people just need to take meds to help them be "normal". My mother also had many problems when she had me, 33 years ago she too had electric shock treatment and advised i never have kids however when i had my daughter i went straight back on my meds and enjoyed every minute of bringing her up (may i add as a single mummy). So keep taking your meds and enjoy your pregnancy and baby. people who say stop ie GP, partners etc dont realise the increased risk to your mental stability and the threat this poses to your child. Hope this helps some xx

lindseypedersen Sun 11-Sep-11 14:03:26

First time on here so bear with me, I have recently tried to reduce my citralopram dose from 40mg to 20mg as i am about to start trying for a baby. i suffer from really bad anxiety and was worried about being on it while being pregnant. only managed to go down to the 20mgs dose for a few weeks and started to feel really anxious and depressed again so have been advised by my GP to increase it back up to 40mg again. have been told that its safe for the baby by my GP but still just a bit nervy about it. would really appreciate any advice anyone could give me. thanks xxx

Oeisha Sun 11-Sep-11 17:53:42

Having been on citalopram for anxiety and severe depression, I can totally empathise with this debate BUT, there just is not enough evidence out there to rule the drug safe to take whilst pregnant. This is why I fought hell and high water to get the therapy (CBT worked for me) I needed to come off citalopram/ads before ttc.

Ultimatly, the mental health of mum should come first. I firmly believe that 100%. But, I don't believe there is as little risk as women are being asked to just take on board from their GPs. Don't forget that your GPs are NOT pharmacologists and do not understand fully how these drugs will influence pregnancy (after all, if they did know all this, we wouldn't need spscialists half as much as we do). [As a small aside, just from the number of GPs alone that insisted the combined pill was ok for me, yet my neurologist told me 100% to never take synthetic oestrogens if you have migraines...I'd say a good 60% of GPs didn't know/didn't take the advice seriously]

Studies like this are almost impossible to do, as no 'normal' (in the scientific sense here) mom is going to be allowed to take the drug during pg to have a correct control group in place. They're also not going to risk severely depressed women to potentially have a placebo in a double-blind trial...

Anyway, I guess this is a really long winded way of me saying, if you're planning on starting to conceive, please, please fight for the theraputic angle to be in place and working BEFORE you ttc. It may take a while, and you may need to find the 'right' therapy, but please check them all out. If nothing else, a baby is not going to help your mental health. Lovely though they are, you are going to be stressed/anxious/worried about money/tired etc. etc which can only lead to you feeling worse.

A lot of women/people are just drugged with anti-depressants and given no real support to manage underlying anxieties/stresses that make depression all the worse to manage, and ultimatly cause misery and expense. It IS your right to recieve the best care possible for your mental health. If you GPs just fobbing you off with drugs and not even suggesting therapies, change GPs, this is poor advice and against guidelines. Same if you've expressed an interest in TTC. THey should be doing everything they can to fight for your mental health, not just telling you it's ok to take anti-ds and leaving it there. They should be pusing you to lower your doses (at one point I was taking 4 doses of a low amoutn a day, as I found I was crashing out towards the evening if taken late pm and morning if taken am), and pushing for you to have counselling/therapy.

Also, GPs should never just be prescribing you anything without explaining the possible problems for you, or baby...again, change GPs...this is unacceptable if it's happening.

Obviously, if baby was a bit or a suprise, then less can be done, but you're still entitled to the therapies and support anyone else is.

lindseypedersen Sun 11-Sep-11 23:04:23

thanks for the advice, have had CBT 3 times and it has actually done me alot of good but i do feel that citalopram has def helped too, but at the same time its still at the back of my mind. have got an excellent GP so think will continue to do a bit more research myself. thanks.

JPHT Thu 06-Oct-11 20:47:59

I have just found out I am pregnant (4 weeks 2 days) with my third child. I was not really expecting it even though we are so thrilled, the trouble is I am on 40mg of citalopram from the birth of my last child and subsequent PND - I tried to come off them earlier in the year but found it too hard with two little ones.

Is anyone else on citalopram in early stages of pregnancy - I am so anxious and would very much appreciate it if anyone knows if its ok.

Huge Thanks in advance

themightyskim Thu 06-Oct-11 20:58:02

its one of those things that no one has a conclusive answer too - before I go on Im a psychiatric nurse AND more importantly I have until just before pregnancy been taking 60mg a day for OCD and depression so I can see this from both sides.

My best advice would be as follows, no drug is 100% safe, and the biggy with pregnancy is that ethically they cannot research these things. In the first and second trimester there is evidence to suggest that it is less harmful for the baby but there is still a risk of sight issues with the child with Citalopram, in the third trimester they really dont recomend anti depressants because basically they can effect your babys heart rate, increase distress in birth and babies born on anti depressants can, in some cases be a little like babies born of mums taking illegal drugs- these are only links drawn form mums with babies born on anti depressants though they are no researched in controlled environments

