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pain under right side of rib cage??

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misdee Tue 16-Nov-04 22:03:18

has been there a few days now. very uncomfortable. surely the baby cant be that high up already (25 weeks?).

blossomhill Tue 16-Nov-04 22:08:07

could it be a foot or hand maybe?

colditzmum Tue 16-Nov-04 22:09:49

I had that too. Have you been doing anything remotely physical? It is very easy to "pull" yourself when pg. Also maybe baby has long legs and has decided his/her toe is quite comfortable there .

misdee Tue 16-Nov-04 22:09:57

i have no idea. i dont have much of a bump, and remember this pain with previous pregnancies but not this early. i'm sure that the babies grow instead of outward with me. i dont really look pregnant, just a bit fatter.

codswallop Tue 16-Nov-04 22:10:22

isntthat your liver?

misdee Tue 16-Nov-04 22:10:26

up instead of outward.

gingernut Tue 16-Nov-04 22:11:44

I had this from about 20 weeks - was worried at first but in the end decided it was the baby (his bottom I think) jammed up against the top of my bump. I suppose he was just exerting an upwards pressure which I felt in my ribs, IYSWIM. I find if I lie down on my left hand side he usually shifts a bit and I feel more comfortable.

froot Tue 16-Nov-04 22:41:29

message withdrawn

nightowl Wed 17-Nov-04 01:30:33

had this one both sides in both pg from about 5 months. doctors never found out what it was so i just assumed unfortunatly its something i get. (but then i never "bloom" in pg anyway, i dont think it suits me!) sorry to be no help whatsoever!

scubamum2b Wed 17-Nov-04 03:11:31

This my reply to a similar post incase tou have not seen it - The rib flare pain if my memory is correct was worst around 30wks.

if it hurt without the kicks it could be rib flare - stretch the arm of the side it hurt over your head. Also the kidney is just by the lower ribs and a UTI can hurt there without hurting to go for a pee.
I have experienced both, (UTI pain lower than rib flare) the last UTI was extremley painful whereas the rib flare has been uncomfortable with the stretching and walking around easing the pain. If it is rib flare it should ease as the baby moves further down the pelvis and engages - well that what I have been told by the physio and I have had less (now 34wks)

Spacecadet Wed 17-Nov-04 15:21:49

This is most likely caused by the softening of the ligaments which occurs in pregnancy, in order to make way for your growing womb the ligaments connecting your ribcage soften and you can get either sharp pains or a feeling of soreness which can be quite misery inducing.With my recent dd whois now 16 weeks old, the pain started at 20 weeks and I could never get to sleep I also suffered from very painful hips too from about 20 weeks used to sleep padded out by a million cushions, turning over every half an hour!! It is safe to take paracetamol in the recommended dose if the pain is bad, if it is lower down and feels more in your lower back with a soreness in your abdomen, see your gp as its more likely to be a urinary tract infection.

PotPourri Thu 18-Nov-04 11:34:10

Misdee. You have my sympathies. I have had sore right hand ribs since very early, and a few weeks ago it started getting really bad (I'm currently 38 weeks). I mentioned to the doctor and although she said there is definately tenderness, she has said there is nothing really to be done about it (paracetamol if really bad). Makes sleeping hard, and in fact in the last week it has also been affecting my left hand ribs. I think the baby kicking does not help matters, but am just putting it down to softening ligaments etc.

What I have found to help is - lots of pillows - and I mean LOADS! And during the day sitting upright on a hard backed chair (not sofa). And like scuba says, lifting your arm up can also ease it a little. I am hoping once the baby engages that it will get a bit better, although the softness will still be there, it will be aggravated by little tootsies!!

Good luck with it all - do tell your doctor just in case it's your kidney or a UTI

Bronze Thu 18-Nov-04 11:45:48

I had severe rib flare with my first. Everyone gets it to a certain extent, its how they know whether a skeleton has had children if you see what I mean but some of us just get pushed around more than others by our little ones.

Sallie Thu 18-Nov-04 11:57:25

I had this really badly from 22 weeks with ds but not so badly with dd. I wonder whether it is related to physiology as I have quite a short trunk and both babies were quite long. The only way to relieve the pain was to lie down which wasn't very practical given I worked full-time when pg with both! Hope you are able to get some relief from the pain.

chiromum Tue 20-May-08 14:56:28

Hi there,
I have had right sided rib pain for the past week (I'm 34 weeks pregnant), it's sometimes just an ache and other times a sharp stabbing pain which worsens on movement.
I have been diagnosed with costochondritis which is inflammation of the rib joint as it joins the rib cartilage but other causes could be a strained/pulled muscle, liver dysfunction or the baby's postition but it is always wise to get checked out by your Dr or midwife.
I have found that an icepack helps, as does gently raising my arms above my head while I am sitting, failing that try some paracetamol and good luck.

