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Worried, son jumped on my stomach :(

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jellybeans Thu 26-Oct-06 21:57:02

Hi my 4 yo jumped and landed on my belly with all his weight before and it hurt as you would expect. I am really worried that i lost the baby or did some damage. I am only 9 weeks. On my own with kids so can't go anywhere. Has this happened to anyone else?

Lio Thu 26-Oct-06 21:58:22

Similar, and I worried just like you. It was all fine here (the proof has just dropped off to sleep - hurrah!), holding thumbs it will all be fine for you too.


LaylaandSethsmum Thu 26-Oct-06 21:59:06

Try not to worry babies are very well protected in there. I fell down some steps when I was 38 wks and felt the same but all was ok.
If you a really concerned see your GP if only for reassurance

3andnomore Thu 26-Oct-06 22:03:07

Especially at that early stage the womb, flud and the belly itself really are a good protection for the embryo!
But I know you do worry, when I was about 25weeks pg with ms, es, by accident, hit me with a golfclub pretty hard, and I know I was worried, but all was fine!

WitchICouldGiveUpWork Thu 26-Oct-06 22:05:13

Am sure you will be fine.The foetus at this stage is so tinyand hugely protected as said before by uterus and fluit-it will have barely felt a thing!

jellybeans Thu 26-Oct-06 22:05:38

aw thanks eveyone I feel alot better about it now. Have rang NHS line, waiting for call back, and maybe will try get a scan in next couple days(have one next week though)

lulumama Thu 26-Oct-06 22:09:50

how scary for you....at this stage,...the uterus is still tucked safely behind the pelvis and away from harm......and there is the sac & fluid and your own body to protect it furthere

hope you get some reassurance....i fell over 3 times in first trimester...right onto my belly......have a healthy DS......

take care....

Lact8HisLiverWithANiceChianti Thu 26-Oct-06 22:29:17

Just another post to reassure you, DS2 elbow dropped onto me when I was having dd but everything turned out ok

I also got electrocuted when having ds1 but still fine

Honestly, in 9 months time you'll have reflexes like you wouldn't believe and the ability to spot a falling/jumping/kicking child at 10 paces

Take care

magaddict Thu 26-Oct-06 22:43:49

and another - during my pregnancy, a drawer thumped really hard into my stomach, causing a dark purple bruise and graze - I was petrified I'd done something terrible, but they really are protected in there and I'm sure you and yours are ok - it's just so scary when it happens to you but it seems these things happen to everyone! Try not to worry too much - sleep well.

kikidee Thu 26-Oct-06 22:46:02

My 2.5 year old threw his full weight on to my tummy at about 12 weeks. We were on holiday and I couldn't get checked but at the 14 week scan it was all fine. I was completely winded and felt very sick but baby was fine.

jellybeans Thu 26-Oct-06 22:47:09

Thanks so much everyone, the nurse rang back and also said the baby is well protected and I will be Ok waiting for next weeks scan. I will post next week when have had scan! Thanks again

themissus Thu 26-Oct-06 22:48:04

I had a very similar panic when carrying dd, having fallen on belly. did some research that told me that you'd prob have to have "sustain injuries needing hospital treatment" to have done any damage. Lulumama's right, baby is very well tucked away right now.

Hattie05 Thu 26-Oct-06 22:48:43

I fell down our stairs at 11 wks and all was fine! i'm sure you will be.

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