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Hyperemesis Support

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LucindaE Thu 16-Jun-11 16:27:57

A new thread needed here already! Lovely Grumblin who started the second one, may be actually having that baby at this minute!

I hope this will be a source of support for present sufferers and ex sufferers alike and also worried family members.

I want particularly to mention my favourite feline FluffyWhiteKittens, who has been so invaluable a source of support on the old threads, and MOH, who has slaved to produce articles full of useful information and links to useful websites, LaTrucha, lovely CaramelloKoalaLover, Grumblin, NitNat, La, Lottie, Grandmagain, MaryLou, Cocoanuts and so many that I cannot name everyone for fear that the current sufferer may became annoyed at the long list...

Never worry about tmi or moaning. When suffering one has to discuss things that would make most people go weak at the knees and to have a good moan can help enormously with an illness where there is still a lot of ignorance and sometimes insensitive treatment.

It might help to remember - when you are at your worst - the words in that Eastern story.
'*This Too Shall Pass.*'


ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 16-Jun-11 16:42:18

Just marking my place smile

LucindaE Thu 16-Jun-11 16:49:04

Cocoanuts tell me what you did - I did those unmentionable brackets to creat a link any number of times, and they just took me to 'can't be found on Google'


ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 16-Jun-11 16:49:50

Link to old thread for anyone who would like to read it here

Perhaps we can C&P the article written by MOH so it is visible on the first page.

I'll get to it... smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 16-Jun-11 16:59:13

Here is the article written by our MOH Fabulous piece of writing to give info to any new sufferers and also to any family members looking for support. It is lengthy, so if you feel to ill to read it, then feel free to wait smile

Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a severe form of pregnancy sickness which affects between 1 and 3% of pregnant women. Historically, it was mistakenly thought to be a psychosomatic illness and women were treated as though they had a psychotic disorder. This view has been comprehensively disproven by numerous research papers in recent decades, and it is now known to be an illness of organic origin, although its causes have yet to be fully understood. There is a persistent common belief that no drugs should be given to women in the first trimester of pregnancy. This is not true. There are a number of effective anti-emetic (anti sickness) drugs which can safely be taken in early pregnancy. Unfortunately, the erroneous views that HG is a psychosomatic conditions and that no drugs are safe in the first trimester still persists in many places, shockingly, even amongst GPs and midwives. Sadly, many women still come across unsympathetic health professionals who are ignorant of current treatment methods.

How do I know if I have HG?
If you are suffering from persistent nausea and/or vomiting which is preventing you from eating and/or drinking then you may be suffering from HG. With ordinary nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP), the sickness does not interfere with your ability to eat and drink enough, you should not be losing weight and you should be able to continue to care for yourself and your family although you may not be feeling too great. With HG, sufferers often need help caring for themselves, never mind look after their family. The illness can be completely debilitating for weeks or even months. If you're not sure, the HER foundation website who have a fact sheet to help you determine whether or not you are suffering from HG

Diagnosis is important as you will inevitably become dehydrated and you will need to be admitted to hospital for IV rehydration. Starvation is another risk. When your body burns fat for energy, it produces chemicals called ketones which can be detected in your urine. You can monitor your levels of starvation using ketosticks, available from pharmacies. You pee on the stick and it monitors your levels of ketones. If levels are high, you should tell your doctor or midwife. If you are worried about dehydration and ketone levels and you can't see your doctor or midwife, you can go to A&E.

Facts and Figures and FAQs

HG is worse in the first trimester for the majority of sufferers, though a significant proportion (10 – 20%) suffer for the entire duration of the pregnancy. If you have close relatives (mothers, sisters) who have had HG, you are also at significantly higher risk of being a sufferer yourself. HG is the most common cause of hospitalisation of pregnant women in the first trimester.

Is it worse carrying a boy or a girl?
There is conflicting evidence as to whether having a boy or a girl makes HG worse, some studies say boys, some say girls.

Is it worse with twins?
Yes there is evidence that carrying more than one baby makes HG worse.

Will my baby be ok?
Babies born to HG mothers are usually absolutely fine. If you lose some weight during the first trimester the risks for the baby are low as it does not need much nutrition at this time and your body should have enough stores from before your pregnancy. However, if you continue to to lose weight due to lack of treatment or failed treatment, then there is an increased risk of low birth weight or pre-term birth. Studies show that this is a risk for women who are severely ill, are dehydrated for long periods and lose more than 10% of their body weight.

There is also growing evidence of long term health effects in some children born to mothers who suffer malnutrition in pregnancy. In some cases this is not evident until adulthood with increased risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.
For more information see http://forums.helpher.org/viewtopic.php?t=18 and http://www.helpher.org/hyperemesis-gravidarum/complications/fetal-programming.php

I've heard that being sick is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, is this the case with HG?
You will often be told that morning sickness is a good sign and you should be happy that you're feeling sick. This is generally the case with normal NVP, however, it is not the case with untreated HG. There is actually a higher risk of pre-term birth and low birth weight. However, continuing to feel sick may be a sign that the pregnancy is still progressing. Some women with HG who miscarried reported that the first sign was that they suddenly stopped feeling sick.

What are the treatments?
Initially you will be advised to use non-pharmacoligical strategies which are similar to the general advice given to any pregnant women suffering from nausea. These include eating little and often, eating protein-rich, low-fat meals, avoiding triggers of nausea such as strong smells and getting enough rest. You can try ginger, seabands (accupressure wristbands used for travel sickness) and extra doses of vitamin B6. Avoid getting out of bed in the morning without something in your stomach such as a tea biscuit or cracker. Some women find that these give relief in the initial stages of HG but they become ineffective once the illness is in full swing.

The next line of treatment is prescribed antiemetics such as phenergan, cyclizine, stemetil and ondansetron. For many women these work well and control the nausea and vomiting enough for them to eat and drink normally and regain some of their lost weight. Many can even return to normal life. You may find that one antiemetic on its own is not effective and you may need to try different combinations but you can discuss this with your doctor. Even with antiemetics, you will probably still need to use coping strategies such as getting extra rest, eating small frequent meals and avoiding triggers when the HG is at its peak. If you are dehydrated, you may be admitted to hospital for IV fluids. Minerals and vitamins can be added to the drip to replace any you may have lost, as well as antiemetics.

Unfortunately, antiemetics don't work for everyone. If they are ineffective, you should be referred to an obstetrician (if you haven't been already) for the next line of treatment, which will probably be steroids. These carry a small risk of cleft palate, but this will be discussed with your doctor. In a small number of cases even this is not effective and drastic treatments such as feeding with a tube directly into the stomach may have to be considered.

My GP is unsympathetic and refuses to prescribe me drugs - what should I do?
Unfortunately this experience is all too common. In this case you should see another GP if possible. You should also ask for a referral to an obstetrician. If you remain untreated and become dehydrated, you can have yourself admitted to A&E for IV fluids and ask to be seen by an obstetrician.

Do alternative remedies work?

Some women are greatly helped by alternative medicine, particularly Homepathy and Acupunture. Some women can claim to have had the illness 'stopped in its tracks' by Acupunture, but success varies between individual patients and it tends to be expensive. These remedies are worth a try if you can afford it but have a back up plan incase it doesn't work.

How long will this last for?
For most women, HG peaks in the first trimester and tails off or disappears completely later in the pregnancy. The usual advice for morning sickness is that it will improve after 12 weeks. The majority of HG sufferers find that it takes longer than this. Unfortunately, some women suffer severely for the entire pregnancy. Others find that it improves, but they suffer from nausea and occasional vomiting until birth. Relapse is quite common especially if you have tried to return to your normal busy life. There is a great temptation to make up for lost time and become very active once you start to feel better, but this very often leads to the nausea returning. You should be very careful about resuming work and normal household activities even if you feel as though you're up to it. Be careful too about stopping your medication, do it very gradually and resume at the first sign of the condition returning. You may have to continue to take it for the entire pregnancy to prevent a relapse.
All I can drink is coke, I'm worried that I'm not eating a healthy diet.

Through pregnancy, we are bombarded with advice about what to eat and what not to eat. Women with HG often find that the list of food and drinks that they can keep down is very small and not at all from the healthy options. For some reason, women with Hyperemesis ofen find sweet and salty foods ie, sweet drinks like coke, and crisps, are more likely to stay down than healthy foods. Their peculiar diet can lead to disapproving comments and the incorrect assumption that this is how they normally eat.
Various women find different drinks acceptable. Coke (often left to go flat) Lucozade, lemonade, milkshakes and IronBru, Dr Pepper, orange squash, apple juice, lime juice, ice cubes made of flat coke or just tapwater, ice lollies and sips of tepid water can help in keeping rehydrated. 

When the illness is at its worst during the early hormonal surges - typically between eight and ten weeks- then it is difficult to retain any liquids and you may need to be hospitalised for rehydration at about this time. 

When solids do become bearable,jelly, tinned fruit, ice lollies, ice cream, crisps, fish fingers, potato cakes, crumpets, soda bread and similar potato based or salty foods have often been found to be acceptable.

The important thing to remember at this time is that it doesn't matter what you eat or drink, the crucial thing is that you eat or drink something. Don't forego something because you are worried that it's bad for you. In a normal diet, too much salt and sugar is bad for you, but when you consume nothing else, this may be your only source of calories, fluid and salt for the day. Instead of berating yourself for your unhealthy diet, congratulate yourself that you have kept something down because your body needs it. If you are able to take vitamin tablets or syrups, then do so but most women find that large multivitamin tablets make the nausea worse. You may be able to get vitamins that dissolve under your tongue which you may be able to tolerate. If and when you begin to feel better, you can start to re-introduce more healthy food.

Will it go away when I give birth?
The good news is that for the vast majority of sufferers the physical symptoms of HG disappear completely as soon as the baby is born. You should be aware though that it is not unknown for the nausea to persist after birth especially if you have been severely ill. If this occurs, speak to your doctor. For women who suffered persistent, long term nausea and vomiting, it may take some time to restore energy levels and nutritional reserves. Moreover, while the physical symptoms may leave, the trauma of HG can leave an emotional legacy for many women, especially when combined with the rigours of caring for a baby. If you have any concerns, speak to your doctor or midwife. Don't feel that you should just be able to pick yourself up and get on with things, if you're having problems you are entitled to seek support.

Will I get it in my next pregnancy and will it be the same?
Unfortunately, having HG in one pregnancy puts you at a high risk of suffering in subsequent pregnancies although it is possible to escape it. Some women find that the HG gets better in subsequent pregnancies, whereas others find it stays the same or gets worse. There is really no way of knowing how your pregnancies will relate to each other.

Can I do anything to prepare for HG incase I get it again in my next pregnancy?
The HER website has a page of advice on preparing for your next pregnancy. http://forums.helpher.org/viewtopic.php?t=17. If you had medication which worked for you in your previous pregnancy, make sure that you have it ready to take as soon as you feel ill. Studies show that the quicker you get on top of the sickness, the better the medication works. Because HG can start within days of missing your period, see your GP as soon as you know you're pregnant.

Useful sources of information
The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in the UK have no guidelines on the treatment and management of HG. However, the American College of Obs/Gynae (ACOG) and the Society of Obs/Gynae of Canada (SOGC) have published guidelines which can be found at the following sites



Pregnancy Sickness Support is a UK based organisation run by GPs and midwives with direct experience of HG. They have a helpline which you can call for advice – if nobody answers you leave a message and a midwife will call you back. They will be able to answer your questions about treatments and they keep a note of doctors around the country who are known to be sympathetic to HG sufferers and are willing to treat it with medication. Their website is at www.pregnancy sicknesssupport.org.uk

The Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation (HER) is a US based foundation which was formed by HG survivors and has a mission to research the causes of HG and provide information and support for other sufferers. They have links to the latest scientific research and are actively involved in funding research, although you usually have to live in the USA to take part. There are loads of threads on every topic related to HG from women who have been through it, including very useful information about which treatment regimes worked. Their website is at www.hyperemesis.org.
Dealing with well meaning but unhelpful advice

Women with HG are often told by friends and family that it's just morning sickness, a normal part of pregnancy and you just have to put up with it. Many HG sufferers report extreme frustration at being advised to try ginger, dry crackers or eat little and often. Most of them have tried every remedy they can think of to no avail. Because most women are familiar with NVP, there is often an attitude of, well I had morning sickness and I just got on with it. HG sufferers are often left with the feeling that they are whingers and malingerers and that if only they could adopt a positive attitude then they would be fine. This can lead to further depression in what is already a depressive condition. In order to deal with this, it is important that the HG sufferer has some supportive friends or family who can firmly but politely fend off these comments. The sufferer will often have no energy to deal with it herself. If possible explain to the person giving the advice that you are not suffering from morning sickness, you are suffering from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum.

I have never known anyone with HG. Where can I talk to women who understand how I feel?
There is a support thread on the talk boards here (ask MT to add link) which is run by sufferers and ex-sufferers. There are discussions of practical issues such as tips for coping and medication but the real value of this forum is that you get sympathy and understanding from people who know exactly what you're going through. If you just want to moan or let off steam, you are free to do so and nobody will hold it against you. Comments are also welcome from relatives, partners, friends and carers of HG sufferers. The HER website also has talk boards at http://forums.helpher.org/. There is also a UK based yahoo group called Bloomingawful at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/bloomingawful/

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 16-Jun-11 17:02:07

And our list of members. Any newcomers, feel free to add yourselves including your EDD smile

And remember, nothing is too TMI smile

Grumblin: EDD 17/06/11
Lottie: EDD 09/07/11
La: EDD 14/07/11 growth scan 08/06/11 (looking small despite huge bump!)
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11, next scan 09/06/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: 01/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11

MotherofPearl Thu 16-Jun-11 17:03:16

Marking my place too! Coconuts, I've no objections to you putting up the list from the old thread (do you mean the due date + scan date list?). I'm hopeless, can't find it now.

MotherofPearl Thu 16-Jun-11 17:03:48

Sorry, cross-posted Coconuts! Thanks for finding it!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 16-Jun-11 17:14:25

Looking at the list, there are so many who haven't posted in a while. Hope they are all ok. LOTM eggy marylou

Hi all, Just pulling up a chair (nice big comfy one of course!!) smile good work on the new thread so far - think that having MOH 's great piece at the top for anyone who pops in is a great addition. Welcome to newbies - hope everyone is coping as best they can.

I'm 25 wks now and still hoping for this to go away!! Bit of nausea and odd bit of sickness but manageable now. Still taking both of my medications as everytime I try to cut back things get a bit crappy sad but only 9 weeks left at work now and just started to plan my wedding for next year - so other things to focus on!!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 16-Jun-11 17:46:10

Ooh a wedding in the vicinity! How exciting!

Best to keep taking the meds elliottsmummy to save a relapse. At least it's manageable. I found I only ended up cutting back on mine because my brain got so poor that I ended up forgetting to take them. Then I'd realise 3 hours after they were due to be taken that I'd gone an extra 3 hours, and that's the way it went for a while smile Hopefully you'll feel better soon and it'll work itself out. We're so close together with our EDDs smile

Am only taking one Avomine at bedtime and one Buccastem after breakfast so not taking loads really - resigned myself to the fact i'll probably be taking them til the end!

My first baby took an extra week to show his face so our dates could end up even closer!! smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 16-Jun-11 18:09:24

My first was 2 weeks late so this one will probably end up keeping the gap the same as it is grin


La73 Thu 16-Jun-11 18:33:43

Finally escaped hospital so marking place and posting updated list of members - Grumblin & Lottie soon to join pink castle smile 

Grumblin: EDD 17/06/11
Lottie: Induction 28/06/11 (EDD 09/07/11)
La: EDD 14/07/11  
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: 01/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD 
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/12

fluffywhitekittens Thu 16-Jun-11 18:43:50

Waves and marks place.
Grumblin due anytime soon, saving her a comfy spot in the castle smile

grandmaagain Thu 16-Jun-11 19:08:05

well done on new thread lucinda good idea coconuts to put moh"s brilliant article in. best wishes to all x

caramellokoalalover Thu 16-Jun-11 21:44:01

Hello all! I think we need to have a pink castle added to the list so those still in the throes of HG can be reminded that there is a castle at the end of the rainbow! So without further ado...

Grumblin: EDD 17/06/11
Lottie: Induction 28/06/11 (EDD 09/07/11)
La: EDD 14/07/11
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: 01/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/12

Pink Castle Graduates:

Any other graduates for the list I have rudely forgotten?

Grumblin you are about to graduate, the kettle is on and I've got some frozen choc chip cookie dough just waiting to be popped in the oven for you when you're ready! Hope you're ok, the last few days were the worst for me. That feeling of 'so close yet so far'!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 16-Jun-11 22:40:29

Great idea caramello smile

LucindaE Fri 17-Jun-11 10:20:07

Everyone Really sorry about that fiasco about links - really anxious that sufferers manage to find their way here - the instructions from MumsNet may not have been good, but I am still mortified at letting everyone down.
Coconuts to the rescue, fortunately...blush
Katharine forgive me, with the hoo-ha I couldn't give you a welcome, here it is, beliatedly. How are you and M11n? Annoyed about doctor's insistence on ketones before treatment, in fact, I suspect that may have been an unofficial guidance at one time at least, as I have heard that they routinely don't prescribe until one has been hospitalised (I suppose that doctor I had was waiting for that, which for sure would have happened if that Acupunture hadn't worked so brilliantly). It does seem bizarre if the brain in fact 'gets into a pattern of vomiting ( I don't mean in any way a conscious thing, I mean a nervous system thing), so it is best not to let it.
Caramel That pink castle in the clouds having occupants is a great idea!
Grumblin Surely today is your due day? Well,I know babies don't like to arrive when predicted, but any time now, what with being a third...
Grandma Luce high on list...
How is everyone?

nitnatnaboo Fri 17-Jun-11 10:25:10

La did I read correctly that you've just escaped hospital? Tell more!

<gets loud hailer> Grumblin wherefore art thou? <hopes pushing sliding baby out>

Buff (have you got Buff Orpingtons? I love them!)
Another teacher here. I have been signed off since 9 weeks - Dec 1st. I tried to go back at around 18 weeks but didn't even make it to the classroom before the exhaustion/anxiety set in (we had moved to a brand new school and I didn't know where my room was or what was in it, plus they had done a crap phased return which involved working full time for the first three days! Doh!).
The Head told me to go home and referred me back to Occ Health who I had seen once before. the Occ Health lady couldn't believe I'd tried to go back to work, especially when I said I'd suffered from postnatal depression after last pregnancy, so she recommended I stay off work for the rest of the pregnancy due to the exhaustion/risk of stress leading to PND. Have had no hassle whatsoever from school. They claim back 90% of supply costs and prefer to know long term what's happening, rather than living from sick note to sick note, as it were. Looking back I would not have coped in school as even though I'm only vomiting once a week now, there has been such a legacy of exhaustion that I can only manange one "normal human" day before having a day of rest.Hope this helps you feel less guilty!

I had a brush with hospital on Weds - unexplained bleeding. Had to cancel chiropractor's appt that I'd made 10 mins before and go to delivery suite. Was monitored for a while, no probs, then had an internal exam (the joys). They think it might have come from "the back passage"! Then came home, threw tea up and had a bath in disgust (takes a lot to make me have a bath). Saw Chiro yesterday, got extensively "cracked" and currently have frozen peas in funny places.

LucindaE Fri 17-Jun-11 10:42:55

NitNat Goodness, bleeding, what a drama...So glad all is OK. I used to have a Chiropractitioner, she was brilliant, helped my dyslexia no end, woud you believe. she was a tiny whoman who used to shout if one had been guilty of bad posture in the internval, I was terrified of her, and have good posture to this day...grin They do swear by those frozen veg packs on sore places, don't they?
LA Yes, I shouldn't have missed that. I hope the hospital doesn't indicate anything serious?

grumblinalong Fri 17-Jun-11 13:42:50

la Oh no?! Hospital, very alarming, hope it was nothing serious?

nitnat You seem to be going through it at the moment - didn't you have another bleed not so long ago? Hope you're feeling reassured. I had an internal exam, a catheter and rectal suppositories blush when I was admitted to labour ward following my blackout shennanigans each one was far too close for comfort.

So I'm still here - haven't had so much of a twinge sad Everyone keeps telling me they think the hospital have got my dates wrong, as my bump is small, grr. Better just be a mini one. Got a scan & consultant on Monday if no action, am dithering about ringing my acupuncture woman as apparently they can do stuff to set labour off. Traditional methods are out - curry would make me boak, sex is totally off the menu due to thrush/proplapse combination, pineapple & raspberry leaf tea would set off heartburn. Tramploine it is then!

fluffy, Lucinda and caramel get the cake out! I'd like carrot then chocolate then lemon drizzle and a huge serving of that frozen choc chip cookie dough please. Oh and also a gallon of brew and a few sneaky glasses of wine would be lovely (no chance eh with a small infant permamnently attached to breast for next 3 months!) I am excited though now, the end is very much in sight and it feels good to do the morning bile run and think this could be my last.

Lottie countdown for you is on now grin When did they decide to induce you?

coconuts and elliotsmummy You'll be massively preg when weather just starts to cool and your babies will be the super duper older kids at school.

theonly When are you starting ML? Surely it can't be too long?

I was thinking the other day what a HG support thread meet up might look like - the venue would have to have very accessible & plentiful toilets, sick buckets/bags, no smells and provide lots of ice/drinks/'safe' food for the early HG'ers, roomy for second & third trimester bumps with lots of comfy sofa's and a nap place as optional and very understanding staff who could listen to tmi. The pink castle dwellers would be handing out blankets and chanting 'This too shall pass' in a calm and knowing manner. It makes me laugh thinking about the pure chaos.

marylou242 Fri 17-Jun-11 13:48:50

LA hope you've not been in hospital for HG treatment??

grumblin fingers crossed you're one of the 5% or whatever it is, whose baby arrives on their due date.

katharine the doctors practice I went to for my last PG had the rule about not prescribing without ketones or hospital admission. The practice I'm seeing this time thinks that's out of date and will prescribe if sickness is making it so you're unable to function/work etc. It's hard when you're feeling so ill, but don't feel guilty about getting stroppy with them, or asking for a referral elsewhere. There are doctors who are willing to prescribe things.

caramel what about those of us who are about to graduate for a second time? Do we get a higher qualification to add to our CVs?

Sorry haven't been on for a while. Sorry to see there are some new sufferers but welcome!

I've managed to cut down to one cyclizine a day. Still have the morning bile run which is made even worse by hayfever. Vomiting and blocked noses are not a good mix. Fingers crossed it's going though, up to 19 weeks now. It lasted until 8 months last time so hopefully will clear off a bit earlier this time. My bump is getting huge. I'm the same size now as I was at 7 months last time. This is the disadvantage of being able to keep down some food this time around.

allias Fri 17-Jun-11 15:09:57

Hi all!! Just checking in and marking post for TIO.

Had a drip in a&e on Monday feeling rough today and I'm docs waiting room at the moment, had keetones on mon and have more today acording to stix hoping to get some more time of work as due back Monday 20th

Will catch up with everyones news when I get in

allias Fri 17-Jun-11 16:14:44

Me again!! Got nasty throat infection and am off to get a drip top up, fun day out with ds4.... Hope everyone is having a better day, I can read the thread while waiting and see how you are all doing and actually post about others intead of Selfishly posting about me all the timeblush wink

Macaroona Fri 17-Jun-11 16:28:15

Hello all, buff here under a new guise as I think I gave away too much on the site under that name!

Wanted to thank everyone for supportive words, especially re trying another drug than Prochloperazine. I have an appt with doc on Monday and might get signed off work for next week.

Will revert to lurking anyway, I'm not very good at being a regular poster on threads but reading your stories and advice is so helpful - as I said on the previous thread it reduced me to tears actually realising I'm not a weirdo and that lots of women feel this bad!

I laughed at the idea of a HG meet-up, so true grumblin !


fluffywhitekittens Fri 17-Jun-11 16:46:18

Allias sorry to hear you've been bad recently, don't even think about attempting to go back to work on Monday.
Macaroona lurk away but remember if you want to vent/ moan/sob uncontrollably feel free to post, nothing is tmi Here!
Grumbling love the idea of an HG friendly meet up, I shall provide the starbursts and a spitty bucket (as dd called it) for anyone with excess saliva.
Will put cake in the oven ready for baby grumblin's imminient arrival.
LA are you OK?

La73 Fri 17-Jun-11 17:51:17

All just a quick one to say so sorry for causing any worry! I was referring to previous post which realised got lost with new thread. Had consultant meet re EDS (genetic disorder) and was just moaning a bit about being in in hot stuffy waiting room for 3 hours whilst they looked for notes from last PG! Feel v guilty for causing alarm esp when few of you admitted! Nitnat must have been a worry but glad no concern with bubs. Alias thought you must have been in - hope being rehydrated helps you feel bit better, rest up now and hopefully meds will work x

Grumblin we should prob promise to stop asking but just can't wait for you to be free if HG hell smile Get together made me smile, poor pink castle members would also have to empty sick bags when sufferers 1st arrive!

lottieb22 Fri 17-Jun-11 18:00:56

Hi Grumblin I had a scan on monday and then got a call at work on tuesday from my consultant to say she thought it best to get him out before he's too big!! I then got a telling off for still being at work!! I've got to go for a cervical stretch and sweep on thursday - sounds gruesome but a few people have told me they've gone into labour following it. My leaving do from work is thursday evening and we're going for a curry and then one of my favourite bands is playing in a local pub so I'm hoping all that might just set me off!! What about a stretch and sweep for you?

LucindaE Fri 17-Jun-11 18:22:24

Grumblin LA Re; Pink castle sick bags, it wouldn't be the first time I have been a puke bearer - in one job a colleague with nasty m/s had to use a waste paper bin and I ran out to empty it, only to bump into a visiting VIP...shock
We must have a moat with swans on it, and be near the sea, it always makes you feel better.
NitNat So glad all OK.
Alias Oh no,you are having to be admitted again, poor you? And a sore throat?
MAC (once Buff) Do keep us posted as to how you are now and then or as others say, if you feel like a moan...
Katherine How are things?
Waves to MOH Caramel and Fluffy.
Sorry to Anyone rudely neglected.
ElliotsMum Sorry still being sick at all, take this capacious seat...

LucindaE Fri 17-Jun-11 18:23:15

And Lottie Good luck with sweep...

theonlyhb2 Fri 17-Jun-11 18:39:23

hello all!

on the last thread you asked about the pelvic band thingy, here is a link, it the top one. 3 velcro bits, you can imagine the nightmare going for a wee every 5 minutes. does help when I drive and generally getting up and down from chairs/cars. http://promedics.co.uk/catalogues/Orth/P41-42%20Maternity.pdf

Grumblin, cant believe you havent popped yet! my last day working is 15th July so 4 weeks today eeeek! and I am pretty sure I have seen that place you describe at Glastonbury (maybe not the lack of smells part!)....... ;)

la, hope everything ok, nitnat & allias, sorry to hear you also been to hospital, hope you get more time off allias.

pregnancy does seem to throw up lots of unexplained things "its not normal but its not uncommon but we dont really know" is something I have heard a lot!

my thing at the moment is salt. not on its own, that would be weird, but salty food......i cant have chips without 3 heart attacks worth of salt on them. even the chip shop lady commented to OH "oh yr girlf must be the one who likes all the salt....i have never heard of that pregnancy one" hahaha. but seriously.......salt. and crackling! oh it was sick the amount I ate the other night. am glad to say that after a dodgy week last week, this week has been ok, just SPD pain taking over everything. i also have suddenly expanded in the past week. perhaps I should take it easy on the pies and chips?!

theonlyhb2 Fri 17-Jun-11 18:42:14

i also have a nice collection of sick bags now......Egyptian ones now added. its nice my friends/work colleagues collect these for me!

Boosaphena Fri 17-Jun-11 18:50:00

Hello all!
I'm unfortunately still here. 23 weeks now and have been given a new name of puking Patricia!!! It was only confined to the morning but has reared it's ugly head in the eve now sad I'm feeling quite down about it tho, I was quite pragmatic, means baby is well blah blah blah but frankly I'm not well and I'm tired and my body is showing signs of strain from only wanting to eat crap.
Anyhow enough whinging. Sorry so many others are still suffering. I hope we all move on soon!!
P.s my edd is 13th oct, but should have elcs a week before.

caramellokoalalover Fri 17-Jun-11 21:30:56

Boosa sorry to hear you're still bad. Glad you'll get a fixed date for elcs and will know when you will definitely be HG-free.
marylou maybe we can add something to our graduates list like 'Caramel - Class of Dec 08 & Apr 11' to signify our extra credentials smile.
theonly I have a fab collection of sickbags too. I could bring them to the HG meetup. My sister is a paramedic and she gave me a great stash of these fabby plastic bags that you spew in then twist the bag bit and it tucks up and 'locks' closed. perfect for car journeys or travel in general. also found the emirates plane ones to be very sturdy.
grumblin maybe we could have the meetup somewhere really cold to avoid the smells issue, like a snow-capped mountain, or the arctic circle? we could have swans made of ice for you Lucinda. also if it's really cold any vomit would freeze when it was out and not smell, thus reducing the urge for other HGers to vomit on smelling vomit if that makes any sense...hmm...god, you can see that the newborn days are taking a toll on my ability to express myself coherently grin.
allias hope you get mroe time off, going back to work is sure to make you go downhill fast.
hope the weekend brings some rest for all...and a baby for grumblin wink, although I'm not getting the jedi vibe that it's going to happen this weekend, you sound too cheerful wink wink!

LucindaE Sat 18-Jun-11 10:08:36

MaryLou congratulations on sizeable bump - I'm so glad you are huge rather than suffering too horribly...
Grumblin Thinking of you...
LA I'm glad no emergency...
*Boo" Sorry still suffering - moan away - 23 weeks and still suffering isn't fair - and coming on in the evenings too now. 'Puking Patrica' who called you that? Good and sensitive, that...
TheOnly Sounds like a chastity belt?!
Caramel Despite being brought up in freezing, draughty houses, I am a wimp abut cold, but if it helps the sufferers, I will be there in thremals...Swans of ice sound lovely...
Alias I suppose hospitaised, hopefully feeling better...
*M11" Any news about meds...
Sending best wishes to All.

theonlyhb2 Sun 19-Jun-11 12:38:16

LucindaE if only I had a chastity belt to start with, I wouldn't be in such a state ;)

Mr Kipling Fruit Pies.......yum

LucindaE Mon 20-Jun-11 08:22:50

TheOnly Lol! 'Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted' as the cliche goes...All is quiet, looking down from the pink castle in the clouds, and surveying the meadows below... Aliasare you still in hospital? Oh, dear, if so...Lottie Good luck for scan today. Grumblin! Did you say something about Acupunture to start it off?