UmmFulaan Tue 20-May-08 14:58:11

ohh i had this from liek 17 weeks, its called rib flare..and it kils!!!

pud1 Tue 20-May-08 15:00:56

i had the same all through from about 20 weeks. went to doctors and he said that it was just pregnancy niggles ( that was worth all that time at uni)

xRHIx Tue 03-Jun-08 20:43:21

Oh my god,RIB PAIN - Absolute agony! sharp aching pain on the right side. Nothing helps apart from the usual temp. relief that the stretching exercises give. How long did others suffer with this? I'm currently 31 weeks and losing my mind with it! angry

boolean Wed 04-Jun-08 13:54:12

God, I am so glad I found this thread!! I went to my GP as I have had this pain and have also been short of breath and they sent me to A&E and I spent the whole day in hospital while they tried to work out if I had a blood clot!! I think this rib flare thing must be what I have and the breathlessness was just a coincidence, which unfortunately meant a day wasted in hospital worrying my head off!! blush

I am 22 weeks and it is really unbearable already. There is a really tender spot if I press my flesh just on/below right hand rib cage, plus a sharp pain which comes and goes - is this what other people have experienced??

MrsJamin Wed 04-Jun-08 14:02:55

I had this exact thing, my DS was breech and it was his head. Hope that this isn't the case for you!

xRHIx Wed 04-Jun-08 22:14:08

well i had my 31/40 check today and babys position is fine. The pain is mental, nothing helps and judging by others, child birth is the only solution. You got my sympathy.

beaufies Wed 04-Jun-08 23:08:50

I've had exactly the same thing from about 18weeks (I know it's early but it's a big baby and I'm a small person!).

I was going for a private anomoly scan around that time and mentioned it to the obstetrician doing the scan. In simple terms he said it was my ribs being prized apart to make room and pressed a certain spot saying 'is it there' and I nearly went through the roof.

So the long and the short of it is that it's nothing to worry about, is quite normal and sadly will persist for some time, although you can take paracetamol if it gets too much apparently.

Hope this helps

xRHIx Thu 05-Jun-08 20:50:37

beaufies....at least someone identified it for you until I found this thread I thought it was just me because no one else seemed to know about it. Sleeping on my left side helps loads. Dont know if paracetamol is worth taking as I dont think it makes a difference unfortunately trying to get comfortable is near impossible. Sorry am feeling very sorry for myself here

MrsJamin Fri 06-Jun-08 12:16:51

I think beaufies is onto something as I'm rather a short person with a short torso - so 'junior' was running out of room even after 20-something weeks. It's meant to get better after they engage as they drop down quite significantly but my DS never did as he was breech, so there was no let-up until the c-section!
(to be quite honest with you I think my rib cage shape has changed forever, it seems to stick out slightly when I feel it (DS is 5 months) hmm)

lilapple Fri 06-Jun-08 14:11:26

I am 27 weeks tomorrow and since 20 weeks I have been tomented by agonising right sided lower rib pain. It is both burning and stabbing and although it used to go away when lying down, now it is not guaranteed to do so. It is UNBELIEVABLY UNPLEASANT. Takes my breath away. Leaves me sobbing if I have been standing up for more than five minutes or sitting with my back unsupported. Obviously it is completely incapaciating - I can do nothing without ending up very quickly in agony.

I have seen my GP, Midwife, Obstetric Consultant, Orthopaedic Consultant, Physiotherapist, Pregnancy Yoga instructor, Alexander Technique teacher and massage therapist about this. I have also had my gall bladder and right kidney ultrasounded and liver function blood tests done. No one knows what causes the pain.

How am I going to make it to 40 weeks and what if it doesn't go away afterwards?

