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Preggo Rage.

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ladymalfoy Thu 10-Oct-13 18:03:01

Husband eating too load for my liking. He's keeping his mouth closed but eating very quickly and just making way too much noise. I really want to scream and yell at him to stfu but I know its hormones. And he's talking too loud. I'm so close to meltdown.

rockin20s Mon 24-Mar-14 21:40:24

have had sleep insomnia since 4 weeks, now 14 weeks and i have slept a full 7 hour night once!!

last night i could only get comfy on my right side, but DH get rolling over and breathing into my face! i very nearly kicked him onto the floor.

i would turn over, half waking him, he would also turn over (away form me). i later fall asleep and roll back to my right side to be awoken an hour later with the heavier, loudest breather an inch from my face. this repeated ALL night.

i dont know how my DH was still alive by morning! i showed alot of restraint last night! not sure if i can do the same tonight!

flymo79 Mon 24-Mar-14 12:50:34

am in the rage because DP got me lost at the weekend. was following him, having said as I got in the car, don't lose me, I don't know where I'm going, and at the first frigging turning he swung out in front of a line of cars and was gone. I honestly could have suffocated him in his sleep that night!

topmammy Sat 22-Mar-14 20:47:55

Can empathise with you there Boogles, My mum and my DH both think it is 'entertaining' watching how I eat for some reason! hmm lol. Annoying.

I'm feeling pregnancy rage coming on at the mo as my DH has been practising air drumming all sorts of rhythms on his legs/furniture for well over an hour now, arrrgghhhh it's going right through me angry

lilone1234 Sat 22-Mar-14 10:49:37

Oh my this is hilarious! I knew that you would feel hormonal when pregnant but I never knew preggo rage was such an epidemic. I am constantly angry at everyone I come across on a day to day basis. Particularly people on public transport (let people off before you get on, and just hurry up because I don't have all day!) and customers at work (I try to keep this hate to myself). Poor DP gets the brunt of it though (but he could just pick stuff up off the floor/clean up/hang towel up/put clothes in washing basket the first 50 times i've asked).


weebigmamma Sat 22-Mar-14 08:48:24

My daughter asked me if my husband and I were going to get divorced the other day because I was SO ANGRY that he had bough Diet Coke instead of Sprite. I had to explain to her about the preggo rage....

CyberMuddle Fri 21-Mar-14 15:47:51

I've just had pregnancy rage because someone walking down the street looked at me funny through my living room window while I was trying to eat boiled eggs and toast soldiers. I actually threw a glass of water at the wall (which somehow didn't break) I was so enraged, and suddenly have no appetite. WTAF is wrong with me?

I'm off to locate a grip, and some net curtains. We have blinds but they were up as they cut out too much light...

flymo79 Fri 21-Mar-14 12:15:41

dobedo, I'm so sorry for your ticket. I would be in the rage too. But your post made me HOWL with laughter!! Sorry, but it did. I hope his face falls off too. And only a wanker would be a traffic warden anyway.
Sorry to all non-wanker traffic wardens, but if you don't want to be a wanker, don't do that job. Same for estate agents. That is all.

Boogles91 Thu 20-Mar-14 18:58:25

Omg what is it with people, my hubby is always moaning at me whenever i eat, i have no tonsels so swallow loudly even though my mouth is shut, and my jaw cliks wich i cant help. He cant help it, -.- u do know it makes you feel very uncomfortable whe. Someone says things about the way you eat.....deal with it ^.-

dobedobedo Thu 20-Mar-14 18:43:26

I've missed this thread. When I have the energy I will tell you all about the total fucking fuckbrain bastard of a traffic warden I had a run in with yesterday.
Actually I'll just tell you now. I have spd and am on crutches. I have to bring my car to work (normally dh drops me off) so I can drive home for an hour in the middle of the day to rest with feet up as there is no where in my place or work to do this and my ankles are swollen to old lady cankle proportions.

I know you're only supposed to park outside for 30 minutes. But EVERYONE parks out there all day. It's a quiet street, there are never any traffic wardens. Ever. I used to park in a car park before spd but as I can't walk now, I needed to park outside the office.

Lo and behold, on this day I got a ticket. I was on my way to my car when the warden was there. Hobbling on crutches, clearly heavily pregnant and the total WANKBADGER carried on taking pics of my car and when I said "excuse me" he looked at me and crossed the road without replying! What a rude fucking fuck!! Who acts like that? Where was his compassion?! I hope his face falls off. I've never wanted to ram a crutch down someone's throat and up someone's arse at the same time before! The cunt. angry

And yes I know I broke the rules so I got a ticket. But it would serve you well not to fucking remind me of that!

Tiptop32 Thu 20-Mar-14 18:19:29

Oh and if I hear about how it is international happy day once more I am really gonna lose it!!!! Happy??????

Tiptop32 Thu 20-Mar-14 18:15:00

I hate my mother today - she is fucking taking over everything and I seem to have no power to stop her. She hasnt listened to a word i've said about stuff - and decided she knows best. currently having a little breakdown as we have to atay at her house once bump arrives cos of building works not gonna be completed on time at ours. not sure i can cope.... My grandmother is also doing my nut in oh and spd has stopped me driving now.... Not driven for 5 days and hate it. Currently stranded at my parents house and crying uncontrollably in my room. Dp phoned before, heard me upset and has buggered off home saying he'll see me later...... Not a good day

Grumpalot Thu 20-Mar-14 18:06:12

Brodicea - I don't think that's irrational at all! I would actually growl at anyone who asked to borrow my baby's car seat or pram. I think you're a saint for lending them in the first place - nobody gets to put their grubby paws on my baby's things grin

Brodicea Thu 20-Mar-14 17:39:25

So glad this is back:

I hate every fucker on the bus for not standing up for me despite my huge and obvious girth - especially the young mobile ones who should SIT THE FUCK UPSTAIRS and the selfish TWATS who sit their bags on the seat - yes I will ask you to move it, glad that your bag is more important to you than a person in need of a seat.

