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No linea nigra - have the scientist missed a way to predict the sex of your baby?

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nics1stbaby Fri 16-Aug-02 10:50:47

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Following my 23 week scan, I know I am having a little boy. Two of my very good friends have recently had baby girls. They both had (have) a linea nigra, and I don't. Out of interest, I have asked around and I now know 3 other cases where with boys the Mums did not develop a linea nigra, and 2 other cases where the Mums had linea nigras with girls.

My friends and I realise that something like this is unlikely to have been missed by all those doctors and scientists, but hey, out of fun.. can anyone back this theory up??

Tinker Fri 16-Aug-02 10:56:53

Er, I had a girl and no linea negra! Sorry.

Tinker Fri 16-Aug-02 10:57:16

nigra even!

Enid Fri 16-Aug-02 10:59:53

I had a linea nigra and a girl first time - second time round I don't have one so we'll see!

WideWebWitch Fri 16-Aug-02 11:00:48

I didn't either and had a boy, which supports your theory!

Snugs Fri 16-Aug-02 11:01:33

Sorry to disappoint but I had a linea nigra, which eventually faded away completely, with first ds. Then with 2nd ds got it again, but this time it hasn't gone (or even faded much!)

dejags Fri 16-Aug-02 11:11:10

I had a boy and a linea nigra, so did my best friend

SueDonim Fri 16-Aug-02 11:16:22

I've got two boys and two girls and had linea nigra with each of them.

Harrysmum Fri 16-Aug-02 11:22:42

Can I ask what a linea nigra is?

ScummyMummy Fri 16-Aug-02 11:30:48

It's that darkish line down the middle of your belly that some women get in pregnancy, Harrysmum.
I had one and had 2 boys. I love this theory though Nics1stbaby!

lou33 Fri 16-Aug-02 11:31:40

Linea Nigra is the dark line that often runs from your belly button downwards when you are pregnant. It only happened with my first pregnancy, and i had a girl, but the other three that followed (1 girl 2 boys) it failed to appear.

monkey Fri 16-Aug-02 11:38:53

I had 2 boys, nothing 1st time, very pale 2nd

nics1stbaby Fri 16-Aug-02 11:57:24

...interesting hey. Maybe it was just a mad coincidence... then again, perhaps it occurs more frequently when having girls, with exceptions to the rule.

Let's see how the results pan out!

..I just love Mumsnet!

bossykate Fri 16-Aug-02 12:00:26

sorry nic1stbaby, i had a linea negra and have a little boy!

nics1stbaby Fri 16-Aug-02 12:02:38

Ho Hum. It was fun whilst it lasted...

Ellaroo Fri 16-Aug-02 13:38:36

nics1stbaby, my friends & I all follow the same pattern you noticed. Very weird, although mine still hasn't gone so I expect if I have a boy next time it will still be there. Apparently if you have very bad heartburn while pregnant it means the baby has a lot of hair - this was true for me.

Philippat Fri 16-Aug-02 14:24:33

no linea nigras, girl
no heartburn (loads of vomiting though ), lots of hair
Wedding ring on a string (and MIL) said girl, everyone else including MW (not the ones at the actual delivery obviously) said boy

Tissy Fri 16-Aug-02 14:30:03

Linea nigra, girl

Dreadful heartburn, bald

Joe1 Fri 16-Aug-02 14:54:28

No line, boy. Loads of heartburn, he too had little hair, not quite bald.

This time no line, but feel it could be a girl.

Rhubarb Fri 16-Aug-02 15:08:01

No morning sickness, no linea nigra, baby resting in classic 'boy position', but still had a girl.

nics1stbaby Fri 16-Aug-02 16:00:52


Apparently the linea nigra can remain for at least a year!

oh, a friend of mine had a little girl last week with a full head of thick dark hair, and she didn't have heartburn at all...

I do have heartburn though.. so come 8 to 12 weeks time we shall see hey.. ;o

batey Fri 16-Aug-02 18:01:32

No linea nigra-2 girls. Remember going for a hospital check up in the winter, Consultant had a student with him and asked him what the line on my tummy was called, He got it right, didn't have heart to tell him it was the indent of the seam on my tights!!!!