Can anyone advise me on how best to cope???

appleeater Fri 06-Jun-08 22:19:02

I am having pains under my ribs on my left hand side. Do people think its the same cause as right handed pain? Am 26 weeks, and have had it since about 20 weeks. Its getting worse almost daily now and have found stretching my left arm up helps, as does lying down flat. Shame I can't spend the day at work with my arm in the air or lying on the floor!

cheerfulvicky Fri 06-Jun-08 22:49:14

I'm 29 weeks and have been suffering with this for a few weeks now. Gosh, I never knew it affected so many of us! You all have my deepest sympathy. It does seem to come and go, and the midwife said the other day that my baby is head down with his back along my left side. He's always kicking me in the right side of my ribs, but when he's asleep or quiet it's not so bad and I can sit straight or even - gasp - lean forwards a bit.
It's a real bummer though, and I'm hoping it will subside when I get to 34 weeks and the baby drops down a bit...

FrannyandZucchini Fri 06-Jun-08 22:52:14

lilapple if it is rib flare you may find it passes soon as your ribs actually move out to make way for the baby, and the baby finds different positions
I found I was getting it a lot a few weeks ago and now only rarely
don't assume it will carry on being as painful as it is now

you may find sitting with feet up helps you

Highlander Sat 07-Jun-08 09:19:46

DS1 was oblique, with a huge head, and this type of pain cursed me throughout pregnancy.

lilapple Mon 09-Jun-08 12:05:01

Thank you FrannyandZucchini - I hope I get the same reprieve as you!

As an additional note, I am short waisted with H-cup boobs so the weight on my ribs combined with lack of abdominal space probably isn't helping. Surprisingly, not one of the professionals I've seen about this has mentioned my body shape as a possible cause.

boolean Tue 10-Jun-08 17:34:23

I went to my doctor yesterday, to ask about this rib flare and see whether it was costochondritis - just wanted to be reassured. He said he didn't think I had that exactly, but another common problem in pregnancy was the flat muscles at the top of the stomach having to stretch in a weird way to make room for everything. He said he couldn't remember exactly what it was called (! - I let him off though, as it was the end of a long, sweltering day) but that my midwife would. Seeing her in 2 weeks, will report back!

daisy26 Tue 10-Jun-08 18:07:13

Im 30wks today and had my left side in a right pain today,as if she was digging me, but i couldn't see anyhitng poking out, but it really hurts. This is only the first time it's happened, only last for about 5mins, but it really did hurt hmm

suzie30 Wed 11-Jun-08 14:17:36

Im 31 weeks today and have had pain at the top of my ribs on the right hand side for about 4 weeks now. It normally starts in the afternoon and then I have it right up until I go to bed. It kills when I sit down all day because I work full time in a office but seems to disappear when I go swimming, its all very strange. I have spoken to my midwife who has said its probably rib flare and its just one of those things that some Mums suffer with...oh the joys of pregnancy!!

xRHIx Fri 13-Jun-08 21:25:39

Anyone notice it gets worse in the car???

Dalrymps Fri 13-Jun-08 21:47:34

I had this occasionally, would just come on suddenly like a burning, stabbing pain and I wouldn't be able to walk, i'd have to carefully lie down on one side until it faded away, never knew what it was but presumed it was just my ribs being stretched or something to do with my liver, think it's quite common.
If it's any consolation I never had it once after ds was born, it went away all together.

xRHIx Tue 01-Jul-08 14:53:24

Im 35+4 now and the baby has dropped 3/5 ths and FINALLY no rib flare!!! I cant believe it. Such a relief. Only thing now is it's been replaced with swollen ankles and fingers! deep joy eh ?

newmomma Mon 22-Sep-08 13:39:49

SO pleased to have found this thread.
I think I have just started to suffer from rib flare yesterday morning. It's just like some of you have said - a red hot poker under my ribs on my right side.

I'm ok as long as I sit dead still - but any sideways twisting (or getting in/out of the car) is agony.

Hoping it doesn't last until 40 weeks - I'm only 23... sad

Poppy5 Sun 09-Nov-08 19:47:19

I too am so happy to have found this thread smile ! I now no longer feel like I'm the only one going though this as for 6 weeks, I've had pain under my ribs and no-one seems to know what it could be - the docs, midwife, physios, consultants in the hospital and my GP have all given me different opinions!

I've been told it could be a hernia, gallstones, liver problems, lung blood clot, muscular skeletal, the baby's foot(!), and inflammation of the ribs.

It feels like there is barbed wire under my right breast or that I'm being stabbed/sliced apart - it's the most pain I've ever experienced (not yet been through childbirth - I'm 28 weeks pregnant).

