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Bleeding in early pregnancy

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typhoonsmum Sun 27-Aug-06 21:57:28

Hiya everyone.
I am five and a half weeks preg and have had slight spotting last week but over the weekend I have had a couple of VERY SMALL shows of blood. I have also developed Thrush over the weekend. Could the bleeding be linked to the thrush. Is it something I should worry about. The blood loss has been very small but still scary. Friends say if I was losing the baby the bleeding would be heavier and I'd have pain. I have no pain. Odd niggle but that is pregnancy isn't it.
Today breasts have felt fuller and a bit tender and I have had the first hint of nausea. Are these good signs.
I do have one DD (3yrs 8 months) but I didn't findout I was preg till I was 8 weeks with her and it was an uncomplicated pregnancy. No blood, no pain, no morning sickness, and it seems a lifetime ago now anyway.
Please put my mind at rest. Stress and worrying isn't going to help me.
If the news is bad just tell me. Don't sugar coat it please

hairymclary Sun 27-Aug-06 22:00:09

hi typhoonsmum

your friends are right, if it was a miscarriage you would have quite heavy bleeding, and probably cramping.
Since I've been a member of mumsnet I have seen a LOT of posts just like this, and the vast majority of people seem to go on to have totally normal pregnancies.
I also had bleeding in early pregnancy, quite heavily but they could find no reason for it and I went on to have a healthy baby.

Tender boobs and nausea are good signs, so try not to worry.
If you are concerned though do go and see your GP or midwife who may be able to arrange for you to have a scan at your local epu (early pregnancy unit) just to put your mind at rest

typhoonsmum Sun 27-Aug-06 22:02:57

Thanks hairyclary,
the weird thing is I work in gynaecology and I think that makes me worse. I see all the people with problems and not the healthy ones. I'll try to relax.

Beauregard Sun 27-Aug-06 22:04:59

I also had bleeding on and off throughout my pregnancy with dd1 and all was well in the end .

myermay Sun 27-Aug-06 22:10:38

Message withdrawn

EmilyTurner Sun 27-Aug-06 22:13:23

With my first baby in 2003 I had bleeding at 9 weeks. It was one lot of bright red, then pink and then brown. It was a Friday night and we spent the whole weekend preparing for the worst. On monday I had a scan and it was all fine. No more bleeding after that. They said it was implanting that caused the bleeding.

Try not to worry.

typhoonsmum Sun 27-Aug-06 22:18:26

The people at work say it is pointless scanning b4 6 weeks as nothing is really visible.I am going on holiday on Friday and would like to know what they possible outcome is b4 I go but i am only 6 weeks on Friday. I'll see if they will do it b4 i leave work on Thursday.
Itis good to hear that other people have bled and had normal pregnancies. I suppose I keep focusing on the fact you shouldn't bleed in pregnancy and panic.
Thank You everyone.

magicfarawaytree Sun 27-Aug-06 23:05:48

I had what I thought was my normal period then found out at my dating scan that I was actually 4/5 weeks pregnant at the time. ds was born naturally and in full health bang on his due date. I guess I was lucky I didnt know at the time of the bleed. I had a miscarriage previously and had been in intense pain with a lot of blood including a large clot it was completely different so hopefully it will be the thrush causing the bleeding. when ever I had a yeast of water infection during my pregnancy there would be blood in my urine - not enough for me to see but enough to show up on the urine tests.

Nicki10 Mon 28-Aug-06 19:46:04

I agree typhoonsmum it is horribly worrying, I have had bleeding at six weeks which they said was an implantation bleed I am now 8,4 and I have been bleeding constantly since last tuesday so 7 days now and I don't know what to do either I had a Scan at 6 weeks and am due one next monday but that could be another 7 days of bleeding and it feels like a long way off.

I'm worried as I have never had morning sickness and I do have cramping pains

typhoonsmum Mon 28-Aug-06 21:41:21

If it helps one of the ladies I work with said she bled all the way thru her last pregnancy and that child is now 15 years old. My cousin didn't even know she was pregnant till she went into labour. She had periods right thru. I always thought it was quite amusing that that can happen until it happens to me.
I hope everything goes ok Nicki. Waiting for confirmation is the worst part I think. I am going to ask for a scan in work tomorrow. Hopefully they will give me one even tho I'm only 5,4. Don't think I could go on holiday and relax whilst waiting to bleed again. (It happened again this afternoon) Friends still try to convince me that everything is fine and that is happened to them and they were ok. Hindsight is FAB, but doesn't help in the actual present.
(Nothing against people who have given advice here. It does help to know I am not the only person this has happened to and that it may not mean that I am going to lose the baby.)

typhoonsmum Mon 28-Aug-06 21:46:01

Nicki10 have you tried going to A&E with the bleeding. I know it sounds drastic but they might be able to get you a scan earlier. I can't imagine the worry you'll go thru in the next week. My thoughts are with you and I hope it goes ok.