SueDonim Fri 16-Aug-02 18:21:20

ROFL, Batey!!! What a brilliant story!

With my last pg, the linea nigra sort of peeled off after some months, a bit like sunburn. Weird.

Joe1 Fri 16-Aug-02 18:53:40

Brilliant batey

jemw Fri 16-Aug-02 20:40:58

lol batey!

ionesmum Fri 16-Aug-02 20:57:33

I had no morning sickness, no linea nigra, carried all at the front and had a girl. I did get loads of heartburn and dd has a thick thatch of dark hair.

WideWebWitch Fri 16-Aug-02 21:06:14


jenny2998 Fri 16-Aug-02 21:27:08

baby 1...no morning sickness, no line...boy
no 2...morning sickness, no line...girl

zebra Fri 16-Aug-02 22:16:46

Linea nigra (kind of pale, though) since 1999.
First baby boy, 2nd baby girl.

Almost no heartburn (well, sometimes a little towards the end of 2nd pregnancy).

First baby born with a little hair; 2nd one bald.

Bad sickness with boy, but diabolical with girl.

Eulalia Fri 16-Aug-02 22:33:21

Linea nigra with both pregnancies, first boy, 2nd girl. No heartburn and both had average amounts of hair. I really had no idea with either of them what they were going to be.

Still got the line and dd is 4 months.

Scuba Sat 17-Aug-02 00:45:01

I've had a linea nigra since childhood, has anyone else? i still had it after the birth of my ds but it's become more faded

slug Sun 18-Aug-02 18:35:14

4 of us were pg at work at the same time. 2 boys, 2 girls. Two of us had linea nigra, one had a girl, one a boy. Interestingly, of the two women who did have it, one is Asian, one Black. The two of us who didn't are both pale skinned red haired Celts. Apparantly it is more prevalant in dark skinned women.

Bozza Sun 18-Aug-02 22:17:16

I had no linea nigra with a boy (I am fair), moderate morning sickness, and heart burn - he was born with lots of hair(was even picked up on scan) but it rubbed off.

bloss Mon 19-Aug-02 00:18:35

Message withdrawn

angharad Mon 19-Aug-02 11:27:47

Is the linea nigra/lack of connected to stretch marks? My mum never had stretch marks or a linea negra with all 5 of us and so far I'm the same (3 kids, no 4 on the way).

debster Mon 19-Aug-02 11:38:05

I had a linea nigra with ds.
Pregnant with second and also have one. Don't know sex.

BTW if I feel exactly the same physically this time round as I did with first is it likely I will have the same sex child or does this not have any bearing?

Joe1 Mon 19-Aug-02 11:56:10

Debster, I have know people carry exactly the same for two prenancies and have one of each so you never can tell. My midwife had two very different pregnancies and had two girls.

PamT Mon 19-Aug-02 13:35:58

I didn't have a linea nigra with any of my 3 but I have very pale skin anyway and I think it is something that shows up more on darker skin or skin that tans easily.

Debster my pregnancies for both boys were virtually identical but I felt so different when I carried DD (no 3) and I knew in my mind that she was definitely a 'she'. I don't know if everyone feels the same though.

Queenie Mon 19-Aug-02 14:21:24

I too am very pale skinned but developed Linea nigra with dd and heartburn - dd had huge mop of hair. No linea nigra this time and am 35 weeks pregnant with a boy - heartburn better but more wind - both ends - excuse me!

PamT Mon 19-Aug-02 15:45:11

LOL Queenie

JayTree Mon 19-Aug-02 21:19:21

DD - no hint of linea nigra and loads of awful stretch marks (very envious, Angharad..) Feel a bit cheated really, after all linea nigra fades quickly and is quite interesting - unlike stretch marks.

sb34 Mon 19-Aug-02 23:49:07

Message withdrawn

mollipops Tue 20-Aug-02 08:59:51

Baby 1 - severe morning sickness, dark linea nigra which took ages to fade, heartburn: girl with lots of hair!
baby 2 - mild morning sickness, linea nigra which faded fairly quickly, no heartburn: bald boy!

angharad Tue 20-Aug-02 09:53:52

oh, and so far never had heart burn but have produced exceptionally hairy babies! On a quick note why are people so stupid sometimes, a neighbour has asked me each time if i was disappointed that the babies had hair as they don't look like proper babies-aah!

honeybunny Tue 20-Aug-02 14:00:10

2 boys, 2 linea nigras!! Sorry!

