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Regular spotting; what should I do?

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blamber Mon 14-Apr-14 09:33:23

I have been having regular spotting throughout my pregnancy; I am 8 weeks today. The first time I went to the GP, who said it was normal. The second time there was some red mucus, so I went back and had a scan. Everything was fine and they could not find a cause for the spotting. The nurse said that if it got worse, to go to A&E directly. I also think she said to do this if the spotting stops and starts again. However, the midwife later told me to go see the GP if I have spotting again.

The week after, I got more spotting, brown this time, which did not last long. This was repeated again a few days later, which was yesterday.

I am not sure what to do now. It seems that the spotting thing is regular; am I supposed to seek help every time I spot? Or should I just go if there is red blood? And do I go to the GP or A&E? I'm very confused!

Sparkle9 Mon 14-Apr-14 10:00:18

I am in the same position. 12 weeks tomorrow and have my scan booked for then too. I've already had 3 scans showing a heartbeat and none of these showed any reason for the bleeding and spotting.

I've had brown spotting since the day I got my BFP at 10dpo. I've had a few days off here and there and I've also had two bright red bleeds at 9 weeks. I had a scan at 9.5 weeks and everything seemed fine. I've since had more brown spotting and it has been a bit runnier the past few days. The only reason I haven't called my midwife of because I already have the scan booked. I was told to go to A&E if it got heavier (clots) or I was in pain. I'm very much hoping that everything will be okay but the worry is awful. :-(

superzero Mon 14-Apr-14 10:03:18

Go to GP again.They should be able to phone the early pregnancy unit and book you for a scan.Where I work this can be done after 7 weeks.Hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about.

squizita Mon 14-Apr-14 10:09:27

Personally if you feel your GP won't give a straight answer, I would go to the A&E of a hospital you know has an EPU (1st thing, morning of a weekday), explain your are having 'light bleeding in pregnancy' - the A&E booking-in nurse will most probably give you a 'sit and wait' appointment for that day for a scan and a chat with a hospital gynie up in their EPU/Gynie outpatients. A hassle but you are perfectly entitled to do this for bleeding in pregnancy. In my area the GP just says to go straight there!

Then with their equipment, even if the bleeding is harmless (FX it is and it sounds that way if no worse) they may be able to tell you why (sensitive skin on cervix, small cyst in uterus being the usual harmless reasons) then at least you know.

thanks Good luck.

Snook99 Mon 14-Apr-14 10:10:29

Hi ladies I mc in dec and am now 10+5 days yesterday I had a bit of stringy blood in my discharge but nothing since do I just wait and see if I happens again as it was tiny amounts (like when you crack an egg and there's a bit of blood tmi sorry) thanks and hope all goes well with your scans xx

blamber Mon 14-Apr-14 11:06:58

It's just that I already had a scan which showed everything was fine... now if I keep getting spotting does that mean it's 'normal' for this pregnancy or should I keep getting it checked out? Obviously if there was fresh blood I would go straight to A&E, but it's brown with sometimes a few of those little strings, exactly as snook described.

squizita Mon 14-Apr-14 11:24:25

If it's brown, it is probably the leftovers from the last bleed. They can last quite a time coming out in spots. If it goes red again, then yes I personally would go in- better safe than sorry.

EllaBella220 Mon 14-Apr-14 15:06:02

I am 17 weeks and have had quite a lot of spotting and bleeding through the first 13 weeks. It was pretty often and I had 3 scans from weeks 9-13 but everything looked ok. The consultant at the emergency scans said it can happen in pregnancy with no known reason and that I might find it happens the whole way through but only to worry if it lasted longer than 10-12 days and was accompanied by pain or me feeling really unwell. Oh and brownish blood is old blood so apparently it's not much of a worry. I did have bright red (1st day period type) blood at 13 weeks but the heartbeat was fine but he said if there's any more bright red blood to seek advice from the GP or midwife but if there's no pain and the bleeding isn't heavy then it's most likely nothing to worry about. Not much help when you are constantly worrying there's something wrong, I know, but knowing that each time I've been scanned there's been nothing wrong it has settled my mind a little.