If I was you if your thinking about stopping Citalopram I would do it by 5mg a week, with the help of your doctor, thats not a medical recomendation thats just how I did it, and it reduced the withdrawals for me because it was a slow process, the other thing I would seriously think about is approaching your GP and asking for a referral to your local psychiatrist or community mental health team so that you could have a proper, informed discussion about the risks and the benefits of coming off or staying on, if I remember rightly and its taken me a bit to think of this so possibly not, Prozac is believed to be the safest pregnancy drug. If you are referred it would mean that you have trained professionals monitoring you and refering you on for other treatments too, I hope that helps, I know if not given you any real advice either way but this has to be your decision and I think your better discussing this face to face with a professional at the soonest possibly opportunity- whatever you decide dont stop 40mg dead you will have withdrawals and they aren't nice

JPHT Sat 08-Oct-11 09:03:39

It was so lovely to read your message - I am on 40mg of citalopram and 4 weeks pregnant with my third child - I can't get a straight answer out of any doctors, some say its fine other's no way - mum's what do you think? I can't just come off them as the side effects were awful but I am scared I am harming my baby x

3littlepoppets Thu 20-Oct-11 08:30:47

I was really interested to find this thread and wish I'd read it several years ago.
I'm not an expert but I have been on Citralopram throughout 2 of my 3 pregnancies. I was on 40mg with my second son who was born healthy but very jittery for 24 hours, then over the next year my citralopram was increased to 60mg and I unexpectedly got pregnant again. I was under the impression that Citralopram was safe during pregnancy, but have since been told that a dosage higher than 40mg is not advised - unfortunately my GP did not realise and my 3rd child has been born with a number of health issues that her specialists are attributing to the citralopram. I am happy to give anyone further information about my experience to help others avoid the same outcome, or if anyone has further information about the danger and effects of citralopram during pregnancy it may help my research. Thanks Clare

sookie32 Fri 25-Nov-11 06:05:53

This will be my third child, with my first beautiful little boy I didn't want to admit that I had been dealing with depression. It was very hard because I had moved Countries, I was away from all my friends and family and being a mum for the first time had it's own unique challenges.It wasn't until being pregnant with my second beautiful boy and having my husband come sit with me in our room looking concerned he said "I think it's time we deal with this depression" it took until that moment to believe that I might actually need help with this. My husband was with me through all of the meetings with Doctors and finally I went on 20mg of citalopram which was GREAT!!.When I found out that I was pregnant again I thought "right I'm feeling great, i'll take myself of citalopram" I'm now feeling the same as I had before...I don't find any joy in life, my children are missing there fun loving mum and so am I. I will be going to the Doctors on Monday to see if it's safe to put myself back onto citalopram...it's not fair to everyone around me to have to deal with my outbursts and sadness...I HATE being like this...

bmm39 Fri 25-Nov-11 11:38:20

I am on 30mg of citalopram and have been for the past 2 years. I am 27+3 weeks pregnant now. Initially when I found out I was pregnant I reduced my dose to 10mg, BIG MISTAKE, i felt awful. I am a lot better now I am back on 30mg. The midwife and gp are monitoring me and they say that my pregnancy is going very well and the baby's development is fine. My theory is a Happy Mother is a Happy Baby. If you are feels depressed increase your dosage. My GP even suggested I do think if I return to me depressed state again.

xladycharx Fri 27-Jan-12 23:19:24

I am on the implanon implant and taking citalopram, but i want to know if you can get pregnant .... reason why i ask is because i have had my 2nd implant in and there is only two months left till it comes out but recently ive started to get my periods ( ive been on citalopram for 2 months now) and i have never had periods whilst being on the implant so i am woundering wether you can get pregnant whilst taking these tablets. please let me no asap. i hope you can :D x

mildertduck Sat 28-Jan-12 12:02:09

I was on citalopram and implanon at the same time and never got pregnant. As far as I am aware there's no interaction between the two.

I did conceive immediately after having the implant removed though - working back from my ultrasound-calculated due date my 'LMP' (since I never had one) was the day of the removal smile

3rdbaby Thu 16-Feb-12 20:24:55

im so confused i have been on citalopram for over a year i fell pregnant was told to go cold turkey i said i would not be ok and im not but the doctor still wont give me them back is there anything i can do iv tried 2 doctors surely its my decision, i also suffer server spd and have took codine phosphate in 2 previous pregnancy but they will not prescribe this time on top of this i suffed big cyst-ed at the beginning and was on regular trips to the hospital and was told by a number of midwife ect i was fine taking it but the doctor prob dident want to be the one responsible for giving it to me i dont understand im left very confused and all these problems are taking away my happiness at being pregnant sad

Monkee75 Sun 11-Mar-12 17:08:12

have been on 20mg of citalopram for nearly 4.5 years. I am six weeks pregnant and stupidly stopped taking my pills one week ago despite doc saying ok to take during pregnany. toughht i would be ok but have woken up today with such hightened anxiety I can't function. Little things like hoovering or fixing something seem insurmountable. Have started taking tabs again.

Boomerwang Mon 12-Mar-12 04:08:26

I'm on 20mg of Citalopram and have been for a couple of years. I was told the benefit outweighs the risk, but I've not been told anything about whether I can breastfeed or not.

I have not had much change in my moods during my pregnancy (34 weeks) apart from a blub now and then which is probably normal.

I was more frightened of stopping if I were advised to, because life before them was miserable. Things seem to be going ok with the baby. I've been told I'll stay in hospital for a couple of days after giving birth so that they can keep an eye on myself and my baby because of the tablets. I'm not sure what they think might happen?

