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32 weeks pregnant and feeling overly tired, frumpy and hormonal

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rachyaimeelou Tue 17-May-11 17:51:16

is this a sign of things coming to an end? this is my 2nd pregnancy and has been 3 years since i had my dd and cant remember any thing about being closer to labour.

since i hit 31 weeks last week iv become tired, irritable, the slightest thing either ticks me off or reduces me to tears and even doin the most easiest task leaves me falling asleep on the couch.

i cant moan too much coz i am very lucky to have a parnter who is very hands on, as soon as hes home from work, he takes over with dd so i can have a rest, makes tea, does any job that needs doing including bathing and putting dd to bed.

i jus wish it was 11th july already, im also gettin fed up with having clothes that dont fit, but i think theres only 8 more weeks wats the point in buying another t-shirt, so im wearing my partners tops lol i suppose ppl asking how much longer isnt makin the process go any quicker either.

with dd i remember being happy, full of bloom and excitement, but with this pregnancy i feel grumpy, tired and jus want ppl to stay away from me not to mention a little anxious.

i know this is all normal and that every pregnancy is different, i jus wish things wud kick in and get going

ShazGJ Tue 17-May-11 18:44:38

I am also 32 weeks due 8th July, since hitting 32 weeks feeling completely exhausted and drained, could constantly sleep and getting breathless just walking up the stairs. Had to sit down just visiting the supermarket on Saturday. Hoping this is the worst of it, can't possibly get worse than this can it?!?

rachyaimeelou Tue 17-May-11 18:54:15

i hope not shaz, i remember with my dd i had tones of energy, i jus put it down to having a boy x

MotherPanda Tue 17-May-11 18:59:09

Uggs from the sofa

31 weeks and feeling very similar. sadly/happily my DH has just started a new job so I'm alone most of the time worrying that I might be dying. This is my first baby though, so i guess i have it very easy as I can just sleep all day if I want to, That is if i could find a position I can actually lie down in....

Now we know that theyre almost cooked it gets much harder, Prod prod, you could be just a couple of weeks early....

Starting to regret moving to a bigger house though, who even needs two staircases?????

skandi1 Wed 18-May-11 03:55:54

You all have my sympathy!

Also 32 weeks and feel unable to waddle to do even basic tasks. So am joining you.

On top of tired grumpy etc, I also now apparently suffer from pregnancy insomnia! Hence posting at nearly 4am. Every night I wake for 2 hours unable to sleep.

I have 21 month old DD who wants to go to the park and play ground and stay there for her every waking moment. Hard work as she can completely out-run me and tends to mysteriously develop temporary deafness when called.

I could list many more moans but need another cup of tea....

Will come back tomorrow for more sympathy and solidarity.

rachyaimeelou Wed 18-May-11 08:03:08

hi girls and thanks for joinin this thread, sooo happy im not alone, talkin about sleep insomnia, iv been wide awake since half 5 and currently goin back to sleep now that parnter and dd have gone to work and nursery lol hormones took over again this mornin and because i had to tell dd off for something, i broke down in tears complainin that i feel like im aways telling her off, parnter told me not to worry bout it but shes my baby girl, even tho shes 3, she still my girl.
it sounds bad but i look forward to my wednesday coz im on my own all day lol
and bless oh, he thot he was helping this mornin by bringin the washing in....only to dump clean clothes on top of dirty clothes in the wash basket, sooo now im in for another full day of washing grrr i no men like helping but its not necessary lol.

hope ur all feeling well any way xx

rachyaimeelou Wed 18-May-11 08:06:06

oooh mother panda as for not bein able to lie in a comfy position, i no that one only too well, i have to lie on my left side coz baba finds my right side comfy??? only thing is tho i feel like a whale trying to role around, i have to literally grab hold of oh jus to roll over to the other side xx

MotherPanda Wed 18-May-11 15:09:06

Poor Rachyaimeelou, It's a good thing though.... means it makes giving birth to our babies a little bit easier. My doctor has actuially referred me to the physio to see if I can make the pain a little more bearable (and get some sleep) so I'll let you all know If i pick up any tricks smile

thehiddenpaw Wed 18-May-11 21:09:15

32 weeks too and also exhausted and soent sunday afternoon and all day monday in bed. feel teary at the mere thought of cuddling new baby (in an emotional happy way).Plus still working full time, this is number 3. know just how all of you are feeling, plus there is the constant heartburn, weeing, back pain etc

nicolamumof3 Wed 18-May-11 21:14:07

31+4 here and struggling also.