Nicki10 Mon 28-Aug-06 22:28:43

typhoonsmum I think it is a good idea that you get an early scan for piece of mind, I had one at six weeks and it was to small to see anyhing so they did an internal, no heart beat but it was reassuring just to know that I was defineatly pregnant and it wasn't ectopic. I had to have another 2 days later and by then it had grown so you could see it from an external scan. It was the most reassuring thing I have ever seen. I hope they let you have a scan. Let me know how you get on.

I am going to call the EPU unit tomorrow to see what they say.

VeritySmith Tue 29-Aug-06 00:47:55


I'm 5 1/2 weeks pg and started spotting yesterday afternoon - now gone from brownish pinkish to light pinkish/reddish discharge not really bleeding as such. Not too much - just a bit. No cramping so far. I'm just so scared that its all inevitably going to go wrong. Feel for you too Typhoonsmum as we are about the same dates.

Does anyone know what the timescales are? I'm going to go to the doc tomorrow...but if anyone else can't sleep and is on the site - can you let me know if you have any experience if the bleeding stopped after X days - or if it just went on and got more progressive - like is the cramping like hand in hand with actual bleeding? Sorry for so many questions......

Bellie Tue 29-Aug-06 07:39:42

I have been bleeding on and off for the past 6 days now - not constantly but almost every time I go to the loo and wipe - sometimes it has been bright red and sometimes dark brown. I have been told by the epu that they will not scan until next tuesday - so I have another week to wait . Fingers crossed for all of you as I am keeping mine crossed.

Bellie Tue 29-Aug-06 07:40:25

sorry meant to say that I am 6 weeks today and they told me that the earliest that they would scan is 7 weeks.

typhoonsmum Tue 29-Aug-06 20:47:51

had the scan and they couldn't see anything. no gestation sac, nothing. A few cystic areas but nothing much. cystic areas may turn into something in time but they aren't sure. Just a bit of blood. Had a blood test done which came back postive but with a low level of 36. Having another blood test done on thursday to see if it has risen or fallen.
They say it is either a lot earlier than I first thought or have had an early miscarriage, I have no pain and bleeding no heavier than a period (a light period at that) So I still have no idea.

Nicki10 Tue 29-Aug-06 21:33:38

typhoonsmum there is still hope if they can see the cysts. My bloods came back as only just pregnant so lets all keep fingers crossed that your dates are a bit later than you first thought. Stay hopeful and let me know what happens with bloods on Thursday.

VeritySmith Tue 29-Aug-06 22:50:41

Just back from the EPU who scanned me at 5 weeks and 4 days. The scan showed big fat zero. Due to bleeding the doc said that it is most likely an early miscarriage but to be on the safe side he took blood to measure my hCG level and I have to go back Thurs so that they can compare the two.

Feel peeved that they did not give me the results of my bloods today to give me the hormone level indicator (as I was given this in the States - when this happened at the same time as my first baby - who is now 20 months and perfectly fine!!!!!) nor did he check to see if my cervix was open or shut (he said it was too early)....

In the US - Brigham Women's Institute - I had to pay through the nose for the treatment - but I felt I was given extremely good treatment and left with a complete diagnosis. Today, I was sort of managed out of having a diagnosis - with statements like 'we can't ascertain for certain......' with equipment that looked like it came from the Arc. Certainly the NHS Hosp I visited did not have 4D scanners!!!!!!