MotherofPearl Mon 20-Jun-11 11:19:37

Just to say, I'm in complete agreement with Theonly about salt, and I'm afraid I have even been known to eat a few flakes on their own! I know dehydration always a potential danger anyway with HG, but I find salt and salty things really settle me and also help with all that excess saliva.
Hope everyone doing OK and all goes well today with Grumblin - I think you said you're having a last min scan?

grumblinalong Mon 20-Jun-11 11:32:53

Hello, no baby yet. Only thing that has changed is my bump has gone from an apple shape to a cone shape????? It looks very very weird. Have scan & consultant this aft - lottie have had a good wash 'down there' as they'll probably do a sweep, not sure about being stretched though shock. Curry, band and leaving do all sound like a good way to get going. Have a good night between contractions grin

theonly Don't talk about Glastonbury, you'll make me all sad. We were definitely going to go this year and relive our youth (we went regularly in the days when you could still jump over the fence, scallies) but I went and got myself preg, so that was out. I read somewhere that they did a medical cannabis trial on women who had HG and it helped immensely so maybe the funny brownies there would aid in the meet up. Hmm, maybe not. Second the salt, I've craved salty stuff all the way through - can't believe I've still got low BP. mmm, crackling.

caramel I am surprisingly cheerful, part of me has been in complete denial that there has been a baby in there all through. A cold place for a meet up is an excellent idea - and I have a terrible urge to suck an ice swans beak now.

fluffy spitty buckets is a good one. I forgot about the pesky ptylism. Green puke face emoticon.

la Glad all is well, was worried. The sickbag collection convo could only happen on this thread - I must be well cheap because I just make do with nappy sacks (unfragranced of course) always feel v.guilty about the environment though.

lucinda you are truly a lovely person if you are willing to empty a colleagues sick bin. It would be beyond me I think.

grumblinalong Mon 20-Jun-11 11:35:24

Sorry cross posted motherofpearl Yep scan this aft (no idea what for?), thanks for remembering {smile] but am going alone so should I or shouldn't I have sneaky sex reveal and not tell anyone else? Part of me thinks I've got this far so should wait for nature's way, the other part wants to buy a lovely dress if it's a DD! How are you mother?

MotherofPearl Mon 20-Jun-11 12:57:17

I'm OK thanks Grumblin, not doing too badly on the sickness front but so sleepy all the time and can't figure out if it's just being PG or the cyclizine, or both! Know what you mean about sneaky peek at the sex - going for my 20 wk scan on 30/06 and DP and I keep debating whether or not to find out. From a practical point of view it would be good to know - have saved all DD's baby clothes, and so either I'll be pretty well set up, or will have to start from scratch! Let us know how it goes this afternoon smile

angeljefferson Mon 20-Jun-11 13:22:54

Hi everyone, can I join in?

I'm new to HG, currently I'm 9+1 weeks pregnant and had 1 admission to hospital for IV anti-emetics and IV fluids for severe ketones 4+ at 7.5 weeks pregnant. My EDD is 22/01/2012, which is starting to seem a very long way off........I'm living on ondansetron and pints of milk! strangley I can only have my prescription on a week by week basis, so I have to make the weekly trip to the GP, pick up the prescription, drop it at the chemist and then wait until the next day to pick it up because no one has it in stock!

I keep reading that HG is more common in first pregnancies, younger women, and previous HG.......I'm 37, I have a 13 year old, and I didnt have HG with her, but I have a different partner now? I've also been reading that Downs babies can cause it.....so I've been worrying about that now!! although when I look into the research, it was done in the 1970's! Does anyone know anything about that or not had HG with previous pregnancies?

oh and to top it off I've got severe constipation! the joy's of pregnancy! I'm trying to eat fruit....luckily its something I feel like eating,....but then i get a really bad tummy afterwards!

The ondansetron has stopped my vomitting, but I still have severe nausea, I've barely left the house in 3 weeks, and I'm struggling to do everyday things.....my GP wanted to give me a 2 week sick note this week, but I'm feeling really guilty being off sick, so I told her just to do 1 week and
I'll see how I am......I'm currently lying in bed, and regretting only telling her to do 1 week, from all your comments, it doesnt look likley this is going away any time soon!!

Oh and we have a holiday booked to Turkey in less than 4 weeks time....we missed our holiday last year because my parners dad had a stroke the day after we landed in spain and we had to come home.....so we are determind to go, but I'm starting to wonder if I'll cope with the heat and the thought of 4 hours on a plane makes me want to be sick!

Well I think I've moaned enough! its time to make the trip out of bed and downstairs to get some more fluids
.............does any one else find all the simple things (such as getting dressed) is exausting??

I'm so pleased I found this.....I dont think people quite appreciate how ill I feel! Roll on Janurary! x

LucindaE Mon 20-Jun-11 14:08:12

Angel Welcome. You are at the worst stage, that is a sort of miserable comfort, it's almost certain to get a lot better as time goes on, but that is cold comfort. Sorry that you are suffering and had to go to hospital - well done on the milk and fruit, such healthy stuff, I had to live on crisps and coke for a while. About Downs I have to say I haven't heard that, whoever wrote that seems to have been insensitive putting it like that and alarming you. I was given a one in thirty-three chance of Downs and decided to go for an Amnio. It was nerve wracking. Somone else on this thread had a one in two risk, I think it was MOH. Anyway, in both cases all was fine. Will you automatically get the blood screening thing?
How do you find ice lollies or jelly with tinned fruit?
Grumblin Thanks for thinking I am nice for doing the puke emptying routine. Sorry no baby yet. confused about your change in bump shape...is s/he doing stretches in there?
Pearl Glad not too bad on puking front.

angeljefferson Mon 20-Jun-11 14:23:01

Thanks LucindaE, its put my mind at rest with the Downs worry, I automatically get a nucal scan in 3 weeks and bloods, so I'll go from there, and have an amnio if its high risk!
and strangely I've just had a fab ice lolly and I'm sitting with a pint of water, a cold can of sprite and a bag of bazil nuts next to me.........and I defo havent been eating healthy .....the main things I crave on the rare occasion I have an appertite are mcdonalds happy meals with salty chips, pasties and cheese savoury sandwiches, basically high fat salty food!
I've just came close to a new puking episode, but if I lie still it seems to help.......I'm feeling a little worse this week, maybe those pregnancy hormones are peaking around week 9-10? xx

MOH100 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:11:50

Just to reassure everyone that the website will go public sometime and I am working on it in dribs and drabs. DD had tonsilitis, ear infection, hand foot and mouth virus and gingivostomatitis - all in one week. She's better now but has infected finger from a HFM blister that she wouldn't stop sucking with her mouth full of gingivostomatitis sores. I knew I'd need a varied skill set to be a parent but I didn't realise a degree in microbiology would come in handy. Anyway, upshot is that I lost most of my precious nursery time this past week so haven't had much time for website.

MOH100 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:24:54

Oh sod it, I'll never make it public at this rate so I've just changed the permissions so that anyone with the link can view the site, though I haven't yet made it searchable on the internet, I'll do that later. Here's the link


Feedback welcome, don't be shy about criticism I have thick skin, would rather make the site better than worry about my ego. There's no disclaimer yet, if anyone has experience in this arena, something along the lines of this is not medical advice and we won't be responsible for anything going wrong etc would be grateful for help writing something. Also would welcome ideas about structure and placement of content, I must have restructured it 5 or 6 times already. I have plans for more pages and surveys once I can figure out how to make forms and documents, I'm getting advice from 15 year old tech friend but just haven't had time to follow the instructions yet.

angeljefferson Mon 20-Jun-11 15:47:01

MOH100 ive just checked out your site and its very good! Are you going to add a 'real stories' forum? I always find these helpful, the real life story's from other women seem to help? Its well presented and in logical order, well done! I find it useful to talk to women who have actually experienced this x

MOH100 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:48:10

HI Angel It was me who had the 1 in 2 probablility of Downs after nuchal fold and blood tests, but had CVS and no Downs in the end. I think there may be a slightly increased chance of HG with a Downs baby, but it goes from a very small risk to a very slightly bigger but also very small risk, so it shouldn't be a cause to think that you'll have a Downs baby. The vast majority of mothers with HG have a perfectly 'normal' (for want of a better word) baby. Having HG in one pregnancy and not another is just one of those bad luck things that nobody really understands.

If I were you I'd get a sick note for as long as the doc will give it, ask for more than two weeks, there's almost no chance that you will recover enough to go back to work before about 14 weeks. And if you do go back to work because you think you feel better, you'll just make yourself sick again, so don't do it, stay off. Remember also that rest is a treatment in itself for nausea. Lying completely stationary will help - it's the best time of year for it too, I remember watching the whole of Wimbledon when I was pregnant - at least when I felt well enough to open my eyes and look at the TV, but even the sounds of the gentle thwack of tennis ball on raquet was strangely soothing as I lay on the sofa with my trusty bucket by my side. If you stay rested, keep taking the meds, keep hydrated and fed you might even make your holiday. If you try to keep working then for sure you can kiss your holiday goodbye. As for the guilt, it comes with the territory but guilt's better than nausea, so choose guilt and put your feet up. You didn't ask for this horrible disease, it's not like you're skivving off work to get your nails done.

I had the same problem with ondansetron, having to go back for it the next day and counting the pills to make sure I had enough to cover getting the repeat prescription and waiting for it to come in. by the way, gold star to your GP for dishing out the ondansetron. Can your GP surgery not just send your repeat prescription to the pharmacy so you can sort it out by phone or do you have to actually go up for it? Does it have to be you or can a friend/partner get it? For the nausea you could try another antiemetic along with it, I used buccastem and ondansetron and found the combination more powerful than one on it's own. Also, the ondansetron is almost certainly actually helping with the nausea, it's just that it can't eliminate it completely, in other words you would probably be feeling ten times worse without it. Are you on maximum dose? I messed around with lower doses for a couple of weeks before thinking sod it and just taking maximum ondansetron and buccastem. Did that till 18 weeks then gradually dropped buccastem completely and dropped dose of ondasetron, though took it till birth - that's what I mean about the nausea, I thought I was fully recovered, tried to stop ondansetron then got nauseous again. Did it three times, the last at 29 weeks and thought sod it again, and just kept taking it till I popped.

MOH100 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:52:43

angel cross posted there. Yes I'm going to have a real stories section as soon as I've sorted out the technical details of how to make the site interactive. I also want to have a feedback survey with questions such as how easily did you get treatment, how often did you need IV fluids, what meds did you have and how effective were they, what things helped you cope etc. I'll formulate the questions better so its easy to answer and collate the data, I want to build up a picture of the experience of women with HG in this country. This can then be used by researchers and perhaps to put pressure on the royal college of obs/gynae or NICE to get their finger out and come up with some damn guidelines.

angeljefferson Mon 20-Jun-11 16:28:57

Thanks MOH, I think the staying off work is a good idea, I'm a physiotherapist and have a patient every 20 minutes with only a 30 min break in the middle of the day, I cant even get showered some days, and the thought of going to work is worrying me already!

I was only prescribed Ondansetron after being admitted to hospital through the early pregnancy unit, I had been consistantly sick for 4 days before my appointment, not keeping anything down, and only to be told by the GP and midwife to eat ginger biscuits!! I was actually in the EPAC for a small amount of spotting and had a scan (healthy heart beat thank god!) but I told the midwife about how ill I was and a few tests later I was admitted for rapid rehydration and anti-emetics, the doctor discharged me with ondansetron! If I hadnt of been admitted that day, my partner was going to take me to A&E. Its not great when your 7 weeks and not yet under a midwife or GP, so A&E seems to be the only option!

and I seem to be pill counting as well, luckily I have 5 days reserve, as I had to get a prescription from the walk in centre when I was dischaged from hospital, then the GP gave me a new one, so I'm keeping my stash hush hush, it makes me feel safe haha! I'm on 8mg every 12 hours, although I will admit to sometimes taking them after 11 hours because I cant wait.....I did try not taking my tablet one day when I was having a good day and managed to eat a sandwich and sit in the garden, a few hours later I started to vomit constantly and soon regretted that decision!! I might see the GP about trying something else, I'm still struggling with the nausea (im having a bad day today) and I usually seem to have a really bad day when I've had a really good day! .....a good day is getting showered and managing lunch!

The Downs concern was really because I didnt follow all the other common traits of HG sufferers, I didnt have HG with my first pregnancy 13 years ago with a girl, I'm an older mum (37) and it isnt my first pregnancy.....its a downfall of working in the medical prefession and reading lots of research...I did notice that the research that risk came from, was done in the 1970's!

Thank you for all your advice, and the website is a great idea.......the poll's will defo help with future research, it doesnt look as though alot has been done, although lots of papers have been written!

thanks x

MOH100 Mon 20-Jun-11 16:47:31

angel oh no you came a cropper with the I feel better I don't need the pills scenario. been there. Not taking it just once will have a knock on effect for days to come because it has to build up in your system to be effective. It sounds like you're on a decent dose though, I was on 16mg per day too, but my OB told me to take them whenever I wanted - ie 4mg 4 times a day, 16mg once a day, 8mg twice, just to do whatever worked best for me. In the end I went for 8mg morning and bedtime. The fact that you have some good days and you can eat shows that it is working. Unfortunately in early pregnancy there nothing that will cure you completely and you will have to endure lots of nausea, but at least ondansetron will allow you to eat and drink and stay off the IV. For more help with the nausea, I would go back to your GP and ask for a referral to an OB - unless your GP is confident and experienced enough to treat your HG, but very few of them are. Can you go back to the EPAC unit? The doctor there who gave you the first prescription will be best placed to advise you on other meds for the nausea. I confess also to going early for prescriptions so I have a little stash left over for next time, if there ever will be one. That way I have them ready when I need them while I wait for doctors appointments.

theonlyhb2 Mon 20-Jun-11 19:46:41

welcome angel, and do not worry about the unhealthy diet - 32 weeks and vegetables still make me puke, fruit is too much for my heartburn, and I live off salt, McD's, chip shop, KFC, sausage rolls (only from Greggs)........

Grumblin, it is funny you mention about the special Glasto brownies. It wasnt something I was going to mention but I did find cannabis was the only thing that really helped with settling my stomach, giving me a bit of an appetite and being able to keep food down, especially in the early days (despite anti-sickness tablets). I dont mix with tobacco and its a small amount and I figured it helped with my sanity and thats what was important. I am aware I shall now open up a can of worms with this comment so am awaiting backlash! I am not saying people should try it, it just worked (and still works on bad days) for me. I figured I knew where it came from, no chemicals added, and really was it more harm than all these other tablets I was taking as no one really knows the risk of them? I found some really interesting articles from a Dr who studied Jamaicans (not the Rasta's) and the women who used it but couldnt find any other studies that proved cannabis alone was dangerous (unless you counted the ones where the women smoke tobacco and crack too!) I really do believe in just listening to your body, even more so now, and I think there are so many things out there to scare us, you just have to do what suits you personally.

lottieb22 Mon 20-Jun-11 21:26:46

Hi Angel I'm on my 4th pregnancy and also 37. I didn't have any HG with my first, normal 'morning sickness' with 2nd and 3rd and then HG this time round. My 1st was with a different partner and 2nd, 3rd and 4th all the same so I'm not sure about the theory of different fathers. I'm now 37 + 2. I vomitted anywhere between 2 - 10 times a day between 6 and 16 weeks - never felt so ill. I didn't work for 10 weeks and hospitalised once. Started to feel a bit better at 16 weeks and managed to start living a life again around 20 weeks. I really sympathise though cos I remember when I was at your stage not being able to see an end to it. The nausea has never gone but its much more manageable, though it gets worse when I'm tired. I did a phased return to work when I went back and I'm still managing to work at the moment! I remember just the effort of coming downstairs to lie on the sofa. My consultant said she didn't care what I ate as long as I kept hydrarted - you can worry about healthy eating at a later date! When I started eating again I lived on peanut butter on toast! And I've had to have growth scans as I have a large baby! So it's obviously not affected baby! Great that you've got ondansetron, take as much time off as you need (don't feel guilty) and noone on here will be bothered by how much you moan!! Everyone is either going through the same or been there and survived. oh and just seen you're a physio - I work in the health service too!! I'm a nurse!

lottieb22 Mon 20-Jun-11 21:37:35

MOH website great!! In the drugs section cyclizine is name of the drug and valoid is the brand name. Making it more interactive will be great!

caramellokoalalover Tue 21-Jun-11 08:43:25

welcome angelj but sorry to hear you are feeling so awful. The ondansetron will cause constipation unfortunately. If you can tolerate drinking Fybogel then maybe try that? You can get it on prescription and I found the days I could get it down and keep it down it did help. I took ondansetron the whole way through my 2 pregnancies too and, same as you, tried to cut down dosage along the way only to regret it. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but are you able to try acupuncture at all? Has really helped some of the women (myself included) on here. Can be expensive though. Oh I'd also say to try and make it on your holiday if you can. At least throwing up on a plane people will just think you have travel sickness. And once you're there and settled you might find some new 'safe' foods that you can tolerate.

grumblin I'm laughing at you licking the swan's beak. Lucinda I hate the cold too but I'd happilly have the meet-up in the cold if it helped others.

theonly that's interesting that cannabis helped you with the nausea. I've heard that it can help cancer patients after chemo and as ondansetron works in the same way I'm not surpirsed that it helps with HG too. You certainly won't get any judgement from me. Did the HG cancel out the munchies? smile

How's everyone else doing this morning? Hope it's a good day for some of you.

grumblinalong Tue 21-Jun-11 08:45:38

theonly It is really interesting the cannabis thing. My friend's dad has MS and he grows the plants and uses it for general pain etc, he asked his GP what his thoughts were on it and his GP said 'off the record' if it helps use it. In my first pregnancy he kept saying it was good for nausea (a side effect of one of his meds & his pain) so at my most desperate (before they medicated) I had it once and it worked. Then I got a crisis of confidence, didn't use it again and ended up with coffee grounds and IV's.

Haven't had it subsequently because DH is very wobbly about the subject. I'm much more open minded grin I truly believe in autonomous choice and if it suits you and works it is your decision & responsibility. If you don't agree with it then that is your choice but don't sit in judgement of people who use it to relieve symptoms for conditions you haven't experienced. Can of worms well & truly open!

No mini grumblin yet - sweep yesterday has done nada. Looked up on internet how to do own sweep. Will be keeping well & truly away from that one as I think you really need to be able to see and feel properly.

Hope everyone else is keeping well.

LucindaE Tue 21-Jun-11 09:05:45

MOH Will go to that site now, sure it's great, and get back to you if I can think of anything...Maybe Acupunture? Caramelwell done for mentioning that, I never know if I should mention it, as it did wonders for me and probably helps everyone a bit, though I feel silly saying the same thing...'Jelly...ice lollies...sips of tepid water...coke...crisps...Acunpunture....This To Shall Pass'. Turn off the record, Lucinda!
Grumblin Sweeps sound less than pleasant...Sorry no baby...
Re; Dope That's fascinating, but do you have to smoke it ( I know without tobacco) as the thought of smoking anything would have made me heave? If eaten, would it stay down long enough to work? I'm all for trying anything that works myself, but hadn't heard of that one at the time!
Where is Coconuts?

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 21-Jun-11 09:20:59

lucinda I am here smile Have been so so busy the last couple of days. Had DD in A&E after spraining her foot but all ok, no breaks. Busy getting things ready to decorate the flat and new sofas are coming at some point today. Hope you are well.

MOH Have just been on the website. So great to see all your hard work coming together. As an aside, the line breaks on one of the sections are skewiff, in case you need to amend that in the future before it goes live.

grumblin sorry no baby yet. I had a sweep with DD and it did nothing at all. As they say, babies come when they are ready, not when you are! grin

Welcome angel It is grim isn't it, but it will get better. I had to keep telling myself it was for such a small proportion of my life, because at the time it seems relentless and goes on forever. Glad the meds have stopped the vom, combatting the nausea is the tricky part though. Laying still definitely is the best thing to be doing. Rest as mush as possible, even on good days, because if you don't you'll pay for it the day after. I made that mistake many times.

Waves to everyone else, sorry not much time to namecheck everyone. Always think of you all smile

Come on DFS!!!!

MOH100 Tue 21-Jun-11 09:43:15

lottie thanks for correction, mistake fixed. lucinda I haven't got round to adding everything from the article, it's on the list to be done when I've got time. Do you happen to know anything research wise about acupuncture etc? Is there anyone apart from you who was helped? I want to make one of the survey questions about alternative remedies.... in the fullness of time....provided DD doesn't get any more exotic diseases.

LucindaE Tue 21-Jun-11 10:25:14

Cocoanuts Let me know what you think of that enclosure...
MOH Sorry, I forgot to ask after your poor D/D. Foot and mouth, did you say? I must have seemed callous! How is she? Don't rush yourself about the website, you are busy enough. Re; Acupunture, my knowledge of how far it helps Hyperemesis is anecdotal merely, I know apart from my own happy outcomeFluffy was helped by it, I don't remeber now if she'd had it before or it was through my recommendation, and Caramel Grumblin NItNat possibly Luce and others have had it, but not with such striking results...
Lottie What goes on with baby?
Grumblin thinking of you.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 21-Jun-11 10:40:26

lucinda Have you sent it by email? If so I have nothing?

caramellokoalalover Tue 21-Jun-11 12:12:52

MOH the website is looking great. Acupuncture definitely helped me. I had it 3 times a week in the first few weeks and could always eat a little something after having it and would have a 'better' day the day following treatment. I reduced it slowly as my pregnancy progressed so I was having it every 4 weeks for the last trimester. Some NHS trusts offer referrals for women suffering HG so there must be some research somewhere. I'll do a little googling and see what I can turn up.

Also MOH lots of sympathy for the illnesses your DD has. DS has impetigo and I'm just back from my 3rd trip to the GP with him in 4 weeks to try and get rid of it. I'd never even heard of it until a month ago. Hideous! Hope your DD is doing better.

Mini-grumblin: come out and play! Can't have your mum doing DIY sweeps! I did try acupuncture for induction at 39wks. I had needles and those little seeds you leave in on my ears. It certainly shook things up and I thought it was all-go but everything had stopped within 24hrs of treatment and I went another week. Maybe if I had had treatment at 40wks it would have kick started things. No harm in trying.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 21-Jun-11 15:35:39

Well my sofas are here smile

Comfort at last!

How is everyone? I feel like poo today. Extremely tired and feel really nauseous for some reason, but otoh feel like I need to eat and eat. Have had a cuppa soup and toast for lunch, an apple, a banana, 2 eclairs (little sweets not cream cakes) and half a quiche. What has happened to me? Cooking spag bol for tea although I may need two portions.

And now I've just remembered I am posting on a HG thread so apologies if any of that made anyone feel ill!!

Had to go to bed for a nap at about 1245, was awoken by the phone at 1400 and feel like I need to go back to bed.

MOH your DD has certainly been through it this past week with all those illnesses, poor thing. Let's hope that's her quota for a few weeks now and she doesn't get anything else.

Going to go back and have a proper read of the website now as I was only having a quick look at 11pm last night so didn't really take it all in.

LucindaE Tue 21-Jun-11 17:20:04

Cocoanuts I am fated with IT, blush it seems, I'll send it the attachment again.
Caramel I am dismayed that the improvement after Acupuncturewas rather minimal in your case - or was it variable? I'm afraid for all poor Grumblin getting treatment for Christmas, it didn't do wonders for her, and same with *NitNat.
*MOH8 off to that website now....

nitnatnaboo Tue 21-Jun-11 18:33:10

Lucinda 'twas not me that had the acupuncture - didn't get round to it before hospital and then was too zombified to think after that!

MOH well done on the website - off to have a look now. Eek at the exotic diseases - poor DD and poor you for having to be sorting it all out. Mums do have to be Jacks of all trades don't they!

TMI, no really, if you're in the throes, don't read this bit! Caramel - I sympathise - DS has had impetigo on his thumb and on his bum. The thumb landed him in A&E on Xmas eve when he removed a plaster and half the skin on his finger came off shock. The bum thing has flared up twice and nothing will shift it except for AB's and it is so sore it makes him cry, poor love.

Grumblin shock at DIY sweeps. There googles a desperate woman! Found out at mw appt yesterday that I am already booked in for a sweep at 40 weeks on the dot sad. Hate them.

I have been in tears three times today. Could it be a sign of pre-labour? <hopeful face> my bump has also dropped and I am waddling like a good-un.

Waves to all not mentioned and welcome to Angel. Glad you have got the Ondansetron and had some rehydration. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

LucindaE Tue 21-Jun-11 18:53:12

Hey, *Everyone, happy summer solstice (sp?), just realised...One of these days I will see Stonhenge...
NitNat congratulations on descending bump and waddle.


theonlyhb2 Tue 21-Jun-11 18:55:47

caramello, grumblin very relieved to read your posts, as its such a controversial thing! no munchies like I might normally get but more of a "oh I think I want to eat and I reckon it will stay down too" feeling. you know some days you wake up and you just know anything you eat or drink is going to re-appear, its deffo good for those days in making life more bearable. Interestingly, it doesn't have the "stoned" effect on me anymore?! In the early days I rather craved that feeling of peace and relaxing and it never came - I think thats what you call sod's law smile

LucindaE Maybe as I was a smoker anyway, the thought of smoking it wasn't disgusting to me as I knew it would help? I used to be a tobacco smoker, gave up before I realised I was pregnant as just went off it, and couldn't stand to be anywhere near tobacco smoke from 6 weeks (can only just tolerate it now). The thought of smoking a cigarette makes me heave! You can get vaporisers so its a lot purer "hit" and much less smoke like (just like breathing in air). I did think about putting it in cakes but you cant really control how much you are in-taking or judge how long it will last. And yes....I dont think anything eaten would stay down long enough to work!

MOH just seen website, fantastic!! Hope your DD is OK

cocoanuts I did have to laugh, its amazing when you suddenly get an appetite and not only do you want to eat lots, you can eat lots, and then your stomach even digests it!! Its a shame now I have suddenly got massive that I can't eat as much as I like as baby moves and squashes my stomach even more

3 weeks left at work........woo!

hello to everyone not mentioned, hope you are all doing OK xx

grumblinalong Wed 22-Jun-11 10:32:49

Right I'm officially pi**ed off now. Last night things seemed to be getting going, regular contractions which I had to 'breathe through' and loads of pelvic pain. I can literally feel the head down below - had a lie down after I'd put DS's to bed. All went away - in desperation even resorted to sex blush, nothing. Grr. What is wrong with this baby? Feels like its trying to torture me. MW just rang-booked in for another sweep on Fri with her and the hospital have asked me to go back on Monday if nothing so they can scan/monitor/sweep again. I've refused induction but might give in if I get desperate sad I HATE being induced though.

theonly I wonder if the general crapness feeling of HG negates the stoned effect? Or it could be that cyclizine/meds make you feel weird anyway so you don't notice. The smoking thing is exactly the same for me - I used to smoke but gave up as soon as found out I was pg with DS1, have never gone back to it because even when not pregnant the thought makes me want to hurl.

nitnat If you beat me to childbirth I will lose it. Seriously. grin Same goes for you lottie!

cocoanuts Oh increased appetite sounds good - quiche is good to keep down (pastry, eggs, cheese etc will build you up)

caramel Please do some jedi mind tricks, please. Mental pictures of me licking a swans beak, vomming in the bath and christmas pudding display induced vomitting episodes need to stop now.

everyone else Hope you're all ok. angel how are you getting on with the ondansetron? Any side effects?

LucindaE Wed 22-Jun-11 11:02:46

Grumblin Oh, dear, how disappointing for you...Sex in such circs, shock.
Sounds like your O/H is very obliging in that way! Nobody is allowed to waddle to the front of the queue...
NitNat Forgot to send you gentle cyber pats re tears...It must have been
LA* who had Acupuncture, then...I remember you, Grumblin and LA were all alarmingly ill just before Christmas...
TheOnly Grumblin I'm intrigued that the dope helped. I swear by some herbal cures, anyway, and its only the same thing...
MOH Most punctiliously have I typed in your website details, and I get
an unmentionable message telling me that there is no such website. Oh, dear, I know I am an IT dunce but this is ridiculous! I typed that whole thing in, I typed in truncated versions...I am beginning to fear for my pc...
I hope those in early stages aren't suffering too much? Alias are you out of hospital, you poor thing? How are the meds,*M1N*?
I just realised, Mac had a 4+ reading on ketones...


LucindaE Wed 22-Jun-11 11:06:06

As usual, forgot things...Angel how are things? Still drinking milk?
Lottie how are things progressing.
Grumblin You are so right about inductions. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid, though it is so awful being in this state...

angeljefferson Wed 22-Jun-11 12:29:40

Hi everyone, sorry I've not been ingnoring you all, but ended up as an emergency admission yesterday....not the HG this time, but a related problem! Unfortunately my constipation had lead to a tear in my anterior bottom cavity (up my bum bacically) and I was passing lots of disgusting stuff.....which is unfortunately infection! So yesterday was spent with young 30 something surgeons poking things up my bum and leaving with an appointment for a full camera exploration, anti biotics, fibogel, and ointment......oh the joys of pregnancy! I think I've lost all my dignity!

Lottie its good to talk to another Nhs worker.....I've now got my sicknote for another 2 weeks, but I'm starting to doubt my ability to go back to work after that! Its re-assuring taking to someone else who hasnt had this awful thing before in previous pregnancies!

Caramel I now have my fibgel, and its just taken me 2 hours to sip it down...........and I am defo going on the holiday, we've decided the hours it take to get there and all the vomitting will be worth it, I can just relax all day, and if I need to go and lie down in the room....DD who's 13 needs a little attention before the baby arrives!

Coconuts I started vomitting again last night, Ive had an awful 2 days and ended up with my head down the toilet for a good 20 mins dry heaving.....I know the actual puking will probably not be far behind! Im starting to get the fact now, if I have a good day, a bad one will follow if I try to do too much!

The acupuncture thing is a bit of a dilemma, I actually practice acupunture as part of my job, but the first trimester is classed as a caution, and since I had a misscariage in feburary, I'm a little relutant to try it yet!

Lucinda I've just actually had a glass of milk, its where I get most my calories from...that and orange lucozade! I cant stoamch crisps any longer, and my list of foods I can tolerate is getting smaller by the minute! I think I will have to live on happy meals and greggs sandwiches and pasties...very much the same as theonly Ive gave up worrying and I'm just happy to keep some fluids and food down.....fingers crossed my vomitting episode last night is not going to start being a 24 hour thing again!

I dont think I've missed anyone

any tips on sleeping would help, I cant sleep because I feel so sick!


ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 22-Jun-11 12:55:22

angel there were times that I just couldn't sleep because I was laying there waiting for the voim to come. I had nights where I was throwing up through the night constantly. The only advice I can give is to time the meds so you're taking one about an hour before bed, laying still, crawling into bed and just taking deep breaths waiting for it to pass, eventually I'd drop off.

you are doing well to have some foods you can tolerate. The week I was admitted I had drunk nothing but Sunny D all week, no food at all. I was fearful I would lose all my teeth and turn orange and now if I pass Sunny D in the shop it makes me heave a bit!

So sorry to hear of the unpleasant infection, that must feel awful, constipation is the devil. Could you try lactulose instead of fybogel. much less to try and swallow. You can buy it from pharmacies or get it on prescription. I found the water soluble ones the worst because you had to actually drink to get them down.

angeljefferson Wed 22-Jun-11 13:23:08

Thanks coconuts I'll try the chemist maybe tomorrow and see if lactolose will be better....

and I had a week where I ate nothing and couldnt even keep fluids down for 48 hours (week 6) this is when I was admitted with ketones 4+ and had rapid rehydration. Luckily the Ondansetron is letting me keep somethings down, but it changes each day....1 day I ate 3 fish fingers covered in salt and vinegar...so everyone went out and bought be boxes of the things! I havent wanted them since haha! The other day I only ate the inside of a pasty ( I couldnt stomach the pastry). I lived on adsa blackcurrent juice at one point....and I've got the same problem...I heave even talking about it!

I tend to take my meds around 8am/and 8pm anyway, but the past couple of nights I've been much worse and its not working as well! fingers crossed tonight!