Best wishes everyone.

Morocha Thu 22-Mar-12 16:53:49

I am so happy to have found this site ! I am currently taking citalopram 10 mg and would like to try for another baby soon, i tried to stop taking my pills 3 weeks ago and i have gone downhill, i cry about everything, i am moody, irritable, i do not enjoy life, so decided today after reading your posts to start taking it again.
I so wanted to start planning this pregnancy and no taking AD, but I can't and feel sad about it. I feel like i am made to choose between having a baby and feeling ok. Two months ago i told my doctor i wanted to try for a baby and he said stop taking the medication but then i went away for two months to see family and did not stop taking it until three weeks ago.. I really do not know what to do.

MummyLuce Fri 23-Mar-12 21:51:02

Hey, I was on 40mg citalopram and was told by my GP, my Dad (who is a doctor) and the psychiatrist not to take citalopram in pregnancy, especially in 1st 12 weeks. There are possibly some very some small indications of increased miscarriage risk and congenital heart defects. They told me to come off it asap. I took 20mg for 2 days, then 20 every other day for a week then came off. Felt horrible but would have felt guilty taking it with the baby inside.Im now 28 weeks and feel alright. The docs said that if I feel bad in my 3rd tri or when bf then I could take sertroline which doesnt pass into placenta.

However, thats just the advice I got. If your docs say for you to carry on taking it, then you definately definately should - quite a few women do take SSRI's throughout pregnancy. All risks are relative and should be weighed up against other factors in your life. NO ONE, however healthy they believe they are being, has a risk free pregnancy. Do as the doc says I think! x

Charlifarli Sat 19-May-12 13:09:19

Hi Everyone,
So this thread has amazed me at it started in 2008 and there is still alot of debate surrounding this issue! I searched Google for Citalopram in Pregnancy and this is where i was led to!
I am now 24 weeks pregnant and am currently on 20-30mg of Citalopram. This is my second pregnancy, the first I miscarried at 10 weeks.
My husband is on alot of medication so we decided before ttc that we would seek advice from the family planning clinic and our doctor. The family planning clinic we less than helpful and the GP's have been supportive but I am getting conflicting information.
So, the GP said there is no concern about the baby from a perspective of my Husband's medication. My GP did advise however that she would want me to wean off my Citalopram after 16 weeks pf pregnancy as the baby would need NICU care otherwise after the birth.
On speaking to my midwife at my 16 week check up, she denied this and said that it would be better for my health to stay on the Citalopram and that it doesn't mean baby will have to go into NICU at all. She said the baby would most likely need monitoring for 48 hours post birth to check its observations and for signs of withdrawal. She also said that the amount of Citalopram passed through the breat milk is small and there should be no reason why I shouldn't breast feed.
HOWEVER, the past couple of weeks hormones have been playing havoc and I must admit I haven't been as religious with my taking my meds as I should have been as i suffered horrendous morning sickness until about week 18. I think this combined with pregnancy hormones made me dip. I went to see my GP who advised I come off the Citalopram and change to Sertraline. She said that I would probably get worse before I get better but this would be better for the baby. I reported I didn't want to get worse (obviously) and she suggested boosting me to 30mg Citalopram to get me right and then changing me over.
I saw my midwife yesterday and told her this. She said absolutely not to change medication and to continue with the 20-30mg.
Im so confused! Who do I listen to?!? The midwife will have obviously delivered babies to parents who have been on ads and seen any possible side effects but the GP is the one to issue the medication!
Ideally I wouldn't like to be on anything at all. But i do worry about PND and the effects of weaning.
So anyway - no one is alone in this dilemna! It looks like we are all advised different things and are equally as confused! I would say it is important to stay well in yourself otherwise you will be no use to that little baby you created. On the other hand, the thought of putting my baby through a kind of withdrawal haunts me.
Watch this space i guess! I will most definately come back to report on any outcomes in the hope it may offer some more advice to those going through similar.

cbd Sat 19-May-12 23:39:44

Hi i have been on citalopram on and off for nearly 10 years, i'm only 28 yr old. I was on tablets constantly during my first pregnancy, i have a very healthy 3 yr old son now, i would suggest staying on the tablets if it is in your best interest i was taking 60mg a day while pregnant with ds when ds was born they had to keep a close check on him for 48 hrs to look for signs of withdrawal, but i was told that was due to the high amount i was taking. i'm now on pregnancy number 3, had mc with 2nd preg. This time round i came off the tablets without consulting gp first when i found out i was preg again, now i'm wishing i stayed on them a little bit longer, i'm getting regularly checked for withdrawal symptoms and for any sign of anti-natal/ post-natal depression again (i've suffered with both). Glad i found this post as now i know i'm not the only one who feels like this.