Daisypops Wed 30-Aug-06 10:31:16

I had this problem when I had a miscarriage last year. I started bleeding monday and had to wait til wednesday for an appt at EPAU, went there and they said there was nothing to see on the scan so a miscarriage was 'likely', they took blood test and they were still slightly positive so I was told to go back 3 weeks later for a definate answer. It was shocking. No one seems to want to commit to anything and your left stewing for weeks.

typhoonsmum Thu 31-Aug-06 06:37:19

Due for the second blood test today but over night bleeding has increased and home pregnancy test look fainter. Not holding out much hope.
The only comfort I can find is that at five weeks there probably wasn't a baby there yet. Just an embryo.Still feel empty.
Going to let my body recover properly this time. (Had a bad miscarriage in May. Needed blood transfusion and emergency theatre. Maybe it was to early to try again)

Bellie Thu 31-Aug-06 07:41:09

thinking of you today typhoonsmum

Nicki10 Thu 31-Aug-06 08:55:11

Good luck typhoonsmum thinking of you xxx

Bellie Thu 31-Aug-06 18:07:03

how are you typhoonsmum?

typhoonsmum Thu 31-Aug-06 18:52:49

didn't need the blood test. bleeding got severe and i had cramping pain. Passed clots and products (working in the speciality I know) Tried to block it out most of the day and get on with it but typing this I'm welling up. I'll take some time out this evening from holiday packing (we leave tomorrow) and grieve as I should.
Thanks for everything everyone. Hope everything goes ok for you all and you enjoy your pregnancies. Hopefully I'll catch up with you all soon. (on this thread)
Hope you have better news Verity and Nicki.

Bellie Thu 31-Aug-06 20:47:29

so sorry to hear this

suexx Tue 18-Mar-08 20:30:42

Hi everyone,
Im eleven weeks pregnant with my second baby. i have suffered two misscarriages so i am very anxious this time. I have bled all through my pregnancy but weekly scans have confirmed that my baby is doing well .

SuziBhoy Thu 24-Jul-08 11:43:28

Hi all

I have just recently found out i am pregnant with my first, dates havent been decided yet as the test from the doc came bk inconclusive, but i know im pregnant! I have just started bleeding, but that also started out as a brown discharge, I have been having cramps but people have been telling me thats normal. Im freaking out here. hmm

mamaza Sun 27-Jul-08 11:51:42

Hi, my first pregnancy, first conversation on mumsnet. Bleeding lightly on and off since Monday, and today 'found' (don't ask!) brown, purple discharge. No cramping or pain however, and nurse says not to worry. I'm 10 weeks, and today my morning sickness seems to have disappeared?! What a rollercoaster...

imot Sat 09-Aug-08 19:25:51

Hi everyone. I too i'm pregnant . around 6 and 5 days and started bleeding on tuesday night. It has gotten heavier and i'm due another blood test in a couple of days. i 'm realy worried as this is my first pregancy what should i do or think? gyna is very vague..

usedtoreadbooks Sat 09-Aug-08 20:40:22

I got pregnant first time of trying, tested positive on the day I was due for my period. Had three bleeds during first trimester, getting progressively worse - the first one happened during the week, about week 5, and I was referred by my GP straight to hospital for a scan where they couldn't really see anything, so I went back a few days later and was fine. The second one, about week 8, was over a weekend so I referred myself into the same hospital dept 1st thing on Monday morning, where they told me I hadn't gone through the correct procdedure to be seen but scanned me anyway, and I was still fine. The third time I bled was a couple of days after a transatlantic flight, and on the cusp of my second trimester. I knew I was fine because my sense of smell and nausea changed so I flew back happy. Much of these bleeds were old blood, ie pink / brown mucus, although some were bright red fresh blood, and thin, unlike period blood.

It was only when I got back that my doctor said that it *is very common to have small bleeds when you would otherwise be having your monthly period*. Could this apply to you?

FWIW I also know someone who had a huge, heamorrage-type bleed at 18 (?) weeks, on her second pregnancy. And she was fine too.

So, please do not worry - difficult I know. But being tense will not help you, whereas getting lots of rest and TLC will. My advice is to have a bath and relax, try not to check on the bleeding every minute, although do keep an eye on any sudden changes in your discharge as information nfor GP / hospital. But I am sure you will be fine. Good luck with your pregnancy and don't hesitate to be bolshy to get the attention you want from your GP and hospital!

lovelace Sun 10-Aug-08 15:58:48

hi there can anyone advised as bit distreesed about it all. am currently six weeks and five days pregnant and on friday had a very heavy bleed so was sent then straight to EPU where they did a external and internal scan where they found the baby and a heartbeat so very positive and stoppped the heavy bright red bleeding pretty much straight after scan, am now getting brown bitty discharge when wipe and occasional cramping pains but very mild, has anyone else experienced this and can advise good or bad. dont see midwife till a week wednesday so appreciate any comments.