SPD at its worse, feel exhausted and faint most of time unable to bend down as also have hernia at top of my bump combined with the painful pelvis and knees not great!!

Have 12yo 5yo and 3yo too so prob has something to do with it!! July cannot come soon enough.

stottiecake Wed 18-May-11 21:21:32

Hi ladies
Am 32 weeks tomorrow and can completely relate! Today especially have been an emotional mess and nearly choked on a bit of melon as I started sobbing halfway through eating it!

Felt so lethargic today - no energy and I felt so guilty as poor ds is used to us buzzing about all over the place. Finding I can only manage 1 trip out a day. I don't drive so we walk miles (or we did).

Bored of getting up at 4.37 for a wee. Bored. Then laying awake for an hour worrying about our house move in 3 weeks.

So looking forward to meeting my new baby boy and he is probably going to be the last so trying to enjoy these last few weeks but just feeling a touch miserable atm!


jenga079 Wed 18-May-11 21:59:21

30 weeks here... Still loving my bump & the amazing happy hormones, but my gosh, the insomnia, indigestion & exhaustion are driving me mad. It doesn't get any better then?

nitnatnaboo Wed 18-May-11 22:29:26

31 weeks here. Have had HG for most of pg - still have random pukes every week. Luckily have been signed off work for whole pg. Must have passed the enjoyable bit of pregancy without noticing as I'm now in the feeling huge/sore and numb bump/waddling/backache/sleeping hours in the day stage.

Moan moan moan!

MotherPanda Thu 19-May-11 21:51:40

Yet people keep saying how we are all blooming - and isn't pregnancy a wonderful time...

Mumble Grumble. It will be worth it...

It is nice to know It's not just me. Can't believe some of you are still at work! I started Maternity leave right after the easter bank holidays, Can't go without my afternoon nap anymore!

clairefromsteps Thu 19-May-11 22:30:01

I was 32 weeks yesterday and July 13th cannot come soon enough. DD wanted me to get her fairy wings down from the shelf in her room this morning and going up the stairs too quickly made me see spots.

And I'm just remembering the weirdo late-stage pregnancy things that your body does. Gigantic brown nipples, anyone? Or how about a nice bit of SPD? An overload of hormones that make you cry at the Proctor and Gamble advert ('She's the hands....') always goes down well too....

rachyaimeelou Fri 20-May-11 09:00:53

oh im gettin fed up of the irritating questions
" how long left"
"wen do u finish"
"is it ur first/second/third....."
oh n also the

"oooohhh now u have one of each"
geee do u not think i no that???

but on the fun side iv made 3 men cry thru my hormones lmao

a bloke came in to work yesterday wanting the beer that we had on offer, which isnt acctualy on offer till the weekend, i told him this n trying to be clever he said well wats this then(pointing at the leaflet), ermmm theyre bottles, he then inisited the cases he had got were suppose to be on offer, till i pointed out (on the back page) that the cases he wanted were NOT on offer till the weekend.
iv never seen a grown man sulk soooo much, it was very enjoyable hehehe
claire i can sympathise with the huge nipples, i look like i have 3 on either boob?? and the stupid surge of hormones, my other half has resorted to locking him self in the back room till iv had the baby, because all i do is either cry or bitch and moan.

also iv got this weird vent towards men, women im nice as pie to but any man that comes near, i cant stand, i detest men lol i actualy told a bloke the other day that if he didnt have a uterus then he was not entitled to his opinion on pregnancy, that was another man i made cry hehehe

thehiddenpaw Fri 20-May-11 22:19:53

living on rennies and having braxton hicks at least twice a day....

ShazGJ Sat 21-May-11 01:07:04

This week indigestion has got far worse, thank god for gaviscon, although even with this I still wake up at about 4 am due to the acid and have to go and get another dose and sit up until it settles. Used to be only certain foods causing indigestion now it's everything.

nicolamumof3 Sat 21-May-11 10:27:13

32w today. And still being sick its awful. So glad this is fourth and final pg been the most hard going to date. Feeling faint and exhausted and my hips and pelvis agony so hobbling around despite my support belt...moan, moan, moan!!

mummytigger Sat 21-May-11 20:39:57

31+5, and I feel your pain! I burst into tears yesterday in Tesco - but for good reason: they were out of stock of strawberry laces and they've discontinued the one sandwich I've been consistently craving. B*stards.

