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Bump size and baby movements at 19-20 weeks?

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pinkmagic1 Wed 14-Jun-06 14:31:03

I am currently 19 and a half weeks pregnant with my 2nd child.
Although I have been feeling movement for some time now, it is extremely irregular and faint. I am sure, if I remember right I was feeling much more at this stage last time round. Also everyone keeps comenting on how much bigger they where at this stage than me. I am starting to worry, can anyone put my mind at rest? Next scan isn't for 2 weeks.

mumfor1standfinaltime Wed 14-Jun-06 14:33:59

I didn't feel any movement at all until after my 20 wk scan. They were very faint too. Don't let other peoples commments worry you, they probably don't remember how big they were at 19 weeks - I certainly can't!
See your midwife if you are truly worried.

kama Wed 14-Jun-06 14:37:37

Message withdrawn

nicnack2 Wed 14-Jun-06 14:40:27

rember 2nd timr round everything in more loose so you may not feel the movements as there is more give. size wise i was different with both dss and they were exactly the same weight and height at birth,

sandradee Wed 14-Jun-06 14:55:36

I have one child and during my pregnancy until I was about 7 months I was told by everyone who wanted to comment that I was small. I got very upset and paranoid and when I told my midwife she asked me which health professional had told me that.

I gave birth to an 8lb 8oz baby.

the point is - unless you are told by someone who knows these things then I really would not worry and perhaps people should be a little bit more sensitive since the WORST thing you can tell a pregnant lady in my mind is that they are small (speaking from experience)

juuule Wed 14-Jun-06 15:02:43

I felt movements with my 2nd child around 14 weeks, just the fluttering feelings. Thought I could feel them earlier because I knew what I was looking for having already been pg with first baby. However, with my 3rd child I felt nothing at all until around 19/20 weeks and even then they were only faint and infrequent. I was very stressed about the whole thing. I mentioned it at the scan and they showed me the baby bouncing around inside but I couldn't feel a thing.
Have no idea why not. I know later on some movements aren't felt because of the way the baby is facing.

Elibean Wed 14-Jun-06 15:04:49

I only felt the first flutter at 19 weeks, and there were days between feeling anything for the first couple of weeks after that. I was told it wouldn't get regular till after 22-24 weeks, do don't worry!

As for size, I had a small neat bump for ages...then grew to the size of a house towards the end, was scanned in case I was having a monster huge baby, and turned out to have a 7lb 7oz one. SO much depends on how you carry, how tall you are, how much fluid there is, etc....next time, try saying 'oh, poor you!' and smiling

Gem13 Wed 14-Jun-06 15:10:08

I only felt the baby move the day before my 20 week scan - both times!

I was always small too, right up until the last moment and had a 9'11 and an 8'3.

When I was 7 months pregnant (admittedly with my first) you would have sworn I wasn't pregnant. I'm reasonably slim too so I don't know where he was hiding!

Kif Wed 14-Jun-06 15:39:04

You know what, I bet whichever idiot commented was trying to complement you for not getting too fat!

The way that celebrities get praised for springing back into shape, I can imagine the outside observer must think it is quite desirable to be 'small'.

lenaschildminding Wed 14-Jun-06 19:03:54

You lucky, lucky people!!!
I have looked fit to drop since I was 20weeks!!!!
Even so, I didn't start to feel definate movement until then, before that it was very slight flutters, more like trapped wind!

DS1 and DS2 were 7lbs 11.5 and 8lbs 12 and I wasn't that big with them, I felt them move around the same time.

DD is now trying to get into the guiness book of records for consecutive somersaults in the womb! lol! Most of the time it feels like she's trying to punch and kick her way out!

