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Really sore stomach - what is it?

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runtus Thu 06-Apr-06 14:39:57

Anyone else suffer from a really sore and tender stomach? Currently 37 weeks and last night and today i can barely move for my upper bump hurting..............can't really describe the pain other than it's as if the baby has really bad stubble and has spent hours rubbing it against the inside of my skin!

I know it's not just the baby kicking me that is causing the pain, because it is there all the time and worse when he does kick. I've never had heartburn so don't know if that is what it feels like - but ow!!!!!

I have a dr's appointment tomorrow so will ask him then but any ideas ladies?

lusciouslynda Thu 06-Apr-06 14:47:03

I don't really have any advice but I am also 37 wks and getting pain at the top of my bump, sometines also pins and needles.

It's not heartburn cos I get that with a vengeance! I am sure you would know the difference.

I have just been putting it down to growth and skin stretching.

Hope all is well at Dr.

runtus Thu 06-Apr-06 14:49:09

I thought it might be stretching and growth too but it feels more than that now.........you know the sore feeling when you have a stomach bug and have been up half the night being sick? it's like that - but I haven't been sick!

Who knows, will have to wait and see what the dr says I guess....

Thanks for the info on heartburn - not having suffered so far ( I know, I'm really lucky) I just have no idea.

moondog Thu 06-Apr-06 14:50:34

I had this.
It was like sunburn over the top of my bump.
Incredibly painful.
Went straight after though.

runtus Thu 06-Apr-06 14:56:20

Good to know I'm not going mad at least.....really hoping it eases off tonight so I can get some sleep

lusciouslynda Thu 06-Apr-06 15:26:03

Upper stomach pains can also be a sign of pre-eclampsia. But PLEASE don't worry!

My last baby was delivered at 32 wks cos I developed Pre- eclampsia. I didn't have the pains although they kept asking me.

Your dr will check your BP, as raised BP is main symptom.

I would only start to worry if I had bad headache, all over swelling - esp legs, feet and hands, and had stopped peeing despite drinking lots.

I am being monitored carefully this time and have no other symptoms which is why I am not really worried about tummy pains.

Anyway at 37 weeks everything will be fine.

I felt I should mention all this because I always prefer to be informed, but please dont worry I am sure you will be fine.

Let me know how you get on at Dr.

SleepyJess Thu 06-Apr-06 15:32:07

There was another thread like this a few months ago on which I replied and the original poster said what i was describing felt just like what she was posting about. Is it like a tender spot that feels sort of bruised from the inside? I got this a lot in all three of my pregnancies from mid to late pregnancy. It was obviously nothing to worry about and I think it is fairly common.

Worth mentioning to m/f though in case it is anything that needs sorting out.

SJ x

sniff Thu 06-Apr-06 15:32:13

I have them to like stitch I suppose or bad stomach ache also a pain right under my left breast TMI that hurts like hell I am 33 weeks I thuoght I might have pulled a muscle I have appointment with the midwife tommorrow though and my feet and hands keep swelling up!! woe is me

diddle Thu 06-Apr-06 16:10:32

I've had this, really sensitive patches, so hard to describe, i'm 30 wks now and have had it since i was about 20wks. bloody annoying.
doesn't appear to be anything and it does go away, then a few dyas later it comes somewhere else, haven't got a clue what it is though sorry.

me23 Thu 06-Apr-06 16:44:27

i had this too from around 20 + weeks was as sleepyjess described. m/w said it was from baby kicking etc.. although it didnt feel like baby was iyswim.
it was so uncomfortable and felt really strange.
i feel for you

runtus Thu 06-Apr-06 16:48:06

I've just tried to sleep it off and although I did manage 20 mins extra zzzzz (greatly appreciated!) the pain is still there, if anything worse than before. Discovered it gets loads worse if I lay on my back and the only real way to ease it is to lay on my side.........which i can't do all day!

The bruising description is perfect - although I agree that i am doubtful it is the baby causing it...........he hasn't been kicking one place for hours!

I just want it to go away!!!!!!!

SleepyJess Thu 06-Apr-06 21:48:25

I don't think it was the baby kicking either when I had it.. Personally I think it's something to do with nerves being trapped by whatever position the baby is in at the time (hence the sore spots changing places). (But that's just a guess based on what it felt like to me..)

I did of course mean M/W not m/f (mother f*cker??!!! ) earlier on.. I was on DS's lap top on which I always make a horrendous amount of typos!!

runtus Fri 07-Apr-06 07:42:19

You might be right sleepyjess..........seems to have gone off a bit this morning but still going to ask the dr today anyway.

sniff Fri 07-Apr-06 15:19:21

my midwife didnt say what it was just that it was about the time for the aches and pains to start

Enid Fri 07-Apr-06 15:43:07

I have a very tender spot on my bra line just under my right nork

feels like internal bruising, which in fact the midwife said it probably was

I have had it with all three pgs

Enid Fri 07-Apr-06 15:43:48

oh and the baby never kicks there either

I presume it is something to do with everything stretching

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