But seriously though, I'm snapping at everything, the littlest things are pissing me off to the point where I want to yell obscenities, my boobs are leaking like crazy and I'm sleeping for hours at a time, and still feeling tired.

The partner is being really supportive and trying desperately not to snap back, and I'm so appreciative of that. The only thing keeping me going is counting down the days.

nicolamumof3 Sat 21-May-11 21:04:07

8 weeks feels like sooooo long tho doesn't it, thats if i don't go over of course, could be even longer!!!

firstsupermum Sat 21-May-11 21:31:41

31weeks+5 really tired and just need rest but i cant as i have ds2 need feeding, bathing and loking after, and talking all the time, i am realy done

Kerri1983 Sun 22-May-11 09:19:50

Hi all, 33weeks on Tuesday and I am desperatley trying to fill my days/weeks with things to take my mind off the usual heartburn, tiredness, pgp and constant thirst, anyone else very thirsty?????

This is my second and I think this plays a major part in how the majority of us on this thread are feeling, I notice most already have 1 or 2 DC at home.

I have another 5 weeks left in work but it is such an effort to get up, showered and dressed of a morning!!! By the time I am ready I could just get back in bed!!

So I am due 12th July, its lovely to get to know who is due within the same week!!!

I can see this becoming the regular thread for a bit of a moan, it does us all good to vent every now and again ;) xxx

Hope to keep in touch, Kerri x

ShazGJ Sun 22-May-11 09:42:35

I am constantly thirsty too. Tiredness has eased a bit since going dropping some days at work.

As of last night PGP has got a lot worse can barely move or walk, had been feeling better for 3 days previous and stopped using my crutches so may have overdone it sad.

nicolamumof3 Sun 22-May-11 10:46:49

if i wear my belt it makes me feel sick! if i take it off can barely walk the next day!! i hope the next few weeks go quickly. We are on holiday for a week from Saturday can't wait.

rachyaimeelou Sun 22-May-11 12:36:16

awwww bless all of you.
mummy tiger i feel for u, my partner cant understand why im crying over stupid things but to me it makes sense lol

last night i cried because hed left me on the couch while he took dd up to bed (wed both fallen asleep), apparently he was gonna come back for me lol, this mornin i blubbered like a baby coz i had to put dd in time out and then cried again wen she had to say sorry and told her how much mummy loved her, i jus feel like im telling her off all the time.

last night i woke up to serious heartburn and indegestion so was awake for an hour till my stomach had settle.

i jus feel like im a complete nusance all the time, with the hormones, random crying and constant tiredness xx

mummytigger Sun 22-May-11 19:08:20

I will say I'm struggling to find things to do with myself. My partner is finishing up University, so just has exams. My days are spent bustling about trying desperately to find SOMETHING to clean! It's driving me mental - I have ants in my pants!

StormBird Sun 22-May-11 20:47:04

Hi All,

Just found this thread! What a relief its not just me!

32+3 here - due 14th July.

I'm crying uncontrollably at everything. We are going through a very stressful time at the moment.

Things that are making me cry:
Trying to look for a flat, we only want a one bed t start with cos we are still trying to save for a deposit to buy but no one will rent us a 1 bed with a baby and we can;t afford anything else! This makes me cry.

Being put under pressure to move out of my partners fathers house when we are doing all we can to get out (even though he has the room and could probably cope until we do actually find somwhere) This makes me cry.

My Partner crashed his van last week, he's ok thank god and yes it could've been so much worse, but he's self employed and now can't go to work until its fixed which inturn means he doesn't get paid. This makes me cry.

Missing my family.......who are very far away up north while I'm living down here. This makes me cry.

Worrying about what the future is going to bring for us and our baby and worrying that we aren't going to be able to provide properly for him. This makes me cry.

Wondering if baby can sense how unhappy we both are at the moment. This makes me cry!!

Cutting the crusty end of the cucumber of to throw away, but I threw away the good end - and it MADE ME CRY!!!

I could go on (and probably have) but I'm tired of feeling this way now. I'm usually so level headed and can find the positive in everything no matter how awful but at the moment I just can't.

Sorry for the ranting but it does feel good to get it off my chest.

Will I ever stop feeling like this cos now I'm worrying that it could all evolve into Post natal depression after we've had the baby as my mum suffered with it after she had my brothers and I know how awful it was for her.