The most scary thing is, I'm in size 24 shorts and I was a 14 before! My friend is due July 1st and she's in size 16's and don't look pregnant! I'm only 26 weeks!!! Heeelllppppp!!!!!!

sarahlou1uk Wed 14-Jun-06 21:57:27

Pink - I didn't feel baby moving in my second pregnancy until around 22 weeks. I felt him a lot earlier in my first but as someone has already pointed out, things are a little looser/slacker 2nd time around! Don't worry.

lenaschildminding Wed 14-Jun-06 22:29:57

Sarahlou, you say things are a lot looser and slacker 2nd time around, could that explain why I'm the size of a bus at 26 weeks 3rd time around? LOL!

eenywifemum Thu 15-Jun-06 12:28:05

I felt the first feeble movements around 15 weeks - I SWEAR. But around 17 weeks I felt it properly. The reason I probably felt it early is because I was on bedrest during that whole time so I wasnt exactly busy, or moving around enough to distract myself at all.

eenywifemum Thu 15-Jun-06 12:32:22

sorry I wasnt trying to sound not helpful in saying that I felt the movements early - I just think every pregnancy is so different & I was trying to give an example of that. One of my midwives told me it was more common to have early movements when the mother was on bedrest so I'm sure there are lots of other mums out there who have had similar experiences.

Kabsy Thu 15-Jun-06 13:51:56


Don't think you should stress at all it was a good few eeks after my 20 week scan that felt dd move. People told me I was small all the way through - dd was fine!!

Wouldn't worry about what anyone else says what do they know?

CarlyP Thu 15-Jun-06 14:04:31

16wks with no.1
14wks with no.2

both hugeeee babies! and born 4 wks early!

BamboozlesLover Thu 15-Jun-06 16:23:26

at 12 weeks i felt a flutter. it was xmas eve. but then i didn't feel anything for ages and not proper kicks til quite late, after 20 wekks, can't remember exactly.

ninaar Thu 15-Jun-06 17:29:03

I wouldn't worry. I was told i was small both times, especially with dd1. I had so many scans first time, i lost count. I also had scans second time round for the same reason. But they were fine, very health at 3.6 kilos and 3.06, respectively. I felt dd1's movements at 13 weeks, little flutters (actually they were persistent) but only because i was on my back on gp's orders. Second time round i felt dd2 at 12 weeks, again because i was on my back but they were very gentle and only knew because it was my second. Having said that, i barely felt her the rest of the pregnancy. dd2 was a sleepyish baby where as dd1 never stopped, felt her moving all the time as if she was trying to get out... so don't worry, each pregnancy is different.

PENELOPE1303 Thu 15-Jun-06 18:59:21

I'm 19 weeks with my first baby and for the passed two weeks was convinced it was a perculiar type of wind - but this week it certainly is the Flump moving ... and my goodness what a fidget it is.
I've noticed it (sex unknown for three more weeks) has a little routine going on and wakes me at 8am, then starts dancing around again at 11am and again at 2pm and then seems to wear itself out for a few hours until supper time.
I thought it would make me feel sick feeling it, but it's kind of cute and fun.

ginmummy Thu 15-Jun-06 21:18:45

19 weeks and it felt very weird. I was just laying on the bed meditating to a cd and all of a sudden my belly moved. DP and I both thought it looked so odd at first, like something from Alien, but it was fantastic! Never forget that moment!

I'm not of the slim variety unfortunately (size 16-18) but my bump took a long time to surface as did the movements. I remember being concerned when I couldn't feel them at 20weeks and I'm sure it was a few weeks later. Also a lot of people commented that I was quite "tidy" (small)but you seem to swell up quite quickly at the end and DD was 9 4! Also I didn't need maternity gear until 5 months plus.

squishy Sun 18-Jun-06 09:52:52

I'm also not of the slim variety and have been feeling those fluttery movements since 18 weeks (am now 21) but they still can't be felt or seen from the outside!

mumbum Sun 18-Jun-06 14:07:25

Hi All

A theory I had on first flutters was the position of the placenta as mine was posterior and I felt flutters from about 15 weeks with my DS but friends, whose placenta was anterior, didn't feel anything until they were into 21+ weeks. This is probably utter nonsense but I just thought the baby would have to be a bit bigger in order for you to feel it through the placenta at the front.

woodheys Sun 18-Jun-06 22:57:56

DON'T WORRY!!!! I think it was about 22 weeks or more before I definitely felt anything with DD1, and I'm slim and had a large baby. I know all the books seemed to indicate I should have felt something by then and I was really worried because it was later that anything I'd read. I suppose in hindsight I realised that things that could easily have been normal tummy gurglings were probably little flutters, but they weren't definite or out of the ordinary in any way.
Was a bit earlier with DS2 (also big)despite all the stretched muscles, but perhaps I gave more credence to tummy rumblings this time????

pixie27 Fri 22-Jun-07 10:32:05

i am pregnant with my 7th baby yes 7th. !!
i have been feeling all sorts of movements since i was 14 wks i am 19 wks now and i really do think this one is going to be a very active lil one.
i am very big with this pregnancy bigger than when i had my set of twins. i am due to have my next scan in a week so i cant wait to see my new one and also find out if it is a boy or girl. baby due on 14th nov 2007

RGPargy Fri 22-Jun-07 10:38:18

Pixie27 have you joined the November 07 antenatal thread?