Lollypop Mon 26-Aug-02 21:17:26

I didn't have a linea nigra with my DD buy my navel when very dark brown! 5 months in my navel is still normal colour - I'll let you know what I had at Christmas.

maras Wed 18-Sep-02 14:00:30

Been meaning to add to this for weeks - just never have any time...I'm also fascinatated by this theory. Could it be that some discrepancies come from the fact that some women never get the brown line and that others always get it regardless of sex of the baby? Is there anyone one out there (I've quickly checked this thread but may have missed some) who can absolutely disprove the idea - ie who had the line with a boy but not with a girl?? I had no line expecting my first (ds), a definite line with my second (dd) and am now 11 weeks away from my third - and have no line whatsoever!! Is it a boy?? (I could have found out from CVS test - but decided I really didn't want to know...but I'm still fascinated and can't stop trying to guess!!!)

Grover74 Fri 02-May-03 15:41:28

Does this line ever go away? I had my daughter 8 months ago. It has faded slightly but it is still there. How long does it take to go away?

myalias Fri 02-May-03 16:05:07

My ds is 28 months old and there is still a faint line.

SoupDragon Fri 02-May-03 16:23:44

DS2 is 24 months and mine's gone completely. Not sure when it went - I've only just noticed!!

Slinky Fri 02-May-03 16:37:55

I've got 2 girls and 1 boy and I didn't have a linea nigra with any of them!

PamT Fri 02-May-03 17:37:43

I am so fair skinned that I never had a visible line. I think it shows up better on darker skinned ladies.

nmd Sat 03-May-03 10:29:44

my youngest is 3y3m and I've still got a faint linea nigra!

nmd Sat 03-May-03 10:30:59

p.s. have two daughters and am fair skinned

pie Sat 03-May-03 10:37:14

About the line appearing on darker skined ladies; I'm half Thai so I have quite dark colouring, but a line never appeared with DD and as yet I still have no line. Btw for the sake of the theory I know this one is a girl too.

Babblan Sat 03-May-03 12:12:40

I scrubbed mine off!

edgarcat Sat 03-May-03 12:49:06

Message withdrawn

ninja Sat 03-May-03 13:42:32

If I have a very faint line does that mean I'll have a Tom Boy?

Gini Sun 04-May-03 20:01:09

never got one, waited for it to appear but it never did! I produced a 6lb 14.5oz boy

snickers Sun 04-May-03 20:36:25

No linea nigra, fair skinned, girl.

EVERYONE said I was having a boy. The only exceptions were a couple of friends of mine who have only girls, and are girly themselves, and thought I would "suit" a girl, said I was having a girl. It used to grive me MAD!

So thus far - it doesn't matter if your dark skinned, fair or anything inbetween, whether you have heartburn, carry out front, or back, or wave any amount of wedding rings, throw orange peel, dance naked at midnight whilst chanting (OK - getting carried away here) - you just can't tell!

Hey ho! It's lovely to keep guessing at any rate!

I knew what the LN was - but what causes it? Does anyone know?

Ghosty Sun 04-May-03 21:48:09

I had a really dark one ... those that saw it thought it was incredible how obvious it was .... I am fair skinned ... and had a boy ... so doesn't go with the boy/girl theory.
It started to show up from about 5 months pg and only went away when DS was about 12 months.

SamboM Mon 05-May-03 13:10:52

I didn't have one and I had a girl. Sorry

badjelly Tue 06-May-03 16:53:17

Linea nigra, big girl, little hair. got it at about 5 months preg and it's still there, she's now 21 weeks old.

Tongy Wed 07-May-03 19:32:53

1st baby: 10lb boy, no line!
2nd baby: 7lb girl, no line!

Bobsmum Wed 07-May-03 19:42:06

Very late appearing linea nigra - big boy! (8.5lbs 2 weeks early)
still there 8 months on...

Lara2 Wed 07-May-03 19:50:12

Ist baby: boy, linea nigra
2nd baby: boy no linea nigra

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