Please.......am I normal?

rachyaimeelou Wed 25-May-11 08:47:13

hi storm bird welcome to our thread, i can relate to not having ur family close by, my grandparents live in the next 2 towns over, so its not often we get to see them, and with my grandma becoming more and more frale its even harder for her to come over here, but we stay in regular contact.

how often do u see your family?
have u spoken to your midwife about how ur feeling? this could be early signs of post natal depression, i was diagnosed with depression last october, 2 weeks before i found out i was expecting and 8 months later its more or less under control.

hope ur ok storm and we are all here for u if u need a chat.

had my 33/34 week check up on monday and YEAAAH i get to go for physio coz i have a diky pelvis lol, i think i must of twisted or pulled something, which means now every thursday i get an hour out of work, i have no idea wat they will do so if any one has been thru this then id love to know wat u had to do xx

Kerri1983 Wed 25-May-11 10:53:11

Hi all,

Oh we are a right bunch at the moment, to add to my list of really annoying pregnancy illnesses I have now got a sore throat and snuffy nose grrrr!!!

Storm - sending you massive hugs!!! I second Rachy in that you should have a chat with your midwife about how you are feeling but to be honest who wouldn't want to cry with all that going on and the fact that you are away from your family wont help. Could you not try to fit in a weekend visit home, that might brighten your mood? x

Rachy, good luck with your physio, I was offered it but was worried it might do more worse than good. I had physio last year for a back injury and it used to leave me in agony. Im intrigued to know how it goes, I got some tubigrip from my midwife a couple of weeks ago but it is just too uncomfortable to wear!!!

Hey ho pass me the marker pen, put a strike through today on the calendar and step a day closer to meeting our little ones ;) xxx

ShazGJ Wed 25-May-11 13:56:12

Rachy - I have had physio for PGP not a lot they can do, they check your range of pain free movement as it may have implications for positions for birth. Gave some exercises but most hurt too much to do and advice about postures etc. Also gave me crutches which have helped and advised to get a maternity support belt.

rachyaimeelou Wed 25-May-11 15:37:26

good advice kerry, i always feel better wen i visit my home town, even if jus for an hour or so, it will do u some god storm, have a chat with ur partner and see wat he says, it will even get u away from any stresses u and ur baby are feeling.

iv been going thru a nasty court battle with my ex over dd but with only 6 weeks to go iv asked my solicitor to see if we can postpone any court dates and has also offered to handle any concerns i may have, we are trying to get thru my ex wanting over night access but because hes taking his sweet time, weve agreed to postpone it till august wen the next court hearing is due.

im glad to see ur all doing well and keep smiling ladies, we are nearly there, storm as we have said before, if u need a chat we are all here for u chic no matter how bad or daft ur feeling.

thanks shaz n kerrie, ill keep u posted about how it goes.

Kerri1983 Fri 27-May-11 16:20:56

Hi everyone me again,

Is it just me or do things seem to ache more the 2nd time around???

I really don't remember feeling this uncomfortable the first time.

Sorry, i'm really fed up sad xxx

PrisonerZero Fri 27-May-11 16:34:54

I am 38 weeks and feel pretty much the same. I am full of rage for some reason hmm and want to shout at everyone for any little thing. Or if I don't shout, I want to cry. I cried this morning when the DC woke up just after 6am, asked them to go downstairs and play quietly, then shouted at them for not playing quietly (x3) and then really yelled blush finally just got up after 7 and gave into the fact that they wern't going to behave. (They are 7 and 9, not babies!)

I also cried for half an hour at Karyn Whites 'Superwoman', Lisa Stansfields 'All Woman' and Luther Vandross 'Dance With Your Father' this afternoon.

And then cried at the school as DS1 bought his Cello out with him and I didn't want to carry it home, he only took it in this morning! So I gave it back to the teacher and told her I couldn't be bothered to carry it home so it would have to stay there blush

Couldn't be bothered to come home and cook so took the DC to McDonalds and spent money I can't afford too. Plus, let them have lemonade and now they seem super energetic and I just want to have a nap, which would be pointless as I can't find a comfortable position to sleep in and would have to get up in an hour for a wee anyway.

And now I have just told the DC off for being noisy again. I don't actually think they are being that noisy, I think I am being unreasonable but I can't stop myself, I have no patience or tolerance at the moment.

And I am so sick of hearing "Muuuuuuuum Ds just.........." STOP TELLING TALES!!!

I am living off rennies and accidently bought the fruit ones the other day which taste odd and don't seem to work very well.

Oh and I still need to pack my hospital bag, tidy the house and do the washing, but its uncomfortable to bend down and only makes my indijestion worse.

