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33 weeks. Low pain/pressure

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Stom91 Wed 25-May-16 21:20:34

Is it supposed to hurt when baby moves. She's been moving for an hour, and it's really painful low down. I've got pressure on what feels like my cervix? And bum. And it's really sharp pain constantly and when she moves it hurts even more. But my bump doesn't go hard so can't be contractions but it's actually painful. It's making me go. Owe that hurts. I'm not sure what to to do.

limeandsoda93 Thu 26-May-16 00:03:15

I'm 34 weeks and at 31 weeks I mentioned something similar to the midwife who suggested it was pain from the baby engaging. Sure enough when she checked baby was engaged 2/5. It was like pressure and then sharp pains, enough to catch my breath. Bern getting the on and off since.

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