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Got SPD / pubis symphysis pain? try Arnica tabs!

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MissCaitlin Sun 18-Dec-05 20:02:53

...this may well be a coincidence, but i have gone from almost complete immobility and excruciating agony to being almost completely fine in a matter of a few days...

treatments reccomended to me have been acupuncture, physiotherapy, osteopathy and reflexology (all from people experienced in treating pregnant women with this problem) and was prepared to try them all, but since i started taking Arnica 30 tablets morning noon and night, and some inbetween too (cant overdose on homeopathy can you?) i seem to have had a miracle recovery!!

worth a try for anyone in that case, huh?

just thought i'd share

anchovies Sun 18-Dec-05 20:04:20

Thanks will give that go, have already bought the arnica in preparation for my cs! Not bad pain but enough to be annoying, will report back if it works!

NotHavingXmasInChicagomum Sun 18-Dec-05 20:10:21

I don't have the medical expertise to say what is right or wrong, but as a dentist I totally recomend arnica tablets after any "surgical" treatment such as extractions . It is excellent for treating bruising /swelling etc so I am sure it will be helping your situation.

MissCaitlin Sun 18-Dec-05 20:11:46

good luck anchovies - hope it works

MissCaitlin Sun 18-Dec-05 20:17:47

nothavingxmasinchicago - i have always recommended arnica for bruising and surgery-type recovery too, but i realise now that i didnt really have that much faith in it...
...but blow me it works!! am becomming an almost total convert to 'alternative' medicines and therapies. v. sceptical about western medicine for lots of things now.

loopyredangel Mon 19-Dec-05 00:11:06

Hiya, I has DS 15 weeks ago and I am still suffering with SPD, can arnica be taken whilst breasfeeding?

MissCaitlin Mon 19-Dec-05 07:50:59

yeah, definately. in fact, its to be recommended - and the beauty of homeopathy as i see it (i am not an expert tho) is that it can be taken any time, in any circumstances... you cant overdose either.
poor you, still suffering, you have big sympathies from me. i hope the arnica works (take loads to start with, get the 'click' dispenser pack from Nelsons for convenience and never touch the pills, just click them straight into your mouth and let them dissolve under your tongue.)

ellenrose Mon 19-Dec-05 13:26:23

Misscaitlin - will be sending dh out to get some tabs now - currently suffering with SPD and in a wheelchair so prepared to try anything - thanks for the tip!

wewishyouamerryKITTYmas Mon 19-Dec-05 13:43:35

Do you mean the SPD went straight after delivery or are you still pregnant?

I found last time mine went virtually the hour after DD was born could turn over in the hospital bed pain free (well apart from the stitches but thats another story) am hoping for the same thing this time as am in agony right now.

I have arnica for after the birth too

MissCaitlin Wed 21-Dec-05 00:36:00

ellenrose - ouch! poor you! good luck i hope it helps.

kitty - i mean it went away and i still have about 5 weeks till due date. that is to say, it hasnt gone away completely, i am still careful in the way i move, and i do get more rest now than i did before, and maybe its a coincidence because it might be that it flared up due to a big hormone release (one of the theories i have been given) and some say it does come and go.... but honestly, the condition has improved way beyond anything i could have expected. and then some, so, hopefully, it will help others too, but who knows?
apparently this is the sort of medical issue which hasnt so far attracted much in the way of research grants (womens stuff, innit? wheres the profit in that? [cynical face]) God i sound like my mother now!

ellenrose Wed 21-Dec-05 12:52:05

Have my tablets and started popping immediately - will let you know how I get on!

MissC Wed 21-Dec-05 23:02:17

hows it going anchovies? is there any difference yet?

MissC Wed 21-Dec-05 23:04:29

am keen to hear from all of you if it helps or not, especially you ellenrose, feel so much empathy for you and sincerely hope it will help you feel at least a little better

ellenrose Wed 04-Jan-06 16:06:46

Have been taking them religiously since last post but unfortunately this also clashed with all of the Christmas rushing about so have been in quite a lot of pain which probably does not do the Arnica justice. Will keep you informed though as should start to see some benefit now that the mad dashing has finished

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