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Oh the pressure

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34+5 and the pressure im feeling tonight is unreal. To get out of bed to pee i had to get on all 4's. Iv been getting BH all day and i cant even turn over with out it hurting.
will it really be like this for 5 more weeks?

amazingmumof6 Sat 12-Jan-13 22:00:09

maybe, sorry.

or you might have an early baby - pack your bags...smile

you can take raspberry leaf tea - contrary to popular belief it does not bring labour on (or everyone would rink it to start labour, wouldn't we??)

instead it helps by either toning up a "weak" uterus or relax a tight one.
I used to have very strong BHs (got progressively worse with each pregnancy) to the point that if I had one while walking I had to stop, bend over, hold belly and pant, it would literally take my breath away. (cue worried mums on school run...)

steph2412 Sat 12-Jan-13 22:59:46

Are you feeling any better today?hope your ok x

Feeling better but still lots of pressure.
Im 35 weeks now so 5 weeks to go now. ill rest lots and wait now

Oh yes meant to say im already taking RLT capsules and bags are packed ready to go

redwellybluewelly Sun 13-Jan-13 10:07:36

Are you using any kind of support band? I didn't in my 1st pg until the end, but this one (18+6) I'm getting one ordered today as everything seems lower and the pressure on my cervix is very painful.

I want to work until 38 weeks (desk job) so therefore need to get a bit fitter and help support my growing bump smile

bangersmashandbeans Sun 13-Jan-13 12:37:25

Just wanted to sympathise OP. I'm 36 weeks and feel the same as you. Agonising pains across my lower pelvis whenever I move in the night and getting up to the toilet (at least 4 times a night) I feel like a shuffling old lady! Add that to braxton hicks whenever I walk further than about 4 metres and if my bladder is even the teensiest bit full and this stage of pregnancy is rather tiring isn't it?!!

It really is... i would be very happy to give birth and thats after a very easy pregnancy. i didn't realize you could be this uncomfortable all the time.
Dh is being great and taking up the slack on things im not doing

bangersmashandbeans Sun 13-Jan-13 14:29:25

That's very good of him - mine is really good too. We're lucky to have understanding partners! I've got a DD who is nearly 3 so down time is rare but I'm doing my best. Finish work on Friday thank goodness!

I was lucky enough too finish work in August grin
Love the name by the way...it makes me want that for dinner

bangersmashandbeans Sun 13-Jan-13 14:49:52

You lucky thing! I wanted to work later than 37 weeks but now I've got there there's not a chance I'd do another day! I was having that for dinner when I decided on a name change grin

Not so lucky really as i lost my job.... but its a blessing in disguise as i wouldnt have been able for the work i was doing.
maybe i shuld change my name to ham and mushroom pie with spuds and peas

Anything from 37 weeks is considered normal so at 35 you really aren't all that far off full term. I suspect you might have the baby quite soon.


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