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has anyone else had an umbilical hernia in pregnancy and did it get much worse in 3rd trimester?

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becciandbump Fri 26-Aug-16 22:58:42


I was just wondering if anyone has had an umbilical hernia in pregnancy and can reassure me?

Every time I have seen gp he has seemed not bothered by it, he said it wouldn't get bigger as I grew but it has definately got bigger in 2nd trimester and is a little painful. I'm avoiding heavy lifting at work and wearing a tubigrip all day. It sits flat when I lie down but I work on my feet all day and it protrudes in standing.

Today it looks a little bluish in colour which is what I'm worried about. Ive had a bit of a heavy day at work so hoping it will ease with my weeks holiday next week. I just worry that the change in colour is the start of it getting worse. Ive read that If it strangulated it would be hard and very painful and Id be nauseous none of which I am but I am still fearing it strangulating as I get bigger and have awful thoughts about needing surgery and them damaging my womb in surgery! I know I'm probably overly worrying but I just wondered if anyone had had one and if they could tell me if it remained a similar size or got much bigger. Many thanks
(Sorry for long post)

hopeful31yrs Sat 27-Aug-16 12:18:27

The hernia may get bigger as its under tension with your growing uterus I'm afraid - don't know why your GP advised you it wouldn't. As long as it reduces when you lie down or put pressure on it I wouldn't worry. You should seek help if it is painful and doesn't go back in or you start vomiting/ have problems going to toilet.

No surgeon is going to repair this with your tissues being stretched at the moment and the hormones causing tissue relaxation. However if needed it would be repaired in an emergency but the risks are it may recur

I would have thought the risks of strangulation are low as the uterus is so large it'll be pushing all other organs away from the neck of the hernia and will block it so nothing can poke out. In the same way it'll be hard to miss the uterus when repairing this if it needed it in an emergency - also most hernias are repaired without having to open the abdomen itself.

becciandbump Sat 27-Aug-16 18:41:32

Thanks I didn't believe him when he said it wouldn't change size. It is tender but not what I would call pain. I struggle with constipation so trying to keep it from getting too bad as it's uncomfortable straining. I'll keep an eye on it and will definitely go back if I get abdo pain or nausea x

chocolatefudgecake157 Wed 19-Oct-16 20:34:35


I am 22 weeks pregnant with second baby and have developed a hernia. It is sore and I'm starting to panic about how I will cope for the next 3 months, my DS is heavy and likes to be picked up lots (19 months).

The doctor didn't say much. I was just wondering how you are getting on?

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