mibbes Mon 11-Aug-08 10:10:12

lovelace the brown blood is just old blood from the bleed you had and the mild cramps sound like normal stretching pains. I had a small bright red bleed at 6 weeks and have had mild cramps throughout - am now 23 weeks grin. Good luck xx

lovelace Mon 11-Aug-08 13:49:17

thanks mibbes that is reassuring to hear, had miscariage in april this year and keep worrying its going to happen again which i know does not help me!!! just worried cause it was so much blood like before. xx

madcow70 Mon 11-Aug-08 19:22:45

hi iam 5 or 6 weeks pregnant been having bleeding light brown been to hospital scan me saw sac told me to come back in a weeks time had my blood done 3 times now 1st was 5.000 on thursday by saturday it had risen to 7800 today (monday) its now 8880 really worried that I am losing baby also I have really bad morning sickness is this a good sign still been sick?

melissat Sun 17-Aug-08 14:21:53

hi there, ive recently found out that im pregnant with my 2nd child, im only 4 weeks 5 days and last night i had some light spotting, then nothing all night and this morning some bleeding, lighter than a period but i needed a sanitary towel, it hasnt got any heavier but i am still bleeding. I havnt been in pain but have had slight cramps and lower back pain, which ive had for a couple of weeks. I called my gp who advised to rest and wait it out (easier said than done!). I didnt have any bleeding with my first child and am really worried.

Hopetobemum Tue 07-Oct-08 21:47:19

Hi everyone. Reading through all the messages and thanking to all posts for their experiences. Can you please let me know if you have experienced similar symptoms to mine? I am 7+5 days pregnant and have been spotting and bleeding very dark blood every day for the past two weeks. Today was heavier than ever before and I am going mad. It was enough for a small pantyliner and seemed to only happen in the morning. I have seen a consultant and ultrasound was fine last Wednesday, I am due for another ultrasound next Friday. My consultant is not very communicative and apart from confirming a viable pregnancy didn't not comment on the bleeding. I have miscarried after first IVF at 4 weeks last October and then had a twin IVF pregnancy with no problmes until miscarrying at 22+5 weeks in June due to, probably, incompetent cervix. Managed to fall naturally now but this bleeding is really worrying me.
I read a lot that the bleeding in early pregnancy is common but I can't see anywhere that some of you experience continual lighter or heavier bleeding. Anyone can help please?
Also, should I be in bed or just carry on as normal?
Will be greatful for all replies!

CS7 Wed 08-Oct-08 14:33:48

Hi All,

Could it be that the bleed is not coming from inside but from the sensitive skin of the fanjo which apparently can get painlessly inflamed when you are pg? I asked because I kept getting dark brown discharge and sometimes pink and they kept doing emergency scans and little wriggler is fine. I then twigged after a while that its always when i wipe hard or have done a brisk walk that the discharge appears. I then realised it was actually from fanjo surface! But that coupled with 1st trimester mild cramps had me climbing the walls.

I hope for you ladies this is the same too.

Hopetobemum Fri 10-Oct-08 11:40:17

Hi CS7, thanks for your reply. That's what I thought might be the case, perhaps from the cervix or something. But after seeing the consultant (who confirmed that the little mite is fine. Thank god!) he said that the bleeding I am experiencing is coming from the lining of the womb, where the sac is still quite small to fill in the whole womb and so there is space for the lining to be leaving the womb. It confuses me slightly as I though you develop this plug in your cervix as soon as you are pregnant and nothing can go in or out but he didn't seem alarmed about this so I just need to trust him. I have been working from home for the past three days and the bleeding has almost stopped so I shall see what happens on Monday when I am planning to go back to London. Perhaps even the slow walk to and from the station aggrivates the womb lining? Anyway, just thought I should share this outcome in case someone will come here looking for some answers just like I did.

RiaRio Fri 10-Oct-08 14:04:49

hi im 8 weeks pregnant with my first and am still quite young 22 i am in need of a little reasurance as i have very very light brownish discharge no cramping is this any thing to panic about??

brettgirl2 Fri 10-Oct-08 19:59:46

I think you should get it checked out. It is impossible really to say, although the fact that you don't have cramping is probably good. I bled from 5 1/2 to 10 weeks with cramping alongside. I'm now 13+5, so hopefully everything will now be OK.

Lulee Mon 13-Oct-08 12:23:56


I have been bleeding since wk 3 of my pregnancy - always brown in colour and too light to be a period - more like the blood i usualy get before my period for a few days - except i am still bleeding and am now 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

I ahve a scan a wk ago that showed yolk sac, fetal pole and heartbeat, worrying tho the lady said she also could see where the blled was coming from and showed me a dark area on the scan right below the baby - nothing further was really explained and i have to go back in another wk for a second scan.