MOH100 Wed 22-Jun-11 13:37:48

oh you poor pregnant ladies! grumblin an HG suffering friend of mine has just popped out a lovely DD the day before they were threatening to induce so there is hope. Keep having the sex it might not help but at least it's compensation.

My DD is ok but infected finger - did I mention infected finger caused by sucking HFM blister while she had gingivostomatitis? - anyway it looks medieval and there's no chance of her keeping the dressing on it. Otherwise she's fine, at nursery (hurrah) and managed not to go to GP today.

I've had some time to tinker with the website. I've added a survey page, there are a lot of questions so I think I've covered most topics, but as ever suggestions welcome. If anyone has time between vomiting or false contractions, please try it out and tell me what you think. I've left all the answers open as I thought that everyone's experience is so unique that multiple choice answers wouldn't cover all possibilities. This does mean quite a lot of typing to fill in the answers, so I might have to rethink that. If there are any that you think could be simplified, let me know. If there are any other things we should ask, also let me know.

lucinda not sure what's going on there - have you tried just cutting and pasting? Here's the address again, I've put double square brackets round it so it should come up as a proper link.


Did anyone else know there's a pregnancy sickness support conference going on tomorrow? There's a link on their website http://www.pregnancysicknesssupport.org.uk/008.asp
It's a training day for sufferers, supporters and those wishing to set up a local support group. I'd like to go, but I'd have to take DD with me as can't get childcare at short notice. I found out about it from Cathy Sykes, the psychologist lady, she's giving a talk. I've told her about the website, she's going to mention it in the talk.

MOH100 Wed 22-Jun-11 13:50:19

just spoke to Terry Salter at pregnancy sickness support and he says that they're almost certainly going to do another conference in the autumn. He's got my details so I'll be informed in advance and let you all know. They're going to put a link to our website on theirs. I'll aks mumsnet to do the same.

nitnatnaboo Wed 22-Jun-11 14:24:43

Eek Grumblin I shall do my best not to queuejump <crosses legs> <remembers just eaten leftover curry for lunch. Starts to panic. Decides to conceal birth of baby on mumsnet>
I have just picked 1.5kg of black currants out of my garden and am feeling smug

nitnatnaboo Wed 22-Jun-11 14:27:46

ooh we could have a meetup at the conference <goes off to google ice sculptures of swans with big beaks>

grumblinalong Wed 22-Jun-11 14:44:18

MOH Have submitted my form on the website. It's brilliant, you've done a sterling job. Sorry I haven't been much help, will be able to volunteer more soon.

nitnat Autumn conference meet up sounds good to me, I'm in. MOH Any idea whereabouts in country it is?

Have just had some shit news from solicitor - our buyers have pulled out of our house sale at the 11th hour. Today could not get any worse. Surrounded by boxes of packed things that I'm now going to have to unpack. I'm an elephant, DS2 has got slapped cheek and haven't had so much of a twinge.

grumblin officially collapses in heap and wails.

I know I know. I should pull myself together, it all could be much much worse. Self piteous rant over.

angeljefferson Wed 22-Jun-11 15:16:02

Great job MOH, I've fillled in the survey, and I think its great! I think if you are going to use it for research purposes, it would be useful to have the womans age, and if possible the sex of the baby if known. Apart from that I cant think of anything else, great job done!

MOH100 Wed 22-Jun-11 15:33:54

grumblin glad you got time to do survey before unpacking. If you give us details we could arrange a hit squad to go and whack your ex buyer, maybe a mass vomit, could be a powerful deterrant to anyone who messes with a hyperemesis mum.

This conference was in Nuneaton so good for midlanders, presume the autumn one will be too. A meet up would be great for anyone who can make it. I'll aim to go, I'm not too far away and I'll make sure DD is in nursery for the day.

angel good idea, will add in question about age and baby gender.

MOH100 Wed 22-Jun-11 16:03:53

TECHNICAL GLITCH. I can't see the responses to the survey from grumblin and angel. Please don't anyone else fill it in till I've fiddled with it, something about privacy settings I'm sure but google sites is not terribly intuitive so watch this space.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 22-Jun-11 16:51:06

MOH will fill the survey in once you have given the go ahead smile where is nuneaton?

I have a feeling autumn means that I will be pretty much full term or about to pop out a baby grin but it would be awesome if some of us could go and have a mini MN meet up!

grumblin Shitty news about the house move, sorry sad And I have no idea what slapped cheek is but I hope it doesn't hurt your DS.

La73 Wed 22-Jun-11 17:19:47

Exhausted, spent evening in A&E with DD with nursemaids elbow but she was completely fine as soon as they popped it back in! Seems lots of our LOs are going through rough time of it sad

Theonly Sister's Californian hubbie GYO over there and he also recommended this for nausea but once on cyclizine was so spaced out didn't bother, but whatever works I say.

MOH will check out site and do survey ASA. Well done. Up for Conference in Autumn but not so sure I'll be up for ice sculpting, will leave that to berrylicous Nitnat

Grumblin oh for f**k sake can you not catch a break you poor thing! Here's hoping little buggar comes out soon. I was so excited 1st time when waters broke during sex (husband thought I was literally v excited, till I explained...) but still no contractions and ended up induced. Know I mentioned this before but couple friends swear reflexology works so maybe worth a try (gotta be better than DIY sweep?)

Coconuts glad you're eating and hopefully sign turned corner smile Angel welcome, sorry u had to join the bleak club x

MOH100 Wed 22-Jun-11 17:25:12

coconuts nuneaton is near Coventry. I'm not too far away if I'm driving alone, but just a bit further than I'd like with DD alone in back of car getting bored.

good news I've sorted the glitch, actually I was just being excessively dunderheaded and not noticing something really obvious - all part of the learning process. So it's all systems go if anyone wants to do the survey.

Another thing I want to think about setting up is local support network. If anyone is willing to volunteer to contact a new HG sufferer for moral support and advice by phone or email, then I can keep a database. If I have a rough idea of where people are, then there is the possibility of a support visit if both parties are amenable. I'm thinking here of the poor souls who are all excited by being pregnant only to end up struck down by HG with no clue what the hell is happening and surrounded by people saying try ginger biscuits. i know a lot of you have been that person. It's just a rough idea at the moment, I'm thinking I'll have a page called support with links to this thread and other websites and a form that users can fill in to either offer or request support. pregnancy sickness support are setting up local networks so I would aim to tie it in with their efforts.

angeljefferson Wed 22-Jun-11 17:49:54

Hi la, Im actually quite enjoying the bleak club, its awful when anyone asks how you are and I give them a list of awfulness.........at least I can do that on here and everyone understands! I think I'm just having a bad few days, I'm sure my wicked sence of humour will return at some point. I miss being funny......I'm sure all my fun has been flushed down the toilet with the spew....

what a shitty day Grumblin, we are in the middle of trying to sell 2 houses and buy one........yes we tried for a baby even before buying a house together haha.....which is quite useful at the mo when DP goes home for a night to sort his washing etc,....I get the bed all to myself and get to puke in peace and he does his own washing! But it is starting to get slightly worrying we will still have 2 houses to pay for when DC comes.......

MOH great idea for the local support.....I'm up for it, coming on here has helped me more than you'll know, so someone to speak to locally would be great.....I live in Newcastle Upon tyne, so put me down for that area smile

theonlyhb2 Wed 22-Jun-11 17:59:26

Angel, I miss being funny too! I moan less about being sick now and more about everything else. i am addicted to Greggs - 2 sausage rolls & 2 caramel custard filled donuts for breakfast/lunch. bloody yum.

walked into the kitchen this morning and the general kitchen smell made me puke. almost made me feel nostalgic ;)

grumblin, i shall do the labour dance for you. my friend is now a week overdue and going crazy! we are trying to avoid her "being violated by the midwife" tomorrow so have tried curry, cakes, bribery, poking the bump and shouting at it. so the dance is the last resort!

Oh I am feeling smug its raining at Glastonbury smile never rains when I go!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 22-Jun-11 18:21:57

MOH - I'm up for the local support network too. I don't drive although would be happy to visit people in and around my area via public transport links and also phone calls. I live around South Lincs around the A16 area. I think it's a fab idea. And I have no idea where Coventry is either grin I'll google!!

Will do the survey this evening smile I have bookmarked the website smile

Had a nice haircut today and take out burgers and chips for dinner - perfect day grin

angeljefferson Wed 22-Jun-11 18:24:15

ahhh our dreams of Glasto are long gone.....I tried for tickets for this year, let just say thank god I didnt get them..... imagine hyperemersis at Glasto....its quite comical to think about.....smile

La73 Wed 22-Jun-11 18:44:06

You'll get yr SOH back but can kiss dignity goodbye ;)

angeljefferson Wed 22-Jun-11 18:56:36

I waved that goodbye yesterday when I was admitted.....3 different doctors, a young good looking 30 od year old surgeon and a giant probe up my bum......bloody dignity flew out the window faster than concorde, grin

theonlyhb2 Wed 22-Jun-11 19:35:39

i had a ticket, angel, and was seriously considering it for a long time! in may i admitted defeat and said i couldnt go. Luckily found a buyer for my ticket and made 70 quid smile

lottieb22 Wed 22-Jun-11 19:39:11

Poor you grumblin - must be desperate if you've resorted to sex! I don't think I'd actually physically be able to do it at the moment!
angel - anal fissure??!! Very painful! Apparently botox is a treatment option for it!! On the positive you could have a wrinkle free bum!!!

I have finished work today and officially on mat leave!! Left very reluctantly! As now have to actually think about having a baby! Stretch and sweep tomorrow - yuk sounds gruesome! Having my last night out tomorrow night! Going to see a fab Doors tribute band who I last saw about 9 months ago - I blame them for my current situation. Too much to drink and a bit careless on the contraception side!! Induction on tuesday!! Yippee!! Its nice to actually be able to see an end in sight!!

angeljefferson Wed 22-Jun-11 20:18:38

Yes lottie as a result of constipation from my ondansetron.....and its internal and severly infected....oooooooh lucky me!!! I havent heard of the bo-tox option though? Its not a small one though, its a trauma tear to the anterior wall......so lucky me has to have a full camera investigation where they have a look up my full bowel (sigmoidoscopy).......its so sad you have to laugh! (the best thing was I ended up on a ward I've worked on before and was recognised) grin

and lucky you...mat leave and baby not far off too, enjoy the Doors, they are a fav or mine and DP......smile

MOH100 Wed 22-Jun-11 20:20:35

Damn, forgot to put in a question about how much weight did you lose. I might have to add this in, it's quite important, but I need to put it in near the top where it makes more sense and when I add a question it automatically goes to the bottom of the form. Hmm need to think about this. I've also added a question at the bottom for anything else you want to say. This is defo a work in progress. If you haven't already filled it in, might be best to wait a few days.....

nitnatnaboo Wed 22-Jun-11 20:41:32

OMG Grumblin I shudder to think what else can go wrong
<Gets loud hailer>
Grumblin's naughty baby stop this nonsense at once and make your way to the nearest exit without further delay.

Sorry about house and unnecessary packing sad Babies seem to blight house sales - ours fell through on the day we registered DS's birth, then again with the same people a few weeks later. I was unamused. We ended up moving anyway and managed to get a further reduction on our new house to cover the interest on a bridging loan.

MOH Count me in for support network.
Lottie congrats on starting mat leave - can't believe you're straight in there with the violating midwives so soon

Angel sorry about bum ishoos. Sounds horrible. Today I have had a repeat of last Wednesday's sudden mystery bleeding from unknown orifice but it was again associated with having a poo, although no visible signs of injury, so I think I am safe and NOT GOING TO GIVE BIRTH. NOPE, NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

lottieb22 Wed 22-Jun-11 20:41:49

Angel Nice!!!! My worst nightmare is being a patient on a ward where I've worked!!! If you ever get the chance - I highly recommend The Doors Alive! Very authentic and sound just like them!!

LucindaE Wed 22-Jun-11 20:50:27

Grumblin Oh, no, about house! shock sad Poor, poor you! This is not fair. Why is fate picking on you? Cyber hugs. For sure you deserve an easy labor and an a good, sleeping, happy baby. Sucking ice swan's beak, lol...
Angel Awful, about tear. That is dramatic! I had a camera up my bum but that was only about a lingering stomach bug that went anyway. It was the breaking wind afterwards that did it for me...Hyperemesis Glastonbury, lol!
You haven't lost your sense of humour for sure...
TheOnly I hope that is the last puke of this pregnancy...
Lottie Carrying such a giant baby, surely you need a rest?Congrats on maternity leave.
LA Ah, priceless re: husband's misapprehension re broken waters...
MOH Count me in as a local volunteer. I'm in the mid Wales area. Sadly, I hate driving so much I don't do it any more, but if I can get there by public transport...I did volunteer for the Pregnancy Sickness people but they never got back to me...I said IT doesn't like me...
Caramel Fluffy waves...
NitNat I hope happier today?
Waves to anyone rudely not mentioned.

La73 Thu 23-Jun-11 09:50:16

Lottie I'm joining you! 
Last day in office, hurrah no more rush hour tube smile 
Lovely farewell lunch yesterday at River Cafe w no nausea, double hurrah (don't worry sufferers won't mention what I ate)
Farewell drinks after work, triple hurrah - after all I'm drinking for 2 right?!?

Angel Anal tear? Ouch. In ward where recognized? Oh crikey, poor you, full on loss of dignity training. Hope not too painful now?
MOH put me down for support in Twickenham/Richmond post crazy early baby days. Will wait your greenlight before doing survey smile

Waves to all in hope none are head down in loo smile

nitnatnaboo Thu 23-Jun-11 10:29:27

La congrats on Mat Leave. Outing to River Cafe envy how posh! Their recipe book is such a faff - skinning and deseeding cherry tomatoes for God's sake! Would love to experience the real deal!
Angel any improvement in the infection today? Hope it heals up quickly. How is nausea/vom?
Lucinda thanks for asking - yes I had a much better day yesterday, encouraged by the blackcurrant "harvest". Going to make pie today and do other clucky nest-making activities.

I have just made it rain by pegging out one teatowel [clever]. The effect was almost instantaneous. I shall concentrate my new-found powers in the direction of Grumblin's baby

fluffywhitekittens Thu 23-Jun-11 11:11:40

Just marking place will be back later

MotherofPearl Thu 23-Jun-11 13:09:26

Just a quick post to say MOH your website is looking great, and I've filled in the survey. Such a good idea to gather information about HG because there's so little out there. I don't feel I'm as much of a knowledgeable HG veteran as some people on this thread, but if you're looking for support people I'd be happy to volunteer in the south Manchester area (Didsbury, Chorlton).
Grumblin can't believe you're still waiting for your baby, who is clearly dawdling and procrastinating! And what a pain about the house and the move.
Angel, hope you're feeling better now and that your, ahem, bottom problem has been sorted - sounds pretty painful, as if HG on it's on not bad enough!
Also feeling very envious of La's River Cafe visit, how very nice for some smile
Mmm, although some of NitNat's blackcurrant pie sounds quite delicious too!
I have found that very crispy, salty bacon is hitting the spot at the moment. Also ice-cold chocolate soya milk. Sorry if that's made anyone feel ill...

angeljefferson Thu 23-Jun-11 15:47:11

Nitnat, la and Mother, thanks for the concern of bottom issues....antibiotics seems to be kicking in a bit today...I think? but I have my appointment for the giant camera up there on tuesday......I cant help thinking how lucky I have been in this pregnancy......bring on the next 6 months of puking and camera's up my rear end!

Nitnat nausea didnt seem as bad this morning after a really bad 3 days and nights, so I popped out to the chemist (yes I got dressed and left the house wooooohoooooo) only to spend the 5 minute car journey trying not to puke and I was a retching mess by the time I got home......apart from that I'm great! big sigh's coming from angels mouth .......I ded have a couple of friend pop for some company today and brought me a marks and spencer cheese, ham and pickle sandwich....which I managed quite nicely after a slow start! so I've at least had 500 calories so far today!

Grumbalin any news of your baby yet?? not even a few twinges??

MOH I meant to ask if you need me to do the survey again or did you find it?

lucinda you always find time to ask about everyone, how are you? When would you say the sickness gets to a manageable level to live again....I just want to feel well enough to go clothes shopping! I couldnt care less if I never cooked again though, I cant even look at food thats cooking, never mind smell it! I'm struggling to make my friends a cup of tea now without wanting to heave down the toilet!

I think I covered everyone, sorry if I missed you xx smile

theonlyhb2 Thu 23-Jun-11 17:00:14

grumblin I did the labour dance and my friend had her little (hah! 10ib1oz!) boy this morning.......so am assuming you are also in labour/had child/eating toast xx

LucindaE Thu 23-Jun-11 17:16:30

Angel So I should ask after everyone, Hyperemesis is a nightmare memory for me, after all...It was gone with me by 14 weeks save for residual heartburn, but I was very lucky how my body responded to Acupunture. I think with most people, though, it gets much much better between fourteen and twenty weeks, with a small number of unlucky people suffering after that and up to delivery, but even with them, it isn't as bad as it was round the dreaded seven to twelve weeks, when most hospitalisations occur. Sorry you are still delicate, I never know how people can drive when on the verge of puking!
MOH filled in your survey form (thanks whoever told me to cut and paste, was it that invaluable Coconuts and I hope you got my volunteering offer for Mid Wales below?
Grumblin TheOnly I have a feeling it will be anytime now, certainly not later than Sunday. I may be wrong...
NitNat Glad you are happier.
Everyone Love that website of MOH's...


nitnatnaboo Thu 23-Jun-11 19:10:47

Just popped on to boast about my blackcurrant pies. I made 3 and I have just had a slice and it was the most marvellous thing I have ever tasted. Fruity but tart. I reckon a single slice could possibly cure HG! Roll up, roll up.....

Hi all, havent been on for a while - you guys have been busy and lots to catch up on!!!

grumblin sorry no sign of baby yet - hopefully when he/she does arrive it will be a nice quick labour!!!

angel welcome! I am glad you are finding the thread a good source of support. Sorry to hear about your bottom issues and loss of dignity - good job you can come and share it all with us!! smile try not to worry about work - I was signed off for 11 weeks total and it really is for the best to take however long you need. As for list of foods getting smaller, I found this happen to me at various points and then I'd find something else acceptable and could only eat that for a while - what people can stomach just seems to go like that. But don't worry if you eat the same things every day - as long as you are getting something! Well done on your m&s sandwich - youmay find it becomes a new staple part of your diet!! Plus you should really make your friends make their own cuppa! smile

MOH website looks great - not too fussy and lots of great info. Is the survey ok to fill in now? Support-wise, I am in south Devon nr Exeter but don't drive so cant travel too far but happy to give email support etc.

La and Lottie I'm a bit jealous of your maternity leave - I still have until late August to go. Hope you are making the most of resting before your little bundles arrive!

Motherofpearl and Nitnat I am now craving a crispy bacon sandwich followed by blackcurrant pie yummmmm!!!! smile

coconuts hope you are enjoying your new sofas and have claimed your chill-out space on them! Know what you mean about wanting to just eat and eat - I've been feeling like that for last couple of weeks as bump expands rapidly!!

Hi to anyone not mentioned - hope you are feeling not too bad and managing to get through each day as it comes xx

caramellokoalalover Fri 24-Jun-11 08:35:56

Very quick post to say, Grumblin, I think it's a lovely day for having a baby wink!

nitnatnaboo Fri 24-Jun-11 09:53:49

Grumblin has been suspiciously quiet for 24 hours. Hmmm!

theonlyhb2 Fri 24-Jun-11 10:07:58

i think she off on a mission to yrs for those pies, nitNat!

angeljefferson Fri 24-Jun-11 10:17:49

as much as I feel sick nit nats pies do sound nice.....

angeljefferson Fri 24-Jun-11 10:20:08

ps everyone........I'm having a good day so far!!!!!! I think I might even have sausage roll grin

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 24-Jun-11 10:22:09

Nitnat - send some my way smile

elliotts - sofas are lovely and comfy this is the one we have in the mink smile

HB- had kiddicare moved to hampton sode of Pboro? I haven't been since it was on lincoln road and thinking of going soon but I have a feeling I don't know where it is!

grumblin - hope you are in the proces of having a baby or having tea and toast smile

m1nn1em0u5e Fri 24-Jun-11 11:32:50

Hi everybody, not posted for a while, all the talk of food really makes me heave! Well, GP still doesn't want to risk meds as everytime my urine is tested there are no ketones in in. I have now lost 11lbs in two weeks, can only manage toast & dry biscuits....really really fed up & im still only 8 weeks....dont know what to do, my husband is going away with work for 10 days tomorrow & im feeling really sorry for myself with 2 children to look after, I feel so poorly I cant even drive as I keep going so dizzy.

angeljefferson Fri 24-Jun-11 11:43:02

m1 my sympathies are with you, I'm only 9+5 weeks, and I've struggled since week 6! Can you ask your GP to refer you to obsetrics? or are you booked in with the hospital yet? I was booked in by 8 weeks and given a 24 hour advice line to the maternity ward, they are much more sympathetic than the GP.I didnt get meds until I had ketones 4+, but I'd only lost 7lbs, (I'm only 7st 8lbs to start with!) and couldnt keep any food or drink down. Even with meds, somedays I've only managed half a slice of toast, but as long as you are keeping something down and fluids, I think the docs are quite happy. Have you tried lucozade or milk? for some reason I find these easier to drink and they are full of calories.....it might be worth a try! Big hugs and I hope you get something soon xx

m1nn1em0u5e Fri 24-Jun-11 11:49:44

Thanks angel, im booking in at the hospital next Friday, so I will ask then, this is my 3rd hyperemesis pregnancy, & I have never been offered any meds previously, so im not hopeful this time either. I say I can manage toast & biscuits, that is on an ok day..I can keep water down, during the day, but in the evenings I cant keep anything down usually, thanks for the support, I think its just a matter of time & waiting (hopefully) for this to pass. xx

Hi M1nn1e , sorry you are feeling so awful - is your GP not concerned about your weightloss??? Are you being sick a lot of times a day? If you feel you need some medication you should demand they give you something, it might help to take someone with you if you don't feel strong enough to argue. Print off some information from MOHs website if you think he needs more information and probably some tears wouldn't hurt!! smile it's not just about ketones, it's also about how your daily life is being affected. Hope you start to feel a bit better soon x

m1nn1em0u5e Fri 24-Jun-11 15:17:46

Hi ElliotsMummy, I am sick mostly morning & evenings, about 6 times a day? Will have a look on the MOHs website, my daily life is awful at the moment & I feel so guilty on my little boys. Thank you x

m1nn1em0u5e Fri 24-Jun-11 15:18:30

PS He doesnt seem concerned, I lost over a stone in my previous 2 pregnancies each time & he was more concerned that I was drinking enough fluids.

MOH100 Fri 24-Jun-11 15:26:10

angel found your answers. Thanks also to grumblin (any baby yet?), nitnat, lucinda and MotherofPearl I've got your survey results too. I can't wait to start analysing and doing the stats on it - I'm a physicist, I love having data to analyse - and I'll have a page on the results as soon as time permits. La it's all working now so you can fill in the survey and anyone else who can. Thank you all for offers of support too, I intend to open a page specifically for this so that people using the site can fill in a few contact details and say what region they're in and what kind of support they can offer. As ever it's a question of time time time - DH is physicist too, you'd think between us we could rig up some kind of time machine, we watch Dr Who every week, it shouldn't be that hard...

MOH100 Fri 24-Jun-11 15:29:05

just realised I sound like complete geek in previous post. I admit I do have some geeky tendencies but I am also a shoe-aholic, wear skirts on occasion, pay a stupid amount of money to get my hair done and can hold eye contact while having a conversation. Just for the record.

MOH100 Fri 24-Jun-11 15:34:52

minnie just reading your posts, bloody hell, you need help asap! Have you got family to help with LOs? If you want any full transcripts of any research papers to shove in front of your GP or midwife, send me a private message and I'll email or post them to you. I have some really nice articles from academic journals, one of them aimed at midwives, explaining the need for early intervention and some more medical stuff about treatment regimes. I know you said you're not one for asserting yourself with the doctors, but you can just quietly hand over some literature and ask them to read it - or maybe ask friend/family to do it for you. I think your doctors may genuinely not be aware that they are living in the dark ages with regard to treatment.

m1nn1em0u5e Fri 24-Jun-11 19:42:17

All of my family work full time, except my Mum who is just going back to work after treatment for Breast Cancer. Mum is going to help me out between work. Not quite sure how to private message, but I will have a go now. Thank you x

MotherofPearl Fri 24-Jun-11 19:54:24

Minnie I really feel for you. Sounds like you're having such a rough time, and that you're not able to get much help. Really seems to me that your GP is being obstructive and as MOH said, living in the dark ages. You should NOT be having to ensure this when there are loads of medications which could be giving you the semblance of normal life angry That GP makes me feel quite cross on your behalf! Hope you manage to get someone to prescribe something soon.

Unrelatedly, I wanted to ask a question of other cyclizine takers out there please. I find, as many others do, that the cyclizine makes me very drowsy. Do you think it has the same effect on the baby? I know I'm only 19+1 but I've hardly felt this baby move at all, in fact don't feel sure I have yet felt it move (this is my 2nd PG), and my mum reckons that it's the cyclizine keeping it sedated. Have horrible image of drugged up baby being born half asleep with left-over cyclizine coursing through its veins! Sounds crazy now that I've typed it, but any words of wisdom on this from cyclizine veterans very welcome smile

diddygirl Fri 24-Jun-11 20:10:59

Hi all, wow this thread has grown quickly.

MOH - I think your website is just fab, it's so well organised. I will def so a survey over the weekend.

Minnie - you poor thing. Can you not get yourself up to A&E and tell them you can't cope anymore. It is immoral that you are suffering in this way, I cannot believe your doctor.

MOP - not sure of whether cyclizine affects baby. When I started taking it at 8 weeks it certainly knocked me out but I don't feel as drowsy on it now.

I'm feeling a lot better now. Almost 16 weeks and have only been sick about 4 times this week. I've started weaning myself to 2 cyclizine tablets a day and seem ok.

Hope everyone's ok. Looking forward to hearing of Grumnlin's new arrival very soon.


theonlyhb2 Fri 24-Jun-11 20:19:30

cocoanut yes it is the Hampton side now, very easy to get to, you can see it from the road when you come to the massive Tesco's etc

minnie I suggest going to a&e - you can say you keep getting tested for ketones but you cant stop being sick, its exhausting, you need something to make you stop as you cant cope. its horrible yr GP wont do anything, a lot it seems are too scared to prescribe anything to pregnant women.

MOH I am hoping someone invents a teleportation device to get the baby out my belly without ruining my vagina....can you please invent that first?

Mother i wouldnt worry to be honest.....i thought I would feel baby move less cos been taking co-codamal and I swear it kicks more than ever. just one of those babies! I didnt feel it properly for ages, I know its my first but the position it was in meant I didnt really feel it, found out it was in the same position as my friends 2nd one and she felt it move far less than her first but ut it down to the position

yet again I had 2 sausage rolls from Greggs for a late (2nd) breakfast. they are seriously amazing. sorry for making people gag!

lottieb22 Fri 24-Jun-11 21:31:54

MOP Try not to worry re cyclizine. Proven to be perfectly safe for unborn babies! I'm on my 4th pregnancy and although felt the movement a bit earlier than 1st one with the 3 after I didn't feel consistent movements until 22/23 weeks. Especially if I was busy and my mind not on baby movements. I was so worried one day that I went to ante natal day unit at local hospital where they put me on a CTG monitor for 30 mins and the baby moved around continuosly and made me look like such a fool!!!

theonly I had a friend who had to have a planned C section and her partner asked (seriously) if they could perform it via keyhole surgery like they do removing gall bladders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M1nn1E don't know what to say except that it all sounds horrendous. I just 2nd what everyone else has said. I think its negligent that you are feeling so unwell and not being treated adequately. Hope you get some help soon.

Caronline Fri 24-Jun-11 21:48:41

Hi all I've been taking cyclizine for about 6 weeks now (I'm 17+1) and felt baby kicking today smile I've been assured it's totally safe.

I am shocked M1nn1e that you're doctor won't give you anything, I don't know how I'd cope without the meds. I really think you should persevere - can you see a different GP? I'm so sorry for you, cyclizine is helping me loads but I was throwing up 20-30 times a day, vomiting blood and spent two nights in hospital o a drip and even on the days I just felt nauseous ( with no vomiting) i was so miserable. After my hosp stay thanks to the medication I'm so much better and I'm actually enjoying my pregnancy now. I really hope you get the help you need soon - hang on in there wink xx

nitnatnaboo Fri 24-Jun-11 23:12:04

MOP another cyclizine veteran here. Don't know if it affected movements but now at 36 weeks this baby is way more active than DS was. She is never still!
Caronline welcome and eek! 20-30 times per day - surely that is a record for this thread. So glad you got treatment and are managing to enjoy yourself.
Minnie as others, can't believe GP won't prescribe. Why does your GP feel you need to suffer like this when
a) there are safe drugs out there, not all of which are £££
b) you have 2 lo's to look after
c) your support network is limited due to everyone working
d) you have other stress going on in your life - ie worrying about your mum no doubt
e) your husband is going to be working away
f) you're growing an effing baby ffs!
Please go back, get angry and sad at him or see someone else. Have you contacted pregnancy sickness support?

Diddy glad you're feeling better and managing to cut down tablets.

Hi to everyone else. Sorry all the talk of food is making you feel worse Elliot's Mummy I shall shut up about pies now! grin

valentinemum10 Fri 24-Jun-11 23:54:00

hello mums and mums to be.im a 1st timer with a 4.5 mth DD. I was on the old thread last year. Had HG for the 1st 4 months of my pg.what a body shock! It was this time ladt year and to be honest im still kind of traumatised by the extremity of this condition! Certian smells now bother me&suddenly take me back 2that terrible time.it comletely took over my body and mind and no medication helped.
But im here to say it will pass yes,but what helps most is if other non pg people could try and sympathise and provide emotional support. Spread the awareness.
Big hugs..hold on..i really feel for you all.
hey!theres gonna be a beautiful little gem(s?) at the end of all this.xx

MotherofPearl Sat 25-Jun-11 11:13:25

Thanks all for the reassuring words about cyclizine. Good point theonly about the position of the baby making a difference to feeling the movements, I'd not thought of that. I reckon Grumblin has had her baby by now and is free at last! grin

angeljefferson Sat 25-Jun-11 11:35:23

I need a bit of advice......as most of you know I'm 10 weeks now and HG kicked in around 6 weeks, and I was hospitalised at 7.5 weeks. At 9 weeks I attempted to not take my ondandetron (cyclizine didnt work for me) for 12 hours and ended up really sick again, so for the past 7 days I've took it religiously every 12 hours (8mg). Since yesterday I havent been half as ill, I've managed to get up, dressed, eat small quantities of breakfast lunch and dinner, I still feel queasy, but I'm surprised at how well I'm feeling and even left the house to visit my mother! Have other people had such good days early on in their pregnancy? I'm only worried as I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in feburary, and a reduction in my pregnancy symtoms worry me.....I dont want to stop taking my ondansetron to see what will happen in case I end up really sick again as I'm still 5lb less than my pre pregnancy weight! Does there seem to be a pattern of really good days and then bad days....earler in the week I couldnt even get out of bed! sad

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 25-Jun-11 12:02:05

Angel - DEfinitely a pattern for me. I'd find I'd take my pills religiously, to a routine and after two or three days I'd feel ok enough to do something so on that day I'd push myself to clean the house, or do some shopping and I'd actually eat and drink bits and bobs. But then the next day and the day after it hit me that I'd done too much and I was really bad again, so two or three days or religious tablet taking - cue the viscious circle.