Sorry for the moan, I only clicked this thread to offer you all sympathy and ended up having a whine blush

rachyaimeelou Sat 28-May-11 22:15:51

hi prisoner...dont feel bad, thats why i started this thread so we cud all come here and have a good old whinge, im goin thru the i hate men faze at the mo, i dont hate my partner but any other bloke then its a case of dont talk to me! i even made one of my male work collegues cry because hed asked me how i was and i jus bit his head off, all i said was u try bein bloody pregnant and hormonal and apparently he took great offence lol

as for crying, well im afraid we cant help that, i cry because i either cant get my shoes on or something hasnt been done

kerry i can totaly sympathise with you on being uncomfortable, my baby is all in my back, infact hes back to back with me and for some reason likes the right hand side and loves sticking his head in my groin...hence the painful pelvis....i cant wait for this physio on thursday, i feel like an old lady, i have to shuffle because walking is tooo painfull.

my daughter has even started mimicking my waddle lol, caught her the other day walking like a penguin and wen i asked her wat she was doing, she said im like mummy lol

hope ur all ok mummies xx

rachyaimeelou Tue 31-May-11 07:56:18

bumpin the thread back up xx

I love this thread smile makes me feel normal! 32+2 here and 40wks feels like a lifetime away. I just heard back from physio but dont think im going to bother as i dont think they will be able to help unless they offer to take ds1,2 + 3 for the next 7+ weeks hmm

feeling very tierd, stressed, unorganised, emotional, here too. have this awful cough thats making nights worse than they already are. along with the cough making me wee and not being able to get comfy, i have dp that sleep talks and walks and the last few nights hes been shaking me in his sleep whilst shouting my name angry i actually dread going to bed but am too tierd not to.

oh and the heartburn is awful. im begining to get really consious of what i eat! i have 3 assignments due in this week too (1due in today!) and i feel like not bothering and really want to clean the house from top to bottom instead hmm but as soon as i get them handed in im finished for summer.

also feel like a terrible mummy here too. feel like im constantly shouting at the boys over things that usually never bother me then when they go to bed i feel awful that ive spent the day nagging them.

roll on july! then it will be a whole bundle of other complaints wink

rachyaimeelou Wed 01-Jun-11 20:31:38

hi snot (love the name), glad ur loving the thread.

i have my physio tomorrow and really cant wait, iv never been so excited about goin to a hospital lol, iv also got dds health visitor naggin to see dd about her 3 yr development, but how the hell can i make a decent appointment wen she wont answer the phone??

iv also got mush for brains, iv forgotten so much over the last few days, forgot to pay bills, transfered all my wage into my oh's account(how i managed that, no idea)so then had to ring him at work in hysterics, screamin, i need u to transfer my wage back to me!!! he cudnt help but laugh my daftness.

iv only got 5 weeks left but i soooo wish it wud hurry up, im fed up of the 5 bathroom breaks a day, then as soon as iv been to the loo i need yet another drink, on the plus side, loving the 3 hour naps on a weds afternoon while iv no dd, if i do try and have a nap while shes around, i get fingers up my nose and the are u ok mummy??

so glad i made this thread, sort of makes me realise im not on my own lol xx

ShazGJ Wed 01-Jun-11 21:25:31

Last day at work today at last grin Was feeling quite positive so thought I'd mop the kitchen and dining room only for that to set off quite strong Braxton hicks so had to sit back down again. Realising perhaps I won't be able to do quite as much as I thought I would be able too sad

rachyaimeelou Thu 02-Jun-11 09:47:25

lol awww poor shaz, take it easy hun, how long have u got left??? we went to ewood park yesterday and bought little man his 1st rovers top, his daddy was so pleased, he didnt stop beaming all day lol

good luck shaz and dont do any thing too strenious xx

rachyaimeelou Thu 02-Jun-11 15:42:33

hi everyone, just got back from my physio session, got lots of usefull info and techniques but felt it was also a waste of an hour to be told things i was told 8 months ago, but got a very sexy tummy support lol.

also has anyone else here experianced some very rude awkward people here on mumsnet??? i thot i wud start a thread asking other pregnant mummies how do u like to relax wen ur dc or dp are either at school or at work and all i got was rudenes and alot of backlash, so much so, i asked for the thread to be removed.

i got alot of sarcasm over the way i type (text speak) fair enough if its not readable but i do type in full words and sentences and alot of sarcasm over my grammar??? i admit my grammar is crap but i didnt think all that mattered in website world.

one lady even told me me that i was on the wrong website n must be looking for netmums??? i told her the reason why i left net mums was because of people like her, i thot it was disgusting, here i am trying to be friendly, creating disscusions and threads and all i get is backlash, im only 25, i only left school 10 yrs ago but i did pass english lol

rant over lol
hope ur all doing well any way xx

ohanotherone Thu 02-Jun-11 16:01:08

I'm only 30 weeks and I feel like I'm about to pop. When I eat I'm over full, when I don't I'm hungry. Have SPD, bad sinuses, can't sleep past 4.30am, and am exhausted just going to a few shops. It's 4.00pm and I feel like I haven't done anything today and am worried about my newfound mumsnet addiction.