It has been a wk since that scan and i am going out of mind with worry - my boobs feel tender and swollen and whilst i have not been sick - i have nausea that makes me want to eat eat eat!! Any1 in the same boat or been thru this...any explanations for why i have a bleed underneath my baby?

I have miscarried X2 before but never got to a scan before or got to this stage so feeling very confused - bleeding isn't the same asmiscarriage and whilst i keep getting lower back ache i have not had any abdominal cramping yet.

Hoping someone can shed some light maybe?



Hopetobemum Thu 16-Oct-08 18:12:49

Hi All

I don't really have answers to your questions but thought I will share another episode that happened to me today to hopefully put your mind at rest.
Following my scan last week where the bleeding was explained and the heartbeat was fine I went onto to completely clear few days, no spotting whatsoever. However, I had a little cramp all day yesterday and knowing that today would be my period day (I am 8+1 today)I was getting a bit concerned. Before going to sleep, and all night really, I started experiencing contractions like feelings in my tummy and didn't sleep properly all night. In the morning there was this big bleed, just like a proper period start. The contractions stopped but the cramp persisted. It was mainly dark brown blood (that was good) but there was a little bit of fresh blood (really bad) as well. I thought that was it but wanted to know for sure so went to A&E.
They didn't want to do a scan but we insisted and apparently "we were lucky as the EPDU (early pregnancy diagnostics unit) wasn't busy so they could see us". We saw the heartbeat and the nurse couldn't see any bleeding at all. She said all is absolutely fine.
I am still bleeding a bit, but it is only dark brown blood now. Still have the little cramp but I have my hope back.
Everyone is different but hopefully this will give you some reassurance about your bleeding. The nurse today couldn't explain what has happened. The only thing she said we can do is to have regular monitoring and hope for the best.

FlowerBearMummy Fri 17-Oct-08 07:25:18

Hi All,

I have the same issue here.
I have dark brown discharge when 6W+5D night.
I went to O&G the next day, doctor said it would be some causes lead to this and done a external scan.
Doctor said nothing to worry about if it is to be mc, nothing can be done also.

The discharge has been last for 5 days. The discharge from 13/10/08 and today the dicharge continue to abit light red.

It is really worry me but what I can do is just hope for the best and dont think silly.

After reading the message posted here, it make me feel better as not just me alone facing this. Thanks.

Lulee Wed 22-Oct-08 19:08:24


Just to update u all...I had my scan monday and baby is fine and now dating 8 wks and 6 days, my bleed is virtually non existenat and the scan and the registrar expects my bleeding to stop vvery soon as baby is growing well with big sterong heartbeat and the bleed nearly gone - on my notes it says the bleed was a retrochorional (placental) bleed, i dont have to go back now til my 12 wk routine scan, had a booking in aptmt with the midwife today and am now very hopeful that all will be well with bubs - the registrar said 97% chance of baby making it now! Yay xx

RiaRio Tue 28-Oct-08 13:03:10

hey people thought i would update you now im n the mend as such....unfortunately my light bleeding which was very dark brown turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy so i would strongly advise anyone with concerns to get it checked asap i had no other symptoms and felt fine my head was just telling me to get it checked!!
I am taking each day as it comes as im dealing with losing my baby and one of my tubes as i was much further along than expected (11 weeks)
sorry to put a downer on the room just unfortunately i was one of the unlucky ones and i never thought i would be.
when im better i hope to try again so will be in need of alot of baby dust
best wishes to you all.xxxx

Aspi Tue 28-Oct-08 15:15:09

hi, I'm 6 weeks pregnant with 2nd bb. had light, brown discharge/bleeding this morning; not much though, mainly only on wiping. I have slight abdominal cramps (like the start of a period feeling); trying to stay positive, but is strange as didn't have any of this with dd - didn't find out til I was 9 weeks that time.
It's good to read other people suffer with it and it's not always the worst scenario.

