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Gloss paint 'fumes' + pregnancy??

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cupcakes Sat 15-Jul-06 20:26:59

Is it safe to inhale gloss paint smells whilst pregnant? I really need to paint the new doors and I know I can do it better than dh. But is it dangerously toxic?

tassis Sat 15-Jul-06 20:28:00

I would aviod, but I'm massively paranoid about such things.

Friend gave birth at 30 weeks after spending a day painting a lovely toy box for her baby...

southeastastra Sat 15-Jul-06 20:30:25

i imagine most paints are hyper safe these days, just take lots of breaks and ventilate as much as possible. i seemed to do alot of painting whilst pg

cupcakes Sat 15-Jul-06 20:36:20

blimey tassis. {anxious emoticon]
It would be hugely ventillated as they are door to the garden (though I only need to paint the interior) but now am worried...

tassis Sat 15-Jul-06 20:41:13

sorry cupcakes

i'm sure it'll be fine.

lots of ventilation and maybe a mask??

i am very paranoid. i make dh paint and i go out the house for the duration.

didn't mean to worry you...friend may well have gone into labour anyway... sorry again...

southeastastra Sat 15-Jul-06 20:46:11

don't worry! just do little bits at a time, are you painting a whole door? it's really hard with gloss, i did mine it's all drippy

housemum Sat 15-Jul-06 21:21:20

I have not heard of any actual risks, but if you have high blood pressure anyway be careful. I had normal pressure throughout, and was glossing the skirting of dd's room on the morning of an AN appt - my blood pressure was high and I had the midwife coming to check it for the next 3 days whilst I was told to take it easy (which was actually a great excuse to put my feet up, as the next day it was back to normal!) I had no other problems and she arrived at full term, normal size.

cupcakes Sat 15-Jul-06 22:33:29

thanks all. Don't worry, tassis!
I may get a mask like you recommend. I hate using gloss but I wanto it to match other doors we have already done. It always drips after you think it's all fine...

Hattie05 Sat 15-Jul-06 22:37:06

Pg women are advised not to use toxic paints but.... i did otherwise the decorating would never get done! I did all my hall skirting doors and door frames during early pg this, just kept all the doors and windows open for the duration.

kbaby Sun 16-Jul-06 10:40:14

I painted bedrooms, sanded walls and glossed in both my pregnancies.
Just keep the area well ventilated.

If I didnt paint the rooms no one else was going to!

CarlK Sun 16-Jul-06 11:04:17

the active ingredient in gloss paint is white spirit here is the safety data sheet
a dust mask is of no use what so ever you'll need a special mask with an organic solvents filter (a bit overkill IMNSHO)
these solvents can be absorbed through the skin so gloves are a much better bet for lowering exposure levels.

on the other hand get a different type of paint, look for an acrylic based one.

different hazards mind.........

lotussister Sun 16-Jul-06 13:13:15

There are non toxic gloss paints. They are usuallly sold in specialist ecologic building stores rather than your standard DIY store, and are more expensive, but they really are a pleasure to use (and IMO easier, as they don't dry as fast and it's easier to correct drips).

sarahlou1uk Sun 16-Jul-06 16:27:27

Water based gloss paint is safer - you can buy these at most diy stores.

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