Don't worry Rach, there are nice people on mumsnet although there seem to be some particularly weird (nasty) people aswell. I think that most of the posters are older (like me, 37) and therefore find text speak really irritating as it takes us ages to work out what is actually being said as it is not our language norms. It's also a form of bullying put down to criticise someone's grammar in a "I'm better than you way". Once someone criticised me for not having a capital letter and apostrophe for 'Down's Syndrome' when actually I was just writing very fast.

ShazGJ Thu 02-Jun-11 17:22:16

Rachy >> Thanks for t support. I am 35 weeks tomorrow. Glad u got some useful suggestions from t physio. My SPD has eased off a bit over last couple of weeks. Not sure if it's listening to t advice of t physio or if baby was lying on a nerve or something.

Been to see mid wife today baby is head down which is a relief as 2 weeks ago was breech.

rachyaimeelou Fri 03-Jun-11 09:28:21

thank you ohanother, i had the thread deleted incase it started any arguments, your right tho there are some weird ppl out there, and each to their own is wat i say lol

awww 30 weeks, nearly there hun, im 34 weeks now and feel like iv still a long way to go, iv had a week off work this week so i feel like iv actually had some time to my self and not had my ear bent at work about how long i have left lol.

i have to admit the spd and blocked sinus are a pain, with the spd i feel like an old lady and with the sinus, ppl keep asking if i have cold grrrr, i hope it gets easier for u xx

Any time shaz, iv started using the techniques i were shown, altho it kills wen i try and sit up straight, im too much of a comfort person, dp isnt happy tho about me not being able to cuddle him properly at night, he likes legs over legs so hes close to the bump but unfortunatly i now have to sleep with my legs close together to avoid twisting, he found the technique for taking one step at a time up the stairs funny tho xx

Kerri1983 Sun 05-Jun-11 13:23:04

Hi everyone,

I have been off work last week and have not bothered with logging on at all!!! The break has done me the world of good although I still have a good moan, I think it does you good!!!

Rach, I do find that people on here can be very opinionated, thats all great but you have to appreciate the opinions of others too. With regard to grammer etc lifes to short to be worrying, if it can be read then it isn't the end of the world.

I visited the midwife on Thursday for my 34 week app and everything was just fine, baby is engaged but midwife wouldn't commit to it in my notes as they can still move out with a 2nd pregnancy apparantly.

She booked me in for my 36 week app but informed me that it would be a home visit, have any of you heard of this? It didn't happen with my first???

I am 35 weeks on Tuesday so I am now counting that in 7 weeks I will have my little one here!! Went out to get some bits yesterday, that made it all seem real.

I am starting to get excited about it all now, seeing the little babygrows etc suppose I should consider packing my hospital bag soon???

Kerri xxx

ShazGJ Sun 05-Jun-11 16:28:25

Know what u mean about everything seeming real Kerri. I have started packing my hospital case. Although the babygros and vests are so small it's hard to think that there's something that big inside me!

Also finished the NHS antenatel classes and had the hospital tour. Again making everything seem so real. Seems like I've been pregnant forever but it's also coming very quickly up to due date eek.

thehiddenpaw Sun 05-Jun-11 16:54:03

kerri, not heard of home visit at 36 weeks. am due my 36 appt next fri but at surgery. might be to suit thr midwife if she is out for visits anyway.
anyone else fed up of wondering if every twinge could be early labour. have braxton hick tight enings every day ans some mucus and cramps yesterday. nothing sustained but have to go to hospital if i get 'twinges' as have fast delivery times

rachyaimeelou Sun 05-Jun-11 21:32:29

OOOOKKKK im officially fed up now!!!! i want him out now!!! sooo not feeling this pregnancy any more :-(, im tired, frustrated, even more hormonal and have cramp every were, i pulled a tendon in my foot the other day so not only am i hobbling because of spd but hobbling even more coz i cant walk on my left foot properly, i need a serious mot lol

bless my partner tho, he has done everythin to help, he bought me flowers for the 1st time since we moved in together, his friend has given me a footspa (even tho i wont use it) to help with my feet swelling, also my oh has jus left me in bed to have numerous lies in this week while he sees to dd..