I have been in tears because of the pain and cos I wasn't been taken seriously as the baby was fine (which is wonderful but it meant that everytime I saw or spoke to a doc they just fobbed me off and told me to go home and rest). I have an office job so I couldn't just rest all the time and not being able to sit at all was seriously hindering my ability to carrying on as normal. I know pregnancy has its ups and downs but being in almost constant pain is not a normal pregnancy sad.

I have been so bad that I have been in hospital for a few days as I couln't sit or stand and lying down was ok but sometimes even lying down was not good although nothing like sitting!

The baby has been fine throughout and kicking loads which is very reassuring!

I'm now home and I had an OK day but still not able to do much - lying down most of the time and standing and walking as much as I can take, but still can't sit at all.

From what I have read in this thread it sounds like I have a bad case of rib-flare. I've also been told my stomach muscles have split (divarification) as there is a bump on the top of my bump when I attempt to get up from lying down - not sure if one caused the other! There are also other bumps which could be a hernia but they aren't sure....

But the rib-flare is the most distressing. I've now not been able to work for 3 or 4 weeks and I'm hoping that the pain won't stay with me until the birth....do you think it will get any better hmm? Will I be able to return to work before I have the baby? I'M SO BORED BEING HOME ALL DAY!

Poppy5 Mon 10-Nov-08 16:20:51

Been to hospital and its confirmed I have costochondritis. Relieved that I don't need surgery and glad I know what it is.

Gonna take a while (6-12 months!) to get better as ribs/muscles are chronically inflammed but glad its nothing permanent grin!!!

Baby doing very well too! grin

Littlefish Mon 10-Nov-08 16:26:00

I think that gall bladder pain is felt under the right rib cage.

dan39 Mon 10-Nov-08 16:57:36

Am reading this with right hand stretched up in the air...thank goodness its not just me then! I am 28 weeks and have had it for about a month, went to hosp at 25 or so as it was so bad - can make me cry and I feel like such a wimp...

Poppy5 Tue 11-Nov-08 11:28:23

Hi dan39, I have an eye gel mask which I've been putting on my ribs when it really hurts - it does help especially if you are getting the burning sensation as well as it helps to soothe it. My skin gets unbearable to touch, even my clothes seem to sting me so putting the mask on helps me smile.

I know what you mean about feeling like a wimp as there are a number of pregnant women at work and they all seem to cope with their aches and pains reasonably well. I guess this is an extreme pain and means we just can't carry on normally. Believe me, I have been fairly useless for a few weeks, not been able to go to work, or cook or anything - just lying down all the time which is incredibly boring. My DH and mum have been brilliant at looking after me though so have been v lucky.

How are you today?

Has anyone had this and how long does it take to go away...?

dan39 Tue 11-Nov-08 16:55:23

Ooh poppy I think I have an eye gel thing somewhere - will go see if I can find it! It gets worse as day goes on and I keep thinking gaviscon will help. I am feling kinda worse on the 'people thinking you are a wimp' front as I saw dr today about this and pelvic pain, she wasn't that interested in this, but did say she would refer me for physio for spd/pgp and also signed me off for 2 eweeks cos of it. I feel a bit rubbish largely cos work know I have been away for weekend and it makes me feel even more of a skiver!

From what I have read on here and elsewhere, I don't think it does go away...please please someone tell me I am wrong? Surely it will ease when baby grows/moves?

dan39 Tue 11-Nov-08 16:56:32

BTW I am 28 weeks too poppy! Maybe we can commiserate together for the next few godawful months weeks?

Poppy5 Wed 12-Nov-08 12:35:35

My pain also got worse and worse but today I'm having a relatively good day. Still got the pain but I'm a bit more mobile - I've been able to put washing in the machine - nothing too extreme I know but it's a step forward from not being able to do anything. I put this down to the fact that I've been resting for a while and I think the imflammation might be decreasing slightly - at least that's what I'm assuming.

So I can not stress enough that lying down really does help as I wasn't doing that at first and that is why it got so bad. So if you can try and lie down on your back for the 2 weeks you have signed off as it might improve....?

I've been told that as soon as I have the baby I can be given anti-inflammatory drugs which will help loads, but that's 12 weeks away for us!!! At least we are now in the third trimester now grin. I'm sorry you are going through this too but agree that it's good to know I'm not alone and that we can whinge together wink.

It's funny you mention Gaviscon as I tried that at the beginning too but to no effect.

