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38 weeks pregnant and baby is not moving much

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BusyBeeMommy Tue 26-Apr-11 10:41:13

Hi, just started my 38th week and felt barely moving since yesterday. Did get a few niggles, thats all. Getting a bit worried, anyone else experienced? SHould I call MW and go for a check up , any advice to get him moving?
thank you..

CBear6 Tue 26-Apr-11 10:45:51

Give your midwife a ring, at the very least she'll be able to check you over with the Doppler and put your mind at rest. DS used to hide and used to kick upwards the back, I had an anterior placenta too which muffled the kicks. I was told that if I was ever worried I should get in touch and they could have a listen. If I hadn't felt him for a while I used to set myself time limits, I'd have a drink and think "if I haven't felt anything by half past then I'll ring the midwife". Most times I'd feel him but if I didn't then I used to go in. He was always fine, thankfully, but it put my mind at ease to know he was just being quiet rather than anything bad.

Don't worry about being seen as paranoid or anything like that - it's their job to make sure you and baby are okay.

TurtlesAreRetroRight Tue 26-Apr-11 10:49:24

It's probably fine. They often do go a bit quieter once engaged and with less room to move BUT you should always get checked out for peace of mind.

I'd advise your local maternity/antenatal unit for a trace to just get an overview of what's happening over a short period. This is a bit more reassuring than just a doppler check which only provides a brief window.

Go on. They won't mind.

BusyBeeMommy Tue 26-Apr-11 10:53:49

thanks ladies, make me feel better already. I will give them a call now

moregranny Tue 26-Apr-11 19:15:05

Hello, been checking all day and hoping that you are ok, x

janedoe25 Tue 26-Apr-11 21:12:07


I hope everything is ok x

DaSmallPunsMum Mon 09-Apr-12 23:00:26

Have you got a doppler? Sometimes when i'm worried I check fetal heart rate with it and if it's normal it really reassures me. If cold drinks, lots of chocolate and sugar and lying down on your back and side and counting if how many times (if any) baby has moved in the hour you have laid there hasn't yielded any results then I would call your midwife and ask to go in for a trace. I always get paranoid and have gone in for five traces in the last three months- baby boy was fine everytime! He always annoyingly seemed to wake up and get more active on the trace. If dr's are worried there they will scan you. I'm 38 weeks now and he's moving a lot at night/ early morning and little kicks during day, look at for those if you're lying down xx

Tamisara Tue 10-Apr-12 10:08:25

As much as lots of babies are 'fine', there will always be babies who stop moving - permanently! For that reason I would go and get checked out. Hardly any movement since yesterday is not good. It may be fine, but for some women it is not. Please just go and get checked out. Do not waste time ringing midwives, laying on your side, eating chocolate etc... just go and get checked out now. Most likely everything is fine, but if it isn't then you are wasting precious time.

I do hope everything is fine x

Tamisara Tue 10-Apr-12 10:10:19

OK I', confused - why has this thread been resurrected? I just noticed that it was April 11?

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