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Early pregnancy after IVF. Please come here to worry and support!

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NookNook Sun 21-Jul-13 13:24:39

Right then! Come here if you are 4-12 weeks and can't stop fretting. Didn't think anything could be worse than the 2WW? Think again!

10+4 Pramela, I'm up at midday!! Hand hold?!

Absolutely xx

smile x

I feel to blame for telling MissM to test t'other day sad

Oh Prammy it's not your fault! I can't remember how many days post transfer she was, but it's really bad luck to catch the trigger shot sad

MotorcycleMama Sun 25-Aug-13 07:28:08

It was very late for a trigger shot false positive, and should have been late enough for a confident (not faint) positive. I think she was the equivalent of 13 DPO. Very unfortunate, and not your fault pram. I always worry when people talk about faint BFPs at that stage if they are using sensitive tests. Anything past the equivalent of about 12 DPO should be fairly clear - or am I mistaken? Got a faint BFP at 10 DPO.

I agree, or else I wouldn't have advised testing. I tested at 8dp5dt but could've got my positive a day earlier. My trigger was almost non-existent at 4 days past transfer (I tested it out). Maybe her trigger shot was 1000mu or something? Mine was 500mu.

I still think the trigger is meant to be undetectable after 10 days no? That's what I was told anyhow. Maybe a case of implantation going wrong?

I've just got back from the gym. Bloody shattered.

Good effort, Marbie. What did you manage when you were there?

Only an hour of CV and light weights. But I just felt better bi miss my running so much! Hopefully when the tiredness lifts a bit ill get in a sneaky swim too!!

How you doing lovely Pram?

I don't quite know, Marbie; I'm kinda losing the will to live grin

No, you are Prambo, and you shall not lose the will to live. You offload as much as you need to. Things will get better lovely. Just think, 4 more days and you get to see Prambino again!!

Hooray!! I love you, Marbie hmm grin

And I you Prammy wink

<dripping tap>

<calls plumber>

<puts keckle on>


<bakes a cake to go with brew >

I would say 'nom-nom' but then I would have to de-friend myself.

grin Prammy

I'm feeling so sad this morning. I'm so worried I've list the baby. I'm so utterly exhausted, I have no idea how I'm going to face work today sad. I'm sorry to moan ladies, I just don't know what to so with myself

MotorcycleMama Tue 27-Aug-13 06:31:19

Morning maybe. Pre-scan nerves are horrible as they can set in days before. All the evidence suggests that you are pregnant, rather than the other way around. Try to keep busy (or at least distracted), but rest as much as you need to as well. How many weeks and days will you be for your scan? I'm sure your baby will be absolutely fine. X

I'll be 10+4 on Thursday Motor. I'm just so scared. My boobs aren't sore today either. I just want to get back into bed and sleep. This just isn't like me x

MotorcycleMama Tue 27-Aug-13 06:57:08

You've got so much invested in this pregnancy maybe, so it is not surprising you are suffering, but I'm sure all will be fine. Symptoms come and go, but you are going to be very vigilant at the moment (and I bet you're prodding your poor breasts to death!). I have asked my DH to remind me that on the day I felt the least pregnant (no sore boobs, nothing) we had the scan, and there the baby was wriggling away with a lovely strong heartbeat. This process will go on however much you worry about it, and however much you feel 'not pregnant' - by far the most likely scenario is that you are pregnant! Take the day off if you need to just be alone. Xx

Thank you so much lovely Motor. You make a lot of sense. As always smile. Prodding boobs? Me? Never wink. You're right though. Symptoms have to come and go. And at some point, they will disappear completely! Quite a few people I know have started to feel a bit more human around now. I have felt my worst this weekend which I think has completely exhausted me. Making everything seem worse than it is. DH is on nights as well this week which I don't think has helped. I wish I had stayed at home, but I'm on my way in now x

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