It is hard not to push yourself to do things on the good days as you feel well enough to do things but it has a knock on effect.

I also have had mcs so I would symptom spot like crazy. When I got to about 12-14 weeks I'd have more good days than bad and the rest days became shorter, then I'd go even more crazy - so I bought a doppler grin

lottieb22 Sat 25-Jun-11 12:09:16

Hi Angel I used to have bad days and good days too. I felt ok christmas day - managed to eat a bit of christmas dinner and then spent boxing day - new years eve feeling really grotty and throwing up! I found once I got to about 14 weeks I got more good days than bad. I would agree with coconuts - when I felt a bit of improvement I'd try and catch up on everything but would then subsequently suffer. Even now - If i've had busy days the nausea comes back with avengence! I'm now 38 weeks.

LucindaE Sat 25-Jun-11 21:19:37

Just back from lightening visit to Liverpool - M1NN So sorry that the GP's are being obdurate and unfeeling - poor you, that is a dramatic weight loss, seeing that, surely they will have to take notice soon? As others say, can someone go with you to argue your corner? It is awful you have had three d pregnancies with untreated Hyperemesis. Not sure if you found jelly/ice lollies etc of any use?
Caro Welcome, you must have suffered horribly 20/30 times a day, and I am so glad you have had effective medication.
Valentine I remember you well, and welcome to the 'pink castle'. Thank you so much for supportive message, all so true...
Angel I think everyone is bizarrely worried when the sickness eases, particularly if they've had a m/mc before, almost invariably everything's OK... Sufferers do seem to start getting better by having good days, some earlier than others, and then the good days start increasing...
NitNat Lottie waves. I hope Grumblin will be on soon with good news for us. Pearl Diddy'sGirl ElliotsMum how are things today? I wonder how Alias is?

LucindaE Sun 26-Jun-11 10:43:03

Valentine Sorry, I forgot to congratulate you on your prize![girn]gringrin


nitnatnaboo Sun 26-Jun-11 11:35:16

Hi Valentine glad you're out the other side and enjoying your DD! You're right about the traumatic aspect. I dug out my nice mamas and papas (only thing I ever bought from there!) maternity tracksuit the other day but putting it on makes me feel slightly queasy as I wore it in my last pregnancy. Shame as it's really comfy! I also remember chucking out a dress that would make me feel sick evey time I looked at it, even after the birth.
This time it's opening my pyjama drawer to get fresh PJ's that can still send me to the toilet!

nitnatnaboo Sun 26-Jun-11 11:37:22

Lucinda ooh what were you doing in Lpool? I live just north of there, nr Southport. Let me know if you're ever there again and I will ply you with wine

angeljefferson Sun 26-Jun-11 17:41:05

Thanks everyone, I'm feeling a little re-assured, I'm not nausea free, it just seems to have now confined itself to after 6pm....I did actually throw up twice last night, unfortunately once was in asda! It just seems alot less, and I've lost my tender boobs! although I have read that thats quite normal, especially around the 10 wk mark!
nitnat I only have to look at my fridge and I'm breathing deeply trying not to throw up........my new aversion this week is to colgate whitening toothpaste, I've had to go out and buy a different one!
coconuts I think I might get a doppler after my 12 week scan, its only 2 weeks away.......I was going to ring them tomorrow and see if I could have a re-assurance scan, but I'll see how I go this week?
Lottie I've just done exactly what you described, actually I think I've done it a few times and not learning from it.....DP has just been cutting the grass and I thought I'd just trim the edges and brush up......within 10 mins I felt like puking!
Thanks Lucinda you always make me feel better with your re-assurance, I think I am just having longer spells in-between the sickness, and I have been sleeping better this week, so I think that has helped!
valentine its always nice to hear from a graduate on the other side of the Rainbow!
M1NN how are you? big hugs and hope you get sorted with the right medication soon.
caronline welcome.....20-30 times, oh I feel for you, 4 days before I was admitted, I counted around 20 vomits in 1 day, it was horrific!
grumblin good news??
take care everone xx

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 26-Jun-11 17:49:34

Angel - my boob soreness changed day to day. At your stage I remember them being quite comfortable although now is another story grin See how you go, try not to drive yourself mad by symptom spotting. You are at that awkward stage where normal symptoms deplete and you actually wouldn't be able to know you were pregnant if you didn't have HG! Be grateful for a couple of good days and take it one day at a time.

On the doppler front, I have the angelsounds one and I think theonlyhb got the same one from my recommendation smile (correct me if I'm wrong HB) Alot of people will try to put you off getting one on the basis it can make you more paranoid if you struggle to detect the heartbeat, but honestly I have never once not been able to find it. In fact it was easier earlier on as baby didn't move as much. Now I end up chasing him around all over grin If you feel you would benefit from it then go for it smile Make sure you get some gel though, it won't work without it. I think KY jelly has the same affect as ultrasound gel.

angeljefferson Sun 26-Jun-11 18:24:58

coconuts how early can you hear with the doppler? I've just been having a quick look on amazon, and they arent expensive at all.....I'll defo get one! and I think it will make me worry less, I've been terrible every time a symtom changes! I didnt feel pregnant at all yesterday morning, but I must admit I do feel more pregnant today than yesterday......I'm a nightmare for over analysing things! I think I've had alot less of the pulling sensations as well, which i had loads of early on....it was like I could feel baby growing! thanks for the advice smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 26-Jun-11 21:19:33

My stretching and pulling went off at about 10-12 weeks too then came back about 16-18. Now 26 an everything aches grin

They say you can use them from 12 weeks but have heard of people picking up a hb from as early as ten, I was 14 when I got mine. So anytime soon really. But remember if you don't pick anything up, don't panic. So small at this stage they can be hiding in any number of corners grin

<<imagines uterus to be like something from Crystal Maze!!>>

FWIW, I got a second hand one from ebay for only £12 inc postage, worth looking on there if you doin't mind second hand?

theonlyhb2 Sun 26-Jun-11 22:16:06

i did get same one as coconuts. Ironically, have used 2/3 times and Thats it! But friends have borrowed too and will prob give to best friend soon so not a bad investment for 20 quid.

Heartburn is ruining my life at the moment. I been paddling in a bath of cold water and my feet still so hot.

MOH100 Mon 27-Jun-11 12:37:50

angel I understand your concern, my sister had miscarriages and said that she always knew because she felt absolutley fine all of a sudden, even before the bleeding started. Your description of good days and bad days sounds like totally classic HG though. The trouble is that ondansetron is such a bloody brilliant medication (if it works for you which it obviously is) that it can transform your life really quickly as soon as you start taking it. I had the same thing I thought that some sort of miracle had happened after a week on ondansetron and you sort of imagine that this can't possibly be just because of some pills. I still felt enough nausea in the background and at odd times to not worry about mc -and it sounds like you're still having some nausea and sickness too. If you weren't pregnant you wouldn't have any nausea at all. This is such a bloody ba*@!rd condition that you crave relief from the sickness then when you get it you worry!!!

LucindaE Mon 27-Jun-11 15:51:01

NitNatI don't often get to Liverpool, SIL has sadly just moved, but the next time, that would be lovely...wine
Angel Throwing up in ASDA? How horrible, I hope you got to loo or was it one of those Public Puking Performances? blush At least that should reassure you about pregnancy symptoms...
Grumblin silent - has that baby finally come?
Dopplers sound fascinating and so good for reassurance.
Everyone A muggy day here, enervating. I hope everyone is managing. Cyber hugs to all.

KaraJS Mon 27-Jun-11 16:26:56

I've just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant, I have 3 other children the youngest is only 15 weeks old, the sickness was far worse last time than before, even tho with both the first and 2 nd pregnancys involved weight loss and hospital stays to be put on a drip last time even standing up was hard work! It was like constant sea sickness, I'm worries how I will cope if it's as bad this time with such a young baby to look after,, there are 8 years between each of the other 3 which made things easier!

MOH100 Mon 27-Jun-11 17:37:57

Hi Kara sorry you have to join us. Did you have medication in your previous pregnancies? Did your GP take you seriously and treat your sickness? If not, you should go to them and ask, or if need be demand, a referral to an obstetrician. If your GP is willing to treat you, you should ask if they are experienced and willing to try a full range of medication. If you get a response along the lines of lets just wait and see how it goes when you have already had 3 HG pregnancies, then you are probably on a hiding to nothing and you should get referred and see an OB as soon as you can. The important thing is to have a treatment plan sorted out as soon as possible. Can you organise support from family and friends to help with the baby? I think you have to plan in advance as though you are going to get HG then if by luck you don't get it, you can count yourself lucky and enjoy the pregnancy - it's easier to cancel help than to organise it when you feel sick.

KaraJS Mon 27-Jun-11 18:09:51

I've never had any medication, with the 1st 17 years ago they said they didn't like to prescribe anything, the 2 nd time wasn't as bad and family were able to help with my 1st who was 8, the last pregnancy the doctor was extremely unhelpful, I didn't go for my fist appointment till quite late, 9 weeks as I'd had a mc two months before he said there's nothing we can give you, by that point I'd lost a stone and just wanted to be put on a drip! He wouldn't even check my urine for keytones, I was 13 weeks by the time I saw the mw who also wasn't very helpful, I think I need to be more pushy but by that point just didn't have the energy... My eldest son is 16 and doesn't start college till sept so if things get bad he will beable to help with taking his brother to school and such, don't think people really understand unless they've been there, They think your being mardy, luckily my partner us really good, he did all the cooking and made me whatever I fanced even tho we both knew it wouldn't stay down for long

angeljefferson Mon 27-Jun-11 18:38:44

Thanks MOH I freaked out a little today when I woke up and realised I felt really well, I stopped taking my ondansetron yesterday to see what would happen.......anyway to cut a long story short, I'm getting a scan tomorrow morning to put my mind at rest. I have just had a spell of 1 hour moderate nausea at tea time......and I felt so happy to feel sick! fingers crossed all is ok.....even my breast tenderness seems to have come back a little...although thats probably off my constant poking to see if they hurt!

Kara big hugs, and welcome! Hopefully your GP will take more notice if you request a referral to obstetrics, failing that I would just go to A&E if it gets too bad, they will have to test your urine for ketones! good luck xx

MotherofPearl Mon 27-Jun-11 19:17:45

Hello all,
Welcome to Kara - gosh, your situation sounds potentially really tough, but as MOH says, the sooner you get sorted with the right meds, and also hopefully get some help lined up, the better. Good luck! And I agree with Angel about A&E being the most helpful route to proper diagnosis and prescription - A&E referred me straight to the hospital's Early Pregnancy Unit at 7 weeks and they were great at getting me treated.
Thanks for asking after me Lucinda, am not doing too badly. Just one late afternoon puke today with a couple of hours of nausea, so can't complain I guess! The heat is making me feel a bit worse overall though, and I love the word 'enervating' that you used - describes its effects perfectly.
Hope everyone else doing OK. I keep looking out for news of Grumblin's baby, hope we here good news soon smile

MotherofPearl Mon 27-Jun-11 19:19:27

Sorry, also meant to say good luck for your scan tomorrow Angel, hope they are able to put your mind at rest. Am sure all will be OK, but you're right to get checked if you're feeling uneasy.

KaraJS Mon 27-Jun-11 19:33:14

Thanks everyone, I guess at least this time I still have a hv, I will just have to be more demanding, I'm gonna have to be I am going to need something if it gets bad this time with the baby being so young!

MOH100 Mon 27-Jun-11 20:57:03

Kara you seem to another victim of doctors with way out of date training. Things have changed a lot in the world of HG treatment since your first pregnancy so your current GP really has no excuse. To give you hope, there are effective medications out there and you can get them. Just to do a wee plug, have a look at my website for more info. There are links to some documents that you might want to print off and take to your GP
It would be a shame if you had to endure weeks of sickness and end up dehydrated and in A&E just so you could see an OB. Hopefully your GP will wise up and refer you to someone useful before you get too sick. Pregnancy sickness support are good too, you can use their call back service to speak to a midwife who will be able to tell you if there is a doctor in your area who will treat HG

KaraJS Tue 28-Jun-11 09:47:52

Thanks everyone, have already started to feel Ill in mornings and after food so think the same will prob happen again, will book in with doc this week and see what is said , should really be monitored more closely anyway due to two previous mc and the fact that last two babies were premature but not holding my breath!

LucindaE Tue 28-Jun-11 11:20:44

Trouble with my *** pc, but am just dashing in to welcme Kara and say sorry that you have been treated so negligently in the past, I do hope this time you get something before it gets too bad, do keep us informed, moan as much as you like if it gets bad, which I hope with meds you might avoid, it is a very horrible condition.
How is Everyone?

angeljefferson Tue 28-Jun-11 13:53:06

Hi everyone!! guess what?? I saw my baby today and he/she is measuring 10 wks 4 days, 2 days ahead of when I thought and has 2 arms and 2 legs and was wriggling alot and fit and healthy!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! and I've just ordered my angel sounds monitor! Also my HG has changed to a mild nausea in the background, which is much worse at night and now vomitting without warning....but I dont feel as ill! I was throwing up in my garden this morning....not nice, but feeling lots better! xxx smile

LucindaE Tue 28-Jun-11 13:57:38

Angel That is wonderful, so exciting, it makes it all worthwhile.grin Dear me, about garden puke. As I did, you like to vary the puking scenario lol...

MOH100 Tue 28-Jun-11 14:27:50

Dear everyone I've added a page to the website which I am ambitiously calling the UK Sufferers Support Network where anyone can both offer or request support. I know many of you have already pledged support but could you fill in the offer of support form on the website so that I can have your contact details incase of any requests. Here's the link.
Many thanks. Also, I've made the site properly public now, even though I'm still tweaking it and will be for some time. I thought it was ready enough for a public unveiling.

LucindaE Tue 28-Jun-11 14:38:06

MOH Well done, I've just done that. As a matter of fact, there's a few grim details I should've added to my form about my own experiences (thankfully of yester year) on your site, but forgot...As my stupid Pc is playing up, I will get back on this...

MOH100 Tue 28-Jun-11 15:49:41

Lucinda thanks for that and you've just reminded me that I want to have a 'stories' page like they do on the HER site. I'm still getting to grips with the technical details but watch this space.

MotherofPearl Tue 28-Jun-11 16:01:06

Hi MOH, I've filled in the offer of support bit on your website. It's looking really good - hope you start getting lots of hits!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 28-Jun-11 16:19:42

MOH - have also filled in the contact part smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 28-Jun-11 16:22:32

Oh and angel great news on the scan smile smile

Enjoy your doppler, let me know if you pick anything up this early, would be really interested smile

angeljefferson Tue 28-Jun-11 16:22:44

MOH I've filled in the support page of your website, its looking great! x

grandmaagain Tue 28-Jun-11 16:57:46

would you think it too pushy of me to register as a supporter on your EXCELLENT website as a gran to gran support? shall not be offended if this is not something you want to consider yet blush

theonlyhb2 Tue 28-Jun-11 18:33:27

yay for scan angel! And yay for puking in garden as means no cleaning after smile

Welcome Kara, hope the Dr takes notice of you. Be pushy and if you dont like the answer make an appointment with a diff Dr til you do smile

the past week i have puked every morning. Fed up now of waking early and puking. I know its cos i working a fair bit (not much more than normal at all really but working harder training etc) but only 11 days left. Eeek!

MotherofPearl Tue 28-Jun-11 21:02:07

Just looked back at the due date list, and am I right in thinking that Lottie was to be induced today? I wonder how she is?

nitnatnaboo Tue 28-Jun-11 21:28:42

<hopes Grumblin and Lottie are doing well and are on their way to the pink castle>
Welcome *Kara and sorry you are starting to suffer again
Angel ooh! garden puking sounds quite exotic and liberating, especially in this weather.
Theonly ooh no, more puking and so close to the end. sad Try and take it easy if you can; don't try and do everything in those last 11 days!
Waves to everyone else not mentioned.

grumblinalong Wed 29-Jun-11 09:02:52

hi all - sorry I abandoned thread for a few days but was miserable/overdue, not what HG ladies need. you may notice lack of punctuation & caps. I'm typing one handed cos Seren Kate has arrived & is currently feeding! She was born yesterday at 2.59am, weighing 7lbs 12 and is beeeeeeeyyyooooooootiful. I have a DD! The ds's love her too. caramel had a water birth, you were so right, a perfect experience - dim lighting, music, brilliant mw. couldn't have gone better. thanks to nitnat, lucinda, caramel, moh, motherofpearl, fluffy, theonly, lottie, la and everyone else for being so supportive in the ordeal that was HG round 3. Will be back on shortly when recovered enough to hold hands and pat backs.

Looks around pink castle, this place is lovely. (shovels in brew, chocolate & cake). My first words post birth? 'It's a girl, ah. Thank f**k that's over with....' grin


theonlyhb2 Wed 29-Jun-11 09:07:13

ah grumblin! Beautiful name! So pleased for you. Oh to be able to brush yr teeth again properly smile x x x

Congratulations Grumblin! What fantastic news!! Glad you had a nice water birth and have a lovely little pink bundle - love the name! Enjoy every minute of the pink castle, you've definitly earned it!! Save me a seat for September! smile xx

KaraJS Wed 29-Jun-11 09:17:47

Congratulations, what a lovely name! Off to see the doc on fri so will see what he has to say, still feeling off in the morning and after food but have only been sick once so far! Fortunately still have a few weeks until my sickness usually kicks in full force! Was just thinking about the horrible Experiance brushing your teeth becomes, unfortunately with the baby only being 15 weeks old the Experiance is still very clear in my mind,

MotherofPearl Wed 29-Jun-11 09:28:35

Aw, Grumblin, that's so exciting for you! Many congratulations, and enjoy every second of HG-free motherhood! smile

caramellokoalalover Wed 29-Jun-11 09:48:34

Oh Grumblin that is beautiful news! I'm all teary for you in post-birth hormone fluctuation harmony. Congratulations. Beautiful name too. Am so glad that it sounds like the birth was a good experience too. Welcome to the pink castle! Plenty of tea and cakes for all...

Lottie should be here any minute now too.

Waves to everyone else. A big hello to the newcomers as well, Kara and Angel. You're at the worst stage right now and probably not imagining that it will ever end. My extreme sympathy to you both.

moh I will do the survey too when I get 5 mins to devote to it without having one eye on a loony toddler whilst I sway and pace getting S to sleep. I'm happy to be put down as support for London area too, I'm in Nth London but would be happy to travel if it helped someone suffering.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 29-Jun-11 10:02:32

grumblin fantastic news and a gorgeous name smile have updated the list accordingly, hope you're comfy up there in the castle, I'm creeping further up the list eek!!

Hopefully we can put Lottie on there in the next couple of days smile

Lottie: Induction 28/06/11 (EDD 09/07/11)
La: EDD 14/07/11
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: 01/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/12

Pink Castle Graduates :

angeljefferson Wed 29-Jun-11 10:18:17

Congratulations Grumblin, what a lovely name for your DD! Enjoy the chocolate, teeth cleaning and vomit free days in the Pink Castle, you deserve it after your long struggle!
Coconuts my EDD is 22/01/2011, my dating scan is 12/07/2011, but my scan on monday more or less confirmed it will be around then! Even though I'm only 10 weeks 3 days, I feel like I've been pregnant forvever!
My sickness has been back with avengance since last night, so I'm having a duvet day because I didnt sleep last night with the nausea, maybe its time to start taking my ondansetron again??
Big waves to everyone else! xx smile

LucindaE Wed 29-Jun-11 11:00:28

Grumblin gringringrin wine winebrew biscuit nearest thing to a cake - Oh, wonderful, congratulations on your daughter - a lovely name indeed - Welsh for star! and Kate is nice, too... Can I give you cyber big hugs as you arrive in the Pink Castle clutching bundle, no longer a need for gentle patting...You had the sort of birth we all wanted for you, too. What an ordeal, eh? Lol about your first words...I think you have had a nastier experience of Hyperemesis than almost anyone and come out smiling.
Angel Sending some cyber pats your way. Maybe you have to go back on it, if you are going to be kept awake suffering?
M1N any luck with meds?
I'm puzzled about that induction date for Lottie. Has it happened, then?

moonbells Wed 29-Jun-11 11:44:41

Congratulations grumblin. If we'd had a dd she'd have had Kate as a middle name as both my grandmothers had Kate in their names.

MOH I've done your survey, as a previous HG sufferer on this thread to give moral support!!

johnnyd1 Wed 29-Jun-11 13:05:13

Congrats Grumblin, beautiful welsh name xx

La73 Wed 29-Jun-11 13:48:53

Grumblin that's fantastic news, well done. A girl to join your brood of boys, bet she'll be spoiled rotten by them smile So glad you can enjoy choc cake at long last - you had HG so bad we all really felt for you. Lovely name - my DD's middle name is Kate too after her wonderful great gran.
Lottie cheering you on x

La73 Wed 29-Jun-11 14:40:14

MOH finally checked out site as DD at nursery and cracking through to do list! Great job, well done. Just completed survey but unable to complete support form (not scrolling to submit button)?

m1nn1em0u5e Wed 29-Jun-11 17:03:54

Hi, my GP has been reading up on Hyperemesis & was lovely when I saw him, I had Ketones & he weighed me & saw that I had lost over a stone in 3 weeks. He prescribed Cyclizine?....only im so scared to take it as he said (& the pharmacist) that it makes you very drowsy & im on my own caring for my 2 boys at the moment. Mum is helping out as much as she can but she works too. Has anybody else experienced this with this drug? He rang me today to see how I am doing & I am back there again tomorrow for a check up....but I did manage 3 very small meals yesterday which is a 1st for about 4 weeks! Feeling rough today, but not as bad as I have been doing....what to do?!

m1nn1em0u5e Wed 29-Jun-11 17:04:14

My due date is 1/2/12

angeljefferson Wed 29-Jun-11 18:08:01

Hi m1nn1e, I was origionally on cyclizine, my first dose was given intraveinously in hospital and made me a little woozy, but the oral tablets after that were fine, it just didnt work for me, so I was given Ondansetron. Well done....3 meals! i always feel proud of myself after each meal achieved that hasnt come back up.....its funny how your priorties change!? You could give it a go one day when you dont need to drive and see how you are, cyclizine is an antihistamine (what you use for hayfever) so its a little like the feeling you get when using those, but of course the dosage is higher! take care, I hope you get your weight back up soon and the rough days are less xx smile

MotherofPearl Wed 29-Jun-11 19:34:08

Hi Minnie, I'm on cyclizine and have been since week 7 (I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow, hurrah!). As I think other cyclizine users on the thread have said, the first week or so on the drug does knock you out a bit and you may feel a bit zombie-like, but just keep on taking your dose and eventually you will get used to it and feel much less drowsy. I still experience some residual drowsiness, but nothing like at the beginning. And for me cyclizine has enabled me to return to reasonable eating, just a bit of background nausea and only 1-2 voms a day, which is a massive improvement on how I was before. Really hope it gives you some respite smile

MOH100 Wed 29-Jun-11 19:54:01

grumblin congrats on yir wee lady, isn't that post birth tea and toast like a gourmet meal...

La not sure what's going on there, will have to look into it. DD had grommets op today so not sure when I'll have time, but bear with me.

grandma of course you can help, please fill in the form and say who you are. I just made it sufferers only in the first instance because I haven't really have time to do anything else yet, but support for other carers is a very good idea. The more people spreading the word and helping others out the better.

La73 Wed 29-Jun-11 20:46:25

Minnie I was on cyclizine from week 8 to approx week 28 and it does tend to make you drowsy at first as per MotherofPearl note but settles down after week or so. It is hard coping with LOs and HG so glad your Mum is helping and perhaps other friends and family can be on hand whilst waiting for drugs to kick in? Perhaps ask GP about ways of handling dose so most drowsy late afternoon and evening when you have help? The cyclizine did reduce my vomitting although didn’t really help with nausea when at peak but enabled me to eat something. Could also ask about other drugs such as ondansetron as understand better tolerated - present and past users best to advice on this though. Good luck smile
MOH don't worry have fudged it so think worked, let me know. It may be my screen resolution but worth checking out. Hope DD op went well?

nitnatnaboo Wed 29-Jun-11 22:17:41

I just logged on and said to be DH "oh, thank God, Grumblin's had her baby!"

Hoooooooraaaaaaah for Grumblin - congrats grin grin grin - Karma must have kicked in at last and given you that lovely water birth. Hope there was no vomiting in labour and that you are now stuffing your face with as much cake as Ocado can deliver!
Seren - now you're here, all will be forgiven, despite the trouble you've caused your poor mother! Your mum is a very brave lady.

Minnie at last some meds! Nice to hear that your GP has been doing some reading up - you must have made an impression last time you went!

LucindaE Thu 30-Jun-11 12:07:23

NitNatLA you must be waddling with a vengance now lol...
Kara Any luck with GP?
M1N I can't find the post where you say you are on cyclazine, thickhead that I am; so the doctor did finally prescribe? I hope the symptoms settle down soon.
Moonbells Grandma Caramel [waves madly]. Moonbells the name rings a bell, awful joke, it was unconcious actually, so nice of you and Grandma and everyone to want to offer support on MOH's great website - the Hyperemesis Sufferers strike back!
Still delighted about Grumblin's prize and nice birth...
Pearl Is it still 'only' once or twice a day, because that is very nasty...
Coconuts I hope things are still going well, and with the decorating?
Angel Any luck with meds?
I hope Alias is out of hospital and OK?
ElliottsMum and anyone accidentally overlooked, how are you?

MotherofPearl Thu 30-Jun-11 12:58:05

Hi all, just popped on to say that I had my 20 week scan today and it's a boy! Am really pleased but also in a state of shock as I guess assumed it would be another girl! The scan picked up no anomalies or 'soft markers' for Downs, which is reassuring, but of course this is not conclusive, so still having to wait and see at the birth what that 1:150 chance works out as. But really massively reassured and generally more upbeat. Lucinda, thanks for asking, yes still 1-2 voms a day (very occasionally 3), but normally it's on an empty stomach so don't often lose whole meals! grin

angeljefferson Thu 30-Jun-11 15:40:26

Lucinda I'm back on my ondansetron since yesterday morning.....vomited 3 times yesterday and unfortunately on a full stomach, but I was much better through the night and slept all the way through without waking up with the nausea! I've had a 'good day' today, no vomits, occasional nausea and managed to catch up on house jobs (defrosted the dreaded freezer after severe over frost for the past month after DD age 13 left the door open) so far soup and a sandwich has stayed where it should! I've decided to stay on the Ondansetron until after my holiday in 2 weeks time.....it'll be a waste of rather alot of money if I spend 2 weeks in the room puking!
MotherofPeal CONGRATULATIONS! and so reassuring there are no anomalies grin
MOH hope the gromets went well, I went through it all twice with my DD, it does make a huge difference though.....my DD used to put the tv on full volume, after her first set of gromets she couldnt stand the hoover on! ;)
minnie how are you managing today? did you try the cyclizine?

LucindaE Thu 30-Jun-11 21:21:36

Pearl Congratulations on scan, though sorry about puking continuing. When you think of it, that is (I think, my head's not working today, even less than usual ) eight chances in 1,200? Not high...The chances of having low fertility are one in ten, I think, and one in twenty for being infertile, after all, though the only people who seem to worry about that are people like me, who left it late...[hmmm]
Angel I think you are really sensible to go back on the Ondanstrun (sp?) when you can be sure they woudn't have prescribed it if it wasn't safe and know themselves that it is far more risky for you to start getting really ill again. It would be too much of a shame to have a miserable holiday!
MOH Grommets? That sounds a horrible problem, and y our L/O suffering from a nasty skin thing, too...I'm full of admiration about the site, done in such spare time as you have.

BikeRunSki Thu 30-Jun-11 21:38:24

Hello ladies

I was on the old thread a few weeks ago, on and off, when I wasn't in hospital, but things cleared up for me at about 14 weeks (as in previous pg) and I flet a bit sheepish about coming back here feeling relatively well. Still feel queasy most of the time, but nothing as horrific as in first trimester. I have experienced the full range of drugs this time - stemitil (useless), Avomine (made things worse/couldn't keep it down), cyclizine (OK as tablets, v trippy but v effective intravaenously); accupuncture useless too, but that could have been the mad hippy I saw!

Just to let you know I am thinking of you all still with much sympathy and many hopes for you all.

PS Batting for Team Pink! Bit of a shock after 3 years of being steeped in blue and diggers.

BikeRunSki Thu 30-Jun-11 21:47:55

MOH I have tried to register as some to give support on you fabulous webiste, but am having trouble submitting the info - all the columns go funny on my screen, and there does not seem to be a submit button. Can I PM you my details?

MOH100 Thu 30-Jun-11 22:56:34

bike oh god sorry about website problems, no idea whats going on, consulting with techno-teen to try to sort out. By all means PM, thanks for support. DD ok, grommets all done fine, load of gunk suctioned out of ear too so hopefully she can actually hear now. just over 24 hours on and she's behaving like nothing happened, just as well they forgive you, felt like such a b*****d handing her over to anaesthetist even tho its for her own good and all that.

LucindaE Fri 01-Jul-11 10:03:11

BikeRunSki grin Welcome back, it's so nice when people who have suffered come back feeling better as an encouragement for current sufferers, whyever should you be sheepish calling in? You have earned your place and more - the Pink Castle at the end of the Hyperemesis run awaits you - that's a metaphor, we at one point imagine the old thread as a sort of horrific game with spaces and figures being pushed about 'admitted to hospital back two spaces' 'puking down sink' back one space, 'good day -went out' move forward one space, etc and saw the end as a glorious pink castle as on an old Snakes and Ladders board I had when I was little, lol.
You are well on your way there with a pink baby!
MOH With my shocking IT ignorance, it is a comfort to know things can go wrong for those with more skill smile. For sure, this is only a glich and there are a lot of volunteers, this is all turning out wonderfully.


LucindaE Fri 01-Jul-11 10:05:48

Bike I forgot to say, mad hippy, oh no! Really sorry Acupunture failed to help you,and sorry too that you still feel queasy, that is really unpleasant as a long term thing. Are you able to eat much at all?

BikeRunSki Fri 01-Jul-11 11:56:26

Lucinda - oh yes, with eating I seem to be making up for lost time! Am functioning pretty much normally now. Work, toddler, bit of swimmimg etc. Thanks for explaining about the pink castle.

Friend of mine who'd been on phenergan for months had a baby boy yesterday, so feeling very chuffed for her.

LucindaE Fri 01-Jul-11 12:20:12

Bikerunski So glad that you can eat - it must have been good knowing somone in person who suffered badly, I did, but she moved away early on; she was being sick 35-50 times a day, so when she said she thought I was going down with Hyperemesis myself just before, I didn't believe her, as it only averaged ten with me, but was bad enough to get dehydrated!
MOH So glad L/O a lot better.

LucindaE Fri 01-Jul-11 12:24:56

Kara Wow, I have just seen that your baby is only 15 weeks old. My goodness, but in a way, I suppose it is like getting right back on to a bicycle or a horse?! Any news re meds?

