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Just been freaking myself out about not having any morning sickness.

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RinseAndRepeat Sat 22-Jun-13 23:11:25

I'm coming up to 12 weeks pregnant. My scan is booked for Thursday this week.

But I'm terrified they're going to tell me it's a mmc or theres something wrong because I haven't had any morning sickness. There have definitely been some moments where ive felt a bit queasy and nauseous, but it's no worse than the type of queasiness you get with pmt.

I know i shouldnt but I've been googling. And for every anecdote I can find about no morning sickness being normal, there's a research paper that says you're three times more likely to miscarry if you don't have it. Or that the baby's more likely to be born unhealthy.

I just want a definitive answer dammit! I had a mc at 7 weeks last year so I'm super sensitive to every little thing. Unfortunately I've let myself go to the dark place tonight. Trying to claw my way back.

QueLinda Sun 23-Jun-13 13:36:20

I had no symptoms when I was pregnant with my DD. Everything was totally fine despite been told by people no sickness was a bad sign. It was a text book pregnancy and now have a daughter who is as strong as an ox!

RinseAndRepeat Sun 23-Jun-13 22:32:07

Phew thanks. Am feeling a bit better.

Huge sympathies to those who've suffered with it. Sounds awful and I guess I should be counting myself lucky.

Angelina7 Mon 24-Jun-13 00:21:57

I had afternoon nausea in the early stages but no sickness ... I'm 28+3 now, don't stress yourself out, it's just the way people's bodies react to the hormone changes, think yourself lucky, some people have to be hospitalised for a week they have the sickness so bad which I'm sure must be just as dangerous for the baby - losing all that fluid. All the best x

rallytog1 Mon 24-Jun-13 08:27:15

I suspect morning sickness isn't as common as people imagine. It seems like all my friends are pregnant at the moment but more than half of them have had no sickness at all.

I also had no morning sickness with DD and spent most of the time worrying about it. She's now a beautiful two-month-old.

karinmaria Mon 24-Jun-13 08:31:07

Another one who had no sickness. Bit of nausea in the early weeks but spent most of my first and second trimesters symptom free. Barely felt pregnant except for the burgeoning baby bump.

Third tri was a different story though...

Kelerina Mon 24-Jun-13 14:28:54

I know you've already had lots of replies but just to say that I was never once sick during my pregnancy and only every had a tiny, barely worth mentioning bit of nausea during second trimester, my little boy is now 15 weeks old and healthy as a horse!

ceara Mon 24-Jun-13 17:20:01

Just wanted to say good luck for Thursday. I am, like you, getting off lightly on the pregnancy symptoms front so far - just occasional mild queasiness and a bit of retching at smells, but nothing else worth mentioning really. I have had two early scans so far due to spotting, at 7 weeks and today (9+3) and like you was convinced there would be no baby there. But both times - and I ask touching wood as I type -, the little one has looked just fine. Obviously it's still early days and I'm still holding my breath. But the clinicians have all emphasised to me when I've fretted about not feeling rubbish enough to be pregnant, that every pregnancy is different and while sudden disappearance of symptoms you've been experiencing might be cause for concern, not having had them in the first place is just good fortune! It is such a worrying time though, particularly after all you have been through. Fingers crossed for good news at your scan.

AmberSocks Mon 24-Jun-13 17:23:12

i am on number five and apart from once i have never been sick in pregnancy.

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