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24 weeks and at risk of preterm labour: "funneling cervix"

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wishwales Wed 20-Apr-11 13:09:23

I found out yesterday at my 24 week growth scan that my cervix is funneling and I could go into preterm labour at any point. I am on bedrest and absolutely terrified. They are doing a re-check next week and I am having steroid injections to get baby's lungs developed in preparation. I was given the option to be admitted but I think I prefer being at home and the hospital is very close. The doctor said it could stay this way to full term or it could be an issue right away. Anyone had experience with this? I am so scared and have been given very little information. TIA

AKMD Wed 20-Apr-11 13:23:55

I don't have experience but I do hope that everything goes well for you. If your health professionals aren't giving you enough information, you could try contacting Bliss to talk things through with them.

sum04 Wed 20-Apr-11 13:39:06

Can you not request a cervical suture, which is a stich they place inside to close your cervix?
I've got one in at the moment, and have reached 35 weeks so far, also had one with my son which was successful.
They remove the stich at 37 weeks gestation.x

Mmmmcheese Wed 20-Apr-11 14:39:07

I had this happen and ended up on hospital bedrest at 25 weeks as was 3cm dilated. DS was born 9 weeks premature but he's fine now. It is scary but I found bedrest helped loads - I literally spent all my time lying down and didn't even sit up in bed so as not to put any pressure on the cervix. I would only get up to go to the toilet and have a shower. It is very boring and stressful but try to stay positive and keep yourself busy - get loads of dvds and books that you like and stuff like that. I also ate as much as I could so that DS would be nice and big if he did arrive early and he was 4lbs 9 weeks prem which is good!

I was given the option of a stitch but in my case it was very risky as the membranes were bulging already and it could have broken my waters so I decided not to have it done.

It is very hard but try not to worry and to stay positive. Hope all goes well xxx

2BoysTooLoud Wed 20-Apr-11 14:46:49

Would it be easier to rest in hospital?
Very best wishes to you.

wishwales Wed 20-Apr-11 20:53:33

Thank you for the responses so far.....

sum04 regarding the stitch, since they only found it yesterday at 24+4, they said it is too late in the pregnancy to suture

mmmmcheese Wow, it must have been traumatic to deliver at 31 weeks. I am trying to be really good at bed rest at home and delay the hospital bit. My DH brought me some coloring books, crayons and his Mom's DS today. I like your idea about eating alot!! Although, I am still 4 pounds less than I was at booking in! I better catch up, huh?

2BoysTooLoud It is so far pretty easy to bed rest at home - I don't have kids and my DH is home all day and willingly takes up all chores and takes complete care of me. I could see the hospital being more comfortable for sitting up, but I am trying to delay it. Being in a room with other patients is something I find VERY stressful.

PrincessScrumpy Wed 20-Apr-11 21:37:25

I went into pre term labour with dd1 at 32 weeks but they gave me pethidine and something else to slow it all down as they wanted to get steroids in me. They even shoed dh and I the cot that was made up in SCBU for dd. The drugs actually surprised everyone by stopping it all and dd ended up being 2 days early.

You just have to take each day as it comes and each day gives your baby a better chance, but at this stage you are almost 25w so look at the positives. Also, you'll be well looked after now they know there's an issues. Good luck x

ParisPreMom Wed 20-Apr-11 22:41:53

Hi WishWales, I'm on bed rest as well, for very frequent contractions at 29 weeks (like, every time I move). My cervix is closed, but I've been told I have to slow down these contractions to keep it that way.

The posts above are reassuring, and the fact that you are now resting will probably help so much, since there'll be a lot less pressure on your cervix with you lying down. I find the hardest part is when people tell me "stop worrying, it'll make it worse/it's not good for the baby"- it's such a vicious circle because it makes you worry more! I try to breathe well, and slowly, and just focus on that when my mind starts running wild. I try to picture my baby, full-term, as well, which relaxes me a bit.

Hang in there, and post more if you need to vent!

wishwales Sat 23-Apr-11 22:35:21

princess glad to hear about your success story and thanks for the positives as well

paris it is taking everything at the moment to keep it together and thanks for the advice about breathing

Unfortunately things have progressed down hill since my original post and I have been in hospital since Thursday. I have been 1 cm dilated since then and they have said if i go into labour, they will deliver her. We have had all the steroid injections now and they want to keep me here because if I go home and go into labour, it will jeapordise baby further. Just taking it hour by hour now and hoping things calm down. I am 25 + 1 now...

Sparklies Sun 24-Apr-11 11:38:01

So sorry to hear of your predicament. It is true that nowhere will do stitches after 24 weeks - I believe research shows the risks outweigh the benefits for whatever reason. Certainly for future pregnancies you'll probably be offered one at 11-14 weeks.

Bedrest can really help in many situations but in others delivery is inevitable. I'm so glad you had the steroid injections. On the plus side she is a girl and they tend to do better at an early gestation.

It sounds like they're doing all they can in the circumstances.

Hope you are able to hold on a little while longer - as I am sure you have been told, between 24-26 weeks in particular, the benefits are huge with each passing day.