leigh5841 Wed 15-Apr-09 11:25:01

hi, i am currently 8 weeks pregnant with my second child, but this is my 5th pregnancy as i have misscarried before, i finally had my son in october 2007 he is my world and i love him to bits, however i found out i was pregnant about 6 weeks ago, i started bleeding when i should have been 6 weeks gone, this was followed by pain on one side and going hot and cold, i was admitted to hospital and got told because of my history this was probably another misscarriage, i had an internal scan at 6 weeks and they couldnt see anything but the gestation sac had formed. they told me to go back in 18 days because of the bank holiday, in the mean time i continued to bleed heavily red blood not brown as before and clot, i was convinced i had misscarried again. how could there possibly be a baby growing normally in me when i was bleeding this much, i went for my scan yesterday and i was totally expecting the outcome that i had misscarried and had to have another D N C opperation what i was dreading, i went in the room for my scan and the woman said to me would you like to see your baby? i broke down and cried because alough i took some comfort from the messages on here i was not expecting that, i watched my baby and saw the heart beat and i couldnt have been happier, i am posting this message because even though like i said i took some comfort from this site but i diddnt believe my baby would be ok, but thank god it is so not all bleeding in pregnancy is bad. hope everyone has a healthy pregnancy x

kayls123 Sat 16-May-09 11:48:27

i am 6 weeks pregnant and just started with brown discharge 4 days ago which has now led to fresh red blood but only when i go to the loo. my doctor has put me on antibitics incase its a water infection but im not so sure.This is my seventh pregnancy but i only have 2 children. i have lost 3 nad 1 ectopic but gone on to have children after. The epu wont scan me until friday which is 7 days away and i am worrying like mad. has anyone ever had heavy bleeding and gone on to be ok?

bethoo Mon 18-May-09 09:59:16

i have the same dilemma
my period was late and os i took a test which was negative, when i finally did come on i bled for 3 weeks (still a bit when i wipe after the loo) nad i took a test this wekeend as wa feeling sicky and it is positive so have no idea how far gone i am or if i am even still pregnant!

bethoo Mon 18-May-09 10:00:24

wiht my first son i bled continuosuly from 6 - 16 weeks, really heavy and it turned out i had a heamorraghe in my uterus os supsect the same again.

crimewave Tue 26-May-09 20:09:28

im 21 and have a 3 year old son i had a normal pregnancy and birth with him but have since had 2 abortions i am now 7 weeks pregnant with a baby i really want but last week i started bleedin lightly i went 2 the hospital were they gave me an internal and said my cervix was closed and that i had a urine infection which was probably what was causing the bleeding 2 days later i had the same again and went back to the hospital with the same results i had an ultrasound today and the baby was live and well but when i came home i was bleeding again only this time it was dark red and its still continuing now i am worried sick and finding it unbarable i feel like i am bein punished for having 2 abortions and am counting down the days untill im 12 weeks please does anyone have any reasuring stories or advice.


crimewave you aren't being punished - presumably you acted in the best interests of yourself and your little family, and also perhaps your unborn, when you made those decisions. It's very easy to be self-critical and over-analyse things. Things happen for a reason, but those reasons are not mystical dark force reasons, they are grounded in practicality, e.g. the embryo is not viable or it is in such a muddle that it is a blessing in disguise. It doesn't make it any less distressing but at least it's a tangible thing. Please don't beat yourself up over what ifs. You are not being flogged by a higher force for your life choices, you have a healthy little baby growing inside you, and you've read the posts - a bit of bleeding, of any colour on the red palette, is entirely normal.

Petal38 Tue 25-Aug-09 18:27:13

Iam 8 weeks and have had same sort of thing - bright red bleed earlier today and then subsided to lighter pinkish bleed when wipe down below. Been to DR got to go to Early preg unit tomorrow for a scan. It is a worry and have also had mild cramping on one side of abdomen. Have a four year old and no probs with that pregnancy. Fingers crossed but you do think worst xxx

hoops997 Tue 25-Aug-09 20:31:05

Petal38, I am in exactly the same situation as you, I also have a scan booked for tomorrow morning.....lets hope it's good news for both of us

Babylee Sun 06-Sep-09 15:36:44

Hello Everyone,

I am 7 weeks and 1 day and for the past 3 days now i have had contant heavy bleeding, with sereve cramping, and cant go to the doctirs until tomorrow.
A week before i had woken up to light blood in the bed and went to have a scan and the doctor told me that baby was fine. I saw the little heart beat and was reassured. But this time the bleeding is a lot worse, but after the light bleed the doctor put me on some pills (progeffik 200) as she said there was a bloody "sac" above where the baby was and that the baby was lower down than it should be.
I have been inserting this pills religiously but could they been related to the bleeding??
Any advice would be great as i am worried sick and although its nice to read all the messages i cant help thinking something is really wrong.

