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upset tummy in early pregnancy is this normal...

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mum2sam Sun 13-May-07 23:25:54

i have just got this washy feeling in my stomach and have been going toilet more often then normal with my stools being a bit looser then usual (sorry too much info) is this normal?

NeverEndingPileOfLaundry Sun 13-May-07 23:32:50

I had a really upset tum, and frequent trips to the loo in early pregnancy til about 10 weeks ish I think. How far along are you?

MamaMaiasaura Sun 13-May-07 23:35:13

completely normal to feel sick and washy in stomach (my poo is the other way but dont think i am drinking enough water . Also more weeing normal in early preg as uterus expanding against bladder - often you find u dont even need a full on wee, but feel the urge.

I am being sick and feeling sick and am about 6/7 weeks now so perfectly norm xx

Lizzer Sun 13-May-07 23:42:09

OH HELL YES!! I actually thought I had a bug for a over a week, it was NOT pleasant. I'm 10weeks now and its only just starting to calm down. Sending you much toilet paper and hope it starts to go soon...

mum2sam Sun 13-May-07 23:44:44

ive had sickness and diarhoea but that was after having just a few glasses of wine thats when i did a test as it was before AF was due.I felt so ill for 24 hrs i thought i had food poisioning. Ive had no sickness since but i think im only 5 wks so im sure that will kick in soon. Its just this need to empy my bowels-almost feels like a nervous tummy.Im glad its normal.

doyouwantfrieswiththat Sun 13-May-07 23:47:23

that's reassuring I'm going through the same thing + upset stomach type cramps (not period type cramps)- I'm about 8wks gone

MamaMaiasaura Sun 13-May-07 23:55:30

the cramps are normal too uterus stretching an all

Pheebe Mon 14-May-07 07:46:49

Oh yes, thats how I knew I (or rather DH knew) I was pregnant both times, sudden diarrhea that no-one else got. Didn't last long, then the MS kicked in...

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