also feeling fed up coz iv had to take my engagement ring off seeing as now i am human sausage with sausage fingers, i jus want to feel human again

35 weeks tomorrow so only 5 weeks to go :-D xx

del1 Sun 05-Jun-11 22:34:38

Havn't been on here for a while, and glad I found this thread, as I just wanna moan!! And yeah, there are some people on here who seem to just want to argue and disagree with everone, so thats why I have't been on for a while!
I'm only 27 weeks, so not as far gone as you lot yet.
Here are some reasons why I'm being a narky, irritable and can't stop shouting :-

I've got a 2 1/2 yr old, and a 10 mnth old. They have had chicken pox for about 4 weeks in total between them, so have been stuck at home with them, and had to listen to crying and moaning! ( I know that's my job)

My dog is ill again, and keeps shitting and weeing in her room, and was sick yesterday morning. I spent about £500 6 months ago on her, and never found out what was wrong. Can't afford vets bills now, as were expecting baby 3, in a few months!
So I'm going off my head at the poor dog every morning, and can't stop heaving at the smell of poo in the house!

Due to the kids not being able to mingle for weeks, I decided to potty train my 2 1/2 year old.
It's been a week and he still doesn't ask me for the potty, so have to clean up his sqidgy poo in his undies daily too! Not going well.
So again, my poor lad faces my wrath after a few hours of chasing him around with the potty. ( not his fault, and know i'm wrong getting annoyed )

My partner has hardly spoken to me since finding out i'm having number 3 ( he didn't want me to keep it at first) So have problems with my relationship aswell.
I threatened to knock his teeth out last week,after a month of constant bickering, so he packed a bag to leave.
I told him that if he left he was never coming back. ( so he didn't leave)
He is faultless with the kids, and around the house.
But he hasn't kissed me or touched / hugged me for weeks. Or shown any love towards me.
All I want from him is a hug, a compliment, or a bit of 'lovin' sometimes sad

I could go on and on. The only place- at he minute where I'm calm , is work!!

I feel fine, physically. Although I get really out of breath and start sweating when I start ' going off on one'.
I just can't stop myself getting annoyed, and getting in a mood, or flying off the handle. I just go completley over the top.
Then I feel so guilty afterwards, and cry my eyes out, 'cause I've been so nasty to the people I love.
I'm most upset incase it affects my kids, seeing me like that. Or I scare them.

cassnstar Mon 06-Jun-11 11:19:37

del1 I completely know where you're coming from regarding dp, fortunately my dogs and children are well but I get no affection or attention from dh apart from at very beginning while we were deciding whether to keep this third shock very late pregancy. DH would have been quite happy to terminate. And I have been so bloomin emotional I need more attention ~(and god I need some sex) and the lack of it makes it even worse. The weather doesn't help though, he can only focus on work anyway and at the moment the lack of rain means we may not have a harvest of any consequence. And we still have rent to pay so we could lose the farm if it's really bad. So I am blamed for being pregnant and he has no sympathy whatsoever for my feelings. I have just worked really hard on the garden and he said it was 'ok' even though I was humping round pots and bags of compost in the heat at 19 weeks pregnant. And the kids just create mess wherever they go and they are far too big to do that now. Am so totally peed off that it is me that is considering packing bags- well I did do it a couple of weeks ago because of MIL nightmare. Just been looking at spa hotels in the area where I can go and de-stress for a couple of days. Written on his noticeboard 'I have had ENOUGH' but not sure he'll even notice.... rant over. And can't get hold of midwife as usual.

cassnstar Mon 06-Jun-11 13:01:13

He's been in his office for 40 minutes and didn't notice my message. Enough said.

rachyaimeelou Mon 06-Jun-11 20:16:23

hi Del and cass, welcome to the thread.

so sorry to hear that both of u are having a terrible time, i have nothing to offer but lots of cuddles for both of you.

i dont no were either of these men get off treating you the way that they have been doin, a partner should be supportive, helpfull and nurturing, no matter how hormonal, unbalanced or frustrated you are feeling.

both of you are at a very vunerable time, especially seeing as you are both going thru ur 3rd pregnancy.