Michelle x

Joolzzy Fri 25-Sep-09 18:05:09

Mine is a complicated one, had a period a few weeks ago friday to Sunday which was normal then finished. 5 days later I started bleeding again. I took a pregnancy test because I never bleed between periods but it was negative. I have since been bleeding continuously, sometimes heavily, sometimes lightly, sometimes brown, sometimes bright red. I decided yesterday to go the doctors and took a pregnancy test at work before I went as I knew that't be the first question they asked. The result was positive!! I then bought a clearblue one which indicates I am 4-5 weeks pregnant, so I have been bleeding continuously since before even the positive result appeared on the test, the Dr said I just have to wait & see what happens, it could go on to be a normal pregnancy, I could miscarry, can't think my pregnancy will be viable after so much bleeding though.

skg698 Wed 11-Nov-09 13:19:01

Joolzzy... are you still pregnant?

tatasiri Mon 20-Dec-10 18:55:50

now i'm 13 week pregnant, i can see small amount of bleeding in my disharge, i had my scan also and she said heart beat is fine, but i dont know why , i'm bleeding, is there anything to worry more abt my situstion..

Laris Thu 13-Jan-11 18:08:31


I am just 3 weeks pregnant and started bleeding and cramping yesterday. Bright red blood enough to 1/2 fill a sanitary towel. The bleeding had got less by the time I went to bed however I passed a small sticky clot which I was told today might have been the embryo. Does anyone have experience of this type of thing at all? I can't have a scan for another week or so as it's too early.

emma1973 Tue 01-Mar-11 19:23:49

hi everyone, i,m 7 wks 5 days pregnant. I have been having a brown discharge for the lasst few days, it is getting darker and I now find it has really dark red/black stringy bits in it. I had scan yesterday and saw a heartbeat, the radiographer said she couldn't see any bleeding but only time will tell. I felt better but like I say now Ive noticed this stringy stuff am getting really worried, I have had 4 miscarriages in a row so worried anyway. Any ideas if this is getting serious?

Kaylynmama Wed 13-Apr-11 12:56:59

Hi everyone, I've been heavy bleeding with clot for 5 days (it just stopped last night). I just went to a scan to see if I have a miscarriage. But the nurse just told me the I still have a sac in my uterine. So I need to re-scan in 2 weeks, hope can see the heartbeat there!
Typhoonsmum, I think you better talk to your GP and arrange a scan for it.

daniellegx Sat 16-Apr-11 10:29:38

hi neveryone i found out on monday i was pregnant i am 5week + 6days. i started bleeding yesterday afternoon, it was like a normal period with mild cramps in the middle of my stomach, i went to my doctor + had an internal examination and my cervix was closed, i later found a blood clot in the toilet so went to a+e wher ther was a red discharge lump + the doctor told me it looked liked the lining of my womb. i am still bleeding not very heavily but the cramps have gone all together, should i be worryingg??

Jens71 Wed 11-May-11 22:02:50

Hi there can anyone give me any re-assurance? This is my 6th pregnancy, 1 termination, 3 miscarriages and one beautiful nearly 4 yr old boy!!! Just found out I'm pregnant about 7 weeks. Very very slight bleeding on Mon when wiping, nothing during the night, tues same the heavier bleeding more darkish coloured in the afternoon, nothing again during the night and today Wed just slight more redish/pinkish bleeding more when just wiping again? Slight niggling pains?! Got scan tomorrow but after going through 3 miscarriages before just can't help but think the worst? Although this time bleeding just doesn't seem the same?! Can anyone help and giver a little advise? X

Floydy2be Sun 22-May-11 13:26:50

I need some advice. My LMP was 3 april which makes me 7 weeks, on friday I had a really sudden heavy bleed of red blood with one massive clot (which covered the whole bottom of the toilet pan) the bleeding stopped after ten mins, i have had no pain/cramping. i went to A&E and was kept in overnight for observation. I have had no further bleeding just a very small amount of old blood when i wipe. I was scanned today(sunday) and they can see the gest. sac and the yolk which is intact however they say it does not look 7 weeks. i had a blood test on friday and my MPV was slightly raised, HCG was +ve on friday and today. I am worried and not sure what to make of it, it is my first pregnancy, and no-one has really committed to a diagnosis.
Any ideas??

ktsn Fri 10-Jun-11 19:19:53

Hi this time last year I was very worried, anxious and frightened and I promised myself that if everything went well, I would try to counter the majority of what I read online (bleeding in pregnancy = very bad).