And much sympathies on being in the hospital even though it's the best place.. having spent some time myself in hospital for similar reasons a few times, I know how much "fun" it can be if you have some less than stellar people to share a ward with!!

ParisPreMom Sun 24-Apr-11 17:05:25

Hi WishWales,
I can't imagine how stressed out you are right now. The good thing about being at the hosipital is that you're sure to get immediate care for whatever you and the baby need, right?
One day you'll tell your daughter all about this episode, and how she was worth all the hassle!!
Hang in there xo

wishwales Mon 25-Apr-11 11:57:16

Thanks Sparklies and Paris! It means alot that you take the time to respond and offer encouragment.

The pain has gone away and I am feeling generally better. We are hoping to go home today but still waiting for the Dr.

TheVisitor Mon 25-Apr-11 12:00:52

The very best of luck to you. Hope that little girl decides that she's nice and cosy where she is and wants to stay for longer.

wishwales Wed 27-Apr-11 15:33:37

Thanks again everyone. We were moved to a private room on the maternity ward on Saturday. Yesterday, we had another scan and were told that the condition will not improve or go away - I will deliver prematurely. So strict bed rest in hospital until then. Counting my blessings with each passing day...26 weeks on Friday.

ParisPreMom Wed 27-Apr-11 18:55:44

That's great that you have a private room now, which might make it feel a bit like home. While browsing other forums about bed rest, I noticed some ladies saying that being at the hospital was almost better because they had everything done for them and it was reassuring to know that help was always immediately at hand.
Just one more day to go before you finish your 26th week.
Keep in mind what Mmmmcheese and Princess Scrumpy said.
Sending you positive thoughts xo

wishwales Thu 28-Apr-11 20:54:38

Paris It is true, I would be too scared to leave the hospital any time soon. Case in point, I started having contractions last night and was rushed into a delivery suite!! They had all the preemie 'machinery' switched on and ready to go, the neonatal team was at the ready and they had a cot ready for her in NICU. Thankfully, the contractions subsided through the night and I was returned to the regular maternity ward this morning. I am happy to stay put - just dealing with the entire situation in the big challenge. Three more hours to go until 26 weeks!!!

wishwales just want to add my support. You are doing so well to get this far, every day counts. Much luck to you and your little girl x

HorseyGirl1 Fri 29-Apr-11 07:47:21

Dear Paris and Wishwales
Please please take care of yourselves and don't do a single thing except with the doctors' say so. Aim for another 28 days. That gives you a goal. It will go quicker than you think. x

ParisPreMom Fri 29-Apr-11 08:25:12

Thanks HorseyGirl1.
Wishwales, wow, what a night! Do you have a name picked out? If not, it's something you could work on to pass the time. Me and my husband have one we both like, but we're both so indecisive and I'm worried about making a mistake.
Another reassuring tid bit - my MIL told me that my father in law, a fraternal twin, was born at 7 months - over 60 years ago, so you can imagine the conditions - and was completely fine.
Can you watch the royal wedding today? I figure it's the highlight of bed rest so far, while everyone else is out working and commuting - ha!

ParisPreMom Fri 29-Apr-11 08:25:41

(Not in UK, I guess, I forgot you guys have the day off)

wishwales Sat 30-Apr-11 14:55:51

paris Yes, we named her after the anomaly scan but we still need to choose a middle name. I have been hearing success stories re: preemies and they are hopeful. Thanks for that. I did watch the wedding on my lappie and I had about 8 staff in here. No tellies in this hospital!!!

spilt and horsey, thank you for the support!!

How are you doing wishwales?

wishwales Tue 03-May-11 08:34:11

Hi Spilt! Yea, we are still holding on in hospital. I am having a scan this morning and then meeting with the Dr. in the antenatal clinic who originally found the funneling. I am eager to get an update as to how things look. Will post later. Thanks for asking.

ParisPreMom Tue 03-May-11 13:07:21

Yay! Just checked in to see if you'd posted. Keep us posted if you can. That's super.

undermyskin Tue 03-May-11 13:39:15

wishwales - I occasionally look at the pregnancy threads to see if there are any 'prem' ones just to pass on my very positive experience (I remember well the all consuming concern of what might happen).

My daughter turned 13 a week ago; she was born at 25 + 2 weighing just over 800 g (my waters broke at 24 weeks). She is perfect (to me anyway), now taller than her mum, doing well at school and absolutely no health problems. In fact the only reminder that she was prem is a bit of pinprick scarring on her hands and feet from all the blood samples she had taken. Yes, it was all very stressful and she did need to be ventilated (less likely after 28 weeks) and was in hospital up until near her due date. It is not how I would have liked to have given birth to her but is now very much in the past.

I hope all goes well for you and your baby. Each day in utero makes a difference, and good you have had steroids. (Did you know that prem girls do statistically better than boys?) Bliss are very good if you want advice.

Great to hear she's still inside, you're 26 and a bit weeks now which is really good. Let us know what the scan shows x

bemybebe Tue 03-May-11 17:08:25

My best friend went through this last summer. She was on complete bed rest for two or three months until a further scan showed all was fine. She did not have any symptoms at all, the only way she was diagnosed was with u/s (I think). She was angry first (having bought nothing at all she had to rely on her dh making most of the decisions/judgement calls), but was happy later because she was thoroughly rested and energized.

