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Ugh why am I so fat already?!

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So only 6 weeks pregnant with #2 and am literally so big and bloated already! My tummy is sticking out like I'm 20 weeks! Is this normal? I don't remember this with my first. Did anyone else experience this with subsequent pregnancies? I feel like I need some bump bands already blush

Cardinal Wed 11-Jun-14 22:57:04

Your tummy muscles are weaker this time round so the bump gets bigger faster! Sorry!

arghhelpme Wed 11-Jun-14 23:03:04

With my 2nd my belly was huge to begin with and I ended up buying maternity clothes, it evened out after 1st trimester though and somehow I managed to fit into my normal size 10 jeans at 30+ weeks.

I thought the same was happening with this pregnancy as I seemed huge early on, this time it's due to being pregnant with twins.

squizita Thu 12-Jun-14 07:22:11

I had a lot of gas in the 1st trimester, I was swollen with it! Could it be that? Deflatine is fine to take when pg.

squizita Thu 12-Jun-14 07:22:17

I had a lot of gas in the 1st trimester, I was swollen with it! Could it be that? Deflatine is fine to take when pg.

Scoobsmam13 Thu 12-Jun-14 07:45:16

I am now 10 weeks with DC2 and had the same. It actually has settled down now and I am not as big as I thought I was a few weeks ago. Pretty sure mine was all down to bloating. Never had so much gas in my life blush

Lozmatoz Thu 12-Jun-14 08:54:11

I was really bloated at first, had terrible diarrhoea for 3 months but all subsided and I looked and felt less pregnant. It's just those mad early hormones and will probably settle down.

confettiwoman Thu 12-Jun-14 11:53:19

bangonthedoor you're not the only one. I'm just past 5 weeks and already have a bump, but i syspect its all air/wind as i'm belching enough to give shrek a run for his money!

Ahh thank you all for your comments. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

I don't feel particularly windy just heavy. I'll look forward to the next trimester then smile

Bonniebaby777 Fri 13-Jun-14 21:25:05

If it's any consolation, me too and I'm a first timer so didn't expect to be. I think I'm about 7 weeks (to be confirmed by dating scan), but feel bloated and puffy all over with a big bloaty belly. I'm not gassy or constipated (sorry to be TMI!) and I haven't been eating a lot, so I'm guessing it's just water retention. On the plus side, boobs! grin

Bonniebaby777 Fri 13-Jun-14 21:26:35

p.s. thinking about it, my main craving is for salty foods, that probably explains some of the water retention.

I've never thought about that before bonnie about the salty food and water retention thing. Makes sense I suppose!

My tummy is literally growing by the minute but I'm going to embrace it as think this will be my last sad bring on the biggest bump!

htbftm Sat 14-Jun-14 22:47:04

I got big quick and it is common after your first. They do say weak muscles are largely to blame and bloating before the real baby bump arrives!

Alita7 Sat 14-Jun-14 22:56:08

This is my first but I had a mmc before and found I bloated out massively until about week 10 when the bloat decreased and then my actual bump started to form. Now I feel huge at 19 + 2 smile but you can tell the difference as you probably remember from number 1, the lower bit is sticking out lots now it's a real bump.

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