CatIsSleepy Fri 22-Jun-07 10:38:50

i started feeling movement at about 17 weeks but it was very faint and tickly for quite a few weeks as i recall. calm before the storm! dd was just warming up...

RGPargy Fri 22-Jun-07 10:42:35

I felt a big movement on Saturday, like the baby turned right over and gave a big kick. But since then i've hardly felt a thing (practically nothing) so i reckon he/she is laying facing my back or summat.

RGPargy Fri 22-Jun-07 10:42:54

Oh and I'm 17+3 now.

designerbaby Fri 22-Jun-07 11:57:15

Hi, I'm 22 weeks and it's only been the last week and a half when the movements have been unmistakable - before it was a case of "might it have been? Oh, maybe not".

Bear in mind it can also have to do with where your placenta is - mine is anterior - i.e. at the front - which acts as as a giant cushion, so you don't feel as much.

Don't worry! My friend didn't feel a thing until 24 weeks and her baby was MASSIVE...


Jaqui Sun 22-Jul-07 16:46:48

Hi i`m a new to the site i am 18 weeks 5 days i have been feeling what i think is the baby moving shifting and kicking when sat down with slightly too tight jeans on, and have recently started feeling it kick on occasions when i have my hands on belly laid on back when going to sleep i`m pretty sure it was kicks they were tiny but its was 3 times in a row and i`m sure i felt them again last night it was cool. This is my 2nd child and this pregnancy is so different to my first 7 years ago. I am due my Anomaly scan in next week or 2 cant wait i have also ordered myslef a Doppler off ebay so i can listen to my baby. Congratulations and Good Luck to all other expectant mums XXXXXX

edemame Fri 18-May-12 18:19:40

I'm at 20 weeks tomorrow with baby 2 and had a c-section, I didn't think I'd be feeling anything anytime soon as baby 1 I felt him flutter at 16 weeks, kick a little inside at 20 and could feel him outside at around 23 weeks. This one? It's like I swallowed a bag of fighting cats! I felt flutters around 14-15 weeks and a good hard thud aroung 17, 18 and a half and I was sitting on the sofa with my doppler and baby kicked it... or headbutted it. It moved, so I put my hand down and could feel it kick again. It was about twice a daay or so I could catch it, now it does it often enough that most of the family has felt some bumps against their hands. It's crazy to me, but normal enough. Every pregnancy truely is different smile

sparklekitty Fri 18-May-12 19:03:35

I'm not sure about this but maybe it's the way the baby is lying? I felt movement for 15 weeks or so but stopped feeling anything for a few days, called midwife and she said it was probably coz baby had moved and was facing my back so I wouldn't feel kicks, maybe your baby likes facing in a way which means you can't feel kicks. Also doesn't it depend where placenta is? Maybe that could be in the way. I wouldn't worry tho hun

bettybat Fri 18-May-12 19:36:04

What does it feel like? I am 18+5 and was wondering when I'd start to feel something. Then just as I was reading this, I felt something like a muscle twitch deep inside my uterus...a lot like when your leg suddenly twitches up?

I've only just started to feel movements with my dc2 and I'm 20 weeks. Think it started maybe a week or so ago. Before then I would think I'd felt something, but it would be swiftly followed by a fart blush.

With dc1 I actually can't remember when I felt her first movements.

edemame Sun 20-May-12 15:42:14

last night I was laying in bed and felt a little ill, I felt a solid lump just above my belly button and rubbed it and poor baby swam away, nearly woke up the hubby giggling, still 20 weeks, I just can't get over how much this baby is moving. My friends are betting on a girl, but to be honest they said the same about my son as he was grabbing on to the ribs like a monkey until the end smile Good luck ladies!

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