Kitty2012 Sun 03-Jun-12 16:36:44

Hi everyone
I am new to mumsnet, just running a cursory search of pregnancy and feeling low and found this page. I wanted to share my thoughts with you.
Firstly I must say I felt quite teary reading some of the posts you ladies' have written, I don't feel so alone now.
I too have struggled with anxiety since my teens and for the last 10 years have been on and off Ads. My DH and I decided to take the plunge and try for a baby, and excitedly we conceived not long after. However, after a few days after finding out, my anxiety shot through the roof. We told close family members when I was about 8 weeks and everyone was so excited - but inside I was feeling so scared and overhwhelmed - so very far from being excited (which was how I was when deciding to conceive!!). I decided to go to the GP and confess that I was not coping. I was a wreck, I was feeling so low and gittery, feeling like going outside was too much to cope with at times. I am now on 10mg Citalopram (I use to be on 20 and gave up earlier in the year before ttc), still feeling the anxiety pangs and wonder whether I should discuss going back up to my usual on 20mg with the doctor. I feel so guilty about taking these meds, but I honestly can not cope. I have a full time job, which I am really struggling to concentrate in, plus dealing with constant nausea, food adversion, sore boobs, fatigue - you name it. Sorry to rant, I just wanted to really let it all out and share. I am currently 11 weeks, and I am told that pregnancy niggles get better by second trimester....
I really hope when the baby is born that I am back to my old self again..

Happea Sun 03-Jun-12 18:53:31

I've just found out I'm pregnant - two to three weeks - and currently living in France although we're thinking of moving to the UK to be closer to my mum - and I've been taking 20mg of citalopram for three and a half years. To be honest I didn't feel like it was helping me much but was too afraid to come off it before in case it was the one thing holding it all together!! The doctor I saw advised me to stop taking it immediately - and I seem to remember reading in the leaflet you get with the medecine that it's unsuitable for pregnant women. My French doctor told me I should switch to a different anti depressant because citalopram is a molecule that interferes with the developing baby. I stopped taking it immediately because I didn't want to take the risk of damaging my child, although it's only been 5 days so far I haven't even noticed the come down, I'm just so happy about being pregnant! I'm going to keep an eye on my mood though and will go straight to my GP if I think I do still need the support of anti depressants.

Tay1981 Sat 09-Jun-12 04:43:11

Hi Kitty

I am exactly like you have taken anti-depressants for anxiety maybe five times since I was a teenager. I wasn't on them through my first pregnancy (dd now 3) but when she was about 10months and I stopped breastfeeding I had a bit of a meltdown and started to take 20mg again. I have now reduced that to 10mg because I finally feel ready to start TTC. I have definitely noticed the difference and had some mild side effects like nausea etc reducing the meds most of all I just don't feel as good as I did on 20mg. I wanted to stop taking the meds before starting to try for another baby but now I don't know if I'll be able to. I very scared to have another breakdown - the last one was the worst ever I really felt awful and I'm no use to dd like that. Putting pressure on myself isn't helping but now I'm starting to think maybe we should just go ahead and start trying even though I'm still taking 10mg - there are so many stories on here of women who have taken it in pregnancy and everything has been absolutely fine.

How long have you been taking 10 mgs? I think it takes a month to six weeks to really get you balanced again...maybe you'll start to feel better in a few weeks. The first trimester is the most difficult I think - it certainly was for me!! Had such bad nausea couldn't eat anything but ice until I was about 20 weeks!! hang in there ...there are lots of people including me who know exactly how you feel!! x

cartoonface Sat 09-Jun-12 09:39:47

Wow this ones been going awhile, I've skimmed thru. I was on 10mg of citalopram when I first got preg my doc had me weened off them straight away. I was on them for severe pmt. I was just told to go back if I really couldn't cope without them. I was very tearful and moody but how much of that is preg hormones anyway?
I had a mc and considered going back on them but then changed my mind since we where going to try again straight away. I became preg 2months later and I'm now just over 7wks. I have been fine without my tables. For yrs my doc wanted me to try to come off them but the thought of it scared me. Im glad I'm off them now

Clarella Sat 09-Jun-12 14:32:50

Hi I suffer from an underactive thyroid which, when it wobbles, makes me very anxious leading to panic attacks and depression, as the initial brain slowing issues trigger cycles of longer depressive and anxious behaviour, which then can take a while to work on. I was given antidepressants initially before diagnoses at 20 (now 35) and found I can't take them, the only thing that has ever helped were beta blockers which I had to give up in Jan before ttc. Cbt can help me when my thyroid is corrected, before that its a state of being in my brain. I did really well but at 8 weeks had a slapped cheek disease scare coupled with what ended up being a very bad breakdown in thyroid function. The combination of stress, thyroid hormones and general preg hormones led to serious loss of marbles! What I want to say though is that for SOME of you it may be genuine preg hormones at first, which eventually may pass, (still pretty horrid though I know) all of you really should be allowed to see a consultant to discuss further. as my eventual thyroid consultant has said 'there was no reason I couldn't have seen him sooner' though id asked the docs many times! If you feel unsure about advice I really recommend trying to speak to a consultant. It's really hard trying to get some docs to understand I know but keep asking the questions. I feel much more balanced following a massive dose increase (double) and now being 16 weeks, though the doc did contemplate some cbt if I didn't, but it may be that some of you do indeed need more help. We do get more blood after all. It may be that cbt helps, it but the brain is a delicate thing and it may well need a balancing of hormones eg antidepressants. Consultants have the most up to date info. Charities like MIND and SANE might help, I also spoke to a wonderful lady at a charity called PANDA for pre and post natal depression.

