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When did you get stretch marks???

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Writerwannabe83 Thu 23-Jan-14 17:33:39

I'm 31 weeks tomorrow and people are always quick to ask me if I've got stretch marks yet...

Does everyone get them.....and when??

ShowMeSaturn Mon 27-Jan-14 14:25:21

Cucumber Yep (ouch!) Old fashioned London Catholic family with a bit of rumoured gypsy thrown in, so proper breeders.
She literally popped one out every year.
What is sad, is that after all those years bringing up children, when she developed severe dementia in her 70s, of all the surviving 16 grown up children, only one offered to take her in to his home rather than send her into care - and he was a property developer at the time. Unsurprisingly, she had to sell her bungalow...

feekerry Mon 27-Jan-14 13:56:56

last pg didn't get any. put on about 2.5 stone, went to 42+1. babe nearly 9lbs. not a single mark.
this pg (38 weeks now) only put on about 11bs so far, absolutely covered in them!!! big deep purple ones (sad)

soupmaker Mon 27-Jan-14 10:40:01

Had DD1 at 37, put on about a couple of stone, no stretch marks. Rubbed Mama Mio oil and cream day and night into my bump. Felt oh so smug.

Had DD2 at 42. Put on a couple of stone but was considerably heavier when I started. Every now and again shoved some bio oil on my bump. Still felt oh so smug.

Week 39, had a look in the full length mirror. A mass of purple stretch marks on the underside of my bump!

They've faded and now I quite like them.

principalitygirl Mon 27-Jan-14 07:46:16

Just a single child here and not a single stretch mark. I felt v lucky until I realised I have separated ab muscles so still look a bit pregnant 18 mths after giving birth. Doing all the toning exercises I can... sad Would prefer stretch marks tbh. At least you can keep them hidden with clothing usually.

BOFtastic Mon 27-Jan-14 01:37:46

I didn't get any, and didn't moisturise at all. I think it just depends on your skin. Dd2 has got loads just frm a puberty growth spurt. I'm sure some people are just prone to them, no matter what they do. They generally fade, and they aren't unattractive in any way- just a little bit of history on your body.

RonaldMcDonald Mon 27-Jan-14 01:34:07

I was stretchmark free - completely and smugly- until 41 weeks
The next 5 days was traumatic....like a really awful roadsystem

citruslemon Sun 26-Jan-14 23:01:56

No stretch marks. Put this down to hubby massaging me with Bio-Oil every day.

theQuibbler Sun 26-Jan-14 22:50:42

No stretchmarks and my babies were whoppers, both over 10lbs. Lucky genes. DS1 was a c-section and the surgical team kept going on about my huge bump and playing guess the weight and saying how unusual it was for me not to have stretchmarks.

Pixiedust49 Sun 26-Jan-14 18:58:47

I had DD when I was 37. No stretch marks at all. I was huge!!!

I'm annoyed too SEmyarse. I'm covered in them. My boobs suffered too when my milk came in.

SEmyarse Sun 26-Jan-14 16:36:44

I'm bloody annoyed that so many don't have them. I went 2 weeks overdue with ds, but because I was so tiny many people didn't actually realise I was pregnant, and the midwives were concerned about the size of baby.

I am actually bloody plastered in the things, belly, bum, boobs, the lot. AND my milk didn't come in properly so my boobs didn't really increase either. I suspect I have well over 100.

minionmadness Sun 26-Jan-14 10:31:22

None here. Twins in my early 40's... Went to 37 weeks, dts's came in a 5.12lb and 5.5lb respectively, and I'm only 5.1ft. Total weight gain 2.5 stone.

Three sisters, two have then, two don't! None of us used anything other than our normal body creams.

InfiniteJest Sun 26-Jan-14 10:00:33

It's weird. I agree there's a strong genetic predisposition but I got them as a teenager, so I expected to get them when pregnant, but didn't get a single one. I went to 40+5 but I wasn't very big even then. I'm thin and short, so not sure where the baby was hiding but the bump was very small. Might not be so lucky if I have a second one!

cafebistro Sun 26-Jan-14 09:09:41

I've had 3 largish babies and got no stretch marks.
My mum is covered in them.

woodlandwanderwoman Sun 26-Jan-14 08:49:03

None here and I put on 3 stone and gave birth at 42w

lastnightopenedmyeyes Sun 26-Jan-14 08:27:32

Well I had DS at 32, I'm 35 now and tummy is covered in them. My mum had me at 36 and had none at all. So the age and gene theories don't work for me confused

IWantToBePippiLongstocking Sun 26-Jan-14 08:01:18

I think age bears a factor too.

I started having dc in my 30's. I got no stretchmarks. I know it is not down to genes as i have marks from my teen growth spurts so that would indicate i am susceptible to them.

lastnightopenedmyeyes Sun 26-Jan-14 06:07:19

I'm coming up to 41 weeks now with dc2 and I'm getting lots every day. So gutted confused

apachepony Sat 25-Jan-14 22:38:03

I didn't get any. Never used any oils or creams but ds came 2 weeks early.

DramaAlpaca Sat 25-Jan-14 22:35:30

I've had three pregnancies & didn't get any stretch marks. I did develop thread veins on my thighs though, just like my mum.

Lioninthesun Sat 25-Jan-14 22:32:07

Hahahaa 43 WEEKS!
Yes, that would have been some strain!

Lioninthesun Sat 25-Jan-14 22:31:29

I was nearly 43months when DD came out. I am fairly sure the last two weeks were the worst, I could feel my skin tightening. I used bio oil though and only have a couple of small ones above my hips at the back and a couple of them on tops of boobs. I was really lucky actually as I put on over 3st in pg and then lost 5 stone in about 3 months after having her (ferocious breast feeding, was not healthy weight for me to end up at) so I think my poor bod/skin was under some undue strain shock

CuteLittleToes Sat 25-Jan-14 22:24:45

At about 38 or 39 weeks. And I didn't tear whoever brought up that theory hmm

Haven't read the entire thread, but maybe somebody brought that up already: creams don't help. You'll either get them or you won't. It's due to elasticity of connective tissue which is too deep for any cream to reach. If your bump feels dry just use your regular body cream/lotion...

jennymac Sat 25-Jan-14 21:53:17

I have millions which is pretty annoying as I didn't put on excess weight in either of my pregnancies. I did have excess fluid with my first though and the midwife said my marks were consistent with that. I didn't notice them till after my dd was born and I remember being pretty shocked. I have got used to them by now (7 years later!) and obviously she was worth it!

Oh, yes, all the creams/oils are useless - use them if you like them and can afford them but they will not prevent one single stretch marks. Sorry.

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