MOH100 Fri 01-Jul-11 14:27:48

Just a quick update, so far on the website we have 7 offers of support and 14 people have filled in the survey. What a great start. Thanks to all, spread the word. smile

MOH100 Fri 01-Jul-11 14:35:28

Is anyone reistered with the HER website? I wanted to send them the link for the new site for them to post in their UK section but I forgot my registration details. I tried to re-register but they have to send me a validation email and I'm still waiting after several days. The contact us link on their forums page throws up an error so I don't know how else to get in touch with them. If anyone else is registered, can you send them the URL www.pregnancysicknesssos.co.uk. Thanks

lottieb22 Sat 02-Jul-11 08:25:16

Hi all! Charlie born on the 30th at 07.30 via emergency section!! 9.2lbs! Not bad for 2 weeks early! Puked throughout labour and then for about 6 hours after (despite being given lots of IV anti emetics)! Now nausea and vomitting gone completely and i'm ravenous!! Enjoying eating. All those just at the beginning - hang on in there! It does pass and is so worth it in the end! Congratulations Grumblin xx

Congratulations Lottie !!!! sorry you had such a pukey labour and time after but glad to hear you are now enjoying food again finally - there is hope for us all!! smile 9.2 two weeks early??? Wow!! DS was a week late and 9.5, was kinda relieved I had an caesarean with him!! Good job you didn't go full term! Enjoy relaxing in the pink castle xx

LucindaE Sat 02-Jul-11 10:20:23

Lottie Congratulations! Delighted for you. Welcome to the end of the board game and the Pink Castle. Like Elliot'sMum sorry about puking through labour and after, a most unpleasant a swan song from Hyperemesis...
What a whopper, lucky he was early, for sure. Are you medium sized or small? I'm not very big, 5'5(and a half!) and usually under nine stone, so an eight pound seven seemed too big to me!
MOH I did belong to HELPHER, but I lost my log in details, too, emailed for more a year ago and never got them, I should have followed it up, I know. Sorry! Excellent about the voulunteers and people adding details!


MotherofPearl Sat 02-Jul-11 11:00:33

Congratulations Lottie! You must be feeling so relieved, and it does give us all hope to be reminded about the light at the end of the tunnel smile

LucindaE Sat 02-Jul-11 11:01:04

Lottie forgot to put on brewbrewgringrinwinewine.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 02-Jul-11 11:14:10

Great news Lottie smile smile my DD was 9.2 a fortnight late so definitely good job you didn't go to term! Really pleased you are back eating properly smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 02-Jul-11 11:15:36

La: EDD 14/07/11
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: 01/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/12

Pink Castle Graduates :

johnnyd1 Sat 02-Jul-11 16:26:38

Congrats Lottie, what a whopper!!

poorlysicklou Sat 02-Jul-11 17:13:05

EDD 2nd Decemebr 2011

poorlysicklou Sat 02-Jul-11 17:14:08

edd 2nd Dec '11

poorlysicklou Sat 02-Jul-11 17:20:33

I was off work for two weeks in the first trimester and couldnt even keep water down, I assumed there was no help for it, until my lovely GP prescibed me cyclizine. Well, I can honestly say that it was a small miracle. After not eating for weeks, I could just about keep a meal down, but the constant nausea remained. Now in week 18, and its much much better, but still have the odd wobblesad. Its ruined what I hoped would be a happy time and I feel robbed as it was such a miserable time. Only now am I able to function better can I be more cheerful. Its put a huge strain on my relationship toosad

LucindaE Sat 02-Jul-11 18:56:17

Lou Welcome, and my sympathies, I am not sure how to add to that list - I'm pathetic at IT - we won't go into that - but congrats on pregnancy. I'm glad Cyclazine helped you, and that it is finally going. I know what you mean about the condition putting a strain on your relationship - I think it puts a strain on just about every relationship you have in this world! sad It does spoil things, it is such a shame. What drinks helped/help you? Were/are you a coke, Lucozade, tepid water, ice lolly or jelly person?


ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 02-Jul-11 19:00:48

Here you go lucinda grin...

I still haven't managed to read that attachement yet but will let you know as soon as I have smile

La: EDD 14/07/11
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: EDD 01/12/11
poorlysicklou: EDD 02/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/12

Pink Castle Graduates :

lou welcome, have added you to our list, feel free to keep posting. Cyclizine was my saviour too and I started to feel better between 18 and 20 weeks. Hopefully you find each day more bearable from here on in. smile

LucindaE Sat 02-Jul-11 19:17:55

Coconuts Thanks, what would I do witthout you? smile. Don't hurry re attachment, when you have the time.

La73 Sun 03-Jul-11 08:03:04

Lottie Congratulations, well done, you must be exhausted but elated. So sorry you were sick - HG last fling or drugs that set it off? I loved gas and air last time but wondering if it will make me puky. Welcome Charlie and remember to be extra special nice to brave Mummy x

OMG I'm top of list now, how scary; if late like last time though u might pip me to post Nitnat. Started reflexolgy yesterday to give nature a kick start and rapidly tweaking nipples!

Lou welcome and glad you've come through the worse and had no problem getting meds smile
Bike remember you and so glad you're feeling much better now.

Looking for advice - c section likely this time for me too as have to avoid prolonged 2nd stage. So I'd be grateful for any helpful tips from anyone who's had one x

Waves to all sufferers and pink castle grads x

theonlyhb2 Sun 03-Jul-11 08:17:59

woo congrats lottie!

How am i so far up the list? Oh my

BikeRunSki Sun 03-Jul-11 09:43:47

Can I be cheeky and add myself to the list?

La: EDD 14/07/11
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
BikeRunSki: EDD 25/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: EDD 01/12/11
poorlysicklou: EDD 02/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/

La73 I had a CS last time - my advice - take arnica tabs afterwards, and don't forget you'll still be in maternity clothes for a little while after. "Under bump" = "on the scar", so you'll need over bump bottoms or dresses.

theoblyhb2 Many thanks for all the cyclizine! I havn't needed them all. but they are tucked in my work bag for reassurance.

lottieb22 Sun 03-Jul-11 19:46:43

Hi La - not long to go. Its scary when you see your name at the top of that list!! I don't know why i was so sick. It started before i had any drugs. But I'm sure the drugs also contributed.

I never wanted a c section - it was talked about when they knew he was big but I really wanted to try for a vaginal delivery. But its not been half as bad as I expected. Main advice for after is take the painkillers regularly and don't overdo it! I agree regarding clothes after - nothing that sits on the scar! Had my dressing removed today and am amazed that there is hardly anything there!!

Lou its so miserable feeling like that. This was definately my last pregnancy and I really want to feeling blooming and enjoy it and felt just like you - that HG just ruined it for me. The last half of the pregnancy was a bit better and tried to make the most of it. Nausea persisted but as long as I didn't get overtired I could cope with it.

AlpinePony Mon 04-Jul-11 08:37:37

Good Morning, my name is AlpinePony and I'm shit at being pregnant. <performs small, non-jerky bow which causes stars to form in front of her eyes>

Cyclizine, oh how I love thee.

I necked one this morning and I've:
i) emptied the washing machine
ii) emptied the bin
iii) fed the baybee
iv) had a cup of coffee and a cup of water which have both stayed down!

Can I have my medal now please? wink

I prayed and prayed this pregnancy would be different to my last - unfortunately I was one of those who puked the day I had him and was still puking as they stitched me up. When I woke up the following morning I was bursting with energy and I found having a newborn a "piece of piss" because I was so full of energy having dragged my carcass around for 8 months.

This time though I have a 12 month old to look after... and I'm terrified of dropping him down the stairs. Luckily because he's so young I've still got a good stash of cyclizine from last time but I'm absolutely bloody terrified my (new) doctor will refuse to give me a new prescription. sad

la73 The hardest part for me was getting out of bed - easy in hospital of course with motorised beds but at home it seemed impossible to do on my own without engaging stomach muscles. I have heard recommended (and I'm doing it this time!) to tie a rope to the foot of the bed which you can "climb up" if that makes any sense whatsoever. Not much fun thrashing around on your back like a turtle in bed waiting for someone to drag you out.

oh my god, just reading this has made me so happy even though i am so depressed right now because its started again. i thought i had got away with it this time because i had got to 7 weeks without anything but, bam the nauseous started on saturday yesterday i couldnt eat anything. i was throwing up last night for an hour and a half after eating a sandwich. my first pregnancy was the worst i lost so much weight in the first trimester, but the sickness never really went away any time i would go on a bus or moved vigorously i threw up for the whole pregnancy. i was told it was normal. i had never heard of hyperemeis before today. i just know i am in for another 2/3 months of hell and everyone just says oh poor you but its all worth it, and i know it is but i never felt so not like myself in my whole life. so tired and sick all of the time but i just thought it was normal its nice to know its not.

LucindaE Mon 04-Jul-11 10:35:06

Spooksangel Welcome. It sounds as though you had totally unsympathetic medical people last time - of course it isn't 'normal'. Have you got those kesostick things to test your own urine to make sure you aren't getting dehydrated? Dr's can be so mean about prescribing, but it sounds like things are getting really bad again with all that throwing up last night. Could you take a friend if not OH to act as advocate if you don't feel well enough to argue your corner with the GP and see if you can get some meds as a lot of them are now starting to admit that the earlier it's caught, the less chance of it getting uncontrollable? Further down MOH has a great link to her new website which is full of advice, I think including how to approach GP's. Thickhead Lucinda can't remember it offhand. Sorry about 'have you tried' but are iced lollies, jelly, Lucozade or sips of flat coke or ice cubes any good for you? At one stage I had a diet of coke and crisps.
Going down stairs How about shuffling on bottom? As I had been so ill, I had to do that with my new born...shock
Alipine Welcome and congrats on coffee, my goodness, that is progress!
And emptying bin, too.
Lou How are you today?
Everyone else?
Bike How is that cheeky when you are a veteran?
Lottie Interesting about scar healing so soon - was that arnica? It's a shame about pregnancies. It's not fair!
LA and NitNat waddle to the top of the queue...lol.

no i dont even mention my sickness any more, i mean i tell them i am sick a lot they just nod. now i have seen this though i will bring it up with my midwife and see what help i can get. did laugh at the bin story though. was feeling very sorry for myself yesterday, then kicked myself in the butt and went to mow the lawn got about 10 minutes in to it and promptly threw up over my fence in front of some old lady, who obviously now thinks i am some some lawn mowing alkie or something grin

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 04-Jul-11 11:11:21

Hello newbies smile

alpine good to see you have still got your sense of humour, it will get you far. cyclizine is fab isn't it. It is bloody hard doing it with a toddler to look after, although yours probably isn't quite a toddler yet. You need to rope in as much help as possible to look after the baby. I really hope the GP is symapthetic and gives you a fresh prescription. If I were you I wouldn't leave his office until you get one.

Same goes for you spook Being "sick alot" is normal in their eyes. You can have normal NVP and be "sick alot" but it doesn't get you as ill as hyperemesis. Get a GP allpointment and tell them you have HG and demand a prescription. The tablets aren't expensive and there are many you can try. but a grin at your lawnmowing puke!

I had an interesting encounter with a rude lady in a shop yesterday who proceeded to tell me I was so huge there was no way my baby would fit out of my vagina (her exact words, I kid you not) and I can't be serious about having three months left because I am just so massive! The audacity of some people never fails to amaze me. Sometimes I wish I still had HG then I could have puked on her shoes or something grin

i will probably have to be careful what i take as i am on anti convulsion medication but i am sure there is some thing that wont clash with it. on the plus side i wont have to pay prescription costs if they do prescribe me some thing. i had a similar thing from a consultant who did my scan for ds. he said my thats a big baby, i mean i know your not a small lady but my that is a big baby. you might have some trouble getting him out of there. he refereed me to another consultant who said oh i would be worried if you were a slight woman but you are a robust thing you will have no problems. thanks guys i mean really way to call a girl fat. your right a lovely i should have just thrown up on them grin he was 10.5 in the end, big but did it warrant that i dont think so.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 04-Jul-11 11:41:57

My DD was 9.5. I often feel grateful I am not petite else I would have had troubles! I was just so shocked she actually wanted to engage in a conversation about the size of my vagina! If she was an OB/GYN then maybe so but a checkout woman in Wilkos... no thanks!! grin

Cyclizine are only a form of antihistamine so I'm sure they wouldn't clash but obviously I'm not pharmaceutical expert grin and like I say, there are so many that I'm sure there would be something.

Here is a link to the website MOH has built you and alpine may find some useful information there.

AlpinePony Mon 04-Jul-11 11:44:38

coconuts Times must've changed because I can't imagine any situation for it being appropriate for a non-medical professional or nice man in a club to pass comment upon my vagina. shock

I thought cyclizine was originally designed to combat sea-sickness, but it turned it it's a super wonder drug. Any which way, when I'm through I'm building a temple and all who wish to worship are welcome. You will all be provided with a discrete plastic bowl with flip & clip lid for the duration of your stay.

dont ya just love over friendly checkout staff. you should have offered to show her your vagina just to put her mind at ease.

AlpinePony Mon 04-Jul-11 11:50:29

Good idea! And with the mirrors they have set up to check you're not hiding stuff in your trolley you could've just inched your skirt up a little and positioned your vanity mirror... could go horribly wrong though!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 04-Jul-11 11:55:11


I was wearing a lovely maxi dress that would have shown things very easily!!

maybe that was it maybe she thought you were stealing things up your bump. have to say reading that site is actually making me cry. i use to say to my friends i didnt understand how women could work when they were pregnant at least at first because i would never have managed it. and looking at the suggested foods, milk shakes and plain crisps was all i could eat i remember them from my last pregnancy. i just dont want to get as depressed as i did before, but i think knowing there is a reason for it will really help. need to stop rambling about it now sorry.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 04-Jul-11 12:05:53

You are not rambling. That is what this thread is for. If you do work, get yourself signed off. This is a medical condition and you have every right to be signed off. Eat what you can eat regardless of how healthy/unhealthy it is. The baby will be fine in there and will surprisingly thrive no matter what you eat. Fluids are the most impoortant thing.

MOH100 Mon 04-Jul-11 12:27:21

hi to all newbies. I see you've been given a link to our new website (I say our as it's had input from lots of us on this thread). If you want some useful stuff to take to your doctors, print off the documents on the documents page of the site https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/documents and also the treatment algorithms from the ACOG and the SOCG which are given in the links on the obtaining treatment page https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/treatments/obtaining-treatment
Some GPs are genuinely ignorant of the latest treatment protocols and will find this useful reading. We have had successful cases where women take this literature to a doc who has refused treatment then after reading it they wise up and start dishing out the pills. At the very least they'll realise they need to refer you to an OB. Good luck.

LucindaE Mon 04-Jul-11 17:19:58

Coconuts 'My dear, how familiar!' Indeed, you should have given her a flash just to see her face...*Spook*I suppose they mean hip width rather than fat on said hips? I thought D/D was a whopper for a smallish women - just over five foot five - she was eight pounds seven, but I must have hips enough as nobody seemed bothered!
Spook Was it you who was troubled re: stairs? Hope you saw my shuffling suggestion, by the way, when I said I had been ill I meant after the birth, I was fine except for heartburn later on in pregnancy.
I hesitate to suggest it again - results so variable - but Acupunture really helped me. Expensive, though...

LucindaE Mon 04-Jul-11 17:22:06

Alpine Temple of worship, bowl with clip lol. I see you have as strange a sense of humour as me and some others here...

AlpinePony Mon 04-Jul-11 17:33:51

Thanks! grin

I was in your neck of the woods last week actually - various stops between Llandod and Aber. Walking slowly with a slightly green look about me. Tried to do the dancing game in the arcade on the pier. Oh dear. Co-ordination with morning sickness? My boyfriend can't dance and he was on 34,000 when I was on 0 , yes, Zero! hmm

theonlyhb2 Mon 04-Jul-11 21:01:15

coconuts, i think i would have been tempted to reply "actually i have a massive bucket fanny so it shouldn't be a problem, i guess that was the same for you?" but she prob wouldnt of batted an eyelid!

Hello alpine and spooks! Glad you both still have kept yr sense of humour despite feeling like death. And stop doing crazy bin changing, lawn mowing! Best get other people used to doing it for you now so when you start feeling better you dont have to start doing it again. Am pretty sure i shall never have to do lots of things ever again (unless OH reads this, then am in trouble).

Not been too bad this past week. Starting to worry about puking during birth. Am fully expecting it and am sure i will from gas and air and deffo with anything stronger. I am starting to get a phobia of being sick but more in case it doesn't stop again! I did laugh at OH be so ill Fri night after too much alcohol. In fact he was ill for whole of Saturday whilst i laughed a lot. I was like that for months and it wasnt self inflicted. Bless him he really thought he was going to die

sorry to all missed am on fone waiting to be fed. Yes, 34Wks and still claiming the kitchen makes me feel strange ;)

nitnatnaboo Mon 04-Jul-11 22:54:02

< Skipswaddles in, clutching huge bowl of Granny Smith apples

Evening current and ex-pukers and welcome/sorry you're here to poorlysick spooks and alpine

Who was worrying about lack of cyclizine? I have some spares if anyone needs them just PM me.
I'm too bloody hot. I kid you not I thought my waters had broken in bed this morning but a detailed "investigation" revealed it was just a pool of sweat. confused
Baby still facing wrong way.

I've had my 40 week rummaging appointment moved forward to next week (gah!) as the consultant is overbooked and I have to see a different one. <cackles in evil manner as prepares to overtake LA>

nitnatnaboo Mon 04-Jul-11 23:37:51

Sorry that wasn't meant to be a ME ME ME update, DH's crap computer keeps running off and pressing "post" when I am typing

Congrats smile and wine wine wine to Lottie on the birth of Charlie. Sorry about General Puke's last stand but sooooo glad it has gone for good now and CS not proving too horrible. Did you manage to vomit on anyone in authority? Scones and blackcurrant pie now defrosting for you.

La how are you feeling? Hope not too waddly and getting some sleep? Are you defo having CS? Remember you had long 2nd stage and epis/ventouse like me. Eek - does that mean I should have one?

Spooks this thread has saved me from getting as depressed as last time. Hope you find similar effect. Surprising what comparing notes on foods of the week and colour/texture/quantity/timing of vomit will do for you. Can't believe you tried to mow lawn the minute you felt better. And you too Alpine stop your reckless bin emptying! We've all pretty much concluded that such "I'm cured!" rebound activity brings on the vom again.

Theonly am also worrying about puking in labour. Am much more prone to random puking this time round so will not be surprised.

Coconuts shock at inappropriate Wilko's woman. I am sure your fanjo is perfectly capable of such a feat <attempts to raise battered self esteem of Coconuts' lady parts> I am currently in Pregzilla mode and tackling all annoying people, so may have "reacted". I have told someone off for being in the way in a car park, complained to M&S head office about my experience of taking a bottle of (DH's) corked wine back ("but they've all got corks in them!") and berated two grown men for stroking a baby owl despite a warning notice saying "do not touch the baby owls". Bah.

Waves to all not mentioned

theonlyhb2 Tue 05-Jul-11 08:51:58

oh i love owls!

ahh nitnat not long at all! eeek!

and i meant to say, glad to see bike back, and its good you havent had to use the extra cyclazine.......i love how we "recycle" our drugs (it is a waste to just take them to the chemist to throw away though!)

i spoke too soon yesterday......vom vom vom this morning. i think its the heat. bloody headache wont shift either. pretty sure i should be getting ready for work now not on the internet....oops

grumblinalong Tue 05-Jul-11 09:15:18

theonly I love owls too. Bloody hell how on earth have you shuftied up the list so quick?! Am shock. The heat def makes vom worse, I was sick as a dog last Monday (30 degrees here) so having my 'rummage' then giving birth after a pukey day was surprisingly easy. The end is near my dear.

nitnat OMG (I never use that phrase but seems appropriate in this case) if you overtake la she'll have you! How are you feeling is excitement kicking in? How is the larvae situation (I will never get over the mental image of one dropping on your bed).

la Nipple tweaking is a GOOD IDEA. Toughen them up. Mine are killing me as DD is a constant feeder so they're all cracked & manky. Giving them a bit of a go to prepare them for feeding is the right path, mine hadn't been touched for months and now they're really sensitive. Sorry to hear of CS worries, seeing women who had CS come back from theatre on the postnatal ward made me so scared of them.

lottie Big congratulations on the birth of Charlie. He is massive!!!! Did he get stuck? EMCS sounds scary. Hope you're doing ok.

bike Good to hear you're back. How's life/pukes?

johnny & luce Not long now until your DS arrives. How are you both feeling?

coconuts shock at vagina convo woman. It's so easy to think of witty retorts afterwards isn't it. Cheeky cow. Are you tall then? I'm tiny (5ft 3) and everyone keeps saying how did you manage to squeeze an nearly 8lb baby out? I just say as it was my third I just sneezed. Soon shuts them up.

lucinda I am heading to Wales (woo-hoo, I'm a fanatic of the country my favourite place in the world is Harlech, my favourite band is Super Furry Animals and I love the accent) we're booking a holiday there today.

Newbies alpine, spooks et al welcome. I will be around more often now I've got through the first week of newborn feeding frenzy and I'm looking forward to getting to know you/hand holding/back patting. Sorry you've had to join a HG thread though. HG is evil.

MOH website is cracking. I have been spreading the word round to the midwives who've been coming and they said they've found it v.informative for them as health professionals. Health Visitors next. Hope that's ok?


thank you for the kind welcomes it really is lovely to have people that understand how truly crap it feels. congrats to all the babys born hope you are enjoying you time with you little ones. you think mowing is bad i went to play golf the other day and ended up throwing up in an m and s garage toilet. that was disgusting you think m and s would have better quality toilets even if it is a garage.

nitnatnaboo Tue 05-Jul-11 10:22:17

Morning Grumblin you seem v chirpy for 1 week past delivery! Is baby Seren behaving herself? Sorry about your nipple situation - am dreading similar but not sure I can persuade myself to tweak. Wonder if Amazon do a Slendertone for nipples? Will add to today's google list.

Larvae were sent orf for investigation and were found to be blowfly larvae. Nice. They stopped appearing as soon as they started but hope no repeat performances next year - am going to get up to eaves with some silicon/cement/cillit bang or whatever and block all entrances and exits for birds

Spooks eek at golf-induced M&S Garage puke. M&S have gone down in my estimation since the corked wine incident. Now if John Lewis did garages....

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 05-Jul-11 11:17:24

Waves to all smile

HB I think puking in labour is totally normal (I have a funny story sbout mine) but it is definitely the fear that it won't stop and can only be controlled by drugs that worry me. Loving your reply to crazy fanjo lady, I wish I was quick witted.... I also have a headache from hell, must be the heat.

Nitnat I'm also up there with the complaints. I have been writing letters of complaints left, right and centre lately. One to vodafone after a mast went down in our area and they lied to us for a week that it was our broken phone. I proved them wrong and got credit on our account after 10 days of zero coverage. I have also complained to Sky for their shitty service with the Haye/Klitschko debacle. Am currently trying to find other people to complain to!!

Oh and I hate hate hate birds so please keep the owls to yourselves grin

And regarding your larvae, I think I have a similar problem in my bathroom only I have caterpillar/maggot/centipede things coming out from behind my tiling. Next time I see one I'm going to try and catch it and then call my Landlord as it is pretty gross. They only seem to come out when I clean the wall and then obviously the water ends up washing them away/drowning them so will have to make a trap!! If they come out while I'm taking a bath I'll be moving house!

grumblin Yes am 5ft 10 so pretty tall for a girl as everyone always says. Before DD I was only a size 10/12 and went up to a 14 after birth. Managed to get back down to a 12 before falling preg with this one so hopefully I can shift the weight easily. Don't they say your ability to get a baby out is all down to the size of your feet? I struggled to get DD out and I'm a size 7 (ended up with epi and ventouse) but I have pretty wide hips so it is pretty confusing.

And tweaking nipples? Really? Cannot bear to touch mine. I think I'm really going to struggle to BF because they are just so painful. If I'm not wearing a bra I cannot even bear to have my PJ top touching them.

spook and alpine hope you are both ok today. I have some spare cyclizine somewhere too, let me know if anyone wants any smile

AlpinePony Tue 05-Jul-11 11:56:26

hi everyone, as spook said, thank you ever so much all of you for making us feel so welcome and for not having a wobbly when I puked on the carpet. wink

I know why grumblin is so chipper - newborns are easy compared to HG!

Just back from my mw who said if (paraphrasing here) cyclizine makes me happy - keep necking it. smile

I have "childbearing" hmm hips & massive hands & feet. Alas, nobody told my cervix it was supposed to open like a rose on a dewy morning. grin

La73 Tue 05-Jul-11 13:59:34

Loving how chipper all are despite pukes in shitty places, coping with newborn &/or sore nips... I'm also getting through a long list of compaints, I swear they see u waddling to customer services and fear enters their eyes.

Coconuts cheeky cow - successful porn career or too posh to push retorts spring to mind. 

I can add offer of leftover cyclizine if needed. alpine & spook echo others just rest when u can and bugger the cleaning!

Thanks to Lottie, Bike and Alpine for CS tips - much appreciated. Nitnat potential CS and avoiding prolonged 2nd stage is due to fac now know about EDS (genetic connective tissue prob) and known issues with tearing and prolapses etc so just case of being extra careful with me. So no chance of water birth with angels singing this time either!

Just off to bounce on pilates ball whilst tweaking nips in effort to trip Nitnat up before finishng line ;)

johnnyd1 Tue 05-Jul-11 16:38:31

Hi everyone, especially newbies. Agree Cyclazine (sp?) is good but to be honest dark humour is the only medicine that truely works!! (you'll find plenty of that on here so make sure you stick around!)

grumblin the nerves are starting to kick in now definitely! Baby is still stubbornly transverse so if he hasn't flipped by MW appointment next wed will be referred for scan and probabaly ELCS. nitnat and LA not trying to jump the queue honest!!

MOH the website is looking fab the work that must have gone into it, you should be really proud.

Anyway can't believe we're nearly at the end! The support we've had from this thread all the way through is really humbling, it's hard to imagine how we would have got through the really bad times if we hadn't stumbled accross this site.

So many thanks to everyone, will update again when we have some more anwers.


LucindaE Tue 05-Jul-11 20:57:30

I agree! Everyone in admirable spirits, how do you do it? Spook Sympathies re nasty puking in M and S. Golf?! Such energy.
Alpine Aber, and dancing games? Everyone behaving so normally...Was it a long journey?
Grumblin Lovely to hear from you, how is Seren? Harlech is lovely. Do you like 'Men of Harlech'? If NitNat is a music teacher, maybe she has played that at some time? Have a wonderful holiday. At the end, what sort of average diet as a sufferer of three throughout bouts of Hyperemesis did you manage on a day? I am sure that is info that would be really useful for MOH's site.
Luce Great day approaches. How are you now?
Back on in a minute, signing off in case system crashes as it has twice today.

LucindaE Tue 05-Jul-11 21:07:31

TheOnly Oh, no about return of Bile Run. I do hope that is just today.
And headache too, nasty.
Coconuts And you with a headache too?
I wish I was five foot ten, size seven feet is small for someone so statesque/Junoesque. Still can't get over rudeness of checkout women.
Luce I remember when you began to suffer horribly, I had 'one of my feelings' urging me to look at ordinary threads on m/s, saw Johnny's anxious post so replied, thinking 'this sounds like good old Hyperemesis'...I think Caramel had already posted a reply...
NitNat Good luck with ball, I hope you and LA give birth simultaneously?
LA sorry about no chance of blissful water birth.

kids to school vom. trying to get them ready while holding in the vomit and not trying to lose my temper with them because its really not there fault i feel like crap. then my little boy being all worried and crying because mummy wont stop being sick. sad

grumblinalong Wed 06-Jul-11 09:39:54

oh spooks you poor thing. The school & work run was always a vom flashpoint for me too. It's truly awful trying to get dc's ready when you just want to lie down. Poor you sad I was sick in school one morning - horrible school receptionist wouldn't let me be sick in the nearest toilet cos it was the staff's, made me go to the childrens one. Beeeatch. How are you now?

coconuts I have size 4 feet & all 3 of my babies have come out so quickly I tore. I think alot of it is just down to what position the baby is in.

luce fingers crossed your DS does a flip and goes head down between now and cons appt. ELCS are usually very calm though, its the EMCS that I fear.

nitnat I hope you are not going to be climbing any eaves in your condition! shock

lucinda my diet at the end was v.simple & v.boring!

Breakfast - 1 slice of white toast with crunchy peanut butter & a tiny cup of coffee; anything else was a complete fail and set me up for a puke day.
Lunch - an apple or melon & a cheese or ham sandwich (plain) with fizzy water, slice of lemon and ice.
Dinner - Half a jacket potato with butter, salt and if I was feeling ok a bit of cheese or a plate of mash & gravy or some potato waffles with fizzy water, slice of lemon and ice. I could manage a bit of broccoli & green beans but all other veg was out.

Dairy was out (milk was my nemesis) sugar made me v.ill, salad was hit & miss as was meat, could sometimes keep down a bit of roast chicken, icy lemonade was ok but didn't stay down for long. I can really tell I haven't eaten a big range of foods for ages because my skin is really dry & sallow and my cheeks are sunken.

I am now back in my size 10 jeans 7 days post birth but its not something I'm proud or particularly impressed about because my body has really suffered for it. I'd rather have loads of baby weight to shift than to have gone through the past 8 months of vom - my heart sinks when I read early HG's impact on women like spooks& alpine and the crappy response people get from health professionals. The feeling that if you move you'll be sick is one I never want to experience ever again.

nitnatnaboo Wed 06-Jul-11 09:51:46

Had repeat blood test on Monday. Iron has not gone up at all. Couldnt take the ferrous fumarate as it caused projectile vom. Have had £5k worth of Spatone and still nada. Anyway I have no choice now so have to try the tablets again. Took one at midnight last night and was then awake for hours feeling sick. No vom though. And just noticed I'm supposed to take 2 a day. Bleargh.

MotherofPearl Wed 06-Jul-11 09:59:34

Hi all,
Just popping on to say hi, and welcome to all the newbies. The early weeks of HG are so horrible, I really feel for you all. And it IS depressing, there's no doubt. But as NitNat said, this thread helps a lot - I've found it so helpful in so many ways - informative, sympathetic, and just helps knowing there ARE other people out there who have been through it and who truly understand what you're going through, even when it feels sometimes as though nobody does. Hang in there!
Hope all those on the brink of the entering the pink castle are feeling OK and not too uncomfortable, especially in the heat. I remember when my HG was at it's worst it was still early spring and so easy to cosy up under the duvet - now when I feel rotten it's not the same lying sweating and groaning on the sofa!
I've been away in Oxford for two days for work. Was hot and very tiring, but managed with the help of my trusty friend cyclizine to have no voms, which was a big relief. As soon as I walked in the front door last night though, I ran straight for the bathroom for a big vom. Strange how my body seems to (mainly) be able to hold it in when I'm out and about, because so often when I walk through the front door I have to make for the loo in a hurry!
Hope everyone's having an OK day with as few voms as possible! smile
Oh and Coconuts, I'm in shock about that woman's rude comments! Outrageous! I find it so irritating that when you're pregnant people feel completely entitled to comment freely on your size - I have one friend who, every time I see her, says 'oh my goodness, you're HUGE! It's not just the bump, you're putting weight on EVERYWHERE! Can't believe you still have x months to go!' etc etc - I find it so irritating and frankly quite offensive!

