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feel preassure and sharp pain in between my legs, 39 weeks

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leylabez Mon 12-Jun-06 15:41:41

i have been feeling cramp like pain in between my legs for a day now, and i am 39 weeks, with my third pregnancy. does anyone know if these are pre signs of a labor, please enlighten me... got two bubs already both under three and a half, and feel like i've been pregnant for four years, just cant wait to feel normal again. i even miss having my period , lol, thats how much i want to be normal again. hehe. please tell me if there is anything i can take to help my cervix dialate quicker once in labor too, thank you.

emzickle Mon 12-Jun-06 15:52:33

stick your two little loves in a buggy and go for a nice walk... come home have bath, when hubby gets home, try the old fashioned methods

leylabez Fri 16-Jun-06 14:28:18

thanx a million , ill try that

leylabez Fri 16-Jun-06 14:28:24

thanx a million , ill try that

madmarchhare Fri 16-Jun-06 14:33:21

I had sharp pains for the last three weeks, starting at 38+ish (DS was 10 days late). So whilst I think its normal, I dont necessarily think labour is imminent.

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