It took the docs 6 weeks to finally diagnose me so keep at them as I was so distraught too as I knew it wasn't 'normal pregnancy' pains. If you do have costochondritis then your midwife and docs will state this in your medical notes and you can get a docs note to take to work. That way they will be able to see that you aren't slacking off.

I really do feel for you as my stomach muscles have split and I have costochondritis but not got pelvic pain as well - poor you! Rest, rest, rest! You might not improve in 2 weeks but its important that it doesn't get any worse as you want to be able to look after the baby when its born and not be completely bedridden - that's higher priority than what peeps at work think. I've had all these thoughts too and its perfectly natural but my dh and mum have helped me get some perspective.

Take care sweetie x

yomellamoHelly Wed 12-Nov-08 12:51:38

I had something similar with ds2 from 20 weeks (big boy). Was agony. Was still agony (for me) for a couple of weeks afterwards, but did settle and eventually go away. Not pleasant though. Put it down to "one of those things they never tell you". Kept telling everyone I saw about it (was a big thing for me) and no-one was bothered in the slightest so assume it's very common.

Poppy5 Fri 14-Nov-08 13:34:59

hi y

good to hear that it finally went away.

have you had other probs since with your ribs? docs have said that i could be prone to probs going forward too....?

dan39 Sat 15-Nov-08 20:01:41

poppy I wanted to say ta for the eye gel mask tip - its fab!! I am still really suffering with this rib buisness, I hate it and hae been in tears most of today. I want to know there is an end in sight! (other tahb the one that is 12 weeks away...)

Poppy5 Tue 18-Nov-08 12:10:56

Glad it helped you.

Today I'm feeling the best I've felt for AGESsmile - having a good day and hope that means its starting to ease off....hmm.

Could this mean that we might not have to wait 11 weeks to feel totally better - hope so! I guess I shouldn't run before I can walk!

Resting has definitely finally helped me! How are you doing dan39?

dan39 Tue 18-Nov-08 23:26:53

I had a good day too - I think I am either adjusting my pain threshold, OR its moving. I saw the mw today (have had a succession of not very good ones, not seen same one twice, grr, not terrifically impressed) and she sort of described it for me, which reassured me I am not mad (tho had already been reassured by this thread of course!) MInd you, I forgot to specifically mention the costo word (not least of all cos I forget it!!) to see if I can have the 'label' to help with the work negativity..

I also saw physio yesterday for the spd thing and she has given me a HUGE tubigrip bandage to wear to ease pelvic pressure, and I am thinking it is helping the rib thing too. Or maybe its the resting. Or its just co-incidence. But I have doen a lot of walking today and not been doubled over...maybe there is hope!!

Also got really nice snowsuit from charity shop for £2.50 which pleased me as we have just bought the most expensive pram in the world!!

BexieID Tue 18-Nov-08 23:30:09

I got it on the left side. Can feel the pain thinking about it, lol.

perdita28 Mon 08-Dec-08 22:07:21

I had it with first and now again with second got it at |24 weeks now 27. Very boring pain, gets worse through the day, and of course you know that ibruprofen would sort it - but thats not allowed! Went with first at 36 weeks as baby dropped. It must be physionomy, and of course its why we have floating last rib - imagine if we didn't..
Hard seat helps, being flexible helps - (adjusting position). Swiming good too, and sitting cross legged with hands on head on floor against a wall is pretty useful.
Worst thing is 'scoopy' chairs like some car seats and most sofas. I had to buy a really hard atlas to put under bum in car. So try to sit on hard seats - sometimes its hard when people are always offering you comfy squishey chairs - those are the worse.

Ojorose Sat 13-Dec-08 17:10:26

I too am in agony, this is the worst day I've had with this rib pain, although it has been coming and going for weeks.
I can bearly move today and the sharp shooting pains have left me in tears and feeling sick. I am 31 weeks, so hopefully the baby will start to drop soon. Even taking my bra off hasn't helped today!
I will try the eye gel tip though and a warm bath tonight. (fsmile)

rosa7 Tue 30-Dec-08 13:58:55

Hi all,
feel much better after finding this thread as I have been worrying about this pain on my left side - top rib, for a few weeks. it started as pins and needles at that spot around 18 weeks and when i sat up straighter it went away

now i'm 28 weeks and for the past 3 weeks it has been seriously sore - car travel and train travel or whatever that angle of chair is - is the worst.

best is sitting up dead straight, and not straining the area. and resting lying down makes it go away - I can start each new day pain free so far...

i really hope it doesn't get worse...

has anyone experienced it with a baby girl? just reading through the posts they all refer to "ds" and I thought - hmmmmm... wouldn't that be typical if it was a boy problem!! wink

Poppy5 Tue 06-Jan-09 11:27:42

I'm now 36 weeks and the pain has almost entirely gone - it's still a bit sore but I can now sit, stand, walk and lie down with practically no pain. I'm so happy - it has been a long slog smile.