LucindaE Wed 06-Jul-11 10:43:37

Spooks Poor poor you, sending you cyber hugs, it is too bad, hang on, you are suffering the worst stage now. How are iced lollies as a source of hydration/comfort? It is worrying for LO's ( I didn't have one, but I have heard much of how concerned they are) but I have heard too how quickly they get over it. The school rush is bad enough when you feel OK.
Grumblin What a mean receptionist angry! How could another woman be so unsympathetic? So what if it was the staff one? I hope her trousers fall down in a supermarket (that truly did start happening to me once). Thanks for details of diet, that is useful. I am sure you will soon be blooming again. It wasn't only the Hyperemesis, you had to work and look after a family too, I am sure I don't know how you did it.
Pearl A 'Welcome Home' from the loo is not what you want! You must be a very tidy puker if you manage to keep it in until home.Re: comments, my swollen breasts and bottom aroused remark. How often is the puking now, Ihope infrequent?
TheOnly I hope no more bile runs?
NitNat Poor you, how awful being kept awake feeling sick, everything seems worse then. It was so with me and the iron pills. I am trying to think of somehting, and can't, not enough chemical knowledge.
Alpine and other newbies How are you today?
Lottie Still delighted for you.

nitnatnaboo Wed 06-Jul-11 11:18:51

now tell us what lovely foods you've treated yourself to since giving birth!

grumblinalong Wed 06-Jul-11 11:45:51

nitnat That list would be too long! grin I have eaten everything I can get my hands on. Won't be a size 10 for long but I don't give a crap, I'm enjoying the cake too much!

tink2103 Wed 06-Jul-11 12:18:04

Hi can I join you? Never posted on here before but I am currently pg with my third child and suffering HG for the third time, I'm nearly 9 weeks now and have just got out of hospital after a 5 day admission.
My first pg the sickness lasted till about 18 weeks, the 2nd the full 40 weeks and 5 hospital admissions so I'm just hoping this one isn't that bad.

I'm so pleased to have found other people who understand what it's like, I can honestly say I wouldn't wish HG on my worst enemy, I look forward to keeping in touch over the next few months and once I'm not feeling so crappy maybe offer support to anybody else suffering, for now it takes all my time to string a sentance together.


nitnatnaboo Wed 06-Jul-11 16:46:11

Welcome Tink glad you've found the thread - gosh another 3rd time HG'er - think we have at least three now. You are brave to get on the baby bus again! 9 weeks is just about the worst time isn't it. How was hospital? Nice nurses and IV drugs?

LucindaE Wed 06-Jul-11 17:17:46

Welcome Tink from me too. As NitNat says too, third timer, that is courageous.You are a vetaran, so it would be presumptious to give advice, can give sympathy, anyway. Which drinks, if any, can you stand? Feel free to moan here. What meds have they put you on?
Grumblin Do you find that home made soup is tempting for giving you much needed energy? How is Seren. Did you say she was an eight pounder?!


angeljefferson Wed 06-Jul-11 17:19:46

Welcome Tink! I think I peaked at 9 weeks, at 12 weeks now Ive found I can control my puking with regular Ondansetron and plenty of rest, I'm one of the lucky ones! I hope it doesnt last for the full 40 weeks....have you got anti-emetics? You are very brave going for a third time, this is my third pregnancy and 1st time HG, so its all been a big shock!

Grumblin how is baby and all that lovely food? Everyone is worried about my weight now because i'm still size 6 and 12 weeks now, so I know how you feel, its great to fit in your clothes, but I'd much rather put it on! I hate my grey skin and guant cheeks.....

spooks you poor thing, no way would I have managed with other small children when I was at my peak, I have deapest sympathy for you!

Lucinda was it you who recommended Angel sounds fetal monitor? I cant remember if it was Lottie grumblin nitnat or you without looking back through this thread....but it came on monday and I've found the heartbeat no problem since last night, its 160 bpm and like a racing horse.....its great! I'd defo recommend one, I got mine brand new off amazon for only £16, so its a bargain and stops my constant worry!

Big waves to everyone! xx

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Wed 06-Jul-11 17:46:54

angel I think it was me. So glad you got one smile They are amazing. just try not to get addicted to using it, try limiting yourself to once or twice a week, to save your sanity.

tink welcome, three times, gosh you're a stronger woman than me. A little further up is the link to MOH's website. It may be useful to you smile Feel free

spook tink and alpine add yourselves to our list!!

I have come bearing good news everyone.....

I have just drunk two full glasses of tap water. I haven't been able to drink plain water since about 6 weeks. This is amazing for me!!!

La73 Wed 06-Jul-11 18:55:04

Tink oh dear 9 weeks, it's truly the pits and really feel for you. Welcome veteran sufferer and do moan as much as you need on here -no such thing as TMI smile
Pearl I agree, being with bump should not give all free licence to comment on size (of bump, baps or bits!) Last stage and become huge again so getting used to comments such as 'crikey how many you got in there' or 'you're a big un'... And you're a rude knob. That said don't care as so happy to be eating well at last and feel for those with HG whole way thru as per poor Grumblin (curbing envy at size 10 jean wearing - honest!)
Luce hopefully baby turns for you - not cause I'm trying to win race or anything ;) If not though have also ELCs much better experience and at least you know birthday in advance.
theonly you must be counting down days to mat leave now, hopefully no more bile runs. 

MotherofPearl Wed 06-Jul-11 19:20:42

Lucinda, in answer to your question, still stuck on 1-2 voms most days, although occasionally I skip a day. But I manage to eat quite a lot on the cyclizine, indeed eating a lot of stodgy bland food helps me to feel better, hence the drastic weight gain!
And Tink, welcome. I have often had that very thought, that I wouldn't wish HG on my worst enemy. It's the pits. sad

theonlyhb2 Wed 06-Jul-11 20:06:43

god i feel really bad reading all these. I remember what that was all like and am amazed that i have been so much better since about 25Wks, with bouts here and there. You all give me hope that having kids is so worth it you do it again even knowing it might happen again. I really dont think i could mentally cope with those first 12weeks and a child to look after too! It amazes me how you actually do it. I barely look after myself even now am better ha ha. OH really does do so much.

Morning bile run again. I think its the heat more than anything else. Had to have fan on me all night. OH was frozen and turned off at half 6. 5 minutes later bile run.....does anyone else find they panic if they dont have a breeze on their face? I feel like i might suffocate if i am not a little bit cold from outside air or air con (my poor office. They all wearing jumpers and i still too hot).

MotherofPearl Wed 06-Jul-11 20:34:29

And Coconuts, meant to say, congrats on the tap water! I've not touched a glass of water since week 7!

angeljefferson Wed 06-Jul-11 21:16:30

coconuts , you were the only one I didnt mention, Sorry! Thanks for the advice, and yes, Ive just been having another listen *(slap my wrists, 2nd time today), but I only got it a couple of days ago, so I'm sure I'll dwindle off using it! Oh and how do I add myself to the list, I've been missed off, my EDD is 22/01/2012, although it might change at my dating scan on tuesday! eeek I've hit 12 weeks.....I might actually calm down and relax! Well as much as I can in between puking! and well done on the tap water, I have spells where I cant even look at the stuff, but if its bottled and freezing I can sometimes stomach it in sips smile

AlpinePony Thu 07-Jul-11 07:55:23

hi everyone. I think I'm "trying too hard". I was going to log on this morning and tell you how I don't think it's "that bad" and then I had to admit to myself that I'm sleeping propped up to try and prevent myself vomming in my sleep and that I can feel my glass of water threatening to make a re-appearance. sad Also, wtf do they put in those folic acid tablets? I know I should take them, but every time I do, I vom. sad I am sick of waking up with the sensation of bile racing up my oesophagus.

I'm on my 3rd week off work (hols) and am back on Monday and absolutely dreading it. Unfortunately I do a job which requires my brain to be present and alert like a 19 year old called Rufus at Sandhurst. sad And I work with men. sad And I have an appraisal on Monday. And my MIL is arriving. That is a major positive though - she's bloody lovely and will pick up the slack for me.

angel I think you're amazingly brave. We want 3 too (more if we could afford it/I wasn't so ancient wink) - but I don't know if I can keep doing this to myself.

I'm trying to stay away from the "eat-to-keep-it-at-bay" philosophy this time as it didn't help last time and I just put on a stone+ during the first trimester. This time I'm eating much less and still feel sick. <shrugs>

morning, it was a good night last night no vomit yeah. dp made dinner and cake(orange polenta no less) and a ice evening was had by all. makig up for it this morning though. i hate dry retching in the toilet there is nothing there to come up except bile but you just keep going and one of my kids had done a wee and not flushed yuk grin
oh i wasn't going to add my self to the list till i had my dating scan.
welcome tink i am on number 4, i think we secretly must hate ourselves grin
yeah to tap water.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 07-Jul-11 09:41:31

angel just go back and find the most recent updated list, copy it, paste it into a new message and before hitting post just put your details in where they need to be. Et voila!

tink2103 Thu 07-Jul-11 10:24:52

Thanks for the welcome everyone, I'm honestly not brave (more stupid!!) this baby wasn't planned, we always wanted a third but I don't think I would've ever conciously made the decision! With drinks I'm trying to drink lucozade original(can't stomach the orange) and just orange squash, I usually live on coffee but just can't drink it. The hospital staff were really good this time, 3 days on IV and injecting cyclizine, I've been on phenargan since the day I found out and have also had 3 sessions of accupuncture which unfortunately didn't help.

Spooks my DH has been told he is having the snip after this one, I can't do it again!

Angel I'm really hoping this gets a bit easier by 12 weeks, we're going on holiday to Portugal and I'm really nervous in case I get bad over there.

Just a quick question ladies, I seem to be being sick lots of bile, I don't remember this much from the first 2, it's just literally pouring out of me, has anybody else found this?

I'm in work today and have managed 3 days this week, I'm very proud of myself as working and looking after the kids whilst being sick 20 times a day is not bloody easy!


fluffywhitekittens Thu 07-Jul-11 11:25:25

Wanders nonchalantly in and pretends she hasn't not posted for ages...
Congratulations Grumblin and Lottie, hands round cake and nipple cream and plumps cushions.
For all those due October/November time we went away for a few days to Norfolk and had a lovely time, this time next year you will have gorgeous babies to take on Holiday yourself and HG will be a dim and distant nightmare...
Welcome newbies, grab a spitty sick bucket, pop your anti emetic of choice and settle down for the long haul.
Moh I still haven't got round to looking at your website but will be visiting soon and willing to put name down for support.
Tink I always had lots of bile to deal with and as theonly has pointed out hot weather really does seem to make it worse.
Alpine pony I will be the High Priestess of Ondanestron rather than cyclizine, as the nice midwife in hospital pointed out I have expensive tastes!
For those of you in the early stages please try not to do too much, get as much help as possible and I forbid any lawn mowing smile
Hands out medals to those brave/mad enough to go forhg baby 3 and above.
As regards piling during labour you can think of it fondly as your farewell to HG final vom (unless you're very unlucky of course).

fluffywhitekittens Thu 07-Jul-11 11:29:33

Not sure what piling is ( although brings back bad memories of last few weeks of pregnancy and bum issues, also reminds me to say I have fybogel stuff if anyone wants me to passit on smile ) but still getting used to auto correct - obviously should be puking.

louby86 Thu 07-Jul-11 11:43:30

Hello everyone! Please can I join you guys? I'm pregnant with my 1st and will be 8 weeks tomorrow. Have had to tell most people at work as the toilet seems to have become my new office! Dr mentioned hyperemesis yesterday after I'd been sick 13 times before my appointment with him at 11. Got tested for ketones yesterday but that came back ok so no hospital admission, being tested again on monday

angeljefferson Thu 07-Jul-11 11:51:13

Thanks coconuts i'll give it a go!

Tink i had the dry heaving and then copius amounts of bile in my weeks 7-10, I used to wonder where it came from since I was hardly drinking! I find that some days all I can drink is lucozade, but I prefer the orange.....I'll probably have a hyper child with all that sugar haha! I'm also going away next sunday to Turkey, I'll be 13 weeks and 2 weeks in 100 degree heat is just not appealing it the minute, but at least the maid will clean the toilet daily of my puke! i plan to live on a lilo in the pool with ice lollies in my mouth...oh god...I hope I dont puke in the pool!

Alpine this is my third pregnancy, but I didnt have HG with my first two and I lost the second one earlier this year. So I wished for morning sickness this time as a sign of a healthy pregnancy, and I certainly got it! Its been a living nightmare for week 5 and from week 6 to week 11 I didnt have a life at all and barely left my bed! I think DP would love another after this one, but I am too ancient (37) and I dont think I could hack the HG again, I've just got to this week and feel I can handle it with my anti-sickness meds and careful eating (usually lots of unhealthy stuff) and I'm still losing weight....I'm down to 7.5 stone now, so its not a glowing pregnancy! dont you just hate those glowing pregnant mums and I look like I've crawled out of a grave!
fluffy I too am a ondansetron Priestess, bloody good stuff, I dont think I'd be living without it....I still count down the hours to my next dose and often cheat and take it an hour early! Oh and I admit to lawn mowing this week, and yes I regretted it.....my faithful friend vomit decided to join me in the garden....its getting a regular thing me and my vomit in the garden....the neighbours probably think I'm a plonky haha!
Big waves to everyone else xx

angeljefferson Thu 07-Jul-11 11:54:28

eeeeeeee I feel excited to be on the list!

La: EDD 14/07/11
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
BikeRunSki: EDD 25/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: EDD 01/12/11
poorlysicklou: EDD 02/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/
Angel: 22/01/12

MotherofPearl Thu 07-Jul-11 11:55:52

louby, welcome! Poor you, sounds as if you're in a bad way. Presumably you know that you can buy your own ketostix at the pharmacy to test your urine at home? If high you can then tell doctor and hopefully get admitted quickly for treatment. But as MOH and others have pointed out, getting treatment should not hinge just on whether or not you have ketones - if the sickness is really affecting your quality of life and ability to do normal things (and at 13 voms before 11am it surely must be), then you probably need medication. Take a look at MOH's great website, if you've not already done so: https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/about-hg
Good to hear your doctor seems to be aware of the condition and proactive about testing for ketones etc. Good luck with it all.

louby86 Thu 07-Jul-11 12:34:10

Thank you so much, I didn't know you could buy your own sticks! I'll have a look into everything you've posted now. Finally, I don't feel lost and misunderstood now! Thank you so so much!

LucindaE Thu 07-Jul-11 13:25:21

Louby Welcome, poor you, that sounds truly awful, I do hope the GP prescribed meds? Thirteen times in one morning sounds hellish...As others say, do get those keststicks. I'm glad GP is monitoring you. Oh dear...Jelly, ice lollies, ice cubes, sips of tepid water, sips of flat coke any comfort at all?
Spooks Sympathies. Bringing up bile is really painful, I used to pee too...
Tink I know what you mean, it's been a few years with me, but I remember bringing up copious amounts not only of bile, but also of foam when dehydrated, too. shock. As you say, where does it come from?!
Alpine Can you get drops? Not sure. Those awful iron pills...
Signing off as system keeps crashing, back on in a minute.

LucindaE Thu 07-Jul-11 13:28:45

Louby I think we cross posted!
FluffyWhite Kittens Welcome back. Strokes to you!
Coconuts As good at It as ever. One of these days, I will learn...
TheOnly How are you today?
Pearl That is not nice, persisting like that...
Waves wildly to Anyone Not Mentioned. Thinking of all.

LucindaE Thu 07-Jul-11 13:32:23

Angel Have a good holiday, and take a discreet small bag by the pool lol?

angeljefferson Thu 07-Jul-11 14:38:22

thanks Lucinda, nappy sacks may just have another use?? lol

and welcome Louby you really need some medication, I was like that between weeks 6 and 11, but I'm much better with medication and limited to 2-3 vomits a day, all that vomiting in 1 morning really takes it out of you! big hugs, and I hope you get it under control soon! Just remember its not forever! xx

theonlyhb2 Thu 07-Jul-11 18:17:15

hello louby! i also had to tell everyone at work as I just spent all my time in the toilet.....in fact people stopped using the upstairs one next to my office so I didnt have to run downstairs trying to hold it in smile they have all now got used to the puking in toilet/bin/jiffy bag smile

angel, steal all the sick bags from the plane! you will need them. i have a lovely supply.

Jiffy bags are great for puking into whilst driving. you can then seal them and post them to people you hate......throw them away not worrying about leaks

ah, no bile run this morning (was cooler though) but last night I did manage to slip on the kitchen floor (in dog slobber!) nearly do the splits, and now my pelvis and back and shoulder (oh and neck) feel f****d. But Mum is round tonight and she always gives me amazing massages (I am SO spoilt, I know) so I shall be OK!

must dash, still at work!! only a week left to go! jeeez! how did this happen SO fast?!?!

La: EDD 14/07/11
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
BikeRunSki: EDD 25/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: EDD 01/12/11
poorlysicklou: EDD 02/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/
Angel: 22/01/12
spookshowangel: EDD 22/01/12 (haven't had dating scan yet)

angeljefferson Fri 08-Jul-11 07:36:08

spooks we have the same due date (so far) when is your dating scan? Mines on Tuesday, but I've had 2 already, and it seems my date is spot on!

MotherofPearl Fri 08-Jul-11 09:05:15

Nice to see myself comfortably mid-table - for ages I was at the bottom of the list! smile

LucindaE Fri 08-Jul-11 09:24:15

Louby How are you today, you poor thing? I am still horrified about those thirteen pukes before 11am. Alpine Spooks, *PoorlysickLou and Everyone?

louby86 Fri 08-Jul-11 10:24:29

Hello everyone!

Thank you for all being so welcoming! When I finally get my laptop back I'll be able to post to people a bit more personally, a bit hard on my phone at the minute!

Tried what the doctor gave me for the first time properly yesterday, avomine? And I literally slept all day! Only sick 3 times though so that was brilliant! Fingers crossed today is just as good!

How is everyone else feeling???

I'll put my stats up when I get on the laptop later too!

Hope you all have a good day!


LucindaE Fri 08-Jul-11 10:27:49

Louby I am so glad about that- three times would still count as 'severe' by normal standards of M/S, but...Mother hen Lucinda clucks, 'If you're sleeping all day, remember to keep topping up those liquids, sipping away...' smile

allias Sat 09-Jul-11 11:56:53

Hellooooooo!!! On my phone at moment so Sorry if I do t personally greet you all,I am posting from memory from marathon post catch up. as usual I am promising to catch up better on laptop.
Sooooo happy to see new births congrats grumblin and lottie great news hope you are both doing well.
Welcome newbies (I say newbies but I'm relatively new on this thread too) I read the previous post for weeks before posting and just reading about people who got how I felt was so helpful and emotional, support from everyone is fantastic.

moh so much work done on website thanks so much, as much help and info for fellow HG sufferers is great.

lucinda hi!!! Thanks for asking after me, you really are great looking after us.

Ugh memory freeze!! I will come back on lappy later and post to others as I know there's more I wanted to greet.

I have now reached 16 weeks, still feel rough but have been given cyclizine to take along side the metraclopramomide (baaad sp) so take each three times daily but seperatly so that my body is tanked up with meds, cyclizine is a fab addition but whoooooah very drowsy and trippy, taken it for 2 or 3 weeks now but still drowsy but it may well be combo of HG, hormones, meds etc.
Had q few drip trips and meds through iv and butt(the shame lol) and have a flask which I keep handy to try and keep dehydration at bay.
I have resigned myself to the bland eating way of life as anything remotely flavoursome is a remedy for vom city, more off limit foods than good food and gets frustrating but hey whatever works hey, I eat like a youg child sandwiches of peanut butter or ham or paste and fruit juice watered down lololol
Is anyone very tired ALL the time? Doing anything for awhile makes me exhausted and dizzy and Sooooo sick!! I spend most of my time on sofa or in bed and fear my already fat body will get fatter - although the not eating much and aversion to choc and cake may well be a good thing where that's concerned....... Anyway waffle over, will catch up later, hope everyone is having a good day so far x

fluffywhitekittens Sat 09-Jul-11 19:19:51

Allias you will probably feel completely exhausted until you have your baby (and afterwards if you happen to have non sleeping children but that's a whole other thread!)
Eat whatever you can, when you can, and don't worry too much habout gaining weight, I'm not exactly sylphlike smile but I lost around a stone each pregnant and that pretty much went back on as soon as I started eating everything in sight normally again.
Also just want to share my completely non HG related proud Mummy moment as dd has just done her first dance performance in front of over 100 people, wipes tear from eyes.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 09-Jul-11 19:45:43

Aw fluffy bet you are so proud smile smile

allias Sat 09-Jul-11 20:02:48

Awww bless!! Love watching kiddies perform

I think our minds totally erase the crap elements of pregnancy so that we foolishly have more kiddies because although I know I suffered last times I honestly forgot how grim it can be until I was pg again - ho hum

tink2103 Sat 09-Jul-11 20:08:45

Fluffy you must be so proud grin

Louby glad you had a better day and tablets are working.

Hi to everyone else, I'm on my phone so can't scroll & look at names.

I've had quite a good day today, only sick 3 times and managed to cut dd's daytime nap so both kids are already in bed so I'll be joining them shortly! DH is being a right miserable git this weekend cause he's not been able to go to silverstone with his mates, like it's just my fault I'm pg and throwing up 30 times a day! So I'm off to bed to ignore him until he snaps out of it!

Night xx

LucindaE Sun 10-Jul-11 13:54:16

Alias I have been worried about you (mother hen) and hope you don't have any more hospitalisations...Sixteen weeks, hopefully you will be turning the corner soon. I'm glad that cocktail helps, no wonder you are tired though, quite apart from the meds, its exhausting growing a baby on an inadequate diet and trying to cope with the rest of life. How do you find - I hope this doesn't nauseate anyone) jacket potatoes? I had to have them without butter, which made them dull...
Fluffy How sweet, you must have been proud, it's so good if they can perform without being shy, a huge advantage for later life.
Coconuts (waves) How are you generally, these days?
Tink Thirty times???!!! I hope not generally, my goodness, doesn't bear thinking of. Silly of O/H sulking, I'll be quite frank, mine is by disposition 'Mean and Moody' and I thought it exciting when he was paying court to me lol. I'm glad you had a better day, and that he's forgotten about Silverstone today.
Louby Are you awake yet?
Everyone How are you. Not heard from Poorlysicklou in a little while...

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 10-Jul-11 14:13:48

Hi Lucinda Thanks for asking after me smile Hope you are ok too. I am ok thanks. Had my Glucose test Friday which set me back a little. Trying to drink all that lucozade within a certain time made me really nauseous all day but am ok now. Just awaiting the results on Tuesday, where I guess they will also tell me I am anemic. just really tired all the time, worried about having such a big baby (am measuring three weeks ahead) although have ordered my travel system and generally cracking on with getting things ready smile

Hope everyone else is ok smile

LucindaE Sun 10-Jul-11 19:20:02

Coconuts I've heard that glucose tests are nightmarish for women with Hyperemesis. Oh dear, I bet you're glad that's over. Three weeks ahead does sound big. I suppose that is all being monitored?

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 10-Jul-11 19:36:17

Well midwife didn't seem overly concerned but me being me am now putting 2 and 2 together and getting 54. The worry for me is that I have a big baby and a need for the glucose test must mean therefore the largeness of baby is due to diabetes. But obviously I'm summising and shouldn't until I know the results. I don't see the MW again until 31weeks so hopefully GD will be negative and take it from there. Always something to worry about.

I couldn't imagine having to do the GTT with full blown HG still. It was grim and I struggled to keep it down but I know people have done it in a much worse state than me and those ladies I salute you!

MOH100 Sun 10-Jul-11 21:06:16

Hi all, just a quickie to update on exciting things happening in world of websites and support networks. There's a couple of new facebook groups, one focussing on charity pregnancy sickness support's work www.facebook.com/pages/Hyperemesis-UK/197019263655727?sk=wall and another which is more like a chat type thread www.facebook.com/groups/120865887959037 for HG ladies. I've been in touch with one of the moderators and she's mad keen to join forces and get a UK wide support network properly organised with regional moderators. I'll post more details when I've spoken to her.

louby86 Sun 10-Jul-11 22:02:32

Finally adding my stats......

La: EDD 14/07/11
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
BikeRunSki: EDD 25/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: EDD 01/12/11
poorlysicklou: EDD 02/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/
Angel: 22/01/12
Louby86: EDD 17/02/12

louby86 Sun 10-Jul-11 22:07:05

Hi everyone,

Hope you've all had a good weekend....

Felt quite well yesterday, managed to make it out for my SIL's 21st birthday meal and then on to a wedding reception but in the excitement of feeling surprisingly well think I over did it and spent most of today in bed and being sick!

Got my midwife appointment tomorrow and toying with the idea of actually going back to work from Tuesday, just need to talk it through with her and my GP first as some days it's taking me a couple of hours to get showered and dressed in a morning! Really glad I've had the chance to read through the website links on the thread before tomorrow, feel like I'm going in to my app armed and ready just incase they try to fob me off!!!

Excited to see of the stats there's so many babies due soon, can't wait to hear all about them!!!!

coconuts I have my gtt on Wednesday and really not looking forward to it!! Not a fan of lucozade at the best of times and not being able to eat for hours is gona be a nightmare as eating regularly is the only thing that keeps my sickness at bay! Plus don't do well with having blood taken so hope they are ready for me!! smile
Don't worry bout baby measuring big - last time my DS went right off the chart! But there was lots of fluid and he was v.long (OH is 6'2!) so those were main factors. This time I am measuring 32 at 28weeks so all following the same pattern looks like! Gotta go back in 2 weeks and see where things go from there. The nice thing about measuring big last time was I got to have 3 extra scans - I find them fascinating! And my mum got to come to one which she was thrilled about smile Please try not to worry, all will be fine xxx

LucindaE Mon 11-Jul-11 08:50:30

Coconuts I have heard, I don't claim to know much about it, that its just a precautionary test, of the sort of which they are so fond. A grim test, though. Thank goodness you didn't have to take it with full blown Hyperemesis.
ElliottsMum Oh dear, you too? Best of luck for such a nasty test. It seems like a form of torture, even for someone who likes Lucozade...shock
Louby Don't rush back to work (fuss, fuss!) as the tiredness could bring on the symptoms fully again unless you are properly recovered...
MoH That is exciting news indeed on the support networks front! Things are looking up...


fluffywhitekittens Mon 11-Jul-11 11:16:05

Moh you are a star smile

MOH100 Mon 11-Jul-11 12:05:37

grumblin thanks for spreading word to midwives etc, absolutely health visitors next, and GPs and all the rest of them. You gave me an idea for another page, which I've just added to the site specifically aimed at midwives. I've transcribed an extract from an article in a midwifery journal about how to treat HG patients. Have a read its a brilliant article, it's absolutely spot on advice and should be compulsory reading for all midwives. https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/about-hg/info-for-midwives

I've also added a paragraph to the coping strategies page https://sites.google.com/site/pregnancysicknesssos/coping-strategies about an HG survival kit which someone (can't remember who now, was some time ago) suggested. Anyone who's well enough and has time, could you have a read. I'm doing it from memory so if I've missed anything or there's any other tips let me know. Also, do you think the coping strategies page is getting too long and should I divide it into subpages?

Waves to everyone, wishing you vom free days. smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 11-Jul-11 12:51:56

MOH Have read the new bits. The Midwives info is brilliant. and re the coping strategies perhaps you could put links at the top of the page for the separate paragraphs IYSWIM so if someone doesnt want or need to read the whole thing they could look at the subheading appropriate to them, select it and read it. MMAybe a little less overwhelming. But the info within it is fab smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 11-Jul-11 12:58:25

elliotts thanks for reassurance re measurements. I know its not an exact science and there is a huge margin for error with the fundal height thingy so i just have to wait and see for next appointment. trying not to worry about things unnecessarliy like i tend to all the time grin

louby glad you have ahad a good few days. If u decide to try working again, please take it steady, dont set yourself back to square one smile

MotherofPearl Mon 11-Jul-11 14:17:54

MOH, the site gets better and better! I personally don't think the coping strategies page is too long, because each section/paragraph is clearly headed, so people can scroll through to the thing they want without having to read it all.
Hope everyone is having a good day. Top food tip for me at the moment is ice-cold fresh cherries. Moving them from the fridge to the freezer 30 mins or so before eating makes them even better! smile

louby86 Mon 11-Jul-11 17:04:46

MotherofPearl DH is going to have to get me cherries now! That sounds delicious!!!

Coconuts and LucindaE don't worry, saw my GP after the midwife today and he said I'm not going back to work for at least 2 weeks and gave me a sick note. I could have cried with happiness after the experience with the midwife earlier. She was nice enough and for everything else I couldn't fault her but when it came to discussing my hyperemesis, and it does say on my doctors notes that I have hyperemesis, she was very dismissive and just kept telling me it was normal, up until the point where DH began to challenge her around it too. I'm so glad I had all the information from MOH or she would have made me think that I just needed to get on with it as best I could. Thankfully, my GP is very understanding of the situation!

LucindaE Mon 11-Jul-11 17:38:37

MOH It's looking good!
On 'avoiding dehydration' what do you think of, jelly, iced lollies, ice cubes of water or flat coke, sips of flat coke? Sips of tepid water helped me, but I'm not sure if that is common...Sorry!
Louby So glad you got that sick note. Take it easy!

fluffywhitekittens Mon 11-Jul-11 18:25:26

I think the coping strategies is fine as it's in subsections.
Is it possible to put a comment somewhere suggesting getting someone else to read for you if you feel too sick as I know that I couldn't face reading during those early weeks?
Louby take it easy for the next two weeks but if you're still not good get back for a continuation note.
Coconuts I was also measuring large and had to have an extra scan. I ended up not doing the gtt as the morning that I was going to do it I lost my car keys and couldn't get out of the house ( as you do) and then never got round to doing it again, mainly because the thought of not eating and drinking that vile stuff made me feel too ill!
Waves to everyone else, especially the July due daters.

hello everyone hope you had good weekends, glad you got signed off louby. really nice to hear that there are health professionals out there that take this all seriously.
i have only been sick once since Saturday..... whats going on people its almost been positively pleasant yesterday was a bit yuk but still was only sick once. maybe the last 3 weeks have all been a horrible dream and it will just vanish away leaving me a beautiful glowing pregnant woman that i keep hearing about.

so how many babies do we have due in july?

theonlyhb2 Mon 11-Jul-11 19:29:14

ah Louby i remember feeling better and actually leaving the house and seeing people then crashed for days after. I also found it took me hours to get up and dressed so when i went back to work it was at a later start as i couldnt cope (still the same really! No way could i get in for 9am)

mega bile runs since weekend but only in morning so Thats ok. I have had much more energy lately which is great! Nursery furniture delivered and assembled. 4 days left at work now. 2 x Chinese lunches organised for this week. Its all go!

Waves to everyone x x

ps lucozade thing was fucking awful. Felt terrible for rest of day. Amazed it Didnt come back up!

nitnatnaboo Mon 11-Jul-11 19:31:20

MOH brill news about the support network. Will have a read of the midwife article later.

La any news on CS date? Or are things moving along of their own accord? Hope no return of vom this far along.

I am officially huge - I must be 2 foot from front to back! I get "looks" when out in public. No twinges yet. Sweep this Thursday, which is 39+1. If it sets things off I could be in labour on Friday, which is my birthday - so unfair! shock.

theonlyhb2 Mon 11-Jul-11 19:36:56

ah but nitNat you would able to eat and drink what you like after the birthi without worry!