I am also irrationally angry with my SIL for borrowing my car seat and travel system and returning them a) not folded down properly (and made a huge fuss about how HARD it was to use and how she had to google it - IT'S SO EASY, gammy hands!) and b) not adjusted back for newborns - thanks, this is my first time and I've had to reconfigure the whole strap thing because your giant, old, baby couldn't fit into it. BRING YOUR OWN TRAVEL SOLUTION on the train next time!!

grin) xx

scrufhead Thu 20-Mar-14 17:21:52

ugh why do people do crazy shit?! me being pregnant is sending my family nuts... my cousin, who I hardly ever see bounded up to me screeching "let me see your bump!!" so I moved my coat out of the way... "no I want to see your belly in the flesh".. i lifted my top up and she literally yanked my leggings down to get a good eyeful... i didn't realise I'm a fucking freak show!! my mum kept doing this at family meal too (cringe) so I turned round and said only if you whack yours out first. she wasn't impressed. oh and then said cousin and mother go onto warning me all about the dangers of home birth... The head might get stuck- what you gonna do then eh??? and what if it's a big baby eh EH? ?? HONESTLY JUST FUCK OFF. We aren't finding out the sex... but my family are buying baby girl clothes "just in case"... No pressure there then. oh yes the weight issue!! my supervisor at work didn't think twice about telling me "I've piled weight on" :/ I've actually lost weight due to HG. she stands there dirty looking my bump, it's actually quite weird. phewwwww!! what a good thread!!!

Grumpalot Thu 20-Mar-14 17:16:23

This thread made be laugh when nothing else in the world could a few months ago! Well bumped.

My rage today caused by stupid stupid pharmacist:

Me: Do you have any ibuprofen/codeine pills?
Her: No no no no!
Me: Oh, you used to stock them.
Her: You can't take those!

Argh!!! I was buying them for my husband, which is why I asked whether she had any, not whether I could take them myself. All she had to say was "Yes we do, but can I just check that they're not for you, as you can't take ibuprofen when pregnant?" Surely not that difficult to treat a pregnant woman like a rational, mature adult, is it?!?!?


squizita Thu 20-Mar-14 15:17:47

I got in an hilariously ironic rage cycle yesterday.

"Don't get angry, it could hurt baaayybbeee"

...one of my pet peeves is Daily Mail scaremongering and I'm very touchy about pregnancy loss for personal reasons, and hate the 'girls must be naice' social stuff...

So their comment actually made me RRRAAAAARRRGGGGHHH!!! X200

flymo79 Thu 20-Mar-14 15:04:55

yup, and sometimes people need to engage their brains before their gobs...! I'm generally quite a private person and would just rather be in a box on my own at the moment... maybe I'd let DP in, but only if he didn't snore, or he'd get the rage from Preggo HULK!!

weebigmamma Thu 20-Mar-14 14:33:47

Flymo- I can relate to that. People saying 'Oh you're so funny when you're pregnant! You're so angry!'- er, NO, I was always opinionated and I always got pissed off at things. For some reason people need you to have a whole other identity when you're pregnant it does my head in. Not everything is caused by hormones- sometimes my annoyance is caused by other people lol!

flymo79 Thu 20-Mar-14 12:47:38

that's so SHIT, mummytomog, I would have properly shamed that man on the tube. People are arseholes.

MummytoMog Thu 20-Mar-14 12:30:02

I hate everyone. Apart from my children, who I can tolerate. I hate the man who specifically sat in the only seat in the tube carriage I could sit in, next to my toddler in his pushchair, and then refused to move to the NEXT DOOR SEAT when I asked him to, because his bag wouldn't fit under it. I hate the person who said I wasn't showing yet. I hate the person who on the same day said that I'd popped out quickly. I hate the man who took too long to give me my lunch today.

I'm not a tolerant or easygoing person normally, but pregrage is a real problem for me. As is lactorage actually. My poor husband is in for a good year of hell. AND HE DESERVES IT.

SomethingOnce Thu 20-Mar-14 12:28:49

Pretty much everything, tbh.


flymo79 Thu 20-Mar-14 12:07:39

glad I'm not alone, tea. People expect you to be all delighted every single day of your pregnancy, don't they? not only is it unrealistic, it's not even like you're allowed to be annoyed at the same things normal non-preggo people are annoyed at! I mean I was never the calmest person, but people are already treating me like I'm some kind of pregzilla.

TeaAndANatter Thu 20-Mar-14 11:53:39

Things that make me rage today:

Patronising midwives (it's my third, now fuck off with the smiley advice)
Nosey random strangers (no, not long, what the fuck business is it of yours?)
Annoying work contacts (yes, not long, no, I'm not scared - what the fuck sort of person asks you if you're 'scared' - of what?!! Pointless questions??)
In laws: Yes, I'm sure you're panting to see the baby when it's born, but that still doesn't mean I can use my psychic powers to tell you which day you can come. Fuck sake. Sorry that this inconveniences you.

flymo79 Thu 20-Mar-14 11:38:57

can I bump this thread? I have the rage today. Can't expand as I will no doubt out myself. Just want to call on all the other preggos with rage today and ask what is making them feel unreasonably angry. Sorry for the not-very-first-day-of-spring-like mood! I need company in my pit of rage!

Pinkandwhite Mon 10-Feb-14 21:25:00

I LOVE the boob tweaking! Genius!

I'm 12 weeks preggo and keep getting into rages about things. Having to remind myself to take deep breaths! I have been dealing with lying estate agents which is enough to put me in a rage at the best of times!

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