I just wanted to reassure anyone who has been experiencing the same as me (as outlined in this thread) that it does eventually go away. I was convinced that it would get worse as I got bigger but it finally went away after 12 weeks of pain!

The blue eye-gel mask (mine was from The Body Shop) kept me sane grin - it really did help ease the pain and I can't recommend it enough if you are getting the burning sensation on your ribs or if it is inflammed at all. I had two masks - I kept one on the top of my ribs and the other one in the fridge so that I could rotate them. The masks and lying down is what I think helped to get me better.

Just a thought, my stomach muscles have torn apart, also called divarification, because of the pregnancy (apparently it's more common in women who have had more than one pregnancy, although this is my first) so I was wondering if anyone else with this rib pain has also had torn stomach muscles - there could be a link...? hmm

Rosa7, I don't know what I'm having - but you're right it does appear to be a boy problem - I will let you know when I give birth!

Bonkersbirduk Tue 09-Nov-10 10:53:45

I have had this for a couple of weeks now and I am only 14 weeks. I have no problems during the day and not getting it all the time but often in the morning when I wake up, during the night if I lay on my right side and if I sit on a soft couch and forced to sit hunched up. It is so painful so you can imagine my joy to read that it can go on until the end lol. Standing up (very slowly) and stretching my arm up relieves it at the moment. Glad I found this discussion tho as no one else I know has experienced it

Maitri Tue 09-Nov-10 11:40:56

I'm so pleased to have found this thread! I'm 22 weeks and have had severe rib pain on the lhs for about six weeks. I have been reduced to tears most evenings as it's so debilitating and I just couldn't imagine coping with another 20-odd weeks.

For what it's worth, I've found that it seems to be connected to indigestion in my case and I've found two solutions which offer some help. Firstly, lying face down with my shoulders/face on the floor and bum in the air shifts any um wind and helps the pain hugely. Secondly, I bought an exercise ball (£6.99 from Argos) a couple of days ago and sitting on that seems to stop the pain immediately. I'm not sure if it's because my posture is forced to improve.

Frenchy87 Mon 06-Dec-10 16:27:42

I feel like im repeating everyone elses post, but so glad i found this thread! Im only 20 weeks pregnant but have been having rib pain for about 4 weeks. I was getting really worried but feel so relieved after reading this! Im a nurse and the patients have got more than used to seeing me sat in weird positions trying to get comfortable! Thanks everyone for all the tips they've posted on here, il definatly be trying them all!

giraffeshatewinter Mon 06-Dec-10 17:14:32

My ribs hurt so much!! Am bra-less and that seems to help a bit (I work from home!), but it's enough to make me want to crack open the ibuprofen (I know I can't). Sitting with arms up seems to help. Having read this thread, think is just common rib flare, but feels like baby is pushing them up and apart with his/her feet.

monkeymumtobe Wed 24-Apr-13 19:07:15

I am 30 weeks and have suffered with rib pains for about 3 now but last night it got worse!

So normally it has been aches and burning sensations triggered by sitting -with car and desk being the worst! Stretching and standing provided relief. Midwife said babies feet.

Last night I woke with a jolt as I suddenly got a sharp stabbing pain. It felt like something suddenly got pinched and trapped for a second in my rib. Since then I have been very tender - if I touch the area it feels bruised and burnt (?!).

I have been getting 'after shocks' - mini hints of it since, and now my rib pain is stronger and feels like it has spread around the torso and into my back a bit. At 3pm I left work today as my normal stretching and standing only provided relief for about 5 mins so I could barely sit long enough to compose an email. Trying to cope with pain and discomfort is so tiring and I ran out of steam. Few tears in the car as I left - am so busy at work, never ill and just felt like an invalid.

Anyone else had the sharp 'pinch'?

Am off to gp in morning as with all other signs being normal maternity day unit are not worried.

FoofFighter Wed 24-Apr-13 20:57:39

This is a veryyyyyy old thread, might be worth starting yourself a new one monkeymumtobe!

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