MOH100 Mon 11-Jul-11 22:13:53

MoPearl iced cherries added to list of edible food on website.
Lucinda jelly etc already in list of food suggestions but I'll put a link to the page in the avoiding dehydration section - actually thought of doing that ages ago then forgot so thanks for reminder.

nitnatnaboo Mon 11-Jul-11 22:14:29

Been meaning to post about this for a couple of weeks.

If you can't stand mint toothpaste at the moment, why not try Macleans Total Health - it tastes lemony, a bit like lockets, and is quite nice. It comes in a blue packet. If you type it into google you should be able to see a picture on Ocado.
Sorry in advance if you try it and it still makes you puke!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 12-Jul-11 09:41:57

Oh nitnat u may have just saved me smile smile off to shop for toothpaste...

MotherofPearl Tue 12-Jul-11 09:43:20

Thanks MOH, I didn't mean to sound as if I was ordering you to put my cherries suggestion on the website, more of just a general comment about something that's helping me at the moment! I generally find food or drinks that are very cold much more palatable. Somehow they have less taste and are much more refreshing.
Thanks for the toothpaste tip Nitnat. I'm ok with mint toothpaste now but really struggled early on (although my revolting solution was just not to brush my teeth at all, felt like too much effort anyway!).
Quite a few due dates coming up - La this week and Nitnat next week - although by the sounds of things it could happen sooner than that.
We're moving house next week, which I'm dreading. I have booked the whole week off work (the move is on Wed), so should be OK esp because DD will be at nursery, and we have men/van coming. I plan on doing as little as possible, but it will still be an upheaval and tiring. Speaking of tiring, Louby, I'm so glad you're staying off work for now. It's so easy when the meds kick in to start thinking you're fine and doing too much, and it always backfires badly, ime.
Right, enough chit-chat, I'd better get some work done! smile

nit nat good call on the tooth paste.

LucindaE Tue 12-Jul-11 17:38:35

Spooks Great news about no puking since Sat. May you soon be glowing and preening!
TheOnly Isn't it awful, when 'seeing people' is a treat! Sorry about bile runs, dear me, they are the worst...You had the test too? Horrible.
NitNat Please tell me no more bile runs in a while?! Congratulations on Great Belly. Waddle this way, Ma'am, and take a chair in the virtual Rest Room. I hope you and baby don't end up sharing a birthday...Water birth wishes to you and LA...
MOH Thanks for that, very thorough of you.
Cocounuts Fluffy Everyone Waves.
Louby How are things?
Pearl Good luck for move!


La73 Tue 12-Jul-11 20:11:19

Hello all and welcome more newbies with open and sympathetic arms (rest up, it truly is the only way)
No movement yet but doing all I can to help mother nature along (think I'm overdosing on rasberry leaf tablets - couldn't face tea time this time round - do give u strong BHs).
Nitnat I'm also truly huge attracting sympathetic / horrified looks everytime I step outside but that could just be constant nipple tweaking! Happy Birthday for Friday just in vain hope I'm otherwise engaged smile
I'm also having sneaky sweep tomorrow, hilarious that last time wouldn't let them touch me at 41+, this time they can prod all they like! 
MOH hope DD recovered. Agree coping section fine due to clear headers. Will give out URL to midwife tomorrow.
Pearl good tip on frozen fruit - I would do same with mango and I still keep bottles of still water in freezer! Good luck w move x

LucindaE Wed 13-Jul-11 08:38:38

LA Good luck with sweep and congratulations on your enormous belly, too!
My own nipples stir uncomfortably at the memory of that tweaking...I didn't realise about raspberry tea and b/s. Am still wishing you and NitNat water births...

fluffywhitekittens Wed 13-Jul-11 09:48:43

If anyone would like to have a baby today they will be sharing their birthday with my brother (and two college) friends.

LucindaE Wed 13-Jul-11 12:36:16

Fluffy Happy birthday to bro and friends... Did you have a nice water birth with your last as a compenation for your earlier sufferings being so horrible? How is baby?

MOH100 Wed 13-Jul-11 13:12:18

no worries MoPearl I'm just scavenging tips and adding them to the site as and when. keep them coming everyone.

fluffywhitekittens Wed 13-Jul-11 13:32:27

Well, I started off in a nice bath, but things went fairly quickly so wasn't in there long! I didn't even bother writing a birth plan with ds as figured it might be quick and if I had written one for dd it wouldn't have been any use smile
Baby is gorgeous, we went to husband's work summer party at the weekend. There were quite a few babies there but the receptionists and HR staff said on Monday that ds was the cutest (of course).
Hope everyone else is OK.

La73 Wed 13-Jul-11 15:43:40

Lucinda thanks for well wishes. No water birth for me but agreed i can labour in pool smile Midwives & consultant fab and giving me lots of support. Fluffy glad all well with yr gorgeous boy, I haven't bothered with birth plan this time either but senior midwife has written 10 point plan in notes so figure that's enough! 
Hopefully will avoid CS but still keeping open mind as think best to prepare mentally (rather than angels singing whilst I ease out babe with dignity and grace as per imagined 1st time round!)
Nitnat forgot to say, I would take 1 iron tab at night with a cyclizine to avoid nausea and gradually got level back up to 10. 

johnnyd1 Wed 13-Jul-11 16:37:56

Well had MW appointment today, apparently head has now moved down so no longer classed as transverse. Not engaged but down enough to not need scan and she is pretty sure won't need c-secton.

I know this is good news but rather a lot to take in, after being told to prepare for one way everyting changing in 5 minutes is quite overwhelming!!
(Also now could have to wait another 3 weks to meent the littel blighter!!)

Main thing is he is healthy though and only measuring 1 week under despite all the HG dramas.

LA and Nitnat good luck, I'll be snapping at your heals!!

A three horse race for the next baby then? smile hope you are all managing to get comfortable now you're on the home stretch. Please try not to have them too soon though as I will be dangerously close to the top of the list!!!

My GTT went pretty well today - maybe because I was expecting the worst it turned out ok! Was really hungry between 9 and 10 but drinking all the lucozade seemed to fill me up!! Managed to keep it down but hoping I successfully hid all the burps from my fellow patients in the waiting room!! blush Now just need to await the results - forgot to ask how long it takes, does anyone know? Hopefully everything is fine. Can't help feeling it's a cruel and unusual punishment to give to a pregnant lady especially one with HG!!

Wishing everyone a vom-free week with plenty of rest xx

nitnatnaboo Wed 13-Jul-11 19:45:48

La good news about possibly avoiding c section and labouring in water. Fortunately nausea from iron tabs seems under control most days - I did wonder about a cheeky cyclizine or two! Nothing happening here, baby is charging around stomach like a scalded cat, throwing shapes every few minutes

Luce good news about baby turning at last and chance for a VB after all, even if bit of a shock!

Hope everyone having an OK day.

Faggotsnpeas Wed 13-Jul-11 19:54:33

If only I came accross this thread a few months ago!!!! I was admitted into hospital for 2 days on a drip and was signed off work for 7 weeks as the meds I was prescribed affected my driving sad I was so pleased when I finally got over the worse of HG and was able to start enjoying my pregnancy smileDefinately put me off wanting any more. Was v bad with dd, but a whole lot worse with this one.

fluffywhitekittens Thu 14-Jul-11 09:40:04

Welcome Faggotsnpeas, feel free to add yourself to the due date lists, are you back at work now?

theonlyhb2 Thu 14-Jul-11 09:50:32

i am just here to moan.....bile run every morning for last week. Night before last i woke up at 1am cos i had sick coming up, was most strange, projectile vomited a lot (OH was quite impressed with the force and amount). Then last night exactly same thing at exactly same time. Why? I figured baby moved and squashed my stomach but its been bloody ages since i woke up in middle of night puking like that. I have been doing a lot but have more energy now than the whole of my pregnancy. 35 weeks, am i not supposed to be relieved maternity leave starts tomoro because i Cant cope? The past few weeks i have been working like i used to and i Love it so gutted to be puking and leaving. Gah

angeljefferson Thu 14-Jul-11 11:44:13

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and staying out of hospital!
Good luck La not long now!
theonly what a shitty week, at least its not too much longer to the pink castle!!
Good news, I've had my dating scan on tuesday and I'm measuring nearly a week ahead! So thats another week out the way and I'm now 13 weeks 4 days, I could have cried with relief at missing a week (I sound like a bad mammy)unless baby is just going to be huge, daddy is 6ft 7, so maybe its just HUGE! and they said they thought it might be a girl, but obviously that was just a guess, so we are finding out at the end of august, I still feel like its a boy! so I'm adding my new date on:

La: EDD 14/07/11
Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
BikeRunSki: EDD 25/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: EDD 01/12/11
poorlysicklou: EDD 02/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/
Angel: 16/01/12
Louby86: EDD 17/02/12

grumblinalong Thu 14-Jul-11 11:50:44

theonly What did you eat for your eve meal for past 2 nights? If it was pasta, pizza or garlic then it could have been that caused the projectile vom. Enjoy your ML - rest, rest, rest!

faggots&peas Love your name btw. Welcome to the thread - glad HG has settled a little for you.

spooks, angel and other newbies how are you all? Hope you're not feeling too poorly, been thinking of you all.

nitnat Due date alert, due date alert. Sorry very annoying I know, hope you're ok. Are you getting fed up? You sound very serene & cheerful in your posts.

fluffy Aw your DS sounds like a darling, a work summer party? Your DH sounds like he's got a nice job.

elliottsmummy Good luck on the GTT results, think they'd ring you pretty swiftly if you have GD as they like to start treatment asap.

la Good news on the pool - labouring in a pool is very calming & lovely so at least you have that to look forawrd to, not a scalpel.

johnny&luce Good news on the VB. Honestly, I know it seems like a disappointment & messing around now but giving birth vaginally seems a whole lot easier than CS - the poor women I saw on maternity ward looked terrible after their sections.

lucinda Sterling supporter work you're doing. DD feeds constantly during the day so finding it hard to get online at mo. Will endeavour to be around more often.


grumblinalong Thu 14-Jul-11 11:52:02

Sorry I mixed up la & nitnats due date. Naughty grumblin. I'm very tired grin

grumblinalong Thu 14-Jul-11 11:55:29

Oh, just read back through thread - la & nitnat hope your sweeps are successful today. I can lend you my big handed obstetrician if they aren't, he got me going no problems. Thinking of you both. x

louby86 Thu 14-Jul-11 12:50:28

Hello everyone!

Good luck for those of you having sweeps! I'm on my phone again so not mentioning individual names as I know it'll end up as an epic fail with my brain at the moment!

I've started to dread the days I feel ok because it usually means I'm going to pay for it the day after! Had a brilliant day yesterday, even went to the supermarket for a fee bits and bobs, did online shopping to be delivered tonight and cooked DH dinner for the first time in over a week! Today, not so great, barely managed to wash my hair in the shower, gave up and crawled back into bed where I still am now!

Hoping you all have a lovely day in the sun!

MotherofPearl Thu 14-Jul-11 16:45:46

Argh, Louby, it's dreadful isn't it? The false hope that things are getting better is in a way worse than just feeling dreadful 100% of the time! I'm feeling sorry for myself today. I'm still stuck on 1-2 voms a day, which isn't so bad really, but the nausea gets me down. Also, sorry for tmi, but in the past the actual puking was over quite quickly, but now I seem to spend ages heaving and retching even after everything has come up. confused And with a bigger bump, the heaving stomach is even more uncomfortable and painful.
Nice to hear from Grumblin that all is going OK with little Seren even though she's at the constant feeding stage. Hope all those on the brink of the pink castle are doing OK and looking forward to the end of the horrible HG journey smile

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 14-Jul-11 17:30:51

Quick post for eliotts I had my test Friday, results were back Tues morning. So not long at all. Mine was all clear although am quite badly anemic so pick up my prescription for iron supplement in the morning.

louby hb sorry about feeling shit sad

Sorry to post and run, going to have a go with my doppler, baby bit quiet today, but lots of braxton things.

LucindaE Thu 14-Jul-11 17:43:39

Ah, MumsNet back on line!
Mother ofPearl Oh no, I bet you are fed up with nausea, poor you, and 'only' two pukes a day. Retching and retching is horrible, cue peeing when I did that. I just hope it finally eases soon.
Louby I hope I am right in saying that once you get a few good days, it is the beginning of the improvement for most women? But I know what you mean, if you are to be disappointed the next day, that's heartbreaking...I hope you feel better tommorow, remember to take it easy all the time.
Grumblin Lovely to hear from you, and I think it's great you come on when your L/O is on that 'constantly clamped on' stage.
LA I hope labour in bath is good and really quick, anyway, and hold out hopes of water birth for NitNat and LA. Fluffy I am glad things were quick for you, of course, L/O is adorable...
Luce Ooh, you are really near the Pink Castle, too...Dream birth wishes for you, so glad baby has turned.
Back on in a minute, trouble with pc...

LucindaE Thu 14-Jul-11 17:55:21

To continue (didn't want to lose all of last message): -
TheOnly That sounds horrible, what can be causing it? Would propping up more help, or is that making a stupid 'have you tried' suggestion? Is it acidity, would some Gaviscon immediatly before bed help or is that another? Projectile, too, oh dear. Is it as you said, just there being no room for your stomach with much in the way of food in it and the baby in certain positions?
FaggotsandPeas I wish you had found the thread months ago, it's awful if you had to go through it without the luxury of a good moan to a group of women who know that you are not exaggerating. Are you completely better now or just comparatively?
Angel I'm really sorry, thickhead here can't read her scrawled message to you blush.
ElliottsMummy So glad GIT went fairly well (I believe it is called that - suitably?).
Cyberhugs to all who feel the need of them. In this hot weather, its the harder to be suffering.

theonlyhb2 Thu 14-Jul-11 18:38:15

grumblin i did wonder about the food thing but it was chicken both times (i have been eating a LOT of chicken recently). at least last night was less chunks. maybe I ate too late and it just wasn't digesting? but normally when that happens I sort of know my stomach isn't digesting but I have been feeling fine before bed. we will see what happens tonight! i did panic it was a bug as one of the girls in the office was off with one last week but been fine otherwise. thank god i didnt get her bug, i would have actually sacked her!

lucinda i finally got prescribed some randitine (sp?) and it is AMAZING! No heart burn at all. i do think everything inside me is rather squashed, I am not that big really but baby must be normal size as they never said anything at my 28 weeks scan. have scan next wednesday so we shall see!

welcome faggotsandpeas! shame you didnt find us sooner, I checked out my first post on the old old thread and I only found this place at 11 weeks, i wish i had it from week 7 sad

I cant believe there is a 3 horse race for the next pink castle place (should I say horse? I am not implying you are horses at all ha ha ha) and then its me! argh!

I did my handover at work today, I am so proud of myself as I finally put together a whole folder of all the office processes and job allocations and sorting things on the shared drive. my bosses were very impressed too. i been trying to do a lot of this stuff over the past year, got pregnant, puked a lot, played catch up and freaked out then got my work mojo back and steamed thru it all. i am going to cry tomorrow.

sorry to anyone not mentioned, have to moan at the barking hound of mine! xx

nitnatnaboo Thu 14-Jul-11 19:18:45

Hello all and hi to FaggotsandPeas
Theonly yuk, poor you, sounds awful. Hope tonight is better...
Grumblin how are nipples with all this constant clamping? (only on Mumsnet could you say that!!)
Waves to La and Luce in the pink castle waiting room.

No sweep - have started to lose bits of mucus plug but the (actually really nice) midwife checked cervix and although it's starting to come round and thin out it's not ready to be swept yet. Husband disappointed - "oh does that mean I'll have to go to work on Monday then?" bless him grin. Anyway, pretty unlikely to be giving birth tomorrrow, which is my birthday, so I'm happy with that!

fluffywhitekittens Thu 14-Jul-11 20:01:06

If I don't get online tomorrow happy birthday nit at and happy last day at work the only xxx

theonlyhb2 Thu 14-Jul-11 22:05:02

ok i am fully expecting the same tonight and Shouldnt get sympathy as i ate too much. I really didnt need to eat a (small!) McD's.

LucindaE Fri 15-Jul-11 09:54:02

NitNat Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! grin. No champage allowed, but maybe a teeny slice of cake (sorry if that makes anyone feel ill). Baby must behave today...
theOnly I hope you didn't suffer horribly in the night?
How is Everyone today? So hot to have hyperemesis...

blissfull Fri 15-Jul-11 10:07:42

Hi - so glad I have found this smileCan anyone help me? after trying cyclizine given by an out of hours gp I couldnt function on it having 2 other small children , my gp gave me prochlorperazine which has made me stop vomiting but I still feel nauseus and weak , Im sick of suffering and feeling dreadfull every day - I am also suffering from anxiety caused by this feeling every day and also an early bleed .I am going back to the epu in 2 weeks for another scan . My question is should I go back again to my gp -who although hes nice doesnt seem that bothered or do I just have to get on with it , and keep taking the prochlorperazine, is this as good as its going to get? I havent seen a midwife yet , ~I have just been referred to one by gp,should I try for another med ? Any advice would be much appreciated .I am only 9 weeks , and never had this in las 2 pregnancies.

louby86 Fri 15-Jul-11 12:49:14

Happy birthday nitnat hope you have a lovely day!

Hello blissfull my GP gave me a couple of things to try and I found that promethazine worked the best for me, it's packet name is avomine so it's definitely worth going back if it's not making you feel well enough to cope with things.

I think you may have been right Lucinda I've had 3 vom free days so far, the nausea seems to be settling down too a little, maybe it's starting to get better! Only typical me, can't cope when I have the symptoms but then worry myself stupid when they start to disappear!

Found some fantastic ice lolly moulds on amazon, they make ice lollies like callipo's (sp) so you don't have to worry about sticks or anything and you can just lie them down in the freezer so I think I'm going to order them and try putting some fruit smoothies in or something to keep me going!

Hope everyone else is doing ok!

blissfull Fri 15-Jul-11 13:07:56

Thankyou louby86 ,I have just written that med down and will ask for it now if possible over the phone maybe, Its sods law that its weekend and Ill go downhill and docs wont be open, as it happens a letter from the midwife has just come through the door for an appointment in 12 days .I hope she is a good one and can give me some support although Im not geting my hopes up, Thanks again I will keep looking at this thread its comforting to know I am not alone smile

MOH100 Fri 15-Jul-11 13:42:50

hi blissful. Commiserations on having to join this thread. The good news is that you don't have to put up with this crap level of treatment. There are other meds and you should keep trying different ones until you get one which works. If you can't find one that works, you should go onto second line treatments, but for this you will need to be under the care of someone who knows what they're doing, ie not your GP. Don't wait till your midwife appt, it's too long, anti sickness medications are more effective the earlier in the pregnancy you take them. I'd advise you to go straight to your GP next week and ask for a referral to an obstetrician. If you go downhill at the weekened, go to the out of hours GP - sounds like they're better than your own doc anyway - don't suffer unecessarily. The OOH GP can also refer you to an OB. Don't put up with this, stamp your feet, demand treatment. Don't listen to anyone, professional or otherwise, who tells you that it's just morning sickness and you just have to suffer it. They don't know what they're talking about. For more info on drugs and ways of getting treatment if your GP refuses, see www.pregnancysicknesssos.co.uk. Good luck, let us know how it goes.

MOH100 Fri 15-Jul-11 13:55:31

Hi All, there is some news on the support network front. When I set up my website a few weeks ago I wasn't aware of others doing the same, but I'm now in contact with a lady called Caitlin Dean who is organising this on behalf of Pregnancy Sickness Support. PSS are a small charity working on a budget and they are basically swamped with their work in supporting HG sufferers so Caitlin, an HG sufferer herself, is stepping in to help. Some of you might already have written to PSS to offer help, but might not have had a reply, they just haven't had a chance to follow up.

I've offered to join forces with her - there's really no point in having two separate support networks, and it'll be under the auspices of the PSS charity, which gives it some legitimacy. I'll still be running my website separately though as I think it has a different focus to the PSS website so I think it's still needed, it's just the support network that will merge.

What Caitlin has done is to appoint volunteers to organise teams in various regions. There is some training involving reading a handbook from what I can gather, and they would ask us to fill in an application form. Those of you who have already offered support via the website, I have emailed you individually to ask if I can pass on your details to Caitlin. She'll assign you to your regional network team leader. If anyone else wants to volunteer, Caitlin's email is caitlinrdean@googlemail.com. You can also message her via the facebook page she has set up https://www.facebook.com/groups/120865887959037?ap=1

MotherofPearl Fri 15-Jul-11 16:13:51

Happy birthday NitNat, the best present must surely be that you're nearing the end of the horrid HG road. Hope you manage to do a little bit of celebrating in spite of circumstances!
Welcome to Blissful. Yes, as MOH says, there are lots of different medications available, and you should be able to try an array of them to find what works best for you. Don't just grin and bear it.
Louby, I have a set of those ice-lolly moulds and they're great. Someone on here recommended cloudy apple juice and I find it frozen into lolly form delicious!

La73 Fri 15-Jul-11 16:23:50

Happy Birthday Nitnat bottle of bubbly in pink castle very soon.
Luce good luck with birth, I'd also prepared myself mentally for CS so know how you feel but however it happens you'll just be so happy to meet yr LO and that's the thing to focus on x
Lucinda thanks for cheering us on as always. 
Grumblin nice to hear from you and glad all going well, nipples sore just at memory of DDs constant feeding in those early weeks - well done you!
Theonly woo hoo mat leave but boo to bile runs, hopefully rest will help - enjoy this wonderful 1st time when it's just you and bump smile

Well sweep was ok and apparently cervix nice and stretchy (!) and about 2-3cm dilated which I found amazing after how long it took me to get that far whilst being induced first time! Bit crampy and mucus plug coming away (tmi alert: pants not up to job as left a bit of myself on cafe chair today - thank god sis saw it!) This never happened last time so this means I'll avoid induction this time right?!?!

Sorry just quick post but hope all newbies surviving and finding the pregnancy sickness support web info useful - demand drugs and rest up smile
Off for more nipple tweaking on pilates ball whilst chomping pineapple...   

grumblinalong Fri 15-Jul-11 17:31:03

Hello all - just a quick log in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY nitnat! I had Seren 2 days after mine so maybe you'll be the same, fingers crossed your DH gets monday off work.

la things sound like they are moving for you. Mucus plug on chair? Very big sign!

theonly Go easy on the food tonight grin

Just heard a squark (sp?) from DD so back to the constant clamping - don't even ask me about my nipples - they are purple. The HV said breezily 'Oh that's just blood collecting behind the nipple, completely normal.' hmm Not her nipple being chomped on for 5 hours last night was it! Still better than HG hell though smile

Take care everyone else.

theonlyhb2 Fri 15-Jul-11 22:48:28

happy birthday nitNat!

Propped up and took an extra Heartburn tablet helped last night. So all been ok. Couldnt brush my teeth this morning so mouth wash it was.

Oh and i ate too much Chinese then too much KFC. Had to swig gaviscon as had max dose of Heartburn tablets today. Work got me and OH a hamper of presents then a hamper for the baby too plus the most amazing pingu cot mobile and £110 in vouchers (55 tesco for nappies and 55 Mothercare) am so touched my assistant and another colleague went to so much trouble. What a collection of presents smile

silver cross is delivered Monday its all coming together nicely!

nitnatnaboo Fri 15-Jul-11 23:29:25

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! You are all so thoughtful! I have had a very nice day, cards, flowers and chocolates, a nice lie in as DH was working from home and took DS to school, breakfast in bed followed by a snooze, DS's "good work" assembly and then Yo Sushi for tea, using my special birthday 1/3 off voucher which they kindly sent me. Didn't even get soy sauce on my enormo-bump <clever>

La - glad you are having "the signs" can't be long now grin. wine for your sister for her MI5-worthy observation skills! Took me hours of blardy agony to get to 3cm last time so hoping for a similar experience soon as I am starting to lose mucus plug and mw said cervix was starting to thin yesterday.

The only glad you had a better night last night. Hope the Chinese doesn't come back to haunt later....yay on pressies!

Louby glad you seem to be settling down! Welcome to blissful and keep trying different meds - they all work differently for different people.

fluffywhitekittens Sat 16-Jul-11 09:12:13

Sounds like you both had lovely days nitnat and the only.

LucindaE Sat 16-Jul-11 09:39:06

Just hopping on to say, Blissfull Welcome,and as others say, bad luck that you have had to join the Thread Nobody Wants to Need, particularly when you were OK twice before. I agree with the others about ask for other meds, not as if I was a good example at getting any meds myself!

Will somebody go with you to back you up if you feel physically too weak to argue your corner, as it can be so difficult to argue with overbearing health workers when feeling about to be sick? You are at the worst stage now, if that is any comfort, it usually starts getting better forpeople sometime between twelve and sixteen, sometimes twenty weeks, sorry it seems so long from where you are now...MOH has much advice on her website.

Have you got kesosticks as these are invaluable for checking if you're getting dehydrated yourself? How do you find ice lollies, jelly, sips of flat coke? Most women find sweet and salty foods ie, tinned fruit and crisps, as being the only thing that they can bear to nibble at the worst stage.

Everyone is very supportive here, there is no talk of ginger biscuits except as a joke...

NitNat and TheONly I'm glad you both had lovely days. Deserved!

Haven't finished withering on with messages, but have to get off pc. Problems conintue with it! Back soon.


blissfull Sun 17-Jul-11 08:32:41

Good Morning everyone - thankyou so much for all the support I had to see a doctor yesterday as I felt so miserable about everything and he gave me Metoclopramide ,they are not making me half as tired as the others so I am hopeful they will give some relief. Its soul destroying now my 2 dd have broke up for summer .We was supposed to be going to centre parcs for a week tomorrow but I am going to cancell it and try and go again when I have more energy and feel better- I hope everyone has a nice day , take care smile

theonlyhb2 Sun 17-Jul-11 09:51:43

hope the new pills work, blissfull, i feel for you being at the start when the school holidays have started (plus the heat).

i had a surprise baby shower yesterday! more presents! SO much cake, scones, jam, cream, all lovely pink castle food. Pleased to say I ate a LOT without any repercussions and now have a kitchen full of cake still to eat. However, we went to a party last night and I had to come home, I wonder if they are BH? I thought it was cos I was still full (although this was over 5/6 hours after last bit of food) but my whole bump was solid, almost felt like cramp but not, I couldn't get comfy, I felt stretched, I had to go home, take heartburn tablets and painkillers (as my back was also killing me) and lie down.

I then laughed at OH as he was ill AGAIN from drinking and then karma got me as I then threw up.

LucindaE Sun 17-Jul-11 17:58:20

Pearl I hope the horrile retching on and on isn't so bad today? I think that is so painful..Never worry about tmi, my goodness, I have spoken oft of dreadful slithery stuff and foam...
Blissful So glad you got something that is helping, with the school holidays starting. Don't force yourself to be too active, you mustn't blame yourself.
FaggotsandPeas How are you doing, and Louby?
TheOnly Hee, hee about O/H's puking, but sorry about yours, I'm glad you had a nice baby shower surprise. I hope no more waking up puking in the night?
LA Lol about the 'part of yourself' left on seat shock. That is the sort of thing that would have happened to me...Can't be long now, then...And NitNat too, the troops are waddling towards the pink castle...
Fluffy MoH Waves.
Grumblin Aaagh sad about nipples. So difficult, what can you put on them safely? You would think the HV would have had some suggestions.
Ice cubes, maybe?
Anyone not mentioned Sorry...

nitnatnaboo Sun 17-Jul-11 22:53:23

Gah! Was just eating pasta for tea, smugly thinking that it had been 4 weeks since I'd brought my tea back up, when I brought my tea back up! 39+4 - I see it's hanging on till the bitter end!

LucindaE Mon 18-Jul-11 08:34:39

NItNat Sorry about lost tea, oh dear, it doesn't want to leave you (the Hyperemesis, not the tea, I mean). I hope no more bile runs?

MotherofPearl Mon 18-Jul-11 08:49:43

Thanks Lucinda, no vom yesterday so a very welcome break from the painful retching, at least for now!
Poor you Nitnat, I think pasta is one the hardest things to keep down. Awful really because normally it's a staple for me, so I find myself at a real loss to cook with pasta off the menu.
Hope everyone has a good week. I am off to do some packing, as the week of The Move has finally dawned. Will be so glad when this week is over! smile

blissfull Mon 18-Jul-11 11:54:06

Hello everyone - Has anyone else felt a bit like flu with hgand dizzy headachey ? Sorry to go on but I am feeling really worried about how rough I feel although the tabs are helping me, Im feeling although the anxiety of it all is also taking a part in it all also - I keep telling myself it will get better but nothing I tell myself picks me up .Im also worried about becoming depressed withit all ,I really to try the meds and save the docs until next week but I feel like running back again for help - but ive tried most of the meds now my doc said. Anyone got any words of hope for me , Thankyou to all who have replied to me .. I really appreciate itsmile

AlpinePony Mon 18-Jul-11 13:29:02

I'm sorry I've not been here at all, I thought I'd joined fraudulently as things were "normal" for a few weeks.

However, I'm back to ask "how long would you wait to phone the doctor?". sad Since saturday evening I've only kept down 2-3 glasses of water tops and it's starting to get "serious" now.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 18-Jul-11 13:36:57

Hi everyone, have been away from here for a few days, been real busy and tired.

blissful Yes I felt really ill like I had terrible flu, really weak and achey, headaches, achey limbs, exhausted all the time. I was on cyclizine, sorry I haven't read back far enough to see what you're taking. The anxiety/depression risk is very high with HG as we retreat into ourselves and our homes, stop working, and our whole lives almost come to a halt. You have to remember this does stop, at some point, it will stop.

la I hope you're busy popping out a baby after leaving your mucus on a chair. I apologise for actually laughing out loud at that!! grin

nitnat Can't believe you're still losing your tea at full term, really hope baby doesn't keep you waiting too long for your post partum tea and toast smile

lucinda Hope you are ok smile

hb I am getting a serious amount of BH these past few days. My whole bump goes completely solid and the only way I can describe it is as though someone stood behind me has wrapped me in cling film and is pulling it tighter and tighter. I find getting on all fours relieves it slightly, although slightly difficult in Sainsburys grin

Everyone else, big waves, hope you are well smile I am anemic and been put on Ferrous Fumerate. Supposedly these don't aggravate the digestive system like Ferrous Sulphate so I should avoid constipation and sickness from them but even after the second day I was throwing up. Am still taking them, trying to time it with a meal to try and nullify the effect but not sure I can keep going with them. envy Perhaps I should try Spatone instead?

Faggotsnpeas Mon 18-Jul-11 13:41:31

Im due 15th Oct. Been back at work for what seems a life time now, but was actually end of April. Now looking forward to going on mat leave at start of Sept.
LucindaE I am completely better luckily. At the time I found it very hard to cope, what with having a toddler to look after as well. A lot of people thought I was exagerating, which really peeved me off!!

I was prescribed Cyclizine 50mg and Metoclopramide 10mg and I was having to take them the maximum number of times a day in order for me to function!!