He also said I don't need to come for an emergency scan each time it happens BUT the midwife in the room said it's no trouble at all if I am worried I can ring the GP, midwife or go to A&E so I would advise you do the same. It's better to get checked and settle your mind than worrying about it. Good luck x

blamber Mon 14-Apr-14 20:11:08

Thank you! I think I'll just leave it for the moment, but if it gets worse or won't go away I'll go see someone. Or if the worry becomes too much!

mssleepyhead Mon 14-Apr-14 20:55:28

i had brown spotting at 7 weeks, panicked and was sent to the epu for a scan. it was all fine and they couldn't see a cause. it lasted a few days. then it started again at 11 weeks and it hasn't really stopped (currently 21 weeks)... some days i don't get anything, but pretty much every day i've got either brown discharge or have light brown spotting in the afternoon. (interestingly, it stops when i'm on holiday - i'm a teacher and haven't had any since the start of the easter break).

i've spoken to my gp, midwives and sonographers about what could be causing it and they've all just said "no idea, but don't worry". in short, i just spot! and they have told me not to even worry about calling them unless i see a change in the spotting (it gets heavier or redder). obviously that's very subjective...! but it eased my mind a bit.

hope that helps

Sparkle9 Tue 15-Apr-14 10:17:18

Did any of you fellow spotters have mid cycle spotting before getting pregnant? Looking back I can remember some spotting after sex occasionally and some mid cycle spotting not related to ovulation. Just curious to see if this is a common theme.

blamber Tue 15-Apr-14 12:40:23

I used to get spotting a few days before AF and usually starting 9 days or so after ovulation.

mssleepyhead That is good advice, call them if there are any changes.

FantaSea Tue 15-Apr-14 13:17:00

I had loads of brown discharge at 6 weeks, and this went on for 2 weeks then stopped, then restarted at 10 weeks for several days. It was very worrying at the time. DD is nearly 18 now and then they didn't do the reassurance scans then I don't think, you just had to wait and see. The midwife and gp put it down to changing hormone levels. I was told to get medical help if the bleeding went red or if I was in pain, but otherwise to not worry. The gp said it could happen every month when my period would have been due, but I just had the 2 episodes.

DeeBee19 Tue 15-Apr-14 18:05:42

Only just joined mumsnet and am 5weeks 4days with first pregnancy. I've had brown spotting pretty much constantly since my implantation bleed, though it's got lighter in the last few days...I have been convinced im miscarrying cos it's soooo early so went to the Gp who said not to worry unless I get pain and/or heavy bleeding (like a period). Someone else mentioned the pain thing...does that mean sharp pain? I'm having on and off dull period-type ache, and on two occasions it's been a strong wave for a few minutes but with no additional bleeding... Does that sound normal to anyone else? I'm not one to keep going to the Gp but it's really worrying me...thanks!!!

FantaSea Tue 15-Apr-14 18:08:50

DeeBee the aches and pains can be due to hormonal changes or to things moving and growing. I was told it was severe cramps that need checking.

mssleepyhead Tue 15-Apr-14 18:14:08

Sparkle - I'd never ever spotted before. I've been trying to link it to work - standing all day? My cycle commute? I'm not sure...

Dee - I think the kind of pain you're looking for is AF cramps. Aches and pains and stretching and tenderness is very normal round about now though : ) Good luck.

DeeBee19 Tue 15-Apr-14 18:14:51

Thanks FantaSea :-) I really hope so...we've been trying for a while and I so want to be excited...just too scared to be excited yet!

DeeBee19 Tue 15-Apr-14 18:15:36

AF cramps???

I have a 4.6 year old sat here with me who I spotted with until around ten weeks. It can be normal but very scary, if it is causing you anxiety then ask for a scan each and every time. Spotting coupled with pain is a more than justifiable reason for a scan, wishing you the best op hope your pregnancy goes well.

Sparkle9 Tue 15-Apr-14 18:45:55

Mssleepyhead I am also a teacher and my latest red bleed was during the Easter hols! The sonographer at my scan today was utterly convinced there is no sign of the bleeding in my uterus so it must be cervical. I've had some of the spotting after a bowel movement. Sorry if TMI but some of it might be caused by straining?

atos35 Tue 15-Apr-14 20:00:07

Hi, I bled lightly off and on from 5 weeks with my last ds who is now 3. I eventually got sick of spending all my time in the early pregnancy unit and insisted that a doctor examined me properly. I was eventually told it was a cervical ectropian which is apparently very common in pregnancy due to hormonal changes and is completely benign. I was told it would resolve after pregnancy and sure enough it did. I just wish someone could have ed told me sooner and saved me weeks of anguish every time I had some spotting! Hope all ok with you op

blamber Tue 15-Apr-14 22:35:54

When I had the scan it was transvaginal and they just had a look around the womb for a cause of bleeding, but did not find any. It does cause a lot of worry! I keep checking for bleeding.

Deebee, AF cramps are period cramps. It's normal to get cramps and pains during pregnancy. On the day my period was due I got those cramps you get during your period, but no bleeding. I think what they mean with pain/cramps is real, very painful, consistent cramps.

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