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Thickening in babies neck at 12 weeks scan

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Xena Wed 26-Jul-06 13:57:00

My friend has to go back for further tests on friday. Does anyone have any advice on this?

This is a possible sign of Down's Syndrome, or a range of other (less common) trisomies.

What other tests is she being offered? Would she terminate for abnormalities? (If not, the tests are pointless, and will lead, I think, to her being bullied to terminate.)

Lots of people who get worrying results for their nuchal fold, go see private specialists for further tests and a CVS, if they want one ...

Medulla Wed 26-Jul-06 14:10:11

IMO the tests aren't pointless, we had worrying teat results for our DS at 15 weeks and went on to have further tests. I would not have aborted for abnormalities but I wanted to know, I think I wanted to prepare myself mentally if he did have any abnormalities if that makes sense. We have now got a beautiful "normal" baby boy, we were lucky. I really feel for people who get abnormal results it's such a worrying time. Good luck for your friend

Xena Wed 26-Jul-06 14:12:39

That is the only thing that I said to her DP (my DH is going for a drink with him at lunchtime) that unless they would terminate just turn the tests down. I don't have much experience with these test as I didn't have them with my dc's as you can opt out of them at our local hospital.

LIZS Wed 26-Jul-06 14:25:49

The Nuchal fold scan gives only a statistical risk factor , based upon the measurements , mother's age etc. If they want a more conclusive answer and are prepared for the various potential outcomes then more tests would be necessary. Hopefully they would be offered some form of counselling and the tests would be handled sensitively but perhaps they could speak to their midwife before the appointment.

Xena Wed 26-Jul-06 16:07:19

the adjusted risk was 1/45 they have opted for cvs.

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