Really hope everyone gets the help they need it can feel so lonely, just remember you are not alone x

hollyjennifer Wed 11-Jul-12 05:10:42

Just reading this thread for the first time. I Googled my new medication and this page came up, it's very helpful to hear that there are other women with the same issues and concerns. I had been on anti-depression meds for over a year when I found out I was pregnant (unexpectedly), I panicked thinking that I should stop them straight away as to not harm the baby, so I did I quit cold turkey. I lasted 3 months before my boyfriend and my doctor and I came to the conclusion that I would be better off taking my meds. I was irritable and argumentative and just so so sad my depression has been taking over my life in a bad way. So I went back on my 20mg of Prozac, the anxiety just got worse so much so that I'm finding it hard to go to work and do anything but sleep and cry, now my doc has put me on Co-Citalopram 20mg. She's hoping that this medication will work and help with my depression. She says the benefits of being on this medication for me outweigh the risks during my pregnancy. Her and my pharmacist have gone through the risks with me, mostly they talk about baby being born with withdrawal issues and hypertension. This terrifies me me to no end, but I feel like I'm at a point where I don't have any other choice. I feel like I did give no drugs a chance it didn't work, I need help with my depression......

Anyway I'm starting this new medication today and we'll see how it goes.

xkatyx Wed 11-Jul-12 17:26:32

Hello everyone, I have been On this thread before pregnancy and conception and throughout my pregnant. I have since had 3 babies!!

I have taken citalopram before conception, during conception an pregnancy and also breastfed on them!!

I have looked into every bit of info on this and have spoke to top consultants and doctors at the Trevor Mann baby unit!! They are all happy with citalopram not even a issue what so ever!!!

All my midwives are saw didn't see it as a problem!!

I had breast feeding consultant who also didn't see it as a problem!!

It is everyone's own choice .. It is something I didn't take lightly and got as much info as I could before making mine!!
My first 2 pregnancys ( before citalopram) where awful!!!

Pregnancys (on citalopram) were lovely, I was happy through our and no PND, after!!!

Good luck

Loobieo Sun 05-Aug-12 10:35:29

Just found out I am pregnant and have been on 30mg for about a year. GP told me to stop taking them straight away as effects during pregnancy have not been proven. No advice or warning about what was going to happen which I am very annoyed about. Stopped cold turkey 3 weeks ago and have never felt this bad. Dizziness, sickness all-day, spaced out. Can anyone else who has stopped suddenly please reply and let me know how long I can expect to feel this bad?

Kind regards,

Bella224 Mon 13-Aug-12 23:45:31

I am nine weeks pregnant and have been on 40mg citalopram for almost a year but been on different doses for several years.

I have suffered with awful nausea and had time off work due to my pregnancy which is bad as I font get paid for sick days.

I have been physically and emotionally drained with feeling so ill. Doctors wouldnt give me any anti sickness medication due to being on citalopram. Therefore I stopped taking it.

I have been given avomine for the sickness which does help a bit, it stops the nauseous feeling but I have been sick a bit each day still,but can go to work.

Withdrawal from the citalopram is horrendous, felt so dizzy and very down I wish I hadn't stopped it but want to carry on With the anti sickness meds too. Ideally I'd like to take 20mg citalopram a day and anti sickness meds as and when needed but know the doc would not approve of this.

Any thoughts? Has anyone taken both and had experience of this?


Fluffy2012 Tue 25-Sep-12 13:22:11

Thank you so much for posting this. I also have been on Citalopram for quite a long time (6.5 years) and am not very good without them. At all. I managed to come off them due to former GPs insistence with my 2nd pregnancy, but regret doing so because I had shocking PND. Counselling didn't help with it then. I am now having counselling with a bloody good counsellor, am on 40mg a day and am feeling very pregnant. Two weeks late, boobs darker and caesarean scar feels, well, odd (still numb around it seven years on, but it kind of feels a bit odd there). I'm pretty regular so something's not right. I'm worried bout doing a test and the doctor telling me I have to cold turkey, but hopefully he will be kinder and allow me to reduce it.... Why is there not enough research going on about citalopram and regency! Surely it would be in the interests of the medical companies who could fund it?!

Jammother Tue 25-Sep-12 13:59:33

I have a 2.5 DS and I'm 36 weeks pg now. I took Fluoxetine through my first pregnancy as well as an anti-psychotic and I have been doing the same in this pregnancy. I was referred to a gynaecologist with a specialism in high-risk pregnancies due to medication and she told me that although official guidance is that these drugs are not safe in pregnancy due to insufficient, she knew several medical trials that were not available to the public which showed that most ADs and APs produced no more or less birth defects than a mother taking no medication. Many hospitals have a psychiatrist attached with a specialism in anti-natal care.

I take my medication because I need it to live a normal and healthy life - it is not a lifestyle choice. If I were diabetic then I would not cease to take this because I was pregnant as it would be essential to the health of my and my baby. The same applies to my current meds.

Most GPs will have an automatic reflex to tell you to stop taking the medication. I find this ironic as my anti-psychotic medication is strictly controlled and GPs are not able to prescribe it without a psych writing the initial prescription. If they can't give it to me in the first place, then do they really have the expertise to tell me to stop taking it?