I bled from week 7 to week 28, sometimes it was so bad I had to sit in the shower and once it suddenly went through a thick pad onto my jeans so I had to run home. I could write so much but the details are lengthy so I'll summarise. The healthcare professionals were not hopeful and cancelled the initial midwife appointment. It was great that they regularly checked me with monthly scans (11 in total!) but I usually felt a sense of doom about the process because they provided me with no information and mainly shrugged and emphasised the need for A&E if the bleeding worsened. The information improved when I asked to see a recommended consultant at 23 weeks. He told me that bleeding in pregnancy was unconmmon in general but common to him.

They had no explanation for the bleed (which was visible on the scans until about 22 weeks). The bleeding slowed down to a stop from 24-27 weeks and my special baby (and very healthy) girl arrived at week 37.

I'd say to anyone seeking advice about this to try to remember to breathe and not to panic yourself until you have the facts - so many times I thought it was over and happily I was wrong every time. The bleeding itself wasn't unmanageable but the fear was almost unbearable.

Much love to anyone experiencing this xxx

On a practical note, I'd recommend the extra thick and long always night sanitary pads! I think I increased their share price last year.

Elizabeth32 Fri 10-Jun-11 21:41:59

I bled at 5 weeks for more than a fortnight. It was not excessive bleeding, but it really worried me and i thought i was having a miscarriage. Dont worry ladies, it's normal and happens to lots of women apparently. I went on to give birth to healthy TWIN GIRLS. If there are no clots and cramps then it sounds like implantational bleeding which can last for a couple of weeks or more. It should stop, but may come back again later on in your pregnancy. Only speaking from my experience. Good luck.

munn Sat 05-Nov-11 12:25:29

I'm 6 wks preg, all was well till I had some personal issues and it affected me badly. The following day I began to bleed (brownish colour) n went straight to the ER. A scan was done n my baby's heartbeat was seen, I was told by the Dr all seemed fine. The next day I bled even more n it was a mixture of brown n bright red! I was so worried n I went for another scan, the baby's heartbeat was still there and normal, the Dr gave me an injection called progesterone together with some pills.

After returning home, I began to hv mild cramps n the bleeding doesn't stop. I'm extremely worried and hopefully things will be better if not I will hv to spend the nite in the hospital...

Miriam666 Thu 19-Jul-12 19:04:48

I have been getting heavy bleeding with clots for the last 3 days and slight cramping.Headed to EPAS and was given scan to tell me that everything was there except they could not find baby.Midwife gave me a date to go back next week for another scan says it is early so this is reason why baby may not be showing but I'm worried sick due to having ha a miscarriage last year and this blood appearing the same.I've been scouring sites and to be honest this has been making me worse,finding this site today has made me a little more positive as I'm on negative mode awaiting the worst so roll on next week for the next scan.

jej3 Sat 06-Oct-12 17:43:35

At 7 weeks pregnant I started bleeding lightly after having sex. I went to the emergency room at the hospital where they examined me and said my stomach was soft and my cervix was closed and all seemed ok. I was booked in for a vaginal scan 2 days later which revealed there was a pregnancy and all seemed ok but they did not find a heart beat. They said this was normal at an early stage and told me to come back in 2 weeks to have another scan. Since then the bleeding has got hevier and I have had stomach cramps and yesterday I felt something fall out of me. I was terrified to find some kind of blood clot 2 inches by 1 inch. It was quiet hard and I don't know if I have had a miscarriage? My blleding has got lighter since this came out of me. I was told by the hospital not to go back there unless the bleeding was really heavy, which it isn't, as they will not be able to do much until my scan. For some strange reason, since the bleeding began, I don't feel pregnant anymore and my breasts don't feel as sore. After reading some of the messages on here I've noticed a heart beat can be detected at an earlier stage than I'm at and so it is really worrying me. I have had 2 miscarriges before and have 1 healthy child. I'm not sure if my age could be a problem also as I'm 40? It is so hard being in limbo at the moment and having to wait another week for a scan is really taking it's toll on me and my partner. I really want this to be ok but it is so much easier to think the worst as if I get my hopes up, it will be so much harder to cope with if I do get bad news. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Tiredmumno1 Sat 06-Oct-12 23:52:15

Hi jej

I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I just wanted to say maybe if you start a thread yourself you may get more responses as this is a very old thread.

I don't really have any advice, but wanted to send you a hug x

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