i went thru all this with my dds bio father and by time dd was 8 months old, id had enough and basically packed his bags for him.
during my whole pregnancy, he was selfish, unhelpfully and thot it was a fab idea to buy a fish tank rather than baby stuff a week before dd was born and stupid me put up with it.
and after the pregnancy again he did nothing to help, it was me doing all the night feeds, buying all the food, doing all the washing, i was a sleepy state, my mum stepped in a few times to either help out with dd or give my ex a tounge lashing about wat a hopeless father he was

both of you need to do wat is best for u and ur children, never mind these men, if they want to be involved then they will have to put the effort in, children are a blessing, not a hinderence and theyre all lucky to have mummies who are trying to be strong for them.

i hope this makes u both feel better xx

del1 Wed 08-Jun-11 15:07:25

Just seen how long my post was!! lol. Feel slightly better today ( so far) and havn't lost my temper for a few days. Probably because I've been at work all day mon and tues!!

cassnstar I have even thought about chatting up my postman who is a bit of a dish, just to get some attention. But then I forget I have two kids clinging off me, and a huge pregnant belly . He would run a mile!! grin
He was fine with the first , with the second, a little more distant. And this time, he just doesn't look at me at all, and I know I'm not that bad!
Did he eventually see your message on the notice board?

rachyaimeelou Thanks for the support. It's so nice to just vent your frustrations without someone picking at you.
I wouldn't burden my family and friends with my feelings, as I like to try and be positive for them. So apart from talking to myself, here is the best way to get it off your chest!

Hope everyone is feeling a bit better now that daft hot weather has gone? I adore the sun and heat - but not whilst preggers! xx

rachyaimeelou Wed 08-Jun-11 15:22:59

any time del, good to hear that your are feeling better....

on a more positive note, iv started leaking colostrum (tmi, i know lol) but i never expressed with my dd so to have this happenin has made me sooo upbeat and positive, jus fed up now of the false labour pains, all iv wanted to do is sleep today, iv lost all my energy xx

nickstermum Wed 08-Jun-11 19:39:26

31+3 and fooking knacked!! Working FT running round after a 3yo, hubbs away all week and i am just exhausted sad feel your pain

Kerri1983 Wed 08-Jun-11 20:26:07

Hi everyone,

So sorry Del1 & Cassnstar are having a rough time at the moment, I know I want to strangle my OH sometimes but I would be lost without him. Fingers crossed that things will change once the LO's get here??

I went out shopping today to my local retail park, went to about 5 shops and every cashier asked me when I was due, when I said 5 weeks they all replied oh that will fly over!!! Fly over, I want it to be like tomorrow, my patience is wearing out and I feel like 5 weeks is like forever away!!!

I did treat myself to a pram bag, its just a normal bag from River Island but got plenty of room to fit in everything I need. Another reason why I can't wait 5 weeks, I want to use my new bag smile xxx

cassnstar Thu 09-Jun-11 12:03:52

Del1 no he didn't notice, and I rubbed it off in the end. He doesn't give me any hugs, I don't see him at night or in the morning and I seriously know what you mean about looking for comfort elsewhere.... I may be pregnant but I feel amazingly feminine and sexy at the moment, sure it won't last, but he barely looks at me. And being in floods of tears half the time means I'm craving affection and the lack of it makes it worse. We have various events happening here at the moment but I have found somewhere to go for a few days and once they're over I intend to go away for a few days with a couple of books. Don't know what else to do really....

Lougav Thu 16-Jun-11 20:25:29

I'm 32 weeks and have a 16 month DD. My partner is loving, great with DD but only thinks to do anything if I ask him. I've been incredibly emotional and feel far from sexy.I work, come home look after DD, do the housework and we only have a yard but I look after that too when I can and do the DIY. DP manages his comics and the computer! I told him yesterday how rotten I'm feeling and the best compliment he could muster was 'your far from ugly'....Thanks! I told him I couldnt face cooking the tea so he passed me money for me to go the chippy. I ended up cooking as going out seemed even harder work.

I know I was emotional when preganant last time but DP still made the effort to make me feel beautiful and make me feel better and made more of an effort arund the house. This time around though he has moments of brilliance Like buying me a computer game I wanted to relax a couple of months ago and did a bit of ironing for me but he misses the point that I need to feel special, loved and that I still turn him on. Sex has definately suffered with neither of us seeming able to make the effort. I need to feel that I'm not just his good friend and landlady.

Glad I found this thread gives me a chance just to moan. x

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