IndianSummerBaby Sun 03-Feb-13 11:08:17

Hi everyone. I am just under 8 weeks. I have been talking citalopram for 5 years. I consulted my GP as soon as I found out I was pregnant as I had no idea how med would impact development of pregnancy. I was on 40mg/day, my GP advised me to adjust intake to 2x20mg one day, and then 1x20mg the next with the view to bringing dosage down to 20mg/day. I've so far been okay, just felt the funny head rush sensation every now and then that I have experienced if I have missed a day. I was really worried about medication and pregnancy, I couldn't find anything on line to put my mind at ease. I just read a page about breast feeding whilst taking citalopram and it advised against it which came as a disappointment. A friend told me that the hospital I have opted for has a foetal medicine unit. I'll ask my midwife how I go about accessing the unit for advice so I can stop giving myself things to be anxious about! Xxx

Lindalove Wed 13-Mar-13 16:23:44

I am on Citalopram at the moment and likely to stay on SSRIs as have had anxiety issues all my life and had a bad episode last year, that I really don't want to go through again. Anyway long story short but this year me and husband are probably going to TTC this year so I went to the doctor to talk about all things pills yesterday. He said that although they prefer mums to be to not be on any pills they understand that some people really have a much better life on them (especially if they have been anxious much of their life like me which suggests a chemical imbalance) but he suggested they'd like to shift me onto another SSRI, Sertraline, just because they have more evidence about how it affects babies to be. Anyway I think this is what I will be doing, if anyone has any experience of swapping over please do shout, as I want to be settled down chemically & mentally before we start to try. I am hoping I can swap and be settled in 3 months time.

carynh Tue 09-Apr-13 09:00:05

I'm 5 weeks pregnant now & up to now I've have been on 40mg Citalopram. Went to see my GP when I found out I was pregnant & she swapped me to Sertraline 100mg immediately.
I am SO ANGRY at the moment - is that because I've just done a straight swap to the new SSRI?

glossyflower Tue 09-Apr-13 10:48:30

I have not read your whole thread but here's my story of citalopram and pregnancy.

This is 1st pg and unplanned. When I found out I was pg I had been taking 40mg of citalopram daily and getting on well with it.
At about 7 weeks I developed severe hyperemesis and couldn't take any tablets or eat properly for about 10 weeks and recovered enough to get back to work when I was about 5 months pg.
I was very ill but was pleased I was off the antidepressants as I didn't want to affect my baby.
I had discussed with my GP early on and was told although its better to not be on any prescription drugs whilst pg, citalopram is one of the safer anti depressants to take. There's no controlled trials on them for pg women, but they know the biggest risk to baby is being born with it in their system and then suffering withdrawal symptoms.
So, I was then off the tablets and I started to become extremely angry and verbally aggressive to my long suffering DH, I was throwing things around, hitting and kicking walls, laundry basket, I got impatient using a hammer to remove a nail which wouldn't budge and ended up smacking the hammer in my nicely tiled floor blush. Quite scary when I think about it now.
I realised I was on a downward spiral and made an appointment to see my GP again after I had a screaming and crying fit so bad (and I have never ever behaved like that before), my husband had to physically restrain me as I was going proper mental, screaming that the baby had to come out and come out now because whilst baby was inside me I couldn't guarantee it's safety. I was suicidal and really upset that being pregnant stopped me from hurting myself.
My GP was very understanding and said I needed to go back on the citalopram, the risks of not taking it were greater than taking it.
I started back on 20mg and noticed a big improvement. My GP and I talked about it at great length and he said I can cut to 10mg once I feel stable enough and nearer the due date could even take 10mg every other day which I am doing now at 38 weeks.
I am concerned about the baby withdrawing, and asked if the drug crosses over in breast milk as I could potentially offset the withdrawal side effects in my milk by weaning down, but unfortunately very small amounts of citalopram is transferred to breast milk hence the weaning down just before due date.
I'm fully prepared that my baby might be affected once born, but I know the side effects are short term and I'd rather my baby have a mentally sound mother. My worst fear would be for me to be ill and for my child to see me like that affecting baby's development and childhood.

And I learned the hard way previously, you never ever go cold turkey on any antidepressant, you have to wean down.


Let us know how you get on xxx

glossyflower Tue 09-Apr-13 10:52:04

caryn yes it's because you swapped straight away and didn't wean down. Your GP should have known better really but was was the rationale for swapping according to your GP?

See my previous post re anger when off citalopram.


PanickyPaula Tue 25-Jun-13 16:20:51

I am hoping that one of your lovely ladies will be able to offer some words of support / advice, as you may have been through this already, and come out the other end..

I am 8 weeks pregnant with twins following my 5th cycle of IVF ( I am 38).

I have been taking 20mg of citalopram for several years, for depression and anxiety. Throughout my 4 previous cycles (at The Lister and Kings College Hospital) it was never mentioned that this could cause any risks, and I therefore didn't realise I had any cause for concern when we got our positive test result recently.

It was only when I went to the GP to confirm my pregnancy at 6 weeks, that I was advised to come down to 10mg per day, I did that straight away. Then, yesterday, I heard some rsearch findings on the radio where a link has been found between heart defects and citalopram during pregnancy - and I felt sheer panic. I went to see my GP and have agreed to wean off it completely in the next 2 weeks, so I will be off in completely by week 10.