I am very lucky to have such a supportive husband who was having to work all day then come home and take over the care of out dd

lottieb22 Mon 18-Jul-11 13:48:11

Hi blissful - lots of sympathies. Sorry you're feeling so rough. The headache and dizziness might be due to dehydration. Are you managing to keep any fluids down? I know there's lots of advice on here of drinks that people found they could keep down - but just sip regularly. When I was in the early weeks of HG my consultant told me not to worry about food as long as I was managing sips of fluids. I imagine its quite stressful waiting 2 weeks for your scan as well. I found i felt really down because of the isolation that HG caused. There are lots of drug alternatives - have you looked at MOH website. There's loads of advice regarding drug therapy. A lot of HG sufferers swear by the drug Ondansetron - I believe its used a lot for HG in countries like the US and Canada. You can get it here - but you may have to ask for it. Try not to do too much (not easy if you have others) - take any help offered. And it will get better. I remember at 9 weeks thinking I'd never feel normal again but it gradually improved and I had a beautiful baby boy a few weeks ago and HG is thankfully a distant memory. Once you have your baby its all worth it. Take care. xx

fluffywhitekittens Mon 18-Jul-11 14:24:41

Blissful, agree with Lottie that it could be dehydration, I found metaclopromide one of the better drugs, couldn't take cyclizine.
Alpine pony get to a dr ASAP - that's an order smile
The only and coconuts I also got lots of braxton hicks with both mine.

MOH100 Mon 18-Jul-11 15:35:24

Alpinepony the answer to how long to wait before going to docs is DONT. The best treatment is pre-emptive so you go even before you get symptoms if you suspect HG. Once you've got to stage of only keeping down an odd glass of water, it's not going to suddenly get better (sadly) - well not for many weeks anyway - so you dont have to wait to see what happens (we can tell you what will happen without a crystal ball - dehydration, ketones, weight loss, misery), get yourself to a medic. Do you have a decent GP who will prescribe meds? If not, see the website for advice www.pregnancysicknesssos.co.uk

blissful I had a killer headache, I'm sure it was dehydration because it resolved when I could drink properly again. I felt in general absolutely horrendous before I got effective meds so can relate to what you're suffering. If I were you I'd get back to the doc, maybe you've got a vitamin deficiency that needs checking? Or maybe you need different meds, or it could be a side effect of the meds? are you checking your ketones with ketosticks?

LucindaE Mon 18-Jul-11 15:54:33

Alpine Just dashing on to say, I agree with Fluffy you need to see a doctor as am emergency or to go to casualty to check for dehydration. It sounds very bad, so little fluids kept down in days, I should think for sure you must be dehydrated. Really sorry things have gone wrong again...
Coconuts Poor you, this is bad news. I had all sorts of problems with iron pills causing puking too, it's so frustrating, but it must defeat the purpose if they make you really sick. Is Spatone drops? B/H sounds spectacular.
Faggots I am so glad you are completely cured and that Pearl is feeling a bit better.
Waves at everyone...

AlpinePony Tue 19-Jul-11 09:20:38

hi everyone, thank you for your support yesterday. I was just an hour off calling the doctor when suddenly things started going down starting with rehydration salts, then water, then fruit juice, ice-cubes. I even managed some homemade soup and cheese & crackers later on. This morning I've had 700ml of fluid and a yoghurt so I think I'm back on the right track again. smile

Oh, I also had a cyclizine for breakfast. Nom nom!

blissfull Tue 19-Jul-11 10:42:34

Hello everyone - I have had a rough night tummy grumbling all night and the trots on top , feel better am had toast -so far so good MOH100many thanks for the support I have just ordered some sticks - everything here gets ordered in now thank god for the net - as shops are a def no no.*lottie*Congratulations on your baby boy and thankyou also for all advice I have 2 girls so I am wondering if this 1 is a boy ? I never had hg before yes the thoughts of a new baby in my arms keeps me going ..*coconuts*thankyou again for support I know it will stop but some times its hard to imagine the girls want days out now the hols are here ,my eldest wants to go to camelotshockdh will have to go with her ,To all others who gave me support as well Thankyou - Ill call in later smile

LucindaE Tue 19-Jul-11 12:00:28

Alpine Thank goodness for that! You had us worried. So glad you're a bit better today.
Blissful I remember dreadful fatigue too, it's because all the nourishment is going to the baby, which is reassuring, but makes you feel even worse.Don't torture yourself with guilt, Lo's are so resiliant, I didn't have one myself at the time, but I know from others that this period of comparative neglect is soon forgotten. Just do what you can, think of Fluffy Lottie MOH
Caramel Grumblin and so many others, all with their prizes at the end of the horrible Hyperemesis adventure, now. I wish I'd gone for a second myself!
How are you today? Any better?
Cocounuts How is maternity leave?
NitNat Luce LA I wonder if you are hard at it, yet...Still laughing over that 'bit of myself' LA.

lilyrose123 Tue 19-Jul-11 12:26:11

Hi wondered if i could join this thread recommended by louby?
I am 9 weeks today and suffering somewhat
I had a prescription for stemetil and piriton from urgent care Dr, I dont get anywhere with own GP (same old story it seems) but couldnt keep them down
hayfever and asthma making it all worse
so last week spoke to obs and gynae registrar who advised buccastem to dissolve on gum, this is making the nausea more bareable at times but getting tired now
lost 11lb, and only pee once a day in the morning, going to check for ketones later, but sipping ice cubes and managing to eat boiled sweets, although managed a fish finger last night stop press!!! LOL
feeling very miserable and exhausted now, trying to plod on at work, got today and thursday then off for two weeks......camping hmm

MOH100 Tue 19-Jul-11 14:11:00

Ladies, excellent news for anyone in the Birmingham area - Birmingham Women's Hospital are running a hyperemesis clinic. I've just called and asked them about it, you have to be referred by your GP and they have to have checked your ketones so referral is only for those with high enough ketones in urine. In the first instance you go to the Early Pregnancy unit for assessment then you go to the hyperemesis unit. Its a day clinic, you get hooked up to the IV, rehydrated and sent home the same day.

lilyrose123 Tue 19-Jul-11 14:18:28

MOH that sounds brilliant wish they had something like that here in cheshire area!
it may be too late for us but hopefully will catch on!

LucindaE Tue 19-Jul-11 15:59:03

Lilyrose Welcome, I'm glad Louby recommended us, so sorry things are so horrible, Hyperemesis alone is bad enough, thank goodness the other Dr gave you something - 11lbs is a lot of weight, poor you - nine weeks is the worst point for most people on here, it does usually get better, sometimes as early as 13 weeks sometimes as late as 20 weeks, but for sure once you start having good days they increase.
I'm glad you have got kesosticks to check things. How are you finding ice lollies, jelly,tinned fruit and sips of coke? I swore by Iron-Bru, most people find that disgusting, and Lucozade.
MOH Great news on the Birmingham front.


blissfull Tue 19-Jul-11 16:18:08

Hi lilyrose123I too am in the Cheshire area Warrinngton, yes wouldnt it be great if they had at least regional clinics , hope you are feeling some relief soon I am 9 weeks and I think I am as ill as I have ever been LucindaEthankyou also for all the continued support Just had 2 strawberry jellies so far so good ..Need to go and was my hair now which is always a burden even as Iget so dizzy tipping my head over the bath ..Take care everyone

diddygirl Tue 19-Jul-11 21:06:57

Hi everyone

Sorry to hear we have more people suffering with the dreaded HG and hope you are getting the necessary meds.

All ok here, nearly 20 weeks and not been sick for 2 weeks now. Down to 1 cyclizine per day, almost getting giddy!!

Keep going everyone and hopefully the sickness will soon wear off.


nitnatnaboo Tue 19-Jul-11 22:24:37

hi just popping on via mobile (no landline or broadband yet again, thanks bt)

Coconuts try and persevere with ferrous fum - it made me go projectile first time and then feel sick for a few days but now its ok. I was taking 2 spatone per day for 5 weeks but it had no effect on my iron

LucindaE Wed 20-Jul-11 09:11:55

Blissful Good news about jelly! How do you find it with tinned fruit added?
I got in the habit of drinking the syrupy juice, too...
Diddygirl I am so glad that you are on the mend! You may yet be able to enjoy the remaineder of your pregnancy...
Lilyrose How are you? Alpine and Louby?
NitNat Lovely to hear from you, nuisane about technical difficulties.
LA Is that baby on the way?
Coconuts How are things? theOnly How is maternity leave?
Waves to Everyone MOH and Fluffy.
Luce Almost there...
Caramel you have been quiet for a while; I hope blooming?
Also, MaryLou.


marylou242 Wed 20-Jul-11 16:19:22

Sorry I've not been on for ages, DS has dropped his naps and that used to be the time I came on here as well as having a nap myself. It's a good job I'm a lot better nowadays. I don't think I could have got through the last few weeks without a nice sleep in the daytime, and help from all of you on here!

Pleased to see that there's a few new babies - congratulations! Sorry to everyone still suffering though. All I can say is this HG seems quite random so you can't predict when it's going to stop. I was ill until 8 months last time but this time it seems to have stopped (touch every piece of wood in sight) at 5 months. So you never know when it's going to finish - don't give up hope for an early one.

I finally got off the cyclizine at the end of June. I'm generally okay apart from the odd random vomit, in the morning on Sunday and after lunch yesterday, and still quite nauseous until I eat something first thing. I'm trying to get lots of spatone down to increase my iron. I'm sure it will be low after 5 months of iron-free food. I'm still picky about food and can't eat, or even think about a lot of things without feeling sick, but I'm managing more variety now.

Thinking of you all x

fluffywhitekittens Wed 20-Jul-11 19:14:08

Dd's last day at pre school tomorrow, sob,
Waves to all, anyone else other than MOH on the Facebook group?

LucindaE Thu 21-Jul-11 09:03:37

Fluffy Ah, cyber hugs, why can't they be tiny for longer, teenagers for only two years instead? And yet we would not have them not progress...
MaryLou I'm glad you're feeling a little better, but it doesn't sound great yet, with the nausea still bad first thing.
LilyRose How are you? I hope not going down the IV route...
Louby the same? and *Blissful.
LA I am sure if baby hasn't arrived, you are feeling harrassed, with everyone making obvious comments like *baby hasn't arrived yet, then?'
'Would I be this size if s/he had?!' NitNat and Luce next for top of list...

AlpinePony Thu 21-Jul-11 09:14:30

MOH frankly I think there's a market out there for "hydration therapy" - imagine the killing you'd make in university towns! wink You could just roll up, pay 30 quid and stroll out 3 hours later feeling like a human being! More seriously, I think the day clinic sounds fabulous. Is there also a creche? <dreams> You could get your nails done, read magazines - aaaaah livin' the dream baby!

I've got a job interview tomorrow. Must remember not to vomit!

lilyrose123 Thu 21-Jul-11 10:28:52

lucindaE haven't lost weight for couple days now, still feeling pretty rough and only peeing once a day BUT had a toasted teacake yesterday smile
blissful can't stand the sight of coke sad used to drink it before hand, but the thought of tizer or jelly isnt having me run to retch so maybe i should invest smile
Had to lie down most of yesterday and in bed for 8pm, but last day at work today for 2.5 weeks and will be 12 weeks when i'm due back, only downside is we have a camping trip booked, on plus side lots of people to look after DD while i lie down LOL
if i can get through those two weeks i think i can avoid the iv hydration, but now have terrible toothache so off to dentist in an hour sad

LucindaE Thu 21-Jul-11 12:04:40

Lilyrose Once a day doesn't seem enough, do (mother hen clucking) keep an eye on those ketones...How do you find ice lollies, are they bearable? It's a shame you can't stand coke, flat I found it good for reducing nausea, that is a tip that those travel guide people know...How are plain ice cubes or sips of tepid water?
Alpine The best of luck for the interview - what a time to have one! You are very brave to go through with it. Oh dear, take a small reliable plastic bag, if you know what I mean.
Angel was it you going on holiday?
Fluffy MOH re Facebook, I don't have a Facebook account, do I become a member to join this? I seem cleverly to have missed out on hearing of it...


grumblinalong Thu 21-Jul-11 12:39:49

lucinda You have missed out on hearing about facebook? You must live in the most isolated part of Wales ever! I would counsel you not to join unless you are ready to accept lots of 'friends' whose sole purpose is to gloat about their fab husband/kids/house/car/life or people who document their life down to the minuitae (sp?) status updates e.g Just had museli and blueberries for breakast...yum! YAWN.

Sorry about that rant I hate facebook as I was harrassed by a weird guy I vaguely knew from uni on there, promptly deleted my account when he started saying I know where you live angry

lilyrose Good luck with camping you brave soul - someone else went camping on this thread (think it was caramel?) and they said it was quite relaxing. Let's hope the campsite toilets are pristine.

alpine Good luck for interview - I had to reinterview for my job at 20 weeks and had to breathe through the waves of nausea. Was traumatic, hope you have better time of it.

fluffy last day at preschool for DS2 too - it is very sad isn't it. I don't want to buy him a big school uniform yet.

la Any news? (grumblin shoots herself in head for asking)

nitnat and Luce Hope you're both ok and not too fed up.

marylou hope the morning nausea abates soon.

theonly How's ML? Are you enjoying the break?

Going off to pump now as DH is having DD & DS2 for 2 hours tonight whilst I take DS1 to the cinema as his birthday treat. It's saying something when a trip with four 8 year olds will be a break!

lilyrose123 Thu 21-Jul-11 14:31:32

lucinda yeah ive been trying ice lollies and just plain ice cubes, i know once isnt enough i am a nurse in urgent care (we are the worst for denial sometimes!) just had some tinned fruit, and some of the juice, the suggestions on here are very good!
grumblinalong I will be taking my toilet cleaning products with me LOL
am hoping its relaxing smile
Dentist has given me script for antibiotics (should dental pain not settle at least)
and going to book an early hypontherapy session for hypnobirthing when i get back so hopefully that will also relax things!
can't wait to get home and go bed today now hmm

MOH100 Thu 21-Jul-11 14:42:47

Things are moving fast in the world of media awareness. A journalist posted a message on the facebook group this morning looking for people to tell their story about HG. I just spoke to her I think she's been inundated. She's based in London and works for The People. Says she wants to do a sympathetic piece and not sensationalise. Her name's Lucinda Stroud and her numbers are 0207 293 3771 or 07956 524 715
Lucinda re facebook, yes you would have to have an account, but you can use a pseudonym and having other friends is not compulsory - though it can get a bit addictive once you start. I find it useful for posting video clips and photos of my daughter as I don't live near my family and that way they can keep up with her progress. If you have any ex boyfriends with stalking tendencies it's best to use a false name - i have a friend who's having repeated friends requests from guy she can't shake off issues at the moment...what do they not get about the word 'ex'??

LucindaE Thu 21-Jul-11 16:24:21

Grumblin I put the last message badly - even dopey Lucinda has heard of facebook lol, but I don't have an acount and hadn't heard of the Hyperemesis part of it. I haven't joined as I am so rubbish at IT as you know from Coconuts having to bale me out at the start of this thread blush. Horrible about that man - there's so many weirdos on the net, I had to laugh when I came across a discussion yesterday of a rubbishy seven year old film nobody with any sense would take seriously, and one woman threatened to punch the other poster in the face for saying that the character she liked deserved to die...How is Seren, did you attempt to sooth nipples with ice cubes?
MOH This is such good news. If she's inundated (sp) I can defer, then.
My story is an old one, and not happy reading except for the Acupunture.
LilyRose I hope it's near a meadow, I think if one must puke, puking in a field is so preferable, bumpkin in me coming out (that wasn't meant as pun lol). It's very brave of you to try it, I can't believe how women with Hyperemesis somehow do get on with things, I was pole axed during the time the Dr refused me meds and I was suffering...
Blissful I have done it again, scawled an illegible message and if I go back I will lose this text...
Cyber hugs to all...


La73 Thu 21-Jul-11 20:48:49

Wafts into Pink castle, clutching pink champagne & choc eclair, exhausted but elated. Lillian Rose was born at 7.58pm last night and is just gorgeous. Pretty big one at 8lb 7oz so another one completely unaffected by all that sickness! Thankfully birth so much better & quicker this time round too smile  

Will catch up and post support soon x

Congratulations la73 - what fantastic news! Such a gorgeous name and glad birth was a good experience. Enjoy the pink castle xx

fluffy I have joined the facebook group - it seems great and they are really trying to raise awareness of HG

Welcome newbies - hope you are having some better days x

Have had no news of my GTT from last Wednesday - hopefully no news is good news......

diddygirl Thu 21-Jul-11 21:30:05

Oooh not seen the Facebook group - how do I find then right one as there are a few on there.

diddygirl Thu 21-Jul-11 21:32:36

Congrats La73 and what a lovely name too - enjoy the pink castle!!! x

diddygirl MOH posted a link to the page a while ago - I think this is the one:


diddygirl Thu 21-Jul-11 23:41:16

Thanks ElliottsMummy - I have joined!!

fluffywhitekittens Fri 22-Jul-11 08:19:53

Congratulations LA, welcome to the castle, come in, settle yourself and baby on comfy cushions. smile

LucindaE Fri 22-Jul-11 08:34:28

LA Ah, wonderful! brewwinegringringrin I am so happy for you!
Lillian Rose is a lovely name, what a case of synchronicity that we should have a new member called LilyRose...Here you are at the pink castle, isn't the view lovely? Eight pounds seven was my daughter's weight exactly. I'm glad it was quick, you deserved that for sure!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 22-Jul-11 09:21:15

LA huge congrats smile smile Beautiful name too and a lovely chunky weight. 10 weeks until I join you smile

lottieb22 Fri 22-Jul-11 11:51:07

Congratulations La So happy for you! Lovely name and glad everything went well!! Amazing that these babies are such great weights!!

johnnyd1 Fri 22-Jul-11 11:57:59

Congratulations LA, always good to hear they can still be healthy little chubbers despite our near starvation!!

MOH100 Fri 22-Jul-11 14:12:08

Congrats La, on your lovely baby and an ok labour, everyone on here deserves both of those things. Beautiful name, Rose was on our shortlist, if I'm daft enough to have another it might make the cut. Enjoy the feasting in the pink castle. wine smile

katystar Fri 22-Jul-11 15:50:20

Hi all don't know if you remeber me but you helped me through my terrible pregnancy,just wanted to pop back and say thank you for all the support my lovely little boy is 18weeks and a little terror! I hope everyone is doing well and for those off you suffering it will get better or if notyou will have a lovely baby at the end! i espically want to thank LucindaE for being amazing.
Katy xx

LucindaE Fri 22-Jul-11 16:04:58

KatyStar Thank you, it was a pleasure for me, and I am sure for everyone else to try and give support. Delighted baby is a lively menace! Another pink castle graduate!
Still delighted too about LA. Now NitNat waddles to the fore...

allhailtheaubergine Fri 22-Jul-11 16:49:06

Hello chaps.

I have not posted on this thread before. <waves>

I am 9 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. Had terrible morning sickness and vomiting last time so was expecting it this time, but nothing could have prepared me for this. I was soldiering on, but yesterday ended up in the Emergency room on a drip for dehydration, which brought home to me that I don't get a prize for being brave or coping. I live in the Middle East and temps are in the 40s, and I couldn't even keep water down. Was throwing up... god... just all the time.

The doctor was lovely. They gave me a whole bottle of anti-nausia stuff through my drip which stopped me vomiting. They rehydrated me. They sent me home with a week's supply of Navidoxine. I'm going back on Sunday for a scan.

The anti-vom medicine is strange. It hasn't really stopped me wanting to throw up - in fact I have moments where I want to more than anything - but it has sort of disabled my ability to vomit which means that I can actually keep stuff down! Had some soup when I got back from the hospital and realised it was the first proper thing I'd eaten for over a week. I also think I don't feel quite as nauseous.

Still knackered though grin

Am going to hang around on this thread for tips and support, and to get to know my fellow pukers.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 22-Jul-11 17:27:38

I thought we had a graduates bit? It has disappeared confused

Nitnat: EDD 20/7/11
johnnyd1 (Luce): EDD 31/07/11
Theonlyhb2: EDD 16/08/11 First timer (eeek)
ElliottsMummy: EDD 25/9/11
Coconuts: EDD 01/10/11
AgBag: EDD 18/10/11
BikeRunSki: EDD 25/10/11
Littlewizz: EDD 6/11/11, Next scan 23/6/11
CakeForBreakfast: EDD 07/11/11 (subject to change)
Marylou: EDD 9/11/11, next scan 22/06/11
MotherofPearl: EDD 19/11/11
Eggy: EDD 30/11/11
LadyOTCM: EDD 01/12/11
poorlysicklou: EDD 02/12/11
Diddygirl: EDD 19/12/11
Bensgirl: EDD
Alias: EDD ??/12?11 , Dating scan: 25/06/11
m1nn1e: EDD ??/01/
Angel: 16/01/12
Louby86: EDD 17/02/12

Newbies add yourself smile

LucindaE Fri 22-Jul-11 17:30:17

Auburegine Welcome, sorry you've had to join, but you'll get lots of support on here. I'm glad you get meds, but you must have been in a state, poor you... It must be tough in such temperatures; I don't know what drinks are available in your part of the world, Coke for sure, how do you find sips of flat coke? Nibbles of salty or potato based foods are sometimes the only thing women can stand. I am sorry to say I lived on coke and crisps for a while. Jelly, tinned fruit, ice lollies? Some 'lucky' (lol) women can manage milk shakes. I swore by Lucozade. I'm glad about the soup.
You are at the worst stage, it will almost certainly get a lot better over the next few weeks.

grumblinalong Fri 22-Jul-11 18:36:51

Congratulations la what a beautiful name, lillian is just gorgeous. How are you feeling? knackered I bet. xxx

nitnat & luce eeeeeeeeeek!

welcome louby & aubergine got to go got finger fatigue as I'm typing 1 handed due to feeding DD. hope everyone is well enough to enjoy their weekend & a bit of food.

johnnyd1 Fri 22-Jul-11 20:57:06

Hi gals (and guys!) Johnny himself back in here to haunt you!
Hope you're all okay and coping. Luce is 38 + 4 and is looking gorgeous considering although junior is being a little bugger! He is moving like some sort of slow motion steamroller although last night (read a bedtime story to him each night) he started moving like crazy during the story!!!!
Methinks Luce is going to give birth to a rugby player!
One question for you though - we were wondering if any of you have experienced when the baby's head starts to engage, can you tell? what are the symptoms? U/S has shown that baby is very healthy and his head is moving into position (as Luce has laready notified you prob) but at the mo, because he was transverse for months, his feet are still at an angle to the side.
Surely it can't be long before he starts to scrum down in there and start pushing towards getting a try over the touchline!!!!

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best. No doubts I'll return sometime soon (prob to announce the birth of baby durham! :0

LucindaE Sat 23-Jul-11 08:17:39

Aurburgine How are you today? Did you get my message below?Johnny Re: head engaging, I only had the one, but I think around now on it engages in readiness for birth?
Grumblin Lol, see below about Facebook, how are the nipples, what did you think of the ice idea for bruising? I think for brusising, though alternate warm and cold treatments is what my old Ciropractitioner (sp) used to recommend?
Coconuts Waves. You are moving up, anyway! How are you doing?
Waves to Fluffy and MoH.
LilyRose Louby Blissful Angel how are you all doing? Everyone.
smile LucindaE

LucindaE Sat 23-Jul-11 08:23:23

Johnny Forgot to add, it's nice you read him stories, for lots of O/H's they aren't believable until they are born. I'm so glad he's a lively baby, he's had quite an exciting time even in uterus. Cybre hugs to Luce.

lottieb22 Sat 23-Jul-11 09:18:26

Welcome aubergine Lots of sympathies! I imagine the nausea and vomitting is even worse in hot temperatures and I'm sure you'll dehydrate even quicker. I would back up what Lucinda says - just sips of fluid regularly and I too found coke was one drink that stayed down. Normally I have a real sweet tooth but when I managed to eat it was the salty foods that helped - cheesy nachos, fish finger sandwiches and peanut butter on toast. Although that was much later than 9 weeks. I found things started to feel a bit better from around 14 weeks and I started to be able to drink smoothies and flavoured milk which help to put some calories back in. I had cyclizine as an anti emetic and although it eased the vomitting nothing helped to get rid of the nausea! And tiredness made it much worse so rest up as much as you can!

jonny not long now - very exciting. My babies never engaged until I went into labour! But I know some people say that when they do engage the bump feels a bit lower. Good luck!

johnnyd1 Sat 23-Jul-11 12:47:03

Heh heh thanks girls. I wish you all the best. Luce is wanting her hair cut soon too! As long as she doesnt break those waters in the chair mid-cut!! x

allhailtheaubergine Sat 23-Jul-11 13:08:14

Thank you for the welcome. Have been slow to reply as it's our weekend here and I have been taking advantage of husband home to entertain the children, and sleeping as much as I can. Bliss. Haven't slept so much since I was a teenager.

Am in the swing of the anti-vomit pills. It's a horrible feeling to desperately need to throw up but not be able to. Am doing lots of violent retching for nothing. Still, better than the mess I was in when I was admitted to the emergency room.

Am finding I can enjoy digestive biscuits. Other than that, food is not exactly a joy, but I stick to soup and pasta and cereal.

Off to the hospital tomorrow, hoping they'll scan.

louby86 Sat 23-Jul-11 13:40:19

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've not posted in a while, been lurking on my phone from the comfort of my bed!

Congratulations la what a beautiful name!

Welcome to all the new joiners!

Thank you LucindaE for always making sure we're ok! Makes me feel very supported!

I'm going to try going back to work on Monday after 3 weeks off! Had a shitty phone call from my boss today to say all his senior managers were off sick or abroad on annual leave so I better be back on Monday because I'm not really poorly am I, pregnancy is a condition not an illness. I quite quickly put him straight and told him if it got too much on Monday I'd be going home again and my dr would sign me off. When it boils down to it it turns out he's off next weekend for a wedding and his boss has told him he can't go if I'm not back in the business. If he wasn't such an arse I'd feel guilty! Oh and I'm not 12 weeks yet so only the managers at work know but he thought he would announce in the staff restaurant to everyone that I was off sick with an illness called pregnancy! Sorry....rant over!

In other news, digestives have stopped being my staple diet! Strawberries are my new favourite! Oh and cherries that have been in the freezer!!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

LucindaE Sat 23-Jul-11 15:59:56

Louby I cannot believe that boss! angry angry shock. He should at least try and find out what 'Hyeremesisi is, and what sort of treatment of confidential information is that? Like so many, doesn't sound like he can function as a manager at all...It is terrible that women are still having to contend with this sort of ignorance. Well, I'm glad about the fruit, that is nice and healthy.
Aubergine Hello again, glad to hear from you. Soup, pasta and cereal sounds not too bad for so early on, what sort of liquids can you face? The retching sounds horrible, poor you. It really hurts, too. I just had a memory of myself early on going about carrying a bowl because of non-stop retching at one stage, how grotesque...
Johnny Best wishes to Luce.

LucindaE Sat 23-Jul-11 16:02:23

Remembered messages to Aubergine*Louby*and Johnny as usaul forgot one. Lottie It's nice to hear from you. How is baby and how old? The Pink Castle is beginning to fill up with babies...

blissfull Sat 23-Jul-11 18:49:03

Hello everyone- sorry Ihavent posted for a day or two been resting up at my mums house with the children as dh has been working long hours , mums been helping entertain the girls for me. Went back to gp he has given me some nutrasip vitamin drinks [anyone else had them?]they have helped give me a bit more energy as appetite is 0 , Im not dehydrated though as my ketone strips arrived and have tested (thanks Lucinda) why dont gps give them out? hmmIm going for scan next week Thursday and am worried as I have felt so low and poorly, and am hopeing all is well with bubba - lots of waves to everyone , and have a good weekend , whats left of it now smile

nitnatnaboo Sat 23-Jul-11 21:59:08

Hobbles into Pink Castle, clutching baby Matilda Rose Barker, born Thursday 21.7.11 at 17:55, 7lb 3oz. smile smile smile

The maddest birth story ....a case of so near and yet so far!

NB Baby has been OP (back to back) for ages. Was assured that 95% turn before or during labour. Last birth was a 26 hour marathon, augmented labour, early epidural ending in ventouse. This time wanted waterbirth with just gas and air.

Awoke 6:30am with painful contractions every 8 mins. Told DH, who asked “shall I go to work then? ”By 8:30am I was passing out with every contraction and then throwing up when I came round. DS freaked out and ran to hide in another room; we managed to get another mum to take him to school as I didn't want to be left alone. Rang the hospital. Triage midwife suggested the passing out was because I was breathing too fast! I suggested it was the pain and my low blood pressure confused

Arrived at hospital 10am. Had gas and air and threw up a cup of tea. At 11am examined and found to be 6cm dilated. Gobsmacked. Baby still OP but said to be turning and coming down. By 12 was fully dilated just on gas and air. Hurrah! So far so good. Midwives started preparing for delivery. Started pushing, many strange cowlike noises made but to no avail. Baby then found to be transverse. Cue Registrar recommending Syntocinon to increase contractions and me demanding an epidural despite being fully dilated!. Excellent epidural meant I could feel pressure to push but had no pain. However, it produced violent shivering, freaking out husband, but no the staff! Had an hour of Syntocinon, then spent another hour of pushing. Baby direct OP again. Nothing moving. Baby’s heartbeat started to dip. At 16:00 was sent to theatre and prepped for trial of ventouse and, failing that, EMCS. Loads of people in theatre. I kept my eyes closed as I didn’t want to know how much I should have been panicking.

A might tug of war commenced but nothing moved until they gave an episiotomy. I immediately felt things shift and she was born with one more push. Then they said “that was the nicest forceps delivery we’ve ever done”. FORCEPS! No one said anything about forceps I said! Then had PPH of 500ml and was stitched back up.

Anyway, she’s here now and gorgeous. She has a tongue tie so we’re breastfeeding with a shield until it can be sorted but she’s feeding well, in fact most of the hours in the day!

CONGRATS TO LA and Lillian Rose too!

MOH100 Sat 23-Jul-11 22:11:16

aubergine know what you mean, at start on meds I felt so sick I wanted to vom just to stop feeling sick. Fortunately it was only bad for a week or so then gradually got better. I was taking buccastem on its own initially, then after two weeks and vomiting getting worse I took ondansetron as well. I found that ondansetron stopped the vomiting, but I still needed to take buccastem to help take the edge off the nausea. You might need to take more than one medication. I'm not sure what they'll have where you are, I suppose the meds names will be different. What you're on now sounds like diclectin that they have in Canada. I think it's the only antiemetic medicine in the world that's actually licenced for use in pregnancy. Everything they give us in the UK isn't licenced which is why it's such a pain trying to find a doctor who'll prescribe it. Have you looked at the website www.pregnancysicknesssos.co.uk There might be some info there that can help if you don't get any better, or heaven forbid, get worse. good luck keeping cool and keeping hydrated, at least here we don't have super hot temperatures to contend with - this 'summer' 25 degrees would be cause for celebration.

LucindaE Sun 24-Jul-11 07:44:51

NitNat Welcome to the Pink Castle! grin grin grin winebrew Let me pass you some cushions, my goodness...
Another beautiful name and a good birth weight. Ah, but that birth sounds unpleasant enough - all that throwing up and passing out, and you did so amazingly, too, to get to fully dilated on only gas and air only to be disappoited. It's not fair! I do hope the cut mends quickly, hobbles is the word.
Louby Aubergine Blissfull LilyRose how are you? hmm


lottieb22 Sun 24-Jul-11 09:18:03

Nitnat Congratulations!!!! What a lovely name - and we share the same surname!!! Sounds like you had an evenful labour but you sound remarkebly chirpy on your post!! Hope everything heals quickly!!

Louby I am genuinely horrified at your boss's reaction. What a **! Do you have an occupational health department that you can contact. I ended up having 10 weeks off work and got lots of support from my Occ. health dept!