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good lord, i am already in maternity clothes (14 weeks) - is this a record?

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Tutter Mon 22-Jan-07 12:56:53


where did that <<looks pointedly at stomach region>> come from?

and no, it's not a neat bump, it's just a mahoosive stomach

SparklyGothKat Mon 22-Jan-07 12:58:45

too much chocolate at xmas

pinkranger Mon 22-Jan-07 13:04:19

im trying to resist buying some!

I am just over 9 weeks and already most of my clothes have got tight or are uncomfatable! I have alot o nauseau (sp) on and off and have manged to loose 3lbs but still have a hugh Stomach!
Going to wait until 14 weeks, if no will be waering sack for the next 5!

spina Mon 22-Jan-07 13:04:58

think i was in mat clothes 9 weeks and will prob still be in them at babe's first birthday......too too much chocolate at xmas as i waited for him to show up. then i allowed myself to believe i needed the extra chocolate for breast feeding!

Tutter Mon 22-Jan-07 13:06:25

oh good, not just me then

i remember getting big quite quickly first time around, but i at least managed to stay in my regular jeans for the first 12 weeks, then up a size for a couple of months

this time i think i was out of my jeans as soon as i'd weed on the stick

pinkranger Mon 22-Jan-07 13:13:01

tutter - sounds like me - my first had a little bump but this time round i cant belive it!! _ so much streching going on in there!!!!

spina Mon 22-Jan-07 13:18:43

yep. nice bump first time. second time-mrs blobby.

on the plus side, i looked pg for ages so got to talk about pg to all and sundry from about 3 months did seem the have the longest human pg ever and i work as a community pharmacist so had a lot of "community" involved in pg!!! then ended up in local paper as lo turned up on new yrs day. my poor lo seems to have been public property for the last seven months!!!!

Tutter Mon 22-Jan-07 13:20:25

aw spina - me too (new years day baby)

upside: your dd/ds will have great fun on new years eves when he/she's older

downside: his/her birthday will be forgotten from time to time

Tutter Mon 22-Jan-07 13:20:59

(that's me, the nyd baby btw, not my ds)

spina Mon 22-Jan-07 13:23:34

friend told us his sister spent the first 16 years of her life annoyed by the fact that parents were always hungover on her birthday and the next 16 hungover herself.

Tutter Mon 22-Jan-07 13:24:58

yep, sounds about right

lillaura Mon 22-Jan-07 14:25:27

12 weeks with ds - 14 weeks with this one!!!!!

annobal Mon 22-Jan-07 16:56:10

Am right there with you - and these are ginormous, over the bump trousers! However, if you look at the Isabella Oliver website they say that you should be wearing mat clothes from 14 weeks - sounded good to me

podglet Mon 22-Jan-07 17:48:45

8 weeks... had to sneakily wear them so no one guessed what they were. my excuse is that I had polyhydramnios (too much fluid) and my family shows from word go - blame the genes...

Bodkin Mon 22-Jan-07 22:56:20

It's not the size of the bump that's freaking me out (15 weeks and it comes and goes like the tide) but the size of my ever expanding thighs and arse. What's that all about?!

eidsvold Mon 22-Jan-07 22:57:43

12 weeks and only cause I had stretchy waist trousers anyway to wear but proper maternity clothes - by 12 weeks.

Lwatkins Tue 23-Jan-07 00:12:44

I'm 22+2 with my first and have been very lucky with weight gain etc. My bump is all up front and hasn't gone anywhere else. I weighed myself at xmas and was only 8.5 stone which is what i weighed before pg, but with severe morning sickness for the first 3 - 4 months must have actually lost weight! Am still in all my regular clothes and in my size 8 jeans which i think i deserve a medal for! Though they are usually popping of me by the end of the day, should maybe start getting some bigger clothes

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