My concen is that I have already done damage to my unborn babies which is irreversible.

Is it too late? Is 20mg daily enough to cause me great concern?

Have any of you been through a similar thing?



Sunflower1985 Tue 25-Jun-13 18:57:15

Saw this research too. Been on 40mg for years. The story said the risk of baby heart defects goes from 2 to 4% if the mother is taking the ssri in early pregnancy. Although there are studies supporting either side of the argument. It's also important to include the risks of not taking the antidepressant if you're depressed.
I think it's important to remember research is on going and you do the best with the information you have at the time. Who knows what will be the next study to emerge or how rigorous the work will be.

Tigglettchic Tue 25-Jun-13 19:21:07

Hi all,

Panicky Paula,

Firstly, congratulations on your amazing pregnancy luck!!

Secondly, I was similarly concerned, I talked to my GP and he said that were as it is preferable that you don't take any medication during pregnancy, it is safer to keep taking what you are on than come off it.

I am on 20mg of Citalopram and he said that the risk was so tiny they are not actually sure it is down to the drugs.

Just think, if you had not found out you were pregnant till wk 12 or later and had continued to say...drink or smoke, you would be just as worried but you cannot do anything about it.

You will have enough to worry about in the next few months and 18 years +, don't sweat the stuff you cannot do anything about!!

Enjoy the glow(apparently that comes but I have not found it at the bottom of my toilet bowl!!)


Clarabell78 Tue 25-Jun-13 20:56:49

With my first pregnancy which was unplanned I was taking 40mg daily up to around 8weeks when I then managed to get down to 20mg. Unfortunately at our 20 week scan out little boy was diagnosed with heart problems which were not compatible with life and we lost him. I saw a psychiatrist who specializes in ante natal care afterwards who advised that while a link could not be ruled out there was no way to prove that the two were connected and equally it may have happened anyway. I wasn't prepared to take th risk again when trying again and managed to wean myself off (after 10+ years on medication) before falling pregnant again. I am now almost 38 weeks with a healthy baby who had no problems on any of the scans :-)

It's a very very difficult one but for me personally not a risk I was willing to take.

Lyndyloo8 Fri 05-Jul-13 01:11:38

I have just watched the Panorama programme about what affect taking drugs have on women when pregnant and there it was Citalopram. I was on 30mg Citalopram for just under a year when I fell pregnant. I was delighted as at 41 thought this would be my last chance. My doc did tell me that it wasn't advisable to get pregnant whilst taking any meds but there wasnt enough research to prove a link with Citalopram. On another visit another doctor at my surgery (a lady doc) advised me that she had lots of patients who had taken Citalopram whilst pregnant and had no problems and I should be ok as long as I was off them before my last trimester. Unfortunately I miscarried at 6 weeks. I am hoping to be off the meds before the end of August, I am now down to 15mg. I am due to go back the docs tomorrow for my repeat prescription but I am going to ask them if the 'yellow form' was filled in and sent to the Citalopram manufacturer, apparently this should be done if a doc thinks thinks there may have been a link with the medication (which I do).

SeriousStuff Fri 05-Jul-13 13:27:31

I'm glad that some attention is given to this issue but I think it's important not to react hastily to inconclusive research. I'm 25+6 weeks today and have been taking citalopram for the last 4 years. I personally feel much better on the drug and for me, having a pregnancy free of anxiety attacks and depression was key. I am however, on a low dose of 10mg so maybe looking at reducing the dose during pregnancy would be preferable to coming off it completely.

glossy one thing I've asked all MWs and consultants I've seen is about breastfeeding - I have had different advice from most but surely, if I've been taking citalopram throughout the pregnancy, the drug will already be in the baby's system so breastfeeding wouldn't make a difference?

mahbobeh Wed 24-Jul-13 17:08:42

hello every body.
im not pg.but im using citalopram.i have fobia.my doctor use citalo+hypnotize to help me.i hope befor pg i can stop my fobia.
do you khnow , use this medecine before pg (if i stop it before pg) have bad side efect to my baby?
sorry.my english not good.

fmg1982 Mon 12-Aug-13 17:08:40


just wanted to add my comments, been on 20mg of cipramil for last 13 years, GPs were reluctant to keep me on it when I became pregnant and wanted to swap to prozac as more research on it and is seen as safer.

I was referred to a psychiatrist (who specialises in mental health in pregnancy) who said it was fine to stay on the medication throughout pregnancy and that i could breastfeed (i did), my child is now a very happy bubbly two year old and I had no problems with the pregnancy / birth or baby.

