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Nub/skull theories can anyone guess the sex please?

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ineedcoffeecoffeecoffee Sat 19-Nov-16 18:04:32

Hi scan was taken at 12 weeks 2 days. I'm hoping to find out in 5 weeks when I will be 20 weeks, but if any of you lovely lot would like to hazard a guess please. 💝💙

haveacupoftea Sat 19-Nov-16 18:21:18

Looks like a little girl to me

ineedcoffeecoffeecoffee Sat 19-Nov-16 20:24:05

Thank you for your guess. We'd be happy either way. We already have a ds, who we waited for the surprise. I think I'm too impatient to wait till the end to find out this time.

Star8181 Sat 19-Nov-16 23:27:51

Looks like a girly nub to me x

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