Baby was born at around 40 weeks perfect in all respect. A little terror now. wink

bemybebe Tue 03-May-11 17:12:42

Oh yes, this friend of mine took bedrest very seriously, so as some mentioned up-thread, no getting up at all, even to sit down. It was very boring and stressful to her, but the result was brilliant. Good luck to you, hopefully you have some good friends to keep you company and help out domestically.

wishwales Wed 04-May-11 20:53:20

undermyskin and bemybebe Thank you for sharing those stories. I am hearing more and more of them and it is inspiring and hopeful.

The scan showed that there has been no change in the funneling and baby is growing perfectly in every way. I was in lots of pain last night and upon speculum exam, they found that my cervix is no longer dilated! Now that was some good news. I am still to remain in hospital on bed rest though but I am managing through it with my husband by my side. We will be 27 weeks on Friday smile

bemybebe Wed 04-May-11 22:05:10

Well done! Keep up the good work! smile

Hope you're still doing well and is it congratulations now on being 27 weeks?

wishwales Fri 06-May-11 20:36:15

Yes! 27 weeks today!!!

clareybaby87 Fri 06-May-11 21:56:47

hey, i was just reading through and wanted to say goodluck smile Hope bedrest isn't too bad. smile xxxx

fabulous! You are doing so well, and have come so far already. When she does arrive you have already made her life so much easier with these last couple of weeks of rest and crossed legs. Good luck, keep letting us know how you're doing.

MainlyMaynie Sun 08-May-11 13:46:39

You're doing so well! Hope you're still managing ok with bedrest and you can hold on a few more weeks.

LifeOfKate Thu 12-May-11 21:21:10

Hi from the August thread, wishwales.

Have been thinking about you and realised that I hadn't seen anything from you in a few days, hope you and baby are both ok smile

wishwales Fri 13-May-11 13:05:36

Another update here from hospital bed rest: We are 28 weeks today and baby is still in! This a good milestone for a baby that is going to be a preemie. 3 weeks and 3 days in here now and it is getting harder and harder. My husband moved us into a new home this week and I have never even seen the place! I would love a day pass out of here soon so I can see it and spend some time with my dog and cat. I miss them loads. Been having issues with low blood pressure (70/40), anemia and low B12. Also, my Crohn's disease is acting up and I now realize that alot of the ongoing pain I am having is because of that. We are stable otherwise and Morgan is growing fine, but at the same risks of going into labour at any time. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Mmmmcheese Fri 13-May-11 13:32:30

So glad that you are at 28 weeks now! I have to admit that the time i spent on bedrest in hospital was the worst time of my whole life. Are you able to watch TV or anything? My husband recorded stuff on TV and brought it in for me to watch on his laptop. We also used to order pizza takeaway every Saturday and sit reading the Sundays papers together on a Sunday - anything to feel more normal!

28 weeks is a great milstone. My DS was 9 weeks prem but he came out breathing on his own (crying!) and his APGAR was 9!!

wishwales Fri 13-May-11 20:46:51

Hey cheese. Nope, no TVs anywhere on the ward. Thankfully my husband has his mobile in here set up as a modem so I can get internet. The connection isn't good enough to watch videos or programs from the net, but at least I can browse and chat a bit. I have been wanting pizza for the last couple of weeks - maybe we should do a 'date night' in here with pizza and a movie. Good idea. Great to hear about your DS being so healthy so early on. How has he done since?

LifeOfKate Fri 13-May-11 21:50:33

Great to hear from you, wishwales and so glad that the baby is still inside grin

Can you get a laptop with a DVD drive and watch some films that way?

ParisPreMom Sat 14-May-11 14:41:01

Hi, glad to hear the good news! - which it IS, despite how hard it is to be at the hospital. Seeing the house and your pets are great things to look forward to, along with getting you and your baby through the pregnancy safely.
We're all routing for you!

wishwales Sun 15-May-11 11:50:35

lifeofkate My laptop does have a DVD drive but I haven't watched any yet. For some reason, I can't see myself being able to concentrate on one but we might try it soon.

paris Thanks!

libelulle Sun 15-May-11 12:47:16

Glad to know you are hanging in there. I was in more or less your predicament last summer, though more dilated and with bulging membranes. Only lasted 8 days before ds made his appearance at 26+3, and he is now doing fine. Fantastic you are 28 weeks and though it is awful to be in hospital, fingers crossed she stays put for many more weeks!

I just want to say that my DTDs were born at 26+6 10 years ago, and you wouldn't know about it now - they are so fit and healthy. In my case was spontaneous labour, no real warning, no time for steroids (I was 9+cm by the time it was discovered I was in labour!)

Yes it was tough, they spent 12 weeks in hospital after the birth (the advice we were given is that their due date would be a target to go home and they went home just before). I wouldn't wish what you you are going through on anyone but I just wanted to give you a positive story.

ParisPreMom Thu 09-Jun-11 22:50:20

Hi wishwales, just checking in to see how things are going?

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