Was told it was more important to stay a healthy happy mum,
hope this helps

Lizbethh Thu 15-Aug-13 12:17:33


I have been reading all these blogs and I can see that I am definitely not alone. I am 26 wks pregnant with my second child and over the last few weeks I have been suffering extreme anxiety and panic. I have GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) and prior to becoming pregnant I was taking Venlafaxine but came off of this gradually. I begged my doctor to give me something else and they were not keen, I eventually started taking 10mgs of Citalopram but this is not even touching the sides. I have decided after doing lots of reading on various sites to up my dose to 20mgs, I have a box of these I can use. I feel quite guilty about taken these meds and of course this causes additional anxiety as you worry about the harm to the baby. I am so tired and living on your nerves and having panic attacks surely can't be good for a baby. I just hope that when I start upping the dosage I will start to feel more 'normal'. Any comments advice appreciated.

nessy1 Sun 17-Nov-13 03:43:47

I agree. I'm 8 weeks & took myself off cipramil. I can't stop crying,I'm severely depressed and anxious and can't seem to find any joy in this pregnancy. I stopped because I didn't want to harm my baby but I fear my depression is probably doing it more harm. I have 2 other children who I breast fed whilst on cipramil,with no side effects but also refusd medication whilst pregnant. Get sound advise before stopping your medication as pregnancy is hard enough without being depressed. I'm going to see my GP next week to discuss my options- I can't go another 7 months like this.

Burcumsu Tue 19-Nov-13 00:30:59

There is web site talks about the side effects on the baby.

sweetgen Sat 01-Feb-14 21:25:18

hey really hoping someone can help me i was on citalopram for years and came off them in september. i recently found out im pregnant and have been having panic attacks and anxiety really bad the docs wont give me anything for it but i read citalopram is safe. has anyone been on them while pregnant that can help me?

chezabelle Thu 20-Feb-14 11:06:21

Hi I am looking to contact any mum's who have taken citalopram (or any other ssri antidepressants) in pregnancy and had a baby who suffered from birth defects heart, lung, abdominal, limb, brain ect. I took 40 -60mg of citalopram before and throughout pregnancy with my first child, she have severe multiple abnormalities and was incompatible with life. I also took if for the first two weeks of my second pregnancy and my second child was born with a respiratory defect and a pigeon shaped chest. I am completly convinced citalopram caused this. If anyone has had any similar experiences can you please get in touch. Thanks x

Rachelfox1983 Thu 03-Apr-14 16:45:33

Hi everyone, i have been searching for information on pregnancy while taking Citalopram, i started of on 20mg and then last summer went up to 30mg, been on it for about 7 years all in all.
I am currently wanting to start trying for a baby so i went to see my gp last week as i was under the impression i should be clean of my medication to start trying, she assured me i was welcome to try and reduce, so with her support i am trying to reduce from 30 to 20 daily and then hopefully from 20 to 10.. but she also stressed that me being on citalopram should in no way stop me trying for a baby, said there was no certain evidence that it effected pregnancy or baby, and that my mental health was paramount and as such would be healthy and safer for me to continue on medication to manage better than be struggling along with pregnancy.
So i think i am going to try reduce as its an achievement i want to try and make but also think if i start to struggle or continue on them i will still try for a baby. i was wondering as this thread goes back to 2008 if anyone here past or present is having or has had children while taking citalopram and if its something i should feel comfy with as i would not want to put a baby in any risk. Thanks for reading and i will be grateful for any advice and support, i just want to do whats best for myself and any child i may have.

chezzabelle Fri 04-Apr-14 09:18:09

Hi rachelfox your GP is missinformed, as many are nowadays. I am campaigning to have stricter rules on ssri antidepressants being prescribed it pregnancy, it does cause birth defects, my baby girl was incompatible with life due to me being prescribed 60mg all through pregnancy ten years ago. If you have a leaflet from a box of the medication please read it, it states in that the known risks of heart defects, and other problems in pregnancy. Please by no means stop immediately, this is not safe, if you can try and taper the dose gradually or ask to be changed onto Prozac which there has been more testing on and it is deems to be very slightly safe, although none are safe in my opinion. Out of 100 babies 2% have birth defects, this increases to at least 4% in moms who have taken this medication. I am currently fighting with the manufacturer over my daughter's needless death and have spoken to a lot of moms in the same position. Google "panorama, the truth about pills in pregnancy" it's on YouTube, it's a documentary about citalopram and other drugs given in pregnancy. If you would like anymore info please reply and I'll do my best to help you in any way I can xxx

Beccamercedes93 Mon 28-Apr-14 11:35:52

Hi, I've just been to the doctors because I've been diagnosed I've got depression, I've been told to take citalopram 20mg, but me and my partner are trying for a baby, I'm not hundred percent sure if I can take it as I might be pregnant. Do you think I will be alright?
Many thanks

annamaria03 Wed 07-May-14 21:08:25

i was on 30mg of celexa when i found out i was pregnant. i went down to 20mg for 1week. then 10mg for a week then i stopped. im now extremely dizzy, headakes, my blood pressure is low 80/50, im exhausted, stomach hurts, nauseous, muscle acks. my docters keep blowing me off like my symptoms arnt serious. i dont know if any of this is harming my baby or not. does anyone have any info that can help me?? im 7 weeks 3 days pregnant.

sukhaman Sat 31-May-14 11:07:24

Hi i dnt knw how to use dis site but i m 6 weeks pregnent when doc told me m pregnent i through away citalpram . But had a shit week . Crying cnt lookafter my 6 yeaes . Thnx all of u i just had 20 gm citalpram nw nd feeling confident fr my both kids thnx alot everyone

claudia1982 Fri 01-Aug-14 17:56:56

I'm 8weeks on 4omg but I'm still so depressed.. I dont want to come off these pills

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